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domxmarvel · 2 days
Tumblr media
large passion fruit frappuccino with a cinnamon twist
Floyd x Male!Reader+Praise 
Tumblr media
It was late at the lounge and there were only three people there excluding Azul and the twins. Which led to Floyd slackening off and staying by your side until closing. It was late and you were tired which led to you yawning and Floyd was right up against you as soon as you did. 
"Really here,shouldn't we go back to your room first?" 
"What are you talking about?" You were now alone as Azul had left and Jade was nowhere to be seen. He moved to sit on your lap,his hands on your shoulders.
“I have to admit I never thought you’d want to do it here,but I’m not opposed to the idea” You wrapped your arm around his waist as you lifted him up and laid him on the table. He had his usual big grin on his face,his hands above his head. You grabbed his bowtie and wrapped it around his hands,it was tight but he wasn’t complaining. You could see the bulge in his pants he was already,you traced the outline with your finger making him jump. You already knew how eager Floyd could be,once he was focused on something or wanted something no one could stop him. You flipped him onto his stomach,his chest pressed onto the table and his feet were still touching the floor. This was his favorite position because it let you go as hard as you wanted,or rather how hard he wanted. You grabbed his hips which were still bruised from last time but you weren’t going to go any easier on him,you knew he wouldn’t want that. 
“Y/N Y/N,faster” He moaned out as you moved your hips as fast as you could,his hands were still tied so you could do almost anything to him. Biting his neck and pulling his hair as you pounded into him. Both of you were moaning,completely lost in each other.
“You’re so good for me” He turned his head slightly back so you could kiss him. You flipped him over onto his back yet again. “Such a good toy for” Grabbing his thighs you moved at the same brutal pace as before,you could feel yourself getting close. Wrapping your hand around his cock you started pumping it. As you felt yourself getting closer you started getting sloppy,Floyd wrapped his legs around you keeping you trapped Until you both came. As you were catching your breath you heard a loud slam that made you look up. Only to make eye contact with Jade.
“Clean up before you leave” The slam you had heard was a bucket that he placed on another table,he tossed you the keys before leaving.
“We’re never doing this here again”
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jump beyond the limit.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
PROMPT. — Becoming a actor and influencor is a tough challenge mentally and physically. Though with someones little help, Niege Leblanche continued and has now become a renowned actor.
characters. niege leblanche x male reader
warnings. none.
an. republish of my old fic, changed some few things but not really major things.
tags. @moxxbox @rayisalive @la-lolita
Tumblr media
Being an actor and a influencer, neige leblanche knows that it wasn't always smiles and laughter, before he all got his fame he was just a simple wannabe actor who wanted to rise to the top, the road to it was bumpy but he didn't forget that day.
That day where that simple smile and a handkerchief was given to him, it was rather a simple act of kindness but for niege it was none of that, every bit of those interactions is everything for him.
The male gripped the simple white handkerchief that he seemed to be looking adoringly for quite a few minutes, a blush coating his cheeks as he felt his heart warm up.
“Neige leblanche on standby," the sudden voice made the male head back to reality as he scramble to hide the handkerchief as if it was a Important file, "y- yes!"
"Please wait for the cue," the staffs informed the boy which he happily nodded, "understood," putting his hand on his heart he controlled his breathing as he calmed down his pounding heart, "on 3... 2.. 1, go,"
With the signal, he came walking down the spotlight with a bright and cute smile waving towards the audience, "and we welcome to our morning talk show!" the audiences applauded as they all cheered his name.
He walked down the smooth floor as he sat on the sofas, he giggled lightly as he looked towards the male host, “what a glamorous entrance you made, mister leblanche," he complimented as neige bashfully giggled, "oh I'm sure it was nothing and calling me neige is fine," giving the male host a polite smile the host smiled back, "well then, how are you this morning neige?"
"Well I'm great, how about you?"
"I’'m doing quite fine thank you niege, how do you feel about this interview?"
"Well..." he gave an awkward chuckle to the host, "I'm quite nervous if I'm being honest but I swear I'll answer your questions with the best I can," the male smiled as he started sparkling, the crowd coo'd at how adorable he acted as the host couldn't smile at this.
"Okay that’s adorable, as I was saying, I'm just gonna go straight to the point here, mister leblanche-“ before the host could even continue neige corrected him, "neige," making the host giggle at this, "apologies, neige, is it hard being an actor? why?"
Taking a deep thought, neige closed his eyes, opening it he saw the crowd look at him in anticipation, "well... it is hard, with the rough schedules I have but can I tell you a story?" this piqued the host interest, they smiled as he looked towards the famous actor, "by any means go ahead,"
"Before I was famous, it was hard too. I did my best on everything but one day I just broke down because everything was way too much on my plate but there was this one person, he was so kind to me..."
Neige sniffles rang throughout the lonely park, after the shoot he excused himself for a simple walk though he knew well that walking isn't the only thing he's gonna do, everything was way too much now, he needs someone's help, he truly did but then again he's afraid, afraid he'll burden someone.
Everything was too much, way too much for him, "tears doesn't suit your face at all," hearing someone’s voice, he immediately tried to stop the flowing tears in his cheeks but it was fruitless as it was like a endless waterfall, looking towards the voice, there he saw a boy with a deadpan face, taking out a white handkerchief out of his pocket, the male started to wipe down his tears.
"I'm sure on whatever your going through right now will get better, thats why don't give up, give everything you've got, everything will be okay," taking niege's hand he placed the white handkerchief, "you can have this, so that you can wipe away your tears everytime you feel down, though do know that everything will be alright, well then I'll be going now,"
Neige looked dazed, his heart warmed up as his cheeks starts to flush as his heart rate increased, though as he was in daze he failed to notice the male already walking away from him, he immediately lost his trance as he yelled rather abruptly, "WAIT A MINUTE!”
This cost the male to stop his walk as he looked back at neige, raising his brows. The male looked confused as he look at neige's flush face, "what's your name?" niege questioned as the stranger pointed at himself asking a rhetorical question to the raven haired boy, "me?" neige nodded, "yes,"
"Y/n l/n, though calling me y/n just fine, I'd better get going now or else I'll be late, see you mister," with that y/n walked away before neige could even introduce himself, now alone, he looked at the handkerchief as he smiled, blush coating his cheeks, it was like he was his knight, 'y/n' he thought of the males name, giggling he said it again but aloud, "y/n.." looking fondly at the handkerchief he neatly put it inside his pockets.
As he walked towards his shoot again, in a more uplifting mood as his heart beat rather rapidly but he loved it either way.
“He was like a knight for me... he was so kind that I couldn't help but fall inlove thats why I'm still here today! now famous, but I'm determined to find him! so that I can tell him all about my feelings!" the crowd cooed at this lovely story the male told, even the host couldn't help but cooe at this.
"Well thats certainly a story right out of a fairytale, I'd rather say that is adorable," neige giggled in a rather bashful manner as blush coated his cheeks, "why thank you!"
In a midst through all of this, there, y/n looked through his study notes as he suddenly felt his nose running furrowing his brows he suddenly sneeze as he looked around his room, frown forming in his face, "is someone talking bad about me?" he wondered but shrugged it off as he continued his studies.
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omi-anime · 3 months
~Isekai to Twisted Wonderland as a Animal/Familiar~
Malleus, Lilua, and Riddle edition
Request: Hi! Can I request Malleus, Riddle, Lilia, Jamil and Kalim with a reader who's Isekai into twst but ends up a animal and not MC. They go find the character and become their pet. Plz keep this anonymous, I'm new to tumblr so idk if this is the right ask box? Thanks! (Dragon for Malleus maybe like Toothless, bat for Lilia, hedgehog for Riddle, monkey for Kalim and Snake for Jamil).
Author notes: Hi Hon! I made sure to keep it anon! Sorry I didn't do Kalim and Jamil I was out of ideas. No worries if you want to request when it's open you can pirate message again! :)) Toothless gif because he's adorable. YOUR NOT MC!
Jamil, Kalim, and Leona edition.
Tumblr media
You really didn't understand how you went to bed and the next you wake up in the woods. Not to mention you are... very low to the ground. That's when you noticed your animal like features you definitely aren't human anymore... Now that you looked around, isn't that the college in the twisted wonderland game? The game you played before bed... if it really is twisted wonderland why not find your favorite character!
Malleus: A (baby size) nightfury
Tumblr media
When Malleus saw a dragon running around the school grounds he was shocked. Not to mention he doesn't recognize that species. Nonetheless it peaked his interest. The fact that you acted a lot like well a cat quite amused him. You actually got sidetracked from your mission quite fast and had been chasing a bird around.
However the moment you noticed him you've immediately bolted towards him. He was quite curious on how you got on the campus. At first he thought maybe you were someone's familiar but initially realized you weren't. When he attempted to find any magical mark of some sort that would identify. Either your owner didn't put a mark on you to help return you or you were just a random dragon...
He immediately adopted you after that and you became his dragon sidekick. I actually think he'd find it nice that at least there's another Dragon around even you can't turn into a human. Or have a human form anyway.
He spoils you to the max. He had a room in his dorm made specifically just for you. You got your entire own room although you spend most of your time in his but nonetheless.
See the two of you gifting shiny trinkets to one another. Whenever you find something shiny and gift it to him it immediately goes into his treasure hoard. And the same goes for you in fact you started your own little treasure hoard.
You actually started getting worshiped by Sebek... at first he was against it because you could harm his young master. Until he saw the fact that you quite literally just act like a cat. The entire dorm will be sent to hell if anyone ever lost you or harmed you in some way. Malleus can and will hit them with lightning. Sebek will also not hesitate to defend his young masters familiar.
He probably noticed that you were quite intelligent. Dragons are naturally very intelligent but whenever he was reading he noticed it you almost seem to be reading with him. Whenever he spoke about a topic, you seemed to initially listened a lot more than any normal familiar would.
I feel like he'd be one of the few people figure out you aren't actually a dragon well born one. I think it's probably after a while that he notices he can speak to you. The fact he's a dragon plays a big key into it.
That's when he learned you were Isekai from your world to here and ended up a dragon. I actually see him not wanting to find you away back home in less you beg. He doesn't want to be mean but you're the first person who's actually been his friend... and he doesn't want to lose you.
Lilia: A fruit bat
Tumblr media
He actually found you. Initial walk around campus ended up with him finding what he thought was an injured bat. The fact that you were laying on the ground and your wings were spread out made him think you were hurt.
He actually thought you would panic and attempt to fly away when you noticed him like most injured animals in that situation. However you actually flew towards him before sitting on his shoulder... so you weren't hurt.
Immediately welcomes you to his own bat family. Literally his group of bats kind of becomes your new home. He treats you the same as he does any of his other bats. However you were biger and in fact a different species. So he did make sure to have a separate meal for you every time it was meal time.
I think he would notice almost right away that you are very different from other familiars. You followed him around the most out of all the bats. You would follow him to class and even lunch.
In fact it went to the point that wherever he was, you were. You even seemed to listen to his classes, in fact you hit him withyour wing whenever he was messing around and not paying attention.
He probably used magic and learned you were not originally a bat. Was surprisingly very chill about it and offer to try and find you a way home if you desperately want to go back.
I actually think he's the only other person who would be able to physically communicate (in other words understand you).
Riddle: Hedgehog
Tumblr media
Initially thought you escaped from his dorm until he noticed you didn't have a symbol showing your a hedgehog from Heartslaybul. You were very friendly however and seemed to be following him to your best of your ability. Which wasn't very fast considering your legs were very small and well he was walking very fast compared to you.
It took him a lot of time to get used to you he probably tried to just set you free in the wild only to see you following him again. Over some time he came to it and you became his pet. But that took quite a long time in fact I think it only happened after his overblot.
He had a little bed for you and a ton of stuff brought to his dorm just for you. He even got you cute little accessories and you actually have a little crown that similar to his. You actually help calm him down whenever he's angry at someone who broke a rule.
I see him ranting to you about stuff. He just kind of talks to you and unintentionally just tells you anything that's bugging him because he finds Comfort around you.
One time you actually got lost in the dorm and he panicked. He didn't realize he was walking too fast that you didn't keep up and you were lost in the maze. It took him 3 hours to find you he actually deployed the entire dorm just to find you. For that he started carrying you around instead of having you walk behind him because he cannot live with another panic attack like that.
He never seemed to realize that you we're not a hedgehog. He thought you were very intelligent, in fact you seem to try and assist him whenever he was doing homework or school work of any kind.
Tag list: Want to be added? Let me know and what fandom! Genshin, Twst, Obey me, and Demon slayer.
@crimson-maze @h3apm3ch4n151m @bel0vedcup1d @eccedentesiast-sapphic @apyrose
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itztim3todi3 · 4 months
Just imagine twisted wonderland dorm leaders walking on male reader wearing their dorm uniform. Them blushing because reader looks so good in it. It would be sooo cutee😩😍
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ᴄᴏᴏʟ ᴜɴɪғᴏʀᴍ
Tumblr media
We love some flustered dorm leader
Requests | Open (read rules on pinned first)
Fandom(s) | Twisted Wonderland
Platonic or Romantic? | Romantic
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
hes a blushing red strawberry
hes got steam coming up from his head and just
malfunctioning, he's trying not to pass out so he turns around instantly and just
walks away like a robot
the first years are questioning him but gets no answers
he's jsut
trying to process what he just saw
he gets red whenever he remembers it lol
you looked so cute and he cant help it
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
he kinda just stands there for a while before he starts to feel warm
he walks right in, compliments you, and just drags you to bed
yes you're adorable yes you're cute but you can't be doing this to him
he's getting 'old' and he doesn't want to have a heart attack anytime soon
but it seems you might give him one
he was surprised but he tries to nap it off
obviously its leona we're talking about
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
strawberry 2.0
hes shocked hes sorta confused and then he's screeching while covering his face
he wants to hide away in his octopot
he wants to disappear
omg did he just make that noise?
he starts to ramble a lot about anything and everything
he wasn't to compliment you but he just cant
he's going to be red for a while he's jsut
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media
hes squealing hes spewing compliments like a fountain he's hugging you he's doing everything he can
he thinks you look absolutely ADORABLE
he's getting another one so you two cant match! Hes going to be showing you off he's taking pics he's letting you switch uniforms for the day
he's jsut
so happy and basically shining like the sun
it blinds me how bright he is
idk how that's even possible but he's done it
he's sun 2.0
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
hes just surprised
like ofc you look cute why would you
but this
oh this surprised him so much, he didn't expect you do dress up in his uniform
he's complimenting you and saying how you could let him do your makeup/hair
he wants to have a little dress up party with you
you're his model now, not like you weren't before, but he likes to use you instead of other people yk?
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
strawberry 3.0
hes red his hair is up and a bright red he's stuttering hes-oh he's passed out
you might want to get out of that uniform so he doesn't pass out again when he wakes up
you're too adorable for him and he's genuinely confused on how he got you
he's this lowlife scum (not but whatever) and you're this god that pleased him with your presence
he's going to be red for a few days-weeks? for a long time lol
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
hes smiling hes a little red hes confused about this feeling yet not?
he's just :)
happy he's happy is what he concludes
he finds you adorable and says it
he says whatever is on his mind, he says you're cute, you're adorable your handsome etc etc
he asks if you want to have a uniform that looks like his made for you
hell get you one if you want
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fungifanart · 4 months
Interviewer: So what were your birthdays like in your homeworld?
MC: Tbh, they weren't anything special. We couldn't exactly afford to go all out for me or my siblings...
Leona: *eavesdropping and waiting for the right time to surprise him with a big party*
MC: It’s not like I'm complaining, though. I actually preferred the low-key celebrations. Having a huge party just sounds way too stressful.
Leona: *Freezes before immediately shooing away the performers and caterers he hired, settling for the cake he had Trey bake*
Interviewer: Surely you got cake, at least!
MC: Oh, I actually don't like cake. Instead, my parents would buy a box of donuts from a donut shop near our house that I always liked.
Ruggie, next to Leona: Nice.
Leona: *shoves the cake into Ruggie's hands and bangs his forehead against the wall*
MC: One funny thing that happened when I was younger is that my parents tried getting me an ice cream cake one year and put sparklers in it, but I was a pretty anxious kid so the sparklers ended up scaring me away! *laughs*
Leona: *immediately calls Jack* Cut the fireworks. Now.
Jack: *thought he said 'cue the fireworks'* You got it.
Leona: *walks up, grabs MC by the shoulders and kisses him on the lips* Happy birthday, Herbivore.
MC: Leona-- *Gets startled by fireworks exploding in the sky, spelling out the message, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MC. LOVE, LEONA KINGSCHOLAR." Followed by an image of their faces together*
Leona, Ruggie, and the interviewer: *facepalm*
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can I request Malleus with a male reader who clings him in sleep specially when is storming?
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Oh, Malleus would love you.
He would love you very much.
You are probably a Diasomnia student.
Otherwise, it's not really possible for you to get into the Malleus room at night.
The crocodile is an overzealous guard.
Imagine if Malleus had a bad day.
Because of this, there would be stormy weather in the evening.
You don't know about this, but otherwise you're just seeking protection from the Malleus.
The dragon is happy.
So happy to open the door and see you behind it.
You can feel the storm receding a bit.
Malleus would definitely sleep with you.
Now he is in a much better mood.
The storm has really made it easier.
But you won't hear it because you've already fallen asleep.
Now, however, Malleus has learned that he gets attention if he scares you.
The dragon is sure to take advantage of this somehow.
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felmierr · 5 months
being ruggie's boyfriend who loves to spoil him
Tumblr media
he is definitely not used to it
going from stealing food to suddenly being spoiled with anything he could ever want, its weird
he tried to tell you to stop at first , he thought you just did it out of pity
then you confessed to him
it still took time to get used to, but he felt special
someone cared about him that much that they wanted to spoil him with just love in return
you didn't even care about his past, just who he is now, just the fact you two are boyfriends
he wants some food? you're already handing over his favourites and money incase he wants to buy extras
hes tired? you're already giving him the option of your shoulder or lap to nap on
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h0wlingmuttz · 7 months
◇ Not requested
Tumblr media
Twst reacting to Mc returning to NRC after being able to return tot their world.
It can be either platonic or romantic :)
• He was overjoyed , almost forgetting all about his rules ! Impossible!
• Probably would be very happy, smiling a lot, some bone crushing hugs here and there and trying to catch you up on what’s happened
• He sets up a tea party just for your return
• Trey was shocked , speechless.
•he’s very giddy, smiling and giving lots of hugs
• Carter dropped his phone after seeing you so suddenly and at his dorm too!?
• He made a livestream and took so many photos of the two of you his storage was about to explode-
Ace & Deuce:
• These two…. Almost sent you to the infirmary after one of the most bone crushing hugs they could manage to give you (I thought u felt something crack)
• They talk nonstop , sometimes even talking too fast
• Very surprised, holding a smug look on his face he asked if ‘You missed me that bad?’ (Cringey ik- bare with me)
• Deep down he was very excited which showed by the twitch of his tail
• If he naps you will be coming with him. No ands, ifs or buts about it. He fears you leaving again
• Ruggie was ecstatic, he offered to cook you a meal while his tail wagged happily doing so
• He talks your ear off as well but not like you mind
• Jack.. instead of a bone crushing hug he gave you a ‘forever hug’. He did not want to let go of you, fearing that this was a illusion or some sort of messed up trick
• Oh boys was he happy, he gave one of the longest hugs (next to Kalim)
• Despite this they all know how to keep a good enough composure
• You two went for a swim (accompanied by the tweels ofc, who were also excited you were back. Especially Floyd)
• He showed you some of his newest favorite places to stay at
• You all (twins were there as well) went back to have a sleepover
Jade & Floyd:
• While Jade was on the calmer side Floyd was very excited
• Yes Floyd almost squeezed you to death 💀
• Jade showed you his newest collection of mushrooms meanwhile Floyd was messing with your hair while asking you random questions he wanted to ask for a long time
• Oh boy… he gave one of those hugs where they run at you at full force then jump onto you
• He did not let go after that, a bright smile on his face and a few tears
• He asked Jamil to make you a feast and invited everyone, even the teachers + Sam (who were happy to see you back)
• You guys had a sleep over
• He cried a bit, tears of joy ofc (would be funny if it wasn’t lmao)
• He gave a normal hug, with a little squeeze before letting go
• He cooked for you three (yes Kalim was there & he made sure he didn’t invite every person alive)
• He probably made all of your favorites
• Bro was dramatic asf HE WAS LITERALLY IN TEARS
• A very tight hug (though wasn’t bone crushing) felt like you were about to pass out
• You guys had a spa day so you could catch up, definitely eat your favorite foods
• Rook was surprised but kept his composure… or he knew you would come back… hm.. nonetheless he was happy and spent some time with you
• You two went exploring in the woods
• Epel was very very happy, he stayed by your side so you two could talk about your newest interests
• He freaked out for a second, wondering if all that nonstop gaming caused him to hallucinate
• When he in fact confirmed it was a hallucination he clung onto and wailed asking what took so long for you to come back
• Definitely had a gaming session, ate junk food and watched anime & read manga
Orthro (platonic!!):
• Very very happy, he was jumping around all over the place
• You two spent the entire day playing games outside until it got dark out
• You both then tried to cook dinner together (ended badly and just ordered)
• He was really happy, big smiles very big smiles coming your way :)
• You two go to a library to read together while drinking some coffee (or drink of your choice)
• you two just have a day out in the rain :)
(Might turn this one into a one shot)
• Silver was surprisingly calm but you two spent a lot of time together, napping, cloud gazing etc
• Sebek was very shocked, he actually screamed (rip yo ear drums😭) while hugging you with those (dramatic) tears streaming down his face
• Lilia was calm as well, you two hugged & tried to cook.. lilia kept messing it up 😭
Grim (platonic!!):
• You guys spent most of the time in the ramshackle dorm, watching tv (yes u have one) eating snacks and eventually took a nap (only to wake up with ace & deuce there lol)
• He was so glad you were back, he followed you around like a lost puppy(Kitty) not letting you out of his sight for one second
♡ I think that's all of em :) hope you enjoyed ♡
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cvlutos · 1 month
Vil wants you to feel beautiful while he sits impossibly close, the buttons of your shirt undone and sliding off your shoulders and arms, chest littered with dark love bites, Vil's pretty fingers forcing you to look at yourself, while Rook buries his face between your thighs, eyes rolling to the back of his skull everytime he chokes on your cock. He just loves the feeling. Loves the way your twitch and smear precum along the flat of his tongue. But he also loves looking up, half-lidded green eyes staring into yours, while Vil places a string of lovely kisses along your neck, often times grasping Rook by the hair, forcing a muffled groan from his throat, forcing the huntsman to still his ministrations for you to answer the actor's questions.
'Do you like it?'
'Is he going deep enough?'
'No. I can't understand your mumbling, you have to speak clearly.'
Each words sending shivers down your spine, and if you answer oh so correctly, he pull Rook off your dripping cock and graciously spit a gob of saliva, letting Rook eagerly replace hot mouth along your length. Loving the ache in his knees, and the sting of Vil's nails, muffling incoherent french words, words that Vil to whisper into your ear, mocking—teasing...
'Permettez-moi de vous goûter...' Allow me to taste you...
'Pour te faire sentir si bien...' To make you feel so good...
'S'il te plaît...' Please....
When you cum for a moment it surprises them both, eyes wide as you stutter on your breath, spurts of your thick seed painting Rook's face and tongue, that he takes so greedily. To see you come undone, with Vil's careful movement, using a nearby towel to wipe Rook's face, whilst planting a chaste kiss to your cheek.
Oh how good you are to them.
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Housewardens x male reader but reader is from the apocalypse and takes his apocalypse shit with him. Gas masks part 3
Vil, Idia, and baby girl Malleus
 his absolute first instinct was to throw you into a bath and keep you there until you smelled at least decent enough to not be a public calamity
your ceremonial robes were tore, burnt, and- was ghat blood?!
your hair looked like it was cut by his deranged aunt with a kitchen knife
half of what you were wearing wasn’t even apart of the uniform!
and this weird...mask thing you were wearing was just the cherry on top
the spoiled, rotten, ugly cherry on top
sevens- did you have no shame? no decency? 
vil knew very well that some people just had no care in the world as to how they appeared, but this..
this was just atrocious
when you had passed him during the ceremony, he had taken out one of the perfume bottles that one of his managers had given him for a late birthday present and spristed it in a circle around him
much to the delight of a lucky few and the annoyance of some others
later that  night, when he was back in his own dormitory, rook had told him that you were probably going to be sent back home. 
rook was wrong
well, he hoped rook was wrong, either that or he’d just been hallucinating this whole time and everyone around him was just going with his crazy
either way. he was still looking at you in magic history class as you whispered quietly with that spade boy that you were always around
well, at least, Duece was whispering, he didn’t know about you, he couldn’t see your mouth
or your face
had anyone every really seen your face?
were you ugly?
sevens forbid that you were actually quite handsome under there, or he was going to throw a fit
a very composed, quite fit that he would have within the safe walls of his own room
what was the professor talking about again? 
why was he in a class with freshmen anyway? 
why were you looking directly at him?
... shi- 
the cracked material, chipped paint, and scratches that lined the mask had always put him on edge
the strange circle things that popped out the the actual mask part didn’t make things any better
and the fact that he could hear your breathing whenever you walked by? actively made things worse
luckily, he’d always magaged to stay roughly on the sidelines of you and your. fashion choices
but to have your full attention on him...
to see the mask for the full monstrosity that it was...
great sevens it was ugly
you didn’t take your eyes off of him for the rest of class
it was unnerving
“Mr. schoenheit”
he didn’t jump. he didn’t.
“do you need something from me? did i offend you in someway?”
“why in twisted wonderland would you thing that?”
“because you keep starring at me”
shit shit shit.
take a deep breathe... calm down... down let your skin break out from stress
eh. might as well just come out and say it.
“perfect. why the sevens name do you wear that awful mask? you should know well by now that it’s not at all fashionable, and if you’re trying to make a statement than i must say it’s rather vague and you’re not accomplishing a whole lot here”. it was the cold hard truth, but it was still the truth
“oh! i can assure you that this is not for fashion”, you seemed somewhere between shy and proud as you touched a gloved hand to your mask.
Vil was somewhere between confused exasperation and hard annoyance
he was about to passive aggressively ask you more questions when you said soemthing that caught him off guard
“you see, i don’t have any magic like all of you. so i don’t have anything to protect me from the lead”
“...excuse me?”
he heard you sigh through the mask, like he was the one spouting nonsense 
“you know...the lead in the air? the nuclear traces? those. i can’t just magic those away, so i use this to breathe”
what the fuck
what the fuck are you talking about
also what’s nuclear?
Vil stared at you for a long minute, noticing a few of the little details on the mask that he hadn’t noticed before
why were there so many scratches?
What was with the numbers?
Was that really dried blood like he thought it was? 
he straightened up, clasped his hands in front of him, and then spoke to you like you were a confused, lost child, trying to ignore his own panic that was beginning to bubble up
Uhhhh...how to go about this....
Vil straightened up and smiled. Clasping his hands out in front of him and leaned down slightly, speaking to you like you were a scared, confused child
like the condescending bastard he is
“potato. turnip. you absolute cabbage. take your mask off please, and give it here so i can put it somewhere we’ll never have to see it again”
even as the words came tumbling out of his mouth, Vil knew they were the wrong words to say
“ehhh....now now. It’s a very reasonable request, as the air here at Night Raven College is very clean”, look at him, speaking like Crowley, only a little less ....Crowley
oh look, now you were about ten paced back
Yeah, he could just feel the death glare you were giving him right now, so he quickly made an attempt at damage control
ah, now you were running away
Bro didn't know what was going on during the sorting ceremony, he just heard yelling and some other shit
Probably met you through Azul to be honest
Somewhere, in an alternate universe, where Azul Ashengrotto is less of a pussy, he takes you to the boardgame club, where you meet the campus zombie
he most definitely thinks you're a serial killer the first time he sees you
you have a mask on, you have a hood up, you have gloves on, you don’t have an inch of skin showing, you hardly ever talk
sounds like some serial killer shit right there chief
These guys just really love avoiding you at all costs dont they?
give him a minute yall (or a month) he’ll realize that you’re probably not a serial killer
in all honesty, you kind of look like one of the video game characters he likes, you just have a super creepy mask
and you say a lot of weird shit sometimes
but other than that you’re...ok 
i mean, he has to explain literally every single game you guys play together, but you learn quick!
very quick
it kind of freaked him out how intently you seemed to be listening to him explain the rules of monopoly 
but. whatever. maybe you just really liked monopoly pr something idk
Idia never goes outside, so he lowkey forgets just how weird you and your little mask actually is
honestly, he just told himself that you were just a really dedicated cosplayer and promptly forgot about it
until you absolutely freaked out when he tried to grab it
now, in hindsight, he realizes that he probably shouldn't have done that
but in nowsight, he’s more focused on trying to figure out when he got on the floor and where you pulled that knife from
Damn bitch- that knife looks like shit!
It looked like it was crudely put together and meant for one, deadly slash
Which would have been for him if another club member wasn't there to pull you off and call epel
Yep. It took the yeehaw coming down for you to finally stop fighting the gameboard club and chill
And idia...idia was conflicted....
You didn't show up to any if the club meets the next week, but you did the week after that
The only problem was that you wouldn't look at each other. At all.
I mean, you can't really look at the person who almost killed you last week and just be like
Yeah didn't think so
So idia does what he does best, and asks his Google.com ass brother
And then panics when ortho doesn't get the correct results
Well what the hell does he do now?!
...should he just ask you?
Anyways expect a visit from ortho soon
And prepare to tell him EVERYTHING about the silly little mask you insist on wearing
Also don't think too much about it if idia just kind of looks at you with an expression of pity from then on
Don't worry!
You'll know why soon enough
"Um...can I ask a question?"
"...well you can ask"
"OK uh. What's with the mask?"
Idia just felt you raising an eyebrow at him, like the answer was the most obvious in the world
"I wear this mask so I can breathe properly. I don't know what's in the air here and I don't want to choke"
Da fuq?
Well he's not too surprised because ortho basically told him the same thing, but it was a bit different hearing the words from you compared to his brother
Great seven- how the hell do you tell someone that their wrong about something like this?
How do you tell anyone anything period?
"Your wrong"
Eh, not the best or most graceful way to correct someone but it got the job done ig
"...excuse me?"
"Listen unless you breathe something other than oxygen and relatively safe levels of nitrogen, then you're not gonna choke and die from breathing the air"
Have you ever seen a wild animal take its first steps?
Idia hasn't, but he was guessing this was what it was like
You paused, seemingly battling with yourself on ....something
Idia didn't know what
But he had a couple of guesses
And one really good one
How you didn't get smited the first time yall met is a mystery
But once you both got past the "is this guy going to/try to kill me?" And that awkward "almost friend but not quite" stages, you were acting like lifelong friends
Like, boundaries basically don't exist anymore, lifelong friends
That guy lurking outside of your dorm? Nah don't worry! That's just hornton!
He just does that
Oh look! Now he's in your house!
I really hope you didn't want to eat that ice cream
Can't sleep? Go find hornton! You know where he is :)
Yes you do :)
Look at you, finally making friends that you probably hopefully won't need to bury in an unmarked grave
Between the walks and the late night lessons on architecture and gargoyles and the 3am snacking on whatever you could find in the Ramshakle dorm, perfect, why do you have all this food hidden underneath the floorboards?, you and malleus were close like 🤞
Well...not totally because, however close you got emotionally, there was always kind of a...wall
A small barrier between the two if you that was getting much too big
You didn't know his name, he didn't know yours
You didn't know who he is and where he's from, and he most definitely didn’t know shit about you either
Plus, neither of you were particularly touchy, so the closest yall got physically was just sitting next to each other either on the rotting couch of Ramshakle or when you walked a bit too closely while looking for gargoyles
Why did you always walk so close anyways?
Seriously, it reminded him of silver and sebeck
Come to think of it. You never do relax, do you?
...do you not trust him?
Was it something he did?
Actually, did you trust anyone?
He didn't know, he never really saw you on campus, and even when he did, he made an effort to avoid you at all costs, lest you may discover who he actually is
And wouldn't that just be tragic? Would you treat him differently, maybe? ....he didn't want to know the answer just yet
He wished his meemaw grandmother was here to help him
Because he was not going to lilia about this
He wasn't
"...hey lilia?"
Malleus draconia then heard a mischievous little giggle and regretted everything
He was absolutely not going to lilia
So what did that leave him?
But how to ask such a question without it seemingly coming out of nowhere?
"Child of man", his tone was gentle, he didn't want to scare you off by asking, because he still had no idea how he was going to ask in the first place
You seemed happy enough to answer him though, perking up slightly where you sat on the steps of Ramshakle when you heard his voice
It made him smile just a bit
"Child of man...forgive me for asking this out of the blue, but why do you always insist on wearing a mask?"
He saw you deflate just a little and suddenly wished he had more experience with having friends
"Ah...well hornton, I use it to breathe"
"...Ah, do you have some sort of medical condition then?"
"No? I just can't magically filter the lead and radiation from the air like you all can"
....you said that like it was the most natural thing in the world
Ok. Maybe he WOULD bring lilia into this
And maybe shrouds younger brother
But before that...
"What is radiation?"
"You know..."-He did not, in fact, know- "the leftover nuclear power and radiation from the bomb zones"
Yall everybody thank @haru-tofuu for reminding me that I haven't posted one of these in over a month because I have zero perception of time.
Ok. So the next part of this series will be the red bandana you wear around your forehead and what that symbolizes and the guys reactions to that. Also I'm probably going to do those by dorm because I want to write ADeuce and my bbg (jamil)
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writingfool001 · 1 month
Divus: "Once I told you that I kissed a thousand people, it was a lie."
Adult!!MC: "I know."
Divus: "I've only kissed two or three hundred. Now, how many people have you kissed."
Adult!!MC: "Very few."
Divus: "But you offered me a kiss. Why?"
Adult!!MC: "Such a foolish reason, I'm afraid. I just wanted to kiss you."
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xkseii · 8 months
Is that a dog collar?
Tumblr media
Characters → Crewel x reader
Including → 18+ content / nsfw
Warnings → sub/bottom Crewel, top/dom male reader, jealousy, worshipping, blowjob, mind-breaking, size kink, overstimulation, mention of breeding, creampie
Tumblr media
Words → 5.500
DNI: minors (-17) · ageless blogs · blank blogs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were a new teacher at Night Raven College. The atmosphere of the school was surprising, but it was pleasant. A sort of dark thick fog hiding you from the world, you felt like you found a nice place to enjoy the peace… if you don't think about the students possibly causing new troubles. The Headmage was kind enough to take care of everything before your arrival, preparing your classroom, materials, and books. And like any other teacher, he let you have your own classroom and also one free room, so you could take breaks, it was surprising to have an entire room only for you, but you guessed that the school was big enough for this. He has even got as far as planning to leave an entire corridor for you, which was quickly refused, not wanting to have any preferential treatment for any reason.
You weren't an extravagant man, sure, like most, you appreciated a bit of luxury, but a whole corridor was too much. What could you even do with so many rooms? You could see the pout on the Headmage's face but ignored it. As he was showing you around, you learn about the school's history and notice how most people were avoiding you. Or maybe you were just intimidating, so you keep smiling at them, but they turned red and left suddenly, making you wonder if you were this scary? On the way to your classroom along with Crowley, you met three other professors at a corridor turn.
A strong and burly man was standing in front of you. He looked at you up and down before clapping, giving you a harsh tap on the back after his introduction, saying you were going to get along just fine. His muscular appearance but short height took you by surprise since he looked a bit taller from afar, but he seemed like a nice man. He started to ask you about your routine, what you were eating and what sport you were practising. You managed to answer all his questions with difficulty, his energy overwhelming you.
The second was clearly older, he was holding a black cat in his arms with a stern expression. Sensing it was better to not get on his bad side, you greet him polity, nodding at his cat too. He looked satisfied with your politeness and bowed too. You could see from the corner of your eye Crowley's disbelief. You heard a meow and watched with amusement as the cat jumped from his master's arms to rest in yours. Trein looked surprised but still gave you a weak smile, implying that he could bear your presence. With a chuckle, you gave Lucius back to his master, not without petting the cat a little.
And that's when the third man stepped closer, you felt your heart skip a beat at the sight in front of you. Surely you saw handsome men before in your life, but this one…
Even if he was taller than the two others, his head was still only reaching your neck. You could see him look up at your face, his pointer digging into your chest as he introduces himself. His prideful expression crumbled down when you grabbed the end of his teaching pointer, moving it away from your torso as you kissed the tip, looking at him straight in the eyes with a smirk. If he wasn't flustered before, now he certainly was. You step closer and gently, you held his hand, kissing it over the red gloves, watching as he flushes under the touch.
The tension was palpable until the Headmage moved in front of you, he grabbed your sleeve, and bowed to the three professors before leading you away to show you the rest of the school. You could still feel an intense stare fixed on your back as you walk away. You turn around to send a smile to the handsome man while half listening to whatever Crowley was saying.
Months have passed, and you got used to this school. You easily became the student's favourite teacher, you were easy on the eyes, understanding with the students, and you took your time to let them comprehend everything. It was not uncommon that after some class you found a cup of tea or coffee on your desk and a nice note. You even got a gift from your students on your anniversary and would often find a bouquet of flowers before the holidays.
You were getting along well with Vargas, frequently working out together, and conversing about bodybuilding, since it was Vargas' passion. Surprisingly, not only for you but for all the staff, and students, you had a good relationship with Trein. He would regularly let you participate in some of his classes since you had great knowledge about the history of magic. And even if he never told you this, it was also because Lucius really liked you. And when you were in his classes, it was an excuse for the cat to sleep on your lap.
For Crewel, you had more than a great relationship. The students never saw you away from each other for more than a day. Even in the exam period, you would be seen marking scripts together, sitting next to each other at a table, and sharing a cup of tea. It was also not uncommon to see you lean on the wall beside his classroom, waiting for his class to finish. Students would often greet you or stop for some seconds to talk with you, making Crewel wait inside impatiently since they were wasting your break. Some students even started to talk a bit longer only to see their teacher's annoyed face, especially if he was strict with them during the previous classes.
But they would always run away the second they see him take out his teaching pointer, ready to teach them a lesson. But not all students were annoying since some of them would talk to you, and whenever you were away, they would tell Crewel whatever they learn about you, from your favourite food to what you did during the holiday. And it always remained a mystery to you, how Crewel was able to bring the food you liked during your breaks or would always know about the last city you visited or group you listened to.
Today, after finishing reading a book out loud to your class and making sure they have all understood the topic, you let them go. Both you and your students were working efficiently and so, you were able to let them finish earlier almost every time. It was nice for them, but also for you. It was enough time to get out and buy something for your break.
This day, you make a run for a shop you were visiting regularly, buying raisin butter tarts before heading back to school. If you remembered correctly, one of your students told you it was Crewel's favourite food and so, you planned to enjoy them with him, which explained why you dismissed your students this quickly. You were feeling guilty since he would always bring one of your favourite drinks or pastry, and you wanted to return the favour.
You were waiting like usually beside his classroom, checking your phone in silence as no students were out in the corridors yet. You heard chairs scraping against the ground and as you were going to enter the class, the Headmage stopped you. He motioned for you to come closer, which you did, curious about why he wanted to talk to you. Turns out some students had caused trouble again, and he wanted you to talk to them soon, you nodded, listening to his complaints about the damage they did.
You were too focused on the man in front of you to notice the students going out of Crewel's classroom one by one, watching with curious eyes as you were conversing with the Headmage. And soon enough, every student has walked away, going back to their dorms, or at least most of them. Crewel was surprised when you did not enter his classroom immediately and checked to see if you were just late, but stared at you bewildered, talking to Crowley. He clenched his jaw when he saw Crowley laughing with you, the hand that was resting on his hips moved to hold your forearm.
That's when he noticed the box you were holding in your right hand, surely a gift you brought for him. At least that's what he thought until Crowley took it from your hand with a big smile, opening it with wide eyes. Crewel clicked his tongue, showing his irritation openly as he got back into his class, tidying up his desk before getting ready to leave. The students outside were chuckling at his behaviour, how he was not able to conceal his jealously. Everyone noticed the obvious tension between the prideful teacher and you. After all, he was always buying things for you, as you were always waiting for him, replacing his coat on his shoulders or simply spending all your breaks together.
Meanwhile, you promised to the Headmage to take care of the students before bowing, watching as he was walking away, satisfied. You head to Crewel's classroom, knocking since the door was closed, but you did not get an answer. You stand there for some seconds before knocking again, annoyed, you just opened the door, jumping a bit when he stood there just in front of you. He had put his coat on and was ready to leave, you looked at him a bit confused.
“Did I get the time wrong? I thought you had a break too.”
You're even more surprised when he did not look into your eyes, saying he had something else to do. He was going to walk forward until he saw how you haven't moved out of the way. The handsome man sends you a glare, ready to make a fuss as he points behind you.
“Thought you were busy. Don't let Crowley wait-”
He stopped in the middle of his sentence, noticing how Crowley wasn't here anymore. He opened his mouth only to close it back, confused at what just happened. Weren't you offering something to Crowley just a second ago?
“Crowley? He wanted me to scold some students I had in my class.
Oh, and I brought raisin butter tarts. Aren't they your favourites?”
You raised the box that was in your hand, enough for Crewel to notice it. You see him freeze on the spot, his eyes going from your face to the box in your hand, mouth slightly open in shock. You were confused. Does he not like these?
“Oh. You don't like these? Sorry, I thought-”
Crewel bit his lips, flustered by the childish behaviour he had just shown. He felt so stupid, he was so confident all the time and still, he got jealous because he saw you laughing with someone else in front of him. You even took the time to get his favourite pastry, and he was ready to leave you there, in that corridor, confused as you were waiting for him to show up. You were so nice to him, he knew you had also a class just before, which mean that you had to run to buy these, just for him.
He was holding his pointer with shaky hands, panicking since he did not know how to explain the situation to you. Your eyes looking at him so softly when he was being horrible, it was one of the first he really felt guilty. He wanted the ground to swallow him. How did the thought of you being a two-timed guy even dare to cross his mind? You weren't even together yet. He noticed how you were wearing the coat and shoes he gifted you, the leather shoes were perfectly shined even though you were wearing them every day. He even heard from one of his students that you were going to the dry-cleaner every two weeks for the coat.
You called out his name softly, trying to get his attention without success. You tried again, many times, watching as he was lost in his thoughts. You could see some students observing the scene, curious, and so you grabbed his waist, dragged him inside his classroom and close the door behind you. You placed the box down on his desk and took off your coat, placing it carefully on the desk too. You thought Crewel would have been back by now, but he was still internally panicking.
You stood in front of him, trying to understand why he became anxious without reason. That's when everything made sense, when he tried to leave and talked about Crowley suddenly. You chuckle as you understand that he was just jealous. You stepped closer to him, your taller frame hovering over the pretty man, as you grip his left hand, your body pressed against him. It tugged him back to reality, and he blinks harshly, clearing his mind.
You raise his hand to your lips, kissing it over the red gloves softly like you did when you met him for the first time. The cold leather sends a shiver down your spine, as you let your kisses move higher. Your lips graze his wrist, finally in contact with his skin directly. He jolts at the feeling, the warm lips on his cold skin, and with your body being so close to his, he feels your warmth and the protective hold your arm had, wrapped around his waist.
You moved even closer, nuzzling your head into his neck, nipping at the soft skin. He gripped your hair, but never tried to tug you away. You were licking and sucking on the accessible skin, but soon, you got more greedy, and you undo his tie, sending it somewhere else in the room before opening the first three buttons of his black shirt. You smiled against his skin, biting down roughly, forcing a moan out of him.
Before you could tease him, he placed his hand over your mouth, looking at the door. He was focused on listening to what was happening outside, as you hear Crowley's voice asking the students if they saw you. That's when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, you could feel Crewel become tensed against you. And you can't help but chuckle against his glove, while he was distracted by what was happening outside, you let your tongue loll out, licking the skin that was not covered between his gloves and his black shirt.
He gasped, sending you a shocked glare while you could just laugh. You were going to focus back on his neck when he pushed you away, cheeks turning red. You sigh, running a hand through your hair as you head for the door. You simply tell him that you'll be back as you turn the doorknob, planning to talk with the Headmage quickly, so he could leave you alone, but Crewel felt his heart break as he thought you were leaving.
He grabbed the back of your shirt, tugging you backwards, almost making you fall from the sudden force and movement. Crewel refused to let you walk out of this room, especially if it was to talk with Crowley. He lets go of your shirt, sitting on his desk, before motioning with his fingers to come closer. As you step forward, he let his coat hit the desk, his black shirt and vest still on him.
When you finally stop in front of him, he spreads his legs a little, leaving some room for you as he wrapped his arms around your neck, tugging your face to his. Your lips meet slowly, his tongue sensually gliding over your lips as you open your mouth. Your hands resting on his thighs as you can't help but squeeze a bit, earning a whimper followed by a slap at the back of your head. You laugh at his flustered face, the oh-so-proud professor shying away when someone kisses him and start to tease him.
Crewel felt like he had no control over the situation, as you were standing in between his legs, and you looked ready to pounce on him, devouring anything he could give you. The way you were licking your lips while looking at him make his body heat up, he could feel your crotch against his thigh, the way your dick was hardening while just simply admiring him. It boosted his ego, but he was also getting worried, the bulge in your pants was clearly too big. He would never be able to take in something like that.
He thought about stopping right now, but when he heard Crowley outside again, saying your name and your head shot up, the jealousy was too much. You were here, in between his legs but not paying attention to him. He gripped your soft hair, swallowing the surprised groan that flowed past your lips when he dragged you closer. He wrapped his legs around you, making sure you could not leave, he needed all of your attention and affection.
You were taken aback when he trapped you, you could get away if you wanted to, you were clearly stronger than him, but he was too cute to even think about leaving. You kissed his forehead, moving to his nose and cheeks, to his lips and jaw, just peppering kisses everywhere on his face as your hand moved higher.
You slowly unbuttoned his black and white vest, and pull it off of him, as your hand moved smoothly over the black shirt, tempted to just rip it open. The warning tone he used to say your name was clear, he knew what you were thinking about, and he was disapproving. And that's why, you looked down at him with a smile, ripping his shirt open. Your second hand moved too as it hold his small waist, you observed as your hands looked so big as you held him like that. His snatched waist was made for you to grab, digging your nails into the soft skin as the marks on his pale complexion would stay for a while. He was glaring at you as his shirt was lamentably ripped apart, as you did not even care one bit.
“I'll buy you another one.
Or… I can let you wear my shirt.”
And suddenly, he was not complaining anymore, saying that he did not mind if you ripped all his shirts open. You chuckle at his shameless behaviour, with his hand now griping your tie, he forces you to kiss him, the door of his classroom still unlocked as he was half naked. He thought you were going to take off his shirt until you kneeled, taking off his shoes, kissing up his ankles. You were groaning against his skin, kissing and sucking, worshipping his body.
With shaky hands, he unbuttoned his pants, letting them slide down his legs until he watches you yank them off. His heart was beating loudly in his chest when he raised his leg a bit more, placing it just beside your head, and swiftly, your hand was under his knee and your other on his ankle, so you could hold his leg up. Your wet kisses became more and more aggressive, teeth digging into the skin, as their only purpose was to make him bleed. He swallowed his saliva sharply, awestruck by how nice your hands felt against him. The way you would hold his leg and his waist perfectly, how you were able to move him around as you wanted, just like a doll.
Your head leaned in, nose pressed against his bulge, his underwear still in the way. The feeling in his stomach grew rapidly as you did not touch him correctly even once, his back arched a little more to let his hips thrust forward, grinding onto your face. You groaned as you could only see him, smell him and taste him, thoughts about him were filling your mind, making you forget where you were.
He struggled to hold himself up as your fingers hooked under his underwear, pulling it off and letting his dick spring out. You gripped his thigh, the only thing you were able to hold to keep you stable as the tip of his dick grazed your lips, your tongue lapping at the sensitive part. The heat was unbearable for Crewel now, and that's when your head dipped down, taking easily most of his length into your mouth. The sudden pleasure made his hand fly to the back of your head, hips jerking up as he buried himself entire into your mouth.
You were groaning around him, the vibration heightening his sensitivity as he spread his legs wider, your tongue wrapped around his length as you swallow him whole. You could not help but let your index circle around his rim, pushing against the restraints a bit, watching with amusement Crewel covers his mouth instantly.
He could feel his fuzzy mind becoming blank, your eyes fixated on his face as your mouth suck him off, spit leaking from the corner of your lips and dripping down his length, wetting the table under him. He could see you struggle to breathe properly, his dick twitching at the back of your throat, tasting his precum. Even with your mouth being full, you looked proud and were still in control, when he tried to push your head down, you gripped his hands, pinning them on the desk, refusing to submit. Crewel's back started to arch, panting harshly as he feels you swallowing around him, almost gagging when he slipped down your throat. His body was burning, legs quivering as the strong pleasure paralyse him, head rolling back as he cums into your mouth. Your throat constrict around him, taking everything he was giving you.
When you stand back up, he was laying on the desk, a hand over his heart as he shakes. He raised a trembling hand in your direction, holding your hand as he comes down from his high. He blushed, even more, when he noticed the cum at the corner of your mouth disappearing as you pass your tongue over it, a satisfied smile on your face. While he was almost naked, you were still fully clothed, the bulge under the tight fabric of your pants more obvious than before. He blushed, glaring at you as you laugh and start to undress, showing off on purpose, but not looking at him to prevent him from being embarrassed.
When you looked back, you felt your body go stiff at the sight, his legs spread apart, feet placed on the desk as he fingers himself. The drawer on his left side was wide open, showing the tub of lube placed there along with some other things. He covered his moans with his hand, looking at your body in admiration, dick twitching uselessly in between his legs, still glistening with your saliva under the light.
You stepped closer, squirting some lube on your fingers before inserting another finger in him, joining the other two already in there. He lets out a loud moan, watching as your hand and his move together to prepare him, the squelching wet noises filling the room. While his finger was stretching him open, your fingers, longer than his were pushing deeper, feeling around and trying to find his sensitive spots. Your other hand started to jerk him off, watching as he was grinding against your bigger hand, the double stimulation sending his mind spiralling.
As he almost screamed when cumming, you kissed him, swallowing his moans as there were still students outside. He looked so pretty with his flushed cheeks and teary eyes, fighting to keep his noises in as the voices get louder outside. He felt his stomach turn, his release dripping into your hand and the desk, eyes almost rolling back as he was near again. He sobbed into his hand, as it was becoming too much for him, but before he could let it go, you stopped everything, as far as tugging his own fingers away.
And Crewel was full-on crying now, hiccuping as he gripped your shoulders, begging for his release. It was as if his mind made a sudden turn and the only one that could touch him was you, not even himself. You were going to make fun of him until someone knocked at the door. You clasped your hand over his mouth, pushing your fingers in to shut him up.
Your other hand raised his leg to wrap it around your waist, tugging his body forward, ass and legs not touching the desk as you place your dick in front of his hole, rubbing the tip against his rim. You observed his face, waiting for him to nod at you. It was painfully hard for you to wait, your patience was running thin, and you felt you were going to combust. Your hand leaving his mouth to grasp the edge of the desk, tensed muscles keeping you sturdy about him, not looking away from his eyes, so you could resist the temptation. He inhales and exhales softly before nodding, closing his eyes as he waits impatiently.
The tip got in, the warm walls squeezing you, he could feel every inch scraping his inside. He was almost too tight around you, it could snap your dick in two with how much pressure he was applying. He was clenching like a vice around you, forcing you to go deeper and deeper slowly, you could not even think about going fast with how his body overheating under you.
When you felt the base of your cock hit his ass, you finally snapped out of your daze, slowly you looked up, the bulge appearing under his skin, chest heaving up and down rapidly, your hand that unknowingly moved to his neck, choking him. And his face, his cheeks were a perfect shade of red, pretty lips parted to take in as much air as he could, his eyeshadow and liner smudged over his eyelids as it seemed like he was crying black tears. His pupils were blown out, hair dishevelled as he chokes on his moans, gasping as his inside got forcefully stretched.
He was one step away from losing his mind, you were far too deep into him for him to remain sane. His body looked unusually tensed as you watch his cock twitch, just some drop escaping the tip, he just had a dry orgasm. You chuckled at the sight, pull out slowly, moving your hips at a soft pace, afraid you would break him. Wet squelching noises filled the room as every time you would pull out, you could see some lube escape his body, sliding down until it pooled on the ground. As this soft movement continues, you feel his hand grip yours, intertwining your fingers, and you can't help kiss his palm again. Your eyes focused on his expression, to make sure you weren't hurting him.
As you were going to speed up, your phone vibrated again. With a scoff, you grabbed it, answering with an annoyed tone, asking Crowley to make it quick. He sounded confused over the phone, not understanding why you were so mad.
“Shut up and listen.”
And at the same instant, you snapped your hips forward, a loud moan following that surely could be heard outside, and Crowley was behind the door. He stuttered over his words, but you just told him to call you tomorrow before turning your phone off. You snapped your fingers, using your magic to lock the door before gently grabbing Crewel by the waist, and flipping him around.
With his torso resting against the wooden table, hands gripping at the edge of the desk and his teeth biting into your coat, you started to move more freely, your rough thrusts making him jolt, and the desk moved, creaking under his weight. He did not have time to say anything before you were fucking him roughly, uncaring about the noise anymore. You gripped his leg, holding one up to hit deeper into him. His lower half being kept up by your strength only, your deep groan and his muffled whimpers filling the room, with the loud sound of skin clapping.
As you went to grab his hair to hold him up, something caught your attention and with a smirk, you unhooked the collar from his teaching pointer and clasped it around his neck. One finger gripped the loop to tug him against your body, his back arching until his head was resting on your shoulder, at this point, you were just holding him up and slamming your hips against him. His dick rubbed against his desk, sending painful shocks of pleasure through his body.
Crewel was a mess, teary-eyed and babbling uselessly as he clings to you, losing the notion of time and reality. You were practically impaling him on your cock, fucking him dumb as in the heat of the moment, you managed to find his mouth, biting and kissing, entangling your tongues. Your body was burning, almost as if you were working out, abs tightening as you kept yourself from cumming, you needed to see him lose it.
You moved one hand, grabbing his dick and jerked him off, Crewel almost mewling as you show his cock some attention. He was chasing his own orgasm with newfound strength, helping you fuck into him by moving his hips, clenching around you on purpose. His pulsating cock was leaking onto your hand, and when you speed up, his head slammed back onto your shoulder, screaming at the top of his lunges. His voice broke, as it became a noiseless scream, coming all over his desk. The tightness around you, sending your mind spiralling, cum flowing into his hole. He whimpered, thanking you over and over for breeding him and if now he could be your wife since you filled him up. Since he wanted to get bred, why couldn't you fill him up a bit more?
Crewel's eyes completely rolled back, he was too tired to even make a sound at the end of the afternoon, your break was over a long time, but you never left his classroom. His insides were now moulded to your liking, his body could only be used by you. You came into him so many times that you forgot for how long you've been here, Crewel passed out at one point and woke up a while ago. His neck was bruised because of the collar that you kept tugging at, and his stomach and the ground were covered in his cum, but you both did this for so long, that he was not able to cum anymore. His dick twitched uselessly, barely even able to get hard as his body was forced past its limit.
You weren't in a better state, your legs were giving out, your back hurt with how deeply he racked his nails onto it, mind fuzzy as you weren't far from passing out. You were more than overstimulated, barely able to comprehend what he was telling you. When finally, you came one last time, filling him up to the brim. You fell forward, catching yourself with your hand on the desk, you quickly let Crewel sit on it before you fall on your knees, on the ground.
You blinked harshly, trying to stay awake as your head was resting on his thigh, also covered in fluids. His shaky hand running through your hair, lulling you to sleep, and you closed your eyes for a second.
When you woke up, Crewel was out of light, passed out on the desk, all the papers ruined and your coat was stained. With a sigh, you enveloped him in it, since his clothes were ripped. Thankfully you were much taller than him, and so your coat was able to completely hide him. You cleaned everything and got dressed, holding Crewel in your arms as you walk to your room, avoiding all the students.
You washed him up and changed him into your clothes, which were clearly too big for him, before tucking him in your bed. You were going to leave to scold the students, so you could sleep in peace just after, but he grabbed your hand, half asleep, whining. And with a sigh, you throw your coat away, sending your shoes somewhere else before lying down beside him, holding him protectively and nuzzling into his neck. And before you knew it, you were asleep.
The next few days, the students were surprised by how close you were, almost acting lovey-dovey in front of everyone. The students that made a bet about you saying that you will both end up together were more than happy. Unsurprisingly, Crowley was avoiding you, everyone noticed that the second you were in his field of vision, he would leave quickly, cheeks burning an impressive red as he wasn't even able to look at you in the eyes.
Crewel was spending all his breaks with you, cuddling into your body and sometimes coaxing you into cancelling one of your classes to stay with him. Soon enough, your dress was filled with his clothes, and it was almost scary how you dressed the same way. After all, Crewel showed up with everything but shirts, and you were forced to buy more because he would always wear the one you wanted. He was also never seen again with the red collar on his teaching pointer.
Crewel also started to always take the time in the morning to do your liner, refusing to see you without it, so you could match. At some point, you ended up with all your clothes having duplicates, so Crewel could choose what both of you would be wearing in the morning without struggling about a missing vest, or a shirt that you both wanted.
Tumblr media
❥ author note
→ Thank you for reading. 
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Here is my ko-fi, if you would like to support or commission me!
Tumblr media
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/ / Love at first Blade
Fandoms: Twisted wonderland AU: General Lilia + Rival Royal reader Character: lilia vanrouge
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine that... the war was sickening and unbearable to watch, children cried, adults screamed and yells of sorrow and apologies filled the air of the destroying kingdom. war happened because of one mistake, one mistake from the Ruler of this very kingdom. the mistake because of love.
You loved the General of the enemy troops. he was everything you could have imagined and many more.. he was sweet, he was kind, he was... perfect for you. you knew this was wrong to love the enemy like this. but u didn't care. your love for him beats everything that u have, even your kingdoms safety..
You both met in the battlefield once. in the intention of killing the other. but to fall inlove at first sight was never part of the plan of this intention. that is where u both started to meet frequently to chat and.. spent time with each other. even let your guard down with him. and spilled everything to the bottom of the grounds and wall u built around you. pathetic.
The day when the enemy attacked you knew how they went through the borders so easily, how they are now slaughtering the people and your troops so easily like butter on an knife. but you didn't do anything. you just sat on your throne while your kingdom is turning into a massacre.
The doors of the throne room opened and a single silhouette appeared. a silhouette u grew to remember and cherished.. Lilia vanrouge stood Infront of you a bloody sword in hand while his face was cold. you looked at him, your eyes showed love and adoration towards him. oh how you loved how he looks right now.
You stood up and smiled while descending down from the stairs of your throne. oh how u want to embrace him. you got close to him and hugged him tight, though he didn't do anything and merely stared at your figure. ha.. stab.
His sword pierced your stomach. blood dripped on the marble floor as u remained hugging him.
"i have always known u were using my love for you as an advantage. i knew all those yet.. never did anything. because I truly love you vanrouge. please tell me. tell me the truth and say u did love me back. even just a little bit." you shed a tear while the blood was dripping from your mouth. drip. drip.
You looked at up and saw he was crying. you weakly smile and reached out to hold his cheek, "my dear lilia"
lilia held you tight as your body began to grow cold, he cradled you in his arms while he shaked and wept. "I'm sorry (name), I'm so sorry... i truly did love you.." that was all you needed to know. that was all.
"in another era. in another life where we don't need to fight anymore, we don't need to taint hands, i wish. i promise. to marry you." you say so slowly as your heartbeat began to weaken and weaken.. and weaken.. until you went completely limp in his arms.
"of course.. i will definitely marry you (name). in another life time.." lilia continued to sob onto your chest as his cries echoed from the palace walls..
chatter among students in the mirror room were loud and bustling. some wanted to know what kind of dorm they will be assigned, some wanting to just go home, some just wants to end this quickly.
a small figure was on the sidelines, lilia vanrouge. smiling and chatting with a tall silver person. "I'm sure you'll be in diasomnia silver. your old man is there anyways fufufu" the silver head nodded, as a crow figure came Infront of the crowd and announced the ceremony to begin.
students began to be assigned a dorm, each and every one until one person was finally left. the figure walked infront of the mirror and stated their name. "( name ) (l/n)"..
silence. a drop of silence overcame lilia when he heard that name. has his hearing fallen weak? his ears must be playing tricks on him. it must be, or its just someone else that has the similar name AND last name as them. it has to be..
"DIASOMNIA!" Lilia snapped out of his trance as the mirror announced the last students dorm. the headmage announced to to the dorm leaders or vice to escort the new students to their designated dorms.
Lilia composed themselves and led the new students to the diasomnia dormitory. as he walked with the silver head student a blob of (h/c) walked pass them. the sudden burst of wind passed through infront of them as the hood of the (h/c) fell off revealing a familiar face.. a face that lilia wished to finally see and alive again.
"(name).." a voice so silent but hearable to the one calling out.
you turned to him with an expressionless face. "huh?"
lilia thought he was dreaming with this very moment. was this a dream..? or finally the moment he was waiting for.
Tumblr media
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omi-anime · 7 months
Hey hey! Hope your having a great day or night.
Anyways, is it ok if request the twisted wonderland dorm leaders with a xiao like s/o?
~Twst dorm leaders with Xiao like s/o~
Author notes: As Xiao is one of my mains... I love this 💖
Tumblr media
He finds your aloof and cold personality a little different. I do see him being genuinely curious. Whenever you teleport away from him he's genuinely shocked. I believe he would be a little irritated if you teleport away from him while he's speaking.
However upon learning you protect people whenever they call out your name. Because apparently you are required to teleport away regardless of what you're doing he understands better.
He is curious on your fighting skills seen as you're very skilled with Polearms. I do see him being a little interested on watching you train out of curiosity on that non-familiar weapon.
He doesn't understand why you're very rude and blunt and may not like you for that too much. However after realizing it's a defense mechanism calms down a little more.
He is curious on why you keep calling him silly mortal, idiot mortal Etc and maybe a little ticked off by it. However upon learning you're not human is shocked.
Overall not a bad relationship, after he understands things about you better I feel like you would like you a lot.
Your eyeliner is perfect tell him your secrets now. Also how do you have such clear skin and perfect hair without using special products. He needs your secrets.
He is curious on why you tell him to always call out your name, until he does when you're not with him and you literally teleport in front of him with a weapon.
Learns that you protect people and tell them to call out your name one in danger as that's what you do. I do see him being intrigued on you being able to teleport.
He probably tried to teach you a lesson in manners to stop calling people stupid mortals or silly mortals.
I do see him finding interest in your weapon considering he's more familiar with sword and bow and arrows because of the other dorms.
He definitely jokes about you being his knight in shining armor, until you take it quite literally and protect him. Then he's just fully honored. Though he does make you take breaks because even knights in shining armor need rest and relaxation.
He probably found you a little intimidating considering your glare and very mean insults.
However he does learn that's just how you are to keep people away to not get close to you. It does intrigue him on why.
You probably scared him the first time you teleported in front of him making him jump quite high in the air in shock.
He is interested in your power and weapon considering they are not familiar from where he's from and from what he's seen so far on land.
He probably was curious on why you tell him to call out your name until when he did one time you appeared in front of him seemingly ready to protect.
He probably likes how you're willing to protect him but I do see him making you take breaks saying even you need breaks.
I see him finding you a little irritating with your blunt and rude attitude. Although he is one to talk...
I do see him probably being surprised you can teleport but not overly considering a certain dragon can too.
I do see him napping a lot and you sitting there protecting him though he tells you he doesn't need it.
He did find it silly when you told him to call out your name if in danger, until when he happened to get into a fight and it was outnumbered by eighteen people to one. That's when he watched you appear and quite literally send them to the hospital.
He does find it annoying when you call him a silly mortal with him firing back he isn't a normal human he's lion you know.
I totally see him dragging you to sleep with him on occasion considering he knows you need rest and won't admit it.
He probably found you quite intriguing considering the aura around you was not of a normal human.
Learned he was correct and that you are in fact immortal and protect people from dangerous creatures or anyone attempting to harm.
He definitely trains with you seen as I see the two of you being able to go head to head and fight.
I do think he would feel Comfort considering you're immortal so that he doesn't have to fear you passing away because of your immortality.
He does find your ignorant and blunt personality a little much but also just as who you are.
I find this relationship funny considering he is the gentle giant dragon and you're the vicious small adepti.
You probably terrified him a little bit upon first meeting considering your nasty glare.
He was quite intrigued considering you look a lot like a certain video game character he knows.
He probably watches you train out of curiosity seen as he does know the weapon but never seen anyone fight with it before.
I do see him calling out your name quite a lot but not out of needing to be protected but more out of fear in social situations.
Did you see him feeling bad for wasting your time especially since he's not in physical Danger. But you do tell him off saying you told him you'd help him no matter what.
He does find it a little weird you call him silly mortal but won't comment much on it besides that just being something you do.
Oh he is the sweet to your salty. You're literally the salty mean nasty one who insults people, well he's the sunshine sweetheart who compliments everyone.
He was never intimidated by your glare and probably kept bugging you until you stopped teleporting away.
I do see you telling him to call out your name and him not entirely understanding it's for dangerous situations only. He probably calls you to have a meal with him honestly.
On the bright side he does unintentionally make you take care of yourself more with him calling out your name even if it's not an important situation.
He does find interest in your weapon and probably asks to watch you train out of interest and Intrigue on how you'd fight with it.
I do see him liking to play with your hair quite a lot with you telling him he's a silly mortal has no respect for the adepti. He still doesn't understand what's an Adepti??
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dotster001 · 3 months
Can I request for headcanons with the twst second years crushing on their classmate who is also Malleus Draconia’s younger brother?
(thank you for your patience boo! I hope this is what you were looking for!!!! 💙 Also, holy shit there's a lot of second years 😂)
CW: male reader, reader is Malleus' younger brother, Sad Kalim, mentions of Malleus x Yuu for meme purposes
Tumblr media
Malleus has lots of respect for Riddle. So when you asked him who you should go to to learn about human customs, Malleus pointed him in Riddle's direction. Malleus knows that Riddle barely knows modern human customs, but he is a matchmaker Extraordinaire now that he is dating Yuu.
Riddle is honored that the Draconia family thinks so highly of him, and does his best to teach you about what the children of men do these days. It's actually both of you just learning about humans, and it's so cute.
You and Riddle taking notes while Cater explains a magicam trend. Studious buddies.
It's on one of these adventures to learn about modern human things that Riddle looks over at you, and realizes how beautiful and ethereal you are. After that, it's over for him. He's a flustered mess around you and it's easy to figure out what's going on.
"Queen of Heartslaybul, I have gotten the permission of my brother, and request to participate in a courtship ritual with you."
Translation: "Riddle, wanna go to a movie? My brother says it's chill."
Everyone was scared of you both individually, but now? Power couple, power couple, power couple.
Tumblr media
Honestly, at first he was so self conscious about it. How could Malleus Draconia 's younger brother ever reciprocate the feelings of a hyena with no money and no prospects. 
Like your brother, you're very wise. You know, and you decide to be the fae you are, and play with Ruggie until he admits it. You talk in riddles, and pretty soon Ruggie is dizzy thinking about this fae prince, but ecstatic that he is making headway with his crush.
Eventually, he cracks, and admits it. And you just smile knowingly.
"I accept your confession, little hyena."
Doesn't appreciate being called little… but with a sugar daddy boyfriend who'll let him snuggle whenever he likes,  he'll be your "little hyena" as often as you like.
Tumblr media
Floyd is that kid who sees something, and is like "what would it be like if I bit that?" 
So imagine a merman, who has hyperfixations on biting things, seeing a fae for the first time ever in one of his first year classes. Azul spends weeks trying to keep you two apart.
When the time comes, and Floyd has chomped down on your arm, you find it hilarious. As a fae, you barely felt it, and as a prince, you'd never had someone bite you before. Instant friendship between you two . (Tried to bite your horns one time, was very pouty that they hurt his teeth)
You never question him when he nibbles on you. And it becomes a comfort for him. Bored? Find sea dragon, and steal one of his fingers to nibble. Sad? Snuggles, and nomming on your shoulder, please!
Realizes how he feels when he loses all motivation when you have to return to the Valley of Thorns to celebrate your brother's betrothal. He just mopes around the lounge, until you come back, and immediately tells you how he feels. So no more leaving him, okay! 
Really excited that he is now allowed to bite your lips…🥺
Tumblr media
You wanted to study a merman, and Jade wanted to study a Draconic fae. While your intentions were much purer than Jade's, it's still a beneficial arrangement.
As a thank you for his help in learning about mermaid culture, you present him with a terrarium full of Valley of Thorns mushrooms. That's what breaks him.
But if anyone is able to outdo a fae in observation and outlasting…. It's Jade. Jade waits, and waits, and waits some more…and strikes when he's showing you around his home in the ocean.
"I'm certain you've received grander proposals than this, but I would love the honor of being your boyfriend."
He planned everything. He picked a beautiful spot where the bioluminescence of the ocean, and himself, would make him irresistibly mysterious and ethereal. But it also backfires and further accentuates your own unearthly features. Now you're both simping.
"I accept your confession, Jade. Although, if you're using me to get to my mushrooms, I'm not too sure my brother would take kindly to it." 
Both of you laugh, as though you each know a secret, but Jade instinctively wraps his tail around your legs and brings you closer….and it just feels right.
Tumblr media
Azul starts out thinking that you will be in an easy in with Diasomnia and Malleus, but it turned out you could be just as unapproachable as your brother. Oh well, he loves a challenge from time to time.
Not long in to researching you, you join the board game club and challenge Azul to a chess match, here you may or may not have talked in enough circles that he reveals the scheme. 
He thinks he's blown int but you suddenly start making weekly visits to the Monstro Lounge. You order the same thing, make a cryptic comment and leave. It's like clockwork, and Azul can't help but feel you've hypnotized him with this routine.
He grows so comfortable with this routine, that he has your table and food ready before you arrive, and serves you personally. (The twins give him hell for it.)
When you invite him out….he thinks he's going to die.  He tries to keep up the business man persona, but he's such a simp. He's stuttering and fumbling, until you tell him how dear he has become to you, and how beautiful you find him. Then he stops fumbling and becomes a blushy mess that feels all warm and fuzzy inside.
The twins give him hell for it (pt 2).
Tumblr media
People are not this warm and affectionate in the Valley of Thorns. You probably fall first honestly. Like Mal falling for Yuu, you fall for Kalim and spend all your time in Scarabia. 
You play Mancala with Kalim, and play as long as he wants/takes to win. Kalim loves that you don't get bored or annoyed with him.
During the phase where Kalim is being hypnotized and has memory loss, he notices you aren't around as often, and starts to realize how important you are to him.
After Jamil overblots, you come to see him immediately, and do a magical checkup to make sure he's okay. Kalim asks why you've stayed away so long, and his heart breaks when he sees your sad smile as you say, "You, yourself, told me I was no longer welcome."
Kalim cries and hugs you tightly,  telling you he didn't mean it, he loves you so much! 
After he calms down and gets to a good mental state, you both have a conversation about your relationship, and realize you both love each other the same. Happy ever after for two squishy boys!
Tumblr media
You met when Lilia invited you to see his band. Jamil was sitting in the audience for Kalim, and you two had a great conversation before he lost his hearing from Lilia smashing yet another guitar.
Jamil is still trying to be average and unnoticed when you meet, so you don't see him much after that. But he sees you. He is enthralled by your natural skills,  and even though you're a rich kid, (prince) you carry yourself with an air of self awareness and kindness, and he can't help but think that in another life…
Stops that line of thinking really fast. A prince would never be with a servant. But in the days before his overblot, it's definitely you he's thinking about when he thinks about what he can accomplish with his freedom.
After the overblot, you doctor him up, and replenish any empty magic stores that could be a problem. Then you do his chores for him. If he wasn't whipped for you already….
You catch him watching you dreamily, and call him out on it. Then you take his hand and cup his cheek and tell him you feel the same.
"I'm not worthy-"
"I am the second born prince of the Valley of Thorns, a member of a long line of Draconic fae. If I say you are worthy, Viper, then you are worthy."
The way you say it, it's like you are weaving a spell to make it true, and make him believe it. If that was your intention, it worked.
Tumblr media
Definitely a friend's to lovers situation. Silver being raised around you, and both of you at least starting at a similar emotional age (you've passed him, but such is the way of the fae) you were close for the entirety of Silver's life .
He has a sense of duty to Malleus and Lilia for his position, and he definitely still has a little bit to you due to your position as second born, but it's not as heavy for you, so he can mostly relax around you.
He realizes he's in love in a first year flight class when he fell asleep on his broom, and woke up in your arms after you caught him. 
It's a year later, and he's stoically escorting you to the library, when you decide to play with him a little.
"There's this little prince I've had my eyes on…"
Silver's a good knight, so he won't say anything, but deep down he's disappointed. All he'll say is something like, "I'm so happy for you, Prince Y/N."
Then you'll start describing him, and he'll falter. You cup his cheek and look deeply in his eyes and say, "My little Prince is named Silver, and there is no one else I'd rather have by my side." 
Silver probably reaffirms his undying loyalty, then turns a bright red when you take his hand as you continue your walk. Honestly, I ship this one the most.
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fungifanart · 8 months
Trey: Hello there, we’re here to collect your wish if you’d be so kind.
Random student: Why should I? I’m way too old to do childish stuff like wishing on a star or whatever.
MC, standing next to Trey: Do it or else I’ll rip your goddamn ears off. How’s that for an incentive?
Student: Yeah? And who the hell are you? You’re not dressed like a Stargazer so why’d you think you can just jump in on this conversation?
MC: I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limpdick unicorn if you don’t make with the wishing. That’s who the fuck I am.
Trey: Ok. Jesus.
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