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bones-edition · 9 hours
I drew that podcast guy. Yeah, the gay one with the eyes. Which one you ask? Oh, yeah, all of them.
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It's wonderful what you can do when you're procrastinating school work
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perfect-cecilos · 1 day
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themilanobitch · 1 day
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what if I dropped to my knees and started weeping. what then cecil huh
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fox-guardian · 2 days
for requests if you’re still doing them, i’d love to see ur fursona for carlos
TECHNICALLY i'm not taking requests anymore BUT i was gonna draw him anyway SO HAVE A HIM <3
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[ID: Two digital drawings of Carlos the Scientist as an anthropomorphic river otter. He has dark brown fur that's lighter on his underside and curly, neck-length black hair with gray streaks through it, and a gap in his teeth, and he is wearing large square glasses. One drawing is just a head-shot of him smiling, and the other drawing is a full body shot of him smiling and gesturing with his paw hands. He is wearing a red flannel shirt slightly unbuttoned, cuffed blue jeans, and a white labcoat. His jeans have an extra short sleeve for his tail, which sticks out behind him. The background is a warm light green. end ID]
he's an otter!! because i think a river otter moving to a desert is funny. he's an otter outta water. also him being a perfectly normal looking otter guy in comparison to my furry cecil is so much fun. i just. love them sm <3
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stickyarmpits · 24 hours
These are the only ones with eye stuff that I know of if you have recs (or fanfics 👀) please drop
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If any of you ever start taking Carlos T. Scientist-Palmer seriously, just remember that he loves his three bean salad which consists of his three favorite beans which are
And jelly
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psychotic-polls · 2 days
Psychotic Polls Major Sources Finals!
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Harrowhark Nonagesimus [The Locked Tomb] vs Kevin [Welcome to Night Vale]
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checkadii · 1 day
I can just paint another.
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A heem heem whimper I’m alive
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wtnvblr does cecil or carlos top i just. i need to know. i n
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paddingtonii · 1 day
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wh-what if we kissed under a sky that was mostly void, partially stars?
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bulkhummus · 3 days
thinks about cecils dad showing up and we finally (finally) get an abby voice reveal
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rhube · 2 days
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OH MY GOD. The Weather in Night Vale is gonna be by my awesome friend on 1 April!
This is so cool??
And fitting. Echoes of Aphelion is awesome.
I suggested she submit a while back and didn't even realise that she had!
You can hear her work on Soundcloud:
Or Spotify:
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Do Fink or Cranor even remember that Welcome to Desert Bluffs exists? Do they ever go through their desks and find a crumpled old piece of the Mudstone Abyss script, chuckle quietly, and toss it away with the fleeting thought of “I don’t need the physical script anymore, it’s all on the computer.” Do they awaken in the dead of night to hear a rustling in the wastebin, a slight scratching that could just be some irritating critter, and throw off the covers thinking ugh, now I have to call the exterminator, maybe I can catch it and take it outside, and go to retrieve whatever thing is under the fluttering scrap of paper, only to feel a searing burn as their hand touches the first few words? To turn and gaze out the window and find that what was once an inky night, mostly void, partially stars, has instead been turned into the brilliance of a cloudless midsummer day in an open field of mirrors, with the slight twinge of staring directly into a solar eclipse? Do they see blood on the walls, and a smile in the mirror that is not their smile, and as they try to throw away the still rustling paper, as they try to burn it along with the other scripts, the ones now raining from a suddenly-outdoor sky, are their hands grappling for desperately needed items just out of reach? I hope so. I hope that in this place, my voice will be with them. I hope I can tell them, “Remember what you have forgotten. Remember what you have forgotten. Remember what you have forgotten.” Do you think they feel regret? 
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eastofnightvale · 1 day
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2 wtnv characters I’ve been meaning to draw for like ever now
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loser-gooser · 21 hours
fanart i drew of cecil g. palmer dying in a glue trap
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