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Dorm babysitting:
Tumblr media
A/n: y/n just turned into toddler, platonic, gn reader and incorrect quotes.
Warning: none... But a long post and Not in order.
Tumblr media
Luckily, Floyd was there when this all happened. He just scooped you and runs straight to his place even when people are screaming behind him, Mostro Lounge VIP room. Floyd was surprisingly gentle knowing that humans are weak but babies are more delicate than them. And all eyes on you dear. Not Jade wanted to dress you as a mushroom and Floyd dress you as shrimpy. Azul was speechless the whole time he just couldn't... your chubby figure reminds him of himself, try to poke your chubby cheeks as you chuckle. It was adorable!!! Leading Floyd to tickle you a little while laughing along. Maybe he can be the perfect babysitter too. But it's bad he can't hug you. The way you were enjoying being around them extremely turn Azul soft and the twins are more curious. Jade took responsibility to feed you, but well others too also want their turn so it was chaos, as you fall asleep while Jade pats your back gently. not Azul about to cry if you hold his finger subconsciously like an emotional father.
Floyd: here we go shimpy~ *throwing and catching them in the air, sorry it didn't look like normal uppies*
Azul: Floyd! please put them down you are going to hurt them.
Floyd: no! I'm not they are also enjoying it~ *showing Azul how y/n giggle* SEE!!!
Jade: Floyd, they will vomit if you continue.
The poor boy is in full panic mode, screaming into his pillow. Meanwhile, Ortho felt delighted like he is now a big brother too. While Idia wanted to run out of his room but can't. Ortho attempted to lighten the room by removing curtains so you didn't feel frightened, loading the information about how to take care of the baby, and going outside to have some baby stuff leaving Idia alone with you as you looked at him deadpan (it's his POV), munching your finger probably judging him (again his POV). He just thinks that you will find him scary and if he got close, you will wail for sure. But with your vision, you couldn't focus anywhere besides those blue flam locks, which got you to shift towards him as he catches you in seconds before you fall from bed, trembling while you grab one of his hair locks and observe it. He just nervously sits near you like a figure and lets you look at his hair but god when you let out a small whimper it got him jumped up. Did he upset you or were his hairs ugly? or do you want to eat something, like there are snacks? He checks his phone showing the ortho will be there in 5 mins.
idia: *thinking, maybe if they see some kid show. it will distract them for some time*
y/n: *looking down with a pout*
Idia: but which show...
y/n: mmm...
idia: ah! y/n you were in the mid of Attack on titans season 4 last time do you want to continue it...
Kalim has a lot of siblings so you just kinda add one more, that's all. But he will be happy to take care of you, bring you to his place show Jamil who almost split his tea and Party!!!. For Jamil, it didn't make much difference too, he already taking care of one kid so just one more add up for the time. Plus he got skills, he can easily take care of you if you are a good one. Unconsciously compare you with Kalim, now he prefers you above Kalim to take care. There is no problem. You can be relaxed and chill, play with this happy prince. Who will give you everything if you find something to play or how about a ride on a flying carpet? you can count on them. but Jamil got worried like it was time for your lunch while Kalim and you are Norway. Somewhere Kalim trying to figure out why are crying.
Jamil: is it safe to give this gold coin to them?
Kalim: it's okay, Jamil.
y/n:... *Observing it*
Kalim: see, how they are observing it.
y/N: *put it into their mouth*
Jamil:... no! wait y/n!!
Kalim: y/n!!
Your adoption papers are already up, dear. Now you will be part of the family. Lilia also wants to have a new child. Dressing you in clothes made of fluffy fabric as if resemble a dragon, a cap having two horns coving your head and eyes. As he shows you to Malleus, the fae looks at you little shocked but chuckling when you lift your hands, "bah!" like you pretending to scare him or being a fae. He end up smiling, even as a child you are not scared of him. But then you raise your arms like you wanted the tall fae to pick you up. He hesitated a little but Lilia encouraged him, ignoring Sebek. and the view you got from there was 5-star, the height, now not returning to Lilian's arms. Your father Lilia is a little sad ne.. but he will still take care of you, no dought, he will take you for walks, sing you a lullaby and... feed you!! okay, so no one is that heartless here. Silver tries excusing that those elements can't be consumed by humans, he doesn't want you to be poisoned at such an age.
Lilia: hmmm.. is this powdered milk really good for them...
Silver: they kinda seem to like it...
Lilia: let me make it then
silver: fath- *He just snatches it*
*After 30 minutes*
Malleus: Lillia what is this...
Lilia: that powdered milk...
Malleus: *thinking that all it needed was to mix with warm water, so why it is pink and bubbles popping up?*
... Hmmm, he is jealous of your baby skin now. Like hell, your soft and poreless skin with red cheeks which everyone wants to have in this dorm minus Epel. Vil just can't stop himself to dress you up in different styles and taking your full shootout. Calling professional artists and photographers, this needs to be captured, until you get annoyed. Plus healthy food and good quality sleep are top priorities here so you can be flawless. Rook is not allowed near you as you seem to dislike him. Sign, Rook just wanted to study you. Or the way he just peek-a-boo you, gives goosebumps. Epel was also not allowed to get close to you too, he is a bad influence said by Vil. And don't giggle at neige, vil will take this bad way.
Vil: did you see where y/n went?
Random student:... I saw epel took the baby somewhere.
Vil: that brat!!
Epel: aren't they cute? *Showing you to his friends*
He just run directly to your place when he heard what occurred, shouting his unique on the unfortunate individual who caused this mess. It is his responsibility now to defend you when you are in your most vulnerable form. Furthermore, you helped him a lot after he overbloted, therefore he should pay you back. Well... first and foremost, no ace or deuce, he is not going to offer you to them, since he knows they are reckless as hell. Second, Cater stop taking pictures. He seemed embarrassed when he saw your big eyes got watery when he yelled on idiots, it seems you didn't like it when he show anger and raise his voice. He is a single child so his knowledge about this is zero, and hear Trey came in. But, of course, Riddle still try to do most of the stuff by himself. Plus mini crown clip on your head with red and white clothes. Now if you ate his tart or pick a rose, he will just swallow his anger reminding himself that you are a toddler right now. But when you pick the rose and gifted it to him, he softened. How could he punish you??? But sometimes he couldn't control his emotions so he just excuse himself.
Riddle: excuse me for a second. *Discovered that the white roses are not painted in red yet*
Ace: *whistling and thinking why does cater handle him this brush*
Ace: HUH !! Why??
He is done, yesterday it was his nephew and today you turned into a toddler. He already hates kids. What is worse hyper sunshine nephew or a toddler who can't understand him? but at least he tried. He sat you on the grass and lay beside you closing his eyes to take a nap but couldn't as you were looking at him curiously. He turned his side while you face his back, knowing that Ruggie and Jack will be soon here. But even after that, he couldn't bring himself to have a peaceful nap. Why? it was planned that you will sleep after Ruggie feed you, but Ruggie was being loud, louder than your giggles as you were playing with Jack's tail while the wolf boy was watching you silently. (wolf and a human baby... jungle book?). You were trying to catch his furry tail as it shift side to side. Just pretending asleep and cursing the dorm members. Then he heard Ruggie that you want to touch his ears, he snapped.
Leona: Oi! didn't you have class Jack! Ruggie!
Ruggie: but you also have.
Leona: just get lost!!
Ruggie: *pout*, hai hai~
Leona: *catching y/n*, and where are you going herbivores.
Tumblr media
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little-miss-mei · 2 days
Yuu: I'm not even sure if Floyd likes me.
Ace: What do you mean? Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for YOU!
Yuu: No. Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for FUN.
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kiss your best friend | octavinelle
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kiss your best friend and see how they react!
parts. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
characters. azul, jade, and floyd
cw. red flagged eels
note. forgot that this lil' series existed oops. reader is yuu in floyd's
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
full on yelps lmao
he's visibly shaking as he pushes you away with a gaping mouth that doesn't know whether to stay closed or question what the hell just happened.
if anything his glasses would've broken from the pink shade of his face and the steam out of his ears. but alas.. that is simply not possible realistically.
he's prolly like: what does this mean?! azuls tearing out his hair and grinding his teeth in his mind aggressively because let's face it; what does it mean? why on earth would you.. kiss him for no reason at all?!
you slump. "sorry, uhm,, let's just forget about this yeah?" you sigh. taking in his petrified face and shaking limbs as a sign of shock, and fear. you slap yourself in the face. stupid (name)
but azul peels off the hands on your face and displays a face that is a mixture of embarrassment and shyness. he just pulled out the courage out of his ass after seeing you upset.
and the last thing I want is you thinking that it is a mistake. he thinks. technically it is a mistake but... you get the point.
he doesn't know how to comfort you and just stands there like 🧍‍♂️
azul will start crying if you actually think it's a mistake.
jade leech
jade rn: 😲
you sure do know how to catch him off guard with the element of suprise. usually something as trivial as romance and,, kissing would have him tailing it out the room but he can say that was surprisingly pleasing.
pretends nothing happened to mess with you, literally enjoys your nervous glancing and distraught face.
but eventually tells you to warn him as you short circuit at the word 'next time' by the near end of his sentence. he really likes to mess with you.
joked aside he really does see whatever obsession ordinary humans have with the physical touch thing.. he can even say he feels a little greedy to keep you to himself.. you know maybe drag you to—
oh well. to the unfortunate of others he seems way too happy. he's practically chasing everyone off with an eery smile behind you even if they so tried to converse with you.
here you got a happy, big, tall, scary, protective eel man who's obsessed in love.
floyd leech
it's insane how casual his response is.
and a little concerning to be honest, it feels like you guys don't even need a label to be doing whatever together. and it felt like that from the start 👁
he just smiles really wide, showing off his sharp teeth, picks you up and hugs you in the air with a joyous face.
which would have been cute if he didn't practically demand you for more!! if you had a hundred madol for every time floyd had started asking you for a kiss after the first one you'd be rich.
your lips actually feel numb and at some point you had started hiding because you are going to go insane if he asks for another. floyd is around the corner? you're shoving yourself into deuce's locker as you leave your poor friend to deal with floyd's; "have you seen shrimpy?"
you feel bad, of course. hiding from your practically boyfriend with no label but he really doesn't give you a break.
ahem 🚩 hearing "shrimpyy!!~" is like the omen for a tiring day.
we have a happy, big, tall, scary, protective eel man who's even more obsessed in love.
prank successfully failed??
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Cater: You and Trey have been closer than usual. Are you two dating or something?
Mc: Um... No we're not...
Cater: Really? And what do bees make?
Mc: Uh, honey?
Trey, entering the room: Yes, dear?
Cater: Don't ever lie to me again
Tumblr media
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kamiyatos · 3 days
not-so-secret late night rendezvous
Tumblr media
pairing: malleus draconia x gn!mc
word count: 3K
summary: while the vdc group stays over at ramshackle, they notice you have a frequent visitor
notes from lee: i’m rusty with long pieces so i hope this is okay ish? takes place during book 5 when the vdc group is staying at the ramshackle dorm but i haven’t read book 5 since it released so it’s not entirely canon compliant… also way more ace-centric than i realized oops i love adeuce
Tumblr media
You had abandoned the hope of falling asleep easily once Crowely oh-so graciously allowed the newly formed VDC group to take up temporary residence in Ramshackle. When either or both Ace and Deuce stayed over you could deal with their moderate snores, however, snoring amplified by the seven extra people staying in your dorm was disrupting to say the least.
Despite all the boys being the next room over, the snoring seeps through the rotting wood floors and poorly constructed walls.
In hopes of trying to tire yourself out, you decide on a midnight stroll. Something that has been a recurring event even before your visitors. And maybe you have an inkling of hope that there will be another visitor when you get outside.
You feel the need to be quiet and sneak out, hopeful to not incur the wrath of Vil despite you being the dorm leader of Ramshackle. The window in your room has provided many nights of escapes, but it still takes an effort to push it open enough for you to get out. It only takes a few steps across the patchy roof before reaching the fire ladder. When your feet hit the ground you can already see the green fireflies that swarm the area and it instantly puts a smile on your face.
Tumblr media
If the others within the dorm were not up earlier from the scolding Vil had given them, they were more than awake at the footsteps on the roof. Of course, it could have been passed off as the ghosts, but the creak of the rusty ladder gives you away to those inside the house. A quick check into your bedroom proves that it’s you out of the dorm and not one of the VDC members. Vil is largely unconcerned, you are just a manager after all not a performing member, that is until Trappola calls out from the bottom floor.
“Oi! What’s Malleus Draconia doing outside?” Now this peaks Vil and the others upstairs’ interest. Already pressed to the glass window in the seating room are Ace and Deuce, the others join shortly.
“What is this fuss about Draconia being outside?” VIl questions and the redhead shivers at the tone of voice he uses. Instead of answering anything, Ace points outside to where you stand animatedly talking to the prince of Briar Valley. Everyone just now coming to witness the scene outside the window reacts similarly, shock. All inside the house knew of Draconia’s reputation, but there you were chatting away with him like an old friend.
Despite the seemingly friendly conversation between you and the fae, the way Malleus looked fondly down at you did not escape the watchful eyes of the Rook, “Quelle beauté! The love between the Roi des Dragons and the Trickster is blooming right before our eyes!”
The three first-years mashed into the glass pane let out a simultaneous groan. “How come the Prefect didn’t tell us they got into a relationship!” “Bleh who even wants to be in a relationship?” And similar remarks left the boys’ mouth, but soon quieted when they watched as you started back towards the dorm. Their blabbing had cost all of the bystanders to lose track of Malleus who had seemingly left.
“Back to the room. Not a word of this to the Prefect. It is up to them to tell us about their relationship, not your incessant meddling.” Vil sternly ordered and the boys trudged up the creaking stairs before you came back.
Tumblr media
Despite what Vil may have told Ace and Deuce about not meddling, you were their friend! If anyone would be allowed to meddle it would be your best friends, no? At least that’s what Ace had convinced himself of and later Deuce despite his reluctance.
They have a momentary break in the grueling practice and that’s when Ace decides to pry. You sit near the sweaty boys and offer up bottles of water, but it feels mostly like moral support. “So Prefect, you’ve been here for quite a while now, so’s there someone you're crushing on?” Ace asks, trying to be nonchalant.
“Is this some roundabout way for me to ask you if there’s someone you like?” You laugh at the red-head when he turns as red as his hair in embarrassment. “I take that as a yes?”
“No!” He waves his hands and you laugh at him again. “What’s wrong with your best friends wanting to know something like that?” Ace nudged Deuce, making him the accomplice to this encounter.
Before Deuce can protest, the two of them are yanked up by their collars. “If the two of you have energy to move your mouths, I’m sure you have the energy to continue practice.”
You laugh at Ace once again and shout a wish of good luck at him and the innocent Deuce.
Tumblr media
After the catastrophic failure of the afternoon, Ace decides to take a different route: asking Grim. Once again he makes an assumption that if anyone would know about your relationship it would be your friend (though Ace is unsure if Grim counts as a friend or a pet).
The cat-like creature seems to be asleep at the moment, but Ace’s curiosity is strong enough to be the one killed by the cat. He pokes Grim and he yawns. “Whatcha want that you needed ta wake the Great Grim up?”
“You know the Prefect better than anyone right?” Ace asked tentatively.
Grim rolls over, trying to get comfortable once again before answering, “Just ask my henchman yourself, there’s no need to bother me.”
Ace rolls his eyes but presses on, “Well if it’s your henchman you should know if something in their personal life would affect them serving you, yeah?”
Grim rolls over to face Ace once again, “What could they be doin except being my henchman?”
“Oh well, I heard something about them dating Malleus Draconia, but if it hasn’t been affecting anything then it’s probably not worth talking about.” Ace shrugs, but he knows that Grim is interested in helping him now. At least he thought so, but Grim fails to respond and Ace is met with soft snores.
Ace groans, yet another plan of his: failed.
Tumblr media
You crawl into bed, hopeful that maybe tonight you can rest. Grim follows suit and snuggles up next to you. He talks to you about the homework and other classes from the day and it’s not unusual. After a period of silence, “You won’t stop being my henchmen, right?”
You ruffle the fur on Grims head and laugh softly, “What gave you that idea? We’re two halves of a whole, literally.”
Grim exclaims and moves away from the hand that pets him, “I knew you would never leave such a great mage such as myself! Ace told me about some dragon and I didn’t want you to think that you were able to have a new master.” He returns to your side and curls up next to you to fall asleep and says nothing, leaving you confused but you brush it off.
Tumblr media
Even though Vil had scolded Ace about staying up not long ago, he still dragged himself and Deuce down to the window where they watched you and Malleus meet. It’s been maybe a week since they last saw your rendezvous with the fae, but Ace is determined to make sure it was really.
Deuce yawns from behind him, “Maybe they aren’t in a relationship? It’s ok for them to just be friends…” Deuce’s head clanks against the window as he tries to go back to sleep.
“But the Prefect always wakes up happier when they’ve seen Draconia the night before! And don’t you remember the first night when Rook was here and he said somethin’ about the two being in love?!”
“It’s not that big of a deal is it? Just let the prefect tell us if or when they want. You’re so obsessed over this like you’re in love with the Prefect or something.” The sleepy boy mutters, but Ace picks up on it.
He laughs haughtily, “Like I would be in love with a pathetic person with no magic.” His tone quickly softens as he voices his real concerns, “I just worry about them ya know? Draconia is a scary dude and I wouldn’t want the Prefect to get hurt. Not because I care about them or anything, but because then I wouldn’t have a place to stay when Riddle kicks me out.”
Ace looks out the window for any signs of you but the field in front of the house is empty. He sighs and drags Deuce up the stairs with him.
Tumblr media
Green fireflies fill your gaze and your hairs stand on edge at the powerful magic in the air. Despite the odd feeling you can’t help but smile when Tsunotaro appears.
With the VDC competition just around the corner, Vil had given you tickets but as you would be on the side stage you had no use for them. And the only person, well fae, you could think to give them to was Tsunotaro.
“Child of Man, it is always a delight to see you.” He cups your cheek gently.
Despite feeling a little flustered, you continue with what you wanted to say and fish the tickets out of your pocket, unintentionally breaking his hand off. “Vil gave me tickets for the VDC but I don’t have any use for them so I thought I would give them to you! I won’t be the one on stage but I’d still really appreciate it if you came to watch what I helped put together.” You flash a lopsided grin at the fae and hold out the ticket to him.
His eyes widened in shock. “You wish to invite me to this?” You nod earnestly and he laughs. “Perhaps it is because you are not of this world, but you are certainly naive, little one. Very well, but I will need to find an adequate way to pay you back.”
“Oh! That’s not necessary!” You’re about to ramble but Tsunotaro interrupts you with a kiss on the forehead.
“I will have to teach you the rules of the fae soon, Child of Man. But for now, let us go observe the gargoyle on the south grounds together.” He tucks the ticket into his pocket carefully and holds his hand out to you. You take it and he intertwines your fingers easily.
Tumblr media
The night before the VDC it seems no one is able to sleep. Crowded around the window are all seven members of the squad, watching as you converse, yet again, with Malleus.
Watching the two of you has become somewhat of a pastime in the time the group has spent in Ramshackle.
But all of them are growing increasingly frustrated at the way both of you seem to skirt around your feelings. Of course, they have no way of knowing what is actually going on as they can’t hear you, but your body language is enough. Plus all the times you’ve woken up and come into practice with a silly lovesick smile is pretty telling.
“He’s standin’ so close to them! Can he just bend over and kiss ‘em?” “It’s absolutely nauseating seeing Draconia like this, doe-eyed for our Manager.” “Do you think the Prefect invited him to the competition tomorrow?”
The boys quiet at the mention of the competition. The whole reason for coming down to peek into your rendezvous with Malleus was to distract themselves from the impending nerves.
Vil is the one to break the anxiety ridden air and ushers all of them up to the room and in good timing too. The door creaks as you come back inside the dorm. Everyone in the dorm is plagued with emotions, good or bad, that make it seemingly impossible to fall asleep.
Tumblr media
The day of the VDC comes and everything goes awry at Vil’s overblot. Though it is not your first overblot, being magic-less during it really takes a toll on you. You hate being useless during these times, there’s nothing you can do besides offer moral support, de-escalating the situation after, and a shoulder to cry on.
The adrenaline fades away and the boys collapse on the broken stage. Their heaving breaths are audible and their body language tells you of their exhaustion. You’re not exactly sure what to do, but the presence of powerful yet familiar magic washes over you.
You whip your head around to see the horned fae and you want to run up to him, but you’re just as tired as everyone else plus a little lightheaded from the poisonous air. Instead you simply call out to him, “Tsunotaro! What’re you doing here so early?”
It’s as if everyone sitting in the rubble has regained energy as they all repeat your pet name for the fae, but much louder. Though it’s not a shock that you know him, they’ve all witnessed your late night trysts, but for you to call him ‘Tsunotaro’ instead of something more respectable is… surprising.
Grim’s eyes light up with recognition at the nickname. “This is the ‘Tsunotaro’ ya were fawnin’ over? The nickname makes sense since he does have those horns growin’ out of his head but…” Grim trails off and you’re thankful he shut up. You didn’t need Tsunotaro to hear about your crush on him.
Thankfully he’s grabbed by Deuce so you don’t have to shut the cat up yourself. “Grim, you need to respect your elders,” Deuce scolds through a forced smile.
“It seems I’ve arrived a bit early. Though I’m unaware of how you all expect to perform on a ruined stage.” His tone is a bit teasing and it’s groundbreaking for all that have regarded Malleus as scary. And for those that have interacted with him, it’s weird to hear him talk so tenderly.
“Oh, well you see… there was kind of an overblot.” You smile at him, as if the overblot was not a traumatic experience you and the others barely survived.
Malleus’s eyes widen, “I did not sense an abnormality of magic, nor did anyone else for that matter. I’m pleased to see that you are all okay though.”
He looks around the stadium to assess the damage. “I suppose this counts as my payback for your invite, little one.” He pats your head gently and smiles down at you. The overwhelming sense of power washes over you and sparks seem to fly out of Malleus’s hand. In an instant the previously damaged stage is restored.
“Woah,” you breathe out softly. You look at him with stars in your eyes. You’re still unaccustomed to such flashy magic or really magic at all. The others behind you, while admiring Draconia’s handiwork, are completely astonished, and maybe a little frightened, by the enormous gap in skill.
“Please, such magic is child’s play for a mage of my caliber.” He responds to your praise. Coming from anyone else it would sound arrogant, but as one of the top mages in all of Twisted Wonderland, it was deserved. “I’ll return when the competition draws closer. I expect to be enthralled by your performance, after all it is due to the effort of Schoenheit you have gotten this far.”
The fae walks over to you where you sit and crouches down. He reaches his hand out towards your face but stops just short, hovering and hesitating. Malleus resigns and ends up dropping his hand back to his side all together. You don’t voice your disappointment, but the others do.
There’s a collective groan that’s quick to catch the attention of both you and Malleus. Ace is a myriad of stupid, hence he is the one to speak up out of all the members, “Great Sevens! Are ya shy? The Prefect clearly wants you to kiss them and everyone can tell you want that too so just do it! We watch the two of you meet up practically every night and every single night you chicken out.” Ace sighs, but quickly realizes. “Uh, I mean this in the most respectful way, Mr. Draconia, sir, highness?”
You’re embarrassed, was it really so easy to read your disappointment? But more importantly, “What do you mean by ‘we’? Are you telling me everyone that’s stayed in the dorm has watched me and Tsunotaro hangout?”
You look at them expectantly and see them nod. Jamil scoffs though, “You call that a hangout? It’s without a doubt a date.”
“I didn’t want to assume…” you trail off. You turn your head to look at anywhere but Malleus, embarrassed and a little flustered. It seems like the universe is intent on letting the prince know exactly how you feel.
The boy in question places a hand on your knee to turn your attention to him. “Were you not aware that I am courting you? I thought I made it fairly obvious.” He seems confused but his words have that teasing lilt that seems to become apparent when talking to you.
“Courting is like dating right?” You ask, cocking your head to the side. You hear another collective groan, but it seems Malleus is as clueless as you are.
“Is that what they call it these days?” The fae mirrors your expression. Perhaps this is why the two of you seem to be perfect for each other.
“Please talk about your relationship status later. We need the Prefect for rehearsals.” Vil tells his classmate impatiently. Though he is quite pleased with the events that have unfolded, nights spent at the window watching you two was not a waste after all.
Malleus kisses you swiftly, having made up his mind due to the words from the others. It takes all you have not to grab him by the lapels and keep his lips glued to your own. But having your first kiss with Malleus in front of your friends is enough to remind you to practice self-restraint.
He smiles at you softly, “I will see you later, darling.” He swipes at his uniform, ridding it of any debris and takes his leave after giving you a quick peck. You stare after Malleus longingly before Vil claps his hands.
“As lovely as that was, we have a championship to win.”
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Leona: Yes I had "sleep over" with Mc *smirk*
Mc: ..... You mean the time you "accidentally" fell asleep over me and didn't wake up for hours?
Leona: Yes... It was good sleep over *smiley*
Below is a picture of the situation
Tumblr media
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leinyy · 1 day
Tumblr media
Why does he remind me of some Kageguri characters? Especially that first expression 💀💀
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angelltheninth · 1 day
TWST men giving oral?
All of these asks are super big brain and I love how they go from wholesome to 100% horny.
Pairing: Trey Clover, Cater Diamond, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, cunnilingus, fingering, clit stimulation, overstimulation, temperature play, slight dacryphilia
A/N: I think that sometimes I get whiplash from going to wholesome to horny with these posts, I hope you can all keep up fine.
Trey hasn't done it much but he's very happy to learn it for you. He likes the idea of it a lot, making you moan just from his mouth and tongue so when you asked he was all to happy to give it a try. His go to is to slowly circle your clit with the tip of his tongue until he feels you start getting wetter around the finger he's keeping just at your entrance.
Cater watched a lot of content about it and is an absolute tease when it comes to giving you cunnilingus. He definitely gets inspired by what he watches but won't push you into trying out the things that you're unsure of. He's more then okay taking long, slow licks to part your folds and feel your juices dripping down his chin when he decides to have a lick inside.
Leona is sloppy as hell when he eats you out. He makes a mess everywhere, and has the smugest grin about it when he finally comes up from between your thighs. Licks your horny juices off his fangs but doesn't wipe them off his mouth and chin, he wants you to be the one to lick it off him.
Azul knows it gets you really wet so he does it, but he does it slow agonizingly, torturously slowly that it makes you cry from how stimulated he gets you. Good, it gets him so hard when he sees that slutty, desperate expression on your face while he has his head between your legs, his tongue once alternating between slow, long circles, only to be replaced by his finger going at the speed of light.
Jamil honestly likes to eat you out in the morning mostly. It's a really good way to get his day started in his opinion. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, and you're his favorite meal. Plus it's not like you complain while you literally ride his face to that sweet release and then fall back, kissing his cock and wanting to return the favor once you get your strength back.
Rook gives you a knowing smile as he makes his way down your body, eventually getting between your legs, breathing on you, watching your cunt flutter in need. You're so cute for him, how can any man resist you? He certainly can't, and he won't. He'll suck on your clit while he enjoys how your pussy wraps around his fingers, asking for something thicker.
Idia uses some temperature play when he eats you out. He loves making you shiver and moan, your legs shaking and open for him as he licks you with his hot tongue, his fingers rolling over your clit, leaving it alone for a while and then attacking it again with his tongue, constantly keeping your body guessing and on edge until you can't take it anymore.
Malleus is very insecure about it at first. He's actually never given oral to anyone before so you have to be clear in what you like or don't like. He's done fingering, and the fucking but oral is a new experience for him, on both sides. That's why he always pauses every so often to kiss your thighs to ask you if he's doing good, to kiss your clit before going back in with his long tongue.
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rs-wonderland · 2 days
*Ruggie coming into Leonas room, to find Leona sitting on his bed smiling*
Ruggie: Whats up, with your ass this morning?
*Yuu turning around in there sleep*
Ruggie: Oh! Nevermind.
Leona: If you wake them up, i swear Bucchi im gonna finish your whole career...
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lyneira · 3 days
Tumblr media
♡ How to gain the cephalopod's adoration ♡
Tumblr media
-> things you can do to make da boss swoon over you
azul x reader (fluff!)
Check out malleus' ver. / leona's ver. here!
Tumblr media
Be thoughtful and kind, do little things for him!
Is it busy at the Mostro Lounge? Offer to help out! Are you eating Azul’s favorite food, fried chicken? Save some for him! Found any interesting coins? Hand them over to him to examine and keep! Do him little favors and give him small things that you know he’ll like. Show him that he’s been on your mind because it's about to boggle his own. This boy will be so confused at your actions because he sees the idea of giving without expecting anything back as unusual, sketchy, even. After all, many of his interactions with people have been transactional, especially with the use of his contracts. So he will ask you directly for your motives, and you’d give him an answer that would further flabbergast him: “Why not?” (which would make this guy "aaAAA MOU YADA!!" himself away from you lmaooo 💀)
One thing is for sure– he'll never forget anything you'd given him or had done for him. He wouldn’t forget a single detail because he's planning to return the favor. It wouldn’t sit right with him if he didn’t do so. And so he would pay you back by helping you study, giving you free meals at the lounge, and offering other things that would help you, all without even having to make you sign a contract.
The extent to which he does all this will also surprise you that even you will have to ask him, why? What would he gain from this? And he’ll respond that it was to simply pay you back.
Tut tut.
Keep your gaze on him because he’s not done yet. Not until you’ve seen him avert his eyes from yours, the redness in his cheeks growing brighter, and he'll softly reply,
“...Your time. I would get to spend more time with you, y/n.”
And in time, he’d eventually like to gain your heart as well, teehee ♡
(But after he says that, he'll be an absolute mess, so try not to tease him too much about it please! Dude is already so insecure about himself, don't give him another reason to be 😭 If you give him a peck on the cheek though, he might not be able to survive that either ;) )
Remind him of home by hosting a feast for him on his birthday!
In his Birthday Vignette, it’s clear to see that Azul loves his family. During those times he can’t come home for break or especially during his birthday (since it’s still wintertime), find a way to set up a feast for him like he used to when he was younger. Bring Jade and Floyd into the plan if you have to! (If you’re trying to set up the feast in the Mostro Lounge without Azul noticing, then you’ll really have to include them) Your thoughtfulness will warm his heart.
Sing with him!
Don’t be shy now. He has a thing for singing voices, so you’ve got to let him hear yours! Have him hop on the piano, chirp a few notes, and sing along with him (Or at least try to!) Have some jam sessions together, singing through both of your favorite songs, and maybe have Jade and Floyd hop in with their instruments too. (Y’all can basically be a band LOL) He’d find it so endearing! spending a good time with his favorite ppl :)
Collect coins with him!
I've already briefly mentioned this in the first bullet point but let me elaborate a bit. Whatever interesting-looking coins you have laying around or that you find outside, bring it to him. Some of them might not be worth much, but he'd enjoy examining them and figuring out its origins. If you manage to find a rare coin, the joy that will bloom on his face will be priceless (no pun intended heh) and it'd be a different type of happiness than the composed type he'd usually show. We want to see more of that!
Compliment the Mostro Lounge!
The Mostro Lounge is Azul's baby. Take notice of the things he's doing with it and how he's trying to improve it. He invests so much into his business and he will have just as much appreciation for you if you notice all these details he puts into it. Whether it's the color he chose for the tablecloths or the brand of dishware he serves with, let him know you're aware of it! It'll show that you care about what he deeply cherishes, and so will he cherish you too.
Though some parts of his childhood were rough, remind him of the best parts and have him focus on that instead. Make him feel comfortable enough that he can allow himself to truly open up to you instead of holing up in his octopus-pot 🐙
Tumblr media
a/n: I know that description is funky but you can't tell me azul and the leech bros aren't basically the fish mafia of NRC and therefore he's *with a Brooklyn accent* da boss.
I also wanted to mention for that first bullet point, there was another thing that I was thinking of writing instead. Ok so when Azul asks you about your motives fo being so kind to him and if you were to say, "To make you happy" or smth like that, he'd probably say, "You want my happiness? Then let me have your time. It's a fair deal, no? ;) " but I scrapped that idea bc I don't think he'd be so smooth around his crush ngl LOL 😂
Anyway, Idia is probably gonna be next! Then maybe Vil or Jade, hmm
Tumblr media
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? Yuu: This one time Riddle insulted my parentage so I went "My parents abandoned me when I was born so checkmate loser." and he stopped talking to me for a week straight out of shame.
Everyone else at the sleepover, including Riddle:
? Yuu: I'm pretty sure I won that argument.
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renxholics · 1 day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟azul : jade : floyd : x gn!reader. no cw/tw. soft blurbs of calling them pretty, because they are your pretty boy. established relationship. absolutely not proofread.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ straddling the waist of your beloved octomer boyfriend, you couldn’t help but stare at his face, admiring every bit of it. his gorgeous eyes, his hair tickling his face, his kissable lips with his little beauty mark, all of it were beautiful to you. as he gulped under your gaze, you could imagine his mind worriedly racing with thoughts, assuming untrue and foolish self-loathing things about himself again. “you’re my pretty boy, please don’t think so little of yourself, Azul,” you hummed, smiling gently at him as he lets out a cough, unsure if he had heard you correctly. “what?” he squeaked out, cheeks adorning a red shade as he tries to look you in the eyes but finds himself gazing at the floor. a part of him hoped his misheard you, but the other much more selfish part of him hoped what he heard was right, and was the genuine truth. “pretty boy,” you repeat again, a little louder this time while brushing his hair behind his ear as you press your forehead against his, fingers tracing his bottom lip as he parts it slightly, his cheeks burning even hotter than before as his eyes meet your’s again. too close, he thinks, even if the two of you were dating what gave you the right to fluster him and make him feel so special? “you’re so pretty i wonder how you don’t get it. i guess i’ll have to make you realize it myself.” before he could respond to your praise, he finds his fingers in your hair as the two of you close your eyes, exchanging many kisses.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you’re so pretty when you smile like that, especially when you show me your teeth,” you uttered out, fork digging into your pasta as you twirled it, “i also love the way your eyes light up when you talk about what you love,” you continued, blowing on it as your boyfriend paused mid sentence by your sudden comment, staring at you wide eyed and mouth agape. swallowing your bite, you look up to see for the very first time a genuine look of shock on Jade’s face, startled by your choice of words. “are you alright, Jade?” You asked as he regained his usual composure. “i am quite alright. it’s just you never seem to fail to amuse me no matter how much time passes,” he replied as you laugh a little, putting your cutlery down and wiping your lips with a napkin before getting up from your seat, choosing to move into his arms as you wrap your hands around his neck. “neither do you,” you hummed, giving him a kiss right underneath his eye as you rub your thumb across his cheek. “you’re such a pretty boy, my pretty boy. i’m so lucky to have you and to be able to listen to you talk about what you love.” with zero hesitation, one of his hands captured your free one, the other against the crevice of your back pulling you closer to him, lips meeting your’s in a slow and passionate kiss. truly, no one but you could make him feel like this, prefect.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ it only took a few seconds of entering monstro lounge for you to find yourself tackled into a huge hug by your boyfriend, him peppering kisses all over your face with little giggles, whining over how much he missed you since classes. “i’ve missed you too my pretty boy.” you cooed, squishing his cheeks between your fingers. the second what you said registered with him Floyd’s eyes lit up, nuzzling his face further into your palms as he squished you against him harder, eyes staring at you expectantly. “aww, does my pretty boy want more affection?” you ask teasingly, pressing a kiss against the tip of his nose and then onto his lips, deepening it before remembering just where you were. as soon as you pulled back your boyfriend’s eyes narrowed as though betrayed you’d suddenly stop as a pout formed on his lips. “i’ll give you all the kisses you want when your shift is done, alright?” you console him as he perks back up, grinning at you. “you better keep your word or i’ll squeeze you tight, shrimpy! remember, i’m your pretty boy.” he proudly said, dragging you to a table in his section where he could watch you sit and inevitably join you after ditching his shift.
Tumblr media
@𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐗𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐒 : no plagiarizing, reposting, or claiming as your’s.
following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : didn’t really have much time to write recently last month, sorry! here’s a quick update post while im working on the bigger ones! i haven’t written in awhile so i needed a proper warm-up!
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incorrect quote:
Yuu: How's the sexiest person here~? Your fave : I don't know, how are they~? Yuu, flustered: I- Vil, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!
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eponinexxvii · 2 days
"Hey I like you" with the second years (II)
characters: ruggie bucchi, silver, kalim al-asim, jamil viper (separate) x gn!reader
warnings: none?
notes: honestly this is so much worse than my first one but let's not talk about that. i genuinely don't really know how to write as ruggie, silver, (or our special guest) but i tried my best guys
Ruggie Bucchi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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merakiui · 2 days
hi hi!! Thank you so much for doing this event!! TwT can I get sweet lollipops (abo friends with benefits to eventually lovers!!) with candy hearts (accidental knotting/pregnancy?) for our lovely alpha Floyd?
I hope I got that right! 💜
Tumblr media
floyd leech x (gender neutral) reader cw: nsfw, abo/omegaverse, knotting, friends with benefits, omega!reader, alpha!floyd, heats note - thank you for checking in, dearest guest! enjoy your order! [lunar love hotel]
i. “this is just a one-time thing, okay?”
Celebrations at the Mostro Lounge are always extravagant events, luring in crowds so large the premises might resemble that of an overpacked sardine tin if it weren’t for Azul’s careful foresight. To avoid any unsavory issues, tonight’s celebration—a birthday party for a staff member—is strictly limited to Octavinelle residents and those working tonight’s shift, save for the exception that the birthday celebrant was permitted to invite friends from other dorms. 
The lounge reflects this upbeat occasion, decorated in banners and streamers, confetti, and seashell-shaped light strands—all in pastel purples, blues, yellows, and pinks, colors resembling the shiny, waterlogged treasures found deep within the Coral Sea. There’s a buffet table that’s situated in the center of the room with snacks and desserts of all kinds, piled humorously high on silver platters that have not yet fallen over due to some special enchantment. Partygoers are scattered all throughout the lounge, some filling plates for themselves and others chatting around booths and in front of the massive aquarium, its aquatic illumination casting everything in cerulean hues. 
You stand behind the bar drying and arranging crystal champagne flutes, a task so monotonous you’re lucky to listen in on nearby conversations to keep your brain perfectly sane. There are plenty of cloying smells that fill the lounge like helium inside a balloon, far more distracting than the scents of pastries and fruity, fizzy beverages. Your nose wrinkles at the distinctness of every alpha, omega, and beta in this room, some so robust you can practically taste them as they fog your brain with an unshakable haze. 
Standing beside you, Azul works to mix and pour drinks, keeping up with each order in timely, flawless fashion. The clinking of glass and metal shakers brings you back to the present. 
“You seem to be wearing quite the pensive look. A Madol for your thoughts?” Azul remarks without looking from the floor laid out before the both of you, his eyes scanning each and every partygoer, tallying them within his mind like they’re prey he’s preparing to net in one fell swoop. 
You swallow a thick, awkward laugh, shaking your head to rid yourself of the cotton that’s been stuffed into your ears. Even the music spilling out of the speakers in loud, wild notes—courtesy of the birthday playlist assembled by the birthday boy and his friends—is muffled beyond comprehension, coming to you in a distant echo. You rub your shoe against the hardwood floor; it’s got a heartbeat, but that could just be because of the pounding music. 
“Right. Thoughts. Madol. Yes,” you say with great haste, smacking your lips in a way that makes you look as if you’ve just tasted the air. And you are, technically, with every inhale and exhale. Amongst the many pheromones tinging the room, the ones that radiate from the alphas smell the most enticing. You blink through a sudden, all-consuming dizzy spell, head spinning. “I’m not thinking...about anything.” 
Azul peers at you from his peripheral. “If you feel unwell, you’re welcome to take your break. I can handle things from here.”
“I’ll be fine...” You wipe sweat from your brow and tug at your collar. “Are you hot? It feels really hot in here.”
His brows knit together for a mere moment before a knowing glint flashes in his perceptive blues. It dawns on you, when he takes the glass from your trembling hands and sets it on the counter, that you are not as fine as you were a few moments ago. And both of you seem to have arrived at the same reason for why that might be.
“From one omega to another,” he murmurs, yet his voice sounds much clearer in this moment, “I suggest you take the rest of the night off before it catches up to you.”
You debate the suggestion, which is actually more of an order veiled within soft syllables, and you’re ready to insist you can power through it when your knees almost give out altogether when a particularly strong smell hits you. You slam your hands down upon the counter to keep your balance. 
“This better not come out of my pay,” you mutter through grit teeth. 
Azul barks out a laugh. “Why, I would never! We’re of the same sub-gender, after all. Naturally, we have to look out for one another.”
You try to roll your eyes, but it only makes you dizzier. You’ve done your best to ignore it so far, but now it’s impossible to not feel the slick that’s dampening your undergarments and rolling down your thighs in thick rivulets. 
“Shall I send a beta to accompany you on your way back?”
“I’ll be fine.”
Azul looks like he wants to argue you on that, but instead he turns away to resume his current task. “Then I wish you a pleasant evening. Be safe.”
Pleasant, you think with bitter resentment. As if any of this is ever pleasant.
Luckily, the booming music and the absurd amount of scents within the lounge all but drowns yours out, allowing you to slip through the exit to follow the path that leads to Octavinelle's shadowed halls. The sprawling ocean looks much darker through the glass, as if it’s simply a liquid outer space or an endless abyss. Either one sounds equally terrifying. You stop your stagger-walk to lean against the cool surface, hoping to regain your sense of awareness. Shutting your eyes only makes you even more tipsy, so you press your forehead to the glass and exhale slowly. 
It takes a moment for the world to stop tilting, but once it does you peel yourself away from the glass and continue to stumble onwards. In hindsight, you shouldn’t have decided to test fate when your calendar detailed your approaching heat, but that’s the least of your worries now. Not much can be done when it’s already upon you. Although you really wish it would have chosen to inconvenience you tomorrow when you weren’t set to work at the lounge. 
The music is but a mere hum now, so distant it almost isn’t there, but you immediately forget about it when your shoe catches on something at the end of the hall, which sends you tumbling forwards. You land on frigid, unforgiving tiles with a harsh smack, and though the pain trickles through you it isn’t enough to distract you from the soothing scent of fresh rainfall. You blink through tears, forcing yourself to sit up, and find yourself staring into the face of Floyd Leech.
And he’s staring right back.
“F-Floyd? Didn’t you...” You inhale a deep breath, a poor move on your part because his smell encapsulates you entirely, and it almost knocks you over. “Kitchen shift... Azul put you on...food duty or...something.”
“Didn’t feel like it,” he mutters, looking bored and irritated all at once, as if your sudden arrival has disturbed his brooding in the dark. “Whatcha doin’ here? Thought you had a shift.”
You open your mouth to respond, but even that is too much for you; and so you slap your hands over your mouth, fixing him with a weak glare. Floyd’s never known just how strong his scent is, but you’ve always been able to differentiate it from the other staff members’ scents at the lounge because of how unmistakably Floyd it is. Unlike Jade, who dutifully wears scent blockers, Floyd could care less about the precautions most take to avoid any scent-related problems from cropping up. Sometimes you wish he was more like Jade, but then Jade never has any notable scent about him and that unnerves you more than the overwhelming nature of Floyd’s.
Floyd flashes his sharp teeth at you in a mocking grin. “Shrimpy looks so funny. Smells funny, too.”
You intend to put more vitriol into your glare, but his playful chuckle has you suppressing a needy, little whine. Your knuckles grow sore from how forcefully you’re clamping your hands over your mouth. If you don’t get back to Ramshackle soon, you’ll be a mess of sweat, pheromones, and slick and then that might draw unwanted attention. You attempt to stand, only to fail miserably when you sway on unsteady feet, and so you lower yourself onto your knees, glancing at Floyd’s colorful sneakers. 
A breath shudders through you. The smell of rain and morning dew hangs heavy like cigarette smoke in the air. You can’t believe you’re about to verbalize your innermost desires, if they weren’t already blindingly apparent, but you can’t hold back any longer.
“Can you—” you swallow your inhibitions, far past the point of shame— “Can you help me?”
Floyd follows the length of his outstretched legs to look at you hunched over in front of him, your hands placed firmly on the floor to keep yourself from falling over. 
His mismatched eyes hold mischief, but his face is neutral when he replies with: “Mmh... I guess. What do ya want help with?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” you snap, and he tilts his head at you like you’re a bewildering curiosity. His acquiescence is all you really needed to hear, though, because you’re already shedding your uniform suit jacket in a breathless hurry. “Please don’t get smart right now. I just need—” You’re not sure what you need specifically, but you do know you need relief. And he’s the only alpha within reach. “I just need you to help.”
“Okaaay,” he drawls lazily, waiting there with his back against the glass. His figure is framed in the bright luminescence from the jellyfish swarming in the great depths beyond, and you crawl over his long legs and into his lap. He peers at you, amusement twinkling in his gaze. “Shrimpy’s so funny tonight!”
You admire him through the lenses unique to a heat. It’s more akin to a drunken stupor—the kind of phenomenon that makes strangers look ten times more appealing than they normally do if you’re sober—and every rugged, dangerous edge that composes Floyd suddenly seems so perfect and safe. Your fingers curl into the lapels of his jacket, and you yank him towards you, your lips mere centimeters from his. There’s no indication that he feels the same spark as you, but in this moment there doesn’t need to be any life-changing sparks. As long as he’s agreed to help you, you’ll take his assistance and nothing more.  
“Can you...” You wiggle your hips, impatiently fumbling to shrug out of the straps of your high-waisted suspender trousers. You’re not very successful in this endeavor, so you give up with a frustrated huff. “Please touch me. D-Down there...”
“Sure thing,” he says with a nonchalance that’s frighteningly alarming.
You were certain that an omega in heat made it difficult for most alphas to focus, let alone properly function, when there were so many tempting smells and sounds coming from them. But then Floyd isn’t like most alphas. Floyd is uniquely Floyd in every possible way. He doesn’t conform to the typical standards applied to other alphas. But it does sting a little to think that, with how undoubtedly cloying your pheromones must be, he isn’t affected in the slightest. He’s not even hard, which feels like a chip in your omega pride, but you’re too frantic with lust to dwell on it. 
Floyd's rough hands grab your waist and he lifts you up slightly, pressing you flush against his chest so that he can yank your trousers down for easier access. The fabric bunches halfway at your knees, but that hardly matters in the moment. You’re certain the wet spot would have been noticeable if it weren’t for the dim lighting in the hall, and you’re secretly grateful for the lack of brightness.
“T-This is just a one-time thing, okay?”
“Whatever you say.”
You’re not sure why he sounds so disinterested, but you don’t care enough to ask. And when he slides your soaked underwear to the side so that he can thrust two slender fingers up inside your dripping hole, you slump against him, gripping his shoulders like he’s the only one who can keep you afloat amidst the turbulent sea you’ve found yourself in. With your face buried in the crook of his neck, where his scent glands are so close and produce the headiest scent you’ve ever come to know, you cum with a strangled, gasping cry, slick clinging to your thighs in translucent, stringy ribbons. Floyd doesn’t say anything, continuing to curl his fingers inside tight, wet, gummy walls, which leaves you shuddering and sobbing with ecstasy. 
You lick at his neck, pressing lingering kisses to every available inch, breathing in his scent as if it’s your oxygen. Your teeth prick the surface of his skin, but before you can bite down he’s grabbing your chin with his free hand and smashing his mouth against yours in a sloppy, aggressive kiss. Your teeth click against his, and his tongue flicks past your lips, searching for yours. You meet him halfway, kissing back as fervently as you roll your hips against his hand, taking a third and a fourth finger in one thrust. He’s worked you open with delightful movements, scissoring you as roughly as he kisses, and when you break away to gulp down mouthfuls of air Floyd licks his lips clean of saliva—your saliva.
You’re not sure if it was possible for you to get wetter, but you do and you reach your second—or perhaps it’s your third—climax with a squeal.
“You can put it in. Please put it in,” you mumble, mind fuzzy with one single thought: If you aren’t fucked sore and senseless right now, you might never recover from this heat. “Please, Flo... Floyd, put it in...” You palm at his crotch, satisfied that there’s now a stiffness straining against his trousers, and you reach up to slide his suit jacket off his broad shoulders. “I need it. I’ll cover your shifts for a week—no, two weeks—three weeks! Anything you want—just need you inside me...”
Floyd hums his consideration. “Don’t wanna,” he eventually says, cutting off your whiny protests with another expert curl of his fingers. “S’too much work.”
That seems to sober you a little, and though your entire body is flushed with warmth there’s an odd coldness that seeps through. You lose track of how many times you cum, but at some point you must have slipped into unconsciousness from the exhaustion of it all. When you wake, the sun’s just barely peeking over the horizon, and you’re lying in your work clothes in your room at Ramshackle Dorm. You feel and smell so filthy, covered in slick and sweat that has dried sticky on your skin, but the worst of your heat has abated for now. You know this isn’t the last of it—that there’s more to come in the next few days and that you’ll just feel so foggy-headed until the true instinctual lust hits and you’re leaking through your undergarments like a broken faucet. 
Groggily, you sit up, rubbing the crust from your eyes, only to flop back down. 
Bath can wait, you think, yawning. It’s way too early for that.
You feel something bunched underneath you, and for a moment you think it’s Floyd. Though you’re not sure why he immediately pops into your mind, you’re given your answer when you pull the suit jacket out from beneath you. It smells pleasantly of a rainy morning, musky and earthy, a pleasant petrichor that could only belong to Floyd.
ii. “you smell like shrimpy. ain’t that good enough?”
Floyd is an elusive force. He appears and disappears whenever he feels like it—almost like a playful poltergeist haunting a house. If he wants you to find him, you’ll find him. Today, it’s not Floyd you find when you venture through the courtyard in search of him, but rather Jade. You suppose he’s better than no one, and if you look at him from the wrong angle he becomes Floyd. So this is the best you can do in this moment. Perhaps it’s convenient you don’t have to face Floyd because you haven’t even rehearsed what you’ll say to him—if you even want to say anything to him about that night.
“I’d like to return Floyd’s jacket,” you tell him in your best professional tone, offering it to him alongside a packaged pastry.
Jade gazes at your outstretched hands. “The pastry as well?”
“Please don’t be a smart-ass.”
He hides his sharp smile behind a gloved fist. “Is there a reason you’re in possession of Floyd’s jacket?” As if to be even more irritating than he already is, he adds, “And Floyd’s pastry?”
You avoid his stare, distracting yourself with the sight of your scuffed shoes. “N-No reason in particular...”
But Jade is not the type to drop a subject he’s found interest in, which leaves him thoroughly invested in this not-so-mysterious mystery. “No reason at all?” he presses, brows raising. “If I recall, Floyd’s been left without a jacket for a week. This is merely speculation—take it with a grain of salt—but you must have been indisposed for a few days to deal with...‘personal matters,’ as Azul had called it, hence why we didn’t see you at the lounge. Is it correct to assume you may have been burdened with a certain biological inconvenience?”
“Not true! He lent it to me. Yeah, lent it to me. That’s all there is to it.”
“And the pastry?”
“Oh my—Jade, please just take your brother’s jacket. You’re killing me here.”
“On the contrary, I haven’t yet twisted the knife deep enough.”
You groan, deflating before him like a boneless fish. “You already know why I have his jacket. Don’t make this difficult.”
He chuckles; you don’t see what’s so hilarious about this situation. “Well, I was made aware of specific details, yes. What was it you had told Floyd? Ah, right. You would cover his shifts for three weeks if he—”
“Ahaa, Shrimpy, there you are!” Before you can listen to the rest of what was going to be a highly flustering sentence, Floyd crashes into you from behind, wrapping his arms around you, while you nearly topple over from the impact. Thankfully, he steadies you with strong arms. “I was lookin’ all over for you!”
“What a coincidence. So was I.” You squirm in his grasp, holding his jacket and the pastry up for his viewing pleasure. “For you.”
“So that’s where it was! Thanks, Shrimpy! Didja take good care of it for me?”
You stare at him. Did he seriously forget where his own jacket was?
“I don’t know what flavors you like, but I got this custard bread for you.”
“Huh? What for? It’s not my birthday.” The arm curled around your waist tightens its crushing grip, persuading you to admit your reasoning before he squeezes and your guts spill out through cracked bone. “It’s not even a holiday. What gives?”
“It’s for your help that night. A thank you from me to you.”
He snatches both from you, draping his jacket over his shoulder, and inspects the packaging. “Hey, this looks yummy. Thanks, Shrimpy!” He digs something out of his pocket, takes your hand, spreads your fingers, and drops it in your palm. “I also got a little somethin’ for ya.”
It’s a golden canine tooth, most likely one that came from a beastman. There’s still some blood and gum sticking to it.
“Um. Thanks?” You choke down the urge to shiver.
Floyd giggles, looking quite satisfied with himself.
Jade stares at it, unsurprised. “May I ask where you acquired this tooth?”
Floyd shrugs, releasing you from his smothering hug. “Asked some guy where Shrimpy was and he kept dodgin’ the question. Had to pull the answer right from his mouth.”
“I see.” 
You stuff the tooth into your pocket, wiping your palm against the fabric of your blazer, and grin awkwardly. “I appreciate the...gift.”
You’ve never traded a pastry for a tooth before. But, hey, there are firsts for everything, right?
“You like it?! I can get more for Shrimpy! Which ones do you like best? Gold? Silver?”
“No, that’s okay. One is enough.”
One is too much, actually...
Floyd hums his contentment, the scent of rain rolling off of him in happy waves. You inhale as subtly as you can. He smells good—perhaps much better now that you’ve toed the line of intimacy with him—however emotionless it may have been—and have had an entire week to familiarize yourself with his scent. It settles your frazzled nerves, allowing you a small fraction of confidence...that immediately shrivels when you recall how he’d called your scent funny.
“Do I...” You shrug your anxieties off, forcing the question out from the confines of your dry throat. “Do I smell bad?”
Floyd looks through you rather than at you. “Never said that.”
“You didn’t say I smelled good either.” You cross your arms over your chest. “For the record, I think you smell good.”
That prompts a tiny laugh from Jade. “As riveting as your human courting techniques are, I’m afraid I must be on my way. I wish you a pleasant afternoon, (Name). Floyd, I’ll see you at dinner.”
You’ve never been more glad to see him and his troublesome smirk go, and you curse him six ways from Sunday with each step he takes, until it’s just you and Floyd standing in the center of the sparsely populated courtyard. 
Floyd unwraps the pastry without much decorum, taking an obnoxious chomp from it while he waits for you. Crumbs stick to his face and gather on his uniform like sugar snowfall. 
“So I do smell bad.”
“Don’t put words in my mouth, Shrimpy,” he says around a mouthful of pastry. “You smell like Shrimpy. Ain’t that good enough?”
What in the world does ‘shrimpy’ even smell like? 
You tilt your head back and forth, unsure of what to truly say. “I... Floyd, your scent really helped me. Like, a lot. And I know you probably don’t think it did, but your jacket made things way more tolerable than they usually are.”
He’s licking his fingers clean now, nodding along to what you’re saying with bright, eager eyes. 
You steel yourself with it’s now or never. “My budget has been low lately, so I haven’t been able to afford suppressants for the next few months. And between attending classes, working at the lounge, and keeping Ramshackle in good shape, I can’t lose a week’s time because of my heats. So... So what I’m trying to say—what I’m trying to get at here... I guess what I really want—can we make this not a one-time thing, but a monthly thing instead? If you helped me, you could cut my heats down to just two or three days. I can buy you more pastries if you want, or I can cover your shifts. Please just help me out again. I’ll do anything.”
It feels useless and pathetic to beg, especially since you know how mercurial he can be, so sometimes it’s as though you’re speaking to an immovable wall. In fact, you might have better luck going to Azul or Jade if you really wanted—
“Okay.” He grins. “Why not? Sounds fun.”
“So it doesn’t sound like ‘too much work’?”
“Nah. Shrimpy’s fun.” He crumples the empty packaging and stuffs it in his pocket. “And fun things aren’t work.”
“All right... If you say so.”
You aren’t going to push it any further, lest you risk annoying him and losing this chance. 
iii. “most importantly, we’re just friends and nothing more.”
It’s raining today. Normally, watching gloomy weather unfold fosters unrest within you. But this time Floyd’s with you, lying sprawled in a cramped alcove in the library, all lanky limbs outstretched, while you flip through a textbook in search of anything that might give you more insight into how to cure heats or, at the very least, halt them in a way that doesn’t require expensive medicines. Floyd’s scrolling on his phone, a lollipop between his lips. He’d caught your scent on the wind and had gravitated towards it, and you’d smelled him the minute he stepped into the hallway to follow you into the library. You let him accompany you because there’s no shaking Floyd once he’s made up his mind.
With the lack of sunlight, the lighting in the library is dimmer than usual. It’s peacefully comfortable despite the rain-spattered windowpanes and the cloudy sky beyond ancient, dusty confines. You peer at Floyd from where you sit. He’s looking through an online shoe catalogue.
“Do you like shoes?”
“They’re cool,” he replies without missing a beat. “And the surface’s got lotsa cool designs and styles.”
Briefly, you glance at your worn pair in hopes that looking long enough will give you an idea for what to say next. It doesn’t work as intended, but Floyd doesn’t seem keen to continue chatting with you, his attention focused squarely on his phone screen. You return to the task at hand, skimming a few chapters on alpha and omega biology, information on betas, and even an in-depth analysis on heat and rut nuances. Nothing tells you of the panacea needed to rid yourself of your heats.
Defeated, you shut the textbook with a sigh. Floyd’s looking at you now, his phone swiftly pocketed. You slump in your seat. He smiles lopsidedly when he knows you’re watching him.
“All good?”
You nod, but your words contradict that. “I can’t find a cure for heats and it’s a little frustrating.”
“Why do you wanna cure ‘em? You got me for that, don’tcha?”
“Yeah. But… Actually, since you’re here, can we go over a few rules? My next heat isn’t scheduled for next month, but I’d like to set some boundaries before we do anything.”
Floyd pulls the lollipop stick from his mouth and twists it into a knot. “Lay ‘em on me.”
You nod, push the textbook away from you, and scoot your chair closer to the alcove. “You can’t bite.” You point at your neck. “Anywhere else is fine, but here is off limits.”
Floyd mirrors your actions, tapping the area where his glands reside with a hum. “I won’t bite.” His smile says otherwise, but you take him for his word.
“And no knotting.”
“No knotting.”
“No breeding either.”
“No breeding.”
“And… And no kissing.”
“No kissing. Gotcha.”
“You’re being surprisingly agreeable about this.”
Floyd shrugs. “It’s what Shrimpy wants.”
“Right. Okay. Well.” You wring your hands together. “Most importantly, we’re just friends and nothing more.”
“Just friends,” he parrots. “Nothing more.”
“Cool.” You nod to yourself, but it does nothing to dispel the awkwardness. “Awesome. Cool...”
Floyd pops up from the alcove seat like a reanimated corpse springing from a grave. He grabs your hand and tugs you up from your chair, all boisterous energy and laughter despite the vicious shushes you receive from nearby students. 
“Let’s go swimming!”
You have no idea where this came from, but you allow yourself to be tugged from the library, abandoning the pile of textbooks you’d been perusing for nearly an hour. And though your spirits had been dampened considerably by the information, or rather lack thereof, you seem to forget about it while you watch Floyd splash freely around in the Octavinelle pool, swimming laps with such smooth precision. You dip your bare feet in the chilled water, entertaining him with a game of fetch, tossing a diving ring each time he brings it back to you.
And within no time your frown has lifted into a genuine smile.
Later, during your shift, Jade brushes past you. “Floyd has been in such a pleasant mood today,” he remarks, nodding towards his brother, who’s currently balancing trays as he happily skips from table to table, a whistle in his voice. “I wonder if something exciting has happened. Do share. I so dislike being left out of the loop.”
Knowing Jade and his affinity for omniscience, you suspect he’s already within the loop. And it’s not as if you could lie to him; he’d find out eventually when Floyd starts smelling more like you and you start smelling more like Floyd. So it’s best to be honest about it, even if it is a little uncomfortable admitting such a thing to Jade.
“Floyd’s going to help me with my heats.”
“Is that so? How kind of him. You have my most sincerest blessings.” Jade holds a hand over his heart. “Take good care of Floyd now. He can be rather sensitive, though he doesn’t seem it.”
“We’re not getting married, Jade.”
He smiles innocently. Your gazes are drawn to Floyd as he approaches with empty trays. He catches your eye and grins broadly, waving in a manner so ecstatic you’d think he’s just meeting you again for the first time in years.
“I wouldn’t be so certain about a hypothetical that has yet to be proven.”
“Then, hypothetically, I marry into the Leech family. What then?”
“I believe that would make us in-laws, no?”
“Right. And, hypothetically, my dear in-law goes missing and is never found again because he can’t keep his annoying mouth shut. What then?”
“You would have quite the crime on your hands. I don’t think the sea would show you much mercy.”
Floyd’s hands clap down upon your shoulders at that moment. “Whatcha talkin’ about?”
Jade’s grin sharpens into something predatory when he looks at Floyd, who’s resting his chin on top of your head. “We were merely discussing how we might dispose of the other should (Name) marry into the family.”
“Ooh! Shrimpy’s marryin’ Jade, huh?”
You and Jade answer in unison, though your responses are very contrasting.
“That can be arranged.”
“Absolutely not!”
Floyd pinches your cheek, cooing playfully. “I wouldn’t mind it. That means I’d get to see Shrimpy all the time.”
“Although, as honored as I am to consider a future with (Name), I believe Floyd would be a much better fit for you.”
“Huh? Why me?” Floyd looks at you more closely, inspecting you with narrowed eyes, and then he barks out a high laugh. “No way, Jade. You hafta like someone if you wanna marry ‘em.”
You twist out of Floyd’s arms. “And we all have to work if we don’t want Azul on our cases!” With a huff, you snatch the trays from under Floyd’s arm and stomp off towards the kitchen, listening to the twins’ laughter as you go.
iv. “shrimpy’s rule: no knotting.”
In the days leading up to your heat, Floyd is a leech, not just in surname but in the literal sense. He’s almost always hanging around you. From working the same hours at the lounge to accompanying you to and from classes to meeting you at Ramshackle first thing in the morning, he is your shadow. It almost feels like he’s attached to you by some invisible thread and can only go so far before he’s drawn back in by way of magnetic force. You thought it was weird, but then Floyd has always been weird and so this sort of behavior isn’t uncharacteristic. Rather, it makes perfect sense for him to stick to you like a barnacle. Why, you might ask? The simple answer is that he’s found entertainment in you and isn’t going to give up until he grows bored. 
But the complex answer comes to you days before your scheduled heat, when Ace had none-too-subtly pointed out that you smell. He didn’t say you smelled funny, which had been a little soothing, but even Deuce had echoed his sentiment. You didn’t smell like yourself, they had told you. So you asked what you smelled like and without missing a beat they replied: “Like rain.”
You had laughed and then paused to consider what felt like an absurdity and then laughed again. Floyd isn’t your alpha and you’re not his omega. There shouldn’t be any reason for him to scent you. You shrug off Ace’s teasing and Deuce’s genuine curiosity in favor of focusing on your lunch. Lunch, you’ve decided, is much tastier than whatever confusion you were previously feasting on. 
Unlike last month’s heat, you’re ready for this one. You wake and attend classes as you normally would, only feeling the faintest itch of what’s to come, but by your final class you’re woozy, struggling to stay centered while the lecture goes in one ear and out the other in a string of mushed syllables. You’re not completely gone when you shuffle out of class, ignoring the whispers that are thrown around, and you only truly perk up when a familiar smell hits you head-on. 
Floyd leans against the wall, a casual smile pulling his lips apart. “My dorm or yours?”
“Yours,” you blurt, only to shake your head hastily. “No... No, not yours. Mine is better.”
He giggles and tilts his head at you. “Okaaay!”
Floyd hardly has any time to shut the door and drop your belongings on the sofa before you’re grabbing at him, clinging like a koala, and he gathers you in his arms and covers the distance to your bedroom. You’re quickly losing yourself to instinctual lust, shedding your articles of clothing as easily as you whimper his name. Floyd’s grinning as he follows your example, his eyes tracking your every movement. You flop onto your bed after you’ve discarded your rumpled uniform, skin hot and sticky with sweat and slick. Floyd’s pheromones fill the room at once, and you reach for him when he crawls on top of you, caging you between sturdy, muscled arms.
“Shrimpy smells funny again.”
“Knock it off, will you?” you spit, but the irritation doesn’t last long when you get another whiff of him and you throw your head back with an impatient sigh. “I don’t smell funny... Ace and Deuce didn’t think I smelled funny.”
“Yeah?” he prompts, palming your drenched hole, sliding two fingers past rings of wet muscle.
You shift underneath him, hissing out a breathy moan through grit teeth. “They said...” Another gasp. “They said I smelled like—” Your hands grip the sheets when he adds a third finger, lazily working you open with dexterous digits. “Like ra—aah—rain.”
“Musta been rainin’ that day.”
“N-No, you were... Your smell. You smell like—mmh. Like the rain.”
You don’t miss his tongue as it darts out to wet his lips. The lewd squelching of his fingers pumping in and out of you permeates the air, replacing any words he might have wanted to say. You shut your eyes with a blissful hum. Perhaps if you weren’t already so deep in your heat you might be able to sift through your thoughts with more coherence. But then, if you weren’t so deep in your heat, you wouldn’t be in this position in the first place, and so you probably wouldn’t get this far with your curiosity.
“Were you... Hah... Were you scenting me? I couldn’t tell because...”
Because your scent’s already so familiar.
Floyd doesn’t answer, but he does withdraw his hand and you whine low in your throat. Your displeasure is short-lived, though, for rough hands spread your thighs next, and before you know it he’s between your legs, licking a stripe up your slick-coated entrance. By instinct, you attempt to shut your legs, wanting to lock him there forever, but his hands keep you spread wide for him, and so you rest your ankles upon his shoulders while he continues to lick and nip, his razored teeth just barely scraping skin. 
Suddenly, pressing him for answers doesn’t seem like your main priority when a long, thick tongue pushes its way into you at the next moment. He hums his enjoyment, and the vibrations ripple through you like waves in a pond. It’s much better than anything you could have accomplished with just your fingers alone, and you can’t stop the noisy mewls that fall freely from your lips, breathy and pitched in a way that foretells approaching orgasm. With the way his fingertips burrow into the pudge of your thighs to the way his tongue sloppily works in and out of you, the warmth in your stomach builds to an insurmountable level, and it isn’t long until you’re tipping over the edge. You dig your fingers into teal locks, pressing him firmly against your crotch, and cum with a strangled shout. 
Floyd withdraws, his face glistening with your slick, and you shudder at both the sight of him and the faint ache of emptiness. He swipes a stray droplet from his cheek and samples it with a slow lick. You almost cum again, heat kindling within you once more. 
“Ahaaa,” he exhales giddily, pupils blown so wide they eclipse his irises. “Shrimpy’s like a fountain today!”
You lessen your grip on his hair, chest heaving as you come down from your high, and tug him back onto the bed, hurrying to swap the positions before he can grab hold of you. You fumble with his still-hardening dick, coating your fingers with your slick and attempting to pump it with awkward, inexperienced strokes. Floyd supports himself on his elbows, eyeing you as you lean down to take the head of his cock in your mouth. 
He hisses out a laugh. “Shrimpy’s not very good at this, huh?”
You want to snap at him, but all you can manage is a disgruntled scoff. You’ve entertained scenes like this in your dreams, in which you were skilled in all areas of sex, but now that you’re actually leaning over him, giving it your best effort to fit half of him in your mouth, you realize your dreams painted an ideal version of you that is not applicable the real-world you. And that dents your pride a little. At least you can blame your sloppiness on your heat, which has you rushing through the motions in your impatience. Miraculously, your mouth manages to work some magic because his cock stiffens completely, curving up at an angle that you’re certain will hit the deepest spots within you. 
You pull off of him with a wet pop and he giggles, reaching to pinch your cheek. Swatting at his hand, you crawl over him, straddling him, and brace your hands upon his chest. Floyd watches you, his arms folded behind his head, as he lies back and allows you to do the work. Your fingers wrap around the base of his cock, holding it steady while you align the soft, fleshy head with your hole. For a tense minute, you stare at the way the tip’s kissing your slit, oozing pre-cum. Had you been less omega-brained, you might have fretted over whether something so big would even fit, but right now all you need is to be completely filled to the brim. 
Floyd unfolds his arms and rests his hands on your hips, seeming both amused and endeared to witness the emotions that shift on your face. Your eyes flick to his mismatched ones. 
“Please...” You shiver, your hands closing around his larger ones. “Please, Floyd...”
You think that might have tempted him, for you’re hit with a stronger wave of his pheromones, but the thought is knocked out of your head when he lowers you onto his cock in a way that is uncharacteristically gentle. Your nails dig into his hands as slick, gummy walls swallow inch after thick inch. He’s concentrating on the way you stretch around him, groaning through clenched teeth, and he’s not even halfway in when you cum with a desperate wail. Floyd smirks up at you and, with his nails poking your hips, slams you down in one swift motion, spearing you entirely on his cock. You cry out your relief in delighted gasps.
“I-It’s inside...” you mumble, awestruck, as you press a hand to your stomach in an attempt to feel him. “It really—haah... Really fit...”
“‘Course it did,” he says pridefully. “I knew Shrimpy could do it.”
“Shrimpy only did it because of how wet—ah!” You nearly collapse when he thrusts up suddenly, the tip of his cock hitting a sensitive spot that sends pleasurable shockwaves rattling through you. You fix him with a weak scowl, but he isn’t looking at you. He’s looking at your hand intertwined with his while the other remains on your waist, keeping you steady. You loosen your grip for a moment before curling your fingers with a confidence only fostered by your heat. “C-Can I hold it?”
“S’not goin’ anywhere.”
You stick your tongue out at him and he laughs; and soon you’re starting to smile. 
Swallowing your own heat-drunk giggles, you lift your hips slowly and ease back down onto him, shuddering at the way he fills you so completely. You do this a few more times while Floyd gleefully observes, and it isn’t long before you’re settling into a satisfying pace. He guides you up and down, watching you come undone with each steady roll of your hips. You’re a mess above him, fucking yourself silly while he meets you halfway with an occasional rough thrust, and you hold his hand so tightly you think you might tear it from his wrist. Floyd’s groans and grunts are music to your ears, spurring you onwards in your endeavors. You’re certain it’s just a byproduct of the heat, but he looks so enchanting beneath you, squeezing your hip and then reaching up to twist one of your perky nipples between his fingertips. 
“Feels good?”
“So good,” you pant, breaths hot and wet. You’re overcome with the urge to pull him up and into your arms so that you can be even closer, but you’re too focused on feeling him deeper and so you never act on the temptation. “R-Really—mmph! Really good!”
He traces patterns into your stomach, giggling breathlessly. “I can tell. Shrimpy’s squeezin’ me soooo much.”
Neither of you seem to realize the base of his cock has swelled a considerable amount, but it’s brought to your attention the next time you slam your hips down and you’re stopped by his knot. You peer at it with lidded, glassy eyes and your omega instincts flare wildly, all messy bundles of nerves fraying at the idea that that could be inside you—that it should be inside you—locking you and Floyd together. You raise your hips, inches sliding out of you gradually, and you prepare yourself to take him—knot and all—when Floyd’s hand breaks from out of your hold to grab your waist, stopping your swift descent.
“Nuh-uh,” he chides, and you growl at him, almost animalistic with anger. “Shrimpy’s rule: No knotting.”
“This is—aah... Mmh... This is different. A t-trial run. This time...doesn’t count.”
“Hee-hee. Shrimpy’s gonna regret it later.”
You squirm in his hold, begging him to keep moving through whimpers and whines, and he complies with a playful whistle. 
“Please. Just once. Just once and then—”
“Mm, nope,” he says, popping the ‘P.’ 
You sigh a sad, little sound that has Floyd’s eyes softening. His knuckle pets your cheek, oddly fond. 
“S’just the heat talking,” he reminds you, and you lean into his warm, welcoming hand. “See? Shrimpy’s just followin’ instincts.”
He slides you off of him and your hole clenches uselessly around nothing. Within seconds, he’s flipped you so that you’re lying on your back and he’s above you. His teeth flash at you, sharp and bright, wild and untamed. You sandwich his face between your palms, adoring the way nasally laughter ripples through him. You’re glad he isn’t a mirror because if he was he might reflect an expression you don’t wish to confront at this very moment. 
Floyd’s positioned himself and in one speedy thrust that nearly knocks the air from your lungs he slots himself inside, only this time you feel the overwhelming stretch of his knot as it fills you entirely, and you howl with ecstasy, linking your arms around his neck to bring him closer to your throat. Floyd moans lowly, resting his arm above your head and biting into the muscle so hard thin ribbons of blood streak from the punctures. Your chest is heaving, heart pounding out an erratic, heat-driven rhythm, and you cum around his thick knot with a strangled sob, tears running down your cheeks. 
Within just a few more tight thrusts, Floyd’s emptied his creamy load inside, and you don’t have the sobriety to consider the weight of broken rules—rules that you had specifically put in place. You listen to his soft pants as he pulls away from his arm, saliva and blood stringing from his lips, and he licks it away with a swipe of his tongue. When he attempts to slide out, your face twists in discomfort.
“Aw. I’m sorry, Shrimpy,” he coos, adjusting your position so that he’s lying on his back and you’re resting on top of his chest, his knot still buried within you. His hand rests upon the small of your back, and he gives you a pleased, toothy grin. “Feel better now?”
“A little. Thank you,” you whisper, laying your head over his heart while the extremities of your heat ebb away, satisfied now that you’ve been properly filled and knotted by an alpha. His heart beats a steady thrum: buh-bum, buh-bum, buh-bum. The sweet scent of rain encases the both of you, easing you into a sleepy spell. You peer at the bite mark on his forearm and frown. “You bit yourself?”
“Didn’t wanna bite your neck.”
“Oh.” Your eyes flick to his, but he’s avoiding your stare, his cheeks tinged the faintest pink while he gazes at the ceiling. It’s a rare sight to see the Floyd Leech flustered and withdrawn; you wonder what’s the cause of this sudden shift in character. “You could’ve bitten anywhere else. I...wouldn’t have minded.”
“Didn’t wanna hurt you.”
He’s looking at you now, the color on his cheeks fading, and a bashful smile plays at his lips. “Didn’t mean to break your rule.”
You reach up to run your fingers through his hair, petting him gently. “It’s fine. We’ll figure it out once we’re unstuck.”
His chest rumbles with laughter. “Whatcha wanna talk about ‘til then?”
“Um... Well, what’s a good stuck-together conversation topic?”
Floyd hums thoughtfully. “You like shiny stuff?”
You blink at him. “Yeah. Why?”
“Just askin,’” he says, but his eyes flash with mischief. He leans in until his nose is touching yours. “Cuz I like shiny stuff, and Shrimpy’s glowin’ right now.”
Your face warms considerably and you push him away with an embarrassed groan. His giggles are muffled in your palm. “Not when we’re stuck together...”
v. “rather, ‘honey rain’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”
You’re in the process of discussing spring weather with Azul when Floyd rushes up to you, takes your hand, gently spreads your fingers open as if they’re petals, and drops something onto your palm. You expect another tooth or a stone or a crumpled flower—all items he’s been gifting you at random over the course of a few months; what you don’t expect is an eel keychain. Perhaps you should have, though. You’ve learned to expect the unexpected with Floyd.
“What’s this?”
“For you!”
“An eel...for me?”
He nods and holds up a shrimp keychain. Your face warms when the implication becomes clear.
“It’s cute. Thanks. I’ll keep it safe.”
Floyd beams at you and presses his lips to your cheek in a fleeting smooch. Just as quick as he had come, he’s retreating, skipping off in delight, his laughter echoing down the halls while he ignores your flustered shout. You know he wants you to pursue him, but you’re too embarrassed to give chase. Instead, you scrub at your cheek with a huff. He’s always kissing your cheeks and sometimes even your lips. You enjoy it too much to remind him of all the rules the both of you have since broken. They mean nothing now. 
“You certainly smell pleased,” Azul remarks with a sly smirk.
“It’s better than smelling funny.”
“Floyd still hasn’t told you what you smell like?”
“No! And it’s really annoying!” You peer at the tiny plush eel in your hands, its beady eyes and stitched smile taunting you. “It’s always ‘Shrimpy smells funny’ and never ‘Shrimpy smells like something that isn’t funny.’”
“I can assure you your scent is not at all humorous. It’s actually quite pleasant.”
“Are you just saying that to be nice, or are you saying that to be nice?”
Azul shakes his head in amusement. “Can’t I compliment a fellow omega and, most importantly, a friend?”
“Can’t you admit the truth?”
“Details, details.” He waves the dig away dismissively. “It’s no wonder Floyd fancies you so. He adores sweet things.”
“Oh, do I smell sweet then? Like candy? Or maybe like a pastry?”
“You smell like floral honey.”
“Huh. That’s...definitely not a funny scent.”
“Not at all. Rather, ‘honey rain’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”
You wonder if you should object. You wonder if you should try to claim that you and Floyd are still friends despite the evolution of your arrangement. Neither of you have admitted it, but it’s obvious you’ve stepped over the boundary of ‘just friends’ and have entered new territory—territory that’s so very akin to lovers.
But you only smile covertly. “Yeah, it does,” you mumble, tracing your finger over the eel’s tilted head. “It really does.”
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【 (waking up) next to you 】
prompt #4: They slept in the same bed for reasons but now he was waking up and there’s something about their bleary eyes and mussed hair (ft. deuce spade, silver, azul ashengrotto)
gn! prefect (you/yours), drabbles, word count: 1.1k
a/n: i'm back with more short drabbles !! i had a grand time having trouble keeping these short— like could you tell i wanted to write more for most of these jsfjdfk (also the azul favoritism bc i like teasing him too much)
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
( set during the events of book 5 )
Deuce Spade was fucked. He had woken up in a bed that isn't his. Normally that would be fine, since he probably just mistook one of roommate's beds for his own. But this...was very much not fine.
He had stumbled into "his" room last night after an exhaustive rehearsal. The closer they got to the SDC performance, the harder the training was. And he had collapsed into "his" bed. Thinking about it now, he was sure he heard a startled noise somewhere. But he barely had time to think before sleep claimed him.
"Shit," Deuce muttered, raking a hand down his face because he wasn't in "his" bed.
He was in your bed.
The evidence was clear as day, with the way your warmth was against his back, arms wrapped around his middle. At first he really thought he was dreaming, but then he felt your breath tickling his nape.
He probably would've had more of a crisis if you hadn't suddenly stirred. He held his breath as you seemed to wake, yawning somewhere near his ear.
"Deuce?" Your raspy morning voice made him shiver. "You awake?"
"Y-yeah," Deuce squeaked. (He didn't even know his voice could go that high.) You tugged at his shoulder and he could now see your sleep lined face. You looked...cute when you were sleepy.
"It's still early," You mumbled, using his shoulder as a cushion. "Let's sleep more."
"O-okay," He used his other hand to pat at your head and soon, your breathing had evened out. He pressed a hand against his chest, right over where his heart was thundering.
Well...Deuce Spade was definitely fucked.
Tumblr media
Silver wasn't a stranger to falling asleep. Really, he did it all the time. But this had to be one of the first times that someone had fallen asleep with him.
He blinked his eyes open, the sleepy haze promptly disappearing as he stretched. Only there was an unfamiliar weight on his shoulder. And when he looked down....
Oh. It was you. Lying on his shoulder. Fast asleep.
Silver rubbed at his eyes. Clearly, he was dreaming. That was the only explanation as to why you were so peacefully cuddled up to his shoulder, the sunlight shrouding your figure in morning glow. This was a dream, right? Or else why would he be so near to...
"An angel," He murmured under his breath. He immediately stiffened as he watched you shift, your eyes slowly fluttering open. Ah, he had woken you up with his voice.
"Sil...ver...?" You rubbed at your eyes, just as he did seconds before.
"My apologies," He said, carefully avoiding your eyes. "Your nap was disturbed because of me."
Your hand turned him to face you, "I slept well thanks to your protection, Sir Silver." And Silver felt his ears turn hot, no doubt flushing under your stare.
"You..." Silver couldn't finish his sentence, instead hiding his face above your head and praying that you couldn't see how easily your words affected him. You really did know what to do to make a knight lose his composure.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
( set during the events of book 4 )
Azul Ashengrotto never thought a day would come where he would have to share a small rickety bed with anyone. But here he was, stuck in the Scarabia dorms, staring in disbelief at the ceiling and then to you, who was sleeping peacefully by his side.
He recounted the events of last night sourly, glancing over at the tweels and Grim, who were sharing a king-sized bed after winning a game of rock-paper-scissors. Azul mentally cursed the Scarabia students for not providing a big enough bed. Otherwise, he would've been able to avoid—
You shifted, your hold on his waist tightening as you sighed in content.
Azul cradled his face in his hands. This was impossible. He was never going to regain his status or composure in time for when you woke up. And worse than that, his heart was currently beating out of his chest.
And why was that? It was because—
"Azul-senpai." He stiffened. Maybe if he pretended to be asleep, he didn't have to answer to the soft call of your voice. But no, you moved once more, "Azul." This time your voice was so close to his ear that he had no choice but to flinch.
"A-Ah, Prefect," Azul's voice came out wobbly. "Have you finally awakened? I'm glad that you woke up, but—"
There was a hand tugging at his wrist, and his eyes finally met yours. Your appearance was definitely one of someone who was just asleep. He assumed that his was the same, so...why did he find the sleepy droop of your eyes adorable?
His heart leapt in his throat when you leaned in, "Good morning, Azul-senpai. You're up way too early."
"F-Force of habit," He bit his lip when his voice wavered. "Do we have to be so close?"
"Why?" You smiled at him, and your fingers intertwined with his own. "You like it, don't you?" He liked it? He...couldn't deny that. But he had to deny that, he couldn't just outwardly—
"Your thoughts are so noisy, I can see it written all over your face," You yawned again before flopping back onto the bed. "Let's just sleep a bit more." Azul made no move to comment as you made yourself comfortable, and he tried not to tremble when your arms wrapped around him once more.
"For the record," Azul mumbled. "I-I'm doing this because we lost rock-paper-scissors. Not because of any ulterior motives."
"Uhuh," You said, very obviously unconvinced. "For the record, I'm cuddling with you without any ulterior motives either." Sevens, what was Azul going to do with you? There was such blatant sarcasm in your tone, yet he couldn't help but melt into your embrace.
But he did have to ask himself...did his ulterior motives match up to yours? And if so, did that mean that he could...do this with you again? Azul buried his head into your shoulder. No, he shouldn't be thinking about that or getting greedy. He should just...forget this and go to sleep. That's right, he should just go to sleep.
As if Azul was going to be able to go to sleep in this type of situation. (Azul ended up staying awake the whole time while you slept. And when the Scarabia students came to whisk everyone away for training, Kalim had commented on the bags under his eyes. You had shot him a cheeky smile after that.)
Tumblr media
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