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can i just request tickle headcanons of any twst boys of your choosing pls and ty!
may I have your attention?
Tickling headcanons for your guy
Characters: Dorm Leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus)
Synopsis: Your lover isn't paying attention to you, so what better way to get their attention than a tickle attack?
Tags: tickling, fluff, bot proofread
Word count: 258
Notes: This is my first ask, I'm so excited!!! Thanks for asking <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 7/10
was probably studying when you attacked him
full on yelps like "what are yo- aHAHAHAHA"
you’re lucky he’s not in public or else he’ll get mad, probably collaring any witnesses
he wants to be mad but he can’t get mad at you
especially when your laugh is so cute
also feels kinda bad for yelling at you, even if it was just a bit
is kinda happy you wanted his attention
but please do it in other ways
please never tickle him in public, he’d be so embarrassed
be sure to comfort him with cuddles and kisses, instant forgiveness
he’ll be blushing so hard you’ll worry about his heart rate
but it’s okay he really enjoys it
"What was that for?!" he demanded, feeling extremely vulnerable. His cheeks were flushed and his hair was in disarray. You took in his dishevelled appearance eagerly; it’s not always you see the strict Heartslaybul Dorm Leader in such a state.
"You... wanted my attention?" Riddle shook his head, feeling a mix of emotions he couldn't quite place. He knew he should be angry at you for breaking his concentration, but a part of him couldn't help but gleam at your affection.
"Sorry, my Rose. I just...I don't like being caught off guard like that," he said, his voice softening slightly. "Shall we take a break? I bought some new tea leaves that we can share together."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 4/10
see this man isn’t ticklish
except for his ears
probably sleeping in the botanical garden as always when you attack him
immediately squirms and flinches away, hissing like a cat
he’s glaring at you and he’s so caught off guard
"Oi, why the hell d’ya do that herbivore?"
he’s mad at you now
couldn’t you have woken him up from his nap normally
grumbles and complains, but his hand reaches for your waist, pulling you into his embrace
well your punishment is to sleep with him now
you can’t see it because he’s hugging you so tightly but he’s smiling into your hair
Leona scowled, "I'm not a cat, and it's not cute. That wasn't funny," he grumbled, his glare is so intense anyone would start trembling and apologising, but it’s you and you know he’s not being completely serious.
His eyes sparkled with mischief as he huffed, "You’ve got some nerve toyin’ with a lion." With that, Leona lunged at you without warning, trapping you in his arms and holding them tightly. "This is your punishment. Now, stop wigglin’."
As you give up and start to relax into his hold, he attacks your sensitive spots as revenge, delighting in your flushed face and gasps for air.
"Heh. What's not fair?" he teased. "I thought you liked tickling."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 8/10
resident octopus is sensitive to touch since he always has his gloves on
he’s sitting in his office working at the contracts some poor unfortunate soul signed
too concentrated to notice you getting closer
he gets so flustered "w-where are you touching???"
you swear his glasses got foggy
tries to look unaffected because he wants to save face
but he’s squirming and shivering until eventually he’ll burst out laughing
and while you’re cheering in victory he’s pouting
he’s so embarrassed you saw that ungentlemanly side
snuggle him and give him kisses and he’ll cheer right up
don’t let the twins see him like this, or else your man’s gonna be short staffed every time they blackmail him with this information
since that tickling session, he’ll be more careful than ever, always on the lookout for any attacks
"Okay, okay, you win!" he gasped between laughs, his glasses crooked. "I'll take a break."
Azul turned in his chair to face you, still catching his breath, his cheeks flushed , "I can't believe you just did that." His eyes were swirling with confusion and disbelief , as if you had betrayed him.
He chuckled and shook his head. "You're impossible," he said, reaching out to pull you close. "But I suppose I can spare a few minutes to talk about my latest plans."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 10/10
he’s super sensitive to tickling
he’ll be spacing out on a study date
and once your attack begins, it’s full-on cackling, like "AHAHAHAHA sto-"
he’s a giggling mess, wriggling all around trying to inch away
but you’re persistent and by the time you stopped he’s panting and his sides are still tingling, even his turban has come loose
he pouts a bit after, but he melts instantly when you hug him
how can he stay mad at you?
smiles so widely and snuggles closer
what? you tickled him to get his attention?
rest assured his attention is fully on you now, he’s physically attached to you at this point
you better help him retie his turban, or else jamil’s got more work to do
jamil just stares at you two in disapproval; idiots
Kalim laughed and shook his head. "You could have just called my name, you know. But, I have to admit, that was pretty effective, ahaha!" he said, still chuckling.
Kalim wrapped an arm around you and leaned in for a kiss. "You're always on my mind, even when I'm distracted," he said, grinning. "Even if you are a tickle monster, haha!"
"Hey, do you wanna go on a magic carpet ride?," he said, eyes wide full of excitement.
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 6/10
he’s not that sensitive, and he can pretend pretty well to be unaffected
he’s super focused when he’s applying makeup
he laughs a little but his scolds you half-heartedly, "Stop it, darling!"
if you persist, he’ll continue squirming and lets out more laughs
he’s a bit upset you’ve messed up his appearance
but he secretly enjoyed you vying for his attention
turns back to the mirror, makes sure there are no creases or any imperfections
once he’s sure he looks perfect he turns his attention to you
scolds you lightly for disturbing his work of art
but once that’s over he’ll be teasing you about how you couldn’t keep your hands off him
hugs you and tickles you for a bit
when he pulls away, he taps your nose teasingly, promising revenge later
Vil tried to regain his composure, straightening out his clothes and checking his makeup. "You know, laughing can cause wrinkles and ruin my makeup by making creases," he scolded you, still trying to keep his regal composure.
Vil huffed at your compliment and stood up to admire himself in the mirror. "Of course I’m beautiful, I suppose you have a point," he said, grinning at his reflection. "Flattery will get you everywhere, however." Vil said, as you laid your head on his shoulder. "I’m simply extenuating my features."
"You know I love you, right?" he said with a soft smile as he turned to give his lover a kiss. "I’m sorry I don’t always have time for you."
Tumblr media
he’s not used to people, he’s extremely ticklish
ticklish rating: 9/10
he’s busy trying to beat a new rage game, mumbling curses every once in a while
you take him off guard completely, he lets out a burst of laughter and snorts
he tried to squirm away but to no avail
"OMG, stop! I can't breathe. You're like a raid boss with that tickling!"
his hair is flickering wildly like a flame in the wind
he’s left gasping for air in your arms
honestly your distraction really cheered him up
that stupid game was getting on his nerves way too much
melts into your hug and nuzzles into your neck
you’re his recharge station now
eventually he’ll get back to the game, determined to be one of the firsts to beat it, relishing any opportunity to show off to you
please never tickle this man in public, his poor heart would burst
"LOL, you're really getting me with those tickle combos. I think I need a potion to recover," Idia joked.
"You totally caught me off-guard; it was like a sneak attack. Maybe I should level up my tickle defense skills." He rolled his eyes playfully.
Idia grinned into your embrace. "You’re like, a pro at cheering people up. It's like your superpower or something." He nuzzles into you more.
Tumblr media
okay hear me out; he’s a dragon, they’re reptiles, they have tough skin, he’s definitely not ticklish
ticklish rating: 2/10
he’s completely immersed in a book about gargoyles
so you try to get his attention through tickling
unfortunately, he’s not affected like you had hoped
"Child of man, what are you trying to do" with bewildered expression on his face
Okay that plan failed
well, there are of course other ways to make him squirm
so you leaned in to place a kiss on his cheek
leaning back, you took in the sight of his dazed eyes, flushed cheeks and surprised expression
congratulations, you’ve succeeded in making the great Malleus Draconia speechless
once he’s regained his senses, he’s like a puppy dog leaning in for your touch
give him more kisses and he’ll be a good dragon boi, ready to lay the world at your feet
Malleus looks at you, his expression slightly confused. "Tickle?" he repeated, as if he didn't understand the concept. "I don't think I understand," he said, his brow furrowing slightly.
Malleus reaches out and takes your hand, his grip firm yet gentle. "You don't have to tickle me to make me gain my attention, Child of Man. You’re always on my mind," he said, his voice sincere.
"I may not be ticklish, but you still manage to fluster me," he said, his voice low and husky. Malleus looked at them with a small smile on his face, "How curious. I find myself longing for your touch."
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“I’ll try not to starve myself, just because you’re mad at me”
Try to listen to the song while reading if you rlly wanna sob (just drink water after♥︎)
Characters: Jamil Viper and Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader (separate)
Synopsis: Their reaction to Fem!Reader who doesn’t eat whenever she upsets or makes them mad.
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
You hated this, you never liked fighting with him, you despised having to yell just because you both think you’d hear each other clearer that way, trying to get points across, when it’s obvious that both of you can hear each other quite well but either of you would want to listen.
How can an argument spark in as simple as a question…you just wanted to ask if he wanted space, ‘cuz you’ve noticed that he’s grown irritated recently due to juggling his responsibilities with Kalim, School and his responsibilities to you. A simple question, how did it get to this?
Misunderstandings have been made, he thought you were upset because he’s spending less time with you as usual hence you asking the question, and you thought he wanted more than just space due to his reaction to your question…tears of frustration slid down your face as you didn’t know what he wanted from you, and he didn’t know what you wanted from him.
Both your throats were hurting, but neither of you wanted to back down, both of you were in fear of losing the other, but both of you wanted to win the argument too. Hurtful venomous words have been exchanged, and limits were tested, “JAMIL WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO??! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!! WHY AM I HERE??!” You ask question after question, shouting at him. He mumbles curses under his breath before turning to face you.
“I DONT KNOW WHY YOU’RE STILL HERE! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I WANT SO BADLY??? I WANT YOU TO LEAVE!! LEAVE Y/N!! I DONT WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU!!” He yells back louder than before, anger was fueling his lies, you flinched, you’ve never seen him like this…it scared you.
“okay…” you nodded, at least you didn’t have to second guess anymore. He told you what he wanted, it’s cleared up now… the argument is over, you left without another word, and he didn’t even bother sparing you another glance as you walked out the door. You went home, you took a long cold shower, and when you got out the feeling of numbness hit you.
This was fine, you thought you wouldn’t shed another tear about this situation. You were wrong to say the least, as the numbness soon wore off, and you’re eyes cried rivers and rivers of tears trailing down, pooling beneath your chin and soaking you sleeves as you used them to wipe it off.
The sun sets, you were still in your room, under the sheets, sobbing quieter this time as you’ve grown tired already. Grim knocked before poking his head in and calling you for dinner, he called Ace and Deuce earlier for advice and they said that food was the best comfort he could provide you right now.
You were hungry, but you declined. Grim nods and left the room, promising to leave you some in the fridge to heat up if you get your appetite back. This wasn’t a new thing for you, it was an old habit, a bad one. You did this as a form of self punishment, whenever you feel like you’ve done something wrong, you’ve disappointed someone…or made someone hate you.
All that you could hear for the rest of the night apart from the growls of your stomach was Jamil’s shouting from the argument earlier. It was on loop, every single word that left his mouth, it felt like daggers. Painful, so was your stomach but you thought to yourself that you deserved this. If you hadn’t asked, there wouldn’t be a fight, it’s your fault that you lost him.
Minutes turned into hours, Hours into days, you went to school and pretend like you weren’t in emotional pain from the incident with your lover and ignored the physical pain from you skipping meals, it was torture, but every time, there was a voice in the back of your head that tells you, you deserve this pain.
You felt it creeping up on you, the torment of hunger, you spaced out alot trying to suppress the amount of discomfort your feeling right now, Before Ace and Deuce had noticed, you excused yourself and ran early to your next class. You felt faint but you shook it off…
Meanwhile Kalim had a talk with Jamil about the falling-out that happened between the two of you in the dormitory a few days ago, it wasn’t his business to try and resolve this as it was Jamil’s relationship, however it is his responsibility as a dorm leader and as Jamil’s friend.
Though Jamil made it seem like he wasn’t listening to Kalim’s advice at all, pretending to read a textbook while his friend talked, but it had made sense to him. He didn’t want to admit it until Kalim asked “Do you really want to lose her because of a simple misunderstanding?” He sighed, of course he didn’t. That was why he reacted so angrily to your question in the first place…because he was afraid you’ve grown tired of him
“No…” he mumbled, while reading the same paragraph over and over again for the past 30 minutes now. “Jamil, you usually are the one who tells me to go apologize when I unintentionally offend people with my words, but I’m gonna be the one to tell you that” Kalim stood up from his seat.
“Go make up with Y/n…” he gives his friend a pat on the shoulder and a smile. Jamil looked up at him and puts his textbook down in defeat “Alright…fine.” This childish dispute has go on for too long anyway, and it wasn’t like him to be childish. “I’ll go find her…but Kalim I swear to the great 7, if you—“ Kalim cuts him off with a shushing motion.
“I WONT GET IN TROUBLEEEE NOW GO FIND YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” He pushed Jamil, without a choice, Jamil walks out the door and goes to find you… Unbeknownst to him, you were nearing your breaking point….
You had a class with Vargas, possibly in the worst time too, you were pale, you couldn’t catch your breath as much, you’re knees shook even though you just had finished half a lap, “Y/n you don’t look so good, you wanna take a break?” Epel asks, worried about your condition…you shook your head “I’m fine, today’s just not my day” you brushed it off with a smile.
Epel could only nod, he wanted to pry further but Vargas already blowed on his whistle, “Just take it slow okay?” He reminds you before starting to run another lap…you couldn’t even hear him properly, you’re vision was blurry and spinning, it only took you a few before you collapsed in the ground below you. Passing out…
“Have you seen Y/n?” Jamil asks Ace and Deuce, he’s been looking for you everywhere, “She ran off earlier in a hurry” Ace shrugged, “yeah, but I think she has a class with Vargas right now, try the field, they’re probably doing track runs” Deuce suggested “Thanks” Jamil nodded and waved the two goodbye.
He got to the field, and saw your classmates, but no sign of you…so he asks one of them, what they said made him feel a chill run down his spine. “She’s in the infirmary…she passed out earlier, took a really bad fall too” that was enough to send him sprinting to where you were…
So many things were running through his head, what happened? were you sick? were you hurt? are you okay? It’s only been a few days that he hasn’t checked up on you, now you were in the infirmary… when he got there, he wanted to slam the door open but someone beat him to it.
The door swung open infront of him, it was Epel, “Woah are you okay??? You look like you’re gonna pass out too..” Epel asked, concerned about Jamil’s panting state. “Where’s Y/n….?” He asks out of breath. Epel pointed at a bed behind closed curtains “She’s getting treated, apparently she hasn’t been eating for days now…no wonder she looked weak..” he says, sadness lingering in his voice.
“They said she took a fall…is she okay?” He asked “Yeah it’s not that bad, just a scrape on her forehead” Epel said trying to ease his senior, Jamil felt something pinch his heart, you hadn’t been eating? Was it because of him? Why would you do that to yourself? Epel pardons himself and Jamil only nods, entering the infirmary quietly…waiting for the school nurse to finish treating you. He was anxious, wanted to know if you were okay…
When the nurse finished, he stood up and asked immediately, they said you were going to be okay, and that you just needed to eat something when you wake up, he says his thanks and stepped inside the booth, closing the curtains behind him.
When he turned to look at you, you did look frail, already thinner infact, he’s grown weak himself seeing you like this, he took as seat beside you and held your hand tightly in his. There’s nothing he would want more than for you to open your eyes right now so he can apologize…
After what felt like hours, you finally awoken, finding Jamil gently caressing your head, you thought you were dreaming, tearful you looked up at him “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make you mad at me…” you said, voice meek and quiet. Slowly your tears slid and that was enough for him to break as well.
He puts his forehead on top of yours “I’m not mad…” he whispers, “I was just scared you were going to leave me…” he adds “I’m sorry too…” he sats you up gently so he could embrace you, and softly you hugged him back. “What happened? Why weren’t you eating??” He asks, worriedly.
You were scared of telling him, but he assures you that he wouldn’t be mad at you. You explained to him that this was a bad habit of yours, where you refuse to feed yourself because it was a punishment. If he could strangle himself he would’ve, you went through all this because of him..
In the verge of sobbing, he made you promise to never do this ever again, and when you did he peppered you with kisses, small I’m sorry’s and repeated reminders of how much he loves you. Once you’ve both recovered from shedding tears, he went out to go get you food.
Unfortunately as much as he wanted to cook for you right now, you both were still at school, so he could only get you cafeteria food. Though he did make sure to get you food you liked, and he kept an eye on you while you ate, reminding you to finish all of it.
He wouldn’t push you if you said you were full, but would set it aside to feed it to you later, he wanted you to regain back your energy as soon as possible, he doesn’t want you to get badly ill… he’d tell you to back to sleep, and with a little pleading you managed to convince him to get in bed with you so you could fall asleep under his warmth…
Safe to say that you were getting home cooked meals from him on a daily basis from here on out. He’ll always eat with you too, he doesn’t want you to go through this again so he’ll ensure that you never skip your meals.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Brutal beauty standards was one of the waving flags when you started to date the famous Vil Schoenheit, you knew that once you started walking by his side, more people would take you apart and nitpick everything about you. But you knew what they really wanted to see, looks.
They wouldn’t give a shit about your personality long as you were pretty, pretty enough to be Vil’s lover. Eye candy was what satisfies the spectators. Unfortunately you knew for a fact that you aren’t even close to being as pretty as Vil…he was described to be something out of a painting for God’s sake.
A personified representation of beauty, elegance and grandeur, He’s also been known to nitpick people who he has with him, he did it to Epel, you were no exception. Though sometimes you wish he wasn’t as harsh as he is, if it were just his fans or other irrelevant people you wouldn’t even pay any mind to their comments.
But when it came from him…it felt a lot heavier. You didn’t want to think badly of him, after all his only intentions were ‘whats best for you’ all he wanted was to make you shine like the gem you are. That wasn’t what it felt like though… “Vil! Look at this cute shirt I bought!” You proudly pranced toward him showing him your shirt that you were planning to wear in your date, you liked it a lot, you think it makes you look nice.
He glanced up and down at you and rolled his eyes, you’re smile slowly fades seeing how he reacted. “Potato…that shirt looks hideous, what did you see in that? It’s not even flattering to your body! Rook fetch her a change of clothes…I cant have you wearing that while you’re with me.” ick lingered in his tone as he waves off in disgust. You were ashamed…
As Rook went to go get you new clothes, you tried your best to cover your shirt with your arms, hugging yourself trying not to embarrass Vil, you looked at him as he reapplied his lipstick…he was gorgeous, it’s both a blessing and a curse to call him yours. Did you really deserve someone as perfect looking as him?
When Rook brought a new sets of clothes for you to wear, Vil skimmed through them one by one and hand picked each piece for you to change into. You took everything and when you refashioned your outfit with what he picked out, you saw his face light up with satisfaction…maybe it was just because you were inlove with him, but whenever he’d be satisfied with you, it always made you happy.
“There we go, look at you! You look breathtaking, now shall we go pretty?” He asked, his tone was now much affectionate and gentle, he did a complete 180 all because of a shirt…you smiled at him and nodded. All that matters now is that he wasn’t upset with you. He held your hand in his, proudly walking side by side with you. It felt nice…
You two went to eat, and you were really hungry, as the waiter approaches you two to ask for your order, Vil only ordered a salad and wine, like he always does. You however wanted something heavier so you told the waiter all the things you wanted, you weren’t shy about it, ‘cuz you both agreed you’d pay this time because he paid last time, you never wanted to be spoiled rotten by your famous boyfriend.
When he heard you say all those things out loud, he took a sip of his water, wanting to save his image as he felt like eyes were already on him. You turned back to face him, and yet again, he had this disgusted, disappointed look on his face…you were confused, were you talking too loud? Were you slouching?
“What’s wrong?” You asked, quietly. He sighed and took another sip of water in his glass, “I hope you don’t plan on eating all of that…” he said, monotone, but his voice lingered with annoyance. “Well…I am hungry… Plus this is a dinner date…” you reasoned, you were starting to feel really pressured. “Yes, a dinner date, not a feast date, potato. All those carbs and calories, you’ll gain so much weight…” he spoke, only looking down on his phone.
Body confidence wasn’t something you had, and hearing this from him made you lose your appetite, and gained anxiety. Were you really gaining weight? Were you ugly now? Did you embarrass him again? The nice outfit you had on suddenly felt tighter though it wasn’t. Neither of you spoke to each other after that, Vil felt the uncomfortable silence you gave, he wasn’t stupid, he knew he had upset you a little but his ego didn’t let him apologize as he thought he was only looking out for your health.
“Dont slouch potato.” he said, usually when he said this you’d tease him and slouch more and that would usually lead to playful banter, but this time you didn’t…“Sorry…” you whispered, correcting your posture. Shortly after the food arrived, his salad, and your meal.
Whenever you two would eat, you two would either be talking, gossiping, or poking fun at stuff. Now there wasn’t even small talk, Vil didn’t want to take initiative, in his mind, he tried already but you were being petty about his comment. You only poked your meal, you wanted to enjoy this meal so badly, but after what he said you couldn’t.
“Don’t play with your food potato.” He warns, “You were the one who decided to order that big of a portion so you eat it” he adds munching on his salad. This was him trying to appease you somehow by indirectly telling you that you can eat all of it, without breaking his strict, prim and propped attitude.
However you took it differently, it was difficult to understand cues when you were half having an anxiety attack. You thought he wanted everyone to see you finish this food as punishment, you nodded and ate it, not even chewing it almost, just gulping it down, wanting to make this as fast as possible.
The drive home was quiet, Vil thought this was still your form of payback about his comment earlier, he thought it was childish but didn’t want you to see it got to him, so he too was silent. When he dropped you off home, usually sweet words, good nights and kisses were exchanged, this time he just drove away, still wanting to have the last win.
When you got home, you took out the shirt you originally wore for the date and burned it on the fire place, the mascara Vil put on you was now running down your face, you looked in the mirror and the pretty clothes you had on looked gross on your body, it was you, you were the problem.
You remembered the amount of food you ate earlier, you felt sick to your stomach, just looking at yourself. You went to your bathroom, and did something you really shouldn’t do. The amount of frustration, anxiety and embarrassment you felt only fueled you to go back to your old bad habits…
You vomited eveything out, not wanting it in your body. Hearing Vil’s voice in your head, you thought how embarrassed he must’ve been to be in a relationship with you. When you were finished you took a shower, and cried yourself to sleep.
The next day, when Grim called you for breakfast you didn’t eat. Went straight to school without even drinking water. At lunch break, when everyone was eating away, you didn’t, pretending to busy yourself with nonexistent homework you made up. You thought you finally escaped the food, the eating. When in free period, you ran into Trey and Vil.
“Oh Y/n! I was looking for you!” Trey waved at you as he and your lover walked towards you, you smiled and waved back, “I wanted to give you this, I made all the first years one to try!” He gave you a box of sweets he made, you took it, hoping neither of them notice your shaky hands. “Thank you, they look delicious” they really did, it made your stomach grumble.
Trey laughed a little hearing that “Looks like they arrived in time too, try one! Tell me what you think” he offers, “Oh please Trey, we already know she’ll love them, she is a foodie after all” Vil chimed, to him he was teasing, like usual, to you it felt like a sarcastic comment, you didn’t want to, but Trey was looking at you with such anticipation, you couldn’t say no.
You took a cookie out, the sweet sugary scent hits you, you took a bite of it, it was as delicious as it looked, but you didn’t enjoy it. You chewed on the cookie with dread, but put on a smile for Trey, “It’s good!” You approved, wanting to look more convincing you took another bite and finished the cookie. Trey looked pleased, he pats your head “I’m glad you like it” he says.
There was a bit of small talk before you and trey excuse yourselves, Trey waved Vil goodbye and you were just walking straight ahead, opposite from Trey, where? You know where…that cookie was sweet, really sweet, imagine the amount of calories you just ingested. You wanted to cry, clutching the box of cookie in your hand.
Little did you know Vil was tailing you, he wanted to settle this petty dispute between you two, he didn’t like that you weren’t giving him the slightest bit of attention, as he was going to call out to you, he saw you throw the box of cookies in the trashcan. It made him angry and confused, why did you do that? You said you liked them? Did you lie to Trey?
He picked it up and followed you, you went into the bathroom. He couldn’t follow in there, so he waited, he waited a long time, and you still weren’t out. He looked around before entering and locking the door behind him. “Potato! How rude of you to just thr-“ he stopped mid sentence as horror fills his vision.
He saw you, kneeling down beside the toilet, forcing yourself to vomit. You looked at him with fear, something he never wanted to see in your eyes. “What are you doing?” You ask him, “What am I doing??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” He asks frantically. He places the box near the sink and grabs you by the arm to stand you up.
“Vil let me go!” You tried to wriggle out of his grasp, “Stop that! Stop being difficult!” He scolded, you finally broke lose. “YOU’RE DIFFICULT!” You yelled, tears streaming down your face. “You’re never pleased with me! I’m always ‘potato’ to you! Always imperfect and need to be corrected! You only ever call me pretty when I’m to your liking, fit for your standards, you never let me be me! YOU WANT TO TURN ME INTO YOU!” You shouted, frustrations catching up to you.
You sat on the floor, you felt light headed, you hadn’t ate all day….you fidgeted with your fingers as you sobbed “I’m not you, Vil….I’m not as pretty or as perfect, And I thought you didn’t care that I wasn’t…but everything you say and do makes me feel like you don’t like the real me at all…” you mumbled, sniffling. “I hate how I am too, but hurts a lot when it comes from you…”
He was frozen, he didn’t know what to do, was it him that made you hurt yourself like this? It was. He never meant to, he didn’t want to, all he wanted was to bring out the best in you, that’s all he wanted…right? He kneeled down, not caring if his dirties his uniform…he brushed the hair out of your face, you looked so broken, so hurt…
He took your hand and controls it to give himself a light slap on the cheek, “Whenever I go too far I want you to hurt me okay? Slap me back to reality…tell me not to treat you that way…don’t put yourself through pain for me…” he says keeping your hand on his cheek. “I never want you to do that, to do this…This is bad Y/n you could get badly hurt, don’t do this to yourself….” he voice cracked
He was tearing up as he talked to you, you couldn’t look him in the eye, you were still ashamed of yourself. He felt himself falling apart seeing you this way, he cups your face his hands gently, “My dear, I want you to know, I find you the most beautiful person in this world, the fairest of them all… I’m so sorry I made you feel like you needed to change yourself for me” he cried
“I’m sorry I was overbearing, and strict, but I never want you to change, I fell inlove with the girl wasn’t afraid of getting her hair messed up, the girl who didn’t care about what other people say, the girl who has the brightest smile in her face despite everything. That person was whom I found most beautiful.” You looked up at him also crying. “I love you.” He says in hiccups.
You broke down in another fit of tears, and he embraced you tightly, kissing the crown of your head, he felt every hitch of your breath, every tremble, he felt your pain, he promised himself never to cause you this much pain again.
Once you grew tired of crying he carried you back to Pomefoire, and pampered you with so much love and affection he could give you to make up for what you went through. He took a relaxing bath with you, did skin care and most importantly he made sure you ate something, he ate with you, that way you wouldn’t feel guilty about what you eat cuz he eats it too.
Tumblr media
A/N: Eating disorders have always been a big problem I had, so I made this as a reminder to please please please not put yourself through so much pain to be skinny and fit social standards.You are beautiful just the way you are! Ilysm!♥︎
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rose-finches · 22 hours
Some slightly aged up NRC dorm leaders
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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alexisomnias · 17 hours
your last message to them before death
characters | DORMLEADERS
Tumblr media
riddles finger hovers the messenger app. the message of 'i love you too' being left unsent, your message being left alone, without any following texts. riddles tears silently falling as his vision blurs, staring at the empty conversations that seem lifeless without you on the other end of the screen. your love being unreturned because he thought he'd be able to vocalize it in front of you, instead stuck with the screen light blinding him, and no sound escaping the room. he knew you weren't on call, you'd never be able to call him again... no matter how he preferred them.
he never got the chance to say he loved you back...
Tumblr media
✎ LEONA KINGSCHOLAR "Asshole, pick up the phone! 😠"
he could almost hear your voice through the screen. your angry voice telling him to pick up your calls while he slept away, phone on silent. Clueless as to when your last call would be, your last words to him. the message itself is quite silly, it has emoji's and your cursing him out for his laziness. But oh how he wishes you would continue, call him a lazy son of a bitch, an asshole, anything... He'll pick up the phone next time on the first ring... just talk to him again please... his phone is off silent you know...? he needs your voice, and he doesn't know how he'll live the rest of his life without it.
Leona lays awake waiting for a call that will never be made, he swears to answer it when it rings...
Tumblr media
✎ AZUL ASHENGROTTO "Azul, people are starting to stare haha, I'll see you soon!"
passersby's always wonder what the boss of the monstro lounge listened to when signing off papers. Cooped up in his office in what is silence for everyone else but noise for him. his earbuds attached to the sounds in his phone no one else could hear. the voice message of his beloved being replayed throughout the day as he tried to fill his empty heart with the words he will no longer hear. azul misses you by his side during these days, and oh how he misses the messages exchanged between you two, during the days while he laughed in his room whenever you embarrassed yourself by perhaps speaking too loud.
how he misses seeing your face...
Tumblr media
✎ KALIM AL-ASIM "love you, sleep well! good night Kalim!"
kalim lays with your clothing in hand as he stares off, listening to your voice on repeat. perhaps if he listens to it enough it'll send him off to sleep rather then the hours he's spent awake. maybe just one press of the play button through the thousands will let him sleep without missing you being on his mind. he knows your sleeping well, despite not having you next to him as he tries like he's always had. like how he misses... he plays the sound of your voice again, the voice message at risk of breaking through overuse as your melodic voice echoes through the screen.
he knows your asleep, and he wishes he could call you and wake you up, like he's done many times before...
Tumblr media
✎ VIL SCHOENHEIT "Vil, are you busy???? i miss you :("
vil was always a bit surprised when he saw your overemote messages, but how he loves it now. every empty message is left with a charm of you, and liveliness he'd never be able to find in present time. scrolling through his past messages with you, even comments you've made in a sea of strangers he'd find for a bit more of your life left behind. It's all he has now, and its what he's going to cling too. he hates how busy he always was, how it effected his time with you. seeing the remnants of how he left hurts him in current time. he'd quite his job and start a new life, never to be busy again if you came back.
he misses you too...
Tumblr media
✎ IDIA SHROUD "I'll be home soon."
oh how he wishes there was more of you left to memory. more then these texts exchanged that seemed so quiet and far away. idia always preferred texting you, no stuttering or anxiousness to be caught in his replies, and they are deleted unlike words said in real life. but he wishes they weren't anymore, he wishes all words were preserved and saved, no matter how anxious it would make him. idia was an idiot to think you were to return home to him in no time, an idiot to reply as if he would see you again.
yet he'd wait for you for the rest of his life in the comforts of your shared home if it meant you may return soon.
Tumblr media
✎ MALLEUS DRACONIA "You've reached [Name]! sorry I couldn't answer your call right now, but try again and I may pick up soon!"
you and malleus always called, and perhaps now he wishes he understood the machinery humans like you used more as he has little memory of your voice or speech. For the end of time, all he has now is the voice message left for strangers and missed calls. he was no stranger. For how he wished the voicemail was longer, more then a few words for its all of what he has left of your voice now. The lies you speak make his heart break. You will never be able to return his calls, the calls of yearning and grief he makes because you cannot.
Malleus misses you oh so dearly, and he wishes he had more to look back on...
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tragicromanceisland · 21 hours
Tumblr media
Unexpected Situations- Twisted Wonderland
Content: pre-established relationships, mutual pining, sexual tension - unresolved. Drinking.
Note: I write aged up characters 18+ also...this turned out longer than I imagined. Not me bias toward my favorites
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts - It happened by chance as you were attending afternoon tea with him. You were both happily chattering away. His slate colored irises, making passing glances at you. How could his eyes betray him and watch as your lips touch the rim of the decorative tea cup. How could he be foolishly envious of an inanimate object. It was absurd. Yet before he knew what he had done, his face was now inches away. You blinked, surprised at how close he suddenly was. You could feel the heat of his breath against your lips.
You were certain he would kiss you. Instead, he took a strand of your hair in his fingers and pressed it to his lips. His slate eyes fixed on you. "Don't let anyone else kiss you..."
His mumbled demand left a bloom of color tinting his cheeks. Did he really just say that?
Cater Diamond - In the corridor after last class. Cater was telling you about the new trend on magicam and asked if you would be interested in helping him out with it. As it was a two person trend. You agreed, and he beamed. Delighted that you accepted.
You were in his room, wondering what exactly you had agreed to. You were pressed up against the wall in his room. Your heart pounding as Cater was very close to your body. When he leaned into your neck, it was just close enough. You swore his lips would touch you if you made the wrong move.
"It's hot, right?"
You shuddered, and he chuckled upon seeing how flustered you were. He pulled away just enough to meet your gaze, lips an inch apart.
"Shall we kiss?"
Trey Clover - He caught you before you stumbled over a box of dry ingredients he had sitting on the floor by the counter. Your chest rose and fell as your heart thundered in your chest. In his grasp, his face close. His glasses had slid down his nose in his efforts to catch you, but it made him all the more attractive.
His surprised gaze softened into something unreadable and he leaned into your face. You were awaiting to see if he was going to kiss you as it felt like it was going to happen. His grip around your waist firm as his other hand held yours.
"You should be more careful...the kitchen can be quite dangerous."
Though something about the way he said that made you believe he was talking more about you being alone with him in said kitchen.
Ace Trappola - You arrived at the gym to see Ace practicing by himself. Making your way toward him, he didn't realize you were there until you were almost near him. He was surprised.
"I didn't expect to see you here." He confessed tucking the ball under his arm.
You hummed. "Yes, which is why I wanted too show up."
Ace grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. "I might begin to believe you love me."
You stepped closer until the tops of your shoes touched his. "And if I do?"
The ball slipped out from under his arm as he pulled your body against his. You gasped at the sudden reaction the ball bouncing on the floor from the sudden drop echoed throughout the empty court. His hands moved up to the middle of your back and you felt your body respond to his touch. Feeling your face warm, one hand leaving your back as he used his thumb and forefinger to hold your chin. His this thumb resting on your lower lip.
"Then I'd have to make you mine of course."
Deuce Spade - You immediately felt your body warm. You half panicked, how did you end up in this situation. But it was clear He had wanted to lessen the impact of your fall by being the buffer between you and the ground. If only you hadn't tripped.
"I'm so sorry Deuce I didn't mean too."
He sat up on his elbows. "It's fine...but how long do you think you'll stay on me?"
The look in his deep ocean eyes told you he was serious yet his flushed cheeks showed he was embarassed. You felt your cheeks burn and scrambled to stand on your feet. Only for Deuce to grab you before you could stand and kept you on his lap as if he changed his mind.
"Deuce?" You whispered as your eyes widened.
Sitting up he pulled you into his arms. "Just stay like this with me for a moment."
Azul Ashengrotto - You were now breezing through the assignment you had difficulty with. You had asked him if he would be willing to help you understand the topic better. Luckily for you he was already soft for you. His aquamarine eyes observed you as you worked. Admiring you.
He sometimes wished you'd ask him for help more often. Without realizing it, he had reached out and tucked a strand of your hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear.
You flinched when you dropped your pencil and met his startled gaze. "I- apologize...I know I shouldn't have bothered you."
You gave him a small smile before laughing. "Azul...you aren't bothering me."
His brow ticked up, his curiosity peaked. "Then..." He began as he leaned into your ear. "Would it be a bother if I touched you a bit more?"
Floyd Leech -
He approached you in the vacant library.
"Well, well if it isnt little Shrimpy."
You shuddered at how close he was to you. Turning your head slightly to the right his face right there.
"Damnit Floyd why do you have to sneak up on me all the time?"
He chuckled. "Where's the fun in approaching ya normally?"
You turned around and grabbed his cheeks. His eyebrows raised as he blinked a few times. He grabbed your hands and bit down on one of your fingers. You winced.
"Floyd that hurt!"
He smirked. "Didn't anyone ever tell ya I bite? Right now..." his smirk disappeared as he gave you a serious expression. "I'm thinkin' I'm gonna teach you a lesson."
Your eyes blew wide as his devious smirk appeared once more.
Jade Leech - He saw you sitting alone at the lounge. He wondered why you were alone. Even Grim who normally accompanied you was gone. Making his way across the room he stopped beside your table.
" ______, what brings you by?"
"I'm here to see you."
He arched his brows before a smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm delighted. You see, it's been quite some time since you've been unaccompanied by your companions. I would be pleased if you would allow me to join you."
You nodded as Jade took a seat beside you. You wondered why he wasn't sitting across from you as usual. He was rather close, as his thigh was pressed against yours. He held up his hand as he leaned in close to the side of your face.
"Tell me, was your reason because you can't stop thinking about me?"
Your face warmed as you turned and met his determined gaze. He stifled a chuckle your expression told him everything. It turns out you loved being squeezed by him. This only made the situation a bit more difficult seeing as you were both in view of prying eyes.
Leona Kingscholar - The low rumble in his chest warned you he wasn't messing around. You were agitating him. How were you supposed to tell him you just wanted to mess around with his ears and tail? He never said 'no' so you deducted it would be fine. However, right now the moody lion prince had you pinned onto the floor. To be precise as soon as you had rubbed his soft ears and grasped his tail he had tumbled you onto the floor in his room.
His piercing gem colored eyes felt like he was trying to burn you alive. Though despite the situation and his tail flicking you, intentionally smacking you thigh. He was rather close to be that mad. A smirk slowly spread over your lips.
"Leona did I aro- "
His face scrunched up in a scowl as he used a gloved hand to cover your mouth. His hair fell around his face as his lips nearly touch the back of his covered hand.
"Don't you dare say it herbivore." Because he knew if you spoke the feelings he tried so hard to trample he would give into you.
Ruggie Bucchi - He dropped the sweet treat in his hand as he gaped at you. Did you just-? Ruggie's eyes widened. You just beamed at him with a soft giggle.
You began to walk away from him but were pulled back. Your back pressed into his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. He was so happy. It was the first time since you started dating you initiated an impromptu kiss and all to lick off the powder from his donut.
"Hey...do it again..."
He was shameless, he knew it. But he loved what you did to him.
Jack Howl - His ears twitched, and he tried to keep his tail from wagging. However, it proved impossible. You gave him head pats as Jack appeared like it was annoying but his tail gave away how he truly felt. He helped you rearrange the heavy furniture in your dorm.
"You love when I praise you don't you?"
His tail swished even more and Jack's face twitched in annoyance. Though he should know it was no use fooling you anymore.
"It's not a big deal. I don't love it."
You wrapped your arms around him and held him tight. He gave a weary sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. His tail swishing happily.
You nipped his ear and he jolted, his golden eyes blew wide at your action. His tail sticking out.
"You really love the affection I give you though."
"You- " He growled, his face was flushed as his arms wrapped around your body. "You're gonna get it now."
Kalim al Asim - You walked with Kalim down the palace corridors in scarabia. Kalim was busy telling you all about his family and the gifts they still kept sending him. He was a ray of golden sunshine, and you wished nothing more than to keep seeing that smile.
"I'm thinking of having a party tonight. Would you like to stay here? We have plenty of rooms and I'd love it if you could, it'll be a blast!"
You considered it, Grim was already with you, but he was far more interested in the tuna Kalim had given him to care what you two were talking about. Well it would be fun and it would give you more time to be around Kamil so you accepted.
However, you hadn't expected it would end like this. Kalim had too much to drink and had pulled you aside from the others. Whispering in your ear as his eyes watched his hands feel along the sides of your body.
"I've always wanted to go further in our relationship... ______ what do you say?"
The alcohol was certainly making him brave.
Jamil Viper - He was helping you study for a make up exam at your dorm. Grim was fast asleep as it was becoming late. The subject was Alchemy and you had missed it thanks to the unfortunate overblotting of Azul. As he was helping you go over the questions and you gave a brief response or you had no idea.
"I'm sorry I just don't know if I can do this." You frowned.
Jamil hummed and decided you needed a better way to recall the information.
What a better way than rewarding you with his affection for your correct responses.
"Okay, then how about this. For every right response I'll give you a kiss." He explained.
You turned to him astonished. "If I get it wrong?"
A smirk crossed his lips as he leaned into the side of your face and whispered. "Then you lose an article of clothing."
Your heart began to pound an excitement and a tendril of fear laced together and coursed through your blood stream. "You're lucky Grim is sleeping."
Vil Schoenheit - You were embarassed. How could Vil have posted that picture of you to his magicam. You had a feeling it would turn out for the worst. A lot of the comments were wondering who you were and the louder commenters -who were obsessed fans- were nit picking everything about you.
You held yourself up in your room and even Grim had tried to convince you to leave the dilapidated dorm. You were too ashamed to show your face so Grim often brought back some food for you and stayed with you.
That's when the door to the dorm swung open after knocking once. You gasped.
His eyes were narrowed as he stood a few inches from you his arms crossed.
"What exactly do you believe you are doing? Holding yourself up in this forsaken place isn't going to do you any good. Do you understand?"
You went to open your mouth and his brows furrowed. You closed your mouth realizing he wasn't going to listen to your poor excuses.
"Come with me." He demanded and grabbed your hand pulling you out the door. While Grim scrambled to follow behind you two.
He took you to Pomefiore dorm and immediately went to work, leaving Grim with Rook. Vil personally pampered you, pulling your hair back with a headband, and began to apply a face mask.
"It's important you realize those comments don't matter..." He began stern, as the soft bristles containing a green clay brushed against your forehead. Inhaling the invigorating scent of mint as well as a hint of earthiness from the clay. "...I choose you, my dear potato. Which should always outweigh the comments of others who don't even know you as I do."
Your gaze that had been fixed to your lap, flit up to meet Vil's sincere and determined stare. Only now did you realize how close his face was to yours.
He gave a soft smile, now that he finally has your attention. His eyes flit to your inviting lips as he leaned in as he captured your mouth. When he pulled away to see your dazed expression, he chuckled.
"Darling, I know my kiss leaves you breathless, but what is with that expression?"
You felt your cheeks warm as your gaze shifted from his. He leaned in close, and his breath caressed you.
"Could it be...you want more?" He smirked.
Rook Hunt - had been observing you for some time now. He found it amusing you hadn't noticed his presence. Then again...Could he successfully be considered a hunter if his prey noticed him right away? He counted it a success.
All day he took notes of your habits, what you enjoyed eating, who you spoke with the most, and he was also aware of how found of Grim you were. Ah if only he could be so lucky to earn that much affection from you! His heart fluttered at each smile and every laugh. Even the sound of your voice captivated him. Truly, he had it bad.
He had waited for you in the courtyard where you encountered him. Even though you believed it by chance. He had planned this meeting. "Mon amor, I simply can't take waiting a moment more. Say you'll partake in an outing with me in the woods."
You arched a brow with a sly smile. "How long have you been waiting to ask me?"
He took your hand and pressed it to your lips, his observant eyes fixed on yours. "Long enough, my little trickster. I do hope you know how much I long for you to be mine."
Malleus Draconia - Obsession. Passion. Desire. Love. These four words kept popping in his thoughts. Each one describing how he felt toward you in a varying degree. He narrowed his eyes in thought as he took his usual walk away from the suffocating watch of Sebek.
Aside from admiring anything with gargoyles and abandoned buildings that appeared to hold signs of previous existence. You occupied his thoughts. At first he believed his initial encounter with you had left him at a loss for words. Had anything at that point peaked his interest this vast since he took up his appeal for gargoyles?
He had questioned it so many times and he had his answer from the moment you spoke to him so casually and without fear. However, winning your heart wasn't so simple. How many nights would it take for him to win you over?
How many nights...and perhaps he could do that one thing he had seen you read about in those love stories. The rather intimate moment in which the protagonist and their love interest finally confirm their feelings with a touch of their lips until it turned into more. He stopped walking as he brought his hand to his chin pondering silently. Until a familiar voice broke freed him from the lure of his ideas.
He turned in your direction, eyes wide in surprised. It was late so why...?
"______?" He spoke and it held a surprising fondness that even he had not expected.
You smiled at the way he spoke your name. As of late it seemed you were becoming closer with Malleus and though it was probably not the best idea, you had allowed yourself to become close to him.
"Malleus, what has you so deep in thought?" You inquired as you approached him.
Malleus' heart throbbed when you spoke his name. He wished you would say it more. He truly was such a greedy dragon. Even more than that it wasn't just something as simple as his name he wished you to speak more of. He wanted to own your heart, your very soul and if he was lucky you would accept that he wanted to have every part of you all to himself. Whether out of a deep yearning or obsession. The two blended in his mind.
"Come closer and I'll tell you."
You noted the glint in his bright absinthe irises. You obliged as you stood before him. His eyes softened as he reached out, his hand bringing a strand of your hair to his face taking in the scent of your shampoo. Releasing your hair the back of his hand caressed your cheek.
"Would you be willing to allow me to show you exactly how I feel about you?"
"As in..."
He bent his neck his cheek against yours, his fingertips caressing along the column of your neck. "Being my mate."
Lilia Vanrouge - Popping in out of nowhere was kind of his thing with you. He would always get a kick out of your startled expressions. What could he say he liked to tease you. Definitely in more way than one.
He had lots of delights that appealed to you. The main one he knew of was the old-world attraction that only he possessed. Though he was well versed in the modern know abouts of the world. Well rounded and he had been around the block a few times to know how to attract you. Which is how you ended up in his trap.
"Hee hee hee. Did you think I wouldn't come for you my dearest? I was quite serious..." His voice husky as he nipped his fangs against your neck as you squirmed beneath him on his bed.
You shuddered as you whimpered. His eyelids lowered a smirk on his face. "How much fun should we have tonight ______? Me thinks it should go further than last time."
Silver - You found Silver asleep, beneath a tree in the courtyard. It wasn't the first time you found him sleeping somewhere conspicuous. You sat down beside him, taking note of how handsome he was. You mindlessly brushed his hair out of his face. The gentle sound of his breathing matching the peaceful area of the courtyard.
Your fingers brushed over the side of his cheek and his eyes shot open. You flinched not expecting him to wake up at that moment.
"_____? What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you of course."
He blinked, then nodded. "I suppose it has been a few days since we last spoke. Is there something you wanted to do?" He asked sitting up.
"Yes, let's have a date night Silver."
Well it wouldn't be impossible but the chances of having zero interruptions was not likely. Still, it was time he could spend with you and that's what mattered the most.
"As long as we can avoid my fa- Lilia then we should be fine." He gave a small smile as he pulled you into his arms. It just hoped he didn't fall asleep on you like last time you both went on a date.
Idia Shroud - You had left your notebook in Idia's room. You knew from last time you shouldnt interrupt him while he is gaming. You decided to take a chance. Knocking on his bedroom door you called out to him.
"Idia, can I come in for a moment?"
Idia who had been on his bed reading his favorite web comic perked up at hearing your voice. He stood up and walked to the door cracking it open.
"What brings you by?"
You tilted your head as you gave a confused expression. Idia internally was freaking out at how adorable you were. He opened the door and stepped back to allow you inside. You stepped in and he closed it behind him.
"I forgot my notebook..." You trailed a faint bloom of color across your cheeks.
Idia nervous laughed as he knew why you had forgotten it. He mentally kicked himself for how he just let you leave like that.
"Oh that, let me grab it." He offered.
Walking over to his desk he grabbed the sticker covered notebook and extended out it out to you. You smiled and took it from him.
"Idia about-"
He cut you off, "I'm sorry it was my fault I got caught up in the moment... i shouldn't have let myself go like that."
You blinked and frowned. "Did you hate it?"
Idia's eyes blew wide and he panicked internally why did you look so upset?
"N-no of course not I would have gone much further than that if I knew you liked it."
You met his gaze and he immediately regretted saying that. Stupid he was so stupid.
"I mean..." He averted your gaze, nervous.
However he was caught off guard by your lips suddenly pressed against his.
"Then, let's continue were we left off." You suggested.
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la-lolita · 1 day
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ ♡ la-lolita has just posted! — Rizzing them up ft. Riddle, Vil, Idia, Sebek, Malleus
˗ˏˋ ♡ EVERYONE’S SO CREATIVE— FINALLY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO RIZZ BRU SMH, since y’all fr go no bitches irl/j or not 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tumblr media
Yeah NO—
He is more terrified than blushy. Like bro???
That’s not sexy, that is weird….
Okay he is a little red, but he is just standing there awkwardly-
You literally pull him closer to you and lift his chin up, he is quick to collar you and leave.
He will now avoid you like a plague, Floyd 2.0
Tumblr media
He gives you the side eye
Nah— it’s not even a side eye, it’s a full stare.
You need some practice, it will take a lot to woo him, he has been complimented a lot of times and praised; you’re not special (y/n) smh.
But if you pin him against the wall and smirk and whisper in his ear? Yeah he is kicking you.
He has never made a face before, but now he did and it’s not a good one.
You got no rizz, try some other way bro 🫢
Tumblr media
He is embarrassed, awkward, he runs away
You just have him another reason as to why the outside world is dangerous, people are scary including you.
Idia is aware of what you were trying to do, but he can’t resist! He gets embarrassed so easily, rizzing him is a way yo make him break down, melt.
And that will be printed in his head, bro will have nightmares about it.
Good job… but you won’t see him get out ever again, it was rare to see him out of school, no you definitely won’t see him…
Unless you break in his room ofc HEGEG—
Tumblr media
He thinks you were just feeling extra silly today ngl…
He just looks down at you, not knowing if you are okay or no, he just stands there and watches awkwardly like 🧍‍♂️
Are you okay? Is this a human thing? Is this like… a deep meaning? He is genuinely confused, like why are you pinning him? Why is your voice suddenly different and poetic?
Umm… it will be on his mind and he will ask Lilia— to which Lilia simply laughs, knowing what you were trying to do but playfully says nothing.
Tumblr media
Now he thinks humans are even more weirder.
He kind of is blushing, but at the same time he doesn’t know what to do! So what does he do?
Yell at you, duh 🙄 you deserve it/j
He scolds you, saying how you shouldn’t do that to people randomly and that if you want something just say it.
And yeah, you want something; his lips.
He is done with you, but in reality he kinda liked it HEHSH
Tumblr media
©la-lolita: Don’t adapt, repost, translate or plagiarize any of my work without my permission and knowledge.
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rayisalive · 2 days
Rook won hh- sorry epel
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated!
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wolken-himmel · 55 minutes
In which (Y/n) tells the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland.
What was meant as an April Fool's joke somehow turns Night Raven College into a battlefield.
Idea by anon.
Tumblr media
"Why did you go around and tell the dorm leaders out of all people that they're the most handsome person in the world? Why, (Y/n)?"
Deuce paced back and forth between the fire place and the couch of Ramshackle's living room, his hands crossed behind back. The frown on his face deepened even more when he found you lazily lounging on a nearby recliner.
"I thought it would be funny to see everyone's reaction!" you said and laughed to yourself. "And actually, seeing Riddle turn as red as his hair was hilarious. Also, you should have heard Idia's screaming through the tablet."
Ace's lips quirked upwards into a grin. "Okay, that does sound funny."
"Quit the yapping," Grim yelled from the other side of the living room. He had a few wooden boards in his arms and a hammer balanced on top. "I need help barricading the windows."
"Right." A hum of exasperation escaped Deuce's lips while he pointed into the direction where all the commotion was coming from. The noise must have originated from the main building, and the fact that it was still audible in the Ramshackle mansion was incredibly concerning. "I don't think you realise how dire the situation is out there."
"Did someone call me?" a newcomer suddenly asked.
All four of you whirled around to find Crowley standing by the entrance to the living room. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest. Without allowing you any time to react to his sudden appearance, he rushed over to your side with wide steps. His heavy shadow loomed over you.
"Oh, it's just you, Headmaster," you began and sat up. "How are you—"
He interrupted you with a dramatic sigh. "You truly offend me, my darling child." Without further explanation, he put his hand to his forehead and sank into the couch, right next to you.
"What?" You sat up straight. "What have I done now?"
"You go around telling the dorm leaders that they're the most handsome person in the world! But you forgot about me?" A playfully offended frown decorated his face. When the resident ghosts dared to peek around the corner in curiosity, he addressed them immediately, "Did the prefect also compliment you three?"
"Of course!" the ghost in the middle exclaimed dreamily. His eyes practically took the shape of hearts when he put his hands to his chest. "My heart began beating so quickly, I thought I had come back from the dead. The prefect truly has a way with charming people, dead or alive."
His reply had the headmaster sink into the cushions of his seat even further. "Oh, how you wound me..."
Deuce furrowed his eyebrows in innocent confusion. "Is that why you came here, Headmaster?"
At his words, Crowley lazily rose to his feet again and straightened his cloak. "Partly, yes." He cleared his throat, although he sent you one last glare before moving on, "I also came because the entire campus is a warzone. The dorms have decided to band together and fight against each other to defend their leader's honour. Everyone thinks the others are lying."
"See?" Grim pointed to the windows he had already barricaded. "And you think I'm the one overreacting?"
The volume of his voice had you rolling your eyes. "Calm down, everyone." Then, you finally summoned the willpower to rise to your feet. "Can't I just talk to them?"
"You must, since you are the perpetrator."
A rush of annoyance came over you. The constant noise from the main building caused a headache to form. You rubbed the bridge of your nose. "It was just an April Fool's joke... I didn't think anyone would take it this seriously," you muttered in resignation. "These boys... Fine, I'll go out and clear things up."
Grim stopped you before you could leave the living room. His large blue eyes shone meaningfully. "Henchhuman, just in case you don't return, I wanted to tell you that..." he trailed off and took your hand into his paws. "I'll be taking your favourite scarf! You won't need it anymore, right?"
At once, you ripped your hands out of his grasp. "You're an idiot, Grim," you grumbled and simply walked around him to exit the building.
Deuce came rushing after you. "We'll accompany you, (Y/n). That's what friends are there for."
"Really? Do we have to?" Ace asked with raised eyebrows. He seemed reluctant, still remaining by the fire place where he had last stopped pacing. But even he wasn't immune to Deuce's pressing gaze, and with the headmaster joining in, he was done for. Begrudingly throwing his hands into the air, he joined your side. "Fine..."
"I'll stay here," Grim yelled after the three of you, "to make sure they don't break in and steal my tuna."
"They're in the Hall of Mirrors. Please stop them before they destroy my prized mirrors!"
"I knew you were a schemer, Azul. But I didn't take you for a liar."
"You call me a liar, Riddle? Me and my business are very much trustworthy. The same couldn't be said about you, though."
You arrived in the Hall of Mirrors not a second too late. The place was packed to the brim with students from every dorm. Just blinking once had been enough to lose track of Ace and Deuce. And by now, you had given up on finding them in this huge mass of people. You would have never thought that you would one day see so many people fit into this hall. But here you were, struggling to make your presence known with the loud and large crowd.
You could already see most of the dorm leaders facing off against each other in the very middle, where the students had formed a pit. But none of them seemed to hear your voice over all the murmuring.
"Come on, let's get this over with quickly," Leona said and rolled his eyes. "As soon as we have established that you're all in the wrong, I can go back to doing something more productive, such as napping."
"Guys, why can't we all be the most handsome person in the world together? I'd be open to sharing the title," Kalim said in worry when he noticed how everyone's voice dripped with malice.
"As a matter of fact, 'most handsome' is the superlative form and implies that the title is exclusively reserved for one person only." Everyone's eyes solely lay on Malleus as he spoke, his deep and calm voice bouncing off the walls to reach your ears. The air turned cold out of a sudden, and nobody dared to whisper even a single word — not even you.
But Rook dared to cut through the tangible air with his cheery voice. "Oh, a fight for beauty! This battle will be legendary!" he exclaimed in excitement, as if he had been born for this very moment. "I will gladly defend your honour, Vil."
His dorm leader didn't seem to reciprocate his enthusiasm, however. "Quit it, Rook. We all know that the prefect's compliment for all of us was in mere vain — a joke to gauge our reaction," Vil said and flicked his wrist elegantly. "Tell everyone to return to whatever they were doing previously, I have more important matters to attend to."
"Ortho, can you get me more popcorn—" a voice came from the floating tablet in the first row. An embrassed shriek escaped its speakers once everyone turned their attention to it. "Oh, I forgot to mute... Sorry, everyone." And on cue, the speakers went silent.
An awkward cough went through the crowd, but the dorm leaders quickly returned to facing off against each other.
"So, shall we begin?"
"I suppose."
Just as one was about to make the first move, you managed to stumble into the middle of the pit. "No, stop it!" you yelled at the top of your lungs.
A round of gasps went through the crowd, and everyone's eyes widened in surprise at your sudden arrival. Vil was the only exception. "Ah, the prefect has arrived," the dorm leader drawled. Knowing chuckles escaped his perfectly painted lips. "Now, would you mind enlightening the others about your little joke?"
"Right, tell the others who you really think is the most handsome."
"Yes, I want to see the grins wiped off their faces."
You hated yourself after having gazed upon their expectant faces. Most of them wore a pair of puppy eyes that gleamed brightly with eagerness. Unable to face them, you lowered your gaze in shame. "Actually, I told every one of you that you were the most handsome person in Twisted Wonderland." Nervous chuckles escaped your lips when the entire hall went deadly silent. You raised your hands into the air defensively. "Please, it was just a joke. Today is April Fool's, guys."
Riddle clicked his tongue. "A punishment for unfunny jokes is in order."
"You hurt our feelings, (Y/n)!" Kalim cried out and put his hands on his hips. When Jamil handed him a handkerchief, the dorm leader blew his nose loudly.
An unreadable smile appeared on Azul's face. "Perhaps it is time we banded together," he suggested, as if negotiating for a contract.
Your smile turned more nervous by the second, especially when they began to circle you. "Guys? It was kinda funny, don't you think?" you said, suddenly unable to hold in your laughter anymore. "Your reactions were priceless."
"Get the prefect!" everyone yelled at once.
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With all these sea creature! MC ideas, I wonder what would the fish mafia do if there were a Betta fish mermaid! MC ; small, cute, strong, and always wins a brawl.
Ohoho! That is a fine idea indeed! This is going to be fun. I’m adding in the original beta to this mix as well ;)
you will be a white opal betta fish. Said fish just under the cut
Tumblr media
You were a beautiful and bright beta. Somewhat small in stature but many avoided your wrath at all costs. From your heat to your tail you were only about 5 feet long. Fairly average for a mer but a bit on the lower side. You’ve never lost a fight, not hesitating to fight with nails, biting or using your surprisingly sturdy fins to ensure you win. Many were always gaining over you and your long beautiful fins. You were quite popular due to this and were even quite wealthy due to your fame under the sea.
when you were offered a way to NRC you were rather excited to explore the surface and shine even brighter in the direct sunlight. Learning to walk was difficult but the fashion and the accessories and makeup on the surface were a whole bother world that you adored! Becoming popular and well known for your beauty quickly. You only stood at about 5’5 but that never bothered you, many taller people were happy to help you. And if any unsavory folk tried anything you had also learned some impressive self defense at the boot camp. These legs can be quite powerful!
Azul: Honestly tried to get you to sign so many contracts to use show off your beauty to the world! and bring in more customers. Compliments you so much to try and get closer to you. Calls you an angelfish. If you ever sign one of his contracts he refrains from rigging it to much if he recognized you from your fame in the sea, he doesn't want you to get your lawyers or more protective fans... Falls for your charms at some point. gets you rather nice jewelry and outfits over time for different events in the lounge. Envies and also adores you. After his overblot, he understands if you don't want to work with him anymore. His deals are fairer and he even does an event solely around you if you still hang around with him. The tweels tease him a lot for getting a crush on you.
When you reveal your merform Asul is both stunned into silence and his mind is racing with so many ideas. Both to show you off and get profit but also just how much he's down bad for you now. Some selfish part of him wants to keep you and this form all to himself but he knows you wouldn't be happy with that. If you encourage him to join you in his merform he will hide away so fast. It will take months for you to even convince him. Pictures are out of the question, even if his darker body would make yours shine all the brighter, having a yin and yang effect that would be amazing. Give him time and maybe one day he will be ok with it, only for you though.
Jade: Smirked when he saw the immediate tension between you and Vil. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. Egged you two on subtly, spreading a rumor there pinning the blame there, fueling the fire and watching the fight, collecting a few bets here and there. He honestly thought Vil was going to win but you proved yourself to be quite the even match. Would observe how you carried yourself and try to learn a few of your self-defense moves through that. appreciated your beauty and was the one to suggest Azul make an event for just you if you are famous enough to garter that much attention.
When he saw your merform he had a shocked and awed expression. You couldn't help but tease a bit at getting to see Jade leech showing surprise and awe. He would snap out of his trance and return your remark with an equally snarky one. He would join you in the water but keep his distance, he knows how strong you are even if you are much smaller than he is in this form. Probably saw you beat up floyd in mer form and just really was fascinated by how something so small can pack such a punch. Helps maintain your specialized tank and even gets you some mushroom-themed fashion accessories.
Floyd: He laughed when he saw the tension between you and betta fish. Calls you little betta fish. You were much shorter than Vil in that sense. Probably was the one to encourage the actual battle between you and Vil. Likes to chase after you and loves when you show off some of your self-defense moves on him. He does think you're very pretty but also you're super fun when your face is all scrunched up in anger. Tells you to cut loose every once in a while and sometimes will just kidnap you to the lounge for azul or take you out to go eat.
When he saw your merform he started calling you opal betta. or even just little opal. Tried to get close to you and squeeze you in this form but you were even stronger and better at fighting in the water, using your fins to block his vision but moving them just out of biting or grabbing range. It was like some crazy ballet and you ended up winning with a well-timed with to his back, stunning him long enough for you to tie him in a knot. He has hearts in his eyes after that. Asks to swim with you often but remembers how betta fish are very picky and sensitive to the water they can be in, so you get a special tank for yourself thanks to him. don't worry about the other fish that were in there~ Just go have some fun and look very pretty for/with him for a bit ok?
With a special guest!
Vil: You too were nemesis as soon as you made eye contact at the ceremony. It gets so much worse if you were sorted into pomefiore. Luckily you weren't, but it didn't matter, you two butt heads a lot. Somewhat enemies to friends arc over time. You both had petty arguments and were jealous of the other's beauty. Did actually get into a physical fight and you both passed out at the same time so it was a draw. Also, you both fight over Rook and his compliments. you both fish for compliments so much and compare your fame so much. Eventually, your petty fights become more lighthearted teasing, especially after the island of woe incident. Once you two become friends though you are like the hottest power couple in NRC. You both do photo shoots together and mock fanfiction that ships you two together. Many call you two the best young duo models to exist.
When he first saw your merform he had to admit that you were beautiful in an ethereal light. You were the siren beauty of the sea, and he was the alluring human on land. Some photo shoots use this to do some amazing ethereal water-styled photos. Helps you keep up on your scale care and ensures that you have a perfect tank for you to stretch out your fins. He starts to swim more often with you for his exercise. He also does self defense classes with you.
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ciela357 · 2 days
Tumblr media
Art by ciela
College is killing me.....ahhhhhhhhh
But I'm back lol
Idia falling into despair
Yuuka and Yuuken 🛐
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sleepypandaarts · 1 day
Tumblr media
Not the fanart I wanted to post. Just a quick sketch of Lilia for studying purposes
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cesavi13 · 3 days
Tumblr media
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🍎 twst en in april~ 🍎
Tumblr media
After being skipped a few times, We’re finally getting the Harveston sledding event in early April!! 😩 It’ll feature SSR Epel and SR Sebek in the gacha, and SR Idia and R Jade as freebies~ (Side note, love the localization name “Applepom” for these cards! It’s very cute~)
Vil’s birthday is also coming early April!
Ruggie’s birthday is mid-April!
Aaand a rerun of the original Fairy Gala in late April! SSR Leona and SR Jamil are making a comeback in the gacha, and you can grab SR Kalim and R Ruggie as freebies! (Maybe we’ll get Fairy Gala: If in May? 👀)
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Tumblr media
Hey Malleus and Floyd are here.
Yandere Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Vil would be a little bitter.
He doesn't like you having other partners.
Those people have certainly done nothing to deserve you.
Would refer to your boyfriend as "rotten potatoes".
No wonder you're not the best version of yourself when you've spent time with people like that.
But don't worry because Vil is here now.
And he sure takes better care of you than they do.
Of course, this makes his attempts more difficult.
Because you've been in a relationship before and you realize how restrictive Vil can be.
But this does not stop him.
It actually makes him work harder.
Vil is really determined.
If you compared him to someone ex Vil would get angry.
He is clearly a better partner for you.
Why do you want to hurt him like this?
Yes, he might not let you decide things yourself or meet your "friends", but only because he knows what's good for you.
So this hurts his feelings.
Angry Vil is not a good thing.
No he wouldn't try to find a way into your world just because of this...
But if he met one of your exes he might give them a poison apple.
Yandere Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
Jamil would not like this.
Ex boyfriends are always a threat.
Even if they are from another world.
This would speed up your kidnapping.
Over time, the thought of you with someone else would become unbearable.
Even if it was in the past.
Getting back together is always possible.
And it doesn't work for him.
You are only his.
He also really wants your attention to be focused only on him.
Jamil really hasn't gotten enough attention.
All attention has always gone to Kalim.
So this would make him jealous.
Especially if you were to compare him to your ex.
Yeah, it doesn't end well.
Jamil is a jealous and possessive Yandere.
He has heard the comparison enough in his life.
So you will probably get punishment for that.
Jamil would probably use his special magic on you.
He wants you to forget those people.
It's best...
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bluesylveon2 · 2 days
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ryker-writes · 2 days
Hello! This might be a weird request but could you maybe make a masterlist for the broken relationship asks?
Yes! While you can find each of them under the specific characters masterlist, since I'm going to be doing this more I don't mind making one specifically for this! Any characters not on here are simply because I haven't written them yet
Request Rules and Masterlists
Vil as a sibling (Broken relationship)
Vil as a sibling (Alternate broken relationship)
Vil as a sibling (Broken relationship with no forgiveness)
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship)
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship with no forgiveness)
Azul as a sibling (Alternate broken relationship)
Jade and Floyd:
Leech twins as siblings (Broken relationship)
Riddle as a sibling (Broken relationship)
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