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Lilia sketch while waiting for my flight!! 🦇🦇
*Delusional design
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Listen while reading.
Walking through the streets of Briar Valley, the day was gloomy as usual. Having bright days is rather rare, the place is always dark and gives this dangerous aura. And it is, it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful with who you mess with. Many dark fae don’t show mercy, but not all are bad.
It is true, there is good and bad, but in a place such as Briar Valley if you are too kind you are seen as weak and useless. That is unless you are wealthy and are part of a noble family because no one dares talk bad about them. The more power you have the more respect you gain. In way it’s stupid.
One doesn’t gain respect because of their status they gain respect because of what they do for others. However in a place such as this one, it doesn’t matter what one does.
Easily you would be considered weak if it wasn’t for the fact that you came from a very wealthy family. Through generations your family has been very well known for their riches and living a life filled with luxuries. Always wearing the finest materials and jewelry.
You wouldn’t say you are any different. Despite being nice you are also rather spoiled, but it’s normal when you have been surrounded with nothing but money growing up.
Your brother is the heir, you were born second. Your brother is married and you… Well, you aren’t nor are you even interested to begin with. You aren’t the one who will be the head of the household so why does it matter if you don’t have a partner?
And life is like that, simple. Nothing more nothing less.
“Ah! (Y/n), would you like to buy some bread? They’re fresh out of the oven,” Mrs. Harvey said “Plus I’m sure your father would appreciate some, it is after all his favorite!”
Smiling you nodded “I suppose you’re right, he has been working hard lately and some of his favorite bread should be in a way a reward for it.” you said as Mrs. Harvey handed you a bag filled with bread and paid her.
Mrs. Harvey shook her head “Oh my, he isn’t taking breaks I see. Hm, just like my husband.”
“Say, have your parents not yet found you a partner? Not to get into nobles’ business but at this point I would’ve expected for you to be already in an arranged marriage.” Mrs. Harvey said.
You quickly shook your head “Oh sevens no! And I pray that never happens. I don’t wish to be arranged with someone I don’t love, none the less don’t even know! Marriages like those don’t work out.”
The lady chuckled “Oh dear, you don’t have to love them, you’ll be living in a world full of luxuries to even care about love.” she said.
“True… But I already have everything, at some point all that money means nothing to me” you sigh “After all, having no one to love me or care for me feels lonely, no matter how much money I spend or have it won’t buy the emotional comfort one needs.” You explained.
Mrs. Hervey hummed “I suppose you are right about that, my dear.”
“I’m back!” You yelled as you entered the manor. Walking down the stairs was your mother and father with a nervous look on their faces bringing you into confusion.
“What is wrong?” You asked worried.
Your mother looked at your father before looking back at you “(Y/n)… You might not take this well but I promise things will turn out alright, trust me.” she said but that didn’t tell you what the problem was, it seemed like she was too hesitant to tell you; unsure.
“Whatever do you mean?” You asked.
This time your father spoke “(Y/n). Your mother and I have made a choice and even talked to him about it… He agreed. It’s been settled that you’ll marry General Lilia Vanrouge.”
Your heart sinked upon hearing those words coming from your father’s mouth. General Lilia Vanrouge, many stories have been told about him.
He is known across all countries, many have wrote about him, talked about him. He is a man everyone respects even the queen herself, for he is the one who has fought in many wars and won many metals, there hasn’t been a war he has lost in. Many say he is terrifying and harsh like a storm.
With such a powerful position it is only logical for him to be wealthy. And it is also logical as to why your parents would set you in an arranged marriage with him.
“But I don’t know him!” You exclaimed shocked.
“You will get to know him, (Y/n). He can’t be bad, I’m sure he’ll buy you anything you want and-” you interrupted your mother “I don’t care, mom!”
“How can you be so sure? I don’t even love him in the first place!” you argued.
Your father sigh “(Y/n) calm down. Who knows maybe you two will fall in love with each other. This isn’t even about love this is about business and money. Do you think that your mother and I knew or loved each other when we got married?”
“Money, of course it’s about money! I don’t care! I already have everything I want!” You yelled.
Your mother furrowed her eyebrows “Well too bad, you have no other choice! Tomorrow you better behave because the general will come either you like it or not!” she said.
“Ugh! I hate this stupid family” you muttered and stormed off.
Laying down your bed you cried in pure hatred and frustration. They do this to you just to keep their status high!? You despise them. Marrying the general would seem like a dream to others but you? No.
Who knows what the general is like, who knows how he looks like. He’s probably some cruel old man who won’t give a damn about you at all. It’s always like that.
There is no way a marriage like this one could work.
You’d rather die than marry him.
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"You are just like her, sweet little briar..."
summary: You are the descendant of a witch, unknown to you, said witch happens to be the most dearest and only friend to the ever-powerful fae, queen of the Briar Valley, Maleficent. tags. no chp7 spoilers, Female Reader, not implied to be Yuu/ramshackle perfect, pre-established relationship (both Malleus and Silver crush on you; Malleus pines & Silver acts), your grandma called Maleficent "Millie", You are Maleficent's new favourite person, Fae are sentimental, Fluff for Silver lovers, mild-ish Malleus angst if you squint, copious use of flashbacks, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1300+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
First meeting for the second time; You could not mistake that silhouette or those tell-tale horns for anyone else, no one could; Maleficent. ...You also couldn't hold back a smile though, it was hard to be intimidated by the queen based on your grandma's favourite villain. Waving, casually and inviting, you hoped, was your smile; and maybe too inviting it turned out to be, making your smile turn a bit nervous when she gasped and nearly ran your direction. Far too fast for your liking, surely. "Ah- Hi?" You said, barely gulping the volume so that you wouldn't choke or worse, yell at royalty by accident. If you had any more of a mind to give thought, you'd curse Sebek out for his disgusting lack of volume filter. And then, gloved hands; nothing could prepare you for the way she cupped your face and smushed your smile between her palms, just like your grandma- untimely comparison, you averted your gaze. "Oh my sevens-" The tiny, silent voice was not what matched her surface appearance as she looked at you as if analyzing you, and you were too scared to find out, not daring to look her back in the eyes. "You are just like her, sweet little briar.." The queen whispered and you were left confused as your eyes snapped back to see teary green hues. You were left as stunned as literally all others in the entrance room, some kneeling, some bowing, except for the second oldest person in that room; Lilia, who decided to take it upon himself to shine light on the situation. while sebek tried not to sneeze too loudly, who was thinking about him? "Your highness, this 'her', do you speak of your human friend?" The ex-general spoke, calm yet playful, mischievous but kind. His gaze softened, "I must admit I can see the similarities." Lilia noted. The queen gave the faintest nod of confirmation before blinking the tears away, unnoticeable, tiny tracks invisible to anyone who wasn't searching for it. "She looks just like her.." Responded the fae. ... "Hm? Ah.. You are a child of man, aren't you?" She asked, yet it was no question. "Do you happen to live here, I will take my leave if so. Uninvited guests are-" "Who said I wouldn't invite you anyway?" was the impulsive response, human witch, green eyes met hers and maleficent crossed her arms with an annoyed huff. The sheer audacity of this child of man. "Who said you would?" which prompted, and honestly she should have expected this one, the answer "I could."
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Ah, you thought, going over everything you have discovered so far; the magic mirror belonged to your grandma, and it was given to her by the Draconia family. That made you wonder, is the other side of the mirror really home?- Your head and heart hurt in confused tandem as you tried to stop the complicated thought process. Well, at least you had roots in this world; planted in the garden of the strongest person in said world. Unable to stop an overly amused huff from escaping your mouth, you sighed and smiled. Sitting upright and correcting your frankly fucked up posture, you must have curled up on yourself without noticing as you were deep in thought. And one thought train arrived just after the other, as you put two and two together. "Her name was Millie" She said, handing you a royally expensive black dress; lace, long, flowly and slim, the dress hugged your form wonderfully. Your grandma gave you another once over before nodding in satisfaction, picking up where she left off "and this dress was supposed to be hers, we found it while on a shopping spree but she decided to buy it for me instead." She laughed, "Now, it's yours". And now, it wasn't you who greeted yourself out the train of thoughts, but the subject of memory; accidentally, you let the cat out of the box. "Millie?- I mean, i-" You stuttered, watching as the grand fae's eyes widened and her expression drifted to that of a fond joy. Once again, the dorm of Diasomnia was left bewildered of you and frankly, you'd side with some of them on this one too. Maleficent blinked with an averted gaze before turning back "She still talks of me, little briar?" she asked with a gentle tone and you caught up to yourself, slowly nodding with a soft smile. "Yeah." You returned eye contact, reaffirming with a more confident nod, trying again "She would always talk about you."
Tumblr media
"She was absolutely correct, this dress does look wonderful on you;" Maleficent said, clasping her hands together, proceeding to shoot a mischievous grin to her boys with a ever-faint sadistic glint in her gaze. "Don't you agree?" asked the fae queen, gesturing to the dorms' big names, who all but scrambled to nod and wobbly voice their agreements, including Malleus Draconia himself. Except... "Mhm.." Silver mumbled, clearing his throat "You look so dreamy.." he voiced his opinion, his tender and near-lovestruck gaze making you more flustered than you'd like to admit. Hiding the most likely dorky grin behind your black-laced hand, you murmured your thanks albeit bashfully; making the fae queen grin, and the fae prince pout. "Those two look very much like a princess and her faithful knight like this, y'know?" Lilia cackled in good nature, elbowing some student to the side as gently as he could, making eye contact with Maleficent who laughed in agreement. Oh now Malleus was getting truly and royally annoyed with his family, not that it showed, they were far too focused on you after all; and he really couldn't comment on that without being a hypocrite. So he crossed him arms and looked your way- As a crack of lightning fell in tandem with his mood somewhere further into campus grounds; his own knight,andbestfriend was kneeling before you, his princess, pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist, then between your knuckles and fingers. The knight's silver hair, fitting the name, moving ever so lightly with the grace of a swan as he lets out a calm, happy laugh; somewhere between a chuckle and a giggle, he figured. "You really do look like a princess" Silver says, looking up to meet your eyes when your fingers curl soft around his hold, taking it as his cue to speak and stealing the air in your lungs and the words from your head; your own heart willingly jumps into his arms already without needing any further coaxing. Somehow, it, your heart also manages to speak for you; soft spoken in tone, "And you look like a prince" you murmur, "though, I certainly wouldn't mind it if you were my knight" a whisper mostly to yourself, too flustered to speak any louder where you stood. Thankfully it reaches the ears of your sleepy knight-prince, painting his cheeks in a beautiful shade of light coral pink; and the ears of a very conflicted prince, looking down at the ground as he silently pondered what he should do. Well, in either path; you certainly had gotten the cream of the crop and the cherry on top, a princess adored by a prince and his knight, even if you were unaware of just how deep those feelings ran in their veins for now. Maleficent couldn't help the bittersweet shake of her head, thinking back to a long, by-gone era of her youth; sure, her beauty endured the lasting test, but humans lives were not known for perseverance against the very same march of time. Yet the ones that shine bright always left their mark, the unforgettable kind; and when the fae queen looked upon you with a grateful gaze, she began counting her very own blessings to have met her best friends family. One as witty, kind, bright and just as special, uniqueness must've run in your blood. Loved. And once again, she stood by; first meetings for the second time, she supposed. Glancing properly to the side for the first time, Maleficent felt like a reflection of the by-gone times of her youth stare back at him. She looked between you and the younger Draconia, and glanced to Lilia who gave her a knowing glance.
You really are just like her, sweet little briar; sought by the crown fae and the ever faithful knight of said fae.
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Happy 3rd anniversary twisted wonderland!! ✨🪄
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harunayuuka2060 · 16 hours
Lilia: I'm gonna eat those little toes if you don't go to bed early.
Toddler MC: ...
Toddler MC: *sits on the floor, bends to reach their toes then starts nibbling on them*
Lilia: NO!
Lilia: Sometimes, I forget how flexible babies are.
Malleus: They tried eating their toes again?
Lilia: Yes. And did you just say "again"?
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hello, could I request for butler au for diasonmia please?
Butler Diasonmia
Sebek is loud.
You’ll soon be will acquainted with his voice thundering through your halls. You’ll hear him before you see him, whether it’s by his heavy footsteps, or his voice bellowing out. He pays his respects with all the vigour he can muster. Nothing less for his master!
He rushes around the house, handling whatever comes his way with an almost militant strictness. Your sheets are smooth as butter, without a single wrinkle. Every surface of the house polished, the shine nearly blinding you. Sebek tends to fight with the other servants, especially if they don’t meet his expectations. How could lowly humans like them expect to serve you?
Times like this, you’ll have to calm him. Pat his back, rub comforting circles into it. As his master, it’s your job to keep him in check, isn’t it? He’s always surprised by the contact, jumping up in shock. Although that initial shock doesn’t stop Sebek from leaning into your touch, the tips of his ears blooming a bright red.
Sebek knows he can be “too much”. However, when it comes to you, he’s never enough.
Let him serve you until the ends of time, Master.
Silver is an odd butler.
He dozes off whenever and wherever, but somehow manages to keep the house spick and span. You have no idea where he finds the time to clean, considering that he’s currently snoozing away beside you.
Another odd thing about him ; Silver has no qualms about sleeping right in front of you. In fact, he seems to actively seek out your shoulder. Whenever you’re looking through documents, Silver slides besides you, dipping his head on your shoulder. He’s out like a light, breathing softly onto your neck. Silver’s hair flows down your shoulder softly, gently caressing your skin.
You don’t really mind. It’s much like having an overgrown cat, actually. Sometimes, you run your fingers through his hair, stroking it carefully. It’s relaxing, and Silver never seems to mind. He’ll open a bleary eye, before moving down, resting his head on your lap instead. Nudging his head to your stomach, he’ll coax you into playing with his hair again.
It calms you, does it not? You’re welcome to use him as much as you desire, Master.
After all, he’s yours.
Lilia has seen his fair share of masters. From pleasant ones, to less then ideal ones. You’re one of the more… amusing ones, if he does say so himself.
He does his work with all the efficiency of a experienced butler. Lilia handles problems with a smile. He’ll chuckle when you thank him, giving you a little bow. It’s his duty. You don’t have to thank him. However, it’s appreciated, nonetheless.
What isn’t really appreciated by you would be Lilia’s constant need to prank you. You could even swear he’s gliding around the house, with the sheer lack of noise from his footsteps. Lilia has a certain talent of concealing his presence entirely. He’ll turn up behind you, give you a little tap on your shoulder… when you do turn around, Lilia’s right before you. Close enough for his nose to brush against yours.
Looking for him, dear master? Fret not, he’ll never be far from you.
You’re much too interesting for him to leave.
Standing besides Malleus, you feel like his servant. Malleus has this regal air about him. The kind of dominating aura that parts crowds effortlessly. A kingly energy.
It still makes you somewhat uncomfortable, summoning him to your side. You can barely look at him in the eye whenever you’re ordering him around. Malleus tends to kneel down before you, if only to keep your eyes level with his. He has a kindly gaze, soft as butter in the sun.
There are many things that Malleus isn’t too familiar with. Modern devices, foreign influences….You’ll have to follow him around, show him the ropes. Sometimes, you suspect he pretends to be unaware, just so you’ll come out of your office for a break. It works, unfortunately. You just can’t say no to him.
Malleus is for better or for worse, an old fashioned gentleman. Chivalry may be dead, but he does have a way with words. Offering his hand to you, you two spend the nights waltzing under the stars. Malleus sails around your house with his arm around your waist. Rejoice, master! The night is young.
He’ll take it upon himself to intoxicate you anew, if wine proves fickle company.
Dance your worries away, Master. He’s here for you.
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💈 Stylist Central | Lilia Vanrouge x Reader
>> requested: no >> a/n: happy birthday @la-lolita !!! ilysm :]
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: diasomnia >> summary: lilia lets his s/o do his hair, and then he learns how much of a perfectionist you are >> reader prns: they/them [not used] >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
When you asked Lilia if you could do his hair, he never expected for you to take over 10 minutes. So when you were headed past the 30-minute mark, he started to get concerned. "My darling dearest, is it okay if I ask why this is taking so long?"
"Whell," you began, bobby pins muffling your words. "Your haif if fhe pherfeft lenf for annoyansh, fso eI've veen verking on fixing it dis entire tiem."
"...What." he asked, laughing and moving slightly as his body heaved with his haughter.
"Don't move!" You all but shouted, bobby pins falling out of your mouth and onto the floor. "Aw fuck."
Lilia became as stiff as a board almost as soon as you yelled. He didn't even dare to look at what you cursed at.
You left your right hand in his hair, trying to keep all of it in place as you tentatively reached down and grabbed a couple bobby pins off the floor. Tucking some behind your ear, you stabbed another one into the mess of hair that was Lilia's new hairstyle.
"Juuuust a couple more...." you mumbled, tugging on his hair some more. “And there. Done… I think.”
Lilia laughed with relief as he stood up to go look in a mirror. Upon reaching it, he was left in awe. You never told him that you could do hair so well. His hair was in a bun, and a piece of the bun was a braid that was added. And added to the bun were gold strands of fake hair.
"Oh, em, gee." he said, stunned. "Dearest, my love, my one and only, my little blood pouch—"
"—that was a joke!" he laughed, kissing you all over your face. "It looks stunning, almost as stunning as you, I must add."
"Oh stop it,"
"Never!" Lilia smirked, spinning around to leave. "Now, I must show Malleus, Silver, and Sebek!"
"Yeah, yeah, go flaunt to your son's, dork," you joked.
"You love this dork!" he snickered as he opened the door.
"...you betcha, Lils."
Tumblr media
>> twst taglist: @tulipluvlettr | @ghost-hyacinth | @ch3lun | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @xphantasmagoriax | @atlasnessie | @divinesapph | @ze-maki-nin | @ruggiethethuggie | @v-anrouge
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Idk too much about the game, but I like this blorbo
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Diasomnia boys with a s/o that calls them her prince charming or knight in shining armor?
(ah yes, our cutsie boys, getting the loving they deserve 😢)
CW: Fem Reader, and I have yet to fix Silver's picture. Will I ever fix it? Who's to say?
Tumblr media
"Ah, Malleus, you're like my prince charming…"
Child of man, he has told you a million times he is a king. But how sweet that you think he is charming
He goes home to tell the funny story to Lilia. He is certain they will both have a laugh at your human mishap.
Until Lilia explains it is an endearment. It is a high compliment from one lover to another! He's so proud of his boy! Lilia is wiping a tear away as he hugs his son. He's going on and on about how he's such a proud dad, and all his children are perfect.
Malleus dips out in the middle of the speech to properly thank you for the compliment. Aka, scoop you up in his arms, and kiss you deeply.
He gets blushy, now, every time you call him that. He never really believed he'd find a happily ever after with someone, but it might just happen with you…
Tumblr media
"Sebek! You are my knight in shining armor!"
"Of course I am, human! I have trained extensively in the art of knighthood!" Those are the words he wants to say.
"Blehsichkenchdjzn" -those are the words that come out of his mouth.
You think you broke him. He excuses himself for a moment, and as soon as the door is shut behind him you hear him scream.
He comes back in and pretends that didn't just happen. But his cheeks are awfully pink. 
Anytime you need him to shut up, or you just want to fluster him, you say it from now on. He hates the power you have over him, and he practices in the mirror, calling himself a knight in shining armor, alone, in his room.
(Silver has walked in on this three times, and may never recover)
Tumblr media
"My prince charming…"
Well now he's awake. You'd been resting with your head near his heart, softly caressing his cheek, and pushing his hair out of his face. But that's not happening anymore.
"I'm not a prince, Y/N. I'm just a knight."
"Maybe you're not a prince of a country," you hum, "but you're my prince."
He's shy and blushy, but you grin that cute grin of yours, and he'd agree to anything you say about him.
"If I'm prince charming, does that make you my beautiful princess?"
How is he always so effortlessly smooth? He doesn't even mean to do it, he just is like that!
From here on out, whenever he is about to kiss you, he'll call you, "my beautiful princess"
Tumblr media
"Lilia! My knight in shining armor!"
Duh. He's smug as hell. He hasn't trained as long as he has, and read as many romance novels, to just be an average lover!
He'll bow deeply, before wrapping an arm around your waist and giving you a roguish wink.
For the rest of the day, he'll feel mischievous. He'll dramatically help you as loudly as he can, because "it's a Knight's job to help a damsel in distress!"
"Fear not, fair maiden, I shall hold this door open for you!"
"My darling damsel, do not fret, this jar of pickles is no match for me!"
"I shall duel this wretch to the death for the injustice he has done upon you!" -Lilia, after Grim took a bite of your sandwich.
If you want him to stop you can…
Lmao, you're so dumb, nothing can stop Lilia 😂
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leinyy · 15 days
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Probably me with the whole TWST cast 💀
Just realized I left Rook out💀
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ravenschoir · 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
more twst doodles ft. oc
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little-miss-mei · 1 month
Lilia: So, Malleus, there's a rumor going around that you're into Yuu.
Malleus: Rumor?
Malleus: Are you telling me some people doubt it?
Lilia: Where are you going?
Malleus: I need to fix this. There shouldn't be any doubt.
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minx-iv · 3 months
Tumblr media
No one told him about the update...
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moxxbox · 1 month
Malleus falling in love as soon as he sees you for the first time, he goes and tells Lilia right away hoping for something any advice he might have and Lilia gives him the most unhinged weirdass advice and it works? "Tell them that they rizzed you up and that you've fallen for the beauty they have." AND IT WORKS?😨Sebek watches in horror while Malleus says that to you iN PUBLIC! ! ! AND THEN YOU ACCEPT? ! ? Sebek in shock😨 Malleus and you, happy
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
MC: Are you sure this is the school you'll be spending a few years on?
MC: Because I could already tell this is just a whole circus with a crow moron.
Crowley: Wha— Excuse me? And who is this Mr. Draconia?
Malleus: *smiles* My great ancestor.
Crowley: Your great ancesto— Huh. Though I see the resemblance, they're completely disrespectful.
MC: You're a joke. Why would I respect you?
Crowley: *gasped*
Malleus: Great ancestor, the Orientation is about to start.
MC: Is it already? Tch. *snaps their fingers*
Crowley: Excuse me! We're not done here! No one has disrespected me like th— Huh? What's this? My feet won't move!
Azul: The headmage is late. Shall we start without him?
Kalim: Um. Jamil just told me that Headmage Crowley has his feet stuck on the ground and he couldn't move.
Riddle: What? Are you serious right now?
Idia: Update: Headmage would be here in a few seconds in 3...2...
Crowley: *slams the door open* MR. DRACONIA!!!!! TO MY OFFICE! NO—
*and he disappears*
The students: Huh?
Leona: That didn't seem intentional.
Lilia: Great ancestor...
MC: What? He was being noisy.
Crowley: *appears again, much calmer this time* Mr. Draconia and his ancestor... Please. Come to my office at your earliest convenience.
MC: Huh. Fool.
Malleus: *who already fell asleep and his head resting on their shoulder*
Silver and Lilia: *sigh*
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