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ryllen · 2 days
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the privilege the game lets him have
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
MC: I'm having this ominous feeling.
Riddle: Yes. Me too.
Floyd: *who's standing just right behind them*
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random-twst-things · 2 days
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*After watching a horror movie in Mc/Y/N/Yuu's room*
Ace: That had so much gore dude
Deuce: I had no idea so much blood could squirt out from such a small cut
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: well, it probably hit an important vien so
Deuce: true, it was a great movie though
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Yep, but I don't get how you'd yet nightmares from this movie like the reviews said
The TV: ["based on a true story"]
Ace: ....
Deuce: oh...
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I can see why now
Ace: well, um *loud ass gulp* th- the killers probably already dead now ya know? Its- its been years already haha hah
The TV: ["The killer was never caught, and it's said he is still on the loose"]
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Well, for the sake of my peace and mind I'm going to pretend I didn't read that
Grim, sleeping peacefully in Mc/Y/N/Yuu's lap, completely unaware: 😴
Ace: ....uh *Visibly shaking* well i- we should uh- go to our dorm now ...
Deuce: ..I uh- I was thinking maybe we could- we could stay over for uh- a sleepover? 😀 *Shaking Visibly as well*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: ....Okay, extra protection and bait would be nice 🙂
Ace: BAIT?!
Deuce: don't worry perfect! We'll protect you! *Still shaking*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, at the light switch, caring Grim: I'm going to sleep, BYEEEEeeee...
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, running down the hall as they turn off the lights:
Ace/Deuce, screeching: WAAAAAAITTT!!!!!
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hikaru4520 · 3 days
MC: How old is your mom,Deuce?
Deuce: Too old for you
Deuce: And she's married (single)
Deuce: Stay away from my mother,guys
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skyyletai · 2 days
nrc students when they found out Yuu's gender:
P.s. dude shouts: "WOMAN😨🥶😵😱😰😨😫😫😩"
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fungifanart · 3 days
:3c i saw reqs were open! could i ask for a male reader x ace where reader wakes up from a bad dream but is comforted by ace without him waking up... like he's just hugging them and sleeptalking and it helps the reader get back to sleep too. ;w; ty!!
Task Failed Successfully?
Characters: Male reader, Yuu!reader, Ace Trappola
CW: Nightmares, hurt/comfort
Word count: 401
Notes: Of course you can! Thank you very much!
Bolting upright in your shared bed, you feel your senses bring you back to reality as memories of the horrific scene your unconscious mind had conjured replays in your now VERY conscious mind and a cold sweat runs down your face.
You honestly don't know why you're surprised at this point. Having nightmares every so often is bound to happen after everything you've gone through. If anything, you're surprised that you aren't having nightmares about all the overblots you've endured EVERY night. Small blessings, you suppose.
However, just because they don't happen as often as they could doesn't mean they don't shake you to your core when they do.
You find yourself rocking back and forth in bed with your trembling hands wrapped around your shoulders and tears pooling at the edges of your eyes until you feel movement from beside you and a voice breaks the silence.
“C'mon babe…don't be like that…” You hear your boyfriend say while wrapping a lazy hand around your waist.
“A-Ace…?” You whisper, thinking you must have woken him up by accident and not wanting to wake Grim up as well as said boyfriend pulls himself closer to you.
“I'll buy you and Grim as much ice cream as you want…just don't get all pouty with me…” Ace says in slurred speech.
Looking more closely, you notice that Ace's eyes are still closed, meaning that he's talking in his sleep right now.
“I'll even get you that rabbit’s foot…and you can dance around like a jumping jack…” He says, causing you to snicker involuntarily.
Stifling your laughs with a hand over your mouth, you can't help but wonder what the other man could possibly be dreaming about to make him say these things.
“Anything for my handsome boyfriend…so please…don't cry…” Ace says sincerely, catching you off-guard.
Even in his dreams, Ace is still trying to comfort you?
You feel your heart swell as whatever fear you're still feeling melts away entirely and you lay back down to let him fully wrap his arms around you.
“I love you…Y/n…” He says, the moment only slightly ruined by the drool coming out of his mouth.
You feel yourself smile all the same and lean over to press a soft kiss on your boyfriend's forehead, “I love you too, Ace.” You say as you close your eyes and drift off into a much more peaceful sleep.
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Which dorm would you be sorted in ? (Twisted Wonderland)
I saw something like this so I wanted to do it too, thx for the idea !
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nami-moittli · 2 days
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yukimisouzou-kim · 2 days
[Re-Upload] A Happy Birthday to Yuu
At December 5th, Yuu (my twst OC) was born...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
At first, he was with his mother. And then, his first love.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And then... There was no one...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But now... He has his friends.
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sunanthonyz · 2 months
Two sides of the
💕 Twisted Wonderland fandom 💕
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twistedtrashposts · 2 months
Rollo: It must be taxing, living among mages.
MC: Oh boy, you don't even know. Six of them have tried to kill me :D Four of them are here now.
MC: Well, five and three, I guess. Idia's wasn't personal. I was just kind of there.
Idia: HA, I WIN-
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kiss him a little
Tumblr media
before sending him to war
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
MC: I tried hugging Malleus from behind and I almost kissed his ass.
Lilia: But that wouldn't be a bad thing if you actually did.
MC: ...
MC: Thanks for being supportive, Lilia.
Lilia: No problem.
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Canon Yuu
I saw a post about Yuu and canon facts about them so I went through all the character voice lines and picked out all the other facts I could find. Some will be a repeat of what’s mentioned in the original post, which you’ll find here. I may update it as the game and manga progress.
I hyper fixated HARD on this.
Last Update: 11.13.2023 | recently added info will be bolded
Yuusona Bingo
You have no idea how happy you’re all making me <3333
Yuu likes initiating physical contact. They’ve poked at Riddle and Leona’s tsum a lot. They’ve also poked at Leona, Ortho, Kalim (tickling him in the process), Jack’s sides, Deuce (twice), Floyd, and Epel. Yuu tugged on Riddle’s sleeve during a lab class, Leona while camping, Kalim’s ceremonial robes headdress, Trey’s Halloween veil, Sebek’s sleeve (much to his dismay), and Vil. They’ve pulled at Jack’s ceremonial robes and Ace’s arm. Vil teases Yuu in a voice line saying that he can’t fault their overwhelming desire to touch him given his alluring beauty. They touch Malleus and he teases that if they continue to do so, Sebek would throw a fit. Malleus welcomes Yuu to touch his horns. Yuu also touches him without shrinking in fear. They wanted to touch/hold Jamil’s gala couture corsage, he also asks if touching is customary where Yuu is from. Yuu has almost touched Ortho’s heat exhaust and even managed to tickle him. Yuu kept clinging to Lilia during lab class in hopes he’d tutor them. Floyd called Yuu a barnacle which may suggest they kept clinging to him. They kept touching Jack’s Halloween costume which made him worry the shells would fall off. They pet Cater’s tsum WHILE looking at him, which gave Cater mixed signals. Deuce complained once how they were getting handsy with him. They’ve tickled Floyd—who promised to get them back. They played with Floyd’s tsum. They straightened Epel’s ribbon (Ghost Bride) without warning him and Silver’s horned hat during Halloween. They scratched under Grim’s chin without asking.
Yuu attends every character’ birthday celebration and always seems to have a good time.
Yuu has a knack for dancing.
Yuu has the habit of staring at other people, just about every character calls them out on it.
Yuu had difficulty with basic lab textbook questions, which may be expected since they’re not from Twisted Wonderland.
Yuu wears makeup, at least to ceremonies.
Yuu thinks the amount of traditional events NRC has is unusual.
Yuu asks for help with studying and homework from their friends—at least the better educated ones.
Yuu appears to be someone who gets anxious at ceremonies. Trey had to tell them to stand still and stay quiet, implying they get fidgety and restless. Ruggie teased Yuu about how they squirmed in preparation for a ceremony. He was also rushed by Yuu who feared they wouldn’t make it to the ceremony in time. Jamil had to guide Yuu in taking deep breaths when they were anxious, he also points out they were fidgety.
Many characters have commented on Yuu’s diligence.
Based on dialogue, Yuu is quick to pass snarky/sarcastic responses.
Yuu seemed to adapt to Twisted Wonderland fairly quickly. When they saw Jack for the first time, they can make a comment about how he has dog ears and a tail in a seemingly (distant?) tone. They never pointed out or questioned Malleus’ horns. Reminder they freaked out when they first saw Grim, before any other character, so they’ve grown accustomed to the strangeness of NRC.
Yuu was once able to play with Leona’s tail. Yuu grabbed Ruggie’s tail during his birthday. They grabbed Jack’s tail, too. They tried to grab Malleus’ tail during Halloween but he wouldn't let them in fear it would send Yuu flying.
There’s a good chance Yuu tends to fall asleep in class. Jack promises to wake them up if they do, commenting that he can’t focus when someone is dozing off next to him. Trey reminds them that he won’t wake them up if they fall asleep. Ace caught Yuu dozing off once.
Yuu isn’t very good at keeping their attire in place. It’s pointed out by a handful of characters, and even in the main story. The hood of their robe was once inside out during a ceremony. The collar of their PE uniform was all wonky. Vil has even said the uniform is a bit too big and makes them look sloppy— and that their labwear was wrinkled. Trey says it looks like the school uniform is wearing them.
Yuu doesn’t really know how to behave/carry themselves in formal situations.
Yuu had an awful bed-head while camping.
Yuu seemed excited about the Beanfest event. Jack says that they’re “pretty gung-ho” about it. Apparently there’s a tale similar to Beanfest where Yuu hails from. Yuu wanted to team with Azul during the event. Jamil said they were very into it. Vil complimented Yuu’s skills during Beanfest but was quick to shut down their excitement. He also comments that Yuu is surprisingly good at the event. Yuu was confronted by Rook and feigned surrender. Based on other voice lines, it seems Rook hunted Yuu at some point.
It can be interpreted that the freshmen get together at Ramshackle.
Yuu is serious about helping Grim become a great sorcerer.
Yuu is easy to scare, many characters got the drop on them during Halloween. You didn’t seem to get them back with much success.
A few characters comment how/if Yuu has grown used to living in Twisted Wonderland.
Not necessarily a Yuu fact, but Ramshackle gets lots of snow during the winter.
Yuu can come off as a boisterous person at times.
Yuu is not fazed by Riddle’s temper/behavior.
Ace regularly invites Yuu to his basketball games.
Cater gave Yuu a ticket to the Pop Music Club’s show.
Yuu is apparently homesick, something they confide in Cater with at least twice.
During their visit to the Scalding Sands, Yuu got worn out by the crowds. Cater took them aside to sit and rest.
Cater doesn’t know what’s going through Yuu’s head.
Based on a few voice lines, Yuu is very familiar with Cater. To a point where he reminds them that he is an upperclassman that deserves respect.
Ace, Deuce, and Cater are both disappointed to an extent that Yuu isn’t in Heartslabyul.
In some of his ceremonial robe lines, Leona suggests he and Yuu ditch.
Yuu gave Leona candy during Halloween hoping it might make him happier.
Yuu is relaxed around Leona.
Yuu tried to sneak up on Leona to surprise him on his birthday, but he noticed them before they could jump out.
Yuu liked Leona’s gala couture.
Because Grim ate their food during the camp event, they went to Ruggie for spare food.
Ruggie comments on how the other campers can’t pitch a tent or start a fire, this may or may not have included Yuu.
Azul has said Yuu has a tender disposition.
According to Azul, Yuu seems to have a good time during flight class.
Azul doesn’t believe them to have a good singing voice.
Jade has teased Yuu, calling them a mischief-maker.
Yuu wished to climb Mount Molm during the Harveston event, but Jade told them to start with a smaller climb—saying snowy mountains were dangerous.
Yuu isn’t good at plating food. Floyd finds this very funny.
Yuu told Kalim during culinary crucible that they liked his food. But since Kalim’s meals tend to come out a little… crisp and messy, they may just be saying it so as to not hurt his feelings.
Jamil thinks(?) Yuu has an acute sense of smell as they were able to find him preparing a light snack for Kalim.
Yuu thought Jamil was being insincere when he thanked them for celebrating his birthday.
Yuu got a bunch of sauce on their face in the Scalding Sands, something Jamil subtly teased them for.
Yuu sees Jamil as a voice of reason in almost every situation.
Yuu complimented Jamil on his fairy couture which made him feel a little better.
A voice line from Jamil mentions Yuu wears a uniform to school and that it’s “nice in its own right”. This could mean that Yuu’s school uniform is old/a hand-me-down and isn’t necessarily like everyone else’s.
Yuu thinks Rook is a bit odd.
Yuu confided in Rook saying they get embarrassed when they’re sweaty.
Yuu wanted to ride on a horse with Epel during the Ghost Bride event.
Yuu got giddy when it began to snow, a detail Idia pointed out during the Harveston event.
According to Idia, Yuu is a friend to introverts and someone he can count on.
Yuu wanted to wear Idia’s suitor suit attire.
Malleus says Yuu always seems to attract a crowd, but that’s a given since they’re the main character.
When Malleus says a plate in the Scalding Sands possesses a recently made design, Yuu tells him that it’s an antique. Either Yuu has studied Scalding Sands history before visiting or the antiques of Twisted Wonderland are similar to those in Yuu’s world.
Malleus once said, maybe sometime in Book Three, that Yuu was not as innocent as their doe-eyes would suggest.
Yuu once wanted to see Malleus dressed in his ceremonial robes, so he wore it just for them.
A line suggests that Yuu lingered around and focused on Malleus during his birthday party.
As thanks for participating in his birthday party, Malleus invited Yuu to visit about ten ruins.
Yuu wanted to hear an earnest proposal from Lilia during the Ghost Bride event.
There’s a very real possibility Lilia gave Yuu a piggyback ride during Halloween.
When Sebek chastised Grim’s gluttonous behavior, Yuu seemingly gave him a dirty look.
Yuu had difficulty handling Harveston sleds, leading Sebek to brag about how he could do so with ease.
Silver has said Yuu worries too much about those around them.
Silver thinks Yuu has some talent with a sword.
Judging by a voice line from Professor Crewel, Yuu isn't that good academically and may be close to failing his class. He also says they and Grim are his biggest troublemakers.
On the contrary, Professor Trein says during the Glorious Masquerade that he doesn’t worry about Yuu and Grim. (I theorize the following: Crewel’s classes are based in magic, a feat Yuu doesn’t have. Therefore they’re likely to sit on the side as Grim does the lessons assigned. But knowing Grim, he causes trouble in class. Since Yuu and Grim count as one student, Crewel assumes that they’re both rowdy. Meanwhile, Yuu is able to participate in Trein’s classes, which are more traditional with studying and tests. Yuu is in tune with this method and can therefore excel, while Grim can’t as he wasn’t raised alongside humans. Crewel gets the wild half and Trein gets the responsible half.)
Yuu has the option to buy woven bands during the Glorious Masquerade event.
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mee-op · 4 months
Facts about in-game Yuu (Twisted Wonderland):
This is an ongoing the list and will be updated when there's new information. I'm not caught up w/ chap 6 and I'm not very perceptive. This list will probably be a lot longer if anyone could add to it in the comments, tags & reblogs! All help is very much appreciated plz i wanna know more about yuu Last but not least, some of these might be a stretch/be slightly incorrect so bare w/ me plz :]
They've been good friends with Heartslabyul ever since Book 1.
They're forgiving/don't hold any bad blood with the people who've overblotted (at least on the outside).
According to the Harveston event, they can play the flute.
They don't like bringing up the fact that they might go back to their world (Deuce's Wishing Star vignette).
Many people seem to consider them a "goody-two shoes" (Leona, Ruggie).
A good listener.
Based off of Malleus' interactions with them, Yuu talks to him a lot more off-screen as Malleus states that he values their opinions.
Loves Grim to hell and back.
It's implied that Yuu invites Malleus over frequently enough that he visits unprompted.
They can be snarky and brutally honest when they're pushed into it.
Comes up with stupid plans that nobody believes will work but it somehow does.
They're insecure about not having any magic.
They want to be able to help their friends.
Has a sense of self-preservation.
Does not actively seek out danger (*cough* om mc *cough*).
They've cleaned up Ramshackle since living there, however, it still looks "abandoned & ancient" on the outside.
Crowley doesn't give them more money than "needed".
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*if i'm not mistaken, i think stamens is meant to be stamina? @milkygalait-blog plz correct me if im wrong :]
They don't know much about mushrooms (Floyd's Camp Vargas vignette).
Tumblr media
They're very patient.
Used to be afraid of ghosts until they got to Twisted Wonderland.
They adapt to new/difficult situations quickly and calmly.
They don't complain much.
Very much so the silent type.
The audience doesn't really see anyone helping them out with their situation, so I assume they fix most of their problems themselves.
They don't have any memories of the Great Seven prior to coming to Twisted Wonderland.
Fluctuates between being observant and not noticing really basic stuff.
Doesn't hesitate to say cheesy things.
Keeps calm in harsh situations.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is @darkscorpiox list on other Yuu facts.
Here is @starsilluminateourgalaxy list on other Yuu facts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 4 months
Sly fur ball
You can’t sit here and tell me that Stitch didn’t know that he was making the boys jealous
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at that smug smile 😂 He knows he’s adorable
Tumblr media
Well it seems to have worked on Grimm. Our baby boy thinks he’s getting replaced 😂
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