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Ok ok so you know the thing where it's like 'hey trust exercise' where person A runs up to person B and jumps in their arms? The one that became a meme with the hot coffee....
that. just that. Could you please write something for it using characters from twisted wonderland? Thank you!
A/N: I do know the thing lol. I think this is a super cute idea and will have some fun with it hehe...Sorry if it's not too long. I am writing this in between classes just to have a little mental break :) I also think this will work better with baby headcannons so I can do more characters. Since you did not specify any characters, I will be self indulgent. Prompt: Trust exercise! Do they catch you? Format: Baby headcannons huhuhu Characters: Everyone. Literally Everyone. I feel inspired for some reason. Warnings: None :) Tooth-ache fluff. Also not proofread. Likely grammar/spelling errors
Heartslabyul Dorm
Riddle Rosehearts
Catches you by a millisecond.
The moment he sees you running he instinctively drops the books in his hands
Yells for you to stop and puts his hands out in defense
Instinctively opens them when you jump and boom. Catch
My man has noodle arms. They instantly start to shake and you get dropped on your bum
Half-angry that you put him on the spot, and half-humiliated for dropping you. He is left shell-shocked for a moment before the fuse is lit
"What on EARTH were you thinking? Must you behave so childishly all the time?! Sometimes I wonder if you WANT me to have a heart attack....*sigh* come on. Get up. Are you injured at all?"
He thinks it's silly for you to test his 'trust,' like that. Don't do it again. Next time just talk to him.
….secretly relieved that he caught you.
Trey Clover
Arms are open before you even jump
The moment you started to speed up, he knew what would come next. It flusters him, and his ears burn but he lets you have your fun
Wraps one arm around your back and the other holds one of your legs around his waist. Nice and secure :)
Laughs a little bit before setting you down carefully
"Well, that was an excitable greeting. Maybe warn me next time, okay? What if I was holding something?"
Shakes his head in disbelief that you'd test him like this. Oh well. Its over now Best for him not to think on it.
Learns that Cater showed you the prank on Magicam, and makes his tea extra sweet. Revenge > cavities.
Cater Diamond
Does not catch you. In fact, he side-steps you.
You're quite literally sprawled on the floor and he's just standing there all smug. What? Don't even look at him like that. There's no way he could have caught you without toppling over
Cater prefers to not have a face full of dirt, thank you very much
He knows what you were trying to do, and also purposefully chose to 'fail'
"Hmm~ Now why would you use such a silly method to test me? Don't we take enough exams in class (Y/N)? You're no fair..."
Despite the taunts, he holds out a hand to help you up. He'll clean your face a bit with a handkerchief and leave a cheeky peck on your cheek before going about the rest of his day
Ace Trappola
Tries to catch you. Does not succeed.
In his defense, Ace is never on full alert. Especially during the school day.
You started running at him and he full on panicked. A genuine scream to stop tore through his throat, and he held his arms out
You, in fact, did not stop. Therefore you both fell on the ground with him on the bottom
Ace is not happy
"What is wrong with you?! If my back's broke then the medical bill is on your shoulders, not mine!"
When you explain to him, he still is pissed but does feel bad for yelling at you
"...well, whatever. You don't need some stupid test to know I'm trustworthy anyways. I prove it every day, right?"
....right? Please say yes or else he will overthink this hardcore later.
Deuce Spade
Catches you on instinct.
The moment you start running he assumes something is wrong, and opens his arms to give you a hug. When you jump? Well, that's just an extra step
His feet slide back against the ground and he wobbles for a millisecond. However, he's steady. He wraps both arms around your waist firmly, and leans back to get a look at your face.
"What's wrong?! Why are you in such a hurry?!"
His eyes flicker anxiously between the direction you came from and your face
He's relieved when you tell him that everything is okay, and that you just wanted to see if he would catch you
"Don't scare me like that! I was seriously worried!"
He's still holding you, and becomes bashful once the adrenaline dials down. He mutters a quick apology while gently setting you down. Avoiding eye-contact, he excuses himself and promises to hang out later. For now, be still his beating heart
Savanaclaw Dorm
Leona Kingscholar
Yes. You don't give him enough time to think through the situation, and so he acts. Albeit a bit roughly.
The moment you jump he's reaching with one arm, startled. It wraps around your waist and hoists you over his shoulder. The other hand reaches for his wand, and he's on high alert.
Says nothing. Just grunts upon impact and scans the area.
You'll have to pat his back a few times to be let down, and it is needless to say that he is not pleased with your joke
His eyebrows draw downward with his classic scowl, and he's lowkey disappointed in you. He thought you more straight-headed than to do something like this
"You- ugh. Whatever. I caught you, so I win, right? Happy?"
Deems scolding you more trouble than it's worth. Last thing he needs is for you to get mad at him. That'll just give him an even bigger headache.
Ruggie Bucchi
Does...not. He knows that you're coming. He heard the footsteps a mile away. He simply is a snot-nosed little arse
You're running at him from behind, and the moment you get near he steps to the side. He does his little shishishishi laugh when you face plant on the floor.
When you don't get up, he crouches down and pokes your head.
"Hey, you alright? That was a pretty harsh fall. I can't imagine what caused it,"
Laughs again, but feels a bit bad if you don't reciprocate. Okay. You got him. He's sooooooo untrustworthy. An utter fool, if you will.
With a tsk, he grabs you by the elbow and eases you up.
"Yup, yup. I'm cruel, I know. Let's go get a snack, alright? It's on me - and by me, I mean that it's on Leona shishishisi"
Jack Howl
This boulder doesn't even flinch. Like clockwork, he's startled but instinctively readies his stance. You quickly land safely in his arms, and are back on the ground in a jiffy. Almost as if you never tried to tackle him in the first place.
He holds you at arms length with an eyebrow raised.
"Uhm....are you good? What was that about?"
He doesn't understand how catching you proves that he is trustworthy, but if it makes you happy then he'll do it as often as you'd like. Just give him a heads up next time, ok?
Won't admit it, but he liked holding you. Even if it was for a fleeting moment, it felt right. If you ever asked for a piggy-back ride or to be carried, he wouldn't be opposed at all. The realization embarrasses him greatly.
Octovinelle Dorm
Azul Ashengrotto
Does not, and is extremely ashamed. He does not fail tests, academic or otherwise!
He’s not weak. This man has a very healthy diet and regularly exercises. He is confident that he would have succeeded with no issue, had you not startled him. Our little cephalopod here gets flustered very easily. Only by you though.
Normally he can hide it but you 100% startled him. Can you even judge? One moment all was peaceful and the next thing he knows you’re barreling towards him. All giddy and like “catch me, catch me!” …ugh. His heart couldn’t take it.
What’s worse is that Jade caught you in his stead. He’s appreciative that you were not harmed by his lack of reflex….but the humiliation. Dear gods.
He demands that you do it again. Leave him and then try again another time when he isn’t expecting it…which is impossible since he will be on high alert 24/7. Azul fails to understand that the purpose of the test is now null, and that it tests for impulse
“A-again! Go on. Get a running start and do it again! Into my awaiting arms!…do not argue. I will not fail this time so give me another chance,”
His ego requires it, so just do it. He can’t stand the idea of failing and that image of Jade carrying you is lingering in his mind
Floyd Leech
Catches you easily. Nothing startles this guy. Well, okay, some things do. Nothing that’s physical though.
He hears you yelling for him? Well that’s just a normal day in his life. You’re running his way”? Awwwwwwweeee his little Shrimpy is so excited to see him! That’s so rare!
He’s running to meet you half way. It nearly makes you halt but the test needs answers!
He hooks his hands under your arms mid-air, and spins you around at arms length before bringing you in for a hug. All the while he has a giant grin on his face
“Did you miss me that much??? I guess I haven’t been giving you enough attention…not that I’d mind it if you do this every day hehe~”
He doesn’t care about the test, so long as you do it again. You won’t be leaving his arms any time soon si get comfortable
Jade Leech
Another to catch you easily. He does it flawlessly, like catching a balloon or a feather
He hears your approach and chooses to ignore it until the last moment. Then he turns effortlessly to capture you bridal style, set you down, and return to what he was originally doing. If anyone’s in shock, it’s you.
Then he’ll finish up and turn to you as if nothing even happened. While his gentle smile and hand on his heart are unknowing - the smug crinkle of his eyes says otherwise. He is highly amused, not in your little stunt but in the reaction he managed to create
Caresses your face with one of his gloved hands and asks how your day has gone. Once answered, he leans down to plant a light kiss on your cheek before leaving
“Oh, I almost forgot. Please be more careful in the future. Had it not been you, I would have reacted much differently to someone ‘attacking’ fufu. I love your enthusiasm dearly, and am always happy to hold you. You need only ask,”
Scarabia Dorm
Kalim Al' Asim
Sunshine meets you half way. He sees you running at him with a mega grin and instantly knows what’s going on. Social cues be damned, he wants to be loved
More like it’s you catching him. He just can’t help himself. He jumps at you before you even get a chance to do the same.
His arms go around your shoulders in the biggest hug imaginable. He knows better than to throw his whole body weight on you, so he settles for merely hugging and swaying your body from side to side
It’s sickeningly sweet how giddy he is. He pulls you at arms length before peppering light kisses along your cheeks
“I missed you so much! Can I have another one? Please?”
Oh! A test? How fun! He’ll take this one many times if it means you’ll hug him more often. He passed? Yippieeeeeee
Jamil Viper
Catches you, begrudgingly. He’s known about the trend and was frankly expecting you to try it. He just didn’t know when.
Jamil is no fool. He could let you fall. It would be funny. Maybe even make his day.
But then you’d be upset with him. He really could do without that. Not if it could be prevented
So the moment he sees you rushing towards him, Jamil knows what to do. He quickly sets down whatever he’s doing and takes position
With an oof and a momentary scowl from discomfort, he’s got ya. One arm around you’re bum and the other your waist. You wrap both of your arms around his shoulders, and with a sigh he just lets you koala hang for a moment
“Are we done now? Not to be rude, but my arms are tired and I would prefer that we not make a spectacle of ourselves”
He asks if you had fun. You did? Well, he supposes that it can be done again. In private only though. No more pranks.
Pomefiore Dorm
Vil Schoenheit
Does not catch you on purpose, and then insists that you do it again.
You see, he did not want to encourage your childish antics, so he purposefully pretended that he was not strong enough to catch you
A lie, obviously. He is very strong despite his pretty boy exterior. Instead of calling him out for it, you play along. A mocking sigh of resignation flies out as you not so subtly comment on his lack of strength.
Oh, you're absolutely right, Vil! I'm sorry for over estimating you...hmm, perhaps I can try again with Neige-
"You will do no such thing. Now, I am going to walk away and once I turn the corner you are going to run at me. Is that clear?"
Epel Felmeir
Catches you! Listen. My boy here spent his entire childhood lugging around crates of apples, cutting down trees, and running through fields. There is no way that he lacks the stamina to catch you. Maybe he can't hold you for an extended period, but those cinnamon stick arms are built for catching
He jolts when you scream his name, and he loses his composure. The moment you jump he lets out a string of curses and drops everything to catch you
The impact sends Epel teetering, and he fall son his butt with you on top of him
"O-o-oi! What'd ya think you're doing?! I nearly split my tailbone!"
Is slightly saddened that he couldn't keep steady. If only he was stronger like the Savanaclaw students...
Rook Hunt
Catches you with grace. There isn't much to say here.
Our princely hunter need not predict your movements, or pay attention to your plotting. Where's the fun in that?
Non non, what a sight for sore eyes. Rook swoons the moment you call his name, and his pupils basically turn to hearts when he sees you running towards him
With a laugh, he opens his arms wide and catches you in an instant. He shifts you into a bridal carry, and dips you down to plant a loving hiss on your nose.
Bonus points if you kiss him back along where his freckles would be without makeup. Oh this man is dying
"Mon coheur....what a wonderful surprise! If you were to greet me like this every day for the rest of my life, I would die a happy man indeed,"
Ignihyde Dorm
Idia Shroud
Catches you
On accident :)
More like you just fall in his lap, but it still counts? Kind of
He was in his room, multitasking both controlling his floating tablet around school while also playing the latest MMO
Just when he started to wonder where you might be (normally you find his tablet during study break) he hears his door burst open
Startled, he whips around in his chair to see you running at him. He lets go of the computer mouse and keyboard on impulse. Right when you jump and basically straddle him in his chair
Idia.exe has stopped working. From the sudden entrance, to the physical contact, to your giddy rambling about...something? He can't hear past the buzzing in his ears and just nods along
Hyper aware that you are sitting in his lap still. Attempting to control himself...and failing.
"U-uhhh, can y-you please move? Like, off of me? I c-can get you a chair,"
You comply, and he calms down for a second. He's not complaining but why would you -
an internet trend? Ortho told you to?
....Idia doesn't know if he should thank his brother or scold him.
Ortho Shroud (PLATONIC!)
Little Ortho meets you half way! You do not get to jump because he sees your arms open for a hug and does not waste a moment
With you basically being one of his best friends (and hopefully second sibling. Ortho is rooting for his big bro to win your heart!) he loves your hugs
When you ruffle his hair after letting go, his eyes crinkle into the cutest little upturned crescents and he laughs
"You know...I bet brother would love one of your hugs! You should go surprise him!"
Diasomnia Dorm
Malleus Draconia
Child of man, what a wonderful surprise?
You are fulfilling this man's fantasy. You know the phrase 'looking through rose-colored class'?
You're running towards him and he's watching like it's an early 2000s AMV on Youtube
Or like a Tik Tok edit. You know the ones
Drops everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING
It is like this man loses all sense of his surroundings. Lovesick fool.
Opens his arms wide with a soft smile, and when you jump he barely flinches. Your arms wrap around his shoulders and legs around his waist. One of his arms holds the small of your back, and the other your rear. He...well, yes he is aware and is doing it on purpose. Our prince isn't uhm...well, he is a man. A gentlemen, but still a man nonetheless.
"What a welcome greeting. Are you comfortable? I would like to remain this way for longer, if you do not mind"
He holds you tight with his head comfortably buried in between your neck and shoulder. Malleus lightly kisses the fabric of your uniform blazer, before returning to his prior activities like nothing is amiss
Lilia Vanrouge
...I guess? It's complicated.
You come at this bat from behind in an attempt to surprise him
He's not that old, y'know. Lilia senses you trailing him the moment you begin. Then again, he always knows when you're within a five mile radius.
What? Is it really so bad for him to seek out the object of his affections? Anyone else would do the same. It's not like he's being a creep about it...you just have a unique presence.
He is also well versed in internet trends. Lilia can't help but humor you. He walks around unknowing and occasionally snickering. Some question what he finds so humorous, and he waves them off with a cheeky grin
He senses your intent to attack, and doesn't turn around when you call his name. You jump at him from behind and koala hug his back
If it weren't for the hands holding your calves, you'd think him ignorant.
'Lilia? Lilia~ Hello? Are you already deaf so soon-'
Faster than you can comprehend, he spins you around to face him and pecks your lips
"Why hello there, my dear. Care to finish that sentence?"
Sebeck Zigvolt
Does not catch you. He initially thought you were aiming for Malleus, and stood in front of his superior to protect him
Oh he should have known! Betrayal! You have betrayed him!
...why are you calling his name? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?
Oh seven it's one of your pranks again, isn't it? Whya re you always doing such-
When you yell for him to catch you, Sebeck does so without a second thought
but he fails. His offensive stance wasn't fit for taking the imbalance of weight, and he couldn't get a stable grip on you
Gravity pulls him forwards on a path where his weight would crush you
So Sebeck quickly wraps one of his hands around the back of your head, and flips so he takes the impact instead
"Have you gone mad?! I genuinely cannot fathom what is going on in your brain anymore. Who put you up to this? What if you had been injured? What if you injured Lord Malleus?....stop laughing and listen to me!"
Do not startle a man with a sword.
Once again, do NOT startle a man with a SWORD.
Silver catches you. Easily. He also thinks it is absolutely adorable that you trust him enough to do so.
It's just that you could have warned him. Y'know, considering that he is armed and trained to draw his weapon at the slightest sign of a threat :)
Lucky for you, Silver is high-key vigilant since he has a tendency to doze off to dreamland. He sensed your presence but couldn't pinpoint where...
Imagine his surprise when you jump down from above :) The hell do you think you are, his father?
On instinct he reaches out and catches you in a bridal carry. Your rear knocks against the sword hanging at his side, and with a grunt he places you down on the floor to check for injury
"While I love spending time with you, can you please use the door next time? For my sanity?"
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shinjisdone · 2 days
When you have a Secret Admirer - and it's not them (Scarabia; 4)
Tumblr media
A love letter was left at your door and now you are searching for that ‘secret admirer’ - everyone wants to help you out…but have their own reason for it.
'There are many students here and in comparison to them, I am just a speck between royalty, celebrities and prodigies...but still, I hope you can hear my heart and all that it feels for you...'
form of headcanons + scenario-ish
[note: reader is gender-neutral but mostly mentioned in 2. pov; a series of everyone you meet following you. headcanon will follow each char. own thoughts on the situation. mostly nervousness, slight jealousy & stubbornness]
Part 1: Heartslabyul
Part 2: Savanaclaw
Part 3: Octavinelle
Surplus was an understatement.
It certianly was nice to have a few dozen vases filled with blue flowers everywhere and the herbs all helped you cheat your way into doing Crewel's practical homework real quick but it did get tiring after a few days - especially when your ghostly roommates and the cat would not stop pestering you from where they came from.
It seemed everyone else noticed your jaded expression as well and they were sharp enough to know that it wasn't because of school and - unfortunately - not because of this 'secret admirer' but because of them. They were curious, pestering, suffocating, they knew. So, until no news from that secret admirer reached them, they decided to leave you alone for a bit (and continue their case on finding that lovesick student).
Even a certain prince was able to notice how tired of the constant attention you seemed...
Kalim Al-Asim
Oh, well, look at that! It's you!
As air-headed as Kalim is, the news of a secret admirer dwelling here in NRC and bombarding the infamous Ramshakle Prefect with love and admiration has even reached his ears mostly because Jamil informed him
Since he never had been a witness before, it often slips his mind however, so he approached you like he always does - with a skip in his step, a huge wave of his arm before throwing it around your shoulders and giving you brief but tight embrace as a greeting.
Kamil is fond of his hugs and since he is such a sweetheart, you physically and legally cannot be mad at him, you swore to yourself.
He mentioned your tired expression you had the past days and invited you to one of his many parties - no parade this time, he will make sure that it will be actually relaxing to you! Just food, friends, chill atmosphere and doing whatever you want.
Since the prince did not mention anything of any admirer, love letter, gift or confession to you, you agreed. It'd be nice to hang out with him for once and Jamil was not the type to bother you.
So he throws his arm around you and ushered you to Scarabia's mirror. Before you knew it, you were there!
Things were as calming as promised aside from the usual shenanigans and you felt so strangely at home here. Though, you could tell everyone tried their earnest not to mention anything to you or in your presence...
Of course even Scarabia knows aaaall about it...
Though, you couldn't help but felt like you were being watched...
Jamil Viper
Well, this isn't a surprise seeing Kalim drag you into here.
Not that Jamil has anything against that...it is just, y'know...the rumors that aren't really rumors anymore.
A part of him thinks you being here will bring more trouble.
Still, he is glad you are here. He greets you like always, hangs around like always. It's as if he never heard a single thing about a 'secret admirer'.
Yet, well, he has. Very much so that it actually vexes him. Jamil is one of the few who are honest to themselves and not to anyone else - he knows who he is and what he likes. You having a secret admirer is something he doesn't like.
He wonders if he should tell Kalim of his worries that something might happen. But he was too occupied being your host that he just let it slide this time. He even ponders if Kalim is aware of what he is doing...is his sweet nature taking all over his senses?
The party was more like a get-together anyhow, with him and Kalim speaking to you the most and a few other students you've got aquainted with during...that incident (which Jamil wants to banish from his mind on one hand but can't deny it offered him more freedom than ever before on the other). Certain ones were even more talkative than the both of them...
Well, it's gonna be alright. He's just gonna keep looking out for you from the shadows (like always) while Kalim will be your ray of sunshine...
Nevertheless, no matter how bright the light tries to shine on the culprit or how deep the shadows grow so one can hide themselves in, neither Kalim nor Jamil and especially not you expected to first step into small puddles of the sweet spring water outside...
The leak led to said spring outside, the water, which was usually clear, was instead filled with thick, wet pink petals. Flowing down the tiny waterfalls while sticking to the royal white marble, it left a few studens slipping (and be covered in petals, too). A pit opens up in your stomach at the sight while simultaneously your heart starts throbbing faster, nervous sweat trickling down your flustered, red face. Jamil was the first to notice your befuddled state and quickly made work of finding the source of the overflowing water - it led to one door, through the kitchen and back to the lounge as he searched the place. Kalim was less distressed about it, casually passing by the silk curtains hanging from the walls and ceiling, until one got stuck in his headband...
Only the softest of tucks was needed to pull the entire fiasco into play. Kalim's careless yelp alerted everyone else before you got floored by what seemed a magically light, pink avalanche. Through the screeching you could barely make out that pink petals and fruits were piling upon you, leaving all attendants trapped beneath the sweetness.
You forced your eyes open, the items heavy but not enough to crush you. The sense of relieve you felt when noting that you could technically get up was squashed like a bug when one last petal fell down, as light as a feather, right in front of you. The pink letter turned for you to read its contents.
'My dearest (Name)
This is rather spontaneous but these one-in-a-lifetime fruits from the Land of Hot Sands happened to fall into my lap, literally. The flowers are fresh with thick, sweet petals and I couldn't be helped but be reminded of you when seeing them. I never thought a land with such a dry climate could'
The red ink stops briefly and new words were started at another paragraph. Your widened eyes follow with a thumping heart and bated breath.
Something was crossed out with the same ink before the actual words continued.
'-I promised to be honest, so when I saw these flowers and how their petals melt in my palms, a strong feeling took over me I dont know how to say this but I felt even more in love,its like a spell, I just kept seeing you when watching the petals, keptseeinglove-'
The writing was smeared into a fat splotch, finger prints visible on the tainted letter. The rest was crossed out, as much as you see from the lower part of the paper that wasn't scrumbled up.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
The first thing on his mind was to get everyone out of there!
As much as he wanted to laugh at the situation once he realised it wasn't that big of a deal, he quickly noted how tense and annoyed everyone was after this. Especially Jamil.
Not wanting to anger anyone any more, he cleaned everything up, let the ones who were hit the most rest in their rooms, get a shower, eat well, don't worry! - and he and Jamil took care fo the rest. Although, Kalim was the first to rush to your aid of getting you out.
You decided to get cleaned up at the Scarabia dorm too before heading home - and snatching the half-finished love letter before anyone else could see.
Kalim would switch between looking after his dormmates to you, cleaning up the rest to bringing you another warm and dry blanket, carrying something with Jamil to picking out the petals stuck in your hair. And you can be assured that he won't let you help out too, not that you had the strength for that, you are still his guest so just relax! as much as you can now, knowing from who...
After all is done, Kalim is all glued to you. As bold as he is, the young prince is fairly good at reading people and he knows something is up with you. There's somehting distressing you and he wants to help.
Almost like a mother he dotes on you gently and offers you to stay till tomorrow but accepts without hesitation that you just want to go home.
The prince feels bad. He invited you to relax and get your mind off everything but, he thinks as his eyes catch the glimpse of scrumbled up pink paper in your pocket, that all it did was fluster you even more.
For once, his brain seemed to work. He put two and two together and when he looked up from the paper to your flushed, red face, his heart seemed to break.
Jamil Viper
The first one to put two and two together (and much faster than Kalim).
While seeming lost in his work when cleaning everything up, Jamil was secretly obsessing over the thought that no, this was not a coincidence with all the pink things here, no this had to be about you and yes, perhaps this little plan of 'theirs' was unfinished. There's no way something like that was a gesture of love.
BUT why did it have to fall on him? All this work? Literally and figuratively? He mentally sighs.
As annoyed as he is by all this work (WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING WITH YOU FOR ONCE) Jamil was more upset at the gall of this secret admirer. Now that he had witnessed this firsthand by himself and not having to listen to the distraught rambles of Ace and Floyd for once, he finally, finally gets it. Watching you so embarrassed and flustered is a one-of-a-kind experience and it stings evermore knowing it was caused by an unknown admirer.
Unsurprisingly petty at the thought of it. Why aren't you such a flushed mess with him? When he's around? Surely he had charmed you by being nice, cooking for you, helping you out of his free will??? Why have you not once noticed his advances as subtle as they may be?
Though Jamil gets it together real fast. He's vexed and he knows it so there is no need to think about you in such a way, especially when you are the most affected by it. He desperately hopes though that the effects are not positive.
The boy is busy and very glad that Kalim can look out for you in the meantime. As he runs back and forth between the rooms, he notices Kalim's dejected expression and your rosy red cheeks.
For once, he and Kalim share the same thought.
[ wanted to write more for them but did not fit into the atmosphere
tldr: kalim realizes that this was a GESTURE OF LOVE (jojo poses) and even though he knew you had a secret admirer, finally seeing this and seeing you seemed to create a pit his heart just falls into, swallowed by the abyss. he's frozen on the spot, not able to think clearly but knowing he doesn't like it. He's less cheerful because of this and cannot stop thinking about it. He first thought he admired the admirer (lol) for being so brave and showering you in gifts, which in his country is a normal and common way to express someone's feelings. but seeing it firsthand ouch, nuh-uh he does not like it anymore. Briefly thinks of 'fighting' the admirer by showering you in REAL gifts too, but decided against it. it would only make you more embarressed. he at least hopes you can find solace in his presence...he wants to help you.
JAMIL IS NOT AMUSED. He is almost on the same level of unpleased as azul or FLOYD (but less extreme and do not dare to compare him to azul) and he actively becomes more grumpy. the first and maybe only one to directly approach you and ask what is up with that and how you feel about it. if you dont like it, stop it (by asking anyone but Crowley maybe, jamil offers to help no problem (in fact, everyone would volunteer)) IF you do like it....stop it. get some help. let...let Jamil help you, let Jamil love you, fall in love with Jamil!!!!! He is so tired by being the second character of his own life already, he's not gonna let someone else steal the spotlight in your heart! if you'd let him, Jamil would stop giving hints and waste time and finally, finally ask you out.]
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moonlit-midnight · 1 day
We light up (like the stars in the sky)
Genre: Romantic Fluff.
Characters: Malleus Draconia, Fem!Reader.
Warnings: An attempt to write a super fluff. Excessive cheesiness and badly written since I wrote this randomly at night.
. .
“I showed our daughter our wedding pictures last night. She told me that we’re practically a fairytale.” The dragon fae said, his loving green eyes fixed on you.
“A fairytale? Oh sweetheart, trust me we’re a thousand times better than a fairytale.” You smiled dreamily, earning you a soft chuckle from your husband.
You and Malleus Draconia would never admit that your relationship was a fairytale because it was far from it, and it was never close to a fairytale to begin with.
To you and your husband, this wasn’t happily ever after.
It was more than that. It was so much better than those sickly-sweet made up tales and tacky happy endings.
Your love story surely had flaws and cracks.
You were imperfect, and your man was imperfect too, but all is well at the end of the day because you always team up to make your relationship work and make things right.
You and Malleus pursued happiness in the simplest things, you cherished ordinary moments, and you made each other feel like you were worth a million.
“We’re better than a fairytale indeed.” Malleus lifted your hands to his lips, placing sweet kisses on them.
It was a tender gesture of affection that always made your heart fly in delight.
You often wondered how the feeling of warmth still gets in your chest even as many years went by.
Then with a smile, you would think: Ah right, it’s the feeling of real and genuine love.
“I love you, my king. I’m blessed to love you and to have you.” You declared, your soul brimming with joy every time you uttered those precious words.
“I’m also blessed to have you, and to be loved by you, darling queen of my heart. I love you too, more than my own life.” Malleus echoed the words back to you, his enchanting eyes shining brighter than the myriad of stars that lit up the skies.
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little-miss-mei · 2 months
Yuu: Hey, Tsunotarou. Do you want to go out with me?
Malleus: Let me think about it.
[2 hours later]
Malleus: I've thought about it and yes, I will marry you.
Yuu: Wait, what???
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coralinnii · 3 months
Just thoughts.
Kind-hearted Yuu!Reader getting so frustrated with the boys not taking care of themselves or causing trouble that they absorbed leftover overblot residue and overblotted themselves. But, instead of harming them, it just turns Yuu into a stronger, more aggressive caretaker with no sh*ts given.
In short, Overblot!Yuu being a hot angry SFW(?) service dom and the NRC boys are surprisingly into it.
Tumblr media
Overblot!Yuu trapping Idia sitting his gaming chair kabedon-style with their new powers and threatening him to "slam him onto his bed until he gets adequate sleep"
Idia.exe stopped working
Overblot!Yuu who will straddle Leona on the ground with a plate of vegetables in hand, demanding him "EAT. YOUR. VEGETABLES"
Leona, ignoring his excited tail whipping: ...make me
Overblot!Yuu grabbing Azul by his uniform scarf, pulling him close as you tell him how perfect he way just the way he will and will stand here YELLING this at him until he gets it through his stupid sexy brain. Cue Overblot!Yuu now yanking Azul out from his octo pot while Jade and Floyd laugh in the background
Overblot!Yuu kicking Floyd down and stepping on his back to stop him from squeezing another student during one of his bad moods, sick of Floyd getting himself into trouble with the teachers for his brawls.
"Stop it or I will tie you to a f*cking pillar"
"Yes, please~"
Overblot!Yuu making Ace kneel in front of you and holding his jaw so they could properly brush his teeth since they caught him sneaking some midnight snacks. Glaring and berating him while still gently holding him and brushing his teeth.
"Damn spoiled brat. At least you can't mouth off to me like this"
Ace can't hear you, he's too far gone.
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
Tumblr media
Ruggie: You like Leona?
Y/n: Yes.. thoughts?
Ruggie: And prayers, girl what
Tumblr media
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scho3nheit · 2 months
Azul: *seductively takes off glasses*
Azul: Wow...
Y/n, blushing: Haha... what?
Azul: You're really fucking blurry.
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miliinmi · 3 months
Tumblr media
Malleus:Ah! Greetings, MC. How was your day today? MC:It's been great so far, thanks! And you? Lilia: *appears from behind them* I know you two have been doing the deed of darkness every night.
Tumblr media
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miss-jester · 5 months
Tumblr media
I meannnnn 👀😏 I’d look too. 😂💚🖤
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
-it’s parents day or something-
Random student: So MC, when’s your mom coming in?
MC: Um-well, I kinda got thrown into this world by myself ya know.
Random student: Oh how sad, looks like she’s gonna be a no show this year huh?
MC: *tearing up* It’s not like I even have choice!
Random student: Aweee does someone miss their mommy, that is if you even have one to *punch* -AACK!
MC: !
Deuce: You must have a death wish if you think you can talk to them like that. What kinda smug bastard shames someone longing for a mother?!
Random student: *scurries away*
Deuce: Don’t ever let me catch spewing that shit agai-
MC: *hugs* Thanks..
Deuce: *calmed down* ..Don’t mention it
Ms. Spade: Oh it’s so wonderful to meet you honey, I’ve heard so much about you!
Deuce: Mom!
MC: Awe thank you Ms. Spade I’m just happy to be there for your son.
Ms. Spade: Speaking of which, sweetie have you-
MC: Oh are you talking about the trash? I actually took the liberty of taking that out earlier, I noticed it was overflowing a bit. I also tackled those dishes for you, and don’t worry Deuce should be free for the rest of the day. I made sure he did all his work and was well rested for our day out.
Ms. Spade: ..honey either you’re taking my job or marrying my son which one is it gonna be?
Deuce & MC: EHHHHHH?!?!
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kalims · 12 days
or, sometimes you forget how many decades behind malleus is in slang. in comparison to lilia out of all people, he's like a very clueless innocent individual.
cw. very comical miscommunication (not the bad kind in romantic stuff heh)
wc. 1.4k
note. I can't stop thinking about malleus who really just doesn't get modern slang. this is a small treat ^^
can I get a 'heyy' from my fellow filo babes who know where the title is from
Tumblr media
"no way," you gasp. "shut up!" a large smile encases your face, one that you try to contain with a futile cover of the mouth—malleus however jolts in confusion, his brows furrow in what it seems to be concern. he looks like a very confused, kicked puppy (or dragon?) overall.
out of expression, you slap his arm without a hint of aggression but he seems more bothered by your words than the.. hit that didn't seem to phase him at all.
malleus ponders deeply on what had gone wrong, and what he had said. you are laughing right now but your words sounded like you were upset (well not exactly your tone but your words itself,) he frowns, he feels very lost right now.
plus since you are his very special friend he despises you being upset. more so, him being the reason for it.
your laughing gradually decreases once you realizes that there's no one responding to you but the silence. a flicker of concern flashes in your eyes at malleus' very serious expression. "uh.. is something wrong..?" you ask nervously.
even though you're absolutely sure that he heard you malleus stays silent—tense as though he's being held hostage, looking more uncertain each passing second.
"hello?" you try.
you deflate. what is wrong with this man? where is the restart button? you cross your arms over your chest and raise a brow, at the still not speaking malleus.
at times you don't understand malleus and that's a given since even lilia had to go up to tell you that malleus was trying to impress you with fae customs but it's not like you knew that—and not that malleus knew the difference between culture of human and fae separately.
so yeah. there was no way you were gonna realize that the time malleus was trying to convince you to live in a tower with him was basically akin to a.. marriage of sorts? since married couples usually live in the same area, for fae it's the same.. or.. dragons? minus the ring and ceremony.
also apparently that was more important than an actual wedding ceremony?!
to others it was torture to watch you and malleus go back and forth—you trying to ask him out the normal, human way. and malleus trying to bound you to him eternally in the non-normal, fae way. you've lost count on how many times you heard sebek emit the most manly screech you've ever heard when he just so happens to stumble upon his lord..
doing.. courting rituals..
to you.
anyone could guess which scream belonged to who.
well whatever! point is tsunotaro seems to be unresponsive to you right now for some odd reason. have you done something wrong? (this is very ironic since malleus is also thinking the same.) all you did was slap hid arm—oh my god did he get offended by that?
out of realization your eyes widen as your arms retract and hang by your sides uselessly. you look straight in his eyes and say; "I am so sorry," with furrowed brows and genuinely apologetic eyes malleus is struggling to keep up with your first request.
like that time he legit just stormed the diasomnia fridge, stole some poor student's tub of ice cream and high tailed it to your dorm because you were supposed to eat a cone yourself but was unable to due to the work load crowley had dumped you (honestly, what's new?)
so in a way it made you sad because damn was ice cream good. instead of it melting away your troubles it actually did melt instead.
because of some crow.
all just because he would go around the world for you if you asked.
(some cheesy part of you would imagine him going around you because how nice would it be if he saw you as his world? though if you did that to him instead and call him your world you reckon he'll take a few minutes of explaining before getting it.)
in the end malleus breaks. his will to oblige your request just fades in the back of his mind because he does not know why you're apologizing to him for no reason when clearly, he's the one that upset you! "my child of man.. you aren't the one at fault," he looks at you like he's sorry. "it is i,"
now you're confused. "uh.. wait what?" didn't you just hit him? was he not mad about that even though your little slap probably didn't even make him feel anything? "didn't I just hit you?"
his face contorts into suprise. "oh really?" he mumbles. even though there's not much shock after you can tell he has no idea what you're talking about.
now you're even more confused! if he's not upset with that then what was he being all silent treatment about? malleus shrugs at you. "even so, I don't mind. you can hit me as many times as you'd like, I can take it," he says seriously.
you splutter. WHAT. you were literally just listening to him spill tea a couple minutes ago.. that sounds so wrong on many levels and you don't even wanna consider what he's saying because one, that's just weird! and two, sebek would literally strangle you.
and both you and malleus would not like you being strangled like that.
"what. just stop, please," you raise a hand and he immediately shuts up. "what are you talking about? you didn't do anything wrong." you deadpan.
this time he tilts his head. "you told me to shut up didn't you? so I merely did as you told—" he says casually. which baffles you all the more because this is starting to sound insane! did he actually take it literally.
malleus is so pure sometimes.
so pure that you can't help but stifle a giggle. and it takes you a couple of seconds of just containing your laughs to speak again. "i- pfft.. I was just joking," you manage to say in between laughs.
oh that was a joke? he should consult with lilia to tell him all about the current trendy jokes. "oh,"
you realize he probably didn't know what you were saying so you take it upon yourself to explain. "um.. it's like,, an expression of disbelief and uh.. amazement?" you explain. cringing at your horrible explanation, it just isn't your forte.
malleus still nods attentively. listening to every word you say. "I see, thank you. my child of man, I will make sure to utilize this new knowledge," he smiles at you in a way you just can't resist.
malleus is very endearing but..
that sounds.. kind of concerning.
and take it to play does he.
"malleus-sama, have you heard?" sebek chimes in with a certain glint in his eyes. lilia chuckles at the clear excitement of his dearest sun from the kitchen counter.
someone get him out of the kitchen.
malleus hums thoughtfully, should he get lilia to wrap the dinner for you as well? you must be hungry. "heard what?" he answers a moment later.
"the southern lights will shine upon briar valley this year. shan't we visit soon?!"
sebek is true though. if the southern lights really is going to shine upon briar valley then malleus would like to take you there. just so you could see the beauty of it. (and perhaps, he could spend more time relishing in the beauty of you and your existence.)
seeing it will be an experience for sure. though he's seen countless southern lights malleus looks forward to it this year.
plus.. his heart warms at the thought of his people being able to witness it.
a thought pops into his mind.
"shut up,"
malleus says it so monotonously, without any emotion whatsoever that silence stretches across the room in an uncomfortable fog, and if anyone listens closely they can hear crickets.
a cloud of shame washes over sebek's face as his mouth clamps shut. lilia pauses (saving himself from a deep cut because anyone can tell that he's cutting the carrots way too big.) and raises his brow.
"now malleus—,"
sebek bows repeatedly before bolting out of the room with a trail of stormy clouds following him comically.
"what was that all about? look at what you've done. you've upset sebek,"
that's what he thought with you as well. the things you've taught him is surely working right now, no?
ah yes.. next time you meet he should ask you about more of this strange languange.
not proofread
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cursedcola · 5 months
A summary of what I have seen about the new update and our expectations:
Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · 13 days
I Suddenly Became the Mother of the Red-Rose Tyrant?!
Summary: Well, fuck, somehow you isekaied and became the mother of Riddle Rosehearts
Characters: Riddle Roshearts, Reader, & Clover Family.
Notes: I have been reading way too many isekai Manhwas/Mangas. Not only that, but I saw a fanart of little Riddle and his mom and was inspired right away. This is a long fic, it’s been awhile since I wrote something so long so I am proud. 💕🥰💜
Tumblr media
·      When you had opened your eyes one day, you had woken up in a bedroom that definitely wasn’t yours.
·      The room was…meticulous, and that was putting it lightly.
·      Even your bed, while comfy, had a feeling of order to it; daring anyone to mess it up.
·      You should probably be more anxious over your new surroundings but waking up well rested in a while just mellowed you out.
·      That is until you got up and looked at a mirror, finally seeing the truth of the matter.
·      Well, fuck, you really did isekai to another world.
·      Maybe reading all those manhwas and mangas were not a good idea.
·      You glance at the mirror one more time and this time your appearance caught and held your attention.
·      You reached up and pulled at your…bangs.
·      They looked to form two heart shapes.
·      It was kind of cute.
·      The person whose body you had, well, she looked tired and stressed.
·      Lady, you need to relax once in a blue moon.
·      Wait…a minute, no, no, no. Heart shaped bangs? The only character you knew that had heart shaped bangs were...
·      “Mother?”
·      You turned around and right at your door, dressed prim and proper, was a tiny Riddle Rosehearts.
·      Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
·      You were isekaid into Mrs. Rosehearts.
Tumblr media
·      After you had gotten your bearings, you had told Riddle to go study and you would prepare him food. He had simply nodded and did as you asked. No protest against studying so early in the morning or any mention of hunger. You knew his past, of course you did, but seeing it firsthand was another experience all together. Seeing his response to the request you made? It burdened your heart even more.
·      As you made his breakfast, you had some time to yourself which you used to sort out your situation and feelings. Your memories before coming to Twisted Wonderland were still intact; you just didn’t remember how you ended up in this world, let alone in Mrs. Rosehearts body.
·      Of whom, her memories you had full access to as well. it was as if you lived two lives together. If it wasn’t for little Riddle in the next room, you would be tearing your hair out because, of course, you would be in this situation.
·      Looking through her memories, you can see why Mrs. Rosehearts had turned out the way she did. Generational trauma and unrealistic expectations seemed to run in the family. Which in turn led to her actions towards Riddle, and of which, led to Mr. Rosehearts walking out of their lives. He didn’t even fight for custody of his own child, the influence of Mrs. Rosehearts being too great.
·      Generation trauma that you could have prevented from continuing, Mrs. Rosehearts, but now it’s up to me.
·      You ended up taking a tray of food to little Riddle, with enough food that a child his age would eat and then some. At least with these memories retained, you also knew everything Mrs. Rosehearts did, and unlike the MC in Twisted Wonderland, you also had her powers as well. Which, given the game’s events, would come in handy in the future.
·      Right now though, as you opened the door to the study, you would do your best to raise your son right and well-loved.
Tumblr media
·      One of the first changes you made was decreasing his study time and allowing him the chance to play.
·      It didn’t go as well as you expected…Riddle had frozen and started shaking to your horror. Mumbling about doing better and how he could handle extra studies if you wished it of him. You had a feeling that he thought it was to test him and his dedication.
·      You had to calm him down and prove otherwise.
·      Giving him a dedicated set time to study, and just as much time to play. You would even join him. Drawing with him, putting together puzzles, and even playing in the backyard. You had even gone out and bought him a ball that you two threw at each other.
·      What warmed your heart the most was when you baked him a strawberry tart and gave it to him with a warm glass of milk. Your tart wasn’t the best with the crust crumbling, and you should have probably let it cool a bit more, but the shining eyes and wide smile from Riddle was more than worth it.
·      You patted him on the head as he scooped another piece into his mouth.
·      You loved your son.
Tumblr media
·      The next step in providing a healthy lifestyle for Riddle was making sure he had friends.
·      Which meant, you had to repair the relationship Riddle had with Trey and Che’nya.
·      It wasn’t easy, especially having to muster up the courage to look into Trey’s parents’ eyes and apologize for actions you did not commit.
·      But you were determined to give Riddle a good childhood and that meant him having friends his age and hopefully lowering his chances of overblotting in the future.
·      Riddle was quiet on the day you both went to the Clover’s bakery.
·      But you took a deep breath and patted him on the head.
·      “Everything will be alright, sweetheart.”
·      Riddle didn’t say anything and just nodded.
Tumblr media
·      You had chosen to meet Trey’s parents at closing time, and you had given them a call ahead of time.
·      When you met them, you could tell they were nervous and bracing themselves.
·      Little Trey looked ready for a fight.
·      You had to hold your smile in.
·      You ended up bowing to them and apologizing, which you could tell freaked them all out.
·      Riddle was surprised and grasped at your dress, worried.
·      “I am very sorry for the way I treated you all before. I know my words might not make up for my past actions, but I do hope you will forgive me in time.”
·      Mr. and Mrs. Clover looked at each other before tentatively accepting your apology.
·      “Mrs. Rosehearts, might we ask why the sudden change.”
·      It was Mrs. Clover who had spoken up.
·      You smiled and put a hand on your son’s head.
·      “I have been trying to raise Riddle the only way I knew how. I had let my past and expectations I have lived through blind me. I realized that was wrong, and I want to change that. I want my son to be happy and loved like he deserves.”
·      The Trey family seemed to relax after hearing your reasoning, but you could tell they were still on guard.
·      You didn’t blame them, but you hope in time, they will trust your words.
·      You crouched down to Riddle’s level, looking at him with a gentle look.
·      “I want to show my little one that adults can be wrong, and they can change. I want to show him that I love him, and I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I love you and I hope you can forgive me too.”
·      Little Riddle was trembling, and tears were dripping down his face.
·      You opened your arms before he rushed into you with all the force his little body can muster.
·      You hugged him just as tight, holding your own tears in.
·      You got up with Riddle in your arms, rubbing his back as he cried and clutched on you tighter.
·      You bowed your head to the Clover family once again before looking at Trey.
·      “I hope you, you other friend, and Riddle can be good friends.”
·      Trey looked a bit nervous before nodding slowly.
·      You thanked them before returning home.
·      Humming a song to little Riddle and kissing his head.
·      You were determined.
·      You would make sure Riddle Rosehearts grew up loved and happy.
·      And as thoughts of the Twisted Wonderland plot came into mind.
·      You would make sure he was safe.
Tumblr media
How did you all like it? Would love to hear your thoughts 💕☺️
Tag List (open): @justeclem44​ @coraldelusiondaze​n @h0n3ysgh0st​ @thatdazaikin​ @strawberry-pie-thoughts​
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kimbap-r0ll · 29 days
How Dorm Leaders Hint They Like You
Something cute I thought of recently!
The first thing you'll notice is that he's a lot nicer to you than he is to others (less strict, it makes Ace and Deuce confused haha)
He tries to impress you with how much he knows, but also by inviting you to a lot of tea parties so you can spend time with him
Whenever you talk to him, you find that his usual stiff body language melts. He has a hard time maintaining eye-contact, hides his hands behind his back, crosses his arms, stutters a bit too
He has no idea how to deal with these emotions and will often find himself dozing out of class when he sees you across from him for example. His blush whenever you smile at him also is a dead-giveaway
Unlike Riddle, Leona's meaner. He's the type to tease you more because he likes you and he has no idea what the best way to show this is
If any other student tries to hurt you, he's the first one to step in and tell them to stop. He's a bit protective, though he'll never admit it
If you're in the same Spelldrive team as him, he might want to show off some of his skills haha. If you compliment him, he'll try to smirk and say "yeah of course" but he just awkwardly nods
He's good at hiding his blushes and hiding his emotions behind meaner words. But whenever you treat him with kindness, you see him just look at you with surprised eyes and then a softer look
Will flaunt himself at you. Tries to impress you with his knowledge in everything possible, it's a bit exhausting haha
He gets a bit jittery around you too. His usual (manipulative) suave self disappears and he pushes his glasses up a lot more often than he does around others
Floyd and Jade know exactly how Azul feels the first few seconds he shows it. They might casually tease him and you, saying to you that someone has a crush on you
He wants to be the perfect boyfriend, the perfect man that will melt your heart, but you end up melting his. His blushing, overall bashfulness yet awkward confidence makes his crush super clear
He's not shy at all, will try to spend the most amount of time around you as possible. He literally calls your name from across the hallway and runs towards you
His overall sunshine personality might mask his crush a bit though, but you can see him blushing whenever you look at him with a smile. He also dozes off when you talk to him that you might have to snap him back to reality haha
Jamil also happens to look more stressed during these days. The reason for this is likely because Kalim has been asking him incessantly how to ask you out, will ask you at some point if you have any love interests
Kalim overall is just very sweet, often giving you gifts that you didn't think you needed. But he's still a bit shy, often losing his words when you two are alone
Emotionally constipated like Leona and Riddle, he tends to be nicer to you. He doesn't call you "potato" and actually uses your name or even "darling" — apparently he just calls people that but you know that's not true
Smiles in your direction a lot, often staring at you from across the classroom. He tries to look his best in front of you and so he might look like he's posing whenever you two catch each others' glances
Epel will ask why Vil acts so nicely around you, the others think he might be plotting something. But when you talk to Vil alone, he's completely at a loss of words. He can't look at you directly, scratching lightly at the sides of his nails, blushing slightly whenever you're close to him
He wants to be flawless, but he's so nervous around you that he has no idea how to act. Will tell you a lot of compliments and offer to watch films together, of course it's just because of the film club (of course it's not)
Can't even bring a conversation to fruition because he's so shy. He wants to be like all the cool characters he's seen before in anime, but he can't because of his awkwardness
Stares at you the most. He literally forgets about the world around him, a soft smile on his lips and a soft gaze. The teacher might have to yell his name to get him back to the classroom haha
If you approach him, he might run away. It's not that he's scared of you, more like he's scared that he might mess up. If he doesn't, he stutters worse than he usually does and avoids eye contact altogether
Ortho knows his brother the best and can see right through Idia. Also Idia tries to draw you from time to time so there's that. Ortho might ask you how you feel about his older brother, which might give you a hint as to Idia's feelings
This fae might be the most fearless, perfect being but when it comes to love he's completely lost. He also just dozes off and it takes Sebek yelling a few times and shaking him to wake him up from daydreaming about waltzing with you in the forest
Will visit you more frequently, asking if you want to go on walks. He's good at keeping eye contact, but he's so much gentler with you than with anyone else. Always asks for your hand
If you talk about something your passionate about for a long time, you might find him happily looking at you, head resting on his hand and just a soft smile.
Lilia tells Malleus to be upfront but Malleus is too nervous. He might stutter if you compliment him for example. He also happens to be protective, so expect him to keep you close to him for no reason whenever you're on walks haha
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little-miss-mei · 1 month
Yuu: I'm not even sure if Floyd likes me.
Ace: What do you mean? Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for YOU!
Yuu: No. Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for FUN.
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coralinnii · 11 days
forgetting your jacket and wearing someone else’s  feat: Sebek · Rook · Idia · Kalim genre: fluff, jealousy note: not gender-specific reader, no pronouns used (except maybe gendered French words in Rook's part but unsure), established relationships, reader is not part of Scarabia in Kalim's part, reader is implied to be smaller than Jack in Rook's part
I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this one because this was honestly quite a challenge for me. I haven't read book 6 yet so Idia may not be too accurate to his canon character? But still, I hope you guys enjoy it
Tumblr media
Would definitely scold you for forgetting to wear your jacket. No matter how warm or how cold, Sebek always wears his school uniform neatly and with pride, his honour as Malleus' guard on the line. A sloppy appearance reflects a sloppy character, he believes.
You didn’t feel too bad when he was reluctant to give you his jacket upon request. You shouldn’t force someone just because you’re a little cold. 
Fortunately for you, a classmate of yours noticed your shivering and offered his own for the time being, saying he has a spare for Flying class. You thanked your good luck as you graciously accepted. Now Sebek won’t feel bad about not giving you his jacket, right? 
With your newly acquired jacket, you managed to survive the first half of the school day and went to find Sebek in the cafeteria during recess. You waved at him happily as you approached his table but he did not return the greeting. 
He felt a sense of bile in his throat when he saw you in a jacket that did not fit you at all. The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves engulfed you. Sure, you looked cute but he doesn’t like it. He initially thought that it was because he didn't like how unfitting it was on you. 
“Human, where did you acquire that jacket? It doesn’t suit you at all” 
When you answered how someone offered his jacket to you, the bile was more prominent. The way you snuggled into another boy’s jacket, the oversized fabric enveloping you like a warm cocoon. Sure, he was hesitant over handing you his jacket before, but knowing someone else provided for you hits him in a sore spot as your boyfriend. He wants to be the one to take care of you, to be your ever reliable knight. 
Quickly, Sebek stood up from his seat and started to remove his own jacket. Without looking at you, he asked you to remove the jacket you have and put his on. 
“But I’m comfy” 
“Please, I…I beg of you” 
You did as he asked and after quickly putting away his lunch tray, he escorted you back to your dorm to get your own jacket and to quickly return the jacket of that generous classmate of yours. 
“The idea of seeing someone else take care of you… as your boyfriend, I will not stand for it!”
Tumblr media
A masterful huntsman, Rook Hunt is not an easy man to track. Not to mention the fact that he’s a third year and Pomefiore’s vice Housewarden, you figured that searching for him this early in the day would be a fruitless endeavour. 
Luckily, you did find Jack who, despite his grumbles over your absentmindedness, offered his jacket to you. Happy, you promised that you returned it with a favour to the beastman. 
However, the atmosphere around you seemed odd to you as the school day went on. Other students, particularly the beastman students, were busy whispering and gossiping behind you which confused you and honestly got a little bit on your nerves. 
All those unpleasant feelings quickly disappeared when you spotted a familiar feathered hat in the distance. Without a word, you quickly rushed through the crowd to give your boyfriend a hug from behind. 
Or least, that’s what you planned if it weren’t for Rook quickly turning to encase you in his arms instead. 
“I thought I heard your adorable footsteps running towards me. What a wonderful surprise!”
You laughed, thinking you should have known nothing gets past Rook. You tried to step back but realized that Rook maintained his grip on you, inspecting you with a look of curiosity. 
The hunter looks over your newly acquired jacket. The shoulders are much too bulky to be yours. He noticed the Savanaclaw emblem on the sleeve which would explain the jacket's size considering how the majority of those students are. However, he caught the scent of something -  of someone - familiar. A certain tall, gruff beastman to be precise. 
“Mon amour, is this perhaps… Jack Howl’s jacket?” 
“Oh, how did you know?” You exclaimed as you told Rook how you were cold today and Jack offered his jacket to you this morning. 
“So that explains the whispering I’ve been hearing” Rook thought as he carefully traced the lapels of the jacket clearly not tailored for you. There’s a charm to see you in a new look like this but the hunter himself is experiencing a new emotion, a burning feeling in his chest that compels him to rip away the offending fabric. Is this jealousy? Perhaps a possessive urge to reclaim his spot that feels threatened by a newcomer? 
Oh, what a beautiful new experience you have given this admirer of beauty. Rook happily revels in this feeling he has never experienced before until meeting you. 
“How wonderfully kind of him. Let us find him, I must share my thanks for caring for my beautiful trésor~” 
There’s a part of you that feels like it would not be a good idea to bring Rook to your friend, but you decided to brush that anxious feeling away. After all, the smile on Rook’s face convinced you that there was no harm (poor choice, really). 
Hidden from your sight, Rook’s fingers slightly twitched in anticipation as the two of you went to look for the white-haired freshman. Rook truly did want to offer his thanks to the beastman…with some helpful tips for surviving a hunter. 
“One must be very careful in the wild. It is not smart to leave marks near a hunter’s territory”
Tumblr media
You didn't even bother to try asking him, this man isn’t even on campus. Even if he was, you doubt he would give you his jacket, probably claiming it’d be “such a normie cliche”, leaving you to find other means to find warmth. 
Thankfully, you found the kind-hearted Silver who was gracious enough to lend you his school jacket for the day. With all the interesting types of students you have encountered on this campus, your flame-haired boyfriend included, Silver is odd himself for simply being such an outlier case of a typical student here. 
The day went off normally, and you decided to visit Idia in his room before heading back to your dorms. You hope you could spend some intimate time with him, some cuddling and perhaps a kiss or two. 
Too bad your boyfriend had other plans, which was apparently playing video games while purposely ignoring you. His back is turned towards you and every time you get close to him, the gamer has the audacity to scoot AWAY from you. 
“Idia, please tell me what’s wrong before I actually get mad” 
“...that jacket” You heard him mumble which confused you further. You asked to repeat himself. 
Which led your introverted boyfriend to yell out, surprising you. “You're wearing that jacket! And it had to be that guy who’s practically an otome game target!” 
Idia was sulking the entire day as he saw you through the security camera accepting Silver’s jacket. He wanted to scream and call foul-play on that but instead he reluctantly faced reality. Of course, Silver will be that type of guy. The mysterious but kind knight archetype with good looks to boot. Idia wouldn’t be surprised if he was some kind of long lost prince. 
“Well, I would love it if my boyfriend would give me his, if he wasn’t allergic to coupley stuff” there was some snark in your tone but you never really want to pressure Idia to do something he doesn’t want. You would love to show off your relationship with Idia but you wanted to respect his comfort.
Idia knows that, and he’s grateful for you for not pushing him too far out of his comfort zone. But still, knowing someone acting like that with you, all sweet and caring, leaves a sour taste in Idia’s mouth.
There was a short pause between you two, letting the mood settle before saying anything else. Then, Idia quietly asked, “Do you want to share jackets…with me?” 
“Absolutely” you gasped excitedly and without another word, Idia turned to his computer and started searching the Internet for worthwhile jackets in his sizes and yours. If you have more jackets then you won’t have to go around asking for someone else’s.
Also, even he can’t resist the giddy feeling of seeing his amazing lover wear something that’s special only to you and him, not that he would admit it out loud. Too cringe.
“If we’re doing the lame normie stuff, we’re doing it our way. And no sharing with anybody else, right??”
Tumblr media
Kalim would absolutely offer you his jacket, his vest, his shirt, heck even his pants without question. Whatever you want, he would give it up no questions asked. But you were surprised how you couldn’t find your boyfriend at first, until he texted you he had to be called in for a Housewarden meeting with Crowley which leaves you to wait for him in the cold. 
Luckily, a classmate of yours from Scarabia saw you shivering and offered his jacket to you. Afterall, you were his Housewarden’s beloved so he wanted to make sure you’re warm for Kalim’s sake. You were touched by this sentiment and accepted the jacket, promising to return it after meeting with Kalim.
Kalim ran to hug you as soon as he saw you as he left his meeting, enveloping you in his warm embrace with a grin on his face. In his excitement, it took a while for him to register your slightly new look. 
“Did you join Scarabia? Are we in the same house now?!” Kalim excitedly asked which you laughed at his silliness. 
When you explained the story about the jacket, Kalim was really glad. He thought about how lucky he is to have such kind people in his dorm that was so happy to help out his beloved, he must reward them later! The white-haired man was happy that you were cared for in his short absence. 
But, what is this other feeling in his heart? This heavy feeling in his chest that slightly aches when he saw how you adjusted the jacket on you, bringing it closer to your body like a comforting blanket. He felt unsatisfied, almost fearful of your attachment to this jacket. 
Was he jealous? 
Kalim shook off his thoughts as he removed his soft beige cardigan and the jacket you have. You watched him confused as he draped his cardigan over you, replacing the heat from your classmate’s jacket to his.  
“I just thought you’d be comfier if you had my cardigan instead. It’s really soft!” he grinned as he pulled the large cardigan to wrap around you like a cute burrito. 
And to be fair, Kalim’s cardigan WAS comfier. Probably made with the highest quality and taken the best care by you assume Jamil. You happily snuggled into its warmth, reveling in the cloud soft coat, missing the loving looks from your sunshine of a boyfriend. 
Yea, he definitely likes seeing you in his clothes better. 
Don’t be surprised to see packages of luxurious coats and sweaters from yours truly. You two can match!
“If you’re ever cold, you can always come to me first! I’ll make sure to keep you warm!”  
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