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☆ marry you ☆
(ft. the housewardens)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do. Who cares, baby, I think I wanna marry you.
In which, he overhears how much you want to marry him.
a/n: despite all the requests i have, i find myself writing more indulgent fics -sigh-
tw: cursing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts <3
⋆ Oh dear, poor Riddle is beyond flustered. Hearing you so openly say how much you want to marry him and spend the rest of your waking moments with him makes his heart flutter and pound. Cheeks dusted a bright red and eyes dazed with a lovesick glimmer.
⋆ Riddle is beyond happy, yet incredibly nervous.
⋆ Marriage had been a thought that came to him occasionally. Seeing you in such a beautiful attire staring at him lovingly and saying you do. Wearing a ring he worked so so hard for. Kissing you lips to seal the deal, is something he would love to see.
⋆ Perhaps after he successfully gets his degree and starts his profession, he’ll indulge you. Get you the ring of your dreams and kneel in front of you in a garden of roses. Staring lovingly into your shocked gaze. A wonderful thought, no?
“My rose, although we are still young and still have much to do, I want you to know, in my heart and if life will allow it, my plan has involved you since the beginning. Ahem, in other words, please be patient, my dear.”
Leona Kingscholar <3
⋆ I feel like I say this all the time, but he’s a smug bastard!
⋆ Look, Leona has never thought about marriage, not that he’s like ‘ew, barf, marriage’ more like it's just not something that is incredibly pressing in his life. He remembers Farena and his wife’s proposal and wedding, and of course the countless of royal/nobel weddings he was forced to attend, but other than that, marriage was never a thought that crossed his mind.
⋆ However, when he began to go out with you, it had come across his mind once or twice. Especially on those days where the world seemed particularly against him and you wordlessly handed him food you lovingly prepared and fed him with his head on your lap. Or that one time, you asked him to teach you chess only for you to continuously fail and claim you’ll get better soon and the next week you came back with a smug look on your face and claim you’ve had help from the Chess Gods (riddle and youtube), only to get your ass beat again. Did that dissuade you? No, because you're persistent. Or the one time Leona had actually attended class and was bored as hell, only for you to tap on the window(successfully startling him) and telling him to meet you in five minutes at the botanical gardens. And the moment he arrived, you surprised him again with a cute little picnic and chess.
⋆ There, of course, were millions and millions of other reasons, but regardless, Leona wouldn’t mind marrying you.
⋆ And with enough persistence, he might just pop up the question sooner or later.
⋆ Too many things have slipped between his grasp, and he isn’t going to let you do the same.
“If you wanted me so badly, you could’ve just said so, herbivore. Ha, why so flustered? Cat’s got your tongue? Hm, c’mere…-yawn-…here, let’s get married.”
Azul Ashengrotto <3
⋆ Runs to his office to bring up his 10 year plan to change marriage from year 6 all the way down to year 2.
⋆ Like this man has already booked everything you could possibly want for your wedding. Clothing, flowers, venue and food, music and guests. Hell even, the cleaners are all booked and ready. He’s been planning it since your third date.
⋆ Call him hopeful, or delusional, or just plain stubborn, but Azul is dead set on having you as his spouse.
⋆ Azul is over the moon, everyone can see his change in demeanor. So much softer, a lot more lenient and a little more eager to spend his time with you. This change is welcomed by everyone, especially the twins since they see Azul’s change as a new tool to get what they want and tease him even more.
⋆ Azul loves you, so much that it hurts. So knowing that you want him just as badly as he wants you, makes him swoon.
⋆ Lowkey immediately called his mom that he got engaged (even though he hasn’t yet). Literally kicking his feet back and forth as he talks about you. Pure adoration slipping off his tongue, sweet like honey.
⋆ And you better get ready, Azul is making his proposal as romantic and mind blowing as he can. An event neither of you can ever forget.
“Love seeing you today, my sea angel. My, did you do your hair? New clothes? Oh, I see you’re wearing the earrings I got you, how lovely. -ahem- Forgive for getting off track- hm? W-why am I so red? Ha…no-no, I’m not sick, sea angel. I simply have big news to tell you.”
Kalim Al Asim <3
⋆ The only thing stopping him from proposing outright is that he doesn’t have the ring he has under his pillow for you!
⋆ Oh and ofc, jamil’s there. (silently cursing you out and congratulating you simultaneously)
⋆ He wastes no time proposing outright. With the help of Jamil, he manages to plan an ideal and romantic time and place to declare his undying love for you. A lovely, fulfilling meal made by Jamil in the candlelit dining room of Scarabia followed by a stunning flight through the night clouds with the moon’s soft gazing gliding over you. And at the oasis, next to the bushes of blooming desert flowers and the warm caresses of the heat, does he pop the question!
⋆ Kalim literally cannot thank the world enough for bringing you into his life. You’re his everything! He swears his heart beats for you and only you. That his life never truly began until you smiled so brightly in his direction. His ruby eyes struck with a shameless lovestruck gaze.
⋆ Kalim truly has never been happier than with you. And knowing, he’s able to keep his happiness and ensure yours is everything he could ever dream of.
“Marry me! … Huh? Why are you hiding? ..oh! Haha, I can’t help it! I’ve wanted to marry you since the day we met! I know you're the one for me! …hehe, I hope I’m the one for you!”
Vil Schoenhiet <3
⋆ How bold of you. Already demanding a proposal from the Vil Schoenheit. Goodness, have you never been taught any patience? Very well, let's see what he can do.
⋆ Vil already has a pinterest board of your future ready to go. Everything ready from the smallest detail. Similar to Azul, nothing will ruin his perfect day.
⋆ Of course, Vil has thought about marrying you. Though not until much later in life, he wants to pursue his career more and the thought of leaving you alone for many nights, leaves him with an ill feeling in his stomach. Surely, you’d understand the pressure of being a high demand actor/model these days, right?
⋆ Either way, Vil’s stuck with the idea for days. Often dozing off to the thought of you holding a bouquet of carefully put together flowers standing near an open window basking in the sunlight. Your hair is put up with a simple flower decorating your ear. A smile stretched ear to ear as you beckoned him near. Fixing his suit and kissing his cheeks, giggling sweetly and whispering as if you were both a lovestruck teen couple sneaking out at night.
⋆ Then he thinks of coming home after a day of interviews, coming through the door of his shared penthouse. Seeing you setting dinner up, a domestic sight to behold. The beautiful amethyst ring that adorns your ring finger glinting in the warm lighting. Kissing his lips and helping him sit down in his seat, carefully undoing his hair and massaging his scalp. He’ll hear you talk about your day, about the cat you saw, about the traffic you encountered on the way back from work and the cute kid you helped at the park.
⋆ That thought sounds so appealing, like an apple, red and ripe, beckoning for him to bite.
⋆ Eventually, it gets too much. His heart pounds and yearns to see you wearing the ring from his dreams, the ring he’s already contacted the most experienced jewelry maker in the world to make.
⋆ He’s like a ticking time bomb, simply waiting for a chance to prove his love to his dearest star.
“I’ve never believed in fairy tales, I’ll have you know. After constantly staring in productions of famous tales, the amazement and wonder of them has faded away. That’s not to say that I no longer love them, I just realized that I’ve been living that fairytale life I’ve read so much about with you… Don’t laugh! …heh, I suppose it is quite amusing, huh? My star, will you make my fairytale come true?”
Idia Shroud <3
⋆ Literally crashes!!! Stops working and Ortho, my sweet baby, has to haul his lanky ass to the infirmary. Like, he acts like he got shot at, then electrocuted then told to go take out the trash.
⋆ On a more personal level though, Idia is actually really apprehensive to marriage. He’s seen how cold his parents are to each other. The silent dinners, the cold stares, the heartlessness of their touch. Nothing about his parents screamed a loving and healthy relationship. Perhaps when he was younger, more hopeful, did he dream of a day where he would whisk his one true love away and live happily ever after with them and his brother.
⋆ To him, marriage is scary. Like scarier than public speaking, or an ultra mega level boss that he’s severely under prepared for! (ahem-malleus-ahem)
⋆ But that was ages ago, and that dream had long since died. Accepting that he’s destined for a life of solitude. Rejecting all human feelings for a way to protect himself, his heart, from both harm and harming.
⋆ However, Idia finds out that he can’t. Despite him feeling less than human most days, he feels the most human when he’s with you. And as much as he hated it at first, he can’t deny that he loves the way his cheeks flare and heart dances at the sight of you.
⋆ And all of his favorite shoujo anime always guaranteed a happy ending for the main couple. And let's be honest, you’re obviously the main character and Idia's more than happy being your love interest.
⋆ Marriage, although scary and frightening, doesn’t sound that bad if you’re the one he’s giving his life too. Sharing a life with you is more than what Idia thinks he deserves.
⋆ But a life with you is a life worth living.
“Huh? What is it? It’s a w-wedding v-venue, ofc! I t-thought w-we could p-practice, y’know?….You like it! How long did it take? …oh, well Ortho helped me a bunch getting it ready…Oh! Before we start, we need to wait for Ortho to log into Minecraft. He wanted to be the flower girl.”
Malleus Draconia <3
⋆ Babe, he’s been waiting for this!
⋆ Malleus has loved you since the moment you locked eyes. His heart was forever bound to you the moment you told him your name. Souls intertwined when you held him to your warmth. Fingers threading against his hair, and voice turned into a mere whisper as you proclaimed your love for him.
⋆ Malleus has loved you since the beginning and never once doubted it. Never once shied away from the thought of giving you his life. Malleus adores you and wishes for nothing more than to wake up every morning knowing you are his and he is yours.
⋆ A hopeless romantic, Malleus jumbles from proposing right then and there or giving you a night to remember. Ultimately going for the latter.
⋆ Similar to Kalim, he treats you to dinner then a stroll through a moonlit garden. Fireflies dancing around you both, humming and singing as they recognize the adoration and love swirling through the night air. Leading you to a clearing, he’ll dance with you. Twirling you around to the melody of his deep, soothing humming. Hauntingly enchanting. Bringing you into a sense of security.
⋆ His large hands caressing every part of your body. Pools of bright emerald gazing oh so lovingly at you. How he wishes he could immortalize this moment. In his mind, he works fast to paint down your sweet, endearing, expression to his memory. Each stroke of his mind crafting you so lovingly, never wanting this precious moment to end.
⋆ And of course, everything comes to an end. A sweet end for the night. One filled with joyous tears and hopeful laughter. A bright future ahead of you both.
⋆ A future Malleus is willing to fight for to ensure.
“This color will suit you perfectly, darling. Such a beautiful design for such a beautiful soul, no? Don’t shy away from me…See, such a pretty expression. Please, allow me to bask in every expression you’ll ever make, my treasure.”
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With all these sea creature! MC ideas, I wonder what would the fish mafia do if there were a Betta fish mermaid! MC ; small, cute, strong, and always wins a brawl.
Ohoho! That is a fine idea indeed! This is going to be fun. I’m adding in the original beta to this mix as well ;)
you will be a white opal betta fish. Said fish just under the cut
Tumblr media
You were a beautiful and bright beta. Somewhat small in stature but many avoided your wrath at all costs. From your heat to your tail you were only about 5 feet long. Fairly average for a mer but a bit on the lower side. You’ve never lost a fight, not hesitating to fight with nails, biting or using your surprisingly sturdy fins to ensure you win. Many were always gaining over you and your long beautiful fins. You were quite popular due to this and were even quite wealthy due to your fame under the sea.
when you were offered a way to NRC you were rather excited to explore the surface and shine even brighter in the direct sunlight. Learning to walk was difficult but the fashion and the accessories and makeup on the surface were a whole bother world that you adored! Becoming popular and well known for your beauty quickly. You only stood at about 5’5 but that never bothered you, many taller people were happy to help you. And if any unsavory folk tried anything you had also learned some impressive self defense at the boot camp. These legs can be quite powerful!
Azul: Honestly tried to get you to sign so many contracts to use show off your beauty to the world! and bring in more customers. Compliments you so much to try and get closer to you. Calls you an angelfish. If you ever sign one of his contracts he refrains from rigging it to much if he recognized you from your fame in the sea, he doesn't want you to get your lawyers or more protective fans... Falls for your charms at some point. gets you rather nice jewelry and outfits over time for different events in the lounge. Envies and also adores you. After his overblot, he understands if you don't want to work with him anymore. His deals are fairer and he even does an event solely around you if you still hang around with him. The tweels tease him a lot for getting a crush on you.
When you reveal your merform Asul is both stunned into silence and his mind is racing with so many ideas. Both to show you off and get profit but also just how much he's down bad for you now. Some selfish part of him wants to keep you and this form all to himself but he knows you wouldn't be happy with that. If you encourage him to join you in his merform he will hide away so fast. It will take months for you to even convince him. Pictures are out of the question, even if his darker body would make yours shine all the brighter, having a yin and yang effect that would be amazing. Give him time and maybe one day he will be ok with it, only for you though.
Jade: Smirked when he saw the immediate tension between you and Vil. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. Egged you two on subtly, spreading a rumor there pinning the blame there, fueling the fire and watching the fight, collecting a few bets here and there. He honestly thought Vil was going to win but you proved yourself to be quite the even match. Would observe how you carried yourself and try to learn a few of your self-defense moves through that. appreciated your beauty and was the one to suggest Azul make an event for just you if you are famous enough to garter that much attention.
When he saw your merform he had a shocked and awed expression. You couldn't help but tease a bit at getting to see Jade leech showing surprise and awe. He would snap out of his trance and return your remark with an equally snarky one. He would join you in the water but keep his distance, he knows how strong you are even if you are much smaller than he is in this form. Probably saw you beat up floyd in mer form and just really was fascinated by how something so small can pack such a punch. Helps maintain your specialized tank and even gets you some mushroom-themed fashion accessories.
Floyd: He laughed when he saw the tension between you and betta fish. Calls you little betta fish. You were much shorter than Vil in that sense. Probably was the one to encourage the actual battle between you and Vil. Likes to chase after you and loves when you show off some of your self-defense moves on him. He does think you're very pretty but also you're super fun when your face is all scrunched up in anger. Tells you to cut loose every once in a while and sometimes will just kidnap you to the lounge for azul or take you out to go eat.
When he saw your merform he started calling you opal betta. or even just little opal. Tried to get close to you and squeeze you in this form but you were even stronger and better at fighting in the water, using your fins to block his vision but moving them just out of biting or grabbing range. It was like some crazy ballet and you ended up winning with a well-timed with to his back, stunning him long enough for you to tie him in a knot. He has hearts in his eyes after that. Asks to swim with you often but remembers how betta fish are very picky and sensitive to the water they can be in, so you get a special tank for yourself thanks to him. don't worry about the other fish that were in there~ Just go have some fun and look very pretty for/with him for a bit ok?
With a special guest!
Vil: You too were nemesis as soon as you made eye contact at the ceremony. It gets so much worse if you were sorted into pomefiore. Luckily you weren't, but it didn't matter, you two butt heads a lot. Somewhat enemies to friends arc over time. You both had petty arguments and were jealous of the other's beauty. Did actually get into a physical fight and you both passed out at the same time so it was a draw. Also, you both fight over Rook and his compliments. you both fish for compliments so much and compare your fame so much. Eventually, your petty fights become more lighthearted teasing, especially after the island of woe incident. Once you two become friends though you are like the hottest power couple in NRC. You both do photo shoots together and mock fanfiction that ships you two together. Many call you two the best young duo models to exist.
When he first saw your merform he had to admit that you were beautiful in an ethereal light. You were the siren beauty of the sea, and he was the alluring human on land. Some photo shoots use this to do some amazing ethereal water-styled photos. Helps you keep up on your scale care and ensures that you have a perfect tank for you to stretch out your fins. He starts to swim more often with you for his exercise. He also does self defense classes with you.
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atieroraniron · 1 day
Hi!! If requests are still open, could I request headcanons of Sebek, Riddle, Vil and Jamil with an s/o who makes them a bento box 🍱 because they love them oh so much? TYSM!!
Sure! I am so sorry for not responding or doing this requests!
Thank you so much for requesting tho!
tw: Nothing just you making and giving them a bento box! Fluff, ooc
Tumblr media
-So how do I write this man
-Ah I know!
-Now we all now Sebek is uh quite hard headed, let's say, but your his s/o so you get soft moments with him!
-The price for that is that you have to hear him scream every. single. time.
-Okay maybe not every time but you know what I mean
-You did noticed that Sebek was a little bit more busy than usual (I wonder why) and decided "you know what? Let's go make him a bento!" and because you love Sebek so much and see his efforts even if some people find him annoying most of the time
-So while Sebek was doing what he always does, you decide to make a bento for him for all his hard work and his efforts and because you appreciate him!
-And after all that hard work you were very proud of your own work and decided to give it to Sebek once you found him! (Which didn't take too much time considering he always tries to find you if he isn't trying to find Waka sama)
-He saw you and he ran to you
-Now some people may underestimate Sebek because of how loud he is and yata yata but believe me he can be pretty observant as he is one of Malleus retainers
-Sebek noticed you hid both your hands behind your back while you smiled at him
-Sebek was going to question you what you had behind your hands until you interrupted him and brought both your hands to his face like one of those cliche anime scenes if yk what I mean
-Safe to say Sebek was surprise, and the tsundere he is, he started to stammer his words and like those cliche anime scenes once again, turned his head around and crossed his arms while his face was beet red
-You laugh of course and just told him to take it
-He did btw
-His face still obviously red but nonetheless grateful for the bento box and the more he looked at it the more his face turned red
-It could possibly rival Riddle's hair color
-The next day Sebek tells you to gift him more bento box because it's your food that you made and he admits, it's delicious! (Listen even if you suck at cooking or baking, Sebek will still love it nonetheless)
Tumblr media
-Anyways ignore that and we'll get back on to our main topic thank you very much
-Now, Riddle is always so busy being the housewarden and dealing with rule breakers and you decided, "hey why not make him a bento?" Because he deserves it and because you noticed more lately that he seems a little bit more tired than usual
-And because you love him dearly too
-So the plan was set!
-While Riddle was dealing with the Rule breakers and doing his duties as the house warden, you made a bento in the kitchen of Heartslabyul
-It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst too!
-The Adeuce, Trey and Cater know what your doing and they teased you lightly for making a bento for their house warden but told you good luck
-If you were being honest, you were quite nervous to see how this would turn out
-But you suck it up and decided to just give it to him!
-You just really hope he really really likes it!
-And he did
-So here's how it went. Riddle had a break from all his duties and decided to be in the Garden where the hedgehogs were and played with them, keeping them entertained (Sevens above if someone besides you saw it they would lose their head)
-And you being the s/o of Riddle, of course knew where he was! It was technically part of the rules too so it was natural for him to follow
-you went to the Garden and went out to find Riddle with the hedgehogs and decided to sneak up on him
-It was not a good idea
-He understandably flinched and yelled out "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD"
-You knew what was coming but you wanted to the pay the price for the reaction
-Riddle saw that it was just you and decided to remove the collar and apologized to you while some of the hedgehogs went to your side
-Riddle asked you why you were here and you said you wanted to give him something
-And you gave him a bento
-To say the least, he was surprise, it took him a minute to process what was happening, but once he did, his face was all red that was even redder than his hair!
-But he thanked you nonetheless and gave you a quick small peck on the cheeck
-Safe to say it turned out great!
-And now every now and then, you make him a bento and got better overtime!
Tumblr media
-Uh okay anyways
-Ah the infamous model, Vil Schoenheit, where do I begin with this?
-Vil is the most busiest of them all, so he doesn't really spend time much with you sadly, but whenever he has the chance he does spend time with you
-And since Vil was going to have one of his rare breaks, you decided for the day to make him a bento! And because you love him very much
-It took lots attempts trying to perfect it, and how it would fit Vil's diet
-You skimmed through recipe books for the perfect bento food and found the one! You immediately started working on it and tried to perfect it no matter how many attempts
-You were very determined to perfect this!
-Now normally you wouldn't try to be very determined to do this kinds of things, but this was Vil we were talking about! Your literal boyfriend, plus considered as a perfect and beautiful model too
-You didn't want to mess it up now!
-After awhile you finally perfected the bento and carefully molded the food in the bento and closed it with the lid
-You really hope Vil would like it
-As I said before, Vil's schedule is so busy it's insane, but today was his break so he decided to try and find you to spend time with him
-But he hasn't seen you much lately..
-He asked Rook if he knew where you went, Rook said that you were planning something special and that he would like to keep it a secret from him
-Vil was curious but didn't press any further as he wanted to see what you have planned today
-Rook simply smiled at him and told him to meet you at the spot you guys met. Vil turned around and went to where you were
-Or where you guys met
-He saw you sitting on a bench while holding something. He took a step closer trying to see what it was
-You noticed him and waved at him and you stand up and gave Vil the bento you made
-Vil was surprise but regained quickly his composure
-He took it from you and you smiled at him, and from the rest of the day the both of you held hands together and smiled at each other, Vil btw also loves the food or bento that you made and appreciate that you tried to do it in a similar way of his diet
-Rook is also watching you guys btw
Tumblr media
-Now Jamil is also very busy, with having to babysit Kalim and cleaning up after kalim is just really tiring and exhausted
-You felt bad and decided to make a bento for Jamil and tell him to take a break once in awhile, and this is your way of saying I love you to him
-So you quickly went to it
-Finding some recipes and stuff yk the same
-And some time later yata yata still the same, you finished the bento
-Jamil relieved a sigh of breath since he finally managed to get a break from Kalim
-Jamil was sitting on his bed when all of the sudden, you busted down the door and approach Jamil while he jumped from the sudden violence against his door
-Jamil looked at you, curious to know what you did now
-He was about to scold you as well and ask you why you were here when suddenly you gave him the bento and ask him to take care of himself and left the room
-with a note
-Jamil looked at the box, and then at the letter, and it went back and forth. Before he really started to read the letter
-"Dear Jamil, I want you to take care of yourself and take a break once in awhile, let someone else deal with Kalim for a little, maybe at least 5 minutes or 10 minutes or so? But that's all I have to say in this letter and I love you- [name]"
-Jamil slowly closed the letter and started to blush and was grateful for your efforts
-Jamil promised to you and himself that he would take care of himself better and take a few breaks, just for you
-He put the letter on top of his drawer and ate the food in the bento while smiling to himself
Tumblr media
I just realized, most of my headcannons are related to food or most of you guys requests foods.
Btw you can really really tell I started running out of ideas
Well hope you guys enjoyed this fanfic and thank you for requesting!
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ryker-writes · 2 days
Hello! This might be a weird request but could you maybe make a masterlist for the broken relationship asks?
Yes! While you can find each of them under the specific characters masterlist, since I'm going to be doing this more I don't mind making one specifically for this! Any characters not on here are simply because I haven't written them yet
Request Rules and Masterlists
Vil as a sibling (Broken relationship)
Vil as a sibling (Alternate broken relationship)
Vil as a sibling (Broken relationship with no forgiveness)
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship)
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship with no forgiveness)
Azul as a sibling (Alternate broken relationship)
Jade and Floyd:
Leech twins as siblings (Broken relationship)
Riddle as a sibling (Broken relationship)
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kokofromwattpad · 4 months
Featuring: Dorm leaders
Plot: The way how different twst characters sleep with and without you and their sleeping habits.
Cw: fluff, spooning(Riddle and Vil), snoring (Leona and Azul), mentions of boobs (Kalim), drool (idia)
Note: You can obviously tell who my favorite is.
Before you:
He sleeps like a old man. Like, fingers crossed over his stomach, or he sleeps like a corpse. He is very silent when he is sleeping only letting out very soft breaths.
With you:
Riddle is either sleeping fetal position into your arms or being spooned. I feel like after having an extremely long day, all he wants to do is be held.
Without you:
He has zero clue what to do with his hands. So all he does is take one of his pillows and cuddles with that. Sometimes he gets mad just as he is about to fall asleep and just chucks the pillow across the room.
Before you:
He snores like a dad. Like, you know you sometimes when your dad is busy snoring and then he chokes on his own saliva mid snore... yea... thats Leona. Also he sleeps like a hot mess. Half of his body is off the bed and the other is barely hanging on.
With you:
Living blanket. Like, he just lays his entire body weight on top of you like a blanket. At first it felt like attempted murder, but after a while you got used to it and now you can't fall asleep without weight on top of you.
Without you:
He twists his blankets into a long noodle so that it (kinda) feels like he's cuddling you. Also, his tail is swishing the same way an angry cat does the entire time he is sleeping.
Before you:
Completely normal. Maybe a hand under the pillow(?) Snores. The tweels used to make fun of him for that when they were kids but got used to it eventually.
With you:
Koala mode: activated. His legs are twisted through your legs and arms attached to your torso like superglue. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and sometimes even leaves little kisses there.
Without you:
He refuses to sleep without you. Period. He got so used to sleep with you in his arms that it has become a condition for him to sleep. He will either stay in his office, busy with paperwork, studying for an upcoming test or reading a book you recommended him in his bed.
Before you:
I headcannon that he sleeps fetal position. But like, on his stomach. His face is smashed into the pillow, which causes bedhead and he becomes scarily still (Jamil sometimes comes in and checks if he's still alive.)
With you:
He does not give a shit if you have tiddies or not, he is shoving his face into your chest like it's no-one's business. You have never slept so damn good until the day you started sleeping with Kalim in his fucking king sized bed made from swan feathers or something close to it.
Without you:
Tosses and turns, ruining the sheets and making it dirty. He usually gets up and starts pacing the room, trying to tire himself out, but failing miserably. Kind of just lays there.
Before you:
Looks like a fucking angel. His hair perfectly frames his head and he just looks so damn peaceful. I bet he listens to nature sounds whenever he can't sleep since him losing sleep is a big no-no.
With you:
He likes to spoon. He only big spoons, if not, then he's pushing you (affectionately♡) off the bed. He has gotten accustomed to your light snoring, kind of using it like a non-verbal lullaby.
Without you:
Can sleep, but not as nicely as when you do. Kind of turns a bit, but he does fall asleep normally. Gets a sad gut feeling whenever he wakes up without you next to him.
Before you:
Probably never sleep willingly. He probably would just pass out from exhaustion ever once-in-awhile. But when he does sleep, he drools like a fucking dog. Like, entire pillow case damp from his drool. He has gained mild control over this, but is still considered a problem.
With you:
He wants to cuddle like how anime couples do. He specifically likes it when you sleep on his chest, your weight feeling the same as when a cat lays on him. He also gained a condition in order to fall asleep. He must stroke your hair gently while you mutter in your half-asleep state on how much you love and adore him.
Without you:
After he started dating you, he finally decided to get a better sleep schedule so he could spend more time with you, rather than being passed out, looking half dead. So he got a plain body pillow (He didn't get a cover as he thought it would be a betrayal of your trust) He cuddles the body pillow the same way he does to you.
Before you:
He slept the same way as Riddle, like a corpse. He is completely silent and does not move at all in his sleep.
With you:
He became absolutely addicted to cuddling once you introduced it to him. He would shove you into his chest, kind of like the two of you were hugging, but he has an absolute death grip on you.
Without you:
The skies have a green hue to them as lightning cracks. He is pissed at who or what made you not want or have the time to sleep with him. He would sneak out of his dorm and (break in) sneak into your dorm. He would then climb into bed with you and then instantly fall asleep.
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ginneko0 · 2 months
You fall asleep and that's how they see you:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He chuckled and thinks you are too brave ne~ sleeping vulnerable in your predators territory.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He just... Couldn't distrub you now. I don't know why but maybe he has a thing to kiss you before waking you up dear. He will view like this even you are sleeping in your pajamas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry, but did you forget to do your night routine!?? Like he didn't know you don't have night routine to begin with, thanks to your laziness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuu view of point when sebek talking about Malleus.
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little-missy-mei · 3 months
*Yuu snapped at everyone and started acting like a bitch*
Vil: You're really campaigning for bitch of the year, huh?
Yuu: As defending champion, are you nervous?
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angelltheninth · 4 months
TWST dorm leaders where Reader and them aren't aware everyone else thinks they're dating
Anon I love the "didn't know they were dating" trope. It's so funny to think about and has some pining/angst potential too.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, developing relationship, confessions, feelings realization, misunderstandings, courting
A/N: When I see this trope I know I'm gonna want to punch the screen but also laugh my ass off.
Riddle knows there's something odd going on. He sees and hears the other students glancing at the two of you and whispering among themselves. Frankly it's a little annoying to him that they're talking behind his back. It's not until he overhears them talking about him inviting you to tea parties often that he realized how that might have looked to an outsider. If the other students seem to think that there's something going on already then he might as well go ahead and try his luck at the next tea party.
Leona loves having you around really. Having you sing his praises, stroking his ego, flashing him those sunshine smiles that do odd things to his heart and mind. It took him a long time to realize that those feelings were, and once he did he was determined to win your affections over the right way. He might not apply himself fully when it comes to teste and studying but he will for sure fine a way to sweep you off your feet.
Azul is aware of your feelings for him right away but not of his for you. He saw you a fun plaything at first, not even realizing how fond he's growing of you despite it being obvious to his Housemates. He tried to deny his feelings for a while only to fail miserably when he thought you might be stolen away by another student. He suspects that this is just a ploy by Jade and Floyd. Damn them it worked. The next thing he knew he was embracing you, pulling you away to privacy and set to confirm what he already knew with a kiss: the two of you were meant for each other.
Kalim is much too nice to realize that his actions were flirtatious in nature. He loved hanging out with you, his arm around your shoulder, joking with you and complimenting you all the time. He did start noticing the way you blush around him though and it made him re-examine a few of your interactions with him as opposed to your other friends. He couldn't sleep all night when he did the same for himself as well and realized how blind he was being this whole time. He asked you to meet him in the gardens the next morning to straighten things out with you. When he met you with a full bouquet of flowers you suspected what he was going to ask. The answer was yes of course, you would love to be an official couple.
Vil was never too concerned with what people talked about, the rumors they spread, he knew the truth and it was all that was important. Or was it? When he heard that there were rumors going around that the two of you were a couple it have him pause. He wasn't sure what to make of that, you were amazing, smart, beautiful, but did you really like him like that? Did he give you reason to? Did he give you reason not to? He was determined to find out either way, and hopefully by the end of it, win your affections for real.
Idia and you exchange a lot of texts and video calls with each other, more than with anyone else really. It's not unusual that people started talking when you spend so much time in each others company. Neither of you were aware of just how affectionate and flirty you were acting over text until it was pointed out to both of you. His next few texts are very careful, testing the waters, trying to see if there is actually something more between you two. It's not working. When he gets frustrated he decided that it would be best to confirm it face to face. He could see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, in the way your hands shook when you held his, he knew you liked him, and he liked you as well.
Malleus doesn't even think about it when the two of you walk hand in hand, or when he's reading a book with his head in your lap. He's touch starved and you provide that touch and affections and smiles, he loves that. But he didn't realize how much he truly loved you until it was time for the dance. He knew he wanted to go with you, to see you laugh all evening, to feel you close to him, to feel your lips against his. He wanted to make what he'd been hearing whispers about all term a reality.
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mashed-potato101 · 10 days
Vil, entering Ramshackle with skin care products: Potato, I have some skin care products for you to us-
Vil: What's that on your face?
Mc: A face mask?
Vil: Is... Is that rice paper?
Mc: I'm on a budget, Vil. Please cut me some slack.
Tumblr media
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zahrathub · 4 months
Tumblr media
tell me your thots !! do you agree ? disagree ? tell me why <3 i’m curious
rook hunt please fuck me <3333
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devvelle · 5 months
All Mine
Genre: fluff
Characters: dorm leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and Malleus) x gn!reader
Scenario: what makes your boyfriend jealous and what he does about it <3
Notes: none!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts ; when you're having fun with someone else.
Even as your boyfriend, Riddle can’t do things with you that would go against the dorm rules or hurt his image—which you totally understand. But when he sees you laughing with someone else, doing things he can't partake in... it makes him really jealous.
Eventually, once it gets to him, he really won't want you hanging out with those people anymore.
He knows they probably aren’t being bad influences, but he will act like they are. He'll give them unimpressed stares when you're not looking, and if they're in his dorm he’ll use his unique magic against them to keep them away from you.
When you two are in private, he'll try let loose more. It’ll feel unnatural for him, but he wants to have fun with you, too. He’s afraid you’ll get bored of him.
If you play along for his sake and try to bring him out of his shell, he'll appreciate it. He might even be honest about his feelings once he’s comfortable telling you the truth.
But if you tell him that he doesn’t need to change for you, he'll get really shy. He'll deny feeling jealous, but reassurance of your love would mean a lot to him in the moment.
Ultimately, he just wants to be the one making you smile the most.
“As long as you’re sure you’re happy… Yes, I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ; when he sees others trying to take care of you.
Leona is a gentleman. Maybe everyone else has trouble believing so, but he's incredibly attentive once you're together. He escorts you places, buys you things you need, and comforts you when need be.
But if he happens to see someone else trying to do any of that for you, he will not be happy. He sees it as disrespectful, like they're trying to tell him he isn't doing a good enough job. To make it worse, you’re too kind to refuse these gestures from others, which sets his jealousy off.
With his temper, you will know immediately. Leona doesn't like to play games. He will tell you what’s bothering him and ask why you’re entertaining that behavior when he's right there. If you can’t give him an answer, he’ll stick himself to you like glue and won’t let anyone else near you for the day.
Assigns Ruggie to the very important task of keeping tabs on you afterward. Gives him specific instructions to monitor your conversations; if you’re talking to anyone for too long or if they try to do something for you, Ruggie is to interrupt and say you’ve been summoned by Leona.
Mandatory cuddles and telling him you love him is your punishment. He hates feeling jealous.
"You know what you signed up for with me. Now, come here. You’re mine."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto ; when he becomes aware of the options you have.
Seeing how popular you are among the student body makes Azul particularly jealous.
You’re friends with so many others within the walls of Night Raven College; dozens of boys with promising futures make up your circle, including several princes, and all are just one call away from coming to your aid should you ask. So it’s a bit hard for him to not feel jealous when they don't seem to back off even after you announce your relationship.
He’ll wait it out at first, but if they don’t leave you alone he’ll be really ticked off. However, Azul is aware that he isn’t particularly intimidating and can’t fight.
So what does he do? He shows you off instead, to prove to them that you're his.
If he wasn't using Magicam before, now he's posting you every day. He's posting pictures of you with new jewelry he's bought you and images of you cuddled up to him at night, even linking sweet love songs to them.
When he checks his views and finds the individuals that triggered his jealousy, his satisfaction in through the roof. Don’t question his smirk.
If, for some reason, flaunting you on social media isn’t enough, then Azul might have Floyd give your friends a scare. Nothing serious, just enough to make them delete your number and change their routes to class to avoid you. You wont even notice since Azul is now escorting you to class on his arm.
"Do you not want me to show you off? I don't see a problem with reminding everyone who you chose."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim ; when you might be taken away.
Kalim trusts you so much, so he just doesn’t get jealous. Your relationship is so healthy and communication between you is great.
The only time he'd maybe feel jealousy would be if someone planted the idea in his head. Like if Jamil makes a joke about you and someone you're with looking quite close, Kalim might start questioning the situation.
However, he'd be more concerned for your safety than jealous. He'd approach you and drag you away in a rush with an innocent excuse to the other individual. After all, if they're trying to charm you while knowing you’re in a relationship, they have to be bad news.
He'd talk to you about it immediately, though, before any of his thoughts spiral and before you can think he’s overreacting.
Would go heavier on the PDA to remind you he trusts and cares for you. To some extent, he might be thinking he can gross that person out this way so they’ll get the hint and give it up.
Kalim is just too sweet of a guy to feel jealous honestly. There’s not much else to say. He’ll make you feel so safe.
"Just wanted to make sure you were okay! I think we should steer clear of them for now, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit ; when you don't see what he sees.
Vil gets annoyed easily, definitely. But it would either take something truly concerning or the involvement of someone he deems a threat to make him feel jealousy.
He often acts like he knows what's best for you, so he tells you to stay away from certain classmates. Especially the ones that he sees being a bit too kind to you.
If you dismiss Vil’s concerns and the individuals get bolder with you to spite him, he’ll be pissed. Honestly, if he didn’t have contractual obligations and a reputation to maintain, he might resort to threats.
If it goes on for long enough, he’ll start feeling jealous.
The result is a super petty Vil.
If you want to spend time with him, he'll redirect you to one of those friends. He'll ask you why you want his attention now, when you clearly preferred theirs yesterday.
Though it’s hard for him to turn you away when all he wants is to hug and kiss you, his mind turns it into a silly game to find out if you love him most of all. This keeps him in a cycle of pettiness and insecurity.
Still, he doesn't want to neglect you. He wants you to see his perspective, so once he’s had enough of going without you, he’ll explain why he feels his worries are justified.
Once you exchange apologies, he’ll return all the love he withheld.
"Now do you understand? I'm only trying to protect you from ill intentions."
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud ; when he can't be the one that's with you.
Get jealous very often, but keeps it to himself.
Idia knows you have to hang out with others a lot because of his boundaries. He doesn’t always feel comfortable enough to go out, so you ask your other friends for company to avoid pressuring him.
Still, it doesn’t make him feel great that there is always someone jumping at the chance to be with you.
When he gets notifs that you posted to Magicam only to see you looking happy with someone else, his jealousy escalates quickly.
Unfortunately, Idia isn't very good at communication especially when it comes to his feelings. So he will give you space instead, and let you enjoy yourself to prevent ruining your day with his doubts.
He will continue lurking your profiles for the next few days, but he won't like anything or reply to your messages. He'll self-isolate until you come to him, whether it be hours or days later.
When you do come see him in person to ask what’s wrong, you'll be stuck with him a while. He won’t admit to feeling jealous, but it’ll be clear from his questions that he wants to be sure you still want to be with him.
Lots of quality time will fix his mood. He might prefer the quiet of his room to the noisy outside world, but he makes it very clear that you’re always welcome to disturb him. He’d much prefer that to seeing you with other people.
"We can go somewhere together soon, so don't ask anyone else anymore! B-but for now, could you spend the night?"
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia ; when you give away your time with him.
Malleus loves to have alone time with you. He's very grateful that you always reserve time in your day just for him.
But on the occasion that someone seeks to interrupt this time, and you don't turn them away or happen to cancel on Mal entirely for them, that’s when he’d get jealous.
He'd dismiss himself from the situation to let you take care of your business, but he would actually just be hiding nearby and listening.
If the person seems to be taking up your time for reasons that Malleus himself finds unworthy, he won't hesitate to use a bit of magic to make that person suddenly leave you alone, as if possessed.
He’ll return to you pouty and distracted. He’ll initiate lots of physical touch, and might even suggest going to his dorm room while he milks all your affection.
He doesn’t hide feelings of jealousy because he’s learned your instinct is to coddle him when he makes it obvious. Your giggles and half-hearted apologies in response to his melodramatic words of worry make him fall deeper in love.
When he’s jealous, Malleus doesn’t care for words of reassurance as much as he does actions. He is quite secure in your relationship, but he will never get tired of seeing how comfortable you are with him. He loves knowing that you won’t ever run away.
"Now that they're out of the way, I do wish you'd learn to say no. I am quite selfish when it comes to my time with you."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: Okay so I tried to get Riddle's Halloween card but I could NOT get any SSR until freaking pity. Then that last key set gave me both Jack and Ruggie's Dorm Uniform SSRs instead of Riddle 😭 I thought, "Wow, Leona really sent his underclassmen after me?" And that gave me the idea for jealousy hcs…
Hope u all enjoy, holiday prompts will probably be coming soon! kisses <3
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lyneira · 19 days
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cupids-chamber · 23 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@. People I would cheat on my boyfriend with.. . ♡ Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Genshin version ## Low quality and low effort slides because finals sucks!
Tumblr media
Odd smile or grin, I mean Rook always has this ridiculous oui oui bitch smirk grin on his motherfucking face, but today? It was different. It was more huter-y if that’s even a word. 
The moment you turn away, Rook’s glaring at your pc as you open the slides, as if it’s his mortal enemy.
Bro looks like a fucking hitman with the looks he’s putting out. His facial expression radiates wtf energy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aww so sweet, so cute mon cherie..—Now change the fucking slides.
"What's on the next slide my sweet?"
Run bitch run.
Why are you hiding your screen
what is there to hide
you have nothing to hide
what do you even need to hide.
Why hide.
Communication is key :)
Lowkey glaring at you while you explain the slides, like 'excuse you fuckass am I not good enough for you?'
Will start getting passive aggressive, calm? What is calm? Is there anything truly ‘calm’ in this world?... He’s patiently waiting.. For the slides to load… Standing, posing like your mom outside your door with a sandal core. 
Slowly becoming a nagging housewife as he insults your slow as fuck computer. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Begins fucking scrolling immediately, legit scoots you over.
Truthfully you're more surprised he didn’t question the picture you choose for the cover but his pacing is lowkey scaring you? You did this on a dare.. And you put a 50 slide gap.. And Vil was going through each slide fast… Hell you even put a compliment on each slide. 
Stroking your little beauty queens ego always worked… except now.. He’s been remarkably quiet.. And that is surprisingly more unnerving and unsettling than anything else VIl could possibly do.. 
Tumblr media
Well you’ve done it now.. He’s mumbling.. With gritted teeth, he’s not even glaring.. And frankly you don’t want to see his facial expression. 
And then he starts laughing.. But not laughing in like “LMFAOO LOL SO HILARIOUS”  but more of a lowkey “I’m going to kill you”
“Potato… care to explain a few things?” 
“I- ugh.. um.. have an appointment”
“Not anymore”
Kitty’s got claws, bro finna commit a crime.
Just looks at you and smiles. ‘I control my emotions, my emotions don’t control me’ core 
Was therapy working? Probably not his lazy ass avoids them like the common flu.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You saw his expression soften for a moment and you lean in and give him a hug. Effectively distracting him.. and then you scroll like God’s given you 20 fucking seconds to live and breath.
“WHAT THE FUCK HERBIVORE??” and then the screen fades to Malleus.. 
And then it automatically scrolls to Rook...
Oh you fucked up.
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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arent-i-the-fairest · 9 months
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
crowley is (finally) allowing you the choice of leaving ramshackle to move to whichever dorm you please, but you’re still unsure which one to choose. knowing that, everyone is trying to win you over.
author’s note : out of curiousity— of the 7 dorms, which would you choose to live at and why?
part 2 here!
Tumblr media
“so, prefect! tell me, which dorm would you like to move to?”
you froze up. you have to make the decision now? “w-way to put me on the spot..” you muttered under your breath, nervously looking at crowley who was expecting an answer. you like all the dorms! how are you supposed to choose just one?
“i’ll go with… heartslabyul? no, no, scarabia! wait, scratch that, i’ll move to pomefi—”
crowley put a hand in front of you, stopping you from speaking any further. “it seems to me that you’re unsure, but it’s no problem! because i’m so very kind, i will give you as much time as you need to consider.”
“thank you, i’ll be thinking things over!” you waved before exiting his office. the door closed and crowley grinned, spinning around in his chair and rubbing his hands together.
“and i will be informing all your little friends that you’re still uncertain on which dorm to move to— a headmaster must keep himself entertained somehow!”
riddle is stressed, brainstorming different ways to convince you to come. he totally might just make a powerpoint presentation on why heartslabyul is the ideal dorm to be in, which is gold.
cater is just acting like he always does. he feels no need to do anything extra, isn’t he charming enough as is to bring you to heartslabyul? besides, everyone else doing the most. look at them!
ace “you and me are best friends” trappola. he absolutely exploits the fact that he’s one of the closest people to you, if not the closest. he bugs you about it so much though, it’s kinda becoming counterproductive. not that he realizes it.
like most other times, deuce is dragged into ace’s scheme. and he totally buys that it’ll work too! they have the same logic of “we’re best friends, so they’ll choose us” and they’re gonna die on that hill. of course, until it comes out that you don’t choose them.
trey’s just caught up in the mess. he’s said “riddle, calm down”, “ace, leave them alone— you too, deuce”, and “thank god you’re so chill, cater” so many times.
leona doesn’t put in a lot of effort— he’s already certain you’re gonna choose his dorm. he’s not overbearing in the slightest, you’re given a lot of free rein, and though other dorm members can be pretty combative, he’ll drive ‘em away if they try to mess with you. it just makes sense that you’d pick them.
ruggie has nowhere near as much confidence as leona does about this, so he’s going overboard with giving you gifts, doing little acts of service for you, buttering you up with praise, anything that might make you gravitate towards picking savanaclaw.
as per ruggie’s request, jack is trying to act sweeter than he normally is. keyword is trying. but he’s struggling real hard— it’s way too embarrassing for him. he just ends up acting like the regular old him. (but the guy is just so likeable, it’s fine.)
persuasion? it’s azul’s time to shine. he’s a master at this stuff, but there’s one mistake he’s making— he’s being so damn persistent and borderline annoying about it! the number one way to drive away customers! unless you’re a fan of that kind of clingy behavior.
but you think it’s hard to catch a break from azul? pfft, he’s got nothing on floyd. there’s hardly any breathing room with him, literally and figuratively. he’s squeezing you nearly every second he’s with you and he’s squeezing hard. you think you’ll have to get your ribs checked to make sure none of them are cracked.
jade just watches from the sidelines. he’s restraining himself from laughing as he sees azul trailing after you as you desperately try to shake him off or floyd tackling you to the ground. when you’re tired of their antics and manage to get away, he’ll pour you a cup of tea (on the house btw), asking if you’re alright. it feels as though he’s octavinelle’s only hope.
kalim is basically like, “i don’t wanna sway your opinion, BUT—” he’ll tell you the most amazing things about living in scarabia and how cool the dorm and their members are with the biggest grin on his face. he hypes it up so much it’s sounding like the perfect place.
there’s not a lot left for jamil to do is doing since kalim’s doing pretty much all the work. just to pull you in a little closer though, he’ll flash you a pretty smile and give you more treats (baked lovingly by him) during the day, sometimes reminding you that you could have his cooking every day if you lived at scarabia.
now, vil is sure you already have your sights set on pomefiore— but he is not going take any chances! so he sends rook and epel to spend some time with you. or in other words, advertise their dorm. he’s expecting to see you with luggage soon, asking where their spare room is.
rook is having a field day, he’s probably having the most fun out of everyone here. he’s reciting poems he wrote just for the occasion and practically throwing flower bouquets at you, all while epel…
epel is just chilling. he thinks rook will take care of everything, but no. he freezes up when told by rook to “tell the prefect what you have to offer!” and his brain malfunctions as he tries to put together a poetic sentence. all that came out was, “i’ll.. cut apple slices for you..?” not quite what rook had in mind, but it’s beautiful in it’s own way.
idia is extremely anxious— he wants you to pick his dorm, but has no idea how to convince you into doing it. or even how to make his dorm look like an appealing place to be. he feels like the greatness of his dorm pales in comparison to the other ones, so he kinda just hopes a miracle will happen and you’ll choose ignihyde.
oh, malleus is dead set on having you in diasomnia, you have no idea— he’s pulling out all the stops, pulling so many strings. wins “the most desperate” trophy by a landslide. you just can’t tell because externally he seems so nonchalant. every time he thinks you’re gravitating towards another dorm, he’ll up his game.
everyone’s trying so hard, it’s amusing, lilia thinks. it all looked like a ton of fun, so of course he was gonna hop onto the “winning you over” bandwagon! he’ll recount all the fun stories he and his dorm mates have had at diasomnia! such as studying gargoyles, and training, and the horrific yet oddly comedic injuries had during training… you question if lilia is throwing you off on purpose.
sebek is bugging you whenever he gets the chance, boasting about his dorm. diasomnia is the best dorm all around! not only do you have the pleasure of worshipping the young lord, there’s plenty of fun things to do— don’t mind the dark, intimidating atmosphere! now, why don’t you just go and tell the headmaster your choice already?
silver honestly doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s just goin’ with the flow. when sebek sent him after you, it was a bit awkward. he just said, “you can protect malleus with us and take naps with me :)” and called it a day.
you let out a groan as you slumped on top of your bed, grim following after you.
“these guys have been draggin’ you all around! they’re treatin’ this like war!”
“no kidding.” you sighed, turning over on your back. “crowley just had to tell them, didn’t he? now they’re all trying so hard, it’s just making deciding on only one of them more difficult. i don’t wanna hurt any feelings… should i just eeny-meeny-miny-moe it?”
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mobbu-min · 5 months
☆ Pretty Boy ☆
Tumblr media
summary: in which, you're asked who you thought was the prettiest boy and not even a second later you respond with his name. unknowingly leaving him a flustered mess.
a/n: long time no see guys! but here's a little thing I worked on. school literally been beating my ass fr
characters: every housewarden
!tw! insecurities, grammar mistakes im too lazy to fix
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts <3
⋆ Riddle's face erupts in a spectrum of red. He’s far too shocked to do anything other than stare agape at the wall.
⋆ Prettiest boy? Him?
⋆ Surely you must be joking. But, you sounded so convinced. You said so fast and bluntly, that surely it's not a joke. That you mean it, right? Right?
⋆ Either way, this boy does not know how to act. He’s going through all stages of denial and acceptance. He’s planning and unplanning how this could turn out for the both of you. He’s anxiously biting at his lip, picking at the loose threads of his blazer. Trying desperately hard to get back on track. Silently cursing(not really) you out for getting him off his game.
⋆ A part of him, a side he keeps hidden, deeply wishes that you meant it with all your heart. Because, he thinks you're very pretty too.
“Prefect, perhaps if you are not busy this coming weekend, you and I could get together.- What will we do? Well I planned a little stroll through the gardens, just you and I of course, and then after, we’ll get dinner- excuse me?…A-a date?! Am I asking you out on a date!?……..Well, if you’d be up to it, then yes. Yes I am.”
Leona Kingscholar <3
⋆ Leona knows he’s good looking. Annoyingly so.
⋆ But to hear you say he was the prettiest boy in all of NCR? Oh boy, his ego is twice its original size. (ha! take that vil!)
⋆ And no, he’s not smiling like a lovesick school girl because of you. Hell to the no. He just saw Malleus fall on his face, actually….SToP LoOKiNG At HiM!
⋆ Does he take your response as truth? Yes. Is he going to bring it up to you and embarrass you just for kicks and giggles? Absolutely, yes. Will he ever confess? ……probably, but first, call him pretty again.
“Pretty? Hmm, I’d prefer attractive, or down right smokin hot. But y’know, I don’t mind pretty if it’s coming from you. Hmmm? Don’t tell me my little herbivore is shy now? C’mon move those hands and let me see your pretty face.”
Azul Ashengrotto <3
⋆ This has to be one of Jade and Floyd’s pranks, right?
⋆ It was in fact not a prank, judging by the two background characters he’s never seen before.
⋆ Okay, it is confirmed that it is indeed not a prank. What now? Well obvi, stage two, embarrassment and quickly approaching stage three, denial!
⋆ Skipping those two stages, because for goodness sake Azul! Get a hang of yourself, man!
⋆ He quickly tries to think of a plan, a contract perhaps. Wait no, last time he tried that, you threatened to hide his cane and glasses. There has to be another way to…to…to….well, he’ll think of that later.
⋆ For right now, Azul is practically glowing in his seat.
“I couldn’t help but overhear, but tonight Monstro Lounge is having an event. Of course, you’re not forced to come, but I’d like to show a better side of me-I mean, my business! If you’ll allow it, that is.”
Kalim Al-Asim <3
⋆ Pretty! You just called him the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen! 
⋆ Kalim is over the moon, Jamil has to go and get him down, and practically bursting at the seams. It takes him everything not to glomp you into a bone crushing hug right then and there.
⋆ But he wants to be slow with how he approaches you. Wants to take his time and plan a nice quiet-Yeah like that actually going to happen! Kalim throws a large ass party, nobody knows what it's for besides Jamil, and of course you're the guest-of-honor!
⋆ All of your favorites are there! Everything you could ever hope for lovingly set out and planned for you. 
⋆ Kalim hopes this will express his feelings for you and show how happy your comment made him. If not, expect to be dragged in the middle of the party off to a magic carpet ride through the night sky.
⋆ You may be marveling at the pretty sky and stars, but Kalim’s eyes will never leave your pretty face.
“Wasn’t that fun! Let’s do it again! -What? You’re tired? Well that’s no good! Come on, let's have a sleepover. I promise you’ll have the best sleep of your life!- But first, mwah! A pre-good night kiss! Don’t worry there's plenty of more where that came from!”
Vil Schoenheit <3
⋆ Smug, if there was one word to describe Vil, it would be smug. 
⋆ Of course, you’d answer with his name! He is the fairest of them all! You were state fact! Nothing but the truth!
⋆ So, why does his knees feel so weak? Why does his face feel warm? And most importantly, why does his heart feel like he just ran a marathon? 
⋆ Well never mind that, Vil will not let your little praise get to his head and mess up his whole routine. And yet, as he readies himself for bed, Vil can’t help but linger on your words. Linger on the way your eyes softened and head shyly turned to hide in your shoulder. 
⋆ And then those feelings return and Vil can’t do anything to stop them. Like acne it infests his heart and turns it to a bloody red. However, unlike acne, Vil doesn’t want to get rid of it..
"My sweet potato, if you ever feel down, feel free to come to me for assistance. I would love to show you some latest skin and hair products for you to try. And I would be more than happy to demonstrate it for you. Hmm? Ace said that your skin has been looking like Riddle’s face? How rude of that unripe spudling, like he looks any better! Ahem, I mean, perhaps you’d like to take up the offer now then? I’ll be making smoothies.”
Idia Shroud <3
⋆ …pretty….you just called him pretty….system overloading…system crashed…pew…pew…pew…pew…sjdpsjsjlaoap
⋆ There's not a single response from Idia for like five minutes. People think he's a literal statue, birds even start building nests on him for crying out loud! It's that bad.
⋆ But once he gets his system loading properly, oh boy, he let's out the loudest, most high pitched, scream, you think he's getting murder(or seeing someone in the first time in months) He's a whole ass volcano fr.
⋆ He doesn't get it. He really really doesn't and now he thinks you're weird, like really fuckin weird. 
⋆ Because he's not pretty. Vils pretty, Mega super dragon boss is pretty, that blue hair normie you hang out with, he's pretty, hell even you, yourself, is pretty! But Idia?
⋆ Yeah, he's scheduling you an eye appointment asap.
⋆ Idia doesn't get you and he never will, at least not yet. He doesn't get what you see in him, why you thought he was the prettiest boy you've ever seen, but for some reason that night, when Ortho was charging and it was just him alone, he could finally look at himself in the mirror and not be repulsed with who looked back at him.
⋆ For once, he finally saw himself as Idia, the prettiest boy in your eyes.
‘A-are you available tonight? Eh? W-w-why?!....oh, ummm, there’s a new game that's coming out and I…I wanted to know if you wanted to be my player 2!’
Malleus Draconia <3
⋆ Hmm, how strange of you. You never cease to surprise him.
⋆ Malleus is used to being called a gallery of different names. He’s heard it all. Pretty being a rare one in the collection. He’s much more used to being called handsome, but pretty? Well, Malleus could get used to that. Especially if it's coming from you. 
⋆ Malleus is the one to confront you right after. Thank you for your kind words, ignoring the way his stomach fluttered and cheeks flushed, and promptly disappearing. He’s not sure what exactly to do with this...feeling. It's the first for him, so he finds himself thinking he might have gotten ill. Perhaps, your kindness is truly infectious, like Sebek says. 
⋆ However, do not fret! Papi Lilia is on his way to do whatever he does best!
⋆ Malleus is surprised, yet he isn’t in denial or flustered, he’s actually at ease. Relaxed really. Because he can finally put a name to this feeling that infects his heart every time you're around. He knows why his heart felt like it was on fire and why his knees felt weak. 
⋆ Because you have infected him, you've been cursed with a disease called love. A disease Malleus doesn’t mind living with as long as he stays the prettiest boy in your eyes. 
"You’re quite lovely yourself, my dear Child of Man. Stunning really. You put the stars to shame, the wonders of the Universe to shame, the most stunning jewels are nothing compared to the twinkling of your eyes. My dear, you say I’m pretty, however I believe you're down right gorgeous."
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Leona being a gentleman <3
Vil: y/n those shoes don’t go with your outfit…
Y/n: oh I know *the shoes way to big for them*
Leona: there my shoes *wearing y/n’s heels*
Vil: why is y/n wearing your shoes
Leona: because their heels were hurting their ankles
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