grimsimblr · 5 months
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New outfits for Letha part 3
Look 1: Accessory Top | Pants | Boots
Look 2: Necklace | Jeans | Gloves | Sneakers
Look 3 : Top | Gloves | Pants | Shoes
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puppycheesecake · 11 months
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Sim Lookbook - Lorelei
Someone asked how I would have done mermaids, and this is the type of fashion I wish we’d gotten.
General: Skintone / Skinblend / Eyes / Ears / Gills / Scales (Overlay) / Scales (Legs) / Finger Fins / Hair / Brows / Nails / Eyeshadow / Lipstick Everyday: Top / Skirt (Isolde) / Necklace / Bracelets Formal: Top / Skirt / Necklace / Bracelets Athletic: Bodysuit + Belt Sleep: Outfit Party: Top + Sleeve / Skirt / Necklace Swimwear: Top / Skirt Hot Weather: Top + Skirt + Necklace / Bracelets Cold Weather: Top / Skirt / Necklace / Bracelets
Thank you! @lamatisse @saruin @pyxiidis @tekri @simulationcowboy @weepingsimmer @jarisimcc @its-adrienpastel @evilquinzel @blahberry-pancake @twisted-cat @belaloallure3 @clumsyalienn @serenity-cc @oydis @joliebean @madlensims @regina-raven @bluecravingcc @dansimsfantasy @renorasims 
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episims · 8 days
Tumblr media
Nenps Fish Scales as Mermaid Overlays
I've done my own take of mermaid overlays before, but! Then @angelapleasant shared the textures for some of @weepingsimmer's recolors of Nenps fish scales, and these are so so beautiful.
Angelapleasant mentioned that the textures had some seams on TS2 body though, so I went and fixed them. They're still far from being pixel perfect, but I find them acceptable now.
I made all frames share the same textures and paired purple scales with blonde hair, turquoise with brown, red with red, and blue with black. I also made a new grey-ish scale recolor for grey hair.
The file comes in two versions: with or without a sharp teeth mask that I've gotten from these overlays by @withlovefromsimtown.
Download (SFS) (alternate)
The files are compressed. As mermaid overlays always, these are meant to replace the mermaid scale overlay by @midgethetree and be used together with their mermaid mod.
⚠️ If you already downloaded angelapleasant's version or don't like my choice of color combinations, their version of the overlays is now updated with my edits of the textures but with the color combinations they originally used. Their upload also includes matching face scales as layerable blushes.
Credit to everyone mentioned and also to @paluding for the tattoeer!
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yoruqueenofnightsims · 5 months
31 Days of Simblreen | Day 04 - Ghost
Challenge by @maadsimming
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@ameranthe @cheng-chih @crilender @evellsims @heavendy-cc @kijiko-sims @magic-bot @natalia-auditore @pyxiidis @roselipaofficial @sammi-xox @sentate @simandy @tamo-sim @thepeachyfaerie @twisted-cat @valhallansim @weepingsimmer
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seyvia · 2 years
My beloved Sim .°•Vida Rei°.○ I wanted to show off her current lookbook because it brings me serotonin•*.
A bit about her because I need a brain spill:
Vida is Japanese/Latina * she loves pink & purple🌸🍇, teddy bears & butterflies🧸🦋 * I have to be honest, her look and story are heavily influenced by a nightcored Olivia Rodx!go song (this one) lol is it original? probably not. is it fun to think about? yesh~ ╮(. / ᴗ \.)╭ * Sooo She is an aspiring Teen rock/pop star (why else would she be on the cover of BLEH!¡), who enjoys writing her own songs. All the while she struggles with her broken heart & finding a place in a new school that seems to be filled with equally talented, unique and bizarre sims. (´ . .̫ . `)...er~ something like that, it gets pretty deep and original. I think it would make a great shojo manga lol. TM.
CC creators ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ♡
Hair: @daylifesims / @kamiiri / @simandy / @dogsill / @arethabee / @clumsyalienn / @simbience / @ravensim / @carolforest / @boonstoww /@rheallsim 💫
Shoes: @jius-sims / @trillyke / @dallasgirl79 / @bellassims / @charonlee / maddie eddie (patreon) / @arltos / @desireccfinds / Lin-Dian (patron) / @llazyneiph / _zy (tsr) / babytears (simsfinds) / S4Nexus 💫
Clothes: @serenity-cc / @clumsyalienn / @nitropanic / @eunosims / @trillyke / @grafity-cc / @greenllamas / @dyoreos / @jellymoo / @aharris00britney / @arethabee / @rustys-cc / @brianitesims / @mysteriousoo / @emmibouquet / @sadlydulcet / @oydis / @dissiasims / @saruin / @imadako /@rimings / @chloem-sims4 / @luridsims / @yellowjealousy / @candysims4 / @anvilesi / @arltos / @pleyita / @astya96cc / @waekey / grimcookies aka akalukery (patron) / @demondare-sims / @renorasims / @soolani 💫
Accessories: @saruin / @hayanbom / @simlasya / @grafity-cc / @wondymoondesign / @simpliciaty-cc / @kissyck / @gridoff / @eunosims / @dissiasims / @bellassims / @aleniksimmer / liliili-sims / @ssiat / @christopher067 / @neriney-cc / @glitterberrysims / @trillyke / @serenity-cc / @marigold-@losts4cc / @reinasimsstory / @qicc / @joliebean / @rimings / @senastar-@maxismatchccworld / @imvikai / Lin-Dian (patron) / @sadlydulcet / @usamarusims / @its-adrienpastel / @sims4-sin-a / @synthsims / Bazlou (tsr) / @laluna1005 / @chloem-sims4 / @simlaughlove / @stephanine-sims / @karzalee / @bedisfull / @ridgeport / @alexaarr / @wyattssims / s-club (tsr) / @at-mach / @imadako / @dorificsims / @grimmbats / @destinationboogie / @saurusness / @giuliettasims / @pralinesims (tsr) / @weepingsimmer / @buglaur / @mmsims / @sentate / @syaovu 💫
Makeup: @cosimetic / @nuwmie / @stretchskeleton / @twisted-cat / @crypticsim / @willeekmer / @chewybutterfly / @jjrxki / @anonimuxsimmer / @sunivaa / @thepeachyfaerie / @simandy / @plumbheadsims / @alhajero / @kindlespice / @emmibouquet / @mintvalentine / @ikeaservo / @isaiahillustrates 💫
Tattoo: @blogsimplesimmer 💫
Poses: @helgatisha / @gladlypants / @roselipaofficial / @catsblob / @atashi77 💫
That took 3 days ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Magazine Cover
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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snowlilisims · 3 months
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A cool as hell alien that came from rolling for the milkshake challenge by @saruin And how well does this hair work with these ears????
Genetics: Hair Ears Scales Antennae Antennae Glowing tattoo Skin overlay Lip preset Eyelashes Body preset Skin overlay Eyecolor Teeth Skin marking Nose preset Eye preset Skintone
Outfit: Necklace Belt Septum Pants Top Rings Rings Earrings Body chain Boots
Makeup: Eyeshadow Nails Lipstick Blush Eyeliner
Thank you to all CC creators <3
@148dazed @kikuruacchi @ohaudreysims @weepingsimmer @valley-tulya @ashwwa @blahberry-pancake @buglaur-cc @dansimsfantasy @giuliettasims @ikari-sims @madlensims @magnolia-c @miikocc @northernsiberiawinds @obscurus-sims @pralinesims @pyxiidis @sammi-xox @saruin @simandy @simbience @ssspringroll @trillyke @twisted-cat
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alltimefail-sims · 1 year
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550 Follower Lookbook Ft. The Girls with a Passion for Fashion™
As promised, here's all the cc I used in the preview photos for my recent sim dump, linked. If you want my version of the Bratz girls in your game, you can download them for free HERE.
Sasha - Earrings, necklace, jacket acc.*, top, pants*, shoes Cloe - Hairclips, necklace, top, accessory bra, skirt, boots, purse Yasmin - Bandana, necklace, rings, top, waist chain, skirt, socks, boots Jade - Choker, earrings, top & gloves, accessory top, pants, shoes, purse* Roxxi - Hat*, earrings, necklace, bracelet, top, pants, gloves, shoes Nevra - Choker, rings, top, waist chain, gloves, pants, thong acc., boots
Anything marked with a * means it’s either from the Sims Resource, Simsdom/Simsfinds, or goes through a “host” such as AdFly.
Thanks to all the talented cc creators! @bluerose-sims, @jius-sims, @uh0htaj, @trillyke, @ts4eve, @rimings, @weepingsimmer, @arethabee, @serenity-cc, @ikari-sims, @cubersims, @renokmt, @dream-girl, @korkassims, @pralinesims, @b0t0xbrat, @greenllamas
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bobatrait · 4 months
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14. mythology
hair | scales | headpiece | dress | shoes
thank u to the cc creators!! @gramssims @weepingsimmer @astya96cc @bluecravingcc
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sailorjojogames · 19 days
Tumblr media
100+ maxis match hairs for black sims + cc links | cc showcase
Watch video 
Many thanks to all the cc creators. This showcase is also more of an archive. 📚🧾
@birksche  1.
@okruee  2.  3 and 4. 
@plunni  5. 
@okruee   6.  7.
@savvysweet  8.
@oplerims  9.  10. [my fave accessory with this hair  @candysims4  Flower crown]   11.
@oakiyo  12.  13.  14.
@saurusness  15.
@imvikai   16.
@aharris00britney   17.  18. 19.  20.  21.  22.  23.  24.  25,  26 and 27.  28.   29 and 30.  31 and 32. 33.  34 and 35.  36 and 37.  38.  39.  40 and 41.
@vernonsvault   42.
@imvikai   43.  44.   45 and 46. 
@greenllamas  47.  48 and 49.  50.
@sheabuttyr    51.  MORE
@old-dogsill ( @dogsill )   52.
@dogsill    53.  54.  55.
@leeleesims1  56.   alternative 1  2
@old-dogsill  ( @dogsill )  57.
@simstrouble    58.  (OLD CC- download at your own risk)   59.
@simancholy  60. 
@ebonixsims  61.  MORE
@nolan-sims  62. MESH is ^ 61. 
@aladdin-the-simmer  63.  64.
@wondercarlotta  65.
@shespeakssimlish  66.
@simtric   67.  68.
@shespeakssimlish   69.
@shysimblr  70.
@simtric    71.  72.
@vampireloreskill  73.
@savvysweet  74. nala   75. wendy wavy buns
@shysimblr  76, 77 and 78. also has a child and toddler version ❤ 
@renorasims & @imvikai  79. 
 @candysims4  80.   
 @savvysweet  81. hasina   82. frankie fro v2    83. frankie fro
 @shysimblr  84.  
@savvysweet  85. lydia locs   86. dana unavailable 😥 alternative  
87. danika dreads   88. lana   89. lana v2 unavailable 😥 alternative
90. bali braids  91. ava afro puff (large)   92. drida dreads  93. didi dreads
 94. danni dreads  95. daya dreads   96.unavailable 😥 alternative  
97. libby locs v2   98. brook braids  (loc’d up)   99. brook braids
100. casey curls   101. fatima fro   102. alisha afro with pearls
103. badu bantu   104. ava afro puff small   105. amari afro with clips
106. tiana twist (loc’d up)
Savvy X Grim (now @akalukery)   107.
@savvysweet  108. bia braids   109. farah finger   clips 1  clips 2  clips 3
1 & 4.   @frenchiesimgirl
2 & 3 unavailable :( download at your own risk 😥 )  Link  
Bonnet  @qwertysims
@candysims4  110.  
@savvysweet  111. lamont locs 
@aharris00britney  112.
@birksche  113. 
@savvysweet 114. lenny locs 
@savvysweet  115. chris cornrows (shorts)   116. chris cornrows (medium)
  117. chris cornrows (long) unavailable 😥
@qrqr19  118. Hair 08 Topaz   119. Hair 23 Calcite
@savvysweet 120. fresh prince fade   121.dameon dreads  122. tyrone twist
123 damon dreads unavailable 😥   124. tommy top curls
@qwertysims  125. 
@birksche  126. 
@sheabuttyr  127. leo locs 
@sleepingsims  128.
@sheabuttyr   129. fana fro V1 
Toddler & Child
@frenchiesimgirl  130 and 131. 
@shysimblr  132.  
@shysimblr  133.  
@shespeakssimlish  134. 
@shysimblr  135.   136.  137.
138. Hair puff ball  unavailable  😥
@shysimblr  139.
@hazelminesims 140. HazelMineSeasonsBraidPuffTodd (old cc download at your own risk)
@birksche 141. 
@shysimblr 142.  143.
@weepingsimmer  144.
 @shysimblr  145.
146.  EP01 Afro Cropped - unavailable  😥
@sleepingsims  147. 
@shysimblr  148.    
Just in case some of the links don’t work 😥... try wayback 
if you have any question feel free to dm me. 
@sailorjojosimsccfinds   @maxismatchccworld​  
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rdrsims · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fish girl 🐟🍥
skin, eyes, eyeliner, nosemask, spotlight, algae, scales, hands, ears&gills, antennae, arm/leg gradient, top, bottom
❤ CC creators: @obscurus-sims @evilquinzel @caio-cc @weepingsimmer @sims3melancholic @simandy @pyxiidis @ssspringroll @dansimsfantasy @@plazasims @dissiasims
Pose by @helgatisha
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wastelandwhisperer · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Monster Lookbook: Deep Sea Mermaid 
Thank you @fiftymilehighclub for the suggestion!!! 
Hair: @daylifesims
Dress and jewelry: @oydis
Nails: @blahberry-pancake
Makeup: @cosimetic @ddarkstonee @remussirion @sims3melancholic
Skintone: @ratboysims
Scales: @weepingsimmer
Fish accessories: @zaneida-and-sims4 @grimguide
Poses: @helgatisha
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grimsimblr · 2 months
Tumblr media
My Makeup Bag
Skin Details
Skin Overlays: Bright Blends (V6) by @litttlecakes, Folie a Deux by @inspiredmoodlet , Are We Electric by @pyxiidis
Nosemask : Miscellany Nosemasks by pyxiidis
Misc Facial Details: About Face by pyxiidis, Realistic Lips by @simsontherope
Moles: Moles N1 by @helgatisha, Moles!! by cabsim, Moles V1 by Ms Blue (TSR)
Freckles: Freckle Hell by habsims (deactivated), Nose Freckles by @cabsim, KBTS Freckles by @wistfulpoltergeist, Heavy Freckles V1 by PlayersWonderland (TSR)[HACKED ACCOUNT! Link removed], Body Freckles by simsontherope
Under Your Spell by pyxiidis, Daydreamin' Eyes (Facepaint) by @reticulates , Daydreamin' Spooky and Succulent Recolors and Daydreamin' PTS Recolors by @leafbatsims, Daydreamin' Heterochromia (for big eyes) by @dancergirlcb, Daydreamin' Heterochromia (left only but resizable) by @ridgeport, Nightdreamin' Vampire Eyes (defaults for vampires) by @simduction, Starry Night Eyes (for aliens) by @aveirasims
Apricot/Cinder/Hibiscus/Mayberries Blush 03 Recolor by weepingsimmer, Candied by crypticsim
Lips #12 by @aveirasims, Stalker/Wings/Glow/Dark Hour by @twisted-cat, Sugar/Pink Sugar Gloss by @crypticsim, Keep Your Lips Sealed by @down-in-simsland
Stalker/Slayer/Wings/Limelight/Glow/Dark Hour by twisted-cat, Golden Hour Eyeshadows by @sondescent, Rowan Eyeshadow Set by @purrsephonesims, Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Palette by @mysteriousdane, Dahlia/Julianos/Talos/Stendarr by weepingsimmer, Fall Eyeshadows 2017 and Neutral Eyeshadows V2 by @crazycupcakefr, Aura Eyeshadow by @cubersims, Confections Eyeshadow by @madameriasims4, Chic&Sheer Eyeshadow by voidboredom, Ferox Eyeshadow by Nords (TSR), Cotton Candy+Pastel by crypticsim
Stalker/Slayer/Dark Hour by twisted-cat, Eyeliner Basics 01 by madameriasims4, Axl/Candy by @crypticsim, Peony Eyeliner by dinosaursandthesquirrels, Yai/Hiee Liner (they have it behind a Linkvertise unfortunately) by twinksimstress, Autumn Mattes Eyeliner by @blushchat, Graphic Eyeliner by @thepeachyfaerie, Graphic Liner Set by @chewybutterfly
Aquarelle/Blackwork Chest/Even More Blackwork/The Beautiful People/Violent/Trouble by @valhallansim, Delicate Tattoos by @closims-cc, Swordplay Tattoos by @peachiiesims, Arms + Chest Tats by @simsrocuted, Doodley Tattoos (TSR) by @nords-sims, Cold Spell/Honeybee/Prickly Pear/Tropicana Sleeves by @brohilda, Flora/Hey That's a Pretty Cool Sleeve/Lunar/Memories/Remember Me/Sage by @herbalia,
Chipped Nails by @arethabee, Rainbow Nails (ring category) by @simlaughlove, Accessory Nails (gloves category) by @lehgames, Artsy Angsty Nails by @the-crypt-o-club, Mismatched Nails 1/2/3 And nightingalesims Flora Nails Recolor (requires a mesh) by @kissyck
Cottage Garden Skintones by @gladlypants, Skintone Set V3 (TSR) by Ms Blue, Occult Skintones by @octetsica
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puppycheesecake · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summon A Big Tiddy Horned Goth GF in 12 Easy Steps! 🖤🦇
001: Skintone / Scales / Hair (Recolor) + (Original Mesh) / Horns + Tail (Alt**) / Dress / Gloves / Necklace / Earrings 002: Dress / Stockings / Shoes / Necklace 003: Top / Pants / Shoes / Gloves (Alt**) 004: Dress (Alt**) / Stockings + Garter / Shoes 005: Top + Pants / Tights / Shoes
Thank you! @pyxiidis @weepingsimmer @witheringscreations @simstrouble @marsmerizing-sims @gorillax3-cc @ts4eve @magnolia-c @astya96cc @jius-sims @ashwwa @regina-raven @nitropanic @evellsims @trillyke @caio-cc
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vyssims · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Download from the Gallery #Vys-sims
Custom Content List
Hair & Earrings by @tekri
Outfits by @stardustsims4
Necklace by @duplica-imite
N128 Agustine Eyebrows by @pralinesims
Cinnamon Roll v3 Skin Overlay by @catplnt
Contour Skin Details by @remussirion
Nosemask Pancake Lilith by Pyxis Note: I can’t find this anywhere, but it is somewhere in the CC folder for Arcane Mel by @mucammo. I suggest downloading all skin detail files as I’m not sure which it is under
Eyeshadow by @weepingsimmer
Lipstick by @alyssajoltsims
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RPG Archtype CAS-Challenge - Rogue
by @puppycheesecake
A Kalashtar Assassin called "Sebille Russetflame".
DND-accurate character based on what my bf likes to play.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WCIF friendly
@0o0ghost0o0 @cosimetic @leeleesims1 @magic-bot @mmsims @nell-le @nesurii @nolan-sims @plazasims @pralinesims @pyxiidis @remussirion @sammi-xox @simandy @sunivaa @xurbansimsx @weepingsimmer @wightspider07
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casmylordandsavior · 1 year
Happy Halloween!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(click for better quality)
made some supernatural sims to celebrate the occasion 👻🎃
sometimes a family can be a succubus, a witch, a werewolf, an octomermaid and a venus flytrap
cc by: @saruin @imadako @peachiesims @arethabee @rottenmothboy @aharris00britney @asansan3 @mlyssimblr @simlaughlove @stretchskeleton @simandy @miikocc @jius-sims @dream-girl @trillyke @weepingsimmer @aveirasims @casteru @goppolsme @pyxis-likes-ts4 @maocreations @zouyousims @wsyzxkw @infiniteraptor @kuromibxtchh @yaya-maya-sims @b0t0xbrat @chewybutterfly @oydis @vanillapuffcc @squeamishsims @astya96cc @simbience @cloudcat @ts4eve @kijiko-sims @northernsiberiawinds @cwunnie @sadlydulcet @pyxiidis @nell-le @1-800-cuupid @shendori @sondescent @simomo-cc @peachplumbite @lamatisse @vibrantpixels @poyopoyosim @obscurus-sims @pakupakutapir
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