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valentines-blogg · 21 hours
New piece guys
Sorry for not being as active or posting much :( But I hope you guys enjoy this one :)
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luxthestrange · 5 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#218 Its on SIGHT
Neige*nervously approaching Yuu* Heyyyy… you…!
Yuu: Oh, hey. You’re one of those RSA students whose school is enemies of my freaky classmates
Neige: Yeah*chuckles* Sorry if that’s weird
Yuu: It’s cool. their beef ain’t mine, I’m not paid enough to care...
Neige*nervously* Yeah! Yeah. I’m Neige!
Yuu: Okay. *mimics his nervous tone and smile* I’m Yuu!
Neige: That’s hot-... I mean!, like, literally, y'know, it's getting hot!... y'know, Probably. Right? *bites lip nervously*
Yuu: Uh, yeah?*chuckles and shrugs at him* I guess, But my friends call me Shrimpy/Potato/Herbivore
Neige: Oh, yeah? I wish I had friends! *chuckles nervously* I mean... No, I mean, I don’t... I… I don’t have friends?*Almost wants to hide away from further embarrassing himself*
Crowley arrives and stands between them
Crowley: Am I... interrupting something?*His Dad senses were tingling*"NOT ANOTHER THE BOYS OF MY COLLEGE WAS BAD NOT RSA NOW"
Neige: No, sir Just having a conversation*Confused why the Headmage appeared all of a sudden*
Crowley: “Conversation” leads to HPV!*Poking Neige's chest with a glare*
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who wants more of this?
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idiot-caricigarette · 10 days
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Neige 🍎
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Glorious masquerade forced my hand to make a legit ref for Quirrell so now you get my silly ocs hehe
I never know how to caption these but yea the Rapunzel kid is named Raphael
I also dk how to write malleus yet so he's prolly ooc but them being friends is like a primary need for me now
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br3adtoasty · 1 month
Giacomo Rondino
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Template by @piraticusdorm
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・
Japanese Name ジャコモ・ロンディーノ
Twisted From Jacquimo/The Swallow from the book Thumbelina
Voiceclaim Daiki Yamashita
Gender Male (he/they)
Sexuality Demiromantic
Age 17
Homeland Shaftlands
Family Mother, Father
School Year Second
Club Environmental Club
Best Subject Music
Dominant Hand Right
Favorite Food Jambalaya
Least Favorite Food Orzotto
Dislike Being sick/his chronic illness, winter
Hobby Encouraging people, romance novels
Unique Magic: Not found yet
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・
Growing up hasn’t been the easiest thing for Giaco. Due to his extremely weak body, he would often spend his time cooped up inside his small room, unable to assert too much of his strength. They would pass the days and nights by reading many storybooks that their extensive library provided. Reading and feeling what the protagonists felt, getting caught up in cliffhangers, he couldn’t help but wish for more. This would be where they fell in love with storytelling itself.
Many years passed, but his passion for fairytales never faltered. Since then, his condition has gotten a lot better and he’s now able to venture and explore the outside world. With this newfound freedom, he has made many friends and helped them with finding their own passion. Especially in a romantic sense, as there’s nothing that brings him more joy than seeing couples getting their Happy Ends. But as for his own love life… Let’s change the subject, shall we?
As an idealist, Giaco delights in aiding others to reach their goals. He believes anyone can achieve anything, even the impossible, if they follow their heart. It’s no wonder why he gets along so well with Tom, his neighbor and childhood best friend.
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kimbap-r0ll · 8 months
NRC vs RSA sports event where it’s the archery competition, Yuu pulls a Merida(have you watched Brave?) strikes every target, and gives the RSA team the middle finger(because in the medieval period archers would stick up the middle finger at their enemies to taunt them, no really it’s a true story), not bad from NRC’s only “fair maiden” eh?
Ooh this would cause the entirety of NRC to go wild! I love the movie Brave, the soundtrack especially. The scene that you mention about Merida was one of my favorites as well!
I can imagine some stuck up RSA students telling NRC "you never win, and now you're bringing in a magic-less person into the tournaments?" Ace and Deuce probably don't take that nicely, nor does Grim! Let's hope there's no fistfighting before the tournaments haha.
But when Yuu goes up for their turn, the entire arena goes silent. Everyone's holding their breaths. Thankfully, Yuu was good at aiming and had gotten practice with Rook. But now, the entire world seemed to be watching them.
The first arrow is shot. It's a bull's eye. Then the next, then the final third one appears in front of the prefect. The crowd has been awed at how good the prefect is! But this time, Yuu probably takes in a deep breath and shoots the final arrow RIGHT THROUGH the arrow that an RSA student shot earlier. Like, piercing the arrow and into the center.
The crowd goes wild. Everyone's freaking out at how awesome that was. "HAH SEE! LOOK AT US GO YA SNOBS!" Ace and Epel are probably shouting at the RSA students and whooping. Yuu sees a pleasant smile on Leona and Riddle's faces while Kalim is shaking Jamil because he's so excited.
Overall, expect to get maybe a day off from Crowley because he's "so kind" and they did a great job one upping RSA and giving them the middle finger. Speaking of which, Yuu did give them a middle finger while walking off. NRC went "OOOHH!!" like really loudly while some students did the same. In conclusion, very chaotic, but very happy.
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Twst Mirable Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Damn it.." You curse underneath your breath, noticing the small tear in your bag. Remembering the previous day before, where Ace had set it aflame on accident with his magic. Then Deuce using his unique magic to try to get back at Ace. Which still had your bag be covered in flames. You were just glad Kalim was around and doused out the flame.
You were surprised for it to still be in tact and not a pile of ashes. The bag now only looked like it went through hell, twice.
The tear was.. A bit big, you were thankful the bag wasn't coming undone. But you still had to walk all the way back to the campus with the fear of the fabric finally meeting its end.
Why did Sam's supply of Tuna have to come in shipment tomorrow!?
Grumbling at your luck, you try to think of quick solution.
Buy a new bag?
No, you only brought enough mora for tuna and maybe a snack for yourself and Yuu.
What else-
Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a loud collision.
Turning your head, you notice a guy accidentally bumping into another person while holding tons of bags in his arms. Teetering back and forth as he tries to waddle forward.
A small bag that was placed on top of the mountain of things he held fell to the ground next your feet. Picking it up, you watch the teen carefully go on about there day. Unknown to them one of there items were missing.
Picking up the bag, you call out to them, quickly striding over as they paused in their steps.
"Oh! Thank you!" You hear them cheer, but couldn't make out their face, mostly due to it being hidden because of the items.
"No problem.. Do you want me to help you carry some of those things? They look pretty heavy." You ask politely, feeling bad for the poor boy and his arms.
"Nope! Don't worry! I got it." He huffed, maneuvering past you.
You watch him walk off as more items fall. You sigh in agitation, reminding you of your vice-leader, Yuu.
You follow after them and pick up the fallen items as the two of you reach the main destination.
The entrance to Royal Sword Academy.
"Uh-oh.." You whisper, as the pile of items the male carried started teeter back and fourth before finally landing on... You, apparently.
With a squeal of fright, the items buried you as try to move away.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" He yelled, helping to dig you out of your soon to be grave. When your head reached the surface, your suprised by a unhappy face that greeted you.
"Why were you following me and are you okay?"
After explaining what happened, he thanked you as the two of you pick up the fallen items.
"What's your name?"
"{Twst Mirabel}," he stated, pushing up his glasses with a bright smile while picking up a bag unfamiliar to him. "Aw, this poor bag. What happened to it?"
"That one's mine, my friends messed it up." You state, picking up the last bag.
"So, where do we drop these off?"
"Let's head up to my dorm room, we can place the bags there."
"Oi! (Y/N)!"
"What's up Grim?" You ask, patting down your apron as Yuu pulls out the bread in the oven.
Grim, who was looking at the bag of goodies he received from your trip stares at you and Yuu. Before looking back at the bag.
"There's a mini Yuu and you in this bag, and the great Grim himself. Plus someone I've never seen before." The firey cat questions, pulling out the small dolls from your freshly stitched and embroidered bag.
"That's from friend of mine, you can play with them after dinner, but don't burn them."
[I know it's a year late, but here you go ya'll! Get ready for more ideas! Also, I appreciate comments and asks!!]
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royalswordacademy · 4 months
𝚂𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛, 𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚢, 𝚒𝚌𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚎𝚊.
Azul and Tiago (twst! Tiana OC) compete for your affections, but you're too tired to care. Being stuck in Twisted Wonderland can be draining, y'know?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Smells and aromas that could only be from the heavens themselves enveloped you the moment you stepped foot into the new little restaurant you started to frequent as of late, much to the chagrin of your NRC friends. As much as you enjoyed being there, the boys in that school could be very... draining, to say the least. By sheer and complete accident did you stumble upon a cheery and merry group of RSA students while you were in town buying some necessities, only to be warmly welcomed by each and every one of them.
Tiago was always polite and kind to you, but there was a sudden shift in his attitude after the first few weeks of spending time with him, especially if you were alone. He always had that "big brother" energy going on for him, his chocolate brown eyes always shining brightly whenever someone came running towards him, be it because they needed advice, a shoulder to cry on or just simple company. A part of you always felt a little bad for Tiago so you made it a point to never come to him unless it was absolutely necessary. On one fine spring day you casually voiced your thoughts out loud to him:
"You're very kind, but it wouldn't kill you to show some of that kindness to yourself once upon a blue moon."
It was at that very moment did Tiago feel like an arrow was shot straight into his heart - he could never go back. His crush started out simple enough but as time went on you continued to visit the Luscious Lotus a few times a week and it was always the highlight of Tiago's day.
Azul Ashengrotto soon heard of your little adventures though and was not too keen on the idea of you spending time in the "enemy" school.
Azul being Azul, naturally tried to make it out like he was looking out for your best interest, how the students at the pompous academy were going to hurt you in some way or the other. No need to go to that flimsy restaurant when you have the Mostro Lounge, look, you can even get something for free, his treat!
You would sigh and simply walk away. It took you a while to notice but you weren't stupid. The two obviously had some sort of affection for you and it was starting to get out of hand. Azul would hound you constantly but you were always unable to completely turn him away as you did feel have an inkling of a soft spot for the merman. You knew all to well about his insecurities and you reasoned with yourself that if you were in his shoes you'd be doing the exact same thing he was doing. No one wants to lose a friend after all.
It was a somewhat similar case with Tiago - how could you possibly shoot him down?
Both boys did their best to bribe you with their food and services, it was difficult to manage and divide time for the two of them.
One day however, a random flu hit you, making you unable to leave your bed for a whole week. Aside from the fact that Grim had to take care of you, things went smoothly, especially with the tasty meals that were being sent your way and plenty of other knickknacks.
What were you to do with them?
Tumblr media
❤️ TAGS: @xinhs, @glass-of-memories
After a million years I posted it. Go me!
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blushing-concubus · 6 months
I can imagine Cinder just praising and complimenting how kind and cool Yuu is and how great they are with animals to the other RSA students, meanwhile Yuu is just discussing all the ways to get revenge on Crowley with Grimm and the rats.
~Sin anon
The duality of thier relationship is enough to give people whiplash.
Cinder: endearing, brave, naive - a text book hero
Yuu: vengeful, immune to fear, terrifyingly smart - a menace to society
Cinder makes Yuu sound so nice to be around, but then they just look over at what's happening at NRC and think he's lost it.
Like dude, they're trying to murder the headmage with rats for Seven sake! Everyone tries to convince him he can find someone better, someone not unhinged and out for blood, but Cinder is in love and he refuses to listen.
He actually has to go back to NRC soon because he 'accidentally' left a shoe there, whoops.
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peskygirl13 · 11 months
Twisted Wonderland Original Characters
Esmerellis “Esme” Danserai
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Esmerellis is a third year at RSA. He lived in the Rose Kingdom when he was little, but after his parents died he was put under the care of his Uncle who traveled a lot. He hasn’t settled down in one place since he was very young. 
Esmerellis is 19. Like Ruggie he comes from a very poor family. When he was first presented with the opportunity to join RSA at 16, he declined to stay and help take care of his Uncle. The next year when he was 17, he was presented the opportunity again and decided to take it with some persuading from his Uncle.
Fun Facts: 
He’s apart of the “Aladdin Dorm” at RSA (or whatever dorm is the opposite of Scarabia) and has a slight dancing rivalry with Jamil. He does get along with Kalim, however. (Think of the “You’re stupid. I like that in a man.” meme. That’s their relationship.)
Esmerellis has gotten a piece of jewelry from every place he’s ever lived.
He does have a goat familiar, but I haven’t decided a name for it yet. It’ll either be Delilah or Achilles.
His birthday is June 19th.
His Unique Magic is “Dance la Esmerellis.” Somewhat similar to Ruggie’s Unique Magic, he can control the movements of others whenever he plays his tambourine. 
If you are familiar with @wolken-himmel​ then you know that they also have a Twst oc based off of Esmerelda. 
By no means am I trying to copy them or their work. This was an idea I’ve had on my mind for a while. 
I do like the name Esme that they came up with, but I didn’t want to copy it. That’s why his full name is “Esmerellis” and “Esme” is just a nickname that a few people call him.
Tonio Paddison
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tonio is a second year at RSA. He was raised by his Mother and Grandmother in Port o’ Bliss after his father passed away. He’s Sam’s cousin and maintains a brotherly-relationship with him. Sam taught Tonio everything he knows about business and, before joining RSA, Tonio worked part time at Sam’s Shop at NRC to raise money. Because of this, several third year students at NRC know Tonio (and slightly resent him for going to RSA instead of NRC).
Tonio almost rejected going to RSA, not wanting to leave his mom and grandma, but they wouldn’t let him pass up an opportunity like this. Especially since his grandmother is a very powerful mage and he would excel in magic if given the chance.
Fun Facts: 
He is a member of the “Ariel Dorm” at RSA  (or whatever dorm is the opposite of Octavinelle/Whatever dorm Rielle is in).
In his first year, he helped out in the cafeteria for extra money and his food was so popular, that Ambrose allowed him to open his own restaurant at RSA as long as 10% goes toward the school. Tonio saves most of his funds, but does send some money to his Grandma and Mother.
He and Azul are business rivals.
His Birthday is November 12th. 
He has yet to discover his Unique Magic because he hadn’t explored his magic much until joining RSA, instead focusing solely on academics and working.
Rashad Al-Jasim
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rashad is a second year at RSA. He’s from the land of Hot Sands and is Kalim’s cousin. He’s apart of Kalim’s family that is royal and unlike Kalim he’s an only child because his mom passed away when he was young and his father never remarried. Because of this, he’s very close to Kalim and views him as a brother. 
Unlike Kalim, Rashad isn’t naïve and notices Jamil’s resentment. Rashad doesn’t like Jamil because of this, but is at least cordial with him and does have sympathy for this family’s situation. 
Fun Facts: 
He’s apart of the “Aladdin Dorm” at RSA (or whatever dorm is the opposite of Scarabia) with Esmerellis and finds him interesting.
He forbade his father from using any influence on the school to gain him favor (Not that Ambrose would take a bribe, unlike Crowley).
Like Kalim likes elephants, Rashad likes peacocks
He has an orange cat familiar named Rayah (rye-ah).
He doesn’t like people knowing he’s royalty/wealthy, so he doesn’t wear much jewelry. 
His birthday is November 25th
His Unique Magic is “Genie in a Bottle.” He can temporality make someone’s wish come true, but only for a short period of time. The bigger the wish, the sooner time runs out.
I did my best to make Rashad as culturally accurate as I could while still keeping the Disney flair, but if something about his design is inaccurate or insulting please let me know and I will more than happy to fix it.
Rhyme Rosehearts
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rhyme is a first year at RSA and is Riddle’s younger brother. When their parents divorced Rhyme went with their father while Riddle stayed with their mother. He didn’t get to see or talk to Riddle much after the divorce, but still tried to keep tabs on his older brother.
Once they both started RSA and NRC, Rhyme was able to officially start contacting Riddle again through letters, but Riddle never responded until after his overblot when he started to take control back from their mother. 
Fun Facts: 
He’s a member of the “Alice Dorm” at RSA (or whatever dorm is the opposite of Heartslabyul/He’s in whatever dorm Che’nya is in). 
He’s more of a free spirit than Riddle since he didn’t live under their mother’s thumb like his brother and has a huge amount of curiosity. He isn’t afraid to ask questions or admit he doesn’t know something.
Che’nya immediately knew that Rhyme was Riddle’s brother and when he told Rhyme that he knew Riddle when they were kids, Rhyme asked Che’nya to tell him everything. That’s how Rhyme knows so much about Riddle after they were separated.
Like Riddle likes hedgehogs, Rhyme likes mice. 
He has a mouse familiar named Earl Grey.
His Birthday is May 4th.
His Unique Magic is “Pass the Sword.” He can give anyone but himself a power up that helps them get stronger, but it loses affect if Rhyme hurts someone. 
I know that Azul’s parents are divorced, but I can’t remember if Riddle said that his parents were divorced or not since he only mentioned his mother in his overblot flashback. If nothing else, I know his parents likely don’t like each other much (it’s somewhat implied in his Ghost Marriage card), so let’s just say they’re divorced.
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vaporvipermedia · 4 months
Hey! Guess who’s back from the dead? I finally got some free time before finals week comes around! And while I was in class I suddenly had an idea I wanted to bring to life. Since the Bloom Broom outfits inspired to make RSA birthday outfits as well! So I went through a lot of trial and error but finally came the result I wanted!
Now feast your eyes on…
Tumblr media
Without Coat:
Tumblr media
Without Ribbon Sash:
Tumblr media
Crown Ref:
Tumblr media
After I finished the outfits, I started to think “How would the Happily Ever Afterparty go?” So here is what I thought of:
👑: Once an RSA student finishes getting into their attire, they are then escorted outside where a pumpkin shaped horse carriage will be waiting to send them out to Isle of Sages. 👑: While inside the student will then be interviewed by a character (of your choice) while heading to the Isle.
Tumblr media
👑: When arriving at the Isle of Sages, they are greeted by the cheers of the villagers and other RSA students who greet them with bouquets reflecting their personality and as a welcoming gift.
👑: The village square would be decorated for the event where there will be banners of the student’s name saying “A HAPPILY EVER AFTER TO [BLANK]”
👑: So many deserts will be lined up for the birthday student and the people who visit the party. (Of course there will be food catered their too but come on I have a sweet tooth!!)
👑: Later on in the night there will be a dance party for the birthday student and they can choose what music they wished to be played. And can choose who they wish to dance with!
👑: When the party is almost to a close, the student will then be gifted a crown with their birthday’s date engraved on the jewel occupying it.
👑: Along with the crown they will also be bestowed with a sheathed sword gifted by the school itself. (Yes they basically get a free sword, it’s their choice to make it a decoration in their room or an actual self defense weapon they carry around.)
👑: The party will end with fireworks as the birthday student rides in their carriage to RSA with lots of gifts, flowers and sword all in hand.
I’m so happy to complete this! Maybe if you’re interested you can draw your fabulous RSA ocs in this wonderful outfit! Hopefully they’ll have a birthday to remember!💕✨
In case you’re interested:
-You can add charms to or pins to your character’s afterparty outfits -The sword can be as big or thin as you want it to be! You can design however you want the sheath to look like and even change the color of the blade to match your character’s aesthetic! The only thing I kinda recommend is adding a jewel in the middle of the sword hilt because…FANCY!🥴 -And that’s really it! Have fun!!!!
Reblogs are very hot and attractive…Just like you
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luxthestrange · 5 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#214 Spicy Food
Yuu*accidentally eats something too spicy so their eyes start to water* Niege: Yuu, look at me. It's okay. I would die for you, I love you so much, You're the best person I know! Yuu: I'm not crying... Neige, hugging Yuu's head unto his chest: Shush my apple pie, it's okay~Yuuken is here and he loves you with his whole heart
Tumblr media
In the pomefiore dorm
Vil*Is relaxing with a face mask and cucumbers in his eyes but sits up with a frown*...He's here...
Tumblr media
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idiot-caricigarette · 22 days
Tumblr media
Chenya manga panel redraw! ✨
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moomoomooing · 9 months
Tumblr media
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br3adtoasty · 3 months
Tommel Belinda
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Template by @piraticusdorm
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・
Japanese Name トメル・ベリンダ
Twisted From Thumbelina
Voiceclaim Mitsuki Saiga
Gender Male (he/him)
Sexuality Bisexual (masc leaning)
Age 16
Homeland Shaftlands
Family Adoptive Mother
School Year First
Club Environmental Club
Best Subject Animal languages
Dominant Hand Left
Favorite Food Raw honey, apple pie
Least Favorite Food Canned food
Dislike Being controlled, arranged marriage
Hobby Exploring places, singing
Unique Magic: Name is still in progress!
Tom is able to shrink himself down to a very tiny size, like that of a thumb. His speed and agility will also be boosted.
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・
A little quick rundown of his backstory; Tom grew up in a small farm in shaftlands where his mother often told him many stories about fairies and the fae world ever since he was a kid, hence his obsession with it. Though, one particular story stood out to him, it was about a tiny little girl who fell in love with the prince of fairies. Throughout her adventures, she was faced with many obstacles, but eventually managed to be reunited with her one true love and turned into a fairy. Tom dreams that he’ll become just like her and finally gain his own ‘wings’ just like in the story.
As previously stated in his profile, Tom is very good with animals. Whether they be big or small, he can handle them all! This is thanks to his experience with growing up in a farm and having to help with taking care of the livestock. He adores every living creatures, even those that most would consider unconventional such as bugs and snails. Nevertheless, there is one animal that he can not stand at all, is the toad, because of the villainous role it plays in the storybook he so loved.
Despite what other people might say about his height, Tom is very proud of it, saying "Tiny and cute, just like one of the fairies in the books!" and he finds it very useful bc of his habit of exploring new nooks and crannies. Also his unique magic allow him to turn into an even tinier version of himself, efficient for adventuring!
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kimbap-r0ll · 6 months
I really liked your drunk scenarios for the NRC gang but can you write some for RSA as well?
It seems like this was a popular scenario for a lot of people, but I wonder how many students RSA would be? I just chose two, hope you enjoy!
RSA reacts to you being drunk
He doesn't really care tbh, he'll most likely tease you for being tipsy. Sure he cares about your health, but it's funny to see you stumbling around :/
He just sits in the back as the chaos ensues, but that's until you suddenly start giggling and turning your attention to him. Before he realizes it, you're suddenly spouting out about how beautiful your boyfriend, aka him, really is to you
"Y-you know, Che'nya's adorable, his hair's so soft too~. A-and he h-has the...the best smile? Aww I wanna hug h-him so bad~" you smile at him, as if you didn't know who you were talking to. Then you start talking about how cute he sounds, how you can't help but blush whenever you see him, etc.
"Aww, baby you're so cutee~! But you need to sleep, or else you'll get hung over badly tomorrow, c'mon let's go," he says as he swoops you up in his arms and helps you to your bedroom.
Tomorrow morning you completely forget that even happened, and Che'nya for some reason is teasing you about how you were so cute complimenting him. Either way it makes you flustered, and he's just leaning on your shoulder with his signature grin
He's concerned. He saw you chug that whole bottle and another while you were with some of your friends at a party downtown. Soon enough, he has to drag you out before you grab for a fourth bottle. He knows Crowley's been tough but plz take care of yourself ;-;
He's slowly walking with you, making sure not to move around so much that you trip or you get queasy, but before he can ask if you are alright, he notices you're staring at him with awestruck eyes
"Oh my gosh, have you *hick* seen N-Neige? Like, the Neige LeBlanche? The-the really cute guy f-from th-those movies? H-he's my boyfriend a-and I l-love him so much. Ahh j-just thinking a-about him makes me bluush!" you giggling as you lean into his arm.
"Ah, thank you y/n, but you need to get back to your dorm! I don't want you getting sick!" he says with a slight blush on his cheeks. He makes a speedy walk towards Ramshackle and helps you get tucked in before leaving.
The next day you basically can't get up. Neige thankfully comes by with some food so you can recover from your headache. He won't mention what you said, but you realize he's a bit more flustered around you during his stay as your nurse haha
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