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runbulletproof · 3 months
Hey, I hate to post this, but my cat, Jeff, is really really ill and I can't afford his vet bills. I've applied for carecredit and scratchpay but I don't qualify and there's only one vet in the tiny town I live in and they're expensive. I really hate to ask but if there's anyone at all who can help out so my baby can get the care he needs, I'd really appreciate it!! Any tiny bit will help at this point. I'm not sure what I could do in return but if you think of something please let me know! Cashapp • Paypal Thank you 💖
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burythecarnival · 8 months
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well met, beautiful people of tumblr land 🖤
originally, i was going to make a post about my birthday on mad hatter day (10/6) but, asking for tips so i can party & buy pretty things is no longer on my mind. on sunday, i found out that mina (aka wilhelmina the disabled ballerina) has a fast-growing tumor in her mouth that could be cancerous & fused to her jaw. she is currently on strong antibiotics & pain medicine until i take her in next week to be sedated, have x-rays taken & biopsy the growth. my vet is a sweetheart who is going to work with me but, the cost is still going to be substantial.
all i want for my birthday is my sweet girl to get diagnosed & and find out our next plan of action. if you cannot help, reblogs are still super appreciated. my heart is so heavy & i just need my pretty girl to be cared for the v best she can 😥
cashapp: $dryboneslive / venmo: dryboneslive
paypal: message me for email
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nitro-devil · 2 months
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Kitty needs ear meds for her ear infections!
Last night we found out Kabuki's right ear canal is shut and sore!
I found out last night that you can get pretty good OTC medication for infections in cats but if that doesn't work we will be taking her to the vet.
We are still recovering from being laid off and are low on funds as of this moment and only need $50.
Anything helps!
Ko-fi | Payp4l
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nicatnite88 · 1 year
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Hi everyone. My little snuggle buddy, Ollie, is having some health issues. Some of you know that I am a single mother raising a special needs kid. We are moving next month to be closer to his special school so that I don’t have to drive 3 hours a day for him to go. Unfortunately, that’s taking all of my money.
Ollie is the most cat-like cat I have. My other two are dogs in cat costumes, but my Ollie is the one who insists on me leaving my sink dripping, knocks things off ANY surface, and attempts to eat my fake flowers. I picked him up yesterday and discovered a few bald spots on his body, at least one of which was bloody and raw. So I need to take him to the vet.
As of right now I don’t have a dime to spare, so I’m doing one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and I’m asking for help. Just to walk into the vet is almost $100, and he will likely need blood work and tests done. I will be taking commissions to help pay for his vet bills.  I was originally going to paywall my content temporarily, but I was feeling kind of squicky about that since I disagree with paywalling in general.  But a friend suggested commissions, so while I'm not the greatest I am definitely willing to attempt anything you want made.
If you have gotten this far, thank you for reading. If you would like to help but are unable to contribute monetarily, I would ask you to share this message. Every little bit helps. Thank you.
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Hey everyone, I usually don't like to ask for help, but I had to take my hedgehog to the emergency vet this morning, and I don't currently have the money to pay for it or any procedures he may need, please help me save my hedgehog. Please share this with more people as well.
Help Save Gus The HedgeHog
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we-are-trickster · 2 months
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Hey friends!
Making a post because I could use a little extra cash to help pay for some upcoming vet expenses for the Frejya pup (pictured above). Still waiting on a prognosis, but I noticed a large boil on her chest and a lump on her abdomen.
She’s definitely my bestie and I want to make sure she’s okay.
I’m available to do Tarot readings, costume/garb commissions, and writing commissions.
Simple 3-Card Tarot Pull $10
Topical 10-Card Pull $25
Year At-a-Glance 13-Card Pull $50
Costume Commissions PM for pricing, depends on the complexity.
Writing Commissions $0.25/word, 25 Word Min. I will take commissions for Final Fantasy Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Baldur’s Gate 3, FFVII.
I am also a DM for Hire at $ 25/hr!
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fuckyoucanada · 1 month
“On April 12th, we had to take Ganon to the emergency vet due to a drastic change in weight and other concerning health issues. Upon having an ultrasound, the vet discovered that he has a mass in his stomach that is causing significant damage to his liver. The options we have are limited, and in order to give him a chance at recovering and living a longer, healthier life is to have surgery to have the mass removed. Surgery is going to cost several thousand dollars, and I would do anything in the world to help him. Without surgery, he will continue to deteriorate and the time we have left with him is limited.
Ganon is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. I adopted him 6 years ago when I was still in college. He’s been with me through thick and thin, as my emotional support animal and my best friend. He got me through college, an abusive relationship, and some of the worst moments of my life. He’s too young and the longer he goes without surgery the less likely it is that he’ll be able to recover, and I truly cannot imagine my life without him.
Please consider donating so we can get Ganon the care he needs. Anything would help, even if you’re just able to share this page. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for any help you can provide.”
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blackmoonrose13 · 7 months
So My cat is going to the emergency Vet most likely will need surgery, So I am just trying to soften the financial Pain I am defiantly going to go through. Please if you can share it out even if you can't donate that would help
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obaewankenope · 1 year
I need help!
Marley has been throwing up everywhere! I haven't any money right now but he needs a vet. Please, anything you have to spare right now will make a major difference!
[ko-fi] [paypal]
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yuki305 · 6 months
I don't normally post this kind of thing or even ask for this kind of thing, but im out of options. I need help raising money to take my cat to the vet to get blood work done and other tests. She is 17 and in the span of a few months, lost 3 to 4 pounds yet eats double the amount of food. She feels so boney and Im super worried about her. If you can donate, it would be so much appreciated. If you can not donate, all I ask is that you share this post.
Thank you for your time 💙
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newmentalitywhodis · 1 year
Hi there! I haven't been on tumblr in a decade so it feels really weird posting and seeing old posts, ya girl was going through it! BUT ANYWAYS. Niko is in dire need of dermatology testing, teeth cleaning and ear cleaning. She first started pulling her hair out a few years ago, it scared me to death because it happened in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.
Tumblr media
Over time the excessive hair pulling and itching decreased after a few vet visits they gave her shots to ease the itching/biting, we tried anxiety meds for a few months (8 to be exact) and then determined that we should get dermatology testing because it is more likely to be an allergy issue. I even got blood work done and they said she's healthy THANK GOODNESS she's healthy on the inside because my heart would be BROKEN. However, it's still present. I still occasionally see chunks of hair missing. I am currently in a financial bind that prevents me from taking care of Niko's vet expenses in the way that I want to. I'm currently a student in college studying Vet Technology myself, but I'm unable to diagnose her properly so I can only speculate. Using GoFundMe was my very last resort. I understand there are more important causes people may want to donate to, but I would HIGHLY appreciate it if people donated to or shared this GoFundMe.
Here is a video of her teeth and ears:
Thank you so so much! For reading, watching sharing and or donating! I'll feel so much relief once this is solved and I'm sure my (13 yr old) baby will too.
Vet Estimates:
Animal Dermatology Clinic testing sliding scale of $1,250-$2,000 (I called and they said I have to pay for the consultation first which is $200)
Teeth Cleaning $600 (not including tooth extraction, I really hope she won't need one.)
Ear Cleaning $80
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felixschokehold · 10 months
Sandman, one of my dogs, has a cracked tooth. Sore, loose, at risk of infection, etc.
I am looking at about $600 at the LEAST, which is wishful thinking. I'm still living paycheck to paycheck trying to catch up on rent and keep up with it so I don't get evicted. With my shoulder injury, I have not been at work as much as I usually would be and with physical therapy I'm getting slightly less hours.
If anyone can PLEASE help out with this, I would be so grateful. His tooth is cracked basically all the way down the middle. The longer I wait to try and address this, the worst it's going to get. Infection is also a risk, not to mention the pain he's in.
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Here is an estimation directly from the vet.
Venmo and Paypal are both under: @CalKenmore
If you want to directly pay to the vet, the clinic number is: (507) 233-2500 (just explain the situation, my information is under my deadname 'Ruby Gassler' for pet Sandman)
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ryantheelf · 3 months
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Our baby František is in the veterinary hospital because his bladder is inflamed and his urethra was obstructed. They're running tests to see the cause of the obstruction, but there's a lot of blood in his urine (they put a catheter to drain his bladder).
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This is what we paid for 2 nights in the hospital + tests and medications (price in Brazilian reais).
My wife and I have been unemployed for a few months. My wife did find a job, but she hasn't started it yet and this expense is breaking us. We'll obviously pay everything we can to see Fran safe and healthy, but we need help.
If you can share this or send us anything via ko-fi, even a single dollar helps - 1 USD is R$ 5 (4,94 but almost 5).
My ko-fi:
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adorabledaylilly · 2 months
Help me take my cat to the vet
I've never done anything like this before and I know it's a huge ask but my cat, Pi needs surgery to remove one of her eyes.
The eye was injured before we found her 5 years ago and a vet said it wasn’t causing her any issues and wasn't caused by any serious underlining problems but recently it has started to swell and water. She is nursing it herself. She isn't laying prone, panting or hiding but she isn't eating well and I don't want it to get worse.
The issue being we are trying to move across the country by the end of the month because we are losing our home and can barely afford that let alone taking her in for a $300 to $600 vet visit and surgery.
I’ll have a more exact price on cost once we get her to a vet but for now it’s just an estimate.
I just feel so drained and helpless.
anything helps, even a prayer.
Thank you.
p@y pal - adorabledaylilly
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thatnonb1ny-cvmslut · 10 months
Update!! Goal has been met thanks to a very generous friend and mutual
I have never known how to start one of these in times of need, but dammit my shreds of pride be damned.
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We need help getting out of this horrid living situation we are in, we have the new place and fees paid for and lined up, the last hurdle is our baby boy Loki needs his vaccinations updated. If anyone can help at all it would be so greatly appreciated, if not please boost and reblog maybe someone can help down the line.
Goal MET
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spacedaddyb · 5 months
If any cool people wanna help me and my dog out it with medical bills it would mean the world to me. She needs to get blood work tomorrow in prep for her surgery and a booster shot. I need to make $250 before the appointment
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