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"DID YOU JUST PURR?" Leona looked at you flustered, taken aback by the question..
Tumblr media
Leona's mind felt a bit blurry as you ran your hands through his hair, a sigh of utter relief and comfort escaped his mouth.
The two of you were entangled in each others arms, Leona found peace in your embrace, practically lulling him to sleep, but he wanted to remain awake, enjoying the sound of your heartbeat and breathing.
Leona's tail wrapped around your waist, drawing you closer. A deep breath escaped your mouth as you leaned into him a bit more, laying your head down comfortably on his shoulder.
Leona let out a sigh, which came out in the form of a purr.. your ears perked up, as the once quiet room, filled with the sound cat purrs, that echoed throughout.. however, there wasn't a single cat in sight.
"Leona?" You called out to him, he opened his eyes and let out a hum, acknowledging you.. "Did you just purr?"
You watched as Leona grew flustered, for the first time you his cheeks darken and his ears move ever so slightly, as another soft purr escaped his mouth. "You can purr!" You repeated your words, more sternly as your suspicions were confirmed.
"N-no I—" he tried forming his words as he turned around avoiding direct eye contact with you. He tried lying, though he teipped over his words giving it away. You coed at him, a big grin plastered on your face, in response he let out a rather playful growl. "Awww—"
You grabbed Leona's cheeks, making face towards you. Facing eye to eye, your noses practically touching, Leona couldn't help but notice the tiny sparkles in your eyes.
"Do it again!"
"Do what?"
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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mlk082 · 2 months
Hii!! Can I request octavinelle + leona seeing yuu sleeping with a stuffed octopus/eel/lion? Maybe they think it's cute or maybe they get a tad jealous lmao, just thought it was a fun idea either way :) your work always brings a smile to my face!! Thank you for all you write and I hope ur having a wonderful day <333
Sleeping with a Stuffy - Octavinelle & Leona
Rolls his eyes.
This is no different from the time you got an octopus hat.
Or the t-shirt with an octopus based pun on it.
Or even the time you were mad at him, so you purposely came to the lounge for Takoyaki which Floyd offered, for FREE.
This "stuffy" is cute and more civilized, though.
Azul hadn't seen you all day, and you must've been tired. The lounge had just closed, and he came to visit you at Ramshackle.
He didn't want to barge in, but he knew you were sleeping this late, and there was a key under the plant outside.
The octopus stuffy was so small and cute, he wondered why you would cuddle that thing. Azul certainly has more body heat than a fuzzy little toy.
The next morning when Azul calls you childish, you flip the stuffy so it's frowning instead of smiling.
Wants to take a photo of you sleeping with it. Is that weird?
It's very endearing actually. How you're sleeping with a stuffed animal, curled in the sheets.
Carefully sits next to you on the bed and starts tucking your hair behind your ear. He doesn't want it blocking your face.
Turns his phone off after possibly taking a photo. He doesn't want to wake you up.
Watches you sleep for a while with a soft smile.
Carefully gets up to pull the chair from your desk next to the bed, and read.
When he starts to see you stir awake, he quietly excuses himself to make tea. When he comes back, he finds you rubbing your eyes and slowly sitting up.
The smell of earl grey is strong as he sets it on the night table, and kisses your forehead.
"If you missed me, you should have called. I'm more cuddly than a stuffy."
Straight up takes it away from you.
Tugs it out of your arms and throws it somewhere.
Is mad you're sleeping with another eel. HOW DARE YOU!
The only eel that needs your attention would be FLOYD.
He's more cuddly than the stuffed toy and he can prove it.
Scootches you over in your own bed to make room for himself.
"I'm the only eel for you."
Bites you to prove it. "My shrimpy."
Smirks and shakes his head.
God dammit, why are you like this?
First of all, you should have found him to nap, second of all, he is so making fun of you for this.
"Aww, baby needed a stuffed animal to sleep? Yeah? Do you want a bedtime story too?" upon waking up
Doesn't let you sleep with it ever again. And if you ever are sleepy, you better text him. Any chance to get out of class, he will.
God forbid you sleep in class and bring that thing with you. He will literally move away from you that is so embarrassing.
Tsks at you even buying it.
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writingseaslugs · 2 months
Leona | Fluff, and love, a lot of love | Set up is that Leona's S/O was there during his overblot and took care of him during the aftermath. One morning he jokingly asks if they're married now, S/O says "if you wanted that? Yes. My heart is in your hands and that's not something I give to just anybody.. but it's yours to keep if you'll have me."
Soft mornings with Leona is all any of us need. So here you go, some ultra fluff for the lion.
Disclaimer: This is an AU of Twisted Wonderland where all characters (minus Ortho) are 18+. If you’d like more information about the AU, please refer to the links below!
Request Information | AU Information | Masterlist
Leona Kingscholar: Morning Proposal
You tried to stifle your yawn to no avail. Your eyes watered as you did so against Leona’s neck before nuzzling into his arms some more. Leona’s hand on your waist gave a gentle squeeze as he started to come to as well, the morning streams of light painting the room a beautiful gold. You weren’t ready to wake up yet, you still wanted to sleep for a few more minutes. Leona’s body was warm against your own and you didn’t want to leave any time soon.
“Morning.” His voice was husky as he grumbled it out and you hummed, loving how his voice sounded when he just woke up.
“Mornin…” You managed to hum, not changing your position. His arms wrapped around your own as he changed his position, laying on his side with you wrapped up in him. You made your own slight adjustments to get more comfortable as well.
“I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning…” Leona said, his voice still laced with sleep, “It’s nice.” He said and you swore you could hear the smile on his voice.
“Then just marry me already.” You joked and you felt him stop breathing for a moment.
“What did you say?” He asked, suddenly feeling more awake. You two had been through hell and back together, especially after the overblot. It came to a point where you stayed at his dorm almost all the time, just to wake up like this. You also wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to this, so why not get married and make it happen?
“You heard me, kitty cat.” You said with a small laugh, “Just marry me already.” You said again and Leona adjusted you so he could look you in the eyes.
“Say it again.” He said and you smiled and gave him a soft kiss.
“My hearts already yours, Leona, ever since the first time you wrapped your arms around me. I’d love nothing more than to be tied to you.” You said, making sure he knew you were earnest.
“I…fine.” he said, a small flush on his cheeks and you heard a small growl, “We’ll get married then.”
“Sounds good to me…now can we sleep in a bit longer?” You asked and he huffed.
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tezret · 8 months
Telephone But Yelling
You/Reader: i love you!
Leona, from across the absurdly long dinner table: What?!
You/Reader: I LOVE YOU!
Leona, planting his hands on the table as he pushes his chair back and stands up: WHAT DID YOU SAY?
You/Reader, using a megaphone: I LOVE YOU LEONA!!
Leona: HUH?!
Leona’s relatives, watching you two go back and forth for the rest of dinner:
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random-twst-things · 2 months
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is because you’re not going to like it
Leona: Just rip the bandage off.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: It’s Malleus...
Leona: Put the bandage back on.
*Malleus who somehow heard the conversation trying to seduce (rizz) Mc/Y/N/Yuu* (Malleus Rizzconia)
Tumblr media
(("Malleus Rizzconia" the name was inspired by @liliafucker !!))
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wolken-himmel · 3 months
In which Leona brings (Y/n) a half-dead rabbit from a hunt. But what first looked like some sort of sick joke may have been more than that.
Like a beastfolk gesture to show affection.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
"What did you do now, Leona?!"
A horrified scowl decorated your face, and you jolted backwards at once. All the while, you couldn't take your eyes off the sight in front of you: a trembling and very much dishevelled rabbit. Leona held the small animal by its neck, dangling it in the air.
"What do you mean?" the dorm leader asked in confusion.
As soon as he let go of the animal, you dashed forward to scoop it up into your arms. The poor rabbit looked frightened out of its mind, trembling and wailing like it feared for its death. At first, it thrashed around in your arms — but as soon as it realised that you meant no harm, it buried its head deeper into your shoulder. You hummed softly and continued to cradle it in your arms.
"The poor thing! You almost scared it to death, Leona..." you cried out angrily. "Look at the frightened bunny..."
The beastman furrowed his eyebrows further. "I don't get it. Why are you crying?" he asked in genuine confusion.
His baffled scowl infuriated you even more. But before you could explode with anger and worry, you decided to focus your attention on the still shivering rabbit in your grasp. You tenderly brushed its ears back and buried your face in its soft fur. "Everything will be alright..." you cooed and felt its shivering lessen. "Worry not, I will protect you from the evil predator. He won't hurt you anymore."
"Really? Now I'm the bad guy?" Leona quirked an eyebrow in disbelief.
"You're the one who hurt this innocent creature."
An annoyed growl escaped his throat at your words. He narrowed his eyes at you, but you didn't seem intimidated in the slightest. On the contrary, you tightened your hold on the rabbit and glared back at him.
"Has no one explained to you yet that this is the cycle of life?"
"Perhaps so," you shot back. "But I don't appreciate you bringing me a half-dead rabbit. What kind of strange joke is this?"
Leona felt his ears flatten against his head and his hands tighten into fists. With every second he spent watching you coddle the rabbit, he grew more angry — until he couldn't take it anymore. Finally, he threw his hands into the air. "Fine, do whatever you want," he growled and whipped around to stomp away. "Keep the rabbit. I don't care." Without another word, he exited the courtyard.
Behind the doors, Ruggie was already waiting for him. "So that didn't go as planned?" the hyena asked sheepishly while running after his dorm leader.
Ruggie let out a little sigh, a little bit breathless by the other's quick pace. "The prefect must have misunderstood your intentions," he muttered comfortingly. "And you didn't even care to explain what this gesture meant."
"Whatever. It happened."
Again, Ruggie exhaled — although this time, annoyance echoed in his voice. "Don't you dare 'whatever' me..." he grumbled under his breath and rolled his eyes. Finally, unable to continue this hellish quick pace, he jumped in front of Leona and blocked his path. A look of determination flashed across the hyena's face. "Listen, why don't you apologise to (Y/n) and then explain everything properly?"
"No way," Leona grumbled and tried to shove his fellow dorm member out of the way.
Much to his dismay, Ruggie dodged his hands easily. A few snickers even escaped the hyena's lips. "I understand that it's embarrassing. I mean... wasn't this your first attempt of courting the prefect—"
"Don't you dare continue, hyena."
"Look, someone's embarrassed!" Ruggie's laughter grew even louder.
By then, Leona had covered his ears with his hands, his eyes scrunched up in exasperation. His lips were pursed into a thin line, yet he eventually managed to press out, "Fine, I'll go talk to the herbivore if you'll stop pestering me..." The ceasing laughter made him open his eyes to find a giant grin on his fellow beastman's face.
"It's a deal!" Ruggie looked satisfied, without a doubt — a little bit smug, too. "Oh, what would you do without me, dorm leader?"
"All of this was your idea in the first place, anyway... The herbivore wouldn't be angry at me if it weren't for you."
Despite the tension in the air, the second-year merely began laughing loudly. With his hands behind his head, he leisurely walked away, now that he had achieved his goal. "Well, perhaps you took one step backwards... but this is your chance to take two forward!" he threw over his shoulder, grinning. "If you catch my drift~"
It was later that day when Leona found the perfect opportunity to speak to you again. Seated on a bench in the botanical garden, you were watching in glee as your newfound rabbit friend hopped in circles around you. The small animal seemed to be back to normal, joyful and lively whenever you brushed its ears.
Yet, as soon as it sensed his presence in the area, the small rabbit immediately darted over to you and leapt into your arms. There, it quivered and shivered, trying to press its tiny body even further into your chest. Confusion laced your voice when you asked the rabbit what was wrong — only to realise the answer yourself when a familiar voice reached your ears.
Slowly, you glanced up to find a familiar lion beastman towering over you. At once, you narrowed your eyes and mustered the angriest glare you could send him. "Oh, it's you..." you grumbled and comforted the rabbit gently.
Leona let out a small sigh. "Is the... rabbit alright?"
"Yes, Mr. Cuddles is doing much better now."
"You already named the fluff ball?" He quirked his eyebrows in amusement, especially when he noticed how your cheeks warmed up slightly. When you merely avoided his gaze, flustered, he began chuckling to himself. "Don't tell me you're planning to keep him."
"No..." After having pressed a kiss to the rabbit's head, you let out a disappointed sigh. "Sadly, Ramshackle is no place to keep a bunny. I mean, all the dust can't be good for them."
The dorm leader huffed in satisfaction. "Good."
"Is there anything else you wanted from me?" you asked after a while of silence had passed. The rabbit, despite your attempts of comforting it, still felt uneasy, based on the way it wiggled and shivered.
Leona tensed up at your question. "Yes..." A dreadful sigh escaped his lips, and the tension in his shoulders seemed to reach its highpoint. His eyes darkened in conflict, but he eventually whispered, "I'm here to apologise?"
"You make it sound like a question." You quirked an eyebrow mockingly.
His apologetic attitude went out of the window at once, and he instead began growling. And this time, you were so caught off-guard that you shrank into yourself. With his ears pressed flat against his head, he asked in frustration, "Do you know why I gave you the rabbit?" You were about to spit another witty comeback, but he stopped you before you could open your mouth. "I hunted it for you. It's a gesture of caring for one another — showing affection and what not..."
The way his voice became quieter and quieter — you knew that he was being genuine about the situation. So, with your mouth open in confusion, you merely cried out, "You... care for me?" The surprise in your voice turned into smugness once he pursed his lips and remained silent.
"Not if you continue to grin like that, herbivore."
Your lips morphed into a wide and bright smile, and all the hostility you had harboured against him suddenly disappeared. A sheepish chuckle escaped your lips. "I mean... no bunnies were harmed in the process," you trailed off playfully. "So, thank you for the gesture? I appreciate it. But you don't expect me to hunt you a rabbit, do you?"
This time, it was his turn to grin in satisfaction. "Now that would be a funny idea."
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mawwart · 3 months
Tumblr media
Pspspspss here biker kitty cmere pspspsps
Poor Leona took a lil longer bc my hands are Fucked Up again so had to take a lil break :))
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cursedcola · 6 days
Prompt: "Will You Marry Me?" - Proposal Headcannons Characters: Everyone :) Part(s): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw(Here!), Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, Diasomnia Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Warning(s): None. I mean, unless you don't want to marry any of them. Just don't read if that's the case. Note: These are all if he is the one proposing btw. I've been thinking about maybe programming a small fan-made mini-otome using these ideas. Just for some practice for school while also being self indulgent hehe
Leona Kingscholar
Let’s just rip the bandaid off. Leona dates to marry. He’s not someone to invest his time in something troublesome, and frankly? Not many people catch his interest. Sure. He might think someone is physically attractive, but there’s a difference. He doesn’t follow the traditional path either. The ‘dating’ stage doesn’t last long because he’s already made up his mind prior to it.
Dating is pretty much just formality. The moment you agree to it, you’re essentially agreeing to marry him. He’s not going to put in effort for just anyone. Bonus points if he’s the one to confess his feelings first. That is basically concrete confirmation that he intends to marry you.
Leona proposing is inevitable. Only two things stand in his way: time and pride. Time, because he is no idiot. Your ways are unlike his people, and unlike him. He’s patient. He knows how to play the game. He can wait, but not forever. He’ll observe you over time and slip in questions here and there about your goals in life. Then he’ll find a good time frame. Please remember that Leona is not just an ambitious hot-head. He’s a smart one.
Then there is his pride. He will not put himself in a position that has a chance to fail. No. He will play dirty, and wait until you are tinkering with the idea of marriage. He’ll steer conversations towards talks of the future, and make it so you’re the one who starts them. All to get you warmed up to the idea of spending your life with him, and to a stage where he can clearly tell where you lie emotionally. He might appear neutral on the outside; however, it’s all according to plan. While you are just beginning to imagine your lives together, Leona’s already had the thought process long prior. You don’t need to know that though.
The icing on the cake is when you visit his home. Checka is Leona’s secret wingman. Your soft spot for the boy is something he takes advantage of, and lets Checka consume your attention during a tour of the palace. You meet his elder brother, who irritatingly pries for details about your relationship. Leona lets it go. Just this once, because he knows you feeling at home is more important in the long run. You share a room with him during your stay, and he made arrangements for small changes according to your tastes. You’re also gifted with a new wardrobe of traditional clothes for your stay, and given free reign of the area. Naturally you are guarded in secret, as per the King’s orders. His brother knows as well as Leona does that it is imperative that your stay goes well.
You will be touring landmarks and tourist spots within the continent as well. While Leona would much rather laze his free time away in his room (away from his family), he goes. Word spread that he was bringing home his partner. Thank the gossiping maids for that. Walking with you makes the rumors official, and is safer than having you walk alone with Checka and some royal guards. That would have arisen suspicion, and been troublesome. More troublesome than walking around and confirming to the public that you are not to be touched.
Ignoring the many remarks about how Leona is unusually active during his visit (thanks to you), his pride is high. You’ve thoroughly been slotted into his life, and are accepted. Any apprehensions about you denying him were snuffed out. The way you took to living with him so easily proves it. If you weren’t welcomed by his family? Well, it wouldn’t change anything. This scenario just makes what he’s about to do easier.
The first night you arrived, Farlan presented Leona with a Kingscholar family heirloom. A ring that has been in their family for generations. Not meant to be worn permanently, and only for proposals. Farlan used it to propose to his wife, and at the ceremony presented her with the ring he picked out. Now Leona will use it to propose to you.
One look at it and Leona declined. He’s spent his whole life chasing things that he couldn’t have because of his birth status. He would not yield this moment to tradition. Farlan was shocked, but rescinded the offer with a supportive smile. His brother had found himself, and the King was proud.
On the evening of your final night at the palace - Leona finds you alone on the balcony of your shared room. If he was going to do anything, it would be now. Initially he was 100% confident in getting your acceptance, but the longer he watches the less sure he becomes. Deep down there is rooted fear that he will once again become second choice, and that you’ll choose to return to your world over him. His hands are in his pockets, and one of them fists around the ring he prepared long ago.
Right when he moved to back out, you turned to come back inside. Your serene stature brightened at the sight of him, and he gained back some confidence. If you could only look at him that way forever…well, here goes nothing.
What are you doing out there without a coat? It gets extremely cold in the Savannah during the night. Do you want to get sick? I won’t be the one taking care of you….,” he sighs, pushing the door open, “Stubborn mule. Make some room, I’m coming out there….I’m near-certain that you figured it out, but this isn’t just a normal vacation. I brought you here to ask for your hand. What?? Stop playing dumb. Not your ‘hand’ hand - oh, for crying out- marriage! I am asking you to marry me!….I am taking the laughter as a yes, now give me your finger”
Tumblr media
{ 'Everything the light touches...is our kingdom' - A golden sunrise. Befitting. He used to hate them. Hate that phrase too. Yet you are the sun that Leona has been searching for. He continues to fight against fate in hopes that his efforts will bare fruit, and you are living proof that there is a chance. Maybe not easily. His life might not be what he originally dreamed. He may not get to sit on a throne of light . Yet there is a light in his life, and he likes to think that fate did not bring it to him. No, he found you all on his own.}
Ruggie Bucchi
'I don't see why you haven't proposed to that young darling yet. Keep waiting and you'll miss your chance, boy'
Well, of all the things Ruggie expected to hear during his visit home, that wasn't one. Normally he'd be nagged over being away too long, or not writing home enough. This? It caught him off guard. Grandma was always sticking her nose where it didn't belong...but, maybe she had a point this time.
Your relationship. It's not something Ruggie has given much thought. It's uncharacteristic of him to get comfortable enough not to look a few steps ahead, but he's gone soft. A fact that he begrudgingly accepts with a grain of salt.
Naturally, he doesn't admit this out loud and instead changes the topic. On the outside, he acts normal and helps out around the house. However, internally he is thinking over his grandmother's prying.
Marriage. It's not necessarily 'beneficial,' to say the least. With only a few months left until graduation, he'll finally be entering the rat-race to secure himself a comfortable position for life. He's worked hard and developed connections to make it happen. The finish line is right there.
Where does that leave you? He can't necessarily be as flexible if he has a partner to worry about. It's a weak link, and might cause problems in his plans. The smart thing to do would be to break things off. After all, how many school romances get a happy ending? It's so unrealistic. He'll be busy with work, you'll have your own responsibilities, and eventually it will be like you are strangers with a title tying both of you together.
This reasoning alone is enough to settle the problem. It's just - he doesn't like it. It's the most realistic path and he hates it. If it was about finding a companion, then he could do it later in life.
But when he tries to picture that lifestyle with anyone other than you, it doesn't sit right. It's physically upsetting, and makes him nauseated.
Sleep evades him that night. Ruggie finds himself sitting in the kitchen doing homework, burning the midnight oil until he can think with a clear head. Naturally, his all-knowing grandmother finds him there and makes him spill his thoughts.
She's direct with her advice. It's rare for Ruggie to be stumped considering his quick-wit, and understanding emotions is a wisdom you gain with experience.
For someone like Ruggie, who's always maximized every outcome and thought ahead - you're a weakness. Something that he can't control, and yet exactly what he needs in life. We don't get to choose who we love in life. Love is unpredictable, and Ruggie's found it at a young age. Career opportunities come and go, but he will never get back the time spent at your side...so why not maximize that instead? Hm?
He leaves for NRC the following day. For the last time, considering it is his final year. On the way he stops at multiple markets and dips into his savings. With nothing but a ring and an idea, he ditches his stuff in his dorm and heads to Ramshackle.
He's not nervous. That left his system the night prior. His grandmother's tough advice hardened that up quick.
He knocks on the door, half expecting one of the resident ghosts to answer. Instead it's you, and he's down on one knee before you can speak. With one hand, he holds out the ring. The other itches his nose in attempt to hide his wobbly grin.
"Shishishishi~ I don't have to explain what's going on, right? I'm sure you can put two-and-two together quickly. Are you really so surprised that you have nothing to say? Hmm, I guess that I can take the lead. Pretty soon I'll be leaving. You still have another year here, and I can't promise that I will be around much. Until now, I had no plan for us. Likely because being with you is the most natural thing I have experienced. I've always aimed for a life of comfort, but now I want you in that picture too, y'know? So...when you graduate next year, will you marry me? I'll be patiently waiting, shishi~”
Tumblr media
{Rose Quartz. The symbol of unconditional love and family. Something Ruggie hasn't experienced much in his life, and is grateful for. Ruggie did not want to choose a generic gem. Not for this. He may be known for cutting corners, but this is too important. He has done his fair share of trading, and knows exactly what to look for when shopping. No salesperson alive could convince him otherwise. You may not understand the meaning behind the gem, but that's alright. He doesn't mind, because this is the ring he'll see on your finger until you're both old and grey}
Jack Howl
Jack takes the longest out of all in his dorm. In result, his proposal is the most natural. Not to say that he does not put thought into it! Oh no, this poor lad hella overthinks the event. It's just getting him to the proposing stage is - well, anticlimactic?
All Jack requires is time. Once you've both settled in to your lives on an individual standpoint, with time comes thoughts of taking your relationship to the next level. As adults who have been together for years, it's only natural? At least for Jack. He has never been for or against getting married. So, there really is no internal battle for him to fight. He just? Lets himself be happy with the idea? I know, I know. It sounds too easy - but think about it. Jack is responsible, kind, and a bit like a golden retriever (or should I just say wolf?). He doesn't ignore his feelings. So if he feels that he want's to marry you, then why not? The worst that can happen is you say no.
There was no epiphany. No spark or overwhelming feeling of affection that made him want to marry you. No impending doom, nervousness, or special moment that he can pinpoint as 'the moment'. Nothing. You weren't even around.
He was merely finishing up morning jog and heading home. The thought casually entered his head, and he let it stay. Over time it reappeared over and over, until he felt that he'd heard it enough to act on it.
Jack is high-key observant and knows your likes and dislikes by heart. He feels that such an important moment is something he needs to think through deeply, and on his own. Many have been at the receiving end of his determination, and that doesn't exclude you. Once he's set his mind to something, there is no holding back. Over the course of weeks he proceeds to undergo self-reflection, and craft a proposal that he feels is perfect.
One question he spends time thinking about is 'where,' because Jack would prefer to do an intimate act like proposing somewhere private. The last thing he wants you to feel is pressure to accept, so he chooses to propose on a late night walk. This might arise suspicion since he isn't in workout gear, which is rare. Yet it's a price Jack is willing to pay. He's never been great with surprises anyways.
He tries to uphold some element of mystery though. Do not laugh, but he put the in a plastic bag and hid it inside the container for his protein powder. When times get tough, you have to get a little creative.
Right before your evening stroll, he says that he wants to make a shake (under the pretense that afterwards he'll work-out). In actuality, he takes an empty bottle and slips the ring inside.
While you're both walking, he shakes it around and 'complains' that nothing is coming out. With you completely unknowing, he opens the cap and feigns surprise. It makes you curious, and he hands over the bottle a bit too eagerly
It's light, you note instantly. A glance inside reveals the ring, and when you pull it out Jack stops walking. His face sets with determination despite the red hue overtaking his neck and ears.
Will you marry me?? -- oh wait, that was too blunt, wasn't it? Hang on!, " he takes a breath, and coughs into his fist, "So. I've been doing some thinking. We've been together for years now, and to me you've become irreplaceable. I don't know how else to describe how I feel, other than to say that you are the person I want to spend my life with. I can only hope that you feel this way too,"
Tumblr media
{He isn't a man of the arts. Jack has no eye for fancy jewels, or what's an appropriate design. He originally thought to have the shop keeper help him decide. Yet, that felt impersonal. So he perused many stores, and did his best to imagine your reaction to seeing each ring. Nothing caught his eye until this peridot. A simple cut with an eye-catching color. Sure, it's not what others would recommend but he liked it. Who would Jack be to deny his gut instinct?}
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renxholics · 3 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟riddle : leona : azul : kalim : vil : idia : malleus : x gn!reader. cw indirect kissing. snippets of having indirect kisses with you, their crush. however, you may seem a bit oblivious… or did you do that on purpose? mutual pining, not established relationship.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎perhaps you should of learnt your lesson, but you sometimes learned things the hard way, like never taste testing one of Riddle’s sweets, for example. banging on your chest you let out a few coughs as the burning sensation got worst and worse by the second, tears prickling your eyes as you reach for the cup of tea on the table. “so delicious…” you lied through your teeth as you swallowed it all down with one big gulp, hoping your sense of taste would return within the next few days. you really should of learned after the oyster sauce fiasco that Riddle had no idea how to cook, and that even if he looked so happy offering you something he made, you shouldn’t of eaten it. he just had such a proud look. “i just think that maybe,” you wheezed out, trying to wipe the tears from your eyes, “you may have mixed up the sugar or added something with a bit too much spice.” you cough again, trying to smile as you finally manage to look at him. his face was red but no angry words or disappointed words spew, only him bringing his arm to cover his mouth as he cast his gaze from the cup in your hands to you, then towards the ground. “r-right! i’ll make sure to double check next time…” he stuttered, in the tiniest whisper, “prefect.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ sighing, you cross your arms and shake your head as you glare down at Leona in the middle of the greenhouse. his upper half leaned against a tree as he raised his arms behind his head, yawning and opening his eyes. “if you want me to head to class then try doing something that will motivate me, herbivore,” he mocked, clearing enjoying your frustration. as you rub your temples you take a second before an idea strikes, grinning at him as he quirks his brow up at you. “do something to motivate you? well then, hopefully this is motivation enough,” you concede to his wish, brushing your fingers against your lips, pressing a kiss onto them. kneeling down between the legs of lazy lion, you press your fingers against his lips as a cheeky smile forms on your face. “do a good job this week and i’ll give you a proper one next time.” you said with a wink. growling, he tried to grip at you but you bounce back up too quickly, running off laughing to yourself.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ savoring the bite of your chicken you enjoyed every last bit of it as Azul watched with a gentle smile, him enjoying the way you looked while eating his cooking. it wasn’t everyday someone could eat food personally cooked by the head of the monstro lounge, nor exactly be served by him, so please, take the hint already prefect! “it’s delicious, Azul. have some with me, won’t you?” you casually asked, turning to face him as you twirled your fork around the noodles, stabbing a piece of chicken and blowing onto it to cool it down. although your actions were presumably innocent, Azul felt himself short circuiting as his face flushed against his will at the mere thought of you feeding him, not only that, but using the very same fork you had eaten from. really, how scandalous you were, prefect. with one hand underneath the fork, you raised it to his lips, “say ahh,” you smiled expectantly as he finds his mouth opening before his mind could process anything, the fork entering his mouth as you pull the fork back, twirling it already for your next bite. “prefect!” he tried to respond but only uttered gibberish as you continued eating, enjoying his reaction. “i’m glad you’ve finally taken a break, even if you’ve combusted.” you whisper to yourself as a little giggle escape your lips.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “it’s like grim, but nicer,” you commented in awe, petting the magic carpet which nuzzled against you. you weren’t sure who was more like a puppy, Kalim, or his magic carpet. “come on now, i’m gonna fall over!” you half heartedly chastise as you press a kiss onto what you assume to be the head of the magic carpet as it looped around happily in the air, all the way back over to the scarabia dorm leader, nuzzling into him. “grim is pretty fluffy and cute too!” he responded, laughing and feeling tickling from the happy carpet. similar to a cat, the carpet nuzzled it’s head where you kissed against his lips, head butting him. “maybe it wants a kiss from you, too,” you conclude, kalim eager to give him one. “i wonder, does that count as an indirect kiss? i hope it does…” he heard you muttering to yourself, barely catching it. it seems the carpet acted just like it’s master, in both carefreeness and expressing it’s love. in an instant, you felt yourself swept off your feet in between kalim’s arms as you were up in the air once more, being taken for another ride. “prefect, it definitely counts!” he cheerily responded to your muttering before giving you a direct kiss with the starry night sky and carpet to witness.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Vil’s hand was slightly cool as his long and delicate fingers grasped at your chin, tilting it upwards at him. you tried to avoid squirming in your seat from close proximity as he brought his face to your’s, expertly applying bright red lipstick to your lips. “you should be lucky, spudling. i don’t normally share my makeup with others.” he huffed, backing away and finally allowing you to look in the mirror. you had to admit, you looked amazing with your makeup done, he even did your nails earlier just for you. “thanks! it looks perfect, just like you,” you praised, thanking him before heading on out to do your daily chores. popping out of seemingly nowhere, Rook clapped and beamed. “merveilleux! i assume it was on purpose, was it not, Roi du Poison?” the huntsman asked, giving his dorm leader wearing the same bright red shade of lipstick a knowing look. it really isn’t everyday or nearly ever he shares his personal makeup. “i have no idea what you’re assuming.” Vil laughed in response, packing up his makeup as a little smile tugged on the corners of his lips. maybe now other’s would realize you’re not available to flirt with when you have him already marking you as his.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “take a second, pause, breathe,” you scold, wiggling one finger back and forth with one hand as the other pulled your lollipop away from your lips, shoving it into Idia’s agape mouth. “nothing bad is going to happen, we can figure a way to finish this event before midnight,” you continue, stretching your arms as you make your way back to your chair beside Idia’s, taking a seat and pressing away at your keyboard, rearranging your party for optimal speedrunning. as you tried to review your account setup, the blue haired dorm leader’s mouth finally shut as his eyes widened to the size of saucers. his face flushed and matched the color of his fiery hair as he tried to stutter out a coherent sentence, failing each and every single time as he watched your every single move. “alright, done. i’ll do all the healing, shielding, and buffing. you just focus on damage, okay?” you ask, spinning in your chair as you turn back to Idia who was still stuck like a deer in headlights. raising a brow, you snatched your lollipop back out from his mouth and put it back into your’s. “as cute as you look right now, there’s no time, we’ve got less than twenty minutes. i want my event loot real bad right now so let’s leave the teasing you about this and maybe asking you on a date later… depends how you do.” you teased, giving a little wink.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you like ice cream, tsunotarou?” you ask as you tilt your head in the direction of your favorite dragon fae. “indeed, child of man…” he begun, explaining his like for the tasty dessert. taking one more nibble out of your ice cream cone, you hand it over to him as he watched you quizzically. “here, you can have the rest! i’m full anyways.” you offer, trying to find a napkin on your person. Malleus’ eyes widened momentarily at your bold offer, he couldn’t recount anyone else offering him something they ate out of before. taking the cone out of your hand he had a small smile adorn his face. you were always so interesting, the way you never feared him but even shared with him. handing you his handkerchief in return for the ice cream, you thank him with a smile and encourage him to take a bite, to which he does quite gracefully. “it taste better than normal..” he commented as you wiped your lips, grinning. “eating with friends is always better! i’ll bring some more next time. and ah, just don’t tell Sebek about this, he might try to fight me over getting to have an indirect kiss with you first,” you joked. “indirect kiss?” he replied with a knowing smile. if you wanted a kiss, you could always just ask directly, child of man.
Tumblr media
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following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : ((: snippets are adorable. you know what’s more adorable? flustered guys. i can’t guarantee daily uploads but i can guarantee i’m trying my best. it’s kinda hard to come up with seven different scenarios.
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moomoomooing · 7 months
Tumblr media
his outfits ugly im sorry
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apompkwrites · 20 days
👁👁 requests are open, can I request some fluff with Leona featuring cheka to save me after binging all the black sheep fics
mhm mhm of course! this time its gonna be in the black sheep universe!! so expect lil kingscholar except nothing bad happened :D so not canon in the actual fic but it'll be the same character <3
takes place where lil kingscholar goes to nrc but they stayed at home bc the elders weren't bad people :D
unca/aunnie is used like once to describe (name) by cheka :D
Tumblr media
"unca leona! unca/aunnie (name)!" a familiar high-pitched voice squealed your names, prompting leona to groan under his breath.
"damn it..."
"wah! cheka!" contrary to leona's resignation, you were ecstatic to see the little redhead bounding through the halls. you scooped him up into your arms, pressing your cheek against his. "you've gotten so big since we last saw you!"
"you ran away from your attendants again, didn't you?" leona grumbled, looking around to try and spot the familiar red hair of your brother. "falena's not even here."
"papa's busy right now but i wanted to see you!" cheka explained, a bright grin on his face. he wrapped his arms around your neck, his legs swinging as much as they could in your hold.
"oh! then, let's go," you snickered, whisking cheka away to one of your favorite spots. critters and insects crawled all over the floor in the shadows, prompting cheka to squeal at the sight of them. you pressed your finger to your lips and plucked a beetle off of the ground, dangling it in front of cheka by its head. "your papa won't know what hit 'im!"
"oi, this again?" leona huffed from behind you. when you turned to face him, you laughed as you held up the bug.
"c'mon! it'll be just like old times, right?" you pointed out, earning a sigh from your older brother.
"you're on your own when falena hunts you down," he shrugs, already making his way back home. you pouted but opted to hand the beetle over to cheka, who struggled to have a proper grip on it for a few minutes.
"here, hold it like this," you moved the beetle to the center of his palm and placed his other hand alongside it. the beetle scurried into the middle of his hands and seemed to nestle where it stood. "now quiet! we gotta catch your papa off guard!"
"okay! i'll be quiet!"
needless to say, the moment cheka dropped the beetle in his father's hair, you ran down the halls, screaming and laughing at the top of your lungs.
leona, despite using a pillow to cover his ears, relished in the idea that this very moment felt like the good old days when there was no talk of inheriting the throne.
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
LOVE YOU LOTS' Leona is forced to attend one of his brothers banquets with you, he urges you too leave with him so the two of you can go back home and cuddle!..
Tumblr media
Leona hadn't got the slightest clue, as to how he ended up here.. he was sure that he was home minutes ago, in bed.. cuddling with you. Having all your attention to himself, yet now he's here, attending one of his brothers events... 'So annoying..' he scoffed.. He wished he could go back home..
His gaze turned towards with you, he remembered how about an hour or so your attention was fully on him, and now it's elsewhere, entertaining guests and their various questions as to how you "tamed him" as if it wasn't the other way around..
He'd cause a scene, yet foreign diplomats were here this time around, and he'd rather not create such a scene, in front of you.. he couldn't have his herbivore thinking he's a bad guy and leaving now could he?
About an hour in, Leona's patience had been tested multiple times.. it was getting all the more difficult for the lion to hold his cool.. He's much rather go home, yet because he was a 'prince' he had to stay!..
Even if you couldn't realize it, quite the few servants had taken notice of the prince's dismay and deuterating mood, as he sat on a couch in the corner, refusing to leave or interact with others.. The servants tactfully avoided him, trying their best not to get caught up in one of his lash-outs.
"Hey, you!" Leona called out to a nearby passing servant, "Give that to me!" it was obvious he wasn't in the mood to care, raiding the stash of drinks on the poor servants tray.
"Hey.. herbivore.. I wanna go home" Leona slurred up on his words, making incoherent babbles, but it didn't take a genius to form out his words. "You want to go home" you asked, letting out a chuckle as Leona nodded, one could easily tell that the poor lion had a tad to much to drink, 'he reeks of alcohol' you thought..
"I wanna go home and cuddle!" he claims, wrapping his arms around you. Catching you off-guard, you let out a deep sigh before complying with his demands.. "Ok.. Let's go home..!"
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation from me.
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mlk082 · 9 months
TW First years see female mc as their mother figure and literally call her "mom/mum/ma/mother dearest" and dorm leaders overhear and their reaction on it, please
Housewardens Reactions to MC Being Called 'Mom' by First Years
Was confused at first.
You and Riddle were sitting in the Heartslabyul lounge having tea, and all he hears in the back is Ace and Deuce going:
"Why is mom here?"
"Housewarden, why are you having tea with my mother?"
Is trying so hard not to spit out tea.
Questions why they are calling you their mom and finds it very weird.
Does not get used to them calling you mom but just lets it be. Eventually.
"Mom, why are you sleeping with Leona?"
Jumps up from napping with you and stares Jack in the eyes.
Leona has never met Jack's mother, and doesn't want to.
And you answer so casually to it, like what?
Questions what the heck is wrong with Jack.
Is creeped out by the first years calling you mom, but doesn't want to know in fear of the answer.
Was politely having a conversation with you, and Azul threw a few jokes in here and there.
"Stop flirting with my mother."
Freezes. Is so confused because you didn't give birth to anyone at NRC.
Asks about the name calling and it takes so long to get used to it.
Just- accepts it after knowing it's because they see you as a mother figure.
Just stands there with his mind blank of what Ace just said.
"Mother dearest, can I practice fire magic on Grim, he's being annoying."
Since when are you a mom? Fully believes it. Also, poor Grim, roasted cat probably doesn't taste good.
You have to explain. He finds it sweet after he gets it but calls you friend still.
Asks you "How are your children doing?" With complete sweetness every time he talks with you.
You took care of his plants that he uses to make skincare products for three days since he was so so busy and couldn't squeeze in the time. You did such a wonderful job at it too, so he gave you a kiss on the cheek as a reward.
"Um, sorry to disturb you, but could you not kiss mom in front of me?"
Is this some type of joke? It is physically impossible that Epel is your child.
Ohh, it's because he sees you as a mother figure. That makes more sense now, that you 'adopted' Epel.
Doesn't really care, but calls Epel out for sass.
Doesn't mind that the first years call you mom because he hears it so often. Ortho refers to you as 'sis' (for sister), so...
Refers to the first years as your children.
"Do your children want to verse us in duos?"
Is pretty chill about it.
Is confused when Sebek calls you 'mother', but has always known that you have a nurturing and very caring side to you.
Understands why Sebek and the other first years call you mom, and finds that the sentiment towards you is quite sweet of them.
Understands that you have no knowledge of this world, you're human, and that you couldn't have given birth to Sebek.
Is okay with it really, unless you get in trouble for something Ace did which had nothing to do with you.
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writingseaslugs · 3 months
Floyd's-(dick)-in-a-box anon; requesting smth for.. Leona x Female S/O where we learn a bit more about big-cat's romance/courting quirks, fluff! fluff! fluff! nuzzling, head-bonking, rubbing cheeks as a "good morning" thing, Leona bringing home things he hunts- bonus:.. his S/O saw the last part coming because she raised a cat who would bring her the birds it'd catch, he may not be a house cat, but he's cat-ish nonetheless; she's happy with it as long as he can cook what he caught properly
Heyo, so this is Gender Neutral as that's the only Reader I write for! Hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Since I’m limited on words I just did the hunting thing.
Disclaimer: This is an AU of Twisted Wonderland where all characters (minus Ortho) are 18+. If you’d like more information about the AU, please refer to the links below! This post contains NSFW content, if you are underaged or uncomfortable with, please click away! Content Warning: Dead Rabbits
Request Information | AU Information | Masterlist
Leona Kingscholar: Hunting Prowess (SFW)
Leona walked through the front doors, looking rather smug if the smirk on his face was anything to go by. He was holding something in his hands, a small bag of sorts. You had a good hunch as to what it was and you smirked.
“Welcome back.” You said as you watched him slink up to you. He placed the bag down on the counter, his ears twitching as you looked inside of it. You nodded with a small smile and leaned back.
“You caught a rabbit?” You asked and Leona frowned at you. You didn’t seem all too impressed with him and it was…annoying. He never went out to hunt since it was never needed, but he felt like doing something for you. Especially after you commented about never having eaten rabbit before.
“I hunted it.” Leona corrected, his tail swaying behind him in agitation. You had to hold yourself back from laughing like an idiot. You had noticed that Leona shared some qualities of a feline in the past, how he woke you up by rubbing his cheek against yours in a tired fashion. He adored putting his forehead against your own when you two were alone. This though…this took the cake.
“Thank you, Leona…but do you know how to uh…prepare it?” You asked and Leona looked at you like you were an idiot.
“Why would I need to know how to do that?” He asked and you huffed. He really was just like your old cat…and you couldn’t help but find him absolutely adorable.
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tezret · 9 months
Leona, sitting on the floor with some paper and a sharpie: Love is a weakness. It’s an evolutionary mistake.
Ruggie: You’re literally making a valentines card for {Reader}/[Name] right now.
Leona, pointing a glue gun at him: You’re on thin fucking ice, Bucchi
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random-twst-things · 2 months
Twst housewarderns as romantic quotes I found
Characters include: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and our beautiful malleus
Tw: Tooth rotting fluff (?)
Authors note: These love poems and quotes can vary from TV shows, movies, or just poems written by poem writers.
Tumblr media
Ngl, I was blushing while finding one for him, 🧍🏽‍♀️
I feel like he really tries to be romantic for you
And he just wants you to know that he really does love you
"You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought."
-Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company
Tumblr media
He can be a real romantic if he really wants to be
"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."
-John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
But, if he isn't trying to be REAL cheesy (his words not mine), I think he may say this instead?
"I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I want to spend every irritating minute with you."
Tumblr media
*inhales* This man right here is gonna show you how much he loves you (which is A LOT)
“and if the devil was to ever see you, he’d kiss your eyes and repent.”
-Farouq Jwaydeh
I feel like he could relate to this poem because deep down, he knows he isn't the best man or person
Tumblr media
This guy is so sweet omg
He just IDK!?
This is definitely his family he's referring to when he says "They" saw YOU
"I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you bathing in my eyes.
I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you in my written words.
The perfume of love cannot be concealed."
- Nizar Qabbani
Tumblr media
This beautiful man will tell you a beautiful poem
I have two types of poems, which I think he would say to you
"I'll be loving you, always woth a love that that's true"
- Patsy Cline, Always
Or maybe
"I wasn't expecting you. I didn't think that we would end up together. The single most extraordinary thing I've ever done with my life is fall in love with you. I've never been seen so completely, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely. "
- Beth Pearson
Tumblr media
Yeah, he isn't gonna say this poem in person
He'll probably send it through text or smth
Still love him tho
"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you"
- Baby, Dirty Dancing
Tumblr media
*sighs dreamily* Malleus
they asked, "Do you love her to death?"
I said, "speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life"
- Mahmoud Darwish
This poem is him and he is this poem
You can't convince otherwise
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