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alyona11 · 1 month
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I joined Dumas server and the people there have a galaxy brain so they headcanoned this tweet for Athos and Raoul and I couldn't stop myself from sketching it xD
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The finale!!! Vote! Vote! Vote!
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counterwiddershins · 3 months
Almostttttt done with the Mordaunt fic and somehow all I want to do is draw this excellent mother & son duo (so here are some doodles of her and Mordaunt growing up).
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To be clear, I don't think Milady is a perfect person, and I don't think her being a mother makes her more (or less) sympathetic. I suppose what I like about her and find so tragic is how energetic and vibrant she is in the novel. She's a young spy with only her wits at her disposal, and she really holds her own.
What gets me most is that she's not morally worse than the musketeers, who get plenty of depictions in more "young & fun" ways, whereas Milady is always shown as a wily seductress or a killer--hardly ever light-hearted. I guess I would like to see her as a person who HAS flaws rather than as A FLAW incarnate.
And her son doesn't get to see any of that. He has to cling to the belief that she was more than what he hears about her, with only the memories of a toddler to counteract her grisly reputation.
Edit: I do think Mordaunt finds a way to reconnect with himself despite the loss of his mother and especially the loss of her legacy. He tries to forget the concept of a past and runs head-on into something with a tenuous future (and he does it with panache and a touch of exhausted sarcasm). So below are two more Mordaunts I found doodled on post-its and a bonus Lord Montrose on the right.
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severias · 14 days
It is done
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That does not look like Charles I but your get the vibe so it's fine
I was slightly inspired by Russian 20ya, yk the
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I love Aramis did you know
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princessyuz-hang · 7 months
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Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino + his cats
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madeofplasma · 10 months
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Disgusting Athos as a catboy from the three musketeers.
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oldshrewsburyian · 10 months
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It’s my boys!
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montalais · 9 months
Dumas never said this but I do: Raoul's birthday is on July 7th
It's Saint Raoul’s day, so here you have some inspo for the name, future parent
It fits nicely with October 11th, 1633, La Roche-l’Abeille.
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mordioux · 1 year
François de Vendôme, duc de Beaufort (16 January 1616 – 25 June 1669) was the son of César, Duke of Vendôme, and Françoise de Lorraine. He was a prominent figure in the Fronde, and later went on to fight in the Mediterranean. He is sometimes called François de Vendôme, though he was born into the House of Bourbon, Vendôme coming from his father's title of Duke of Vendôme.
Beaufort is one of the characters of Twenty Years After and The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Alexandre Dumas's sequels to The Three Musketeers. The first book chronicles his escape on Whitsunday - plotted by Athos - and lampoons his tendency to utter malapropisms.
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juliettebrocal · 6 months
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Vingt Ans Après
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cy-lindric · 7 months
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Louis, Anne, Philippe, Mazarin, Beaufort, and most importantly, Pistache
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coolvieilledentelle · 1 month
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Un moment de détente et reflexion cet après midi en bord de mer... “ Autrefois, j’étais belle, j’attirais les regards, sur mon passage, les hommes se retournaient. À présent, je suis vieille, j’ai perdu mon pouvoir. J’ai reçu bien des roses ; leurs épines m’ont blessée, J’ai affronté déserts, tempêtes, et chacals, et sans jamais plier, j’ai lutté, supporté. Mais tous ces coups du sort, reçus en pleine face, ont laissé sur ma peau, d’indélébiles traces. Mon âme s'est fortifiée. Elle devenait plus belle, après chaque bataille. Vous tous qui pensez, sa beauté s’est fanée, avec le temps.. eh bien vous vous trompez. Derrière mes yeux, délavés par tant de larmes versées, mes paupières ridées, usées par les tourments...Se cache mon âme ; regardez-la, et vous verrez, comme je suis belle, bien plus belle… qu’à vingt ans ! “
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(As always voting will go for 24hrs after posting)
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counterwiddershins · 8 months
My boys, my sons, my baby rat and his doe-eyed baby brother
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Everything is A-OK. Fine fine fine. Je pleure pas, j'ai juste coupé des oignons.
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severias · 11 days
It's a crisis ya'll I think the Russian 20ya got taken off YouTube this is terrible oh terrible
Where am I supposed to watch it from now
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lescarnetsdehaku · 11 months
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A little comic of d'Artagnan and Athos from Vingt Ans Après, between chapter XVI and XVII.
D'Art can't sleep and goes to the kitchen.
Kindly translated by @sparklerutile on Ig&Twitter :
0. Interlude, wherein wine unearths buried memories
Page 2
1. D’art: …! Well, well!
2. D : Hoho my friend ! Always remaining at your post!
A: That is me.
D: Is the wine still good as ever?
3. A: You cannot lose bad habits when they are as sweet as this.
D: Haha!
4. A: Tell me…
D: Yes?
A: Yesterday, you asked me this question…
Page 3
1. A: “Are you happy?” Do you remember?
2. D: Ah, yes! I’m not so drunk as to forget!
3. A: What about you?
4. D: Well…
5. D: I’d be lying if I said I don’t think back to our adventures
Page 4
1. D: Not that I do so with sadness, good times remain good.
2. D: Although I cannot help but think about all that could have been, had our paths not diverged so much.
3. D: I’m not unhappy, far from it.
D: But I do wonder.
4. D: About all those things that couldn’t turn real, and that we dropped along our way.
Page 5
1. D: That’s all.
2. A: Do you regret it?
4. D: No.
5. D: No time for regrets. Because, after wandering for so long, we are reunited, are we not?
Page 6
1. D: Come now. Let’s toast.
2. D: To our missed opportunities.
3. A: …Hm. Heh.
4. And to all our future wanderings.
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