#which i'm going to assume she has since she didn't come by three kids through immaculate conception
Okay, I’m just all up in my Hale Family Feels™ today, apparently.
In “Magic Bullet,” Derek says he and Laura were at school when the fire was started at their house. Eleven people were trapped inside. Peter survived, so that makes ten. Mark off Cora, too, since they thought she died, that’s nine, and of course, Talia. Which leaves eight more. Who are the other eight people??? And it was also said some were human. And that there were children. Plural. More than one. 
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shieldherostuffs · 8 days
AITA for having to kill the guy my GF and I want to include in our relationship? - TheRuFumi
Tumblr media
So my(??M) girlfriend(??F) Therese and I (together with some of our friends and allies) are kinda forced to eradicate other worlds for the sake of our own world's survival over the others. We're pretty strong if I say so myself.
Some time ago, our friend Glass went to this other world to scout and check out the Heroes and the overall strength of that world, and even take their heroes out if possible. But, she ends up defeated by the Shield Hero and comes back home as the Wave ends.
When we finally regroup, she tells us all the stories about the Shield Hero being an absolute scumbag (Slavery, abuse, fraud, abduction, extortion, all that stuff.), while the other three heroes (spear, sword, bow) were so useless and weak they couldn't even defeat the Wave Boss and the shield hero had to do it on his own!
Anyway, we end up going to that world, just my GF and I, so scout as well, and join the next wave to take them all out.
While there, this EXP Boost happens on some islands, and while taking a ship there, this really cute and nice-looking guy asks to share our cabin because every other cabin is filled.
And when I say cute, we mean it! Cute, beautiful, gorgeous every word! He has two girls with him in his party, who seemed like either his daughters or a daughter and a sister. He says his name is the same as the shield hero, but I could tell that he wasn't that kind of scumbag! He's so nice and soft with the two girls, and he's so snarky and sarcastic, but in a fun and good way!
Anyway, we end up all agreeing to grind levels together and explore the local area for a bit. We don't see him again for the day, until dark, when the guy with the ship keeps worrying about the guy and his party not coming back, so, of course, we're worried! We end up finding them setting up camp on the island, and get them persuaded to come back to have a drink with us at the local tavern! (Therese and I like to think of it as a first date since the two girls went off on their own after a while). We have fun chatting and drinking, and he's been snacking on these berries, but when I try one, we find out that they're basically raw alcohol, and I'm out like a light.
So, he's really good with kids, protective, snarky in a good way, gorgeous, beautiful, kind, is a craftsman (he made Therese the most beautiful bracelet), AND he is stupidly good at holding his drink.
So Therese and I are pretty much in agreement that we're in love with this guy, but he still won't tell us his name and keep insisting that he's actually the Shield Hero! (We still didn't believe him. The rumors were too different from what the guy's like.)
And we all spend a lot of time grinding and just spending time together, and I like to believe that Therese and I got at least a little chance with the guy.
But, after the guy went to the beach with his kids (WE MISSED SEEING HIM SHIRTLESS) apparently they found an underwater Hourglass, and apparently, a Wave was gonna happen soon.
So, we sadly had to tell him that we probably weren't going to see each other again (Unless he would be joining the Wave, which we assumed he wouldn't, with two kids with him).
BUT GUESS WHO WE THEN SEE AT THE WAVE, on the same ship as the Queen of this country. THE GUY WE JUST FELL FOR!
And he's fighting in the wave, together with his two daughters, and they're doing really good, (especially compared to the other three 'heroes'. Not even sure if they're actually heroes or not tho) and he's really hot while fighting.
BUT THEN, our friend Glass comes along with the Wave, after I show off a little when taking out the Wave Boss (A giant whale), and start fighting the guy.
SO APPARENTLY HE WAS ACTUALLY THE SHIELD HERO, so now I refuse to believe the rumors because he's way too good to be the scumbag the rumors talked about.
We end up fighting the last of the Wave through, and I know we hurt him when we said we had to kill him, despite how it hurt us as well and that we didn't want to, but it was for the sake of our whole world.
But, we were taken away before we could finish the job because the Wave ended (He was getting the upper hand on us, even! while the other three were out from just one bluff.).
tl;dr: My girlfriend and I went to another world to get rid of its Heroes so save our own world, and on the way fell in love with a guy, only to then find out that the guy we fell for was the Shield Hero, and we would now have to kill him as well.
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imjustmarcy · 11 months
I'm tired of seeing no one on this Fandom doing this, so I'll do it myself:
TUA AU where Five adopts Lila. I have seen a couple of them, but not nearly enough, not any like this. So here it goes.
Five adopts Lila instead of leaving her and The Handler adopting her. Also let's say he's like on his early 30's and The Handler comes get him from the apocalypse sooner and not when he's an old man. So, Lila grows up w him, and Five now plans on taking her along when he leaves the Commission and goes back to his siblings to stop the apocalypse.
So, when Five gets sent to un-alive Kennedy, let's say he was already living in the 60's with Lila, and he can tell The Commission are already suspecting he's going to run away to stop the apocalypse. So something happens during his mission and he's forced to leave on the spot, without Lila.
He hopes and prays the Commission didn't find her and plans on somehow coming back for her once the apocalypse is stopped.
But alas, they can't stop it, and then suddenly the Hargreaves are all scattered through the wind in the 60's.
Five has a moment of "Shit, Lila, I'm in the 60's-" but again, there's an impending apocalypse, and his siblings are God knows where, so he has to stop ANOTHER apocalypse before he can find Lila.
Diego meets Lila and he's impressed at the way she just takes down that policeman (bold of you to assume that Five wouldn't teach her self-defense in case the Commission went after her) but obviously has no idea who she is because Five never mentioned her, while Lila is definitely aware of who Diego is and is tagging along in case they find Five. (because also bold of you to assume that Five wouldn't tell Lila all about his siblings) She actually put herself in that mental institution because she knew of all places, The Commission wouldn't look for her there. Sis was straight vibing until Diego came along and she started suspecting it was the Diego that Five had told her about.
Five hears about Diego escaping and goes find him. He just sees him in a car with someone but he can't tell who it is until he jumps in there and pipes in his "Because he's an idiot" and suddenly Lila turns around because she has no idea how a kid got on the back of their car, and then Five sees her and finally recognizes her (for Lila it's been about three years since he was gone, and obviously she changed a little and let's say cut her hair to her current length) and he just goes "Lila?"
Lila's brain looks at his uniform and the two beauty marks on his cheek and puts it together so she just goes "DAD!?", which in turn makes Diego go "'Dad'!?"
Then Five's brain registers she was on a car. With Diego. So he turns to glare at him immediately. "Why are you with my daughter!?"
"I'm not doing this today." and Lila just gets off from the car while Diego is sitting there dumbfounded.
Cue Five and Lila fighting because Lila is so not over how he just left without her and stuff while Diego sits there unaware of what's happening. That's basically how far along I am with this AU but I'm having brainrot dhhdjsbsbbd
I just love the idea of dad Five to Lila, especially when it involves Five being pissy about him being 15 again while Lila is on her 20's lmaooo
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quirkwizard · 2 days
Another “What If” for you. This is sorta similar to “What if Dabi had heat resistance” but also not really. What if Dabi returned home after being healed? After he awoke from his coma, he goes back home and sees the family hasn’t changed at all and thought he was dead. So in this “What If” Toya just comes back in full.
So I actually already talked about this to some degree, but I want to cover it again. Not only because we have more information about Toya's situation, but this happening at a different point in the timeline could have some interesting talking points. Though for the sake of this, I'm assuming that there is some change in Dabi's mindset, focusing more on him wanting to get back home, so no talk with All For One, no burning down the orphanage, and no seeing what happened with Shoto.
Tumblr media
So So there are obviously going to be a lot of questions. One is even proving that it is indeed Toya. Because one of the big points of the Dabi reveal was that Toya looked and sounded completely different. If Toya shows up at their door and says he's a Todoroki, there is going to need to be some confirmation that he really is Enji's kid, seemingly back from the dead. Speaking of that, there are going to be so many questions about his apparent resurrection, both from his family and from everyone around them. And saying that he was in a coma and taken care of by a sunflower man is only going to confuse things even more. Though if that is ever brought up, the fact that he was in an undisclosed location for three years without contact with his family would certainly result in an investigation. Though All For One may try to scuttle things before the heroes have a chance to make a move, the heroes do have a chance to rescue all the spares and maybe find some connection to All For One or Garaki, as unlikely as that is. Now the really interesting thing would be how All For One would react to all this. While he could try to tempt Toya or seek revenge for exposing all the spares, I do think that All For One is going to leave him alone. Making an attempt on the son of one of the biggest cities in Japan in such a hot situation over a project in which he didn't have much investment in seems too shortsighted for him.
Afterwards, I think that Toya may be admitted to a hospital. Less in a Rei situation, but more in a genuine effort to get him some mental and physical help after all the trauma he has gone through from this whole situation. Because I do think that Toya coming back like this would spark the same change we saw in Endeavor, though much earlier and more guttural considering the situation. And hey, maybe this could help Toya as well. This could show that Enji did care for Toya other than as an heir. He could learn in the hospital how damaged his body and Quirk are, making his potential as a hero effectively nil, yet Enji still does everything to help and reconnect with him because he is Enji's son. Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly going to be perfect. At this point, the damage has been done to the family. I could see Todoroki's going through similar steps, though obviously nowhere near as bad of a situation. Rei would have her issues with Enji, but I think she would try to help Toya readjust. Natsuo and Fuyumi are difficult to account for, given how young they are at this point. Since Rei burning Shoto seemingly hasn't happened yet, it may not happen at all, preventing that whole situation. So Shoto may not be as bad mentally once he gets to UA. He's still going to dislike Endeavor, but the wounds won't be as deep. And of course, none of the stuff with Dabi happens, like the murder, his role in the kidnapping of Bakugou, and everything else he did in the League of Villains.
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bylertruther · 7 days
i hae the idea that will used his connection to vecna to manipulate the lights and all that in the ud. because it makes sense... but it borders on the 'will has to sacrifice himself bc of his connection to vecna because the characters are unable to break it off' territory, especially given the fact that they never were able to break it since s1. :DDD ?? like i dislike the idea for many reasons and bc of its implications, it's not gonna end well.
hm, that's definitely one way it could turn out!
i'm partial to the idea that the connection was never broken both for plot purposes and because vecna realized he had to change tactics to reach his end goal. he couldn't go for will directly (s1, s2) and use him to open the door (s2), so he sought el's power in season three (the bite) to then be able to do it himself in season four (four curses = four gates).
he talks a lot about wanting to rebuild the world into something new from its broken pieces, and then... we end on the big plot drop that will is still cursed and knows vecna's current status? he's the first that realized something was changing? has to be for a reason, no? especially since will himself tells us that vecna lays dormant until he needs you. he's not possessed, but that rod is still there—waiting, watching, same as he is. and same with him being vecna's perfect character foil. but that's just my interpretation and theorizing!
i had this analysis i was working on but later abandoned regarding the three day timeline before will's assumed to be dead and what could've happened to him in the UD.
at will's funeral, joyce has a flashback where will tells us that sometimes outsmarting the bad guy isn't enough and you need to fight back (fireball). at that point, will's gone from being able to hide at his house to really being on the run and being hunted for real for real without mercy. before that, we saw that the demogorgon mainly went for joyce whenever will revealed too much; but after that, they went after will, too.
given that we were shown how the kids channeled and harnessed their power with the ring light + the way that will was able to manipulate the lights in the same way in a scene that directly parallels that, i can see why people might think that his powers are an extension of vecna's, and i do think that vecna could've been teaching him, but i really don't think that they come from vecna at all.
vecna could've picked anyone when he first came through the gate, but he went for will. mike's house isn't anywhere near the lab. vecna was observing and stalking will specifically BEFORE he'd ever even left. he's in the house while they're still in the basement playing. it's when will is alone that he finally strikes and makes his presence known to him.
given vecna's motives, i don't think that he'd pick a regular human without any use to him. he chose eleven in the lab, because he saw himself in her—specifically, he saw untapped potential.
joyce first introduces us to will by saying, "look, he's not like you, hopper. he's not like me. he's not like... most." and yeah, she's talking about him being gay and gender nonconforming, but... didn't victor say the same thing about henry? and didn't henry end up manifesting his powers, because he's a sensitive kid and emotions fuel power / are the energy they draw strength from?
wouldn't it make sense then that the mind explorer had found someone just like him, just like eleven, too, and saw a new way to achieve his goals / "achieve his potential"? and doesn't that tie in with him explaining brenner's motives to eleven with the whole, "when papa finally realized he could not control me, he tried to recreate me"? and how henry is doomed to repeat the cycles he was once desperate to break? and that whole "he was just a man. an ordinary, mediocre man. that is why he sought greatness in others." which is pretty much what that entire big bad plot drop ended up being? that the big bad is actually just a power-hungry man?
but again.... those are just my thoughts! :D
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bunniesofsteel · 2 years
A trip to a bathhouse has Din contemplating his feelings for you.
Din x F!Reader
Warnings: Pining, Character Injury, Explicit, Bathhouse shenanigans, Cursing
Rated: M- 18+ Only!
Tumblr media
Life on the Razor Crest was tough. Mostly because the refresher's shower was constantly on the fritz. Sure space was cold and silent, and you grew sick of nutrition bars as your only source of food, but it was really the lack of working 'fresher that drove you to madness.
You had a little knowledge on how the recycling system for it worked, but the Crest was practically an antique (though you would never joke about that to Mando- he never expressed as much, but you knew how he cared for his ship) and the parts needed to fix the system would be hard to come by. On day 3 of not bathing after a particularly nasty battle against giant bats on a jungle planet, you finally had to say something.
The three of you are in the cockpit. The Child is dozing serenely in your lap and Mando currently has a map pulled up. He's studying it so intently you're almost afraid to interrupt his thought process. Then you take a deep breath and get a whiff of yourself, and you scrunch your nose.
You have to ask, you tell yourself. You just have to.
You know you stink. In the cold, stiff air in the Razor Crest, you know your smell is permeating the cramped space. Maybe his helmet filters out the smell... Still, it's embarrassing- you'd only been with Mando for a few months since he'd whisked you away from Tatooine, and you hadn't figured out how to approach him about… well, anything yet. You had quite a few questions built up, but you were too nervous to ask. You figured the more you stayed out of his way, the more he wouldn't mind your presence. But now you can smell yourself and you're CERTAIN he can too. You wonder, as you narrow your eyes at the back of his shiny helmet, if that armor keeps a lid on his own stink. That just isn't fair.
"... why are you staring at me?" Mando asks suddenly. His tone isn't accusatory; in fact, there's a teasing lilt to it. He doesn't turn to face you though.
You jump in your seat at the sudden disturbance of quiet, making the Child bounce in your lap. He makes a noise, opens his big eyes to glare at you blearily, then nuzzles his face into your stomach before dozing off again. You swallow, patting the kid's back absently.
You aren't sure how to phrase the question.
"Sorry," you mumble. "I didn't mean to stare. I was just… thinking." You start timidly.
He does turn to face you then, chair swiveling so that he's staring directly at you. You wish he wouldn't- your hair is so greasy it's falling in clumps against your forehead. You gnaw on your lip. He waits for you to expand and you shift in your seat uncomfortably. You wish he would say something.
"Um…" you look down at the kid currently nestled against you and stroke the little white hairs on his head nervously. "Do you think… er, I mean… i-if we can, if it isn't out of the way, could we…" You look up at him, pulse thrumming erratically. You wish he wasn't so intimidating. "Could we please stop by... a bathhouse?" You practically whisper it, embarrassed and nervous by his quiet staring.
He continues to stare.
You blink at him, waiting for a response. You glean nothing from his body language. He's relaxed in his seat, one hand still reached out to the console, his other resting comfortably against his thigh.
When the silence goes on for a beat too long, you immediately begin to backtrack. "I-I'm sorry, we don't have to. It was just an idea. I can find a sonic 'fresher somewhere- w-wherever we go next. I'm sorry." You ramble on, heat flooding your cheeks. You feel you've overstepped- until he swivels back around and begins entering coordinates into the system.
"Closest one's less than a parsec away." He zooms in on the holomap of a different planet than the one he'd already had up. "We'll arrive soon."
You feel yourself perk up in the seat, your smile wide. "Thank you!"
He glances back at you briefly, before turning back to the map.
"...You're welcome."
. . .
The planet is small. The three of you disembark and head towards the closest private bathhouse, located off of a moderately busy trading station. You follow him through the throngs of buyers and sellers, keeping so close to him you nearly step on his heels a handful of times. He doesn't seem to mind. You keep the Child bundled close to you in a makeshift wrap around your chest. You have him facing outward so that he can see everything. As usual, the three of you draw stares.
You clutch the Child tightly to you and do your best to avoid the stares of passersby. Your small bag of toiletries and fresh clothes are slung over your back; you notice the distinct lack of anything on Mando's person. You wonder if they provide soap and towels. If so, how did he know? Had he been to this particular bathhouse before?
That thought brings about an unbidden image- Mando relaxing in a pool of water. Not for the first time, you imagine what he really looks like under the Beskar steel. He's a little on the tall side, slightly more than average- broad, obviously strong. You imagine his hands aren't as rough as one would expect, because he's always wearing gloves. You're sure he has scars though, primarily in places that the Beskar doesn't cover, like his sides, arms, legs. As you follow Mando when he veers right down a barely visible path and away from the busy market, you indulge yourself in wondering what his face looks like. If his voice is anything to go by, you think he's handsome.
But is he pale? What color is his hair? What about his eyes?
You tell yourself, in the midst of these impossible imaginations, that you would most like to see his smile. If he smiles. He has yet to laugh at any of your light teasing, though you think you may be wearing on him. It's never anything derogatory or… or gross. Just gentle teasing about the habits you've picked up on with him. The fact that besides his obvious disdain for droids, he also really hates Jawas. Or that he prefers the berry flavored nutribars. Or that he triple checks coordinates before he finds a path before using hyperdrive (that one you actually appreciate). Or that he, more often than not, falls asleep in the pilot's chair.
You're smiling to yourself as your thoughts wander and you don't notice when he leads you up the steps to a very old, very dilapidated bathhouse- until he stops and turns once he reaches the entryway, and you slam into him.
You stumble back with a small sound, clutching the Child to you. Mando's arms snap out and he grabs your waist, steadying you before you go tumbling down the steps. The weight of his hands on you sends heat zipping through your body.
Humiliation bleeds through you when you realize what you'd done. "I'm so sorry!" You gasp out, joints locking as his hands stay on your waist. The two of you are still for a moment. When he lets his hands drop, you try not to focus on the way his fingers brush over your hips before his arms fall back to his sides.
The Child looks between the two of you, his tiny mouth parted to reveal miniature teeth. He makes a small, confused sound and you snap your attention down to him. "Sorry, bud," you tell him softly. "I promise I wouldn't have fallen and crushed you. Just myself, I swear."
Mando makes an odd sound and you look up at him in shock. It almost sounded… like a laugh?
You want to say something, maybe make another joke to test the waters, but he's doing that statue thing again where he doesn't move at all. You think maybe you imagined the little chuckle after all (though you swear that's what it was) and choose to give him a small smile instead. It turns bashful almost immediately when he continues to stare and you lower your eyes, heat spreading up your neck. If he would just move then you could react accordingly and not make a complete fool of yourself-
"There are two private hot springs here." He tells you. You nod, looking past him to the old sliding door. It's coated in dirt and you wonder if the place he brought you to is even still operational. Looking around, the rest of the landscape is equally filthy, and, save for a few thin trees at the front of the building, the privacy of the place is almost nil.
You bite your lip. "Are… are we allowed to be here? It looks a little, um, abandoned." You say finally. You look back up at him and you blink in surprise when his head jerks to the side as soon as your gaze lands on him. It was almost like... he got caught staring at you. Or maybe he was looking at the kid? Maybe he felt guilty because of how you have the Child strapped to your chest; the kid's big ears swooped just beneath the curve of your breasts, somewhat visible despite the flowing fabric of your shirt. He probably didn't want it to look like he was staring at your chest. Still, it was… odd for him to look away like that; as if he were embarrassed. He always stared. There was nothing different about this time.
But he's turning to the door before you can contemplate it further and, without answering your question at all, he leads you inside.
. . .
There's no roof over the natural springs; only four walls enclosing the baths and one more wall separating the two. Left one was for men, right for women. The small building you two had entered into had only a small counter with a very bored-looking Devaronian woman behind it. She handed Mando a little satchel that you assumed was full of soap, rags, and a towel and he paid her. She gestured you down the right hallway with a small flick of her wrist. You hesitated, unsure which of you would take the Child. Could he even bathe himself? He fed himself, so it stood to reason he could do that too. Still, you looked up at Mando, a wave of unease tickling at you.
He couldn't remove his helmet in front of others; not even the kid.
"How do you usually..?" You trail off, gesturing down at the kid with your chin. Mando reaches out and lifts the kid out of your makeshift baby wrap with ease. You don't focus on the way the tips of his fingers brush over the edge of your breasts when he grips the kid- nope, not at all. That is not what you're focused on.
"I'll take him. Meet back here when you're done." He tells you in a muted voice. You nod then boop your finger against the kid's microscopic nose with a little smile. "Be good," you tell the Child.
You smile up at Mando then. "Just let me know if you need to toss him over to my side so you can take care of things." You notice the Devaronian girl raise a nonexistent eyebrow at your words and your face falls. "O-oh! Stars, no! I didn't- I meant if you- your helmet-" you panic then, hands flying up to your heated cheeks in embarrassment.
"I...I know what you meant," he assures you, though his voice does come out slightly… choked. He clears his throat, shifting the Child so he rests against his side rather than his chest. "You… ah, enjoy yourself. Take your time."
You feel yourself blush further and are certain the Devaronian girl is grinning at the exchange, though you can't bring yourself to look and see. Instead, the two of you turn away from each other immediately and exit the entryway into your designated bathhouses.
You contemplate Mando's words as you undress. "Enjoy yourself" he had said. You suppose you will enjoy it, as much as one can enjoy a hot bath after days of not bathing. Of course, the way he'd said it sent unbidden thoughts through your mind and a small part of your hoped you could… enjoy it in a more intimate way. It was his voice that brought the idea on, husky and low. You hadn't considered it before. But now you had some privacy and he had told you to take your time...
You weren't one for pleasuring yourself; had hardly done it before Mando came along and certainly hadn't at all since. Even by yourself you were embarrassed by your body, but really the reason you hardly ever touched yourself was because you'd never had the time. You were always either working on your secluded moisture farm or studying. And now you were going on adventures with a stoic bounty hunter and his little green kid. Any relationships you had had before them were brief and the stretch between those was longer than you'd care to admit. You reserved any pleasure you wanted to receive for those you were committed to, but as time went on, you grew more accepting of the idea that you may not find anyone for yourself.
Mando's Beskar-clad image appears in your mind's eye and you squeeze your eyes shut when a pang works through your chest.
Dream on, you tell yourself as you make your way carefully over to the boulders surrounding the hot springs.
You let out an ungodly moan when your body sinks into the hot water. You hope Mando can't hear it on the other side of the thin wall that separates the identical heated pools of water, though you can definitely hear the kid splashing on the other side. The water nearly scalds you, but you don't care. It's hot and wonderful, and you're sure a week's worth of dirt floats off of you the moment your skin hits the water. You take a deep breath before submerging yourself. You rub slowly at your scalp as your hair floats around your face. You can feel the tiny grains of dirt coming off.
You push yourself off the bottom and emerge, water lapping at your bare chest as you wipe at your face. You wade over to your bag and pull out your soap. You take your time cleaning yourself, and if your hand lingers longer than usual when it's beneath the water, you don't notice immediately. There was an accumulation of sweat on your inner thighs where you frequently chafed. You rubbed your soap there using your free hand to lather it in. The more you cleaned, the higher your fingers drifted. Eyes fluttering shut, mounting pleasure hums through you. You imagine for a moment that it's Mando's hand grazing your sex, delicate and gentle. You swallow a soft cry when you let your fingers brush over your clit, eyes snapping open and darting guiltily over to the wall separating you from your companions. You use your soap to scrub there, cheeks flushed with shame at what you'd just done.
You finish washing your body quickly, careful not to get close to your more sensitive area again. You focus on your hair next. You wash it three times, just because, and you revel in the silky-smooth feel of it when you're done. You're finished now, but the water is so warm and you can't bring yourself to get out, even though you're beginning to prune. You examine the wrinkles in your fingertips, mind wandering. There isn't as much splashing on the other side now and you think maybe the kid's done bathing and it's Mando's turn. You can hear the timbre of Mando's voice as he says something to the Child.
You lean your head back against one of the boulders surrounding the pool of water and let your eyes drift shut. The steam drifts up and swirls around you lazily. You sigh, content.
. . .
Din is struggling. Not with the kid, who is currently chasing a frog he found near the far wall. No, Din is struggling not to toss a detonator onto the wall separating the baths and letting it blow to bits.
Dank farrik, the way you fucking look up at him when you say things like that. "Take care of things"- like he wasn't already fighting the urge to touch himself in the first moment of solitude he could get. It was nearly impossible with the kid there anyways. He was currently completely naked in the water, except for his helmet. His erection is hard and throbbing, and it takes tremendous self control not to stroke himself. The kid was right there, and you were on the other side- but then you fucking moaned and he nearly snapped. Gritting his teeth, Din tries to focus on relaxing. Really, he does. But then his own words echo back to him and he cringes. "Enjoy yourself." Din grumbles. "Idiot."
The kid makes a great leap and pounces on the frog; it struggles in his little claws. Din watches him absently, frowning. He doesn't know why the hell he's been getting so flustered around you. He's been with women before, most notably a former Twi'lek coworker who had a way with knives. But even then, Din managed to control his urges. He understood things happened when you were alone for a long time then suddenly had a pretty woman in close quarters; it was natural, he told himself. No big deal. What was a big deal was the fact that he couldn't sleep anywhere near you because nearly every morning since you'd come onboard, he'd woken up with a massive erection. He felt like a fucking teenager again and he hated it. He was… embarrassed. He felt guilty for the explicit dreams he was having about you. You were so sweet to him and the kid, and dreaming of bouncing you on his cock made him feel like a beast. Logically, he knows he can't help it. This little… the attraction he has towards you will run its course, he's certain.
But until then he feels himself watching you more and more, eternally thankful for the visor hiding his wandering gaze. You're a pretty young woman; it's hard not to look. And you aren't some lithe warrior, the kind of woman he's most familiar with. You're soft; your personality, your skin, your curves. Everything about you is in stark contrast to what he's used to and it confuses him why he likes it so much. He's sure you aren't as taken with him as he is with you and that makes it even worse.
He scares you. He knows it and he tries not to, but you're a fickle little thing and you startle easily. He wonders, not for the first time, what your life was like in that little hellhole on the outskirts of the Dune Sea he'd find you in on Tatooine. You had lived alone in a hut with a small pack of Bantha, which, when he first came across you, you'd been trying unsuccessfully to feed. You had told him about the Bantha and the dead Tusken raiders you'd come across earlier that week. Turned out he'd been tracking the same thing that killed the Tuskens, and you'd helped him track the culprit. Unsure of what you could do with the Bantha, he'd helped you travel to Mos Eisley to sell them. That's where you mentioned your studies of Outer Rim species and he'd invited you along. Mostly, it was because he enjoyed your company. You were awkward, but it offset his own anti-social behavior, and he thought you were funny. It didn't hurt that you were easy on the eyes and the kid took an instant liking to you. And you were sweet. And kind.
Din groans, letting his helmet fall back against the Boulder behind him. The Beskar gives a sharp "clang" when he does so, reverberating against his skull.
He's so screwed.
. . .
You're already waiting outside on the steps when Mando comes out with the Child. You glance behind you and smile when you see them.
Din ignores the way something swoops low in his belly and descends the steps, one arm curled around the kid, the other swinging lazily at his side with each step. Your cheeks are pink from where you'd scrubbed them and your damp hair has been pulled into a loose bun on top of your head. He doesn't want to admit how much he likes the look. And you had changed your outfit; you'd been wearing the long-sleeved, flowing tunic you had worn on Tatooine, the one with the high neck and loose waist. Now, as you stood to greet them, he saw you'd switched to a simple, short-sleeved wrap. It was a solid swath of fabric in the back that came over your shoulder like a vest. But, that was all you had on. It crossed over your breasts and was cinched at your waist with a belt. The length of it flared out over your hips, the end coming to a stop all around just above your backside. Which was currently being cupped by a pair of pants that should not be that tight-
You're smiling at him and he realizes he'd been staring again. He clears the sudden thickness in his throat, adjusting the kid in his arm. "Do you… feel better now?" He asks, hoping to alleviate the sudden thundering in his heart at the sight of your bare arms.
You nod, clutching the strap of your bag. "I do. Thank you," you respond, brightly. "What about you? Did he let you relax at all?" You nod at the Child, already knowing the answer.
"Sort of…" He tells you. Your brows pull up in sympathy and you hold your hands out. He gives you the Child wordlessly and you cradle him close, following automatically when he begins heading back towards the bustling market. The sun is setting now and a dusky orange glow paints the landscape. You're walking at his side, he notices with surprise. Normally you're right on his heels, but now you walk beside him easily. The kid is cooing up at you, no doubt taking in your altered appearance. You talk to him as though he understands; he probably does, Din thinks, with the way he always makes a sound in response to whatever you tell him. Right now you're scolding the Child for not giving Din any time to relax. He glances down at you guiltily as the three of you turn into the trading grounds.
He doesn't mention that it's actually a good thing that the kid didn't let him jerk off to the thought of you. Instead he turns away and scans the crowd out of habit. There's a few male Trandoshan eyeing you that you don't seem to notice. He lets his hand hover closer to his blaster. Something catches your eye and he watches as your head swivels to continue to look at whatever it is even as you continue to walk. He stops, making you bump into his arm. You look back at him, an apologetic smile on your face. "Sorry," you mumble, ducking your head down.
Din glances over to the stall you'd been looking at and makes note of the slowly approaching group of Trandoshan. He walks over to the little booth, trying to find what you were looking at.
It's jewelry.
He wants to sigh in annoyance. He doesn't have enough credits to get you anything on the table; at least not if you wanted to get off planet. He glances back at you. You're standing off to the side, a few feet away from him. You look so guilty.
Something twinges in him. He's trying to recall if he'd seen any jewelry in your meager possessions. He's sure the most valuable items you owned were some dusty old books that you brought with you; you kept them tucked safely away under your bed roll, he knew. Have you ever owned anything other than the necessities; anything besides your holos and old books?
Sighing, because he knows he'll regret it as soon as they reach the ship and he sees the fuel levels, he begins to browse the wares. He hears you call his name (well what everyone else calls him anyway) and he glances back at you. You step closer to him. Your cheeks are turning that pretty red color that he'll never admit he likes. "Please don't. I was just looking." You seem so ashamed and he doesn't like how that's making him feel, dammit.
"Pick one," he tells you. His voice comes out rougher than he intends and he sees the worry make you raise your shoulders. "Just…" He struggles to make his voice softer. "Just pick one. Please."
That must be the magic word because you eye him nervously, chewing your lip as you take a hesitant step forward. The four Trandoshan males are now at the next stall over. He pulls out his remaining credits with one hand and reaches for your hand with his other. You jump when he takes hold of your hand and he tells himself it isn't personal when he feels you resist his hold. He's gentle with you when he peels your fingers open and puts the credits in your palm. The Child cocks his head as he watches the exchange from his place in the crook of your arm.
When Din closes his hand over yours to enclose the credits he can't help but watch your reaction. Your nose is growing red and your eyes are glassy. He isn't sure why you're about to cry, but he doesn't have time to assure you it's okay; the group of Trandoshan are currently talking about how they plan to ambush him and steal his Beskar. They go into detail about what they plan to do with you after, and he's thankful you don't understand what they're saying. He's trying to listen while simultaneously urging you to buy something for yourself.
"Stay and buy something." He tells you, just loud enough for the group to hear. "I'm going to go get the rest of the credits from the ship. We'll… get dinner after." He's satisfied when that gets their attention and they quickly change their plan to follow him and wait to pounce on you when you get to the ship in search of him. The surprised, delighted look on your face is one he locks away to revisit at a later time. "I'll be back," he tells you in a low voice. He's sure he's imagining the way your chest expands and your lashes flutter at his tone. Absolutely. He's imagining it.
. . .
Two hours and four dead Trandoshan later, Din makes his way back to the booth with a sizable satchel of credits he'd taken from the corpses, cinched at his belt and walking with a slight limp. It's dark now. He hopes you'd taken refuge somewhere. He hadn't meant to take so long.
He arrives at the booth with the jewelry and asks the wizened old woman where you'd gone. She points with a trembling hand down the path and instructs him in a craggy voice how to get to the inn.
He follows her directions, grateful for the tall lamps that dot the path. When he enters the inn, all eyes turn to him. He stays in the entryway, scanning the small crowded dining room he'd stepped into. He spots your hair first, then recognizes your back. Your shoulders and arms are pale in the lowlit hall. He strides over you, as well he can with a vibroblade stab wound in his thigh. You're leaning to the side, speaking to the Child in a soft voice.
"....sure he's okay. He'll be here soon. Try to eat something, okay bud?"
Din notices the bowl of broth in front of the kid. The child's ears are cast downward and guilt worms its way into Din at the sight. You look tense and the kid looks miserable. He stops behind you and lets out a tired, "I'm back". Both of you glance back at him at the sound. A grin spreads across your face and the Child raises his arms to Din immediately. He can't help the smile that forms at the sight of you two; if he wanted to analyze that warm feeling in his chest, he knew what he'd find there. But he doesn't dwell on it, can't dwell on it, because it's dangerous to get attached and he won't allow himself to acknowledge the emotion running through him.
He reminds himself of that as he picks the kid up and takes the seat across from you, sitting roughly, thigh tingling with pain. There's a large tin of food in front of him with a lid on it. You're smiling at him and in the low light of the inn you look so young. He wishes you'd stop looking at him like that; it makes it hard to deny.
"I got you some food. To go, so you can eat it later when no one's around."
"Thank you." He says, leaning the arm not holding the kid against the table. He's more tired than he realized.
Your smile melts away and you look at him in concern. "Are you alright?" You ask softly. "Did they hurt you?"
He looks up at you, not as surprised as he should be. "You knew?"
You look guilty then, eyes flitting away from him nervously. "W-well, they kept getting close to us. And I'm pretty sure one of them said "Beskar" which is essentially the same in every language. And they followed you back to the ship, which I assumed you did to lead them away from the kid."
Din stares at you for a moment. "I guess I'm not as clever as I thought." He wants to laugh. He was so worried about you and the kid not finding out so as not to frighten you, and yet you were completely aware as it was happening. "I didn't want you to worry." He tells you honestly.
You still look upset though. "I… I didn't know how I could help, and I figured you would just want me out of the way, so I didn't follow…" you shrug, looking helpless and worried as you trail off.
Din looks down at the Child, currently gripping his thumb. The kid looks back up at him, giving a small "puu?". Din sighs. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm glad you stayed behind. It got… messy."
You frown, eyebrows drawing up. "Which leads me back to my original question- did they hurt you?"
Unsure why he's suddenly feeling guilty, he shrugs. "One stabbed me in the leg." Bastard.
The way your face pales even in the low light would be comical if he didn't know how prone you were to crying already. You stand and bring your seat closer to him, sitting directly at his side. He doesn't say anything as you squint down, trying to find the wound. He can't help the lightness in his voice when he informs you, "Other leg."
You purse your lips before standing and making a show of bringing your seat all the way around the table and plopping down next to him. Mando can't help but chuckle at that. He leans across you to set the Child back down in his seat. The kid watches the two of you for a moment before lifting the too big spoon in his little three-clawed hand and dipping it into his broth.
"Finally," you whisper as you watch the kid, relieved. You turn back to Din and he hopes the vocoder won't pick up his loud swallow, because his throat is suddenly dry and your knee is touching his. You squint down again before you spot the dark patch of blood on his outer thigh. He only feels a little pleased at your worried gasp.
"Mando, it's still bleeding!" You whisper to him. You glance around, clearly not wanting anyone to overhear. The few patrons in the dining hall don't even acknowledge the three of you though. When you look back at him, he can't help but take in how close you are to him. He can see freckles and pores, and the way your lips clamp down in worry; the barely noticeable wrinkles by your eyes, the shine on your nose.
You place your hands gently on his thigh, just outside the wound. You peel the torn fabric away from his skin with a small, sympathetic sound. The wound wasn't bad; it hadn't hit an artery, he didn't think. It was just one of those stab wounds that bled a lot. "The bleeding will stop soon," he assures you, trying not to grunt when you press a little too close to it. You notice his discomfort anyway and sweep your hand away with a soft "sorry", letting it land a little too close to where he's tucked his still annoyingly stiff erection off to the side of his pants so that it isn't as noticeable.
But your hands are so gentle on his thigh and you look pretty in the light; his cock twitches to life in his pants and he has to refrain from groaning or shifting his leg otherwise you'll know-
"...pretty certain I saw a medical booth out there. I still have enough credits so we can get some bacta, I'm sure." He barely catches on to what you're saying before something clicks.
"Wait, you still have credits? You didn't get anything?" He doesn't know why it's disappointing to him, but he latches onto it to take his mind off the blood rushing downward.
You blink at him, mouth parted in surprise at his tone. "I did. But It's not much." You pull away from him and he misses your hands on his thigh until he sees you stick your hand down the front of your tunic; Din clenches his fists when the skin of your collarbone is exposed. You pull out a thin silver chain attached to a pendant. He leans in to look at it, reaching out to let the necklace rest against his palm so he can see.
It's.. a fucking mudhorn. A little mudhorn pendant that looks nothing like his signet and isn't very well-made, but it's recognizable and your choice still carries a wave of emotion through Din that he wasn't expecting.
He stares at it for a moment before he looks over at you. You have an excited look on your face. "What do you think? Is it okay that I picked it? I don't want to… to overstep or anything. I know it's YOUR signet, I just… I thought… because we're traveling together and we've been through… a lot, maybe it would be okay? For me to have one too?" The longer he's silent the more you ramble and he can see the anxiety in your face as your smile fades. "I-I can take it back-"
The sight of his signet around your neck, shoddy as it was, was doing horrible things to him and he comes to the conclusion that he'd tattoo it across your pretty fucking flesh himself if you'd asked. Of course he wants you to keep it.
"Don't." Din says it softly. He lays the pendant against your chest, knuckles dragging down the inner curve of your breast as he lowers his hand. "Please. Keep it." He hopes he doesn't sound as choked as he feels.
You smile at him and patches of red adorn your face. Din wishes for the first time in a very long time that he could remove his helmet, if only to kiss the apples of your cheeks and to make the blush spread further.
The kid slurps his broth, making both of you turn to look at him. He peers up at Din and blinks. Mando shakes his head with a sigh. "It's rude to slurp, kid." He tells the child in a low voice.
You laugh and the two of you wait patiently for the Child to finish. When he's done, you grab Din's food and swipe the kid up into your arms. Din follows you outside. You slow your pace to match his and he admits to himself that it feels… nice, walking next to you with the kid in your arms. Something stirs in him at the sight.
You stop at a booth and he stands behind you, waiting patiently as you purchase bacta patches and spray.
"Let's get back to the ship so we can clean up that leg." You tell him after you tuck the bacta in your satchel.
The swooping sensation settles low in Din's belly again and he nods at you before leading the way back to the Crest. He glances down at you, noting the way you hold the kid and carry your bag. He takes in your newly bared arms, pale from having been covered constantly; they're soft looking, but when the light from the lamps hit at an angle, he can see the curve of muscle bulging slightly as you hold the Child in one arm.
You'd gotten stronger, he realizes. He isn't sure when it happened- if it was the run in with those giant bats, your escape from the Lunar Ticks, or even from lifting and carrying the kid so frequently; but there was a development of muscle beneath that softness. A flicker of pride sparks in Din- he knows it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't decided to join him. He was… proud of you. For saying yes, for traveling with him, for putting up with whatever misadventures he got you into; for sticking with him and the kid. It wasn't easy, he knew. But you still did it.
Din contemplates this as the three of you stroll through the dark. You stick close to him once the light from the lamps no longer reaches the path you're on, and he tells himself it's because you're scared and not because you want to be closer to him. Even if your face is calm and you're smiling down at the kid as you talk to him…. Yeah, you're definitely frightened.
When the three of you arrive at the ship and you put the Child to bed in a matter of minutes, he's still trying to put a name to the feeling swirling in his gut, making his heart rate increase, seeping into his bones. It's uncomfortable but not… unwanted. He thinks, as he snags a bacta patch from your bag and climbs into the cockpit, that he may be more than just attracted to you.
He's wiping at the congealed blood on his exposed thigh, standing with his pants around his knees, when you climb the latter and he realizes a split second too late that he should probably warn you-
He watches over his shoulder as you freeze. He isn't sure if you're staring at the stab wound or his bare ass, but either way, he finds your expression amusing and is about to tease you about it; until you lick your lips and turn your heated gaze to his.
He certainly wasn't expecting that reaction from you.
"Know anything about stab wounds?" He asks lightly.
"Not a thing," you breathe, cheeks flushed.
"Great. Come over here."
You're already moving towards him before he can finish the sentence.
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Will divorced Frankie date again?
Tumblr media
Random soft little drabble I wrote for this. Not beta-read. My apologies if its stinky its 1 am.
Tagging some of my softies: @thesadvampire @captainsamwlsn @mostly-megan @fleetwoodmactshirt @qveenbvtch @madhyanas @ficsilike-reblogged @cinewhore @humanransome-note @wastingthetimeaway @moskaisley
I think he may. But it doesn't go well at all.
First, he doesn't realize it's a date. He thought his kind neighbor was just inviting him out to a drink and a chat since he was new to the neighborhood. She's a kind woman, startlingly young to the point where he sort of has that instinctual "you're a child. I must help you with adult things." way of speaking to her that some adults have towards young adults.
She's very obviously flirting with him but he just..doesn't realize. She'll be doing workouts in tight yoga pants by the window trying to catch his eye in the morning and he just gives her a kind wave before turning right back around and making himself breakfast.
When she invited him out to a bar of all places, he just assumes it's a young person thing. College kids are all about the partying and the drinking, right? That must be it.
The entire time he spends talking about his daughter. When she tries to make a comment about how harsh his ex must have been, he launches into a big long speech about how you're his world. How he put you through so much and there isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't wish he told pope no.
Maybe the little lady gets a bit forward. And it finally click in Frankie's head when she's three tequila shots in and running her hand up his leg that he goes 'oh FUCK this is a date isn't it?'
To which while she isn't looking he quickly texts you
'call me and say Isabella got hurt. It's an emergency. A twenty year old is trying to seduce me please help'
You're laying on the couch with your daughter when he texts you and you snort. Because Frankie was always a bit dull to the advances of others. Even when it was you pursuing him, back all those years ago. Before the cocaine, before Isabella, before South America.
You tabled those feelings and pushed down the knot slowly looping itself in your stomach before turning to your daughter.
You took a deep breathe before clicking on the green phone icon next to his contact name.
On the other side of town in a shitty bar on a sticky barstool, Frankie thanked God for your quick response.
"Hello?" "Frankie, oh god. You need to come quick!"
He shot the woman across from him a look of concern. "What? What's the matter?"
"It's Isabella!"
The said child perked up at her name, drawing her attention from the movie playing. "What about me?"
You shushed her.
"Her um..her..her leg is broken!"
You and your baby girl were so in sync, something Frankie always told you despite you claiming that she was a total "daddy's girl" that one quick look in her direction and she got the clue.
"Help daddy help! It hurts so bad!"
Though his date couldn't hear what specifically was said. The look of fear on the older man's face and muffled commotion through his phone was enough to clue her in.
"Frankie, what's wrong?"
That drew a frown to your face. This fucking college student was calling him Frankie? Logically you knew you had no right to be mad, he wasn't your husband anymore. But the thought of a girl who wasn't old enough to watch Seinfeld when it came out, is putting the moves on your Francisco got you seething.
"It's my daughter." He was already jumping up from his seat and grabbing his coat. "She's in the emergency room, I'm so sorry but I have to go."
"Oh..oh okay."
He had to keep a fearful façade while trying not to laugh as Isabella's dramatics.
"Oh the agony!"
"Mommy I can see my femur! The horror!"
"Quick daddy! I can see the light!"
It wasn't until he finally slammed the door of his truck shut that he let out a shaking breathe he didn't realize he was holding in.
"Thank you. Really. I don't know how I got into that situation and I never want it to happen again."
You settles back onto the couch, giving your daughter a quick high-five who then turned her attention back to the tv screen before her.
"So..a twenty year old?" You asked softly, mindful of your daughter next to you. "How the hell did that happen Francisco?"
"I thought she was just being nice! Being neighborly!" He drove along the dark road back to his apartment as he spoke and felt happily to leave the dingy college bar in his rear view mirror until it was nothing but a small dot.
"It wasn't until she ordered tequila that I realized she thought it was a date."
"Ohhh that's real bad. You can't do tequila."
He groaned. "I know."
"Well-" You let long yawn. "Your night certainly seems to have been full of excitement."
"Yeah well, the last type of excitement I need is random women trying to get me drunk." He could hear Isabella chatter in the background and smiled.
"What about you? What do my girls have planned for tonight?"
My girls. He realized as soon as he said it and wanted to apologize, but you spoke first.
"Just movie night."
The image of you and Isa, both snuggled on the couch as she sings along to Disney movies made his heart clench. She would eventually get tired and nod off until you swooped her up into your arms and carried her to bed.
"That uh..that sounds really nice."
On the way back to his apartment, the neon 'open' sign in front of your favorite pizza place caught his eyes and forced his hand to make a U-turn.
"Have you two eaten dinner yet?"
Which is how Frankie Morales found himself settled on the edge of the couch, his daughter snug in his arms as the three of you watched Moana and sang along to 'shiny' while eating an extra large pepperoni pizza your ex-husband bought you, along with the extra cheesy bread that he knew was your favorite.
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The Wrong Lifetime – Two // Wanda Maximoff
chapter one | story masterlist | main masterlist | wattpad | chapter three
author’s note: thank you so much for the feedback on chapter one, everyone! i really appreciate and I’m glad you’re excited for more. hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
"What do you think of this one?"
I pulled a face, shaking my head. My brother sighed dramatically before moving along the display cabinet, searching for the perfect ring.
Just as he'd said at dinner the other night, we were browsing engagement rings for Wanda, and I was (obviously) hating every second of it. My parents thought it would be good to help Y/B/N whilst also getting me more involved in the whole wedding thing; and I couldn't exactly say no to them, so here I was, half interested in what we were doing.
"What if I can't find anything?" Y/B/N asked, chewing the inside of his cheek as he continued to look. "This is the third jewellers we've been to, Y/N."
Figuring it was time to actually make an effort and be a supportive sister, I rested a hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "You'll find something," I told him confidently. "It just needs to come to you, y'know? She'll love anything you pick."
He smiled at me. "Thanks. I just don't want to disappoint her. The last thing I want to worry about is her hating the ring."
I chuckled, rounding the cabinet to get a look at a different display. "I doubt she'll hate any of this. Girls love jewellery. This is pretty good jewellery."
"Y/N, you hate jewellery," he pointed out with amusement, and I rolled my eyes playfully.
"I don't hate it," I defended. "I'm just not a fan of shopping for it."
He snickered as he continued to peruse the cabinets. "Well, Wanda seems to love it. D'you see how many rings she was wearing that night?"
I breathed out through my nose, definitely remembering. It was hard to forget when her ring-adorned fingers were brushing the top of my hand every few minutes. But obviously I wasn't going to say that to Y/B/N, so I hummed in response.
It went quiet as I tried to find a ring that would suffice. Rings weren't my taste, personally. I was more of a necklace person, so this was just as difficult for me as it was for Y/B/N. They all looked similar to me though, upon closer inspection, had different engravings and patterns in the gold and silver bands.
"So, what did you think of Wanda's brother?" Y/B/N asked, earning my attention.
He was smiling cheekily as he awaited a response.
"Pietro?" I asked with creased brows. He nodded and I continued, "He was nice, I guess. Has a sense of humour."
My brother gave me a knowing look as he looked at the glass display once again. "He's unmarried you know."
"No, thank you," I answered instantly, not particularly fond of discussing my potential marital future with my brother.
"Oh, don't be like that, Y/N," he said with a laugh. "I'm just looking out for you!"
I drummed my fingers on the cabinet top. "Well, I didn't ask you to. I'm perfectly content as I am."
Y/B/N cocked his head to the side as he glanced at me. "You know you can't stay unmarried forever." I opened my mouth to say something, but he was quick to continue. "And no, not because a woman should marry no matter what. But rather because you will most definitely give mum a heart attack."
I closed my mouth, trying to come up with a response, but my shoulders sank at the truth to his words. He half-smiled when he knew I knew he was right.
"I don't want to think about this now," I decided, waving my hand. "Ring. Look. Now."
He laughed again but nodded and stayed quiet. We both continued to have a look around until I was surprisingly certain that I'd found the perfect ring. There was a case filled with rings holding precious gemstones and a particular one stood out to me.
"Hey, Y/B/N, come here," I called him over, eyes never leaving the ring as I moved closer to inspect it. "What about this one?"
Pointing to the glass case, I chose an elegant silver band with a small, non-dominating emerald gemstone sat on top. It wasn't too flashy nor too plain and something told me that it might just be Wanda's taste.
"It'll match her eyes," I said, watching him as he leaned forward to get a better look. "She'll love it."
My brother seemed confused as he straightened up. "I thought her eyes were brown."
I rolled my eyes, taking a step back. "Fine, get a brown ring."
He tried not to laugh as he raised his hands with defeat. "Okay, okay, I believe you, no need for the sarcasm!" He proceeded to call the shopkeeper over to get the ring and glanced at me once more. "You're one hundred percent sure she's got green eyes?"
"Well, they're hazel, but this will definitely compliment them," I assured him, making him shrug as he looked back to the shopkeeper.
To my own dismay, I was certain her eyes were hazel. They were very inviting and the dinner the other night was evidence of that, as I found myself unable to look away whenever she found my gaze. Hopefully she'd like the ring, I guess.
The bothersome thing about my brother's engagement was just how many celebrations that followed. A week after the dinner came the engagement party, a celebratory evening with all of our family and friends and my brother's many admirers. The Maximoffs invited their friends, too, sadly not having any extended family to invite as it was only them here in England.
It was an expensive affair, but so was everything when it came to my brother. There was food, drinks, dancing, gifts and much more for the newly-engaged couple, and I once again found myself dressed in an uncomfortable dress of my mother's choice.
If that wasn't enough of a punishment, I was also reunited with my extended family whom only showed their faces on glamorous occasions such as this one. It's not that I didn't like them, but I felt like I rarely knew them, especially when they shared stories from when they used to see me as a baby and expected me to remember the memory like it was yesterday.
I found myself victim to yet another relative at the start of the evening. This time, it was one of my aunties from my father's side whom I vaguely recognised from my childhood. She'd found me by the snacks table where I was recovering from a previous encounter with a cousin of mine, and immediately began pulling my cheeks and reminiscing on how chubby and cute they were when I was – you guessed it – a baby.
"Auntie, I think that–"
"So grown up, but still so cute!" she gushed, cutting me off and proceeding to yank my cheeks so hard that they began to hurt.
I winced, trying to back away, but she dragged me closer by the face, making me groan with displeasure. 
"Y/N, there you are!"
The only reason I knew it was Wanda who called for me was because of her Russian accent, otherwise I was still unable to turn and check because my auntie had me trapped. When Wanda came into sight, stopping by the two of us, my auntie finally let go, now distracted by the brunette. I exhaled gratefully, hands rubbing my cheeks to relieve the ache. I had no doubts they were red from the pinching. God, I hated family reunions.
"I'm very sorry to interrupt," Wanda apologised with an endearing smile as she looked to my auntie, "but please may I steal Y/N away from you for a moment?"
My auntie nodded enthusiastically. "Of course, dear! You're family now! Do whatever you like."
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as she said that. Wanda flashed her a final smile before tugging me away, near some deserted high table.
"What did you need?" I asked, quirking a brow.
She was looking around the room when I asked her, before her eyes focused on me. Unlike me, she seemed very comfortable in this environment, and the dress she wore was perfect for her. A scarlet-coloured gown that put anybody else's clothes here to shame. Did she just look good in everything or something?
"I didn't actually need anything," she answered, licking her lips. "I just saw your auntie harassing you and figured you'd like the escape."
Surprised at her observant nature, I cleared my throat and relaxed my shoulders. "Oh, well thanks."
She smiled widely, teeth shining and eyes sparkling and I was now beginning to think she truly had no flaws.
"You look beautiful tonight by the way," she said, and there was nobody around to hear it which made me think she wasn't trying to kiss up like I'd assumed initially.
"Thanks," I returned with a small smile. "I– er– so do you. Is that your favourite colour?"
She was wearing a similar colour the first night we met, so I could only assume it was. Which was a good choice, since she looked good in it.
She glanced down at her dress and nodded. "Something like that."
I leaned on the table as I watched her curiously. "Shouldn't you be with Y/B/N?"
Looking back up, she grinned mischievously. "You trying to get rid of me already?"
Shaking my head, I tried to find the words to say that I wasn't and she'd misinterpreted, but she was doing that thing again where she wouldn't look away first, her eyes glowing with amusement. If I wasn't certain before today that her eyes were a bright hazel colour, I definitely was now.
"I'm kidding," she finally said, laughter spilling from her lips. It was a sweet sound and I suddenly envied my brother for being able to hear it whenever he pleased.
"I just thought that you would be together since it's your engagement party," I explained, a little more flustered than I'd wanted to be.
Her lips pressed together in a suppressed smile as she nodded behind me. I spun around, following her gaze, and spotted my brother across the room charming some guests with, no doubt, another epic tale of his career.
"He seems to be doing fine on his own, milaya," Wanda whispered into my ear, making me freeze at the warmth of her breath tickling my skin.
Shivers ran down my spine as she was close enough for her perfume to infiltrate my nose. Swallowing hard, trying not to be very much attracted to her accent when she spoke English but also Russian, I took a moment to breathe out and clear my head of thoughts containing the Maximoff woman. When I was sure I was okay, I craned my neck to speak to her, only to feel my mouth go dry.
She was stood very close to me still, a teasing smirk on her lips. Up close, her eyes were intoxicating, drawing me in and making me forget where we were and what we were talking about.
"Do I make you nervous, Y/N?" she asked quietly, feigning innocence, her accent thicker than usual.
My lips parted as I tried to say something, but her eyes were distracting and her lips were curved upwards perfectly and I suddenly forgot how to speak English.
She chuckled, stepping back slightly, and I wiped my sweaty palms on my dress as Wanda watched me with amusement.
"Your mother is calling you," she said, nodding behind me. And then I heard my mother indeed calling my name. "I'll leave you to it. Try not to fall victim to another family member."
I swallowed the lump in my throat, eyes falling to her mouth as she bit her lower lip to contain a smile. What was she getting out of this? Did she find joy in making me flustered or was she actually flirting right now? The latter couldn't be possible... she was going to marry my brother. This was her engagement party for crying out loud! She was definitely enjoying making me stumble over myself.
"Right," I spoke, finally finding my words.
With a quick nod, I looked away and followed the sound of my mother's voice. I was unsure why I felt the need to look over my shoulder, but when I did, I saw Wanda watching me still, eyes gleaming even with the distance. I looked away instantly, hoping this weird, flirtatious behaviour of hers would cease soon. I wasn't sure I could take anymore of it.
The evening was going well following Wanda's (what I was now calling) tormenting. I stuck to myself when my mother wasn't dragging me around, forcing me to mingle with family friends.
Tucked in the corner with a book I'd managed to sneak along was a good pastime, until halfway through the evening, everybody was brought to the front of the room for an announcement. I almost missed it if it weren't for Pietro finding me and trying not to laugh at my complete disconnect from the event around me.
"They're exchanging the rings," he told me, pulling me from my table and to the front. "Family's got to be there. Including you, Y/N."
I rushed to put my bookmark between my pages as he tugged me along, finally stopping by the front of the crowd alongside our mothers. Standing before everyone were our fathers and the engaged couple themselves, all smiling and putting on the perfect show.
"We are privileged to announce the engagement and union of my beloved daughter, Wanda Maximoff, and everybody's favourite author, Y/B/N Y/L/N," Oleg announced proudly, glass of champagne in his hand.
Both Y/B/N and Wanda exchanged smiles before looking out to everyone. When my brother's eyes met mine, I smiled encouragingly, and when Wanda's eyes met mine, my smile faded as she grinned my way, eyes saying a thousand things, none of which I could decipher.
"They will now present each other with the rings," my dad said, making the crowd chatter excitedly amongst themselves.
All eyes were on the couple as they presented their rings. Wanda had gotten Y/B/N a plain silver band, perfect for the guy who wasn't a fan of jewellery, and he wore it with pride. Then Y/B/N offered up the ring we'd picked in the store and Wanda's smile was as wide as ever when she saw it.
He placed it on her ring finger and she studied it once more, the emerald sparkling under the light and making all the women in the crowd jealous. She pulled him in for a grateful hug, pressing a kiss to his cheek, and I found myself looking away, not particularly a fan of them getting cosy.
"Gross, right?" Pietro asked, nudging me in the arm slightly. He was trying not to laugh as he avoided looking at the couple up front. "Like, we get it, you're engaged."
A smile appeared on my lips as I glanced at the silver-haired publisher, appreciating his attempt to make me laugh.
"Gross indeed," I agreed.
He rolled his eyes playfully before looking forward again, watching as my father continued to make a speech about how great it was to unify our families.
I listened in, though I'd heard the same spiel several times at home when they'd initiated the idea in the first place. Judging from the look on Pietro's face, he'd heard the same, and I was glad it wasn't just me who felt icky about this whole thing.
This evening couldn't end any sooner.
"I just don't understand why I need to go," I complained to my mother.
She was sat before her mirror, finishing applying her makeup and looking presentable for the girl's trip she'd planned for Iryna, Wanda, herself and I.
"Because you're going to become Wanda's sister-in-law and we are all going to become a family," she said like it was obvious, not bothering to look my way. "It'll be fun, Y/N."
I groaned quietly, leaning against the doorframe. A servant fussed around my mother's room, tidying up the mess of clothes she'd left in her wake from picking an outfit. I watched her with boredom, knowing I'd take that job over today's plans any day.
"You might make a new friend with Wanda," my mum continued delightfully. "Wouldn't that be nice?"
I tensed my jaw, eyes narrowing into the window ahead. "Yeah, really nice, mum."
"Good, now go and w–" she began, but was cut off when the doorbell rang from downstairs. Waving her hand, she said, "Go greet the Maximoffs whilst I finish up here, dear."
I sighed, straightening up. "Do I have a choice?"
"Don't forget to smile!" she called after me.
Making my way downstairs, I saw one of our servants opening the door and greeting the Maximoffs politely before letting them inside. Upon spotting me descending the staircase, Iryna smiled brightly.
"Y/N, dear, how lovely to see you!" she exclaimed, and when I got to the bottom, she pulled me in for a surprise hug. "How are you doing this morning, my dear?"
After recovering from the surprise hug, ignoring the way Wanda stifled laughter from behind her mother, I stepped back and gave the older woman a genuine smile.
"I'm doing good, Miss Maximoff," I said, and when she gave me a stern look, I backtracked, remembering her words from the engagement party a few nights ago. "Iryna– right, sorry. I'm doing good. And yourself?"
"Very good now that we're here," she said cheerfully, before nodding for Wanda to join her side. "Wan, what are you doing there? Come and give your sister-in-law a hug the right way!"
I gulped as Wanda did as her mother said, stepping forward without hesitation and pulling me in for a quick hug. Not wanting to look like an idiot, I wrapped my arms around her torso, hoping I wasn't as stiff as I felt. Once again, she smelt really good and I forgot how to breathe.
"Good morning, milaya," she muttered in my ear before pulling away with a harmless smile.
"Morning," I got out, being sure to avoid her gaze as I looked back to her mother. "Can I offer either of you a cup of tea? Or a drink? My mother is just finishing getting ready."
"No need, Y/N!" my mum called as she walked down the stairs behind me. Wearing an apologetic smile, she looked to Iryna and Wanda. "Sorry about that, ladies. I'm all ready to go if you are."
After sharing a greeting with them, my mum led us all outside to the carriage that was waiting to take us into town. We got in and were soon on our way to have the time of our life! (Cue the sarcasm).
"So, Y/N," Iryna said, and I looked up to see her sat beside Wanda who was sat opposite me. "What are your thoughts on this whole engagement? It was quite the affair the other night!"
I forced a smile as I nodded respectfully. "It was a great evening, Iryna. A great start to a successful marriage, I'm sure."
That seemed to start Iryna on a tangent about the engagement and how lovely the evening was and all of the new family members she met on our side. A sigh escaped my lips as I practically relived it with her retelling, making my mum nudge me in the arm gently but scoldingly.
"...and the ring!" Iryna enthused, not noticing my disinterest. "Don't get me started on the ring. Is there anything Y/B/N isn't good at?"
I could name a few things, yes.
With difficulty, I pressed my lips together to stop myself from cracking a knowing smile. Iryna told Wanda to hold out her hand so she could take another look, and as she did, it was the first time I'd seen the ring up close since she'd been given it. I glanced between the ring and her eyes and knew I'd made the right decision.
My mother began to shower Wanda in compliments – "Oh, it matches your eyes, dear! It's like it's meant to be!" – as I sat back and wished we'd arrive at the shops already.
"Between us ladies," my mum said playfully to Wanda, "is it good enough or did you expect something better?"
Wanda chuckled, shaking her head. "I didn't have any expectations, Y/M/N. I would have been happy with whatever Y/B/N picked. But this... this is absolutely stunning. He clearly put a lot of thought into it."
Yes, of course he did. So thoughtful, isn't he? Especially his attention to detail, like when he remembered the colour of your eyes.
Oh, wait.
After what felt like forever, we finally reached the shops and could escape that shrinking carriage for a few minutes before heading into a dress shop to suffocate yet again.
As usual, I followed my mother around like a lost puppy, letting her take the lead with picking some clothes. She was deep into conversation with Iryna, the two of them bonding instantly as they talked about their interests and marriage and their children's engagement.
At one point, I left them to it, resorting to browsing through a rack that had some pretty pastel dresses hanging from it. I didn't have plans to buy anything since I didn't need anything, but it didn't hurt to look.
"Hey," Wanda's voice echoed from behind me, and I glanced over my shoulder to see her joining my side.
"Hey," I replied, continuing to look through the dresses.
She browsed through the rack also, going through each dress slowly as she smiled to herself. "So, you don't like shopping I take it."
I hummed in agreement. "Not really."
She nodded, continuing her browsing. "You don't like parties either. Or dinners." I hummed again and she continued, "And you don't like it when your brother gets all the attention."
I hummed subconsciously, before realising what she said. Stopping my browsing, I looked to her with furrowed brows. "I never said that."
Mischief dancing in her eyes, she glanced me way and winked playfully. "You didn't need to."
Clenching my jaw slightly, I busied myself with going through the hangers, hoping the heat creeping up my neck would disperse. I wasn't going to let Wanda get to me yet again. It was like she had some kind of magic spell on me, making me unable to think straight whenever she was in my vicinity.
"I know you picked my ring by the way," she said after a moment of silence.
I licked my lips and played dumb, not looking her way. "What do you mean? Y/B/N chose it."
She snickered. "I know it was you, Y/N. No man in the world is that thoughtful."
I stayed quiet, figuring it was my best option. She seemed to find this entertaining as she turned to face me, leaning against the rack and watching me curiously.
"I must ask though. Why emerald?"
Fingers playing with the fabric of the dress before me, I shrugged nonchalantly. "Why not?"
She laughed, and it was the second time she'd done so so freely, making the pit of my stomach flip uncontrollably at the sound.
"You don't seem like the type to just do things," she observed. "There had to be a reason. Please enlighten me."
Once again, I shrugged as I made sure not to look her way. I wasn't planning to get sucked in by her killer eyes yet again.
"I'm not blind," I told her casually. "I saw it and remembered that you have hazel eyes that sometimes look green. I thought it would suit you. A mere artistic observation."
"Ah, I see," she said with a nod, playing along. "Well, you have good taste. Thank you. I adore it."
"It was nothing," I assured her, hoping she couldn't hear my heart beating ever-so-quickly in my chest. The longer she watched me, the more flustered I got.
Suddenly, she stepped forward, her hand resting on the small of my back. The simplest of touches had me paralysed, at a loss for words, frozen in place. Mentally I knew that it wasn't right that she made me react like this. But my body wouldn't listen to my brain and Wanda seemed to realise that, clearly revelling in my misery.
"So, you remembered my eye colour after just two meetings, huh?" she asked lightheartedly, leaning in, her hand still pressed to my back gently.
Finally finding the ability to stand my ground, I said, "I'm very observant," and I turned to look at her to show her that whatever game she was playing wasn't going to work anymore. Of course, that was a huge mistake, because as soon as my eyes locked with hers, I lost all resolve.
"That you are," she noted with a smirk, before her hand dropped to her side and she nodded to the long-forgotten dress in my hand. "You should get it. It suits you."
And with that comment, she left me alone to join our mothers yet again. I breathed out shakily, realising that Wanda Maximoff was becoming a bigger issue than I thought. 
After purchasing some new dresses from several stores (no, I didn't buy the dress Wanda wanted me to), the four of us stopped by a café for a spot of lunch. Despite the flustered mess I became whenever Wanda gave me more attention than we both know she should have, I was having an okay time.
Iryna was very sweet, wanting to get to know me since we would be family soon, and made me feel at ease whenever she could. My mother was too distracted by her and Wanda's presence to tell me off for complaining, and it was just genuinely kind of nice to get out.
I was drinking a cup of tea as we waited for our food order when my mum tried to get the details on Wanda's newly-planned date with my brother in a few days.
"You're going to the theatre, right?" she asked Wanda eagerly, as if she didn't already know everything anyway.
Y/B/N had talked about this literally last night at dinner. It was to be Wanda's and his first official date, and the first real opportunity away from family and prying eyes to get to know each other better.
"Yes, he got tickets to see a new play I've never heard of," she admitted with a chuckle. "It'll be a chance to get to know him better. The only things I know of him are what my family have told me and what I've learnt from everyone around us."
Iryna smiled as she watched her daughter, whilst my mother waved her hand optimistically.
"Oh, I'm sure the date will go splendidly," she assured Wanda. "It's no secret that you're both very attractive, young adults. If there are no sparks between you, then we're all done for."
At this comment, Iryna and my mother both erupted into laughter, like it was some kind of joke that only middle-aged women seemed to get. I raised my eyebrows and dropped them behind a cup of tea, figuring it was best to stay quiet.
"I'm sure it will," Wanda said in agreement, though her voice was quieter, unable to be heard behind their laughter.
Surprisingly, I found myself intrigued by this rarely seen version of Wanda. It was a similar version to the one I'd seen the night of the dinner, when I showed her around upstairs and the conversation of my brother crept in. It wasn't hard to forget her ability to dance around the question to whether she liked him or not.
And now, she seemed to wear a false smile as she mulled over their date. I guess it was strange to see since I naturally figured she'd want to marry him – pretty much any woman in the city did – but maybe that wasn't the case.
"...tell her what he's like," my mother insisted, pulling me away from my observation. "You're his sister. Who better than you to give her an idea?"
Realising what she was saying, I tried not to choke on my tea. I lowered the cup and shook my head calmly, though the intent was very much urgent.
"She should just see," I said uncertainly. "I mean, what better way to know than to just speak to him?"
One deathly glance from my mother and I straightened up, looking to the Maximoffs before me.
"But if I was to say something," I continued smoothly, making my mother relax at my words, "I'd say that my brother has always been a very respectful man. He's kind-hearted and he's caring."
Iryna was hanging onto my every word whilst Wanda stared at me but seemed elsewhere.
"And he's really excited to get to know you better, Wanda," I said truthfully, looking to the oddly-quiet brunette with a small reassuring smile. "He really likes you."
Iryna mentioned something about Y/B/N being just the man her Wanda deserves, but I was barely paying attention as I looked to the girl in question. She returned my smile, void of teasing or mischief like usual, and nodded quickly before looking down to her own cup of tea.
She was certainly a strange one.
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lysteriaposts · 1 year
I've seen a lot of showrunners act dumb on social media because they like the attention they get from fans, but H*yden is on another level. At this point I have to assume the other 2 don't say anything to him because they're used to their friend being like this. What's funny is that he claims that Tory was trying to make Miguel jealous... then why did she jump into Robby's lap to make out with him, when Miggy wasn't there to see?? Why was she super worried about Robby during the tournament?? Does he think we're all stupid?? She also kicked Miguel's face at the party with Robby's help lmao. H*yden has Tor*guel shippers calling him a king and celebrating their "endgame", but as annoying as he is, no one is going to give out a major part of their show's ending on Twitter... not to mention the show is far from over and I doubt they have the series finale script already. Miguel didn't give a rat's ass that Tory was with Kreese, who he knows is a bad dude, and Sam threw a tantrum at Robby dancing with Tory but didn't care he was training with two dangerous men. How is that true love?? Not to mention that if Miguel and Robby are finally going to start their step-brothers journey next season, I doubt the best way to do it is by... switching gfs?? This show still has a couple of more years, so I don't know how I'm gonna put up with H*yden starting shit on Twitter so he can laugh at fans who come into his mentions. I feel like the show itself has made it clear over the past 4 seasons that Sam is the one for Miguel, so idk why they'd suddenly do a 180º and make Miguel dump Sam to get with a girl he hasn't interacted with much for 2 seasons.
Then again, I get a weird vibe from the showrunners because they love the ex-nerd/popular hot girl trope with H*wkMoon, Yasm*tri and I guess Samguel/Tor*guel are also an example of that.
Let me directly address that last part... it is *nauseating* to see them obsessed with that trope and also write them so unrealistically. I absolutely hate all those relationships BECAUSE of that trope. Especially the Yasmine/Demetri one because it is TOO cheesy. She's so 2D and unlikable and Demetri was like my favourite character for the first three seasons, his development was really interesting and then it just halted because "he got the girl of his dreams". Lame. I basically wanted to gouge my eyes out everytime they were on screen, which were too many, this season.
They've also ruined Sam/Miguel because of their on-and-off. I was never that into them, but the constant self inflicted problems and trust issues definitely has not helped make it look attractive nor functional. I wouldn't mind Miguel getting together with someone else after his dad drama, just not Tory or any of the girls we know, he doesn't need the baggage. I also think that they should do more with Sam as a firstborn Larusso kid, and not make her always be in the middle of all the love mess... I feel like they dropped the ball with her ever since the beginning of the series, there was so much you could've done with her but no they chose "love triangle", tragic. Now it's too late because they've brought Anthony into the mix.
I am not a big Hawk fan, but the fact that they had to forcefully make Moon get back together with him for him to gain his confidence back was lazy and forced writing... he should've gained confidence by himself not through her. And the fact that they dropped the ONLY lgbt rep they had with Moon/Piper for yet another nerd/popular girl story is tasteless lol. I could see Miguel/Tory vaguely falling into that stereotype, but I just can't put Tory in the same category as Sam/Moon/Yasmine especially not after s4. That's also why I'm against Tory/Sam becoming friends because I don't see that they have anything in common except love interests, and I just find it unrealistic. I would be here for a peace treaty though and stop the antagonism, like Amanda said.
And when you look at all these copy-and-paste relationships, you actually start appreciating Robby/Tory much more because they are NOT cookie cutter and "forced" (a lot of people don't know what that term means clearly). They're actually the pair that makes *most* sense and feels *most* natural out of the relationships I mentioned and out of the love square. They would bond in whatever circumstance because of their similarities, whereas Sam/Robby and Tory/Miguel happened because they were in the same house or the same dojo and because "boy and girl" basically. Now no more switching, or you won't just ruin Sam and Miguel but Robby and Tory too. As I said before you have to start deepening relationships at a certain point and not just have a bunch of meaningless drama.
And you bring up a lot of good points from the show that shows complete lack of logic in what Hayden is claiming. But again, I think that's the purpose of his tweets. He's fanning the flames, not being serious, trolling. Is he bored or why is he doing it? Beats me. I'm just going to go by what the show tells me like you usually do, and it tells me this nonsense is over at least for Robby and Tory.
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Tᕼᗴ ᑕᕼᗩOTIᑕ ᗩᑎᘜᗴᒪ
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)
Chapter 3: Au Revoir Gotham My True Home
Marinette explained what happened and that she didn't mean to cause trouble, she didn't know why the bats were looking for her (author to audience... it's because she looks like one of his bat kids gone rouge.) When she asked how they knew the Bat was looking for her, she found out that Selina was actually dating the Bat... So Marinette was very surprised at that, her family talked about it and a few days after her birthday she'll be going to Paris, France with Selina to be with a family friend of hers. Marinette was now really thinking she was cursed, but she made sure to take it in stride and spend as much time with her friends and family as possible.
"Doan wawhry suguh, we'll make sure tuh visit as much as possible, yuh can even visit us durin' summuh and wintuh break." - Harley held back the tears as she hugged Marinette, Bud, Lou, Ivy, Selina, Ed and even Frank joined in on it.
……… ………
Marinette was out with her friends still not sure how to tell them, she started with the obvious.
"Sooo... tomorrow I turn 10... the double digits." - Marinette
"Soon you'll be one of us!" - Garfield gave Marinette a side hug with a big smile, god he made it harder to tell them
"So what do you want to do? We can celebrate, tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, heck we can celebrate for the whole week while we're at it!" - Garfield
Rachel noticed the sad smile Marinette had as Garfield continued talking.
"Is there something you need to tell us?" - Rachel's words stoped Garfield in his tracks, he then looked at a slightly teary Marinette, and he felt a slight tinge of pain in his chest.
"I- um, I'm moving this Saturday... I'm sorry I really don't want to, but- *hic* I-" - Marinette was cut off by Garfield giving her a hug, he rubbed small circles on her back as she let out a few sobs. Rachel patting her shoulder to try and comfort her.
After they were like that for a few minutes, they decided to get ice cream
……… ……… ………
"I'm sorry." - Marinette eating her chocolate chip ice cream
"It's not your fault Mari, besides, we can officially say we have a pen pal in Paris." - Garfield with his chocolate mint ice cream trying to lighten the mood, managed to get a chuckle out of Marinette.
"We can still video call, or text you. And your parents said you can visit on summer and winter break." - Rachel just starting her strawberry ice cream
"But what if I need a friend to talk to when I can't sleep? Or if I need a movie buddy? Or gaming buddy?" - Marinette
"There are online multiplayer games we can play you know." - Rachel
"Yeah, and I'm sure you'll make friends over there really quickly, I mean you already know a few other languages, including French, so there isn't any communication problems." - Garfield
"I wish you guys could come with me..." - Marinette almost done with her ice cream
"... Didn't you say you always wanted a hamster, maybe one that's unique, like a the rare Green Gotham Hamster?" - Garfield with a mischievous grin
"Selina's family friends own a bakery, so no pets allowed. Sorry Rare Green Gotham Hamster, I'm afraid you're staying native to Gotham." - Marinette said patting his shoulder.
"Wait they own a bakery?! As in you can be on a sugar high 24/7?! Take me with you!!" - Garfield
……… ……… ………
Soon it was time for them to go home, when Marinette got home, she continued packing what she would need, making sure that her Siren plushies where safely secure, and then went to eat dinner.
The next day she made sure to get up early, Garfield and Rachel knew where she lived, and wanted to make sure everything was ready for them, setting up the games they would play into the night, and the movies they would watch after that.
She then went to the Gardens to greet her Mom and the plants, doing the usual routine of checking all the plants, complimenting and watering them. During which a sleepy Harley walked over giving Ivy and Marinette a morning kiss before going to make her coffee.
At breakfast she didn't see her Aunt yet, she assumed she was robbing someone rich again.
……… Over to Catwoman ………
"Come ta mama." - Catwoman mumbled as she used her claws to cut the glass surrounding an old elegant purple sapphire that belonged to one of Gotham's founding fathers' wives.
……… Back to Marinette ………
About an hour after breakfast Garfield and Rachel came over, holding Marinettes' rapped presents, they started the day off with trivia games, which they called the MIQ (which can mean either Marinette Isley-Quinzel or in this case Memory Intelligence Quiz) which Marinette and Rachel came to a tie followed by Ivy, then Harley, and Garfield. They then moved on to board games, Marinette decided to play The Game of Life rather than Monopoly (because lets be honest, who has ever finished that game in the time of a signle day? An extreme speedrunner... maybe.) while the adults got the cake ready. Surprisingly Garfield won, he got the acting career, a sports car, a nice old fashioned mid modern house, a wife, and 3 kids... Marinette got the fashion designer career, got a motorcycle, and a small, but nice victorian house, a husband, and one kid... and Rachel got the scientist career (because science is just simplified mortal magic), a delorean car (and even said "Since science is magic I can make it fly, so technically, I don't need roads where I'm going."), a modern cabin in the woods, single (she didn't want a significant other to interrupt her magic science) and got a pet bird.
Once Selina and Ed came over, they began the party, playing games like DDR, Ultimate Mecha Strike 2, and Racing games.
When it came time for Marinette to blow out her candles, she wished that everything would be okay, and that she will be able to come back to Gotham permanently, and blew them out.
She then got to open her presents, she started with Harley's, and got a custom baseball bat that was a dark steel blue, with a light grey handle grip, and it had the words "Quinn For Da Win" on it, putting a smile on her face, when she opened Ivy's gift she got seeds of her favorite flowers to plant over in Paris. She then opened her Uncle Ed's gift, which was a small watch that had special A.I., it had a cover over the inside screen that would flip open to reveal another screen. The cover was silver with a blue question mark, and when it opened, it showed the time, and the location you where in, it could also act as a GPS, and a phone (it could even play music AND had an incredible battery life span). She then moved on to her Aunt Selina's gift, finding a small purple sapphire in the shape of a cat paw, surrounded in silver. She then opened Rachel's gift, it was a travel mug that said "Coffee lives in my veins." (Marinette started drinking coffee recently) which made Marinette laugh, and then she got to Garfield's gift. When she opened it, she found a handmade charm bracelet, it had animals that she really liked around it, and there was one that was a small tiger, with it's eyes and nose having a light green peridot stone, to represent the first day they met. She put the bracelet on her right rist and thanked Garfield for it, and gave everyone a big hug.
She spent the rest of the day playing with her friends, having a wonderful time, and getting a massive sugar rush from all the cake they had. When it came time for dinner they were running low on energy, but were back to normal after Harley snuck some coffee into their food... The only thoughts that went through Garfield and Rachel's minds where "That's why Mari drinks this stuff..."
After dinner they played all kinds of video games, and ended it by watching Back To The Future. They fell asleep some time after 2am.
……… ……… …….
The next morning they all had breakfast and then spent the day playing parkour tag over roofs and playing I spy games. And at the end of the day Marinette gave her friends a big hug, before heading back home. She spent her time with her moms, Uncle, and Frank, playing more boardgames and discussing what she should do to make friends...
"Just be yawhself, we love yuh fawh who yuh are, and I'm sure everyone in Paris will love yuh too... if dey doan, den dey most likely have a massive defective reject of a brain." - Was Harley's opinion
"Riddle the f-ck out of their brain, if they can solve all of them, and like you for you, then they are worthy." - Which was Ed's opinion
"Use a chemical based compound from the magnolia flower, combined with three tulip petals, one rose petal, and pollen from a lilac to create a befriending potion." - Ivy's words made everyone silent before Ed spoke up
"... Harley if you're being mind controlled blink." - Ed deadpaned, which had Marinette cackling
"I'm not bein' mind controlled, also yuh nawhmally say ‘blink once or twice’ not just ‘blink’ I could blink at any random interval and yuh woun't know what tuh tink, and here I thoughtcha were a genius." - Harley with her head on Ivy's lap as Marinette starts wheezing.
"I think y'all broke her." - Frank just pointed to Marinette as she was still cackling and wheezing while in the fetal position.
That's when Selina walked in...
"What the hell did you guys do to Kitten?!" - Selina dropping the bags she got from some high end shop, and after they made sure Marinette was still alive they continued their game... and Marinette may have actually written the list of ingredients for that position, but only as a last resort. When it was time for them to sleep Marinette spent the night with her moms, like she use to when she was 4.
She got up early to make sure everything was ready, she had her sketch book in her backpack, as well as some pencils, ear buds, snacks and a picture of her with her family and friends. She decided to wear her new watch and charm bracelet as she finished checking her bag, she then went into the garden to say goodbye to all the plants, and to give Bud, Lou and Frank one last goodbye. She had about 3 hours before her and her Aunt were to head to the airport, and she spent that time with her moms, almost never leaving their side.
……… ……… …….
As the plane took off she looked out the airplane window, saying goodbye to Gotham, until her next visit home....
Chapter 3 complete, also just in case I didn't describe her B-day gifts good enough, here's what they look like (꒪꒳꒪)
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anime-corner · 2 years
Unmiss You I Iwaizumi H.
Tumblr media
A/N: So, I basically don’t know how it turned out like this... Not proud of this one though, kind of am? It’s honestly confusing. But hey, hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Two A.M. At least that was the time that was shown on his phone. He couldn't remember how long since then. Or how it happened. He just knew that he fucked up.
The device rang in his hand, answering quickly, not bothering to check the caller I.D., hoping that it was you, "yeah?"
"Aww, Iwa-chan! That was quick! Did you miss me that much?" He scoffed, throwing the phone on his bed, the call on speaker as he laid back down, his arm draped over his eyes.
"What do you want, Oikawa?" He asked without the usual insult to the setter's name.
"Are you… still thinking about her?" The caller said, careful in his words, "Besides, it's what? Almost three? You're usually not up this early."
"Why do you care?" He huffed as he thought about it. He never did stay up late or woke up early unless it was to give Oikawa the support he needed. But this time it was different, he knew that, and that was because he was waiting for you.
"Geez, of course, I care! You're my best friend! And it's obvious that you're miserable without her." Oikawa could hear shuffling on the other end.
"What do I do then? She won't answer my calls o-or reply back to my messages." Iwaizumi held out a pillow, throwing it across the room in frustration, "Hell, I can't even get a glimpse of her without those crows stopping me!!"
"Maybe… She wants to move on?" It was silent for a few moments as he debated in his mind. Was she really?
"... I hope not. Because wouldn't it be unfair if… she gets to forget everything when all I want is to get her back?" He gripped onto his dark hair, tears threatening to spill, his firm look shattering to pieces, "She's all that I think about after that game. She's in my dreams, within my vision… I could even hear her at times but…"
"But what?" A heavy sigh left Iwaizumi's lips as he succumbed to his thoughts.
"You're right… Maybe, she doesn't want me back. I can't just rewind time to make it right. I can't go back to before I fell for her, to stop myself from meeting her and undo everything because I know that I'll just end up liking her. Loving her." It wasn't like him to act like this.
He was stubborn. He wouldn't stop at anything like a breakup. Instead, he'd do anything to get you back. But, with how he was right now, he doubts that he'd be able to. That's just what was running inside his head. Full of doubt and regret.
"It would have been easier that way…" Oikawa comments, giving out a sigh as well.
"Yeah, no shit. But like you said, maybe she wants to move on. And I just have to live with the fact that you can't easily unmiss a person you so badly miss." Iwaizumi let out a growl of annoyance, hearing noises from the other side of the screen,  "Oi Kusokawa, are you still listening!?!"
"Get up. Out of bed. I'll pick you up in thirty minutes." He had to blink a couple of times, trying to register the words of his friend.
"What do you mean you'll pick me up!? Oi, don't come over or I'll kick your ass!"
"Just do it, will you Hajime?" Iwaizumi mumbles incoherent words to himself, debating whether or not he should. In the end, he gives in.
Forcing himself out of his bed, he dressed with what he thought was okay looking. A long sleeve grey shirt and ripped jeans, not bothering to look good for something Oikawa had planned for him. It was useless, he thought. A distraction was useless. A knock came as he opened it, the setter eyed his friend from top to bottom.
"You look like shit." Oikawa said as he went in, hands in his pockets.
"Yeah, thanks sherlock." He rolled his eyes, closing the door.
"What's with the outfit? Come on, I'll get you something else." The setter darted towards his room, opening the closet for something the dark-haired male to wear.
"Why are you here, Oikawa? I'm assuming you aren't here just to take my mind off of her." Iwaizumi questioned, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Actually, I asked (y/n) if she could just hear you out. She'll be meeting us at the park." Oikawa admitted, already preparing for the worse.
"YOU DID WHAT!? YOU IDIOT! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" Hands wrapped around the collar of Oikawa's shirt, face dangerously close and seething with rage.
"Because you're both hurting! See for yourself!" He got out his phone, scrolling through the messages he and two of Karasuno's members had been exchanging, "Both Tobio-chan and that Small Fry has been sending me pictures of her during their practice and she's trying her best to cope, struggling just the same as you."
"Shut up Assikawa!! (y/n)... She doesn't want me back. If she did, we would have fixed our relationship by now." "I lost her because I messed up. And--" Oikawa threw a pair of jeans with an oversized dark blue denim jacket and a grey hoodie.
"Here. Wear this." It was also the same one he wore when they watched the game between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa, "That's what you wore on your first date, right?"
"I… yeah."
"Good. I'm sure she'd like it if you wore that instead. I'll give you ten minutes to freshen up." He left Iwaizumi to get ready, closing the door behind him, "Or at least, as much as you possibly can. Geez, I can't believe you're an emotional wreck!"
Was it okay? Was it okay to see you? Did you hate him? Or did you still care? Was there still a chance for the two of you to get back together? More questions than answers and honestly, he only wanted to know if you'd take him back again.
"Hey, are you really sure she'll be there?" He got out of his room, wearing the clothes Oikawa handed him.
"I'm sure but…" Looking at him up and down again, a smile on his lips. His usual cheerful and outwardly carefree expression was on his face, "Look at my Iwa-chan, all grown up and ready to get his girl back!"
"Shut up! This was your idea!"
"Huh? Does that mean you don't really plan on fixing all of this? Are you giving up?" Iwaizumi choked on nothing, that wasn't his intention. He wasn't giving up. He just didn't know how to.
"That's not…" He was struggling to get his words out.
"Just kidding, Iwa-chan~!" Oikawa received a hit behind the head, one of the usual violent punishments he would get from his best friend, "Gah! What'd you hit me for?!"
"Shut up!"
"Is your vocabulary only limited to that?"
"Shut up!"
The walk towards the meeting place was quiet. He was uneasy. What were you even expecting from him? A sorry? To beg for forgiveness? A hug perhaps? Because he'd be ready to give you anything and everything. Shit, he should have brought that scarf you made for him.
"Huh? She isn't here yet?" Oikawa looked around but you were nowhere to be found.
"I knew it. She hates me." The dark haired male crashed down on a nearby bench.
"Now, don't go all psychic on me Iwaizumi. I was only late." Standing up quickly as if he didn't drown in his sorrows sitting on that wooden seat.
"(y/n)!" The setter greeted, tackling you into a hug.
"Sorry Tooru, did I make you wait?" You asked, pulling away from his hold.
"Nope! We just got here. I had to make sure Iwa got all dressed up instead of coming here only in sweatpants. Or those nasty jeans I saw him wear when I got there." He shuddered when he felt Iwaizumi's glare hitting his back as he raised both of his hands, making his way to the sides, "Well, I'll be way over there before Iwa-chan hits me again!"
"So…" The both of you start, the male clearing his throat when you didn't open your mouth to speak.
"Uh, you go first." He gestured towards you as you shook your head.
"Tooru asked me to listen. Now, talk. I still have to help Kiyoko and Hitoka in handling the boys." Iwaizumi nodded, realizing what little time he had to explain.
"Right." He began, rubbing the back of his head, "Oikawa told me everything… that happened that day.
• • •
You have been meeting up with Oikawa for the past few days now. You planned on surprising him on your third anniversary and with his best friend's help, you knew he'd like it, especially if he and his team win against Shiratorizawa. Well, you want your team to win too, but can't choose which side you'd support so, you decided that whoever wins would avenge the other.
Aoba Johsai lost.
His team lost and you stood there at the balcony crying your tears out, both in frustration and happiness. The latter because of your team and the former for the loss. You excused yourself, looking for any of the third years in the team. And you happen to stumble upon Oikawa.
"Tooru!" You shouted, running towards the setter.
"(y/n)? Shouldn't you be with your team?" He asked, looking around for the crows. Or at least, his little rival other than Ushijima Wakatoshi.
"They'll understand why I left. But most importantly, how are the two of you? How's Hajime?" It was your turn to look for your boyfriend.
"I'm… not sure. Iwa-chan's probably with Mattsun and Makki. The others should be together." You nodded, grasping both of his hands in yours.
"I'm sorry for what happened, you were all really great! I promise we'll beat up Ushiwaka's ass for you two!" You declared, earning a chuckle from him.
"It's fine, (y/n)-chan." Oikawa ruffled your hair once you released his hands before remembering something, "Hey, why don't you give your present to him, I'm sure he'd like it especially when you've been at it for weeks. Isn't it your anniversary today? It'll help him a lot." You hugged the man in front of you, appreciating the help and support he has given you.
"I hope so. Ah well, thanks again for the help Tooru, I really appreciate it. I'm happy that Hajime has a friend like--" You were then cut off by a shout, your name echoing throughout the hall.
"Hajime! Great timing! I've got something--” You rushed towards him and was about to give him a hug when the look on his face made you stop.
“No. You don’t have to. I can see it perfectly clear.” Iwaizumi said as your brows furrowed.
“What do you mean?” You asked, glancing at the other two third-years behind him who only shrugged.
“What do I mean?! I should have known that you liked Oikawa from the start! We lost the game and the first person you went to find was him!? Unbelievable (y/n), unbelievable!” He bellowed, glaring at the two of you. His eyes were clouded with grief from losing and seeing you with his best friend triggered something he didn't want inside of him.
“W-what? That’s not true. Look, I just managed to bump into him and--” He cut you off again, his hands clenched tightly.
"Yeah okay, blame it on that!"
“Hey Iwaizumi, I think you should calm down a bit.” Hanamaki joined in, placing a hand on the shoulder of their vice-captain.
“Yeah, they were just talking. (y/n) was probably comforting him and asking for you.” Matsukawa added, getting ready to help his best friend if Iwaizumi ever decides to punch away his anger.
��Bullshit! I know what I saw! How do you explain those past few days huh?! I wanted to ask you out before the Interhigh and it so happened that I saw the two of you together. I ignored it because I trusted you!” He held back, not to get him and his team kicked out and bring shame to the school in his final year. Though it was painful, he knew he needed to get rid of it verbally, "If you wanted him then you should have said so from the start! I would have understood. So, I'm letting you go. That's what you want right? To be free from me?!"
"H-hey now, you don't mean that right? Why don't we take a seat a-and we'll talk this out, yeah?" You offered, walking towards him cautiously.
"Talk? You still want to talk?!! I'm done (y/n), okay!? Just leave me alone! I never want to see you ever again!" He lashes out, his emotions controlling every bit of his sanity.
“Idiot! You’re a total idiot!!” You screamed at him, closing your eyes in an attempt to stop the tears from falling. You don't want to let him see how weak he's making you, not in a situation like this.
“How did I become--!!”
“I asked Tooru to help me think up an idea for the gift I wanted to give you for our anniversary. He’s your best friend so I thought it was okay and that he’d be able to keep a secret. But surprise, surprise, you don’t like that kind of thing. You don’t need to be jealous of someone I don’t have feelings for! But hey, I guess you don’t trust me like you say you do!” Shuffling through your bag, you pushed an Aegean hued scarf with Olive colored horizontal lines near the fringe, “Here, take it. Burn it for all I care. We’re done.”
'Did she..? No wait, don't move. I'm sorry..' He thought, he couldn't voice the words out and even if he did, the damage was already done, 'Why can't I…? (y/n) please, let's talk…'
"Goodbye, Haji-- no, Iwaizumi-san…" Saying his last name added salt, tons of it, to the biggest wound ever inflicted on your heart. And on his too.
'I said don't go..! I can't reach you if you do. I can't feel myself, please don't go.' Again, the words wouldn't dare leave his mouth as he was also afraid that he'd say something wrong. He didn't dare blink, wanting to still see your figure within his vision, 'Let me see those hands again, I'll kiss it all better. Just don't leave me…'
"Oi, Oikawa!!" Suddenly he was on the floor with a bruised cheek and an angry setter in front of him, being held back by the other two they were with. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.
"I get it that you're like that towards me but (y/n) didn't do anything wrong! She asked me for what you wanted and this is the thanks she gets!?" His grip on his collar was tight as he was still able to get close to him despite being held down by two of their friends, "You saw those bandages on her hands right? Well, she made that scarf all by herself just for you! She did that despite knowing nothing about knitting!"
"I…" He started but, as if you were still there, the words he so wanted to stay retreated back down his throat.
"What!? You what, Iwaizumi!!?" Oikawa snapped, almost on the brink of insanity like how Iwaizumi was before you left, "Got anymore bad things to say about her!?!"
"Zip it, will you?! I know that she didn't do anything wrong! It's just my fucked up and tired self making all the excuses!" He looked down, burying his face in his hands.
"Y-you could still run after her. I'm sure she'd--" One of them said, patting his back.
"She won't. Six years and never did she go against her word once she's made up her mind. It'll take a shit load of convincing but, I doubt she'd want me back." He gave out a huff, walking away until his best friend stopped him.
"Then you've just got to be stubborn like usual and try your best." Oikawa spoke, pumping the depressed Iwaizumi up.
"Huh? Ah, y-yeah…"
• • •
"How long has it been since you last slept?" You asked him, caressing his cheeks with your thumb as he leaned into your touch.
"What?" He blinked a couple of times before sighing, "I slept, maybe for just a few hours before waking up again because every time I close my eyes, that face you gave me that day keeps coming back to me and…"
"And?" He didn't want to tell you but, this would be the chance that he couldn't take hold of on that day.
"And there's this stupid scene that keeps playing in my dreams, during that fight we had, you left and when I saw you again, you were so happy with someone else and that broke me." He wanted to cry but all he could do was ball his fists with his brows furrowed in anger. Anger towards himself and his stupid decisions, "My last words to you that day was to leave me alone. That I never wanted to see you again. But, I was wrong. I still want you here by my side. I still want to see you. I still want to hear your voice every morning after I wake up and every night before I sleep just like before."
"Iwaizumi…" You started but your words just went in one ear and out the other as he continued.
"What I'm saying is, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I fucked up. That my jealousy got in between the two of us. It was dumb of me and Oikawa's supposed to be the childish one." He chuckled bitterly, mostly to himself. Now that he spoke his mind, it was silly of him to feel that way. To feel, was it inferiority? "I guess I still wasn't used to being the one getting the attention instead of him who's always surrounded by fangirls everywhere. Or believe in the idea of someone who would actually love me and not use me just to get to him."
"Iwaizumi, never in my life was I attracted to him. You know that right? I told you this once before." He held both of your hands, placing the other on his cheek. It was as if he was touch deprived and wanted to make up for the times he was away from you.
"I know. It's just that… letting you go that day was the hardest thing I've ever done. I couldn't even stop you, I just stayed there. I tried, believe me, I tried but I couldn't. I wanted to make you stay. But losing my last game in high school and all my emotions were over the place that it took a toll on me." Iwaizumi admitted. Sighing for who knows how many times now.
"It's okay. I understand." He stared at you, confusion written all over his face.
"No, you don't! I'm not blaming this on my loss. I'm blaming this on myself, for doubting you. You've been loving me so right despite studying in different schools and all I did was hurt you! Days after we broke up, I've been feeding myself these useless reasons not to see you, telling myself that you're mad at me and that you don't need me anymore. I'm sorry. Please hate me…" He was crying, he didn't care anymore if anyone saw him so… vulnerable. You wiped it all away, a smile on your lips.
"Hajime." You started. It was the first time in weeks since he last heard you say his name, "I love you."
"W-what?" These words were the least he expected to come out of your mouth but, he wasn't complaining either.
"You heard me. I love you." You repeated before you giggled, "Sure yeah, you were totally an ass for not listening to me but it doesn't change the fact that I still love you. And I also heard from Tooru that you haven't been like yourself since that day, my fault entirely. I should have thought about what your reaction would be.
"You know… I tried to come up with tons of reasons to just give up, so we both wouldn't have to hurt like this. It would have been easier for both of us. But, I can't. I don't want things to be easy between us. Everything you do makes me fall for you over and over, deeper than the last time. And hearing you say that you still love me, makes me realize that I should have tried even harder." Iwaizumi hugged you tightly, afraid that this was all a dream and was about to wake up. Or was he going soft just for you? Because it was obviously not because of Oikawa.
"So, what do you want to happen to us? What's your call?" You asked looking up at him.
“What’s this? Are you two okay now?” The childish devil on Iwaizumi's shoulder popped in between the two of you, “You are! That’s great! I’ll tell them right now--!”
“You, hanger bastard! I’ll beat you up--” He was about to give Oikawa a piece of his mind when he heard your voice echo in his ear.
“Hanger bastard? What’s with the new insult?” You laughed out loud, the wing spiker smiled, missing the sound, "Where'd you get that?"
"I'll tell you tomorrow, I'm sure Mattsun and Makki want to get a say in this too." He suggested, receiving a nod from you.
"Hey Iwa-chan, you guys don't have to diss me every time you get jealous!!" Iwaizumi scoffed, ignoring the setter.
"Anyways, I'll fetch and take you home after practice. We've got a lot of catching up to do." He offered, intertwining both of your fingers together, “We can even start now, I’ll walk you to Karasuno.”
"I'd like that, Hajime."
Tumblr media
I gave you my heart and I don't regret not taking it back. My attention is yours and no one else's from the beginning until the end. 
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jaycewrites-192000 · 2 years
The Rest Of Our Lives
Levi Ackerman x Reader
It had all finally came to an end, the world could finally try its best to heal from years upon years of death.
Speaking of healing, he had gone through the worst of it over the years. And finally, he has the rest of his life to heal.
But he can't do it alone...
(Spoiler Warning!!! This story contains spoilers for the end of the Attack on Titan manga!!!)
It had been three years since that fateful battle. So many lives had been lost that day, good and bad, friend and enemy. Even the majority of the human population, eighty percent to be specific, had been wiped out just for the slim chance of peace, and even then, it wasn't completely guaranteed. But for now, all was calm. That day, was the battle between titan and human, heaven and earth. The day the dreaded rumbling had began, and soon ended. It resulted in many deaths and plenty of injuries, the worst landed upon Levi Ackerman. Humanity's strongest soldier was nearly killed, but he wasn't given that title for nothing. He was still living today, though missing a few fingers, a working eye, and finally his permanently damaged leg. It wasn't too much of a problem, as there were no longer any titans to fight. Though, it was somewhat, shameful in his eyes. That after everything, a busted leg is what holds him down. He wasn't even elderly, and yet he needed constant help. He grateful for the help however, though he wished he didn't have to burden people with his problem so much.
But, it wasn't a burden or a problem to her.
She was there by his side for as long as he can remember. She fought by his side during expeditions, comforted him during his low points, and even risked her life over and over to keep him safe and alive. He can't say he's never done the same for her. Maybe it was her constant attention and care, that made him fall in love with her. At the time, it was horrible. He fell in love with someone he could so easily loose, but now in a world free of titans, he could love her as much as he wanted. And the same goes for her. They both confessed their love for each other shortly before the rumbling began, then he proposed to her after everything settled.
And so, here they were, in their own little cabin next to a beautiful lake, surrounded by tall pine trees. They both were outside today, rested on the bench that sat right before the lake. Hand in hand, her head leaning on his shoulder. Their gentle breaths in sync with one another. The calmness of the quiet air, aided to their ease. For once in their lives, they felt no need for worry or panic, or when the next attack from the titans would be. And they would never need for such worries again.
Her eyes slowly opened, she smiled as the first thing she saw, was her soon to be husband. Even with the scars, he was still as handsome as ever. Though, his eyes were distant and somewhat empty. Why? "Levi?" She spoke softly. "Are you ok?" Levi finally blinked, sighing softly he looked down at you. "I'm fine. Why do you ask?" She sits up to meet his gaze. "You seem, a little distant. Are you tired?" Levi shakes his head before placing his hand on his scar. "Just thinking." He muttered. Was that what this was about? This would happen every now and then, Levi would just stare at himself in the mirror. Well, less himself and more at his blinded eye, the two long scars that covered it. It started from the top of his eye down to his lip. He considered himself lucky, that explosion Zeke Yeager caused could have just killed him all together. But it only costed him an eye and a few fingers.
Still she wondered, did he hate how he looked now? He never commented on it before, so she just assumed he didn't care. But the way his overall expression would falter anytime he saw it, or tried to lifted his hand, or even when he tried to stand. "Levi? You know I didn't think less of you because of those scars." She placed her hand on top of his damaged one. "Or your hand. Or your leg. I still love you. I always have and I always will. This doesn't change a thing." Y/n say softly, trying to reassure him. "I...I know that Y/n. But....it's not that...not this time." Levi looks up at the sky. It was a soft orange, signifying the end of the day. "Every time I wake up, I wonder when it will happen." Y/n blinks a few times, not really understanding. "When what will happen?" She asks. "When they will come back. The titans. Before, at any moment, we could die at the hands of those giant bastards." Y/n would be lying if she said she hadn't felt the same at sometimes.
"But Levi, that was before. They're gone now. There are no more titans, we're safe." She explains to him.
"For how long?"
The panic in his voice was clear. Y/n took both of his hands and held them in her own. Her eyes full of sincerity as she spoke. "Levi, I know how you're feeling. But, you were there that day. We both were, the titans are gone. They died along with Eren." It still pained you to say it. Though in the end Eren was acting rash and out of hand, you still remembered him as the same young boy with hope in his heart that one day, the world would be a one without titans. It was a shame that he let it go to his head, and because of that, he was responsible for nearly exterminating all of humanity. Therefore, he had to face the consequences of his actions and pay the ultimate price. Poor kid...
"There are no trace of titans left. We're safe. You're safe. And you will never have to worry about stuff like that ever again." You bring his hands up and kiss them gently. Making sure he felt your love, even through his missing fingers. "And I won't ever leave your side. I'll always be here for you Levi. To care for you, to love you, for the rest of our lives."
A sudden wetness on your hands made you flinch. You look up to expecting to see rain, but instead, you saw Levi, crying. He sniffles a few times before leaning closer to you, until his head rested on your shoulder. You smiles and rub his back in a soothing manor. Through his sobs, you could make out a feint "thank you" from Levi.
You meant every word. You will always be there for him. And he in return would always be there for you. You two will always have each other, for the rest of your lives.
Another year has come to pass, Levi and Y/n had finally married, and proud to call themselves Mr and Mrs Ackerman. And Mrs Ackerman was expecting and due to deliver soon. There were congratulations given all around. From Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie, Reiner, even Falco and Gabi. Even Mikasa. It was a bit surprised that she came to visit. Mikasa had became distant ever since Eren died, she was the one that killed him after all. She had been by Eren side for many many years, and in the end, she was the one that put him to rest. It took quite a toll on her. But she was recovering, slowly but surely.
Y/n wished so desperately that Hanji and Erwin could have been here today. Though, she bet that Hanji would have been pretty sad without having anymore titans to experiment on. But deep down she knew, that they were still here, even if she couldn't see them. Levi knew it as well. They would both regularly visit their graves to pay respects and generally just talk about what's going on in their lives. Hanji would have been so thrilled to know that Levi and Y/n settled down to start a family. From the very beginning, Hanji had always hoped you two would get together. She even went as far as teasing her and Levi, which would normally result in a kick to the back from Levi. Not too hard though, he didn't want to break her spine. And Erwin, he would just be happy to see Levi happy with someone. And of course Levi's former squad would be happy that he was at peace with himself. They all would be so proud of him.
When it came time for Y/n to deliver, it was one of the most stressful and wonderful days of Levi's life. Fortunately, Y/n was just fine afterwards and gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl. She resembled Levi the most, with her black hair and her grey-blue eyes. She had some of Y/n's features as well, like her skin tone and her facial features.
"What should we name her?" Y/n spoke softly as she held her baby close. "We haven't came up with a name for her yet?" Levi mutters. They were spending more time preparing themselves for a new addition to their small family, that they hardly had time to think of one. Levi gently stroked his daughter's cheek, she gave a tiny smile in return before her face returned to a more sleepy one. It made Levi's heart race. This was his daughter, he made that! Well, really Y/n did, but it meant just as much to him. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever think that he would have children. Then again, he never thought he would meet someone like Y/n either. Levi's stone expression dropped, a smile of his own made it onto his face.
"Levi, I've actually had one in mind for a while. But, I wasn't sure if...you would be ok with it." Y/n spoke hesitantly. Levi held her hand, such a small gesture, made sure she knew she didn't have to keep anything from him. "I know how close you were to Farlan and Isabell." Levi's breathing halted for a second. "More specifically, how much Isabell looked up to you. I know she saw you as a brother, but...what I'm trying to say is, what if we named her, Isabell?" Y/n looked down at her baby, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms. It was true, Farlan and Isabell were like family to Levi, it was devastating the way they died. He wasn't there to help them, if he was, maybe they would be here today. He missed them dearly...
When Levi didn't respond, Y/n became worried. "I-I mean, we don't have to. I was just-"
"It's perfect." Levi cut her off. "Our little Isabell." He says with another warm smile. Y/n returned the smile before kissing her daughter's head. "Welcome to the world, Isabell." She whispers.
With this, Levi knew he was living for so much more. He had a woman who loved him with all her heart, despite how he looks now. And now, he had a child. Though this world was without titans, it doesn't mean there won't be another danger that was out there, just waiting to snatch his happiness away from him. But Levi wouldn't let it. Levi swore this very day, to protect his wife and daughter with everything he had. Despite injury, despite age, he would never let anything or anyone harm his family. Because for now on, it will be only them, together.
For the rest of their lives.
Tumblr media
(This was not stolen! This story was reposted from my Wattpad account!)
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iamwestiec · 2 years
June 17: Chengxian 💜🖤💕
childhood friends to lovers/QPPs, ace Jiang Cheng, bi & aro Wei Wuxian, modern AU
(A/N: If you're wondering about a certain other someone, he will have a wonderful, full life of his own in Suzhou in this AU but is not in this story. 💙 There are some brief mentions of offscreen ace-antagonism, not by anyone we know.)
Read on ao3
Jiang Cheng had been Wei Ying's best friend in the whole world for his entire life.
Okay. Well, not quite his entire life, but certainly since Wei Ying’s parents moved to California when he was little little, which was about as far back as Wei Ying could remember anyway. Wei Ying’s baba and Jiang Cheng’s baba had grown up in Wuhan together and been best friends when they were kids, so naturally, when Wei Ying’s family moved into the same neighborhood as the Jiangs, it made perfect sense for Wei Ying and Jiang Cheng to become best friends too.
It was Jiang Cheng who had taught Wei Ying that he didn't have to be afraid of dogs, by introducing him to Princess, Jasmine, and Lil' Love. Lil' Love lived up to her name, coming and quietly sitting in all her fluffy glory on Wei Ying’s lap every time he went over to play.
It was also Jiang Cheng who Wei Ying got drunk with for the first time. They snuck booze from the cabinet where Wei Ying’s parents kept it and laughed at the faces each other made with every shot until they stopped tasting the harsh burn, and then laughing more just because.
(Wei Ying’s mom had not laughed, not at the time, when the two teens had been sick as anything the next morning, but instead made them a gloriously greasy late breakfast and gave them lots of advice about proper hydration.
Then she told Jiang Cheng’s mom and let her scold them.)
It was Jiang Cheng who came out first, their first semester in college, when he told Wei Ying he didn't think he wanted to have sex with anyone, ever, and asked if Wei Ying thought that meant no one would ever want to date him. Wei Ying hugged him tight and told him he didn't know about everyone out there, but he knew Jiang Cheng was the best guy in the world and would be an awesome boyfriend, and he'd fight anyone who said differently.
Jiang Cheng found a group on campus for third culture LBGT kids, and Wei Ying went with him, as a supportive ally.
Which was how Wei Ying figured out that he was not just a supportive ally.
In listening to the others talk about orientation and identity and attraction and cultural expectations, Wei Ying realized that what he'd always assumed was normal—finding all kinds of people physically attractive, regardless of their gender—was actually his bisexuality. So that was kind of cool.
"So yeah, now we can be queer together!" Wei Ying said, when he excitedly shared his newfound realization with Jiang Cheng.
Jiang Cheng snorted. "Yeah, 'all' and 'nothing,'" he joked.
It was Jiang Cheng who'd helped him practice what to say to his parents when he wanted to change his major at the end of sophomore year, and Jiang Cheng who reminded him to eat and sleep and "take a fucking break, Wei Ying," those next couple semesters when he took way too many hours so he wouldn't have to rack up a whole extra year's worth of student loans to finish his new degree plan.
It was Jiang Cheng who graduated first, on a gorgeous blue-skyed sunny day in May, and Jiang Cheng who suggested Wei Ying keep living with him at his new apartment, so he wouldn't have to try to find a one-semester lease until he finished in December.
(They renewed the lease together every time.)
Jiang Cheng ribbed him playfully each time Wei Ying met someone new, but he was always there each times things fizzled out after a few months for reasons that never quite made sense to Wei Ying.
Jiang Cheng occasionally dated too, and Wei Ying was glad he never did have to fight anybody—though he did drive Jiang Cheng to the emergency room the time he came home with split knuckles from punching a guy who, "seemed to think I didn't know my own mind about certain things."
But dating sucked for everybody, right? It wasn't like Wei Ying or Jiang Cheng were in any hurry to settle down and do the whole spouse and kids thing or whatever. Wei Ying tried to imagine it and just... couldn't, though the image of Jiang Cheng with a baby was admittedly pretty cute.
It was not Jiang Cheng, but Jiang Yanli, a few months after she proposed to her girlfriend and they started planning their wedding, who Wei Ying finally asked, "Yanli-jie, how does a person decide someone else is their person?"
Jiang Yanli looked across the room to where Jiang Cheng was showing her soon-to-be-wife how to put side spin on a billiards ball and smiled. "I think you just know," she said. "You meet someone and you get to know them, spend time together, then one day you realize you love them and want to build the rest of your life with them."
Wei Ying wrinkled his nose. "I dunno if it works that way for me. Just some random person? I've never met anyone I can imagine wanting to live with all the time. Well, besides—huh..." he cut off suddenly and darted a look over at Jiang Yanli, who just calmly sipped her drink.
"Have you ever told him that?" she asked, after a moment where Wei Ying reassessed his entire life and dating history. "I think he might appreciate hearing it."
"I... huh. Yanli-jie, you're kinda blowing my mind here," he complained.
"I gathered," she said wryly, before fixing him with a smile that made all the hair on the back of his neck stand up. "Of course, I trust," she told him, "that I do not need to explain to you of all people how very dearly I hold my didi's happiness and well-being."
He swallowed and raised three fingers in the salute he'd used ever since the summer that—hah—he and Jiang Cheng had decided as kids that they would make their own oath of brotherhood like the heroes of their favorite show. "I, Wei Ying, swear to you that I would kick my own ass before I did anything to hurt him."
Jiang Yanli leaned over to knock her shoulder against his and nodded. "That's what I thought."
Turned out, dating Jiang Cheng didn't suck at all.
It felt easy in a way Wei Ying’s past dates never had, less like trying to keep up with a game whose rules everybody knew except him, more like... well, like spending time with his best friend in the whole world, but on purpose. There was also a tension in the back of Wei Ying’s mind that seemed to have lifted, though he couldn't quite pinpoint what it was that had gone.
It was Jiang Cheng who helped him figure it out.
"I think it's that now I'm able to count on this. On us," he said, when Wei Ying brought it up. "Before, whenever you went out with someone new, I wondered if this would be the time you'd find someone to fall in love with and leave me behind."
"Aww, Chengcheng! I would never!"
Jiang Cheng huffed and rolled his eyes, but his cheeks were pink. "Well, I know that now," he said, a pleased little smile breaking through his attempts at a scowl.
"As long as you're sure—" Wei Ying began, still getting used to thinking about himself with the word "aromantic." Still a so very sure that Jiang Cheng deserved to be fallen in love with.
"Hey!" Jiang Cheng cut him off. "None of that. I know you. And I know you don't see it this way, but I personally think it's pretty damn romantic that you choose to love me, on purpose."
"I simply have exquisite taste in life partners," Wei Ying sniffed, embarassed the way he always got when Jiang Cheng declared something he'd done "romantic."
"You do," Jiang Cheng agreed. "Someone told me a long time ago I was the best guy in the world and would make an awesome boyfriend, and that he would fight anyone who said differently."
Wei Ying laughed. "That's you and your sister I've promised to kick my own ass if I ever break your heart, then. Guess I'll just have to keep you forever."
"Damn right, you will," Jiang Cheng agreed, grinning smug and happy and breathtakingly beautiful. Wei Ying leaned across the couch to give him a sweet, closed-mouth kiss—the kind Jiang Cheng had shyly admitted he actually did like, a lot—and smiled too, at how lucky he'd gotten to be with his best friend in the whole world for his entire life.
Today's (extremely long!) thread was inspired by this WONDERFUL art of ace Jiang Cheng and bi & aro Wei Ying! Go give Midori some love on Twitter!
I spent a nonzero amount of time googling to double check when various terms and flags came into vogue, so if you're wondering, WWX & JC were in college in the early 2000s, before the ace and aro flags were designed. By the time they get themselves figured out, they can get their cute wristbands.
...which, yes, means these dingdongs spent about a solid decade living together before realizing that was what they wanted to do forever. 😉
This also means Jiang Yanli and her unnamed wife here are getting married between when California started recognizing same-sex marriages in 2008 and the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in 2015! THIS SHIT'S RECENT!!!
Happy Pride, thank you for reading, check out more LGBTQIA+ sweetness on my #PrideMonthSnippets Masterpost!
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I’m sorry if you’ve answered this question before but…
What is Sylvie’s trauma?
I tried asking this one person but they got mad and said it was obvious along with a couple other words, it isn’t obvious to me. They framed it as if it’s terrible but I don’t know what it is, what happened to her that was so bad to cause trauma, she doesn’t seem like she’s effected by anything, she doesn’t really show flaws that would make me think she’s been through hell.
She beats people up very easily and stands by smug while throwing Loki into a bookshelf, she’s written to be perfect and not really effected by anything at all but that forfeits any chance at making me feel bad for her, now I can’t really understand what makes her story so tragic and terrible because she comes off as being superior to everyone else. She’s also kind of abusive… so it doesn’t make me feel bad for her at all.
Oh I'm sorry the other user got mad, dear 🤗 (I didn't expect I'd have this much to say about Sylvie but hey, this got long. Oops!).
Frankly they don't do a good enough job in the series laying it all out, I'm convinced it's because they didn't care enough about her to really work on her character which is a shame because Sylvie has a lot of potential if only they knew how to write well.
As per the series she's mad because she was taken from her home when she was a child, living what I assume was a happy life on Asgard: she had been told she was adopted so it's safe to say Odin's family dynamics in her universe were entirely different to what Loki experienced... lucky girl.
In the scenes we see of her as a kid they show her playing with toys, a dragon and a Valkyrie, where the latter wins and defeats the dragon. The other scene is a man struggling and her asking Ravonna to help him. These two scenarios basically try to paint her as a good girl who loves Asgard and cares about other people (in opposition to how selfish Loki is. Ugh and people say this wasn't Sylvie's series..).
Then back in Lamentis she's convinced being born the goddess of mischief is the reason she was taken, she says she ran and everywhere and everywhen she went the TVA followed because she's "not supposed to exist". But all this is mere speculation on her part since later on in the episode she asks Ravonna what her nexus event was. She also thinks Lokis are "destined to lose" so she doesn't think too high of herself either (the problem with this is that's the only moment we get it from her because in the rest of her characterization we don't see this at all, quite the opposite in fact).
So she hates the TVA because they took her from her home and she was never capable of going back, she had to run and she could never stop because they kept searching for her and she was never able to just stay and try to form a life anywhere, or build any kind of lasting relationship with anybody. And as per her own words she's convinced that being a woman is why they go after her.
Now, all this is a good foundation for a character. I was actually interested the first time I watched this because I thought they were going to do something with it... but after they mention all this what else do we get from her? Nothing of interest. They didn't know how to show it on-screen so they never did, she keeps her smug attitude at all times, she doesn't change except for two or three scenes where she might sound... kinder? But that only lasts for a moment and it never sticks, then she treats the only man who's helping her and trying to get to her like shit not to mention she takes the spotlight from him and her plan and her wants and needs are the only thing that matters.
They went full on "tell, don't show" so even if her scene in Lamentis (a scene that personally, I think it's her best in the series) portrays a woman who doesn't like herself and thinks her mere existence is something the universe actively fights against, the rest of the series she's a Mary Sue who thinks everyone else is beneath her and acts accordingly - even defending her own actions at one point in ep5.
I'd say it's perfectly fine for her to be traumatized, having to leave her comfortable home and family at such a young age, having to run from one apocalypse to another because an organization she doesn't know is trying to imprison her, living among people who are about to die and have no hope for the future... it's pretty creepy. But the writers and director did a terrible job out of it.
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cockleshq · 2 years
Cockles HQ Weekly #3: FanFic recommendations pt 1
Tumblr media
For privacy reasons, the names of our members are left out. The answers are based on personal opinions. We do not ask our members or the people who read this to agree or disagree. Take from it what you find useful or enjoy. Please be respectful of opinions given.
For this third edition of ‘The Weekly’ we asked our members the following:
Could you share links to your favourite Destiel/ Cockles fan fics? (max 3) And shortly explain why these are worth reading?
Okay so, since it was hard to stick with just three, the lists became longer and longer, hence the need to divide it into multiple posts. Here is part 2 (destiel fanfics)
Here is part 3 (destiel fanfics)
Read the recs below the break.
(Fics are in no particular order. Please always read the author's tags before reading)
The Plot - by Castiel_Left_His_Mark_On_Me
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, Misha Collins/Victoria Vantoch, Genevieve Cortese/Jared Padalecki
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 79590
Summary: Jensen has it pretty good: great wife, great kid, great job and great friends. He's content ... that is, until his great wife and great friends plot against him. His perfect little world is quickly obliterated, but sometimes— piecing something back together actually makes it better in the long run.
Part 1 of Copious Cockles
Part 2 of Destiel/ Cockles Chapter Series
Anonymous: The Plot from the lovely @Castiel_left_his_mark_on_me is I think one of the first or rather most memorable Cockles fics I have read. This fic is incredible! Such a rollercoaster of emotions - sad, happy, sad again, angry, elated. I love it so much! It holds a warm place in my heart
Boat Trip - by mnwood
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Danneel Harris/ Vicki Vantoch, Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, Misha Collins/Vicki Vantoch, Danneel Harris/ Vicki Vantoch
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 5887
Summary: The Ackles and Collins families go on a boat trip together.
Part 4 of When Harry Met Sally 'Verse
Anonymous: Polycule fic in the WHMS verse - this is just really hot honestly. Porn with feelings is the best kind, right? (I assume that the whole of WHMS will already be on the list, being a fandom classic and all)
More than Whiskey in Mind - by n_nami
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, Misha Collins/Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles/Misha Collinx/Danneel Harris
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 2368
Summary: For once, Jensen enjoys an evening just watching.
Anonymous: Jenmisheel PWP - this is short, but I really liked the vibe, and there's never enough jenmisheel in my life
Haven't I Met You Before - by faerie_lights
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/ Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 1,710
Summary: “You are endless too. In life after life, we have found each other. Have crashed into each other at full speed. Past and future, our lives are irrevocably, beautiful, miraculously intertwined. We belong together. In every life.”
Anonymous: I love how she writes and I am a very picky reader. It's a quick read, porn with feelings, a little pick me up!
Slippery when wet - by n_nami
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Mature
Warnings: -
Words: 3965
Summary: It seems like no matter what they do, they always end up - like this.
Nectarines - by Las
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: -
Words: 687
Summary: Some days you want Castiel out of your head.
Ring in the New Year - by Las
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/ Misha Collins
Rating: Mature
Warnings: -
Words: 5831
Summary: Two times Misha fell asleep at Jensen's, and one time he didn't.
Nearer To A Beginning Than An End - by anastiel
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 2323
Summary: Misha had thought, coming back to film the finale after the long gap due to the pandemic, that he was prepared to say goodbye to this city, to this place that they called theirs for the past few years. After quarantine, the moment he saw Jensen and held him that first night back in their condo, city lights sparkling like diamonds outside the window, he’d realized how unprepared he really was.
Two more mornings.
Anonymous: I like anastiel's Cockles' fics very much, they are short and spicy. For me it's important that they are filled with many feels.
Take Me Out (To The Ballgame) - by n_nami
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Danneel Harris/Vicki Vantoch
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 63004
Summary: Things need to change - for himself, and the city of St. Louis, Misha decides when he chooses to run for mayor. He doesn't know just how much they will change when Jensen Ackles, famous Shortstop of the Cardinals, joins him for a charity event.
Anonymous: I wouldn't normally read a cockles AU, but this one really works (and made me care about baseball! Dean plays baseball, Misha is a politician, it sounds absurd, but roll with it, it's amazing
When In Rome - by Bluebox_Parchment
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 2852
Summary: It's been over a year since they last did a convention and for some hateful reason, Misha is first up on stage. It's hell. Super Mega Gay Turbo Hell, because people just will not stop bringing up the shitfest of a finale. And then of course, Jared and Jensen decide to crash the panel.
Anonymous: When in Rome by Bluebox_Parchment (which I think is someone on this server, but I don't want to point fingers without confidence)
Un Ballet de Débuts ('A Dance of Beginnings') - by BrielleSPN, Serenhawk
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Misha Collins/Vicki Vantoch. Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 40,540
Summary: This is a story of Misha and Jensen. It's told through snapshots of pivotal moments beginning that fateful day on set in 2008, and traverses milestones in their eight year dance of friendship, partnership, struggles and joys, to see how they arrived where they are today.
Though threaded together, each chapter could also stand alone. They are intended as emotional polaroids capturing conversations and experiences, explored via alternating POV's depending on whom we felt would be best to tell each occasion through. Beginning with first meeting, the story moves through crushes, declarations, fights and reconciliations, all within a polyamorous framework. There isn't a large cast of characters because this is all about Jensen and Misha, and their entirely unique choreography. Vicki and Danneel feature only in the background. One author writes Jensen, the other Misha.
Part 9 of Cockles smuts and stuffs
Anonymous: It is one of my favourite Cockles fics, written by BrielleSPN & @serenhawk (thank you so much for it)The personality are so well written, and it's how I feel them
Anonymous 2: The whole Cockles smuts and stuffs is worth a read! I love how Misha and Jensen are written in these stories and the fluff and smut is very well written!
Cockles (series) - by FieryAngel
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 47,761
Summary: -
Anonymous: A very VERY hot and steamy collection of short stories and really deserves the Explicit rating.
Orizuru - by kadielkrieger
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: -
Words: 46,625
Summary: No matter how insignificant the question, Jensen has always craved answers. The origami birds scattered in his path are no exception - each accompanying message more obscure and more pointed than the last. As he slowly becomes the proud owner of a growing paper menagerie, Jensen has to decide whether to follow the clues or follow his heart.
Carry On My Wayward (Heart) - by EllenOfOz, MandalaRose
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Jesen Ackles/Danneel Harris (referenced), Misha Collins/Vicki Vantoch (referenced)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: -
Words: 5,341
Summary: Jensen and Misha can survive two weeks quarantine across the hall from each other, right?
In which Jensen struggles to win a bet, and Misha has feelings about Jensen's quarantine hair.
Anonymous: Such a soft fic about our two favourite boys in quarantine
Rachmaninov & Chill - by Serenhawk
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, Misha Collins/OFC (past relationship), Rob Benedict/OFC
Rating: Mature
Warnings: -
Words: 46219
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that falling for your roommate is a Very Bad Idea. So accidentally falling for his roommate, who may-or-may-not be involved with his other roommate, might just turn out to be one of the most regrettable things Misha has ever done.
Anonymous: I never thought I was going to like a Cockles Au but yes, and I'm in love with the characters, thank you so much @serenhawk
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andmyvape · 2 years
"Please tell me you're not wearing that."
Elayn looked down, then back up with a wide grin. She tugged at her bright rainbow suspenders with her thumbs. "What, not tacky enough?"
Serana gave the ensemble another slow scan. "No, it's… definitely tacky. The combat boots with the khaki shorts is a nice touch."
The grin got wider as she stuffed her hands into her pockets. "They're going to be throwing candy, and I wasn't anywhere near prepared enough last time."
Serana rolled her eyes, but softened it with a smile. "You're ridiculous."
"Isn't that why we're dating?" her girlfriend asked as they headed out the door.
She took a moment to lock up while Serana laughed. "'Careless Whisper' on a boom box outside my window. I can't believe my dad didn't kill you. I know you stole that, by the way. We both went to see that movie when it came out."
"They marketed it as a romcom!" Elayn protested.
They were in the car now. It would be a trick to find parking, but they were running early thanks to Serana's habit of scheduling everything. Elayn was more the type to go with the flow, but living together had her adapted enough that the flow she went with was largely dictated by Serana's schedule. As a research chemist, she worked interesting hours at times, but Elayn was a good roommate, she cooked and cleaned, mostly because she had the time. Lacrosse wasn't a well paying sport compared to something like soccer, but the off seasons gave her plenty of time to maintain their loft. 
"Five dollars an hour?" Elayn griped as the machine printed out their ticket. 
"Homophobia strikes again," Serana said with mock solemnity. 
She snorted and wrapped an arm around her girlfriend's waste. "Which park did you say this thing started in again?" 
It was a little place surrounded by tall buildings, but it was a green patch in a city largely made out of grey. It being Pride Month, the grey was broken up by rainbows. The two wandered around as they waited for the parade to start. 
Well, at least, they started to wander when Elayn caught sight of a dog and all but dragged her girlfriend over to say hi. 
"What's his name?" she asked, so full of enthusiasm she practically floated. "Can I pet him?" 
The dog's owner, someone with a short haircut in a crop top that was orange, yellow, and white striped, nodded. "If he lets you. Sometimes he's not so-- oh gosh," they said, eyes wide as they watched Elayn kneel down and offer a hand to sniff that was immediately accepted. "You must have good vibes." 
"She's a dog person," Serana said with a laugh as the dog put its front paws on Elayn's shoulders so he could lick her face. 
"What's his name?" she asked through slobbery kisses. 
The butch grinned. "That's Duke, I'm Cas. It's nice to meet you!" 
The two introduced themselves just in time for a volunteer to come up with bottles of water. "Our city got voted best water in the state," she said cheerfully. "Take a few, it's gonna be a hot one." 
Before the march, there were speeches. The first was an introduction to the city's first pride parade since the 80s. The second was from a drag queen inviting everyone to the show later that night. Finally, the speeches were closed by an Episcopalian pastor trying to make up for the rest of Christianity's sins. 
"It's starting!" Elayn said excitedly when the crowd started to funnel out of the park. 
The march went down the sidewalk for a few blocks. Traffic was halted and the waiting cars honked while passengers waved. Elayn waved a lesbian flag, Serana had a bi flag, and the two of them dragged a rainbow striped cooler. 
"Mom! Mom!" Elayn heard behind her. "Look, it's two cicadas going at it!" 
She glanced behind her. There was a set of twins, about twelve years old, one of them draped in a trans flag and holding the cicadas that were indeed trying to reproduce. Elayn snorted and hit herself in the face trying to keep a laugh contained. "You like bugs, huh?" 
The girl in the trans flag beamed. "They're my favorite! Well, except for tarantulas, but Mom won't let me have one." 
"The rabbit gets out of its cage enough." The way the girl's mom said it, this was an age old argument. "I don't want to squash it when it ends up in my shoe."
"I had a snake when I was growing up," Serana chimed in. "A corn snake that never got out." 
The twins turned out to be part of a family unit. One twin was trans, and their older brother was too, and as Elayn found soon, was very excited to start HRT. "Get a Gc2b binder," she said. "When I'm feeling like a flat day, it works really well." 
The boy, a younger fourteen, practically floated with excitement. "I will!" 
Serana chatted with the parents while Elayn occupied the kids. "Have you folks been to Pride before?" 
Their mom, a woman named Chelsea, shook her head. "Nope, both kids came out last September and they've been talking about the festival ever since." 
"You seem like really supportive parents," Serana said. It carried the weight of one speaking who has not had contact with their parents since high school. 
Chelsea could tell, and she opened her arms for a hug that Serana was more than happy to accept. 
The march was only about a mile long, and it ended in another park. Elayn craned her neck and said, "I think I see the beer line, wait here?" 
"We will!" said the girl, who was very proud to be named Luna now. 
Serana and Chelsea shared a grin. "I guess we'll wait here," the mom said. 
It was a bit of a line, which was probably not a good thing, but apparently people were restricted on how many drinks they could buy, so at least there was that. While Elayn waited, she was joined by two people wearing pronoun pins that said "she/her". 
Elayn's jaw dropped at the sight of one of the girls' dress, which was a flowing, fae like ensemble. "Holy shit!" she said. "You look amazing!" 
She blushed and ducked her head as she smiled. "Thank you, I got it from Amazon." 
"It's her first Pride," her friend added.
That just amazed Elayn more. "With the sparkles and the green eyeshadow, I wouldn't have guessed. Everything you've got going on is just amazing."
"Thank you!" she squeaked. 
Elayn wasn't alone in thinking the dress was gorgeous. Another person came up to compliment it, and they had such dope tattoos that Elayn could not help but comment. 
"The guy that did them is great," they gushed. "He does blacklight work too!" 
So she got a website saved on her phone for the next time she really wanted to get a tattoo on top of the three she already had; scrollwork on her bicep, a wolf on her shoulder blade, and a small date on her wrist that was the day she met Serana. 
When she got back to her girlfriend and the others, an IPA in hand that was frankly piss, she told them about the girl in the fae dress. 
"I saw her!" Serana exclaimed. 
"No way." 
Next was food, especially if she was going to drink a beer. Assuming she actually drank it. "There's some food trucks," she pointed out. "I could go for a corndog." 
"I'm going to get some mac and cheese," Serana said. 
"Mom! Mom!" Luna's twin brother, Ian, tugged at his mom's sleeve. "Can we get pretzels?" 
Chelsea sighed good-naturedly. "I suppose. Do you two want to meet up after?" 
"Over by the stage?" Elayn suggested. 
The group separated. She found the line for corndogs and funnel cake. While she was waiting, the woman ahead of her glanced her way, so Elayn said, "Howdy!" 
"Hey there, hun!" She clapped her on the shoulder. "Having a good time?" 
"I am," she said with a grin. "Everyone here is so nice. There were some moms back there handing out hugs!" 
"Well, I'm a mom, would you like a hug?" 
"I would love that." 
It was a lovely hug, the woman was warm and smelled floral. When they separated, she said, "I'm Elayn! It's good to meet you. Can I get you a corndog?" 
As she pulled out her wallet, the woman waved her money away. "It's Nessa, and actually, I'd like to buy you a corndog." 
"You don't have to--" 
Nessa laughed. "I miss my daughters, you'd be doing me a favor." 
They chatted while the line went down, about lacrosse and about university. It turned out Nessa's two daughters went off to college in other cities, so it had been a while since she saw either. "I had a son," she said. "But now I have a very happy daughter, and I'm so proud of her." 
"I wish I had a mom like you," Elayn said, thinking about growing up foster care. 
Nessa grabbed her in another hug. "Now you do!" 
When she got back to Serana and the others, they were listening to the music booming from the speakers. She had to yell to tell the group about her new mom. 
Chelsea looked a little sad, because she could connect the dots, but Luna and Ian were too busy freaking out over the cotton candy Nessa had bought her too. 
Not long after, the stage was occupied. Elayn was chatting with Luna with her back turned, so she missed it until Serana tapped her shoulder and turned her around. 
"Holy shit!" She hollered and clapped at the sight of a gorgeous, sequin clad drag queen in four inch heels doing a backflip off the stage and onto grass. "Holy shit!" 
As it turned out, the drag queens took tips, and it was at that point that Elayn knew she was about to spend a lot of money. Each queen that performed, and there were many, got a five in exchange for the sheer joy Elayn got when the queen before her touched her hand. 
When there was a break in the performances, she went back to Serana, who had a smirk on her face. "Should I be jealous?" 
Elayn cupped her face, and in a fit of sheer enthusiasm, kissed her girlfriend soundly, to the delight of the twins who hooted. "Don't worry, babe," she teased. "You're the only queen for me." 
"Flatterer." Serana swatted at her chest, but the smile on her face was pleased regardless. 
It was all a blur from there. Fair food, loud music-- and Elayn found beer that wasn't piss! She taught the twins a new vocabulary of cuss words the moment she found out their mom was fine with foul language. They parted around five in the afternoon, when a voice through a megaphone warned attendants that the festival was about to start catering to adults. There was a concert with more drag queens, this time in much more risqué outfits that Elayn would have given a kidney to see on Serana. 
When she said something, her girlfriend got a light in her eye. "Really now?" she purred. "Maybe for your birthday." 
By 11pm, Elayn was high on the party atmosphere and a few beers. The festival was over, and the walk back to their car would be a trick. "Did you have fun?" she asked Serana as they walked hand in hand. 
She got a kiss on the cheek. "I'm so glad I have you. When are we getting married?"
"When I figure out how to surprise you with a ring." 
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