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harunayuuka2060 · 17 hours
Trey: Congrats on being a mother, Jade.
Jade: I hope you're not teasing me by saying that.
Baby MC: *holding Jade's hand* Mama?
Jade: Yes, sweet little thing?
Baby MC: You pretty today.
Jade: ...
Trey: Can I squeeze them?
Jade: I'll ask Floyd to do that for you.
Trey: Haha...
Vil: Have you considered doing a paternity test to see if that baby is really your child?
Azul: Yes. However, my mom was so sure they were mine the first time she saw them.
Vil: How so?
Floyd: Azul, does your baby hate me? They wouldn't come out from their octopus pot. *has been carrying them around*
Azul: It's their sleep time, Floyd. Don't disturb them.
Floyd: *frowns* But I wanna play. *forcefully opens the pot*
Baby MC: *pops their head out of the pot* *looks at their Uncle Floydie*
Floyd: Mornin~.
Baby MC: *gets the cover from him then hides in the pot again*
Floyd: ...
Vil: ...
Vil: Your mother's right.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 3rd anniversary twisted wonderland!! ✨🪄
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I want t#ey Kissing headcanon
I’m not a simp
*diverts eyes away*
Tumblr media
Major, all time down bad simp.
Kissing headcanons
For Trey, Ace, and Azul.
Trey is a old fashioned romantic at heart. His kisses are gentle, pressing against your lips softly. He’ll guide you, moving them in a calming waltz that has your knees turning into mush underneath you.
He gives you kisses regularly. It’s become a habit of his, really. Sweeping your hair up, before giving you a little forehead smooch. There’s a comforting warmth, lingering on your skin when he pulls away. Trey can’t help but grin at your expression, giving your cheek a little pat of appreciation. He’ll give them a kiss in turn, don’t fret. There’s a certain care that goes to each and everyone of his kisses. It’s evident in the way he clasps your face in his palms, ember eyes staring right into yours, love clear in his gaze.
You’re truly sweet, his favourite treat.
Thank you for the food.
Ace’s rather passionate. He’ll lock your lips with his, pressing into you wildly. You’ll have to be the first to pull away, lest you get sucked into that erratic rhythm of his. Ace’ll wait for you to catch your breath, before pulling you back into him.
What, can’t take the heat? Wow, prefect, you really are weak, aren’t you? Ace gives you kisses when you least expect it. During class, walking down the halls, or maybe when you two are wrapped up in each others arms, cuddling on the couch. Ace dips his head, trailing kisses down the nape of your neck. He’ll alternate between light, fleeting kisses, and strong, desperate kisses that has your skin burning hot.
Ace likes it when it turns red.
His colour looks the best on you, after all.
Azul has a certain shyness when he’s kissing. His lips hesitate, before they melt into yours. He’s looking into your eyes , freezing like a deer in headlights. You’re… well. You’re the one he loves, after all. You hypnotised him with your love, did you not? However, Azul’s perfectly content to fall, if you’re the one pulling at the strings.
His lips move slow, dancing with yours. Azul takes note of your reactions, adjusting to suit your pace. Although, when he gets comfortable, he’ll slowly ensnare you. You’ll never be able to think about another, not when he’s done with you. Pressing his lips into the tip of your fingers, slowly working his way into your palm, around your wrist… they’re gentle. Much like butterflies alighting on your hands, their wings brushing against your skin.
It’s a pleasant feeling, especially when your cheeks glow, warm and red.
Azul thinks it’s adorable.
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Trey's Party 【gn!Reader x Trey Clover】
: ̗̀➛ It's Trey's birthday! You and the Heartslabyul crew decide to throw him a surprise party. Riddle sends you off to pick up some extra supplies, when you run into the birthday boy himself. : ̗̀➛ Fluff/crack, Y/n gets flustered over Trey's Beautiful Bodyᵀᴹ, Trey's a little shit, some parts a little suggestive : ̗̀➛ 3.1k words : ̗̀➛ [a/n]: who doesnt love a trey birthday fic in *checks watch* march! was just Thinking About Him.. this got a lot longer than i intended it to be oops. i still have some ideas for this tho.. (chapter 2 later?!?!?)
"Streamers, tablecloths, partyhats... I think that should be everything."
You check off the list Riddle entrusted with you. Deuce severely underestimated how many materials you all needed for Trey's birthday party, leaving you to pick up what was missing. Typical, but you didn't mind the extra steps, and those boys can be a tad overwhelming. Some fresh air and a walk to Sam's shop is what you needed to clear your head.
"Thaaaaank you! Come again, my little imp!" Sam's voice booms as you wave out the door, arms full of various party supplies. You didn't think to bring a bag, nor did Riddle give you one. As you send Sam your goodbyes, a firm wall knocks straight into your chest, sending you and all your perfectly balanced supplies flying across the sidewalk.
"Shoot, prefect, didn't see you there," a voice calls from above.
You look up from the wreckage of the fall, a large shadow casting over your face. A tall, broad figure stands above you, hand outstretched to help you up.
"Trey?" you grab his hand as he pulls you up.
"Didn't see you there prefect," he eyes your possessions strewn about, "looks like you need a hand." He begins to pick up your fallen supplies.
"S-sorry, I guess I should look at where I'm going," you stammer, scrambling to pick up the party items. Oh. Party items. For Trey's party. A party he doesn't know about.
"Heh, no problem. You've got plenty of stuff here, throwing a party or something?" he questions, throwing you his signature smirk.
It's his birthday, can't he piece two and two together? Or is he playing some mind game with you, trying to make you slip up and admitting to throwing him a birthday party? If you soiled the surprise, you wouldn't hear the end of it from Ace and the others...
"N-no, no no. Nothing like that. Just uh, helping Cater out," you fib off the top of your head. "For his photo shoot."
"Oh? First I've heard of a photo shoot for Cater."
"Um.. yeah. Pretty under the covers. Best not to tell anyone."
"...right." Trey is still giving you a strange look. Seems like you haven't convinced him yet.
"Bikini photo shoot," you blurt out "Cater's doing a bikini photo shoot."
Trey stops midway picking up a package of streamers. Silence lays heavy upon you two after you dropped that bomb of information on him. After a moment, he finishes grabbing your fallen belongings and clears his throat.
"In October. Didn't know there was a market for male bikini models out of season."
"Yeah, me neither. You'd be surprised."
Silence again. Definitely not awkward or anything.
"Well I certainly don't want to interrupt Cater, or get wrapped up in his shenanigans, for that matter," he starts, "but you've got way too much stuff to carry to Heartslabyul on your own. Curiosity has got me by the tail, so I'll head back with you."
Shit. Trey's gonna come back with you and there's no convincing him otherwise. Did the bikini photo shoot lie work...? If you're bringing him back, then you have to alert the others.
"Oh, one second Trey. I think I left my wallet inside," you lied.
He nods and you make your escape back into Sam's. Quickly, you whip out your phone and open the "TREY CLOVER SECRET PARTY SURPRISE!!!!!🎊🥳👯‍♀️" Magicam group chat. Very subtle name choice, Cater.
Y/n: Bad news guys
Y/n: Just ran into Trey outside of sam's shop (literally) and now he's coming with me to heartslabyul
Y/n: And I might have told him that we're planning a bikini photo shoot for Cater
Ace: what.
Y/n: I ran away for a second but I'm gonna start walking back soon
Y/n: Get Cater in a bikini ASAP
Cater: wtf
Ace: ur our of ur mind if u think im wearing that crap
Cater: i mean no biggie prefect but this is supposed to be treys bday party 😭😭
Riddle: Ugh, looks like we have no choice. Trey's coming prematurely and he's expecting a bikini photo shoot. What a disaster.
Cater: wait wait guys i have an idea
Cater: prefect just keep doin what ur doin and bring trey here 😈
Y/n: Don't trust that idea
Y/n: Whatever I'm omw
You slip your phone back in your pocket and head back outside to meet Trey. You're a little nervous to see what Cater has planned, but you have no choice but to trust him and bring the victim to Heartslabyul. Trey grins at you and has mostly everything tucked under his arms, save for a package of balloons left on the cobblestone.
"Sorry I couldn't get everything," he laughs sheepishly, as if he wasn't totally showing off his ripped stature. Are you blushing? Butterflies creep up your throat as you stare at his toned arms, exposed after he rolled up his sleeves. A bead of sweat rolls down his sharp jawline, leaving a slight sheen on his face. You're drawn to how hes carefully holding your supplies, being sure nothing is crushed. What would it be like to be a partyhat, snug in Trey's muscular arms, protected, held. It dawns on you that you get to walk the whole way back to Heartslabyul with him. Just you and him. Alone. The more you think about him the hotter your face gets. This could be a problem.
"Prefect? You ready to head out?" Trey's question snaps you out of your daydream as you face the mission at hand. Right. Secure Trey and safely escort him to Heartslabyul. Should be no issue, right?
"Oh, yeah," you stumble on your words as you attempt to regain your focus. A chilly gust blows through, giving you the shivers "I'd really like to be out of cold." Although the temperature was low, your face still felt hot from embarrassment and ogling Trey's body. You pray that the walk to the Hall of Mirrors goes by quickly, you don't know how much longer you can be in his presence without imploding from sheer embarrassment. The thought of you smacking directly into Trey and making a mess of all your equipment is playing on loop in your head, making you want to run away and hide in shame. Not only that, but trying to make up an excuse for his birthday party. A bikini photo shoot? Seriously? You curse yourself for not being able to think of something more believable. However, you're glad Trey is one of the few genuinely nice people on campus. Had it been anyone else... things could've been pretty sour. You heave a sigh after thinking so hard. This birthday party better end up being good for all the trouble you've gone through so far.
"Are you feeling okay? You seem out of focus" Trey says, snapping you out of thought for the second time today.
"I'm fine, really. Just a little chilly from the wind, that's all." You curse at yourself for not bringing a jacket, but you also weren't planning on being outside this long.
Trey halts and sets your things down. You pause and look at him, wondering what's gotten into his head. He pulls his white jacket and vest off and hands it to you, leaving him in a plain white tee.
"Take it. You might catch a cold without it." He grins while holding his jacket out to you. You can feel a warm blush creeping up your face.
"What? No Trey, if I take it, then you're going to catch a cold," you argue. "Plus, you've already helped me so much today, I can't take any more from you."
"Eh, I was getting warm anyways. Carrying all your stuff isn't an easy task, you know." He winks at you, causing your heart to run a marathon.
You see the opportunity and apprehensively take his jacket. Warm to the touch, even softer when it's covering your body. It's way too big on you, sleeves stretching much farther than your arms and the body drapes halfway down your thighs. Not only are you warm, but his scent lingers on his jacket, filling your nostrils. You've only gotten a few whiffs of Trey before, mostly while baking with him, but he smells incredible. It's sweet with a hint of pine, subtle, but not too subtle for you to not take notice. Wearing his everyday jacket feels like ecstasy, your body enveloped in a permanent Trey-hug. You hope he can't see the pink on your face, you surely must be blushing by now. You're wearing his jacket that he gave to you. That's a win in your book.
"Thanks, I feel much better," you smiled as you helped him pick up his load again. And you do feel much better, warm and protected by Trey's physical force field generated by the jacket. Nothing could rain on your parade now, unless...
"Did you feel that? I think we're forecasted for some rain today, and the clouds seem pretty da-"
Trey's sentence is cut off from a loud crack that echoes from above. Shit. Was it really supposed to rain today? You and Trey are about halfway to the Hall of Mirrors, maybe if you hurry, you can beat the rain.
Or not.
After the thunder echoes away, a drizzle begins to fall over campus. Great. Just what you two needed today, to be soaked in rain before Trey's birthday party. Rather, "Cater's bikini photo shoot". You and Trey begin to pick up the pace of walking when the drizzle turns into a downpour in an instant. Big drops of water soak both of you as you try and outrun the rain.
"C'mon prefect, inside before we're drenched!" Trey shouts as he grabs your arm and pulls you along. How he's managing to drag you along while carrying all your supplies is a mystery to you. You look at Trey as you're both running to safety and a twinge of guilt settles in your gut. This could have been avoided if you didn't clumsily run into him outside of Sam's shop. Then, he wouldn't have to carry all your stuff, get drenched in rain, and have his birthday party ruined by a stupid bikini photo shoot. Plus, your other Heartslabyul companions wouldn't have to scramble to change plans quick. How did you manage to turn his birthday into a total disaster?
You and Trey burst through the double doors of the Hall of Mirrors, huffing and puffing after running through the rain. You're both drenched from the sudden downpour. Even Trey's jacket, which kept you so warm only moments earlier, is completely soaked with rainwater. So much for enjoying the heat of Trey's-forever-hug. You look over at Trey and almost stop feeling bad for a moment. His white shirt is plastered to his chest, which is rising and falling rapidly as he tries to catch his breath. You're hopeless to the view of seeing the outline of his muscles along with the wet sheen along his arms. Feeling like you're invading his body, you quickly break your stare and look at the ground, trying to hide the heat that once again crept up your face.
"I'm really sorry," you blurt out suddenly. "If I didn't run into you and make you carry all my stuff to Heartslabyul, you wouldn't be in this mess right now. You'd even have your jacket to protect you from the rain too. All this wasn't even for anything important, just a stupid photo-"
"Say, can you do me a favor?" Trey interrupts you, and you look up at him in surprise. As if he hasn't given you enough already, his black glasses are outstretched to you in his hand.
"Your shirt is still dry right? Mind if I borrow it to clean these up? I'm totally soaked."
"Y-yeah that's fine," you stammer, surprised that he interrupted you for something like this. You reach for his glasses, but he takes a step closer to you instead. He grabs the hem of your dry undershirt and uses it dry the droplets off his lenses. It almost feels intimate with how close you are, breathing in his space. If you weren't already encased by the scent of his jacket, you would definitely be able to smell him now with how close he's gotten.
"I'm not blaming you for this little encounter with the rain, you know," he says quietly enough that only you can hear. "I offered to help you, knowing it was going to rain. I wanted to make sure you got to your destination safely."
Your face heats up for the umpteenth time, and you have nowhere to hide it this time with Trey looking directly at you.
"Plus," he continues, his face getting closer to your ear, "it's cute seeing you get flustered over everything I do."
Oh. So he has noticed every time you've gotten embarrassed during the past hour. Wonderful.
"Trey, enough with it," you whisper back.
He takes a step back and puts his glasses back on, making you wish he would've just stayed close to you.
"Alright alright, I'll quit teasing you. I thought I'd indulge myself for today," he says with his usual sheepishness.
If you knew he liked teasing you so much, maybe you would have avoided him for today if you had the choice. You feel your phone buzz and see a message from the Magicam group chat.
Ace: whats ur eta? i think we're just about wrapped up here
Ace: please tell me u didnt blow it again and change the story again
"One second Trey, Ace is messaging me."
"What a buzzkill."
Y/n: We just made it to the hall of mirrors, be there soon
Y/n: This party better be worth it
Deuce: You and me both, prefect
"You ready to head in?" you ask Trey after putting your phone away. You still have a mission to accomplish!
"Yeah, let's go. My arms will finally have a rest once we're inside," he quips back.
"You said you'd quit teasing me."
"My bad."
You and Trey make your way into the dorm, uneasy with what you're about to see. Did they really prep for a photo shoot? Or did they just stick with a half-assed birthday party with only half the supplies? As you both open the doors to the foyer, your jaws hit the floor.
Cater's body is out for display on the dorm couch, garbed only with a bright red speedo. His hair is in his usual style, a half-up pony, but now donned with sparkly red sunglasses atop his head. A glob of white sunscreen is stuck on his nose, imitating a cartoon lifeguard. He's holding a large beach ball with one arm, his phone in the other. On either side, Ace and Deuce are dressed similarly with swimshorts instead of speedos and plain black sunglasses over their eyes. Both of them look unimpressed while fanning Cater with cheap decorative fans, presumably leftover from New Years. Riddle stands behind a tripod with a camera mounted to it. A ring light is placed in front of the tripod, lighting up Cater's face with a perfect warm glow. Most of the equipment probably belonged to Cater, seeing that he uses it for Magicam posts. You didn't expect there to be an actual setup, neither did Trey by the look on his face.
"Oh hey Trey," Cater speaks up, "grab a fan."
"My god Y/n, I thought you were joking." Trey deadpans.
"I thought I was too..."
"I don't joke about showbiz, Trey." Cater looks deadly serious.
A beat.
Who's going to speak up first?
"...kidding! C'mon you two, we're just messing around! Happy b-day Trey-Trey!" Cater pipes up after a moment of awkward silence, "also, did you guys swim through a river to get here? You're both absolutely soaked."
"Really? I didn't notice anything coming in," you deadpan back, "did you see any rain, Trey?"
"Hmm, not that I saw. I mean, we were walking together after all."
"Okay you two, no need for the 'tude," Cater replies.
"I think I can have some 'tude' after going through a downpour for, what's this, a bikini party? Nice birthday party, guys." Trey's glare burns holes into Cater's perfectly lit face.
"It was prefect's idea," Ace blurts out before Trey can unleash his disapproval. You shoot a look in Ace's direction and he smirks in response.
"Oh? So you didn't like it when I was teasing you, but the idea of a bikini photo shoot was fine by you?" He nudged your arm, feigning anger. His wink was the cherry on top. You were sick of his winking.
"I only said that to keep the surprise birthday part a secret! Give me a break guys," you groan.
"Can we put our clothes back on now?" Deuce interjects, "Trey knows the truth, I think we can get on with the actual birthday party."
"I agree. This running joke has gone on long enough. Sorry Trey if this had made you upset, we'll do our best to make it up to you," Riddle says with a sigh.
"No worries guys, I guess I can't be too upset if prefect came up with the idea and Riddle approved of it," Trey replies, scratching the back of his head. "Besides, I think we're gonna need a change of clothes too." You almost forgot that you and Trey were soaked in rainwater.
Ace grumbles some "about time" and leaves to change, Deuce, Cater, and Riddle following suit.
"B-t-dubs, Trey, we set up the real party in the kitchen, but prefect will have to help you put the rest of it together! GL!" he says with a wave before exiting to his room to put some proper clothes on, leaving you and Trey alone in the foyer.
"Some surprise huh? I sure hope the rest of the party is somewhat normal,"
"Ugh, I'm just ready to be in some warm clothes and eat some good food..." you mumble.
You suddenly realize that you are in Heartslabyul, not Ramshackle. You don't have a spare set of warm, dry, clothes here. Trey must have noticed your error, or saw the expression on your face as you realized.
"Don't worry, I think I still have some old clothes you can wear, or I can ask Riddle. He might be more your size."
"That'd be great."
"And hey, you could return them at the end of the night," he snakes his arm around your waist and brings you closer, "as an apology gift, for screwing up my birthday party, no?"
You can practically hear his smug look as he tells you everything you need to know about his "plans" with you after the party. Happy birthday to you, Trey.
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atl4ntxc · 3 months
𝐨𝐡 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬.
— the moment they realized they fell for you, and how some of them deal with it.
Tumblr media
Riddle couldn’t bare the thought of you being away from him. That day, that fateful day where you took him out for a walk for a breath of fresh air, was the day that he would always remember and cherish. The way you asked for permission to hold his hand, the way you held onto them so gently, the way you laughed, the way you smiled and the way your eyes lit up at the sight of a blooming flower. Your eyes were the most lustrous that he had ever seen, and when you would look at him, he could feel himself melting inside.
Trey knew that he fell in love with you when he realized that he would always want you to accompany him. He would always seem to find ways to get you to assist him with baking, no matter how easy the recipe is. He will never get sick of the feeling of flowers blooming in his chest. Your joyous laughter always sound like a melody to him, and he would smile in return. He is never missing the opportunity to admire you from afar.
Cater never knew that he would actually fall in love. He couldn’t see himself liking anyone, but when you arrived, everything changed. In his point of view, you were the best person to ever appear in his life. You are so beautifully created, and if he were to ever see a flaw of yours, he would say that his eyes are the flawed ones. No matter what happens, he could always be vulnerable around you, letting his facadé drop. He will always trust you, even with the darkest secrets. You are his sole source of comfort and love.
Ace finds it ridiculous that he fell in love with you. No matter how hard he tries to deny his feelings, he would always go back into your warming embrace. He couldn’t help but notice of how enchanting you are, quietly watching you talk to your friends. The way he looks at you is so soft, it makes you bubbly inside. He bullies you lovingly, not aware of the glances that his friends give him... He’s so mushy it’s disgusting. He’s so going to get teased for this by his friends.
Deuce realized that he becomes a shy mess around you. Whenever he talks to you, his eyes would always avoid your dreamy ones. You smiling at him will always make him combust, making epel and ace laugh at him. He acknowledges his feelings, unlike Ace. He tells his mother about you, on how wonderful you truly are, the radiant smiles that you send him, he tells his mom everything. And that’s when he knew, he truly fell head over heels for you.
Leona spends more time with you. The moment that he realized he had feelings for the herbivore, he shuts you out and refuses to acknowledge his feelings. But being away from you is hard, it’s difficult. He would always be grumpy if he didn’t see nor interact with you. Once you step into the Botanical Garden, his ears would perk up and his tail would swish, the sudden excitement rushing through his body. The only person that he would let scratch his ears or head is you. You will always be that person.
The moment that Ruggie realized that he fell in love, he becomes all giddy. You and him had a picnic in the middle of a dandelion field, which makes him excited as he was surrounded by his favourite flower. You plucked a dandelion and gave it to him, “make a wish.” you said. He parted his lips and took a look at your gentle smile that held nothing but kindness behind them. The beauty of your smile is something that he cannot describe. Ruggie carefully cupped the dandelion in his hands before making a wish.
At first, Jack didn’t care about love. But he seemed to be proven wrong when he realized that he was in love with you, his friend. He shows you that he loves you by always shielding you from nearby trouble and protecting you ‘till his last breath. He will help you with anything, no matter how simple the task is. He will help you do your daily errands, accompanying you along the way— who cares if he’s tired? he needs to protect you!
Azul finds ‘love’ troublesome. He thinks that love is a waste of time— but that was before you came along. When you went to Monstro Lounge to dine in with your first year buddies, he couldn’t help but notice how bright your eyes looked that night. So, he took it upon himself to take your orders, as well as deliver the meals that you ordered. He will always be screaming on the inside from your interactions. Jade and Floyd knew of his little crush on you, and decided to tease him for it. He definitely tries to make you sign a contract, while hiding the written part that says "be forever mine".
Jade fell in love with you when you both went for a hike. He realized that you were actually listening to his ramblings about mushrooms, and it warms his heart. You would listen intently to every word he says, even commenting at some of the mushroom facts. His heart swirls with pride when he hears your hearty laughter, a sign that you enjoy his company. He is very subtle with his feelings, but everyone (except for you) noticed on how his eyes softened at the mere mention of the ramshackle prefect.
Floyd becomes more clingy with you. It isn't a surprise for anyone to see the eel cling onto you like a sloth. Nothing changed from his behaviour, everyone would think. But you and Jade knew that he became much more closer to you, more touchy. He craves your touch. Annoys you ‘till the end, but will always be by your side. Other students won't be able to approach you if the Leech hangs around you like a... well, a leech. So, free protection? He will protect his shrimpy no matter what!
Kalim can’t see the difference between platonic and romantic affection. But he does know that he wants to hug and kiss you. Holding hands and any form of physical contact will having him cooing in delight. But, the moment that he realized that he fell in love with you was when you were checking if he had any injuries on him. You could’ve let Jamil do that, but considering the fact that he’s incredibly tired, you let him rest. To him, you are the most beautiful human being to ever exist— the way your hand gently touches his, it’s making his heart flutter. You are perfect!
Jamil has no problem with love whatsoever. Although he doesn’t focus on that topic but focuses on Kalim instead, he could not ignore how you offered him help. Jamil didn’t doubt your cooking skills, but he does have a part of his brain that prays that scarabia’s kitchen doesn’t end up in ashes. In the end, your creation was mouth-watering. Jamil smiles at you, and you were beaming in delight when they said that it tasted delicious. He couldn’t help but notice how precious you looked in the moment and basked it in. But, he ignores his feelings— so you have to be the one to confess.
‘i don’t have time for love.’ Vil thinks. Surrounded by fans who adore him, he couldn’t care less about love. Sure, love sounds wonderful but it’s difficult to deal with. However, there was a time when Vil pulled you into Pomefiore’s dorm to get you dressed up, since you looked like a rotten potato. You could only sigh and accept your fate, patiently waiting for the makeover to finish while Epel struggles beside you. “open your eyes, potato.” so you opened them. wait— since when did the prefect had such an angelic look? You looked like you were perfectly glowing. Vil’s cheeks were decorated with a soft red hue, eyes softening at the sight of you.
Rook is well... Rook. He understands the concept of love too much. Most might think, "he def fell in love the first time he saw u" and you are not wrong yet not right. At first glance, he only adored you. You were just doing archery for fun, when Rook popped up beside you. “Trickster-kun, doing archery? So magnifique! Come, show me your skills!” you held the archery arrow towards the apple above Rook and shot an arrow, a subtle smile present. “Jackpot. Thanks for the offer, Rook—” He immediately held your hand and got on one knee, “mon trésor, please be mine.” “what?!” congrats, now you have a hunter trailing behind you, asking for your hand in marriage.
‘ew, love.’ that’s how Epel views love. Love is so... yucky. Seeing all those happy couples makes him want to vomit. He gained feelings after spending more time with you, most of the time trying to escape from Vil. Once he realized he had a crush on you, he tries his hardest to be a man in front of you. Becomes an agressive chihuahua whenever someone talks bad about you. If he wants to lead you anywhere, he would tightly hold onto your hand and curse ace for laughing at him. One of the priviledges you get for being his crush is that he doesn’t mind you calling him pretty.
How the hell did you get Idia to fall in love with you? Being a naturally caring person, you asked Ortho to give Idia a bento that was made for him. Ortho happily agreed and gave it to Idia, who was confused. Once Ortho said that it was from you, he started to blush aggressively as the tips of his hair begins to turn pink. Attached to the bento, was a note from you. Agh, he can’t take it anymore! He needs to cool off!
Malleus fell in love with you during one of your late night walks. “Malleus?” you called onto his name, making him look at you. The way his name rolls off your tongue sounds so perfect. “What’s wrong, child of man?” he softly asks. It was clear to everyone that he was infatuated with you. “here... i made you a flower crown.” Malleus stares at the huge ring of flowers on your palm, before returning his to look at you. “A flower crown..?” you put it on his head and smiled at him. “like this. You wear it like this!” Malleus could feel his heart thumping loudly againts his ribcage, as the tip of his ears turn pink. “I see. Thank you, child of man.”
Lilia has had past partners before. You’ve been Ramshackle’s prefect for straight 3 years now. However, to this day, Crowley still hasn’t found a way for you to return back to your original world. Although it hurts to imagine you leaving him alone, he has to accept it. He fell in love when he realized that you care a lot about Silver, Sebek and as well as Malleus. They were like family to you, and it warms his heart. He loves you so much. The more that he is in love with you, the more that he scares you. It’s his way of loving, okay?
The moment that Silver fell in love was that when he woke up from a nap to find a lunchbox made especially for him. He moved his head, coincidentally finding a flower crown on top of him. Still a little drowsy, he read the note that was left to find out if was by you, the ramshackle prefect. His cheeks slightly turns red, a small smile graced upon his face. Nobody except for Lilia had cared so much for him, and he is grateful for it. The birds that were surrounding him chirps happily as he ate the lunchbox’s contains, thinking about you. He’s definitely in love... and he doesn’t mind it.
Sebek’s purpose was to protect Malleus, his waka-sama. He didn’t think that he would fall in love, much less with the ramshackle prefect, his acquaintance! He wouldn’t focus on his feelings, but would instead focus on protecting Malleus (who doesn’t need protection but sebek dgaf). He fell in love with you once he spends more time with the first years (containing you). He needs waka sama
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *on the phone with Trey* come pick up your son.
Trey: my son?
Y/n: your son. *annoyed and yells at ace* Ace! Don’t you fucking eat your kidney stones! You just had them removed!
Trey: you mean your son.
Y/n: Ace! Get that out of your fucking mouth! *looks at their phone* oh he’s my son? Ace! Treys on the phone!
Ace: Dads on the phone! *running to take the phone*
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mashed-potato101 · 1 month
Cater: You and Trey have been closer than usual. Are you two dating or something?
Mc: Um... No we're not...
Cater: Really? And what do bees make?
Mc: Uh, honey?
Trey, entering the room: Yes, dear?
Cater: Don't ever lie to me again
Tumblr media
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mintmoth · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another batch of varying quality memes I've been making over the months (mostly in Snapchat) lmao
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tunabesimpin · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months
twst Incorrect quote #289
*baking a cake*
Trey: “Now the recipe says we can add sprinkles for the children.”
Trey: “Screw that. This is for me.”
*making it rain sprinkles*
Trey: “What do you take me for? Grown?”
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vtoriacore · 3 months
✧ get ramshackled! [4]
Tumblr media
note: none but i do apologise for trey, my inner nincki minjaj stan came out 💞 also don't mind the "dragon in distress" that comes up at some point idk a neutral way of saying damsel 😭🤡
characters: cater, lilia, rook, trey
synopsis: this doesn't need a synopsis it's the 4th one im doing im sick and tired of having to read through it every time this post is banned from having a synopsis it's never getting one its in jail for 10 years
first years | dorm leaders | second years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
translations for rook's dramatic ass messages:
• ce n'est pas un souci : it's not a problem
• mais je suppose que nous pouvons nous permettre d'attendre un peu plus logntemps : but I guess we can afford to wait a little longer
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 8 hours
Ace: Sensei's day-off today, right?
Deuce: Yes. They're going to celebrate their mother's birthday.
Ace: So what are we going to do during their time?
Deuce: The usual, I guess?
Ace: I want to make that balloon castle again. Hey, Sebek! You in with the balloon castle?
Sebek: Yes! But I don't want your participation in it!
Ace: Haven't you moved on from last time?
Sebek: I was trapped because you popped it off!
Ace: *laughs*
Epel: *enters the room in a hurry* Guys! Sensei is on television right now!
Ace, Deuce, and Sebek: Eh?
Leona: How did they end up in a dating show?
Cater: Wait. I'll try asking people in the live chat.
Ruggie: But hey, Sensei's looking good with their get up.
Trey: *chuckles* Look at Sensei conversing with other contestants.
The host: I hope everyone's excited to meet our celebrity guest!
The contestants: *clapping*
The host: But before that! Let's have our contestants introduced themselves and hear the reason why they've joined this event.
Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Kalim: *have arrived*
Riddle: Is it starting already?
Trey: Contestants are introducing themselves.
Azul: I thought Sensei was supposed to celebrate their mother's birthday?
Kalim: Maybe their mom told them to?
Vil: *worried frown*
Trey: Is there something wrong, Vil?
Vil: No, nothing.
Cater: It's Sensei's time to introduce themselves now.
The host: Your name, please. Occupation and why did you participate.
MC: *smiles* My name's MC and I'm working as a professor in Night Raven College.
The host: Whoa! A professor in one of the prestigious schools!
*the audience clapping*
The host: How's teaching in Night Raven College?
MC: It's fun. *waves at the camera* I just saw one of my students' magicam username on the screen.
Cater: *laughs*
The host: So what's your reason for joining this dating show?
MC: I was shopping for a blender with my mom.
The host: ...Pardon? You were shopping for a blender?
Leona: What the hell?
Cater, Trey, and Ruggie: *laughs*
MC: *nods* Yes. And while we were busy shopping for a blender, a woman approached us. Ah, I think it was that camerawoman. *points*
The host: *baffled* Th-Then, is it okay for you to be here?
MC: It's not a problem. I'm curious what's the status of dating society today.
The host: ...
The host: One last question. Would you do your best to win here?
MC: Will you give me a blender as a prize? *smiling*
The host: ...Pft. Yes? *laughs* Thank you for your introduction, professor and now it's time to know our celebrity guest!
The host: It's none other than!
The host: Eric Venue!
Leona, Ruggie, Trey, Cater, Riddle, Kalim, and Azul: ... *all turned their heads at Vil*
Vil: ...
Vil: What?
Ace: Bruh... *starts laughing*
Sebek: What's funny, human?
Ace: Just imagine. If Sensei wins this?
Sebek: ...
Epel: They will have to date Vil's dad.
Jack: It's just a one-time thing, right?
Ace: Yep.
Jack: Eh. I'll just go and do my usual routine. Don't want to be lectured by sensei.
Ace: Stay, Jack! We should watch and see how Sensei will win this!
Sebek: Ha! This is nothing for Sensei!
Epel: *chuckles* Yeah.
MC: *just having a blast and is having fun*
The host: Now for our finale! Contestants! You'll have to convince Mr. Venue that you are deserving for him!
*The other contestants start giving out reasons*
Vil's dad: *listening to them and just smiling*
The host: Professor? Now it's your turn.
MC: Thanks. So, Mr. Venue, do you have a child?
Vil's dad: Yes. I have a son.
MC: Okay. So, are you looking for a co-parent? *smiles playfully at him*
Vil's dad: ...
Vil's dad: *laughs*
The host: ... Is that all, professor?
MC: Yes.
Leona: That's one of the most straightforward questions I've heard.
Vil: They're going to win this thing.
Cater: Yep. And look at all the single-parents simping.
Trey: Just now, did you hear the headmage squealing?
Azul: He was too loud for him not to be heard.
Ruggie: Hey, Kalim. Is your phone alright?
Riddle: It has been ringing nonstop.
Kalim: Just my notifications. My single aunts messaging me, asking for Sensei's contact.
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noeou · 3 months
what if you moved into their dorm instead of ramshackle? ( or, life in the heartslabyul dorm. )
includes: riddle rosehearts, trey clover, cater diamond, ace trappola, and deuce spade. ( gn!reader )
contains: fluff! can be interpreted as romantic or platonic, just really close.
more like this: masterlist.
Tumblr media
[ riddle rosehearts | housewarden ]
riddle is very much 'all up in your business' for a lack of better words. he's always making sure your room is tidy and in peak condition.
if you have any issues at all, regarding the dorms or studies, he's the person (he'd like you) to go to. if he sees someone else helping you with something he exceeds in, he'll be down for a bit.
you become the dorms designated defense attorney, to stand up againt riddle whenever one of them gets in trouble. it's totally not because he has obvious favoritism.
whenever it's your turn to paint the roses red or take care of the flamingos and hedgehogs, he always joins you.
using the excues that 'it would hurt to go back to the basics after a while' but he knows it's because it's the only time you two get alone together, uninterrupted.
riddle convinces you to join the horseback riding club with him, or at least ride with him every once in the while. with no warning he may wake you bright and early just to say you'll be joining him.
[ trey clover | vice housewarden ]
errands have never been more fun. you guys are sam's biggest customers, as you shop for a majority of your dorm. it's nice not having to leave campus for such things.
whenever he goes out he asks if you need anything, on the rare occasions you don't join him.
he always gets or prepares dinner for you, riddle, and cater.
being the more approachable warden, most students come to him. upon seeing you're also a valuable person to go to for help or advice they do so.
at first, trey is very apologetic about the extra work but them becomes grateful when he sees it doesn't both you.
sometimes the freshman duo, but they mostly are out and about.
once a month, you two eat out at the lounge as a reward for the both of your hard efforts.
[ cater diamond | third year ]
barges in your room, if he's not already in there, while he's on live. no matter what you're doing. (of course, unless you tell him you're busy/srs beforehand.)
you're a reacurring face on his magecam, and they all love you. the amount of stan accounts is unreal.
your room is pretty much like his second one, he has his own corner even. each weekend he shows up to your door with a suitcase, 'cause the wardens won't let him stay on week nights.
on said weekends, you trick him into going 'grocery shopping' with you by disguising it as a 'snack run.'
he's always annoying you and asking for your opinion on everything.
he was very strategic and asks riddle to put you room next to his, when the warden says no he settles for a very specific room number for you. turns out you're now under his room and have to put up with his stomping.
if you listen carefully, you might be able to decipher morse code, but what do i know?
[ ace trappola | first year ] + [ deuce spade | first year ]
you three become inseparable, skipping down the heartslabyul halls with grim hanging onto your head for dear life.
ace is another one that is constantly bothering you, much unlike deuce who's just kinda there.
you three have weekly sleepovers in deuce's room, because it's the tidiest. and microwaveable dinner from sam's because none of you can afford the lounge.
when you go out for groceries, it's you and deuce getting the things you need and ace running around putting random items in your cart.
sometimes you guys sneak out of the dorms, and walk around the sleeping campus. you only head back when you exhale fog, knowing it's probably near morning.
you guys eat in the most obscure places, in school and your dorm. you always find hidden rooms in heartslabyul and make it your new 'spot' until you get caught and just find another when you do.
your punishments from riddle now consist of being unable to leave your rooms and see each other, telling other punished students to guard your bedrooms.
you one hundred percent have walkie talkies and peak out your window, judging poor passerby's outfits.
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noirezki · 11 months
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Mc: So, how many did you refrain from collaring today?
Riddle: Thirty two
Mc: Good for you
Mc: Here, have a strawberry
Riddle, expectantly: I've also refrained from fourteen severe maimings
Mc: *Hands him a second strawberry*
Mc: Positive reinforcement
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thyfatedenemy · 10 months
He sends you a dick pic and you send this back to him, reactions
Tumblr media
I'm fucked up over driving classes and I hate them sm so I wrote this and I'm going to inflict the psychic damage onto all of you to cope
Charachters: Cater, Trey, Leona, Idia, Malleus, Lilia
🔞 contect because... weenies
Dude spend HOURS trying to find the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, everything needs to be PERFECT, otherwise he's not sending it.
There it was. The perfect picture. Everything about it was perfect.
And then
Then you have the AUDACITY to send something like that to him.
How dare you?
How dare you be this funny?
Screw you. He loves you so much god damn it, he's got his dick out, it's hard, and he's wheezing his lungs out.
Because of you.
Please come see him rn he wants to kiss his amazing comedian S/O
Gonna be honest, you need to bring up the subject.
And he says "sure", like the tiny little fool he is.
Doesn't spend too much time on it but makes it look decent.
Y'know, just a nice little treat for yo-
What is that.
Baby what is that. Why.
He's confused.
Then it clicks.
You set him up.
You so nicely asked for a dick pic. All because you wanted to use the reaction picture. Also probably because u wanted a dick pic but we can ignore that for now.
He sends a grumpy cat meme in responce.
Puts a lil' effort into it but tbh he'd just rather have you there with him.
Checks the phone occasionally to see when you've responded.
Stares at the image send back to him.
Stares it a bit longer.
Tries to decide what to do now.
For once he's. He's really not sure what he's supposed to do here.
Leaves you on read by accident.
He's not mad he's just very confused.
Took him alot to send it, he's shy like that.
The picture is a bit blurry and somehow he managed to make his dick look shy, but y'know, decent picture all in all.
Tbh the meme gets a good laugh out of him, if you ever end up sending him nudes, he'll just send it back to you.
It's an inside joke now.
If you two ever have sex, he's first gonna pull the picture from his phone.
"so cool"
Please laugh with him.
Malleus: blame @malewife-central for this one /j
Okay so he can't use a phone.
But this doesn't stop him.
He spends hours trying to draw his own dicks
Honestly it's a really good drawing too. Shading, lighting, every single detail is immaculate.
Then he puts it in an envelope, puts a wax seal on it, and sends it to you with magic. The letter burns if anyone but you opens it.
He waits patiently for your responce.
It comes in the form of a carrier pidgeon he'd gifted you.
He opens the envelope.
Teleports to you an asks for an explanation.
You end up spending a few hours with him, explaining the meme.
No he doesn't have his pants on.
Another one whose not mad, just very confused.
Well on a good note, he knows how phones work... probably.
He'd prefer you there with him, pictures like these seem so detatched, but y'know he has no problem with sending the picture either.
He sees the meme and falls to the ground in tears. He's shaking, crying, trying to stop himself from cackling in the hour of our lord, 22:02/10:02pm
Also teleports to you. His dicks still out but u can ignore that.
You've broken this man he can't stop laughing, like seriously it's been 10 minutes.
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akaipepo · 6 months
to all my fellow trey si- i mean haters out there 👊🏻🌌
Tumblr media
i can be fast as fuck when i want to but not when i need to 💀
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