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Jim Pitts - Voices From Shadow
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Another one. Palette from @color-palettes and it was called "Stop! Don't Touch My Fangs" So, have a vampire bat!
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I think I forgot to post this, lol! It's wing AU and Miguel has bat wings, and Miles has red tailed black cockatoo wings.
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found an old google doc i made of my favorite bat species. you should suggest more species for my list pls
A post describing 6 types of bats as follows:
Northern Ghost bat
Angry face
Primarily eats moths and apparently likes to sing while doing so. Fuckin superb you funky little ghost bat
Desert long-eared bat
What's he so happy about???
Apparently they get scorpion stings to the face a lot but it's okay because they just don't care and swoop down to eat them whole (stinger and poison sack included) off the ground anyways
So actually he's probably happy about all the scorpion murder he commits
Pallid bat
Greater false vampire bat
Can apparently eat like anything. Bugs? Yes. Frogs? Yes. Birds? You bet.
Like straight up cannibalizes bats smaller than it.
Kind of a killing machine overall really
Wrinkle faced bats
Ugly but full of love
has a flap of skin they use as a facemask when they nap. Fancy.
Their weird skull structure lets them eat a wider range of food than most other bats. So that's rad.
Frog eating bat.
They eat frogs
Fun at parties. Always brings fun food (frogs)
End ID.
(thank you @friendlybat for the ID!!)
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Kas!Eddie: *running to Steve with his cheeks full like a chipmunk*
Steve: Eds?
Kas!Eddie: *grabs Steve鈥檚 face with both hands*
Steve: EDDIE?!? What -
Kas!Eddie: *smooshes their mouths together, invades Steve鈥檚 mouth with tongue and too much blood*
Steve: *choking on Eddie鈥檚 /tongue/ and /holy shit is this blood/ and /what the fuck are we kissing/*
Kas!Eddie: *pulls away, blood all over his mouth and running down his chin and neck, just smirking*
Steve: *coughing and gagging and /not in the tiniest bit, no absolutely not, turned one/* WHAT THE FUCK EDS?
Kas!Eddie: We bond.
Steve: *drags hand across mouth* Couldn鈥檛 we bond over like a game of basketball?
Kas!Eddie: *makes face at /basketball/*
Steve: Or *snaps fingers and points at Eddie* a mixed tape?
Kas!Eddie: *tilts head* Bond like bats. *points to matching scar*
Steve: *sighs*
Robin: Hi. Yeah, since no one else got bit by the demobats then we鈥檙e like free for the blood spit bonding right? Cause like, that was disgusting鈥ike where did the blood even come from鈥
Steve: It is taking everything in me not to figure that out. I don鈥檛 even want to know.
Kas!Eddie: *grabbing Steve and pulling him close, arm and wing around his shoulder, smiles at Robin* We bond.
Robin: 鈥.good鈥.?
Kas!Eddie: Mine.
Steve: Yours?
Kas!Eddie: *gasps, nuzzles into Steve鈥檚 neck and starts purring*
Robin: Ohhhhhh!
Steve: *genuinely confused but not pushing Eddie off of him quite yet* What? What /ohhhhh/?
Robin: I think he鈥檚 asking you out.
Steve: *eyes grow wide*
Robin: And I think you said yes.
Kas!Eddie: *still nuzzling Steve* We bond.
Steve: *blushing*
Robin: Congrats.
More Kas!Eddie here.
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aurora x tasty peach 鉂わ笍 vampire bat meowchi 馃枻
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vampire bat!!
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Goths start doing this
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Its Sept, I can officially post pumpkin shots again!
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"I think you'll serve as a fine snack" <3
completed piece for @acrystra on twitter
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I like bats a normal amount
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Illustration and spots from my illuminated edition of Carmilla coming out from Beehive Books next year~
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(LOL get it??)馃惡馃
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