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light music club ! 馃Ζ鈾︼笍馃
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Sun - optimism, abundance, generosity, good health
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Kalim: so when is the flight
Jamil: the flights at 12:45
Kalim: yay so it鈥檚 soon
Jamil: yes it is
Yuu: so why are we at a airport
Jamil: the magic mirror is just like you
Yuu: sick of Crowley shit and taking a vacation
Jamil: precisely
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SSR Jade Leech Broom Birthday Personal Story: Part 1
"Happy Birthday"
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
Tumblr media
[Octavinelle Dorm 鈥 Birthday Party Venue]
Jade: I believe it is almost time for the presenter chosen by the "Magical Pendulum" to arrive soon.
Jade: Fufu, I do get nervous when it comes to interviews. I shall have to take care not to make any blunders.
???: Uhhh鈥 The venue is here, right? HEEEEY, JADE. I'M HERE!
Jade: Oh my, this energetic voice could only be鈥
Kalim: Happy birthday, Jade! Are you enjoying your birthday?
Jade: As I expected, it was you, Kalim-san. Yes, thanks to everyone who has come to celebrate, I have been having a wonderful time.
Kalim: That's great! I'm gonna do my best to pump up your birthday party even more!
Kalim: Okay, so I'll start the interview. The first question is鈥
Kalim: "If you could fly anywhere, where would you like to go?鈥
Kalim: It says you don't have to think about any limits in magical abilities.
Jade: I see. Then, under those circumstances... I would like to visit all of the famous mountains of the world.
Kalim: Famous mountains?
Jade: To put it plainly, I am speaking of all of the beautiful and well-known mountain ranges.
Kalim: I see! If you flight magic, then you can fly all the way to the top in one go, easy-peasy.
Jade: Fufu, as you say, I'm sure it would be quite an easy path up if I flew.
Jade: However, when I said I would fly to these famous mountains, I did not say so with the intent on saving energy鈥
Jade: But instead, I wish to be able to see a different view from the one I get from hiking.
Kalim: Hm? What do you mean by a different view?
Jade: For example鈥 I would be able to see from above any sheer cliffs that would normally be off-limits to the public鈥
Jade: Or I would be able to observe the mountain as a whole thoroughly without any outside interference.
Jade: Normally, it would be a view that could only be seen via a helicopter or a drone, but鈥
Jade: If I were to improve my flight skills, I would be able to view the beautiful mountain scenery with my own eyes, without having to rely on machines.
Jade: With my current abilities, I am sure it would be difficult for me to fly that high, or to handle the high winds at the mountain peaks, yes...
Jade: However, it is invigorating to imagine "what if I could, someday?"
Kalim: Oh definitely, it would be super cool to be able to look down at some cliffs from the sky!
Jade: Wouldn't it? In addition, since I wouldn't have to concern myself with any limitations in magical ability in this scenario鈥
Jade: I am sure I would be able to view the beautiful scenery all day long as it changes with the time and weather until I am fully satisfied.
Kalim: All day long!? Won't you get bored being in the same place for so long?
Jade: Strangely, I have never tired of it. I am filled with joy just by watching nature, and鈥
Jade: If I take photographs, or make sketches, it allows me to enjoy it in yet another form.
Kalim: Wow, I see锝 Man, Jade, you really love the mountains!
Jade: Yes indeed, very much. I thank you for this splendid question that allowed me to dream even bigger.
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Requested by @pomefiwhore, @sadinasaphrite, and A Birthday Girl.
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Happy April Fool鈥檚 Day !
Tumblr media
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Tsumsted Wonderland/Twisted Tsumderland Part 2~!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pick up 1: SSR Azul / SR Rook
Pick up 2: SSR Kalim / SR Ortho
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I had this mini debate about how on earth Kalim would be able to hug malleus (according to my notes, Malleus is [in my heart at least] 6鈥6, and Kalim is 5鈥5) and then i was like. What if he鈥檚 the bestie who absolutely LAUNCHES onto you. falsdfjasldf anyways this was such a precious request anon ;;v;; AND I鈥橫 SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!! -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-
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Here's another commission for the wonderful @verticalsea continuing their last comic commission!
You know Ace is going to be in even more trouble now
These guys definitely aren't cut out for taking care of babies 馃様
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Sam's New Year Sale (Kalim and Deuce) Day 4 Story 馃帊馃泹锔
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Kalim is the type of boyfriend to say "This reminded me of you!" and then hand you an expensive piece of jewellery
Idia is the type of boyfriend to send you a text saying "This reminded me of you." and then send you the most surreal meme you've ever seen in your life at 1am.
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Hey, you know the disney princesses with their sparkly dress?
Tumblr media
yeah i wasted my time putting glitters on the dorm leaders cuz this what happens when you put all of your brain cells on your exam
Tumblr media
and i even went as far as remaking the logo too鈥
Tumblr media
I hate myself so fkn much :'))
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Don鈥檛 know if you are accepting requests but could you do scenario with all the dorm leaders reacting to the reader doing the walking in naked challenge on them. You can decide if you want to make a 18 plus part or not but I would love to see a scenario with the dorm leaders
Walking in naked challenge (Dorm leaders)
鈿狅笍Suggestive content, Language鈿狅笍
Not proofread (seeing a pattern? I鈥檓 having enough problems trying to find time to write 馃ぃ)
For the sake of these headcanons you are having a sleepover at their dorm and they are on the phone/video chat/streaming or playing video games with friends. You just got out of the shower and decide to do this.
Riddle Rosehearts
He was on the phone with his mother talking about her his upcoming travel plans to come back home.
He was getting visibly upset and frustrated tears were starting to form. Poor baby just wanted to hang up the phone and be with you.
So what do you do when you hear your boyfriend near to the point of crying?
You decide to help. Or at least distract him.
Will he flip out and have his mother find out? Or will he successfully tell a lie and hang up the phone?
Do you decide to record it? Yes. Should you feel bad? Probably.
Well, after you started recording his mother apparently brought up potential suitors (he hasn鈥檛 told her about you for fear of her hurting you in some way)
So when you walk in he of course notices you and visibly calms down.
He lets out a surprised squeak when you drop the towel and his face turns as red as his hair, but for a different reason this time.
You hear the mumbled voice of his mom yelling at him to get his attention.
He stares at you for a few seconds in silence, mouth agape before he hung up the phone not taking his eyes off of you. He would be getting an ear full from his mom in the morning.
He is silent as you stop recording and set your phone down on his desk. He just watched with curios eyes as you moved his chair back from his desk and straddled his lap
鈥淢y rose鈥 he stumbled over trying to find the right words 鈥淵-you can鈥檛 just do that without warning. What if my mother found out?鈥
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you rub your noses together laughing. 鈥淚f your mother finds out from a phone call we have bigger issues my love鈥
Leona Kingscholar
He was on the phone with his brother. Can you feel his attitude through the screen? Cause I can.
He was laying on the bed mocking his brother while staring at the ceiling.
He is so absorbed in ignoring his brother he doesn鈥檛 see you peek your head out the door and look at him.
You start recording and walk out. He immediately sits up against the headboard and pats his lap when he hears your footsteps.
He smirks when he sees you drop the towel and beckons you over with his index finger.
Walking over to him then crawling on his lap, he puts his brother on speaker setting his phone on his night stand.
He places both hands on your hips and starts kissing your neck.
Occasionally humming in agreement with whatever Falena was saying. Something about Cheka and a visit. Leona didn鈥檛 care and your brain was too far gone from the feeling of Leona鈥檚 mouth leaving marks on your neck.
Out of nowhere he bites down on your neck and you have to cover your mouth with your hand to keep quiet as your future brother in-law babbles on (Leona already said you鈥檙e getting married. If you don鈥檛 want to then too bad).
Leona uses his grip on your waist to grind your hips against his. Both of you getting too caught up in each other failed to notice Falena trying to get Leona鈥檚 atttention.
鈥淟eona are you listening? Leona! Do not ignore me! You need to be home on time with Cheka in time for the party! It鈥檚 about time you meet someone and settle down!鈥 Falena sounds exasperated.
鈥淵eah yeah m鈥檒istening鈥 he mumbles sucking a hickey on your neck 鈥渟omethin about a kid and a party鈥 he moves to the other side of your neck sucking on your pulse point 鈥淲e鈥檒l be there鈥
鈥淲e?! Leona are you dating some-鈥 Leona hung up the phone without stopping his actions on your body
Leona took you home for the break just so it wouldn鈥檛 suck (definitely not because he wanted you to meet his mom or because he loves you and wants you to see your future home. Absolutely not. Audacious of you to think that way reader)
Azul Ashengrotto
Do you want to kill him? Cause that is most likely the outcome from this
Man鈥檚 was just on the phone with his mother (Do phones work the coral sea? This world is magic, of course they do).
He doesn鈥檛 hear you come out of the bathroom, but he does glance over to the clock on his desk and look over to see you recording. He of course is blushing lightly because you鈥檙e just in a towel, but the blush became nearly as red as Riddle鈥檚 hair as when you dropped the towel. And the squeak of surprise he let out was loud enough to alert his mom. He fumbled with his phone before finally hanging up the call.
You might wanna check if he is still breathing. He probably isn鈥檛. You killed him with your hotness (shame on you)
So while Azul sits at his desk still as a statue you shut off the camera (after being satisfied with his reaction) and you walk over and snap your fingers a few times making him snap out of his daze. He starts stammering and tries to cover his face. He just wants to hide in his octo pot the poor baby is embarrassed. Not of you, he would never. He鈥檚 embarrassed that he got a nosebleed and a boner.
He hopes the twins never find out about this. Jade knows all. And you鈥檒l probably tell them about this and show them the video (I would)
You know what he wants to see the most? His business succeed duh! Also you sucking him off under his desk while he fills out paperwork for said business
He tries to stand up quickly so you don鈥檛 see the state he鈥檚 in. You, however, weren鈥檛 going to let him run away.
You put your hands on his shoulders and push him back in the chair.
鈥淎zul, be a good boy and finish your homework鈥 you place a kiss on his cheek
鈥淩ight. Yes鈥 he gulped and got situated back at his desk. And with shaky hands he picked up his pencil and went back to his homework.
You crawled underneath the desk and he backed slightly as you ran your hands along the insides of his thighs
He audibly whined when your hands reached his zipper
Kalim Al-Asim
Just like with everything else he is a ball of sunshine with a blinding smile on his face
He is on the phone with Jamil who had to go back home for a family emergency. He left you in charge and already asked you the same things he鈥檚 talking to Kalim about. He told you not to tell Kalim you were in charge because he would get away with a lot more stuff if he used the puppy eyes (I would fold)
Since Kalim was good and did all the stuff he needed but hated to do he got a sleepover with his favorite person (aka YOU)
Anyways, you were taking a shower (because school germs suck) and he was chitchatting away blabbering about what you made for him to eat that day and the grade he got on Crewel鈥檚 test when you walked out of the shower. He saw you and immediately got into a better mood waving wildly with that blinding smile of his (Because Jamil is a meanie and doesn鈥檛 ever let him have any fun. Kalim鈥檚 words to you after he got told no to throwing a party ONE time. It was 3 am)
You were already recording while Jamil was asking another question and Kalim stared at you in silence after you dropped the towel. Jamil called his name about 10 times before he snapped out of his daze
鈥淛amil I have to go, they鈥檙e naked!鈥 he hung up the phone
鈥淜ALIM!鈥 Was the last thing you got on video (I would be absolutely mortified, but we all know Kalim says stuff without thinking)
He stumbled getting off the bed and onto his knees looking up at you with his hands on your waist.
You could see all the love and adoration he held for you as you looked down into his eyes. He looked at you (all the time) like you hung the moon and stars (since Kalim is the sun you鈥檙e the moon)
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful鈥 he says softly
You run a hand through his hair and he leans into your touch
鈥淢y treasure, please let me worship you鈥
Vil Schoenheit
He does not like to be photographed or recorded without makeup on
So you have to be very careful about how you go about doing this
He says he will make you delete every photo or video you have of him without make up. But he knows, that you don鈥檛 know that he knows, that you have a picture of him doing sitting at his vanity before him putting on his make for the day as your Home Screen.
You had just finished with your shower and walked out of the bathroom recording where Vil was leaned against his headboard talking to his father. When he noticed you he raised an eyebrow. A look of surprise flashed across his face when you dropped the towel.
鈥淵es father, however I just realized how late it is, I must be going if I want to get the proper amount of sleep鈥 he said his goodbyes as he hung up the phone.
鈥淲hat on earth gave you the impression that this would be a good idea?鈥
You stopped recording and set your phone down on his vanity.
鈥淥h no sweet potato鈥 he stood up and walked closer to you until you were pinned against said vanity. He reached for your phone. 鈥淵ou stopped recording too soon my sweet鈥
Idia Shroud
He was playing games. As usual. But Lilia could be heard yelling at someone through Idia鈥檚 headset while Idia was just laughing.
(Does Idia have a bathroom in his room. Most likely) Anyways, Idia being Idia does not notice you coming out of the bathroom or recording so you had to walk up to him and grab his chin with your fingers and turn his attention away from the game.
After successfully grabbing the attention of the antisocial otaku you continued with the prank and dropped the towel.
The shriek he let out was far from human and he pushed away from his desk knocking everything off. His hair was bright pink. Lilia could be heard in the background asking if Idia was okay and what happened. You will definitely be sending him this video much to Idia鈥檚 dismay.
鈥淲-why did you d-d-do that?!鈥 He stuttered and started muttering to himself.
You stopped recording at that point because you felt bad, and because he was super close to having a heart attack
You suddenly got an idea. Leaving a muttering Idia to himself you run off to get something from one of his cosplays.
Walking back over you have a set of cat ears now atop your head. You crawl under his desk and pull his chair back into place.
鈥淏e a good team player Idia. Get back to the game鈥
Now you a stuttering Idia who is very excited and nervous to have one of his fantasies become reality
Malleus Draconia
Good luck with this.
Malleus is going to have a very positive reaction. Not necessarily horny, but very blessed he gets to see you like this.
You also run the risk of Sebek walking in because he doesn鈥檛 trust you with his master.
So let鈥檚 say Malleus was reading in his bed when you walked out recording. He looked up and smiled closing his book.
When you dropped your towel he smirked and took off his reading glasses. (These are my headcanons and I say Malleus wears reading glasses because Lilia said a lot of people don鈥檛 need them all the time and only for reading and then he saw some old fae in his kingdom wear them and he looked at them like 馃ズ and Lilia got him a pair for a birthday)
Anyways you walked over to the bed as he sat on the edge of it as you got closer and put his hands on your hips. You stopped recording and placed your hands on his cheeks.
You both were enjoying each other鈥檚 presence when you heard footsteps and a yelling voice before the door slammed open and Lilia stood behind a yelling Sebek who shut up real quick when he saw Malleus鈥 form blocking your naked body from view of the door.
Lilia had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing out loud and making Malleus angry and Sebek more embarrassed
It took Silver sleepily walking past and grabbing both of them by the collar and dragging them away while muttering a spell to close the door.
You stood embarrassed still looking at the now closed door, Malleus brought your attention back to him by gently taking your chin in his hand and bringing your eyes to look at his.
鈥淲here were we child of man?鈥
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kimikitti 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 5 spoilers I guess?
(I feel like I leveled up again in art. Five pages of inking and drawing is a lot more than I thought but Im glad I did it. I think further points I can improve on are lighting and backgrounds. So next time I'll try incorporating value shading in the thumbnail process. I'm not too concerned about staying on model for characters in this comic. There will probably be a continuation of this comic because I want to draw Obi and Malleus performing together. I'm also looking forward to showing off my other test ocs coming soon.)
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Kalim: Hey, Yuu! Can I read your palm?
Yuu: Sure.
Kalim: *takes Yuu's hand and looks into the creases*
Kalim: I see something in your future.
Yuu: What is it?
Kalim: *intertwines his fingers into Yuu's*
Kalim, smiling: Me.
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SSR Jade Leech Broom Birthday Personal Story: Part 3
"Happy Birthday"
(Part 1) (Part 2) Part 3
Tumblr media
[Octavinelle Dorm 鈥 Birthday Party Venue]
Kalim: Oh, the next one's the last question. Okay, I'll finish this strong鈥
Kalim: 鈥淗ow do you spend your days off?鈥
Jade: My days off, hm鈥 Well, the way I spend it may differ depending on the day, so I'm not sure what exactly I should start with.
Kalim: Are you really always doing something different?
Jade: Why, yes. There are so many things here on land that captures my attention鈥 There's not enough time in the world to experience everything.
Kalim: Cool, so, what did you do during your last day off?
Jade: During the most recent weekend鈥 Oh yes, I blended some tea.
Kalim: Oh! That's neat, I do that sometimes, too. It's pretty fun!
Jade: Indeed. Even if I were to blend the same ingredients, by changing the quantity of the ingredients, the aroma, flavor, and color can differ when pouring the tea鈥
Jade: Oftentimes the result is not what I was expecting. I find that blending tea leaves is rather profound.
Kalim: I totally get it! Whenever I throw in the wrong amount of tea leaves, sometimes it gets really bitter, or it's not as fragrant.
Jade: Just so. Of course, I do find it entertaining that it doesn't necessarily come out as I was hoping.
Kalim: What kind of tea leaves do you use for your blends?
Jade: I don't particularly care as to where or when they were harvested, or even the grade of the leaves. The adventure itself is the key to success, I believe.
Jade: I've used some unusual flora that I've collected during my Mountain Lover's Club activities before, as well.
Jade: Even those flora that are considered weeds can be used as ingredients once dried and roasted.
Kalim: Eh, you use weeds!?
Jade: Fufu, surprising, isn't it? Moreover, I've found that the same weeds can have different flavors depending on where they were harvested.
Jade: Only by preparing my own ingredients am I able to enjoy such subtle differences.
Kalim: Woow, that sounds fun! Maybe next time I'll start with collecting the ingredients, too.
Jade: Yes, please do so. When it comes to flora available on campus, I would recommend trying thyme or cleavers.
Jade: Recently, just those flavors haven't been enough for me, so I've been cultivating my own plants for my tea.
Jade: The flowers I collected a few days ago looks as though it will bloom soon, so I am hoping to add them for fragrance.
Kalim: Wow, you go that far!? That's amazing, your tea blends are really intense.
Jade: Well, it does seem like once I gain an interest in something, I am the type to pursue it until the very end.
Jade: Ah, yes, and once I concoct a blend of leaves that I am satisfied with, I plan on making it available at the Mostro Lounge.
Jade: I would love it if you would come and drink some when that time comes, Kalim-san.
Tumblr media
Kalim: I feel like I learned a ton about you today. Thanks for talking to me about everything!
Jade: Of course, thanks to you, I was able to have such an enjoyable time.
Jade: After the interview, I am to fly on the birthday road, yes?
Kalim: Yeah! Here you go, here's the broom that's been prepped for you.
Kalim: It looks so fabulous with all those blue and white flowers on the end of the broom. It suits you!
Jade: Fufufu, how nice of you to say.
Kalim: 'Kay, you gotta take this broom and go nyooom in front of everyone else! Time to get your celebration on!
Jade: Yes. I shall "go nyooom" and accept everyone's warmest sentiments.
Tumblr media
Jade: I cannot say I would like to fly in front of so many people, but鈥 I shall do my proper duty as the birthday boy.
Tumblr media
(Part 1) (Part 2) Part 3
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