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will be watching this scene on repeat 
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chrollohearttags · 6 months
its time for the girls to admit that Armin is not some sweet and innocent little angel. that man is most certainly a demon when you get him out of his shell..like he is NASTYYYY 😫
themes: rough sex, aggressive and degrading armin, choking, spit play, bulging, unprotected sex, throat fucking, daddy’s used like twice, pet names (and name calling) him being a sadist and an asshole, along with some other shit
he’s been your friend for years and granted, for a long time, that’s all you saw him as. Quiet, sweet, reliable Armin..who never made too much of a fuss about anything. He was the shy one, the timid boy who didn’t like trouble (which was much more than what could be said of his other buddies.) honestly, you preferred it though.
but it’s one night, when the two of you are quietly studying that it all changes and things get very intense..very quickly!
one minute, the two of you are nose deep in your textbooks and the next, he’s balls deep in you, trying to put you through his fucking mattress like he’s got something to prove. Your nails clawing at his sides, tapping at his abs to slow down but he’s not letting up..
“You better move that fucking hand if you know what’s good for you..it’s not stopping shit so put it down.”
instead, he’s slamming that thick, throbbing cock into your tight little pussy, that’s already sore and soaking wet from his pounding. He’s got your legs pinned back; opened wide so you can both watch all eight inches of him pulsating through the pit of your stomach. His thumb pad rolling against your already sensitive clit as his lips pressed to your gold chain laced ankle and soft instep, thanks to that foot and white painted toes pressed to his chest.
“..hngh! Arminnnn..fuck!”
coaxing out another stream of squirt to join the several others he’s induced out of you with those long, rhythmic thrusts. Even taking that big dick of his out to tap the tip against your folds and make it worse.
the result of constant teasing…swearing that he wasn’t capable of piping you like this. However, he was more than happy to debunk that claim and trust, it didn’t help when you confessed to fucking a friend of his. So he was extra motivated to make you his for good.
“Yes, baby. Keep crying for me..keep begging ‘cause it only turns me on.”
the sight of watching you twitch and flail around amuses him, so much so..he’s put it back in mid orgasm and feels that cunt clamping the base of his shaft. Clasping a hand around your throat, he leans down and snakes his tongue into your mouth; feeding you sloppy kisses and deep strokes.
“Besides, this is exactly what you wanted, right? For me to show you I wasn’t pussy..that I could fuck you better than anyone you’ve ever been with? Well tell me, sweetheart…did I?”
“Y-yes! It’s so good, daddy…fuck!”
laughing and taunting as he slightly restricts your breathing for his own pleasure, watching your brown eyes roll back as you claw at his wrists, shaking your head profusely. It feels so damn good and he’s definitely gotten his point across but he’s far from finished..
in fact, he knows just how he wants to use you next..finally releasing, he moves those same fingers to the side of your face with a few light taps.
“..good answer. Now get up, I’m not done with you.”
his voice much lower in pitch and honestly, deep enough to cause a twitch between your thighs. This new side of him were both frightening and fucking sexy. Grasping the top of your head, he reluctantly pulls out and repositions you to the edge of the bed with your head dangling from it.
once he crawls off the bed, all you see is that massive dick dangling in front of your face and his hands cupped around the back of your neck to support your already dizzy head.
wasting not another second, he places that tip and shaft into your mouth and begins pumping. Not even an hour ago, he was your homeboy and now, you were nothing more than a useless hole to him. An object, a toy to play with and take out all of his frustrations..
he’s having his way and you love it. It’s a given at this point that no one will be able to top him. You could fuck his whole crew and not one could ever compare..
the gulping noises and sloppy sounds of you sucking his cock are driving him crazy. He’s mad with lust and power, having this much dominion over one person’s body. Watching as he sees himself bulge into the center of your throat. Tears streaming down your cheeks only adding fuel to the burning fire.
he can hear you faintly whimpering and whining, causing vibrations around his length. Even clawing at the sheets momentarily but as you’ve come to learn, he doesn’t give a single, secular fuck about your feelings right now.
it didn’t matter how much you gagged, spat or even slapped at his muscular thighs. You were his until he grew bored and let you go.
“I don’t need to hear all that whining, bitch. I need you to eat this dick up..hell, throw up on it for all I care. You just better suck that nut out when I say so.”
the way he’s talking to you, it’s too much to bare…you’ve never seen him so aggressive, so mean and so…focused. But God, do you not want it to end anytime soon. He could have it all night if that’s what he wanted. Just to ensure that the inside of those jaws are nice and lubricated, he tugs out for a split second only to replace it with a long string of his saliva before shoving it back in.
this time, he’s going deeper and a lot faster. Grunting loudly, going crazy until he began to slow up and eventually, hold it in place for a minute. You could feel him sitting stagnant in the back of your throat until there was another faint twitch and his thumbs pressing gently into the sides of your neck.
“…hold still.” The last words he uttered before letting out a loud, guttural moan and a stream of milky cum into your mouth..making you swallow every drop as he emptied his balls. Tossing his head back as he cried out, letting the silky remnants slip down your throat.
“That’s right, swallow it..”
once he finished, you were given a very brief break while he decided his next move. Coughing and heaving, you’d lean back up, trying to catch your breath for a second. But there was no rest for his little slut quite yet. Giving you two light love taps, Armin ushered you to your knees and on all fours.
he’d place his palm into the center of your back to get the arch exactly as he wanted it and from there, he’d prepare to glide back in. Just to make sure that you stayed put, he raise his leg and press it to your head before tugging both arms backwards.
he was straight dogging your shit and at this rate, you wouldn’t be able to move afterwards…a risk well worth the reward.
“..just in case you wanna run from me.” bending down to whisper in your ear before proceeding to push himself in all the way one last time. And if you thought for a second he’d take it easy, you were sadly mistaken. With that thick ass bouncing off the base of his cock, he’d drill your pussy, back with those same strokes that had beaten it sore the first time around.
with all of your limbs in his grasp, (y/n) was only left with the option to scream face first into the sheets to let out those moans and let him know how wonderful of a job he was doing. In and out..one stroke right after the next, he was met with your tight grip and gushy cream all over him. He couldn’t help but to act crazy about it..
“Oh fuuuck..you’re such a perfect fit, baby. It’s like this pussy was made just for me..” crying out as he kneaded his nails into your hips and fucked up into you with all that he had. It was the mist soft and vulnerable you had seen him since this little sex session. It just wouldn’t remain that way..
switching his foot with his fingers, Armin bent down and snatched your head up yet again, as if he were trying to tug the hair from your scalp. Barely coherent, you were met with his very menacing glare and smile.
“Which means I better not catch you giving it to anybody else again. Understood?..” the words resonating throughout your body like a spell he had cast and there was no way you were breaking it.
“I said do you understand? Talk..”
“Yes, daddy. It’s your pussy..it’s all yours..”
between the weight of his body burrowing down on you and the intense pressure swelling in your heat, you couldn’t handle another second and after hearing you make that statement, neither could he.
he felt on top of the world.
curling over your entire frame, Armin made a few more final strokes before commanding that you come all over his dick and you didn’t hesitate.
“Oh my God! I’m coming..” screaming with all that you had left, (y/n) let out the last of the wetness onto his shaft and the sheets. Falling limp shortly thereafter, you’d feel yourself become less full.
but you’d hear those sexy grunts of his rang out again as he jerked his cock, wringing his wrist around until your back was met with the warmth of that white cream against your perfect brown skin.
it was a beautiful sight and one he wanted to see whenever he felt like from now on…
“..who’s soft now, sweetheart?”
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flavorita · 7 months
riddle hatefuck w/ fingering and just a lil bit of degradation please and thank you
Anon bro, homie, my dear, hatefucking and degradation are literally like 🤝 HAND-IN-HAND YA KNOW 
Okay okay I haven’t written smut in like 2 years and I've only posted one smut EVER. Let's see how this goes 😭
Dumb and Dumber
Riddle Rosehearts x Female Reader Smut 🔞
Part 2
TW: Degradation, fingering, orgasm denial, praise kink, dumbification? hatefucking? public sex, not really cuz it's just you 2 there?
Tumblr media
“I cannot believe that as a student of Heartslabyul, that you cannot even memorize such a simple formula!”
You had been failing your alchemy class and had somehow managed to prevent your dorm leader from finding out, that is, until you failed your midterm. As per usual, Riddle took it upon himself to personally offer tutoring to any student in Heartslabyul that had suffering grades. 
You had been studying with Riddle every afternoon in the library since he had found out, but you still hadn’t improved whatsoever. You’ve been studying the same topic for what felt like hours. All the other students had already gone back to their dorms by now as even the sun had set for the day, but not you and Riddle. 
“Even Cater was easier to tutor...”, Riddle mumbled under his breath. You were trying, you really were but now all you could focus on were the tears threatening to spill from your eyes as Riddle hovered above you pointing at blurry images and words on the textbook set in front of you. 
“And then you have to... Hey, are you even listening?” You didn’t look up. You couldn’t look up at Riddle. You didn’t want him of all people to see you like this. You felt your cheeks being grabbed as Riddle forced you to look up at him.
Surprise flitted through his eyes as he saw the tears forming in your eyes. “I see... Well then,” Riddle took a seat next to you. “Let’s try a different method shall we?”
Tumblr media
“Ah~”, you bit your lip, trying to keep your moans from slipping out.
“Good girl, you’re finally doing something right for once.”
Riddle continued to scissor his fingers inside your hot cunt while you struggled to hold your pencil. Your legs squeezing together pathetically, while he nonchalantly continued his torturous administrations under the table with your skirt hiked up and pussy juices flowing. 
“Don’t forget,” Riddle leaned in close enough for you to feel his warm breath on the shell of your ear. “For every right answer, I’ll add another finger. You’ll like that now, won’t you? Slut.”
“Hngh~”, his fingers curled inside you, brushing a particularly deep spot bringing you dangerously close to the edge. You lost your grip on your pencil as it dropped to the floor with a resounding thud.
“Tch, pick it up, Y/N.”
“I-I, Riddle~” With glossy eyes and a tearful expression, you turn towards Riddle hoping he’ll take mercy on you and let you cum. But instead, you gasped in surprise as Riddle removed his fingers from your cunt and started to lick them off, one by one, slowly while gazing at your tear-stricken face. 
“Why would I let a bad girl like you come when you can’t even follow a simple rule like this?”
You began to plead and whine as you begged for release; for Riddle to fill the emptiness that only his fingers could. He merely looked down at you with an apathetic look while he crossed one leg over the other watching, waiting for you to 
“Then. Pick. It. Up”
You trembled as Riddle accentuated each word, but what did he mean by pick it up? Did you drop something? You can’t think of anything but the throbbing of your heat and how his fingers worked wonders in it. You looked at Riddle with trembling lips, wishing he’d tell you what he wanted so he’d let you cum.
A gentle hand was placed on your cheek as a small smile finally graced his pretty face. “And here I thought you couldn’t get any dumber.” 
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smokingclownrat · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: how absolutely pathetic jean gets when he is pussy drunk over you
pairing: modern!jean kirschtein x afab!reader
warnings: 18+, minors dni, heavy smut, reader rides jean until he almost blacks out, submissive jean????
word count: 589
a/n: nothing elaborate just straight filth
Tumblr media
jean had been teetering on the edge of consciousness for at least 10 minutes now. he felt so pathetic, panting and whining like a dog in heat as he watched you bouncing on his lap.
he knew he was going to feel horrible in the morning, once he saw the bruises from his fingers digging into the fat of your hips, pushing and pulling you up and down on his cock.
"hngh, baby, fuck, i don't know how much longer i can keep up with you," jean cried, eyes rolling back into his head as you kept going.
you could hardly hear jean over the sounds of your own moans, the squelching sounds of your wet pussy grinding down on his dick. your pussy was clamping down so hard on jean it was a miracle his dick was still attached to him.
you could feel the weight of your clit throbbing each time the fat tip of jean's cock hit that sweet spot in you, sending you back into a fit of your own moans and cries.
jean felt useless from his position, hanging onto you for dear life as he fought to stay conscious through both of your orgasms. he wanted to play with you a little longer before they got to this point.
he wanted to play with your tits, suck on your nipples until they were wet, watch you grind down on his clothed dick the way you did when you were oh so desperate for his dick in you.
but it seemed that you had other plans, not that he was going to complain, he enjoyed you taking charge and getting what you wanted - he just wasn't expecting to get so hard and so turned on so quickly.
turning around slightly, you watched as jean's heavy eyelids sagged, tongue lolled out as he watched you ride him. seeing him so turned on gave you the confidence you needed to guide both of you into your orgasms.
"you like what you see baby?" you panted, waiting for him to nod before you moved your hands down to rest over his, pushing them down to the fat of your ass and guiding him to spread them, giving him a better view of his dick sinking into your pussy.
"don't you see how wet you get me, jean-bo? god, i'm making such a mess on you," you listened to his pathetic whines pick up again before turning back to face the wall of his bedroom. "i'll clean you up though, it'll just be with my tongue if that's okay."
the bed continued to creak as you rode him harder, faster until you knew your orgasm was only seconds away. moving your hands from his, you brought one hand down on the bed to stabilize you before your other hand found its way to your clit, rubbing until you were moaning out jean's name, squirting on his dick until he fell out of you completely. you watched as his cum squirted out and onto the bed sheets in front of you, his legs quivering as he came down.
once you came back to, you turned to look at jean, making sure he was still alive.
"jean? you with me?" moving off his lap, you laid beside him and shook his shoulder until he groaned.
"ask me again in the morning."
smiling, you kissed the crook of his neck before reaching over onto his side table, grabbing the baby wipes and tossing them on his chest.
"well if that's the case, i'm taking a bath, at least clean yourself up."
as you moved off him, you heard him whine in protest.
"i thought you said you'd clean me up?"
"ask me again in the morning."
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thebubblesareevil · 2 months
Slowing down and Speeding up...
Part 1
The next night, as he prepared for sleep, Barry planned. He had a list of questions and was determined to get them answered. So he kissed his wife and laid down to sleep, determined. He would get answers out of Danny even if it killed him!... Though ideally it wouldn't... hopefully.
Barry laid there for what felt like hours trying to sleep, trying his best not to fidget too much and disturb Iris. Slowly, ever so slowly, Barry began to doze off when...
Barry jumped out of bed at the sound of his communicator. Grabbing the device he read the message. He sighed as he gave Iris a quick peck on the cheek, telling her to go back to sleep, knowing neither of them would be getting any rest as her own phone began blaring.
Questions would have to wait, for now he had work to do.
Three days and an Alien invasion later, Barry collapsed into his bed. Iris chuckled at her husbands antics.
"Is the big, strong, superhero tired?" She asked, sitting next to him as she gently rubbed his back.
"Hngh" came the muffled reply. Iris chuckled.
"I know, I know, it's been a long few days. That doesn't change the fact that even speedsters need to brush their teeth." Barry groaned. "And no superspeed! As tired as you are you're more than likely to crash into the wall." Slowly Barry dragged himself from the sweet comfort of his pillow to brush his teeth.
Once done, he blearily trudged back to the bed, collapsing once more. Iris chuckled before draping the covers over his prone form. She turned off the lights before joining him in bed.
Barry barely processed anything as she ran her fingers through his hair before wrapping an arm around him.
"You did such a good job sweetie, you saved so many lives, and I'm proud of you." Barry barely managed a smile as she kissed him. "Now get some sleep, you've earned it."
"Yr suu prrft, I lrve u Rs." Barry mumbled as he drifted off to sleep, as his wife giggled.
"I love you too."
When Barry's eyes flew open, he was almost as tired as when he shut them. He was surrounded by a tunnel of rushing light, his first instinct was to run of course, before his last dream came to mind. He took deep calming breaths as he let go of his tight grip on the speed force. Exhaustion flowed through him, but (at the risk of sounding like a certain bat) he had questions that needed to be answered, so he walked.
And Walked...
And Walked......
"What are you doing?"
Barry's eyes flew open, though when they closed he couldn't say, only for him to jump back from Danny's face that was a mere 2 inches from his own. The teen burst out laughing.
"Where the heck did you come from!?!" This only seemed to make the teen laugh more.
"Dude, you've been walking around with your eyes closed for about an hour!" Barry turned red from embarrassment. Doing his best to salvage the situation Barry cleared his throat.
"Yes, well, it's been a long week. That's not important! I have some questions for you!" Danny tilted his head to the side while pointing a single clawed finger at his chest. "Yes you!" He shouted. Danny grinned.
"Okay, shoot! What do you want to know?" Barry was nearly taken by surprise but quickly recovered.
"Okay, first things first, why are we here?" Danny looked at him like he was crazy.
"You went right for the difficult questions, huh. I mean I'd like to say we all have a purpose, although I learned that sometimes that purpose is to help someone else's purpose. I mean... there's no real set answer I don't think, however-" Barry just stared at him blankly before shaking his head.
"I meant in the Speed Force! I mean if you happen to know the meaning of life we can talk about that later, but for now I just want to know why we are in the Speed Force." he interrupted, too tired to run in circles. "I've talked to other speedsters about this dream before and none of them have ever been here, so why are we here?"
"Oh! Well that's a much easier question!" Danny gave him a fanged grin. "I'm here because I was wandering around the Infinite Realms and stumbled upon this little piece of heaven. As I've said before, prime napping real estate, or anything really. You and Speedy Gonzales are the only other people I've ever run into here, and he never really bothers me anyway." he shrugged at Barry's look of shock and annoyance.
"As for you, that's a whole other can of worms. After the last time we ran into each other, I asked around some of the older circles of ghosts. It was actually one of the Observants that had the answer, or at least a vague explanation." Danny put his hands behind his head as he got himself comfortable, floating mid-air. Barry was not jealous, thank-you-very-much.
"And?" He pushed.
"And for some reason you've got a stronger connection with the speed force than the others. Something about how you generate energy when you run. They wouldn't explain more than that, they're pretty annoying like that." he shrugged. "Sorry if it's not the answer you were looking for." Barry sighed.
"It was less than I'd like, and more than I expected. Okay, next question. Who is that other guy? Why was he after me?" The half-ghost cringed with a hiss.
"I was afraid you would ask that... he's kinda complicated." Danny sat cross-legged as well as crossing his arms. "So from what I can tell is he's kinda your grim reaper." Barry jolted in shock.
"He's what?!?!"
"Hey, calm down, no need to freak out!" Danny replied trying his best to calm the panicking speedster.
"You just told me the grim reaper is after me and you want me to calm down?!?!?" he shouted.
"He's not after you, for Ancient's sake! Sit Down!" he commanded and to his own surprise, Barry sat down.
"He is the grim reaper of speedsters, but the only reason he was chasing you is because you were running around in the Speed Force. That's how you mess with things that shouldn't be messed with, and it's his unending job to stop/punish people who mess with those things."
"And exactly would I be messing with?" He asked, doing his best to calm down.
"Space-Time. Now next question, I came here to get my homework done. I may have more time here but it's not infinite." Barry took a deep breath, nodding.
"Okay, well I guess the biggest question I have is about you." Danny raised his eyebrow, curious. "You said you died, can I ask how?" Danny froze, possibly literally as Barry started to feel a chill in the air.
"That's...That's not really something you should ask ghosts. It's considered extremely insensitive and rude, honestly most ghosts would attack you for asking something like that." Barry nodded.
"Hey, it's okay, you don't have to answer if you don't want to." Danny took a deep breath and nodded.
"My sister thinks I need to talk about it, she's probably right as usual."
"If you want to talk about it, you can do so at your own pace. No pressure." Danny smiled softly.
"Thanks, I might take you up on it sometime. Now it's my turn to ask a question." Barry grinned.
"Fair is fair, hit me."
"Why are you so tired? You haven't been here in about a week so I gotta admit I'm curious about what you've been up to." Danny shrugged. Barry laughed.
"My Earth got hit by an alien invasion, the whole league was fighting them back for the last three days. We managed to stop the invasion and Superman (Danny snorted) managed to broker a peace treaty to prevent future conflict." Danny was grinning through the whole explanation. "What's with that face?" Danny chuckled (no it wasn't creepy, calm down Barry)
"So let me get this straight. You have ALIENS, ALIENS in your world, and they invaded." His grin got bigger, showing off his jagged teeth, as Barry nodded. "We are going to unpack the fact that you have a guy on your team that calls himself Superman later. Right now I need you to tell me EVERYTHING! What did they look like? Were they green? Did they fly? Were they able to breath oxygen or did they use gas masks? Why did they invade? What planet were they from?!?!" Barry was honestly impressed by how much the ghost was vibrating as he shot off question after question. Barry cleared his throat.
"Well, I'm gonna be honest I don't have all the answers about those particular aliens. I was more concerned with stopping the invasion more that anything." Danny visibly deflated as he started to droop from where he was floating. "But! I have a teammate that's from Mars." The ghost immediately perked up, his form glowing brighter than before.
"SERIOUSLY?!?!?!" He shrieked. Barry chuckled, happy to see him excited about something normal.
"Oh yeah, Superman is actually from the planet Krypton and Hawk man and Hawk woman are both from Thanagar. Hell if you wanna reach a bit, Green Lantern may be from Earth but he's a space cop." Danny could light up a room with how much he was glowing at this point.
"Tell me all about the Martian! You can tell me about the others later, but you gotta tell me about the Martian."
"Okay, okay, but not for long. You already said you needed to do homework." Danny groaned but conceded, giving Barry his full attention. "Okay so in the League he goes by the name Martian Manhunter, but his real name is J'onn J'onzz. He was pulled from his planet in the middle of a war...on accident. The poor scientist had a heart attack when he saw J'onn show up outta nowhere. He kept himself hidden for years to keep the government off his back, but when the world needed him he joined the league." He grinned.
"He's a pretty chill dude, honestly, once you get passed the telepathy. I won't tell you everything about him, cus superhero bro code and all that, but he is in fact green, he can shapeshift, as well as density shift through most solid objects, oh and he can fly too." He finished with a yawn. Danny practically squealed in excitement.
"That's so awesome! I'm so jealous, I wi-" Danny froze looking around, much to Barry's confusion. "I very much would love it if I could meet him." Barry squinted at the strange pause but shook his head, too tired to question it. Danny however started to give him a smug look.
"You look like you're about to collapse." Barry yawned.
"You're not wrong." he remarked.
"Why don't you lay down and get some sleep? I've gotta do my homework anyway."
"But...I am asleep?"
"You might be asleep physically, but mentally you are talking to me. I'm guessing this is honestly a weird astral projecting kind of thing. Trust me, lay down, take a nap. You'll thank me for it later." Barry sighed, too tired to argue as he laid down on the, surprisingly comfy, ground.
Danny floated close by, the soft scratched of pencil against paper lulling him to sleep.
Barry woke with a start, jumping from the ground, startling the floating teen. He quickly looked around surveying the area.
"Feel better?" He looked at the teen in surprise, because yes he did, he felt much more awake.
"How long was I asleep?" Danny shrugged.
"I don't know, maybe 20-30"
"Not bad for a 30 min nap." He said as he stretched.
"Yeah, no, sorry. You slept for 20-30 HOURS. Minimum." Barry froze.
"Oh yeah, I actually just got back from school. You must have been really tired!" Danny grinned.
"How? Why am I still here? Why am I not home?!?" Barry began to shake as Danny raced up to the speedster.
"Hey, Barry, I need you to calm down. Time works differently, remember? Everything is okay." Danny grabbed hold of Barry's arm only to be thrown of as lightning started to surround him. "Barry, if you don't calm down Zippy is gonna come after you again. I need you to BREATHE!" It was too late, Barry could see him.
The black speedster.
He was coming for him.
Barry backed away from Danny and ran, he ran as fast as he possibly could he ran until-
Barry jumped out of bed, running for his life and straight into a wall.
Iris jumped out of bed at the crash, racing over to her husband's side.
"Are you alright!?!" She asked as Barry groaned.
"Yeah, all good. Can't say the same for the wall." Iris turned to look at the cracked wall with a sigh.
"Barry, I love you. This is the third time this month. We have got to put some kind of cushioning on this wall if we wanna keep it."
Barry sighed, taking in his surroundings.
He felt better rested than he had in years. He grinned.
"You're probably right, I'll get right on that. But first, breakfast!" He smiled at his beautiful wife.
"I'm making waffles!" Iris laughed.
"Well you certainly got a good nights rest, huh. I think I'll get a little more shut eye while you cook." Barry laughed
"Sounds like a plan!." 'Today was going to be a good day', Barry thought with a smile 'a good day, indeed.' 
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dragon-riding · 1 year
Hello! For the event, could you do Malleus this:
“Malleus!! I’m so glad you’re here! I need your help. There’s random guys pursuing me claiming that they’re the perfect boyfriend for me. Please chase them away.. I’m scared—”
(If you’re not too busy—)
anything posted and written on this blog is fictional and should not be recreated and/or idolized in real life
kinks included: possessiveness, groping, biting/marking, implied public sex
All of his usual eloquence and patience is reduced to a single word growled into your ear. The dragon prince is nothing but possessive, wrapping his hands tightly around your shoulders.
“I dearly hope that empty words are all your pursuers have spewed,” Malleus’ hands drift towards your chest, squeezing and groping tightly, hugging you closer so you couldn’t flinch away from his heated touch. “If even a single finger has been laid on you, if even a single hair on your head has been touched-”, he pauses, spitting fire in his sparking eyes, “You should have come to me faster, little darling.”
You flinch and cry out softly when he rips open the buttons of your top, grasping a gratuitous handful of your breast into his palm so he can give them a proper squeeze. “M- Malleus,” you whimper out, “W- We’re in public-”
“And?”, he scoffs, raising his head to make eye contact with your pursuers. So they’ve arrived. “Quiet, little one. Stay still, unless you wish for me to discipline you here as I do in private.”
It’s… It’s embarrassingly good at keeping you in check, silencing all your protests as you’re caught up in memories of Malleus’ absolute control over you, forged through painfully pleasant punishments. Malleus also had a habit of-
“Ah- ah-! Hngh- Mal-”
Malleus also had a habit of biting you; piercing his fangs into your neck and driving pleasure into the very core of your body. It’s explosive, whipping through your body in seconds to leave you in a euphoric state, mouth dropping open to drool dumbly into his shoulder.
“Do you understand now?”, Malleus’ voice sounded close yet distant. You floated away as Malleus addresses your unfortunate suitors, “Don’t bother coveting what isn’t yours. Now, get out of my sight. If I find a single mark upon my darling…”
His words go in and out of your ears as you moan in bliss, humping against the thigh between your legs - he’d already started to brush his fingers against your panties, hand naughtily disappearing under your skirt and pressing against your clothed clit.
“Oh, little one,” he cooes as he rubs your clit, anger melting away, “My bite felt too good for you, hm? You’re a mess.” To prove his point, another high pitched moan leaves your mouth. “It seems your body is weak to pleasure… Shall I give my needy little darling my help?”
The tip of his cock grinds against your clothed pussy; it makes you buck your hips instinctively. He rewards you by praising you, stroking your head softly and pressing against you harder. It only makes you more eager to please, broken pleas leaving your mouth.
“Spread your legs,” he orders, overly delighted at your enthusiasm, “How lewd…”, a pause as he listens to you drool something incoherent. “There won’t be a single soul daring enough to steal you away now,” he smirks, and dips down close to partake in the feast laid out for him.
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saphub · 7 months
So my friend sent me a whole god damn paragraph on a bullboy!Sapnap dream she had and I said:"okay- ima just copy and paste it here for you because you're the one who made a bullboy!Sapnap fic and honestly just wanted to show you because I found it interesting"
It takes on more of the bull side of him and- idk how to explain it lmao , here
'Just you and Bullboy!Sapnap , you pissing him off by waving a red cloth around , he looks to you and turns , his face red with annoyance , his tail whipping behind him , his ears flat out , his long curved horn tips point straight towards you , he kicked the ground with his hooves as heavy breathes rushed out his nose , his eyes squinting to see you in the bright sun , you waved the cloth again and it ticked him , he started charging , his hooves hitting against the sand harshly , his sharp horns shining in the sunlight as he quickly closed the space between you , you held the cloth out to the side of you , the intent of running him until he's to tired to even stand anymore so you can make sure he was taking care of himself , you held the rope on your belt hook , the one you intended to use as a hogtie while you checked on the bull , they can get a sudden burst of energy and ruin your entire day , but just as he was about to hit straight into you , you realised , your face going blank as the only thought going through your mind was:"Damn , he really bout to wrap my shit" how could you forget that bull's are colourblind? , your soul left as the sharp horns reached your body
You heard a loud thud and a very loud crack , your heart was pounding and you couldn't even breath properly but when you opened your eyes , you noticed that you were unharmed , you looked to see Sapnap's face right infront of yours , a cocky smirk on his face , his horns were pierced into the wooden wall on either side of your head , his horns were just wide enough to fit your head inbetween them , you punched the hybrid flat in the stomach and he coiled back but he didnt move , or he couldn't move
You almost choked on laughter after you realised what had happened , his horns were wedged so perfectly in the wall that he was stuck , you watched as he kicked and bucked at the ground , trying desperately to pull himself free but to no avail
A idea then popped into your brain and you desided to teach this bull some well needed manners after he charged you when he knew he wasnt aloud to
You took the cloth and wrapped it around his eyes , you stepped away from him and watched as he started clawing the wall and stomping on the ground , using your rope to tie his ankles to his neck rope , so he wouldnt kick anymore and you laughed at the bull struggle , he yelled and screamed for you too help him but you just chuckled and smirked
"Why dont we do some patience practice?"
Well , that is long , Sorry- but yeah , I dont want it to be waaaayyyy to long but basically you have your way with him and edge him , etc. etc.
I love you!! And again , sorry for making it so long! ♡♡♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
slr but oh my god!! i love bull!sap to bits and this dream? oh it’s got me thinking <33 (TW: bull hybrid!sap, spit)
“wuh-what are you doing, darlin’.” he asks, annoyance evident in his voice.
he stiffens when he feels your hands ghost over his sides, slowly sliding down and up. his breathing becomes quick and shallow, ears twitching as he tries to make out where you are and what you’re doing.
“darlin’, help me,” he whimpers, “please, it’s not funny anymore.”
there’s a hint of fear in his tone, his previous cocky playfulness now gone. he’s on edge as your hands wander his body, fingertips teasing his skin and sending sparks coursing through his body. he leans in to your touch when he feels your breath fan across his neck as you hug him from behind, your arms wrapping around his middle, hands spreading across his midriff.
“yuh-you’re playin- hngh- a dangerous game here, darlin’” his voice soft and low as his movements halt in anticipation.
when your fingers dip down to toy with the waistband of his boxers he growls, low and guttural. this time he bucks with more determination and nearly sends you flying back. you chuckle to yourself, kissing up and down his neck, taunting the bull.
“aw, is my little bull stuck?” you pout, mocking the poor thing, “can’t get those pretty horns out of there, hm?”
“darlin’ i swear, if you don’t help me out,” he chuckles darkly, “oh, the things i would do to you.”
you laugh, “what would you do? you’re still stuck, love.”
and with one final pull back, sap manages to get himself free, taking a bit of the wall with him. the sheer force of the bull nearly caused you to fall if it wasn’t for him spinning around quick enough to catch you in his arms and pull you close to him.
“oh, you’re in for it now.”
he hoists you over his shoulder, careful so that you don't hit his horns. he shakes off the plaster still stuck on his horns before he throws you onto his bed, already thinking about fucking you until you can't breathe, until you beg him to stop.
"legs apart." he says as he takes off his shirt.
when you lay there, dumbfounded from the shock he lets out a huff.
"darlin', spread your legs for me." he taps your knee with his fingers, and your legs spread apart naturally.
"now you decide to start actin' like a good girl?" he chuckles, "will you keep being a good girl for me?"
you nod feverishly, squirming under the bull who has your body trapped between his thighs.
"atta girl," he praises lowly.
his hands trail down your body slowly, following the curve of your sides down until they rest at your hips.
"you can be so mean, can't you?" the pads of his thumbs circle at your waist, "can't even help your bull when he's stuck?"
he brings his fingers up to your mouth and you suck on them obediently.
"even when i asked, no, begged for you to help," he parts your lips open and leans down dangerously close to your face. "you decided not to, like the disobedient slut that you are."
he spits into your mouth and he relishes in the way your eyes widen,, loves the look on your face when you swallow it.
"ha, that's right, darlin'." he grinds down on you and you moan against his lips, "you're my fucking slut."
Tumblr media
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neonarcher · 6 months
hotel breakfast | choi seungcheol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
rating: mature/18+
pairing: s.coups | choi seungcheol x gn!reader
genre: slice of life, romance
tags/content warnings: non-famous!s.coups, established relationship, morning after reference, suggestive, fluff, mention of food, tiny bit of angst
word count: 568
Tumblr media
You snake your arms around the frame beside you, tucking yourself in tight as the early morning sun drips through the gap in the curtains.
Seungcheol moves, ever so slightly, but doesn't awake yet. You're in the odd point between slumber and alertness, eyes fluttering gently against his chest as your fingers trace shapes on his collarbone.
He mumbles lightly in his sleep, and it's enough to wake you. Head tilting up, you smile lazily, "Morning, love."
It takes a few seconds, and you find yourself chuckling as you await the inevitable muffled response. "Hngh- morning.." he groans into the pillow, and a bigger smile crawls onto your face as you lift your hand to cup his cheek.
It's moments like this that you find utterly endearing. His hair, soft to the touch, covers his eyebrows and you can't help pushing a few strands back, feeling the locks thread between your fingers. It tugs the corners of his lips, and he keens into you before pressing a chaste kiss to your nose.
A giggle bubbles out. You decide to tease. "Tired?"
He can hear the smirk in your tone and it only further widens his smile. "You could say that," he husks, hand resting at your hip bone.
Gosh, his voice. There's a warmth in your stomach and your heart flickers.
Idly, his fingers rub gentle circles in your lower back, and a soft groan escapes you. His eyes open so he can fully capture the sunlight casting over the most beautiful face he's seen in this world.
"Hello, there." His eyes gleam. You grin, leaning forward to kiss those lips you can't get enough of. He responds, unhurried, savouring the moment before you eventually break away and nudge foreheads.
"What time is it?" you ask, voice barely above a whisper. Seungcheol turns, adjusting his position so he doesn't pull back too far, but just enough that he can reach for his phone and quickly check the time before setting it down again on the bedside table.
When he faces you again, his hand returns to your hip. "08:56."
"God, that early?" you mutter. He nods, still very much half-asleep and comfortable exactly where he is. It fills your heart; you too would rather stay where you are and never have to think about the outside world again.
These moments are so rare between you, his job pulling him this way and that. This hotel trip is a chance to get away from all that, a night for just the two of you.
When you had reached the hotel, Seungcheol made sure you felt as loved as possible.
And now you lay, side by side, content in never having to move again. Blissful in the peace as you cuddle together.
But of course, one thing must betray, and this time.. it's your stomach.
Seungcheol chuckles, now fully aware of what's going on as he hears the grumble. "Hungry?"
"Mm.." you murmur. "A little."
"Wanna go downstairs for breakfast?"
But that would require moving, you think. You remain silent, and it's like he can read your thoughts as he chuckles again and kisses your cheek.
You pout, "I don't wanna move. Too comfy."
"I very much agree," he whispers, directly in your ear and it's enough to send a shiver. Gah, the effect he has. "Room service?"
You come to enough to answer, "Now that I can manage."
Tumblr media
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ticklish-n-stuff · 2 months
Ler!Rui x gn!reader
Don't ask, I suddenly felt compelled to write this. So uhh if you're lee for Kamishiro Rui, you're welcome~
Tumblr media
Rui x reader (interpret as you wish)
Lee: reader
Ler: Rui
Warnings: Tickles
Another boring day of class. The teacher's voice was so deep and slow it could almost put you to sleep. You pretended to pay attention but were just doodling on your notebook. While your classmate, Rui, who sat behind you, practically did the same. Except he was sketching out ideas for future inventions.
"Maybe I could rest my eyes for a moment" You thought to yourself. As your eyes drifted closed, you suddenly felt a flick go down your back. Causing you to jolt upright. You turned back to look at the culprit, and there was Rui with that teasy smirk he always wore.
"Oi, cut it out...!" You whispered out, but you knew damn well that that boy wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Whenever he got bored, which was always, you were always his target for some fun entertainment. Even if it came at your expense.
You turned back around, trying to act normal. A little while passed and you almost forgot about the incident, that was until you felt some light tapping along your sides.
"Eep-!" You instantly slapped both hands onto your mouth to prevent any embarrassing sounds to come out, but that only left you more vulnerable to Rui's ticklish onslaught. He then climbed his fingers up your sides to your ribs, then back down. Going very slowly, as if two tickly spiders went up and down the sides of your torso. He was consistent, not letting up for even a second. The touch was so soft yet felt so sensitive, you were practically screaming internally. At this point, your cheeks kept turning redder each second of this ongoing torture.
Before you knew it, you felt his warm breath against your ear as he leaned in close and whispered "Ahh... kocho kocho kocho~ Remember, you can't make any sound~".
"R-rUi you aHass...!" You tittered out, it took everything in you to not burst out laughing right there and then.
You got a couple glances from the other students, snickering at your situation. But luckily the teacher hand't noticed, if they did that'd be embarrassing.
It couldn't get worse... right? Oh how naive of you. Rui decided to amp it up a bit and snuck his hands under your sweater, his fingers softly pinching and prodding the soft flesh of your tummy.
"HnGh! Pfft-! Hrrrgh!" You jumped and yelped, squirming like a worm in your seat. All while cursing at Rui mentally, even though you did enjoy his playfullness. Not like you'd ever admit it.
After enduring his tickling for a while, your lord and savior came through. The bell rang, signaling that class was over. Finally Rui let up with the tickling. You let out a long sigh of relief, softly catching your breath.
It was now time for lunch so you got up to leave, but before that you felt an arm swing around your shoulder. When you looked up, it was Rui once again looking down at you with the same teasy look.
"Hey Y/N! How about we continue were we left off?~" He playfully winked as he dragged you along without waiting for a reply.
"H-hey! I never agreed to this-" before you could finish complaining, he brough his finger up to your lips and made a 'shh' sound.
"Please, we both know you liked it~".
Your face practically errupted right there on the spot, causing Rui to giggle. You pouted playfully and went along with him, giddy to know what he'd do next.
Idk what I'm doing, but I like it :>
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noa-nightingale · 3 months
New Worth It ep <3
And it is with Simu Liu! I think it is very beautiful that one of the last episodes is with Simu showing them his favorite food places in Toronto. Worth It is, among other things, about bringing people together with food, enjoying their company and sharing experiences and memories, and that was so beautifully on display in this episode.
Here are some favorite moments:
“three different foods that Simu has a personal connection to” I like that they are doing it this way and that it is not three times the same food. It is an interesting little change.
Andrew’s sweater. He looks so good in it.
Steven: “I don’t want to finish this patty. I am at the point now where I have the perfect bite” - followed by Adam stealing his food and accidentally biting his finger lmao
the way the chefs/restaurant owners talk about the foods and the connections to their personal stories
weird food analogies (Steven talking about the bathtub inside the shower)
shower sandwich
Simu: “It might be the only bathing situation where all three of us could use it at the same time.” - Andrew: “Now here’s an idea for a segment.”
“Did you just taste me without my consent?” lol
Tumblr media
Adam is the iceberg lettuce
Adam’s little laugh
the whole ending where they talked about their Worth It winners. It was so so lovely.
Somehow it is so special to bring someone to a place you have childhood memories attached to. I am so glad that Simu could share that with Steven, Andrew and Adam.
Simu enjoying it so much to show them the last place and making new memories with them there. Hngh.
Steven rubbing Simu’s shoulder for a second at the end. It was such a familiar little gesture.
I really really REALLY don’t want this show to end. There is something so comforting about it and I will be very sad when it is over.
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quinloki · 3 months
A Light Touch
Fem Reader x Eustass Kid
CW: language, assault, violence, sexual themes and situations, implications of non-con, loss of limbs, blood. 18+ Only.
Chapter 1 - Table of Consent -
Tumblr media
Chapter 20: Tomorrow
You were more exhausted than you had ever been before as you had slipped into a deep sleep that night. Being tangled up in Kid's arms as you drifted off hadn't hurt anything either. You remember thinking about how warm his hand had been weeks ago, and the rest of him was just as comfortably warm.
The small problem with having slept so deep was that you were awake early.
There wasn't the barest hint of light in the sky, and when you came back to bed from your stretch you realized that at some point you and Kid had untangled. Which made sense, otherwise it probably would've been a struggle for you to wiggle out of bed a minute ago.
Your mind wandered to the events of the evening before, heat rushing back up into your face. There was a desperate, needy twitch between your thighs and you realized two things at the same time: You were the only one who got any pleasure last night, and you had a deep craving for more. The two of you hadn't had a chance to talk about such things, and you didn't want to surprise him with anything only to find out it was a bad idea.
People wake up differently, and if Kid had violent reflexes, you could be broken in a really un-sexy way.
But there was no way you were going to fall back to sleep if you didn't take care of yourself. You didn't want to go back to your room, and despite the show you had provided last night, you didn't want to do anything exposed. Nothing would be more mortifying than to have someone walk in to wake Kid.
Climbing back into bed you stayed as far from Kid as you could and still be under the covers. You let your mind wander as your fingers went to work, remembering the things that Eustass had done to you earlier.
The man's mouth was dangerous on multiple levels.
Thinking about him was enough to cause a rush of pleasure and as small sounds of pleasure escape you, his name slips from your lips as the heat fills you up. You weren't struggling with what you were doing, but you realized that you weren't nearly as skilled as Kid at pushing your own buttons, and you were – somewhere in the back of your mind – miffed about that.
Your breath came faster, and you could feel yourself nearing climax. A cold chill slipped down your back, followed by a single, impossibly warm, finger sliding down your spine, curling around the silk bow on the back of your lingerie.
"Mouse." The finger had stopped you, but the voice has nearly frozen you in place. You could feel the bed shift as he moves closer to you. "Whatcha doin'?"
"Trying to... fall back asleep?"
He pulls you to him, your back against his chest. He was already moving your arm away from where you had it before you could answer. His actions were gentle, but you weren't going to be able to struggle against them even if you had tried. He turns your wrist as he raises your arm over your head and licks your fingers.
"Can't sleep unless you masturbate?" He muses, kissing your fingers and then the palm of your hand. The action nearly breaks your brain, and you feel your cheeks going hot.
"Haa, um, I... can, but I couldn't stop thinking about," you swallow as his tongue trails down your arm, sending shivers through your body. "Things."
"Mm, what kind of things?" There was an amused tone in his voice as he nuzzles into the back of your neck, teeth nipping lazily against your skin.
"Things that... you did to me. I mean, hngh," His fingers were sliding up your leg, wandering near places you wanted them to go without granting you the pleasure of it. "You. I was thinking about you, and I got so turned on I couldn't get to sleep." You admit in a rush of words, hiding your face in your hands.
His fingers twitch, and you can feel the smile on his face.
"Addicted to me already," he muses, pulling you to your back as he moves to be over top of you. You make a noncommittal noise from behind your hands. "Being shy is cute, Mouse, but if you keep covering your face I'm going to tie you up so you can't cover anything I don't want you to."
You feel yourself flinch, but you only move your hands enough to peek at Eustass through them. "I... I don't know that I'm against that, and I have no idea what to do with that information." You admit, slowly bringing your hands away from your face.
Kid looks like he just found the One Piece.
"I'll make sure you get back to sleep," he promises, pulling the babydoll top up and off you in an easy motion. Being completely naked under him sends a rush through your body and you almost cover yourself before stopping your hands. Instead, you place them against his arms, fingers trembling slightly as the rush of blood turns you red from your face to your chest.
"You're a lot better at following instructions when you're in my room, Mouse." He muses, leaning down and kissing you before you can say anything. His deep, pleased moan pushes into you just ahead of a tongue that wasn't taking no for an answer.
By the time Kid lets you breathe, you're dizzy and needy and dangerously open to any suggestion so long as he's willing to continue. You're not too concerned about the details; you just know that you want more. More kisses, more touches, more pleasure, and at this point you would accept pain, just so long as it was him your addled brain was certain you would enjoy it.
He continues to kiss you, moving down your neck to your collarbone. His fingers are already rubbing against your clit, and the amused rumble sinks into you as his mouth teases your breast. There's a gentleness in his actions, and a curiosity you hadn't felt earlier.
He had simply been pushing pleasure into you last night, but now he was searching you, figuring out what made you squirm, gasp, tense and moan. Even as the pleasure built up in you steadily, he didn't stop. You ended up on your stomach at some point, his arm around your waist, fingers still teasing you as he kisses down your back. His prosthetic fingers gliding over your skin as your hands flexed against the bedsheets, grasping for anything as your trembling moans sank into the bed.
Eustass pulls his hand out from under you just as you're sure you're about to cum just from him teasing your clit. He slides his soaked fingers down your back as he puts his legs between yours, pushing them apart.
"I doubt you'll learn how to control it, Mouse, but your voice changes when you're close." He says, leaning down and kissing your shoulders as his fingers slide back inside you. Two at first before a third starts to push into you, filling you up with an almost painful pressure.
"P-please," the word slips from you as the full feeling has your legs trying – and failing – to close.
"Please, what?"
"I w-want you in me," you turn a little, looking over your shoulder and meeting those deep golden eyes.
"I'm already in you, Mouse, you're going to have to be specific." He replies, the grin on his face sending a shiver straight to your core.
"N-not your fingers, I want -."
He pulls his fingers out of you and you can feel his rock hard dick press against your ass. "Be very specific, Mouse, or things might end up in places you don't want."
"Haa, fuck," you swear, turning your face toward the pillow. You don't get a chance to say anything before Eustass turns you over onto your back again.
He's grinding against your slit, eyes holding your gaze. "Look me in the eye and tell me what you want."
"You're evil." You say quietly. There's a hum, but he doesn't say anything. "I want your," you make a frustrated sound, "-ock, cock! In my... my..." The word comes out of you, but it is very quiet, and you can't hold Eustass' gaze anymore. Your face is so red your cheeks hurt.
He leans down and bites the crook of your neck as he begins to slowly push into you. You cry out in surprise and pain from the bite, but the sharp sensation passes as you can feel yourself stretching to accommodate his size.
"I won't be this merciful again, Mouse." He promises you, pulling out and slowly pushing back in. You nod at his words, hands trembling against his arms as the feeling of him pushing deeper steals the breath from you.
He feels impossibly large, and some part of your mind is convinced you're going to split in two. Rationally you know it won't happen, but the sensation is too new, too inescapable, and too overwhelming.
"I'm not crushing your lungs, breathe Mouse." He teases, pulling back out a little as you suck in a breath.
"B-big! It feels t-too big!" You gasp, sucking in a breath.
"Does it hurt?"
You shake your head. "J-just a little overwhelming."
He leans down with a smile and kisses your forehead. "Breathe and relax, I'm not going to split you in half. Not this time, at least." He assures you, pushing deeper again.
"Haa-nnngh, Kii-urk!" Your legs curl around him, and half-way through his name escaping you, your body shudders enough that you pull yourself flush against his hips suddenly, driving him into you entirely.
You see him wince, and his hands twist the bed sheets as he struggles to keep still while you adjust. You manage a few shaky breaths and feel your body start to relax.
"Haa – haa-shhhhit." You gasp, holding onto his arms as you shift your hips slowly. There's a grin from Eustass has he begins to move as well, matching your pace for a moment before he starts to take control again.
Leaning back his hands come to rest over your breasts, teasing and pinching your nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he begins to move in long steady thrusts. The pleasurable sensation from your chest seems to go straight to your thighs, making the long steady pace push you closer to an orgasm that already feels too big to be safe. You hold onto his wrists, trying to pull his hands away, but he doesn't budge.
"You can't tell me it hurts," he muses as you're mewling and squirming under him.
"F-feels like I'm going to c-cum!" You gasp and realize that his pace and teasing are riding you along an edge you can't quite crest. A frustrated sound escapes you before you beg, "K-Kid, please!"
"Begging to cum, Mouse, or begging for me to stop?"
The sound that slips from you is a mix of need and concern. "I. Don't. Know!" You gasp, reaching out to him with tears rushing into your eyes. "S-save me, I think I'm l-losing my mind!"
He moves his prosthetic to the bed, bracing himself with it as he leans down enough for your hands to reach his shoulders. You hold onto him, fingers digging into him as his pace picks up, thumb still teasing one of your nipples as his teeth nip at your neck, his breath hot against your skin.
Eustass Kid had comforted you after Decken broke into your apartment. He'd helped you into and out of his unruly truck, and had protected you physically and emotionally as best he knew how. For months, you had been tangled up in his life.
Earlier you thought you had been tangled up in him.
But earlier was nothing compared to right now. The rush of pleasure was almost terrifying, and the idea of having to suffer space between the two of you after being so close hurt your heart. You almost wanted to disappear into this fiery force of nature, and if this was him restraining himself you might just be safer that way.
He pushes you over the edge as your shaky voice cries his name into his ear, your fingers leaving bright red lines against his pale skin as your entire body tenses and shudders. You hear him hiss a swear as a few rough and heavy thrusts nearly push the air out of you, his own breath coming out hard and heavy as he twitches deep inside you.
"Fuckin' hells, Mouse." His voice is breathier than you expect, and his hair's matted against his face from the sweat you're both covered in. "You cum much harder and you're gonna rip my fuckin' dick off."
You go to say something, but neither your brain nor your mouth seem to want to cooperate, and your unintelligible mutter fails on your lips.
"Still alive?" He asks, watching you fail miserably at speaking.
You nod weakly, and gasp as he pulls out, your legs twitching at the last little bits of pleasure the motion causes.
He gets out of the bed, pulling off the condom you hadn't even seen him grab, and you realize that you probably cannot stand right now. After tossing the rubber, he turns back to the bed and kneels down so he's at eye level, he head resting on his prosthetic, his fingers moving a few locks of hair away from your face.
"Good job, you didn't pass out." He says with a crooked grin. "Get some rest, Mouse."
You reach out, and slip your fingers between his before he can move away. "Don' go." Kid's eyes widen a little and you can see his cheeks flush red before he covers his face for a second.
"I'm just going to shower," he says softly, looking at you from behind his hand. "I'm not leaving."
"Mm, I know," you admit, and move to try and sit up, before your still shaky arms just leave you to stay against the mattress. "I just... want you to stay, um, close."
"Somehow I feel like I've lost," Kid grumbles, rubbing his face with his hand before letting out a sigh. "If I carry you into the bathroom with me, can I take a damn shower?"
You nod and he separates your hand from his. "I'll be right back, don't panic." He grunts and walks away for a moment. When he comes back, he wraps you up in a bath sheet like a little mouse-burrito and carries you into the bathroom with him.
You end up nodding off a little while Kid gets cleaned up and are only aware of him cleaning you up enough to be able to help him more than hinder him. The t-shirt he gives you to use as pajamas goes down to your knees, and he curls up with you on the side of the bed that's not soaked in sex and sweat before the two of you fall asleep for a couple more hours.
When you wake up, still snuggled into his arms, you're a little surprised at how beautiful he looks. Nothing about Eustass Kid had ever struck you as wholly unpleasant. His rude speech, his large presence, his scars, even his often-times insufferable ego weren't negatives. Not to you, at least, for whatever hardship that may or may not cause you down the road.
But right now, he looked peaceful. Calm. Content. If you hadn't already fallen hard for everything else about him, you wouldn't have been able to survive seeing this side of him. You wanted to tell him, and as you dozed for a little bit longer, you decided you would. Once everything was resolved with Decken, and he couldn't try to deny your feelings as being something else, you would say it.
Even if the idea of admitting it felt a little like having a second "The Crisis" moment.
Next Chapter
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mark-of-chrysus · 5 months
Once was already too much. Twice was beyond cruelty. Thrice...thrice was not meant for the human mind to comprehend.
So when you have to do it a thousand times and then some you become rather desensitized to certain things that could make others writhe.
That's how Daniel found himself looking up at the paling faces of his friends, vaguely aware that his body wasn't supposed to be able to bend that way. There were tears, of course, pleading for him to say awake, to hold on until the ambulance arrived. The worst part though was the reassurances, because both parties knew by that point that they were just wishful thinking.
Like, no Zack, I just got hit by a truck going over 200 km/h, I'm not going to be okay! The bloodied boy tried to voice these words but they only came out as strangled moans, which elicited more sobs and, to his everlasting indignance, shushing.
"Nnnghn hngh!" (Don't shush me!)
"It's going to be okay."
"Mnghnh mnmnth nghgh ghngfngh mnghnghhtt! mnggggg hnghnght mthght." (Vasco, I adore you but I'm literally twisted like play-doh and I think I can feel my bones trying to escape my body and form their own army for world domination!!)
"Shh, just hang on."
Danny shot him a dirty look, though he had to guess which one of his friends the bald white egg shushing him was. Probably Jin, he had always been a little bitch like that. If he squinted the alien-like thing looking down on him was pretty similar to the dumbass.
"Mhnh mgthhhhh-." (Bitch if you shush me one more-)
"Shhh" Zack placed his finger on his lips, before quickly retracting his hand and massaging the bite marks on his pointer with what was supposed to be aggravation. The tears and snot running down his face ruined the image.
Finally, through the constant ringing in his ears, Daniel could distinguish the sound of sirens. People shuffled around him and someone tried to get his attention, but their voice turned to mush in his ears. He threw one last look at his friends and reached towards Jay through the paramedics.
"Mnh nhghn Macarena mngh." (Bae, you need to play Macarena at my funeral!)
And with that, the world went black. Then white, then black again. Then he came upon himself, literally.
"They did a pretty good job with my body, you can't even tell that half of these are missing" He poked at one of his limbs, his translucent finger going right through it. There was no bone, just a metal rod kipping the arm in place.
Danny shuddered and retracted his hand as if he had been burned. No matter how many times he ended up as a ghost it never got less weird touching things. He shrugged and floated upwards, passing through the lid of the casket and angling his body so that he no longer felt like he was lying down. Gravity didn't apply to ghosts, so getting his body to sit straight was really tricky until you got the hang of it.
The venue was pretty packed, with people balling their eyes out. They were all dressed in black and looking at a picture of him smiling that had been propped on a stand near his casket. In the front row was his mother, at whose appearance he cringed.
It never got easier seeing her so utter;y devastated, but that was always the way it went when he died, his bigger body would vanish without a trace, and his smaller one would remain, lifeless. His eyes scanned over the other people at the venue trying to get the image of her dull eyes and sunken cheeks out of his mind.
Next to his mother was his beloved jay. Oh, how he wanted to wrap his arms around the boy and wipe those tears that never stopped rolling down his exquisite face! Instead, he caressed his darling's cheek lovingly, making the boy shudder at the feeling of sudden coldness. He didn't dare linger, unable to bare the heartbreaking sight of his lover's grief.
If Daniel had been drinking he would have done a spit-take right then and there. (Was it disrespectful to spit at your own funeral?)
Nestled between a sobbing Crystal and a mostly-unbothered Kouji was Diego Kang himself, having a whispered conversation with an ashen-faced Gun. The latter must've taken the death of his masterpiece and the subsequent disappearance of Daniel's bigger self as quite the blow. 'He did waste a lot of time training me and seemed very eager to get taller me to be his...something, whatever that was...' the boy mused, making his way across from them and to the audio system. He didn't have time to ponder such things. He was a ghost on a mission.
Possessing humans was rather simple if tiring, but messing around with electronics had always been a favorite of his whenever he ended up as a wandering specter. The speakers, placed strategically in the four corners of the room, simultaneously crackled to life, startling the people in attendance, before:
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena Hey Macarena, ay
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena Hey Macarena, ay
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena Hey Macarena, ay
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena Hey Macarena, ay
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena Hey Macarena, ay!
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Tumblr media
More for @queenhissah. Hngh.
He looked at her. Her body was sexual lust made form. She was clearly one of the alien serpents, but her body had an aura of raw powerful sensuality and domineering power. Her colors almost changed translucently as he looked upon her only for the door to close behind. She towered over him in height
Her hood was up, and her breasts were bare as he stepped forward unable to look away from her. Her finger beckoned him closer as he felt a tail wrapping around part of him.
"Ssssooo you came to charmed because you like hypnosisssss?" She said flicking her tongue in his ear as she spoke, causing his cock to twitch and harden
"Yes." He said and she looked down to him and put her finger under his chin, the point of a nail barely touching him.
"Yessss whoo?" She said barely whispering in his ear her tongue touching inside it causing his cock to spasm and become completely hard
"Yesss my Queeen." he said and she snapped her finger and his body became stiff.
"You were sssssooo easssyy to mesmerizzzee. It's almost like you have a fetish for girlsssss like me?" She said whispering in his ear
"Yesss Queen Hissah i like lamia and always wanted to be hypnotized in person and i love big titss and curvess and tonguess and i -" it was like a flood coming out of his mouth that he couldn't control
"Sssshhh." She said putting a finger tip to his head and his jaw went slack and he stopped talking
"You alwaysssss wanted to be a sssssssllavee to a ssssseexxy woman haven't you?" She said nodding and he nodded too
"And Lamia are soooo sssssseductive aren't they." She said and he nodded along his cock leaking precum showing in his pants
"My my, we cannot have you like that, take off those silly clothesssss sssssslaavvvee, you do not need them." She said and he couldn't help himself as he struggled to take of his pants with how hard his cock was, and she looked down at it, with a predatory glance and a smirk.
"You don't even remember the cam ssssesssionn do you?" She said and he just followed her head.
"I haven't even used the hypnotic effectssss of my eyesss, or anything else, you are jusssssttt that easssyy and that hornyyy..." She said and he nodded
"By the time I am done here with you tonight, you will be my mindlesssss sssssex puppet. An obedient ssssssllavve who will do whatever I sssaaaaay. I am going to make your every ssssssexual fantasssy come true, and usssse it to break you. And mold you into what I want." She whispered in his ear and his breathing hastened in intensity.
"In fact, you are too horny right now. So horny I am going to make you have a new fetish. How does that ssssound? You like that?" She nodded and he nodded along smiling
"You are going to love thisssss." She said opening his mouth and forcing her tongue deep into his mouth and throat the kiss and tongue overwhelming his mind as she simply touched his cock with her finger nail and beckoned with it, causing him to be on the verge of cumming
"You love to prematurely ejaculate for me. You want to cum to me whenever I tell you, yessss?" She said and he nodded along
"You love cumming in public, on camera, in front of people, where-ever, whenever I want and tell you. Don't you boy." She said and he was nodding and smiling.
"You want to be my dumb himbo sssssslaavee boy forever, don't you?" She said
"Yesssss queen hissssah pleassssssseee." He said instead of nodding causing her to grin wickedly
"You are going to cum for me. And when you do you will fall to your kneesss in orgasm and your mind will blank for five minutes, obeying me entirely then waking up unaware of anything for the past few hoursssssss and completely forgetting about me and this rendezvous." She said with a somewhat sadistic laugh
"but your kinks and fetishes will be ssssooo much more potent mmm. You will be unable to rise from your kneessssss until I command, and you will be unable to look away from me once you ssssssee me, you will try to look away, but once you do it will become imposssssible. You will try to resssssist getting arousssssssed, but the more you resssisssst the harder your cock will get and the hornier you will become. " She said with a little laugh and he smiled and nodded his head.
"You watched far tooo many cartooonsss assss a child, and now your brain isssss to easssssy for me to program." She said removing her finger from his leaky cock.
She then merely moved the tip of her tail underneath his cock and begin a slow coaxing motion as she forced her breast into his mouth and licked the inside of his ear.
"Cummm ssssslavee." She said causing him to ejaculate and spasm and fall to his knees shaking. She began a seductive laugh as she moved over to the other side of the room and put on some clothes, that showed cleavage and left little to the imagination, a slender red dress that fit her muscular toned serpentine body well, until her breasts which could only hardly stay in the fabric, her nipples almost sticking out hard from her own arousal.
"Thissss iss going to be ssssoooo much fun." She said with a giggle.
He woke up on his knees. Naked. In an unfamiliar room. It was charmed. It was a hypnosis convention, but he had never been hypnotized before. He couldn't remember anything other then thinking about logging into a **** site. Then he looked up.
"My, my. What do we have here?" She said and the tone of her voice instantly made the hair on the back of his head stand up.
She was a stunning Lamia, with coils that would almost change color with the light, a horned hood and beautiful large eyes. Her breasts were more massive than any **** star with some notable exceptions but felt only slightly larger due to her height. She towered over him, and her site started causing his cock to twitch. Her body was fit and muscular well toned. The dress, clung to her body as she gracefully moved closer
"If it isn't a lost human in the hotel in my room. Whatever brought you here?" She asked slowly and gracefully circling him. It felt dangerous, he knew that the Lamia were exceptionally strong and fast, but also had many rumored abilities that thinking about were exceptionally erotic to him and his cock twitched absently and he realized it.
"My goodnesss. Naked and arousssssssed? I know it's a hypnosissssss convention but isn't it a bit of a taboo to be like thissssss?" She said and her hissing was exceptionally *** to him, it was hard enough trying not to be aroused. He didn't want to be in trouble with anyone at the hotel or the convention. He didn't want to anger her. She smelled so good. He inhaled deeply as she passed and he kept eyes trained on her, but he felt like he couldn't rise from his knees. He felt so weak. Yet he couldn't look away from her and her sensual, yet dangerously predatorial beauty.
"Are you here with the convention? Is that why you are here? Sssssssome random pervert who jusssssst mindlessssssssly wanderss into hotel rooomsss after being hypnotized? Well what do you have to ssssay?" She said to him getting very close and the hissing so near his head, he couldn't look away and it was so hard to think of what to say. She smelled so good and was so sexy. It was like every single kinky post on fetlife he ever saw and wanted it to happen before but now it was so different, it was terrifying yet somehow intensely erotic, only growing more so. The smell was so erotic, he just wanted to listen to her hiss in his ear again
"I-uhh- I don't know, I can't r-remember" He said looking down realizing he was almost completely erect and feeling a little shame
"Awww, itssss not your fault boy." And when she said that in his ear he felt the goosebumps on his neck and powerfully aroused.
"I can help you remember.." She said and he instinctively looked up at her, catching the colors rapidly and brightly and his jaw slacked
"You can trusssssst in meee..." She said and his mind was flooded with pornographic sexual thoughts of submission flooding what few thoughtss he had
"Jusssssssssssst in meeeeeeee." She knew his fetish and he felt himself falling into her eyes and his cock was the hardest it had been in his life pointing at the most sexual arousing thing his mind could comprehend.
"watch my eyesssssss and obey meeeeeeee." She said and he nodded. It was what he came to the con for. It was his every sexual desire made manifest being brought to the front of his mind.
"You can feeel sssssaaaaaafeee and ssssssounddddd, knowing I, own you nowwwwwwwww." She sung motioning for him to rise from his knees and he obeyed, and it felt so good. He was unable to resist and it felt so good to him it pulled him deeper, she beckoned him with her finger and he followed .
"Sssssslip into mindlessssss sssslumber, sssssink into erotic blissssssss" She sang in a lusty erotic breathy voice that made each part of his body felt aroused.
"Slowly and sssssurely your free will will cease, to exissssst." She said and it felt like she was inside his head, but it was so hard to think, when it was so easy to stare at the pretty colors and listen to the sexy singing.
"Lusssssstt for meeeeeee, jussssssst for meeeeeeeeeeee" it felt right to him, her voice was slowly becoming thoughts.
"obeyyyy my voicee, and lusssssst for meeeeeeee" She sang into his ear
"Just relaxxxxxxxx be at ressssssst, be a dear and suck my breassssssssssst" She sang and he complied, suckling it and it felt so hard to think but his body felt tingling and aroused and he felt happy. Endless ecstasy and bliss.
"You can thrusssssssssst that cock proud, knowing I OWN you NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" It felt real, like he was owned by this gorgeous powerful being as he obeyed and thrust his cock deep inside her and he felt her tail lifting him up as he felt like he was clinging on to her for life, thrusting and suckling, his mind blank and empty only feeling and obeying.
"Thrussssst in meeeeee, jusssssssssssst in meeeeeeeeee, closeeeee your eyessssss" She said and he did as he suckled,
"And CUM in meeeeeeee." She said and he violently orgasmed spasming as she wrapped around him close and brought him into the bed. He couldn't stop suckling, it tasted so right and so good until she snapped and pulled his head away.
"My my. I took your virginity didn't I"
"Yess who?"
"Yes my Queen." He said now instinctively.
"You will never want a human woman now" she said whispering in his ears causing him to nod
"You will never want any other now. You are my sssssslaaavvvee. My pet." She said
"Bark for me." She said snapping and he made a few bark noises and she snapped and he stopped.
"You can sssstop now, have a normal life, and I will releaseee you because you felt good and you were sssooo fun." She said as he began drooling again.
"Or you can ssssssleeeeep and wake up my sssssex ssllaaaavvee. My plaything. Foreverrr, knowing that when you cum it will be only for me. You will give up everything else, and focussss your life on pleasing your Queen Hissah. You need to do this of your own free will and awake, so wake." She said snapping and he woke up, naked. In her coils.
"Have you made a decision, my boy toy?" She said putting a finger under his chin.
"Yes." He said nervously.
"I choose to obey You." He said.
"Good boy. Now Ssssssleeep!" She said with a snap.
"And dream. Dream of whatever i tell you, and you will tell me your every fantasssssssy and fetish, every kink and desire, you will tell me everything I need to make you obedient, forever."
"Yesssssss Misssstressss." He said.
"Tsssk Tssssk. I am no Mistresss. I am a Queen." She said sticking her tail inside his ass causing him to uncomfortably move yet his cock to twitch.
"Sssssay it."
"Yes Queen Hissah." He said quietly
"Sssshout my name sssssslave, shout it like a lover would climaxing." She demanded
"YES QUEEN HISSAH." He screamed aloud.
"Who ownsssss you?" she said whispering in his ear
"QUEEN HISSSAH" he shouted happily
"Who controlsssss that cock?" She said licking his ear coyly
"QUEEN HISSAH" He said smiling and practically rocking on her tail causing her to smirk before she thrust her tail harder and him to violently buck
"CUM AND DROP SSSSSLAVE" She said as he orgasmed another time and his body slumped.
"Ssssleeep. Ssssssssleeep. Never to wake as you are, only asssss I ssssssssaaaaay."
"Yesss queen hisssah" he barely whispered tiredly.
"Your mine now. Mine forever." She said and he smiled. She began to slightly hiss and giggle knowing he would be turned into exactly as she wanted and there was no way he could ever resist again.
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Dragon Husband (gender neutral)
Chest gropping, oral (giving), fingering, grinding, masturbating.
Tumblr media
Morax stared down at you, waiting for you to do something to him. “Master, if you aren’t sure about thi-” you brought your hand to his chest, brushing across his nipple. You gropped his chest a bit before running your tongue over a nipple, watching his face shift to absolute pleasure. He left out a long groan, and his hips bucked into the air, “Master, please…”
“Please, what?” You looked up at him, still licking his chest.
“Please, Master,” Morax was begging for literally anything at this point, hips still searching for something to rub against.
“Morax you have to be more specific, where do you want me?”
There was a pause. Morax had already played hundreds of scenarios, but he didn’t have this in mind. “Master, please, suck me, please.”
“Good, get on the bed now.” You watch Morax sit on the bed, waiting for you to join him, “take the sheet off.” Morax slowly exposed himself, his two cocks standing tall and heavy. Your eyes went wide, you walked over to him. You dropped to your knees, looking up at his cock face inches away from them. The cocks twitched, and Morax shivered, feeling your breath on him.
“Master, hurry.”
“Ok, ok. I got you,” you placed your hands onto his thighs, and brought one cock into your mouth. You sucked on the tip, before sinking down halfway, and you pulled off of him swirling your tongue in his shaft.
“Gods, Master,” he brushed his hand on the back of your neck, before urging you to go back down. He panted, feeling himself in your warm mouth, his voice only got louder when you took him deeper hitting the back of your throat.
You gave the other dick a handjob. Slob ran down your chin, Morax was thrusting into your mouth and all you could do was take it. You looked up at him, eyes crossing as he fucked your head, your whimpers vibrated his cock, leading to him letting out a long growl. You palmed at your crotch, wanting to relieve the pressure that built up there. “Master, you feel so good, I-. Gods~,” he shivered, “I want to cum, Master, pLEase. Let me cum.”
You popped off his cock, “Not yet,” before going back down on the other cock. You sucked him once more, and he whined. He looked on the verge of crying, his cute whimpers almost sent you over. He continued to fuck into your warm mouth.
“Master, I’m going to, hnngh, I’m going to. Hungh, fuck~!” He grabbed your head and fucked harder into you. Your eyes went wide, he was being so rough yet he continued to whine. “Cumming, I’m going to HnGh!!!” He came down your throat, while the other one came on your face. He panted hard, coming down from his high.
You swallowed his thick cum, and wiped his mess off, “Morax.”
“Ah, I’m sorry Master.” He brought you up to sit in his lap, his hands traveled to your wet patch, “Let me return the favor. How would you like it?”
“Like this,” you hovered over his cocks, then sat down, rubbing your clothed sex against his still hard cocks. You rubbed yourself onto Morax, the pressure made you keened, pleading his name over and over.
“Master,” Morax pulled your hips down, applying more pressure to your sex.
It wasn’t enough, “Morax,” you pulled off your pants, and you continued to rub your sex on Morax.
“Master, let me,” he slipped his fingers between your thighs gathering the wetness leaking out of you, before plunging his fingers into your hole. You moaned loudly, wiggling your hips down onto Morax’s thick fingers.
His fingers worked in and out of you quickly. Then he curled his fingers upward, hitting a soft spot, “AHh~! Please, I’m going to come.” You bucked into cocks by accident, making Morax hiss.
“Please come Master.” He jerked off his leaking cocks, he was also close, rubbing your sex with the tips. Your whole body shivered, and you arched your back as you came.
Your walls clamped around his fingers, “Nghh~! God Morax!” Your orgasm kicked all of the air from your lungs, you took a moment to catch your breath. Meanwhile, Morax was getting off to the sight of you.
“Master, I’m going to come again, let me come please.” Morax started to edge himself, waiting for you to let him finish. You down at him, his glowing amber eyes pleaded to you.
You lean down to kiss him on his lips, “Morax you can cum.” You watched as his thighs quivered watching his cocks shoot cum on both of your stomachs. He caught his breath before falling back onto the bed.
“You did so well, Morax,” you leaned down to pepper kisses around his face.
“Master is so nice,” he kissed you back, “next time, I want you to put my knot in you.”
You hummed, “Yeah,” you laid on top of Morax’s chest, feeling him rise up and down. “Wait, you have a knot!?”
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satnin-darling · 2 years
00:00 AM (m) | Kim Taehyung, 12.8k
Pairing(s): Taehyung x Reader
Summary: It was a slip up from Taehyung that led him to yours to apologise. Then it led to something else. But while both of you still had reservations, you still remained in each other’s orbit. And as you looked back, you realised that the past is in the past, you suddenly want to take that risk because it was different this time. You hoped it wasn’t unrequited. But is it that simple?
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+); for language, smut (fem-reader; multiple orgasms; doggy; marking/scratching; cowgirl (on the couch); penetrative sex (on the bed, on the floor, etc); ANGST (idk it’s a mess 😩 there’s a fight, one of them is out of step with the other); there’s Fluff too (dw) Yeontan makes an appearance); idol!AU - friends with benefits, maybe lovers).
Okay. Uh. This is the longest chapter I’ve attempted for this series. There’s a bit of everything it's a whole rollercoaster (sorry) 😩🤧😭
“How was the fundraiser?” Taehyung murmured in your ear. You weren’t exactly in the best position to answer that since you were practically bent in half beneath him. Still, you tried, despite the feeling of him stretching your walls sending any of your logic out of the window. You moaned as Taehyung ground his hips achingly slow, licking your ear lobe, biting it softly.
“F-fine, the music was… ah, shit though,” You managed, eyes fluttering close as his fingers found your clit, flicking it slowly, adding pressure, making your toes curl.
“Mmm, fuck,” You moaned, lost in his ministrations.
“Saw anyone you liked?” He continued, kissing along the column of your neck. You couldn’t hold back your moans as he continued his assault, his tongue roving your skin. Why did he want to know about a stupid fundraiser when he’s literally inside you?!
“There is one,” You gasped, spinning the truth a little. You joined Taehyung in his game. If he was going to play then you weren’t about to fall short with your answers. What you didn’t tell him was that the ‘one’ was a senior colleague, emphasis on the ‘senior’. You felt Taehyung add more pressure on your clit with his thumb, teasingly rubbing it in drawn out circles as he began to piston into you roughly. Small whimpers escaped your lips as your arms circled around his neck. But he broke free to look down at you.
“Is that so?” He replied, his other hand ghosting over your neck. A shiver ran up your body as you spread your legs further, trying to get your hips to close the distance as he pulled himself back. His grip tightened on your neck, and that caused you to clench around him. Taehyung smirked. His other hand left your clit, pinching your nipple, tugging it, then letting it go, watching as your tit bounced. You whimpered as you arched into his touch.
“Do you think he could fuck you like this?” Taehyung continued, a certain glint in his eye that made you moan. Finally, he leant in close and you felt him lower his hips, causing you to hiss as he stayed still, bottoming out. Then, he ground his hips slowly, the hard planes of his body pressing against your clit, but it wasn’t enough. You felt like you were about to lose your mind in your desperation for a rough fuck as small whimpers escaping your lips in protest. Your fingers were clawing at his bare chest, pressing your nails, enough to leave marks. Taehyung groaned, eyes shutting briefly, giving you the opportunity to tip your hips, taking him in deeper. It turned you on even more that he wasn’t stopping you, even though everyone who would dress him would probably see your handiwork in his next job. Taehyung was struggling above you as you clenched around him, his mouth parted, letting out soft groans as your walls squeezed him once more.
“He could probably fuck me better than this,” You sighed, attempting to sound bored. Staring at Taehyung defiantly, you saw that his bottom lip curled as he felt your walls relax instead of clenching around him tightly. Then, you felt him leave you, his cock slipping out swiftly as his hands left your body briefly only to grab your waist and flip you over. Startled, you let out a small cry as you were suddenly on your chest as Taehyung hastily spread your legs with his knees. Firmly grasping both of your arms, his hands settled on their crook to pull you, your back flush against his chest. Your muscles protested but it was the ache between your legs that bothered you more. At this point, you were already moaning as you waited for him to enter you. Using his hand, the head of his cock teased your slit, you trembled from being restrained despite one arm now being free. You kept it bent for when he returned, and he did, gripping you harder than ever. That, coupled with the sensation of him filling you caused you to yelp, it felt like he was hitting you deeper in this angle, your walls stretching to accommodate him.
“F-fuck, Taehyung!” you gasped.
Taehyung grunted as he began to fuck you hard, you felt his chest hit your back intermittently, the heat between you escalating. The muscles in your arms sang in protest, your thighs trembling as your hair fell over your face haphazardly, obscuring your view of the headboard.
“Better than this?” Taehyung grunted, snapping his hips in such a pace that you felt your entire body seize in response. You were hardly in the headspace to compete or say something coherent, moaning instead. His hand left your arm, grasping your hair instead, causing you to yelp, the line between pleasure and pain blurring into one. With your neck bent, you caught a glimpse of his face, he was sporting that signature scowl, somewhat between a growl and a smirk, much like he did when he was performing. It turned you on so much that you pulsed around him, causing him to lick his lips.
“I’m not gonna ask again,” He murmured, his grip on your hair tightening, your free arm grasped the headboard in front of you, so you could hold yourself up. You locked your arm as his hips continued to piston into you, you couldn’t think straight anymore, each time his ball slapped your clit, your eyes rolled at the back of your head. When the familiar pressure began to build, your core was tightening and your entire body was taut with anticipation. Taehyung managed to grip your hair tighter, a silent reminder of his question.
“Yes, yes, yes!” You moaned, not sure if you were really good at keeping up appearances or begging him for more. Probably the latter. Taehyung groaned as you clenched around him, your pussy throbbing so hard as you soared higher and higher. He let you go suddenly, and you fell onto the bed, your scalp stinging as he pounded into you. The sound of skin against skin coupled with the wet squelch of your pussy around him was obscene but it was heaven. Both of you were sweating from the efforts, his hands gripping your hips so hard while you grasped the sheets as you arched your back, mouth parted as your mewls turned into silent cries.
“Fuck, you're always so fucking good and tight for me,” He snarled, pace unrelenting, nearly crushing you beneath him, your breath leaving your lungs.
“Fuck, hngh!” You gasped, lost in the pleasure.
Taehyung continued to slam his hips into you, holding your legs down locking you in. The headboard continued in a similar pace, but instead met your wall, rivalling the noises you both made.
“Taehyung,” You whined as one of his hands snaked below to flick your clit.
“Cum,” He demanded, not halting his movements. You pressed your face into the bed, to muffle the scream that came from your throat as you came. Clenching around him so hard, it took Taehyung over the edge, cumming into the condom with abandon. His groaned were loud in your ears, sending a satisfying shiver along your body. You felt the condom swell against your walls, filled with his cum. Still, he continued to thrust into you, meeting your clit, causing your body to jolt as you yelped from the oversensitivity. Your cries left your lips, each punctuated by the slam of his hips as it met yours, jostling your body further up the bed. It was only until it began to sting did you reach behind you to dig your nails into Taehyung’s skin, causing him to hiss. After a few moments, his hips stilled, as he caught his breath. Slipping outside of you, you moaned as the emptiness, laying where you are as you recovered.
“Shit,” you heard him hiss from behind. Alert, you turned over despite the sore feeling between your legs and you saw him tying the condom.
“What?” You asked breathlessly.
“Don’t think I’ve cum so much before,” He said, taking a deep breath. Heat rose to your face at the confession. He met your eyes, his expression playful again as he pursed his lips, tossing the condom in the nearby bin and joining you on the bed. You realised that he was probably turned on from the idea of fucking you better than some other man. That made you chuckle.
“What’s funny?” He asked as he found his phone on the floor.
“The guy you were mentally competing with? Basically eighty years old,” You laughed, clutching your stomach. Taehyung propped himself on his elbows, his eyebrows raising.
“At least you enjoyed it,” He laughed, deep and melodic, beautiful. He fixed the hair around your face. You nod, feeling shy all of the sudden.
“Shall we order something?” He suggested, falling into your old routine. You nod, suddenly aware that you were starving.
“My treat,” He declared, already on his phone.
You weren't going to ask but Taehyung just kept laughing at his phone. The takeaways you had ordered were devoured in minutes and you had finished washing the other things you used to make tea. Placing the last of the mugs on the drying rack, you settled next to him on the couch.
"What's so funny?"
Taehyung looked up, half chuckling. Then he showed you his phone which had a drawing on Weverse, it was of Jungkook. You realised that the reason why he was laughing was because it was so bad. Cringing, you stifled a giggle, you were sure he felt guilty since an ARMY probably worked really hard but the resemblance was not uncanny. Jungkook's head looked misshapen and his eyes and nose were somewhat displaced. That coupled with the poor lighting - it really was a sight that made you double take for the wrong reasons. Clearing his throat, Taehyung continued to swipe down the feed passing over numerous comments that were asking about his upcoming mixtape and then random pleas to get noticed by the members.
"They're so devoted, it's amazing," You thought aloud, standing up to retrieve the remote by the TV.
"I get surprised everyday," Taehyung replied, locking his phone. Outside, the rain was pouring, melting the apartment block view into a dull shade of beige and grey. Neon dots coalesced together in one long stripe, signifying cars on the road. You caught Taehyung's scowl.
"You don't like the rain?" You asked, bringing your legs up to sit cross legged. He shook his hair, his dark hair getting ruffled again. You brought your hand up to push it away from his eyes and he leaned into your touch. He looked at you with his deep brown eyes, framed with long lashes, his gaze suddenly on your lips. You pulled back, twining your fingers together on your lap. Taehyung leaned on your couch, emitting a long sigh.
“I get moody when it rains, never liked it,” He muttered, sounding far away.
“Well, I love the rain,” You began, leaning on the couch, resting your head on the back, just like him. When Taehyung didn’t say anything you listened to the way the raindrops drummed against the window of your apartment, the way it blurred all the colours outside, like a grey Impressionist painting.
“All the happy memories I have happened when it was raining,” You chuckled, bringing your knees up to tuck them under your chin. Taehyung still hadn’t said anything, instead you felt him looking at you.
“When my father was deemed cancer free, it was in the middle of a thunderstorm.” You recounted how you and your mother were clutching each other from the relief, the sense that you were all able to tide over one of the darkest moments of your life. Then laughing since one of the brightest moments of your life happened during one of the darkest days in the season, where the clouds were heavy and led to torrential rain that flooded most of the drains. It didn’t matter. Your father was healthy again and he was able to come home. Taehyung took your hand in his, rocking his palm against yours.
“Then, I practically graduated under a deluge. My friends and I were soaked to the bone but we threw those caps in the air like it was nothing,” You chuckled at the memory of having to retrieve the caps that were balking from being wet (and thrown repeatedly). Taehyung chuckled next to you, tracing patterns along your arm.
“And my first job, I walked into the office looking like a wet rat because it hadn’t stopped raining for a week! Remember that one month a couple of years ago where the roads were literally flooded and the cars were basically swimming in dirty brown water?” You asked, turning to Taehyung. When you finally made it to your orientation, the seniors that came to greet you were shocked because they realised that you were the same person they saw in the ladies bathroom, squeezing the rainwater in her hair out in the sink.
You hadn’t noticed that Taehyung had brought his knees up too, but he had fully taken ownership of your hand and sandwiched it between his chin and his knees. When he shook his head, you used your trapped hand and rubbed your thumb underneath his bottom lip, playfully pulling it down till you saw his gum and bottom teeth. Taehyung laughed, exhaling though his nose then crossed his eyes, making you laugh too. When you pulled your hand away, he oriented his body so he faced you so you did the same.
“I’m rambling, aren’t I?” You confessed, heat rising up to your face. What you didn’t tell him was that he was quickly becoming part of those memories. It just so happened to be that Taehyung came to see you mostly when it was raining, dressed in matching sweatpants or swamped in a beige trench coat. Sometimes his hair was caught in the rain, the ends curling upwards, cold to your touch. And he would sniff behind his mask, complaining that he couldn’t get a cold because his voice would suffer. So you would make him some hot tea and sit with him until his worries had melted away.
Taehyung was looking at you again, tracing your features with his gaze. You grew shy, looking down at how little space there was between you, your knees just inches away from each other.
“What?” You asked, you skin prickling from the attention.
Then Taehyung reached forward to smooth your hair, his long fingers making their way to tuck the stray strands behind your ear. He cupped your cheek and you froze. He was so warm and open all of the sudden that you didn’t know what to do with yourself. Still saying nothing, he brought his other hand to cup your other cheek, leaning close. You stayed where you were, holding your breath. Your knees made it more difficult so you let one of your legs to fall away and Taehyung was inching towards you, impossibly slow, but you felt that it was worth it. It was automatic, the way your body leaned towards him nowadays, the way his lips sought yours, like how it was now.
Riiiiing! Riiiiiing! RIIIIING!
The sound of his phone jolted you and you parted abruptly. Taehyung saw his phone vibrating on the coffee table and snatched it, answering without looking. He got up from the couch and left you as he walked into the corridor. You let out a shaky breath, running your hand through your hair, pressing the back of your hand to your cheek to cool it down. It was still raining outside, the droplets falling like sheets onto the window and your heartbeat was loud in your ears.
You tried not to make it obvious but it was getting really hard, especially when he had just come from filming. Taehyung was just slicing some bread in half when he caught you staring a little too long.
“It’s the hair isn’t it,” he smiled, setting the knife down. Flustered, you looked away not answering him. Eyes widening, you turned to your screen, where half the document was currently being filled with numerous ’o’s’ from your finger pressing over it. You hit backspace repeatedly, cursing yourself for being so horny over a new hairstyle. He was just growing it out, nothing more. But it was getting to a stage where he could successfully tie into a ponytail. And the image of him standing your kitchen in that state, wearing a black v-neck sweater, rolled up to his elbows, making a jam sandwich truly did unspeakable things to you. The fact that Taehyung just knew made it ten times worse. You felt the couch dip next to you causing you to flinch.
“What are you working on?” He asked, sounding distracted because he was actually kissing your neck, his tongue licking over the skin, igniting a fire that coursed through your body.
“Work,” You replied curtly, thankful that you managed to erase the letters before he came over.
“It’s a blank document,” Taehyung chuckled, leaning down and kissing along your jaw. You groaned, cursing him for being so annoying.
The document stayed blank.
Your breath hitched as Taehyung pushed his cock fully into you. The rough fabric of your rug scratched your back as you moved against it. Hands planted on your inner thighs, you were spread before him, hips pointed upwards as he raised himself to the point where the head of his cock teased your folds. You whimpered, hands searching for something to grab onto as your swollen clit begged for attention. The coffee table was your best bet. You raised yourself up slightly, causing Taehyung to balk forward as you clenched around him. But he wasn't looking at you, focused at how his cock pushed in and out your folds. When he finally lowered himself, you moaned, feeling him stretch your walls. He was licking his lips again, dark hair briefly covering his eyes as he swept his hands from your thighs to the back of your knees. Your muscles sang in protest as he continued this drawn out assault. Not only were you clinging onto your furniture but you were also getting scratched up on your back.
“Taehyung, faster…” You groaned, hands reaching for him, nails pressing on his back to hurry him up. But as always, he was being a tease and leaned back from your embrace. He looked at you, teeth cutting his lower lip. You were panting, as his thumb found your clit, pressing ever so slightly as he bottomed out inside you. Clenching around him had him groaning, kissing your neck in return, he said your name in a whisper, almost a plea. Your legs were shaking from effort as he maintained the pace, only grazing your clit barely. As you snaked your hand down to find some relief, he caught it, his own hand stopping your wrist. You whined, twisting your hips against him. He leans back against you, watching you with such intent that you felt self-conscious, being spread out beneath him.
“You want it faster?” He smirked, letting your wrist go. Heat flooded to your face as you nodded. It seemed that that was enough for him to suddenly snap his hips, the hard planes of his body colliding with yours. Gasping, you almost laughed, he teased you to no end for this? His hands found themselves on your hips, gripping so hard that you were afraid that they’ll mark. With your hands free, you grasp the back of your knees to spread yourself wider, arching your back and changing the angle of your hips. Taehyung’s hands left your hips and settled next to your head. You moaned as he got closer to you, lips ghosting over each other’s. Closing the distance between you, you planted a chaste kiss on his lips, biting his bottom lip. Taehyung inhaled sharply as you felt him increase the pace, the sting of his thighs slamming against yours causing you to shudder. He chuckled in between his groans, you were so pliant beneath him and it riled him up to see your parted mouth and half-lidded eyes. You were so wet that you could hear the squelch as he met you halfway.
“F-fuck, oh fuck!” You cried out, grasping the backs of your knees as Taehyung slammed his hips against yours. He was getting so rough that your back burned from being jostled on the floor, body already halfway off of the rug. This time, he let you flick your clit, your other hand still propping a leg open. Each time he delved deeper inside you, you clenched around him, desperate for release. Moans echoed in your small living room, his pants mixing with your breathy sighs as you gushed around his cock. You could tell that he was close, his lip forming a snarl as he continued to thrust inside you in an unbelievably fast pace.
You gasped, orgasm shattering through your body, a feeling so electric that you momentarily thrashed underneath him as you twisted your hips in response. In a flash, you saw his eyes, dark brown, stark against his flushed skin. Taehyung leaned forward, kissing you, his thrusts becoming sloppy. You whimpered against his lips as he coasted you through your orgasm, you were sure you were leaking as you reeled from the overstimulation. Pulling away to tuck his head at the crook of your neck, your arms circled around it to cage him in. Taehyung groaned your name in your ear as you clenched around him intermittently, coaxing him. He throbbed inside you, filling the condom as his body shuddered from the force of his own orgasm.
“Fuck, you’re always so good,” He murmured, like a mantra, lifting his head, pressing himself fully against your chest, resting on his elbows. He was still inside you, and you whimpered, hardly able to talk as your breathing began to settle. You felt his finger brush away some of the stray tendrils of hair that found its way to your cheek. You averted your gaze, shifting your hips, aware that he was softening inside you. He kissed your forehead and lifted himself off of you, kneeling to unceremoniously to remove the condom. The time was 11PM, and he would soon be off. As you attempted to get up from your position, your legs trembled, causing you to momentarily sit down. Taehyung chuckled, hands massaging your thighs.
“You okay?” He asked, his deep voice becoming so familiar in your ears.
“Yeah,” You breathed shakily, never mind that your core was still throbbing and your leg muscles burned in protest.
“I should grow my hair out more often,” He mused, kneading the soft flesh of your thighs. Heat flooded your face as you squirmed away from him.
“Wait here.”
So you sat, observing the mess you two made. Clothes strewn everywhere, a random shoe by your TV, your blazer covering a couple of plants. You smiled as you found your rug crumpled underneath you, lifting yourself slightly to straighten it. Taehyung came back with towels in hand, one damp and the other dry. He knelt in front of you, causing you to recline onto the floor, the rug rubbing your skin again. Gently, he ran the damp cloth along the inside of your legs, carefully skimming your folds. You hiss from the sensitivity. Then a dry cloth, to catch the dripping mix of water and cum. When he was done, you watched as he cleaned himself up too, swiping his honey skin, removing all traces of you and him being together. With your legs recovered enough to let you stand, you began the process of stepping into your sweats. Taehyung did the same, searching for his car keys.
“Here,” You offered, digging them up in between the seats of the couch.
“Huh, how did it end up there?” He asked, turning it with his elegant fingers.
“Do you really want a play by play?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.
He laughed, covering his face with his hand. You wished it would stay like this, you wished you could make him laugh more often. But he pinched your cheeks and was already on his way out, slipping his shoes on, where the backs were folded flat.
“Drive safe.”
“I will. Thanks.”
You looked up with your drink in hand as the venue heaved with people, the majority from the music and entertainment industry. It was an event that was really just a huge mixer. It was an opportunity to forge new connections, see who was doing what and with who.
"Come. It'll be fun," Taehyung insisted.
Now, you were permanently situated at the drinks table, already on your way to a third glass. A hand was suddenly on your back, bringing you out of your thoughts.
"You okay?" Taehyung asked.
You remained silent, watching as Yoongi paraded Hye-yeon around the venue, greeting everyone. You thought it would be easier, seeing them together. Yoongi was already finding his way back into your life, messaging you gradually, thawing the awkwardness between you. That was easy to overcome because it was just like old times, just you and him. But it was different when you saw him with Hye-yeon. Although she didn’t know it, she was the indomitable proof of your defeat. You sighed, hardly able to recognise yourself as you descended into this bitterness that consumed you.
"Fine," You replied, tearing your gaze from Yoongi's beaming smile. Taehyung's hand travelled, resting just on your lower back.
"I know this isn't your idea of a good night, wanna escape with me?" He offered, taking the drink from your hand and setting it down. You glared at him, peeved that a server took it away.
"C'mon. We can slip out early," he whined, more insistent now and his grip on your waist tightening.
"Taehyung, this whole event is for you to get to know people, so... get to know people," you protested.
"Suit yourself," he huffed, leaving your side. The plan was to slip out early anyway, without Taehyung. So you took the opportunity to collect your things and approach Yoongi and Namjoon to say goodbye.
A flash of red caught your eye. A tall, elegant model made an appearance in the room. A silent hush travelled around briefly, you glanced at Taehyung who was still in conversation with someone, unaware. She had cut her hair shorter, something Taehyung protested against every time she brought it up. The slit on the side of her red dress revealed an elegant leg as she moved purposefully around the room. You inhaled sharply and abandoned any plans to say farewell. Taehyung turned his head in your direction but instead, your gaze helped him to locate Dami. The last thing you saw was his lips parting, no doubt taken aback by her appearance. It was convenient that there was a nearby exit next to you, so you gathered your clutch and coat, heading out inconspicuously.
Once outside, you still couldn’t shake the image of Dami in your mind. She looked elegant and charming, dressed in all red. She was even more alluring since you last saw her. You knew that her and Taehyung made a perfect pair. They both commanded the attention in a room and made heads turn. The comparison was irrational but you couldn’t help it. The moment you walked in, hardly a single glance was thrown your way, despite you actually making effort to put yourself together. Maybe you should have worn red instead of black. But another nagging thought circled in your mind, the guilt of wanting more with Taehyung. Reaching the outside, you found your way at the back of the venue, where you could get picked up by a taxi. Despite the warm spring air, you still shivered. Cars flew by as your teeth chattered, and your phone wouldn't cooperate and the taxi app froze just as you tried to input your address. Before you could reset it, you felt a hand on your shoulder, almost causing you to stumble backwards.
"Motherfuck-" you began, prepared to curse the hell out of the pervert.
"Glad you thought escaping early was actually a good idea," Taehyung exclaimed, pocketing his phone. It was muffled since he was wearing a mask. His hand left your shoulder, wary that you were in public.
"Don't take a taxi, I'll have our manager drive us to your place," he insisted. But you were still dumbfounded.
"Why aren't you inside? Didn't you see-"
"Dami? Yeah. We said Hi and I wanted to leave early," he replied causally, already walking away from you.
"But -"
He called your name, disappearing into the building. You followed suit, wanting to get to the bottom of things. But when you reached his side, he was already walking purposefully to the elevator. Inside was empty and he pressed the floor of the basement. You decided to stay silent. Looking up at Taehyung, his eyes were on the screen as the floor numbers continued to lower. You remembered your place but you also didn’t want to hear more about how Dami swept him off his feet.
When you both stepped out of the elevator, you felt less insecure and more in control, so you followed him in the black van and steadied your breath. Taehyung leaned forward to mention your address and reclined on the chair, scrolling on his phone. For the rest of the journey, nothing was said between you. After some time, as you entered your neighbourhood you began to be wistful as you saw the glittering lights of Seoul. Unable to hold back a sigh, you watched as your breath steamed the glass of the window. Then, a long finger came from behind to draw a heart before it disappeared. You turned around and Taehyung’s face was directly in front of yours, his smirk evident. Your eyes widened as his hands found themselves on your knees, thumb circling the exposed skin as your dress hiked up since you had crossed your legs.
“We’re nearly here,” he murmured, lips ghosting over yours. You face grew warm as you cast a frantic look at the driver’s seat, whose eyes remained on the road as the van descended into the basement parking of your apartment.
“I can see that,” You replied, pressing your legs together as your body stiffened. What was he doing in front of someone else? Taehyung hummed and pulled back, fishing a black face mask from his pocket and putting it on. You exhaled slowly, heart beating rapidly in your chest.
Taehyung shifted in his seat as the van began its exit from the parking lot of the venue. You were seated next to him, facing the window, holding onto your clutch. He did spot Dami but not before he saw you leave the venue. Quietly, you took your belongings and successfully navigated any potential colliders heading your way. As you slipped through adjoining exit, he held back a smirk since he was going to get what he wanted in the end.
As Dami came to his view, dressed to kill as always, his heart sank. She caught his eye, a small smile evident on her perfect face. The same face that was only his until a few months ago. He found himself gravitating towards her, more out of curiosity than attraction. When he got closer, he could see that it was a dress that he personally picked out himself.
"Hi," she breathed, her melodic voice filling his ears.
"Hello," he murmured, looking at her up and down. She blinked slowly, following his gaze. He noted how she straightened herself, showing off the dress even more. It was from Japan, he saw it by chance as their car halted at the traffic lights, he paid for it on the spot and was so excited to show her. He remembered how she squealed with excitement as it fit like a glove. He noted that she looked well, even with her short hair. There was an urge to whisk her away, to beg her to start over again. But as soon as he thought of that, he thought of you. How he’d rather have a night in this time, even if you were reviewing documents next to him while he watched a movie.
"Well, I'm heading out early, so you enjoy yourself," He cut in, noting the brief flash of surprise from her. Before she could reply, he was already making the rounds to say goodbye, not sparing a single glance.
His heart was hammering unnecessarily in his chest as he pressed the elevator button more than once. The prediction was that you were trying hail a cab and when he found you by the side of the road, hunched over your phone, he held back a laugh. He decided that it was a good thing he left early.
The journey to your apartment was largely uninterrupted by traffic. He watched you as you sighed against the window, steaming the glass. By instinct, he leant to draw a heart before it shrank. Clearly startled, you noted how you pressed your back against the seat, your grip on your clutch releasing. He suddenly remembered your words.
But that’s on her, she didn’t even try.
Taehyung hadn’t given much thought to his feelings following the break up. All this time, he was just suppressing it, stewing on it when there were moments that were idle. And those were few and far between. He noted that he was blaming himself when he didn’t even know what he did wrong. It was incredulous to think that he was solely responsible for the breakdown when Dami had blindsided him. He could still remember how he begged her to stay yet there was a look in her eye, It’s over. And then he came to you, he said what he could, how he was lost, how he didn’t see it coming. When you said that it wasn’t his fault. He thought nothing of it, thinking that that was just something you said because you were being polite. But as the weeks blended into months, you kept saying it, It’s not your fault. You tried your best. You gave it your all. For the first time in a while, he felt like he could move forward. It was a small realisation but it was enough. If Dami couldn’t see how hard he was trying, then maybe it really was over before he even realised. But now, the difference was that he was open to the idea of looking forward instead of back. Of possibly moving on.
As the scenery outside changed, entering the familiar roads of your neighbourhood, he wanted to kiss you all of the sudden.
“We’re nearly here,” He smirked in a playful way, placing his hands on your bare knees. It was meant to be to reassure you but instead he sensed that you squirmed underneath him, taking it the wrong way as you cast frantic glances at the driver.
“I can see that,” your replied through gritted teeth. Your body jolted at his touch. Taehyung drew back, forgetting that anytime he was affectionate with you, it was usually to initiate sex. Though that would be good, he didn’t mind just spending some time together. So he restrained himself and waited as the van descended into the basement parking.
Taehyung was beneath you, forehead pressed against your collarbone as your hips slowly rose and fell on his cock. Clothes were strewn on the floor, your gown somewhere near the corridor since he practically ripped it off of you. The remnants of his suit were also discarded, leading to the couch.
Taehyung’s hands were placed on your waist, a firm grip but he didn’t control the pace. You moaned as you took him all in, wiggling your hips your walls enveloping him, spreading your juices over his lower abdomen and balls. His fingers dug into your flesh, causing you to gasp, your body shaking involuntarily. With that, you clenched around him, your knees pressing onto the the couch. A soft moan of your name, barely above a whisper but you heard it, you smirked as you clenched around him once more, causing him to press his lips against your neck to muffle his groans. You braced your hands on the back of the couch, leaning back so his head wasn't supported anymore. Taehyung looked up at you, cheeks flushed, mouth parted as his breaths became shallow.
The soft fringe of his hair obscured his eyes. But you knew that he kept his gaze between you, watching with bated breath as you took his aching cock, in and out, agonisingly slow. Rising high enough so that he almost slipped out, he groaned as you slammed your hips down, wiggling it as you reached the base. Taehyung wasn’t the smallest, it was hard not to feel uncomfortable but his reactions, the way he was so submissive, made you wetter and more confident as he was at a loss for words. His bottom lip was captured by his teeth now, hands rising up your torso to thumb your nipples. You sighed, shuddering at his ministrations. Keeping at the slow pace, you undulated your hips, expertly drawing out his pleasure. The sight of your body against his caused him to recline on the couch, eyes to the ceiling as his hands gripped your hips, a silent plea for you to increase the pace. Maybe it was the fact that he followed you home even after seeing Dami, it seems like that nothing could dampen your spirits.
"Did she ever fuck you like this?" You murmured on the shell of his ear. Taehyung flinched, clutching your waist as you clenched around him once again.
"W-what?" He stuttered, a clear strain on his deep voice, he exhaled a laugh.
"Did she ever fuck you like this?" You taunted, followed by a moan as your hips met his, your juices dripping down to coat his cock. You stayed there, taking him in deep, clenching around him in pulses until he was groaning.
"Fuck - ah, n-no, not like this," He whined, eyes firmly shut and face twisting from the sensitivity. Fuck, that turned you on even more, you felt yourself leaking more onto him, the wet squelch of your cunt causing you to moan.
Surging forward, he planted his lips on your neck to muffle his grunts. For the first time, he attempted to raise his hips, to alleviate the ache that was building deep within him. You pressed your thighs tighter to prevent that, earning a look of impatience from him. His hands were lowering, one getting closer to your clit. On the spot, you took his wrists planted them above his head. Taehyung groaned as he arched into you, his breath hitching as you finally began to ride him faster. It was harder for you too, to keep yourself from fucking him like crazy. But you had managed to hold out this far, keeping your orgasm at bay while trying to prolong his.
"Shit, that's it, ah," he moaned, totally relenting even if your grip on his wrists was weak. With your hips gaining momentum, you couldn’t hold back the moans that escaped your lips. Leaning forward to kiss him, he bit your lower lip, causing your body to shudder at the contact. Harder this time, you slammed your hips as you ignored how your lower muscles began to burn from the movements.
“Fuck, Taehyung,” you whined, the wet squelch of your pussy causing your face to flood with heat.
Taehyung was grunting, you swallowed his deep groans, sliding your tongue against his in a messy kiss. You rolled your hips faster as you felt your climax approaching, ignoring the strain on your legs and lower back. His hands slid free from your grip, apparently at the end of his tether and he hooked his arm around your waist. You yelped as he momentarily lifted you to have you lying on your back instead. Not that you were complaining. From that angle, his cock went deeper, causing your head to press against your couch as your eyes fluttered shut. The pace was relentless and you could hardly speak as he slammed his hips into your repeatedly, the sound of skin slapping on skin ringing in your ears. His deep moans were erratic, your name on his lips, sounding so perfect. Your arms curled around his neck to pull him closer. As he nuzzled against you, you gasped as his thrusts became sloppier, your moans turning into cries, Yes Taehyung, yes, fuck! You chanted desperately, mind completely empty as you became enveloped in sensation.
“Cum for me,” he rasped, his breath on your neck. You gasped as his fingers sought your swollen clit, giving it the necessary pressure to take you over the edge. As your orgasm crashed on your body, you whined, hips suddenly freezing as the pleasure overwhelmed your system. He came soon after, filling the condom and pulsing against your walls. But he was still thrusting into you, ignoring your pleas to slow down as the overstimulation took your breath away. His fingers continued its assault on your clit, and your legs trembled as your hips twisted. The wetness that leaked from your core dripped on the couch, spreading lewdly on his lower abdomen and your inner thighs. His thrusts slowed, as your body jerked uncontrollably beneath him. Pulling away from you, his pants were loud and even, rhythmic like yours.
“Fuck,” he murmured in awe. Confused, you propped yourself up on your elbows, your walls were still throbbing and your hair stuck to your face. Following his gaze, you looked between your legs and saw that your arousal had leaked so much it was a visible patch on the couch. Not thinking twice, you scrambled to the side table and found some wipes so you could clean before it could cause damage. Taehyung’s laugh came suddenly, and you shot him a look. He had removed the condom and was backing up and away from your hurried movements.
“Shut up, this couch is expensive okay,” You complained, but satisfied that you’ve cleaned it up sufficiently. Then he pushed you back down, towel in hand to clean you up between your legs. Such was your routine with him nowadays, and it felt comfortable.
When you finally got dressed in comfier clothing, Taehyung was scrolling through his phone dressed in his suit. Holding back a chuckle, he looked so formal in your small living room. He wasn’t wearing his jacket though, and his tie was undone, still folded next to him. You busied yourself in the kitchen by prepping food for dinner. He looked up at you after a while, midway through you cutting a carrot.
“Heading out?” You asked, nonchalant and mildly hungry. It dawned on you that he might stay for dinner.
“Uh, yeah, but what are you making?” He asked, walking to sit at the table near the kitchen counter.
“Just some spring rolls, and I’ve got marinated beef so I’ll add that,” You replied, moving onto shredding some cucumber. Taehyung continues to watch you, somehow fascinated by how you cut each piece evenly.
“Is the traffic bad at the moment?” You asked, trying to make some small talk.
“Why? Want me to leave?” He teased, tucking his hands under his chin. You had moved onto the beef, taking the lid off of the glass container.
“No, I uh, okay, it’s just that you don’t normally stay for this long,” You retorted, wanting to be honest.
“I guess you’re right, but I kind of want to stay, hang out for a bit,” He said casually, putting his phone face down and continued to watch you. Saying nothing, you carried on slicing the remaining ingredients and prepared the frying pan. Carefully, you lowered each piece of beef onto the surface and switched the kitchen exhaust fan on. Over the noise, you didn’t hear Taehyung get up, suddenly feeling his hands on your hips so he could lean on the counter with the sink and watch you more closely.
“I haven’t seen you make these before,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Yeah, it takes a lot of prep for what it is so I kind of do it when I don’t have much going on,” You explained. The pieces of meat gradually coloured and curled from the heat, the smell was filling your apartment, making your stomach rumble.
“Ah, I get that, I hate cooking, the whole process of it,” He replied, opening the nearby cupboard to retrieve a mug. He then turned back to the other cupboard and took out your jar of citron. The kettle was already boiling.
“Making some citron tea, want any?” He spoke, preparing to get another mug.
“No thanks,” You smiled, warming to the fact that he was going to stay. You were already halfway done with the meat but you wondered if you would have to cook more since Taehyung looked like he was staying over for dinner. So you made the decision to cook the whole lot. Good thing you prepped enough vegetables.
Once everything was plated, you found yourself wrapping spring rolls for you and Taehyung. It was oddly domestic and unlike him to stay, especially when you were cooking an actual meal. Sure you had shared a couple of meals together, but they were mostly takeaways and you guys had them naked or drunk. Now, you were clothed in your pyjamas and he was in a suit, sat across each other, looking like you had just come back from different events. Maybe he was nursing his broken heart after seeing Dami. You couldn’t blame him. It was hard to be alone when something like that happens.
“I can hear you thinking, I know it’s weird for me to stay,” Taehyung muttered in between mouthfuls. Your face floods with heat at his observation. You said nothing, working wrapping your food diligently.
“You looked really pretty tonight,” He said, taking another bite and finished the roll off in one go. His tone was so casual that it rolled off his tongue. You scoffed, shifting in your seat as you brought your legs up so you could rest your arm on your knee as you ate.
“You had about four glasses of champagne by the time we left Taehyung, I don’t think your memory is serving you well,” You said in between nervous laughter.
“I’m sober now,” He replied sternly.
Then he looked at you, eyes narrowed at first, as if to scold you. Then his gaze softened, his deep brown eyes were arresting. And you wanted to tell him to stop, to look away, elsewhere, because your heart was racing all of the sudden and the warmth that often bloomed in your chest was getting harder and harder to suppress.
“Stop looking at me like that,” You said, breaking his gaze, shoving a finished spring roll in your mouth. You heard him laugh, resuming wrapping his spring roll, albeit clumsily.
“Like what?”
Like you could love me.
The sound of the alarm pierced through your hazy consciousness. Your eyelids were heavy and it was still dark in your room, the quiet of the morning abruptly disturbed. Also, you were so hot. Like heat-was-trapped-in-the-crook-of-your-neck-and-your-hair-was-stuck-to-your-skin hot. You couldn’t move either, trapped because a warm body had pressed itself on your back. That was enough to wake you up, eyes opening and adjusting to the dimness of the room. The alarm was still going, the blaring tune of a military bugle continuing to blast through the quiet of the morning. You cursed the fact that that was the only sound that was free on the app store, making you associate it with sleep deprivation and stunted rest.
“Five ‘ore ‘inutes,” Taehyung muffled behind you, sounding drowsy as his lips pressed against the skin of your back. His morning voice was a deep rasp, but it sounded so clear as it vibrated against your body. On autopilot mode you practically slammed your hand over the snooze button, careful not to jostle him too much. But the fact that his leg was caging you in and that face that his arms were around your waist made it that much harder. Not to mention that he was naked, and you were naked. Spooning in the morning as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Silence settled finally in the room and your heart was about to burst from your ribs. Then, you felt his hand shift from your waist to soothe your back, rubbing up and down morphing into slow circles. Taehyung said your name, saying it softly as he continued to let his hand roam, eventually swiping your hair away to reveal the nape of your neck. He still sounded like he was half-asleep but he was kissing the back of your neck now, unbearably affectionate. You kept your gaze focused on the wall, holding your breath.
What happened last night?
Willing yourself to think back, you remembered. After dinner, he had helped you clean up and you complained at how was spilling water everywhere and wasting your washing up liquid. He raised his eyebrows and explained how it hurt him how you were insulting his method. Then you settled for a movie, cuddled up on the couch, sharing one blanket. As you worked through the events of last night, you remembered a specific moment where he wasn’t paying attention to the plot, and his hands were wandering underneath the blanket. It carried on like that until he was able to get both of you worked up, kissing on the couch as the Breakfast Club carried on playing on the TV.
Then you got tangled in each other’s embrace, taking each other’s clothes off, smiling against each other’s lips. It was different, he was slower, more careful with you. You bit your lip at the memory of Taehyung kissing you, drinking in your gasps and whines as he continued to pleasure you, threading his fingers through your hair as you chased your high. He was murmuring all sorts of things, You’re so beautiful. You had heard it before and there were times you had suspected it of yourself, but it felt different hearing it from him. Last night, it was as if you had just heard it for the first time. Then he said your name as if was the only word he knew, falling out of his lips so naturally, so fondly that it made you simultaneously happy and shy.
It was like that, till it was over. And you prepared to get ready for bed, anticipating that he would get dressed and leave promptly. But he told you that he had a couple of days off again and you didn’t complain because you thought he’d be off soon after you fell asleep. You didn’t bother getting dressed as you tucked yourself in, facing the wall that you were staring at now. When the bed dipped, Taehyung was naked too, staying close, the warmth radiating off of his body. You hadn’t figured out when you succumbed to sleep but until your morning alarm blared, you were fully anticipating an empty bed.
Now, Taehyung had stopped kissing your neck and rubbing your back. His arms over your body again, around your waist, his leg over yours. He had drifted off to sleep again. And you heard the familiar sound of rain against the window pane. From the slit that your curtain allowed, you could see dawn trying to fight the grey clouds that rolled over the city, heavy with deluge as its stormy tendrils unfurled. You thought that people waking up this morning would sigh exasperatedly at the sight, having to readjust their plans just to avoid the soiled roads and traffic. But all you could do was smile, pressing your head to the pillow as you felt yourself drifting too, safe in his arms.
It was early in the morning and Taehyung was in your bed as it rained. So you let his steady breathing, rhythmic yet slow, lull you back to sleep.
Removing his ear piece, Taehyung collapsed onto the leather chair. The whole set was pre-filmed as part of an online performance. He was exhausted but in a better mood. The rest of the members piled in, Jimin joining him by sitting on the arm of the chair. He checked his phone, a picture of Yeontan greeted him. Amongst the flood of notifications, none of them were from you.
"You finally changed your lock screen," Jimin observed, resting his honey coloured head on Taehyung's shoulder. Hiding his phone away, Taehyung shifted to rest his back on the chair, causing Jimin to lift off of him.
"Anyone up for dinner?" Hoseok chimes in, shedding his jacket. A few grumbles all around signalling a yes, apart from Taehyung. He had scrolled down, till the very bottom of the notifications and still, you hadn’t messaged. Was it because he had to leave earlier? He inhaled sharply, letting the conversations around him carry on.
Taehyung [7:34pm]: Can I come over later?
He brought his nail his lips, chewing it absentmindedly. Jimin sighed next to him and brought it down reflexively.
You [7:36pm]: Not this weekend. I’m going to a friends wedding
Taehyung sighed, so all was still good. He had left because he remembered that he had rehearsals. But that didn’t mean that he wanted to leave. Waking up in your bed, with you in his arms, it was a natural progression that he welcomed. He remembered everything without regret. He scrolled through his keyboard, opting for a BT21 sticker of TATA crying.
Taehyung [7:38pm]: Okay. I’ll come after?
You [7:40pm]: Yup :P
But just as he was about to put his phone away, another message chimed in. Taehyung clenched his jaw.
Dami [7:41pm]: I have a bunch of Yeontan’s toys that I accidentally took. I’ll drop them off at yours later. When are you off work?
Taehyung sighed. He was feeling a little braver and less pathetic about seeing Dami again. Things seemed to be different this time. He could face her with his head held high.
Taehyung [7:42pm]: I finish in 2 hours.
Dami [7:45pm]: Fine.
The venue was open air and the guests all snugly fit in neatly arranged tables. You had arrived early as your train from Seoul to Daegu barely had any stops. You were sat not too far from the front, next to other close friends. As soon as the music played, heads began to turn but you turned your gaze to the top of the altar. Your friend, Jung-Jae was beaming, his full lips wide.
Everyone began to clap excitedly as Hae-In floated towards the aisle. She was dressed impeccably in white, her dark hair making a sharp contrast. As she reached the top of the aisle, Jung-Jae took her hand, unable to contain his excitement as he covered his mouth with his hand. A roar of applause echoed across the venue. Hae-In giggled and hopped onto the stage in a clumsy yet endearing way. You were mesmerised by the whole thing. The scene was dazzling under the afternoon light, the weather cooperated and bathed everyone in a soft glow.
You felt a friend squeeze your arm, "Aren't they beautiful!" She exclaimed, zooming in on her phone.
"Yes. They make a wonderful couple," You concede, turning your attention back to them. Then, the vows began and you continued to pay attention.
Jung-Jae held the mic delicately and held Hae-In’s gaze with a soft expression. The first sound that echoed with his shaky breath, he briefly addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming. Everyone laughed at his sheepish demeanour.
"You're not receiving an award hyung!" His younger brother’s melodic voice pierced the air providing a needed distraction. Every laughed in that moment. You saw how his other brother chided him whilst their father’s shoulders shook from laughter.
"Ah yes- Where do I start?" He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. Hae-In beamed, her smile infectious and she fidgeted on the spot.
"Ah well, Where do I begin? I met you five years ago and my life completely changed."
A chorus of claps erupted again and Hae-In looked around smiling. Jung-Jae tentatively took her gloved hand and held her gaze.
"When I met you, I thought I had it all. I had achieved everything that I could possibly imagine for myself and then some. I thought I was content. Life continues to surprise me but I'm not complaining. Hae-In, you are the the light of my life. Everyone who knows me can agree that I have trouble expressing myself and my feelings but with you - it's so easy. I could not imagine my life without you."
The crowd hushed at this point because Jung-Jae’s voice wavered. There was a noticeable tremor deftly picked up by the mic. You bit your lip out of habit. His little brother broke the silence by clapping furiously and cheering, prompting the crowd of guests to come alive. With this sudden support, Jung-jae sniffed and fixed his already well kept fringe.
"I promise to be there for you, through thick and thin. Through everything that life throws our way. I promise to be the person you can lean on. To be the one to share your joy and sadness. To be there for you, always. I love you Hae-In. I don't believe in God but somehow I want to thank him for putting you in my life. I love you so much. Thank you for saving me."
Before you even had time to react, there was another roar of applause. From the corner of your eye you saw tissues being used and spontaneous hugs occurring. You took this moment to compose yourself since your chest tightened in response. It wasn't long before Hae-In had the mic in her hands. Her delicate laugh was transmitted through the speakers, transfixing the attention on her. Her exposed shoulders, milky white, and her fresh youthful complexion painted a wonderful picture.
"Wow, um, I think I might not even finish my speech." She gasped, wiping the corners of her eyes. Jung-Jae squeezed her hand in quiet support. Again the crowd was silenced.
“Jung-Jae, I love you. I have loved you since the day I met you. I was so oblivious to the world and being with you has taught me so many things, I look forward to doing everything with you - including raising a family." She blushed, as the hoots and cheers began once again until it grew to a hush.
“I promise to love you for the rest of my life, I promise to be there for you, in your highest of highs and lowest of lows. I’ll love you till the end.” And she didn’t get to finish after that because she was crying all of the sudden. You smiled, clapping along with the crowd as they encouraged her. So the ceremony carried on like that, and you felt giddy as you made your way to the reception in the nearby hotel. It was a short walk and as you took in your surroundings, enjoying the gentle night breeze. Several billboards had BTS on them, and the screens on the bus stop had Taehyung’s face on it, holding a beverage. Suddenly you missed him.
You [8:44pm]: There’s a bunch of billboards with your face on it here
You [8:44pm]: Wanna see?
You [8:45pm]: Nvm. I’ll send it over 😝
And so you snapped multiple pictures of random bus stops, billboards, and plastered ads. Normally you’d avoid this, but something about the atmosphere made you want to do it. Was this too much? Probably. You thought that as you hit send anyway.
Once at the reception, you found yourself at a long table, surrounded by familiar faces. Some from high school and others from college. It was time for the best man and maid of honour speech. As the guests trickled in, some resting from all the dancing, you had a drink in your hand ready for the toast. It was the maid of honour first, someone that you went to high school with. She picked up the mic and tapped it ever so slightly. A tinny whine emitted from the speakers and prompted silence to fall.
“A lot of you here right now are either close friends of Hae-In or Jung-Jae or both!” She smiled, pausing as people clapped again. She adjusted her dress, holding the mic more steadily now.
“Well, for the sake brevity and also because public speeches terrify me, you owe me Hae-In, I’m overcoming my fear for at least 5 minutes, for you.” She accused Hae-In, wagging a finger at the bride. You smiled, knowing that it was terrifying to have a white hot spotlight on you, even if it was just for a short while.
“Well, I know everyone knows that Jung-Jae fell head over heels for Hae-In first, but being the best friend, the close confidant, the agony aunt sometimes, I knew a different story. The day she met him, she ran to my apartment - and Hae-In never runs,” She began, holding the crowd in rapt attention. You felt yourself leaning in, then watching as Hae-In hide her face in her hands. Jung-jae laughed heartily, a noticeable blush crept up from the collar of his suit, blooming in his cheeks.
“So I sat her down, told her to get a grip and when she was ready, to tell me everything. So she did. I’d never seen her so nervous, and this was a big deal. Hae-In is a marketing executive, she practically talks to people for a living, convincing them about strategies and presenting proposals, the lot. But when she was talking to me about Jung-Jae, she was tripping over her words, so unlike her.” Everyone was quiet by now, you saw how Hae-In was looking at Jung-jae, how she grew shy as the story unfolded.
“Firstly, I thought to myself, she’s in deep. Secondly, that I’ll probably never see her again. Thirdly, that I needed to figure out how to help her articulate, so that she wouldn’t trip over her tongue.” You smiled at that, thinking back to how Jung-Jae introduced Hae-In to your circle of friends and all she had eyes for was him. It surprised you that she was so different to her role, blushing every time Jung-Jae fussed over her.
“So when Hae-In visited me a couple of months later, she wanted to say something important to him. Something that she said was pivotal. But she was scared,” And you looked at Hae-In, she was dabbing tears from her eyes and Jung-Jae kissed her cheek.
“I said to her, “Just tell him. There are things in life that you just have to do without thinking because you already know. It’s important to take risks because what’s on the other side may be the best thing that could ever happen to you. It only takes twenty seconds to change your life.” She finished, turning to the couple.
“And she took that risk, took those twenty seconds, and changed her life. You’re welcome Hae-In, you owe me copious amounts of barbecue and coupon deals, sorry for exposing you,” She laughed, sipping her drink. And the crowd laughed, the spotlight now on Jung-Jae and Hae-In. They were lost in each other’s eyes, wrapped up in each other. And you felt your heart twinge. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol but you felt hot and nervous all of the sudden. The words rang in your ears.
It only takes twenty seconds to change your life.
But what did you want to say? What did you just know that you couldn’t keep inside and tell Taehyung? You shake your head, as if to physically rid yourself of those thoughts. Taehyung had never crossed the line. It was actually more you. He always left after sex, and whenever you guys would hang out it was more of a friendly get together. What’s more, he never ever slept over. Sure there was after sex cuddling but he always left soon after you fall asleep, so you always woke up to an empty bed. The fact that you were trying simpler dishes (mainly the ones he liked) and you wore more colours, other than black, was admittedly a sign for him to notice you. But then you thought that that rainy morning was just an exception. Maybe he was tired, and he had packed schedule. It was easy to fall asleep and rest when you’re tired. That’s what you thought to calm yourself down. Whatever was bubbling in your chest had to leave immediately, before it ruptured, spilling out of your lips.
Yet you thought about how things were with Yoongi. You remembered when he knew about your crush it felt like the dark cloud that you fought so hard to keep at bay came down on you. It felt as if there were buckets and buckets of rain descending upon your shoulders and you had to look away before your face crumpled and fell. You hesitate to cast your thoughts back. Back to where it all went wrong, back to your own cowardice. Back to when you didn’t have it in you to confess when you had the chance. And fate stared at you squarely in the face, taunting and jeering you at your own situation. You held back until it was too late, letting your insecurities consume you, to the point of paralysis. But it was over now. Yoongi was with Hye-Yeon and that will likely be the case till the end. You knew that what you had with Taehyung was different this time, that you may have something to hold onto, something to say in those twenty seconds. It wasn’t too late.
You exhaled shakily, looking around you to anchor yourself to reality. The speeches were in full swing and you hadn’t realised it. You had just given yourself the reigns to changing your fate in a matter of fifteen minutes. And it was terrifying. But there was a certain stillness that overcame you and you looked at the overhead clock, counting down the hours till you were back in Seoul.
“I think that’s the last of his things,” Dami announced, tucking the box in the pantry were Taehyung mostly kept Yeontan’s toys. He shifted, looking at her, not replying.
“Oh and I’ve told your parents to stop telling me to get back together with you, could you follow them up on that?” She said dismissively, checking her phone as she fished it out of her leather jacket.
Taehyung scoffed, who was this person in front of him? Dami was unrecognisable, she behaved differently, spoke differently even. It wasn’t just her look that did a complete one-eighty, she seemed sharper, not at all delicate and sweet. Her perfect brow was raised at him as he said nothing. But he suddenly felt an inexplicable rage rise in his chest, he clenched his fists, his breathing escalating from the adrenaline.
“Could be you a little less of an asshole?” He snapped, provoking her for the first time since they split.
“Excuse me?” She asked, in complete disbelief as she set her phone down. Yeotan emerged from his bedroom, rubbing himself against Dami’s ankles. She didn’t look down and met Taehyung in the eye, her cheeks scarlet as the rage escalated within her.
“I said could you be a little less of an asshole about all of this,” He repeated, clenching his jaw as he stood his ground. Dami narrowed her eyes at him, setting her phone and keys back on the counter, oddly calm. Yeontan now padded towards Taehyung, oblivious to the brewing storm above him.
“I can’t believe you’re saying that I’m being an asshole,” Dami snapped, crossing her arms. Taehyung knew that she only did that when she wanted to hold herself back, when she was busy editing her words because it came with the territory of her job. She had to speak in a prim and proper way, so she could keep her clients and good will. But there was no room for that now, not in the confines of the home they once shared.
“How could you expect all of this to end amicably when you practically left me hanging?” Taehyung raised an accusing finger towards Dami, who’s jaw practically dropped as she scoffed. She said nothing, shutting her jaw as she crossed her arms tightly around her body, the leather surface of her jacket wrinkling.
“Don’t tell me we stopped trying because I was one-hundred percent devoted to you, to our relationship.” He snarled, the months of anger, confusion, and torment escaping him in one fell swoop. Dami narrowed her eyes, and Taehyung recognised that look. She was decided whether to hold herself back from saying what she meant. It was something that he used to find endearing about her, since it made her more considerate. But now, it irked him. She was withholding information, and more importantly, the truth.
“Just say what you’re hiding,” He prompted, holding her gaze defiantly. Dami inhaled sharply. Taehyung saw her ball her hands into fists. And just as Taehyung was about to interrupt her, she opened her mouth.
“Taehyung, I was suffocating in our relationship!” She all but screamed, the dams of her reserve bursting, spilling out the truth like venom. And Taehyung suddenly forgot his point, reeling from the words. Suffocating? Then he balled his hands into fists, ignoring how Yeotan was now cowering between his ankles from the sudden explosion of noise. Taehyung didn’t know what to say, entirely at a loss for words. But Dami was seeing it through.
“You had this ten year plan. Kids. Me as a housewife. You didn’t even listen to what I wanted.” She said, her voice calmer now. Taehyung knew that she had been thinking about this, her words were too precise. Too familiar. She was using his dreams against him.
“I gave you everything. To the point where I lost myself in the process. And the sad part is you didn’t even notice.” She was on a roll now, her voice was clear and calm. She delivered those words with such practiced ease that Taehyung knew she was just waiting for the opportunity to say them.
“So no, I wasn’t one-hundred percent in the relationship anymore, sorry that you had to find out this way,” She said, breathing evenly. Taehyung laughed, feeling like he had just stepped out of his body, his limbs heavy and numb at the same time. Yeontan had left the in favour of his bedroom.
“I thought you wanted it, you wanted this life, with me,” He said in a small voice, his brows furrowing, blinking slowly. Dami was already swiping her phone and keys, shoving them in her bag.
“Oh get a grip. I never said any of that.” With that, she exited his apartment for the last time. Not once looking back. Yeontan followed her, until the front door slammed shut. Taehyung could hear as he scratched the door, the sound of his claws the only thing evident. Then his knees gave out, and he sat on his couch, reeling from the events. The rain was pouring hard outside, the droplets drumming against the window pane. He thought about Dami’s words. How he might have been ignoring the warning signs all along.
Was wanting a family too much? Was she pretending to love him all along? Did he take too much from her without meaning to?
All of the sudden, everything that he believed to be good about himself was everything Dami grew to hate about him. And then he thought about what you said to him, countless times. In idle moments, in moments of tenderness, when he wasn’t saying much, you’d step in. It’s not your fault. You tried your best. You gave it your all. But you didn’t know the half of it. You only knew his side, how he told you that Dami left him thoughtlessly. But if he didn’t listen to Dami, wasn’t that the same thing?
Taehyung suddenly realised that he was blinded by his own fantasy. It was good not to look back, that quality always served him well. The past was in the past. But this time, it overwhelmed him. Each moment he shared with Dami was now tainted. It haunted him, how she could have been suffocated by love. And that caused his breathing to escalate, to throw him into a state of panic and something warm slid down his cheek. Only when Yeontan rejoined him, curling up by his feet, did he realise that he was crying.
The weekend flew by and the wedding festivities came to an end. You ended up staying until the last available train because it was good to see other people again. So when you boarded the train to Seoul, you left with a satisfaction that you had made the rounds and had good conversations with people that you once shared your youth with. Now, as the train continued to cover more distance, its speed blurred the colours together, the dark green fields meshing with the obsidian night sky. You bit your lip, puffing your cheeks as you checked your phone. Taehyung hadn’t replied to any of your messages. But he hasn’t left you on read, so he was probably busy.
It was just a matter of minutes before you reached the station. And it would only be a taxi ride away until you made it back to your apartment. Meanwhile, you practiced on your breathing, the events of the wedding suddenly motivating you. It was at the tip of your tongue. You had said it to yourself as you boarded the train. Then, once more as you exited the gates. You had said it again to yourself when you entered the taxi. And finally, you said it out loud in the elevator as it shuddered intermittently, trying to get you to your floor. Once you were inside your apartment, everything was dark but you could see a faint glow that led to the living room.
On your watch, it was midnight. You swore you had left the light off before you left. As you wheeled your small carry on, you found Taehyung sitting on your couch, flipping through channels. He must have let himself in. Relief flooded through you as you smiled, he had saved you from calling him over. Placing your luggage by the kitchen island, you sat next to him, caught up in your own excitement.
“How was your weekend?” He asked, switching the TV off, reaching over to the floor lamp and switching it on.
“Good! I didn’t expect you to be here,” You said, looking at him for the first time. You noted how he seemed sad, a certain wistful look in his eye. But you were too excited to care, too wrapped up in what you were about to say. The speech was ringing in your ears. You threaded your fingers together tightly, looking at the floor because you probably couldn’t say it while he was looking at you. So you sat up straighter, bumping your shoulders against each other, and you felt him lean on you.
The quiet enveloped you and you could feel the familiar feeling bubbling up in your chest, travelling up your throat, the words just at the tip of your tongue. And you thought about the journey here, how it took so long, how you were a ball of energy, suddenly alive after being seemingly dormant for so long. Then you decided that you should be facing him, looking at him in the eye. When you turned your head, Taehyung was looking at you, his eyes tired but attentive. The dark curls of his hair tumbling down, but it didn’t cover his eyes. It didn’t matter if you preferred it over his eyes, he was just as handsome no matter what style. And you noticed that he was wearing the same hoodie he wore when he first came to your apartment, asking if you were okay. It was your favourite. You wanted to tell him that all of the sudden.
It only takes twenty seconds to change your life.
“Taehyung I - “
“I think we should stop this.”
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Order #3: Bittersweet Nostalgia, Bittersweet Tea.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*snap!* *snap!*
Tumblr media
*Maya clicks her fingers in front of Kuripa’s face.
Tumblr media
What’s up? I can’t have you spacing out on me.
Tumblr media
Sorry, sorry, I was just distracted by something...
Tumblr media
By what?
Tumblr media
*sigh* Look over there.
Tumblr media
*Kuripa points to the corner of the cafeteria. Maya follows his finger line to a table attended to by one person.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Uh...You mean at the guy with the ferocious eyebrows?
Tumblr media
Yeah, him.
Tumblr media
What’s wrong? Is...there some sort of problem?
Tumblr media
Well, not necessarily. It’s just...ah, let me explain.
Tumblr media
That guy is Kiyotaka Ishimaru. He’s one of boss’s old classmates, and the current leader of Branch 9.
Tumblr media
He’s a nice guy, but he’s also really uptight, and cares about rules and regulations way too much. He was known as the Ultimate Moral Compass back in his Hope’s Peak days.
Tumblr media
And that’s a problem...why? Maybe he’s just waiting for his order?
Tumblr media
Yeah, he probably is, but knowing Taka, he might be here for an inspection. To make sure we aren’t doing anything dodgy.
Tumblr media
Ugh! I hate inspections! They’re so nosy and always ask to look in places that I don’t like them poking their nose into.
Tumblr media
Seriously! “Can I take a look in the back?” No you can’t! Customers don’t go in the back, why do you care!?
Tumblr media
Well, I guess it does become difficult when you have a secret vigilante base under your café.
Tumblr media
Just saying, you should probably prepare the permits if he comes around asking questions. I’m gonna go over to him and take his order in the meantime.
*Maya nods. Kuripa goes over to Taka’s table.
Tumblr media
Welcome to Canzanilla Café, can I take your oooooorder~?
Tumblr media
Oh! Evening Kuripa. Sorry, I didn’t see you coming.
Tumblr media
What brings you to the house today Mr Ishimaru? Got nothing to do?
Tumblr media
Pfft. Me? Nothing to do? Hardly. I have a very strict schedule of events today, and I plan to follow it to the letter.
Tumblr media
I’ll be going to the shops later with Sayaka and her friend from Towa City, then after that, I’ll be meeting my father at a restaurant and-uh...well, I’ll spare you the boring details.
Tumblr media
But Mondo informed me that you and a friend from America were running this establishment here, so I decided to drop by to see how you were doing.
Tumblr media
(I knew it...)
Tumblr media
So. Tell me...what is it like? Have you been enjoying it so far?
Tumblr media
Well, this is really the first time I’m trying something like this, but I do have experience making tea for other people.
Tumblr media
Still a little too early to tell whether this is...well...my cup of tea. “Badum-TISH~”
Tumblr media
Well, just give me some basic emotions. Is it exciting, is it confusing? Anything else?
Tumblr media
(*sigh* He’s not gonna stop until I give him an answer, is he?)
Tumblr media
It’s a little hectic, but it’s a new experience. I think I can take something away from this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I see.
Tumblr media
That’s good. I’m happy to hear that.
Tumblr media
On that note...are you just here to ask questions, or are you gonna order something?
Tumblr media
Oh, yes! My apologies for loitering.
Tumblr media
May I have some...English Breakfast Tea, please!?
Tumblr media
You hear that Maya? English Breakfast Tea over here! Get it started for me please!
Tumblr media
On it!
Tumblr media
I’ll get started on that for you right now sir.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*Kuripa brews Taka’s tea, and he and Maya bring it to the table. He takes a sip, as the two glare at him in anticipation.
Tumblr media
Hm...Not bad. Not bad at all!
Tumblr media
Gonna be real. It was a little hard to make this with the ingredients we had.
Tumblr media
But if the leaves are fresh and well-grinded, it adds a taste to the cup without adding anything extra. And with Maya’s magic coffee touch, we can easily make a delicious cup, even with minimal ingredients.
Tumblr media
My magic coffee touch? Stai zitto.
Tumblr media
By the way, you never clarified whether you wanted milk and sugar or not, so I left both with you to do as you wished. Looks like you didn’t need it though.
Tumblr media
Hmhmhm...I appreciate the fine customer service.
Tumblr media
So, did we pass?
Tumblr media
Huh? Pass what?
Tumblr media
The examination. Kuripa told me that you might be here to check on our establishment; to see if we’re running it in the most appropriate way.
Tumblr media
Ah...I see...I don’t blame you for coming to that conclusion, but...I assure you that’s not why I’m here.
Tumblr media
I was just feeling...nostalgic is all.
Tumblr media
Nostalgic? Why?
Tumblr media
Well, there’s a bit of a story. Would you be willing to bend an ear?
Tumblr media
Of course.
Tumblr media
Thank you. It just so happens that...when I was younger, I actually worked in a café part time, much like this one.
Tumblr media
For real?
Tumblr media
Yes. It was part of my work for the public morals committee. I had experience with making tea and coffee blends ever since I was a young child.
Tumblr media
My grandfather and father would often bring important persons over to our home after all. My father put me and my late mother in charge of making food and drinks for the guests.
Tumblr media
Important persons? What kind of important persons?
Tumblr media
Ah, I guess I should explain...
Tumblr media
Or...wait...should I? Sorry, I guess it’s not my place to say, is it?
Tumblr media
Go ahead. It’d make it easier for me if you provided her the context.
Tumblr media
Alright then, if you’re sure. Basically, Taka here was actually the grandson of one of Japan’s prime ministers in the past.
Tumblr media
Sul serio!?
Tumblr media
Yeah, seriously. But...
Tumblr media
After only a few months in office, the public opinion of Taka’s grandfather changed from high praise to widespread criticism due to a disastrous scandal, and he was forced to step down. After that, his business collapsed and the Ishimaru Family was left mistrusted and in huge debts.
Tumblr media
That’s...that sucks...I’m sorry about that.
Tumblr media
It’s ok. My work for the Future Foundation has helped restore public opinion, and my father is working to repay whatever debts remain in his retirement.
Tumblr media
But as I said, when my grandfather DID have his position, I was trusted to brew drinks for his clients. And it just so happens that English Breakfast Tea was my specialty.
*He lowers his head, laughing.
Tumblr media
Hahaha...It’s funny to think back on. I have a vivid memory that no one ever actually finished my drinks.
Tumblr media
I was still quite young after all and my parents gave me minimal guidance. They gave me the ingredients, told me how much needed to go in each cup, but then let me experiment with how I made it.
Tumblr media
No instructions of what goes in when?
Tumblr media
No. I remember, as a result, that I tended to put the milk in first, then the sugar, then the teabag and then the hot water last. 
Tumblr media
Well, as long as it all goes in, it doesn’t really matter what order it happens. Right?
Tumblr media
*sigh* To me? No. To you? It shouldn’t. But to high society assholes in the government, they’ve got really fucked standards. I remember Kokona ranting to me about it.
Tumblr media
But that aside, from the way it sounds, I think your father might have been trying to test your creativity.
Tumblr media
In hindsight, that may very well have been the case.
Tumblr media
I don’t think I did too badly. No one ever finished my drinks, but they did drink at least half every time.
Tumblr media
Maybe the problem was that you didn’t mix the sugar or whatever was in it properly? If you don’t, it can sometimes end up at the bottom of the cup.
Tumblr media
*sigh* I see...It’s embarrassing to look back at my past and think about just how naïve I was.
Tumblr media
Well...I wouldn’t be so sure.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were a kid. Kids are naïve by nature because we haven’t LEARNED yet. We do loads of shit that we remember vividly as adults and look back at shamefully, but now we KNOW BETTER.
Tumblr media
No one in the world is born as a genius that knows right from wrong, and no one survives off of natural gifts alone. I know this because YOU taught me that.
Tumblr media
And look at where you went with it. You put in the elbow grease, you strived to learn, and you even started working at a coffee house to help improve your skills and repay the debt you owed society. THAT’S what’s important. That you put in the effort to improve and be better in the wake of the embarrassment you felt as a kid.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You still keep in contact with your father, right? Have you ever talked about your tea making as a kid with him?
Tumblr media
Well...no, not that I remember. And he didn’t say anything at the time either.
Tumblr media
You know what I think that means? You can ask him for his side of things later obviously, but it sounds to me like he ENJOYED your tea.
Tumblr media
I...guess I never thought about it that way. But...thank you. I think I needed to hear that.
*Taka checks his wristwatch and nods. He stands up and picks up his tray after leaving the money for his drink on it.
Tumblr media
Right. As I mentioned I intend to follow my schedule for today, so I shan’t loiter around any longer. Thank you very much for your hospitality, and for letting me vent about my troubles to you.
Tumblr media
Don’t worry about that sir. It’s part of the job. I’m just sorry I got the wrong idea about why you were here.
Tumblr media
Believe me, if I WAS here for an inspection, the only thing I’d mark you down for is your language. But even that’s a part of your charm, Mancare.
Tumblr media
And I have no doubt you’ll continue to develop your own skills through this job, Kuripa. I know you’ll do very well.
Tumblr media
Thank you Taka. Say hello to your dad for me.
Tumblr media
And maybe send him our way as well if he has the time?
Tumblr media
I will remember to do that. I look forward to seeing your good efforts over the holiday. Farewell for now.
*Taka hands Maya his tray and shakes Kuripa’s hand, swiftly marching out of the cafeteria.
Tumblr media
Well. He wasn’t at all what I was expecting. You said he was pretty uptight and strict.
Tumblr media
I did, and he is.
Tumblr media
But I also remember saying that he was a nice guy.
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