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luxthestrange · 3 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#667 No Jailbird
Vil*When Neige is near him*Please say some words of encouragement to me so that I don’t murder him right now.
Epel*Showing Vil a picture of you in your jammies with a bird nest hair and drool onto your pillow as you sleep with grim* Yuu can’t go with you to prison
Vil*Sighs and smiles at your adorable face*Thank you~
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noodle-bowl-art · 1 day
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Housewarden doodles!
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onionrimgs · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
no one is spared from treyfication (heartslabyul here)
more under the cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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artsyco3xist · 3 days
Hair-swapped TWST Part 34
Tumblr media
Have I mentioned how much I hate drawing Vil?
This was a suggestion sitting in my inbox for quite awhile. I swear tho, every time we do a swap with Vil, he almost never looks good. Silver tho, I knew he'd rock this look, so here it is! Thanks for your sacrifice Vil! Silver looks quite handsome in this style.
You guys can choose once more who I will be swapping 🙂 make it count!
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dropdeadgorgeos · 3 days
Obey me mc: Has pacts with demons giving them powers, loved by (almost?) Everyone, had dead and came back to life, has money because of there lovers, can demand others with what to do(do to pacts)
Twisted wonderland mc: magic less, cared for by most, hasn't dead but if does probably won't come back, broke asf, can't demand a single boy
OB!MC: ...
TWST!MC: ...
OB!MC: I'm gonna adopt you now.
TWST!MC: What?
OB!MC: Yes.
*OB!MC holding TWST!MC close to them*
*OB!MC looking at all the TWST boys*
OB!MC: If any of you touch my child I will........DIG MY NAILS INTO YOUR SKIN.
Overblotted group: Σ(゜゜)
The first year group: I second this!
*OB!MC Turning to the demon brothers*
OB!MC: this goes for you as well.
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yuurei20 · 1 day
Vil Info Compilation part 8: Vil and Leona
One of the earliest interactions we see between Vil and Leona is Vil sarcastically encouraging Leona to capture Grim and Leona telling Vil to do it himself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The two overlap again in Book 2, allying against Crowley, who is attempting to retire Malleus from an upcoming Spelldrive tournament.
They are simultaneously competitors and allies during Phantom Bride when they both become motivated to show up Malleus.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil adopts new speech patterns in order to make himself more appealing to Eliza (an interaction that was rewritten on NA due to language restrictions) and Leona reacts with “I’d take the regular you over this slimeball.”
When Eliza compares them to Idia they both insist they are “obviously superior”, and Jade observes that “They’ve lose sight of our objective”.
In a vignette Vil notices that Leona has a loose button on his vest immediately before a photograph is to be taken of them together for the school newspaper and insists he fix it for himself.
Leona refuses as, of the two of them, Vil is the only one who cares, and Vil fixes the button for him, exclaiming, “The only think you have going for you is a handsome face. This is why I hate spoiled princelings!”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ruggie mentions Vil being harsh when he is “naggin�� Leona about his fashion choices”, so it seems that the button incident was not a rare occurrence.
During Fairy Gala Vil compliments Leona for taking the event seriously, and Leona reveals he simply “got sick of (Vil) getting on (his) case nonstop”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil expresses exasperation at Leona’s willingness to give an earnest effort only when it makes his life easier and calls in Rook and Cater for their guidance.
Leona concedes, preferring them to “spending another minute alone with captain nag here”.
Vil is fairly unique in that he is completely comfortable with and unintimidated by both Leona and Malleus. He calls both princes over to him during Halloween for a picture with a visitor and is able to convince Leona to answer his phone to Cheka, though it immediately results in Leona leaving the party.
In a voice over line we learn that Leona gave Vil an empty pen for his birthday. Vil says, “I think he just pawned it off on me because he couldn’t be bothered to dispose of it otherwise”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Despite how he does not seem to care what Leona thinks of him, Vil seems to have no patience for Rook inserting himself into Leona’s business: We see Rook looking for Leona during a class, and when Vil expresses displeasure Rook responds, “You don’t need to feel threatened”.
Vil insists that Leona is “just a pretty face” and vies Rook a warning: “While Leona is little more than a good-looking layabout, he is quite troublesome when angered. Do not let your provocations get out of hand.” Rook asks, “Is that an order, sir?”, and Vil responds, “You’re welcome to take it that way”.
Vil tells Rook to join the Spelldrive club if he is so desperate for time with Leona, and says, “I urge you to exercise discretion and ensure that you do not lose (the vice housewarden) seat…because I would replace you immediately if you got our dorm into trouble.”
We later see Rook imposing himself upon Malleus instead of Leona and it seems like he is heeding this warning, as he decides against pushing Malleus too far lest he anger Vil.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
・Vil Info Compilation part 1: Family and Potions ・Vil Info Compilation Part 2: Beanfest ・Vil Info Compilation Part 3: Effort ・Vil Info Compilation Part 4: Confidence and Idia ・Vil Info Compilation part 5: Perceptiveness and Physical Ability ・Vil Info Compilation part 6: Epel (pt1) ・Vil Info Compilation part 7: Epel (pt2)
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Something happens and all of the human NRC kids turn into animals, while the beastmen, fae and merfolk are left to deal with the situation.
Which is fine, if Floyd hadn't learned about Heartslabyul using hedgehogs as croquet balls right before the incident.
Leona, holding a rabbit Epel: Alright, we have to find a way to change those herbivores back, let's split into three groups. One checks the potions lab, the other investigates the rest of the school for any freak magic and the last one babysits the animal‐ OWCH!!
Leona: Stop attacking me, Vil!!
Floyd, entering the room in a panic: SOMETHING HAPPENED TO-
Floyd: Oh, you guys know already...
Floyd, looking over to the equestrian club: Oh! A hedgehog!
* Floyd grabs Riddle the hedgehog and throws him out of the window, where he is immediately taken by a falcon*
Everyone: FLOYDD!
Malleus: I'm going to assume that Leech is not going to be present in the babysitting team...
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suseggg · 3 days
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mietilo · 2 days
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Internet faitytale
Starring: Idia Shroud
Sypnosis: General lovebirds headcanons!
A/N: Little headcanons for idia's discord kitten! @indigoshroud
Tumblr media
he didnt actually know about your presence itself untill ortho told him about you. Holy sevens the more ortho spoke the more curious Idia got. Mainly for the fact that ortho saw that you got some special likes that were similar to his
From that first moment, you can say it was love at first... known ?
He is too shy to aproach you propperly so he got to find some other ways (Ortho) To speak to you (By hiw own sake because Idia didnt really want him to do so)
Basically you played a certain game that he literally adored, so ortho gave you his ID so you two could play together
It started akwardly but soon enough he started to be more confident by talking about the name and frecuently giving you advice (and cheating the game) to let you win some prizes
(and buy you things on the games and gifting it to you anonymously, but by the way he types you can see its idia)
ortho is trying his best to make him get to know you, begging on his knees even
He talks with and about you every day, your what keeps on his mind istg
would he go out of his room some day because of you? probably after a while, yes
us all= :0
Tumblr media
© mietilo 2023, its extrictly prohibited the plagiarism, translation or promotion without consent in any other social medias. ONLY ON TUMBLR
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PARING: Vil Schoenheit x F!Reader
Synopsis: THE Vil Schoenheit goes easy on you.
Warning: OOC.
Note: Idk, I just wrote this because yea, I had no plot in mind. [Name] is not MC.
Vil has a lot of fans, tons of fans. And although it is to be expected as he is famous for his beauty and talent. Every day, it is to be expected a gift from a fan or a letter will be dropped off by his dorm. (He has no idea how but eh)
He appreciates the gifts, truly, but he only has eyes on someone else.
And that someone just so happens to be you.
How? No one really knows, not even Vil himself. But he does know one thing- and that one thing is that you stole his heart and he'll gladly allow you to keep it.
For you, are someone very dear to him, and the only one who's managed to steal his heart.
Vil looked at you, sighing and obviously disappointed at the girl in front of him. The girl, [Name], sheepishly chuckled and tried to look for a way out of her current predicament.
"Don't even bother [Name]."
[Name] pretended to be oblivious to what Vil meant and put her hands behind her back, trying to act innocent and hoping that Vil would let them go already.
But knowing him, however...
"Hehe... Whatever do you mean, my Queen?"
Vil felt himself getting flustered at her teasing, but, quickly went back to his calm composure.
"What were you even thinking? Why would you ever skip one of our lessons for those troublemakers?" Vil said, emphasizing troublemakers- referring to the first years.
[Name] felt guilty, she didn't mean to skip her and Vil's lessons, but the first years were practically begging her to help them with something and she'd feel guilty if she declined them.
But because she accepted to help them, she'd forgotten her lesson with Vil, resulting in her in this predicament. So she'll try to make it up to him!
"I'm sorry Vil... I really didn't mean to! I promise to make it up to you somehow..." [Name] timidly said. She never liked the upset gazes Vil would give her if she did anything wrong- so she'd mostly avoid making a mistake if it meant for Vil to give her praises instead.
Vil, on the other hand, Couldn't stay mad at [Name] for too long. How could he? He doesn't exactly have the heart to stay mad at her but he has to stand his ground and scold [Name] for her absence. How else would she learn?
But as Vil continued to look at [Name], he noticed that she was giving him puppy dog eyes (Something he hates because he always gives in.) Vil grumbled but tried not to frown or else wrinkles would form.
"I'll let this slide [Name], but the next time this happens I won't let you off the hook. And you must come to today's lesson, I won't take no for an answer." [Name] nodded at his words, finding it fair since she did skip their lesson yesterday...
"Deal! And don't worry, I promise I won't let you down!" Vil tried to hide his smile from her enthusiasm and instead, stayed composed and nodded.
"Good, and I expect you to keep your word as you are part of Pomefiore dorm and I won't allow you to ruin the image of it. Understood?"
"Yup! You don't gotta worry Vil! I promise to uphold the image and reputation of Pomefiore! But before that... Would you like to have a dance with me?"
To say the least, Vil was surprised by the sudden request, but nonetheless, accepted it.
"Why? Why are you asking me to dance all of a sudden?"
"Why not? Is it so bad that I just wanna dance with you?"
"No, I would love to dance with you."
"Wow, if that was me, I would have gotten worse."
"Bias I tell you, bias."
"The Favoritism is showing, huh?"
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mawwart · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So many thoughts abt their relationships and how they parallel… but brain scrampl eg g
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narcissus3439 · 1 day
Spilled Potion (Part 1/2)
*Sample for test read*
Part 2:
To order the doujinshi please message me
Available at comic fiesta, feel free to preorder
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Will upload part 2 tomorrow
So happy that I had ice cream cake for breakfast
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haruhar-u · 22 hours
Hmmm; Vil and 47
C/W: post NRC, Vil and reader are roommates
A/N: pushing the Vil just being Vil and not The Vil Schoenheit agenda (Vil with messy hair)
It ain't always what it seems when you cling onto a dream
It ain't always there to please you (please you)
-Kiss the Go-goat
Your joints felt heavy as you sulked back into your shared apartment, it was….You’re not sure, very early in the morning, as the sun hasn’t made an appearance yet. Maybe you shouldn’t have asked the director if you could rehearse this early in the morning. Maybe the director shouldn’t have agreed. Still, this role was your chance to make it really big. You had to perfect it right?
Without much energy at all actually, you were unable to reach your room and found yourself blacking out onto the couch in the living room. You were then awoken hours later by the smell of freshly ground coffee and the sun peaking through the curtains and onto your face with your favourite blanket draped over you. 
“Sweet potato, you know staying up until late isn’t good for you?” You hear your roommate, Vil, say from the kitchen, his hair tied back into a messy half-ponytail. He seemed to be brewing coffee for the two of you and based on the avocados on the counter he seemed to be making breakfast as well.
You smiled sheepishly at him. “I know, I just had rehearsal and…” You paused. Fuck the thoughts for coming now of all times. “I just thought I was failing my dream, y’know.” Your voice cracked, as you hid your face in your knees. 
Vil approached you, putting both cups of coffee down on the nearby coffee table. He gently patted your head in an attempt to calm you down. “Dreams aren’t always there to please you. You are not failing.” 
taglist: @xen-blank @edith-is-apparently-a-cat @whspermy-name @krenenbaker @cheezy-moon @the-banana-0verlord please let me know if you wish to removed or added
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apenguinbird · 3 days
Animal familiars in NRC: Scarabia and Pomefiore edition.
(A continuation of this and this.)
Jamil: Parrot
I’ll take no criticism for this!
The parrot was actually one of the many animals Kalim’s family had. They found each other by accident back when Jamil was pretty young.
Jamil was very proud of himself for finding his familiar, it was even a parrot, like the one the Sorcerer of Sands had. His parents were horrified though, I don’t think the Asim family would have been bothered by it but his parents still ordered Jamil to not let anyone know about his familiar.
 It wasn't until Kamil got his familiar that Jamil also totally found him too. Kalim was very happy for him though! He did always notice that parrot flying close to them, what a coincidence!
A great help for the kitchen and around the dorm… also a smart little spy.
The parrot can speak some words. Sometimes he likes to mess with other students.
Kalim has tried to feed him crackers in the past which Jamil has had to stop.
Jamil’s sister buys him little trinkets when they visit. She has even made come assesories with the feathers the parrot loses naturally. Jamil those keep some of them.
The parrot has saved Jamil from many insects in the past.
Honestly, that parrot is the only one in the dorm Jamil respects.
Kalim: Monkey
Again, no criticism.
With all the animals the Asim family had it was just a matter of time for Kamil to find him.
Instantly best friends, usually found on Kalim’s head or shoulder.
They had to teach him the proper diet for a monkey.
Kalim is actually very responsible with his family. 
His familiar enjoys to play with his younger siblings but they can be too much sometimes.
That monkey LOVES shiny things, jewelry, coins, or paperclips, he will take it. A bit spoiled ngl, still a sweetheart though.
Also a little bit of trouble maker but Kalim is there. 
They like to drink coconuts together.
“No, he didn’t do anything bad, look at his little cute face!” “Kalim, his hands are covered in paint.”
Kalim and Jamil’s familiars have the same dynamic as their respective mage.
Vil: Albino Raven
A graceful beauty just like Vil. 
Her name is Ivory.
Vil actually found her injured (albino animals don’t do well in the wild most of the time), the diagnosis didn’t look good but the raven pulled through, and Vil didn’t realize it was his familiar until after the bird fully recovered.
Has had photoshoots with Ivory in the past and Ivory is a natural for the camera and his followers love her.
Vil always makes sure she is on her best behavior and condition. Ivory loves to be pampered.
They have heard more than once about ravens being bad omens or something villainous, and they are so done.
Ivory helps Vil to make potions doing things like passing him ingredients and such.
“You wish you could be half as graceful as Ivory.”
Rook: Falcon
A scary duo, ready to hunt.
“My dear Faucon!”
If you are walking around campus there is a chance you will see a falcon staring directly at you. People say if you stare at it too much something bad will happen.
A great hunter just like Rook.
They used to go hunting together, they can no longer do that in NRC though, for the safety of other familiars and whatnot.
Nothing prevents them from stalking though!
Somehow the falcon has the same love Rook has towards Vil and his familiar.
Epel: Fox
Dang it Epel you messed up the bird theme the dorm had going on!
Back in his hometown Epel was really hoping his familiar was something strong and intimidating like a bear or a wolf.
He got a fox and was actually really disappointed he got a fluffy and cute little animal. Then he soon learned foxes are not animals to be messed up with. “You’re just like me fr.”
I can see his grandma knitting things for his familiar, also I feel like Grandma Marja would have a reindeer or moose as her familiar.
Once in NRC Epel had to teach him not to attack the familiars of other students.
Fun fact: Apparently foxes are rather fond of fruits, especially apples, they were destined for each other.
That little fox is a master at getting in and out of trouble.
Vil gave Epel a skincare (Furcare?) routine for his familiar too, for the horror of both Epel and his fox. His familiar has a very pretty coat now.
The fox is terrified of Ivory.
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Tumblr media
✨️ Get Jojofied ✨️
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