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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 10 months
Full-shift werewolves are superior because as kids, shifting is Hard without a grown-up to help, and kids spend most of their time in pup form until they learn how to shift on their own, and even then it's more fun to be pup-shaped than kid-shaped. At any given time, there are 2-3 pups underfoot, and more are probably causing chaos nearby.
Being pup-shaped means adults having to be creative about time-out. Bad and Naughty Pups go in the Punishment Pot.
Tumblr media
It's the only thing that works bc they can't chew through it and it's too tall for them to jump out of, so there's just a very smol little fuzzball seething with Rage at the bottom of the soup pot.
Tumblr media
2½ pounds of "fuck you."
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wolfmadefromash · 2 months
You ever notice how much the Hale family is centered around the entire plot and base for the show yet we never really get the back story? There literally wouldn’t be a show without the Hales and the Argents. We got a family history lesson for the Argents, seeing and learning their origin. But not the Hales. We never met the family lost in the fire that sparked the whole series. We met Talia, briefly, Laura for 3 seconds, and of course Peter and Cora. But Derek himself said in season 1 that there were 11 people that died in the fire (10, because he assumed Cora had also died) and we only met 1 of this people. He also said that there were people who were perfectly ordinary in his family that died in the fire, yet in the movie he implies that all Hales ARE werewolves. I assume the ordinary family members maybe married into the family? Or it’s a plot hole to be ignored. Anyway…
The entire show could have been leagues better had Jeff Davis explored plot points he literally opened up. We don’t know all that really happened, the true actions of Kate and her manipulation of Derek, we never see that. That key moment, is the entire foundation for the show. If Kate doesn’t manipulate Derek, there is no fire. If there is no fire then Peter does plot his revenge, starting with killing his own niece to become Alpha. If Peter doesn’t become the Alpha, then Scott doesn’t get bit. Why have this monumental thing that is the undisputed core of the show but never detail it, never show it? Not even give it a mini series spinoff? And I don’t even want to talk about Derek gaining the ability to fully shift into a wolf only for us to see it ONCE and it never be talked about again. The show (and movie) as much as I love it, could have been so much better had there been at least a split focus between Scott and the Hales.
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notpikaman · 24 days
Tumblr media
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shahreenorah · 8 months
The Supernatural Love
Like a Movie:
September 25th 2021
"Welcome to my world, guys. Let me introduce myself. I am Olivia Summers. I am 19 years old. I am currently studying at UCLA in Music. I am in my junior year of college. No, I didn't go to college early. I just bumped up 2 grades. So I went to college at 17.
We all know that every fairytale ends with a happy ending. Mine is happier than you could ever think. Continue to watch my vlogs if you want to know what happened.
My parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. I have no siblings. Well, I have a second family. They would adopt me but I thought being their sister would be kinda stressful. Do you guys know who they are? It's the Lynches. Let me tell you guys how we all met. I remember it like it was yesterday.
August 20th 2018
I was walking through the streets with my friends after the filming of Alex And Ava. [{(Spinoff of Austin and Ally. Not a real show. I hope it is soon.)}] We were going to Starbucks when someone crashed into me with a skateboard. Before that, I saw a pair of the most beautiful hazel eyes and a "Watch out!"
We crashed and stared at each other for a while.
"Uhmm......." My bestie Emily [Emily Chavez] coughed. We broke out of our trance. We got up and I brushed the dirt off my jeans.
"I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." He said. Hey, it sounded familiar.
"Clear-" I looked up to see THE ARDEN HALE staring at me.
"OMG! You're Arden Hale!" I looked behind him to see all of the Hales.
"And you guys are the Hales! OMG, my dream is coming true!" I said
If you don't know Arden Hale is the most famous person in this world. He has made many movies and all of them are like no. 1 on every movie chart. He and his family are also vloggers. So, I know all of them. Charlotte and Oliver Hale are the mother and father. Then the sequence is Noah, Birdie, Elijah, Arden and Ryland Hale.
"Do you know them?" Emily said.
"Who are you? These are the people I talk to you 24/7." I said.
"Hey, how are you?" Ryland, the youngest sibling said.
"I'm good. How are you all?" I said.
I earned a "We're good" from all of them.
"Hey, Olivia. I gotta go. Mom's calling." Emily said. 
"Okay, I'll see you later," I said as she walked off
"Okay, I'll see you guys later," I said as they walked away.
"It's always good to meet a fan. What's your name?" Arden asked.
"I'm Olivia Summers." I said.
"That's a really pretty name," Noah said. I smiled.
"Thanks. Hey, is it cool if I take a selfie?" I asked.
"Yeah sure. come here." Ryland said. Everyone huddled in close to each other to fit the frame.
"This pic is so going to be my wallpaper," I said.
"Can you send that picture to us?" Birdie asked.
They all took my phone and put in their numbers. I was smiling on the outside. But on the inside, boy was I screaming.
"Hey, you know what we should do, let's go hang out and get to know you better," Elijah suggested.
"That's not a bad idea. I would love to know more about you guys." I smiled.
That's how I met this lovely yet wacko family.
Silly Noah
Cute Birdie
Caring Eli
Cray cray Arden
Nice Ry Ry
I have a great relationship with all of them, especially Noah, Birdie and Arden. Before you suspect anything, no I don't have a crush on any of the Hale boys. They are my best friends. I would choose them over anyone any day. I love them so much.
Noah POV:
I heard my best friend talking about us in her vlogs. Let's eavesdrop. What? It's my thing.
"Well, I have a second family. They would adopt me but I thought being their sister would be kinda stressful. What do you know it is? It's the Hales. I have a great relationship with all of them, especially Noah, Birdie and Arden. Before you suspect anything, no I don't have a crush on any of the Hale boys. They are my best friends. I would choose them over anyone any day. I love them so much." She said,
"Hey, that was sweet!" I yelled.
"Thanks, Noah! I told the truth." She yelled.
I left her to film her introduction video. I am so proud of her. First, her casting in a tv series. Second, is her vlog channel.
I went to the backyard to play table tennis. I saw Elijah playing alone.
"Hey man. Mind if I join in?" I said.
"Be my guest. I don't have anyone to play with." He said as we started our tournament.
2 hours later:
"I won fair and square," I said.
"You distracted me by saying that Olivia was filming, it's not fair," Rocky yelled.
"What's with all the yelling?" Olivia came in.
"We were playing table tennis and he won," Rocky said.
"Oh, Noah. Honey, what did you do? 'Cause, let's face it, you're not a very good table tennis player." Olivia said.
"Well, I did nothing. I won fair and square." I said,
"Let me give you an example of how bad you are. You lost a damn table tennis game to Ryland who is like, 7 years younger than you!" Olivia said, basically yelling. Eli smirked.
"THAT WAS 1 TIME!" I said.
"What's going on?" Mom came.
"Well, Noah and Eli are fighting over who is the winner of table tennis." Olivia frowned, crossing her hands on her chest.
"Let me tell you who won. Noah won. Give the poor guy a chance, Eli. Now, I don't want to hear any more arguments." Mom said.
"Well, I agree with mom. Give him a chance." Liv said. She calls my mom her mom and my dad her dad because she's been living with us for so long that we are her family.
Eli pouted as we all went inside laughing and Noah did his victory dance.
This is what happens pretty much every day, just like in a movie.
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Since “Pretty Little Liars” wrapped in 2017, Lucy Hale has barely slowed down. The actress starred in The CW TV series “Life Sentence” and recently landed a couple of soon-to-be announced film roles.
Now she’s hoping to raise money and awareness for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
“I’ve always had pets growing up. I think my first pet was a hermit crab,” Hale told HuffPost. “I had everything from a turtles to fish to a cat to dogs. But I guess my real love of my animals when I got a dog when I was 15. I have a dog named Elvis now. He’s my little buddy, he’s like my child. In my opinion, animals are one of the most pure things on the planet, and they don’t always get a voice.”
To help raise money and awareness for the cause, Hale is joining with Honey Nut Cheerios for the Good Rewards initiative, which gives families the opportunity to do good while teaming up with celebrities by helping raise money for charity.
We caught up with Hale about the initiative, her new projects and more.
The Good Rewards initiative is also aimed at getting the whole family involved. What are some of you favorite traditions that you still do with your family now?
It’s so hard now that I’m older and everyone is all over the place, but most of our traditions revolve around the holidays. One thing that we never skip out on is every Christmas my mom will get us all matching pajamas. My family is not huge, but she’ll get us all matching pajamas and we’ll all take a picture. We’ve been doing that the last seven or eight years, which is super fun. And I have two nieces now, so we’re restarting all of the traditions again with them. It’s the best.
You’ve been pretty busy since leaving “Pretty Little Liars.” You starred in the series “Life Sentence” earlier this year. What’s next for you? Are you mulling other projects?
I am. You know when you can say you’re involved in something but you can’t say what because it’s not out in the press yet, but I start up with a couple of things in October, which is really fun. After the last series I did, we did a season of it and then it didn’t get picked up. So after that I made the conscious choice to take a little time off, which was fun and necessary. But it’s also cool because I can be picky about what I want to do next. So, I’m ready to get back to work. Most of the stuff I’m doing is film-related, which is cool, because I haven’t really done much film. I’ve been in the TV world, and the characters are nothing like I’ve done before. So it’s going to be a stretch, but I like a good challenge.
What at this point in your life are you looking for in a role now that you can be, as you say, more selective?
I’m at the point right now where people are allowing me to take risks and they’re giving me that shot, which is really cool because I haven’t always been in that position. For me, I love all genres. I love all sorts of films and TV shows. But I always want to be part of something that tells a story and that means something — that the world needs a lot more true stories and a lot more stories that make a difference. For me, it’s about finding those projects and characters. I always find myself in every character I play. I gravitate toward the darker, dramatic stuff, but one of things I’m doing in the fall is romantic comedy. So I’m all over the map.
You’ve also dabbled with music through the years. Do you think you’ll ever jump back into the music scene?
I do. I love music. It’s such a huge part of my life, whether I’m actively pursuing it or not. I just recently auditioned for doing a live-action version of a musical. I’d love to make another album. I think certain things would have to line up in my schedule, but you never know. There’s so many ways to utilize it now. I’ve always had a dream of wanting to do Broadway and theater. So, we’ll see!
You have great fashion style. You’re in the spotlight, but somehow you make it look effortless. What’s your approach?
I guess I’m lucky because I’ve always loved fashion. I think it’s such an amazing way to express your personality. I really don’t have any rules. I don’t really have a system. Like, my closet is a disaster. So me putting together an outfit is a miracle every single day. I just get inspiration from people on the street, on Instagram. Honestly, my approach right now is whatever is at the forefront of my closet because I’m not about to dig in there. I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t take fashion too seriously. I always want to be comfortable, but I never want to be boring ― like, I’ll never do the same thing twice on a carpet. I keep it fun and light and hope that it works out.
Having been on “Pretty Little Liars” for some seven years, it tied you up a bit and now you have a little bit more freedom. What’s been the hardest thing about letting a series like that go, and what’s been the best thing?
I think it’s always really scary to let go of the familiar. We were on that show for basically my whole 20s. I basically grew up on that show. I grew up with those people. It was essentially the same crew the whole time. It was obviously the same cast. We really did create this comfortable environment where everyone genuinely loved each other. So to let that go was very bittersweet and sad. But at the same time, we all recognized that the show was a great platform for all of us. We all recognized that we developed huge support systems. And I think we were all ready to go off and spread our wings a little bit and try new things. The good thing about that show is that the fans of those characters and those stories — they’re always going to be there and will go down in history, I think. So, it’s going to follow me wherever I go, but I sort of welcome it with open arms and feel really grateful for all that it’s brought me, and the friends, and the fans — and it’s really helped be hone my craft, too. Eight years of being on a show, you learn every aspect of what you do.
At the same time, the new spinoff show “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” with “Pretty Little Liars” actors Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish is kind of letting the show live on in some ways. How likely do you think a reunion with you being involved is possible down the line?
I don’t know necessarily know what the show is about. All I know is that the characters are placed in this new world. I’m so open to that. I love Sasha. I love Janel. If, for some reason, they wanted me to be a part of it, I would absolutely do it. I just don’t know the roles that they live in so I don’t know how the characters would fit in, but absolutely — I would always be down for that ... I’m very curious to see what they are going to do with it. I’m definitely rooting them and can’t wait to see it.
The show has helped afford you so many fans. You have some 21 million followers on Instagram. What’s your approach to social media these days?
Social media is something that I do struggle with the idea of it. I genuinely love sharing parts of my life and showing people my dog and showing people my family and promoting whatever project I’m doing. And then when you have a platform like that — I firmly believe that life is about giving back, and if you’re given a lot, you should give back ... I do have this platform where I can speak to people and try to encourage them to do good as well. But it can be toxic. It can interfere with everyday life. It an interfere with your self-confidence and you can develop insecurities because of it. But I think that it’s different for everyone and you have to create boundaries for yourself and recognize what works and doesn’t work for you. For me, there are some days where I’m like, “I’m in a bad mood. I feel insecure. I’m not going to go on social media today.” And then I wake up and feel like I can handle it.
You grew up on “Pretty Little Liars,” and prior to that on various others projects — all in the spotlight. How do you stay grounded and true to who you are?
I mean, that’s a great question, because I didn’t always feel like I had an identity outside of my job or the public image of who I was. My journey over the last couple of years has been figuring out I’m a person outside of my career or how many followers I have. It really is about the little moments you take for yourself, and I love my people my people — my tribe. You really are who you walk with. And I have grounded, real, unbelievable people in my life that help me see the bigger picture because it’s really easy to think only inside your bubble. But there’s this big world out there. So, I love doing charity work. I love traveling and I love my family. These things help you see past your own little world. You know, it’s a process. But you figure it out as you grow up.
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Shooting just wrapped last month on the pilot for Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars spinoff The Perfectionists -- and while the show hasn’t received the full series greenlight just yet, PLL alum Troian Bellisario is already talking about the potential of getting behind the camera.
“I know they already told me, which I would be delighted to do, ‘You can come and direct an episode,’" Bellisario revealed to ET during a joint interview with hubby Patrick J. Adams at the This Bar Saves Lives event in Los Angeles on Thursday. "And I was like, ‘That would be so much fun!’”
This isn't the first time Bellisario would be taking the director's chair on a pretty little series — the 32-year-old actress made her directorial debut in the final season of Pretty Little Liars.
Now that we know that Bellisario would love to step behind the screens on The Perfectionists, we’re curious to see if Spencer Hastings could travel over to the town of Beacon Heights? The brunette beauty was coy with her thoughts when we asked about a PLL crossover cameo.
“Oh, I don’t know! I know that the girls have been working really hard and by girls I mean Marlene [King] and Sasha [Pieterse] and Janel (Parrish),” she said. “They have a whole new wonderful group of people working on The Perfectionists and I don’t know… if Ali and Mona are showing up in this world, I have no idea who else would show up... I have no idea, I can’t share about that.”
Last fall, Pieterse seemed confident other little liars would show up. “I'm sure that they will,” she teased in October. “We have to keep the PLL family alive, obviously -- and Emison, of course.”
Pieterse’s other half to Emison, Shay Mitchell, is set to star in a different Marlene King-produced series, The Heiresses. The 22-year-old didn’t think that would prevent an Emison reunion though.
“I don't think that will be a problem at all. I think the fans will really appreciate it, so that's what we really care about anyway,” she explained.
”Marlene just really likes to keep it in the family, literally," Pieterse added. "She's such an amazing person. She's got such a big heart and we really love her so much, and the fact that we can all stick together somehow, really means a lot to us.”
And she’s right.  Bellisario recently directed an episode of King's other Freeform series, Famous in Love.  
"It’s amazing... just to get to spend time with Troian is a gift because I don’t get to see her every day anymore,” King told ET in January. “The Famous cast was so excited to have her and welcomed her with open arms and Niki Koss, who actually wants to direct, is shadowing her on this episode as well, so were having a lot fun and growing our female directors," she shared.
"I’m really blessed that I get to work with these amazing women and I feel like we all do this amazing job of – it is a true sisterhood, we lift each other up, we’re not competitive, we all want each other to succeed, the Pretty Little Liars all want their co-stars to succeed and I was texting with Lucy [Hale] just today about how supportive she’s been of Troian and Famous and the girls are supportive. Ashley Benson and Carter Jenkins grew up together, so they’re friends and it’s just – it’s building the family and growing the family and you can have more than one baby and love the other one, too."
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sterek · 5 years
Andi, what's your headcanon for the Hales? Like, was Derek's dad human or werewolf (bitten or born?), did he and Talia just met and fell in love or were there negotiations between their packs (if he was a 'wolf). How many children did they have? (I always try to think about how many Hales died in the fire when making up Derek's siblings but sometimes I ignore it lol). Did Cora have a twin? Are Laura and Derek twins? How many siblings did Talia have that lived with them in the house or was it (1)
(2) just Peter and his wife? Sorry it got so long but there are so many versions I wondered about yours
The Hales are everything to me and I’d do anything for a Hale spinoff so I have answers to all of this! 
I headcanon papa Hale as 100% human. I love the idea of him being to Talia kind of what Stiles is to Derek and Derek seeing part of his parents relationship in his own. Papa Hale, to me, is a tall, broad man with a fluffy beard, nerdy glasses, a kind smile, laugh lines on his eyes and human all the way. I think he was Talia’s first act of rebellion with her alpha because he was human and things were a lot more strict in their days (Talia’s parents aren’t speciest, they’d argue, but they wanted their alpha-to-be to find a strong werewolf mate) and Talia fought for him and they won in the end (it made for a thrilling bedtime story for their kids).
I really dislike the idea that Cora and Laura were Derek’s only siblings, actually. I imagine AT LEAST five kids, Derek being the middle child and the one who spent a lot of time in the family library with his dad. Cora did not have a twin and I kinda really love the idea of Laura and Derek being twins (Laura was the oldest by two minutes and never let Derek forget it). If the Hales had other twins they were either cousins or the youngest from Talia’s bunch.
To me the Hales were a HUGE family. I know that in canon Derek and Laura are left with no one else, but I like to headcanon that the 11 who were in the house at the time of the fire were just the immediate family and that there are a lot more. I headcanon that Talia has like 5 siblings (at least one of them died tho) and each has at least one kid. Talia is the oldest and the alpha and the one with the most kids (her siblings tease her that they don’t get how she has time to be alpha, the most powerful woman in Beacon Hills AND raise so many little wolves). Papa Hale was an only child who was adopted so his family is Talia’s family.
If we go with canon and consider all Hales were the 11 in the house plus two then the Hales were: Talia, Papa Hale, Derek, Laura, Cora, the older brother of the bunch, the younger kids who are twins, Peter, Talia and Peter’s younger brother and his baby and mate and grandma Hale because I will fight anyone who doesn’t agree there was a grandma Hale! I don’t really think Peter had a wife (was it ever canon?) but then again I don’t like Peter so I tend to not think of him much lol
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notpikaman · 24 days
Tumblr media
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kveom · 3 years
i haven't heard of the addicted series before!!! i did read all of the hp series tho heh. have you read the percy jackson series?? it's one of my absolute favorites; i've been meaning to go back and read the first series for a while now but i'm also in the middle of listening to the audiobook of "the dragon pearl" and also reading "warcross".... (@dearkyeom)
oh! i’ll also have to check out the other two that you mentioned. i think i’ve seen the night circus before but not the shadow of the wind!
do you read new adult/contemporary romance?? if not, that’s probably why you haven’t heard of the addicted series! and if you don’t read the genre then you most likely won’t be able to get into it but i love talking about it SO HERE WE GO. 
so the series follows three sisters who come from a famous family. the original series is about one of these sisters- lily- who’s addicted to sex and her best friend, loren hale, who is from another famous family and is also addicted to alcohol. throughout the series we get to see them battling these addictions and, honestly, it’s hard to read sometimes. then there’s a spinoff series for the other two sisters but they’re all very much involved in each other’s lives. which brings me to the reason…THE REASON i read these books- the!!!!! characters!!!!!! 😭😭 they’re all so flawed (one could definitely say f*cked up) and beautiful and AMAZINGGGG. plus the relationships between all of them??? I HAVE CRIED LITERAL TEARS. they have so much love for each other and they go through so much together. oops i did the whole ‘talking too much’ thing again. anyway, i can definitely see that it’s not something everyone could get into (for one, it’s new adult, so….sex, but i skip those scenes so sdjfndksn) but the main thing i look for in books/shows/life is wholesome, amazing, beautiful relationships- whether they’re romantic, familial etc- and for me, the addicted series and hp series are the epitome of this for me. (wow i didn’t have to go that deep aye)
as for the shadow of the wind and the night circus- these are books that i actually don’t fully remember? lmao. all i remember about them is ‘…wow’ and the fact that they’re just…beautiful sfdfns and whenever people ask me to recommend books, they’re just always on the tip of my tongue. lemme know if you ever check them out!

ooh, i haven’t heard of the dragon pearl but please let me know how warcross goes!! i haven’t been able to get into dystopian books recently but hopefully i will again. 
i actually haven’t read percy jackson yet :( it’s been on my TBR pile for years though, and it’s YA fantasy (which is my #1)!! two reasons for this:
1. i know it’s a fairly large(?) series and y’know how it goes…i wouldn’t be able to stop and i’d need to just read one after another, but obviously i need time for that and….i haven’t found that time lmao.
2. i hate reading books after watching the movie because i can’t unsee it??? and what is reading without imagination so… unfortunately, i watched the percy jackson movie and now i’m like :/// but i’ll definitely get over it because i have to if i want to read awesome books LMAO
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joie-university-rp · 3 years
Tumblr media
It is with great pleasure we invite you admission to Joie University! Welcome to the Thunderclap family!
Congratulations, TARA! Please be sure to check the New Members’ Checklist and send in your character’s account within 24 hours from now. We cannot wait to see all that you will bring to this roleplay! We love you already!
Name/Alias; pronouns: Tara She/Her
Age, Timezone: 24/GMT
Activity, short explanation:  6/7 I work during the week so will be more active during weekends and evenings.
Ships: Kenzie/Chemistry
Anti-Ships: Kenzie/Forced
Triggers: N/A
Preferred photo for Character’s ID (please give a link): http://cdn01.cdn.justjaredjr.com/wp-content/uploads/headlines/2017/04/lucy-hale-pll-spinoff-quote-errands.jpg
Anything else:
Full Name (First, Middle, Last):  MacKenzie Harper Anderson
FC: Lucy Hale
Age/Year at University (Freshman [1st Year], Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student): Junior, 22
Birth date (MONTH DAY, YEAR): May 15th 1997
Hometown (please be sure to check the hometowns listed for characters your muse is related to!): Chicago
Gender/Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Major(s): Education
Minor(s) [optional]: Psychology
Housing request (remember, only the president of a Greek Organization is required to live at a Greek House to be in it!): Pillsbury Dormitory - single suite
Extracurriculars (Click here for the list. Be sure to specify any executive board positions [i.e. president, secretary, etc.] If something isn’t listed, please put it here and we will add it to the masterlist!): Newspaper club
Greek Life Affiliation [optional] (Please be sure to specify any executive board positions [i.e. president, pledge educator, etc.] or if your character is not yet a member, but plans to rush): N/A
[At least] 3 Headcanons for your character:
Mackenzie Harper Anderson, or Kenzie as she prefers to be called, was adopted by the Anderson family when she was mere three months old, meaning she had no memory of her birth parents. From the research she has done, Kenzie found out that her birth mother had been a teenager mother who thought trying to raise a baby at 15 was a good idea. The girl hadn’t been able to cope with a baby at such a young age, so Kenzie went up for adoption, settling into the home of the Anderson’s soon after. It’s all she has ever known.
Kenzie was a sweet child, always needing a little coaxing from her parents to come out and play or interact with someone new. But once she became comfortable around people, she’d change from a shy quite little thing into a bundle of energy, asking any question that popped into her head. Kenzie had her parents wrapped around her little finger, able to keep herself out of any real trouble with a bat of her eyelashes. As she grew, Kenzie lost the shyness and became more confident in herself but still kept that same sweetness that seemed to draw people in. It helped of course, that being the youngest in her family, she was very spoilt, especially by her father who she adored.
Moving away from her parents was hard for Kenzie but she embraced the independence and is excited to finish with college and start working with children in schools. Teaching has always been a dream of hers since she started assisting some of her old teachers in kindergarten back in her home town of Chicago.
(Please answer the following questions IN CHARACTER. Responses can be as long or short as you see fit!)
What made you want to attend Joie University? The school has a good reputation and I wanted to have a new adventure. Experience the world!
What are at least 3 positive or neutral and at least 3 negative traits that you believe you possess? I would say I’m adaptable, sweet and a whole load of fun! Negative wise, I can be very stubborn, sometimes a little crass and I’ve been told before that I’m naive???
Which of your traits do you value most? My fun side!
How can that trait benefit the University (or its student body) as a whole? Well, who wouldn’t want to hang around someone as fun as me?
What do you hope to gain from your experience at JU? New friends, a new career and new experiences.
What is a quote or song lyric that describes you? ‘I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly"
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moodybloom1985-blog · 6 years
Pretty Little Liars Finale Rant
This will be my last post on this show and it will be the last time I ever watch anything associated with Marlene King, because clearly, she does not understand how to write a show. She seemingly has no desire or ability to close plots in a timely fashion (which is why they remained open, forgotten, loose ends… about 5 seasons worth).
As time went on, it became glaringly apparent that Marlene and her cowriters either did not watch their own show or were less interested in a plot that made any sense. They left what they called “clues” about A’s identity in episodes when they were just winging it and deciding who A would be after most of the seasons were already written, which is why there are so many misplaced “clues.” (I.e. The mannequin family in the dollhouse being in a FAMILY frame in Aria’s room) to name just one.
The greatest faults of the writing of this show are two-fold for me.
First, Marlene seemed to be obsessed with keeping the main characters in a bubble of innocence. They were not allowed to have any faults or have any darkness to them. They had to remain pure as freshly fallen snow. This obsession with keeping them innocent was the biggest downfall of this show. After the backlash from the CeCe reveal, you’d think she’d learn that her audience was not interested in secret relatives and side characters being the “big bad.”
Common sense tells you that in a show like this, your main characters are your strength. It’s OK to allow your characters to grow and it’s OK to allow FICTIONAL characters to have a dark side. I assure you, people would have been very happy had a member of the MAIN cast (the Liars or their boyfriends) been the Uber A. It would have had shock value (which Marlene loves too much) AND would have closed some plot holes. A twin of the main cast is a cop out. Nothing but a cop out and a carbon copy of the CeCe reveal.
One thing I think Marlene just could not wrap her head around is that all these years of torment and A being one step ahead, truly only make sense if someone in the inner circle of the Liars was a part of it all along.
Another thing she could not wrap her head around was a sentiment that the character of LT. Tanner said repeatedly, “I always knew you were guilty. I just never knew of what.” It is just not feasible, in dream logic or any other logic, that someone would assume an anonymous identity and spend countless years and money to torment 4 INNOCENT girls. They must have done SOMETHING. They must have known SOMETHING. It’s just not believable. (And no, accidentally running over Archer Dunhill does not count as dark).
Second, Marlene’s OBSESSION with shocking her audience. Creating yet another twin and giving her a bad British accent just to “shock” people? Really? And she knows she left so many plot holes that she never tried to fix, so what does she do? She makes her a villain that only became a villain when Charlotte died. Huge cop-out. HUGE.
You know you can surprise your audience and have an ending that makes sense too, right?
It was the series finale. It was the time to have some guts. You could have pulled an Ezra/Aria Bonnie and Clyde. I mean honestly, the man had BOXES AND BOXES of information and surveillance on the town AND had the previous 2 A’s working for him at various points in the show. Ezra was a no-brainer. Literally, DUH!
There’s your shock value and there’s how you tie AD to the beginning! Boohoo, twitter idiots like the Ezria relationship. Then reveal Aria as an accomplice, either from the beginning or later on. You’re worried about what you will do if the show has a reunion or a reboot? Fine! Let them get away with it! The audience knows but the girls don’t! This was an ending that would’ve worked perfectly, would have made countless people happy and wouldn’t have tarnished the legacy of your show!
You wanted Spencer as the AD without actually making her “culpable?” Go the split personality route. Again, it ties in to the beginning!
There were so many things that could have been done.
Now Marlene wants to rant about how WE should be grateful. No! SHE should be grateful that people stuck with this show after all the bitter disappointment. She should never have been given all these chances.
As for Troian Bellisario and that awful accent, I can only say one thing. She’s a decent actor, on par with some of the other actors on this show. I never believed she “carried” this show as some people did. And her unremarkable performance in this finale proves me right. This season was largely carried by Lucy Hale’s Avataria and the way Aria was with her as well as by Janel Parish.
Again, I’m not saying Troian is a bad actress and I’m certainly not blaming this finale fiasco on her. I just think it may be a little too early in her career to pull off a big villain reveal.
That’s my 2 cents on this finale. Agree or don’t, who cares, it’s over. And no, I won’t be watching any spinoffs. In fact, I hope no network is stupid enough to reward Marlene King with another show to ruin with lost relatives and evil twins.
PS to Marlene and the other writers. This “dream logic” you refer to just means “fiction.” The story exists outside of the real world, in its own space, but still needs to MAKE SENSE! Jane Austen wrote fiction too, you didn’t see her leaving plot holes and writing “it’s dream logic it doesn’t have to make sense” in the prelude to her books!
PPS: If Lucy Hale wanted to be a villain for years, as Marlene claimed on her ET interview, then they should have let her. She was damn good at it!
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 9 months
I was thinking about your post with human papa Hale/Talia and it turned into a hc about them being the prototype sterek with Talia being this serious, regal alpha-in-the-making and this clumsy disaster of a human boy who's just a big ol' simp and was like "yeah I'm gonna marry that woman and take HER last name" idk i just had to share because your posts make my day 💙
That is my exact hc for them XD Like, Derek takes after his mom in more than just looks, aight?
Papa Hale wasn't even human-but-slightly-to-the-left like Lydia or questionably magical like Stiles, he was literally just Some Dude. Considering the decade in which he and Talia met, he was probably a stoner who was too blazed to be bothered by his gf turning furry. First time he saw her shift, he was just like, "Neato!" And Talia immediately went, "This one and no other."
Cue Nana Hale's well-meant parental despair like, "You're turning down eight suitors from established packs for that?!" Like, no, mom, you don't understand, he said my beta shift was neat and called my eyes pretty, and he thinks it's cool I can pick him up, I want this one.
Obvi, he quit smoking once Laura happened, but even then, he's just Chill. He vibes with the weird. He's like Gomez Addams. His wife is the most awesome wonderful fantastic woman ever and the greatest Alpha and the bestest mom, and his kids are just as incredible as she is, I love them so much, wanna see pictures?
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Pretty Little Liars fans, get excited!
We have some new exclusive scoop for you about Freeform's highly anticipated spinoff pilot, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, set to star Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish.
We chatted with show creator I. Marlene King backstage at Freeform's Summit on Thursday night at Neuehouse in Los Angeles, where she dished that the team has been location scouting and putting the finishing touches on that first script.
"We were scouting for locations to film our pilot in Portland over this last weekend and yes, the script is written and we’re in the process of rewriting it just to fine-tune it perfectly... we’re super excited about it," she said before confirming that the series will take place one to two years following the series finale of PLL.
And get this -- not all the Perfectionists are going to be females.  
"I felt like just as we were getting sort of into season five and six of Pretty Little Liars, our guys became such an important part of the show," she explained, adding, "I wanted to explore the relationship between guys and girls who can be friends and not necessarily boyfriend-girlfriend."
Interesting. We like it.
In October, Pieterse told ET that we would definitely see Ali as a mom to her and Emily's twins -- and that having PLL co-star (and the other half of "Emison") Shay Mitchell make some appearances "wouldn't be a problem."  
King played coy though when we asked if we'd see Mitchell pop up in the pilot -- but she didn't rule it out!  Remember, they are still writing that first script.  
"Well, we’ll just have to wait and see," she teased.
"That’s a part of the story that’s, you know, the fun of a spinoff is getting to take a couple characters from your show and creating this new experience for them, but you can’t take everyone. It’s bittersweet in some ways, but I think also awesome in others and I think our fans will appreciate the journey that these two characters, Mona and Alison from our world, are going into this new world."
No date is even set for the pilot just yet -- but Mitchell is still working with King on another series, The Heiresses.
King certainly loves keeping it in the PLL family. Troian Bellisario is directing episode seven of King's third series she's juggling right now, Famous in Love.  
"It’s amazing... just to get to spend time with Troian is a gift because I don’t get to see her every day anymore, but the Famous cast was so excited to have her and welcomed her with open arms and Niki Koss, who actually wants to direct, is shadowing her on this episode as well, so were having a lot fun and growing our female directors," she shared.
King prides herself on surrounding herself with strong, empowering women on all her projects.
"I’m really blessed that I get to work with these amazing women and I feel like we all do this amazing job of – it is a true sisterhood, we lift each other up, we’re not competitive, we all want each other to succeed, the Pretty Little Liars all want their co-stars to succeed and I was texting with Lucy [Hale] just today about how supportive she’s been of Troian and Famous and the girls are supportive. Ashley Benson and Carter Jenkins grew up together, so they’re friends and it’s just – it’s building the family and growing the family and you can have more than one baby and love the other one, too."
We'll have more on Famous in Love season two next week -- but for now, we'll tell you this: it's going to be filled with drama, romance and a Tom Cruise-Oprah Winfrey couch-inspired moment.  
Fans will also find out who Paige (Bella Thorne) picks after that shocking love-triangle moment in the season one finale.
"We definitely left her with what we call her Sophie’s Choice...does she pick Rainer or Jake?" King says. "You will find out very quickly when the show premieres."
Famous in Love season two premieres Wednesday, April 4.
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‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Picked Up for 10-Episode First Season
Get ready to keep some more secrets -- Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is officially a go!
ET can confirm that the PLL spinoff series has officially been picked up for a 10-episode first season at Freeform. Production will begin later this year in Portland, Oregon, and the series -- which is based on the novel of the same name by Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard -- will debut in 2019.
Fan favorites Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish will reprise their Pretty Little Liars characters in the show, starring as Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal, respectively, and Descendents star Sofia Carson will join in a new role, playing Ava, a beautiful, trendsetting blogger and coder who has her sights set on becoming a fashion icon. Carson recently dished that fans can also likely expect more PLL stars to pop up as the show explores its first season.
From Rosewood to Beacon Heights, life is anything but perfect. Here’s your first look at our spinoff series, #PrettyLittleLiars: The Perfectionists, coming to @FreeformTV in 2019. More info: https://t.co/qy5CDeDPfa. #PLLThePerfectionistspic.twitter.com/7QQ9zZaMH3
— Pretty Little Liars (@PLLTVSeries) May 14, 2018
"I've heard Troian [Bellisario] and I've heard Lucy [Hale], so hopefully they'll be involved. As much as they would want to, we will have them," she told ET last month.
Carson recently wrapped filming on the Perfectionists pilot -- which she described as “a whole new world” that is “inspired” by PLL’s seven-season run -- and gushed about the experience, saying, "Everything about it was so surreal. It was such a dream.”
"I'm so honored to be a part of it and to work with [Pretty Little Liars executive producer] Marlene King. It's such a female-centered story, which I love so much, so there are tons of secrets, as you can imagine, that I can't tell you about yet," she added. "It is dramatic, it's dark, it's mysterious, it's romantic and full of secrets as the PLL world goes. There's a sensation of being constantly watched as well, like there was in PLL, so there's the same essence of the story."
As for the returning characters, Pieterse recently dished on Ali and Mona's new dynamic in the Perfectionists series, and how the two come together in the first place.
“When I read the draft that we were going to film, I cracked up in so many spots because of the way that they tie in their two characters,” the actress told ET during a live interview on Friday. “They kind of become allies in a way and it’s this very interesting kind of dynamic, 'cause Alison’s obviously not sure if she can trust Mona. I mean, can you ever trust Mona? But the way that she ends up being in this new town is very mysterious, but also hilarious, the way that she kind of rides over these questions."
Pieterse also spoke to ET about the spinoff during her run on Dancing With the Stars last fall, saying she was hopeful that her fellow Little Liars -- namely Alison’s onscreen love, Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell -- would be making an appearance on the new series
“I'm sure that they will,” the actress teased. “We have to keep the PLL family alive, obviously -- and Emison, of course.”
“It’s just a fun, different experience and I'm glad that I get to continue the character," Pieterse noted of playing Alison in the new show, adding that she was especially excited to play mom to the Emison twins! "She's amazing and I think, honestly, you'll see a little bit more of a feisty side of her now that she's in another element that she's not used to.” And King teased earlier this year that The Perfectionists may be branching out from the PLL mold a bit, including some guys as part of the core group!
"I felt like just as we were getting sort of into season five and six of Pretty Little Liars, our guys became such an important part of the show," she explained, adding, "I wanted to explore the relationship between guys and girls who can be friends and not necessarily boyfriend-girlfriend." See more on the upcoming series in the video below!
EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists': How Alison and Mona Come Together in 'Darker' Spinoff
WATCH: 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists': Sofia Carson Says Troian Bellisario & Lucy Hale May Be Involved!
EXCLUSIVE: Troian Bellisario Would Be 'Delighted' to Direct an Episode of 'PLL: The Perfectionists'
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30 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Full House
New Post has been published on http://gossip.network/30-surprising-facts-you-might-not-know-about-full-house/
30 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Full House
Oh Mylanta, Full House is 30!
And how rude would it be for us not to recognize the iconic series on its 30th birthday?! That’s right, Full House debuted September 22, 1987, introducing viewers to one of America’s most beloved families, the Tanners. 
Thanks to its spinoff series, Netflix’s Fuller House (with season three premiering  today as the ultimate anniversary gift), fans have been able to stay connected to DJ, Stephanie and most of the family members, but we’re guessing  there’s probably some facts about the original series, which ran from 1987-1995, you either forget or never even knew…like Uncle Jesse’s original name or which star had their first kiss on the show.
Press play on the video above to find out some of the juiciest facts about Full House and check out more below: 
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images
—Bob Saget and Dave Coulier were real-life roommates for a while, before they were cast on the show together. Saget revealed in his book that Coulier slept on his couch in Los Angeles 13 years before Full House.
—Becky (Lori Laughlin) was only supposed to appear in six episodes, but she was so popular (and the show’s only grown woman) that she ended up staying forever.
—A lot of the artwork featured on the Tanner family’s fridge was actually drawn by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.
  There’s a reason the theme song, “Everywhere You Look,” is so catchy: The creators Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay also made the opening songs for Family Matters and Step by Step.
—Joey’s hockey obsession had a lot to do with Dave Coulier’s hockey obsession, and Coulier was directly responsible for introducing Candace Cameron Bure to her eventual husband, hockey player Valeri Bure.
–Dave Coulier met his now ex-wife Jayne Modean, who played “grown up Michelle” in a season three episode of the show, on the set. (They split in 1992.)
—All the grown-up actors swore a whole lot behind the scenes, kind of putting a damper on the wholesome, family-friendly vibe of the series.
—There was a possibility of a ninth season, but John Stamos and Cameron Bure were both not interested, so the show came to an end after eight seasons. How rude!
—Steve (Scott Weinger) appeared on the show as two characters, both named Steve, but one was named Steve Peters and one was named Steve Hale, and nothing makes sense.
—Two sets of twins played Nicky and Alee, with Daniel and Kevin Renteria taking on the roles when they were babies before Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit took over.
—While the late Doris Roberts is known for playing Danny’s mother, the character was actually played by a different actress (Alice Hirson) in two episodes before.
—Candace Cameron Bure’s real-life brother Kirk Cameron played the role of Cousin Steve in the episode “Just One of the Guys” before going on to star in Growing Pains.
—Coulier came up with Joey’s iconic “Cut it out!” catchphrase.
—DJ Tanner attended the fictional Van Atta Junior High, which was named after the show’s producer Don Van Atta.
—Apparently Stamos wanted to make a Full House movie in 2009, which is fine, but it’s his dream casting that’s the best part: James Franco as Jesse, Steve Carell as Danny, and Tracy Morgan as Joey. We would pay a lot of money to see that, but also to never see that.
—Scott Weigner (aka Steve) was actually the voice of Aladdin! (And he took Candace Cameron Bure to the premiere with him. Awww!)
—During the show’s original run, Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber tried to get New Kids On The Block to guest-star, but it never happened. Their dreams came true almost 30 years later, when the band appeared on Fuller House.
—The couch on Fuller House is the same couch that was used on the original series (and is the only prop to make it onto the revival, as Friends took over their sound stage after the show ended).
—John Stamos actually spearheaded the campaign to make the spinoff series a reality. “We’ve been working on this for many, many years,” the actor said when he announced that Fuller House was officially happening in 2015.
Fuller House season three is now available to stream on Netflix.
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Latest story from https://movietvtechgeeks.com/riverdale-spins-kylie-jenner-megyn-kelly-tupac-lives/
'Riverdale' spins out, Kylie Jenner on Megyn Kelly and Tupac lives
Ever since it premiered on The CW earlier this year, weekly teen drama Riverdale has been gaining a bigger and bigger fan base. Featuring the characters from the long-running comic series Archie Comics, the show puts a notably darker spin on the everyday occurrences in the small town of Riverdale. Inevitably, the show's success has led to TV executives looking for other ways to monetize the teenage TV viewers. According to recent reports from The Hollywood Reporter, The CW is hoping to bring a Sabrina the Teenage Witch spinoff to the small screen in the near future. The entertainment publication reported that Riverdale’s showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa is teaming up with the network to develop a screenplay for the show, which is supposedly aiming to be in line with the tone of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Evidently, Roberto (with the help of The CW) is looking to put a more mature spin on the comic book story, which was originally written as a light-hearted, humorous comic about a teenage witch. While only a few details have been revealed about the in-development series, The Hollywood Reporter claims that it is being called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. However, seeing as it is still in the very early stages, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this title change before the show actually hits the air. Stay tuned for more details about The CW’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off, as well as Riverdale! If you have seen any of the tabloids over the past few weeks, you have probably spotted pictures of young Sofia Richie hanging out with troubled reality star Scott Disick. While they have both claimed to be merely friends, they continue to be photographed in each other’s company a lot these days – inevitably, leading to the continuance of media-driven relationship rumors. This week, tabloid magazine US Weekly reported that Sofia’s blossoming relationship (friendship or otherwise) with Scott has caused for some tension between her and stylist Chloe Bartoli, who has been linked to Scott on several occasions in the past. According to a source close to Sofia, she and Scott “became official over the past week while they were in New York City together.” Subsequently, when Chloe found out about the new development in the duo’s relationship, she was not happy. As you may or may not know, Chloe and Sofia have long been close friends. In fact, one insider says that the two “were the best of friends and were inseparable.” However, now that Sofia is getting close to Scott, the two have been distancing themselves from one another. The same source explained, “After Sofia started hooking up with Scott, Chloe stopped speaking to her. It’s a mess.” While it is tough to say how much truth there is to this particular story, it has been noted that Chloe and Sofia just recently un-followed each other on Instagram. In this day and age, that speaks volumes!
Kylie Jenner bailed on an interview with “Today” host Megyn Kelly, sources told media outlets, because she was spooked by potentially tough questions Kelly could ask.
Kelly’s interview with Kris Jenner and daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall was taped earlier in the year and aired on Wednesday.
Noticeably absent was youngest sister Kylie, who’d posted images of herself at the studio for the interview back when it was taped.
A source tells us that before Kelly’s questions began, “Kylie bailed,” getting cold feet about facing the interviewer.
“She was all set to do the interview with her sisters, and she arrived at the location, ready to go,” a source said. “Then she bailed at the last minute because she thought the questions were going to be too tough.”
A rep for Kylie did not get back to us.
In her absence, Kendall defended Kylie, citing the 20-year-old’s cosmetics line when asked about any haters the family has.
“My little sister has an insane business . . . Anyone who says they don’t want their kid to be like that . . . is insane to me,” Kendall quipped.
Suge Knight thinks Tupac Shakur may still be alive. The Death Row Records CEO, who was with Shakur when he was shot in September 1996, discussed his belief in the conspiracy theory that the rapper survived the shooting for the upcoming Fox special “Who Shot Biggie and Tupac?” “When Pac died — I mean, if he really did, you know,” Knight, 52, told Soledad O’Brien and Ice-T in a clip released from the show Wednesday. “I mean, when I left that hospital, me and Pac was laughing and joking. So I don’t see how somebody can turn from doing well to doing bad. I’m gonna tell you that with Pac, you never know.” Knight made the revelation over the phone from jail, where he’s awaiting trial on a murder charge stemming from a 2015 incident in which he’s accused of running over two men with his car. Shakur’s East Coast rival, Notorious B.I.G., was shot to death in March 1997. Neither murder has been solved, though some fringe believers insist that Biggie is alive and residing in Greece and that a healthy Shakur is relaxing in Cuba. The full special will air Sunday on Fox. Following a Brooklyn premiere of Fergie’s long-awaited second solo album, some were left wondering if it was inspired by her breakup with Josh Duhamel. Tracks on the new album, titled “Double Dutchess,” include “Save It Till Morning,” “A Little Work,” “Love Is Blind” and “Love Is Pain.” And Fergie admitted, “There’s a lot of my life, and my vulnerable side on the album.” But she insists that the songs, written from the journals she has kept throughout her life, are about many relationships she has had, not just Duhamel, and the videos “amplify” events from her past. Fergie, 42, and Duhamel, 44, announced in September they had separated “earlier this year” after eight years of marriage. She and the “Transformers” star share a 4-year-old son, Axl, who she says is “the sun that we all revolve around,” adding that she is staying strong after the split for him. “Now it is really about taking care of yourself, I have a son, and keeping the balance of life is very important, just checking in with yourself to make sure everything is balanced.” The album is also a “visual experience,” with the singer filming a video for each of the songs Beyoncé-style, which will all drop on Friday, Sept. 22. Of the album she said, “There’s a weird religious tone to the whole thing. I am more spiritual than religious . . . It is also about my relationship with my God, my higher power, my universe, whatever you want to call it, whatever it is, I’ve really had to call upon that throughout the making of this album.” Fergie has been very open about her mistakes and overcoming drug addiction in the past: “Writing the song ‘A Little Work,’ it was all about how everything is a battle with the mind, it is how you change things slowly, little by little, sometimes it is not the easiest way to go, but that’s how we better ourselves. The song is definitely about a battle with myself and my own demons.” The record also includes some killer Fergie upbeat club tracks including “You Already Know” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Hungry” featuring Rick Ross. There’s also the cheeky song “M.I.L.F.$,” accompanied by a video that features Kim Kardashian, Chrissie Teigen, and Amber Valletta. Guests at Tuesday’s Wythe Hotel VIP party for Fergie’s new album included models Alex Lundqvist, Marquita Pring and Precious Lee, Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir and Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of the late Princess Diana. MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell has apologized after clips surfaced of him profanely yelling at staffers in between segments of his prime-time program. The clips from O’Donnell’s Aug. 29 show were published online by Mediaite on Wednesday. They show O’Donnell angrily reacting over the wrong sound being fed into his earpiece. He also demands someone put an end to hammering near the studio, calling on staffers to call MSNBC president Phil Griffin, if necessary. O’Donnell’s rant quickly became fodder for memes on social media. One widely-shared video spliced up O’Donnell’s comments about the hammering with the music video for M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” O’Donnell was contrite in a Twitter post Wednesday night, writing: “A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.” A 12-year-old singing ventriloquist is getting a $1 million prize and her own Las Vegas show after taking the “America’s Got Talent” crown on the season 12 finale of the NBC reality competition. Darci Lynne Farmer, of Oklahoma City, beat out another youngster, 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale, for the ‘AGT’ title Wednesday by garnering the most votes from viewers. Farmer told media outlets after the show that she was “overcome with joy and luckiness.” Judge Heidi Klum said the girl “is the full package,” adding that “she really touched people’s hearts” and “made people laugh at home.” Farmer is the third ventriloquist to win the competition. Season 2 champ Terry Fator performed a duet with Farmer on the season finale and worked with her on her scripts. Jimmy Kimmel used his late-night platform to continue his assault on the GOP health care bill, firing back at critics including U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade. The ABC star on Wednesday was following up on his monologue from Tuesday when he said the bill Cassidy is co-sponsoring failed the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” a phrase Cassidy coined in May after Kimmel announced his newborn son underwent heart surgery for a birth defect. The Louisiana Republican said Wednesday morning that Kimmel “does not understand” the bill. Kimmel mocked Cassidy’s claim and called his proposal “the worst health care bill yet.” After Kilmeade labeled Kimmel a “Hollywood elite” pushing politics, Kimmel called Kilmeade “a phony little creep” who Kimmel says previously asked him to write a blurb for his book. Kilmeade disputed some of Kimmel’s account on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, saying he asked him to be a part of a sports book he wrote in 2003. He added that he hoped Kimmel’s son gets better and told the host: “Continue to do a great job.” Once again, couples in Hollywood have hit quite the rough patch… Over the past few weeks, we have been reporting about several notable splits in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this pattern of break-ups has yet to end, as another longtime couple has reportedly decided to part ways. This week, a source revealed to tabloid publication US Weekly that former OC starlet Rachel Bilson and her longtime beau Hayden Christensen have called it quits. The duo, who have been dating on and off for the past ten years, never got married. However, they do share a young daughter, 2-year-old Briar Rose. The insider told US Weekly, “[Rachel’s] full-time back in L.A. [Hayden’s] in Toronto. They’ve been on the outs for a couple of months.” Rachel and Hayden first met on the set of the action-thriller Jumper. In 2008, about a year after they started dating, Rachel and Hayden announced that they were officially engaged. Unfortunately, just two years later, the couple called off their engagement. Ever since then, they have been romantically linked to each other, despite no longer being engaged. According to US Weekly’s source, who is close to the stars, the couple is “completely, officially done” this time around. In happier news, another Hollywood couple will soon be welcoming their first child into the world together. On Tuesday, former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul announced that he and his wife Lauren Paul are expecting their first baby. Aaron took to his Instagram page to share a photo of his glowing wife caressing her growing stomach, with a caption that explained, “Hey everyone. Look what I did. Words can’t express how excited I am that this little one has entered out lives. Just thought it was time I would share this beautiful news with you all.” Aaron Paul, Instagram post:   Aaron’s wife Lauren also took to her Instagram to address the exciting news. She posted a photo collage of a baby picture of her, a baby picture of Aaron, as well as a sonogram of the little one that is on its way. Lauren Paul, Instagram post: Aaron and Lauren got married back in 2013. While Aaron is busy in the entertainment busy, Lauren keeps busy with philanthropy. In fact, the blonde haired beauty is one of the founders of the Kind Campaign, which aims to bring awareness to bullying and girl-on-girl hate. Now, the loved birds are preparing for the next chapter of their life together. Congratulations to Aaron and Lauren!
Movie TV Tech Geeks News
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In the short time the Emporium has existed we've gathered up over 15k followers and I couldn't be more excited. Building a community around merch has always been a dream of mine and I can't believe it's happening.
Who wants to join us? I don't expect you to give us a follow for nothing.
Members of the Crab Scouts will receive:
Exclusive Previews
Opportunity to Suggest Products
Opportunity Give Feedback
Bad Jokes
Lots of Cute Crabs
Much, Much More
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 9 months
I am still absolutely fucking feral over the fact that there are apparently multiple branches of the Hale family, and we didn't find out about this until the last season. Now, on the one hand, it makes sense since Scott is the highly unreliable narrator of the show, because why would Derek tell Scott about his family, and why would Scott care to remember it? But on the other, much funnier hand, imagine if none of the Hales bring this up, ever, because after awhile it gets too hard just to fucking keep track of everyone, so it never comes up.
And it continues to never come up until Derek is bringing Stiles to a "family reunion" in North Carolina, and Stiles isn't certain if Derek is just fucking with him or not because the dude's got a poker face for Vegas and a pretty dark sense of humour. So he thinks they're just going to see Peter and Cora, though why they'd be in North Carolina is beyond him, except when they get there, it's a literal multigenerational family reunion, with great-great-grandparents and cousins multiple times removed, the whole damn shebang.
Stiles: Derek, the fuck? There's, like, fifty people here.
Derek "I Have Entire Relatives You've Never Heard Of" Hale: Yup.
Stiles: Are you related to everyone here?
Derek: I mean....shit, I guess.
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