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Overblot Malleus
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~*After Malleus Overblots*~
YN/MC/Yuu: Now Tsunotaro, why did you overblot?
Malleus: I wanted to be like the other kids.
YN/MC/Yuu: ...Fair. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wanted to do the different types of teeth the Diasomnia boys might have based off the respective animals theyre based off of plus bonus Silver and then I just added all the non human bois EXCEPT Azul cause I literally had no idea
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🗳 Round One, Poll One | Ace Trappola & Malleus Draconia
>> requested: no >> a/n: none
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: the vote has been announced >> summary: ace and malleus go against each other in a popularity contest >> reader prns: n/a >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
Ace stared at the board with excitement. He was eager to see who he was paired up against, certain that he would crush whoever it was in a heartbeat.
"Ace Trappola... Ace Trappola..." he murmured his name as he looked for it on the bulletin. "Aha!! Ace Trappola versus... Malleus Draconia?!"
...Aaaaand there goes any confidence Ace had. Sure, he was more outgoing than the Diasomnia Housewarden, but will they vote for his upperclassman purely out of fear?
No, he thinks. I can't think like that! I'll totally win. In ten seconds, Ace Trappola has gone from the most confident person alive, to rock bottom, and then back to his previous state.
Tumblr media
Malleus had no clue of the contest. Absolutely nothing about them. That is until Lilia barges into the dorm like no one's business, blabbing away about the polls.
"Lilia, may I ask what you're talking about?" Malleus asked, putting a pause on his violin practice.
"Malley, you don't know?" Lilia raised an eyebrow before he came to a realization and put it down. "There's a popularity contest going on right now! And you're up first!"
"Oh, me?"
"Yes you!" Lilia smirks. "And you're going against a freshie from Heartslabyul. Ace Trappola."
"The one that's friends with the Child of Man?" Malleus asked.
"Yup!!" Lilia twirled. "I bet you'll win, with that charming face, how could it not?"
"LILIA-SAMA, YOU BET ON SOMETHING?!" Sebek's voice came from the distance, and Lilia sighed, knowing that he would have to explain what he meant to the green-haired boy.
Tumblr media
Ace was nervous yet exited the day the results were to be posted. He was confident that he would win, no one even knew Housewarden Draconia anyway. But, it could mean that the voters were afraid of what he would do to them. At the last second, Ace thought of forging some votes, just in case. But when the workers came out with the results, Ace paused.
Deuce and Yuu, who were both right beside him, stared at his frozen body.
The sound of the staple gun pounded into Ace's ear as they put up the results. Almost dashing to the paper as soon as they moved the slightest bit to the side, Ace scanned the paper.
"27.9% to 72.1%, Malleus Draconia?!" Ace was shocked. Staring at the paper with wide eyes, he couldn't believe it. He lost to a student who was rarely seen on campus.
Deuce chuckled softly, "I suppose you aren't the most popular, Ace."
Ace turned around to face the blue-haired boy, seething. "Shut it, Juice."
Tumblr media
"Guess who won his first contest!!" Lilia bounded into Malleus's room. "You!"
"Oh, I won?" Malleus smirked.
"Yup!! You flattened that kid by 44.2%!" he smiled, placing his hands on his hips.
"Hm," Malleus hummed. "I wouldn't settle for anything worse, I suppose."
"This calls for a celebration," the shorter fae said, walking out of Malleus's room. "I'll bake a cake!"
Everything in Diasomnia froze when Lilia said those words. Lilia... baking...
Oh no.
Tumblr media
>> malleus & ace taglist: @tulipluvlettr | @ghost-hyacinth | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @xphantasmagoriax | @atlasnessie | @divinesapph | @ze-maki-nin | @booming-spam | @flqyd-is-lost | @cupids-chamber | @queerlordsimon | @kyraxiyn | @nem0-nee | @rayisalive
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The Meaning of Flowers -Loneliness-
Malleus x Reader again
Maybe angsty????? Not as explicitly romantic as some of my other stuff. Also a glaringly obvious reference to a Certain piece of media I like.
Tumblr media
There was a thick field of flowers right past the woods behind the Ramshackle dorm. They were purple, blooming in stalks and clumps.
And one evening you found yourself there. Drained after everything, your feet dragged you to where the flowers had started to bloom. The heat of the day hung heavy in the air, unusually hot for the season.
And alongside the heat was a tingling spark of electricity in the air. The world around you felt like a live wire. He was here.
"Hi Tsunotarou." you said, not needing to turn to know he was standing behind you.
"Good evening child of man." he responded pleasantly.
"I'm not used to seeing you while the sun is still up," you joked looking over to him.
The setting sun cast him in a warm glow, contrasting his usual cool ethereality. He seemed to bask in the warmth. He looked out over the field of blooming purple flowers blowing in the wind. Despite the beauty in front of you, your eyes were on him.
"They bloomed early this year," he says, staring into the field of flowers.
"Do you know what they are?" you ask, curious.
"Ericas. They're also called heathers." Malleus is transfixed on the sight of the flowers, staring off into the distance.
"Do you know what they mean, child of man?" he asks, leaning down to pick a sprig of the purple blossom.
You shake your head quietly and he hums, holding the sprig in his hand tenderly.
"They represent solitude and loneliness." Malleus sounds solemn as he says it.
"They used to grow in a field right outside the castle in Briar Valley. I remember seeing the blossoms every summer."
You take his hand in yours and uncurl his fingers, observing the flower for yourself.
"It doesn't look very lonely. Look, there are so many right next to each other!" You look up at Malleus with a soft smile.
"Maybe they are born alone. Maybe they'll die alone, too. But right now, they all bloom together and they'll inevitably wilt together. They'll always bloom and wilt together. They're not alone at all." And you both know that you no longer speak of the flowers.
And Malleus looks at you with this mixture of shock and awe. He didn't expect you to say that. He didn't know what he expected you to say, but it definitely wasn't that.
Malleus definitely doesn't expect it when you pluck the stalk from his hand and reach up, placing it to rest behind the sharpened point of his ear. The splash of purple in his onyx-black hair leads you to flash him a smile that makes his heart leap, and he feels he must reciprocate.
So Malleus does the same, placing an erica sprig behind your ear. And he smiles down at you. His smile is soft and a little awkward, his fangs showing where the corners of his mouth curl upwards. In this moment, you cannot understand how anyone could possibly fear him.
"Thank you, child of man. I appreciated this. You always have such a curious wisdom about you that I cannot seem to place. I'm very fond of it, of you." and with those words, he is gone. He disappears in a flash of fireflies, leaving you to sit in solitude under the coolness of twilight.
Malleus, back in his room, gently pulls the flowers from his hair. He presses them in a large book, hoping to preserve the memory for as long as he can. Even after the flowers bloom and wilt for hundreds of seasons, this memory will still remind him that they once bloomed beside you.
Tumblr media
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Diasomnia Wakes Reader Up From a Sleeping Curse
Gender-neutral reader, Hurt/comfort. Poll Winner.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
When he saw his beloved Y/N lying in their bed, he could feel both sadness and anger bubbling up in him. Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade had made a mistake in Potionology, and you were still paying the consequences of their own actions. The dragon fae gently took off his gloves and placed his hand delicately on your cheek, flinching at how cold your skin was.
If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought you were dead. The thought sent a shiver down his spine. Your name and death did not belong in the same sentence, let alone together at all. No, you were merely asleep, and of that he was glad.
He knew the cure for the curse, and he was a bit happy that he knew of your feelings for him, but that didn’t particularly mean he was your true love. The fact that you two were courting didn’t mean anything in matters like this. However, there was no harm in trying to wake you up. So, the Crowned Prince of Briar Valley held your face gently as he leaned forward.
His lips gently brushed up against yours, staying there for a few seconds. He pulled back, and upon seeing that you hadn’t moved, his heart became very heavy. He turned away and started pulling his gloves on, when…
Malleus had never turned around so quickly as he rushed back to your bedside. He helped you sit up, and his chest was pounding as you looked into his eyes. You reached your hand out and held the side of his face, and the fae prince moved his face to press a kiss to your palm. Oh, he had never been so relieved.
He quickly leaned forward and placed another kiss upon your lips, and he was so glad to feel you reciprocate the affection. The Diasomnia crew was waiting in the living room, and they all stood up when they saw their leader carrying you in a bridal carry, silently announcing that you were alright.
Don’t get him mistaken, though. He is definitely going to bring pain and suffering to Ace and Deuce for inflicting such a curse upon his beloved. If he could, they would probably be burnt to a crisp. But, he will inform the Headmage so that the troublesome duo can be punished properly.
Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge
He was very amused to hear that his Y/N was put under a sleeping curse by the ADeuce duo. Oh, you could never stay away from those two, and it always led to you getting in trouble. No matter, as he loves playing the part of your knight in shining armor. However, as he gazed upon your sleeping figure, a grim atmosphere took place.
Your skin was cold to the touch, very unnatural for someone as lively as you usually were. It was a chill that he had known before, one that not even the coldest of winters could compare to. The freeze of death. It brought him only a little comfort to know that you were just asleep, a mock of death.
The two idiots who had put you under the curse had informed him of the cure, not that he needed it anyways because he already knew. What he didn’t know was if he was your true love, since he was certain that you were his. Lilia brushed some hair out of your face as he leaned forward.
As he held your face, he tried to feel if you went warm. However, when he pulled away from the kiss, there was no change. The fae’s heart was broken, and he worried that you would never wake up. As he walked to the door, he heard something.
Mans just about ran back to your side, pressing kisses all over your face. Your skin had become warm, and the light in your eyes was back (albeit a bit dimmed). You took a bit of time to admire his mature form, as he didn’t have the energy to go back to the younger version of himself. His long hair was beautiful, and you ran your hand through it.
He urged you to stay in bed to recover some of your strength as he went down to the rest of the Diasomnia quartet to inform them that you were alright. Silver was glad that his ‘other parent’ (not official… yet) was alright, and even Sebek was relieved. Malleus was glad to hear that you would be recovering soon.
Oh, but what you or anyone else did not know was that as they were leaving you and Lilia behind at Ramshackle, the other three were going to fight Ace and Deuce in the most disrespectful way possible. I hope the boys like dirt, because they’re gonna be eating it soon.
Tumblr media
He was just in a complete state of shock when Sebek informed him that Ace and Deuce had accidentally put you under a sleeping curse. As his fellow knight, the half-fae felt obligated to be the one to share the news. He promised to cover the young Vanrouge’s guard shift as he went to go see you and help with the cure.
The moment he entered your bedroom, he could feel the atmosphere was completely off. Where was your voice? Where was his hug as he entered the door? He placed the back of his hand upon your forehead, only to retract his arm after discovering you were cold. 
One thing that Sebek made sure not to forget to tell Silver was that the only thing that could get you to wake up was a kiss of true love, and that scared him. One’s True Love is similar to a soulmate; one’s heart could not beat without the other. How was anyone sure that he was your true love?
Silver placed a gentle but fleeting kiss upon your lips, quickly pulling back to see if your eyes had opened, but nothing changed. The knight let two tears fall as he got up to leave. The moment where he placed his hand on the door handle, he heard you gasp.
Oh, the sweet sound of your voice was the one that he needed to hear at that moment. He was immediately back at your side as he grabbed your hand in his to place a kiss on your knuckle. Upon touching you, you were warm. He could physically feel his heart beating again in pure relief that 1) he was your confirmed true love and 2) you would be okay.
Unfortunately, all of this really took a lot out of him, so he laid next to you in the bed and held you close. This caused you to laugh, brushing some hair out of his face as you cuddled into him and placed a kiss on his lips this time.
You made sure to text Lilia that you were okay and awake, and that Silver was exhausted, so he would be staying at Ramshackle overnight. He finally looked at peace in his sleep, and you quickly took a picture as a keepsake. However, you weren’t going back to sleep yet. You just woke up, after all.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
He was in the Potionology class where you were put under the curse, and he was the one who lifted you up in a bridal carry and brought you back to Ramshackle so that you would be comfortable. The two imbeciles who caused this told him in the living room of the run-down dorm that the only known curse was a kiss of true love.
This caused a million thoughts to run through the half-fae’s head as he gazed upon your sleeping figure. Sure, the two of you were courting, but that didn’t mean he was your true love. He knew that you were his, because he placed you above Malleus in importance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here.
Sebek took his glove off as he walked over to your bed side. He grabbed the side of your face, and he didn’t like how cold you were. He took a deep breath, before committing. He leaned towards your face to place his lips onto yours. A stray tear he didn’t know was coming fell upon your cheek, making it look like it was you who was crying. 
He felt as though you had every right. For everything you suffered through at the hands of Ace, Deuce, Grim, and Crowley, along with everyone else, he honestly wishes you would cry. Especially now, as there was no sign of you waking up. All his hope vanished as he got up to leave, when he heard you shift around in your bed.
The knight turned around to see that your eyes were open and looking at him as you tried to sit up. He rushed over to assist you, relieved that you were awake and alright. However, this made him realize something: he was your true love. He quickly placed a kiss upon your forehead, relishing in the warmth finally emitting from your skin.
As he helped you out of bed and with walking (a curse could leave you disoriented) downstairs, he made sure that at the bottom he gave the two idiots a piece of his mind. How dare they be so incompetent and not even apologize for making you go through that?
If you were being honest, the utmost care that the usually brash First Year was showing you as he gently sat you down at a nearby chair so that he could continue the argument made your heart melt. He was genuinely worried about you, and it definitely showed. You would think you were made of glass, but you were aware that it was his way of conveying his love for you.
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Cultural differences
Summary: Malleus's way of courting (dragon fae style) creates a misunderstanding between the two of you.
Or in which lilia is an old man™ and is having the time of his life.
A/n: In honor of the announcement of chapter 7, I decided to post this early. May all of you dragon simps get your dragon man. (it's me, I'm the dragon simps)
Genre: fluff
Pairings: Malleus Draconia x reader
Warnings: second person pov, you/your pronouns, gn!reader
Tumblr media
"Lilia, child of man doesn't make sense." Malleus was munching on fries, with a pout on his face. He was apparently, what lilia called 'sulking'. Let me assure you he was not! Absolutely not!
Lilia brought up his hand to his face to stifle a chuckle that escaped him at the sulking fae prince, who put another one of the fries in his mouth.
Lilia finds situations like these quite entertaining, he loves observing the youth of today. They are peculiar, to say the least.
Though lilia understands malleus's crisis, he couldn't help but be amused.
After all, how many times do you see a powerful fae at his knees for a magic-less human he befriended in an abandoned building.
"Well, tell me what happened," Lilia said with as much seriousness he could muster and put his teacup down.
Malleus' eyes lit up and he visibly perked up about getting the chance to talk about how he have been trying to court you.
"I took prefect for a walk with me in the woods behind ramshackle where we danced to once upon a dream." He lets out a dreamy sigh, his chin resting on the back of his hand.
What a wonderful night that was.
The sky seemed jewel studded with how many stars there were. Your warm hand in his considerably colder ones. An impulse to hold you closer. So he asked you for a dance to which you delightfully agreed, blush adorning your face. He will never forget the night when you two sang the greatest love song in all of the twisted wonderland together while dancing.
Eyes his went to your lips many times, but he was afraid he would scare you if became too bold so he restrained himself.
"It was good until that but then I tried to give them jewels from my treasury as a token of my affection, but they keep refusing! I don't know what I've done to anger them. I just wish to mend our relationship, lilia." Malleus let out a defeated sigh his lips formed into an adorable pout.
Lilia knew the meaning of the word treasury, what malleus really meant was his hoard. Like every good dragon, malleus has a hoard as well. It has all of the knick-knacks malleus collected over the long period he has been in twisted wonderland.
Let it be jewels worth millions of madols or a weird thing he found on the street, all of them has a special place in his hoard. He was allowed to take a part of it with him to Night Raven College when he came, the rest is in his treasury room in the palace of Briar Valley.
Lilia, who was far older than Malleus and well aware of human courting traditions, couldn't help but laugh endearingly at the young prince. He then adjusted his expression, looking fondly at the child he had raised, who had now become so old that he has his first love!
Oh...Lilia distantly remembers the feeling of falling in love for the first time, he doesn't remember his first love anymore, for their existence had been erased by the cruel, cruel time that doesn't spare anybody, but he does remember how he felt with them and how gentle they were with him.
At the time he was a battle-hardened General, a war hero, not exactly used to kindness, but he remembers that they were far kinder than anybody he had met before, even now after a few centuries later, he has yet to meet someone like them.
Lilia pulled himself back from memories of long forgotten past and turned to his prince.
"Malleus, they are human." Lilia said simply.
"I am aware lilia, I still dont see what I could have done to have them cross with me." Malleus gave lilia a half-hearted glare.
"Malleus, they are human. You are trying to court them like how dragons court their mate. They don't know how dragons court their mate. They aren't familiar with your courting methods." Lilia nodded towards malleus sipping on his tea, and malleus' eyes widened in realization. Of course! How could he have been so foolish!
Malleus shot lilia a grateful look and said a simple "thank you." And headed out to find you. He must fix this. He has to.
So, you weren't even aware that he was trying to court you? He let out a chuckle.
Of course, why didn't he think of it before? Oh yes, he was too engrossed in drowning in his misery that he didn't notice.
Well, he supposes it's not all lost, after all. He could just explain things, but ah! Humans don't receive precious jewels as a confession of their feelings.
He does have other ideas as to what to give you.
You were coming back from your class, after a long and exhausting day. Professor Trein had given you to write a ten-thousand-word essay on The Human-Fae War that happened in early 1300's.
Your face bloomed into an amused smile as grim grumbled about ace taking his sandwich. You let out an exasperated sigh. They may be idiots, but they are your idiots.
You got grim settled in the bed quickly. He was complaining about not getting enough sleep the whole way back and got yourself settled on the couch in the living room.
You took out your homework, your assignment sheets as well as books you've borrowed from the library and got to work.
It was fascinating really, how two species that hated each other so much could come together like this. Humans and Fae...they have a long-standing history of hate and slaughter. It's gruesome.
The war went on for almost a century.
You were halfway through the essay when, from the corner of your eyes, you saw green fireflies shimmering in your garden. You abandoned your work to greet your friend who, you're pretty sure, has been avoiding you for the past few days.
"Child of man."
The two of you stared at each other for a minute. Trying to read each other, either by expressions or literally trying to read thoughts in Malleus's case. (He would never do this without your permission, but he was contemplating it)
"Look I-"
"Child of man I-"
"You go first."
"You can go first."
You scratched the back of your neck with an air of awkwardness surrounding you.
"Okay...tsunotaro, I don't know what I did so that you got mad at me but I am sorry."
Malleus' eyes widened in bewilderment.
"Child of man...I thought you were cross with me." You thought he was angry with you...? A small tender smile formed on his black-painted lips. A smile that was much different from his usual teasing smile followed by a taunting remark. How the corners gently tilted upwards, a sparkle in his eyes that reflected an emotion you couldn't yet place, but you were sure that your eyes reflected the same.
Small laughter bubbled out of his mouth, and not being able to help it you let yourself chuckle with him.
The sound of his laughter was so alluring that you were left wondering whether he had put a spell on you.
Little did you know he wondered the same about you. You had either bewitched him or he was a fool, a fool in love.
"Well, then, I shall make it up to you, beastie. Would you do me the honor of granting me your company for a stroll in the woods once again?" Malleus asked, gallantly. He was quite over the top with his dramatics -posing in a bow, holding out a hand for you to take- while smiling teasingly.
"I would love to, tsunotaro." You couldn't help but chuckle at the dragon fae's antics. Taking his arm you strode along with him to the woods behind Ramshackle.
A gentleman as ever, Malleus produced something in his arm but hid it behind his back before you could take a peek.
"Hey! No fair!" You pouted, seeing your adorable face the future king couldn't help but smile endearingly.
"You shall wait patiently beastie. Patience is a virtue," he said as you strode towards your and Malleus's special place.
He had taken you there for a walk before once. It was a beautiful, beautiful night. Perhaps you should say magical.
Malleus had taken your hand and invited you for a dance. Holding you close like you were the most precious treasure he has ever held. Spinning you around like a fairytale prince (which he was). Your eyes went to his dark-painted lips many times that night, wishing to have a taste of what you thought to be the most forbidden fruit this world had to offer.
You danced and sang one of the songs from your home. Your eyes went to your eyebrows in surprise that the very same song existed here. Malleus seemed fond of the song as well. You could see his bright green eyes soften every time a word of the lyrics left his lips.
"We are here," he announced. You looked around, finding it hard to imagine such a place could be near the desolate place you had come to call your home.
It was a mountain stream. Beautiful, clear water flowed down the steep grades. Shining moonlight above it, making the water in it shine like stars had been brought down to earth.
"Child of man," Malleus quietly pulled you out of your daze. "I brought this for you." He said, but before he could bring out whatever he had been hiding behind his back, you fixed him a stern look.
"Mal, I told you that I can-" before you could say another word, his hand-that he had placed upon your mouth- cut you off.
"I know," Malleus began with an uncharacteristically tender look on his face. "Lilia explained that humans do not court as we do. So I have brought you this." He removed the hand from your mouth and brought out a bouquet from his back.
They were gorgeous, the flowers. The bouquet consisted of red and pink asters. You chuckled, you couldn't have picked more perfect flowers yourself, they were gorgeous but not enough to distract you from the meaning of them and his words from before.
Seeing your joyous reaction, Malleus's eyes filled with hope. "Child of man, I-" he started but before he could get out another syllable, you put your hand on his mouth and cut him off. Amusedly watching as his eyes widened in surprise, clearly not used to people cutting him off, especially in such a familiar manner.
"I would love to, Tsunotaro."
I wish I had a malleus.
Edit: for clarification pink asters mean sensitivity and love and red aster means undying devotion
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wolken-himmel · 14 days
In which Malleus overhears (Y/n) singing during one of his nightly walks.
Who knew that the prefect had such a lovely voice? Perhaps he has already heard it once upon a dream.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
The full moon adorned the shimmering stars in the night sky. Together, they casted a beautiful hue of white light onto the scenery of Night Raven College. On such nights, Malleus loved to wander the empty hallways of the main school building. The long and winding hallways seemed empty without the usual crowds of students, but perhaps the emptiness this contrast created drew him in.
A few crickets or birds could be heard here and there, but otherwise the night was silent. Malleus was about to finish his third round of the main building. He had hoped that the walking would take the worries off his mind. After not having found his favourite prefect at the Ramshackle mansion, he couldn't help but wonder where you were.
Perhaps you were sleeping, he mused. Humans had always been fragile beings that needed their beauty sleep.
Although he knew that you needed your sleep, he couldn't help but miss your presence. There were times when you would talk endlessly, never tiring of ranting and speaking. And then there were other nights when you wouldn't utter a single word — not out of discomfort, but instead because you seemed to enjoy the silence. Malleus liked hearing your voice, he had to admit, and it was during the latter that he would yearn to hear your lulling and soft voice.
His eyebrows began to crease again. He should stop thinking about your voice, or else he would find himself with a longing feeling in the pit of his stomach once again.
A soft sigh escaped his lips as he turned on his heel. It was time for his nightly walk to come to an end. As if stuck in time, he remained frozen for a while — indecisive as if procrastinating. But his responsible side eventually eased him into movement towards the mirror chamber. It truly was time to return his dorm and retire for the night.
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
Someone was singing. His pointed ears perked up in curiosity. Why would anyone be singing in the dead of the night, in some desolate hallway? His originally startled stance eased up as soon as he realised just how soothing the singing was. The voice seemed strangely familiar to him, though he couldn't put a finger on who the owner could be.
"I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam."
The voice echoed along the hallway, thus earning an almost heavenly sound. Even if the owner might have sounded wonky at some points, he still found himself drawn in all the same.
"Yet I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem." There it was again, the melody somehow becoming more enchanting by the minute.
Curiosity finally overwhelmed Malleus, and he once again turned on his heel to investigate. He found himself drawn in like a sailor to a siren's song. His feet seemed to move on their own, with a brisk urgency he hadn't felt in a long while. The originally faint singing grew louder, and he knew he was on the right trail.
"But if I know you, I know what you'll do~ You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream."
A smile grew on his lips, and he closed his eyes in delight. He found himself having arrived when he spotted a dark silhouette in the next hallway. After having briefly peeked around the corner to realise his success, he quickly retreated behind cover and stayed there. With his back pressed against the cold stone wall, he closed his eyes in delight.
"But if I know you, I know what you'll do— You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream."
The tune etched itself into his mind, and he quickly began humming along without realising. His heart had slowed to the pace of a snail, and he found himself in a truly wonderful space of mind. It had been a long while since he had felt so... at home. The voice brought him an unexplainable sense of comfort.
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam."
The song began once again from the beginning, much to his delight. He never wanted it to end.
"And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem. But if I know you, I know what you'll do—"
So caught within a trance, Malleus never realised that his lips parted by themselves. "You'll love me at once," he sang along happily, "the way you did once upon a dream." The two voices mixed together to create a beautiful harmony that managed to pull at his heartstrings.
The more it hit him like a wall of bricks when the other voice came to a sudden halt. His eyes snapped open at once. Only then did he realise his mistake of having piped up accidentally. He cursed himself for having lost control so easily, but his instincts immediately made him jump out of hiding.
His eyes fell on the mysterious figure whose back was no longer turned to him. The moon light from the large windows fell on the face of the unknown singer. There you were, frozen like a deer in headlights. For what felt like eternity, you merely stood there and stared back at him in shock.
"Child of man?" he breathed out in disbelief. No wonder the voice seemed so familiar to him.
At once, you fell out of your stupor. The surprise on your face now replaced by embarrassment, you let out a sheepish chuckle. "Oh, it's just you, Malleus. I thought you were a teacher... I wouldn't want to get in trouble," you began to rant. "What are you doing out here at this time?"
He tilted his head to the side in amusement. "Shouldn't I ask you the same question? I thought you humans valued your nightly sleep."
Your cheeks grew warm at his comment, and you cast your gaze at the floor. "Well, uh... I couldn't sleep. Strange, eh?" Your eyes never met his; instead, they darted everywhere else. "Back in my world, I would sing whenever I couldn't sleep. I guess it tires me out."
"You could have stayed in the safety of your dorm." Malleus quirked an eyebrow when he noticed you shivering.
"Yeah, but Grim's snoring was way too loud."
A snicker escaped his lips at the way you rolled your eyes. He didn't voice his thoughts, but he found the gesture adorable. Nonetheless, he beckoned you towards him, whispering, "Come now, you are cold. You should return to your dorm. Have you sung enough for tonight?"
"I guess so," you muttered while suppressing a yawn. You let yourself be guided into the general direction of your dorm, his hand gently resting on your back.
"I didn't know you could sing so well," Malleus said after a while. "I could have listened to you all night long."
A sheepish smile flashed across your face. "Thank you."
The fae hummed happily. "Your choice of song seems familiar. Perhaps I've heard it once upon a dream."
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random-twst-things · 26 days
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Won't you come in, Malleus?
Malleus: you- you know who I am?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: But of course! You were the most handsome man in twisted wonderland! And I was very lonely...so I thought "Tonight I'll have an adventure, I'll make the acquaintance of of the distinguished Malleus"
Malleus: how do you know my name?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: it was not difficult to find out
Malleus: How did you know I wouldn't hurt you?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I took that chance *Chuckles*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu:...are you angry?
Malleus: ahahahahaha noo, no I am not angry *smiles*
Malleus: if some kind fate wishes to send a beautiful/handsome human to dine with me I can only be grateful *smiles*
Malleus: ....you will do me the honor, won't you child of man?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I would be delighted!!
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tezret · 8 months
Fae Culture
Malleus standing at the end of your bed: You’re ethereal
You/Reader, looking over at him: Was it really necessary to wake me up at… *looks over at phone* 4am to tell me this?
Malleus: Yes…
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miliinmi · 2 months
Tumblr media
Malleus: Can I kiss you?
MC: What?
Malleus: What what? Why are you surprised?
MC: Did you lose some kind of bet? Are you joking?
Malleus: Bet? I just want to kiss you that's all. Joking? Why is it so shocking?
MC: It's just, some people are weird and just want to bring y-
Malleus: Wow, you do taste like vanilla
Tumblr media
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mawwart · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don’t forget to water your goths y’all!!
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hanafubukki · 2 days
Tumblr media
You know how malleus put them to sleep? And his magic could be a bless or a curse depending on the perspective.
But what if his blessing/curse causes the prior Overblotted dorm leaders to overblot again? Because they already have that predisposition. And no matter what dream they have (wether good or bad) leads for this blot to accumulate as a result?
And then we end up with all those OB crystals plus malleus’ which would explain how grim got access to them again after book 6 and why he becomes the chimera with all those traits.
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cancerdust96 · 3 months
Gazing at the sky with Hornton 🌌
Tumblr media
Just love the idea that Lilia is the third wheel to the cart lol😂
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twistedchatterbox · 11 days
"You are just like her, sweet little briar..."
summary: You are the descendant of a witch, unknown to you, said witch happens to be the most dearest and only friend to the ever-powerful fae, queen of the Briar Valley, Maleficent. tags. no chp7 spoilers, Female Reader, not implied to be Yuu/ramshackle perfect, pre-established relationship (both Malleus and Silver crush on you; Malleus pines & Silver acts), your grandma called Maleficent "Millie", You are Maleficent's new favourite person, Fae are sentimental, Fluff for Silver lovers, mild-ish Malleus angst if you squint, copious use of flashbacks, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1300+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
First meeting for the second time; You could not mistake that silhouette or those tell-tale horns for anyone else, no one could; Maleficent. ...You also couldn't hold back a smile though, it was hard to be intimidated by the queen based on your grandma's favourite villain. Waving, casually and inviting, you hoped, was your smile; and maybe too inviting it turned out to be, making your smile turn a bit nervous when she gasped and nearly ran your direction. Far too fast for your liking, surely. "Ah- Hi?" You said, barely gulping the volume so that you wouldn't choke or worse, yell at royalty by accident. If you had any more of a mind to give thought, you'd curse Sebek out for his disgusting lack of volume filter. And then, gloved hands; nothing could prepare you for the way she cupped your face and smushed your smile between her palms, just like your grandma- untimely comparison, you averted your gaze. "Oh my sevens-" The tiny, silent voice was not what matched her surface appearance as she looked at you as if analyzing you, and you were too scared to find out, not daring to look her back in the eyes. "You are just like her, sweet little briar.." The queen whispered and you were left confused as your eyes snapped back to see teary green hues. You were left as stunned as literally all others in the entrance room, some kneeling, some bowing, except for the second oldest person in that room; Lilia, who decided to take it upon himself to shine light on the situation. while sebek tried not to sneeze too loudly, who was thinking about him? "Your highness, this 'her', do you speak of your human friend?" The ex-general spoke, calm yet playful, mischievous but kind. His gaze softened, "I must admit I can see the similarities." Lilia noted. The queen gave the faintest nod of confirmation before blinking the tears away, unnoticeable, tiny tracks invisible to anyone who wasn't searching for it. "She looks just like her.." Responded the fae. ... "Hm? Ah.. You are a child of man, aren't you?" She asked, yet it was no question. "Do you happen to live here, I will take my leave if so. Uninvited guests are-" "Who said I wouldn't invite you anyway?" was the impulsive response, human witch, green eyes met hers and maleficent crossed her arms with an annoyed huff. The sheer audacity of this child of man. "Who said you would?" which prompted, and honestly she should have expected this one, the answer "I could."
Tumblr media
Ah, you thought, going over everything you have discovered so far; the magic mirror belonged to your grandma, and it was given to her by the Draconia family. That made you wonder, is the other side of the mirror really home?- Your head and heart hurt in confused tandem as you tried to stop the complicated thought process. Well, at least you had roots in this world; planted in the garden of the strongest person in said world. Unable to stop an overly amused huff from escaping your mouth, you sighed and smiled. Sitting upright and correcting your frankly fucked up posture, you must have curled up on yourself without noticing as you were deep in thought. And one thought train arrived just after the other, as you put two and two together. "Her name was Millie" She said, handing you a royally expensive black dress; lace, long, flowly and slim, the dress hugged your form wonderfully. Your grandma gave you another once over before nodding in satisfaction, picking up where she left off "and this dress was supposed to be hers, we found it while on a shopping spree but she decided to buy it for me instead." She laughed, "Now, it's yours". And now, it wasn't you who greeted yourself out the train of thoughts, but the subject of memory; accidentally, you let the cat out of the box. "Millie?- I mean, i-" You stuttered, watching as the grand fae's eyes widened and her expression drifted to that of a fond joy. Once again, the dorm of Diasomnia was left bewildered of you and frankly, you'd side with some of them on this one too. Maleficent blinked with an averted gaze before turning back "She still talks of me, little briar?" she asked with a gentle tone and you caught up to yourself, slowly nodding with a soft smile. "Yeah." You returned eye contact, reaffirming with a more confident nod, trying again "She would always talk about you."
Tumblr media
"She was absolutely correct, this dress does look wonderful on you;" Maleficent said, clasping her hands together, proceeding to shoot a mischievous grin to her boys with a ever-faint sadistic glint in her gaze. "Don't you agree?" asked the fae queen, gesturing to the dorms' big names, who all but scrambled to nod and wobbly voice their agreements, including Malleus Draconia himself. Except... "Mhm.." Silver mumbled, clearing his throat "You look so dreamy.." he voiced his opinion, his tender and near-lovestruck gaze making you more flustered than you'd like to admit. Hiding the most likely dorky grin behind your black-laced hand, you murmured your thanks albeit bashfully; making the fae queen grin, and the fae prince pout. "Those two look very much like a princess and her faithful knight like this, y'know?" Lilia cackled in good nature, elbowing some student to the side as gently as he could, making eye contact with Maleficent who laughed in agreement. Oh now Malleus was getting truly and royally annoyed with his family, not that it showed, they were far too focused on you after all; and he really couldn't comment on that without being a hypocrite. So he crossed him arms and looked your way- As a crack of lightning fell in tandem with his mood somewhere further into campus grounds; his own knight,andbestfriend was kneeling before you, his princess, pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist, then between your knuckles and fingers. The knight's silver hair, fitting the name, moving ever so lightly with the grace of a swan as he lets out a calm, happy laugh; somewhere between a chuckle and a giggle, he figured. "You really do look like a princess" Silver says, looking up to meet your eyes when your fingers curl soft around his hold, taking it as his cue to speak and stealing the air in your lungs and the words from your head; your own heart willingly jumps into his arms already without needing any further coaxing. Somehow, it, your heart also manages to speak for you; soft spoken in tone, "And you look like a prince" you murmur, "though, I certainly wouldn't mind it if you were my knight" a whisper mostly to yourself, too flustered to speak any louder where you stood. Thankfully it reaches the ears of your sleepy knight-prince, painting his cheeks in a beautiful shade of light coral pink; and the ears of a very conflicted prince, looking down at the ground as he silently pondered what he should do. Well, in either path; you certainly had gotten the cream of the crop and the cherry on top, a princess adored by a prince and his knight, even if you were unaware of just how deep those feelings ran in their veins for now. Maleficent couldn't help the bittersweet shake of her head, thinking back to a long, by-gone era of her youth; sure, her beauty endured the lasting test, but humans lives were not known for perseverance against the very same march of time. Yet the ones that shine bright always left their mark, the unforgettable kind; and when the fae queen looked upon you with a grateful gaze, she began counting her very own blessings to have met her best friends family. One as witty, kind, bright and just as special, uniqueness must've run in your blood. Loved. And once again, she stood by; first meetings for the second time, she supposed. Glancing properly to the side for the first time, Maleficent felt like a reflection of the by-gone times of her youth stare back at him. She looked between you and the younger Draconia, and glanced to Lilia who gave her a knowing glance.
You really are just like her, sweet little briar; sought by the crown fae and the ever faithful knight of said fae.
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twst4t · 2 months
‘Cause I Swear, I’d Burn This City Down to Show You the Light
Malleus Draconia x gn reader fluff
Tumblr media
Malleus looked forward to your moments together more than anything in this world. He found himself waiting for nightfall, waiting until he could talk with you in front of Ramshackle underneath the light of the moon.
He saw you with your friends every once in a while, laughing and smiling as you all talked. He didn't know what the feeling in his chest was when he saw that. He wanted to bring you those feelings. Malleus would do anything to preserve that smile.
He didn’t know how often he made you smile. Your eyes lit up as you saw the glowing green fireflies through your window. They always preceded his appearance. And before you could blink, there he was, tall and ethereally handsome and standing in your shoddy garden yet again.
The air around you buzzed with his magic. It held the same weight as the air before a late-summer storm. You told him months ago that he was always invited to hang around your dorm and the glow of his joy hung in the air like the glow of his fireflies (were they his? You didn’t know). And so he sat cross-legged on a pillar in front of your home, holding his little egg-shaped tamagotchi in his hands.
Malleus’ head shot up as he heard the loud creak of your door as you rushed to meet him, parcel in hand. You were bounding with energy. The usual fatigue of your nighttime encounters hadn’t hit you yet.
“Hello child of man. What do you have there?” the fae prince asked, cocking his head to the side in the way he often does when confused. You find it endearing.
“Well, it’s your birthday, right? I wanted to be the first one to give you a present!” Malleus felt a pull in his chest, as if his heart was jumping out from his ribcage.
“You remembered? In all honesty, I hadn’t even noticed that the clock had already struck midnight,” he said, trying to cover up the emotion in his voice at you remembering such a small detail about him. A detail he didn’t even remember telling you.
“Lilia came up to me about a week or two ago to tell me that your birthday was today. I wanted to do something for you, so here!” you placed the parcel in his hands.
He carefully undid the wrapping paper to see a bracelet made of shiny plastic beads and string. The beads were green, black, and purple all in an organized sequence. In the middle of the bracelet was “Tsunotarou” spelled out in silver cube-shaped beads with black lettering. Malleus’ eyes widened. He slipped it around his hand and it fit perfectly against his wrist.
“I’m sorry it’s not much. I know you’re probably used to bigger presents. It does glow in the dark, if that makes it any better,” you say, slightly embarrassed that you’re giving the prince of Briar Valley a glow-in-the-dark kandi bracelet.
He takes your hands into his. Softness leaks into his emerald eyes. He’s smiling with similar softness. You can see that he is moved to tears. Malleus experiences his senses and emotions in the strongest ways possible. He is often composed out of necessity. But he lets that mask drop around you. He lets himself be emotional and he talks about the things he loves. And in this moment, the contact of your hands on his holds an intimacy beyond description.
“This means more than you could ever imagine,” Malleus says.
“I have one, too. I had extra beads after making yours. So I made one with your nickname for me. We can match now, if you want,” you say, removing your hands from his grasp to rustle through your pants pocket and pull out your bracelet.
It is in the same colors, except now it says “child of man” in the same silver and black beads. Malleus gasps softly when he sees it, when he sees how the moonlight glints off of the plastic. He takes the bracelet from you and takes your hand again. He slips the elastic string onto your wrist with the same affection that a lover would slip an engagement ring onto the finger of their betrothed. It’s deeply emotional to a point where it feels silly. You’re both on the verge of tears over exchanging bead bracelets. He does not let go of your hand.
Wordlessly, he lifts your hand to his face, pressing his lips against the bump of your knuckle. Your breath catches in your throat.
“Thank you for this gift you’ve bestowed upon me. I will not remove it. You are kinder to me than anyone has been in centuries. I cannot thank you enough, child of man.” Fae do not often cry, but Malleus feels as if he might.
“I also have ice cream inside, if you want,” you offer, breaking him from his spell-like daze.
"Do you want me to stay? It's late," he says.
"Yes, of course I do. I got it just for you. You're always invited here," and he squeezes your hand, unaware that he's even doing so.
"In that case, it would be my pleasure," Malleus says. He is calm, yet sincere.
You walk hand-in-hand to the kitchen of Ramshackle, where a shoddy mini fridge resides on a countertop. You pull out two rectangles, white and wrapped in plastic.
"What kind of ice cream is this?" He sounds excited. You know it's his favorite food.
"It's ice cream sandwiches. They're Neapolitan, so it's vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry all together" and his excitement shows in his face, grateful as you offer him one.
You watch as he tears open the wrapper and sinks his pristinely white fangs into the chocolate cookie and ice cream. He quickly goes into another bite as you start to dig into yours. You can hear the beads on his wrist softly click against each other as his hand moves.
"So? Thoughts?" You ask, licking your lips of the remains of ice cream.
"I like it. I think the addition of all three flavors is unique. If you are more particularly interested in one flavor over the others, you can eat that one first. Or last, if you're so inclined. I prefer to eat my favorite part of a dish last, to savor it the most." You listen as he explains his ice cream preferences.
"Thank you, child of man. You have brought more joy to my life than you could ever know," and you smile. That smile that caused him to fall so hard.
"Could I request one more thing of you?" He asks.
"Yes of course, Tsunotarou," you say with that same smile.
"Could you stay by my side like this? I know about your desire to return home, but I cannot fathom a future without you." He is so tender and earnest in this request-slash-confession that you feel as if the world is just the two of you.
You have grown fond of this world. You looked at your future in your old world with a sense of looming dread. Now, that dread was finally replaced with hope. Despite everything, you were happy here. You had been planning to ask Crowley to cancel his efforts to return you home. You were going to break the news to Malleus after that, but now seemed like a better time.
“Of course I will. I was secretly hoping you’d ask. I know I miss my old world, but this world is kinder to me than that one ever was. I want to stay by your side, Malleus. I want to stay for as long as you’ll have me.” You are just as tender as he is and he perks up in joy.
“It would be an honor to have you with me. I will write home for my grandmother to set up the preparations,” he says, his smooth baritone voice filled to the brim with excitement.
“Preparations? For what?” You ask, slightly confused.
“Our arrival and the announcement of my future co-ruler of the Briar Valley.”
Tumblr media
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