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sheltiechicago · 3 months
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Gérard DuBois was commissioned to illustrate a new Folio Society edition of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. His acrylic paintings, described by the judges as ‘masterpieces’, capture the beauty and brutality of McCarthy’s text.
V&A Illustration Awards
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rvnclyd · 9 months
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uwmspeccoll · 2 months
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More Fairy Tales
This week I bring you The Girl Who Cried Flowers, and Other Tales, by the prolific American writer Jane Yolen (b.1939), illustrated by David Palladini (1946-2019), and published in New York by Thomas Y. Crowell in 1974. The book contains five original fairy tales with accompanying illustrations that range from one to two pages and are in both black and white and color. Tales such as these among her more than 300 titles has led Newsweek to dub Yolen “The Hans Christian Andersen of America.”
Yolen claims that it was this book, published nine years after her first book, that established her reputation in the field of children’s literature. The title story, The Girl Who Cried Flowers, has seen several iterations, including being separately published in Cricket magazine in 1990, published as an audiotape that Yolen narrated for Weston Woods Studios in their Readings to Remember series, and produced as an animated movie by Auryn Studios, with a script by Yolen, and directed by Bollywood director Umesh Shukla.
Yolen, who had originally worked as an editor, considered herself to be a poet and a journalist/nonfiction writer. Fate took her in a different direction, however, and to her surprise she became a children’s book writer who focused mostly on fantasy and science fiction. Her numerous awards andhonors include a Caldecott Medal, a Caldecott Honor, two Nebula awards, the Jewish Book Award, and six honorary doctorates.
Palladini, an Italian-born American illustrator, was best known for his Aquarian Tarot deck, which was published by Morgan Press in 1970 and reworked as the New Palladini Tarot in 1997 by U.S. Game Systems. Palladini’s style is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau illustrations of Alphonse Mucha and Aubrey Beardsley, a beautiful accompaniment to Jane Yolen’s stories.
View more posts from our Historical Curriculum Collection of children’s books.
View more Women’s History Month posts.
-- Elizabeth V., Special Collections Undergraduate Writing Intern
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otakusparkle · 11 months
Identity V Announcement
New character (Survivor)
Composer - Frederick Kreiburg
Tumblr media
Identity V main story continuation (Ashes of Memory) will begin at December
There will be a new character release
Tumblr media
Identity V Collaboration
Identity V x Fatal Frame ~Crimson Butterfly~
Tumblr media
Identity V x Angel of Death
Tumblr media
Identity V New Merchandise and costume
Seer (Eli Clark) - Noir
Buy the figure to claim the limited A-tier Costume and B-tier Accessories
Tumblr media
Identity V Offline Event
Identity V x Sweet Paradise
Theme : 4th Anniversary
Tumblr media
Identity V 4th anniversary merchandises will sold in Animate
Tumblr media
Identity V C100
Identity V finally will joining Comic Market again this year
Tumblr media
Identity V Nymph Award Winner
Geisha (Michiko) is finally released
Other than the costume, there will be special Live2D illustration, limited merchandises, special song, and many more
Tumblr media
Identity V finally will release their manga serialization, released by Kadokawa
Tumblr media
Yep that's all
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mybeingthere · 3 months
Tumblr media
Petra Börner is a Swedish artist and Illustrator based in London since 1994. She was nominated by V&A for 2012 Illustrator Award.
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sonocomics · 2 months
Tumblr media
Hey all! So usually there would be a poll for what comic or illustration topics would be focused on for the next month, but I've decided to take May to update my Patreon to bring it up to current standards! Quite a few things are out of date ^v^;;
Also, I'd like to make some updates to awards, though nothing will concretely change until probably around September 2023 to give people time to give input / understand what's coming up o:
There'll still be awards and the like, but definitely more polls / posts asking for opinions so be on the look out!
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thisdayinwwi · 6 months
Piper Daniel Laidlaw
London Gazette, 18 November, 1915. For most conspicuous bravery prior to an assault on German trenches near Loos and Hill 70 on 25th September 1915. During the worst of the bombardment, when the attack was about to commence, Piper Laidlaw, seeing that his company was somewhat shaken from the effects of gas, with absolute coolness and disregard of danger, mounted the parapet, marched up and down and played the company out of the trench. The effect of his splendid example was immediate, and the company dashed out to the assault. Piper Laidlaw continued playing his pipes till he was wounded.
Tumblr media
Issue 829. - Vol 63 - Dec 11 1915 - Sphere
Prior to the assault on the German trenches in September, Piper Laidlaw, with absolute coolness, mounted the parapet during the worst of the bombardment and played the regimental march of the K.O.S.B., “Blue Bonnets Over the Border.” The effect of his splendid example was immediate, and the company ... to the assault. Piper Laidlaw continued playing his pipes till he was wounded. For his act of superb bravery the piper was awarded the V. C. 
In a publish... gave the circumstances underwhich the episode took place. “There was a light wind that morning. he said. “It was blowing a bank of gas towards the German trenches when their high-explosive shells burst in its midst and sent it among our own men. For a minute or two it had a bad effect on my company; but in a flash Lieutenant Young sized up the situation, and, noticing I had my pipes, exclaimed, ‘For God’s sake, Laidlaw, pipe them together.” The brave piper is here seen playing the pipes in full view of the enemy.
Tumblr media
Dec 4 1915 - Illustrated London News
Piper Daniel Laidlaw of the 7th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, has added one more glorious page to the annals of the Scottish bag-pipes-annals which include the story of ”The Pipes at Lucknows,” as told in Whittier’s poem, and the heroism of Piper Findlater, of the Gordon Highlanders, at Dargai. The latter, it say be recalled, continued piping after he was wounded in the storming of the Dargai Heights on October 20, 1897, during the Tirah Campaign. Piper Laidlaw will henceforth stand beside Piper Findlater among the heroes of the bag-pipes, and for a very similar exploit. In the words of the official account, the V.C. was awarded to Piper Daniel Laidlaw “for most conspicuous bravery prior to an assault on German trenches near Loos and Hill 70 on September 25, 1915. During the worst of the bombardment, when the attack was about to commence, Piper Laidlaw, seeing that his company was somewhat shaken from the effects of gas, with absolute coolness and disregard of danger, mounted the parapet, marched up and down (i.e., outside), and played his company out of the trench. The effect of his splendid example was immediate, and the company dashed out to the assault. Piper Laidlaw continued playing his pipes till he was wounded.” A fragment of wire was blown through his foot as he was approaching the German trenches, but he still went on piping. He is seen marching up and down outside the British trench, playing “The Flowers of the Forest,” while Lieut. Young, the neat man out of the trench, is climbing over the parapet. The men are wearing their gas-masks. In the background is the ” Tower Bridge ” of Loos. Piper Laidlaw is the first man of the Scottish Borderers to win the V.C. in the present war.
Tumblr media
IMAGE number: LLM976461
Piper Daniel Laidlaw marching up and down the parapet of his trench playing his pipes to rally men shaken by the effects of gas, Battle of Loos, 25 September 1915. Illustration for Deeds That Thrill The Empire (Standard Art Book Co, c 1919).
Artist: Bagdatopoulos, William Spencer (1888-1965)
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rainbowwsims · 10 months
Generally I 'm not a huge fan of the Get Famous pack let alone Del Sol Valley, but I thought to give it a try and I got inspired and did a little something for Judith Ward For context: she is about to accept an award and starts thinking back at her life and how far she's come not only as an actress but as a celebrity also!
This was one of those times where I get really really inspired and try to illustrate as well as I can what I see in my mind, so I hope it turned out well!! ^v^
(keep in mind I painted all of these on my phone so if it looks sloppy that's why!!!!)
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littlerose13writes · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In chapter 13 of I Knew It All Along, James decides the best way to distract the press from… other things is to dye his hair blonde, which prolific gossip magazine In The Tea Leaves absolutely fall for, they publish several articles and in this chapter we see them invite their readers to ‘see page 8 for our countdown of all the best James Potter hair looks’ and I simply couldn’t resist writing that article and commissioning @yendts to illustrate with her wonderful James! This is the result, I love it a lot. Thank you so much Sydney, it was great working with you and I’m obsesseddd with the outcome!
Click for quality! Alt text for the article body is below the cut:
Puddlemere star Chaser (and all-round Keeper of our hearts) James Potter has never been one to shy away from changing up his look; from his colour-changing robes at the 2029 International Quidditch Awards to the ever-updated number of earrings he sports when off the pitch, James loves to experiment with his personal style.
Puddlemere star Chaser (and all-round Keeper of our hearts) James Potter has never been one to shy away from changing up his look; from his colour-changing robes at the 2029 International Quidditch Awards to the ever-updated number of earrings he sports when off the pitch, James loves to experiment with his personal style.
His favourite thing to change up is his hair. We’ve seen it all from James, and it was about time somebody collated all that auburn-haired, Potter yumminess into one handy countdown! Do not fear, In The Tea Leaves has your back, and we present the definitive countdown of all the BEST James Potter hair looks*
*rankings based on a quick survey passed around the ITTL staff room, v scientific!
In at number five… admit it, you cried yourself to sleep mourning the loss of James’ hair the first time you saw this pic! We did too, but when we heard all of the Puddlemere lads buzzed their heads together to raise awareness and funds for Cerebrumous Spattergroit Research (after their dear friend and teammate Bradley Bell was sadly diagnosed in 2027) our hearts simply melted. Talk about a team effort! On his new hairstyle, James said on Owlstagram “I’ve never fully appreciated the exact shape of my skull before now - we love you Bradders!” He must have really liked it because James stuck with the ‘do for longer than most of his teammates - we think he most definitely pulls it off!
The boys raised a whopping 5000 galleons for the charity and were over the moon to learn that Bradley was set to make a full recovery.
Page 2
Up at number four is the infamous mullet which really split our office down the middle - there were lots of votes for it to take the top spot. James graduated from Hogwarts with this trendy ‘do and carried on rocking it when he first joined the Puddlemere development squad (awww baby James!) No doubt if trendsetter James did this now, it would immediately be known as a Jullet! (we would indeed take full responsibility for starting this) James, if you’re reading this, we think it’s time to bring this one back!
In the middle of our countdown is this sweet, curly look - doesn’t it make you want to ruffle James’ hair and tell him how gosh-darn cute he is! On Owlstagram, James said he was inspired by the Chudley Cannons’ unofficial mascot, his cousin Freddie’s labradoodle (his name is Gravy and we are all kinds of obsessed - see page 17 for pics!) which makes sense - they’re both absolutely adorable! To achieve this look at home, we recommend Fleamont’s hair-curling potion: it’s a splurge at 18 sickles a bottle but we tested five brands and it was by far the best quality!
Page 3
In second place on our countdown is this cool, classic look that James returns to time and time again, his quintessential style. We’ve seen him score match-winning goals with this hairstyle, grace the cover of Wizard’s Health, enjoy the occasional night out with his teammates and blow us all away on the red carpet at the Harpies charity ball. There’s something about the way the wind rushes through his fringe as he flies that has James going back to this hairstyle and all we can say is we agree! It’s a low-maintenance and cool choice for the wizard in your life - just ask for ‘The James Potter’!
And taking the top spot, to the surprise of pretty much no one, is the look that had us all brushing up on our blowdry charms! The middle parting, the sweeping fringe, that dreamy smile; this look secured James a spot on everyone’s bedroom wall (see page 12 for a pull out poster of this pic) including ours at ITTL!
Overall, we think it’s safe to say James Potter really can pull off anything and we can’t wait to see what he surprises us with next!
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sweetspinky · 3 months
Tumblr media
Jazz Queen and Prince🎹🎶🎷 This is my new artwork! I was inspired by photo shoots at the 64th annual grammy awards, I draw Gaga and V of BTS. Hope you like that. It was my first time to draw him and too hard for me to draw good-looking guy. It seems that he is biggest fan of Gaga, besides, he likes juzz music, and he admires her as jazz queen! Someday, it would be great if she invited young talented artists to create jazz album like Tony did. #LadyGaga #v #tonybennett #bts #jazz #art #fanart #drawing #illustration #smile #love #design #fashion #bornthisway #loveforsale #littlemonster #mothermonster #joker https://www.instagram.com/p/CpFlHuiJevn/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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brianbritigan · 4 months
So excited to be heading back to NYC for the Society of Illustrators exhibition and awards ceremony this evening! Being awarded a gold medal for this documentary truly means so much, endless thanks to this year’s jury, Illustrators 65 chair Eugenia Mello, and to Ron Stodghill for trusting me with this story.
“Created in partnership with Detour and the Missouri School of Journalism, this animated documentary short tells the story of Pierce City, Missouri, and the racial violence that drove many Black families from the area during the early 1900s. Decades after her ancestors fled the city, Rochelle Fritsch discovered the ugly history that displaced an entire generation of her family and returned to the town to honor their memory.”
Produced, directed, written, and narrated by Ron Stodghill, original music and score by Gary V. Brown, audio mix by Kristopher Husted. Storyboards, artwork, and animation by Brian Britigan.
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setsailtomorrow · 2 years
hello :) im not sure this is still sth you do, but i recently went through your yizhan fic recs again and do you have any new ones? im just too far down in that pit :D i'd take anything, AU or not, plot-heavy is good, any kind of smut is great, too, esp if it's sth new, sth that's not written about as much.
if you haven't that's okay, too, no worries. i just thought i'd try my luck since i really liked what you rec'ed so far. anyway, have a great day :)
hi anon! i love sharing recs so you are no bother at all <3
as for yizhan, i haven't been as active in the tag as i was when the other rec you mention was done. but i have read some good stuff and have some things to rec for you:
l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux, 3k, E by gdgdbaby, neenya
Yibo sees the hot trend when he lands in Changsha on Monday night, while he's scrolling through Weibo on the ride from the airport to the hotel.
a collaborative work by two of my faves in the fandom! gdgd writing scorching hot and neenya illustrating <3 remember hysterical literature? yeah.
Paint My Life Red, 4k, E by airinshaw
Yibo is annoyed to have to get a decorator in to paint his new place, until he meets him and can't keep away.
moder au-ish. famous/non-famous is a trope i love and this was cute (and hot).
verse. chorus. verse., 7k, E by idrilka
‘It isn’t until later, as the gala winds down to a close, that Yibo comes face to face with Xiao Zhan under the cold, fluorescent lights of the men’s restroom. Xiao Zhan enters just as Yibo turns off the tap, hands still dripping with water.  
There’s a small, ugly part of Yibo that enjoys the way Xiao Zhan’s feet stutter to a halt, surprise spilling all over his features as he looks over his shoulder like he wants to bolt. But Xiao Zhan is such a fucking adult about everything, so instead of running away, he plasters on a bland, camera-ready smile and says, “Yibo,” in an artificially light, level voice.’
Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan meet for the first time in months at the Tencent Awards. Afterwards, they clear up a few misunderstandings.
another fave author of mine. that bittersweet thing of exes to lovers that fit yizhan so well. canon compliant, or what you call rpf.
And They Were Roommates, 8k, E by ShamelessPeterPan
When Xiao Zhan’s best friend asks if her cousin can crash at his place for a while, he doesn’t expect that the most difficult thing about having a roommate is the giant crush he develops on the gorgeous man.
hot and cute and fun.
Xiao Yaojing, 12.5k, E by Eudoxia
Yibo goes to perch delicately on the armrest of their couch. She has a perfect view of the front door from here. Or, more accurately, the front door has a perfect view of her.
She sticks her legs out straight, crosses her ankles, knowing that it highlights how long they are and how nice they look in the stockings. The skirt on the dress is just long enough to hide the fact that the stockings are only thigh length, too.
Something to surprise him with, she muses, running a hand over the skirt and smoothing it down.
A smirk twitches onto Yibo’s face. She looks good and she knows it. Knows Xiao Zhan’s already hot and hard for her. Knows she’s going to get fucked and get hugged and is so looking forward to it.
She leans back on her hands, or, as much as she can while sitting on the armrest, anyway, and waits, counting down the seconds until she hears Xiao Zhan’s key in the lock.
we got some feminisation up in here. read the tags before you jump in.
Third Time's The Charm, 25k, E by PencilSketchS
If Xiao Zhan had thought the disparity between the first and the second time they met was dramatic, then the current circumstances were just too unlikely to be true. Xiao Zhan walks into the dance studio of Made in V as a member of X-Nine and none other than Wang Yibo is there to greet him.
Or: Childhood friends reunite, and Yibo has really grown into his little horns.
modern fantasy kinda. childhood friends with the canon age difference. i enjoyed this, very cute.
my future in your laugh, 31k, E by timelykey
Xiao Zhan gives him a look. ‘Is it so important that I like you better than adorable, sick children? You can’t let the sick childrenhave this one?’
‘No, I can’t,’ Wang Yibo shoots back, zero hesitation.
Or, Dr Xiao Zhan meets idol Wang Yibo and falls in love, four hospital visits later.
this one came out pretty close to my other rec, and it's so good it deserves to be read by everyone! famous/non-famous again, xz's character is inspired by the one he plays on OoL. this is all an au should be.
Under My Skin, 42k, E by OverthinkingThis
When Yibo clasps Xiao Zhan's hands in farewell, they feel sensual and nimble in his own.  The hands of an artist. Yibo suddenly thinks about them leaving a trail of ink on his body, one that he could touch and look at, like a memento.
“Yibo?” Jackson taps him on the shoulder. “You coming?”
Yibo blinks. He doesn’t know how long he’s been holding Xiao Zhan’s hands and staring up into his eyes, but ah, fuck it.
“No,” he says. “I’m getting a tattoo.”
OR: Xiao Zhan is a tattoo artist, and Yibo has never wanted a tattoo so badly.
we need more tattoo artist xz in our lives i think. this is very good but i will warn for some frustrating miscommunication. still, very cute and the famous/non-famous trope again.
The Scent of Happiness, 48,5k E by vesna (mrsronweasley)
He raises his head up at the drinks menu and that's when the guy behind the counter turns around and greets them both with a smile.
Yibo is aware that he's staring, but he just. Can't stop. The guy is tall--taller than Yibo--with long hair tied loosely into a bun. Soft bangs cover his forehead, with longer tendrils framing the most beautiful face Yibo has ever seen on a human person. And Yibo has met a lot of beautiful human people.
this is not a new one and is pretty high on the "sort by kudos"-list, so you might have read it! i'm reccing because i was feeling the famous/non-famous itch and reread it recently. it's well worth a re-read.
forehead kisses, break my knees, 54k, M by kinkywrists
It’s been a really long time since they spent any time together, the reality of their tattered relationship sinking in as Xiao Zhan breathes in the still air. It had been easy to near-forget about Yibo, as bad as that sounds. When you no longer occupy the same spaces as someone else, when you’ve both got huge, sprawling careers and no longer need each other for anything, it takes no effort at all to fill the space with other things, other people. It sounds a little heartless when Xiao Zhan thinks of it like that, but Yibo has been the same, most people would be the same. As much as it felt like he couldn’t for the first few weeks after they split up, Xiao Zhan can live without Yibo. It’s just that he would rather not.
In the end, it’s Yibo who breaks the silence.
“Why are you here, Xiao Zhan?”
and we have reached "and they were exes" part of the rec (everybody cheers)! read the warnings, wy goes to rehab, xz realises what he might have left behind. it's intense, it's good. captures c-ent well, set some time in the future.
See you in Eorzea, 63k, E by sandorara
I (M 28) picked up someone (M 2x) in a video game and I think they might be famous. Please advise.
...yeah there it is again. famous/non-famous, they meet online. i liked that this didn't put too much emphasis on the not knowing. also, i know nothing about the game they play but i could still follow along easily!
Sometimes We Take Chances, 76.7k, E by brooklinegirl
"Everyone's buzzing that you canceled a meeting. Someone said you were sick." Xiao Zhan sends a weird worried face meme that Yibo doesn't recognize.
Yibo runs a tired hand over his face. He hears from Xiao Zhan once in a blue moon. There's been radio silence since they'd had what Yibo can only keep telling himself was a wildly ill-advised hook-up backstage months back. They weren't anything to each other. Why is Xiao Zhan asking about him now?
"Yeah", is all he sends back. He tries to line up words to say next, but his brain is thrumming with bewildered exhaustion. He's staring down, thoughts moving sluggishly, as the screen dims for a moment, Xiao Zhan's text coming in right before it locks itself.
"Your stomach again?"
Yibo does, then, definitely break into slightly hysterical giggles. Yeah. Yeah, Xiao Zhan, it's his stomach again. It's definitely his stomach again. Sure. Yes. Absolutely. It's a big stomach thing. Probably going to be a huge stomach thing.
you have to know, i LOVE this writer. for wangxian, for yizhan, their work is always outstanding. this is no exception. funny story: as i was reading this, pictures promoing yibo on sdoc4 came out and he was wearing some sort of sash thing across his torso. my brain went, "ah, the pictures to hide his pregnancy dropped". lol. that's how well this writer does her thing.
Under Pressure, 132k, E by augmenti 🔒
“There could be children, Yibo.”
“Good,” Yibo says. Forever, and a family with Xiao Zhan. He wants it, more than he’s wanted anything in his life, he wants to hold onto them. He kisses him hard, fisting Xiao Zhan’s shirt in his hand, right over his heart. His pulse is racing so fast, much too fast. Dangerously fast. The kiss is more of a fight, Yibo’s teeth catching on Xiao Zhan’s bottom lip as he pulls back, panting hard. “Give me your fucking kids before I die waiting, gege.”
read the tags. i took this one chapter at a time. modern fantasy, xz is a sort of tentacle monster, but mostly has a human shape. rut hits and eggpreg happens. this is a very wellwritten fic, with lots of emotions, angst and happiness. mostly there's so much love between the two. and it's very very lovely.
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thecrofttomb · 1 year
Tumblr media
TR25 | Reimagined Covers: Temple of Osiris
Back in February 2021, Crystal Dynamics debuted a special project that aimed to reimagine the box art of all the mainline entries and the first two Lara Croft spin-off games in the series. Each one features a different artist and their unique take on the game they were assigned with and is set to be released throughout the anniversary celebration.
For Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (2014), the team unveiled this gorgeous stylized illustration designed by the incredibly talented, and Tomb Raider veteran, Adam Hughes, an award-winning comic book artist and writer well known in our community for his involvement in the franchise, mainly during the Top Cow 1999 comic run. With more than 30 years of experience, Hughes worked on many pop culture properties ranging from DC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Dark Horse, Archie Comics, among others.
Below you can find what the artist had to say on the making of this piece and download it in various sizes so you can customize all of your devices.
Tumblr media
"I've been drawing Lara Croft for 22 years, starting with PlayStation Magazine covers and interior illustrations in 1999. I've drawn Lara on many comic book covers, and designed statues of her for Sideshow Collectibles. I've been a Tomb Raider fan since my first Lara game, which was Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, and will draw her any chance I get!
For this illustration, I was jazzed to do a proper, good old-fashioned Egyptian adventure setting. Let's face it: adventure can take you anywhere, but there's something special about an adventure that takes you through Egypt.
The landscape format of this was a bit of a challenge, since the image has to work across several different croppings. My inspiration for this was the wraparound book covers famed illustrator Drew Struzan did for that other adventurer – the guy with the hat and whip. Those landscape-style artworks made me want to give that unusual format (for me, anyways) a real go!"
The team has also released a neat fan kit with the artwork packed with wallpapers, social assets and even a printable file for those who wish to revamp their cases. If you do so, please share them with us on social media by tagging @thecrofttomb and @tombraider in your posts along with #TR25!
Tumblr media
» Previous Covers «
Tomb Raider by Brenoch Adams Tomb Raider II by Babs Tarr Tomb Raider III by Paul Kwon Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation by Andy Park Tomb Raider V: Chronicles by Megan Lara Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness by Stephanie Rew | Community: #1, #2, #3, #4 Tomb Raider: Legend by Nagu Tomb Raider: Anniversary by Brenoch Adams Tomb Raider: Underworld by Laura H. Rubin Tomb Raider (2013) by Yoshitaka Amano Rise of the Tomb Raider (TBA) Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Ross Draws Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light by Monster Draw
Explore the TR25 web portal where the Tomb Raider community team will be posting some fun articles and exciting announcements along the year. For all the news regarding the 25th anniversary of the franchise, be sure to visit our dedicated TombRaider25 tag.
Tumblr media
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skyfire85 · 2 years
Tumblr media
-A Dornier Do 335 Pfeil on a snowy runway, some time in 1944 or '45. | Photo: Luftwaffe
Initially designed in response to a request for a Schnellbomber, the Do 335 was reconfigured into a multi-role aircraft, though only a few were completed before Germany surrendered.
Claude Dornier founded the Dornier Flugzeugwerke ("Aircraft factory") in 1914, and was renowned for building large, all-metal flying boats as well as land-based passenger aircraft between the Great War and WWII. These included the record-breaking Do 16 Wal ("Whale") of 1924, the Do X of 1929, and the Komet ("Comet") and Merkur ("Mercury"), a favorite of Lufthansa and SCADTA in Colombia, as well as several South American militaries. A feature of many Dornier aircraft were tandem engines, a tractor and a pusher motor placed back to back. This arrangement allowed an aircraft to enjoy the extra power of having multiple engines without the associated drag of having multiple tractor installations. It also alleviated the issue of asymmetric thrust in case of an engine failure.
Tumblr media
-A Do X in flight, circa January 1932. This was one of a number of Dornier flying boats to have a tandem engine configuration. | Photo: German Federal Archives
What became the Do 335 originated in 1939, while Dornier was working on the P.59 Schellbomber ("high-speed bomber"), which would have carried and equivalent load to a Ju 88 or Me 410, but featured a tandem engine arrangement. Work on the P.59 was cancelled in 1940, but Dornier had already commissioned a test aircraft, the Göppingen Gö 9, to test the feasibility of connecting a pusher prop via an extended drive shaft. The Go 9 was based on the Do 17 bomber, but scaled down 40% and with a cruciform tail. The test plane validated Dornier's designs, though the eventual fate of the Go 9 is not known (likely though, it was destroyed by Allied bombing or recycled).
Tumblr media
-The Göppingen Gö-9 motor glider, designed by Wolf Hirth. flying c.1941. | Photo: Flightglobal
The P.59's general design was resurrected in 1942 when the RLM requested a high-speed bomber with a 1,000kg payload. Dornier submission, designated the P.231, was awarded a development contract and the model number Do 335. Late in 1942, the requirements were changed from a Schnellbomber to a multirole fighter, which resulted in extensive delays while the designs were updated.
The Do 335 was 13.85m long, with a wingspan of 13.8m and a height of 5m. Empty, the plane weighed 7,260kg, while at max TO the weight was 9,600kg (10,000kg for the two-seat trainers and night fighter variants). Power was provided by two Daimler-Benz DB 603E-1 liquid-cooled V-12s developing 1,324kW each. Due to the situation in late-war Germany, the engines were fitted to run on 87 octane "B4" lignite-derived synthetic fuel, and MW50 boost was also available for additional speed. The basic fighter/bomber variant was armed with a singe 30mm MK 103 cannon firing through the spinner and two 20mm MG 151/20 autocannon mounted in the front engine cowl and synchronized to fire through the prop disc. A single 500kg bomb could be carried internally, and two pylons on the wings could be fitted with bombs, gun pods or drop tanks, with a total load of 100kg. During flight tests, the Do 335 hit 763kmh with boost (686kmh without), making it the fastest production fighter the Luftwaffe fielded during WWII. Under single-engine operations, the plane could still fly at 563kmh. Service ceiling was 11,400m, and under ideal conditions the plane could climb to 8,000m in 14 minutes 30 seconds. Due to concerns over a pilot striking the dorsal fin or the rear prop (a common concern in pusher designs before ejector seats became common), explosive charges would sever the fin and propeller before the pilot would bail out.
Tumblr media
-Orthograph of the Do 335 A-1. | Illustration: Richard Ferriere
Tumblr media
-Cutaway drawing of the Pfeil showing the engines, linkages, and landing gear actuators. | Illustration: Dornier
Tumblr media
-Mounting locations of the 335's guns and associated equipment. | Illustration: Dornier
Maiden flight of the Do 335 V1 prototype was on 26 October 1943. A total of 27 flights were made with the V1, which uncovered a weakness in the landing gear, and issues with the main landing gear wheel-well doors saw them removed for the majority of the flights. The second aircraft, V2, first flew on 31 December 1943, and featured uprated DB 603A-2 engines as well as aerodynamic changes informed by the V1's test flights as well as wind tunnel tests. Maiden flight of the V3 pre-production aircraft was on 20 January 1944, which was fitted with DB 603G-0 engines, which produced 1,400kW at take off. The V3 was also fitted with two rear-view mirrors, alleviating blind spots caused by the location of the aft engine. A total of ten preproduction aircraft were then ordered, and in January the RLM ordered five more prototypes of the night fighter variant, later designated the A-6. By war's end, at least 16 prototypes of the Do 335 and related programs had flown, accumulating some 60 flight hours.
Tumblr media
-The Do 335 V1 during testing in 1943 or '44. | Photo: Luftwaffe
Production of the Do 335 was given maximum priority under Hitler's Jägernotprogramm (Emergency Fighter Program), issued on 23 May 1944, and the competing He 219 Uhu ("eagle-owl") Nachtjäger theoretically freed up needed DB 603 engines for the Pfeil, but in practice Heinkel continued production of the 219A. Dornier's factories in Friedrichshafen and Munchen were anticipated to produce 120 and 2,000 Do 335s, of various configurations, by March 1946, but an Allied attack on Friedrichshafen destroyed tooling for the Pfeil, which resulted in a new line being set up in Oberpfaffenhofen. The first preproduction Do 335 A-0 model was delivered in July 1944, and construction of the first production A-1 model began in late 1944. As the war progressed, various models of the Do 335 proliferated (as happened often with late-war aircraft programs) as the Nazis sought to turn back the Allied forces:
Do 335 A-2: single-seat fighter-bomber aircraft with new weapon sights, later proposed longer wing and updated 1,471 kW (1,973 hp) DB603L engines.
Do 335 A-3: single-seat reconnaissance aircraft built from A-1 aircraft, later proposed with longer wing.
Do 335 A-4: single-seat reconnaissance aircraft with smaller cameras than the A-3
Do 335 A-5: single-seat night fighter aircraft, later night and bad weather fighter with enlarged wing and DB603L engines.
Do 335 A-6: two-seat night fighter aircraft, with completely separate second cockpit located above and behind the original.
Do 335 A-7: A-6 with longer wing.
Do 335 A-8: A-4 fitted with longer wing.
Do 335 A-9: A-4 fitted with longer wing, DB603L engines and pressurized cockpit.
Do 335 A-11/12: A-0 refitted with a second cockpit to serve as trainers.
Tumblr media
-A Do 335 A-12 trainer, known as the Ameisenbär ("anteater"), late in the war. | Photo: Luftwaffe
Do 335 B-1: abandoned in development.
Do 335 B-2: single-seat destroyer aircraft. Fitted with 2 additional MK 103 in the wings and provision to carry two standard Luftwaffe 300 litre (80 US gal) drop tanks.
Do 335 B-3: updated B-1 but with longer wing.
Do 335 B-4: update of the B-1 with longer wing, DB603L engine.
Do 335 B-6: night fighter.
Do 335 B-12: dual-seat trainer version for the B-series aircraft.
Do 435: a Do 335 with the redesigned, longer wing. Allied intelligence reports from early May 1945 mention spotting a Do 435 at the Dornier factory airfield at Lowenthal.
Do 535: actually the He 535, once the Dornier P254 design was handed over to Heinkel in October 1944; fitted with jet engine in place of rear piston engine.
Do 635: twin-fuselaged long-range reconnaissance version. Also called Junkers Ju 635 or Do 335Z. Mock up only.
P 256: turbojet nightfighter version, with two podded HeS 011 turbojet engines; based on Do 335 airframe.
In April 1945 the Allies captured the Oberpfaffenhofen factory in late April 1945, capturing 11 A-1 fighter/bombers and 2 A-12 trainers. That same month, a flight of four RAF Hawker Tempests, led by French ace Pierre Clostermann, encountered an unknown model of Do 335 over northern Germany at low altitude. The Pfeil pilot began evasive maneuvers, but Clostermann opted to not give chase as the enemy plane displayed superior speed. At the time of the German capitulation in 1945, 22 Do 335A-0, A-1 and A-11/12 aircraft were known to have been completed.
Tumblr media
-Dornier Do 335 aircraft on the runway at Oberpfaffenhofen just after the end of the Second World War. | Photo: USAAF
Tumblr media
-A Do 335 after being captured by the US, with American markings painted over the Luftwaffe ones. | Photo: Charles Daniels Collection/SDASM Archives
At least two Do 335s were brought to the US under Operation LUSTY, with one, Do 335 A-0, designated A-02, with construction number (Werknummer) 240 102, and Stammkennzeichen ("factory radio code registration") VG+PH being claimed by the Navy for testing. The aircraft was transported on HMS Reaper along with other captured German aircraft, then shipped to the Navy's Test and Evaluation center at NAS Pax River. Another Pfeil was tested by the USAAF at Freeman Field in Indiana, but nothing is known about its fate. In 1961 VG+PH was transferred to the Smithsonian Institution, though it remained outside at NAS Oceana until 1974, when it was shipped back to the Dornier factory in Oberpfaffenhofen for restoration. Over the next year, volunteers from Dornier (some of whom worked on the aircraft originally) found that the explosive charges meant to sever the tail and aft prop were still installed and live, thirty years later. After work was completed the aircraft was placed on display at the Hannover Airshow from 1 to 9 May 1976, and afterwards it was on loan to the Deutsches Museum until 1988. The aircraft was shipped back the States after that, and is now on display at the Udvar-Hazy Center along with other German aircraft brought over during Lusty like the only known Ar 234 Blitz jet bomber and the partially restored He 219A Uhu.
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otakusparkle · 3 months
Identity V Coloring Event
Identity V is now collaborating with Clip Studio Paint and IbisPaint, now they held a coloring contest for everyone to join!
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Tumblr media
For those who didn't win, will be selected by lottery and will win "Special collaboration clear file" for lucky 50 peoples.
Application period: From Friday, March 24, 2023 to Wednesday, April 12, 23:59
Result announcement: Scheduled for Friday, April 28, 2023
Download the coloring page and read more information here :
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Petra Börner is a Swedish artist and Illustrator based in London since 1994. She was nominated by V&A for 2012 Illustrator Award.
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