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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 10 months
Full-shift werewolves are superior because as kids, shifting is Hard without a grown-up to help, and kids spend most of their time in pup form until they learn how to shift on their own, and even then it's more fun to be pup-shaped than kid-shaped. At any given time, there are 2-3 pups underfoot, and more are probably causing chaos nearby.
Being pup-shaped means adults having to be creative about time-out. Bad and Naughty Pups go in the Punishment Pot.
Tumblr media
It's the only thing that works bc they can't chew through it and it's too tall for them to jump out of, so there's just a very smol little fuzzball seething with Rage at the bottom of the soup pot.
Tumblr media
2½ pounds of "fuck you."
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chirpsythismorning · 27 days
Rick Conroy's Recent Rentals:
Teen Wolf (1/2/3)
Tumblr media
As a refresher, this is a shot from 4x02: Vecna's Curse. Robin, Max, Dustin and Steve are using the video store's database to look through the most recent rentals of all the Ricks in town as hints for which one Reefer Rick is, so that they can get his address and track down Eddie.
Unfortunately for them, this selection here from Rick Conroy didn't give off 'reefer' vibes and so they moved on to the next one.
However, luckily for us, this could very well have been hinting at events that are either already happening in s4, or are perhaps still yet to fully come to fruition in s5.
2. Teen Wolf (1985)
Tumblr media
This is easy/hard because although it could be fairly simple, it could also be complex, to the point where it may very well go even further than this film. So I guess I'll just humor the implications, both simple and complex, because why not.
The entire plot of Teen Wolf revolves around a protagonist who is tired of being average, only to find out that he's actually the opposite of average: a frickin' werewolf.
There are a lot of possibilities for where elements of this film could align with certain concepts in the show. I even feel like it could be related to a specific arc on the most basic level (ie. Sixteen Candles = Birthdaygate).
Ironically, something I also noticed related to this, is that in the same episode we get the Rick selection with Teen Wolf, we also see the poster for it in the exact same spot as the Sixteen Candles poster was at the end of s3. We even see the letters ARC(ADE) in the right corner of the frame for both (probably just a coincidence, but a cool one at that).
Tumblr media
Notice the pole going straight through the Teen Wolf poster here? More on that later...
Initially, I was going to just associate this film with the storyline related to the basketball team, because we do see a prominent arc related to basketball in s4, and so that felt like an easy way to pinpoint that reference?
However, I did feel sort of inclined to dig deeper, and this is because the other two films from this specific Rick selection connects to Will's character more than any of the other characters arguably.
Basically, after being stumped with the Teen Wolf mention, and intending to just stick with the simplicity of how the reference could apply to s4, I moved on to Romancing the Stone, only to find out it screamed Will, and so a part of me began wondering if it could be more complex than it seems when it comes to this reference.
And so, what exactly would Teen Wolf (1985) have to do with Will and his present/future arc, assuming that these three movies are indeed related to his character?...
Well, Twelvegate.
Just take a look at the film's slogan at the top of the movie poster:
He always wanted to be special. But he never expected this!
Tumblr media
Upon rewatching this scene I also noticed there are twelve Ricks total...
As many of you probably know, there has been a decent amount of imagery with Will's blocking being obstructed by rods/poles/stakes, etc. (ie. Phineas Gage). So the fact that a pole interferes with the poster for TW could also be intentional in its attempt to give it some association to Will.
Here are the several other shots we get of the TW poster in this same episode:
Tumblr media
I remember so much discourse about how this shot above was foreshadowing Max's confrontation with Vecna, which I do still fully believe to be the case. However, now I'm also rethinking about how that claw representing Venca looks just a little too aligned with the TW poster to not at least be a little bit intentional...
Tumblr media
Look at Dustin and Max's bikes! They're blue/yellow directly in front of the poster!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And that's that on that!!
Though, if I’m being honest, this all still felt a little too simple to me.
The poster with Michael J. Fox opening up his shirt to reveal the title Teen Wolf also reminded me of the official reveal that Vecna was 001? Where the UD vines sort of scatter to reveal the number on his wrist...?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
While it could be relevant as a potential hint for Will only now discovering as a teen that he has powers/is connected to the lab, similar to the protagonist of Teen Wolf only now discovering as a teen that he is a werewolf, I still want to try to take it another step further.
Now, going back to the basketball plot in s4, because I do think there still could be some connections between the show and the basketball theme in the film, is that there's actually a really layered connection to Teen Wolf going on here. And it has very me intrigued.
Although, this connection can be easily overlooked, as it's not related to the 1985 version, but actually the 2011 drama series, loosely based on the 1985 version, which goes by the same name...
As it turns out, Mason Dye’s most notable role before he was cast as Jason Carver in s4 of Stranger Things, was his role as Garrett in s4 of Teen Wolf.
Tumblr media
So I guess the casting department decided to typecast tf out of Mason, by giving him the role of a character in a storyline potentially inspired by elements from the movie Teen Wolf? A role which also happens to be almost identical to his role in the series Teen Wolf?
Jason Carver character description in Stranger Things: popular basketball player ends up hunting down Hellfire Club (ALSO peep his #12 jersey... yep.)
Garrett character description in Teen Wolf: popular lacrosse player ends up hunting down Scott's pack
This also reminded me of the Duffer's talking about the casting of Amybeth McNulty. For those who don't know, Amybeth starred in Anne with an E (2017-2019), which is a drama series based on the book Anne of Green Gables (1908). There's also a well known TV mini-series based on said book which came out in 1985. After casting for Vickie was announced, the Duffers revealed that they were fans of the AOGG book and the mini series as kids (which is why the book was referenced in the show a few times), but also made a point to add that they were big fans of AWAE.
This is interesting to me because I feel like TW and AWAE are the kind of shows that have a bad rep (mostly deserved for TW atp), but specifically because of how they present themselves on the surface?
Werewolf teens and a talkative red-haired girl in braids don't exactly scream quality TV to most people? Which like, fair enough. Not to mention, both adaptations were based on stories that were very popular in the 80's, being modernized for future audiences. And so a lot of people hated them for that reason alone, without even giving them a second glance.
However, within the context of the Duffers, who are well known film nerds, who literally watch anything and everything under the sun, I think it's possible (and even likely) they watched Teen Wolf the series.
Arguably, TW's most impressive narrative moments come from season 3b. Which interestingly enough brings us back to the main focus I had for this post, which is how exactly this could all relate to Will.
Will being possessed by the Mind Flayer is EXTREMELY void-Stiles coded:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Void-Stiles is easily recognized as one of the strongest arcs in the entire series, and for good reason. S3b season truly tested the limits of Dylan O'Brien's talent, along with a lot of other elements in the show just really hitting the mark that season. The story-building, the vibes, and the acting from the cast overall was pretty good, making it well regarded as a fan favorite (sound familiar?).
At first it starts with Stiles sacrificing himself, essentially dying for a short period of time, only to come back to life, but to have also left a door open in his mind. This door (ajar) makes Stiles vulnerable to the Nogitsune (an evil spirit that feeds off of chaos, strife and pain), who of course takes advantage and attaches to Stiles.
Slowly, Stiles starts experiencing an inability to focus, sleepwalking, vivid dreams during the day, while also not being able to tell the difference between dreams and reality. Eventually this leads to the Nogitsune gaining control, who then starts to have more influence on Stiles' behavior, leading him to trick his loved ones around him into believing that it's him by acting like Stiles at times, when really it's the Nogitsune. He uses Stiles' body as a vessel to wreak havoc on the town of Beacon Hills, but also specifically Stiles friends/family.
He even goes as far as to make Stiles do things like twist a sword into his best friends chest, then finally detaches himself from Stiles' body only to in that very same moment kidnap Lydia (his love interest), and ending in a battle with him orchestrating the attempted murder of an entire floor of a hospital, along with successfully killing a beloved main character.
While I do think it's possible we could see some similarities between these storylines here (we arguably already have), something I realized a while back when researching for birthdaygate, was that it did remind me a great deal of Stiles' arc in s6a of TW.
What makes this arc kind of ironic in the context of this post, is that there are some parallels to Back to the Future...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Basically everyone forgets Stiles existed, to the point where he's completely erased from reality, including photographs (Back to the Future reference). Other details about him, like his name and his connection to the people around him, is what plays a big part in his return (including radios being used between realms to communicate with him... yep).
As it's happening, Stiles starts going up to everyone he knows, first casual friends, and slowly down the line to people that mean the most to him. Suddenly his best friend doesn't know him, then his dad, finally the only person left who remembers him is Lydia, only for him to be taken and for everyone to forget (including Lydia). And this was basically the big cliffhanger that closed off the first episode of the season, with it being a guiding force to them getting Stiles back in the following episodes.
Now, I just want to make it clear that I do NOT think that this is how s5 is going to play out, like barely, if at all.
My main purpose for this post was to look at the simple and complex in relation to this reference and how it could relate to what is to come, in any shape/form.
Like, we know they draw a lot of inspiration from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (along with 100+ films and more). And yet still, that doesn't mean we're expecting the show to play out exactly like it does in those stories.
What we're expecting is some inspiration & parallels.
S5 is said to be drawing a lot of inspiration from s1-2, which are two seasons most tied to Wills disappearance and possession.
Clearly in the case of this reference, there are A LOT of possibilities for what this could be hinting at related to Will's arc in particular.
I'm excited, but also terrified to find out what...!
#byler#stranger things#movie inspo#twelvegate#teen wolf (1985)#teen wolf (2011)#ALSO I love how Michael J Fox is just chilling in all these layered references going on here related to Will#just wait until we get to romancing the stone...#also I have a theory that the duffers were big tw stans pre-downfall#that it plays a small part in why they insist on not going past 5 seasonns... bc they don't want their show to go downhill either#they've seen tw and dozens of other shows go from impressive to unwatchable#TW has gotta be the biggest example of this in recent years#i'm not even talking unliked endings#i'm talking UNWATCHABLE endings#i feel like the duffers set themselves apart bc as time went on they actually clued their cast in on the overall series arcs/plans/ending#which made it easier for the cast to stay as opposed to leaving around s3/4#with the creator of teen wolf he kind of is just allowing the show to go on forever and ever#and so he's sort of been forced to work around the casts desire to even continue participating#and so ever since they lost the bulk of their cast but especially dylan obrien (the heart of the show)#it just become unwatchable#like imagine ST losing gaten but just continuing to roll out new seasons???#i don't want to imagine it. it would suck. it simply wouldn't be stranger things anymore#and that's also why i think the duffers refuse to kill of their mains for shock value#bc everyone knows the less og characters you have as the seasons go on#the more the show becomes a shell of its former self and what used to make it so good in the first place:#it's fucking characters#i can guarantee you after s5 that this is the end of these characters story forever...#and i'll be fine with that!
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msginnymalfoy · 7 months
Tumblr media
Tʏʟᴇʀ ᴘᴏsᴇʏ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴇᴇɴ ᴡᴏʟғ ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇ:
Tyler also said that they don't know a specific date yet for the release of the Teen Wolf Movie, but they do know it will come out this year. He said he hopes it will be in December.
- dsharmanews/rharsin (twitter)
Also, ian bohen told the same thing as tyler... there will be more teen wolf movies and everyone will come back.. 'eventually'.
Tumblr media
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yikeshereiam · 5 months
corey, hayden and theo have a group chat called ‘divorced, beheaded, survived’ where they all regularly shit-talk their respective exes. 
it acts as a support group for the victims of the mccall pack’s emotional constipation. 
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moonlightfilly · 2 years
must we give the werewolves back to Jeff Davis? wasn’t Teen Wolf reason enough to not let him run a show like that again??
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nunesbytko · 8 months
TW: Is it true that they didn't even ask Cody/Theo back????
Tumblr media
I just assumed that Cody said no,
But after reading some articles, he said that he wasn't even contacted
Does anyone else find that odd???
Sure some fans are saying that his arc wrapped up great so all's well, but he's one half of a popular ship. I assumed Cody was one of the FIRST actors producers/Jeff would be calling
Plus Theo was one of the most interesting characters deserting his sister/ he was raised by the fricking dread Doctors!
Thiam aside, I was very interested too see how the new Redeemed Theo turned out. And I wanted to see how his relationship with Scott has changed over the years
I can't believe the TW Team had the opportunity to invite him and were like.......
Tumblr media
And the cast and crew all loved Cody,
And it didn't even cross their minds to ask if he was free????
This makes absolutely NO sense at all!!!!!!
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mossycoat · 2 months
what should have happened in the Teen Wolf The Movie movie, according to someone (meeeee) who hasn't seen it and is tooooo scared. for many reasons. -derek hale walks around with a veritable forest of chest hair on display always. there is a slapstick scene in which he runs afoul of some errant velcro and he struggles for a few minutes to disentangle himself from it. this scene is just for me, but maybe for you too. -at least three people call peter hale a misogynistic slur to his face, which makes him giggle and blush. i want him to be rewarded for his bad behaviour. he's SO good at it. -stiles' absence is explained away as being the direct result of him being too busy petrol bombing the fbi headquarters to rock up or something. MY stiles stilinski Would Simply Not Be A Fed. -alternative explanation for him not being there is that literally everyone just forgot to tell him about what's happening. he's sipping a fruity alcoholic drink (as well as a Fruity alcoholic drink) somewhere, blissfully unaware that shit's rotten in the state of beacon hills. idk. -lydia martin LESBIAN SUPREMACY. that's WHAT THE L STANDS FOR. -kira's absence is explained away as being the direct result of her helping stiles petrol bomb the fbi headquarters. like she's right there with him sipping a rum and coconut monstrosity or whatever. -malia has told everyone to fuck off forever for making her attend high school. maybe she sometimes teaches like. wilderness survival or some shit. or maybe she just does whatever she wants forever. very much Autism be damned, my girl sure can teach some young children how not to die of exposure in the woods. i don't KNOW. but she's LEFT ALONE and no one makes her do anything. -allison does come back from the dead but ONLY so peter can say "oh my god she's just like me" and upset everyone. -boyd and erica are alive and well. HOW?? doesn't matter. this is teen wolf. they're awake and they have heartbeats and they get a phone call asking them to come back to beacon hills for One Last Showdown. they both say "no. kill yourselves <3" and then help stiles and kira cause grievous damage to a federal building for fun. -jackson has a fake english accent and won't stop saying stuff like "lift" instead of elevator. we get a shot of a grindr notification popping up on his phone, and it's peter hale messaging him saying "chris and i saw you from across the room and we hate your vibes" etc etc. gay on gay crime. -irritating fan service shot of isaac strangling someone to death with a scarf. someone is like "why didn't you use your claws you're a werewolf" and isaac responds with "i forgot". -scott mccall and derek hale have matching friendship bracelets. -jeff davis retires from screenwriting forever. the end.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 5 months
Hi, do you have any fics where everyone but Derek don't care about Stiles? Maybe after the Nogitsune where everyone blames him but Derek is the only one who doesn't? Thank you!
Anon asked: post nogitsune stiles, where stiles has nightmares/self harm/or doesn’t eat much
Hi anons. @kevaaronday found these and said "Post-nogitsune fics have always been my fav! Hope you like what i've picked!"
Tumblr media
Something Rotten by HappyJuicyfruit (5/5 | 78,762 | Mature | Sterek) Dammit, this was another reason he hated walking around a big city at night, he always managed to catch glimpses of the dark underbelly. He turned around, planning on going the long way home, but he froze when he heard the voice- 
“Let me take you home,” a man said.
“That will cost you more. I get the money before we leave, and I take another hit at your place before we do anything.” Another man slurred. 
That voice. It sounded like- Derek’s feet were moving him towards the men before he could think.
I Don’t Deserve It by WordsCreatedWorlds (34/34 | 49,649 | Teen | Sterek) After the defeat of the Nogitsune, Stiles struggles to face what he’s done. Their faces haunt him, and his friends’ grief feels like a knife to the chest. What is Stiles supposed to say when Derek of all people is the only thing keeping him sane? Moving on is hard when revenge is at play.
A Poison I Drink Often by Halevetica (32/32 | 42,590 | Mature | Sterek) It's been years since Stiles left Beacon Hills. He's got a job and a life away from the supernatural, but his past continues to haunt him. He's kept awake by nightmares and memories of those he lost. He puts on a good front when he visits home so no one knows the mess of a man he's become. He's coping, until one particularly bad night when he runs into the last person he ever wanted to see, Derek Hale.
(This started as a one shot but I decided to make it longer)
I found you hidden in plain sight (why’d I take so long?) by Gorgeousgreymatter (7/7 | 25,419 | Explicit | Sterek) Stiles is pretty sure he’s hallucinating. He’s got to be. There’s no other plausible explanation, he thinks, as he sits on the sidelines of the lacrosse field and feels the cold, hard bench underneath him, the roar of the crowd at his back like the worst white noise machine in the world.
There’s no other reason why he sees it, the hulking, black figure of a wolf peering at him from the treeline behind the bleachers. Its eyes flare in the glaring glow of the stadium lights, but they’re the wrong color, he thinks: blood-moon red instead of cobalt blue, but the familiarity of it all makes his stomach roll and clench.
5 Times the Hale Pack Helped to Heal Stiles and the 1 Time the Hale-McCall Pack Helped by anxious_24_7 (6/6 | 8,604 | Teen | Sterek) It’s hard to believe that nobody noticed Stiles falling apart after the whole Nogitsune shebang. He had gained stronger bruises under his eyes. His hands weren’t moving in the same way, not flailing about but shaking nearly all of the time. He didn’t go off on the random tangents about weird things that popped into his head like he had before. He had, it seemed, no life energy anymore.
Saturday Night At The Movies by aussiebee (1/1 | 7,349 | Explicit | Sterek) After running into Stiles at the late night movies, Derek realises just how badly Stiles is handling the post-nogitsune fallout. He knows the feeling.
The Aftermath by tabbytabbytabby (2/2 | 6,005 | Teen | Sterek) After everything that happened with the Nogitsune Stiles was not okay, despite what the pack wanted to believe. Derek finds Stiles alone in the preserve and comforts Stiles and offers Stiles something he hadn't felt in weeks, hope.
I don't trust anyone but you by Delilah2040 (1/1 | 4,722 | Gen | Sterek) Post-Nogitsune, Stiles is pushed out of the pack because they're not sure they can trust him but Derek who doesn't trust anyone keeps him in the loop and comforts the traumatised teen. Cuddling and realisations occur
Void by Sivan325 (1/1 | 1,468 | Teen | Sterek) “Get out, Stiles, you are not welcome in my pack anymore, I can’t stand to look at you and see a murderer in front of me, get out.” Scott told him, his eyes flashed red and the rest of the pack didn’t even stand up for him.
and now i see daylight by spaceprincessem (1/1 | 1,467 | Teen | Sterek) “Are you sure?” Derek asked, tilting his head to the side, the razor held securely in his hand.
“Please.” Stiles begged, swallowing the lump in his throat. 
He didn’t mean to sound so desperate, but it was one of the only feelings he had left in his shriveled up, husk of a body. He was desperate to return to normal. Desperate to get better. Desperate for his friends, his father, to love him again. Desperate to feel like he wasn’t drowning. Derek nodded his head, moving behind Stiles, carefully placing one hand against the back of Stiles’ neck to angle his head just right. Stiles held his breath, eyes squeezing shut as he let himself fall into Derek’s mercy.
Becoming Friends by Chattalgi (1/1 | 1,160 | Not Rated | Sterek) What if after the Nogitsune, Stiles suffered silently from nightmares. What if Derek had come to see him to help him. What if a good friendship were established between them with the approval of the Sheriff.
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filmbyjy · 5 months
Tumblr media
— main HYBRID masterlist
SUMMARY: you had grew up with jaeyun since you were young. however, what happens when you fell in love with the wolf hybrid?
WORD COUNT: 725 words
warnings: i feel like the ending is angsty :( majority it's fluff. don't worry, the next few episodes of jake's will be happier :)
NOTE: god why is this so sad :'D sorry besties <3
Tumblr media
many who came across a dense forest would surely be smart enough to not go in. especially when there were possibilities of cayotes, rabid animals and most importantly...wolves.
many were surprised to find out there was a possibility of hybrid wolves. they were practically similar to the legend of werewolves. they were human in the day but on full moon, they turn to terrifying beasts. ones that could possibly bite your meat clean off the bones.
however, you were not one to fear. not when you lived with a wolf hybrid since birth.
"jaeyun! fetch!" your dad throws a frisbee into the air and jaeyun catches it with his mouth. your dad chuckles. "buddy, we are learning to be more human-like before you go to school. humans don't catch frisbees with their mouth."
"sorry." jaeyun's tail wags. one of his ears flops down, seemingly like a dog. he was obviously not a dog.
both you and your mom watched him and your dad from the dining room. you smiled when jaeyun smiles. he had such a charming smile...and mayhaps you fell for it.
but how could you? he was practically like a stepbrother to you. your parents took him in since he was a pup because his parents were killed in some accident and he had grown up with you. they call him son too. this was so wrong to even develop feelings for him.
"sweetie? are you alright?" your mom asks.
"yeah, i am." you got up. "i have some homework to do, the cake was delicious by the way, mom."
"oh thank you sweetheart. i have a new thing to add into the menu."
you walked over to your room. you hear a small knock and you noticed jaeyun peaking his head. you smiled a little.
"hey, something you need?"
"i umm want to talk about how it will be like in human school." jaeyun shyly says.
"sure, come here." you pat on your bed. jaeyun walks closer and settles down on your bed. his grey tail just hanging off your bed. "alright, what do you want to know about school?"
"is it scary? how do i make friends? uhh relationships with girls and how do i approach them."
"jaeyun, you have to slow down. how about i answer the first question." he nods. "well school is a little scary. the only scary thing is just homework really and math. you like numbers though so i'm sure you'd love math. you did well while being home-schooled."
"what about friends?"
"they can come to you or you could approach them. i'm sure you're pretty extroverted at times. you're adorable too so there won't be a problem when people try to approach you."
"umm girls?"
"jaeyun, you don't have to worry about that now. school is more important. we are only high school seniors."
"exactly! i'm scared. what if girls don't like me because i'm weird. what if i can't get a girlfriend."
"trust me, jaeyun. you'll be able to. you're good looking and charming. there is no way the girls in my school wouldn't fall for you. there might even be a chance that you could be the popular guy on your first day too."
"what if someone wants to kiss me." jaeyun pouts.
your heart races. right, someone might date and kiss jaeyun...
you smiled, "you shouldn't just let any girl kiss you. unless...you want to become like those fuckboys in teen movies then go ahead."
"nooo i don't."
"then only kiss the girl you trust and truly love."
"like you?" jaeyun innocently asks.
you felt your face heat up. you looked away from jaeyun.
"i don't think the way you love me is the same as when you get a girlfriend, jaeyun." you chuckled a little. "that kind of love is the kind of love mom and dad are. between us...it's just like sibling."
"ah, i think i get it!" jaeyun smiles, "thank you, (name)!!" jaeyun hugs you. he was always affectionate.
as soon as he leaves your bedroom, you laid down.
jaeyun was never going to be your boyfriend. he would have a girlfriend and they will eventually get married. he was going to leave both you and your family. he was forever only going to see you like a sibling.
you sighed.
this was your fate.
taglist[open]: @nyfwyeonjun @luvkait @hello-stranger24 @cowsidfk @tzuyusluv @beans-and-jeanes
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bloodsoakedtooth · 4 months
very very much on brand for me but perhaps an Eddie x male reader where the reader is a werewolf
This ask is VERY you lol, but it's great so i'm not complaining. Here's the gay werewolf content for the soul
Warnings: dog jokes 😔, Eddie being kinda mean to dustin but like. In a friend way. Very very vauge mentions of a potentially traumatic turning. Male reader, but the rest is totally neutral (body type, race, height, that type of thing)
Tumblr media
There are two backgrounds that i'm thinking of
Either the teens found you in the upside down and were like "well fuck. We can't just leave someone here"
Dustin has been following you because he 's sure you're a werewolf and he somehow convinces Eddie to help him even though eddie probably doesn't believe him because nobody ever just trusts Dustin-
Dustin, as always, was right. You're a fucking werewolf
Eddie has a lot of questions..
1st edition dnd did have werewolfs, so that where most of his assumptions come from. Especially considering vecna being his intro to the upside down
Honestly he's kinda freaked out and a little terrified at first
All of his experiences with supernatural stuff have been bad, so can you really blame him?
Eddie gets over it eventually, though
One of the first things he does after he realizes you aren't going to kill him is take out every book or movie he has with werewolves and asking you how accurate they
He's got a lot of questions
How being the main one
Eddie is like 2 wrong words away from asking how you get turned- but he doesn't want pry about something you might not want to talk about
...How high is your tolerance? Is it higher than most humans or weaker?
Are you more like a dog or a wolf? ... Can he pet you???
He'll occasionally just ask some wild question
"Do you need to chew bones like dogs?"
If you ever wear a choker or a short necklace eddie thinks it's fucking hilarious --and a little hot but that's not the point--
He calls you puppy cause he's cute like that --and he thinks it's a little funny--
He calls highfiving you paw cause he's a little shit
Wayne works night shifts a lot, so if you ever need a place to stay for the full moon his trailer is an option. As long as you don't get too destructive- it's exactly the most solid home
Werewolf packs in 1st edition dnd can be anywhere from 2-20 people big with families being 5-8
So he's got a lot of people to impress-
Wether your pack is found family or legal family is up to you, but regardless he wants them to like him
Especially since you care so much about them
Look me in the eyes and say that Eddie isn't into werewolves. He is. He wants to be thrown around like a chew toy
He's always cold (hence the leather jacket in like august) so any time you cuddle he's literally using you as a heater
Any time you do something that could be read as dog-like he has this stupid smile on his face
Head pats.. So many head pats. Especially if you're shorter than him
He watches werewolf movies with you just to watch you get annoyed about it being inaccurate
Eddie totally makes a dnd character based on you for his campaign
When Dustin is like "hey he seems kinda like y/n" Eddie pulls a "Not all werewolves are the same, DUSTIN. They don't even have the same name."
Give this man an award for funniest man alive
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fbfh · 6 months
you're mine (and I'm yours) - scott mccall x witch!mate!reader hcs
wc: 4k
genre: soulmate au sort of, lowkey a sabrina the teenage witch au (hilda and zelda are your aunts) bc I'm in my 90s witchy whimsigothic era,
summary: trying to balance your newly realized powers as a young witch with a social life and starting at a new school is a lot to handle, and you're thrown for a huge curveball when the hot werewolf on the lacrosse team forms a mate bond with you, dragging both of you into each others secret worlds
warnings: not proof read, some predator/prey dynamics bc scott is a literal werewolf, scott realizes he's being kind of creepy towards you but you can tell he's not human so you get it yk, you pass out bc you're a tad overwhelmed, scott is very posessive, scott is very clingy, scott is so fucking down bad for you, implied size difference (specifically he has bigass hands), astral projection/eavesdropping through dreams, awkward mate talk with Derek and Scott, mention of future conversations about ruts but otherwise sfw, your Aunt Hilda and Salem both make dog jokes at Scott but he takes them in stride, I think that's it??
song rec: we belong together - ritchie valens, wereowl - sj tucker, wolf bite - owl city, head over feet - alanis morissette, also here's an outfit but it's totally optional lmao
a/n: had this in the works for a while!! It spiraled out of control lol,, I was debating using this as an outline but it's already pretty long and I'm coming out of a slump so I'll take what I can get lol but if yall like this def expect more of scott x whimsigothic witch reader bc I have SO many ideas lol ALSO for your consideration chris flemming's take on witch summer, and scott introduces himself to you like skunk from a diy basement show ((also tagging people on the movie/tv show au tag list and the omegaverse tag list bc of the genre so if you don't know why you're getting tagged in a teen wolf fic that's why lol))
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Tumblr media
You and your family have always been somewhat quiet, kept to yourselves
In spite of some family members more… flashy joie de vivre
And in spite of the fact that you’re all at least a little eccentric 
You really do try to keep to yourselves
You just want a chill, peaceful existence 
You’re not looking for trouble 
Do no harm take no shit kind of energy
A lot of this is due to the fact that almost everyone in your family are witches 
You have a cousin who’s a sorcerer that lives out in tallahassee 
But besides that
You’re pretty much all witches
Your mom and dad live in michigan, often visiting family in the hudson valley or up in northern new england 
Quiet places where no one will look too closely at private lowkey eccentric people 
Once your magic and clairvoyant powers started to develop on your 16th birthday, you move in with your two aunts in northern california
A small town called beacon hills
Everyone knew figuring out a balance between learning about your powers and heritage and maintaining a normal social life was going to be hard
Your aunts arranged a split schedule for you
You’d homeschool half the week to give you more time and freedom to learn your craft
And go to the public high school half the week 
Hybrid schooling isn’t exactly conventional, but nothing about your family really is
The school board apparently weren’t very pro on this but your aunts managed to convince them
So for the first half of the week, everything goes fine
You’re doing your homework as fast as you can and learning so much about your powers
You’ve been studying auras and energy reading
Once you get the hang of it, you find it’s hard to shut it off
The second half of the week surprisingly also goes okay
At first
Your first day at beacon hills high, you get a tour from a guy named Stiles who is either taking way too much or not enough adderall 
He seems a little sidetracked and you get the impression he has a lot going on outside of school
You’re also approached by a girl named Allison and her friend Lydia
Allison tells you that she’s somewhat new to beacon hills too, and you form a sort of bond over that
You wonder if she’s a fire sign, you immediately pick up on a strong warrior/fighter type of energy from her 
Lydia is really nice too, and you can tell she’s a lot smarter than she lets on
You pick up an unusual energy from Lydia, something tugging at your gut and poking the corners of your mind, but it doesn't feel threatening so you brush it off
You sense Stiles nearby and turn your head, seeing him talk with a lanky blonde dude
Your stomach drops 
There is something very weird about this guy 
You can feel a really distinct energy but you can't put it into words 
You squint, wondering what his name is
You're getting a lot of vowels, something sort of old, biblical??
Eventually your attention is pulled back to Allison 
"Were you staring at Isaac?"
That makes sense
"Uh, yeah no, I just spaced out for a second…"
You get that bubbling feeling that something is coming really quickly
"Come on, we should get to class." You drag them away, walking in front of them
You're right once again, as Scott McCall rounds the corner looking for Stiles and Isaac
"Hey we need to-"
He cuts himself off, distracted by the scent he picked up
It's different from any other scent he's ever encountered 
It's sweet and electric, like the first sip of your favorite soda 
"Scott?" Stiles asks 
He picks it up again, this time on Stiles 
He leans closer, sniffing him like a bloodhound 
He shoves his nose in Stiles neck, then makes his way down his torso and over to his wrist as Stiles protests
Stiles’s scent immediately overwhelms the new one and Scott recoils
"Dude, don't do that in public!" He hisses, catching the strange looks from the students passing by them
"Or in private- or ever!" He corrects 
He looks back at Scott, whose pupils are super dilated 
"What… what was that?" Scott wonders regarding the intoxicating scent 
"Yeah, I was going to ask you the same thing," Stiles grumbles, thrown off by the odd (and almost intimate) gesture 
For the rest of the day, whenever he starts to clear his head, he'll catch that scent again, completely pulling his focus away
Meanwhile, you've found at least 3 people with that same weird energy as Isaac
It doesn't feel bad, not right away at least 
But it's really really strong 
It’s strange and overwhelming
Between how exhausted you are from all your magic lessons and how hard it was to keep your powers under control at school
AND the fact that you spent basically all day half blinded by people’s auras and energy 
You’re totally exhausted
And you don't have time to unpack that today
So naturally as soon as you start to sense that weird energy
Especially that one particularly strong source of it
You pivot and head the other way
You're sure Lydia and Allison must think you're crazy by now but they don't seem to be too phased
Much like with Stiles, you get the sense they’ve seen a lot of weirder shit
And your instincts are never wrong
You know, the whole psychic clairvoyant witch thing
So by the end of the day, you’ve avoided it thus far, and you start to head with Allison and Lydia to the parking lot
You stop suddenly,remembering you forgot your wand in your locker
There’s no way you can leave that at school, so you run back inside, telling them you’ll be right back
Meanwhile, Scott has spent all day chasing down every hint of that scent he possibly can
He’s about to give up when he smells it at the end of the hallway, just around the corner
He was on his way to lacrosse practice
But honestly he couldn’t care less about that right now
He starts running, desperate not to lose the scent again, or lose control
You tuck your wand somewhere safe, then you feel it seconds before it happens
The hair on the back of your neck stands up
Your stomach drops and you get that feeling that something is about to happen
And you feel the strong as fuck super intense energy barreling towards you 
A strong chill runs down your body
You turn around right as Scott pins you to your locker, eyes glowing red and as big as the moon, pulse racing
He’s breathing hard, fanning warm over your face
And god, the world shifts and everything makes sense
A shiver runs down his spine, and yours in tandem, and he has to physically hold himself back from kissing you everywhere, from pressing his face into your skin to breathe in your intoxicating scent
The logical part of his brain, the human part is screaming at him not to scare you, stop being weird, at least introduce himself and ask for your name
But the primal part, the wolf part, is too loud
He didn’t know he could feel so protective, so possessive over someone without knowing them
His wolf brain insists he does know you, you’re each other’s…
Each other’s…
That’s it
You’re each other’s
You’re his and he’s yours
God, he’s yours
And he is drawn to you
It’s like you shoved a bear trap in his chest and are pulling him closer and closer by the chain
And he’d let you
He wants you to
Fuck he wants to kiss you
At the same time, you’re trying not to fall over from the sudden force of emotions this guy is feeling for you
You can physically feel how badly he wants you
How much he desires you
Like you’re the only thing that matters
And fuck that weird energy is radiating off of him so close to you
It’s definitely not bad or malicious
You can tell that much
But it’s really really fucking powerful and needs to be treated carefully
The combination of all these things is making you kind of dizzy
And when you look at him
Really snap out of your thoughts and look at the guy pinning you against the wall
He’s hot
He’s really hot
His breath over your face in little puffs is hot
It’s all too much
You feel yourself start to fall
You pitch sideways into his arms, blacking out before you can say something or sit down
Scott catches you as you begin to slump against him
Everywhere you touch, he lights on fire
He holds you gently, nuzzling his face against you, finally allowing himself to bask in your addictive, intoxicating scent
You don’t respond to his touch, and he can sense your pulse slowing down
“Fuck!” he growls, snapping out of it and realizing you passed out
He sniffs you closer 
You smell okay, so it's probably nothing serious 
But he has to get you somewhere safe
Stiles’s voice echoes down the hall
“Scott!” he sees Scott clinging to your unconscious body, eyes glowing and teeth bared
A low growl emanates from his throat as a warning and Stiles freezes in his tracks
He doesn’t think Scott has ever growled at him like that
He barks at Stiles to stay away from you on instinct
A moment passes and you still haven’t woken up yet
He starts to worry
“We need to get to a doctor,” he mutters, suddenly charging past Stiles, with you still in his grip
Stiles chases after him, making a mental note to talk to him about how fucking weird he’s being right now
One very tense jeep ride to Deaton’s later, you’re laying on a table slightly too small for you as Scott rambles, explaining how you passed out
Deaton’s not exactly sure why he’s examining a human and not an animal or supernatural creature, but Scott is way too worked up for him to be hung up on details
Derek had somehow gotten wind of what happened, and is waiting for Deaton to confirm you’re okay so he can give Scott the lecture of a fucking life time
He got a panicked call from Scott’s stupid friend, and now he has to clean up another one of their messes
He’s so ready to yell at Scott, but the second he walks into the building, he smells it
His stomach drops
He runs into the back, throwing open the door, and is overwhelmed by the smell of the mate bond freshly formed between Scott, and you, who’s still lying unconscious
He tries to drag Scott out of the room to talk, but Scott refuses to leave your side, growling and snapping at him
“Okay,” Derek says, “I really didn’t think I was going to have to give you the talk so soon, but…” 
Stiles and Scott protest, while Deaton looks even more uncomfortable than he already had
“Not that talk!” Derek snaps, “...The mate talk.” 
“The mate talk?” Scott asks, “Like…” his words hang unspoken in the air
Derek nods
Using every ounce of willpower in him, Scott manages to tear himself away from your side to step out of the room and talk to Derek, but he insists on standing right outside the door so he can watch you through the window, Stiles following behind him
He’s barely able to pay attention to what Derek is saying
He’s so preoccupied with you
You look so vulnerable on that examination table
It’s not like he thinks Deaton wouldn’t take great care of you or anything, he just wishes he was there to make sure first hand that you’re okay
He doesn’t like that he’s not next to you right now
It brings on a heartache, a devotion he hasn’t ever felt before
“For fucks sake, Scott, pay attention!” Derek snaps, realizing he’s been spacing out
“I’m listening!” Scott counters, and tries to focus on what Derek is telling him
He’s glad Stiles is there to retain the information he’s missing 
It’s like his brain is a sponge that’s been soaking in a bucket full of you, it can’t hold on to anything else
He just wants you to be okay
In the depths of your sleep, you make a mental note to thank your aunts for giving you that book on astral projection (among many other witchy texts and spellbooks) for your birthday 
You flex your hands, feeling them tingling warm with magic, then wiggle your feet, tingling the same way
You continue to gently separate your astral form from your corporeal form, and the dream you had been  having shifts
You’re in what looks like the back office of a vet’s office, a guy in a lab coat stands near you looking concerned
Gently, slowly, you get up and creep towards the door
You watch a rugged looking man with dark hair, and that same energy, explain something seemingly important 
“For fucks sake Scott, pay attention!” 
You look over at Scott, who’s looking back at where you’re presumably still asleep in the back room, and the guy keeps explaining what’s going on
Mates are a rare connection, usually made by alphas, and it’s even more rare for an alpha to have a mate that’s not a werewolf, he tells Scott and Stiles
You look up at Scott
He’s a werewolf
And an alpha
That makes sense, you think, it confirms the feeling you’d had before but couldn’t put into words
With a fresh mate bond (which is what you have) being separated can be painful, and even fatal, so until this calms down you’re basically going to be joined at the hip
You’ll form a deep connection, possibly even some sort of telepathic bond, but most likely you’ll just need to spend enough time together, make sure you’re both doing okay
He’ll probably feel possessive and territorial over you, that’s normal, but it’s also important to keep those feelings in check
Scenting can help with that too
“There’s also the issue of, uh,” Derek looks around awkwardly
He knew he would need to explain ruts at some point, and now that Scott found his mate, he needs to tell him before he gets his first rut
But he feels like now is really not the time or place
“What?” Scott asks with a blank stare
He really has no idea what he’s getting into
“Come by my place this weekend, I’ll tell you then.” 
“Okay,” he says, clearly antsy, glancing back at you, “if that’s everything can I-”
“Fine,” Derek sighs, warning him not to scare you, “and don’t come on too strong!” 
Scott opens the door, rushing into the room
In an instant, you feel yourself getting pulled back to your body as the scene goes dark
You open your eyes, lying on the table, Scott right next to you
“Oh, you’re awake,” he says, breathing an obvious sigh of relief 
“I’m… Scott, by the way,” he beams down at you, utter adoration obvious on his face 
“I know,” you smile, turning to the others, “Can we have the room?” 
It’s more of a statement than a question, and Stiles, Derek, and Deaton awkwardly shuffle out
You’re sure Derek will be able to hear everything you’re saying with the whole werewolf hearing thing, so you choose your words carefully, wanting to keep at least some cards close to your chest
You know there’s not much you’ll be able to hide from him, what with you being mates and all, but you’d like to be a little strategic about how you break some of this to him
He’s still gazing at you, beyond enamored, and it’s like his whole world has shifted
His center of gravity no longer rests an inch below his navel, now it’s wherever you are, and he feels himself swirling and orbiting around you 
You’re the center of his universe
You take his much larger hand in yours and his chest squeezes as the breath is pulled from his lungs
He smiles again, he’s been doing that a lot more around you 
“I know you’re a werewolf,” you start slowly
His stomach drops
“But it’s okay, I’m not freaked out or anything. I actually have something kind of weird to tell you too, but,” your eyes flick over to the door, “I don’t think this is really the ideal time or place.”
“Okay,” he breathes, waiting for you to continue so he can hear more of your voice, sweeter than honey and as soothing as a cozy blanket
“I know we can’t really be far apart because of the whole…” you motion between you two, “mate thing, so if you want we can go back to my place and catch each other up a little?” 
He stares at you as you talk, focus split between your words and how wonderful it is to be around you, and a moment after you’re done he agrees
“Yeah, there’s probably a lot to talk about,” he says with a chuckle
On your way out to the car, you send an incoming spell to your aunts with a quick flick of your wand
It’s a simple spell that tells the recipient something’s coming, mixed with a little bit of the sender’s intention and sometimes a short message, so they can tell if it’s anything dangerous or not
The message you mutter under your breath is “big news, we’ll be home soon, get ready” 
You tuck your wand back into your boot as Scott opens the door of Stiles’ jeep for you, helping you in and buckling your seatbelt for you
Your heart flutters a little at the gesture
Stiles gives you both a ride since he had been your ride over, now under significantly less stress than he had been during your previous drive to Deaton’s clinic
Scott is glued to your side the whole time, radiating heat against you
You’re both sitting in the back, and Stiles grumbles something light hearted about Scott already ditching him for you
A while later, Stiles drops both of you off at your house
It looks slightly out of place in beacon hills, with its looming victorian frame and tall turret protruding into the otherwise clear sky
Various lawn decorations and ornaments made of heavy metals and deep jewel tones (all enchanted and serving a purpose) decorate the yard, kept company by the occasional gnome 
The inside, as Scott will soon find out, is decorated in a similar fashion
Deep, rich jewel tones with eclectic prints and patterns, heavy velvet drapes, and a lot of celestial imagery and detailing cover every room, with books and nicknacks tucked away anywhere there’s space for them
You can sense your aunts freaking out a little, catching a spell book flying across the room through the window
They’re not sure what kind of trouble you got in so soon, but they’re ready to do whatever needs to be done to help you out
You open the door, and everything stops in its tracks
Most of it was out of sight, but you see a few things that had been floating about drop to the floor or skitter to their place on a table in a way that your aunts hope is inconspicuous 
They pause in their tracks about to greet you, when they see Scott
Both of your aunts, and the black cat sitting on the couch in front of a soap opera playing quietly on tv all stare at him curiously
After a moment, aunt Zelda’s eyes go wide in understanding, and she nudges Hilda, who catches on as well as you greet each other
Aunt Zelda addresses you, happy that your home, “and who is this?” she asks, motioning towards Scott
You smile
“Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, this is Scott. He’s my boyfriend,” you say
Scott almost feels dizzy
He really likes being called your boyfriend, much more than he thought he could
He wishes he could hear you say it again
“He’s a werewolf.” you state simply
Scott’s eyes flare, and he looks down at you, what the fuck, dude?? Written all over his face
“Oh,” your Aunt Zelda says, trying to sound surprised
“Is he?” Hilda says rhetorically 
“So, he’s already familiar with all kinds of magic and supernatural stuff. It’s nothing new.”
They let out a sigh of relief, and all the magic that had been ground to a halt flies back to life
A pot in the kitchen starts stirring itself, the items that had been flying around make their way back to their places on shelves and drawers, a broom in the hallway begins to sweep up by itself 
Scott is sure the shock is evident on his face and you giggle, sounding like music from the heavens 
“Scott, these are my aunts, Hilda and Zelda. They’re witches.”  
“Oh,” he says, nodding
That makes more sense
“And I am also a witch. So,” you turn between Scott and your aunts, taking out your wand and flicking it with a swish. The book on the table in front of them flips a few pages, and the letters rearrange themselves with a glimmer into the word mates. Their eyes widen in understanding. “Now that all the cards are on the table, Scott and I have some homework to do, so we’re going to catch up a little and take care of that.” 
“Sure,” Zelda says with a smile, “let us know if you need anything, Scott.” 
“Peanut butter is in the pantry, and I think we have some bone broth in the freezer if you want to-” Hilda says, starting to make a gnawing motion before Zelda smacks her arm
You’d expect nothing less, and you’re relieved as Scott chuckles at the dog jokes
You start to bring him through the living room past the couch to go up to your room and talk a little
You’re a witch
You have a wand and (presumably) spell books and can do literal magic 
Okay, he can totally handle that 
He’s dealt with weirder stuff 
Honestly, he can feel deep in his bones that nothing can pull him away from you
This is nothing more than a slight curve ball
And he actually thinks it’s really fucking cool
He’s processing what he’s seen since entering your house, and it makes sense, he thinks
He’s sure he can handle this, he doubts after all that there’s anything else in the world that could shock him
You pass by the couch, and he hears a deeper voice let out a petulant whine
He turns his head, seeing the black cat who’s been sitting on your couch the whole time
“Is he going to make the whole house smell like wet dog?” 
The cat just spoke
“Gag me.” he groans with a roll of his eyes
“Salem!” you exclaim, dragging Scott away
Okay, maybe that will take some getting used to 
“Sorry about him,” you say as trails after you up the stairs. Your voice is low and intimate, and he feels that deep connection to you again
Everything in him pulls him towards you, towards you warm embrace
Then you gently hold his arm to guide him into your room, flashing a sweet smile his way that makes his chest squeeze and his stomach flip
He’s sure he can handle anything as long as he has you
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 9 months
I was thinking about your post with human papa Hale/Talia and it turned into a hc about them being the prototype sterek with Talia being this serious, regal alpha-in-the-making and this clumsy disaster of a human boy who's just a big ol' simp and was like "yeah I'm gonna marry that woman and take HER last name" idk i just had to share because your posts make my day 💙
That is my exact hc for them XD Like, Derek takes after his mom in more than just looks, aight?
Papa Hale wasn't even human-but-slightly-to-the-left like Lydia or questionably magical like Stiles, he was literally just Some Dude. Considering the decade in which he and Talia met, he was probably a stoner who was too blazed to be bothered by his gf turning furry. First time he saw her shift, he was just like, "Neato!" And Talia immediately went, "This one and no other."
Cue Nana Hale's well-meant parental despair like, "You're turning down eight suitors from established packs for that?!" Like, no, mom, you don't understand, he said my beta shift was neat and called my eyes pretty, and he thinks it's cool I can pick him up, I want this one.
Obvi, he quit smoking once Laura happened, but even then, he's just Chill. He vibes with the weird. He's like Gomez Addams. His wife is the most awesome wonderful fantastic woman ever and the greatest Alpha and the bestest mom, and his kids are just as incredible as she is, I love them so much, wanna see pictures?
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imhidingonceagain · 2 months
Theo Raeken loved Liam Dunbar while Liam Dunbar could've loved Theo Raeken:
At this point my love for Thiam is evident and I love to think that my headcanons about them are facts but I also love to analyze canon and in my opinion Theo loved Liam while Liam could've loved Theo but we didn't have enough time.
Let me explain:
The first thing is that Theo's sexual orientation is never disclosed in the show but we can analyze what we get. Theo never showed romantic interest for anyone. The only two remotely romantic examples in his scenes are the ones with Malia and Tracey, however those instances were "programed", those were fake interactions impulsed by his -villanous- interests at the time.
Theo, however, seems much more interested whenever he interacts with men (I am not saying that he likes every single man he interacts with, but we can admit that even his expression seemed to change). Still, I don't think Theo felt anything for anyone -other than anger, jealously, etc.- until he met Liam.
In my opinion, yes, at first Theo didn't leave Liam's side because he had the power to send him back to hell but later there's plenty of times where Theo keeps showing even when he doesn't have to.
I have a post dedicated to explain how Season 6 Theo is the "Real Theo" and that Theo is pretty much mesmerized by Liam in many scenes. Evidently, he also feels some type of loyalty towards Liam to the point where he only decides to not leave Beacon Hills until Scott mentions Liam in that phone call.
Not to mention the amount of times where he saves Liam's life and helps him with his IED.
It's never stated explicitly but I think Liam is the first person Theo loved in a very very long time (or maybe the first one, we don't know how his relationship with his family was), wether it was platonic or romantic, Theo had feelings for that boy. I am personally inclined to think that those feelings are not platonic at all given the fact that I firmly believe that Theo might be gay or maybe bisexual with a strong preference for men.
Now, here comes the problem... Liam is a completely different case.
Liam feels resentful towards Theo most of the time and I think his unwillingness to send him back to hell has more to do with the fact that in Season 6 it's hinted that Liam will be the new leader at some point and he has to prove himself.
However, at some point things get much more complex because there's plenty of times where Liam keeps asking Theo for help even when he doesn't really need him. Liam listens to Theo and he knows that Theo is a reliable person -Towards Liam himself only because the rest of the pack never seems to forgive him, not even my sweet boy Mason- and wants to have him fighting by his side. He explains his plans and waits for Theo's opinion -the funny thing is that no matter how dumb Liam acts Theo will help him with his plans and save him if necessary-
And... the biggest point of the analysis on Liam's side is that it's heavily hinted that Theo is Liam's new anchor. Of course they never say it explicitly, but the subtext is too strong to ignore it (it's painfully obvious even). One of the biggest proofs of it is Theo saying "That's progress" when Liam controls himself after seeing him in that scene with Gabe because that line is a direct parallel to Stiles saying "That's progress" to Malia... HIS EX GIRLFRIEND.
I think Liam was not really prepared to accept that Theo was already his ally, his friend -given the fact that they smile at each other, they save each other, etc- and his anchor.
Liam was already feeling some type of affection for Theo by season 6B but it was buried behind the angry and annoyed facade Liam keeps for the entirety of that season.
Liam could've definitely loved Theo back but the show ended too early for Liam to come to terms with his new feelings.
I am choosing to ignore the existence of the Teen wolf movie because it makes Thiam even more tragic. If we consider it canon then it's very likely that Theo never confessed to Liam and Liam, at some point, probably buried his feelings even more until they faded.
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sporesgalaxy · 2 years
Different anon, I navigate every fandom without seeing canon. I even write fics. Never seen good omens, not a single marvel movie, never played hades, never saw Teen wolf/It/moomins/Bnha etc etc etc... Honestly if you read maybe 20 fics you can find canon by looking for what plot stays consistent. But mostly...if canon isn't fun it doesn't matter if you know it.
ok I'm going to be dramatic and exaggerative for a moment but I want you to know that I know we r all just people posting on the internet for a laff. ok stuck-up artist rant go:
Tumblr media
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mrsstruggle · 1 year
The Lost Child - Chapter 23 // Teen Wolf x Marvel AU
Summary: Y/N Stark was taken from her family when she was three years old. It's fifteen years later and her family believes she is dead. Then how is she living in Beacon Hills?
Warnings: Language, Mentions of Death/Torture/Drugs/Violence/Injury, Possible Grammar Mistakes (please let me know if there is anything else)
Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come.
Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall x Allison Argent
Words: 2.7k
Note: I am posting every 3-4 days! I don't know how many more chapters this will be, but I will eventually make a forum for people to send me ideas for another series.
Additional Note: While this is a Teen Wolf x Marvel AU, not everything is true to the shows/movies/comics. I had to change things for the story. This also loosely follows Teen Wolf Season 4.
One Last Note: Y/N was adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I did this so more people can see themselves in this story.
***I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel or any related characters. This is a work of fanfiction and is meant for entertainment only.***
The Lost Child Masterlist
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Next Chapter
Y/N stares at Derek for a moment contemplating whether he’s lying or not. The look on his face says he’s serious but she can’t tell if he is. After watching for him for a few moments, she flicks her hand and the web holding Derek against the wall slowly fades away and releases him from its hold.
Derek’s eyes never leave Y/N’s as he walks over to her. Y/N can see the different emotions running through him. She can see that he’s angry, concerned, and worried, but mostly she can see that he’s relieved to see her again and that she looks physically okay. He knows that she’s only been gone a day but he doesn’t want to imagine everything that happened to her within the last twenty-four hours.
The second Y/N is within arm's length away from him, he grabs her arms and pulls her into his embrace. She quickly wraps her arms around him and hugs him tight. She can feel some oncoming tears threaten to fall but she holds them back because she doesn’t want to break down in front of Rumlow and Gerard. Derek holds her as if it could be the last time he ever sees her again. His hearing is purely focused on her heartbeat to put his worries at ease. She’s alive.
“I’m sorry about your car,” Y/N mumbles.
Derek pulls back from the hug and places his hands on her face to make sure she’s looking him in the eyes, “I don’t care about my car. I only care about you.”
Y/N moves her right hand up to lay on top of one of his hands while her left hand is clutching at the side of his t-shirt, “I know but that car means everything to you. I promise I’ll pay for the repairs or I’ll even get you a new one if I have to.”
“Babe, you mean everything to me. Like you said, the car can be repaired or replaced but you can’t. You don’t owe me anything. I’ve been meaning to get a new one anyway.” Derek looks deep into Y/N’s eyes as he tries to get her to realize that he’d rather walk everywhere for the rest of his life if it meant that she was okay.
“You want a new one?”
Derek shrugs his shoulders, “Yeah. I’m thinking of getting something with a bit more room.”
“Why?” Y/N looks at him with a confused look on her face.
“Well after we rebuild the Hale house I might need a bigger car,” Derek smirks at her.
“You want to rebuild the Hale house?” Y/N smiles back at him with excitement in her eyes.
“I mean I still own it and it would be a great place to live. We could design it how we want, there’s a lot of acres that we’d have, and we could actually have enough room for pack meetings and stuff.”
“Why would your car need to be bigger?” Y/N asks with a teasing smile.
Derek smiles back at her, “Well a bigger car would be nice for groceries, or the pack, or whatever else the future decides to bring us.”
Y/N wraps her arms around Derek and pulls him into her as he does the same to her, “Go on.”
“A bigger car could be nice years down the line for some dogs, or cats, or plants, or maybe some mini Hales, or maybe some adopted Hales. It’s whatever you want. If you want to expand, we’ll expand. If you want it to just be me and you forever, then it will just be me and you. As long as you’re there, I know my future will be complete.” Derek looks at her with so much love in his eyes.
Y/N playfully shoves him a little and giggles, “Who are you and what have you with my broody boyfriend who rarely expresses his feelings?”
“He got a harsh awakening while you were gone. I can go get him back if you prefer him?” He jokes.
“No, I think I like this side of him,” Y/N leans up and presses her lips against his. He kisses her back with so much passion she can feel his love for her.
They pull back in annoyance as someone clears their throat, “Yeah, we’re still here. Can you please stop being disgusting? You’re almost making me wish you actually were going to kill us.” They look over to Stiles to see him roll his eyes at them.
“Jealous that he’s telling me this and not you?” Y/N teases Stiles.
Stiles pretends to gag, “Now I definitely wished you would have killed us.”
As the siblings continue to joke back and forth, Bucky realizes how much he severely misjudged Derek and was a bit too harsh with him. He had no right to be as rude to him as he was. Yes, she’s his goddaughter and she has always meant so much to him and he’s always been overly protective of her, but she isn’t the same Y/N that he knew when she was a little girl. She clearly has pretty good judgment when it comes to friends and the people she keeps close in her life.
It’s clear to everyone that Derek cares deeply about Y/N and everyone can see that. Bucky should have put more focus on trying to find Y/N instead of arguing with Derek. He hasn’t known Y/N in fifteen years and doesn’t know Derek at all. He thinks he was just angry that she has this completely other life that he’s not a part of. It’s not like it’s just a side of her he doesn’t know, it’s almost her entire life he knows nothing about and wasn’t a part of because they thought she was dead.
While that makes Bucky angry when he thinks about it, it only seems to make Tony sad. He’s looking at Y/N, who is his daughter, for the first time in years and he doesn’t know a thing about her. Here she is planning a future with some guy and it’s hitting him how much of her life he missed out on. He missed everything. He was there when she walked for the first time and her first words but he’s missed out on fifteen years.
“Can you shut up already?!” Rumlow cuts off Y/N and Stiles. He rolls his eyes in frustration.
“I’m sorry. I almost forgot you were here.” Y/N slowly walks back over to Rumlow and Gerard and stands in front of them.
“Y/N!” Scott’s voice pleads.
“Don’t worry Scott. You don’t have to watch if you don’t want.” Y/N states.
“Shadow Wolf, you don’t want to do this. Think about what you could become.” Rumlow looks at Y/N with pleading eyes. He hates that he’s resorted to this.
“Der, you can go first,” Y/N turns to look at Derek.
Derek nods his head and steps in front of Gerard. Gerard looks at Derek with absolute disgust. He will never let Derek know that he’s terrified of him at this moment.
“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance,” Gerard glares up at Derek.
As Derek looks down at Gerard, all he can feel is the rage starting to burn from within him. He has always been angry at the Argents for killing his family but he has never made any moves to kill them for it. He knows that killing him won’t make him any better than Gerard but he doesn’t care. Gerard kills people purely because of who they are, Derek’s going to kill him for the years of torture and pain he has put him and his family through.
“I won’t make the same mistake Peter did,” As soon as the words leave his mouth, Derek plunges his hand into Gerard’s chest and rips out his heart, killing him instantly. Derek can feel the heart still slightly beating in his hand before he drops it to the ground. He lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and looks up and locks eyes with Y/N. He didn’t know what he was expecting but he was surprised to see a look of pure love in her eyes.
Y/N looks away from Derek and shifts her gaze to Rumlow. He rolls his eyes unimpressed with them, “Are you done with your little show? If you’re going to rip my heart out, you might as well get it over with.”
“I’m not going to rip your heart out,” Y/N states, smirking at Rumlow. “That would be way too easy.”
Rumlow smirks back at Y/N, “I’ve taught you well.”
“You have taught me a lot of things, but you didn’t teach me everything,” Y/N lifts her right hand and spins it in a small circle three times. A large dark portal opens up next to Rumlow. “Did you know I can open up a portal that opens a void that only I can get open and close? If you go into the void, you will just float there until you inevitably die. The human body can survive 8-21 days without food and water. Some even longer. I wonder how long you’ll last.”
Rumlow starts to struggle against the chains holding him, “You can’t do this. There are others out there that will come for you. You won’t be able to hide from them forever and your friends won’t always be around to protect you. One day, you will wake up and realize that I’m right and you were meant for so much more.”
Y/N gets close to Rumlow and whispers in his ear low enough for no one to hear her, “When you’re body finally shuts down and your heart stops beating, I’ll make sure Pepper is already waiting for you in hell.”
She steps back and smirks at him before swiping her hand and sending him through the dark portal. She closes the portal and exhales a deep breath in relief before taking a small step back away from where he was standing.
Y/N waves her hand and releases the Avengers and her friends from their holds. Stiles immediately runs and almost tackles Y/N in a hug. He wants to be upset with her but he can’t when he’s too relieved to see her again.
“Never do that to me again,” Stiles sighs when steps back from her.
Y/N holds up her pinky to him, “I promise.” They lock pinkies to seal their promise.
The Avengers stand back awkwardly as they watch Y/N reunite with her friends. They desperately want to run up to Y/N and pull her into a tight embrace but they know they can’t do that. They don’t even know if she knows who they are. If she doesn’t, how do you tell someone that you’re their family when they have no idea who you are?
Peter slowly approaches Y/N as she finishes hugging Kira, “I guess they didn’t kill you.”
“I guess they didn’t kill you either,” Y/N states, smiling back at him.
Peter has to hold himself back from throwing himself at her or crying over the fact that his sister is standing right in front of him alive. She hasn’t had any indication of knowing who he is and he doesn’t know if this is the right moment to let her know. She has been held by Hydra for the last twenty-four hours and probably needs some rest.
Y/N turns to the Avengers, “I’m sorry for trapping all of you against the walls and the ceiling.”
“You’re fine,” Steve blurts out when no one else says anything.
Y/N looks back at Gerard’s dead body, “We should probably call someone to clean this up.”
“I can call someone to clean this up,” Tony states, stepping closer to Y/N.
“Okay, great, thank you,” Y/N hones in her hearing to see if she can still hear the other agents who were outside of the building, “It sounds like the other agents have left but I don’t know where they could’ve gone.”
“We’ll find them later,” Derek assures her.
“I’m sorry if this is too soon to ask or anything but did, um, did he tell you anything while they were holding you?” Tony asks her.
“Um, no they didn’t tell me anything. I was mostly just kept in a room by myself once they split me and Peter up,” She glances over to Derek and she knows he can tell she’s lying. She thinks she knows why Tony is asking her but she’s not ready to deal with what’s to come when she tells them the truth. Judging by the look on his face and the other's faces they know that she’s Y/N Stark but she’s not ready to give up just being Y/N Stilinski just yet.
The Avenger’s faces fall slightly at her answer. They have so many questions they want to ask her and so many things that they want to do but they know they can’t just yet.
Derek grabs her hand and steps up next to her, “Are you ready to go home?”
Y/N smiles back at him, “I’m so ready. Hopefully, Mason ordered that pizza because I’m starving.” She turns to look back at the Avengers, “Would you like to join us? I think it’s the least I can do after attacking you.”
“We’d love to,” Natasha happily states.
They all walk out of the distillery and split up into their cars. The Avengers climb into their SUV as Kira, Liam, and Malia climb into Peter’s car with him. Y/N climbs into the back of Stiles’s jeep with Derek as Scott takes the passenger seat. Stiles starts his jeep and slowly starts to drive away from the distillery as the others follow him.
“Why didn’t you tell them?” Scott questions Y/N.
“Tell them what?” Y/N tries to play dumb.
“You know who they are, don’t you?” Scott turns around in his seat to look at her.
She stays silent not wanting to answer him. She just stares at where her and Derek’s hands are sitting interlocked in her lap.
“Y/N?” Stiles looks at her in his rearview mirror.
“Yeah, I know who they are,” Y/N sighs in defeat.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” Derek asks her.
“I just don’t want to deal with it right now. I love how my life is and I’m not ready for it to change.” She looks up to look Derek in the eyes.
“Who says it will change?” Stiles questions.
“I think we all know it will,” She states.
“How did you find out?” Scott asks.
“A very powerful witch put a block on my mind to block out all of my memories from the time I was at Hydra and before that. They even made sure to block themselves out. Hydra ended up playing some audio clip from when they held me captive and I guess it triggered something in my mind and it ended up breaking down the block. Apparently, it’s not the only block on my mind though but luckily the others are still intact. That’s why they weren’t able to control me.” Y/N explains to them.
“So you know that it was Peter and my mom that rescued you from Hydra?” Derek asks her.
Y/N gently smiles at him, “Yeah, I do.”
“Who was the witch?” Scott questions her.
Y/N locks eyes with Stiles in the rearview mirror, “It was our mom.”
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doberbutts · 3 days
I hate anti-discourse with a passion - it squicks me out these days - but as Fandom Old I have a perspective that seems obvious to me, but seems to get missed by a lot of people.
When I was 15-18 I read adult-minor smut. Mostly Harry Potter/Snape because it titillated me. Then I left fandom space for quite a while during my education before coming back to it as an adult.
Now those self-same fics that I used to really enjoy squick me out. Therefore my conclusion is that the majority of people ready those particular stories put themselves in the position of less power, and most people who get weird about those fics /can't/ see themselves in that position or would hate that position no matter the relationship dynamic, and can't quite separate the fiction of it all from what they are picturing.
I've always been a ship-and-let-ship or kink tomato advocate myself so I guess I am 'pro' but also... want less than nothing to do with it. I had it blacklisted on here for years... but for some reason your recent engagement with it slipped through my filters
I have a different explanation: I think it's normal for a lot of teens to look at adults and see them being adults and want to reach for that themselves and want to be considered adults in their own right, while not realizing that they are still very much children. As a society we put a lot of focus on "when you're an adult" and "when you're 18" and "when you're grown" and "when you're independent" and it's normal for that age group to resent still being grouped in with children because they want the kid gloves to come off already.
The problem with that is that they are, indeed, still children. Whether they like it or not. And I don't really think 18 and 19 are that much different from 17, tbh. I didn't really feel like An Actual Adult until I was closing in on 25. But I did feel like I went from "child" to "adult" overnight in the world's eyes when I hit 18, even though nowadays I do not feel like I was mature enough to be considered legally the same as a 40 year old.
This also is worsened imo by the prevalence of adult actors playing children. The cast of Glee is supposed to be a mixed bag of 13-19 year olds and I don't think a single actor involved was younger than 21. The Harry Potter kids started at the same ages as they were supposed to be, but because the movies didn't release every year, the same thing happened where a bunch of 20+ year olds are playing characters that are supposed to be 17. Vampire Diaries did the same thing. Teen Wolf did the same thing. A lot of media developed for teenagers casts actual grown adults as teens and as characters teens are supposed to find attractive.
To me it's no fucking wonder so many teens are drawn to fan works with less great implications about the age gaps. Do you know how many kids my age thought Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom were the hottest things they've ever seen? How many girls were squealing over the boys of NSYNC and Backstreet? Teens are encouraged to find adults attractive by our society and a whole bunch of them grow up into adults who look back and go "ooh, big yikes" at the exact same thing when they see current teens doing it.
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