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livebythemoonseclipse · 8 months
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caught in your aura -::- @earthtowildrose
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ukyao · 7 months
If u have an abundance of an element in ur chart (not talking about ur dominant element, just having a lot of placements in that element. Example: Having a virgo stellium in the second house, which is an earth house) it could mean u have a special attachment to that element.
If you have an abundance of fire energy, it could mean your someone who was always intrigued or interested in fire. You enjoy anything hot, like camp fires, exercise and having s*x. You might also prefer hot meals or drinks rather than cold or medium ones. Might be the type of person to wear a shirt in the middle of winter cause you’re always hot lmfaoo.
If you have an abundance of earth energy maybe you are someone who played with mud or sand a lot as a kid. You have a hard time with humidity and too hot or too cold environments are not of your liking. You could love forests a lot and feel at ease in them (Ik thats weird and random).
If you have an abundance of air energy you could be someone who loves going out into nature. The breeze and the wind calm you down and you feel good around it. You might like, have an obsession with opening ur windows to let the air in and out even if it’s cold as hell outside.
If you have an abundance of water energy in your chart you could be someone who loved taking baths or showers as a kid. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious running water on your face or drinking water could help you (weird advice but it has worked for me who has an abundance of water energy). The sound and touch of water make you feel good. You could like cold environments better than hot ones.
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eartheatr · 7 months
⛧Pantry of Waters
3rd ♉︎
˚ 4𝔱𝔥 𝔔𝔲𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔯 12:36 𝔞𝔪 ˚
˚ ☽ 𝔳/𝔠 7:06 𝔞𝔪 ⛧ ☽ → ♊︎ 8:06 𝔞𝔪 ˚
Color of the Day : White
Incense of the Day : Mint
Water is an essential part of the magickal tool kit. With some planning, you can create an all purpose pantry of magical waters.
You'll need some small lidded jars [four-ounce canning jars are perfect], masking tape or labels, and a permanent marker. Label and date each sample of water you collect.
Start by collecting water from any body of water you visit. The real and remembered links to that place will be powerful. Collect rainwater, hail, sleet, snow, or ice to use when a stormy influence is needed. Store snow and hail in the freezer.
Collect morning dew for rituals of initiation, growth, and abundance. Collect water on the sabbats. Collect holy water from sacred sites, or bless water using your own sacred ceremony.
For lunar magick, charge water under the full or dark moon or through a full moon phase. For solar magick, charge water under the midday sun or from sunrise to sunset.
Add gems, crystals, plants, or objects [make sure all of these things are water safe if you plan to ingest or use these waters on yourself in a ritual or spell] to waters to create or boost a specific effect.
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stephyjcreations · 5 months
When fire and water collide 🔥💧
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Bush walking.
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Earth and Water Sign Cult
I’m circling back to my prior statement, this time with the minuscule amount of data I’ve gathered. Concluding that the majority of leaders in the food establishments I work have all been earth and water signs.
Job 1: capricorn, virgo, virgo, virgo, taurus, taurus, taurus, cancer, cancer, pisces, pisces, scorpio, scorpio and scorpio.
Job 2: scorpio, cancer, taurus and capricorn.
Job 3: pisces, virgo, and taurus.
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anistitu1 · 8 months
Edina free electricity generator from salt water
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aquarianwisp · 8 months
From my book of shadows, my page on water energy. It unfortunately fails to totally capture the magic of water, which needs to be experienced in practice. I can only write of my experiences, but if you have yet to truly understand the elements, try working with one in particular over the others for a little while until you really experience it on a spiritual level. You will come to truly understand it on a deeper level 🙂
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zahra-rose · 1 year
“I don’t think the ocean washes away anything. If anything, the ocean makes you remember”
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pokecard-gendies · 11 months
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Watergybasic - a gender connected to the Water Energy card (102/102) in the Pokémon TCG base set.
💧 coined by me !
💧 flag by me !
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livebythemoonseclipse · 7 months
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if you break my glass heart, shatter it fast -::- @earthtowildrose
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aliceraae · 2 years
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A little photo dump of me, myself, and I 💙🌈🌎🌻
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eartheatr · 1 year
⛧Golden Day Ritual
4𝔱𝔥 ♏︎
Color of the Day : Yellow
Incense of the Day : Lilac
Gold is stunning, captivating, and connected to the Sun. Let's celebrate gold along with the element of water, used for panning, for today, embodied by Agni.
The Indian deity Agni, god of fire, melded his powerful eyes with water from his semen to yield gold.
Agni represents transformative energy, immortality, and the alchemy of water and fire. He cleanses all that is unlucky and foul.
For this ritual you will need :
A red medium pillar candle
1/3 cup ghee [clarified butter]
A golden fireproof plate
1/4 cup lightning water
Take your red candle [representing vitality, transformation, passion], and dress it with ghee. To dress, focus on Agni's power and rub ghee from the center of the candle upward and then from the bottom of the candle to the center, all around the candle.
Then light the candle on the golden plate. Recite :
Agni, on this golden day, I invite your cleansing energy into my life.
Repeat twice more. After reflection dip the fingers of your dominant hand into the lightning water and snuff out the candle.
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tulatodivine · 1 year
Did you guys now how their is power in your nails . The ancient Egyptians the power of makeup and nails itself . Would use tattoos and other methods to bring in the energy of certain elements and Gods/ Goddess.
I like the occult nails books and post ❤ shaping it up .
" Energy harvesting = The secret talent of Stiletto ( water element ) nails
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safrashh · 2 years
If you have water placements (Cancer/Scorpio/ Pisces) , water dominant planets (Moon, Pluto, Neptune), or a water grand trine within you natal chart.
It is the perfect time for you to navigate your past unexplored traumas during these days, the ones you’ve tried to hide from everyone, especially yourself, that now resid in the depth of your unconscious, reflect on them and acknowledge how they’ve affect you in building your present self. (Throughout the negative but most importantly the positive aspects.)
If it rains where you live during these days especially during night time, collect some rain water in a jar and keep it somewhere chill and dark, let the stagnant water rest, process and build up some healing maternal energies until the full moon happens (starting on Monday night to Wednesday morning).
That night get under the radiant glow of the full moon residing in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and the unspoken, the planet that works in the shadows (your unconscious).
Start the conversation with those past selves while rinsing yourself with rain water, helping you establishing a conversation with your past self that are still affected to this day.
Tell them why they’ve hurt you, why you’ve tried to forget them, but most importantly confort them expressing how they’ve made you realise some things while processing there grief.
It is tough, however try not to forget them, neither repulse them yet try to acknowledge there existence, and remember; it’s due to there past presence in your life that your strength is growing today.
Free yourself from the chains that they’ve established, holding you down in shapes of toxic memories.
By Acknowledging them, you make them rebirth independently without them having to hold you back, from loving and trusting yourself.
Your vulnerability and empathy is precious. Stay Glowing and radiant, remember that recovering is a process and if you don’t give yourself the chance to walk in that path, no one will.
You always should be your most precious love.
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