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temiree · 28 days
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April showers bring May flowers, and a smile to Nikola’s face! This is for @coyoteesquire-blog, who wanted something spring themed, so I thought something related to April showers would be fun to do. :3
Originally this was darker, and the mood seemed pretty dour, so I added bright light coming from above as though the clouds were parting!
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Clari MacSimiliano
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pixierainbows · 12 days
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misty rain
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downfalldestiny · 5 months
The sound of rain 🌧️☔ !.
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whiskeytangofox12 · 3 months
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bluedesignwall · 1 year
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Rain is forecast for the next week or so. I love a good rainy weekend. I plan on doing jigsaw, housework and hexie cutting. Those things don't get steps so we headed out for a walk in the rain first thing. I say first thing but I slept in until 8am. Funny how I still feel tired after having three hours extra sleep. The fresh air soon sorted out the tiredness. When we got home we took the covers off the recently planted veges so they could soak up all the rain. They all look good although we didn't get a good strike on the carrots. With the garden taken care of and our steps goals achieved we headed inside and down came the heavy rain. Perfect timing.
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disease · 10 months
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reasonpeason · 2 years
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El painting Annie’s face for Halloween.
I like this poor boy’s sad attempt at putting his hair in a high ponytail, baby’s got a few more months to go for it to work. XD
I had to admit defeat, I don’t really know where I wanted to take this, but it’s cute and I AM happy with the angles on El’s head +hands and Annie’s content face.
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tanyaluca · 2 years
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Rainy Summer…
Tanya Luca
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winterscurze · 2 years
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walking in the rain // namjoon
You liked him. A little too much though.
"Can I walk you home?", he asked as you both exited your office building. Gentle hands reaching out to hold yours, a remainder that he'd keep them safe, keep you safe. Nodding instantly you took his hands, intertwining them with yours as you headed off.
Your house was just a few streets away so you never bothered to book a cab except when you work late. But mostly you didn't bother booking a cab as Namjoon offered, quite often, to walk you home like today.
Namjoon was the type of person who would walk you to your home, a nearby cafe or even just accompany you to the usual sunday morning treks you'd go on with your group of friends. He used to enjoy them, very much. He liked walking with you, together, talking random stuffs like 'how did your day go' or 'why are we still not invading mars'. He liked putting meaning into everything he does which only got your attention more, engrossed by his way of looking at things. He even took you on a museum date once where you saw a side of him that only made you fall deeper. He had this immense admiration for art, noticed even the intricate meanings they hid well behind the colors which your eyes could never discern. Man, you should go do art or write poetry you'd tell him to which he'd only shake his head like an innocent child.
But the weather today seemed to be getting on your way back home. It was gloomy, dark clouds gathering around and you mentally chided yourself for not bringing an umbrella. Namjoon seemed to have noticed it too. " It's gonna rain, but it's only a 15 minute walk, what do you say?".
You looked at him, bewildered, not quite grasping what he intended. " What shall we do" you ask as fresh drops landed on your face, a soft drizzle filling the place in a faint patter.
He shrugged. " We can deduce it to a 5 minute run if you want" he chuckled, the sound of it lighting you up despite the weariness. " Or we can continue walking not minding the rain", he proposed, the same old warm smile grazing his face.
But all he could see was a gleaming you, eyes giving away the excitement your body couldn't contain. You nodded like an excited kid as drops of rain coated your weary skin. An instant smile warmed his features as he squeezed your hand and walked in a slow pace, tugging you closer to his side.
Watching his face now being smooched in tiny droplets of rain, you couldn't help but smile so wide that it hurt your jaws.
Perhaps you did like him, a little too much.
a/n: let me know if this is good, im having second thoughts now..
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goldenize · 2 years
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Annie finally went through my pics and says I can post this one. (●'◡'●)
He said it’s cause he looks cool but holy shit, you pull the hood off and he looks like a friggin blue dandelion, it’s amazing how he’ll still refuse to believe he’s adorable. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
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dy-drunk · 2 years
just wanna hug my fav fictional characters and walk in the rain with them and eat ice cream :( is that too much to ask for
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~ Red and Gray ~
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Me, getting back from taking a walk in the rain: I am a wet creature.
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kineticcolorcabaret · 2 years
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Help me out with the photographer name
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