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gyosu · 2 days
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ovytia-art · 2 days
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For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by @deathcomes4u
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jaytriesstuff · 2 days
The Birds Above the Masters Manor and the Ones Below Wayne Manor
Basically I was listening to Birds by Thomas Sanders on a long drive a while ago and my brain created this. Its a wip that I might never finish but would love if anyone wanted to add on or just enjoy it haha. anyway.
the idea is that Vlad and Danny move into what was Drake Manor after the explosion at Nasty Burger. Vlad keeps Danny confined to the Manor grounds and Danny takes up bird watching. He meets Alfred first but slowly meets the other bats and birds and they get concerned for him and suspicious of Vlad. Plot ensues.
here’s the 900ish word wip
After the explosion at Nasty Burger Danny is stuck living with Vlad. They move into what was once Drake Manor in Vlad's attempt to distance himself from the GIW and isolate Danny from other potential support. Vlad is adamant about mentoring Danny and in response to Danny’s defiance, he sets up a ghost shield around the property that’s keyed into Danny’s ecto-signature keeping him in the property at all times. Danny is also made to wear wrist cuffs that cut off his powers when he is not actively training with Vlad. Danny takes to watching birds on the edge of the property closest to Wayne Manor as that is the farthest he is capable of getting from the cold empty house that Vlad has trapped him in. 
A few months ago, Danny wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between a duck and a goose and now Danny can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about a bird just by looking at it. To be fair, a few months ago Danny still had the stars. Now he was in Gotham, where smog and the perpetually cloudy sky obscured any chance of seeing the constellations. Sure on the rare clearer night he could point out a few stars but the light pollution was a tragic interference. 
Danny had never much cared for birds. They were just something that existed. Now that he could do nothing but sit and wait for whatever Vlad wanted him to do, he envied the birds. They were free and he was not. They got to play around and socialize and go where they wanted to. He’s pretty sure none of the birds that he sees have crazy Fruitloop godparents that have taken over their entire life. Danny misses the sky. The closest thing he can get to it now is watching the birds fly by. 
Despite his best effort, he was unable to save his parents and his friends and despite all of his attempts, Vlad gained full custody of him. It didn’t take long for Vlad to move them away from Amity Park. Granted, some of his reasons were valid like getting away from the GIW but Danny knew it was mostly about control. Ever since setting up in the new manner, Danny has had no freedom. Sure he’s allowed to go wherever he wants on the property, but Vlad installed an upgraded shield that kept Danny in. It didn’t affect Vlad and it didn’t affect anybody else, but Danny was effectively trapped. Not only that but Danny was made to wear a bracelet of sorts that prevented him from ever using his ghostly abilities. Vlad would deactivate it during his “training sessions” but aside from that Danny was incapable of using his powers. 
Vlad wouldn’t even let him leave the manner for school. He had enrolled Danny in online courses to finish high school and prevented Danny from ever going anywhere or meeting anyone. He didn’t take away his phone but who is Danny gonna talk to anyway? All of his friends and all his family were dead. So, in all his boredom and isolation Danny decided to watch the birds and it was the closest thing to freedom he was able to experience anymore. It didn’t take long for him to learn all there was to know about the birds native to New Jersey his favorite was the American Robin but he saw the Northern Cardinal most often. He had set up a little spot as far away from the manner as possible, without having to deal with a shield. 
Alfred had noticed a child spending a significant amount of time on the edge of the Wayne property line. He assumed this was one of the new residents of what was previously Drake Manor. Alfred was aware that Drake Manor had been purchased by a man by the name of Vladimir Masters but he hadn’t been aware that Masters had a child. Originally he was satisfied to leave him be but as time went on Alfred grew curious. The boy was always in the same spot set up with binoculars, a foldable canvas throw, and a collapsible chair that he rarely used. While the other residents of Wayne Manor would likely be suspicious of him, Alfred had no reason to suspect any malicious intent. Still, it concerned him that the boy was always there and always alone. He looked sad. Completely and utterly dejected and hopeless. He looked like he was carrying the weight of the world. The boy reminded Alfred of Bruce after his parents died. Though the boy was closer in age to Master Damian by the looks of it, perhaps Master Tim if he was small for his age.  
After a few weeks of observing from a distance, Alfred determined that he was likely bird-watching. Why a child would spend so much time staring at the sky when there were so many other activities to participate in was beyond Alfred. It was clear that the boy was lonely. 
Alfred decided to introduce himself one day on his morning walk around the grounds. The boy’s spot was not too out of the way of Alfred’s usual route yet he wondered if the boy had ever noticed him before or if he was too focused on staring at the sky. 
“Hello lad,” Alfred greeted.
The child flinched violently and stood at inhuman speeds positioning himself in a defensive stance. It was loose but well-practiced and Alfred wondered why someone so young would need to have a practiced defensive stance.  
After taking a moment to analyze Alfred, the child relaxed. “Hello,” the boy started, “may I help you?”
“I simply wanted to introduce myself,” Alfred smiled. “I am Alfred Pennyworth, the butler for the Wayne Family.” Alfred reached out his hand and the boy took it cautiously. 
“Danny Fenton.” Danny shook Alfred’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Pennyworth.”
“Please, call me Alfred.”
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rllacyg7spn · 3 days
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corinnetheanime · 2 days
For you Vlad fans out there, here is my next 30 minute doodle! I might make this an exercise at this point.
Also Vlad may lowkey become my muse now, I dunno, I want to draw him more
No this isn’t related to my previous Vlad WIPS, that’s part of a meme comic that will definitely take more than 30 minutes to do. XD
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spacedace · 3 hours
Danny knew his sister was planning something.
Notebooks filled to the brim with her carefully created shorthand that only she could read. Late nights curled over the terrifyingly secure laptop Tuck had made her for her birthday the year before. Disappearing during the day while he was in his make up classes but always back in time for their parents to come pick them up. She was always there to have his back if any ghosts popped up - these days it was more in an effort to save any poor ghosts that made the mistake of slipping over to the living side, rather than to fight them - to help him get away from their parents or the GIW. Her absences were still noticeable though.
She’d barely left his side since he’d been… grounded . Always hovering close, hands landing on his arms or shoulders ever few minutes as if to make sure he was still there. Her tall frame always wedged between him and their parents like a shield whenever they were all in the same place. He knew about her late night research binges because she ’d started sleeping his room at night, a sleeping bag on the floor right in front of his bedroom door where she’d be woken up immediately if someone - if their parents  - tried to come in. A couple years ago he would have found it annoying and smothering, his big sister being overprotective and ridiculous. These days…
The point was, her recent habit of slipping away during the day when she was supposed to be volunteering as Lancer’s assistant was noticeable. So were the understanding looks she kept sharing with Tucker and Sam during the limited time his friends were allowed to come over. Jazz was planning something, and his friends were helping her.
But no one was telling him what that plan was.
Chapter three of the Uncle Oz AU (where Penguin adopts Jazz & Danny) is ready and posted on AO3!
Tag time below the cut so it’s a bit cleaner for everyone:
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lilianade-comics · 4 months
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An episode in which Vlad's scheme to get Jack in trouble with the government backfires spectacularly and he ends up handcuffed to Jack and on the run and everything he does to regain control of the situation completely fails and makes things worse and Jack is just blissfully himboing his way through this mess and then Maddie shows up to help her husband and the trio just, commits so many crimes and Vlad is an unsubtle idiotic overpowered supervillain who is maybe almost helpful if you squint really hard and ignore all the things that led to here
EDIT: y'all were really nice to me on this post so there is now a part 2 to this silliness!
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krossan · 1 month
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fine gentlemen
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herbatahleb · 1 month
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recently I was bleeding and a person told me this. So I decided to turn it into a funny picture
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nerdpoe · 2 months
WELL, isn't this a bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.
It's a DC crossover I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
Danny had never been the best at lying under pressure.
In fact, he tended to be the worst at it.
The only reason he hadn't been found out by his parent's was their obsession with their projects.
So when he got mobbed by the local reporters after souping Skulker for the eighth time that week, he may have felt a bit pressured.
They may have asked an unclear question.
And he just...reacted.
"So Mr. Phantom, what do you do with your free time?" One of them shouted, trying to get an answer before the GIW got there.
The sounds of said government agents was getting louder, he could hear the sirens on the GAV getting closer, and the reporters just looked so....like puppies? He couldn't just leave, that'd be rude!
So he pointed to the Well where blob ghosts tended to hang out, a great place for him and other ghosts to grab a quick snack, and fled.
Completely missing the horrified expressions on everyone behind him.
He may have, possibly, made a bad call.
Literally only two days later, there were teddy bears and flowers and notes of appreciation decorating the Well.
Danny stared down at it all, he could feel the eyes of some of his Phan club hiding in the bushes.
He...he'd just wanted a snack? Some nice little energy bar before going on patrol.
What was he supposed to do with this? Was...was he supposed to toss it in the well? What was the protocol for this? He didn't want to be rude!
Fuming, he sat down in front of the offerings and picked them up one by one, to inspect them.
Danny was unaware that this action alone made a fantastic photo shoot of him staring down at a teddy bear contemplatively, sitting in front of what all of Amity now thought was his final resting place.
The photo also caught a certain mayor in the background, glaring at him.
Danny had been on patrol, per usual, and had been about to duke it out with Ember until she'd paused, looked down, and asked exactly what the fuck was happening to their snack bar.
Danny, knowing he would probably get decked if it was a distraction but also wanting to know, looked beneath them.
There...was a protest?
The GIW and his parents were attempting to push through a huge crowd of Amity citizens that were surrounding the well.
There were police cars, Vlad looked like he was frothing at the mouth trying to stop said officers from going to the well with some strange looking equipment, and some sad looking man in a trench coat standing next to the well, staring down into it.
"I...don't know? I think there may have been a misunderstanding."
Danny and Ember stared at each other.
Ember lost her patience first.
"Just go! Get down there and correct the misunderstanding!"
"No, I don't want to involved in that mess!"
"So it is your fault!"
"I panicked!"
"Baby Pop if I lose my favorite snack bar-"
No one on the ground paid attention to the spirits arguing above them.
"Listen to me, that lying little shit-!"
"Mayor Vlad, please step back; this is now an active crime scene."
John ignored the obviously guilty as sin Mayor as he stared down the well. There was....a lot of ambient death in there.
His only real purpose was to ensure that the many, many morons in this town did not anger their local ghostly hero. Angry ghosts straight from the realms were no joke.
There was also a clear violation being done as well, if those idiots dressed in white suits meant anything.
The 'Anti-Ecto Acts' they kept quoting did not exist. He would know. He was The John Constantine, stupid laws like that were something he regularly stayed on top of. Those laws, while proposed, had never actually passed.
He'd made sure of that.
It had been relatively easy to have Deadman overshadow the right politician and point out how they were clearly just a front to remove meta rights, and the Law never made it past it's first draft.
He'd already taken a picture of the men and sent it to the Dark Knight himself; let the worlds greatest detective take a crack at who was pretending to be a part of the government and figure out the why. John had enough shit to do.
"Oh, kid," he sighed, finally stepping away from the well as the cops got closer, "what a right mess you got yourself into."
A strange machine was lowered into the well; one of those things that could see below the surface, John supposed. A regular camera was attached to it as well, just in case it wasn't needed.
It didn't even take fifteen minutes.
The cop operating the larger machine called over a higher up. They stared at the screen.
Then they started corralling the populace away from the well, setting up crime tape.
John stayed a respectful distance away, but still stayed close enough to read lips.
Multiple corpses.
Adults and children.
Some animals as well.
Serial killer.
With so much death, no wonder there was so much activity in this town. No wonder Phantom was obsessed with saving people.
Most people.
There was at least one he Did Not Get Along With.
The occultist let his eyes slide over to the mayor, who was trying to stutter out excuses.
It looked like someone had been busy.
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mfdragon · 3 months
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*screams* Can't believe I managed to complete 12 pages of something!
But yea this was an idea born from the good!Vlad au I'm coming up with; the idea of "what would need to happen for Vlad to actually make the first move and reach out to Jack and Maddie?"
I hope his suffering brings you joy :3
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gyosu · 1 day
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Harry Potter AU 
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ovytia-art · 19 hours
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For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by @tsubaki94
Used this palette!
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skellagirl · 7 months
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I hate everything I draw right now, so, y’know, the name of the game is memes!!! and shitposts!!! and a couple of ‘screenshot redraws’ but they’re just sketches!!!
(u can pry fantasy-times happy-family vlad/jack/maddie out of my cold dead hands btw)
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qoinq-qhost · 2 years
diversity win! your friend survived the lab accident and is now something distinctly nonhuman
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icedghostlatte-art · 2 months
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Torrent of Terror; A summary.
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