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sketch-guardian · 3 days
This is a bit out of nowhere since I usually only post Obey Me stuff on this blog, but a few weeks ago I sketched this mini comic about Twisted Wonderland and I finally got enough courage to show it🙈Here's something (hopefully) fluff between Kalim and my Yuu:
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artsybelle1015 · 2 days
Not Safe Here Pt. 2
“See?” Kalim uttered to the Prefect. “He’s out of it!”
“I am not,” Jamil disagreed, he was fine, there was no reason for him to be there; he began to remember how Kalim kicked him out and forced him the ramshackle dorm. There was a glare boring into Kalim, his breath quickening from the hatred he was feeling.
Tumblr media
Part One || Part Two
Warnings(!!!): gore, death, panic attacks, aggressiveness, SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4!!!
A slow blink came about, nothing was quiet anymore, nothing was blurry anymore. He heard voices discussing. What he saw down below was a wooden ground on the verge of breaking.
Snapping his head up, Jamil eyes laid upon Kalim and the Prefect.
For some reason, he was holding a bag and so was Kalim. Everything around him had an evening glow, strange, last time he checked it was bright as day out.
Wait, how much time has passed?
A snap of fingers quickly flashed over his face, it was very loud too that it made Jamil jump, backing away. He furrowed his brows and hunched over, glaring at Kalim for scaring him like that.
“See?” Kalim uttered to the Prefect. “He’s out of it!”
“I am not,” Jamil disagreed, he was fine, there was no reason for him to be there; he began to remember how Kalim kicked him out and forced him the ramshackle dorm. There was a glare boring into Kalim, his breath quickening from the hatred he was feeling.
Kalim backed away, seeming to be a little frightened, even the Prefect backed away.
Jamil face distorted back to numb. He did it again, he isn’t any better. Now everyone is scared of him, he will be alone forever. All he will ever be is Kalim’s servant. There’s no way he should go out into the real world anymore, all he would do is get angry and crave to abuse. He would overblot again and may never be pulled out.
Everything is unfair, he was still a complete failure. He could never look at his parents and sister again. What was the point in all of this? What was the point in his life? He can’t even serve.
Life was suppose to be him out of the spotlight, an average student, an average person.
His thoughts went silent for some time.
You quietly stared at Jamil sleeping on your couch.
The three ghosts and Grim were examining him as well. Grim shouting protests about him being here whilst the ghosts were thinking of activities to do as he stayed in this busted up house.
Sitting down at the table, your head began to pound, regretting the choice of bringing him in here. He wasn’t your problem, yet Kalim made you feel responsible for him even though he didn’t mean to. He kept begging and pleading, on the verge of tears for his friend. You felt obligated for sure.
When you saw Jamil about to lose it on your porch, that’s when you realized how hard this will be. He was mentally unstable.
Goddamn Crowley for not putting counselors or therapists on this god forsaken school. It wasn’t fair you were the one stuck being a therapist and caring for everyone while you were already about to break down too.
“Henchman!” hollered Grim, jumping up on the kitchen table at which you sat. “Let’s just send him to another dorm, I’m sure Azul would love to have him.”
Your nose scrunched, disgusted by that idea. Sure, they may be getting along better, but Jamil barely has in interest in Azul and was terribly annoyed with his existence, that would make Jamil lose it more. And you had already promised Kalim to take care of him, how could you break Kalim’s heart? He was a good guy towards all of you, he deserved some help especially after all he went through with the manipulation and hypnosis.
“No Grim, that’s a horrible idea,” you sighed.
“Is not?” he hissed. “That guys psycho!”
Thinking of a solution to get Grim to shut up, you decided to just bargain with the stubborn cat. “I will buy you that tuna you really wanted everyday for dinner if you suck this up.”
Grim paused, thinking on it. “Well, henchman, you think you can just bribe with me on this, how stupid you are, but I will take you up on it.” He was refusing to admit that he wanted to do it, of course. That’s how he always was.
No. No.
He was staring down at Kalim and the Prefect. Kalim was facing down, face hidden by the ground. The Prefect was breathing heavily, bleeding out.
Staring down at his hands, they were covered in blood, their blood specifically.
The Prefect kept a whimper, tryna stand a bit to get away, but their body couldn’t budge. There was a small crack, indicating many broken bones in their body. He did this to them.
Slowly turning to Kalim, he took some shaky steps. Crouching down, he saw no movements within Kalim’s body. His heart froze.
Without much of a choice, his arm reached out and turned Kalim’s face towards him.
Still movements, time froze. What stared back at him made the world stop. Now he could feel his heart, it was pounding, trying to break free of him, probably disgusted at the monster it kept alive.
Kalim, dulls eyes stared at him; his mouth ajar, spilling blood. Pale and cold, that’s how he felt, yet the blood covering the top of his head was warm and fresh.
Backing away, Jamil saw the world speed up. Everything spun but Kalim’s body, his dead eyes staring at him.
He saw people now, staring at him in horror. Glancing to the side, he saw Azul, Jade, and Floyd broadcasting this scene, laughing their heads off. It wasn’t funny, Kalim was dead, why wouldn’t anyone do anything?
Even though everyone was a blur, their eyes weren’t, they were boring into him.
The Prefect slowly stood up, like their bones weren’t broken and had no reaction to anything. Instead, there was an exhausted yet numb look. Mimicking the one he saw in the mirror. All the Prefect did was walk to the students of Octavinelle, Jade coaxing them into a hug as they all walked away.
Soon enough, everyone walked away, like they never saw a thing. Yet, Kalim body remained there, still dead.
The world fades to black, yet him and Kalim still remained.
He killed Kalim, he killed Kalim and overblotted. How could he do this—he was a monster. Looking back down at his hands, he finally saw behind the blood how different and dried up they were, he was in overblot. How did he not see that before?
Tears began to pool in his eyes, he hated Kalim yet was grieving his death. This was unexpected yet made sense.
He was thinking maybe it was because he swore to his family he would protect the eldest son of the Asim. But no, it wasn’t that. He wasn’t upset because of his family right now, he was upset because Kalim was dead and he was dead because of Jamil, not an assassin.
Covering his face, he let out a cry.
“Jamil.” a hasty voice rang out.
Lowering his hands, his pupils shrunk in horror as he watched Kalim stand up. He still looked like a corpse, but held a smile.
Walking over to Jamil, he hugged him, nuzzling into his shoulder. He killed Kalim- but Kalim was forgiving him.
“Are you stupid?” Jamil sobbed. “I killed you.”
Kalim only looked up and smiled to him, suddenly pushing him to the ground, but instead of a thump, Jamil fell through the floor.
He couldn’t see, when he tried to open his eyes, but it was all black and stung. This was ink, ink like from his overblot.
Throat now pooled up. He started to choke, to drown. Drown in the mess he made.
If only he had stayed quiet, this wouldn’t be his fate, it wouldn’t be Kalim’s fate. Things would’ve been okay and normal. Doesn’t matter how upset Jamil was, how much he hated his life, that past was better than what was happening now.
When he felt like he was about to be dragged to hell, he suddenly landed on solid ground.
Jamil eyes shot open, quickly he sat up and coughed up ink. He was covered from head to toe with the black substance, but he noticed he was in his school uniform and warm again. He was himself.
There was standing room, the ceiling about being flowing ink that stayed in place, refusing to drip down.
He decided to get up and looks around, the ink slowly fading off his body. Everything in his body calmed down, now wanting to explore this new place. He had always wanted to explore, it was one of his dreams, but he didn’t expect a blank gray space.
Maybe this was limbo, or possibly hell. Hell was associated with being hot and burning, yet this place was cold and empty. Was it a personal hell?
Well, he thought it was empty, but the sound of wailing proved otherwise. Quickly whipping around into that direction, Jamil almost tripped from the speed.
His eyes widened. It was Kalim’s mother who was wailing like her life depended on it. She was dressed in all black and being consoled by her husband.
Next to her stood all of Kalim’s younger siblings, some crying, some staring.
But the worst sight to see, was Jamil sister and parents there too, a pained and sorrow look on their faces.
Not only had he hurt Kalim, he hurt two whole families.
Guilt wallowed up, filling him to the core. He slowly walked over, steps heavy and loud, like there was a weight trying to stop him. No, he needed to apologize to Kalim, but his body was trying to refuse.
With each step the force made it harder until Jamil crashed under it. Smacking his face against the ground and his groan in pained caught attention.
His parents specifically, looked at him while everyone else seemed to have not noticed. There faces filled with hatred, hatred for their own child. Yet, there was pity and disappointment mixed in.
Slowly, everyone faded away. And Jamil sat there, helpless, unable to move even an inch. His eyes slowly shut in exhaustion.
Something was vibrating against his legs, the thing felt quite soft.
He didn’t want to open his eyes, he didn’t want to see this world again, yet he had to, he had to face hell and his punishment. But he had to… he needed to know what was against his leg.
When Jamil opened his eyes, all he saw was a normal ceiling. No ink, no gray, it was a warm brown and dusty. There was a hue of orange coming from his right, he glanced over to investigate and it was a fire.
The thing against his legs was the Prefect’s friend, Grim. Strange, Grim didn’t seem like the type to do this cat—like sort of thing, he was normally aggressive.
Looking back up at the ceiling, he realized it was just a dream. A nightmare actually.
He noticed too looking around with his eyes this was most likely the ramshackle dorm, considering that Grim was next to him and the place was worn down. The couch even felt scratchy.
Despite how disgusting this environment felt, he stayed glued to the couch, forced to lay down by his own body. Just like how it was in the dream but more comfy, it had a pillow and blanket at least, and was warm.
The ramshackle, why was he here? Did Kalim actually kick him out? Stupid question to ask, obviously. Yet he doesn’t remember entering or falling asleep. In fact, he couldn’t remember much, everything would go blank and then suddenly he would appear from place to place, his mind bombarding him about his failures and how worthless and pathetic he was. He kept thinking about ending up as overblot again, he didn’t want that to happen so he would force his body to numb the emotion.
Clearly, that didn’t work in his favor, because now the days were shortened.
Creaks from floorboards could he heard. Jamil’s heart races, he wanted to get up and leave, run away, but couldn’t. He really was stuck.
The footsteps creeped closer.
He shut his eyes, not wanting to see who is there. Fearing for his life now, fearing of the look he would get. Heart was pounding the same way as the dream, wanting to escape, wanting him dead.
There was a long pause, long yet quick.
Then, all he felt was the blanket being slightly lifted and pulled up more.
He was okay?
Finally drooping his eyes open, he saw the Prefect walking away.
Authors Note: I want to cry- tried to generalize the reader by going off what I felt as if most people felt playing the game plus some realism in how a person would feel in this situation, I promise the character you’re written as won’t be boring!
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lemonmaid · 2 months
I'm liking having a mental breakdown and stuffing my fatass with popeyes anyways here is...
Chick Flicks that I think the Dorm Leaders have a guilty pleasure for.
Do to that this a different world everything that is popular reference is going to be different! I don't think TWST world has guns or bombs?? So Legally Blonds JFK reference could refer to a King in Port o' Bliss (since Sam is from there, which is a reference to New Orleans). Heather's reference to the Vietnam War could be an overbolt war between kingdoms (obviously for the very very wrong reasons) and JD could've overbolted and Veronica had to kill him.
And I think TWST do have its own fairytale, Enchanted is one of them like "omg what if magic doesn't exists and someone from our world goes there!"
Riddle Rosehearts : Legally Blonde
I feel like he was forced to 'catch up' on pop culture, Cater showed him ( this world's equivalent movie). Out of all the movies he was shown, he liked this one the most.
"So what what's you're favorite part?"
"I loved the fact she proved to everyone that she wasn't a bimbo. Like, seriously? Fashion merchandising is a business school, she wasn't taken seriously because of her greek fraternity? I'm sorry that pink is "too girly" to be taken seriously".
Leona Kingscholar : Heather's
He only watched it because he crashed moive night at Ramshackle. He actually stayed awake for the musical.
"I didn't take you for someone who liked musicals"
"I don't but this moive was enjoyable. You're not supposed to cheer for the cast but to see their flaws which I understand wanting to fit in"
"So you wanna see the live performance?"
"This is on Broadway?".
Azul Ashengrotto : Mean Girls
Azul wanted more guest to come into the lounge so he opened a moive night, Mean Girls was a popular request so popular it is played every Wednesday.
"You know what Azul, you remind me of the mean girls group"
"How so?"
"Well, you're not a fashion statement but you, Jada, and Floyd are kinda of the "It" group. As in "don't fuck with us".
Kalim Al-Asim : Enchanted
Kalim has forced everyone who befriends him to watch this movie, he is obsessed with this type of romance, the very naive and the smitten serious type.
"Oh Yuu! My favorite scene is obviously the dancing in the city!"
"Aww that's so cute Kalim!"
"Yeah! I love this moive! My parents funded the company to make a second one!"
"Oh... Kalim that's .. precious"
Vil Schoenheit : Crazy Rich Asains
This is definitely Vil's favorite moive, like, we've both cried to it. Because for real best romance movie in decades.
"Vil why are you crying?"
"Shut up, you're crying too! I wished I had someone who didn't care about my appearance or my background. I wish I had someone who stood by my side untill the curtain fell"
Idia Shroud : A Slient Voice
I couldn't think of a live-action Idia would genuinely liked, but this counts. Anyways, we had to show him this movie.
"but he... and she....AHHH"
"You know this is rumored to be based off a true story but the guy actually died"
Malleus Draconia : Twilight
You wanted to try and binge watch this entire franchise with the gang one night for a goof, you happened to see Malleus outside and invited him to watch with the gang. To say he was very very interested in this series was a understatement.
"Child of man, explain to me this. Why is she choose the guy who wants nothing to do with her but stalks her?"
"Malleus, I couldn't tell you but don't be an obsessive dick who tries to have an off and on relationship. That's toxic".
"I think I see, but can you explain why the grown man imprints on a literal baby?"
"I cannot tell you".
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kalimmunchies · 6 months
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hi its me again ^_^
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Yuu: Kalim I love you but you are so stupid some-
Kalim: (happy) you love me?
Yuu: this is the only thing you heard?
Jamil: now you know what I have to deal with
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leinyy · 29 days
Reasons why Jamil is iconic and my spirit animal 😍
Tumblr media
Don’t tempt him to be even shadier 💀 he’s just trying to invite you over for tea
Tumblr media
Just your daily routine of shade being thrown around by Jamil😍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The kettle calling the pot 💀
Tumblr media
Add another six just in case
Tumblr media
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pomefiorella · 3 months
so i present to you all
king julien al-asim and maurice viper
Tumblr media
there is more im gonna make soon WHEHWHEHDH
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blacksheetzzz · 3 months
Tumblr media
The loading screen thingy
More of these lil devils one by one
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The loading screen, so all of you will know I didnt cheat the system
Tumblr media
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dianethepisceswitch · 13 days
Twst meme #1
Tumblr media
I hate that I can relate to being both messages. I love Kamil, it's just the perfect relationship.❤️🧡
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random-twst-things · 3 months
Kalim: My friends say I'm the most charismatic out of the group.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Well, you always have a smile on your face.
Kalim: Thank you!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: What dr*gs do you take?
Jamil: NO
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satanscatsworld · 1 year
*Everyone is giving advice to MC*
Kalim: It's okay to ask for help.
Malleus: You're not a burden.
Vil: Murder is okay.
Deuce: Your feelings matter.
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artsybelle1015 · 3 days
Not Safe Here
In the mirror, he saw him.
Tumblr media
Warnings(!!): hallucinations, panic attacks, minor injuries, SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4!!!!
Part One || Part Two
He hissed, feeling a burn settle onto his hand. Quickly turning off the stove, Jamil held his wrist and investigated the feeling. Just as expected, it was oil from the cooking that had done this, leaving a little yet painful mark on the outside of his hand, close to the thumb.
How could he be so careless?
A sigh escaped his lips, he didn’t mean to get distracted while cooking; in fact, he never does. Strange.
Deciding to pause on the food he was making for himself, he turned off the stove and walked out of the kitchen to find a first aid kit in his bathroom. If it had been a meal for Kalim he would’ve simply pushed through, but it was only for himself so he didn’t think it meant much to eat right away.
Turning on the sink on, he ran the hand under the cold yet gentle water. It had reminded him of Kalim’s Oasis spell.
Glancing upwards into the mirror, where the first aid would be behind, his eyes widened. He backed away and instantly tripped near the bathtub. The middle of his spine protested against the sudden hitting from landing back into the tub, but he could care less about that right now.
In the mirror, he saw him. The overblot.
It had only been a couple of weeks since then, many people choosing to avoid him and fear him. He numbed himself to it though, it was already bad enough he hurt Kalim and betrayed his family’s oath, he didn’t want to think of his reputation. He didn’t want to think of his overblot.
But, it was staring at him, menacingly, tilting its head, ink spilling from its mouth with a huge grin, wide eyes.
His breath quickened, his lungs feeling as though there was a rock squishing on them and his lungs moved like a balloon being pressed down on and it was going to pop soon. Coughs came out, it felt like he had the ink welling up in his throat. As the coughing turned into pathetic chokes, he quickly snapped his eyes shut, tears pooling in them.
Everything faded at once… into a twisted black.
It felt like an eternity he stared into the darkness.
“Jamil?” called out a familiar voice. This voice ruined his state of numbness and peace in the void he saw.
Slowly opening his eyes, he was right back there, pressed to the bathtub, looking at the mirror. Only this time, it was him, his tired eyes and furrowed brows.
With quick steps, Kalim rushed in front of him and crouched. His face filled with concern and panic, he stayed close yet far to Jamil. “I’m so happy you’re awake. I saw the food on the stove in the kitchen, and you never woke me up so I was scared something happened to you!”
Those were the words Jamil could make out. The rest was just Kalim’s voice, just a muffled voice.
Jamil kept his eyes on the mirror, a blank and dead stare. Noticing he had eye-bags. Since when did he have eye-bags? It was probably from the inability to sleep he had gotten it from.
With a sigh, closing his eyes for a second to look at Kalim, he felt devoid of anything in that present moment. He just perched his back straight, not feeling the pain, and stared to Kalim, who was still talking.
Finally, Jamil spoke, “Enough Kalim, I’m fine.”
“How? I’ve never seen you in this state!” Kalim protested, leaning in closer. “And look at you, you look so tired!”
Jamil gently shoved him away and stood up, Kalim quieting down in response to that. Brushing off his dorm uniform, Jamil wanted to make sure it looked neat and not appear as thought he was panicking.
“Anything you want to eat?”
Kalim’s eyes widen. “How could you say that after just being like that?” Quickly standing up.
“It’s fine, okay? Just answer me.” There was no emotion coming from his voice, and he was beginning to walk back to the kitchen.
Quick footsteps followed behind. Kalim was extremely worried, yet Jamil could not care any less. A part of him still hated Kalim despite everything that happened. But, it was his job to serve for Asim family, whether he liked it or not, he must do so.
That said eldest son spoke up again, “I don’t want you to make me breakfast right now, I’ll just make it myself. You should go and lay down!”
Jamil stopped and sighed, turning over to him. “You know very well you can’t cook, and as I said I am fine, it was just a rough night and I got sleep anyways.”
Kalim brows lowered, he looked almost angry. “Jamil, you burned your hand.”
Looking at his hand, he remembered it, he had forgotten about it for some time and now that it was mentioned it started to hurt again. All he did was shove that hand into his hoods pocket and exclaimed, “Yes, but it’s small and inconvenient.”
“Jamil, I’m kicking you out.”
His eyes widened and he quickly stared at Kalim, exasperated look. “What?”
Kalim took a deep breath, and said in pure confidence, “Jamil, I know you have been tired and upset, I’m not stupid. You need to take care of yourself and clearly living here isn’t doing it.”
Jamil eyes went dead again, he was feeling angry now, but didn’t want to express it. When he was angry he overblotted. He didn’t want to do that again. “Kalim, you and I both know you can’t take care of yourself alone. It wouldn’t be a wise choice to do that.”
“Quiet!” Kalim hushed, then quickly covered his mouth in guilt, Jamil couldn’t care right now though. “Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that. I got this though, okay? Plus plenty of people who I can talk to! Jamil it’s important you do things on your own and get rest.”
“I’m not leaving.” Jamil decided to head back to the kitchen anyways and try to continue the day as normal.
Under no circumstance was he going to leave, it would be a foul idea. Jamil Viper leaving Kalim alone, what a ridiculous idea. His purpose in life was to serve, and serve he will. There is no anger or trying to seek revenge, he must push on.
Kalim rushed in front of him, blocking the entrance to the kitchen.
Raising an eyebrow, Jamil asked, “What are you doing?”
“Pack your bags!” Kalim cheered. “You and I are heading to the ramshackle.”
“You can’t be serious?” he was freaking out now, panic rising again, not as much as last night, but still a bad amount.
Oh sevens, he was a failure to his family and Kalim and Scarabia as a whole.
His head began to pound, vision getting fussy. Quickly grabbing his head he backed away stumbling a bit. He messed up, why did he have to manipulate people? Why did he try to hurt others? Why did he have to hate Kalim.
“Jamil!” Kalim screeched, grabbing his arm. This snapped Jamil out of his thoughts, staring at him with paranoid eyes. “It’s not safe for you to live here.”
Jamil lost his voice, everything hurt in him. His throat once again felt as though it was clogged by ink. This wasn’t fair.
Grabbing his hand, Kalim guided Jamil to his room.
Too much in shock, he just watched Kalim back up bags with uniforms and clothes for each day. All of his daily care stuff such as hairbrush, and toothpaste were being thrown in too.
Now that he thought about it he hadn’t brushed his teeth or hair, he didn’t make himself look presentable. He looked horrible and people were realizing it.
“Kalim…” Jamil choked out. “Doesn’t the Prefect hate me?”
Slowly turning his head, Kalim looked into his thin snake eyes and shook his head. “Well, you see I talked to the Prefect and we talked. It was their idea to let you in. In fact, they want to get to know you, the real you. Yes they’re not happy with you but…” he softly smiled “wouldn’t it be nice to make a new friend?”
Jamil honestly couldn’t remember much after that, only that he suddenly appeared at ramshackle.
Authors Note: First time I’ve ever posted a fanfic oh em gee. Anyways, thinking of a part two honestly, but it’s mostly for my own main character/Yuu. I enjoyed this though, so I hope whoever is reading did too!
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triangulumspiral · 9 months
Tumblr media
Very silly. Also the overblot characters are hard to draw, never trying it again.
I think the scarabia chapter is the most well constructed of the chapters, jamil and Kalim have really clear character motivations that work really well. It’s also very silly at times, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t like it.
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yaoioioay · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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scarlettjulezzz · 6 months
Tumblr media
I always laugh at how people is like "yeah, I got into twst bc I saw a pic of Malleus" or "I fell in love with how cool Leona was" and all the comments are basically how handsome or cool these badass charas where.
But there I was, 2020, found a fanart of Kalim and that dude never left my mind. For real. I almost became obssessed with his desing.
So yeah, if I gotta say thanks to someone for getting me into twst, is gotta be baby boi sunshine Kalim
(yeah! that's my yuu guys! i'll be intruducing him properly in the next few weeks, hopefully)
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leinyy · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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