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My first time drawing Vil, any suggestions on who to draw next?
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just one little pat!
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✎ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl × gn! reader
"their reaction to you touching their ears and tail"
|| headcanon, fluff, crack
✎ manager's note:
Tumblr media
|| leona kingscholar
despises every bit of it
has or had threated to disintegrate any and all who dare to step a foot, even a mere inch, near him
don't even waste your efforts to concoct a 'master plan' in order to catch him off guard; been there, done that; unless you're his little nephew, the rate of your success is fairly low
strong reflexes, would pin you down in a heartbeat
tackled from behind? his tail has just enough strength to swat a regular sized human across a hallway; hurts like hell too, never pleasant
the process, tough maybe even traumatising to some, but the reward right after is one worth the struggle:
"..i can't believe this.." who ever planned this as a sick joke was as good as dead, but he already knows who's behind it all. the laughing of a howling hyena causing a deeper shade of rosy red to dust his cheeks, growing goosebumps on his tanned skin not apparent but fairly visible on closer inspection.
"poor mr kingscholar, whatever will he do to escape this predicament~" soft rumbles of purring increasing with each pat of his silky mane; tail swaying involuntary, thumping against the wooden flooring, mind wishing to be set free from this hellish torture yet body craving more of your warm touch.
"i'll have your head for this-" ruggie smirked, effortlessly brushing off eyes of green, laced with poison, glaring daggers at him. his body trembling from laughter yet still to prevent the measly lion from leaving his spot on the ground. you, of course, barely paid much mind to what displayed upon you, fingers ever so carefully caressing leona's fluff from head to toe. your squeals of excitement growing louder, grip on the housewarden's waist growing tighter.
Tumblr media
|| ruggie bucchi
embarrassing; more so humiliating
isn't very guarded but would be on high alert after the many many times you 'just-so-happened' to have your hand brush against his head
very flinch-y; would even pout a little if you continue to caresses him after his warnings
had used his signature spell against you; had you running around the campus like a mad-lad till your knees turned numb
wish for a certified way to get your daily in-take of serotonin? bribery. what did you expect?
though his price doesn't come cheap; better be prepare to have your wallet empty tonight
"erm.. 50 thaumarks..?" the hyena yawned, gloved hands fanning near the entrance of his mouth, tail swaying downwards feeling boredoms sinking its teeth into his bitter soul. 50? you had to be joking- why would he serve himself up to you for a measly 50 thaumark? you were already considered the 'lucky ones'; had it been anyone else, he would have marked up a fortune.
"i've already cut down your cost for the last time- 350 or nothing~" the frustration swirling within your eyes, the way you chewed at your bottom lip; it amused him. he could never understand why would be so desperate for a touch of his mane- absolutely ridiculous.
"ughhh- fine! j-just take it.. here- you happy now-" though he wouldn't say he didn't admired your determination.
"very!" ruggie grinned, fingers already dancing across the edges of light brown-ish paper, greed filling his pupils yet quickly dispersing when arms tackled him to the ground. his face planted against your chest with your hands already scratching at his scalp, upper limbs enwrapped trapped along with his body, leg entangled within yours. he wanted to yell, yell for you to let go- yet he forgot, he had already sold himself to you for the next hour~
Tumblr media
|| jack howl
he doesn't mind it actually
well, that was a bit of an understatement-
he doesn't mind, as long as you both are alone; likely staying within the privacies of each other's rooms; he still has his pride to keep after all
gets extremely red -and maybe has a piece of him die on the inside- if you touched him openly
has a very reactive wolf form; and is why he never transforms around near you; 'cause once he's caught- either of you would be willing to let go-
loves a scratch behind the ears and tummy rubsss; no touching the tail though- makes bby very uncomfortable
he wasn't known for having much in that empty head of his; just sports; yet he's not one to give up something without a proper fight even if it's just a couple pieces of paper with words sprouted across them. knowing he couldn't fight this battle alone, he searched you out; despite not having knowledge of any magic had excellent grades in every class, in his eyes at least.
you both got to work; having study session everyday till exams week. alongside much of what was taught within textbooks, he observed your love for patting his ears- he found it strange at first; your hands entangled within his mane, praising him with a 'good boy' with each right answer but he started enjoying it slightly. maybe it swelled his pride up or he likes the way your palm feels against him.
but he does know- he doesn't want anyone knowing about his little secret..
your hand grazing the back of his left ear as you cooed ever so sweetly; the paper rolled within your hand in a red circle, '68'. he knew it was a high improvement from his mid-years but you didn't have to reward him here- out in the open as well- the snickers of the two heartslabyul students was enough to get him all flushed.. he doubts he'll hear the end of this till the day he dies-
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furoidoleech · 16 hours
Tumblr media
I’m the Enemy, You’re the Lover.
Ever tired of you being the one to hate the other in the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope? Congratulations, you get to be the annoyance of a certain boy instead!
gn!reader (you/your), floyd leech x reader, enemies to lovers (except floyd is the one that gets annoyed with you), uhh you get called ‘fish’ because it came to me in a dream (and it’s pretty broad giggles), the card game UNO exists in this world bc why not?
notes; i’ve never seen somebody write an enemies to lovers except it’s one-sided and YOU’RE the ‘enemy’ so here ya go.
notes2; 2.3k+ WORDS OH MY GOD. have fun readong ig
Tumblr media
There had been a certain boy that was bothering you lately — teal hair with a black streak to the right paired with mismatched tired, heterochromatic eyes, and a tall figure — and you didn’t know what to do about it. In fact, you were so unsure what to do that the problem eventually resolved itself.
You sat beside that certain boy in class, and saw him nearly everyday; for some reason, he’d been trying to poke fun at you. Of course, being the bigger person, you don’t let your anger get to the best of you. Actually, you didn’t feel annoyed at all, let alone angry. So what if he kept throwing paper balls at the back of your head in class? He’d eventually stop midway when the professor told him off, or he’d stop himself when he got bored.
The most memorable moment of his antics though, was when he decided to talk to you directly. It wasn’t long before he tried to have a word with you, because you captivated his interest.
“Hey, lil’ fishy. How are ya doin’?” A tall shadow hovered over your table. Was it really a shock if you already knew who it was? Floyd Leech, the infamous twin of Jade Leech, who was the vice-housewarden of Octavinelle.
You only stared at the Floyd as you took another bite of your food. So casually, you spoke: “Hello. Do I know you?”
He shook his head, “I sit behind you in class! It’s pretty hard not to know me, you know?”
“I barely noticed actually,” you spoke so nonchalantly. Unbothered. “what’s your name?”
But ever since that conversation, everything had been different. Not that it bothered you, of course. It seemed like that one, single question was enough to leave you trailed with numerous attempts of agitation everywhere you went, but ultimately it had little to no impact on you. Over the weeks, you grew almost immune to Floyd’s attempts to peeve you.
The only actual mini-dilemma you had was when he chucked an eraser-filled paper ball at your head, to which you nearly shouted, “Ow!” to a ominously quiet classroom filled with the sounds of scribbling. Seriously, what was his problem?
He even followed you around to the library when you needed to study. Poking your shoulders, draping himself all over you, flicking at the pages of your book; it was like a never-ending round of torment, and yet you were somehow able to put up with this.
Even with the heavy weight upon your shoulders, you still studied the book as well as you did when Floyd wasn’t around.
And it finally happened; Floyd stopped leaning his full weight onto your body, and sat in his own library chair properly. “You’re a tough fish to scale, you know that?”
Without missing a beat you countered back, “I never asked you to follow me like a dog at my heel,” all while still absorbed in your book.
It was silent for the rest of your study session.
Tumblr media
There had been a certain person that was bothering Floyd — there weren’t any words to describe this person, not that he could think of — and he didn’t know what to do about it. In fact, he was so unsure what to do that he soon had hit an epiphany.
Floyd no longer visited you outside of class, nor did he throw paper balls at your head. It was actually very peaceful, knowing you had a moment of peace to yourself. Company or not, you didn’t seem to mind Floyd’s antics at all.
And that greatly annoyed him.
Why were you so difficult to probe at? What could he do to get a reaction from you? He’s been trying for weeks, only to no avail. Why aren’t you scared, or pissed at him? Floyd didn’t get it at all, and eventually he just gave up; he didn’t need to understand, who cares? Not him.
Don’t even talk about his moods, it’s been a rollercoaster lately. Every time he saw you, he wanted to walk over to you and converse so badly, but he didn’t. What’s the point if he couldn’t even get one tiny frightened expression out of you? Why did he even want to talk to you so badly? What was stopping him? Floyd just wanted to push you around until you toppled over like a bowling pin.
Why did you tolerate him so much? Why not scream at him and lose your cool, like Riddle? Or why didn’t you decline his company out of fear, hatred? You clearly had no ill-intent for him, and kept up so well.
Questions. Pondering, walking back and forth while his shoes click with each step beneath him on the flooring of Mostro Lounge, it was all he could do for a few days when—
It hit him.
“No, no, it was something else,” Ace argued, still chewing his sandwich.
Deuce furrowed his eyebrows at the redhead, “Please stop talking with your mouth open. It’s… gross.”
“I agree,” You nodded along with Deuce.
Ace swallowed, and then promptly spoke. “‘Kay, sorry. But still, I stand by what I sai— Oh. Erm.”
Your head tilted at Ace with confusion, “What? Something wrong?” It’s not like some monster was standing behind him, ready to grab onto his—
You yelped at the pair of hands being placed on your shoulders, following with the feeling of being quite literally thrown. Not thrown violently though, but over somebody’s shoulders; Floyd Leech, is that you? Ace and Deuce only watched as you and Floyd got smaller within the distance, while you helplessly tried to get the eel to release you.
“What’s your deal all of a sudden—?” You asked.
Floyd paused, and then gave you a generous smile, “I wanna play. It’s no fun when I play by myself, right?”
“Yeah, but weren’t you fed up with me last week? You literally got up, shoved your library chair into the table so hard that it fell over, and then slammed the door on your way out.”
“Naaah. Was just a short phase, ya know how I am. Don’t worry! This time we’ll get to play together, not just me playing with you like a chew toy.”
Oh wow, how comforting! You practically stopped abusing his back with your fists as you watched the hallways rock back and forth as you were being hauled away.
Tumblr media
“Floyd, you have ten cards. You call uno when you place down your second to last card.”
In what world could you have imagined yourself playing uno in Floyd’s room? This one, perhaps. You two were in pyjamas sitting on the floor of his room, playing this frustrating card game. You and him have gone through several games, a wide variety from video games, board games, to straight up watching stupid cat videos on his phone (although it was nearly impossible to see his screen, because he was holding it in front of him and you refused to lean over his shoulder to get a better look). What made Floyd treat you so nicely this time?
“Yeah, so what? Let’s play something else,” Floyd shrugged as he lazily scooped up all the UNO cards and placed them back into a ziplock bag — you heard me right, a ziplock bag, because apparently Floyd had lost the actual box for the cards — before crawling over to you and draping his body over yours. Man, was he heavy.
As you attempted to push him off (with no success), your eyes darted towards the clock; analog, but it would do. “Ah, Floyd, you see— It’s time for me to head back to my own dorm, it’s kind of late.”
You could hear an overly-dramatic sigh from him as he got off, “Tomorrow then? Maybe? Pleaaaase? You wouldn’t leave a silly little guy like me alone for too long, would you?”
Okay, that’s a new one. Add that to the list of reasons not to leave Floyd, according to himself.
“Alright, alright. Tomorrow,” you said as you gave him a warm smile, “why am I always visiting you, don’t I bore you sometimes? Not that I mind, of course.” Did you mind? Now that you thought about it, lately you have been spending more time around him. It first started as Floyd hauling you around like a heavy beanbag when he wanted to loiter around with you, but now? You would be willingly taking his hand, and he’d no longer have to throw you over his shoulder.
Floyd blinked, and then only flashed his signature toothy grin, “Because I like spending time with you, obviously!”
Tumblr media
Little did you know, that was not the reason. Not most of it, at the very least.
Floyd’s little realization was when he was in bed snacking away at his stash of treats. Don’t judge him, he gets a lil’ hungry at night.
Anyways, has he ever realized no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t get a reaction out of you? Why was that? What’s up with you? How did you manage to put up with him no matter what he did?
He actually kind of liked that. You know what, it was pretty cool.
Sure, it was fun when Floyd teased Riddle to the point of the little goldfishes’ face turning the same shade of red that his hair was, but… it was nice when you gave him no reaction. When you didn’t mind his bothering, when you didn’t mind his presence, him.
He actually had to set his snacks aside and think; he had loathed you at one point for giving him nothing in return for pestering you, isn’t that funny? Haha, ahaha. He’ll pester you again, but this time, make it better.
In fact, Floyd was already planning out the ideas in his head. Maybe he should drag you to his favourite places, or make you try his food; he’s a good cook when he wants to, after all!
There were so many things he wanted to do with you, and if you could tolerate him then, you could definitely play with him now. This time though, he’ll try to make sure you also enjoy yourself.
Tumblr media
Recently, you had been spending lots of time with Floyd. Not that you minded though, as you previously stated that one night.
You were just lying in your bed when you thought more about it; not exactly a realization, but a thought before bed.
Floyd was treating you nicely, nicer, and you noticed. To be honest, you didn’t really want to spend so much time with him again. It wasn’t exactly worth your time, or so you thought.
However, your words were quickly proven false by Floyd (which is something you never thought could happen). It started to once a week, merely an hour, to almost everyday. At least once a day, he would greet you before heading to (or skipping) class.
The attention was nice, to be honest. Sometimes it got boring being alone, and it was alright with you at first. Loneliness is a tough thing to battle though, so Floyd was practically fighting it for you.
There was only one thought on your mind as you drifted of to sleep, your own realization:
‘I want to spend more time with you, if that’s okay. I wouldn’t mind at all.’
Tumblr media
“Shut up! And give me the letter back, I wasn’t done writing it—!” As you reached for the unembellished letter, Floyd pushed your face away using his finger against your forehead. This little—
“Naaah. Let me read it, little fish! What’s up with you?”
Your attempts at taking the letter were failing, as Floyd read the contents. Slowly, his thrilled expression dropped, just a bit.
As Floyd read the letter, you stopped trying to grab it. This was very embarrassing. The letter wasn’t meant to be read, not ever, and especially not by Floyd himself.
“Dear Floyd,
There has been a certain Leech that was bothering me lately — teal hair with a black streak to the right paired with mismatched tired, heterochromatic eyes, and a tall figure — and I didn’t know what to do about it. In fact, I was so unsure what to do that the problem eventually resolved itself.
At first, you didn’t really catch my attention. I don’t usually give up my attention for people who attempt to pester me, which I think is fair. However, after spending lots of time with you, I’ve decided that I have taken a liking to you.
An extreme liking, though. I like spending time with you, and sometimes I even think I could spend the rest of my life with you forever. That doesn’t sound bad, does it?
Knowing that you’ll never read this letter, I can write whatever I want. So, I declare my love for you. I don’t know when I’ll tell you this (if ever, at all), but I love you.”
It was silent. The tension in the air was so thick, you could practically cut it up and serve it to people.
And then Floyd threw the letter aside, practically launching himself at you. It was hard not to fall to the ground as Floyd squeezed your life away (as gently as he could, but that wasn’t working out too well).
“Floy— Floyd, please—”
“But you LOVE me! You really really love me,” Floyd exclaimed as his grip only got tighter. “And I love you too! I knew I could win you over by dragging you around with me.”
“And what if it wasn’t a love letter?”
Floyd shrugged carelessly, “Then I’d just have to try some more.”
“And if I said no?”
“Ehh, I wouldn’t push it. I’m not like that, y’know. But you didn’t have to say no this time, ahaha!”
This was dearly embarrassing, but it did turn out well for you. You gave into Floyd’s embrace and hugged him back, with one final request:
“If it’s alright, I would like to take you somewhere this time.”
Tumblr media
( due to be edited at anytime )
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hxjikonn · 5 hours
Little Moments: Eps. 5
Characters: Twisted Wonder Staff x reader (platonic!)
Synopsis: Just stuff I think Yuu/MC does, asks, says to the twst characters.
Tumblr media
Crdts to original artist
Tumblr media
You: *somehow ended up in the middle of a staff meeting* uhm…I just wanted to hand you guys the event list for—
Crowley: shhhh later child we’re discussing about adult stuff, sit down. *waves for you to sit down* *his feathered cape brushing against your nose*
You: *sneezes*
Trein/Sam/Vargas/Crewel: Bless you.
You: Thanks dad- *panics* uh I mean sir…sirsss??
Crowley: Excuse you?? If anyone should be called ‘dad’ it’s me!
Crewel: Too late, I’ve already adopted the pup.
Trein: ‘pup’ ? Crewel they are a HUMAN CHILD. Not a dog. I think they’d be better off having me as a guardian.
Vargas: Uh I think you mean me? I’ll raise to be as strong and skilled as I am!
Sam: *taps your shoulder* I’ll let you take anything from my shop if you declare me your legal guardian…
Crowley/Crewel/Trein/Vargas: SAM DONT BRIBE THE KID!
Them: *listening*
You: LILIA WILL BE MY FATHER *runs to diasomnia*
Tumblr media
A/N: This is a mini-series that was no plot whatsoever, prolly gonna be mostly crack. Just something I came up with when I have a dumb scenario in my head abt Yuu/Mc 💀💀💀
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travellingarmy · 1 day
Hiii I was wondering if you have any time could you write a brother’s friend trope where reader is the little sibling of Kalim and while she’s visiting during the VDC she meets Vil and falls in love with him all while being really shy. Of course if it’s to much trouble you don’t have to
Have a wonderful day <3
║Vil Schoenhit║ Brother, I’m in Love!
Reader: She/her pronouns + titles. 
Warning(s): Slight changes to canon.
All rights reserved. Do not steal/copy and paste it anywhere else.
The sun is just barely peeking out when Scarabia’s dorm is making a huge ruckus. If the seven dorms were any closer, it’s a sure that Crowley will be receiving noise complaints day in and day out. They were rowdy, sure, but that is just the energy that the dorm always has.
The same, slightly high-pitched voice screams for Jamil further down Scarabia’s dorm hall and by the sounds of it, it was drawing ever the nearer with every second. “Jaaamil!”
The voice stops short right at the entrance of the kitchen. “Oh, Jamil! I knew I’d find you here, hehe.” White hair as bright as the moon and red eyes brighter than the gems who share the same colour skips inside the kitchen with glee, snickering excitedly. “Anyway, Jamil, Jamil—“ 
“Just spit it out, Kalim! Stop screaming my name for Seven’s sake!” Jamil rubs the bridge of his nose, showing how annoyed he was. His head had been ringing all day long but it’s only still early in the morning; just a quarter to seven. This is what was meant when the other dormitories would be annoyed to be hearing ruckus from Scarabia, especially Savanaclaw and their lazy, always-seem-to-be-sleeping dorm leader. Ah, but there’s also Pomfiore. Can’t forget Pomfiore students who prioritize their “beauty” sleep. Maybe Diasomnia will forgive them.. Their dorm leader and vice dorm leader are nocturnal creatures anyway. 
“Have you prepared it? Have you? Have you?” Kalim’s eyes turned into stars as he waited for the answer, his words were vague but nothing that Jamil couldn’t understand. Jamil could only sigh at his master’s silliness, “It’ll come later today, but still today just as requested. The item is particularly rare so delivery is taking a longer route to avoid the item being stolen.” He crossed his arms. 
“Haha, I knew I could count on you, Jamil!” The white-haired male grins and pats Jamil’s back proudly. As annoying he is being right now, Jamil felt that he was slightly restless before. He understands where this is coming from. After all, the one he cherishes the most is coming tomorrow and Jamil knew that Kalim wants nothing but the best of gifts. 
“Hehe, I can’t wait for the VDC tomorrow!”
Both the old and new alike, all sorts of transportation vehicles from modern cars to carriages were entering through the school’s gate one at a time. Of course, there’s those who walked and others who flew (or just straight up teleported there). 
VDC is usually packed with all sorts of people and this year was no different. Giants, faes, humans.. All walks of life were gathered in one place to see what this year has in store for their hunger for some entertainment.. Aaand there were also those agents scouting for talents. 
“Do you see her? Do you? Do you?” Kalim scans over the ocean of heads excitedly, looking for a particular head that he knew O’ so well from one of the school’s balconies. “Calm down. She’ll come so stop yapping, will you?” Jamil crosses his arms and leans back on the wall adjacent to the railings. Kalim looks behind him at his companion and slightly pout. “But what if she doesn’t come?”
“She will. She said in her letter and you know she doesn’t lie,” he says confidently, but secretly still praying anyway that she really does show up and nothing bad has happened along the way. 
“AH!” Kalim slams his hands on the concrete rails which alerted Jamil. “What? Hey, don’t just suddenly scream like that, you idiot!” He uncrosses his arms and lectures him. “Wait, hey— What are you doing!? Hey—!!” Before he knew it, Kalim threw himself over the rails over a height that could kill a person on impact. Jamil runs towards the rails and looks down, stomach churning at the possible thought of seeing his body around a pool of blood and on VDC of all days too! And before anyone knew it, the event would have shut down before it even started all because of this fool—
“Hehe!” Just below, Kalim sits atop a magic carpet and heads in a particular direction. “You idiot!” Jamil’s teeth grinding on each other. He nearly had a heart attack because of him for Seven’s sake! “My life has been shortened..” He says as he feels a part of his soul leaving him.
“[Naaame]!” Kalim shouts from over the heads of many, causing onlookers to look up in curiosity. 
You were standing at one of the stalls, looking on with sparkly eyes just before someone had yelled out your name. You blink, registering that it wasn’t just your head messing with you and wiped away the drool pooling at the corner of your mouth. The aroma of the corndogs is making it too hard to resist for your never satisfied stomach. 
Nevertheless, your head looks around for the source of the voice. 
“[Naaame]!” This time, your heads were drawn to the sky at a speedily approaching figure. “Is that.. EH!? Kalim, wait! You’re going to— BONK!” He collided with you head first and sent both of you toppling down on the ground. 
“Urgh.. Kalim..” You push yourself up with your arms and rub a growing pain on your forehead. “What was—“
“Hehe! [Name], [Name]! You really came!” Kalim pushes himself up (though still on top of you) and grins an all too familiar grin. Seeing him again and that familiar of a smile, whatever lecture you were about to spew died on your tongue.
Even though he was older out of the two of you, he was much like the younger sibling than you did. He acted more excitable like that of a young child rather than a young adult that he is. Nevertheless, you loved him as his sibling. “Of course I’d come,” you say softly, so soft that it could be considered a whisper. “Why, did you think I wouldn’t show up?” 
He got up and extended a hand out for you, that signature grin still smeared on his face. “Hehe, I knew you’d come!” He says cheerfully. You returned a smile of your own. You looked around and over his shoulder, noticing that something was amiss. “Oh, Kalim, where is–” “Kalim!” Before you could proceed with your sentence, a shrieking voice drew ever the near quickly. 
Pushing people aside, Jamil parts a wall of bodies until he got to where you both were. “Do you have any idea how reckless of a stunt that was!? Have you gone mad!!?” There was Jamil with a scolding on his lips. “Hehe, sorry! I saw [Name] so I went up to her!” He laughs. 
“Went up to her, how!? You threw yourself off the balcony and nearly gave me a heart attack!” He had so many things to say which you found it to be something to laugh at; how Jamil acts is like a mother hen to her chicks and you found it endearing. 
“Ah, [Name], it’s good to see you here,” Jamil finally says, now acknowledging your presence. “Sorry about that outburst.” You giggled with a smile, “It’s fine. I’m sure Kalim has given you a handful of problems leading up to today.” 
He rests his hands on his hips and sighs deeply, shaking his head with a defeated look. “You wouldn’t believe..” 
Kalim butts in with an elated look and pumping both of his fists up and down in front of his chest. “Ah! [Name], [Name]! I got you something!” he said and looked toward Jamil with a look of expectancy. “Oh right..” You just now noticed that Jamil had been holding a small, rectangular box when he extended his hand out to you. 
You look at both men– Kalim was bouncing excitedly on the spot and Jamil nodded– before taking the gift. Inside was a necklace with a huge orb and two slightly smaller ones on each side. It had the colour of the desert– a raging, orange fire. There was some gold too that held the entire piece beautifully and would rattle like coins in a pouch. 
“These are the eyes of a queen scorpion that have been torched into glass,” Jamil said. “It was difficult to find but Kalim wouldn’t stop nudging me.” Kalim gives a toothy laugh and you couldn’t help but smile even more. “Thank you both.” 
“Aww, [Name]!!” Kalim sees the adorable smile on your face and couldn’t help but pull you into a bone crushing hug. “See, Jamil! I knew it would be worth it! Did you see how cute she was?” He rubs his cheeks against yours as if he can’t get enough of your physical touch.
It was like that for a while until an announcement came on that the main event would start soon. “Ah! Kalim, hurry up! We have to go or else Vil will have our heads.” 
“Hm? Where are you guys going?” You asked. “Ah, [Name], it was going to be a surprise but you see, Kalim and I are one of the performers,” he quickly explains, already grabbing onto Kalim’s arm to pry him off of you. “Oh, I see! Good luck to you two!” Were the only things you said so that you wouldn’t keep them too long. 
“You’ll come watch us, right, [Name]?” Kalim asks, although probably already knowing the answer. You nod and smile. “Of course, I will!” 
Now by yourself in a massive crowd, it was pretty easy to push you around without Jamil or Kalim. “Excuse me.. Excuse– oh!” Amidst the pushing and shoving, you were pushed all the way to an archway that led inside the school building. One more forceful shove and you lost your balance. 
Your eyes closed shut and were expecting pain in your butt that would send straight up your head but however, you didn’t. Your eyes opened and blinked a few times. You were halfway your fall when firm arms hooked underneath your armpits so now you were in that awkward position. 
“Are you alright?” A voice drew your attention over your shoulders and thereupon you felt you’ve been deprived of oxygen as you held your breath at the sigh of a man. The word ‘beautiful’ couldn’t even hold a candle to him. And it seems like he was awe-struck too with how his eyes widened slightly and eyebrows raised a bit, but you didn’t need to know that. 
He asks again if you were okay and this time, you push yourself on your feet, a growing blush dusting your cheeks. “A-ah yes.. I, I’m okay!” You smile awkwardly and hope you didn’t stare too long and eye him like a candy. 
He nods and was about to say something until a voice the became louder as it came closer drew his attention away. “Roi du poison! Oh how I had searched for you, roi du poison!” Now, a blonde man wearing a hat entered the conversation- if it could have been called that. “Roi du poison, i had worried you had been taken or worse, suddenly getting the blue and thus cannot perform anymore!” 
“As if I’d lose the opportunity to outshine Neige,” the beautiful man was now having a full conversion with his friend and you just stood there awkwardly. Just as they began to turn to leave, he stopped and looked back at you, now just remembering he had helped somebody. You straighten your back which he found silly. “Pfft.” He contains a laugh, disguising it as a cough behind a hand. “I hope to see you around.” He smiles one last time before joining his friend that awaited him just a little bit away from you two. 
You were left there in a confused state all the while your face being flushed pink. You were repeating the last thing he said to you and deep down,  you were silently praying that you’d get to meet him. Was it a spell that he casted, to make anyone be enthralled by him? 
The speakers came again, snapping you out of a daze. You once again joined the crowd– that was fortunately and unfortunately less crowded– and sat at the furthest row from the seat since the front rows were very much full. 
Like the rest, you were excited but more so to see Kalim perform. But what you weren’t expecting to see when he did come on was that the man from earlier was also on stage alongside him. “Ah.” Suddenly remembering the moment that just passed, you did recall him wearing the school’s uniform. Well, what were you expecting? It’s not like someone like him who possibly could be a supermodel to not go to such a prestigious school. 
Safe to say that your attention had been diverted away from Kalim. 
“[Name], [Name]! Did you like my dance?” Kalim now joins you by the hip after the performances have been finished. Jamil was there too, standing close by. “Hm? Oh, yes, I did!” You smiled and chuckled a bit. You sweatdrop at the thought that he knew that you hadn’t been paying attention to him at all and thus would make him pout. 
“Ah, that performance is making me hungry.. Let’s go eat, [Name]!” Kalim drags you by the wrist and Jamil follows. He sure is energetic despite him being hungry and probably tired from the performance. “Ooh! Look, look! Shawarmas!” Kalim halted in his steps when he was parallel to a food stall selling shawarmas. There were stars in his eyes as he eyes them. 
“Let’s get some, [Name]!” He says and turns his head towards Jamil since he forgot to bring money. Jamil sighs, fishing out a pouch of coins. “Just 2, and some packet of hot sauce,” Jamil says to the vendor. “Hm? You’re not getting any, Jamil?” You ask. He shook his head, saying that he’s not hungry and he doesn’t have a big appetite unlike Kalim. 
“Hehe, these are so good!” After getting your food, Kalim was the first to take a big bite out of his. You look on fondly at his childlike manner before taking a bite out of yours. 
“Hm? Kalim, do you know her?” Just then, a voice steps in to join the small group and you turn your head to see the same person that had saved you from a fall and you began to choke on the food. “[Name]!” Jamil was quick to aid you and grab a bottle of water to down the food. 
“Hm, of course!” Kalim grins and rests an arm around your shoulder. “She’s my little sister, [Name]!” 
“Little sister?” His eyebrows raised but quickly returned to its natural, resting  position. “Roi du poison, isn’t this the little maiden from earlier?” his companion was there too. “I must apologize for not having the chance to introduce myself and swiftly taking him away from you earlier.” He takes off his hat and places it on top of his heart and dips down slightly. So elegant, you thought. 
“Hmm? You know them, [Name]? Your brother looked at you and you nodded. “Well, not really.. He was there when I was about to fall and helped me..” You corrected. 
“In that case, why don’t I introduce you to my friends!” Kalim beams with excitement, so happy that you’d be getting to know more students from NRC. “This is Rook,” he points to the one with the hat first, “And this is Vil!” He points to the one whom you have been enchanted to meet. So his name is Vil, you thought, your face slightly feeling warm.
“Hehe, and this is [Name]!” Kalim hugs you tightly, making you embarrassed how he babies you so much. You were telling Kalim to stop but you overheard the soft mention of your name, drawing your attention to Vil. “[Name].. It’s a beautiful name,” he says and looks at you with soft eyes. “It’s been a pleasure to meet you and I’m sorry to cut this short but I have to go now.”
“O-oh.. Okay..” You were disappointed at just how brief the moment was, but at least you got to know his name.
Later that evening, when you returned home, what you didn’t expect to see on your phone the moment you got to relax was a notification– a notification that Vil had followed your Magicam account. Suddenly remembering him, your cheeks became the colour of a rose. 
You opened the app in order to follow him back but was surprised at the huge number of followers he had. “Oh wow..!” You followed him back and began to stalk his page. The pictures were all well polished as if he was someone super popular. “He might be..” You mumbled. Just then, a notification popped up that someone had messaged you– it was Vil. 
You panicked, not sure what to do but before you could do any of that, you first checked what he even sent. 
I hope to know more about you. Let’s talk some time. It reads. You became giddy that you had possibly gain the attention of someone so beautiful. With a smile that no one could ever see, you began to type away.
If you noticed I got lazy at the end, no you didn’t. 
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gyarunie · 3 days
♣️Better safe than sorry♣️
bodyguard!Trey AU
A/N: this is for my and @honey-milk-depresso brainrot ;) i might make a part 2
blood, guns, violence, knives, vulgar language, romantic relationships, female reader and skin tone isn't mentioned, reader is mentioned to be shorter than trey, slight suggestive themes, blood.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"princess, we are going in 10 minutes" trey said outside of the door of your bathroom, he was always on guard 25/8 because i mean it was you he was talking about.
"uhh trey?" you asked while turning your back to the mirror and slightly looking at the back of your dress "yes princess?" the man asks looking at his watch while listening at the same time "come in the bathroom please?" you asked bashfully.
he knocks at comes in "trey can you zip up my dress?" you asked turning you back to him. a bit of silence and you try to look into the mirror to see him. his chest pressing on your back "trey?.." you ask a little bit worried. He slowly trails his hand down your waist and gets ahold of the zipper that was bothering you.
Trey zips it up with no problem and places a kiss near nape and smiles at you, meeting your eyes in the mirror.
“Come downstairs in 6 minutes” he says with a genuine smile.
Tumblr media
He leads you to the venue and makes sure his gun wasn’t visible to the public eye, during the venue he made sure you never left his sight and always stayed close to you. He made your drinks and food you ate were safe.
If someone was too close to you in his opinion he nudges them away with a smile which never reached his eyes. He noticed the event owner with a bunch of people eyeing you time to time and they definitely didn’t have a good aura to them. The moment he looked away you were gone.
“Fuck.” Was all he muttered and he looked at the floor and examined it ‘there are floor marks, this wouldn’t be the case if (Y/N) just wandered away’ he thought deeply, he pressed his earpiece and immediately went to find you “the mistress is missing, find them and do whatever you can” he said and checked his wristwatch for the tracker he placed on you.
Unfortunately one of them were broken, your earring tracker but luckily he had another one on your necklace. He ran towards the tracker’s destination with his knives and gun out.
“SHUT UP! YOUR LUCKY WE CAN’T HURT YOU BECAUSE OUR BOSS NEEDS YOU UNHARMED” one of them shouted kicking the wall beside your head making you flinch and cower away from the man.
“My boss says the opposite” trey said placing his jacket over your head “do me a favor princess and cover your ears for 20 seconds, no peeking” he said while taking out a knife, but you couldn’t see it because he told you not to :)
You felt the floor vibrate once in a while, and after waiting 20 seconds like he asked but before you could touch his jacket someone picked you up.
“Relax princess, its me” trey said and you relaxed in his hold, removing his jacket you met his eyes “good morning” he jokes and walks down the stairs with you still in bridal carry. You tried to look behind him to see whatever happened to the “don’t look princess its not good for you” he says moving you to one arm and taking his other hand and maneuvering your face to meet him once more.
Now that you look twice you see the small scar on near his cheek “trey you’re hurt” you said wiping the blood off his cheek with your handkerchief.
“What would i do without you?” He chuckles
© gyarunie, do not translate, repost, copy, edit my work in any way.
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rayisalive · 2 days
Tumblr media
★A/N: I just wanted to see a Hanahaki fic from the pov of [TWST char] if THEY got it hh-
Should I make this with other characters?
★Includes: GN reader, Malleus x Reader, mentions of blood
★Context: He loved you so much, so why couldn’t you just love him back? It killed him totally mean figuratively mhm yeah totally
★Tag.List: @yinenovica @snek-disappearedagain
←Doctor’s Here! Lying In Love→
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The pain felt unending as Malleus got up from his bed.
Making his way towards the bathroom he took a look in the mirror. It wasn’t obvious at first, yet if you took a close look you would be able to see his skin paling.
He gave out a sigh before getting ready for the day, not wanting to be late.
Tumblr media
The sun began to rise as the dragon fae exited his room, off to go find something to eat in the cafeteria.
That is when he had seen you again, the wondrous Y/N of Ramshackable.
Seeing you his heart swooned as he placed a delicate smile on his face.
Making his way towards you, you gave him a smile, making room for him to sit.
Ever since you realized that he didn’t normally eat with anyone, due to the others being afraid of him, you took it upon yourself to make friends with him.
It was one of the many reasons he had loved you. You had been one of the first people to warm up to him and be his companion.
However, what feelings were once platonic had evolved into something more as slowly he could feel himself falling for you harder and harder each day.
Yet since he had realized his feelings there had been a pain in his chest, growing from a small itch to an agonizing pain.
It was hard attempting to hide it all, often he had to excuse himself and leave.
It had confused you, yet it wasn’t any of your business so you had let it be.
Oh what a grave mistake that was however, one that could cost the life of another.
Today was no different. Small talk was made until Malleus once again excused himself, leaving you to hangout with Grim and ADeuce instead.
Tumblr media
Entering the bathroom Malleus made sure no one was there as he approached the mirror.
Taking another look he took a deep breath, attempting to recenter.
Something was caught in his throat. His eyes widened as he moved back, attempting to cough it out.
He felt something wet. Looking at his hands he saw it. Red blood was splashed onto his hands, painting a delicate flower.
Tumblr media
There were few ways for him to get rid of the pain, by surgery, which could stop his ability to ever love again, him losing these feelings for his child of man, or you reciprocating those feelings.
Yet how could he expect you to love him back? He was nothing but a dragon fae and heir to the royal throne of Briar Valley. Though, you had been his friend, perhaps there was a way.
The option to lose his feelings, it may had seemed easy to others yet for him his love and desire for you felt unending. You had really captured his heart.
Surgery seemed to be the best option, yet risk the ability to never love again? The idea annoyed him.
Thus Malleus left it at that, making the most of the time he had left.
Tumblr media
His lungs felt constricted as he could feel the plant growing. Its thorns felt as if it was piercing him as he did his best to manage.
The pain grew too much to ignore.
“Deep breaths,” Malleus thought to himself as he put on a smile as you spoke to him about this or that.
He did his best to hide the pain, not wanting to worry you. Yet he had needed to leave.
You gave him a nod as he excused himself, making his way to the restroom.
Yet as you watched him leave you noticed he was acting different. You had never thought of it before, yet now you could see him walking, it almost looked as if he was struggling.
He couldn’t breathe, it was too much. The plant was going to be the death of him.
He hadn’t even been able to get to the bathroom to be by himself as a flower caught in his throat again.
He attempted to get to the restroom as quickly as he could, but it had all been too much as he fell to his knees.
Flower after flower had came out, blood following close.
He could barely see the lines between being alive or dead, his mind blurred.
Everything hurt, that’s all he knew.
Rushing over you called for help, doing everything you could.
Yet your efforts had been too late as Malleus met his death.
How unfortunate isn’t it? You had been the one he loved more than anything, yet you had also been his death.
Tumblr media
©rayisalive 9/16/22 None of my work is to be translated, plagiarized, or reposted without my knowledge. If I inspired you be sure to tag me so I can check it out!
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tiyoin · 9 days
Tumblr media
this is why they were summoned over ramshackle 😋🤞
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axica-cattleya · 2 months
Yuu overblot
Tumblr media
This was fun to make lol
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mee-op · 3 months
Tumblr media
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cupids-chamber · 11 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@. People I would cheat on my boyfriend with.. . ♡ Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Genshin version ## Low quality and low effort slides because finals sucks!
Tumblr media
Odd smile or grin, I mean Rook always has this ridiculous oui oui bitch smirk grin on his motherfucking face, but today? It was different. It was more huter-y if that’s even a word. 
The moment you turn away, Rook’s glaring at your pc as you open the slides, as if it’s his mortal enemy.
Bro looks like a fucking hitman with the looks he’s putting out. His facial expression radiates wtf energy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aww so sweet, so cute mon cherie..—Now change the fucking slides.
"What's on the next slide my sweet?"
Run bitch run.
Why are you hiding your screen
what is there to hide
you have nothing to hide
what do you even need to hide.
Why hide.
Communication is key :)
Lowkey glaring at you while you explain the slides, like 'excuse you fuckass am I not good enough for you?'
Will start getting passive aggressive, calm? What is calm? Is there anything truly ‘calm’ in this world?... He’s patiently waiting.. For the slides to load… Standing, posing like your mom outside your door with a sandal core. 
Slowly becoming a nagging housewife as he insults your slow as fuck computer. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Begins fucking scrolling immediately, legit scoots you over.
Truthfully you're more surprised he didn’t question the picture you choose for the cover but his pacing is lowkey scaring you? You did this on a dare.. And you put a 50 slide gap.. And Vil was going through each slide fast… Hell you even put a compliment on each slide. 
Stroking your little beauty queens ego always worked… except now.. He’s been remarkably quiet.. And that is surprisingly more unnerving and unsettling than anything else VIl could possibly do.. 
Tumblr media
Well you’ve done it now.. He’s mumbling.. With gritted teeth, he’s not even glaring.. And frankly you don’t want to see his facial expression. 
And then he starts laughing.. But not laughing in like “LMFAOO LOL SO HILARIOUS”  but more of a lowkey “I’m going to kill you”
“Potato… care to explain a few things?” 
“I- ugh.. um.. have an appointment”
“Not anymore”
Kitty’s got claws, bro finna commit a crime.
Just looks at you and smiles. ‘I control my emotions, my emotions don’t control me’ core 
Was therapy working? Probably not his lazy ass avoids them like the common flu.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You saw his expression soften for a moment and you lean in and give him a hug. Effectively distracting him.. and then you scroll like God’s given you 20 fucking seconds to live and breath.
“WHAT THE FUCK HERBIVORE??” and then the screen fades to Malleus.. 
And then it automatically scrolls to Rook...
Oh you fucked up.
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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rs-wonderland · 15 days
OB!Malleus: You said you were going to stay in bed 10000 years!?
Idia: W-well i-, g-good morning...
OB!Malleus: AND aren't you suppost to be asleep, like everyone else!?
Yuu: I- set up an alarm, i guess-?
OB!Malleus: •-•
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vtoriacore · 3 months
✧ get ramshackled! [3]
Tumblr media
note: the second years have arrived, god i love writing sassy silver was anyone ever going to tell me abt that one vignette with sebek or did i really have to find it out myself 😭💔
characters: floyd, jade, jamil, silver, ruggie
synopsis: in which the ramshackle dorm is feeling a little unstable (same) and decides that the correct response is to shut down physically (same), endangering the poor reader in the process! and well, what could they do but message their beloved boyfriend?
first years | dorm leaders | third years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
translations for jamil's stress messages:
• ya Allah 'anqadhani min hadha aldaght allaamutanahi : God save me from this never ending stress [or endless pressure maybe? idk every translator said something different]
• be quiet [or silent? not sure if the phrase is supposed to come off as more of a "shut up" or more like a polite command] : اصمت
Tumblr media
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ai-dev · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If i draw one i gotta draw the other 😮‍💨
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ranimotia · 3 months
Tumblr media
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