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Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more ✨G r a c e f u l✨
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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hey if your req still open ?? if so , can you do yan! malleus vil and jade with s\o (fem /gender neutral ) who have childish and bubbly personality but extremely genius ?? like they can guess what they are planning .
plot twist : they also like the bois but playing around just to see how far they can go
Legend says that my pinned posts have a link to the post that tells you which fandom requests are open. It also says I’m too lazy to update my master list. XD Maybe I uptade it... before christams
Tumblr media
Confused boy...
Malleus doesn’t understand how you manage to avoid all of his abduction and emotional recognition attempt.
As if you could see his head inside.
Malleus talks about this to Lilia and asks for him help.
However, it can be difficult because Malleus firmly believes that you are a helpless and innocent creature who needs protection and love and who cannot even open the lid of a pickle jar alone.
And he would certainly go a long way in making sure no one corrupts that innocence.
You better confess your feelings or Malleus burns someone alive when this one tried to get too close with you.
After that, Malleus is even more confused
Do all people behave this way when they are in love?
He just don't understand.
Tumblr media
Vil loves your personality a lot even though sometimes it annoys him.
He’s frustrated that you don’t seem to notice the hard work he’s doing for you.
Somehow you manage to ignore all of his lovely surprises and romantic raptures.
But Vil can't be mad at you because you're so sweet.
And he knows that all those worthless potatoes also love your sweetness.
And you can be sure that he will trample on his feet everyone who is in his way.
Or at least until you acknowledge your feelings and he takes control of your life.
He will fall in love with you more when he gets to know how smart you are.
But it also makes him more prepared and cunning.
Tumblr media
Ahahahahaaaa this is war.
Jade knows you're smarter the way you look and he knows you know he knows it.
He tries his best to keep his plans a secret but it is very difficult.
Somehow you always get to know them in advance.
And that makes Jade very frustrated.
And a frustrated eel is not a good thing.
You can be sure that you will receive a severe punishment as soon as he is able to give it to you.
But before that, he puts Floyd to bully your friends while he tries to get your love.
And you can be sure that if you get caught in one of his traps, Jade will lock you in his arms and prevent you from leaving
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queensconquest · 2 years
Tumblr media
@splitcards​​ said:  "just thought i’d come say hello, see how you’re doing." // vil!​
Tumblr media Tumblr media
   Wisteria  lands  on  Cater  as  he  sees  the  other  approach  him.  It’s  almost  surprising.  Does  he  want  something  ?  Is  there  something  he’s  needed  for  ?  He  supposes  it  HAS  been  years  since  he’d  been  seen  alone  doing  nothing.  Normally  there  was  someone  around  him  or  nearby  like  flowers  turned  to  the  sun.  If  not  rook  ,  then  admirers  ,  or  students  with  questions  or  someone.  
   “  I’m  fine.  “
   The  truth  claws  at  his  throat  and  it  burns  like  acid  but  he  says  nothing.  He’s  an  actor  as  well  as  a  model  ,  he  knows  how  to  convey  sincerity  even  where  it  doesn’t  exist.  Maybe  this  is  about  the  competition.  That  would  make  sense.  It  had  been  broadcasted  everywhere  how  slim  it  had  been.  Maybe  Cater  hadn’t  caught  onto  anything  amiss  and  just  wanted  to  check  on  him  after  a  loss  even  after  it  being  a  few  days.
   But  if  asked  why  he’s  alone  ,  there’s  no  excuse  or  explanation  at  the  ready.  Like  a  child  with  a  hand  in  the  cookie  jar  ,  he’ll  be  caught.  Which  is  worse  ?  The  fox  caught  in  a  trap  or  a  lie  or  to  be  caught  the  claws  of  a  tiger  of  envy  ?  
   “  But  hello  to  you  as  well  ,  Cater.  “   He  adds  as  he  turns  back  to  looking  at  nothing  in  particular.  “  Are  you  doing  well  ?  “  Anything  to  turn  the  conversation  away  from  him  and  his  wounds  hidden  beneath  the  skin.
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Round four (I'm skipping three for now to avoid spoilers) of the hunger games simulator, for more details see the first post.
Other runs: 1, 2, 5
The Bloodbath
As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.
Deuce runs away from the Cornucopia.
Vil grabs a sword.
Leona runs away from the Cornucopia.
Silver runs away from the Cornucopia.
Epel runs away from the Cornucopia.
Yuu, Quinn, and Riddle work together to get as many supplies as possible.
Jamil runs into the cornucopia and hides.
Kalim runs into the cornucopia and hides.
Malleus clutches a first aid kit and runs away.
Idia runs away from the Cornucopia.
Ace runs away from the Cornucopia.
Ortho runs away from the Cornucopia.
Trey, Jack, Floyd, and Rook share everything they gathered before running.
Ruggie runs away from the Cornucopia.
Sebek grabs a sword.
Cater grabs a jar of fishing bait while Jade gets fishing gear.
Lilia rips a mace out of Azul's hands.
Day 1
Silver injures himself.
Ace stalks Rook.
Ruggie tends to Floyd's wounds.
Leona strangles Jamil with a rope.
Trey stabs Vil while his back is turned.
Sebek taints Ortho's food, killing him.
Riddle picks flowers.
Yuu sprains their ankle while running away from Jade.
Azul sprains his ankle while running away from Lilia.
Kalim ambushes Cater and kills him.
Malleus, Epel, Idia, and Deuce raid Quinn's camp while he is hunting.
Jack tries to spear fish with a trident.
Day 1 ends with 4 dead
Night 1
Floyd overpowers Quinn, killing him.
Trey starts a fire.
Lilia and Sebek huddle for warmth.
Rook goes to sleep.
Idia and Kalim run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
Ruggie, Jade, and Malleus sleep in shifts.
Jack goes to sleep.
Riddle climbs a tree to rest.
Epel receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Ace lets Leona into his shelter.
Yuu destroys Silver's supplies while he is asleep.
Azul lets Deuce into his shelter.
Day 2
Riddle goes hunting.
Sebek bashes Malleus's head in with a mace.
Deuce fishes.
Trey accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.
Rook spears Jack in the abdomen.
Epel scares Yuu off.
Ace dies from hunger.
Lilia makes a wooden spear.
Leona travels to higher ground.
Jade is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
Kalim kills Floyd while he is resting.
Ruggie explores the arena.
Azul scares Idia off.
Silver fishes.
Day 2 ends with 6 dead
Night 2
Yuu goes to sleep.
Ruggie stays awake all night.
Rook and Epel run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
Sebek receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Leona and Jade huddle for warmth.
Idia, Riddle, and Azul sleep in shifts.
Silver sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Deuce tries to treat his infection.
Kalim goes to sleep.
Lilia sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Day 3
Azul shoots an arrow at Deuce, but misses and kills Ruggie instead.
Lilia picks flowers.
Epel receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Silver receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Kalim fishes.
Jade receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Sebek injures himself.
Riddle makes a slingshot.
Yuu begs for Leona to kill them. He refuses, keeping Yuu alive.
Idia tends to Rook's wounds.
Day 3 ends with 1 dead
Night 3
Yuu and Kalim talk about the tributes still alive.
Leona, Silver, Epel, Idia, and Riddle sleep in shifts.
Deuce and Jade run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
Lilia loses sight of where he is.
Rook's trap kills Sebek.
Azul goes to sleep.
Day 4
Idia steals from Kalim while he isn't looking.
Lilia and Yuu work together for the day.
Rook stalks Azul.
Deuce diverts Jade's attention and runs away.
Leona steals from Epel while he isn't looking.
Silver stabs Riddle in the back with a trident.
Day 4 ends with 2 dead
Night 4
Rook sets up camp for the night.
Yuu, Idia, and Leona discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
Kalim tends to Azul's wounds.
Deuce, Lilia, and Silver discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
Epel cries himself to sleep.
Jade tends to his wounds.
Day 5
Kalim tries to sleep through the entire day.
Idia questions his sanity.
Azul, Silver, Deuce, and Leona hunt for other tributes.
Epel, Jade, Yuu, and Rook hunt for other tributes.
Lilia travels to higher ground.
Day 5 ends with 0 deaths
Night 5
Azul is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth.
Silver thinks about winning.
Rook decapitates Jade with a sword.
Yuu questions their sanity.
Kalim screams for help.
Leona, Idia, and Deuce cheerfully sing songs together.
Epel sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Lilia dies from thirst.
The Feast
The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.
Azul decides not to go to The Feast.
Kalim and Rook get into a fight over raw meat, but Kalim gives up and runs away.
Deuce decides not to go to The Feast.
Idia decides not to go to The Feast.
Silver decides not to go to The Feast.
Leona decides not to go to The Feast.
Yuu sets an explosive off, killing Epel.
Day 6
Idia fishes.
Rook receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.
Yuu, Leona, and Silver hunt for other tributes.
Azul receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Deuce and Kalim hunt for other tributes.
Day 6 ends with 3 dead
Night 6
Azul receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Deuce attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.
Idia receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Leona is awoken by nightmares.
Yuu receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Silver cries himself to sleep.
Kalim tracks down and kills Rook.
Day 7
Kalim tries to sleep through the entire day.
Idia, Leona, and Azul track down and kill Yuu.
Silver sprains his ankle while running away from Deuce.
Day 7 ends with 2 dead
Night 7
Deuce receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.
Silver thinks about home.
Leona is awoken by nightmares.
Kalim stays awake all night.
Idia receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Azul cooks his food before putting his fire out.
Day 8
Kalim constructs a shack.
Silver hunts for other tributes.
Azul stalks Deuce.
Idia shoots a poisonous blow dart into Leona's neck, slowly killing him.
Day 8 ends with 1 dead
Night 8
Azul loses sight of where he is.
Silver tracks down and kills Kalim.
Idia starts a fire.
Deuce receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Day 9
Idia collects fruit from a tree.
Silver, Deuce, and Azul get into a fight. Deuce triumphantly kills them both.
Day 9 ends with 3 dead
Night 9
Deuce tracks down and kills Idia.
The winner is Deuce from District 4!
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I can picture Mafia boss Vil giving a drugged up and nearly incoherent MC a makeover. He's gently brushing the tangles from your hair, an act you wouldn't expect from the cruel and vicious drug lord you've read about in your reports. You want to escape, but even if your legs worked, it's not like you know where the suite you're trapped in even IS. He's going to keep you as a pet. Such ugly, dirty work as a cop isn't for you; you'll be better off round with his children, pretty as you are.
A special blend just for you from Crewel. Guaranteed to make even the most noisy and aggressive puppy become sweet and docile.
In his lap; your tongue is heavy as you try to string together words that will help you escape from his arms. “You’ll grow your hair out from now on. Such a lovely colour and wasted with how you’ve kept it.” Your eyes can barely focus on the mirror in front of you and even if they could? You would barely recognize yourself with how he’s coated your face in cosmetics.
From now on. It’s what he keeps saying. As if your future’s been tied inextricably to his alone and his decisions become written in stone.
Pressing a kiss to your hand, he frowns at your ragged cuticles and calloused fingertips. “You’re no peasant farmer. I’ll make sure that I buff all of them away. You won’t need to shoot a gun again.” Whimpering, you try to will your legs to move but all that happens is that you fall further into Vil’s soft touch. “Do you like the idea of becoming my pretty little wife? All of that ugly work is in the past now.” Humming softly, he tugs down the straps of the nightgown and sighs as he takes up another jar.
“So many scars.” Your lovely skin is marred and stained from years of chasing after lowlifes. “ Not to fear, darling. I’ll make you beautiful again.”
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Twisted Wonderland: Headcanons for Dorm Haunted Houses Pt.4 - Savannaclaw
Part 3
TW: Themes of Cannibalism and Gore in Haunted House. 
Savannaclaw’s haunted house is centered on the Elephant Graveyard’s theme. Only darker and gorier.
It’s a “Cannibal” Rave Party where the menu on the house is… YOU!
Guests entered a large gate out of a giant mammoth skeleton amongst the rocky hills. Green lights and fogs shrouded them everywhere. Graphic animal carcasses and skeletons littered on every single step that the guests took around their haunted house. Dark Tribal and Progressive House music echoes all across the hills. 
As they climbed on top of the rocky hills, they saw a rave party being celebrated amongst the whooping Savannaclaw students, dancing amongst the strobe lights with a DJ on top of the hill. As they beckoned guests to come closer, they can see limbs, heads and organs splattered across the banquet table. Everyone is sporting a bloodied mouth, tribal tattoos and a nasty smirk as they tried to grab the guests by force. It was primal - many guests are quite spooked. 
Ruggie is the second-in-command of all the ‘predators’ and the saboteur of the team. His role is to sabotage the participants during the obstacle course as well as instructing the ‘predators’ to hunt as many participants as they can. He was wearing a hyena-themed like rave tribal outfit along with a mask made out of antelope skull. He accessorized himself with pieces of teeth and bones. 
After going through the mini haunted house, participants and guests were then escorted to the start lines where they were given each towel and water bottles to refresh themselves.  
It may not look like it, but Leona did put a bit of an effort to the dorm’s haunted house, only because it’s a chance for him to unleash his beastly side upon the poor guests and first-years. 
Their dorm’s haunted house is the most athletic one out of the dorms. Think of the Zombie Run or The Walking Dead Obstacle Course marathons, only this one has hungry predators chasing the hell after you. 
Of course, guests who are willing to be a little sporty tonight are allowed to participate in this interactive obstacle course, but while they went on a normal route, the students who took on the charm challenge are instead given a more difficult course. 
They’re selling the usual merchandise: t-shirts, flags, water bottles, and sports bands are quite popular but the most fast-selling items are their unique necklaces. And pictures of Leona. Rook and Vil hunted him down to pose per Ruggie’s request. The Crafts Club took this as a chance to show off their skills at making tribal accessories and keychains.
Leona’s costume evoked a sense of raw power - ripped off tribal-like punk-like leather with his black tribal tattoos and makeup. His teeth are bleached with red dye, to make it seem that he already ate up his ‘preys’ before and his stomach had room for seconds. 
Strangely, most of the female guests are willing to be captured by ‘Leona’ when they have to go through the ‘Predator’s Cove’, perhaps it was their strange kinks but who he is to deny when he plays along as their ‘king’. 
Actually, most ‘predators’ who already got romantic partners took this as an opportunity to play ‘predator and prey’ kink to a whole new level. They were responsible for the massive loss of participants because the participants themselves were willing to be ‘captured’ by the ‘predators’ to be ‘eaten’. Get it? -winks-
Their mission for this haunted dorm is the same as the guests - they enter an obstacle course marathon challenge where they have to evade, survive and go through all the traps on this challenge. They will encounter ‘hungry predators’ along the way, so they have to make sure that the predators won’t mark them by smearing ‘blood’ on their shirt. 
They were warned that the predators would also ‘bite’ as well, which is a NO-NO in MC’s group case. 
Of course, the host is also considerate to tell that, since this is an athletic event, they have to carry a water bottle at all times to rehydrate themselves. Epel and Jack already brought more than ten bottles to reserve their stamina, and share it along with everyone on the team.
And of course, they were allowed to use their MagicPens to blast some magic limited only to this event to ward off the Savannahclaw “predators”. 
...well, they can try. Those ‘predators’ are fast as heck. 
MC’s group and the poor students run like the wind when the predators are unleashed. Only 55% of the participants remained. 
Did I mention this is also an obstacle course as well? 
They got sticky floors, nets to go through, falling boulders, hidden pits, climbing the cliffs, tightropes, and...
“WHOSE IDEA IS IT TO PUT A CIRCUS FIRE RING IN THE OBSTACLE?! This is so randomly dangerous!” Ace yelled while putting out the fire on his butt. In Jack’s defense, he has no idea that they’re going to use HIS suggestion.
Epel went through the obstacles smoothly, even down to kicking a few Savannaclaw students. 
Ruggie got Grimm by his arms and he prepared to mark the poor flying feline, but Grimm being Grimm, decided to bite Ruggie’s hand instead. He dropped Grimm with a yowl, nursing his hand as he watched Grimm with vengeance on his eyes. 
But MC? Poor MC might be slow or their stamina is not as strong as the others, so they’re having quite difficulty in keeping up with the others. While they’re not looking, one student jerk enough to cheat tripped MC’s feet, causing the charm they got from Heartsyabul’s challenge to fly out. 
MC watched helplessly as his other friend held you back, laughing as they held the charm to defend themselves against the attacking Savannaclaw ‘predators’ as they left you at the mercy of the ‘predators’. 
Luckily, Grimm and Deuce came to your rescue by hauling your butt up as they blasted the predators back from ‘harming’ you. 
Ruggie’s sabotage team went nuts. They’re a hindrance to the students, like making them slipped on oil floor and banana peels, Ruggie using his magic to redirect some students to the wrong courses (or walls if he was feeling sadistic), putting low-level mines on their path that explodes (students blasting off like Team Rocket), trapping legs on bear-trap-like clamps and caused some students to get zapped by some electronic shocks to buy time for the predators to catch up to them.
Ace saw a familiar glint of the charm on one of the students. One look at it and he gets the gist of what happened. Ace gave that poor student a karma by tricking him to look down ("Hey! Your fly is open!”), causing that said student to panic out of embaressment and run into a wall of sticky web. Ace saunters back with a whistle, stealing the charm back and gleefully as that student is pounced by Ruggie and the ‘predators’. 
In the end, almost everyone made it. Still, no one complained and is happy that they’re still in one piece. 
Their last obstacle mission is quite simple: inside the den of predators, there’s a charm tucked right next to Leona. The students must creep amongst the sleeping predators WITHOUT waking them up. 
That sleeping part is Leona’s idea. 
Easy huh? Do you think that’s easy? It turns out that Savannaclaw had set up traps that guaranteed to make the poor students scream out of their wits. Five students found out the hard way when they stepped on a klaxon, got toy spiders rained down on them, and gas released on the nape of their necks. 
Finally, they decided to use a straw lot to determine which student should go down like a man to retrieve the charm. 
Spoiler alert: MC got it. Their group protested. 
Grimm decided to follow MC to make up for abandoning them in the first place - he will be the one who warned MC about possible traps. As they went in, they did not realize Ace was biting his nails and Jack gripped a boulder so hard that it cracked from the intense suspense. 
MC tried their best to endure everything - the cool jelly floating down their face, the spiders, the gas and even tickling feathers. They were screaming internally. 
When they finally reached the location, they found out that Leona is hiding the charm inside the jar that he holds. 
MC tries to lull him into a deep slumber by singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. It actually works. No seriously. 
MC’s group also secretly joins it from outside. They make a good acapella. 
In the middle of the song, Leona unconsciously grabbed a hold of MC and put them on a tight hold hug as if MC is a dakimakura. Still, MC is got the guts to finish the song and escaped from Leona’s hold, holding the jar carefully on their chest. 
It all went well until Grimm and Ruggie happened. 
...hey, yeah. Remember the Emperor’s New Groove? The part where Kuzco pisses off a squirrel so the cute squirrel decided to get even with Kuzco by tricking him to wake the entire jaguars using balloons? Well, Grimm’s the Kuzco and Ruggie, being the little shit, IS the squirrel. Guess what happened next. 
They all run. MC seems to run the fastest. The students had no chance against the speed, power, and agility of the Savannaclaw students - they got “eaten” one by one. Most of them are Leona’s victims. 
“AAAAAAAAHHH! DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” One of the students screamed as he tried to shoot Leona several times using his MagiPen, but failed due to Leona’s unbelievable speed. He got his “throat” ripped out.  
While they were running, another student body checks MC so hard that they lose their charm, prompting that students to roughly grab it before they do. 
“Thanks for the charm, loser!” That was his last words before Ruggie pounced on him from above, Epel hurriedly grabbed the charm before anyone could steal it back. When another student tried to fight Epel for it, he was rewarded with a serious eye poke from Epel, followed by a knuckle sandwich from Deuce that escalated into an actual scuffle. IT WAS WILD. 
Meanwhile, MC, is seriously cornered down by Leona who took this opportunity while they were down. “Nowhere to run, herbivore.” Leona gave MC a frightful smirk as he leaned down towards their doom. So MC was left with no choice but to do… THIS. 
They got down on one knee and reluctantly cringed as they said these words: “Please, Leona-senpai! I’m just a small, insignificant herbivore who wants to live! Therefore… Leona Kingscholar, will you do the honor of… -gulps- MARRYING ME?”
The shock that came from the participants and the ‘predators’ is enough to momentarily stop the chaos. 
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH???!!!” Jack, Ace, Deuce, Epel, and Grimm simultaneously yelled. 
Leona just stood there dumbfounded. 
MC took the opportunity to book it before Leona could realize what’s going on. Once he does, he shrugged… AND CHASE THEM LIKE HELL. 
They barely made it to the exit gate. Leona snapped at them, but he couldn't do anything as the survivors celebrated their victory along with the other participants that escaped from the predators. 
MC apologized to Leona about the proposal. They were just scared at that time - any rationality that they had at time flew out when Leona almost got them, Leona-senpai is truly terrifying out there. Leona ate up the complement and seemingly forgives MC...
...but not before he licked MC’s neck as a warning. MC is left flushed - please do NOT do this, senpai! 
Some girls wanted Leona to lick them too. XD
The rest of MC’s group watched blank-faced. Jack had to slide you away from Leona’s gaze - there are people watching sir, please be reasonable. GOSH. 
They were tired, their breaths almost depleted, but they enjoyed it. It was fantastic - they feel reinvigorated, Savannaclaw may put their participants at risk, but it was the best fun they ever had. After resting for quite a while, they went on to their next dorm.
The scent of the sea and motor oil greets them in the first place. It’s time to enter the den of Octinanivelle’s haunted dorm...
Part 5
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carree958game-blog · 4 years
5 Issues To carry out Quickly About FUNKO
The 10 Greatest Stranger Things Funko Pops, Ranked
Here are the Funko Pops you have to have to add to your collection ASAP. Hull Pops Ltd was setup in September 2017 right after years of getting damaged collectables the owners decided it was time to create a enterprise that cared about the collectors, producing positive the things they ordered came packed and in the condition anticipated for collectables. Created by Tic Toc Games , Funko Pop! Blitz will be absolutely free to download, with in-app purchases, and will be available quickly on the App Store and Google Play Shop.
This new Funko POP! will only be offered while stocks final in Warhammer and Games Workshop stores, and from , and will very first be readily available on Warhammer Day - the 29th of June. Duncan has even made this handy video to give you some tips on painting your own. At Toy Fair 2019, Funko announced a new line of Pop! Vinyl figures Pop! Town, initially which includes Ghost Busters , Scooby-Doo , Spongebob Squarepants , and The Nightmare Just before Christmas This line includes a Pop! Vinyl figure alongside a stylised version of a landmark constructing from the supply material.
Tumblr media
You can shop the "starting at $7" Funko Pop figure lineup proper right here (the rates basically go as low as $5). It incorporates figures from Marvel, Star Wars, Energy Rangers, Disney, DC, and much more. The 3 for $25 Pops are available here , and you are going to find gems the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Ursula from the Small Mermaid, RWBY Pops, Dragon Ball Z Pops, Stranger Issues Pops and far more inside. Lastly, the Hot Topic exclusive Pop figures are obtainable right here You will have to hunt around for discounts in this section, but they are in there. The most notable are the $15 offers on the Aladdin Disney Treasures box and the Cruella de Vil Pop Rides.
FUNKO And Enjoy - How They Are The Same
It is completely up to you. Personally, we favor to take the figures out of the box and show them like that. You can see all of the detail that way and delight in every single figure how it was intended. Of course, you may possibly favor to keep them in the box so that they can be stacked a lot more simply (plus, the artwork on the box is genuinely cool). If you modify your thoughts either way, Funko POP! Vinyl figures do not come sealed in the boxes. As a result, you can take them out or replace the packaging as considerably as you like.
Created to take a dive into your alter jar, this Funko Pop is obtaining released in conjunction with the reboot of DuckTales. Darna, arguably one of the most iconic Filipino pop culture characters, was produced by legendary komiks artist Mars Ravelo. The limited edition toy was made to celebrate her 70th year. We're the largest Funko Community on reddit. Keep up to date with the newest releases or just browse other readers' hauls and collections.
Possibly the cutest Funko ever produced, this Bambi Pop Vinyl will make you wonder if you can retain it protected from nearby hunters. This isn't the initial time Funko Pop released a funko pop eleven stranger things Merlion figurine. If there's a thing strange in your desk or bedroom, who you gonna contact? Funko also makes Pop Vinyls based on the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, if you'd rather have Jillian Holtzmann in your life than Winston Zeddemore.
When Stranger Things began, Steve Harrington seemed like just an additional stuck up prep, only interested in his recognition at Hawkins High. As the series progressed and he got embroiled in the danger surrounding Nancy Wheeler's best friend Barb, he became an ally in the fight against the Demogorgon. By the time Season two premiered, Steve had become friends with Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin (whom he formed an unlikely bond with).
The rationale behind this policy is that what is viewed as a "mint" or "pristine" Pop! Vinyl collectable toy or what is deemed an "problem" with a Pop! is a subjective view held by the person and varies widely from customer to consumer. We, as a retailer of collectables for over 21 years, basically have to draw on our collective knowledge and practical experience in the business and cast an objective view on what we take into consideration are goods that have a "defect" vs solutions that have a "minor manufacturing variation".
Each and every of these Funko Pops captures the characters perfectly, from their jumpsuits to their candy sacks. Dustin is depicted with no his trademark trucker hat, swapped out for a Ghost Trap. Mike and Will each carry candy sacks, although Lucas has his proton pack prepared for action. Flocked: These POP! Vinyl figures feature a light furry or fuzzy coating that gives them an intriguing texture, both to their look and the way they feel in your hand.
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