#water reminder
depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 10 months
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• take your meds and drink some water •
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ilaiawanderlust · 5 months
WATER TIME!!!! Take a big sip!
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(mine has an electrolyte packet)
@alivent-inside @whatcouldpossiblyg0wr0ng @socialc1imb @shyrule @silvercaptain24 @squigglywindy I know there are more people, but I can't remember their urls
You, too @spacebagel54
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kedreeva · 1 year
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Come on, up you get for a minute, let's go. We're drinking water from our favorite mugs tonight and you're invited. Go get yourself some and drink with me.
Feel free to share a photo of your favorite mug in the reblogs, with your water!
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diiivne · 8 months
hey everyone! here are some ways to stay cool during these heat spikes we've been having this summer (seriously, its been going up to 109f in california!)
-keep your icetrays full consistantly
-stay hydrated!! if youre unable/limited in being able to go out, try to keep some water filters handy in your house for tap water/fridges/water containers with filters
-wash your hands with cold water, even ice if needed
-stay inside as much as possible!! if you do have to go out, wear sunscreen/skin protectors. when coming back inside, apply lotion to hydrate your skin!
-dress as cool as possible - tank top, shorts, or very short sleeved shirt, if needed a quick run to your local thrift shop will get you some good stuff
-ice packs work best on the neck/back, upper arms, face, and stomach :D
stay safe everyone! sending my love <3
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foxxcares · 1 year
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It is time to go and drink some water my lovelies!
[Image description: a cartoon graphic of a water bottle on a pale blue background with the text "drink some water!" displayed next to it. /ID end]
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pleiadia7 · 9 months
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blah-blah-nerd · 1 year
I dunno man. Go and drink some water and... read a book or something.
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rayvn · 1 month
Here's your daily reminder, Drink your water.
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itwasadhdallalong · 2 years
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A little Tumblr fairy told me that you're dehydrated as fuck ✨🫥✨
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Drink water bestie<3
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bisexualterror · 8 months
reminder to eat and hydrate or i come into ur house like the kool aid man and feed you
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life-facts · 5 months
Make some time to do something you enjoy. A bit of happiness is the first step to recovery.
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caring-minkook · 1 year
Stay hydrated and I love you 🌸
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angelo-gray · 9 months
Could you drink some water, please?
Okay, I'll get a glass rn :3
Thanks for the reminder Anon! Muah ♡
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strawberrisnow · 10 months
I have officially acquired a cute water bottle! I'm really hoping it will improve my water intake, since I unfortunately have the bad habit of not drinking enough during the day. I'm pleased with it so far, but let's hope my motivation stays up! 🤭🌼
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