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It's pointless arguing about which Link is the scrungliest because they're all the scrungliest, on different axes of scrungle.
Twilight Princess Link is scrungly in a Serious Fantasy Protagonist™ sort of way, his clothes and skin sporting an even coating of grime of no specific origin, forever slightly but noticeably damp, and inexplicably smelling faintly of used motor oil.
Breath of the Wild Link is scrungly in a lives-alone-in-the-woods sort of way: surprisingly well groomed, because Hollywood stereotypes notwithstanding, letting your hygiene slide is not conducive to long term wilderness survival, yet 100% prepared to catch a fish with his bare hands and eat it live and wriggling in front of you.
Wind Waker Link is scrungly in an unsupervised middle schooler sort of way – charming enough from a distance, but you probably don't want to know what he's got in his pockets, and if you touched him your hands would come away greasy. Why is he greasy?
It's scrungle all the way down.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Emotes” : Leon.S.Kennedy ……( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) FORTNITE フォートナイト
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basegame compatible
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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any barbariccia enjoyers?
http://twitter.com/koyoriin http://patreon.com/koyorin http://instagram.com/koyori_n http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=12576068
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“four times” | simon “ghost” riley [m]
Tumblr media
⋆ pairing: simon “ghost” riley [cod: mwII] x f!reader
⋆ summary: four times you think about how simon ghost riley will fuck you and one time he actually does.
⋆ wc: 6.7k
⋆ warnings&tags: nsfw, explicit language, flirting, daydreaming/dreaming, mentions of fantasy & kinks, rough!ghost who becomes soft for some time in odd circumstances, f!reader, kissing, licking, biting, oral > f receiving, cums, cursing, superior!ghost, touching, putting one's head down, dirty talk, pet names such as doll, handcuffing, safe word, reader is kind of like a brat, sinsful/unholy things, mentions of love, fluff, a little emotional, jealousy, events happens in a safe zone like a dom. remind me if I missed something. enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it was not the first time you imagined about it but it was certainly the one you went further 'till it made you stood where you were, looking at the lieutenant's face shamelessly without your control and keeping dreaming about how he would fuck you.
you couldn't tell what made you think such a thing since he was your superior who you should look at a co-worker but it all changed when you joined to the team and got closer with each one of them, especially with ghost who you has spent so much nights in the field now. 
in these nights, you shared so many things, mostly you but ghost became more comfortable around you enough to let you tease him. it was a great development for your relationship. he wasn't like soap at all and for you, no men could be like him. mystery he had alongside his own persona was pulling you to him dangerously. 
maybe, that was the reason why you felt this way about him; wanting him to ruin you from head to toe. 
so, it wasn't a surprising thing when you sat down on the couch, watching ghost and soap organizing and planning how to enter the building secretly.
comparing to others, his body was massive and it began with it.
your mind studied how he could easily carry you. he could move your without any effort onto a higher level and he even could hold you by your ass, raising your body up, caging it between his massive body and a wall, hugging you from the waist and ass.
with the stamina he had on field, he clearly could go for some rounds like that, not putting you down while fucking you like that. you imagined how he would make you undress before fucking you from head to toe but keeping all of his suit on which would make you feel the fabric of his clothes on your skin.
he definitely would talk dirty, explicitly. he had no shame in that situations as you guessed.
as you kept dreaming him fucking you from behind while holding you up only leaving your tips touching the ground as your head hit the wall rapidly. all naked, sweat all over and screaming his name again and agai -
"y/n?" a deep voice you loved to hear said, taking you from your nasty dreams into reality with a blushed face. "are you okay?"
you nodded to your lieutenant. "sorry, sir," you said. "I was thinking about something. what were you saying?"
his eyes that was only visible thing from masked covered face kept looking at you, so, it was soap who answered your question, pointing out the map of the building. "can you stay in here for the mission?" 
looking at ghost one last time, you turned to soap and began to talk about the mission while you continued to feel ghost's heavy eyes on you from time to time.
second time was when you were standing on the building with ghost beside you, lying down on the ground on your stomachs, adjusting the snipers in front of you.
lieutenant was looking directly at the high building while you were looking at him from the corner of your eyes.
he had a good physics - a good built body thanks to exercises he was doing all the time. so, while he was lying like this, you could see strong muscles on his back that were visible than before. his arms were covered in black fabric, pointing out his muscular arms under the fabric. you wanted to touch them because your palms aching to feel his muscles under your skin, caressing them slowly while he took all you give him.
while looking at his body, your naughty side took control once again, making you have unholy thoughts about the way his arms could hold your thighs in place while he is standing on his knees right in front of you, his masked curled up only leaving his lips in display to your eyes and some wetness on his lips which you saw twice thanks to having same lunch time. wetness coming out of your bared pussy in front of his face, eating you alive while you hold his shoulders and arms on your thighs that are exposed because of the shortness of night dress you were wearing.
having him between your thighs, seeing him licking, biting and eating your pussy as you only leave moans of his name and how good he is making you was a dream in your head in that moment when a hand waved towards your direction – a hand of no one’s but ghost whose eyes filled with concern and confused looking.
“what are you thinking?” he asked, angry a little bit and you knew damn well why he was angry; the mission was about to start and you were dozing off, giving you danger and ghost probably began to think whether you were ready for the mission or not.
but you took a defensive and determined manner, shaking your head with your hands in sync. “I just got an idea is all, don’t worry, sir, I am ready for the mission.”
his eyes traveled from your face to your lower parts and to your face again and making you flush more in redness. “how copy?” he asked, bossy as ever, deepness in his voice.
“positive, sir.”
“good.” he said, nodding, believing you. “don’t make me carry you from the field, y/n. it is the last thing I want to.”
“don’t you worry, simon.” you smiled, feeling closer thanks to him calling you with your name so intensely. “I am good at this.”
third time came sooner than you expected it to be.
the mission was done perfectly, no blood dropped, no one got harmed, the information they had got back from them secretly, not alerting anyone in the building while you and soap stayed in the field and ghost on the rooftop, giving you information and calmness through the mission, especially to you.
after it was done, the team took different cars to go back into the place you were staying at. you were the one who left behind with just one car because you decided to wait for ghost to reach you, leaving the rooftop. it was a habit you had after a dangerous mission you and ghost had in previous times. it began to be more natural each time and no one questioned it, not even you and simon, it was an unspoken and calming gesture you both shared.
while keeping silence, you enter the back of black truck. you took the chair in front of simon because there were no one in the truck expect you to and you believed it would be strange to sit beside him when there were all empty spaces. this was the first mistake you did.
you realized it when simon put down his sniper on the ground when car began to move, driver staying behind the closed black mirror, not giving any sight of you two to him. then, simon put his head to the surface of truck, looking at you with his dark colored eyes – they looked darker than before because of gloomy white lights of the car. they looked at you so intensely that you moved in awkwardness, but not breaking eye contact but it was hard to keep, especially when he opened his legs wider, manspreading, showing off his powerful thighs seamlessly enough to make your face turn into a redness.
he looked damn well with the way he was sitting that your knees began to weaken, ready to shake any moment.
it was so hard not to imagine how could you easily stay on your knees, between his thick thighs, all of his armor on, only half of his face smirking down at you while you took his exposed cock deep inside your mouth, beginning for more and more for him to fuck it roughly, his hands on your hair, caressing gently and roughly at the same time to mess with your already dumb head.
you could guess you would hold his thighs with a strong grip, not wanting to fall onto the ground because of shaking legs he would give to you.
“y/n,” simon said, sounding half ghost who is your lieutenant and half simon who is your friend or crush if you would be honest to yourself. when you looked up to his face, you realized how you were staring at his thighs and well, that particular thing covered but a little visible to eyes. you knew damn well that he caught your staring and the heat raised inside you while you waited him to continue. but he said something you didn’t expect, “you did so well in the field.” he smirked, and you could tell that without even seeing his lips.
“good girl.”
it was the fourth time in which you actually took an action while dreaming about it because there was a free time to do whatever you want to do and it was right after the exercise day you shared with ghost and soap together to have fun and useless moment.
it was an idea coming out from soap, suggesting to share exercise hours while playing a game; the winner in each exercise would ask a question to others – the questions that could be anything including explicit ones to add some spicy to the game as soap said while smiling. thanks to the times you three spent, you knew very well what kinds of question he would ask.
it sounded fun and you nodded, and simon too who you tried not to look at for long times since he was wearing a black t-shirt, leaving his arms exposed and upper body covered with the skinny fabric of it. also he had black cargo pants on. he looked breath taking and you wanted to remove his mask and see his face.
then, it all began; first winner of exercise was soap thanks to the energy he had which would fade away slowly as you guessed. he had no shame and that’s why, he asked a very expected question; which position you like the most.
you rolled your eyes, punching him on the shoulder, “what an unexpected question you asked soap.” however, your calm manner changed when a deep voice came from your behind.
“can’t choose.”
he was standing right behind you as his bigger body swallowed yours. looking back to his face, covered with mask, you blushed. and when he looked down at you with dark colored eyes of his you loved to look at, you turned to soap suddenly who was smirking at simon’s answer.
“how about you, y/n?” soap asked, giving time for you to be comfortable to answer. he added when you stayed silent. “it’s just a game. don’t worry, little one.”
you tried to look confident and while simon’s piercing eyes were opening holes in your back, you shrugged, “classic ones, I guess.”
“classic ones?” soap chuckled, caressing your hair with a friendly manner, “I expected you to have – well, more colorful things than that.”
rolling your eyes, you tried to joke to calm the air down since all you could think simon’s presence and answer – can’t choose, was the thing he said, so, he loved every position. you wondered how many positions he experienced with others and that made your blood boil without your control.
with raising heat and anger on your body, you said to them, feeling sick, “enough with the game. I want to take a shower. you two go on.”
as you made your way you could feel the gazes simon gave to you; confused ones while soap shouted childishly, “but it just started!”
and here you were, sitting on your bed after a fresh shower which helped you to calm down and getting away with the ideas of simon with someone else. jealousy and anger were the things you shouldn’t have since you were being just a brat who had a crush on him. that was all. nothing more.
but when you remembered his answer, your brain began to act on its own; thinking every position simon would fuck you with.
and when it stopped on your favorite on, the doggystyle, not the one you told to soap, your mind blew up, making your hands work on your clit that saught attention. 
it was all dizzy now; you lying down on the bed, one of your hands on your breast while the other one playing with your folds, heavy and pitched breaths coming out of your parted mouth, your white night dress on your body, exposing your breasts alongside with your pussy and thighs.
it was passing midnight and no one were in your floor; soap and simon went outside as soap informed you, captain price and gaz were visiting some important individuals who were friends of captain, so, you were all alone – all alone to do what you wanted to for such a long time; thinking about the lieutenant – his hands, thighs, arms, massive body entirely and especially his cock while having your own pleasure with quilt because he was your superior, boss even, and on the other hand, he was your friend. if only he knew you were lying down on the bed and began to moan his name lowly but since there wasn’t any sound in the floor, it sounded so high for your ears.
when you were about to reach climax, the door knocked, taking you away from your naughty dreams.
with a dizzy mind and annoyed because of not reaching your climax, ache on the stomach, you got up, not minding putting something on to your messy night dress, you just stood behind the door, opening the lock, then the door only to see the mask of ghost, standing with all his glory behind the door with a black hoodie and light blue jeans on. he looked attractive and hot as always. you didn’t know how you could fall for someone without seeing his face but it was the power of simon. you fell for the man for only him, not for his face or position – only for him.
“s-simon?” you asked in surprise because he was the last one you expected to stay behind your door in such hour, especially since he was out with soap doing god knows what.
without saying anything, he just nodded towards the room, asking for a permission to enter.
giving him space to enter the room, you realized which dress you were wearing but it was all too late and simon’s eyes were already on your body, looking at it from corner of his eyes even though you could feel its burning effect, making your cheeks burn and remember what you were doing before he knocked the door.
cursing inside your head, you put your arms around your body with a calm movement, like you weren’t minding being like this in front of your crush – who you were having unholy thoughts recently, you asked, “is there something important, sir? I thought you and soap were outside for fun.”
“yeah?” simon asked in a low tone, making you shiver thanks to deepness of his sound – sounding more than ghost on the field than simon but there was also hints of simon still. “it wasn’t fun.” he added, slowly approaching you, putting a hand on the door, right beside your head, making your back touch door’s surface due to sudden closeness. he caged your body between his and the door. it was hard to breath normally.
“I was simon for a second there and now, I am the ‘sir’?” was he doing this on purpose? – the deepness and lustful his sound was making, eyes behind the mask that were only visible thing on his face and closeness. it was different than before.
“would you like me to call you with your name, sir?” you asked, shy as ever but trying to show confidence.
“no,” he shrugged, slowly, looking at your lips for a second for enough for you to catch it and become breathless. “call me whatever you like.”
you tried to chuckle, getting out of his hold, walking toward your bed without looking him back. “is this a joke that soap suggested?” you smiled again, a nervous one because what he was trying to do now was bad news to you; he was giving you a power he shouldn’t – power of being so fucking close to him. “it is not funny.”
you sat down on the bed, arms on your chest still, but the skirt of dress raised up, showing your little exposed thighs to him which you didn’t mind since the topic was different than simply your dress.
ghost leaned against the wall, crossing his arms, making them getting tight through the fabric of hoodie. he also crossed his legs, looking so tall, giving you a sense of being weaker and smaller than him but this only made your stomach twist in excitement. the whole air was heavy and filled with lust. 
“am I looking dumb to you?” he asked, sounding calm even though the question was – odd.
“huh?” you asked, confused. “no, sir, of course not.”
“then why you are acting like I am?” he didn’t wait for you to reply, instead, he got straighten and started walking towards you. you held your breaths ‘till he stood right in front of you, making you look up to see his face, then, he put his two hands on the bed, caging you in here too.
his nose were touching yours from time to time. you couldn’t remember the last time you felt hot, dizzy and excited.
“thinking I would not notice that gazes you gave me, hm, is that the deal, y/n?” he asked, “I can see though your skull, I can smell raising heat coming from it. standing there, dreaming about me.” his right hand found your left cheek, caressing it slowly, “tell me, doll, how many night you thought about me while touching yourself – like this one.” his mouth reached your ear and you could feel his warm breaths even through the mask, “how many times you moaned my name?”
your mind wasn’t there, no, it was all gone but still, you tried to protest, “s-sir, you are mistaking, I –“
“mistaking? oh,” he straightened up, his massive posture shining with the moon’s dim lights coming from windows. “then, I heard wrong it, maybe, you tried to moan another man’s name, is that it?”
you waved your hands on defense, “no, no!” everything was complex and you knew it was to tell truth in this situation in order to not make it more complex than it already was, so, taking a few deep breaths, you looked at his eyes once again, feeling weak on the knees due to his power, and saying, “it was your name I moaned, sir.”
he tilted his head to left a little, hand on your chin, caressing it gently contrary to the strength he held. “good girl,” he said, making you close your eyes – being called good girl by him was magnificent, and when he continued, it became more than it, “my good girl.” his other hand moved, lifting half of his mask, showing his smirking lips that turned into a straight line. he knelt down, closing the gap between you face and his, nose touching to each other. “don’t lie to me again. will you do it? will you be my good girl like always?”
you nodded, “I will!” you tried to calm down when he smirked again, knowing his dominance on you and proud of it. “I will, sir.”
“then, tell me,” oh he was being such a tease now with the way he was talking – low, deep, full of poison that could be death of you. “what you were moaning for?”
it took some certain seconds for you to answer his explicit question directed right into your face, wanting to get answers of what you were dreaming about him before he came. god knows how great hearing ability he had, catching you calling his name behind the walls. you could swear he stood there for a second to hear your pathetic moans, trying to give yourself pleasure. gulping, you looked half-giant man before you, losing your mind just with it. what it would do to you when you saw him naked? you wished inside, you begged even, to see him naked tonight, on your bed.
“for you, sir.” you gulped again. the room’s temperature was high – so high, like your mind and it wasn’t from a drug, no, it was because of him – simon fucking riley. he was one of his kind, for sure, and you could taste it tonight, maybe just once which made you sad for a moment before seeing him smirking to the answer, waiting for you to continue, giving him something would make him ruin you in the moment. “for your cock.”
“atta girl.” his fingers found the thin strap of your night dress, clinging it. his eyes found yours for a while, getting your approval even if he could see the way you closed your legs together to feel something to calm down your lustful pussy, hardened nipples visible through the dress and heavy – audible breathes. ghost was a beast but simon had the heart of a gentleman. knowing this, you nodded, giving him power over you he sought.
he gave you his hand, you held it, feeling roughness of it that tickles your skin in a funny way, heartwarming even. getting up, you waited for him to remove the dress from your body, letting it collapse into the ground, leaving you naked all over, causing you to have redness from cheeks to knees from here to there.
it was a fantasy for you, one of them really, being naked while he kept all his clothes on, fucking you like that but tonight, you wanted to see him too because it was the first time. you wanted it to be unforgettable forever.
when his eyes and his fingers moved in unison, traveling on your body that began with your face. as his fingers made his ways to your waist, he held it for both of his hands in a second, pulling you into him ‘till your exposed tits hit his chest. you screamed lowly at the sudden action, putting both hands on his shoulders to balance your stance. he didn’t smirk but you could swear he was enjoying this so fucking much from how his hands began to move from your waist to your ass, grapping them and giving gentle squeezes. he knelt down, nose touching nose, “I will give you some times to do whatever you want to do with me,” he put your hair to your ear with his left hand, “then, I will have you with my way.” 
you smirked, getting comfortable each second, gaining your confidence back. “is this a deal, sir?”
“no, pretty, it’s a warning because when I begin to have you with my way, you would not be able to even think what you wanted in the first place,” he smirked a little, “you will be too cock dumb even to think.” 
looking at his eyes carefully for the last time, you nodded, a smile of victory appeared on your face. “I trust you, lt. make me a dumb for your cock as if I've never been.” the moment you finished your sentence, a light exploded inside, and after a second, you were all over him, kissing his lips as your hands on his shoulders tightened in order to gain strength to keep still because his lips were your weakness from now on.
kissing him with the way you wanted the most, your heart reached its own euphoria, encouraging you to move closer – taking actions. so, your hands traveled on his neck, causing him bend more. he opened his mouth wider at the action, letting your tongue clash with his, reaching the taste of it – taste of him.
moaning, you held his hoodie, leaving his lips to remove it. being an obedient man, he let you remove it without saying anything, only looking at your face with his messy and red lips because of the roughness of the kiss you shared.
it was the first time you saw his upper body exposed, showing off his biceps and well built body with a proud looking on his half covered face when he saw the way you literally moaned with the half naked sight of him. “s-simon.” you tried to say, more like another moan of his name when his lips found yours once again, taking back the breath your lungs asked for.
he wasn’t that rough but you knew his kiss would leave puffiness on your lips.
finding you waist again, he made you jump into his arms, holding your body like it was the last thing for him to hold life on his hands. his touches felt both lovely and intense, blurring your mind, wanting to be fucked by him soon enough.
letting your back reach onto the bed gently and slowly while his mouth found your neck, you felt the heat radiating from his chest into yours and you couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t know my time was this limited.” when he began to put permanent licks and kisses on your neck, a hand on one of the breasts as the other one traveled on your thigh. when you remarked his eagerness by saying, “couldn’t wait any longer, huh? I didn’t know you were so into me like I was for you, sir.” he smirked for a second before giving you a rough bite, making your body jump in sudden pain that began to feel like a pleasure thanks to his added kisses. you knew you was right and that knowledge added more confidence and happiness to you. 
as your hand found his nape hair, coming out from the way his mask stayed, you held them tightly when his fingers positioned on your pussy’s enter.
“s-simon!” you said, “please, please, please.” and it took him just put his fingers on the folds of your pussy to make you start to beg for his cock – inside you.
“you sounded so confident now. where is that confidence go?”
you shook your hands in negative way, holding his hair still, waiting for him to stop playing with your folds and enter. “I just want it! please, please –“
“want what?” he teased but he didn’t wait for you to reply, instead, he entered his fingers into you, two of them as his kisses, licks and bites moved from your neck to breasts – taking his time on there while fucking you with his long and thick fingers, earning low moans from you. he moved to your abdomen, then to your pussy ‘till he reach right into your entrance.
his tongue joined his fingers, eating your pussy, adding third finger, going in and out rapildy, leaving you no choice but close your thighs together to take more pleasure of him because seeing his head between your thighs, pink tongue on the pussy, eyes on your face – challenging you to keep looking at him – at how good his tongue working on your clit. “s-simon!” you moaned again, earning a smack to your ass.
“stay still if you want to cum,” his hands opened your thighs wider, giving him a good view of your messy pussy. he added, “c’mon, be a good girl for me and don’t try to hold it back,” your stomach twisted in pleasure, reaching your climax soon enough. simon said, “cum.” to give permission to you before his tongue reached the deepest it could go when his three fingers entered you deep and rough, you moaned loudly, letting your cum hit his mouth and fingers.
simon didn’t stop at his actions of tongue ‘till he drunk all juicy you made with that hard cum thanks to him.
“s-simon –“ you said again. his name was the only thing your mind could make sense of. “please. need you – need your cock!”
“what a greedy girl you are, still wanting my cock even though you cum so much on my mouth.” he positioned himself on top of you, two hands caged your head between them as he left a little of his weight into yours. your legs opened on their own, hugging his belt, pushing him down to feel his hardened cock on your exposed pussy to seek friction. he chuckled deeply at your weak trying and you waited for a while in order to comprehend the way he chuckled so beautifully – he was so beautiful, not from this world, you believed – he was something else, different than any human and he was all yours now. you wished this magic would never end.
“since I couldn’t wait for your time, I will give you a choice.”
saying hmm in response, you closed your eyes and opened them to gain function of your brain back while simon watched you with sparkles on his darkened eyes. his hot breaths were hitting your face and that was the warmest thing you felt. “what choice?”
“choice of position.” he said, kissing your cheeks and chin, giving you explosions – good ones like fireworks on the night sky, “you didn’t say which position you liked most to soap. say to me, wanna hear it.”
you decided to tell the truth, so, you held his face with both of your palms, putting an innocent kiss to his nose like you weren’t all naked under him, took his fingers and tongue just now, “actually, I don’t care about the position anymore,” you shrugged, “with you, every each of them will be the best.”
that made him tilting his head to left, “you didn’t get my cock but you still believe it will be best.”
you chuckled, “why shouldn’t I? perhaps, it isn’t good, hm?” you challenged him.
he put the last gentle kiss on your lips. then, he left your body, standing on your knees as his hands stopped on his belt, removing it slowly enough to give you another twist on the stomach at the sight of him; half-covered mask on, pink and wet lips because of only you, exposed chest with full of biceps and well built muscles, veins visible on fingers and arms, and thick thighs covered with clothes but soon, would be left as naked as his chest.
“I should make you regret for saying that but tonight, I will take easy on you my pretty girl,” he removed his belt, holding it with one hand, unzipping his pants, taking it off from his body within his black boxers. in addition to his speech – him saying how you were his pretty girl, how he could punish you but choose not to for tonight, your mouth opened wider when you saw his hardened cock, finally free, standing with all its glory right in front of you. it was long and thick – greater than you could imagine in those naughty dreams of you. 
he knelt down again after giving you a time to acknowledge his cock, aching to enter you all way in. you looked at his eyes, full of danger and lust that pointing out his further actions, “so, enjoy it while you can because I will never be this merciful again.”
wait, he was saying that this would go on – that this wasn’t just one night thing? – you thought to yourself in pure disbelief but it all gone when he spun your body, making your face touch the surface of the bed’s sheets. feeling his chest on your back, you growled – his weight on you only made you eager than before and when his hands found yours, you felt cold sense of his belt. he was handcuffing you with his goddamn belt he took off and you only stayed still, a great idea of comiting a sin with simon looked thrilling and you didn’t move even when he checked out whether you could move your hands or not.
yes, you imagined him fucking you but this – this was beyond it. he was breaking all the norms you expected him to have and you couldn’t deny the feelings he gave to you – both sinfully coming right out of hell and fireworks made from the expression of beauty and innocence from a clear sky.
“y/n,” simon said, for time calling you with your name after you started making out. it felt closer than ever this time, so, you looked at his face with pure love, seeing him getting softer. “do you need a safe word? we can make one if you –“
“no,” you said, calm to give him guarantee, “with you, I don’t need one, simon.”
with your reply, his soft and thoughtful side seemed to give its place to the one whose intentions were to fuck you hard. you realized you loved both of them because they were all simon – your simon.
maybe it was wrong to call him as yours but when his hand found your neck, positioning your head into the sheets as his other hand found your thighs after lifting your ass higher, opening them wide open with the helps of his knees, it felt so right – you were his before even knowing and from now on, you had no complain being called as his as well as him being called yours.
you moaned when his cock’s tip positioned on your entrance, giving you a second to breath in and out. then, his cock entered inside with a rough thrust, making your body bounce because of the impact. your head nearly hit the headboard, moaning loudly some mindless things like begs, praising, and so on.
it felt so good – so right; the way his hand traveled on your waist, positioning you in one piece in order to make it stay still, not bouncing each time he trusted deeply and roughly. he indeed had a good strength and stamina within a great speed, you realized it now more than before.
as his thrusts made their way right into your walls, your moans were so loud that if someone just walk pass by your door, they could easily hear you moaning and screaming your lieutenant’s name shamelessly, as if it was the one thing you knew, maybe it was.
“s-simon –“ you tried to say with a messy mind, “if someone comes, they will – “ you took heavy breaths, his balls hitting you, his weight on yours hard to endure, “they will hear us!”
simon’s grip on your waist tightened, probably leaving marks that would last for a few days but he didn’t seemed as he mind it at all while he kept fucking you hard, giving your breasts bouncing with each thrust.
his cock were reaching your stomach and you knew you could see it if you looked at your abdomen. his hot breathes joined your moans and when he hugged your abdomen and breasts with two of his hands, making your back hit his chest. this new position made his cock reach deep down of your pussy, giving you painful but pleasure thrusts. from the tips of your fingers that were handcuffed, you felt his tightened biceps. giving them little touches, you heard simon curse under his breath.
reaching to your ear, he said, “scream my name more. if anyone pass by this door, I want them to hear whose cock you are taking and how it made you a cock dumb.” his thrusts became messy but their deepness were still there due to the new position. “maybe I should fuck you in shared office even. that would definitely make them hear your filthy moans. want that?”
he bit your neck, leaving your body onto the sheets once again, holding your thighs as he stayed without moving, only his hands. he was literally using your body like a lightweight toy. he was just moving your body back and forth without any movement, fucking you like this, proving the power he held because it was hard to move your body rapidly and roughly just to fuck you and he was doing it as it meant nothing to him.
you felt like a doll under his touch with the way he began to fuck you but it only made you reach another climax in an instant, being his doll – his slut he used for his cock in bed came wonderful to your ears.
“would my pretty girl like it? showing how she belongs to me who begs for my cock – who dreams of it every fucking night ‘till she gains it.”
“yes, yes, yes!” you screamed, “please, simon! let me cum, please, please, please –“
there wasn’t any sound including your own. it was only him. therefore, when his deep voice finally said, “cum. cum to my cock.” you cum undone in a second, letting your juicy pouring to his cock and onto the sheets from there.
you cum too high and hard but you had courage to say, “simon,” to him one last time before nearly fainting, “cum inside. I want you – I need you to cum inside.”
he lost balance of his thrusts that were going in and out softer now, and when he regained his balance, he only began to fuck you rougher this time, heavy breaths and curses came out of him ‘till he reached his own climax, cumming deep inside, feeding you with his hot seed.
it was better to feel his cum than your own.
putting your forehead into the bed, taking deep breaths to finally reaching what you wished for, you let simon took his cock off of you, letting his seed coming from inside to your folds, thighs and sheets – a beautiful sight to your eyes. he also removed his belt, kissing your chin that were hurting but with his lips, you wanted to be handcuffed more by him if he would keep kissing you like this afterwards.
your body collapsed onto the bed. looking at his still half-hardened cock and juicy on him – both his and yours, you moaned lowly, “simon.”
he put a hand beside your head, other one caressing your hair after pulling them out of your face, he kissed your forehead. “just rest, you need it.”
“I don’t need a rest.” you said, “I need you.”
he looked a bit confused, asking, “you want round two? I didn’t know you were such a greedy for it.”
you chuckled at his tease. “I would want it still even when we do it for a hundredth time, but, no.” your hand found his mask, not pulling it out, just holding it. “I want you, simon – just you.”
he looked surprised for a while, adjusting what you said. you could see how hard he was trying to hide his emotions under the mask but you knew him damn well, realizing it was the thing he wanted as well as you.
he nodded, holding the hand you touched to his mask with, putting a kiss to the fingers. his hands stayed on his mask and you felt an urge to say, “you don’t have to remove it. I will wait for the moment you believe as the right one. just come here,” you showed other half of the bed after leaving him enough space to fit. “and let me kiss you all night. don’t expect me to forget the deal you broke tonight.”
to get his normal self, not the one who was emotional and showing it, he just nodded, smiling little, “you don’t forget a thing, y/n.”
“of course, I don’t! it is about you after all.”
chuckling at your own answer, you watched simon leave his mask as it was; half-covered, lying on the bed, giving you his arm for you to put your head to but you choose his chest.
calming in his arms he hugged you with from the waist, you smiled. “let’s stay for a while. then, we can bathe to clean up.”
he nodded, “together?”
you tried to hide your blushed face with a hit on his chest, “simon!”
he shrugged, a ghost smile on his face as he closed his eyes at the feeling radiating both of you. “definitely together.”
the end.
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dumping even more LIS2 drawings
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The distance between two people. by Uroad7
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Even paradise is a prison... when you can't leave.
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Sometimes I feel like indie game developers are taking the wrong lessons away from certain popular titles. Like, if your game's elaborate branching narrative has a dozen different endings, but it's possible to unwittingly screw yourself out of ever being able to access half of them as early as the first hour of play simply by visiting major locations out of the developer-intended order (in what is ostensibly an open world game), and the other half are gated behind NPC interactions where not only do you need to say exactly the right things based on information your character couldn't possibly possess, but the conditions for triggering those conversations in the first place are so fiddly that players literally had to decompile the game's code just to write a reliable walkthrough, that doesn't make your story deep, it just makes it obtuse.
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Pokemon Drawings made by MofinngramArt
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Katsuya and his funny cat man.
I wish more people liked Eternal Punishment.
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