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felony-bunny · 3 days
Mc: I bet you’re parents never had to worry about the sex talk with you because they could tell that you wouldn’t get any.
Ace: You smell like wet dog!
Mc: At least I can get bitchs wet.
Ace: I can’t even really be mad.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Azul: MC, someone is disrespecting me. Please take care of it.
MC: Oh. Is it not possible to talk it out?
Azul: You can see it for yourself.
MC: *opens the door to his office where his client is*
MC: *closes the door*
MC: Jade is already holding him.
Azul: Yes. But I like your style better.
MC: Mm. Okay. *enters the room*
Azul: *hears a loud slap*
MC: *comes out of the room* Done.
Azul: My, that was fast.
MC: I just need to make him shut his mouth, right?
Jade: *also exits the room*
Jade: He lost consciousness. That was ONE HARD SLAP. *chuckles*
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sunanthonyz · 2 days
I just spoiled the future plot for you
Don't thank me
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random-twst-things · 3 days
Tumblr media
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, all smiles: I prevented a murder today! 😄
Malleus: That's amazing my Child of Man, how did you do so?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, serious all of a sudden: Self-control 😶
Grimm, looking at Ace: ...
Ace: I didn't do nothin'!!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, slowly turning to Ace: Ya sure about that?
Ace: I'm 100% su-
Malleus: Choose your words wisely
Ace: -guilty! I- hahaha... Guilty...
Grimm: Great, now you get to live and Mc/Y/N/Yuu is happy with self-satisfaction!
Ace: ...damn it
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Dividers from/by @/cafekitsune
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ryllen · 2 days
Tumblr media
. (i)treasure(you)berries .
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kanroji-san · 3 days
Obanai!Yuu AU
Obanai!Yuu's status: In a Toxic relationship with, Leona, Riddle and Vil and in a Fun relationship with Malleus, Idia, Azul and Kalim.
Riddle: Excuse me?!?
Vil: The hell?!?!
Leona: Oh? We're official now?
Azul: @Leona I guess so
Malleus: 💕
Idia: Why!?!?
Kalim: Yay!!!!! We're Official!!!!
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cheekinpermission · 15 hours
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C'mon, Deuce... you were the chosen one!
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insxmniaxx · 2 days
Chapter 7 Malyuu:
Malleus: I would do anything for you.
MC/Yuu: Then can you please stop your overblotting and wake up the others?
Malleus: I would do almost anything for you.
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breadcheese444 · 4 hours
Tumblr media
ⓒ Diana_Slippery
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twst-lotte · 2 days
-ˋˏ𝐆𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
A little bit about Charlotte (info dump(?)) because I had some asks about her. So... Click the read more (⁠.⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠ᴗ⁠ ⁠❛⁠.⁠)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Charlotte is half Norwegian and half Galician.
She doesn't live with her parents.
It's believed that her whole family was cursed by a witch.
Her house is in the middle of a forest.
In her world, witches were real, and were haunted.
She has a birthmark.
She loves rainy and foggy days.
She can be pretty superstitious.
Her favorite drink is chamomile tea.
Her clothing style is whimsigoth mixed with fairygrunge.
Tumblr media
She's really into mythology and fairy tales.
She doesn't like coffee (because of its smell).
She knows how to read the tea leaves and tarot.
She loves chocolate but she doesn't really have a sweet tooth.
There's a horseshoe on Ramshackle's front door (that no one noticed).
She's always wearing more than one ring on her fingers.
She loves antiques.
If she isn't painting, she's either reading a book or tending to the garden.
She's a dog person, but she also likes cats.
One of her favorite flowers is gorse.
Tumblr media
•𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆𝒔, 𝒓𝒆𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒈𝒔 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒇𝒐𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅•
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ang1gang2ng3lobo · 2 days
Lilia: The shortest breakup record goes to MC and Malleus! Give them a round of applause!
MC and Malleus: ...
Silver: Father, would you even call it a breakup if it was only for 1.5 seconds?
Lilia: Yes.
Lilia: And the fact that Malleus folded first.
Malleus: *pouts*
MC: How did you even get to measure that?
Lilia: Your Mother Is carrying a stopwatch.
Clyde*With a Golden Stopwatch*
MC: . . . Where'd She Get A Stopwatch From!?
Clyde: Don't Question My Tactics Chérie
Silver*Looks At You*
Malleus*Glances At You*
Lilia*Look Anywhere Else But You*
Sebek*Peaking Around The Corner*
Sebek*Eye Twitches While Glaring At You*
MC*Looking Back At Clyde*
MC: . . . Sorry Mother
Clyde: It's Okay chérie . . .
Lilia, Silver, Malleus*Sigh In Relief*
Sebek*Walks Away With a Satisfied Hum*
(Be Glad She Excepted Your Apology)
(Or Else Sebek Would Have Done . . . Things)
(Sebek Loves His Mother And Father . . . And His Brother)
(He Respects You)
(But Don't Pull A Stunt Like That Again, He Would've Beat The Ever Living Shit Outta You For Disrespecting His Mother Like That)
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blondeaxolotl · 2 months
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The ace house
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harunayuuka2060 · 19 hours
Vil: There's no way you can summon a demon or whatever entity it is.
MC: I just showed the first-years?
Vil: It might be someone from RSA. Riddle's friend could do that.
Riddle: *nods in agreement*
MC: You're not really gonna believe me unless you see it for yourself, do you?
Vil: Yes. And I don't see the point why you would prank us, potato.
Riddle: It must be that they have been influenced by Ace and Deuce.
MC: ...
MC: Okay, fine. I'll summon one of them right now.
Vil: Go ahead. Convince us.
MC: *shrugs their shoulders* Mams? You free now? If you are, show yourself.
Mammon: *appears* I- Yo!!!!
Mammon: I thought Asmo was joking!
Vil and Riddle: ...
Mammon and MC: *hugs each other*
Mammon: How are ya'? Why did you disappear on us, huh?
MC: I'm doing good. Well, I don't know how this happened either.
Riddle and Vil: ...
MC: *looking at them* So... Does he look like someone from RSA, hm?
Mammon: Huh? What'cha talkin' about?
Vil: ...
Vil: He doesn't seem so...
Riddle: Who is he, MC?
MC: *clears throat* I proudly introduce to you, the most handsome, the smartest, the avatar of greed, the ADOOOOORABLE GREEEEEEAAAAAT MAAAAAAMMOOOOOOOOON!
Mammon: Oh yeah! Great Mammon is me!
Vil: What the heck-
Mammon: You should've added in your introduction that I'm your first.
MC: Oh, sheesh. My bad.
Riddle: ...
Riddle: And he is your boyfriend too?
MC: Ehhh kinda.
Vil: *is not impressed*
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zariyen · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
been working on some online shop stuff in my spare time, drew a quick rkgk of yuu and grim as little delivery guys to use for my thank you cards 🥺 i'll put these in orders that include twst related items 🥰🥰
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random-twst-things · 3 months
Tumblr media
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight moon.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu Goodnight tree.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Ace: We can see the ghosts too ya know?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, turning around very slowly to face Ace:
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Let me feel fucking special for once okay? 🙂
Ace: ...okay, so-rry 🫤
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: As I was saying *Turning around towards the big window*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: and goodnight to the tall man with horns who watches me sleep every night
Ace, whipping his head around so fast he could break his neck: IM SORRY, THE WHAT?!
Malleus, outside the window: Goodnight my child of man ☺️ *waving*
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Dividers from @/cafekitsune
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ryllen · 1 month
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thank you for working hard x
Tumblr media
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