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gilgamushroom · 1 day
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saltavenegar · 1 day
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Found a gem from years ago
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dodger-chan · 1 day
The thing that keeps getting me about this chapter is how it's told. Ishmael isn't relating a story to us. He's telling us about that time when he told that story to other people. He didn't even get the story first hand. Instead:
Three seaman of the Town-Ho tell the story to Tashtego and swear him to secrecy (presumably they experienced most of the story first hand)
Tashetego talks in his sleep, telling part of the story
Under pressure, Tashetego tells the story to his shipmates, presumably including Ishmael
Ishmael tells the story in Lima
Ishmael tells us the story of him telling the story in Lima, complete with interruptions, questions, observations, and elaborations
I'm not entirely clear on what happened on the Town-Ho, but really that matters less to me than the distance between us and the original narrative.
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twofoursixohjuan · 1 day
today's takeaway: do not tell tashtego your secrets because he will fucking tell all his friends in his sleep
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whaleweekly · 2 days
listen i've read moby dick. i LIKE moby dick. AND YET i have no idea what happens in the town-ho's story
genuinely people what's going on there
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plaguedocboi · 2 months
Attention Whale Weekly fans: I saw some people that thought “white whales” were fictional but they are Not, and I’m not just talking about belugas. Albinism and leucistism has been recorded in over 20 species of cetacean! The most famous albino whale is a humpback named Migaloo. Look at this large impressive man!
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There are also two more albino humpbacks alive currently, including a baby that we think may be Migaloo’s spawn.
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There are also multiple albino orcas and dolphins, some in captivity and some in the wild.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And we recently found a white sperm whale. Just a lil baby. Look at the small man;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A teeny tiny Moby Dick. He will grow into a legendary beast someday just like his famous predecessor. I can feel it.
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even-in-arcadia · 5 months
neither alive nor dead but a secret third thing (at sea)
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my-name-is-not-kimmy · 3 months
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kafkastan · 4 months
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at the request of @fierifreak, here is a chart i originally posted on twitter that inexplicably did numbers (credit to OP of the blank graph in the corner!)
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virulenthealing · 6 months
You guys really finished Dracula Daily and went and made up a fake Martin Scorsese film to obsess over when we could easily ruin people's lives for the next ✨two years ✨if we all collectively agree to sign onto Whale Weekly.
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asgardian-viking · 6 months
i guess the best way to get people into 19th century literature was to serialized it like it was a tv series and let people make memes of it
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alright, there are a lot of email book clubs now, so here's ALL of them, in one convenient list
NOTE: IF YOU FIND MORE PLEASE SEND !!! put them in the notes, my ask box, dm them to me, just notify me in SOME way and i will edit this base post so they all remain in one place
without further ado:
Dracula Daily - dracula, the one that started it all || real time
may 3, 2022 - november 10, 2022
Whale Weekly - moby dick || real time
starting december 2022, continuing for 3 years
Frankenstein Weekly - frankenstein || wednesdays and sundays
begins february 1, 2023
Letters from Watson - sherlock holmes
begins january 1, 2023
What Manner of Man - a new original work by st john starling (its gay vampires click the link)
begins january 2023
Edgar Allen Poe Daily - the works of edgar allen poe || weekdays where dracula daily does not post
began may 13, 2022
The Penny Dreadful - penny dreadful
begins TBA
Ovid Daily - the works of p. ovidius naso (note: these are in latin but they contain a translation)
dates depend on the in-progress work (from what i can tell)
Werther Rewritten - the sorrows of young werther, slightly modernized || real time
may 4, 2022 - christmas 2023
The Sorrows Of Young Werther - the original of the above || you pick the dates
from what i can tell, it begins when you subscribe and you pick the frequency of emails
Carmilla Quarterly - carmilla, just click the link its lesbian vampires
begins TBA
Literary Letters - lesser known public domain works
begins november 12, 2022
Pride and Prejudice Weekly - working title, im doing pride and prejudice now || mondays and fridays
march 10, 2023 - october 6, 2023
The Woman In White Weekly - the woman in white || sundays
begins july 31, 2022
Musketeers Daily - the three musketeers
begins march 14, 2023
LOTR Newsletter - lord of the rings || real time (i think)
september 15, 2022 - march 2023
Rizal Weekly - jose rizal's works (these are in filipino, i don't see a full translation but please correct me if im wrong)
began may 26, 2022
Divine Comedy Weekly - dante's divine comedy || begins on good friday, then updates tuesdays and thursdays
april 7, 2023 - march 5, 2024
Austen Weekly - jane austen's works
find more info on the posting schedule here
The Case Files Of Sheridan Bell - new original fantasy detective novels from em rowene
begins may 29, 2022
Big Dalloway Energy - mrs. dalloway by virginia woolfe || commentary encouraged
begins june 1, 2022
Nightly Knights - excerpts from arthurian texts
posted at random
Samuel Pepys's Diary - daily entries from samuel pepys's diary
the site posts a new entry at the end of each day
Dangerous Liaisons Daily - dangerous liaisons || real time
august 3rd, 2022 - january 14, 2023
Les Chroniques de Choderlos - dangerous liaisons, but in the original french || real time
august 3rd, 2022 - january 14, 2023
Wilde Weekly - oscar wilde's works
begins june 12, 2022
Logbooks of the HE-631-CORDELIA - a new original sci-fi series about a pilot and her robot by loreley
begins july 21, 2022
Les Mis Letters - les misérables || daily
january 1, 2023 - december 31, 2023
The Worst Journey in the World - r.f. scott's diaries + supplemental readings from cherry-garrard’s the worst journey in the world and others’ diaries
intro began july 12, 2022. diary entries begin november 25, 2022, and end in march, 2024
Daily Kafka - franz kafka's letters
began august 31, 2022
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cattuladaily · 5 months
Moby Dick is like. Imagine if you had no place in the world so much that you were considering going at sea which is like dying but it's also the only way to live. Imagine if God was in the sea and Death was a beast in waiting and Death was a ship in the sea and God was in Death and the beast and the ship and in the book you are holding. Imagine if you could hear the thunderous voice of the almighty in every rolling wave but you were too stubborn to listen. Imagine if there was a fish (editor's note: not a fish) and this fish was the world and this fish was god and this fish was death and this fish was this book. But most importantly imagine the hottest man ever. Like wise and noble and broad shoulders and tattoos everywhere. That's my husband
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thatrandomblogsays · 6 months
Dracula Daily first email:
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Vs Whale Weekly Second Email
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**edit! It seems some of you would like to follow whale weekly without having to read Moby dick (understandable, Ishmael never shuts the fuck up) I will be making an abridged version a La memes for those friends! Follow #whale weekly memenotes & #moby dick memenotes get it? Like spark notes? to stay updated!
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rereredoubt · 6 months
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my new friend ishmael, explaining the universal human attraction towards water
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the-littlest-goblin · 6 months
first letter from my good friend Jonathan: paprika recipes!
first message from my new pen-pal Ishmael: the only cure for suicidal depression is the Sea.
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