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cupids-chamber · 2 days
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— " I CRAVE YOU " Overblot Malleus / Gender neutral reader / fluff | Is this suggestive? [ Can be read as both non yandere and yandere ]
Tumblr media
He melts in your grasp, heavy breaths falling from his mouth as if it were a melody, a song curated to your liking; everything around you was silent, yet quiet unsaid words of comfort helped ease the tension. You let him hold onto you for dear life, worrying that he’d lose you too if he had let go, “You're not going to leave me, are you?”, his voice cracked, the words came out just barely above a whisper, and that broke you. Even in such a state, he was willing to shed some insight into his emotions, too you. 
You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath; letting the endless words and fountains of confessions, worries, and questions spill from his lips, secrets that he’d rather keep locked away and hidden all unlocking and revealing themselves as his emotions got the better of him; heavy breathing turned to choked sobs to a full on meltdown. And yet he never let you go, not even when you could feel a slight wetness in your shoulders, implying that he was crying. You could feel him shift in a different position, hiding these flaws away from your sight— he must look hideous right now… 
He won’t calm down— How could he calm down?; Losing you is the same as losing his entire world, you were his world. His mornings and days were not full until he had seen your face, knowing and being reassured of the fact that you were safe— That was his comfort, that kept him ok.. That kept him sane— Hell he doesn’t care if you go back home.. He could visit you, but will that ever be similar to knowing you were safe? Knowing you were there.. knowing that you still loved him? 
He must seem so greedy— He is greedy. His thirst and need for your love is unquenchable, and he can’t help but fear losing it. He needs to hold you— He needs to hold you in his grasp, he craves you… And he’d do anything to keep you, and it may be cruel.. but could you blame him? The only mistake he’s truly ever committed was falling for someone as perfect as you, and he can’t even bother to feel a tad bit of guilt or shame for his actions. 
Tumblr media
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wolken-himmel · 2 hours
In which (Y/n) tells the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland.
What was meant as an April Fool's joke somehow turns Night Raven College into a battlefield.
Idea by anon.
Tumblr media
"Why did you go around and tell the dorm leaders out of all people that they're the most handsome person in the world? Why, (Y/n)?"
Deuce paced back and forth between the fire place and the couch of Ramshackle's living room, his hands crossed behind back. The frown on his face deepened even more when he found you lazily lounging on a nearby recliner.
"I thought it would be funny to see everyone's reaction!" you said and laughed to yourself. "And actually, seeing Riddle turn as red as his hair was hilarious. Also, you should have heard Idia's screaming through the tablet."
Ace's lips quirked upwards into a grin. "Okay, that does sound funny."
"Quit the yapping," Grim yelled from the other side of the living room. He had a few wooden boards in his arms and a hammer balanced on top. "I need help barricading the windows."
"Right." A hum of exasperation escaped Deuce's lips while he pointed into the direction where all the commotion was coming from. The noise must have originated from the main building, and the fact that it was still audible in the Ramshackle mansion was incredibly concerning. "I don't think you realise how dire the situation is out there."
"Did someone call me?" a newcomer suddenly asked.
All four of you whirled around to find Crowley standing by the entrance to the living room. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest. Without allowing you any time to react to his sudden appearance, he rushed over to your side with wide steps. His heavy shadow loomed over you.
"Oh, it's just you, Headmaster," you began and sat up. "How are you—"
He interrupted you with a dramatic sigh. "You truly offend me, my darling child." Without further explanation, he put his hand to his forehead and sank into the couch, right next to you.
"What?" You sat up straight. "What have I done now?"
"You go around telling the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in the world! But you forgot about me?" A playfully offended frown decorated his face. When the resident ghosts dared to peek around the corner in curiosity, he addressed them immediately, "Did the prefect also compliment you three?"
"Of course!" the ghost in the middle exclaimed dreamily. His eyes practically took the shape of hearts when he put his hands to his chest. "My heart began beating so quickly, I thought I had come back from the dead. The prefect truly has a way with charming people, dead or alive."
His reply had the headmaster sink into the cushions of his seat even further. "Oh, how you wound me..."
Deuce furrowed his eyebrows in innocent confusion. "Is that why you came here, Headmaster?"
At his words, Crowley lazily rose to his feet again and straightened his cloak. "Partly, yes." He cleared his throat, although he sent you one last glare before moving on, "I also came because the entire campus is a warzone. The dorms have decided to band together and fight against each other to defend their leader's honour. Everyone thinks the others are lying."
"See?" Grim pointed to the windows he had already barricaded. "And you think I'm the one overreacting?"
The volume of his voice had you rolling your eyes. "Calm down, everyone." Then, you finally summoned the willpower to rise to your feet. "Can't I just talk to them?"
"You must, since you are the perpetrator."
A rush of annoyance came over you. The constant noise from the main building caused a headache to form. You rubbed the bridge of your nose. "It was just an April Fool's joke... I didn't think anyone would take it this seriously," you muttered in resignation. "These boys... Fine, I'll go out and clear things up."
Grim stopped you before you could leave the living room. His large blue eyes shone meaningfully. "Henchhuman, just in case you don't return, I wanted to tell you that..." he trailed off and took your hand into his paws. "I'll be taking your favourite scarf! You won't need it anymore, right?"
At once, you ripped your hands out of his grasp. "You're an idiot, Grim," you grumbled and simply walked around him to exit the building.
Deuce came rushing after you. "We'll accompany you, (Y/n). That's what friends are there for."
"Really? Do we have to?" Ace asked with raised eyebrows. He seemed reluctant, still remaining by the fire place where he had last stopped pacing. But even he wasn't immune to Deuce's pressing gaze, and with the headmaster joining in, he was done for. Begrudingly throwing his hands into the air, he joined your side. "Fine..."
"I'll stay here," Grim yelled after the three of you, "to make sure they don't break in and steal my tuna."
"They're in the Hall of Mirrors. Please stop them before they destroy my prized mirrors!"
"I knew you were a schemer, Azul. But I didn't take you for a liar."
"You call me a liar, Riddle? Me and my business are very much trustworthy. The same couldn't be said about you, though."
You arrived in the Hall of Mirrors not a second too late. The place was packed to the brim with students from every dorm. Just blinking once had been enough to lose track of Ace and Deuce. And by now, you had given up on finding them in this huge mass of people. You would have never thought that you would one day see so many people fit into this hall. But here you were, struggling to make your presence known with the loud and large crowd.
You could already see most of the dorm leaders facing off against each other in the very middle, where the students had formed a pit. But none of them seemed to hear your voice over all the murmuring.
"Come on, let's get this over with quickly," Leona said and rolled his eyes. "As soon as we have established that you're all in the wrong, I can go back to doing something more productive, such as napping."
"Guys, why can't we all be the most handsome person in the world together? I'd be open to sharing the title," Kalim said in worry when he noticed how everyone's voice dripped with malice.
"As a matter of fact, 'most handsome' is the superlative form and implies that the title is exclusively reserved for one person only." Everyone's eyes solely lay on Malleus as he spoke, his deep and calm voice bouncing off the walls to reach your ears. The air turned cold out of a sudden, and nobody dared to whisper even a single word — not even you.
But Rook dared to cut through the tangible air with his cheery voice. "Oh, a fight for beauty! This battle will be legendary!" he exclaimed in excitement, as if he had been born for this very moment. "I will gladly defend your honour, Vil."
His dorm leader didn't seem to reciprocate his enthusiasm, however. "Quit it, Rook. We all know that the prefect's compliment for all of us was in mere vain — a joke to gauge our reaction," Vil said and flicked his wrist elegantly. "Tell everyone to return to whatever they were doing previously, I have more important matters to attend to."
"Ortho, can you get me more popcorn—" a voice came from the floating tablet in the first row. An embrassed shriek escaped its speakers once everyone turned their attention to it. "Oh, I forgot to mute... Sorry, everyone." And on cue, the speakers went silent.
An awkward cough went through the crowd, but the dorm leaders quickly returned to facing off against each other.
"So, shall we begin?"
"I suppose."
Just as one was about to make the first move, you managed to stumble into the middle of the pit. "No, stop it!" you yelled at the top of your lungs.
A round of gasps went through the crowd, and everyone's eyes widened in surprise at your sudden arrival. Vil was the only exception. "Ah, the prefect has arrived," the dorm leader drawled. Knowing chuckles escaped his perfectly painted lips. "Now, would you mind enlightening the others about your little joke?"
"Right, tell the others who you really think is the most handsome."
"Yes, I want to see the grins wiped off their faces."
You hated yourself after having gazed upon their expectant faces. Most of them wore a pair of puppy eyes that gleamed brightly with eagerness. Unable to face them, you lowered your gaze in shame. "Actually, I told every one of you that you were the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland." Nervous chuckles escaped your lips when the entire hall went deadly silent. You raised your hands into the air defensively. "Please, it was just a joke. Today is April Fool's, guys."
Riddle clicked his tongue. "A punishment for unfunny jokes is in order."
"You hurt our feelings, (Y/n)!" Kalim cried out and put his hands on his hips. When Jamil handed him a handkerchief, the dorm leader blew his nose loudly.
An unreadable smile appeared on Azul's face. "Perhaps it is time we banded together," he suggested, as if negotiating for a contract.
Your smile turned more nervous by the second, especially when they began to circle you. "Guys? It was kinda funny, don't you think?" you said, suddenly unable to hold in your laughter anymore. "Your reactions were priceless."
"Get the prefect!" everyone yelled at once.
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"𝙎𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 𝙍𝙖𝙞𝙣!"
Tumblr media
✧ c/w: Fluff! <3 ✧ synopsis: Lovestruck, how will they confess? ✧ starring: various twst characters, and you <3 ✧ pronouns: they/them ✧ a/n: idk. i wrote this at 1 am. lol
Tumblr media
His face red, and his eyes looking anywhere but at you, he loudly proclaims your love to you in the moonlight. He's a bundle of nerves, but can you blame him? You're looking lovely, skin drenched in the light of the moon. He eagerly awaits your judgment-hoping you deem him worthy of your affections. Hands clammy with sweat, he shyly looks up. You smile, before taking his hands.
Sebek Zigvolt, Deuce Spade, Epel Felmier, Jack Howl, Riddle Rosehearts
He knows what he wants, and when the rain dampens your hair, and you're drenched head to toe, he can't help but confess right there and then. You're picture-perfect, and even though confessing to you wasn't in his planner today, how could he not? He blurts it out shamelessly, and you, a mess of confusion and happiness, can't help but stand there dumbfounded.
Floyd Leech, Ace Trappola, Rook Hunt, Cater Diamond, Lilia Vanrouge, Kalim al Asim
Everything must be perfect for when he confesses to you. The lighting, the scenery, the time, the weather-everything. He doesn't want to confess to you willy-nilly-you deserve better than that. So when the time is just right, and you're just where he wants you to be, brings out your favorite flowers, and confesses. Your eyes widen in shock, and for a moment, he wonders if you don't like him the way he likes you-until you fling your arms around his neck, hugging him tight.
Vil Schoenheit, Malleus Draconia, Riddle Rosehearts, Jade Leech, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
© midnightgreenmatcha, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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yelshin · 4 hours
An: Requested by my loml Ài! (@cynoifyy ) | Wc: 1.8k
Tags: Leona cuddling with reader at the botanical garden and made them skip classes, Gender neutral reader!, You/your used as pronounce
Tumblr media
even if you two aren't in relationship he will still drag you to botanical garden just to be his pillow, his favourite spot to sleep on? Tummy, thighs. There are times when he can't fall asleep he will lazily call you in ungodly hours just to say he needed his favourite pillow. Leona being Leona.
a 1000000/10 experience.
now that you two are in relationship nothing changed! You two will still sleep at botanical garden but don't worry, he will help you at tests etc in return, sometimes when he's about to fall asleep you reminded him about Professor Crewel's homework, causing him to groan but who is he to not help you? After all you help him have the most relaxing sleep that no one in the world could ever had.
when his very very peaceful sleep gets disturbed by some students well lets just pray for them that they wouldn't wake up at the clinic. And if its Ruggie? Simple. Leona will cut his allowance for a month or if he's feeling kind, a week.
Leona's most favourite part of cuddling with you is the way your body jusg relax and not too tense around him. Especially when you just massage his scalp? Congratulations on finding out Leona's weakness! Add with a hum/lullaby? He could sleep eternally.
but aside the sweet moments there goes Adeuce following you two around. It made Leona mad that your friends won't stop disturbing the cuddle session. You don't feel their presence but Leona can, and the way he can hear their snickers behind the bushes added to his anger. Well once you find out those two idiots kept on tailing on you, they will never ever visit botanical garden again if they dare to disturb.
Tumblr media
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This is what you see when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
And this.... This is what everyone else sees when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
Maybe a small difference?
Btw, it's a wonder that NRC is still there, because at the beginning of your relationship, Malleus was jealous at least once a week.
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leinyy · 2 months
Tumblr media
Why does he remind me of some Kageguri characters? Especially that first expression 💀💀
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demon-lover-669 · 3 months
Neige: are you a princess?
Y/n: *looking up at him covered in dirt, leaves and twigs while strangling Ace* I just kicked one of your little fuckers across the map! do I look like a princess?!
Neige: *is distracted by their pretty eyes*
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twstwhore · 4 months
Calling them by their full name as a prank part 2
Warning: none
ft: Riddle, Idia, Malleus, Ruggie
Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't plagiarize my shit please <3
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ai-dev · 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If i draw one i gotta draw the other 😮‍💨
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rs-wonderland · 27 days
OB!Malleus: You said you were going to stay in bed 10000 years!?
Idia: W-well i-, g-good morning...
OB!Malleus: AND aren't you suppost to be asleep, like everyone else!?
Yuu: I- set up an alarm, i guess-?
OB!Malleus: •-•
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vtoriacore · 3 months
✧ get ramshackled! [3]
Tumblr media
note: the second years have arrived, god i love writing sassy silver was anyone ever going to tell me abt that one vignette with sebek or did i really have to find it out myself 😭💔
characters: floyd, jade, jamil, silver, ruggie
synopsis: in which the ramshackle dorm is feeling a little unstable (same) and decides that the correct response is to shut down physically (same), endangering the poor reader in the process! and well, what could they do but message their beloved boyfriend?
first years | dorm leaders | third years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
translations for jamil's stress messages:
• ya Allah 'anqadhani min hadha aldaght allaamutanahi : God save me from this never ending stress [or endless pressure maybe? idk every translator said something different]
• be quiet [or silent? not sure if the phrase is supposed to come off as more of a "shut up" or more like a polite command] : اصمت
Tumblr media
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cupids-chamber · 2 days
Tumblr media
— " WORKED UP " Suggestive / Gender neutral reader | Punk!Jade au [ Can be read as yandere or non yandere ]
Tumblr media
His large hands wrapped around your neck, imprinting your soft skin with red; forming a collar of sorts entrapping the two of you, together. He watched as you gasped and squirmed; a shiver crawling down his spine, as he analyzed your movements. 
You could practically taste the cigarette remains on his lips, the scent of burning ash and smoke filling your surroundings as he pulled you in all the bit closer. The air around you was suffocating, heavy pants fell from your lips, as he edged you closer, burying himself into the crook of your neck, aiming to imprint himself into your skin. Inhaling deeply, absorbing your scent; a deep sigh leaves him as he sings praises of love, a small hum following swiftly afterwards. 
He fondles your hair, grabbing it in handfuls; pulling you closer into his embrace, the warmth of your skin, the scent of your shampoo. Everything only helped grow his never ending obsession for you. He’d continue pulling you forward, till there was no more room or gap in between the two of you, till it was impossible to let go or move away, not until the scent of you outdid the ridiculously potent smell of smoke; that he only helped worsen. 
He leaves a small peck on your neck, a sharp toothy, languish grin embraces his features when he feels you shiver in his grasp. Each and every languid action enticing a different and much more amusing reaction from you. “Getting worked up are we?” 
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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wolken-himmel · 3 months
In which a Diasomnia student calls (Y/n) over to help when some of his fellow dorm members start turning into animals.
Upon arrival, the prefect realises that Malleus has turned into some kind of lizard, Lilia into a bat, Silver into a bear cub, and Sebek into a crocodile.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"T-They're inside the dorm... Please, do something, prefect!"
The crowd of Diasomnia students seemed to be in a frenzy as all of them frantically pointed at the entrance to their dorm. Some of them even looked like they wanted to follow you to the doorstep, but those were held back by their fellow dorm members. At least the majority of the students had been able to evacuate before the strange miasma could have gotten to them.
A cold shiver ran down your back, although you did your best to suppress it. "We'll try our best..." you assured the panicked student that had called for your help. Then, steeling your nerves, you turned to the entrance and carefully rapped your fist against the wooden door. "Malleus, Lilia? Anyone there?"
You received no reply.
"Can we go home?" Grim whined at once and tugged at your pajama sleeve. "I'm tired..."
His impatience amused you, yet you shook your head and replied, "No, we have to check up on Sebek and the others..." Your voice trailed off into a quiet echo, overshadowed by the weeping of the door as you pushed it open.
With the utmost care you could muster, you stepped inside the dorm. Few candles lit the vacant hallway, shrouding the interior in a frightening and unsettling mood. The cat monster watched as the darkness swallowed you whole. "Don't go in there! What if the plague reaches you, too?" He stumbled after you with clumsy and hasty steps.
You merely rolled your eyes while continuing your way. "There is no such thing as a plague..."
"Yes! That Diasomnia guy said something of a sickness that turned people into animals..." Grim gulped in fear. His paws clung to your arm tightly, and his head whipped in all sorts of directions whenever his ears picked up on anything. Once the two of you entered the kitchen, a frightened yelp escaped his maw. "I-I think I saw something slithering around on the floor—"
He cut himself off with a scream before pouncing into your arms. A sigh escaped your lips, but you nonetheless caught him and soothed him with a few awkward pats to his back. "We'll be careful, Grim..." you whispered. Then, you swayed him back and forth, as if he were a child. The motion seemed to calm his tense nerves, and he soon allowed you to set him down again.
"Just... stay close," Grim muttered quietly.
A foul stench entered your nose before you could reply. Your eyes soon found the source of the smell: a broken vial that lay in a puddle of green liquid. The revolting-looking liquid still emanated a strange fog that set off alarm bells in your head.
"Do you see the broken vial over there?" you muttered and pinched your nostrils close. "Don't breathe any of the fumes in..."
It only took your friend a few moments to decipher the words on the broken vial. "Wait, I recognise that thing! That was today's alchemy assignment! But... we weren't supposed to brew a transformation potion. It was just supposed to be something boring."
"Someone must have tinkered with it then. Perhaps a playful soul like Lilia." A sigh escaped your lips when the sound of fluttering wings caused the cat to cling to you again. Although this time, you swore you could feel a gust of wind brushing past your cheeks. "Well, looks like his prank went awfully wrong..."
Just as you were about to turn around and leave the kitchen, Grim's shaking paw stopped you. Once he had caught your attention, he carefully pointed at a fleeting shadow rummaging through the fruit basket. You steeled yourself to face a predator, only to witness a bat's head poking out from behind an orange.
"(Y/n)— do you see that bat over there? Is it..." Grim gulped in horror. "...laughing?"
Indeed, the small animal seemed to find joy in your frightened faces. He clutched his stomach with his clawed hands and doubled over in amusement. The bat remained on the kitchen counter, rolling around in laughter — until you picked him up by his feet.
"A bat... Oh no, the potion got to Lilia..." you whispered in defeat. "Don't worry, it's just me... We'll find a cure for this whole mishap."
He seemed to understand you, based on the way he grinned at you and fluttered his wings. As soon as you removed your grip on his feet, he sailed into the air — only to land on your shoulder. So preoccupied with the playful bat, you didn't notice when your cat companion suddenly was nowhere to be seen.
"(Y/n)! Help!" Grim cried out, but that was the last you heard of him.
Your head whipped into the direction of his voice at once, the sudden gesture startling the bat. Yet, your eyes could not find any trace of the grey cat. "Grim? Where are you?" you cried out and stumbled out of the kitchen. You managed to catch a glimpse of his trident tail as it disappeared behind a corner. "Grim! Grim! Hold on, I'm coming!"
At once, you picked up your pace. In your panicked state, you barely managed to register that the bat had decided to accompany you. Amused cackles escaped the bat's throat, but he was kind enough to guide you back on track whenever you lost the trail. Just as you were sure you had caught up to Grim and his captor, you were faced with another animal that blocked your path. Much to your dismay, this one wasn't as harmless as the small bat.
"A... A crocodile?" You blinked owlishly at the predator that lay in the middle of the hallway.
An annoyed growl escaped the crocodile's maw as soon as he caught onto your heavy breathing. With great effort, he managed to twist his neck in your direction. His large body and tail knocked over a vase, but he didn't seem to care. His attention was locked onto you, and his eyes burnt with annoyance.
You knew that look.
"Sebek!" you cried out and slowly inched towards him. "It's me, (Y/n)... I'm here to help you guys."
The crocodile watched you warily, but didn't move whatsoever. It was only when you tried to scoot past him that he lurched at you with the speed of light. Just in time, you managed to jump to the side, otherwise you would have been crocodile food. You immediately grabbed one of the decorative swords that hung on the walls and readied yourself, should he attempt another bite.
When he finally attacked again, you brought the pommel of the sword down onto his head. A dejected roar that sounded more like a whine escaped his maw. He shrank back at once to rub the dent in pain.
"Bad crocodile!" you cried out and returned the sword to its original place. "Do you have no manners? Just like your human self, eh?"
By then, the crocodile seemed to have snapped out of his bloodlust. With his head hung low, he inched closer to you. He had no intention of attacking, whatsoever — instead, he merely stared up at you with watery puppy eyes.
"I was just joking, Sebek," you muttered and carefully rubbed the place where you had hit him. A small smile appeared on your face. "And I hope you were joking as well when you tried to bite my head off."
He nodded eagerly.
At that, a few snickers escaped your lips. "Alright, apology accepted..." With the path now cleared, you rose back to your feet and rubbed your back. "Have you perhaps seen where Grim was taken to?"
The crocodile replied with another nod before twisting his large body so that he could move onward. He merely grumbled a few harmless complaints when the bat landed on his back for a rest.
"Lead the way, then." You followed the two as they moved through a series of winding hallways. Slowly but surely, you lost track of how many left and right turns you had taken. At least the bat and crocodile seemed to know their way around well.
After having crossed a corner for the umpteenth time, you found another obstacle lying in your way. This animal seemed smaller and much less threatening than the crocodile — especially so when you noticed the brown and fluffy fur. Soft snores came from the animal's direction.
"Please tell me the bear cub is better behaved than Sebek..." you whispered, drawing an offended growl from the crocodile in question. "Should we... wake him up?" Before you even had the opportunity to nudge the bear awake, the crocodile had already rudely swept his scaled tail against the bear.
He woke up with a startled yelp, his head snapping up in alarm. You also furrowed your eyebrows once your gazes met. "I know those eyes! It's you, Silver." A little chuckle escaped your lips when the bear drowsily pawed at your pajama pants. "Aren't you a cute one? So sleepy, so adorable..."
You swept him up into your arms and held him close to you. A series of pleased giggles escaped his maw when you rubbed that special spot behind his round ears. Promptly, he fell asleep again, drawing a sigh from you. "Oh right, we need to continue..." All your attempts of lowering the cub to the floor again were met with whines of protests from his side. You sighed in resignation, yet you couldn't bring it over yourself to go against his wishes. "Silver, I need to go rescue Grim... I really need to..."
Just as you were about to give in to his puppy eyes, your bat friend swept in and gave the bear a stern look. That seemed to have done the trick, as the bear now let himself be lowered to the floor.
"Thank you, Lilia," you breathed out in relief. "I couldn't have done it myself."
Now that the moral dilemma was taken care of, the four of you continued your search for your kidnapped cat companion. After another set of hallways and your feet slowly growing numb from all the walking, you reached a door that all three of the animals pointed at. Without wasting any more time, you carefully pushed the door open and peeked inside.
In the dim light of some candles, you found Grim cowering in a corner of the supposed bedroom. He seemed unharmed when he sprinted over to you and leapt into your arms. "(Y/n)... you came for me!" he cried out in relief. His body shook from head to toe.
Just as you were about to answer, a pair of glowing eyes appeared in your peripheral vision. The rest of the predator's body was hidden away in the darkness.
"Show yourself, fiend!" you exclaimed shakily.
The mysterious creature let out a disgruntled yawn before stepping out into the light.
You couldn't help but furrow your eyebrows in confusion. "A... lizard?" It was a large one, at that. Grim let out a frightened shriek and pressed himself deeper into your arms, especially so when the lizard wrapped his body around your feet. Perhaps it was a gesture to welcome you.
A little chuckle escaped your throat, and your eyes drifted to the lizard's glowing eyes. You could recognise those slitted green eyes everywhere.
"Ah, Malleus... mischievous old you."
You couldn't help but laugh when the lizard crooned in happiness once you rubbed the smooth scales on his back.
Grim, however, didn't seem to share your sentiment. His thrashing was still frantic, and he looked like he was about to faint. "He scared me to death! With his frightening tail that he grabbed me with..." he retold, a traumatised expression haunting his face. "And his glowing eyes..."
"Oh, Grim... You need to calm down," you mused and patted his back. "Malleus is a nice one, isn't he?"
"Get me away from him! Please!" Grim screamed when he felt the lizard's tail brushing against his legs.
You rolled your eyes. "Grim is such a crybaby... Right, Malleus?"
The lizard's maw grew into an innocent grin.
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Tumblr media
malleus is beautiful (also he purrs)
x gn!reader
beautiful couldn’t even begin to describe how ethereal malleus always looked. he was otherworldly- from his ghostly pale skin to his enchanting green eyes. no one would ever compare.
and with the sunset elegantly draping its warm light across his features as he lies on your lap? it seems that the seven were trying to give you a heart attack, you’re slightly afraid that if you looked for even longer, you’d be struck. that would be a nice way to die; the last thing you see is a pretty dragon whose heart belongs to you.
but nothing happens and you continue petting your precious hornton as you were before. the comfortable silence continues and it looks like malleus has fallen asleep. you wonder what you ever did to deserve this- when you suddenly hear a deep rumbling.
you look around for the source before you quickly realise that it’s coming from malleus. he was… purring? do dragons purr?
but you’re immediately distracted by how cute he’s being. he’s comfortable enough to purr around you, and if grim has taught you anything, it’s that this is a major accomplishment. you have to physically restrain yourself from audibly cooing and rousing him from sleep, so you continue petting his hair, minding his horns. maybe you’ll be able to touch them someday.
for now, everything is perfect, as it should be for you and for malleus. if only people could see this side of him, but you selfishly want to keep this soft and cute side of your dragon to yourself.
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Mallues x MC/(Y/N)/Yuu/OC
Tumblr media
{Scenario, Mal-Mal overblotted}
Mallues: I'll show you a fairytale ending..
(Y/N): There is no "happily ever after" without you in it!
<Lilia starts preparing wedding and Mallues overblot stops immediately.>
[Feast on that yah simps]
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Tumblr media
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