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nem0-nee 2 months
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TWST x Villain Recruiters: Hijinks Ensue
I saw on Twitter that it's implied that Jack Heart is Ace's brother and mygod that idea has such a grip on me. The villain recruiters being in TWST!?!?!? Sign me the FUCK up!!!
Plus Malleus finally being able to wear a hat without cutting holes in it is 馃槶馃槶
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Bonus: little cheebs
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starlight-j 3 months
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Twisted wonderland thoughts
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the-queen-of-ships 8 months
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The pain is real with this one, folks.
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gabineteolvidado 2 months
Hadie, malfie, and ma Hades meeting Ben (man will he be scared)
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The Overprotective Team
(Remember, in this little AU, Mal and Hadie are siblings, and Malfie and Ms. Hades were their babysitters.)
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kabrarts 3 months
There they are! The recruiters~鈽
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jinxthejubilee 2 months
Disney Villain Recruiters Personalities: Part 9
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The lawless lassie on land! The duchess of doubloons! The swashbuckling sailor of the seven seas, herself!
Put your hands of all kinds together for:
Lady Hock! (Or Hook)
For those of you who don't know, the Disney Villain Recruiters was a Tokyo Disneyland-only show held every Halloween. Basically, the minions of famous Disney villains come to our world to try and tempt us to join their villain bosses.
- By the way, they are not the sons, daughters, or genderbent versions of the villains. They are just minions.
- Also! I do not speak Japanese. Thankfully, there were a few that had English subtitles, but not a lot. These are just my interpretations of her based on the videos I've seen, along with my own personal ideas about his character. So, let's get started!
Lady Hock (Hook)馃獫
Working as part of Captain James Hook's crew, Hock is one of the only underling, aside from Mr. Smee, who her master trusts the most.
No one truly knows Hock's origin, but most speculate that, similarly to most residents of Neverland, were transported to the sacred land decades, or even centuries ago, by chance or destiny. Hock, perhaps, was a troubled young woman living in England who desired to escape her former life. Regardless, her heart belongs to the ocean and the boundless adventures Neverland has to offer, and whatever her life was before this place, before her joining her captain's crew, is long forgotten. Good riddance! Or, perhaps not...
Despite her stoicism, Hock is very social, charismatic, and gentlemanly to her fellow female recruiters, who she makes a habit of escorting on stage. Perhaps her behavior comes from the fact that she has been surrounded by men, her crew, for most of her life. She even speaks in a more masculine tone to her relatively quiet voice, all of which, in turn, makes her more "prince-like" in comparison to most of her colleagues.
As she is a pirate though, Hock has a mischievous side to her, often pulling pranks on the male recruiters, such as hiding props or annoying them by casually placing her arms on their shoulders.
As is befitting of her home in Neverland, Hock adores children and has been seen by many guests comforting little ones and caring for sleeping babies. This, along with her friendly, laid-back personality, makes Hock a fan favorite among guests and her colleagues.
Captain Hook: In spite of his temper and occasional bumbling on missions, Hock cares for her captain. Unlike most of the recruiters, Hock has the luxury of having an almost casual relationship with her master, as he views her and Smee as his closets confidantes, as proven by Hook trusting Hock with his famous hook hand that she carries around the park. She understands Hook's emotional vulnerability since she is aware of his insecurities and remains incredibly loyal despite his faults. However, Hock is aware of her captain's more sadistic side, and while she may harbor hatred for Peter Pan, Hock understands that the young boy is just that: a boy. Though, while she can excuse most actions taken by Hook and the rest of the crew against Peter, as he has magic that none of them have, she cannot excuse her captain's actions against Wendy, her brothers, and the lost boys; they are innocent children in her eyes.
Mr. Smee: Hock and Smee have an amicable relationship, as the two of them are the only ones to speak to Hook in a less formal capacity, even though they hold a slight fear of their captain, Smee most of all. Hock appreciates Smee's kind and gentle nature, perhaps reminding her of someone in her distant past. They have a strong bond between them, and while Hook dismisses their more kind and empathetic nature's as weakness, Hock and Smee understand each other. Maybe someday, should something ever happen to their captain, Lady Hock and Mr. Smee could rule the seven seas together, high-stake adventures and all, but more peaceful.
Peter Pan: Although Peter is her master's enemy, and she despises him for getting in her Hook's way, Hock can admit that his pranks on the captain make for good fun, and a challenge to capture the boy whatever it takes. Hock is not nearly as obsessed with capturing Peter like Hook is, preferring to travel and find sacred treasures, but that doesn't mean she won't try! She will strike, and she strikes fierce and hard. There is no escape from her. However, Hock refuses to kill him or any of the children they may fight, only wanting to wound or stop them however she can. Peter or Wendy may see this, this compassion she holds within, and talk to her one-on-one. Maybe the "boy who never grows up" isn't so bad after all. Annoying, yes, but not worth killing.
Apple Poison: If there is one thing about Apple that most of the recruiters are not aware of, is his fear of sharp objects. As such, he can't stand look at hook Lady H carries for longer than a few seconds. And the poor elder will get slightly irritated by her pranks and trying to steal his apple to eat. Aside from that, Apple and Hock have a fairly peaceful relationship. He appreciates that she's not as chaotic as Jack or Dalmatia, and is a lot more tolerable than the latter two. He also admires her for her ability to charm and comfort guests, even though she may be more sincere than she lets on.
Jack Heart: These two have a more "mature but still fun older sister" and "goofball little brother" relationship. While she may not approve of ALL the pranks Jack pulls, especially towards Veil, Hock often joins in on the fun. They have been seen playfully fencing and cracking jokes together. The little squabbles she and Dalma have are entertaining to watch, but because Dalma is more sensitive and prone to irritation, Jack will calmly stop the argument. And hey! Anyone who can pick on Apple and get away with it is a friend in his book.
Malfie (Malfi): Hock loves to mess with Malfie; a perfect target due to his ego. Especially when he stutters during his dramatic "I'm the most beautiful creature to ever exist" speech. She often steals his mirror right out of hands to check herself in the mirror, or just to startle him. Either way, Malfie doesn't appreciate being a target of ridicule, but that's not new, given Jack and Dalmatia's behavior towards him. The two of them have a pleasant relationship, all in all, and he might join in on the pranks every once in a while if he's up for it. Just don't touch his hat!
Eight Foot Joe: Hock doesn't find Joe to be so bad to be around. They don't really interact a lot, but that's partly because of Joe's hesitation to talk to women, aside from Ms. Hades. As a result, she doesn't bother pranking him as much as the others, though she may steal his umbrella from time to time. Once he and Ms. Hades have interacted long enough, Lady H becomes the second female recruiter he trusts the most. They might bond over their shared love of the sea, and how they both feel slightly homesick, despite Joe's less than enthusiastic experience at home. So, they have a fairly passive relationship.
Mr. Dalmatia: Hock's habit of treating Dalmatia more like a dog than a person irks the speckled canine to no end. She enjoys annoying him by using him as an arm rest, and playing fetch with him, much to his slight dismay. However, they share a likeness for stealing their colleague's stuff, and they have fun doing so. Both Hock and Dalma are great friends with Jack, so they have to interact with one another. But they themselves are good friends and enjoy each other's company. Besides, Dalma would take Hock over Pretty Scar any day (for now at least).
Pretty Scar (Mzuri): Although Lady Hock has a high tolerance rate for the people around her, she tends to avoid attracting the young hyena's attention. Hock doesn't despise Pretty Scar as much as others might, but she can find her cutesy persona grating at times. She does find it hilarious, however, that such a "cute" young woman can eat as much or as violently as she does. Hock is used to this, of course, given how disgusting most of her captain's men eat back at home. Mzuri admires Hock and looks up to her as a big sister, and over time, Hock helps Mzuri relax and comforts her as any good big sister would do. They'll get there, all it takes character is development!
Ms. Hades: Ah, the den mother, and one of Hock's greatest friends. The fire maiden and pirate gal are somewhat of an unlikely duo, but they certainly make up the collection of colleagues who are on good terms with one another. Despite how Hock's pranks, sword fighting, and overall pirateness can cause chaos and a lot of damage to their theme park home, she makes up for it in her laid-back attitude, self-control, and fabulous charisma. Hock, meanwhile, appreciates Ms. Hades' maturity, even if she may be a stick in the mud at times (though not nearly as often as Apple). Generally speaking, the two care for and respect each other, like sisters!
Veil: Hock and Veil are incredibly close and consider each other best friends. They have been seen holding hands, linking arms, gazing into each other's eyes...caressing each other's faces.......something tells me that these two are a bit more than just friends. Maybe, or they're just incredibly cuddly. No judgment here. Either way, it's adorable. Hock is protective of Veil, defending her from Jack when the card and bell clash in an argument or if the former goes too far with teasing her. Hock knows that despite Veil's "mysterious" nature, she's secretly insecure about herself, and based on her experience with her captain, Hock knows how to help boost Veil's spirits. Friendship? Sisterhood? Lovers? Doesn't matter! These two love each other.
Faja (Farja): These two are the female versions of Jack and Dalma. Chaos just follows them everywhere! Best friends and practically sisters, Faja is always excited to get up to some mischief, intentionally or not. Hock is used to seeing magic on account of her living on an island existing within a star, so she'll sit next to Faja, maybe sharpening her sword to pass the time, while the erratic bird lady unsuccessfully creates a potion. Hock is one of the first to calm Faja down when she's on one of her shouting rampages when she's frustrated, which is often. Again, older sister energy is a common feeling within the ladies' group.
Overall: Lady Hock is a confident, friendly, and not-so-secretly kindhearted "villain" whose previous experience with her fellow pirates and residents of Neverland has helped the lass develop her social skills, in comparison to her more socially inept colleagues.
As much as she cares deeply for her captain, Hock's refusal for harming children may one day lead her to oppose him. And her experience with her new crew, her new friends, her new family, may lead her to betray her old family.
Only time will tell...may the ocean breeze guide Hock the right way.
Author's Note: Thank you all so much for your patience, I know that it's taken me an eternity and a half to get this done, and I apologize for that. However! While we may be almost done with this series, this won't be the end of me talking about the Villain Recruiters forever! Nope! I have a few ideas in mind, but for now, stay tuned for the very last Personality Page: Faja (Farja)!
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crackr-j4ck 8 months
Sab铆as que...?
Antes de Twister wonderland, ya hab铆an seguidores de los villanos principales. Creados en el 2015 para Tokyo Disney Sea, en Halloween. Llegaron los minions de los villanos Disney como Hades, Malefica, Frollo, La reina malvada, Scar, etc.
Qu茅 tiene que ver con Shipps? Bueno, el subordinado de 脷rsula, mejor conocido como Eight Foot Joe, es constantemente emparejado con Ariel.
C贸mo buen amante de las Shipp entre h茅roes y villanos, no pude evitar hablar de ella. Contrastan muy bien 馃憣馃徎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*Todos los cr茅ditos de los fanarts a sus respectivos creadores + Link de la p谩gina: *
~Publicacion dedicado al luto por la partida de Pat Carroll voz original de 脷rsula en habla inglesa~
Tumblr media
Cr茅dito del Fanart: 銇椼倠
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vink-spade15 10 months
We all know that they were cousins or siblings just from another dimension.
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promptspa 11 months
Prompt request #18 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈾モ櫊鈾モ攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹 "You can do so much better than them, little hero," Villain promised as they swept the shivering do-gooder into their arms, one of their hands carding through Hero's hair. "You have me, after all." The master criminal smirked. Of course, they cared for Hero. They cared a lot, actually. But they were still a criminal working their way through the evil ranks, and the sobbing person in their arms might be an advantage for them. Plus, getting their love on their side was another win. 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈾モ櫊鈾モ攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹
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dahjet 5 months
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Se buscan fans hispanos聽
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tickledpink31 9 months
There aren鈥檛 enough Villain Recruiters x reader fanfics in the world.
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thebettybook 1 month
馃崜 Strawbetty Storytime 馃摉
Summary: Pinterest calls me out for being a simp
So Pinterest sent me one of those 鈥淏ased on what you search for鈥 emails where they give you recommendations of Pins based on what you like鈥
and they gave me this鈥
Tumblr media
Also creds to whoever the OG artist is who made that Leona fan art; I can鈥檛 see all of Leona in that fan art Pinterest decided to use but the way Pinterest cropped Leona, with the smirk and everything鈥hey know what they鈥檙e doing 馃憖
And for context, this was the whole Pinterest email recommendation:
Tumblr media
The recommendation on the right of the Leona one is called 鈥淒isney Anime Style鈥 (pfft, Pinterest) with a fan art of Ariel and Villain Recruiters鈥 Eight Foot Joe (who I believe works for Ursula?). Also Storytime, for the longest time I was obsessed with Villain Recruiters鈥 because of all the fan art Pins I鈥檇 see of Villain Recruiters, but I didn鈥檛 know that they were called Villain Recruiters (those Pins don鈥檛 get labeled most of the time). So when I got a TikTok about TWST on my FYP last year, I thought TWST was Villain Recruiters or like Villain Recruiters was the original concept for TWST or something.
The bottom two Pinterest recs are kinda random: 鈥淪hop Gold Wedding Colors鈥 and 鈥淪hop Sailor Moon Fashion.鈥 I love how Pinterest thinks I鈥檇 have the finances for a wedding pfft. And I haven鈥檛 really looked into Sailor Moon fan art/fashion in a while so I鈥檓 surprised Pinterest recommended that to me :0.
If I鈥檓 gonna make up a little story using all these random Pinterest recommendations, it鈥檇 go like this:
- I鈥檓 a Leona simp engaged to Leona
- We鈥檙e deciding on wedding details (with a lot of gold accents)
- But I get sidetracked and tell Leona about Villain Recruiters while also shopping online for cute clothes inspired by the Sailor Scouts
Thank you Pinterest for inspiring me ig lol
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the-queen-of-ships 5 months
Tumblr media
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gabineteolvidado 5 months
Ms Hades and Malfie being the babysitters lol
And is a thankless job xD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BabyHadie + BabyMal + babysitters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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crazyyanderefangirlfan 2 months
Headcanons of the Kemonohito sibs and co helping their counterparts with special dates and in turn a surprise when the recruiters have helped set up dates for them as a big thank you?
This is in their league, mostly because some of them have experience or already dating.
They all made a plan to make sure this all went smoothly.
Malfie and Aurora got a secluded but romantic cafe that Mal and Elodie frequent.
Apple and Snow were on a picnic in the woods, where almost no one is there. Except their counterparts as a form of security.
PS, Dalmatia and Jack were on a carnival date, with Jack winning (or conning) as many prizes he can. No one was with them cause 1, Dante has other plans and 2. Zuri and AU Jack refuse to follow without barfing at every sweet gesture between PS and Jack.
and finally Veil and Hook. Those two were a a semi-fancy restaurant, Veil wearing a deep purple and white dress and Hook wearing a navy suit.
The recruits appreciated the effort they made and decided to surprise them too.
Malachite and Elodie were invited to ball, which the goof fairies provided the clothes.
Vince and Stephanie also had a forest date, but in lusher place.
AU Joe and Misty had a seaside date with a picnic to go with.
AU Jack and Roxy had a tea party in Mad Hatter's.
Zuri and Dante were in one of London's best cafe's
And Vera and Jane had dinner under Eiffel tower.
They were all surprised by the reverse uno but happy.
A/N: Sorry if the asks are not as good or they took too long, my creative juice for Villain recruiters is on low. I'm basically forcing myself.
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jinxthejubilee 12 days
Hey there!! I鈥檓 come here as soon as i saw that you write nd draw for Villain recruiters bc there is not enough writes of the babies,,so, i remember seeing on a post (don鈥檛 really remember if it was yours or if it was other person) a headcanon that said 鈥淢alfie has a soft spot for children鈥 and that make me think about how would the other recruiters be with children (platonic ofc), could you write some headcanons abt it? Whatever makes you feel comfortable!
First of all, thank you so much! I'm also glad that you've enjoyed my work so far! Second, I'm not quite sure if I headcanoned that or not, BUT! It sounds too cute to not write about.
So, in honor of your ask, let's get into the cuteness!
The Villain Recruiters with Children
Apple Poison 馃崕
Before his inevitable character development, Apple kept his distance from children whilst on the job.
He didn't hate children, but his aloof nature definitely gave an ominous vibe towards guests. Though his politeness and bluntness were, somehow, what drove kids to Apple.
As his icy exterior melts away, Apple begins to indulge in the children's games, silly requests, or just them asking for company.
This was made possible thanks to his crazy, vibrant coworkers who became a family. Especially Pretty Scar, who, in all her annoyance, helped train Apple to adjust to children's behavior. He's dealt with the hyena girl's shenanigans on a regular basis, dealing with normal children is a cakewalk compared to her.
Jack Heart 鉂わ笍
Oh, Jack loves these little buggers!
Entertaining the kids during the stage shows is the highlight of his day. The laughter, the cheers, the excitement! It practically fuels him with joy and the strength to keep performing.
Jack adores children! He'll play tricks and pranks to make them laugh. He doesn't mind babies either! If they start crying, he'll make goofy faces or dance to help them smile again.
Just a warning, though, chaos always follows Jack wherever he goes, being from Wonderland and all, so if he somehow ends up babysitting, know that your house will end up burning down.
Malfi (Malfie) 馃獮
Malfi's not super into kids, but he enjoys their company more than Apple.
He's more than willing to show himself in all of his handsome glory off anytime for them, but he's not used to all of affection they tend to give him. They ruin his hair!
He does have a soft spot for them, though. They may ruffle his feathers from time to time, but he can't bring himself to dislike them at all.
Malfi had a difficult childhood, on account of his parents following nature's guidelines in throwing him out of the nest because they deemed him as "weak." He never had anyone to look up to, other than Maleficent, and his days before her were quite lonely.
Beauty and childhood innocence are sacred to Malfi, so if he can brighten up a kids' day with his gorgeous self, whatever happens is worth it.
Eight Foot Joe 馃悪
Joe's not the biggest fan of kids, nor does he have the energy to deal with them.
Before he became more socialible, he would do everything he possibly could to get away from the kids.
If someone, particularly a little girl, is wearing an Ariel costume, Joe will scream at them to try and get them to go away. It's not the kid's fault, he just has trauma surrounding the royal family and Ursula back at home.
Eventually, Joe will realize that making a decent impression on the public is part of his job, so he'll get used to it. Again, he's very socially awkward, so interacting with anyone, let alone children, will take some getting used to.
That "I have no idea what to do" phase will fade soon enough. He'll accept children in a very "tired uncle" way.
Mr. Dalmatia 馃惥
Dalma is surprisingly good with kids despite his slight prissiness.
Dalmatians themselves are a very energetic and active breed, so most kids enjoy having the dog recruiter around.
He may get scolded for running around like a dog in his human form, but no one can or really cares to stop him. By playing with the kids, he's technically still doing his job, so why bother?
On some days he will be more irritated than usual, like if the babies are too loud, his coat gets ruined, or is just having an off day, but other than that, bring them over!
Pretty Scar (Mzuri) 鉁笍
Children are adorable, and so is Mzuri, so of course, she loves kids to pieces!
Being a hyena and all, she's used to interacting with dozens of kids at the same time. Playtime is funtime, so long as her hair, dress, or makeup don't get ruined.
While her colleagues might find her obnoxious, she finds solace in the fact that the kids like her, so that's more than enough!
Ms. Hades 馃敟
As the designated mom of the group, Ms. Hades is quite the expert at dealing with children responsibly.
She may not understand everything, given that she's spent all of her immortal life in the Underworld and heard all kinds of stories about betrayal, family murder, and massive family drama from Olympus, but upon realizing that her world is massively different than hers, she understands soon enough.
Sometimes, she'll spot children and their parents having fun and doing family things, and eventually, she gets a better understanding of human life and culture.
She becomes more friendly and hospitable towards the kids, and while she's still fairly strict with rough housing, she won't get too heated over it.
Veil 馃敂
Veil was once incredibly uncomfortable towards children while she was still in France. Her childhood was full of abuse and neglect, and she found refuge in church with the infamous Claude Frollo. All of this put together made her socially inept outside of her normal duties.
Despite that, however, working with the recruiters and talking to staff and customers has improved her social skills. She's even found that children are far easier to talk to once she grew to understand them.
Her singing voice often puts fussy babies or rambunctious youngsters to sleep, much to the parent's delight. The praise she earns for it sends her over the moon with joy.
Lady Hock (Hook) 馃獫
Ah, the suave and adventurous pirate lady! A lover of the seas and of boisterous little tykes!
Similarly to Malfi, Hock wishes to protect the innocence and wonder of children. As such, she will grant the desires of any child who asks of her, whether their requests be sword fighting on the roof or singing sea shanties on stage.
Faja (Farja) 馃尮
As much as Faja likes kids and their enjoyment of her magic tricks, she's still the hothead of the group. Patience is most definitely not her virtue.
Babies crying can get on her nerves real fast, and she doesn't have Ms. Hades' calm and collected nature, or Jack's funnyman persona, to help her out. But since she's around kids a lot (again, this is Disneyland), she gets more used to it. It still annoys her, though.
Faja will make the kids laugh, unintentionally, when her spells backfire, and she'll either be furious with them seemingly making fun of her for it, or she'll droop down like her flower in defeat.
But! If the spell, by some miracle, actually works and the kids applaud or demand an encore, Faja will be more than happy to oblige.
She may be more of a"spunky aunt" type than a "mom" type, but thar doesn't mean she won't get all sappy when the kids say that they love or that she's their favorite out of all the recruiters. She'll just start bawling.
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