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skyyletai · 17 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— ◉⁠‿⁠◉
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ladyorchidia · 20 hours
I just noticed smt and idk if anyone saw this but
Tumblr media
The twins are eating octopus based meals.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't tell me they don't know what they're doing, this is so disturbing but hilarious at the same time.
Floyd is probably like : "And so that is-, I mean was your cousin before she was turned into food."
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leinyy · 16 days
Tumblr media
Probably me with the whole TWST cast 💀
Just realized I left Rook out💀
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twst-quotes · 28 days
Leona: must be hard not being able to laugh
Malleus: I do have a sense of humour you know
Leona: I've never heard you laugh before
Malleus: I've never heard you say anything funny
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kimbap-r0ll · 4 months
hi hiii, can I request octa-trio catching their s/o pretending to be them with their clothes and hat?
Using cringe lines ,weird posing and high or low pitched voice?
+ saying their unique magic
"It's A Deal"
"Shock The Heart"
"Bind The Heart"
Hello, thank you for the ask! This was an interesting thing to write haha
Octavinelle Trio finds you acting their unique magic out
He was done with work that was required out in the lounge and headed back to his office where you said you would be staying for your studying
However, when he returned, he didn't see you buried in paper and rather saw you standing up, his fedora on your head, and making up some fake deal with an imaginary person
"Heheh, wise choice my guy, it's a deal!" you say while pushing up your imaginary glasses and pointing at the bookshelf as if there was someone there. He doesn't know if he should feel bad for seeing your poor acting skills or get completely flustered to see you in his hat, but he just chooses to find the whole situation really cute.
"What are you doing? Don't tell me this is how i look in public," Azul laughs, embarrassed but finding it adorable nonetheless that you attempted to act out his unique magic. "If you ever need a deal for your homework though, just know that I'm available my dear."
He was done with the busy work he was always in charge of for the lounge. Knowing that you would be back in Ramshackle, he decided to give you a visit with a free snack from the lounge because he knew you were probably studying and needed some energy boost
When he knocked on your door and you didn't respond, he just assumed you would be alright with him coming in and looking for you haha. However, he wasn't ready to see you repeating "Shock The Heart" over and over again in front of a mirror in different poses. You had taken his hat earlier that day, and now you were basically practicing his unique magic
He stood watching you, laughing lightly to himself. He now has a lot of things to tease you with for the week. With that, he makes his presence known by clapping slowly and walking over to you. It startles you, causing you to nearly fall over
"I didn't know you were such a big fan of my unique magic," he lifts your chin up to face him. "Might want to work on the voice a little though, I don't know if I sound so cute."
Similar to Jade except he snuck away from work because he was starting to get bored with whatever it was that Azul had assigned him with that day. He went looking for you in Ramshackle instead, running over and knocking on the door
You weren't responding, so he just climbed through the window :/. When he entered the dorm he heard your voice, specifically a laugh and then "Bind The Heart" with a loud voice. You were wearing his hat while practicing in front of a mirror and making some flashy sound effects.
He immediately took out his phone and recorded the whole thing. Then he immediately let his presence be known by running over and tackling you. "Shrimpy you sound so cute!"
"F-Floyd, how long were you here?!" You try to hide your face as he takes back his fedora and laughs. "Long enough to see you pretend to be me. Honestly you need to be more menacing than that to be like me." Be prepared for a week of teasing from this guy.
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anon-love-octa-trio · 2 months
*Before the beanfest started*
Azul: Why are you in farmers team with Grim? Shouldn’t you be in monster team?
Mc: He will commit arson if i’m not with him, and crowley doesn’t want any of the places burn down.
Azul: oh.
a/n: idk why i’m thinking this but its funny in my head
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lemonandlime22 · 5 months
Idk if your requests are open but if they are, could you do headcanons with [Yuu] just with the overblot people and then for [whatever reason], they scold or make fun of them and they just reply with "Says the one who got beaten by a [12 - 14] year old." (Cuz I think you have to be like 15/16 to be a freshman/first year? Idk, correct me if I'm wrong)
I thought their faces would be funny when the realization of the fact a child stopped their blot
(I did get this from when I was reading your bitey child! [Yuu] and I love the bitey child cuz I was that kid <3)
Riddle, Leona, Azul, and Jamil reaction to a cocky little Yuu
Warning(s): cussing, violence towards yuu
A/N: yeah you got the ages right, all the first years are 16. Btw I have a character limit of 4, so I just did the first 4 overblot guys.
Poor boys pride is already so wounded
give him a break.
Ok, what happened to lead up to this,
you, Grim, and the Adeuce duo were messing around in the heartslabyul gardens when you probably broke something or messed up a rose bush in front of Riddle
and those assholes ended up running away when he confronted you guys
leaving you to face Riddles scolding.
You got p annoyed.
So when the scolding was finally over, you just oh so quietly mumbled,
" says the brat who got his ass kicked by a 13 year old... "
His face was so fucking red, it rivaled his overblot face.
an let's just say you nearly had your head cut off
and I'm not talking about his unique magic.
You got a hole 'nother few hours of scolding
and quite a tight collar that stayed on for a few days.
Ace and Grim got a good kick out of this btw
Deuce was very apologetic and even tried to help smooth things over with Riddle for you
it didn't work.
yes keep insulting the manchild >:D
this starts the like most other interactions with him do
you interrupting his nap in some way or another
you can pick which way you did this time.
Now, he was having a p rough day
Ruggie wouldn't let him sleep through classes
so he was extra pissed when he got woken up and put what little energy he had left into threatening you with death or smth
and when there was finally a break in his ranting you snarked back at him,
"HA! like you ever could, your ass got wiped by a magicless kid in less than like 30 minutes!"
man was too stunned to speak.
I don't think I can express enough the absolute WRATH that was radiating from off him
you rly started to regret what you said
especially since he looked like he was going to actually kill you
and he was.
You got really lucky when Jack was able to catch his hand mid air
this fucker was literally going strangle you if it wasn't for Jack having been looking for you.
Jack wasted no time dragging you out of there and far away from Leona
and for a long time it's going to be rly fuckin tense between you and Leona...
You also got one hell of a scolding from Jack.
Same thing I said in Riddle's
his pride is already in shambles
and you and the tweels are not helping one bit.
So on to what happened,
you were bored so you decided to check out the clubs after school
and your first stop was the board game club.
eh? eh? get it? wink wink nudge nudge??
ok ill stop..
Idia basically scurried to the corner of the room to play on his phone when you came in and Azul was more than happy to possibly teach a brat underclassmen.
As you know, Azul can get pretty cocky sometimes
and this was one of those times,
he was talking smack
blabbering on and on about how easy this is for him and how he should prob go as easy on you as he could if he wanted you to have any chance of winning
also kinda giving some hints at giving you lessons for using Ramshackle on the weekends
so naturally you,
being the lil sassy bitch you are <3, snapped back,
"Mhm, sure, says the fish that was outwitted and beaten up by a tween and their rat bastard band of friends!"
there was a moment of silence,,,
that was quickly broken by Idia bursting into a short laugh at Azul.
The poor octopus wasn't expecting such a clap back
epically not one regarding his overblot
he may or may not have teared up a little bit...
He was also p upset obv
so he just grabbed his phone and made a call
"Hey Floyd-"
and you booked it out of there.
Floyd did chase you a little later on at the request of Azul.
he's doing best man 😔.
You were going to meet up with Ace and Deuce after their clubs and Ace's was usually finished before Deuce's so you went to go wait for him and then get Deuce together
but you accidentally got there early
and you know that means
more waiting!!
I hope you can tell this is complete sarcasm
so you were just waiting on the bleachers watching the basketball club members practice when the ball hit you straight in the face
causing you to get a nosebleed...
Ace and Floyd were on the ground laughing their ass's off
Jamil went to go get the ball and make sure your nose wasn't broken
dw I googled it, a nose can bleed without being broken
and even tho he is trying to be a better person he was still a very sassy person
so ofc he made a joking snide remark about you being a little brat or smth
and you ofc snapped back with,
"Well, in case you forgot, this 'little brat' kicked your snake butt with three fish and a cat!"
and he just walked away
you were very stunned, you expected him to at least glare at you
but I guess you really can't compla-
spoke too soon I guess....
Now you definitely have a broken nose...
he hit you as hard as he could with the ball btw.
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rose-the-witch1 · 21 days
do you guys think the octavinelle trio know what freshwater environments are like
do freshwater merfolk exist in twisted wonderland
or would you just show azul a catfish and he'd be fucking dumbfounded
what if freshwater merfolk had a completely different way of speaking, like southern accents
i want to see one of the octotrio boys meeting a catfish mermaid
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seraphni · 21 days
Azul trying to make a deal with the prefect
But they actually read the entire contract, including the fine print.
Then they ask questions for more details on the terms and conditions, and they do not tolerate beating around the bush.
Even if Azul tries to have the twins intimidate the prefect into signing, they look unimpressed, and they go
"This was a waste of time..."
And then leave
I am soooo sorry I didn’t answer this earlier, you ever feel like you had a hangover without the booze? Yeah that’s what I’m feeling.
This Yuu’s an absolute badass tho
Ace, Deuce, & Grim don’t appreciate it at the moment,
“Oh so you’re just gonna leave us!?”
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katkit14 · 4 months
Floyd and Jade with an s/o who likes to shop
A shopping date with the leech twins! @kazenomegaminowanpisu
Gender natural reader
Established relationship
Poly relationship
Warnings: slight cussing and not proofread.
The weekend was here and now you could finally relax and let go just a bit. You were sleeping in on this fine Saturday morning because being the ramshackle's perfect is a taxing job with being the headmaster's bitch and the brain cell duo + grims baby sitter.
You were woken by a loud banging at the door, which you very tiredly got out of your bed and answered. Standing there was two figures who loomed over you who you recognized as your boyfriends both dresses causally. "ANGELFISH!" Floyd yelled and threw his hands around you giving you a good squeeze as Jade giggled " I'm sorry, it seems we have caught you at an inconvenient time". Floyd let go and you were able to catch your breath. " Nah it's fine, come on in". You grasped the door while gesturing inside. They walk past you inside and Floyd plops on a sofa that was sitting in front of a huge window. " ah, it looks clean for once" Jade looked around with his smile slightly getting bigger, knowing full well that he helped you clean ramshackle last night. Smiling back you reply "Yeah, thanks for the help by the way. Anyways what brings you here? " "I was bored " Floyd added and Jade pipes in " I was planning on going into town today to see about some supplies for my club. I was wondering if you'd like to come with me and shop around? I heard they put in a new shop where the old dinner was." You nodded as your eyes lit up. " Yes!! Just let me go get dressed!!" You said as you ran upstairs.
" I'm coming to" Floyd said jolting up excited. Jade's smile never weavering " I thought as much."
After what seemed like no time at all you ran downstairs in a nice casual outfit. Perfect for walking around shopping but still still nice. Floyd ran over and wrapped his arms around you once more slightly lifting you as he tightens his grip. "you look so good!!" he says as he gives you a peck on the cheek.
"you do look great,y/n" Jade chimes in. "Are you ready to go?" "yep, Jack will be here soon to babysit grim so let's go before grim wakes up and realizes I'm leaving!" you say as you push out floyds grip and almost run to the door. The twins following behind.
You and the twins make it to the mirror chamber quicker then usual thanks to Floyd just randomly giving a piggyback ride saying " you're going to slow!"
You arrive in town just mere seconds after getting to the mirror chamber and going through. You were once standing in a dark room with purple walls and green fires lighting your way, now standing in a cute village. With cottage-looking shops and restaurants. Cobblestone roads are seemingly never-ending. Carts being pushed by various people full of flowers, fruits, and jewelry. One such cart pushed pushed you not to far away from you and Jade stopped it. " May I ask what the price of these " he asked pointing to a pair of rings you couldn't quite make out the detailing on. " Sure, they're each 5 madols!" a old man said excitedly. Jade looked to be thinking then pulled out his wallet and handed him 5 madols. Receiving the rings in a nice black wooden box. walking a mere 3 feet back to you which seemed to be 3 inches with how quickly he walked it ( long legged motherfuck) . He handed you a box with matching rings. They looked to be beautiful carved out of gold with tiny pearls surrounding it.
As you stare admiring its beauty, Floyd starts to pout. " eh, where's my ring?" " I knew you'd get pouty, so I got you this. " Jade smiles as he holds up a purple octopus plushie. Floyd takes it " I can mess with Azul with this! " he starts to laugh almost evilly. You can't help but sigh almost feeling bad for azul but not fully. Azul allows Floyd to stay, he brought this on himself.
You put the little box in your pocket ( if your outfit has one. If not in Jades pocket) and grab both Jades and Floyds hand. You press forward down the beautiful cobble stone street.
After a little walking taking in the view, you see a beautiful decorated store in your favorite style and favorite scent coming from the open glass doors. The twins break free from your grasp as you all enter the nice store. Clothes, jelrwy and other accessories lined the shelves and racks. A tall lady with bright purple hair put something back on the selves asks " you need help finding something?" Jade urshers her away with " no we are just looking around." she nods and walks back behind the counter. You look around the store grabbing clothes and other items that grab your attention. Your attention turns torwds Floyd when he calls out for you " Angelfish!! Look what I found! Do you think I should get it" Floyd holds up the ugliest shirt you've ever seen. " If you want." you say cringing knowing full well there is no convincing him to put it down ( or burn it).
After a bit Jade and Floyd meet up with you waiting for you to get done. Jade takes your stuff and Floyds. He pays for it and gets it bagged. He then walks back to you and Floyd . He hands all the bags to Floyd who dosn't seem to mind.
You and the twins get to check out stores that fit what all of you like. Almost stopping at every shop, bakery, and cart you now have two bouquets, arms full of bags, and a stomach full of your favorite desserts (or meals if you don't like sweets). You and Floyd patiently wait for Jade outside of a shop full of exotic plants. " You know Angelfish, I love these outings with you and Jade," Floyd says smiling fondly. Jade walks out with four bags you're assuming are mushrooms. Jade smiles and walks to you. " I think this should be our last stop. It's getting late and I believe Headmage will need his wallet back soon. " you sigh already knowing Jade probably blackmailed him once again.
You look up and to your surprise, the sun was already setting. You had so much fun you hadn't realized the time go by. Jade takes some of the bags off your arms and grabs your hand along with Floyd who is now laughing while muttering to himself about the silly string he got four stores ago. You tried to stop him before he could but Jade stopped you with a devilish smirk. You all start to walk back and after ending up once again on Floyd's back while Jade takes your bags you make it back to Night raven college in no time. Coming even quicker to Ramshackle. Floyd puts you down on the porch and Jade hands you your bags. You smile enjoying today. " Thanks, guys, I needed this." you set your many bags beside you and walk up to him and hugged him "I love you" and then turned around and Hugged Floyd repeating yourself. You say your goodbyes. Then go to turn around while picking up your bags and walk into ramshackle. You are suddenly stopped by the twins who both peck your checks from different sides. You turn back around but they're already gone. You laugh to yourself and walk back into ramshackle being greeted by a mad grim yelling at you for not taking him with you. A tired jack grabs him and starts to scold. You laugh and thank jack for helping you and give him the okay to leave. As you see him out the door you think how good today was. " I can't wait for the next date."
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diejager · 9 months
Hi, can I request Jade Leech with reader? Reader is an energetic person and she likes Jade so much that everyone knows it, but Jade hasn't reciprocated her feelings. Since Valentine's Day was coming, she didn't notice Jade for a week to go to practice baking with Trey. Jade was a little disappointed, but then the reader made a surprise for him. Yan or normal is depend on you <3 Thank you very much!
Heart cakes
Jade Leech
Note: not proofread.
Wc: 1.4 k
Tumblr media
Wherever Jade went, you'd be by his side, either at Monstro lounge, the dorm, the school halls, the school grounds or even in class. You were both second years, him having spent his days as a freshman before and you, who by some miracle, jumped a year after Crowley received the recommendations from your teachers about your genius mind for spells, potions, animal language and more.
If you did something, it'd be with Jade, if you planned something, it'd be with him too. Every moment in your life had Jade Leech in it, in name, in presence or in thought. You included Floyd into your tricks whenever you could too - in consideration of Jade's love for his twin, although you two had a strong friendship. Azul too often got caught in the middle of your mischievous plays and it would cost him a few brain cells every time. You all had fun though, it was your main objective aside from spending time with Jade.
You stuck to him like glue, you knew that as much as everyone around you, all except Jade. However smart and conniving he was, Jade stayed oblivious to your advances, unbothered by your constant appearances and energetic personality. Maybe you reminded him of his twin, whatever the reason was, Jade more than tolerated you, he spoke of his little terrarium hobby, his problems and the small things you did that made him happy; he spent his free time with you, called you to see if you could do your assignments together or just bathe in your presence; and if either of you left the college ground for whatever reason, he'd come with you and vice-versa.
You were like two peas in a pod.
Perhaps that's why when you suddenly vanished he started to worry - he grew suspicious. He caught fleeting glimpses of you between classes, so close yet so far. If he blinked, you'd be gone; if he called out your name, you'd be too far to hear him; if he tried to catch up to you, you'd disappear between the bumping shoulders of NRC's students. It dumbfounded Jade that you could vanish whenever you didn't want to be spotted and be impossible to ignore whenever you wanted to socialize - or maybe it was something unconscious.
When Jade called, it'd go straight to voicemail, and when he went to visit you, Grim and the resident ghosts would block his way or you'd be snoring away.
It was... odd - quite the peculiar situation that he found himself in with you: his energetic ball of happiness.
He told himself that it was normal to have odd days, he could live through a few days without you near or with him - or so he thought.
The first day felt off, he couldn't get used to not hearing your voice around him, not being able to see your smile and happy aura, but he'd have to deal with it since he couldn't find you.
The second and third days were filled with gloom, it felt so unnerving for him to see another day without your cheery self, but you were still missing.
The fourth and fifth days felt lonely, Jade had spoken to Floyd about how lonely and depressing it was whenever you weren't with him, it was as if he was feeling the drawbacks from not being with you the more you were gone.
On the sixth day, he started seeing glimpses of you, even if you didn't greet or hug him, he felt elated - he had a feeling that this meant that you were almost done with your secret and would come back to him. He couldn't wait to see you and bask in your energetic presence again.
On the seventh day, he caught you walking down the hall after school, slow enough for him to trail after you without getting lost - he was glad. Maybe you purposely let him follow you down a lonely hall towards the cafeteria. He thought you were getting something to eat, but what he saw surpassed whatever expectations he had-
You met up with Trey Clover and went into the unoccupied kitchen.
He couldn't believe what he just witnessed, you've been spending a whole week with Trey in the kitchen all alone; without even greeting or seeing Jade once during this whole week. It was absurd in his mind. The days spent alone and sad were because you were away with Trey? A burning feeling bubbled in his stomach, and an aggravated frown replaced his usually calm mien with a scowl as he forced himself to walk towards the kitchen's entry. What was this feeling? Was it anger? Anger towards the neglect he felt or did it perhaps stem from the jealous rage in his heart.
"Thank you, Trey! I don't know if I'd be able to do it without you!"
Your words struck a chord in his mind, what did you do? Why did you thank him? What exactly did you two do that demanded such secrecy?
"It's a perfect gift for Valentine's day, take care of it, alright (Name)?"
Valentine's day gift? Jade's eyes widened, did you receive something from Trey?
But then it wouldn't make any sense from what he's heard so far; how you thanked him for Trey's help and his secrecy and mentioned Valentine's day.
He was so caught up with his own thoughts that he missed the sound of steps heading towards the door, where he currently stood-
"Ah-! Jade?" your flustered face and wide, blinking eyes "Wha- what are you doing here?"
He had caught you off guard, maybe you became laxer knowing that the sixth and seventh days were the last day of preparation. You hadn't expected him to follow you and find you, you thought you came as quietly and as secretly as you did on the first days.
"What were you doing with Trey?" Jade squinted his eyes at the 3rd yeat standing guiltily behind you then directed his eyes at the purple box in your hands. "Pray tell, (Name), what's in this box?"
"Ah- well- um... could we talk about it somewhere else?" you stumbled on your words, cheeks burning red.
"I'll leave you 2 to it, " Trey chuckled and waved as he left. "Good luck, (Name)."
You tripped on your reply. You held onto the box tightly but carefully, to ensure that it would stay with you but that you wouldn't break the content. It intrigued Jade.
You carefully led Jade outside where the air could cool off your burning cheeks and have a bit of privacy from the students still wandering inside the school.
"What is it you wanted to tell me?" he crossed his arms, looking more serious than he intended to - which made you a bit more skittish.
"I- well, I wanted to give these to you!" you propped up the box, showing it to Jade. "Ah, be careful with the cakes though."
His relaxed face mouthed in surprise then winder when he removed the lid to see the beautifully made cakes in the box. Small, heart-shaped cakes coloured in pink and red and decorated moderately with candies.
Today was Valentine's day, it slipped from his mind ever since you vanished - a week ago. It all clicked together: you worked with Trey because he was an excellent baker whilst you could burn flour, you spent a week preparing and planning everything for today because of how horrible you were at anything related to the kitchen.
The pang of jealousy he felt quickly disappeared and guilt for doubting you filled him, especially for not getting you anything; it was your first Valentine's together too.
"Ah, it slipped my mind, I didn't prepare a gift for you, (Name)," Jade's regretful eyes peered down, closing the box before placing it neatly on the bench. "Since I didn't make anything for you..."
Jade swiftly wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest and placed a soft kiss on your lips; it was so careful that you almost didn't feel, how much love and compassion the kiss held. With his head lowered towards you, he cradled your face in a hand and whispered his love to you. Eyes full of devotion and heart filled with adoration, a grin unlike his usual one pressed against your red cheek.
"Will this make up for it?"
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the-fandom-closet · 2 months
Tumblr media
Yuu drinks a potion that turns them into a mermaid and they don't get the species they wanted.
Octavinelle trio trying not to laugh .... except Floyd, he it laughing his ass off.
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vonroo · 3 months
There are two main types of twst fans
The Octavinelle lovers
The Octavinelle haters
EXTRA: The people who told themselves they weren’t going to associate themselves with the dorm and ended up a Octavinelle lover in denial.
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twst-quotes · 1 month
Yuu: we all have our demons
Yuu, grabbing Grim: this one's mine
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kimbap-r0ll · 4 months
May I request gender neutral or female anglerfish reader with Octavinelle
( they can hunt things twice their size (including eels and octopus)and most of them are actually very small so maybe in their human form they are a lot shorter than the other merfolk, they can make their own light, sharp teeth but also since they are deep sea creatures, the boys wouldn't really know much about them, mostly since they are closer to the surface than the reader). I hope this made sense!!
Wait, this is really cute! Thank you for the ask, I decided to go gender neutral for this one!
Octavinelle with a gn!anglerfish!s/o
He might connect well with you because the two of you were probably seen as the oddballs in your hometowns. If you two were in class together, then the two of you probably hung out a lot since a) everyone avoided you two or b) it was more comfortable being with someone who was similar
If you have your own light, Azul probably thinks it's really cool. It's handy in the dark seas but he knows you do this to hunt so it might be a bit intimidating at first. However, know that he respects you!
Whether you're a more common looking merfolk or a very different looking one however, Azul loves you for who you are. It's sort of like he's learning to accept his own differences by loving you and plz support this poor boy ;-;
Overall I don't think he will point out your background as an anglerfish merfolk, if anything he might just say that it's really cool to have someone else that's a deep sea creature similar to octopus
He's tall, you're short, he'll tease you about this :/
He'll place things high up so you have to ask him for help, and he'll gladly do so by dangling the item right above you and asking for a favor, likely a kiss :/
But similar to Azul, I feel like he does find some comfort in knowing that you understand what it's like to live in the deeper, colder parts of Coral Sea. The two of you probably hang out a lot whenever you can back at home too
He might play around with your light when he's bored, kind of like pushing it. If you blush and tell him to stop being so close, he will tease you for that :/. No he's not scared anglerfish are technically stronger than he is, if anything it's more fascinating to him
Look it's another tweel! Because of this, yes he will also tease you for your height
Expect him to also leave things high up so you ask him for help. This time however, he'll lift you up so you can grab it, shouting "Go y/n, reach for the stars HAHA!" :/
He likes to see how strong you are too, especially because anglerfish are threats to eels. The two of you might play tag more often than not
He also likes to randomly flick your light if it just hangs on your forehead. He thinks it's funny to see you get annoyed and eventually chase after him :/
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anon-love-octa-trio · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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