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depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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mythicalcoolkid · 2 months
Just wanted to say I've read through a lot of your posts, and you are amazingly well-spoken and thoughtful, particularly in regards to LGBTQ issues in society. I am a follower and a fan. You rock!🏳️‍🌈❤️
Thank you so much, this made my day. I pride myself on being nuanced and thorough but sometimes on the Worst Faith Approach website it's easy for me to feel like I explain myself poorly. It means a lot to hear that other people understand what I mean and that I actually do explain myself well - some people just love getting angry and that's not my problem
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unproduciblesmackdown · 8 months
speaking of, i’ve seen some like reblog addition once or twice in these past 7 years and been annoyed enough about disagreeing analytically that here i am to just vaguely refer to it and repudiate it
basically someone saying like oh there’s that idea in fury road that instead of chasing after a utopia you should fix what’s already there / what you’ve actually got to work with
like they do in fact get to improve on what they already have to work with but there’s not so much a concept of a Utopia here but rather someone, for one thing, going “yeah this cool, better place exists that i want to go to, because i lived there already”....even these other girls for whomst it is in fact entirely abstract are a) aware that it is an actual place that exists, thusly, and b) aren’t exactly necessarily totally Idealistic about the entire matter, e.g. aren’t assuming they won’t be killed, don’t think they’ll be able to find it, & such
which goes into how it’s not that everyone’s assuming they’re pursuing something perfect out here, it’s that they’re all coming from their nightmare society where they’re not even regarded as people in their own right, and chasing Something Else, which is theoretically going to be better rather than necessarily ideal, and that, again, it doesn’t even Have to be better necessarily, it’s [inciting incident is all these people choosing to take these actions] happening b/c again it’s Something Else, it’s literally Not This, it’s Possibility that [this] isn’t the only thing for them or for anyone. which is an attitude that can be like oh how naively utopian lol of course this is the way it Is so yes, going “what about: not this” is so useless. but naturally i would happen to disagree w/that.
even for things to take a turn into the climax you’ve got like. furiosa has her emotional low point b/c her remembered The Green Place has gone to shit / doesn’t have those qualities it used to have. which is different from like oh disillusionment about a place you Thought was perfect but actually it wasn’t, rather, it’s just outright Changed in the last twentysome years. (and also isn’t completely changed, like, it’s still something of this figurative oasis, it’s still sustaining life in this desert, even if it’s not Plant life nor the people who planted it & rather, the crows & those bogwalking people & whatever else is going on out in a bog).....it’s like, okay Now they’re heading off somewhere that they Don’t know exists at all & nobody knows what it’s like b/c they don’t know if traveling east for months will bring them to Anything Else or not. but it’s just a less concrete version of what they were already after, Something Else, and Possibility. it’s sure Possible there’s something out there actually, though there may not be, versus furiosa knowing there’s definitely something else a few day’s out from the citadel, b/c there is/was, b/c she was there....but that idea there Could Be Something Else is again not like oh there’s utopia out there, nor is it even necessarily despairing, though going back & taking over the citadel Is more concrete, and it Is considered more hopeful by everyone else (who also agreed to the salt flats approach, naturally) which is fun since max Just said that the salt journey was too hopeful lol but is now the one coming through w/the more hopeful and frankly longer shot of an idea.
but also that the reason they change plans isn’t b/c they were ignoring or rejecting the idea of Fixing what was already there, it’s that it’s like, to turn around and go back would just be to die lol, the entire time they were outrunning those parties b/c they’ve got one truck vs [literally everyone else]. it’s certainly not all about convincing furiosa and co of the practical plausibility of that, there sure is like thematic [operating together / with others towards your aligned/shared goals] and hope being repeated specifically mentioned before & now, but it sure Is also the practical plausibility lol, when once it’s like oh you can’t go home again when you were abducted a couple of decades ago, their options are Go Back, where they’ll be killed, or stay living in this part of the desert which is i guess an option, but really the Most Active thing to do from their perspective is in fact to take a long shot, take advantage of the supplies they’ve brought with them, & all pursue the Possibility of Something Else. to consider going back at all certainly involves max having to pitch the idea that it doesn’t actually just mean being killed along the way, or once they’re there. like, they all of course have known it exists, or at least half of them do, having just come from there / lived there a good while, furiosa knows it has resources, but the resources They have are themselves as people & their own relationships, where they see each other as people, rather than being in that citadel with all these increased resources that definitely exist, but where everyone’s an object / tool / property & even furiosa having some power through being an imperator was/is certainly not enough where she had any feasible means to just avoid being killed if she tried much of anything. and where here their opportunity is that the main guy & his whole army can at least be held off long enough to maybe get a foothold in the citadel, making sure to kill the main guy isn’t even necessarily a step in the plan. however it’s fantastic that furiosa gets to do this personally with an epic line that also punches you (or at least me) because it’s also like of course this is such an implicitly fraught history for her behind getting to rip a guy’s jaw off. good for her with that specific revenge that semi spontaneously unfolded but was also imbued with Everything In Her Life. and the girls getting to help her along to that point including again toast as the most similar to her having a direct hand in the last seconds letting furiosa kill him, then being there to take over driving and spit on his corpse. anyways, the thing is that also they know even Maybe turning around would lead to everyone dying anyways, and many people do die, and they also can’t have been sure there Wouldn’t be anything across the salt (or they wouldn’t have done it) and Obviously turning back and taking the citadel from joe with its definitely extant water & plants (and even the people of course, given that of course crucially they don’t (and can’t anyway) just like storm and conquer the place and have to be Let Up / everything that unfolds in how people react to furiosa’s return and joe being dead) is the right (and/or rewarded) choice in this story and it is certainly the choice they end up making, but it’s certainly Not accurate or all that relevant to what’s more accurate to be like well well well looks like someone didn’t want to put in the work and is instead looking for utopia
reminds me very pertinently of like oh how about this postapocalyptic YA scifi novel where one teen girl is now the only person alive in this small town / enclave although she can’t know if there’s any other enclaves or people alive out there, until some adult guy shows up from somewhere and maybe has to recover from some injury idk and they’re like housemates or whatever for a while until he suddenly tries to rape her b/c oh postapocalypse, as a girl you Have to have earth repopulating babies, and then she has to like flee and try to survive in that enclave while he’s trying to sabotage her to force her to have to “cooperate” with him. and the ending is that she takes the like radiation armor or whatever hazmat type suit the guy showed up in and leaves him and that enclave behind entirely and walks off into what may be a totally inhospitable unpopulated world but where a) that guy managed to show up from the outside world and b) she’s like specifically walking towards an area where she’s seen some distant birds so there May be life, but there’s no further implication about whether she’s necessarily right or or whether she’s going to die b/c there’s no one else or no other hospitable area nearby....and if we’re going “fury road is about working with what you’ve got and they have to learn that chasing utopia isn’t going to get them anywhere” then we’re going “wow, a story about this protagonist’s naivete, huh??” about that ending. sounds like Someone’s a little too idealistic
also that naturally it’s completely relevant that authoritarianism as like a structure/ guiding principle needn’t only be found on a scale of [a whole country or something]. quotes about water sure but also the “that’s my child; my property” line, where’s that being shared, it’s not like oh that’s just [the villain] things lol, that’s like, a common perspective even if it’s not voiced that way. you can apply the material to w/e you want irl but in universe it’s like, this one place they’re from is known to not be the only place in the world, it doesn’t Need to represent All Human Society and isn’t That in universe, when i went offroad from [zooms off from parents’ house] i was like wow fury road moments huh. and certainly people have the stance of like umm sounds like everyone should try and Make It Work with their existing family units....and i have the stance of i wish i could fight with a metal arm. like, you wanna make it work that way lol, that’s a possibility. don’t have to presume everything out there is Perfect, or that you won’t even maybe die by getting outta here, but it’s Possibility of Something Else and is already something else, can you argue people necessarily need to be guided by anything else or that that’s somehow the Naive or overly Idealistic perspective rather than “how about you stay & deal with more of the same / your known limited paths for the future as you have for however long? try just keeping at it? see if the regime will feel like seeing you as a person when it’s never done that and to actually change and do it it needs to have Already changed and done it, so kind of an impossible position to be in” and the like. how is one gonna imply like well the mistake that these characters needed to unlearn was leaving in the first place, oh you think there’s something perfect out there, get real?? 
anyways the tl;dr is you know when someone’s wrong and you’re right. i’m really right though lmfao this wasn’t a story about anyone being motivated by the idea of this utopia, it’s about the motivation of needing something else / acting on possibility. and saying the conclusion is like “fix it” lol like again, not utterly irrelevant when these matters are discussed, but it’s like, they’ve Been fixing things, How are they able to fix things, why do further possibilities like “i can fix [the citadel]” become possible....survival happening / becoming more successful with others, individuals becoming more successful with others....people are isolated & stripped of power as their Problems, not that they’re a bit too idealistic about hey time to get the fuck out of here lol
#some rando in some post i probably last glimpsed a few yrs ago ''fury road is good b/c for one thing: [x] :)''#here i am to say NO it's NOT [x] it's good b/c for one thing: that's actually [y]#tagging this one just categorically lol#fury road#the plains of silence? more like the black box of [anyone checking w/e particular tags i'm using] lol#godspeed i mean i'd believe it. i'm out here having seen fury road the month it came out & never stopping thinking abt it since#in fact clearly i am Continuing to think abt it afresh even in addition to all the immediate [thinking about sooo much]#that is i don't feel like ah yes. i have reached Every Conclusion about this material lol. im obv going ''oh hey. new ideas'' this very week#and you know me....short essays to Hope i've made some point about something that would probably be someone else's sentence or paragraph#oh right and once more with canon typicality:#cw rape mention#at this point i'm so like. make windows movie maker absorb this File; make a clip comp that's even limited to like.#here's the dozen shots / ten second moments that i specifically remember making me go Oh. Oh Okay It's Like This [life changes] when just#even seeing it for that very first time in the theater like o_o and i mean naturally the truest version of that is [the whole thing]#but i really remember like a good number of those particular like hWAOH things like Ah. I See [increase of 98589 hz]#anyways tfw glancing over sm random slightly off base point like ugh no. smash cut yrs later arbitrarily walk up to the dash like yknow what#No...#ig also#long post //#not always a hard distinction out here. i need one billion words thanks
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kyouka-supremacy · 11 months
#I just caught up with the b.s.d tag and like. Man#You know like since I was in t/p/n. It's kind of tradition? New chapter comes out-#I scroll down to the first post about the chapter and then go all the way up till I'm caught up.#Fun fun a way to enjoy the chapter and see what other people Think of it. just me having a good time usually doesn't take more than an hour#This time. I. just. finished. I'm drained I'm not able to understand anything#Like. I GUESS PEOPLE LIKE C/HUUYA so many posts I'm the one drowning now!!!#It took 24h? Not like I did it uninterruptedly I HAVE A LIFE-#but damn I wasn't expecting it and since I had already started I was too stubborn to give up??#I like it because it allows me to come across takes from smaller blogs that usually wouldn't end up on my dash-#and that can be very insightful#Somehow shaping my own fandom experience instead of having other people pick the content for me (though I love-#all the people I follow dearly and everything they reblog is perfect and amazing)#But when it comes to so many posts... I guess it's not worth it#And so much drama!!! How can there be so much drama!!!!! People REALLY need to chill down and just enjoy some manga or some tea#Whatever I'm rambling just. Ugh. Now starts the spam reblogging via queue get ready#random rambles#I guess I just need to get used to being into a fandom that includes more than 20 people lmao.#I thought I had gotten the hand of it but clearly I was wrong#Edit: Queueing chapter posts in addition to the posts already in my queue had me reach the queue limit so I can't queue any more posts.#Awesome.
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bookwyrminspiration · 2 years
hi. this isn't kotlc related, but i just started highschool and i don't have a lot of friends. i'm too shy to go up to people and i overthink things a lot. any tips on how to make good friends and juggling school work?
hey! don't worry, i don't mind getting asks that aren't kotlc related. congratulations on starting high school, i know that be really nerve-wracking, but I'm proud of you for getting there. I was the only person going to my high school from my middle school, so I knew literally no one. I was (and kind of still am) the stereotypical gifted kid who never had to plan or study anything in my earlier years and so had no experience doing so when it really mattered. Maybe some of my experiences can be of a little help <33
just to note beforehand: the kind of person i am, I have few friendships, but find them to be very close and meaningful. a couple really close over several more casual relationships, if that makes sense. so that's the perspective i'm approaching this from. These are just some personal things I do, there's no right way to make friends. also, there's nothing wrong with only having a few friends, so if you're happy with the number of friends you have don't pressure yourself to make more.
for me, the way my friendships formed was first through observation. especially since I'm introverted, i don't like to jump into conversations. Observe your classmates from afar at first, make note of faces or names or something you can recognize them by. See when else they pop up in your schedule. I find it easier to start conversations with people when there's something concrete that connects us, like a similar schedule. i actually first bonded with my middle school best friend because we had identical schedules, literally every single class together. Same with the two people I spent most of my time with in my freshman year. I don't think this is very common though, so just a few classes together is fine.
You can also use those little observations you've made to get a general sense of how others behave and who you think you'd get along with better. For example, the talkative and disruptive people generally make themselves known withing the first day or so. You can sometimes tell from appearances and apparel who the popular people will be as well. But, you can also find the people you'll connect with better. Figure out who you actually want to be friends with.
this may sound very methodical over natural, but I am not naturally socially adept and find it easier to navigate relationships with more of a plan, which helps my social anxiety too.
when in conversation with people, offer free information. this means when the other person says something or asks a question, reply with something that can keep the conversation going. A lot of people do this naturally, but it can be hard to remember in the moment. An example of this would be if someone asked, "what class is your favorite so far?" instead of just replying "English." or whatever is applicable, give a bit of information about why it is. Maybe it's because you like to read, maybe it's because you like the classroom or the teacher. This makes it easier for them to response, and allowing the conversation to move forward can lead to more personal topics and you can start to get to know each other.
for the school work part, scheduling has been my very important. I like to break it down into classes. However many classes you have, devote a basic amount of time to them however often it needs to be. I'll give you an example from my own life, but keep in mind my situation is not exactly normal and will likely not reflect your experiences. Over the summer I had four classes, all online with no real-time meetings. This meant i had the entire day to work with. So for each of those four classes I dedicated an hour of study/homework time each day of the work week. I'm a morning person, so I had no problem working early in the morning. between each of these planned hours, I would have a break so i wasn't constantly working. because I had the whole day these breaks were pretty long, but use whatever length of time works for you.
as the year progresses you'll learn which classes are more difficult and need more time, so you can adjust to prepare to give more time to those assignments and give less time to the easier classes. you can also adjust by keeping track of due dates. you can prioritize where you're going to focus your attention that way. For example, while you may have an assignment in a class, maybe it's due at the end of the week and you have something time consuming due tomorrow. you can use the time scheduled for that first class and use it for the more urgent assignment.
i understand that having schedules can feel restrictive or hard to follow, and for me it took practice and experience to get better at using them. I specifically leave my schedules kind of lax and less detailed so I don't feel trapped in them. Make note of your own reactions to the things you try and make changes when you need to. I've shared some of the things i use, but we're different people and will need different things. if something isn't working for you, change it. For example, I learned that I personally can't schedule things the day of. I need to lay out my schedule for the day the night before or I'll spend the entire day just sitting there not doing anything because I didn't plan anything and I couldn't get myself to do it in the moment. There's a certain element of trial an error there, so please be gentle and lenient with yourself <33. You're going through a big change,
This was probably very specific and niche as it was drawn from my own experiences, so if you would like me to explain anything else in more detail or provide more options or be more broad or share more personal experiences or anything else you (and anyone who wants to) are entirely welcome to ask /g. I'm on the older side of the fandom now, so I do have the lived experiences of high school and would love to help in any way I can because I know it can be terrifying.
I hope this made at least a little bit of sense. You'll be okay, starting at a new school is a big change and can be very unpleasant, but I promise you will survive. You've got this <33
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failed221b-chill · 1 year
So uhh having ptsd really sucks!!!!! But I'm okay!!!!! Things that are affecting me now are temporary!!!!!!! That's the beauty and sadness of things - they're all temporary everything is temporary!!!!!
Everything is temporary is both a comfort and a tragedy, but I'm gonna try and relax because, hey, even the comfort and the tragedy of things being temporary is... temporary!!!!
Idk if everything genuinely is temporary. Maybe love endures maybe thats not temporary. Maybe kindness endures.
But I'll never get to hug my lil friend again. That was a temporary gift i was able to have for 5 years only. But I'll love and miss and remember him and his lil silliness forever. And maybe thats not temporary.
Maybe the complete sorrow ripping apart my stomach is temporary. Maybe my brain searching for every other pain I've ever felt to try and challenge the weight of this one and comfort me via distractions that are painful but less painful than this one, is temporary.
Maybe my brain is just bringing them up to show me that i survived them and i will survive this one. And it's working, but its also not needed, because i know this. I have known this for very nearly 3 years now: I have no doubt in my own survival. I'll never be temporary to myself. I'll be here and I'll survive as a constant presence to myself throughout growth and changes until one day, hopefully in old age, something will remove me and then I'll be gone and so i wont ever have a chance to be temporary to myself.
I wrote this after i wrote the tags rant so it doesnt even seem relevant but ahh thats how brain trauma processing goes.
#me: spends most of yesterday drafting dialogue for a story thats obvs just a way of me processing how i dont have to reach some fanciful#stage of recovery from ptsd in order to see myself as worthy of trying and able to find a relationship...#me: sees the rtd news and reactions all over my fucking dash.#me: gets triggered by a thing i ddint even realise or anticipate would ever need to be a trigger bc who tf could have predicted rtd who#being relevant again???#me: writes the story harder like... to cope...#me: has a dream that shows i am Not Coping and yeah actually no the ptsd is still very much a barrier to umm life as we know it.#me: still feels the need to overexplain my every choice and action bc of the ptsd so writes in the tags about why the fuck tumblr has#temporarily stopped being a safe space for me and i wont be as active until all the dw stuff has calmed down.#idk where this is going anymore im just... 😕 would be real great to NOT have ptsd thats specifically about relationships...#would be nice if i could legit convince myself for Longer than One Day that maybe im not so much more heavily broken and messy than most#and that if i can have empathy for others suffering and experiences that are different to mine#then i should expect that others might be able to have empathy for my suffering and experiences that are different to theirs#and i kinda manage to convince myself of that... sometimes. and then stuff like this hits and i go into ptsd triggered mode and everything#just stops. it just stops working. its not true. the average joe does not have ptsd and i do and it is hard to live with. it just is!!!!!#its hard sometimes!!!!! and reclaiming tumblr and cultivating this safe space has been so good and such a help!!!! and then!!!!!#random intrusive suddenly everywhere something i ddint know i needed to blacklist the tags of bc why would it be an issue but omg its a big#issue. i have far too many issues tbh its ridiculous and now im ranting in the tags and idk why. im at least better at not apologising for#existing so i wont say sorry but hey look by saying that ive said sorry!!!!! ugh!!!!!! hello relationship specific trauma fucking sucksss!!#and so does ummm growing up in a cult ptsd!!!!! and so does having been influenced and manipulated by narcissists!!!!!!#ahh and the root of it all being such a heavy hitter now is that im EXHAUSTED FROM GRIEVING MY LIL BOY AND HES NOT COMING BACK AND ITS SHIT#it just is. its shit. so my brain is trying to comfort me by bringing up other shit stuff to try and challenge that. and its like... pls no#pls let me just rest and recover and not think about all the horrifying things that are wrong with me!!!! and then normal days id be like.#no theres nothing 'wrong with me' that is an unhelpful phrase!!!! but today im still recovering from the after effects of dream that was#prompted by this fuckin rtd who triggering me and so im like... normal people do not have reactions as intense as this. but hey brain!!!!!!#im not normal!!!!!!!!!!! im me!!!!!!!!!! im okay!!!!!!!!! im gonna be okay!!!!!!!!!!! this is just temporary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please relax!!!!#caitlin gets deep
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soft-spooks · 6 months
LAYING on the floor staring at the ceiling etc etc
#im thinking abt anti again but i have no coherent ideas im just. rotating him in my mind . hes in the michaelwave#ive watched so many clips im out of clips to watch so now i just have. all the ideas in my brain hut#i cant writeee and i cant draw rn so im just. lays here#i want. to kiss him on the forehead.#i want him to kiss ME on the forehead. give me a hug i am touch starved and need attention or i am going to die#<< i am being dramatic for attention. hangs upside down off thr couch like im sufferingggggggg pay attention to meeeeee#i need ideas i need. words to write with. im like halfway through two fics and i dont wanna work on either one#but also if i start a new one thats not gonna get done weither!!!!!!!#and im hyperfixed on a limited time mobile game event rn so i cant executive my functions enough to draw until thats over#sighhhhhhh#i think he shouldddddd play with my hair my hair is soooo soft today#AND there was another snap.c.ub/e g/o.wstream so im watching that vod and its soo comfy its a CRIME that i am here in mydumb apt by myself#<< gonna start sensoring like everything in my tags now bc ive been having problems wirh.#random non selfship blogs interacting w these posts and it makes me. so very paranoid considering. the first time#hdhfjdhsjdndj#<< was sent a bunch of suibaiting asks when i first started my original blog a few years ago bc of my 🔪posting#that fandom suck s so much . heart emoji. makes looking up cute pictures of him so very hard i am THRIVING#off of the collection ive got saved on my phone from like 2018 lmao#anyway. i have reached the point of just. rambling now. hi im soo bored#gnawing @ the bars of my enclosure i need ENRICHMENT
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caimofnoceur · 1 year
47 more free and helpful things, that everyone can take advantage of
Gnoosic is your place go for new music recommendations. It asks for three of your favourite bands, and based on them, spits out an artist that you might like. You can also “like”, “dislike”, or mark it as something you aren’t familiar with – which further refines the results.
NoCopyrightSounds is a copyright free / stream safe record label, providing free to use music to the content creator community. NCS Music is free to use for independent Creators and their UGC (User Generated Content) on YouTube & Twitch - always remember to credit the Artist, track and NCS and link back to our original NCS upload.
Radio Garden take a trip 'round the world's airwaves! Just pick a city — literally any city — and Radio Garden will play you whatever its local radio station is broadcasting.
Radiooooo Radio Garden walked so Radiooooo could run. This site adds a timeline function so you can listen to radio from not just anywhere, but anywhen. Get down to those 1910s Germany bops!
Krita free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation.It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Chrome OS
29a.ch interactive site that lets you color what looks to be a map of the cosmos, but I'm honestly not sure. Whatever it is, it's mesmerizing.
Patatap is an interactive website that responds to the keys on your keyboard with a sound and a brief animation. Now imagine hammering in entire sentences – and you got an explosion of sounds, colors, and movement! Once you start typing in random paragraphs, it becomes almost hypnotic, in a way.
Drench a very simple browser game, Drench gives you a board with different colored tiles, and you use the buttons to flip the colors around. Do this until your board is full of tiles of a single color only.
River Styx an interactive point-and-click game that takes you through the river Styx and the Underworld. You will meet many Greek Gods and Goddesses here, and you will also be learning a lot about their myths and legends.
2048 this website lets you play a game called 2048, which is kinda like Tetris but with addition. Use your arrow keys to try to combine numbers until you reach 2048, or go ~beyond~ and try to reach 4096.
Little Alchemy 2 fun little time killer. As its name suggests, the website deals with the process of transformation you achieve when you start mixing different things. You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. For example, earth and air will form dust. There are no rules just mix and match your creations to create new ones. You will not even know where your time went.
Akinator website is magic or rather feels like one. You can think of any character in this entire world and through a series of question, it will deduce the name. Don’t believe me, go try for yourself.
Find the Invisible Cow You’re going to want to make sure your sound is on in this fun finding game! Find the invisible cow in this laugh out loud version of hot and cold.
CookieClicker How fast can you click for cookies? Level up and become a cookie pro with this fun time-wasting website!
Zooniverse A really neat website that brings people together to create one of the largest platforms for people-powered research. Volunteers come together to assist professional researchers. There is no need for a specialised background or training; all you have to do is to answer simple questions.
Cool Hunting is a really cool publication platform that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. If you are into art, architecture, and culture, then this website is perfect for you.
OCEARCH Shark Tracker This one looks right on the money for the folks who can’t get enough of sharks! With OCEARCH Shark Tracker, you can keep a track of tagged sharks as they are busy swimming around the deep ocean. Moreover, the website also lets you zoom in on a particular location to check where sharks have been swimming for the past year.
Ad Astra-app An essential tool for every astronomer. The star atlas and skyguide that makes it really easy to pick the best objects, make your own observation list and use it when you are outside
100,000 Stars is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on the web. It shows a representation of galaxy with stars inside it. You can take a tour which starts from the Sun and takes you to the outer edges of the galaxy while teaching you valuable insights in between.
wikiHow is an online wiki-style publication featuring how-to articles on a variety of topics. For example: How to make ginger ale, How change a lock or How to survive an encounter with an ostrich.
Cooking for Engineers is a godsend for those who love to cook. This website has it all, from recipes, to kitchen gear, to cooking tests, down to a handy dictionary. The best part about this website is its classic 90’s layout, which makes accessing the recipes and files intuitive and easier.
My Fridge Food at this point, your fridge probs has, like, three random items in it, and you're starting to panic about meal options. Enter My Fridge Food, which inputs everything you have in your kitchen and outputs a recipe. Bless.
Work, or relax
Da Font Tired of your basic Times New Roman? You can spend hours downloading new fonts from typography artists to spice up your new document!
A Soft Murmur If you’re looking to create your own ambient background music to listen to while you work or read, A Soft Murmur is the fun website for you! Create your own mix of white noise and other natural sounds to relax and waste some time.
Rainy Mood Get all the benefits of rain without getting caught in it with Rainy Mood! This is perfect for setting a relaxed and chilled out mood.
I Waste So Much Time The website is designed to literally allow you to waste your time. There are no long articles, just funny pictures with embedded texts. A very good time waster for short breaks.
This Is My Website Now The website truly kills your time. It is just a collection of small games which you can play on your browser. Effective for less than 10 minutes of usage, it’s good for a short break.
Instructables If you’ve always wanted to learn how to DIY but didn’t know where to start, try Instructables. They have community posts with step-by-step instructions to help you become a DIY master in no time.
OBS Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers. only downside to it is that you have a power director watermark in the corner of your video, but its not very large.
Sleepytime is your sleeping schedule out of whack? This fun website calculates exactly when you need to go to sleep and wake up in order to get a good night’s sleep.
MapCrunch Go on an adventure without leaving your home — because you can't! This site plops you down in a random location on the globe, and all that's left to do is explore.
List of Conspiracy Theories Get sucked down the dark rabbit hole of the internet that will have you denying history and wearing tinfoil hats. Wikipedia’s list of conspiracy theories will have you scrolling for ages!
This Person Does Not Exist If AI and deep-fakes fascinate you, this is a website that will either make you very excited, or give you nightmares about whether ‘The Matrix’ is real, and if you, at some point in your life, took the blue pill instead of the red one. Either way, the website generates fake people using GAN (or generative adversarial networks), and displays them to you. You can refresh the page to see a different face. Also, if this interests you, you might also like:
This Cat Does Not Exist. You know, because why stare at human faces when you can look at cats instead.
The Useless Web Want to see what the Internet truly has to offer? Take a peek at The Useless Web to see what truly is out there.
Not Always Right Had a bad day at work? Did that one annoying, pesky customer or client who just wouldn’t shut up tried to give you a hard time, and succeeded? Then this website is just perfect for you! It’s a collection of stories about customers who just don’t know when to shut up.
Zoom Quilt If you're looking to be hypnotized, then check out this site, which is basically a picture that infinitely zooms in to reveal new pictures.
Just for fun
Tickld is your go-to spot for anything humorous and funny, for anything that’s really cool and interesting, or stuff that’s just plain WTF.
Paper Toilet Just because stores are sold out of toilet paper doesn't mean you have to live without. This site features some interactive TP that you can roll up or down.
The Passive-Aggressive Password Machine Type a password (real or fake) into this site and it'll shade you for how much it sucks.
CoolThings is a collection of cool things. From entertainment, to gadgets, to even toys and inventions, there is bound to be something here that will interest you.
This Is Why I Am Broke This is a great website for discovering new gift ideas which are distinct. The products range from a few dollars to a few thousand. There’s something for everyone here.
PostSecret is a very interesting website. Visitors are encouraged to send in anonymous postcards on which they write their secrets. There are all sorts of secrets on all kinds of postcards, and the variations make this a really interesting project. However, be warned – these secrets are very real… and very heavy.
NOIYS – Post, read, forget is a place to post an anonymous note to be viewed by many people, only to be deleted within 24 hours. It’s the perfect website for venting anonymously and not worry about the consequences, as it will be deleted within a day. The best part (or maybe worst) is that strangers can reply to your note, too. That way, you can have a running conversation with a complete stranger.
Scream Into the Void Take your outrage about our current situation (or any problem in your life) and throw it into the void. Just type out your feels and then click the "Scream" button, which does exactly what you think it does.
And lastly...
Dildo Generator Welcome, good citizens of the web, to my favorite site of all time. It's right in the name: You can generate a custom dildo by length, width, base, contours, and so many more variables. Things get wild pretty fast.
Eyebleach Did you see something on the internet that was just too scary? Or just need to get it out of your head? Click on Eyebleach to be fed adorable pictures of puppies, kitties, or babies!
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rafesmuse · 2 months
Heyy had this random thought of JJ and reader doin the spicy tango but then the reader gets a call and JJ just keeps on fucking them throughout the call
pairing: jj maybank x fem!reader
warnings: smut, vaginal sex
nav. // m.list // taglist
Tumblr media
not my gif. credits to owner.
“Oh my god, J!” you moaned with your mouth agape as JJ continuously rammed into you. Your shaking legs were hooked around his torso and your nails dragged down his muscular back. “Gonna make you cum so hard, baby. Oh fuck, you feel so fucking good” He groaned as he eagerly kissed your neck, which was covered in hickeys. “God, right th-“ you were cut off mid-sentence by your phone that started ringing from beside you. You paid it no attention since you figured you would call the person back later. JJ continued pounding into you, not slowing down whatsoever as he peeked at your phone to see who it was.
“It’s Sarah” he said before moving his head closer to yours. “Pick it up” he whispered, causing your eyes to widen. “W-what?” you stuttered. “You heard me. You wanna cum, sweet girl? Then pick up the phone while I fuck you” you hesitated for a moment, unsure if he was being serious, but the look on his face said it all as he continued mercilessly pounding into you.
You hastily reached for your phone beside you while your ringtone blasted throughout the room mixed with the sounds of your moans. You took another glance at him in anticipation of him telling you that he was joking, but he didn’t. So you tried to keep your composure by softly biting your lip while he jammed into you ruthlessly.
“Y-yes?” you stammered as you answered the phone. JJ smirked down at you proudly as he thrusted even deeper into your dripping cunt. “Y/n! I’m calling because of the party tomorrow. I searched through my entire closet but I can’t find anything to wear. Can I maybe borrow some clothes from you? Please?” Sarah asked in a sweet voice, oblivious to the fact that JJ was buried balls-deep inside of you, repeatedly hitting the one spot that made your toes curl. You felt lightheaded, drowning in pleasure. JJ’s cock slid in and out of you with ease, given how wet you were. But you calmly closed your eyes to switch your focus to Sarah.
“Uhh, yeah… god! Yeah… sure” was all you could manage to say, one hand holding the phone and the other one clutching onto JJ’s strong arm for support, your nails digging into his skin as he maintained eye contact with you.
“Are you okay?” Sarah asked, her voice laced with concern. You were about to respond when JJ, with a mischievous grin on his face, moved one hand to your core and rubbed slow circles on your clit. Your entire body tensed at the feeling, causing you to only bite your swollen lip harder.
You took a big gulp before answering Sarah, “Yeah! Yeah, totally. You can…” God, it was so difficult to concentrate. You felt your release nearing as JJ sunk deeper into you and his fingers quickened their pace on your clit. “You can come by tomorrow!” you said in one quick breath before biting your lip again instantly to contain the moans that were about to escape your mouth.
“Uhm… ok-okay. See you tomorrow” Sarah stammered, sounding confused as she ended the phone call. Thank fucking god. You felt your body relax the moment the call ended and loud moans were leaving your mouth immediately. JJ moved closer to you with a content smile before passionately kissing you.
“Hmm, such a good girl. You deserve to cum now, princess.”
Tumblr media
comments and reblogs are very much appreciated since they keep me motivated to write more!!
🏷 tags (join here): @tpwkweasley7 @hthej @vxntxque @goingbackt0505 @hybridluv @uhhhidk9 @heroftbiggestfan
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writingstoraes · 2 months
Hey! Your social media fics are so freaking cute, I love them so much 🥹 If you do take requests, could you please do one which is Charles x singer!reader (who's pretty famous, on like a Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez level) announcing their relationship or just like a random vacation post? Thank you so much, I hope I didn't make the request too long <33
relationship release 💿
pairing: charles leclerc/fem!singer!reader
type: instagram imagine/social media au
notes: tysm for requesting this, anon 🤍 my first time doing a request so i hope you like it! used hailee steinfeld for the faceclaim :') not revised so please expect errors hehe lmk what u think!
about: you and charles go public just in time for your album release!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
liked by taylorswift, zendaya, charles_leclerc, and 3,582,918 others
yourusername A photo dump to commemorate the busiest months of my life 📷 from recording my new album (which I am very excited for you guys to hear), taking time for myself, to rehearsing for my world tour. Grateful to be doing what I am passionate about every single day of my life ❤️
zendaya You look amazing, can't wait for the album, love! 💋💋
filmsy/n ik what the fuck she did not just casually drop a soft launch in the middle of the noise of her new album 😭
popgirlsz Am I seeing this right or is the queen of pop in a relationship....
selenagomez Excited for the tour ❤️ Will be in front row for sureeee
f1fan Oh my god Charles liked? Maybe hes the guy 🫣
popthusiast u reaching too much lmaooo maybe hes just a fan
Tumblr media Tumblr media
liked by ashleybenson, florencepugh, billieeilish, and 3,981,234 others
yourusername My new album Red Letters comes out in 3 days. ❤️ It has been an incredible journey working on this masterpiece and I cannot wait for you guys to enter the pages of the stories I want to share. Red Letters is all about being wrapped in a heart-shaped dynamic, letting an amalgamation of sensations embrace us as we finally let love in.
As for me, well, loving him has always been red.
florencepugh Loving everything already and it's not even out yet! Such amazing work you've done ❣️
taylorswift My girl ❤️
popgirly/n girlie telling us her new album is about love after soft launching a week ago oh i cant breathe
lanadelslays She knows how to keep us on the hook 😭
yn4ever "Loving him has always been red" QUEEN WHAT DOES THIS MEAN
popfan21 guy lucky as hell imagine being talked about like that... by y/n... living his best life fr
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
liked by pierregasly, carlossainz55, lewishamilton, and 1,997,239 others
charles_leclerc Immensely excited about the Red Letters release: not only because of the new, amazing music Y/N will be sharing to the world but because today is the day I get to show everyone the love of my life. Every day it feels like I'm in a fever dream because I'm with someone so talented, charming, and kind.
Mon angè, you never fail to amaze me. My heart is full just seeing you conquer the world. Je tàime, yourusername ❤️
PS. I guess I am the red guy, yes?
carlossainz55 Finally! Charles has been waiting for this moment for quite some time now 🤣
danielricciardo Okay we see you Mr. Red Guy 👀
zendaya Take care of her or there will be consequences!
charlos1655 such a hot couple too god they are so
pierregasly Finally went to Y/N's concert without wearing a disguise I am happy for you mate 👏
itpopgirl power couple ugh we love to see it
tagging: @slytherheign hope ure doing well mwah
notes: this took me some time lmao anyways pls bare w me if i use the same usernames for the fan reactions on twitter its so harddd thinking of new usernames everytime 😭 i hope u liked this, anon! lmk what u guys think <33 tysm for reading!
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Tumblr media
Water reminder shitpost
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springdaybreaks · 2 months
lavender haze | l. jn.
➼summary: your subscribers anonymously agree that they could see the progress of you and jeno's relationship in your videos. / or in which jeno appears in your youtube videos.
➼tags: lee jeno x youtuber!reader; (kind of) domestic!jeno; fluff
➼warnings: grammar and tenses inconsistencies and intentional lowercase. unedited. no content warnings.
➼word count: 3,415
➼note: can't believe what started as a self indulgence ended up buried in my drafts for months lol. this fic is completely random and i had no idea why i even started writing this. but seeing this after finally coming back to my tumblr drafts just made me want to publish it. also i still suck at giving titles lmaoooo but i feel like the lyrics of lavender haze kinda fits them
iv. building new ikea furnitures for my new apartment (and giving up failing)
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. so today i am going to build a cabinet which i am going to put under my tv! as you guys know if you watched my previous video, i recently moved to a new place and i am slowly but surely starting to make this place home."
you clapped your hands, "let's start, shall we?"
you opened the box and started getting all of the pieces out, lining it up on the floor near you. you were doing a pretty good job on your own until you started facing hurdles after hurdles. with a little bit more time, patience and effort, you managed to screw in the right screws and placing the pieces the correct way. but as you were near finishing the furniture, your concentration and patience were wearing thin. not to mention you haven't eaten yet.
"oh my god, is this stuck?" you grunted as you try to push in a piece to its place.
the piece didn't budge even a smidge. you sighed as you felt the strength leaving your arms. you lay down and stare at the ceiling hopelessly before turning your head to the camera.
"and here i thought assembling an ikea furniture was easy."
the door creaked open and you lift your head off the floor. you must've saw a familiar face as your face because you forced yourself to sit cross-legged again.
"you doing okay?" someone said behind the camera.
"this one got stuck and i don't have the strength to push it to its place or pull it out again," you pointed to the troublesome piece.
"you want some help?"
"will you help me? oh that would be amazing!"
there was some shuffling and the next second, there was your helper with his back to the camera.
"say hi to my subscribers!" your helper waved his hand but refused to turn around.
you throw your arms around his neck and pull him in for a hug, "this is my friend and my savior who kindly agreed to help me move my stuff here! he's a little shy, so we're gonna blur out his face for privacy."
"what are you having troubles with?" he asked.
you pointed to the troublesome piece and started explaining how you tried your best but couldn't move the said piece. you even showed him the instructions and told him how you followed the instructions exactly, but the piece still got stuck.
"okay, calm down. let's start with this one," he said and shoved the piece down to its place in a blink of an eye.
your jaw dropped as you stared at your helper, then your camera, "i should've asked for his help from the very start."
your helper chuckled and made himself comfortable on the floor, still keeping his back to the camera as he reached for the instructions.
"you just need a little more strength, y/n."
the video continued with a timelapse of you and your helper finishing the furniture; with you helping with the instructions and carrying the pieces and your helper trying his best in assembling it. the timelapse ended as the two of you finished. your helper got up to his feet and with your help, the two of you pushed the cabinet to stand properly.
"hey, i think we did a pretty good job!" you said to the camera.
xii. trying archery (ft. archery gold medalist!)
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. so today i am here," you gestured towards the background, "at an archery range. and as you seen on the title, i am gonna be trying archery today! and i happen to have a friend that does or at least know how to do archery."
you gestured towards someone behind the camera to come closer. a moment later, a guy walked into the frame and stand beside you.
"introduce yourself!"
the guy bowed and simply introduced himself, "hi, everyone. i'm jeno."
"if you guys remembered the video where i tried building a tv cabinet, this is the friend that helped me build the cabinet!"
jeno kept quiet beside you, nodding along to your words as you start to explain your itinerary for the day. he only chimed in when he heard you saying how he was a archery gold medalist.
"no, wait a minute," he cut your monologue, "i'm not a gold medalist."
"yes, you are!" you protested.
"i'm not! it was only sports week at school, silly."
"mhm, and what about the neighborhood sports competition?" you crossed your arms.
"that doesn't count! my opponents were all old uncles!"
you gasped, as if what he said was scandalous. jeno rolled his eyes at your antics. "old uncles?"
"alright that's enough. now put your gear on," he turned you around and started pushing you to the counter where the staff had your gear ready.
you sped up the parts of the two of you getting ready. and finally the video started going on a normal pace when you and jeno were standing right behind the line.
"fear not, people, for i am katniss everdeen!" you said in a mighty voice, your chest puffed up.
"okay, katniss everdeen. now start practicing before you poke someone's eye off." jeno guided you to take up your posture, "now shoot by yourself first."
your first shot was awful as predicted. but so was your second and third. it was then jeno started correcting your posture again and the angle of your arm.
"now put your hand right on the corner of your mouth here as you pull the bow," he said as he took a place right behind you. "take a breath, hold it, and exhale as you release your bow."
you did as you were told and the camera moved to the target to capture your score. your arrow landed on the border of the second and third circle from the middle.
you jumped and shouted excitedly, "a nine! i got a nine!"
jeno smiled at your antics, his eyes curving to the shape of little crescent moons. he stood his ground even when you took his hand into yours and started jumping. but the small smie never left his face.
"let's do it again!" you said, "and we're not gonna go home until i get at least two bullseye!"
xix. meet my new friend!
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. we're not starting the video like the usual, as you guys noticed, and that's because i have a surprise for you guys! anyway, before we start the video..."
you started doing your usual thing, talking about one thing and anything that happened since your last video. but in the middle of your talk, the sound of a door opening was heard. your eyes focused on something behind the camera, where the door was supposedly. your eyes twinkled and your lips were pulled into a smile.
"and as you can see from the title, i want to introduce you guys to my new friend." you scoot aside, "okay, now come here, jeno."
you looked at the camera and held out a hand, "jeno's not the one i'm introducing you guys to. i think you guys know him already."
jeno came into the frame, holding a white puppy against his chest. he greeted your subscribers with a small hello and a smile, and then he raised the puppy's leg and waved it, "hi guys!"
you let them do their greetings, looking at them with such warmth in your eyes. it was obvious how much you adore the puppy, and maybe even jeno. (your subscribers definitely went out of their minds when they saw the way you look at jeno and the puppy; some of them were so sure you were looking at jeno and some others believed you were looking at the new puppy).
you caress the puppy's head, seeing as it was just quietly snuggling against jeno. you cooed when the puppy yawned. jeno smiled warmly at you as you obsessed over your new pup.
"so, mind telling them how we got this little guy?" you asked jeno as you kept giving the puppy rubs on its head.
"me? i thought you want to tell the story," jeno scrunched his eyebrows. you gave him a look that made him sigh.
"so, it was thursday- friday night? it was raining outside when i got a call from y/n. to be honest, i couldn't really hear much because of the rain. she had to practically shout so i can hear her," jeno started rubbing the little pup with his thumb. "the only thing i could hear was that she couldn't let him get rained on before she hung up on me."
"it was raining and i had to move fast, okay?" you protested.
"mhm, sure. anyway, she came home sopping wet with this little guy clutched to her chest." jeno glanced at the pup before looking at you, "and she started crying about not being able to leave him alone in the rain."
"and that's how we got this little guy!" you cut him.
"mhm, said miss emotional," he teased.
"hey, i was really sad, okay? this little guy didn't deserve to be left alone in the rain!" you protested.
jeno stared blankly at the camera, "and now i have two babies to take care of."
(your subscribers didn't miss how jeno said you 'came home', leading them to assume that the two of you were really living together.)
xxviii. back home for christmas
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. so today we are," the camera captures you on the passenger seat of a car, "on our way back home for christmas! oh, say hi to mr. driver!"
you moved the camera to capture the guy beside you; jeno, the driver.
"hi guys. merry christmas!" he said, taking his eyes off the road to focus on the camera for a second.
"well, technically, it's a couple days before christmas. but this video would probably be out after christmas anyways, so merry christmas!" you rambled.
"anyway, i'm gonna show you guys what i got everyone for christmas. and i'll probably gonna show you what i got for christmas too! so, stay tuned!"
the camera panned to where your white samoyed was currently sticking his head out. "hey, gureumi!"
the white dog looked at the camera in your hands and tilted his head in confusion. he shifted his attention to your best friend instead, nudging his nose to jeno's elbow that was resting on the console, asking for rubs.
"do you see this, guys? gureumi has betrayed me!" you complained dramatically.
you lay your head on top of gureumi's and snuggle the best you can, muttering, "gureumi, do you not love me anymore? i'm so sad."
the cheeky thing he was, gureumi ignored you and snuggled his face to jeno's arm instead. you whined against his white fur, "noooo!!!"
jeno's voice came from outside the frame, "alright, alright," he rubbed gureumi's face as best as he could before addressing you, "y/n, you know he loves you more than me so please seat properly."
you boo-ed but complied nonetheless, "buzzkill," and turned to the camera again, "well, we still have some ways to go so.... see you guys in a bit!"
(your subscribers kept commenting how you and jeno must be in a serious relationship because you're taking him home for christmas; meaning you're also taking him to meet your family and spend your time together. some commented how they're seeing jeno a lot more in your videos now.)
xlii. cooking my mom's recipes for thanksgiving
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. so today we are going to try and cook my favorites of my mom's thanksgiving recipes!"
the camera captured you on your kitchen. you were leaning against the counter, focused solely on the camera in front of you.
"the reason i am cooking this year is because my family's gonna be the one coming here for thanksgiving!" you clapped your hands once, "and jeno's too! so, we... have a lot of things to do hence why i am definitely gonna rope jeno into this too."
the video cuts to a view of white tile floors the next second, a pair of black shoes sits at the edge of the frame. the camera tilted, almost falling, before a hand caught it in time.
"whew, that was close!" the camera caught jeno's eyesmile as he shot his face. "i'm gonna get into so much trouble if it fell."
jeno's face couldn't be seen clearly on camera. he wore a black hat and half his face was covered by a black mask. "oh wow, i look like i'm about to do something illegal."
he flashed the camera a cute eyesmile, "which i will- am never going to do," and flipped the camera to face what he was seeing- an empty shopping cart.
"y/n will be doing most of the cooking, so i figured the least i could do is help with the groceries. let's see what we need here."
jeno managed to go through the list fairly quick. the camera shot his face again, "okay, since we are done with the list. i think i deserve to get something for me, right? some snacks won't hurt anybody."
saying the shopping cart was full was an understatement. the list you gave him was only for a few recipes as your mother and his, respectively, insisted on bringing at least one dish for the dinner. but the snacks he was piling on the cart really had nothing to do with the dinner, and it was starting to cover everything else.
oh, he was in for a scolding when he got home.
(your subscribers couldn't help but to notice how jeno also tossed in a lot of your favorite snacks, and some even caught on his quiet mumbles about how 'this is y/n's favorite!')
lix. so... we got married?
"hello everyone, welcome back to the channel! how are you guys? i hope all of you are doing well. so..." you paused and chuckled nervously, "i got married?"
you put a clapping sound effect on the video, hoping it would soothe the somewhat awkward atmosphere. you smooth out invisible crickles in your shirt, clearly nervous for what you're about to reveal on the video.
"this video is probably a bit different than my usual ones because i think you guys are probably confused by the title. this may come as a shock to all, or at least some, of you..." you smiled, "but it's true, I am married."
"okay, i think i have to apologize for the sudden news. i know you guys probably have a lot of questions about it and since i am finally settled down from all the wedding and honeymoon festives, i can finally explain it.
"a lot of you guys have been questioning if i was dating someone since a few years back. i've also seen your questions in the comments about dating a certain someone. i realised i never even cleared it up, but yes, i was dating jeno long before he started to show up on my videos. neither jeno or me ever confirmed it whenever any of you asked because, well... with so much of my life -and in extension, his also- known to the public, i like to keep our relationship private. although i know some of you were really sure we were dating," you laughed.
"so a few months ago he proposed. out of the blue, really. i really didn't expect him to propose that day. and i know," you emphasized with your hand, "that a lot of you are probably dying to know how did he propose to me."
a smile started to bloom on your face as you remember his proposal. "it wasn't a grand romantic thing, actually. it really just was another day. we just finished our date and i just got in to the car. i remember that i was particularly stressed out on the last couple of weeks before that day and jeno took me out on a date because he could see how much the stress was affecting me."
"we were just talking in the car after our date. i don't even remember what we talked about," you laughed, "i just remember talking a lot and he was just staring at me. when i asked him a question, he just blurted out THE question."
"i really thought he was out of my mind! i told him 'you are joking, right?' but he looked really serious. and then i remember panicking because i thought i said the wrong thing. but then he just repeated the question again. i think i even asked him why but i don't think he's comfortable with me sharing all of the details he said during his proposal."
your cheeks were starting to hurt from all the smiling, but the smile was still there. the door behind you opened a little bit and someone peeked in, although the gap between the door and the walls were too small for your viewers to identify the person.
"though, one thing i could guarantee: what he said was really sweet and, dare i say, romantic. i think i cried a little bit-"
"no, you were full on sobbing by then." jeno's head popped in from behind the door.
"i was not!" you gasped as you swivled to his direction.
jeno grinned and came inside the room, heading straight to you with his arms out. he cradled your face and started making baby noises, "uuu, is y/n gonna cry again just from remembering what i said?"
you punched his stomach in return, laughing lightheartedly, "shut up, doofus. i was not sobbing!"
"mhm, whatever helps you sleep at night, baby."
jeno flashed out his eyesmile and pecked your lips. he leaned his head against yours despite the awkward angle, with him just slightly crouching down and you sitting on your usual filming chair. he stared at the camera and mouthed, 'she definitely cried.'
you elbowed his sides and tried to shove him off you. you whined when he stayed adamant, pasted to your side.
"go away!"
jeno shook his head, messing your hair, "nooooo, you're stuck with me!"
"go away! unless," you paused to look at him, "you want to tell the whole story yourself?"
"no thanks!" jeno laughed. he gave you one last kiss on your temple before exiting the room.
you rolled your eyes at his antics, but the smile never left your face. you put your attention on your camera again and continued where you left off, letting know your viewers how your family reacted when they knew about the proposal and how jeno actually had bought a ring for you about a year prior. how he brought the ring with him every where because he didn't want you to find out yet. how you went to south korea for your two and a half week long honeymoon, and visiting jeno's family there while you're at it.
"so... yeah. i got married and i am really happy. that's all i have to say for this particular video. i'm not sure if i'm gonna upload my wedding video or not because to be completely honest, the party was fun. but super chaotic, in a good way! i may scrounge up some footage from our honeymoon and upload them one day though. one day! i'm not promising anything." you laughed, "i actually like having some things just for ourselves. but i'll ask jeno how he feels about it."
"well, that's all i have for this video. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you guys elsewhere! bye!"
(your comment section blew up with a lot of 'i kNEW it! I KNEW THEY WERE DATING!!!' and congratulatory comments. but on the brief moment jeno appeared on the video, your subscribers could see how much you love each other, but more importantly how much he loves you. they obsess over how they could practically see honey dripping from his eyes when he looked at you, how he calls you baby, how he still teases you good-naturedly like in your earlier videos, and how he seems to like clinging to your side. in a cute way.)
© 2023 springdaybreaks.
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myfictionaldreams · 10 months
Sucking ☾ // Steven Grant x fem!reader
Summary: Steven seemed to have a fascination with watching you suck on your fingers.
Tags: 18+ readers only, smut, oral (m!receiving), dom/sub undertones, finger sucking, cum eating, pet names, steven’s first blowjob, hes such a cutie in this ok
Word: 2k
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The rain was pouring over London, meaning date night for you and Steven would be staying in his flat, something the two of you secretly had hoped for. You were halfway through a random comedy movie that Steven had picked on Netflix, leaning comfortably against his shoulder on the sofa, when you’d finally noticed him staring. More specifically, staring at the way you sucked the sugary sweetness from your fingers whilst eating from the bowl of popcorn that was resting in his lap.
At first, you didn’t think anything of it. Ever since you had stumbled into his life only a few months ago, he had been mesmerised by your every little move, not quite understanding how he’d managed to find anyone like you. It was one of his most endearing characteristics, having not had anyone that treated you like you were the most precious object on earth before, made you fall head over heels in love with him.
The longer that the film continued, however, the more you came to realise that he wasn’t just staring at the beauty of your face but more at your fingers, as his head would flick in your direction every time a popcorn would be placed onto your tongue, your lips sucking on your fingertip to capture all of the flavours.
You were going to turn to him and catch him in the act but, you held back from doing so, instead of moving to do it more frequently, subtly watching him from the corner of your eye. The way his breath would hitch as your cheeks hollowed or how he squeezed the tub of popcorn closer over his lap, evidently trying to hide his arousal that was tented in his jeans.
It had taken weeks of encouragement, for Steven to be confident enough to be intimate with you and even though he fumbled a lot and needed plenty of reassurance, he had been perfect and that very first time he had made you cum, he was like a man possessed. During every intimate moment with him, his only concern would be to pleasure you to fulfilment, and even though you wanted nothing more than to reciprocate these actions, every time your lips or hand would wrap around his cock, he would promptly lift you until he was the one between your legs.
At first, you simply thought that maybe he didn’t like to be touched and didn’t want to push him on the subject considering how long it took for him to even so much as kiss you, let alone talk openly about sex. But, as the film continued, and he began to become restless next to you, you’d decided that maybe it was time to take matters into your own hands… or lips in this case.
Just as you finished sucking the last sugar covered finger, you turned to look at him with a soft smile, holding back a laugh as he quickly averted his gaze back to the screen, eyes wide and breath hitched in his throat at being caught, “are you ok, my love?” you asked, trying to sound as neutral as possible.
His eyes hardly left the screen for a second before fleeting back, his voice cracking slightly as he muttered, “yeah, ‘m alright, love”.
You continued to look up at him as he reached into the half-empty bowl of popcorn, grabbing a few and lifting them towards his own mouth but you reached out, gently gripping his wrist as you turn your upper body towards him more. As soon as your colder hand encircled the warm skin of his wrist, his head turned to you at an alarming speed, eyes flicking between his hand and your face as you ever so slowly inched the popcorn in his grip towards your mouth.
Finally, the snacks were moving past your lips, the flavours spreading across your tongue as you quickly chewed and swallowed. Steven’s beautiful brown, doe-eyes were now flicking between your eyes and soft lips, breaths increasing in speed as he watched you lift his index finger into your mouth, sucking the digit slowly, tasting the popcorn essence before releasing it with a pop and moving onto his middle finger. With each digit, you could feel the warmth radiating from his body, mouth opening and closing like he wanted to say something but couldn’t think of the right words.
Pulling the last finger free from your lips, you moved to kneel on the sofa, reaching for the popcorn bowl but, he gripped the object harder, not wanting it moved from uncovering his obvious signs of arousal. You softened your facial features, whispering, “it’s ok Steven, if you want me to stop, just say and I will”.
Taking a deep breath, he let go of the object, letting you move it further away on the couch, and now you were able to continue on as your leg swung over his lap until you were straddling him.
With one last glance into each of his eyes, you leaned forward to kiss him slowly and softly, hands cupping his cheeks before moving further, until they settled into his curly locks, massaging his scalp, pulling deep rumbling moans from his chest. Tilting your head slightly, you were able to deepen the kiss, lips moving feverishly against each other now as the intensity increased.
As your hands moved down his neck and rested on his chest, his hands hovered over your hips, not actually touching you. Even after all the times that you’d been together, he was still hesitant with his actions, unsure if they were right or what to do.
Breaking the kiss, you tried not to coo at the sight of him - eyes closed and lips perked from the kiss. “It’s going to be ok, baby” you reassured him as you pecked his mouth one more time before climbing off of his lip, spreading his legs so you could kneel between them. It was only as you started to unbuckle his belt did he snap out of the trance he seemed to be in, his larger hands cupping yours and stopping you in your actions.
“You don’t have to do that”, he mumbled, eyes looking everywhere but your face. Once again, you tried to soften your features, approaching the situation as if he were a frightened animal, making sure to reassure him at any opportunity.
“I want to, Steven. Please let me look after you, my love”. Turning your hands in his, you were able to bring them up to your mouth, kissing the back of his knuckles softly before he finally began to relax, the tenseness that seemed to settle across his body, melted away.
Reaching forward, you continued to undo his belt, button and zipper, opening them up and at last, you were able to reach into the small opening of his boxers, gripping his throbbing cock and balls and pulling them free of the restraints. For a brief moment, you just marvelled at his beauty, the tip was a slightly darker shade than the shaft and already leaking plenty of precum and as your breath fanned across the member, it bobbed in the air.
As your hand once again gripped around the base of his shaft, feeling the blood pumping beneath your fingertips, you made sure to look up into his eyes, not breaking eye contact, watching closely for any signs of distress but he only watched you with his mouth hanging open, heavy breaths escaping him.
At long last, his salty goodness was taking over your senses as your lips sealed around his tip, your tongue quick to lick up any of his leaked seed, moaning as Steven let out the smallest squeak in pleasure.
You took your time, not wanting to completely overwhelm him as you played with his tip, slowly moving your fist up and down his shaft a few times before sucking more of him into your mouth. Your jaw ached as you stretched it wider to accommodate his size, only stopping as he reached the back of your throat, tongue tickling the underside whilst your teeth slightly grazed him, causing his cock to again throb.
As you pulled him out, your hand followed, making sure to lube up your hand in your spit before taking him back into your mouth, sucking your cheeks. With each bob of your head, you watched him closely, from the way his pupils seemed to have blown out, the way his thighs seemed to shake beneath you, but what had your attention the most, were his two clenched hands laying by his side.
Moving so only his tip was in your mouth, you reached for both of his hands, both unclenching immediately from your touch and obediently being pulled until they rested gently in your hair. Steven swallowed harshly, looking like he wasn’t sure whether to stay or flee so, around his cock, you tried to give him a reassuring smile which seemed to work as one of his hands slipped down to your cheek, caressing the skin gently.
Even though arousal was clear in his expression, he still looked at you like you were the only person he cared about, like he couldn’t believe you were his and your heart began to pound heavily in your chest as all you wanted to do was shout your love for him.
Instead, you licked his cock from the base, right to the tip. The hand that was resting on your cheek immediately fell back into your hair, applying the slightest bit of pressure as you began to suck him off once more. With your hands, you moved one to wank off the length of him that couldn’t fit into your mouth without gagging, and the other began to tenderly massage his balls.
With every suck, squeeze and lick, Steven became more audible and confident. His groans were louder than the movie, his head repeatedly falling back against the sofa before flying back up to watch you, like he wanted to see absolutely everything you could do to imprint this image into his memories but the pleasure was so overwhelming that it didn’t take long for his shaft to feel harder, his balls squeezing up to his body.
“Love, I need to cum, I- I can’t make it for much longer” he grunted as his hips also began to slightly thrust up with your movements. You hummed in response, not wanting to stop your actions, needing to feel his cum dripping down your throat so with one final glance up at him, you tried to relax the muscles in your throat, sucking harshly and squeezing his shaft and balls at the same time.
This was all the stimulation he needed before his grip on your hair became almost painful, eyes wide, as well as his mouth as he shouted out your name in between grunts of pleasure, his hot seed spilling from his cock, and you made sure to swallow every drop of the salty goodness.
His cock was starting to become soft as you eased it from your mouth, looking up at him, you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you as you took him in. Steven had never looked so relaxed before as the grip in your hair loosen as his hands dropped back to his side, head resting against the back of the sofa, eyes closed and a faint sheen of sweat was covering his head to toe.
Biting your lip, you tucked him back into his boxers and did back up his jeans, before climbing back up to straddle his lap, ignoring the ache from being on your knees. As your hands once again cupped his cheeks, Steven finally lifted his head but only to lean his forehead against yours, his hands confidently settling on your hips.
“Are you ok, my love?” you asked tentatively, thumb brushing against his cheekbone.
Steven huffed out a laugh, a smile spreading across his face, “I’m more than ok, Love, that was- wow, that was incredible. You are incredible! You are-” your finger moved to cover his mouth, your heart once again filling with love at his praises so instead of letting him finish, you leaned in to kiss him slowly, showing your affection for him. 
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aetheternity · 5 months
Pegging them (5wirl)
A/N: I have returned to my element! (snorts get it.. cause anemo.. well I think its hilarious!) Anyway I wanted to have this out during kinktober even though I'm pretty sure pegging is not a kink but whatever.
Random things of note: (You do not have to read this I just felt like talking about it outside of the tags.) 1. I wrote Venti's entire part in the span of two days. Realized it was basically a one shot and too long for a headcanon post then scrapped the entire thing and rewrote it in the format you see now. 2. Xiao, Kazuha and Heizou's parts were written on the same day. 3. Kazuha's part was originally going to have reader shoving his face into the pillows but I decided for something more gentle. 4. I didn't have an idea for Heizou ahead of time, the spanking was kind of a shot in the dark.
Disclaimer: No gender specified so if you have a dick you can technically still enjoy this ig?? Minors Dni. This is a modern au. Mentions of being rough in Aether's part light spanking in Heizou's part.
~ He had legit never heard of pegging till you brought it up. But Venti being Venti is immediately intrigued by something that has his lover shifting around with unease.
~ "You're so cute! Just how long have you been sitting on this? You look like you could burst at any second!" He teases only working to make your skin feel twenty times hotter than it already was. Stomach concocting knot after knot while he cupped your face only enhancing your anxiety.
~ Ultimately he agrees to it. Why wouldn't he? He loves everything you do to him.
~ He's not concerned at all in fact he's almost overly excited when he comes home to find you in your shared bedroom with all the items laid out ready to play with him.
~ Though the nervousness on your face slowly winds him down.
~ "Windblume, it's ok. I know it's gonna feel good because it's you and me." He coos and pecks quick open mouthed kisses over every part of your forehead. Eventually getting you to untense enough to remove the rest of his clothing.
~ If you weren't relaxed enough before his very eager, very breathy moans and the reddening of his entire face when your fingers brushed his prostate eased you completely. His fingers intertwining with the sheets as he bucked his hips with tiny gasps of, "More." and the pet name he'd uniquely given to you.
~ His cockhead smearing precum along his stomach with every arch of his back. Tears streaming along his cheeks.
~ Windblume.." He nearly choked as you pressed a third lubed finger inside his tight entrance. The tips of your fingers coming up to brush over his hardened nipples. "It's.. so intense.." He shivered, pleas for you to fuck his ass spilling off his lips.
~ You managed to talk him through it as you pressed the lubed tip inside. Massaging his cock with your free hand till he melted into your touch. "How's this, love?" You questioned over his meek whimpers.
~ "Kind of weird.. but.. it doesn't hurt.." He shuddered as you continued to press the entire length inside of him. Pausing to allow the feeling to subside.
~ Your wrist flicked just gentle enough to relax him. Just until his body sank gently back into the mattress. Up until he was whispering words of approval for you to move.
~ He doesn't even begin to hide his eagerness when you press right up against his prostate again. His lips upturned, teeth clamped and eyes so alight with pleasure that it sends a chill down your own spine.
~ "Faster, Harder.. please.."
~ He can't help but reach out to you. Wrap his arms around your waist as he clings onto your heat. His moans being swallowed up as you press as deeply as you can.
~ You find your fingers sinking into his hips, tugging him as close as possible. Pressing kisses to his ears as you whispered small words of praise.
~ It's not long before he's spilling over. So consumed with this new feeling he'd never experienced before and the pleasure of having you fuck his ass.
~ As if he didn't enjoy it enough, the comfort of having you run your hands up his back and heaving chest made things all the better.
~ Don't be shocked when he asks you if the two of you can repeat this endeavor in the near future.
~ He doesn't exactly have a track record of saying no to you so when you ask he agrees to it. Even though he is one hundred percent in the dark on what it is.
~ "My ass? You wanna fuck it?" When you nod he simply chuckles. "That sounds hot."
~ "You're too casual when I ask you stuff like this." You playfully pout returning his kisses when he leans into you.
~ "So you want me to panic?" He asks "Ah! I can't believe you want to fuck me silly!" He can't help but explode with laughter.
~ "Just for that I'm not gonna be nice about it."
~ You stayed pretty true to your word. But Aether managed incredibly well. His sphincter loosening fairly quickly to the lube.
~ And God was he so incredibly adorable. His hips trembling and swaying as you fingered his pretty ass. Knees digging so deeply into the mattress. Little whimpers falling off his lips with each new finger added until you were scissoring them so easily and swiftly that he was wetting the bed beneath him with precum.
~ "Such a cocky little shit and now look at you." You tsked with fake disappointment.
~ He can only answer with a gasp while you gently press inside of him. Shifting your hips to press the tip of your cock against his prostate. Delighting in the way his arms nearly buckle beneath him.
~ Doesn't take long for you to set a quick pace. Plowing into him till he yelps and cries with pleasure. Your left hand sliding up his back to his braid to twist it around your wrist tugging him back into your thrusts.
~ He doesn't even pretend to mind. The curling of his spine appearing more prominently, encouraging pleas falling off his lips.
~ The look of his head pulled back in your grasp only worked to turn you on so much harder than you ever had been before. The rickety clattering of the bed further cementing just how hard the two of you were going.
~ By the time he finally cums he's sinking into the bed. Not even trying to hide the shake of his body, breathless as you soothe him. Sliding your palms down his back.
~ You'll probably have to wait till he wakes to ask him if he enjoyed it. But judging by the streaks of cum layering his stomach and the bed you probably don't need to.
~ Does not know what that is the unholy trilogy.
~ And once you explain he says outright that he does not want to even try it.
~ He's not scared, of course not and it's not because he enjoys being a top. (Let's be honest he's probably the power bottom in your relationship). He just hates breaking from routine. The two of you have sex at least once a week every week on the same day. The most breaking of the schedule being if he comes home late or perhaps if one of you is too tired.
~ "Aww Xiao Xiao.. you don't want to try something new? Aren't you worried about things getting stale."
~ "Are you asking because you're unsatisfied with our current arrangement?"
~ Doesn't really matter how you answer that Xiao caves within a couple days. The pressure to make you happy has always come from his own anxiety and never actually from anything you say or do after all.
~ He seems so much grumpier than usual when you just have him strip and sit on your lap.
~ While he sounds a bit agitated by it, the constant check in's do indeed ease his stress over this new experience. That is until you start to play with his ass and he tenses up, knees quivering at your sides.
~ "Want me to stop?" You ask, squeezing the fat of his hips.
~ "I'll be fine." He repeats as he had every time you'd asked.
~ You slip a hand between his thighs slowly coaxing a hand over his cock till he naturally loosens around your finger. The gorgeous curve of his back high lighted perfectly in the dim lighting of your shared bedroom.
~ By the time you make it up to three fingers he's squirming and panting uncontrollably. Cockhead drooling across each of your fingers to be used as lubricant. The way his cheeks had flushed out combined with his disheveled bangs making him so much cuter.
~ "I'm going to put it in now." You tell him "Tell me if you want to stop."
~ His hands lay flat on your stomach, holding out for purchase as the lubricated tip slowly curves inside him followed slowly and carefully by the entirety of your shaft until he found himself seated with a heavy exhale. You question him a bit on his breathing, moving your hands to cup his cheeks but he simply shook his head brushing your concerns away.
~ "I want you to enjoy this too Xiao Xiao."
~ Despite his insistence that he was indeed ok. You still gave him the opportunity to set his own pace. Delighted by his initiative in the matter.
~ All you really have to do is coax his hips along with one hand and flick your wrist along the head of his cock with the other. Showering him with praise until his dick twitches excitedly.
~ He stays fairly quiet unlike the others. Focusing mostly on riding you with the occasional breathy huff or loud grunt. Sweaty bangs clinging to damp spots against his forehead.
~ His hips start to move sloppily as his orgasm approaches and to your surprise he leans in to you. Breathily hiding every noise he can no longer contain on your lips. Nails raking along the sheets as his climax drenches your hand and both your stomachs.
~ He keeps twitching for a couple minutes exhaling and inhaling hard. His weight almost completely on top of yours.
~ "You seemed to enjoy that huh Xiao Xiao." You almost giggle knowing fully well that his cheeks were bright red where he'd stuffed his face into the crook of your neck. You don't push him any further, just brush your hands along his back. Placing kisses over any areas you could reach. Up until his breathing steadies.
~ You'll just have to wait till tomorrow to give him the proper aftercare he deserves.
~ The first one here to actually know what pegging is.
~ Probably anticipated you asking for something like this because of your obsession with his ass.
~ He's pretty willing to try it too. Even asking you if you'd ever had experience doing something similar in the past.
~ "I'm actually a little surprised you're so willing to do this with me." You say, giving his cheek a small kiss.
~ "All relationships go through periods of experimentation, my love. I wish to continue trying new things with you as much as possible so that we can truly become one soul."
~ "There goes the flowers Beidou's always talking about.." You chuckle
~ You lay beside him on your side as he lays in the same fashion. Drawn into his heat by the soft hitches of his breath and nearly inaudible moans. He fingers himself so swiftly but you love to watch.
~ Love watching his cock shake between his legs as he spreads his own ass. Scissoring those lean fingers in and out. Every thrust sounding so wet, bouncing off the walls of your shared bedroom.
~ "Ok.. I think.. I'm ready." He pants inching close enough for you to press your tip against his prepped hole.
~ You take hold of his cock first. Easing yourself in until he's filled. Stroking delicately as you go.
~ "Can you speed your hand a bit?" He questions immediately gasping as you follow his instructions.
~ You keep your pace slow and steady above all. Just focusing on deep, long thrusts to fill his pretty ass. He rewards your efforts with a part of his lips, sucking in air as it's dragged from his lungs.
~ "Kiss me.." He nearly whimpers and you indulge. You'd never seen Kazuha like this before it almost felt out of character the way he moaned unabashedly into your mouth. Sucking your lip into his kiss.
~ Your fingers sifting through his untied hair. Keeping his head close as you pressed against his prostate. Pure lust flooding your body at the completely sinful sounds that fell from Kazuha's lips.
~ He tried his best to hide it but you'd caught it. You'd caught your boyfriend moaning and whining so submissively if you weren't doing it to him you would've imagined it were someone else.
~ When he gets close he starts to beg you. Beg you to allow him to finish. Beg for your hand to continue stroking his cock. Those scarlet irises trapped behind closed eyelids.
~ "My good Kazu.." You whispered and he couldn't help but cum at those words. Pressing ever closer to your heat with his breathy sighs.
~ He looks so drained as he tries to sit up but you simply insist that aftercare is on you tonight. You nearly overheat when you hear him call you, "An amazing partner." Underneath his breath.
~ He's well aware of pegging and what it is. However his immediate response to you asking to do it to him is surprisingly speechlessness.
~ It's not that he's surprised it's more that he'd never been a bottom before. Not even in previous relationships. He also can't quite wrap his head around someone playing with his ass.
~ Though he trusts that you'll be gentle with him so he talks through it with you a bit further before coming to an agreement.
~ "Man alive.. that's cold.."
~ "Don't tense up or it'll hurt." You respond
~ He presses his ass back for you allowing a single finger to slide in half way before he's huffing and cursing.
~ "Does this hurt?" You question
~ He moans in a way that sounds both pleasured and pained. You pull his hips back into you fisting his pretty cock until he carefully unwinds for one finger.
~ "I'll admit this sensation.. it's quite odd." He chuckles trying to suppress a disgruntled groan.
~ "I know it's a bit uncomfortable Shika but you have to relax a lot more before I can fuck you. Otherwise it'll hurt."
~ "No no I'm aware.. I'm.. trying." His knees shake as you try your hardest to talk him through a second finger, stroking his cock a bit faster while trying to avoid an immediate climax.
~ "Right there.. fu.. yeah that's the spot.."
~ He presses back into your hands, spreading his legs wider to let you pound his prostate till his moans become long and drawn out.
~ "Think you can take the strap now?" You question, holding the lubricant out to properly rub on your cock.
~ "Ah.. just keep it gentle this is my first time after all." He chuckles throwing a wink over his shoulder at you.
~ You simply roll your eyes, "Don't worry, I'll be just as gentle with you as you are with me."
~ "Ah ha.. that's not funny."
~ "It's a little funny."
~ You'd prepared him better than you'd previously assumed. Delighted by how little resistance you face pressing in up to the half way point. Sliding back out before pressing forward a little deeper.
~ He mumbled a series of words softly calling to the gods as you grabbed hold of his ass giving it a quick slap. Then another slightly harder one. Comforted by the soft moans that slipped off his lips.
~ "Darling.. darling that feels good.." He doesn't even try to hide the way he lowers his arms. Pushing his ass up for easier access.
~ You watch strands of hair slip from his hair tie and without thinking about it, you reach forward loosening it to let the mess of red flood his shoulders. The glint in his eye catches you just before the curtain of hair falls over his shoulders.
~ He shakes his head, letting the strands fall evenly over his back. His elbows sinking further into the mattress as he clings for purchase.
~ Your name falls from his tongue from the depths of his throat and he works a free hand between his legs to make your job easier.
~ When he cums it's so abrupt you hadn't even noticed till he randomly gasped. Panting out exclamations and curses in brief, unstructured sentences.
~ You pulled out for him and he instantly flipped onto his back. "Are you sure that's the first time you've done that?" He asked tongue curving over his lips.
~ "Of course. I wouldn't lie."
~ "Well, I hope in the near future we can do that again. I never knew how good it felt to have your prostate massaged."
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08-30-27 · 12 days
Deprived | Eren Yeager x fem reader
·˚wc: 1.1k ·˚tags: 18+ ONLY content + minors and empty blogs DNI + modern au + repost from my old blog + not beta read! ·˚cw: this is porn with little plot honestly + male masturbation + needy! Eren + begging + fellatio + cunnilingus +fingering + cum eating + praising + sweet fluffy smut + deep throating + unprotected sex + panty sniffing + mentions of lewd pictures and videos + a bit of overstimulation + pussy job + any missing tag lmk!!
·˚synopsis: When you're not there to wake up with your boyfriend, he tries to find ways to keep him busy until you get back home, which should be soon, right?
Everything was going wrong as soon as Eren woke up, you weren’t in bed and the hot water in the shower didn’t last long. His hair wouldn’t corporate as he tried to brush it back in a bun nor could he find a pair of boxers in his dresser even after doing laundry so he roamed around the apartment with a gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach.
He knew he was acting like a baby but you grounded him especially on a day like this, all he could do was think about you as he made breakfast with a raging hard-on that made it difficult to think about anything else as he sat down to pick at his food.
Another heavy sigh left his lips as he pushed the plate away to pull his phone out of his pocket to open up his gallery looking for one specific album. You.
He’s taken plenty of pictures and videos of you and him over the last two years, some cute and profile picture-worthy on his social media but the rest were reserved for him only, you on your knees with his cock halfway in his mouth or in his car with you on top and him fucking you from below.
His favorites were when you laid in bed dressed in nothing but his t-shirt and him taking random pictures, they weren’t sexual as much as the other ones but he remembers the look in your eyes as you laughed at his lame jokes and his playful ass slapping.
To him your smile is the best thing you can wear, his heart did a summersault before sending another painful throb through his cock.
After hastily cleaning up Eren made his way back to the bedroom glancing at the alarm clock as he looked through the laundry basket looking for a pair of your panties.
After grabbing his favorite pair he was quick to settle on the bed pulling his shorts down to his knees wrapping his fist around the base of his dick while using his free hand to ball your underwear before pressing it against his nose inhaling deeply with a loud groan working his hand up and down envisioning your lips wrapped around his cock instead, with his eyes shut he kept the pace fast and furious whimpering and drooling in your underwear.
Your name was repeated over and over again as he reached his climax rather quickly painting his stomach in globs of cum that he quickly cleaned up before roaming the apartment again debating if he should invite Armin over but instead he sat on the couch looking through your pictures jerking off again while the tv played mindlessly in the background.
Eren wanted nothing more than to bury his face in your chest and hold you against him, he’s needy and a bit clingy but you don’t mind. In fact, it’s welcomed, he was like a lost puppy which you found very cute.
After another clean up he busied himself with chores in an effort to think about anything else besides you, it didn’t help much because you were everywhere he looked.
Your pictures were hung up everywhere, your stuff on most surfaces and lastly, your scent still lingered from this morning when you took a shower and sprayed your perfume, he was like a dog drooling as he buried his face in your pillow rutting his hips against the mattress growing frustrated.
He wasted another two hours laying on the couch trying to sleep until he heard the familiar sound of your key sliding into the lock, he scrambled off the couch and scurried to the front door opening it with your keys in the door still, he was quick to wrap his arms around you tightly pulling you inside as he peppered your face in kisses.
“I missed you.” He mumbled against your neck as he kicked the door shut reaching his hands down to grab a handful of your ass pulling you closer as he slathered wet kisses on your neck now.
“I was only gone for a few hours baby, I told you last night I had to go in for a bit.” You reminded him as he led you to the bedroom not letting go of you, his lips never leaving your throat as he lowered you onto the bed covering you with his large frame caging your head between his forearms.
He whined in your neck rutting his hips against your clothed cunt as he moved his hands to paw at you, “I know but I missed you so much baby,” He cooed kissing down to your chest before stopping to take your shirt off, “need you. Can I?” He asked.
You threaded your fingers in his hair pulling it out of his bun smiling, “I missed you too, what did you do while I was gone and of course, you’re so polite when you ask.” You teased watching him make quick work of tugging your skirt off as he slid to his knees at the edge of the bed running his hands up and down your pantyhose-clad legs.
He groaned burying his face in your cunt inhaling deeply as he did with your panties earlier but having the real thing so close to him drove him feral as he spread your legs open.
“I cleaned and took a shower and tried to eat then I fucked my fist to your pictures,” He admitted with red pooling in his cheeks that spread to his neck and chest as he nipped the nylon with his teeth tearing a hole in the fabric exposing your underwear, his tongue lapped at your clit through the cotton material soaking it with each lick he grew more desperate and you were no stranger to his brute strength so it wasn’t a surprise when he tore your panties off to slid them in his pockets.
You gasped holding the back of his head as you perched your feet on the edge of the bed letting him hook his arms around your thighs dragging you closer making it easier for him to suck your clit before covering your slick-covered pussy in wet kisses mixing in with his spit as he groaned against you growing drunk on your taste.
“You missed me that much honey? You barely gave me time to get inside before dragging me to the bedroom. Are you that needy for my cunt?” You asked grabbing a handful of his hair and grinding against his tongue.
“Yes,” He answered quickly pulling away looking at your glistening pussy with his drool that bridged from you to his lips that he licked while thumbing you apart.
“I wanted to do this all day, I need you, baby-” He broke off to flick your clit with the tip of his tongue before dragging it up and down between your spread lips adding to the already lewd sounds of him shamelessly devouring you like his last meal, his eyes rolled to the back of his head as pre-cum stained the front of his shorts.
You fisted the sheets arching your back growing closer to your climax when he slid two fingers inside you with a wet squelch coupled with a moan from you and a grunt from Eren as he kissed your thighs replacing his tongue with his thumb leaving small tears in your pantyhose.
He was precise with his movements slowly dragging along your walls before brushing against your g-spot, “Let me hear you, you sound so pretty when you moan my name.” He begged quietly moving back to get a look at your blissed-out expression.
“It feels so good, don’t stop please, you’re so good to me, keep going Eren!” You moaned with your chest heaving and pulling on the blankets with a tight fist bucking your hips as you came tightening your hold on his hair squeezing your eyes shut tightly riding out your high until your body didn’t feel like jelly anymore did Eren climb on the bed with swollen hips and lust-blown pupils to kiss you tanging his tongue with yours, the taste you was heavy as you wrapped your legs around his waist and arms around his neck.
“Do you mean that? You really think I’m good to you?” He asked with a softer expression as you trailed your hand to cup his jaw brushing your thumb along his bottom lip staring into his eyes that reminded you of getting lost in a forest. You sat up to peck his lips slowly and nod your head playing with the hair on the back of his head.
“Of course, I mean that. You’re a good man and a good boyfriend. I’m so lucky to have you.” You whispered sitting up to push him off gently guiding him to his back as you settled between his legs tugging on the elastic band of his shorts pulling them down until his cock sprang free leaking pre-cum that dribbled down his cock.
“And you have such a pretty dick,” You praised kissing the swollen head licking the salty essence off showing him it smeared on your tongue as you peppered him with wet kisses while cupping and fondling his balls, he gritted his teeth watching you with heavy-lidded eyes, “everything about you is perfection, you know what to do when I’m having a bad day, you know every single intimate detail about me and body. No one else could make me feel the way you do.”
Your words had a heavy effect on Eren who whimpered and threw his head back as warmth spread through him, opening your mouth wider you took him further in using your spit as lube making it easier to take him as you bobbed up and down keeping his balls cupped in your other hand that wasn’t wrapped around the rest that couldn’t fit.
“God, I love you so much,” Eren grunted resting his hand on the back of your head, he was tempted to grab his phone on the nightstand and ask to take a video but the feeling you were giving him overtook any other thought as you deepthroated him, the gagging sound made his toes curl and the sight he imagined earlier was enough for him to thrust his hips up while gasping still a little sensitive from when he jerked himself to this image in his head.
You hummed and pulled off him with a loud pop as you kissed his happy trail up to his lips, “I love you too.”
Eren grabbed either side of your head deepening the kiss before pulling away panting watching you go back down to his cock taking him back in your mouth with slow drags of your tongue up and down the underside before sucking on his head shooting his load down your throat with a loud grunt you kept your head down swallowing all of it letting some sit on your tongue as you sat up sticking it out showing him before tugging his shorts completely off to straddle his lap rutting your weeping cunt over his dick.
“Sensitive-” He moaned instinctively bucking his hips with clenched thighs as kept the pace up before grabbing his shaft slowly sliding him inside easily with the spit both of you gasped loudly as he sat up wrapping his arms around your waist thrusting his hips up.
You circled your arms around his neck kissing his forehead knowing he thrives off the praise and affection and who were you to deny him when he looks up at you with puppy eyes?
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caseiloveu · 2 months
five ways to say 'i love you' - bang chan x gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ pairing: bang chan x gn!reader
˗ˏˋ description: five ways to say i love you. straightforward, through laughter, slipped under your tongue, instead of "thank you", as if you don't mean it.
˗ˏˋword count: 1.3k
˗ˏˋ tags: fluff.
˗ˏˋ taglist: if you want to be (un)added, send me an ask please !!
author's note: inspired by the first half of this post. today has been frustrating (my brain isn't braining), soo here's some chris' fluff!! this isn't a coherent story, just some random blurbs bc i really wanted to try this writing style. enjoy <3
don't repost. don't translate. minors and ageless blogs dni!
five ways to say 'i love you' (bang chan)
1. Straightforward. Soft and heavy, like morning before the coffee started brewing. Like that’s all there is to say.
It was still early in the morning when Chan woke up. The sun was barely out, only a few rays of sunlight covered both of your sleeping forms. Chan’s hand was still on top of your stomach and rested there gently. His other arm was under your neck to support your sleeping figure, giving you a sense of comfort when you escaped into your own dreamland. His upper leg rested on top of you, his body completely engulfed you in the comfortable way only he could. Every time Chan got home late, which happened regularly, he gently pulled your body closer to him this way, hoping that you were dreaming of him. 
He pressed a delicate kiss against the back of your neck, and another, and another. Your body, still unconscious, noticed the touch of your lover and begged you to wake up. Nothing you dreamt about could ever come close to the feeling of having him beside you. 
You stirred lightly and Chan stopped with his lips still pressed against your neck.
“Did I wake you up?” He asked after you stretched and you shook your head.
“No. Today should be an early day, anyway.”
Chan giggled. “Today’s Sunday, no?”
You nodded slightly and wiggled back so you were pressed straight against him.
“I know. That’s why I want to be up early. I have you all for myself today.”
You tried your best to stay away and to fight the slumber that was already taking over you again. Carefully to not disturb you too much, Chan tried to pull you even closer and pressed even more kisses against your neck.
“I love you.”
2. Through laughter, over a chorus of voices, knowing it’ll strike home anyway. It’s meant for everyone here, after all.
It was Friday morning when Chan texted you. He invited you over to the dorms later that night, explaining that the guys had planned to do a cosy movie night together with some friends. Naturally, he invited you. He always wanted you around and the boys knew it as well as he did. They all already expected you to come, and you agreed right away.
It was very well into the night, everyone who drank was a few drinks in already. Chan was still sober and watched you as you talked to Changbin. You laughed at something Changbin had said and Chan smiled widely at you. You caught his eye over the crowd and smiled back at him. His eyes turned into the most beautiful crescent moons and he mouthed a silent “I love you”, knowing that it would reach you all across the room.
3. Slipped under your tongue, twisted into something else. “I trust you,” maybe. Trust them to figure it out.
Chan did not mean to say it. Or maybe he did, unconsciously. The words just slipped out of his mouth and he could not get them back in, no matter how much he tried. Chan did not even remember what he was asked, when he smiled widely and said without thinking: “My partner, they love these things.”
It was quiet for a few seconds when he realised which secret he just shared, but he continued doing his live as if nothing had happened. It was not that big of a deal, anyway. Or so he hoped. 
His manager called him right after he ended the life, after bombarding him with texts all throughout it. They would have to do a meeting, he told Chan, and that they wanted to invite you to it. Chan sighed when he hung up and called you right after.
“I fucked up”, was the first thing he told you. You, who watched his live streams every week along with his fans, just smiled weakly.
“You didn’t,” you answered truthfully and watched as Chan rubbed his face.
“I - We need to meet with some guys tomorrow,” he then explained and watched your expression closely, “and I think I would like to confirm this. Us.”
Your heart felt warm at his confession. It would be nice to finally let the world know that he was fully and entirely yours. Smiling more genuine now, you answered him.
“I trust you.”
4. Instead of “thank you” or “see you soon” or “drive safe.” Because no matter what you say it’ll mean the same thing.
When you woke up, Chan was right beside you, fast asleep. His new habit of coming over to yours instead of the dorms after staying at the studio all night made your heart flutter. There was nothing you loved more than waking up in the morning and feeling his arm securely draped over your waist. 
Careful to not wake him up, you took his hand in yours and wriggled out of his grasp. As a response, he just grunted and pulled your pillow closer into him. It was sweet and made you smile. 
You went to the kitchen after you got ready for your day. Humming, you prepared two boxes of breakfast. One for your own day and one for Chan, so he had something to take with him when he went back to the studio. It was a habit of yours ever since he started spending more time over at your place. Besides, that was your way of making sure that he actually ate something throughout the day.
When you finished packing his breakfast, you wrote him a little note, saying ‘I love you’. You put it back in the fridge and made your way out of the door quietly, to let him rest for a little while longer.
After a few hours of being out, your phone buzzed. Smiling, you took it out of your pocket and saw a message notification from Chan.
“I love you.”
5. Casually, as if you don’t mean it. Trying like hell not to mean it.
You did not like Chan. Correction. You did not want to like Chan. He was your best friend’s friend, after all. Felix himself had introduced the both of you a little while back. Since he was close with Chan, he usually joined the both of you whenever you went out. Chan was incredibly sweet and attentive, and yet still incredibly flirty with you. It was hard to remind yourself that your feelings were all platonic sometimes.
The other day, Felix invited you over to a movie night. Naturally, Chan joined you. You arrived early and Felix was still preparing some snacks. He rejected your offer to help him, claiming that you should just sit down with Chan and talk to him until Felix was done.
Chan was already seated on the couch. He had a blanket on top of his lap, jokingly claiming that it was way too cold in the living room.
“Maybe you’re just old,” Felix said and rolled his eyes, before we went back to whatever he was doing. Chan grinned and greeted you.
“How are you?”
You hesitated, before you whispered: “A bit cold too. Not gonna lie.”
Chan laughed loudly and put his blanket up. He patted on the spot beside him and gestured for you to sit down. When you did, he put the blanket over your lap.
“Your knight in shining armour is here to help,” he exclaimed dramatically and put a hand over his chest. You giggled.
“Ah! Sir Christopher! Thank you for your services," you joked back dramatically, "I love you.”
You put your hand on your chest and mimicked his gesture, desperately trying to make your confession sound as nonchalant as possible.
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