#which means either peter and talia have another sibling
Okay, I’m just all up in my Hale Family Feels™ today, apparently.
In “Magic Bullet,” Derek says he and Laura were at school when the fire was started at their house. Eleven people were trapped inside. Peter survived, so that makes ten. Mark off Cora, too, since they thought she died, that’s nine, and of course, Talia. Which leaves eight more. Who are the other eight people??? And it was also said some were human. And that there were children. Plural. More than one. 
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seven-oomen · 2 years
Yay, I’m glad you’re feeling better!  I’ve still got some time before work, so have a few more thoughts.  :D
First, re: Laura’s age, I’m pretty sure that if she was allowed to legally take Derek (16 at best at the time) with her to NY (which I assume she was or I’m sure it would have been mentioned by either Stiles or Noah), she would have had to be at least 18, possibly 21 at the time (I think that might vary state to state, I know 18 is CA legal age for sex) that they left (and she wouldn’t have been able to access their money if she was wanted for kidnapping - leather jackets and Camaros don’t grow on trees).  Also, if there’s approx. 6 years between Cora and Derek, there’s no reason there couldn’t have been as many between Laura and Derek.  And even if she was young when they left, to leave him there alone for SIX YEARS?  Yeah, she’s definitely got some explaining to do.
And maybe the wolf only physically manifests when he’s by himself?  Or later on, only with pack mates he fully trusts?
And, omg, I LOVE the idea of the other dad being Noah this time (as long as Claudia was okay with it, though lbr, she probably actively encouraged it), if only for the look on Jackson’s face when he finds out both who his other parent is and who his half-sibling is.  XD
Not sure how I feel about Theo as a lost Hale.  I haven’t really seen any episodes with him, so most of what I know is through tumblr and fanfic.  The general impression I got was that in some ways he was the most genuinely amoral NE type character on the show (most of the others skewed much more chaotic to me), which could make for some REAL interesting drama.
Oh man, I can just see them all meeting up at like a library or maybe an empty classroom because they’ve been down to the vault, and they start talking about the evidence they have so far, and Peter just starts going off on a rant explaining everything he’s learned, and in the middle of it he notices that there’s a fish tank in the room and just grabs a fish out of it and swallows it whole mid-explanation.  Everyone is mildly freaked out and doesn’t quite know how to react until finally Noah and/or Chris go over to stand in front of the tank before he passes by again to keep him from reaching in again.  XD
I think that was all for now, I need to get ready for work either way.  Enjoy your game whenever it arrives!  I hope you keep feeling better!  *Hugs!*
18 seems to be the legal age for sibling guardianship in the US from what I could find in a quick Google search. So she would have to be at least that. Which would still make her a teenager herself but she could also have been older. I’m also not saying I agree with what Laura did just that I can see why, even if I think it’s shitty and that it’s absolutely cause for what Peter did in S1.
I honestly think that the only Hale that was acting out of malicious/ less than good intent was Talia herself and that the rest of the Hales were just unfortunate results of their circumstances. Laura abandoned her uncle to protect her brother and take him away, which is inexcusable but understandable in her situation, Derek had to go along with her because he was a minor. They also just both lost most of their family including both parents and (as far as they knew) their sister. Laura’s biggest flaw in this case was not returning to Beacon Hills for her Uncle when the situation was safe for her to do so. Which could have prevented a lot of blood shed. And honestly, I feel like she should atone for that. She messed up big time on that one.
I like the idea of the wolf only physically manifesting when Peter is alone, or later only around the rest of the pack. Bonus points if no one can figure out WHY it is happening. Was it the fire? Is it Peter’s way of becoming evolved? No one knows.
Tumblr media
Jackson has a fucking aneurysm when he finds out. There’s a lot of yelling and bitching and whining and snapping. But eventually, when months pass and threats rise, Jackson is also the first to defend Stiles, Liam, and Noah whenever they’re threatened. Malia is far more the type of person to sit back and watch what happens and doesn’t really mind her newfound family too much. She’s still adjusting to not being a coyote.
Claudia definitely knew, actually, I like to think she was the one who pushed Noah to go ask that hot piece of ass out. And although she and Peter had no romantic feelings for one another their relationship eventually evolved into a more best friends with benefits territory where they’d keep each other warm in bed before Noah got home and took care of Stiles together after Stiles was born but they never dated or felt romantic love to one another. 
For this scenario I’m keeping Stiles’s canon birth date as April 8th and putting Jackson’s birthdate as Malia’s on Nov 28th. Because that way Peter got pregnant when Claudia was 8 months pregnant. By the time Peter found out he was pregnant six weeks would have passed, Stiles would have been born and not long after Peter would have been kept away by Talia. (How she kept him away I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure she broke Peter, Claudia, and Noah’s hearts in one fell swoop.)
I do have to admit that was more like an after thought, and I don’t have much with Theo other than; I like his visuals as in looks. So I just also might not do that and just keep it at that.
Honestly I just like writing family dramas with surprise kids, ahhahaha, idk why, it’s just my thing I guess.
And that visual is honestly *cheff’s kiss* Yes XD
The pure chaotic energy lol.
Can you imagine Stiles’s face? Can you imagine Liam’s? Or Jackson’s? Lol.
Malia is just staring at it like ‘yeah, that makes sense’ when you’re hungry you’re hungry. And they have a  hard time explaining to her that NO, You are not supposed to eat random animals like that, Malia. NO matter what Peter does.. 
Yes, he is your father, yes he gave birth to you, but that does not mean you should follow his example blindly.
Hahhahaha and now I see Peter just trying to cuddle after eating a fish or a squirrel but the others are too disturbed by him to let him. XD
poor peter
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Merry Christmas, @alcoholproblem!
Summary: When shy nerd Derek run’s into jock Stiles he figures that his crush will be snarky and mean, instead he’s nice and concerned that Derek might have gotten hurt. With a mix up of sketch pads Derek finds a secret about Stiles that might in fact bring them closer together and help him out with his secret santa gift.
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Merry Marvel Christmas
“Gather around, gather around all Hales.” Derek heard his mother call out down stairs. He didn’t know exactly what she was calling for.
Derek heard his siblings and cousins clatter down from the third level down to his floor, and further down to the first floor, before he even got to his own door.
He then heard the alpha roar his mom released (making him clamp his hands over his ears), to signal for those family members who were farther out in the preserve. Which meant this was something serious that required everyone to be present.
Derek got down to the first floor and rounded into the family room where his mother was standing and waited for everyone to come in fully.
Once everyone was there and looking to Talia (Derek’s mom and Alpha) waiting for her to start talking she finally smiled broadly holding out a big wicker type basket shaking it a bit.
“It is time for Secret Santa. Form a line and pick a name-” She started to speak while bringing down the basket to the level of his nana so she could grab a piece of paper that contained a name.
The next to grab was one of Derek’s cousins who was a few years younger than him. “- and no peeking.” His mom reprimanded his cousin Manda who was trying to steal a peek unsuccessfully when his mom jerks the basket upwards before slowly lowering it just enough so that Manda can grab a piece of paper.
Derek patiently waits for his turn to come around. Finally after four other family members he approached his mom and reached up to grab a name.
In his moms scribbled cursive was the name:
Laura May
Derek was hoping that he would get anyone other than Laura because she was so picky. Trying to find something for her was almost impossible.
Laura was Derek’s older sister by a year and four months, people however always assumed that they were twins. Both had jet black hair, wore glasses, held the same stony sour grimaces when they got frustrated, and tended to wear the same hipster-nerd clothes. Unfortunately that is about all they had in common.
Where Derek loved to read actual books of all genres; Laura read only comic books and manga and had an affinity for drawing amazing art that plastered her walls. Derek liked to play video games at a low decibel and Laura listened to emo music at screeching levels.
Derek was amazed that she hadn't made her ears bleed yet, let alone anyone else's.
Derek went back up to his room where he found his baby sisters Cora and Anabeth waiting for him.
“What do you want rugrat, rascal?” He asked them in turn, opening his door and walking to his bed sitting down criss-cross applesauce and watching the two girls come in and sit on the floor.
“We need your-” Ana started.
“-help big brother.” Cora finished.
It was so creepy when they did that, but Derek loved them so he overlooked it.
“With what?” Derek asked though he figured it had to do with their secret santa ideas. It seemed that Derek was the only one that could really keep a secret in this family. Which meant that many of his family members came to him seeking help.
“Secret Santa.” the twins said at once.
Again creepy.
“Go close the door Cor.” Derek waited until she came back and sat down next to Ana and waited until they finished straightening their matching tutu’s. It was as if Ana had also gotten up, everything they did was always in sync with each other.
“I got Auntie Karol.” Ana said frowning.
Derek tried to hold back his laughter at her face.
He understood though because their aunt Karol was new to the family due to marrying their uncle Peter this last August. Plus not really spending time with her since she became a part of the family because of her being irritable from pregnancy. Of course Peter was super protective of her, since she was human and pregnant, making it difficult for the kids with barely any control to get passed him to even talk to her.
“As for me I got cousin Miguel, and he’s a icky boy.” Cora said with a twist to her lips and sticking her tounge out to the side.
Which just made Derek smirk even more.
“Well, lets see...Aunt Karol likes to garden and cousin Miguel likes to play with magic cards and pokemon.” Derek suggested to his younger sisters. “Or for aunt Karol something for the baby, neutral colors of course.” Derek elaborated, everyone knew that Peter and Karol didn’t want to know the baby’s gender until the baby was born.
“Thanks brother!”
The girls jumped up, coming up to Derek one on each side and hugged him tightly before skipping out of the room.
Derek glanced at the time on his alarm clock that sat on his bedside table. It was only 6:50 pm so he knew that the bookstore would still be open until 8pm. He picked up his jacket and went down stairs.
He found his dad in the parlor.
“Hey Pater, can I use the car to go to the store?” Derek asked his dad Steven.
His dad set down the book that he was reading. Something they had in common, that and being shy and quiet.
“What do you need at the store, fili mi?” Derek smiled at the nickname. His dad hadn't called him that in a while.
“I want to go shopping for my secret santa.” Derek didn't elaborate any further just in case prying ears were eavesdropping in on the conversation though he hadn't even told his mom who he got for the secret santa.
“Oh yeah okay that's fine. Take the toyota and remember fili mi that it is a school night.”
“Pater it’s winter break..-” Derek whined out moving out of the way of his dad ruffling his hair.
Derek thanked his dad and left all while hearing his dad’s chuckle and his voice yelling ‘kidding’ up until he closed the door to the outside.
One thing Derek enjoyed and hated all the same was the fact that it was a twenty-five minute drive from his house in the woods to downtown Beacon Hills. It was both beautiful and boring.
Which only left him fifty minutes to find a parking spot close to the bookstore and then to browse the shop to see if anything stood out to buy for Laura.
Granted he had a week and a half to shop but Derek was always one for being early on getting everything done including wrapping the presents.
He made it inside the shop in a quiet daze blessed to be back in were it was warm, even with his added werewolf heat his ears and nose were a bit cold and he would bet his first edition Of Mice and Men that they were tinted pink.
Derek started in the fiction book section not finding anything that looked intriguing enough for himself. He found himself going down each aisle just to see if something screamed at him Laura May Hale.
It was not until his fourth turn down another aisle that he found the sketch pads and other books focused on art and drawing. Stuff that he knew Laura would love.
He grabbed two bigger sketch pads along with three smaller ones and a book that stated it was to help with drawing anime figures. Which he didn't know if she would like or not but wanted to get it for her anyway.
With the announcement that the shop was closing Derek grabbed the items that he wanted to buy and rushed down the aisle and headed for the registers. He didn't notice that there was another person that was also walking in a hurry until they collided into one another sending their stuff to go every which way.
“Oh shit man I am so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going and I was trying to buy these before-” The person, who was a boy, started to explain while grabbing for his things. He stopped suddenly after looking up and seeing Derek there.
“Oh uh..ye..yeah no pr..problem I wasn't pa..paying attention e..either.” Derek stuttered out feeling nervous.
Derek instantly knew who the boy was, Stiles Stilinski. He was the high schools asshole jock who went around speaking ill and teasing those who were not athletically talented. Derek included.
And yet Derek found his dark brown wispy hair, gorgeous cinnamon colored eyes and mole-dotted skin so very much attractive. Not that his personality didn't peak his interest either.
Yes Stiles was an ass but Derek had also heard from Erica who was Laura’s best friend that he had helped tutur Boyd (her boyfriend) with his homework. Which left an impression on Derek that maybe Stiles was actually nice under the mean, and sarcastic outer shell of a jock.
Derek scrambled to grab his sketch pads and other items so that he could check out, and not embarrass himself any further.
“Hey it’s cool. Are you alright?” Stiles asked in a soft soothing voice making Derek look up under his eyelashes.
Derek barely heard the ‘wow...beautiful.’ that came out of Stiles mouth even with his heightened hearing, all which made Derek blush before speaking.
“Yeah I...uh...yes I am okay. Thanks. Are you? We kind of hit hard.” Derek was thankful that he didn't stutter as badly this time. Standing up both boys went to wait in line to the registers, it was lucky that they only had one other person in front of them so their wait wouldn't be long.
“Yep I am totally fine.” Stiles said making Derek agree wholeheartedly that Stiles was in fact a totally fine piece of man candy, if only in his own head. “It makes me happy that your not hurt.” Stiles said before it was his turn at the register.
Derek didn't really know what to say to Stiles comment so he didn't say anything.
Soon Stiles was finished and with a short wave and a ‘bye, see you later’ he walked out of the store. Derek’s eyes following him all the way.
Derek had just gotten home after leaving the bookstore and stopping at Target for drawing pencils, christmas wrapping paper and a small box.
Making a mad dash up to his room so that no one would see what he had gotten from the store he closed his door with a swift kick and set all the bags down on to his bed.
He started out with placing the three small drawing pads and the pencils in the box and wrapping it up in red wrapping paper that has white and green snowflakes on it. After that he wraps the book up with a christmas star wars wrapping paper. He then decides to wrap the two bigger sketch pads together but that's when he sees that one of them, the one he placed on bottom, seems to be a bit thicker and the cover page on top looks worn.
Confused Derek brings it up to the top and flips the first page to see…
Odd squiggly doodles, name doodles, weird abstract doodles...doodles, doodles, and more doodles.
Flipping to the next one he found even more doodles so he continued on and found that there was more than just simple doodles, but rather sketches of people some that he recognised like the Sheriff of Beacon Hills (Stiles dad) and Scott who was best friends with Stiles.
Others he had no idea who they were (an Asian girl, a boy with curly hair) and so he once again began looking through the rest of the book. He noticed that mixed in with the doodles were little comic strips of random school events; a pep assembly, a lacrosse game where BHHS lost, a conversation that must have happened between Stiles and Scott.
Derek was about halfway through it when he started to notice that their were comic strips of him and Stiles talking, and Derek knew for a fact that none of these actually took place which caused for even more confusion for Derek. He turned to the next page and stopped, all the breath leaving his chest in a violent punch.
He was looking down at the sketch pad.
He was looking at Stiles sketch pad.
And he was looking directly at himself.
In perfect sketched lines was his hair, and facial features down to a tee and it both warmed his heart and scared the ever loving crap out of him.
It warmed him because it was a beautiful depiction of himself that he thought he kept hidden from everyone else, because it was a vulnerable expression and because it was so well drawn. Every contour of Derek's cheekbones and lips and bushy eyebrows were drawn so….delicately.
And it scared him because it was drawn sooo good which only could mean one thing. That Derek had missed Stiles looking at him. Repeatedly. That Stiles must have stared at him so often to be able to draw Derek so well and yet neither Derek nor his wolf had noticed.
Derek took a few minutes just to look at the sketch before moving to the next page. It had a sketch of Stiles and Derek standing in front of each other looking at each other's eyes (or at least their faces). This time it was their whole bodies, not just a sketch of a face but what stopped Derek again was the fact that Derek was wearing Stiles lacrosse sweatshirt that had Stilinski 24 on the back. It also had Stiles asking ‘Would you be my boyfriend?’ and Derek saying ‘I’d love too’ in bubble windows.
It was oddly romantic in Dereks humble opinion. Derek wished for two things, 1. That Stiles actually liked him like this book suggested, and 2. That Stiles would ask him out. Derek was too shy and cowardly to ask out Stiles unfortunately. He had been crushing on the boy since freshman year and here they were in the middle of Junior year.
After a while Derek went to turn the page but found that there were no more drawings or, doodles.
That night Derek had put all of his christmas presents away in his closet except for the one bigger sketch pad that he had yet to wrap, which he placed in his sock drawer so that Laura wouldn't find it. He then went on to take a shower and go to bed.
Before bed he went to place Stiles sketch pad in his backpack. He knew he needed to give Stiles his book back, but he found himself going through it once more before finally placing it in his pack an hour later, finally going to bed later than he had planned.
The next morning brought banging to Derek’s door.
“Derek! Son?” His dad was pounding on his door. Derek quickly looked at his clock seeing that it was 10:32 am.
“Co-” Derek clear his throat, being dry from sleep. “Come in Pater.” Derek sat up against his headboard and pillows.
His dad came in and walked over to him.
“There is a boy here for you he said his name is Stiles.” Derek leaped out of bed shouting ‘What!!’ and muttering to himself before trying to find something suitable to wear.
“Uh..okay. Is this kid bad news? Because I could believe that, I mean what the hell is a Stiles anyway. Is that even a name?”His dad went on watching his son run around like a chicken with its head cut off.
That is precisely when Steven realised that his son liked this Stiles boy. The way that Derek was acting, running around trying on shirts, then pulling them off again just to put the shirt he had had on to begin with. Yup and he definitely smelt like lust and hope yet had a touch of fear, that Steven figured was Derek being worried over rejection by this boy.
“Okay I’m gonna go, and son-” Steven waited for Derek to look at him before continuing, shirt half on. “-if this boy doesn't like you, in the clothes that you are wearing then he’s not the right one.” He hugged his son and left the room closing the door behind him.
Derek took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, finished pulling down his shirt and gathered the courage and the sketch pad from his backpack and went downstairs to face Stiles.
Derek found it to be an odd coincidence that Stiles was wearing his lacrosse sweatshirt, which almost made him laugh at the irony of the photo from last night with him wearing the same jacket. Almost.
“Hey Stiles. I'm assuming that your here for this. I had all intentions of coming by your house today and dropping it off but you beat me to it.” Derek said laughing a bit, handing Stiles his sketch pad.
“Yeah, actually I am.” Stiles laughed awkwardly. “Thanks for this...uh did you...um did you look inside of it? I mean did you see the…” Stiles asked unusually shy speaking.
“To be honest...yeah I did look inside. I'm sorry that I invaded your space by looking inside but, I have to say your a really talented artist Stiles.” Derek told the boy truthfully.
“Thanks Derek. Here is your blank one and I’m sorry that they got mixed up. Do you draw?” Stiles asked.
“No I don't but the person it is meant for does. Actually I was wondering if you would like to take a walk with me, so I could ask you something?” Derek asked.
“Sure.” Stiles said though he tilted his head as if to say ‘Why not stay here, where it’s warm?’ but then nodded.
“Great let me take this back to my room and grab a jacket. I’ll be right back, okay!” Derek didn't even give Stiles the chance to answer before trotting up stairs. Once Derek was in his room he shoved the sketchpad in with the other one in his sock drawer and grabbed a pullover pulling it one in one smooth move while running back down stairs.
Where his mom was talking to Stiles.
“Are you sure you don't want to stay for lunch Nene?” Talia asked.
“Yeah I am Mrs. Hale but thank you for the kind offer.” Stiles declined.
“Mom?” Derek questioned.
“Oh mi hijo, tienes un enamorado?” Talia asked her son smiling broadly.
“Mamá!” Derek exclaimed in outrage. “We are going to go for a small walk around the preserve be back soon. Bye now.” He rushed out while pushing lightly for Stiles to go out the door. He could hear his moms chuckles even after the door was closed.
Stiles looked back at the house and then back to Derek asking him what his mom had called him and what she had said to Derek to make him blush. All of which had Derek ducking his head in embarrassment, and replied with a cordial ‘nothing really’.
Once the two boys were a good distance away Derek started to talk. He began by asking Stiles several questions that he had about his art. Although Derek didn't bring up questions about why Stiles had drawn him or if Stiles in fact liked him in..well anyway; friend or more...really, but was almost afraid of the answer, but neither did Stiles.
It was Christmas day in the Hale house and boy, was it busling. The whole family was there, his parents, his siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The house was pack-ed full (pun slightly intended) with family and friends, decorations, and gifts. This morning had brought children happily screaming that Santa had come, thousands of presents being opened,  and the smells of his mother and aunts in the kitchen starting on tonight's dinner.
But the most anticipating part for Derek this year had yet to happen. He was waiting for a certain somebody to show up around noon.
It was 11:47 and he was being super impatient.
Apparently just like a ‘kicked puppy waiting for his master to come home’, at least that is what Laura had told him teasing him to no end when she found out why he was waiting by the door.
At 11:51 he heard the unmistakable sound of Stiles Jeep rumble down the driveway, Derek then heard said Jeep turn off, the sound of bustling paper, and the sound of Stiles climbing up the stairs and finally at exactly noon Derek heard Stiles knock on the door.
“Hi.” Derek said in a shy whisper when he opened the door to see Stiles and two thin box gifts atop his arms and a gift basket in one hand. “Here let me help you with those.” Derek said before lifting up the two boxes.
“Hi back handsome and thank you!” Stiles flirted winking at Derek. “The top one is for that special person we talked about last week.” Stiles explained before going on further. “And the bigger box is for you and then there’s the basket which is for your family. I didn't know what to get them sooo…”Stiles drifted off looking bashful.
“That is very kind of you Stiles thank you. You didn't have to get me or my family anything. But I couldn't help get you something either.”  Derek said walking to the family room where the Christmas tree was. Under the tree it still held several packages for people who had not shown up yet. Derek walked over to it, after having placed the box gifts down on the couch, to grab at a bigger perfectly square box that looked to be twelve inches high by twelve inches wide.
“Wow this room looks amazing. -” Derek looked back just in time to see Stiles finish looking around the room and see his present. Seeing Stiles eyes grow two sizes bigger and his mouth form an ‘o’ before he started to speak out about his present. “-Damn is that for me, jeez Derek, you really didn't have to get me anything really.”
“I know but I wanted too.” Derek said.
Just then Laura, Cora, and Ana came in the room along with their cousins Miguel, Charlie, Maire and Manda. All excited to meet Stiles, (Derek’s ‘friend’- thanks Laura for the air quotes...not).
Derek mouthed sorry to Stiles while going to the couch to grab the top box that held Laura’s last present, while waving her over.
“You know I’m only playing around right baby bro?” Laura teased.
“Yes but still lay off or...I won't give you this awesome present…” Derek trailed off twisting away from his sisters outstretched arm and hand.
“Gimme...gimme...gimme..” Laura smiles but when Derek still wont give it to her she relents with a- “Fine I’ll be nice...please!” she pouts.
Derek smirks back at her and hands over the box.
Laura opens it in a rush just like every other presents she's given. As soon as she sees it though Derek can see her mouth move into one of awe and then he can smell the hint of salt water, meaning he royally screwed up or is now going to be her favorite brother of all time (even if he is her only brother, that doesn't matter).
“Der...Oh my god Derek…” She trails off and that is when Derek notices that his cousins and sisters have all stopped to listen and watch. As for Stiles he keeps looking at Derek.
“Do you...do you li..like it La...Laura.” Derek’s shy stammering comes back with a force making him flinch, as he waits for his big sisters reaction.
“I...no I don’t...I…” before Derek could start to sulk from her answer she was fast to continue. “I love it Der. Really this is so...so freaking cool.” She hesitated trying to find the right words. Derek smiled at his sister before she launched herself at him and they hugged each other tightly.
“What is it?” Derek and Laura heard from multiple cousins along with their twin sisters.
“Stiles drew her, her very own comic book.” Derek said fondly.
There were oohs and awes over the comic book that had Laura as the hero (cape and outfit to match). Laura soon went off to show their parents, but not before hugging Stiles and whispering a thank you in his ear.
Which left Derek with Stiles and his cousins and sisters.
“Why don’t you guys go play upstairs in the girls room.” Derek said sniggering under his breath at the equally evil looks from his sisters. He knew just how picky they were when it came to people moving around their toys and stuff, even if they were only six and a half years old. So with a odd mean streak Derek was delighted to see his cousins run out the room and up the stairs to the girls room.
“Now will you please open your present.” Stiles asked bringing all of Derek’s attention back to his crush.
“You first.” Derek said walking back to where the present was, pushing it over to Stiles.
“Alright.” Stiles said with a small smile and then opened his present being careful of the paper. Much to Derek’s annoyance at him taking so long and being so careful. A few times Derek felt the need to hold himself back from moving close enough to just rip the paper up, heck it was just paper it was meant to be ripped open. And yet it was almost endearing exactly how careful he was with it, another side of him that was not a mean jerk.
Finally when Stiles had the paper all off and had the box open Derek could see that he had gotten the right stuff.
Inside on top was an order form for a painting easel that he had found that had multiple functions so that it would help hold different types of canvas for drawing, painting, and had several places on the inside for pens, paints and other drawing or painting supplies.  Under that was sketch pads, sets of pencils (colored and non colored), set of paints and a set of brushes.
“Wow Derek...I don't even know what to say except thank you this is beautiful and that my gift now looks kind of simple and...I don't know. Somehow not that great anymore.” Stiles muttered still looking at the paperwork for the easel.
“You're most welcome, sorry that it won't be here until the 29th but I couldn't afford the express shipping.” Derek explained and picked up Stiles present for himself. “And I will be the judge about how ‘simple’ and ‘not great’ it really is.” Derek said ripping off the paper, barely registering the hiss from Stiles at the way he tore the paper off, instead of taking it off gently.
Inside was...a drawing of Stiles asking in a bubble ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ with his hand outstretched and under the drawing was Stiles burgundy Stilinski 24 lacrosse sweatshirt.
It was just like the drawing that Derek had seen not to long ago when he had mistakenly taken Stiles sketch pad when they collided in the bookstore.
“I’d love to!!” Derek answered just as he did in the comic strip in Stiles sketch pad, smiling so big that his cheeks were starting to hurt.
Stiles was smiling right back at him, Derek grabbed the jacket putting it on, even though it was warm in the house.
The two boys were heading back out to where the rest of Derek’s family were sat. The majority of them were in the kitchen or upstairs in the twins room or in the parlor where his dad usually spent his time.
Before they even go to the door frame Stiles stopped pulling Derek close to him and looking up, making Derek look up to see what he was looking at.
Stiles leaned in whispering ‘Mistletoe’ in to Derek’s ear.
Derek looked down into Stiles eyes moving to Stiles tongue that was wetting his lips.
They met each other in slow unsure motion. There lips met with a chaste sweet kiss that was so perfect for the start of a relationship.
The end.
Happy Holidays!
Alternate ending kiss (I wasn’t sure which one you would like best so I put this one in also just for fun):
Derek looked down into Stiles eyes moving to Stiles tongue that was wetting his lips.
They met each other with clashing teeth and sloppy spit soaked kiss that definitely wasn't great but it just left a lot of room for practice, and Stiles and Derek planned for many hours of practice now that they were a couple.
The end
Notes: ‘Pater’ is latin for ‘dad’
‘fili mi’ is latin for ‘my son’
          ‘Nene’ is spanish for ‘baby boy’ (but I wanted it more for ‘kiddo’)
          ‘Mi hijo is spanish for ‘my son’
          ‘tienes un enamorado’ is spanish for ‘do you have a crush?’
          ‘Mamá’ is spanish for ‘mom’
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soleminisanction · 4 years
BatCat/Batfam Phantom Thieves AU
- It starts with Bruce, of course, his parents gunned down in front of him as a child. But in this world it's no random mugging, it's a professional hit by conspirators within Wayne Enterprises. Before the couple is even cold in the ground, those conspirators have forced the young heir out of not only his company, but his inheritance and ancestral home.
- Bruce and Alfred are by no means destitute, but they are forced to live within their means in a humble townhouse until Bruce's trust fund matures. He vows to remember everyone who stole his family and their legacy, and see them pay for their crimes.
- As a teen, he meets Selina, a lovely but lonely classmate who feeds the stray cats along Bruce's morning jog route. After a few chance meetings, he starts seeking her out at school, then at a party, after which he learns that she's been avoiding going home for a few days for fear of her abusive father. Bruce insists she come home with him instead of sleeping on the streets.
- He and Alfred set her up in a guest bedroom, and late that night Bruce sneaks in to join her with food and flashlights. They spend hours softly talking of their dreams: his determination to steal back his birthright, and her desire to live in comfort and safety. They read together from Alfred's collection, revelling especially in the adventures of Arsene Lupin and Robin Hood.
- The next morning, Selina's father comes looking for her. Alfred responds by pulling out his shotgun, running the bastard off, and calling the police.
- Selina is to be moved to a foster home, somewhere her father won't find her even if he makes bail. The night before she leaves, she breaks into Bruce's room to kiss him and leave him with a calling card, promising that they'll meet again one day.
- When Bruce's trust fund matures, he dumps a fair chunk of it into his years of world travel, learning from magicians, fighters, security experts, and famous thieves in turn. He returns to Gotham after five years with plan, costume and code-name already in hand.
- Soon, the elite of Gotham find themselves terrorized by a dashing phantom who signs his calling cards with the symbol of a bat and promises to expose their evil deeds. And he does so, sneaking in to homes and towers under the cover of darkness to steal secrets and valuables, with a particular interest in those treasures that once belonged to the Waynes, though of course he varies things up so that his identity is less suspect.
- For the first year or so of his career, The Batman pursues only his own vengeance. But that comes to an end with the death of the Flying Graysons.
- Seeing himself in the young boy who lost his parents to another's greed, Bruce steps in to adopt Dick, using the money from his various heists to move things along. They bond over a shared love of adventure stories and so, when Dick discovers his secret (there is much less room to hide things in a penthouse suite) he chooses to model his partner-in-crime persona after Robin Hood.
- And that "steal from the rich, give to the poor" mantra does affect how Batman operates from then on. Sure, they rob Boss Zucco blind and deliver evidence of his illegal schemes to the police, but they also begin targeting other gangsters too, as well as corrupt businessmen who take advantage of their employees and the heads of organized crime.
- Jim Gordon in this world is a good man, sworn to capture the Phantom Thieves who so recklessly disregard the law, and is thus deeply conflicted by accepting their help to take out other criminals. But he will do so begrudgingly, even if he can never truly admit where some of the information comes from.
- Shortly after Zucco's arrest, a new thief -- one less dramatic and not looking to spread any messages to the elite -- slinks into town. The only attention she seems interested in getting is the Bat's, as she makes a point of snatching several prizes out from under his nose and leaving only a calling card of her own behind, signed with a cat and sealed with a kiss.
- Of course it's Selina, now calling herself Catwoman and living in the luxary she always dreamed. She approaches Bruce first at a high-class party, unabashedly flirting while Dick makes faces behind their backs. Then they meet on a rooftop and, after a bit of cat-and-mouse persuasion where he negotiates the return of some Wayne treaures, they decide to team up.
- Soon, Selina moves in to the suite. It's almost domestic.
- ("I never wanted this," she thinks one night as she watches Bruce tuck a sleeping Dick into bed. "Never wanted children or a family. Never wanted to risk doing to them what the bastard did to me. But this, this place. This moment, this family. This, I could get used to.")
- Babs is a sympathetic Phantom Thief supporter who, rather than taking up a Batgirl role, acts as more of Spoiler -- interfering with her dad's investigations and getting in the way just enough that the thieves can go free. Dick takes notice and strikes up a friendship with her that gradually turns to flirtation, maybe even love.
- It's Selina who finds Jason stealing to survive on the streets. Feeling a kinship with him, she brings him home and declares that she's taking on an apprentice too. Literally no one is fooled.
- Tim is as keen an amateur detective in this world as he ever was, but even though the police are offering a huge reward for Batman's identity, he tells no one. Instead, he approaches Jason at school, asks to meet Batman, gets blown off and follows him home anyway, earnestly approaching Bruce and Selina with his request to be trained as a thief.
- See, he's recently learned that his world-hopping archaeologist parents are complicit in a a lot of illegal artifact training, since it brings them a lot of personal prestige. So he wants to restore some honor to his family name by returning those objects to their proper owners.
- Bruce is impressed by the kid's skill and Selina sees a child being neglected. So, surprise, now Jay (code-named Stray) has a training buddy (code-named Wren), and the Phantoms are robbing museums now too, which only helps to hide their various motivations and crimes. The Drakes eventually wind up in a white-collar prison, freeing Tim up to be adopted for real, but not before…
- Bruce stumbles upon Cassandra while scoping out David Cain as a possible criminal contact. Thus, she becomes the Bat's next "treasure," snatched from under his nose in a harried caper that only gets more drastic because Selina threatens to scratch out Cain's eyes. Cass becomes the heir apparent to Catwoman's name (code-named “Kitten” for the time being) and shares a room with Tim when they move him in too.
- (Side note, please imagine how adorable little thief sibs Cass and Tim would be going on heists together without mom and dad along. Double-teaming young marks with shameless flirting at parties and befriending the lonely children of rich assholes by turning up at their windows night after night like a pair of masked Peter Pans. Gah, I love it.)
- Steph serves a role similar to Barbara, only she Spoils the plots of the organized crime and large street gangs to catch the meddlesome thieves who like to screw them over -- they're particular targets of Jay and Dick. She and Babs meet at some point and get on like a house on fire, acting as support for the Family Thieves on the civilian end. Duke, Harper, etc. do something similar on a more case-by-case basis.
- I’m honestly not sure how Damian would fit in, though I can say for sure that Ra’s wouldn’t be calling Bruce “Detective” in this world. “Phantom” maybe. Perhaps his skill catches Talia’s eye when he tries to steal some powerful magical artifact from the League early on, before he re-unites with Selina. Or maybe Damian is Selina and Bruce’s (first) kid, a super young child compared to his adopted siblings. Still toying with ideas. 
- Either way, they’re an elegant family of phantom thieves who travel the world whenever they need to take the heat off but always, eventually, return to the Gotham City beloved by the Waynes, prepared to expose the corruption in the shadows and set right what the law put wrong. 
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feelingsdusk-writes · 4 years
On idiocy and stupidity
(For the Harry Potter AU square)
John doesn’t like the magical world at all. If he was completely honest, he would go as far as to admitting he hates it. Alas, that doesn’t happen unless he’s reached the bottom of a bottle of whisky, and he’s trying to keep away from that path nowadays, so he’ll just say that he would have been a man happy in his ignorance.
Again, no matter how he wishes that was true, that’s not the case.
The first time Stiles had a burst of accidental magic, it left John nearly in shock. He actually had a moment where his brain refused to catch up with what he was seeing and his whole body trembled, leaving him unable to even take a step further, so no, it wasn’t a figure of speech.
One of the frequent visitors to the park Claudia liked had a very big mixed breed as a pet. That beast was as humongous as it was mean, so there were a lot of complaints issued to the police department about it, and the owner, as mean and temperamental as his pet, was facing losing the dog because he refused to leash it at the very least.
He had talked about it with Claudia, but she refused to back down. She liked the park, it was the only one near their house and Stiles loved the play park, and she wasn’t going to let that awful man take that from them. John knew how to choose his battles, so he didn’t insist more on a lost one.
He should have.
It was Sunday, sunny, warm and his day off for a change, so they prepared a little basket with sandwiches and the like and went to the park to spend the morning and lunch hour there. After a couple of hours they managed to reign in Stiles for enough to have lunch. All was nice and well until John went to get coffee nearby and a blood curling toddler scream pierced the air just as he was coming back.
It attacked Stiles.
There wasn’t anything left from the beast besides the blood splatter on the ground of the play park and the owner was hysterical by the time he rushed in. Stiles was wailing, covered in blood, and Claudia was trying to calm him unsuccessfully.
Then, obliviators came and went, and John found out that his three year old baby boy was a wizard. A very, very powerful one, the ones that came to explain everything gushed, issuing a lot of recommendations about how to proceed.
It may be selfish or bad on his part, but John was more hung up on the fact that his wife had been lying to him since the very beginning, because she was a witch too.
(He’s also always being secretly grateful that they never acknowledged the fact that she would have never told him if Stiles hadn’t presented, even though he knows it is a cowardly thing.)
The instances where Stiles had accidental magic continued to grow in number as the time passed, but it got almost to an unbearable point when Claudia got sick from some magical sickness John has never been able to understand the facts of.
The last time Stiles’ magic acted out of control was when he blasted his own mother out of a window when she tried to strangle him, out of her mind and seeing things that weren’t there.
No, John doesn’t like the magical world.
If he was drunk, he’d admit he hates it.
Ignorance would have been, certainly, a bliss.
And this way of thinking has cost him a son.
He knows he should have done something, said something before Stiles left to that school, but he couldn’t. And now his betrayed expression will haunt him forever.
He’s such an idiot.
The Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is, very inconspicuously (not), located in Salem, Oregon. Stiles has always thought it was a way to flip the bird at the ones responsible for the witch trials… and mooning at them too, just for good measure.
(Even if, historically speaking, it’s a fact that no real witch was burnt in those.)
Founded by Salazar Slytherin after he left England, Salem is as similar to Hogwarts as day is to night, and that’s being generous.
For starters, it’s students start their education way earlier, some being as young as seven years old. As soon as their core is proven to have stabilized (age which varies from one kid to another, none of that nonsense of waiting until the standard age of eleven) they can be accepted at Salem. And even before that, they are portkey ports for parents to leave their kids at the daycare building at the edge of the property, if they wish that their kids start to get in touch with the theory and various simple exercises and they can’t handle that themselves.
Another different thing about Salem is that the formative journey is much lengthier, some wizards and witches staying up to twenty years as students. Since the structure is that of a free school, but without the age classifications, there’s a lot of magical and procedural failsafes to ensure that older students don’t abuse the younger ones. Add in that Salem’s castle is as sentient as Hogwarts, with surrounding wards to match, and it’s one of the most secure places for it’s students.
Because the magic at the States is more raw and wilder in comparison to its European counterpart, unlike at Hogwarts, Salem’s students aren’t divided according to their personality traits, but according to their levels of raw magic. It’s not meant to be an elitist system, but to ensure the students safety.
Literally, when untrained, a student from the first tier could fry another from the third just by being around them daily.
Also unlike Hogwarts, starting as a part of a particular tier doesn’t mean necessarily that the student will remain in it. Cores grow with age, after all, and that may cause a necessity of changing the placement of the student.
Age doesn’t especially matter either on the placement in the classes that conform each tier, but knowledge. The more you study and the more magics you master, the higher the class you are on. There’re no exams, besides the grade ones, and even those are optional because one only takes them if they want to qualify to advance a class or a tier forward (it’s a double edged sword, though, because you can be demoted too) to have access to their libraries and laboratories, and the mentors and professors.
To sum it up, the organization at Salem is power and merit based, which can be fucked up sometimes, in Stiles’ opinion, because it places a lot of pressure on the students (or their parents) who put a lot of importance on the class and tier they’re part of. But it generally works, because as a free school, it’s your choice to remain or what to study or on which magic center your attention on, so…
It can get really expensive, though, the more one advances. Not the basic tuition, that’s not it. Third tier students rarely struggle for money, because the tuition covers for the basic supplies and meals, and the libraries have enough copies of each books that you never have to wait for a text. But the more you dabble in side experimentation or if you want to have your own copies of certain books…
Stiles is not a third tier student.
Or a second tier, for that matter.
Stiles vaporized an animal large enough to double his size when he was three years old and blasted his own mother out a window with enough force to propel her into the next building when he was eight, it’s obvious he’s not a first tier, either.
He’s been part of the special tier, which has less than twenty students, ever since he set a foot in the school, nearly ten years ago, and he made first class at the third semester of his second year at Salem.
(For him, the entire education system is perfect. Except for the daily reminders to eat (and there’s a handy spell for that) and periodical medical check-ups every student has (which forces to take care of yourself, or you’ll be sanctioned), he can study what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. He’s good at what he does so, unlike his first year when he struggled with the pocket money he had, he now sells potions, rituals and rune work all over the country (getting his laptop to work in his dorm what a bitch) and he can afford almost anything he wants without having to contemplate contacting his father… which he has never resorted to, anyway).
As a rule, he doesn’t go home unless he’s forced to and he spends all his time either studying or experimenting with anything and everything that catches his attention. He doesn’t care about making friends but he does have some people he’s in good terms with. He doesn’t want more, attempts to force the issue with him will be met with a sneaky and swift retaliation, as many can attest.
He may be an idiot like professor Callaway always tells him, but he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t need anyone, he thinks as he signs on the sheets to stay at Salem for Winter break.
Peter doesn’t like the third tier dorms and common rooms at all. It’s not a matter having to come all the way here when his own dorms are at the other end of the castle, but another thing entirely… though he has to admit that grates him quite a bit too. Out of all the tiers, the third one has the highest number of younger children in it, and that makes it’s dorm noisy and grating, and more frequently than not, messy. He eyes with distaste the clutter of unorganized books and paraphernalia that decorate the far end corner.
The thing is that if he doesn’t check on Talia’s brats more or less daily, she gets insufferable, and he prefers to brave the jungle before listening to another of her rants and empty threats about making him end his student career prematurely, so…
Don’t get him wrong, it’s not that he doesn’t like the rugrats (he did grow so close in age to them to consider them his siblings more or less, after all), but maintaining his status as a first class of the first tier (status that is a great source of pride for him because it’s extremely rare for a werewolf to reach higher than second tier) requires a lot of dedication on his part.
Dedication and a lot of studying.
Two kids run across the common room squealing and laughing and topple over a pile of books, startling another kid into messing whatever he’s working on, which explodes into his face. Other students rush in to check if he’s alright and march him to the infirmary just in case. A first class girl is left behind to somehow deal with the fire salamander the kid accidentally freed.
Studying he can’t do here, no matter how funny what just happened was.
He shivers and eyes the containing band around his wrist with distaste. Another reason to hate coming by the third tier dwellings. Students visiting another tiers have to wear one of those always to avoid getting hurt or hurting others. It’s a containing or shielding band depending on if you are visiting a tier below or above your own, but either way, the sensation is of being dumped in ice cold water. Needless to say, Peter hates it.
He sighs and turns his attention back to his own work.
Maybe he’s being an idiot for opposing Talia about ending his studies now. Just thinking about Cora with them all alone and without her only ally makes his stomach turn.
Another summer comes and goes without no sign of Stiles. He doesn’t know why he’s so surprised. How can he be so stupid? Of course he didn’t, exactly just like all the past summers and no measly letters are going to change that. The only information he’s had about him for the past ten years is what professor Callaway tells him sporadically. Melissa reaches over to take his hand and he squeezes it.
He just has to persevere, he tells himself. He messed up real bad and Rome wasn’t built in a day.
He wanted ignorance, and now that he has it, it feels like a curse.
So far, ever since he came to Salem, only three people have tried to mess up with Stiles, and that was only in his first year. They learned better than to cross Stiles and try to impose something he didn’t want on him.
Until this year.
Until ickle itsy bitsy Cora Hale entered Salem, got sorted into the special tier and, wide eyed after one of his experiments blew up spectacularly, she pointed at him before telling professor Callaway, who was with her, I can choose anyone right? I want him to be my mentor.
And that was a week ago.
He’s been evading her for a week straight and she stubbornly won’t give up.
“This is stupid,“ he grunts, out of breath.
“If it’s stupid, then give up,” she throws, just as out of breath at him.
“You’ve got guts, I’ll give you that.“ He looks at her thoughtful and she holds her breath. “Okay, if you manage to get out of this, I’ll give in.”
And then he promptly curses her.
Out of the three of Talia’s children, little Cora is the one Peter adores the most. She’s a sarcastic, smart and evil little shit and Peter loves that. He also loves that she gave the entire family the imaginary finger when, after being born a simple human, not a werewolf, not a witch, and being though almost as a useless disappointment for six years of her life (of course, nothing to her face which, stupid, because she is smart enough to notice it all), she presented not even two months ago when she blew an omega into smithereens.
And then she’s proceeded to be accepted at Salem and gotten transferred into the special tier on her very first year.
Peter, who has been the only one to treat her like the smart and wonderful kid she really is (not with pity, like Derek and Laura, not with disappointment like the rest of the family) cannot even feel a smidgen of jealousy that she’s surpassed him but instead is enjoying a vindictive kind of successful feeling.
Now, normally, Peter would hunt down anyone who dared to curse Cora and rip his throat out, but it seems to be harmless and Peter’s own mentor did something similar back in the day.
And he hasn’t been able to stop snickering ever since he recognized her.
“And what are you going to do?” he asks her.
“I don’t even know which one is the curse,“ she chirps from where she’s perched on his finger. “Flying is kind of cool, though.”
“Back on topic, aren’t you supposed to be trying to break this on your own?“
“He never said that I couldn’t ask for help,” she pipes and Peter snorts delighted. “Well, are you going to stop laughing like an idiot and help me out?”
“If you ask so nicely…“
John gets remarried to Melissa on a nice spring morning. Stiles is nowhere in sight. Scott, very angry, lets his feelings on the matter out while his girlfriend tries to calm him.
John, very calmly and with his heart breaking, because talking about it makes it even more real, explains who’s at fault. He can’t look at his new son in the eye.
When he gets back from the honeymoon, he finds a letter dated from the day he remarried, day in which he didn’t check the mail.
It’s short, succinct, way too formal and mostly cold, but John cries like an idiot.
“You’re ruining my reputation,” he grumbles at Cora as he braids a new protection charm he’s been working on into her hair. The cauldron with another of his projects bubbles in front of them.
“If it makes you feel better, I still think you’re as much of an asshole as the first day,“ Brandon deadpans as he not so subtly approaches said cauldron with his hands hidden behind him.
“Time to reaffirm that reputation,” Stiles mutters, patting Cora’s hair, and she presses her lips to contain a giddy cackle, seeing hell and damnation coming.
She’s not an idiot, though, so she covertly gets herself near the door, just in case.
Peter’s again at the third tier common rooms when a big explosion rocks the entire castle, making the ground tremble and the bottles in the shelves rattle. Derek curses when the sudden noise startles him into jerking his hand to the left, successfully messing completely the runic wards he was working on. He panics as it starts to sizzle, dark brown smoke coming from the paper in a matter of seconds.
Peter rolls his eyes at him and, without taking his eyes from the text he’s been studying for the better part of the afternoon, he nicks his finger and swiftly reaches to neutralize it before the wound closes.
“Showoff,” the fifteen year old grumbles before sighing at the ruined project. He growls frustrated, showing a bit of fang. “Damn it.”
“I bet it was your crush, uncle Peter,“ Laura grumbles, closing her notebook noisily.
As much as it pains him to admit it, he's coming to dislike Laura more and more as she grows. Seeing as she is more like her mother with each passing day, it’s not really that surprising that his brotherly love is souring as the time passes, though.
He arches a brow at her before going back to his text. When she sees he’s not going to raise to the bait, she continues.
“Who else could it be? I still don’t get why mom can’t make Cora have another mentor, he’s going to end up seriously hurting her.“
(She also doesn’t seem to get, just like her mother, than the more they dislike Cora’s mentor, the more she likes him. And the same happens with Peter, to be honest.)
When Cora rushes into the third tier common room, Peter ignores Laura’s validated exclaim, because, really, an explosion of that magnitude? Of course it was Stiles. He looks expectantly at Cora, waiting for some juicy story from her about her mentor and she doesn’t dissapoint.
“Stiles invoked a demon,“ she cackles gleefully after she jumps into his lap and it tells something that Peter isn’t surprised that those are the first words that come out of her mouth. “Brandon tried to trick him and Stiles messed” here she makes quotation marks with her hands, “a ritual and it charred Brandon’s ass… and his eyebrows.”
“Did he now?“ he inquires silkily, taking a short moment to envy the containment black bracelet Stiles made for her. According to Cora, she doesn’t feel cold at all and she can activate and deactivate it at will. He’s been trying to manipulate Stiles into making him one like that for months, but his subtle approach has bore no fruits yet.
“Yeah,“ she smirks evilly, obviously remembering the entire thing at this very moment and savoring it.
Peter’s lips twitch.
He rubs his cheek over her hair discreetly and she molds into his chest without a complaint about the scenting. If it was another person than him, even her own mother, she would have snarked her way out in disgust.
“You know what’s even better?“ she crows, turning to look at him in the face. She doesn’t wait for him to answer. “Brandon got demoted a class until the next grade exams and lost all library and laboratory privileges for a semester. And the professors are going to reward Stiles for his timely intervention.”
He smirks with Cora. Now, that’s a loss. Peter has already tried to sneak into the special tier’s library three times and failed each and every one of them. And that was the third class’ library. He’s not ashamed to admit that he would drool at the prospect of accessing the first class’ one. Losing all privileges…
“He also got the demon to accept to being his familiar,“ she finally adds and Peter raises his eyebrows impressed.
“What?!” Laura exclaims. “He can’t… That’s really dangerous! No one is that stupid!”
“Now, that would hurt if I actually cared about your opinion,“ a new voice drawls from the doorway.
Laura growls at Stiles and the nogitsune growls back at her from atop his hair (an ancient and overpowered being’s miniaturized form shouldn’t be that deceptively cute), making her back off, wide eyed and fast as lightning. Peter hides a delighted snicker in Cora’s hair but she’s not as considerate. Stiles grins at her, not even bothering to cover it either. Derek, who as a rule doesn’t like trouble and just likes to be calm and relaxed, rolls his eyes at their antics and pulls a paper out to restart his project.
“Well, Ikari, Cora, my disciple, well met and all those things,“ Stiles says with a whimsical wave of hands. “Don’t eat her… or the one behind her either, for that matter. That’s Peter and he provides enough entertainment to not let him suffer that fate.” Peter waves at the kitsune sassily, trying to not let out an embarrassing pleased smile. Judging by Cora’s snort, he’s not entirely successful. “That other one is all right…”
“Thanks,“ Derek deadpans, not taking his eyes from the blood ward he’s trying to etch into the parchment again. “The name’s Derek.”
“… she, you can eat, I don’t care. Might upset your stomach, though. The name’s bitch.”
“Hey! It’s Laura, you fucker!“
“Tche, no one cares about the name of their food unless they want seconds, and I doubt there’s someone else like you. Anyways,“ Stiles claps his hands, “since they’re still clearing the common room, I thought you’d like to go to the dungeons, Cora.”
“The last time you said that…“
“We agreed to never talk about that ever again,” he interrupts her hastily, and Peter raises an eyebrow, intrigued. “But, no, it’s a completely different thing I just thought you’d enjoy, but it’s obvious that you don’t want to, so…”
“Wait,“ Cora squeaks, and Peter catches Stiles covering a smile. “I’m game.”
“Well that sounds sufficiently intriguing. Mind if I tag along?“ Peter drawls from his seat.
Stiles looks at him over Cora’s head, gaze considering, as he adjusts some protection charm necklaces on her (and they worry about her safety, hah!). It’s telling that she doesn’t mind the contact and actually seems to enjoy it and preen at the attention.
“Sure,” he says finally and then throws to him a bracelet like Cora’s, but exactly on his size.
Score, Peter thinks, taking in all the implications of that. Cora, the brat, rolls her eyes at him when Stiles is not looking. Even the nogitsune smirks at him.
Aaannnddd now a fox mocks him too.
He needs to get his act together.
But how to court Stiles? Everything he knows he would enjoy, he already has and in more quantity (and quality) than what Peter would be ever able to provide even if he tried. Other things he could get him with no problem, like clothes and other amenities, he doesn’t care for. What to do then?
Peter is a fan of the big gesture, but maybe that’s not the path to take in this case? Maybe it’s the small things are what he needs to watch out for…
He can already tell this is going to be a lengthy campaign. He sighs and follows after Cora and Stiles.
Spy, it is.
After a month of watching him (subtly, very subtly, not like a weirdo, no matter what Cora says about that) like a hawk, he feels confident enough to start.
Stiles, of course, foils all his plans when, after two or three measly small (but thoughtful) presents, he comes by the first tier common room to kidnap him, all exasperated.
“Seriously, Peter,“ he complains and grumbles after he slips a protective charm pendant around his neck. “Now you want to court me? If this wasn’t cute in it’s own way, I’d give up on you. How can you not have noticed I’ve been courting you for months?”
“What,“ Peter rakes his head dumbfounded and Stiles rolls his eyes, taking his hand to pull him out of the dorms. He lets him.
The texts Stiles lends him (they have to be from his own collection not the school’s, because that’s forbidden), the charms, the bracelet… Cora and Ikari’s exasperation makes a lot more sense now. Peter wants to facepalm really bad.
“I’m an idiot,“ he sighs chagrined.
“Yes, you are, but just sometimes and you have an amazing physique to compensate,“ Stiles makes a show of sticking his nose in the air, acting long-suffering, “so I’ll let it slide this time.”
Peter may be, quite possibly, in love, he realizes.
John starts getting at least a letter a month. Again, they’re stiff and too formal, but he’s not an idiot and he’s not going to look a gifted horse in the mouth, so he cherishes every and each one of them.
“Do you have a limit?” Cora asks wide eyed.
“Of course,“ Stiles purrs as she scratches behind his ear. “It’s not as easy at it seems. It’s taken me almost ten years to get at this point. I had to learn the anatomy of the ones I wanted to shift into perfectly before even attempting it. And even so, if professor Callaway hadn’t been there those first few times I would have died. Seriously, the first time I nearly had a heart failure because I didn’t have the heart of a cat clearly in my mind before shifting”
“Oh,“ she utters quietly.
“It’s nothing, just a stupid thought.“
“If you’re sure…”
“Cora has been really quiet lately,“ Stiles tells him one day in December, sprawled on Peter’s bed with a thick tome in front of him. “I had to take her out of the laboratory because she nearly caused an explosion. The bad kind.”
He doesn’t look at him, but he can tell he’s worried. Peter sighs and lets himself fall into the bed, which makes Stiles bounce. He swats at him half-heartedly and Peter crushes him under himself playfully. He then rests his face between his shoulder blades and inhales deeply.
“I didn’t know there was a good kind?“
“No one but the special tier knows… you guys must live such a sad lives,“ he deadpans and Peter snorts.
“It’s the Wolf Moon,” he confesses after a beat of silence. Stiles makes an inquiring sound. “Basically, in January, the whole family has a reunion to run under the full moon, to strengthen the bonds and a lot of mystical whassit. Since she’s the only human in the family right now… Their attitude has gotten better ever after she presented, but this is something…”
“Fuckers,“ Stiles mutters darkly.
“Exactly. Ever since she got accepted, I’ve defied Talia by staying here, with her, but I still need to run. I can control myself and not leave her behind or hurt her, but she still feels bad about it, about making me hold back.”
“So it’s a matter of shifting?“
“I’d say more like a matter of willingness,” he huffs. “If they wanted, they could control themselves enough for her to run with us and for everyone to enjoy themselves. It’s what other packs with human members do (even the Hales when there used to be more human members). But they don’t want to, they want to be free or some stupid shit like that. Nonsense, because out of the whole family, only Talia and I manage a full shift, and if I can do it…”
After a moment of silence, Stiles speaks again. “So that’s why…“
And that’s that. Peter doesn’t hear anything else about the matter until Cora starts insisting about going home for the holidays this time, baffling Peter. Stiles is strangely accommodating about the whole issue, telling him has a lot of work to do, because a coven has hired him to draw some wards around their home and the rituals necessary for that have to be done the last day of the year and the first. And that’s not counting the two weeks of beforehand preparation he’s going to have to do in a week and a half.
Peter finally shrugs and decides to roll with it. Whatever it is that they have planned he’ll know soon enough. Hopefully.
The whole vacation, they spend more time outside their home than inside. Peter is losing hope of ever finding out what they have planned, but he’s not very heartbroken, because just the way Cora is getting back at the family (because it’s most certainly her, not Peter like everyone suspects… not that he’s going to confirm or deny anything) is the most entertaining thing he’s ever witnessed .
Then, Wolf Moon comes.
And Cora comes to the garden, protective charm necklace around her neck and with a defiant expression on her face.
And, in front of everyone, she performs a full shift and tackles the already wolf Peter.
If he could, he would cackle.
When Wolf Moon ends and they shift back, she proceeds to pull a cloak over him and look around at the stark naked people disdainfully.
“And, look at that, I don’t flash at anyone,“ she humphs as she leaves the clearing, a cackling Peter in tow.
He’s going to marry Stiles.
The letters keep coming. They’re not warm but they’re not cold, either.
The first time Stiles addresses him as dad again, John doesn’t even feel like an idiot for crying his eyes out.
“I want to try shifting into a cat next.”
“While I appreciate the irony, do you want to end as dog chew?“
“Don’t be an idiot, I never said what kind of cat.”
Stiles cackles.
Two years later, Peter decides it’s enough and that, since he’s never going to make special tier, he’s exhausted what he can (and wants to) learn from Salem. He knows Stiles is the same, but he’s just waiting for Cora to decide on a mentee.
He’s going to ask him to marry him. And since his initial courting got thwarted, he’s going to make it amazing and unique and memorable and all around awesome.
He spends an entire month mulling over it, about the how and the when. He gets a ring he knows Stiles will love. He researches wedding rituals. He cajoles and manipulates and blackmails some students and professors into helping. Basically, he does everything he can before feeling confident enough to finally go for it.
The day comes, everything is perfect, Stiles says yes.
Later, at Stiles’ common room cuddling each other, a sudden though assaults him… and a couple or three memories. And he recalls Ikari and Cora’s exasperated looks as of late, again.
“Have you been courting me again?”
“Dude,” comes from the end of the room, “he spent three months carving and assembling a protean charm. And he blew the laboratories three times before that.”
“And he went to the dragons to get those scales. He came back without eyebrows and had to grow them back with Capilagro.“
“Lets not forget about…”
“Okay, okay, I get it,“ Peter finally recovers enough to cut in. Stiles is shaking with the effort to contain his laughter.
“You were so cute planning all that and trying to hide it from me that I couldn’t destroy your efforts like that,” he admits with red all over his cheeks. Peter groans.
“I’m an idiot,“ he sighs chagrined.
“Yes, you are, but just sometimes and you have an amazing physique to compensate,“ Stiles snickers at him, “so I’ll let it slide this time.”
What Peter is, is so stupidly in love, he realizes.
He raises from the couch, pulling his wayward fiance with him and hoisting him up over his shoulder, and starts climbing the stairs to Stiles’s room enveloped by the sound of his laughter.
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halekingsourwolf · 5 years
re: Derek having a twin. I have to agree if only for the fact that it would speak really poorly of Derek's relationship with said twin that he clearly didn't talk to them about either Paige or Kate. As it is I think it speaks very poorly of his relationship with Laura if they were supposed to be fairly close in age. I love fic where they are super close, but I wonder if canon really supports that sometimes. Do you have thoughts on their sibling relationship? (1/2)
(2/2) Also, while there's not really anything in canon to suggest it, I've become inordinately fond of Cora as a twin. Partly just because I like to get as many extra siblings in the Hale family as possible, but I also think it would go a ways to help explain Cora's anger in 3A, and why she and Derek don't seem remotely close or really like they talk to each other at all. And I don't think there's anything in canon which conflicts with it, so that's become my headcanon.
Re: Laura, I tend to set her as being about two years older than Derek –– with him sixteen and a sophomore at the time of the fire, and Laura as eighteen and a senior. There’s nothing really supporting this, except that if she were eighteen that would explain why they didn’t end up in foster care. (They could have just run away and stayed out of the system, but then they wouldn’t have had access to their inheritance, and I feel like they did.)
I have the impression that Laura was generally kept busy with Talia, being trained to be the next Alpha –– there’s a line Peter says in s4, about the talisman... symbol... thing Kate’s after: “Talia used it to teach Laura. I tried to use it to teach Derek.” So I always feel like Laura had Talia’s priority attention and Derek learned for the most part from Peter (human!Papa Hale ftw), which might have caused some distance and possibly even resentment between the siblings. Also, I tend to think Laura would have been the kind of person to be president of the student council, captain of a sports team or two, just the type of person with a million activities and responsibilities taking up her focus and... I doubt she and Derek ever had a bad relationship, but I imagine them only actually getting close after the fire.
As for Cora, I can definitely see her with a twin. I mean, I don’t tend to picture any Hale twins personally, but there’s nothing I can think of to contradict it, and if any of the known Hales had a twin, I’d see it being her.
In general though, I picture there being one or two younger Hales we haven’t heard of, and the age gap between Derek and Cora (five to six years) makes me think there could easily be another sibling (or two) between them. With that big of an age gap, with or without siblings between, Derek and Cora wouldn’t have had much in common growing up. He’d have been firmly in the “baby things are gross” phase when she was born; probably looking to act grown up and impress his big sister and favorite uncle with how mature he was while she was just falling into Sesame Street. And remember that she was only eleven when the fire happened, while Derek was around sixteen, so she wouldn’t have ever been the ideal choice to hang out with or confide in.
So yeah, I’m happily down for twin!Cora, but I can just as easily imagine any siblings within a couple years of her age that she was closer to.
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nyxelestia · 5 years
I dunno if you've discussed this before, but I was curious to hear your opinion. Do you think the Hale family was 100% matriarchal? not only was Talia in charge but she didn't seem to take her husband's surname (evidenced by the fact that Peter was also Hale and so far only Hales are the ones capable of fully shifting) and when Deaton was talking about Laura he said that Talia had been grooming her into the next alpha, she never considered Derek for the position (it could be an age thing tho)
This turned very long, anon, so most of it is under a cut.
TL;DR - There isn't any canonical support for matriarchal werewolves, but there isn't any canonical opposition to it, either, and canon does support a feminine leadership style among werewolves over a masculine one. Meanwhile, leaning towards matrilineal or matriarchal structure among werewolves (or supernaturals in general) would explain a lot of the inconsistencies about supernaturals in folklore and mythology.
There are two parts to this: what actually happens on-screen, and my own headcanons (which is not limited to the Hale family alone).
So are the Hales matriarchal?
On-screen, in canon - we don't really know. Definitely, for the last two generations, the werewolves in charge happened to be women. Talia seems to have kept her maiden name upon marriage, but based on age and location, this isn't necessarily that unusual. (I'm slightly biased when it comes to surnames, as my parents gave me a different last name altogether when I was born to stick it to the patriarchy.)
Talia and Laura both happened to be the oldest siblings, so definitely, werewolves are not patriarchal - there's no pressure for the oldest son to be the alpha, but there does some to be a preference or pressure for the oldest child, or maybe for the child most capable of leadership regardless of their gender or age.
That said, "matriarchal" and "patriarchal" don't actually mean much in isolation - isolation, in this case, meaning one family, even a large one. Those are terms to describe communities and cultures, and in that sense, we need to look at werewolves at large - where we don't see evidence either way. There's never any concrete indication of preference for one gender over another, and absence of patriarchy is not automatically matriarchy.
Additionally, when the alphas in the 3A flashbacks are discussing what to do about the Hunters, Talia suggests going because "Hunters are matriarchal" - which could suggest that werewolves are not.
Because now we go into headcanon territory, at which point we start busting out the mythology.
Absence of patriarchy is not a canonical confirmation of matriarchy, but it is a great foundation for a headcanon of matriarchy. Something we see time and again in Teen Wolf is that the traditional myths are not reliable - they are thousand-year-old telephone games, distortions of reality with little more than a few grains of truth to their story.
From the historical standpoint, a lot of Bronze Age mythologies are very matrilineal in nature. While they weren't matriarchal by virtue of lacking any -archal structure, a matrilineal structure in a pre-accumulation society often leads to an effective matriarchy.
Somewhat interestingly, the werewolves do operate a lot on Bronze Age ethics. Very brutal by our modern standards, but pretty reasonable for Bronze Age standards.
(Bronze Age, I use not just in reference to the strict time period, but rather/also as a catch-all term to indicate cultures and societies prior to agricultural urbanization.)
History has a long, well, history of downplaying, distorting, or outright erasing the presence and contributions of women and other marginalized communities. You can read more about them here and here.
There's one which stands out, though:
“Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virle. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.”
This poses a very interesting question on the nature of the "Virgins" the Darach needed for her sacrifices, and I actually posit that pursuing Judeo-Christian virgins for a Pagan ritual may've tripped her up a bit or weakened her power, but that's a digression for another day.
More relevantly, it does shed some light onto this old Tumblr post:
Tumblr media
The "grumpy grandma" version of that story/comic is very much a matriarchal take on the werewolf lore.
Now, how does this relate back to Teen Wolf?
After all, we see both men and women in charge, the main character is a man, and we don't really get to see how packs other than Scott's work that much.
First let's take a stab at what it means to lead "maternally" or with feminine traits, vs what it means to lead "paternally" or with masculine traits. Then let's try applying it to the characters we've seen thus far.
Now, what does the difference between masculinity and femininity really entail? Well, this post actually encapsulates the femininity aspect quite well - both in the actual meta itself, and in the mass of bullshit that accompany the 4th reblog/2nd gif.
Those traits were proscribed to a character who rarely or never expressed them purely because he was the physically weakest character, and this speaks a lot to our misconceptions of masculinity and femininity as leadership models. "Strong = manly" and therefore "weak = womanly", amirite or amirite? /s
While they were projected onto the wrong person - arguably one of the "manliest" characters on the show despite also being the materially weakest - the traits themselves were summarized pretty eloquently: "feminine qualities tend to be nurturing, patience, loving, empathy".
Almost all of the protagonists demonstrate these to some degree at various points throughout the show - but the one who we see demonstrating it the most is actually a man, Scott.
Scott's going into a career of nurturing, his defeat of various antagonists often boils down to having a little more patience than them, and of course he is a very loving and empathic individual throughout the show. This is the guy whose response to someone holding a gun on him and talking about how they want to shoot him is "I get that". This is a guy who puts the safety and security of his loved ones over his pride without a second thought, not even hesitating to offer to beg for their lives if that's what the villain wanted.
Now let's compare that to someone over on the opposite extreme - Peter, as an alpha in the very first season. He doesn't strive to protect, and in fact quite the opposite - he's willing to kill his own niece for that leadership role, that power. He tries to lead through fear, not respect.
Derek sits in the middle, in that he starts out leading in a masculine way, but then transitions over time towards the feminine - very much in correlation to his relationship to Scott.
Now, let's take a look at the other alphas - when they are trying to lead with violence, with fear, or just pursuing power, they are shown in a negative light (in and out of universe), and demonstrated to be toxic leaders. This means Peter, Season 2 Derek, and the alpha pack.
However, the alphas who are portrayed in a positive light (both in and out of universe), who are respected, and who are seen as a role model of what kind of alpha to be, are Scott, Talia, Satomi, and when they aren't being subject to the violence of the alpha pack, even Deucalion (and up to a certain extent, Ennis). Scott, Talia, and Satomi are far more patient and "quiet" leaders, treating violence as a last resort instead of a first course of action. They preferred diplomacy over domination. Deucalion was described as a visionary during a time when he tried to reach out to the tremendously violent Argents with peace. And Ennis' pre-alpha-pack defining characteristic (second to Biting Paige at Derek's request) is his referral to himself and his pack as the family of a lost packmember - aka, grief borne out of love.
Another term I want to consider is what I used above - matrilineal, rather than matriarchal. Matrilineal basically just means that family is traced through mothers, not through fathers (which is predominantly how they are traced today in most cultures across the world). It's slow and more "sustainable" than "expansionary" - but, compared to paternal lineage, it's reliabe. It's very easy to mix up or lose track of who a baby's father was, but there's no mistaking who its mother is. Part of the source of matrilineal and potential matriarchal traditions and social clout/power is the ability to give and trace life. Basically, the capacity to create more people, while obviously dependent on both sexes, has largely been associated with feminity and the female sex/side of reproduction.
And what is one of the biggest differences between alphas and other werewolves? The ability to create more werewolves.
(Incidentally, while Talia most likely just had a husband whose name she didn't take, it's entirely possible that the reason why we never hear about Laura, Derek, and Cora's father is because they didn't have one. If they are a matrilineal family/culture, then paternity doesn't matter, only maternity, so it's entirely possible that their biological fathers are two or three different men (which would explain why they don't really look alike) that don't play a huge part in those kids lives. I don't consider it likely - after all, werewolves are hardly isolated away from the rest of the world - but it is possible, and it would be an example of what it means for a family or culture to be matrilineal.)
While there isn't really much in the way of canonical support of a matriarchal structure for the Hales/werewolves in general, there isn't much canonical opposition to it, either. Combined with all the other evidence, I headcanon that werewolves and the supernatural in general are matriarchal, or at least lean towards matriachal/maternal leadership - Hunters are just an institutionalization of it with their propensity for female leaders.
Additionally, this can also explain a lot of the inconsistencies in mythology and folklore, and in supernatural "history" in general. Most of what we know beforehand - our baseline knowledge that Teen Wolf then often subverts - is information filtered through centuries of imperialism and patriarchy. The history surrounding the Voynich Manuscript, alone, is a horrific insight into how women's history and health gets warped and wiped away under patriarchy - and men have to live with us. Humans don't have to live with supernaturals day in and day out.
So I further like to headcanon that the supernatural leaning towards matrilineal or matriarchal social structure is part of why there's been so much inconsistency in the myths and folklore about them. Whenver human men would try to record knowledge, they would do through the lens of patriarchy, in which this supernatural social system effectively becomes invisible, by virtue of being incomprehensible.
TL;DR - The Hales - or werewolves in general - being matriarchal isn't supported by canon, but it's not opposed by canon, either, and it should would explain a LOT about the supernatural world of Teen Wolf.
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stacinadia · 5 years
For @laurahale-appreciation​!  Originally written for the theme Laura Didn’t Die, I needed an extra day to work on it, so now it’s for the theme Alpha Laura, which also qualifies!  This is a prequel to Meeting Again, when Laura and Peter fight.
Title:  Alpha Roar
Rating:  T
Warnings:  Canon-typical violence
Theme:  Alpha Laura
Words:  2446
Summary:  Laura ran away years ago, but she's not running anymore. 
Also at AO3.
“Are you sure you don’t need me to come, Laura?”
Laura smiled gently at her younger brother.  Derek was normally a pretty independent werewolf, but he became slightly clingy whenever she had to travel away for any sort of alpha business.  They were pretty much the only family either of them had left since the fire.  
“Alpha business” rarely happened, luckily, ever since the two of them had moved to New York to try and get away from all the bad memories.  Since they weren’t living in their own territory anymore, they weren‘t really an active pack.  One of the New York packs permitted the two siblings to live safely in their own territory as long as they didn’t try to take over, but occasionally, Laura‘s presence was required at some meetings as another alpha.  
Now it was one of those few times.  But this time, she was returning to their family‘s old territory in California. 
She didn’t tell the specifics to Derek so he wouldn‘t worry more than he normally did when she was away, but she’d found out about a spiral being burned onto a dead deer in their old town of Beacon Hills.  It was the werewolf symbol for revenge, and she needed to know what it meant and who it was a message for.  
“I‘ll be fine, Derek,” she told him gently, putting a hand on his shoulder.  “I won’t be gone long.  I’ll probably be back in less than a week.”
Derek hugged her tightly and buried his face in her neck, despite the fact that he was now taller than her.  She smiled fondly as he began scenting her.  She turned toward her brother’s exposed neck as well and breathed in his scent as well, feeling a sense of contentment and pack as their combined scents washed over her.  From the scents wafting off of him, she could tell that her brother felt the same way.
“You promise, Laura?”  Derek’s voice was so soft, she might not have heard it if she didn‘t have enhanced senses.
“I promise.”  She kissed Derek on the cheek, then picked up her suitcase and left their apartment to go hail a cab to the airport.  “Love you, Der-bear!” she shouted as she pressed the button for the elevator.
“Don’t call me that, Laura!”  
She chuckled at her brother’s whining as she stepped into the elevator.  He was such fun to tease.
She was back in Beacon Hills by that afternoon.  Finally being back in her family’s territory - her territory - filled her with purpose.  Her alpha instincts made her want to check out the town and the preserve and make sure that it was all still okay after all these years.  She wasn’t expecting to feel this way upon her return.  A wave of guilt washed over her not for the first time that maybe she and Derek never should have left.
She could tell that no other alphas dared to take the Hale pack’s territory while she was gone.  Her mother had been one of the most respected alphas in California, so that probably had a lot to do with it. But she knew that someday, some pack or alpha was going to try to take Beacon Hills for themselves.  Laura realized that she didn’t want that to happen.  
Despite the fact that no other packs were present, Laura was on high alert that evening as she felt drawn to the preserve where the remains of her family’s burned down house were.  If another pack wasn‘t here, perhaps hunters had left the deer in the hopes that she would return.  She growled softly.  A hunter was the one who had set the fire that killed her family, and she would make sure that no hunter would ever harm another Hale for as long as she lived.  
She continued to slip soundlessly through the preserve, the trees still so familiar to her despite not being here for so long.  As she neared the remains of the Hale house, she saw a figure in a robe standing with its back toward her, most likely a male judging by the silhouette.  She slowed her silent steps to observe the man.  But what made her actually stop in her tracks was that the back looked very familiar…
“U…uncle Peter?” she whispered in shock.  “Is that you?”
Uncle Peter, her mother’s younger brother, had been the only one who had survived the massacre of their family.  But despite the fact that he was a werewolf, his body had been horrifically burned, and he’d been in a coma which the doctors hadn’t been sure he’d ever wake up from.  Laura had gotten reports over the years from the hospital when she was in New York occasionally updating her on his condition, but he had never shown any sort of signs that he was coming out of it.
The figure turned around then, and Laura gasped when she saw that it really was Peter.  His face was still badly scarred from the fire, though it had healed somewhat from when his body had been first pulled from the wreckage of their house.  It was likely that his body had also partially healed as well.  She barely had time to inwardly marvel that he had finally come out of his coma before he leaped towards her, his clawed hand only lightly scratching her cheek as she backed up in shock.  She could already feel her skin knitting itself back together.
“It’s me, Laura!” she cried out as she dodged another swing.  “Your niece!  Don’t you recognize me?”
A growl was the only response she got as his fangs dropped and he started to half-shift, his eyes flashing blue as his sideburns grew and his clothes tearing.  He lunged toward her, aiming for her throat.  Laura finally let loose her own claws as she prepared to fight one of the only living relatives she had left.
She didn’t understand what was happening.  Uncle Peter had always been more sneaky and underhanded than her mother and the rest of the Hales, but he had always been on the family’s side and would have protected them with everything that he had.  Laura didn’t know what Peter had endured during the fire, as she and Derek hadn’t been home at the time, but hearing his family, his wife and child, dying all around him couldn’t have been good for his psyche.  But was her uncle insane enough to attack one of his only family left?
Peter was clearly fighting to kill.  There was no doubt about that.  He kept aiming for her neck, one of the most vulnerable parts of a werewolf.  But Laura was only trying to subdue.  She flung his body into a tree and tried to slip through the woods unseen while he was still getting his bearings.
But Peter appeared suddenly in front of her yet again, and Laura stopped abruptly in her tracks.  He slammed her into a tree behind her with one hand, his claws digging into her torso.  He lifted his other hand as he prepared to swung his claws towards her neck, an attack that Laura wouldn‘t be able to dodge.
Laura feared that this might be the end.  Her throat would be clawed out by her uncle, and she would be joining the rest of her family in the afterlife.  Derek would be left all alone in New York with no idea what had happened to her.  Would he return to Beacon Hills, too, looking for her?  Would he meet the same fate as Laura?  
But she couldn’t leave Derek behind.  She was his alpha and he needed her.  And despite the fact that he was trying to kill her, she knew that Peter needed an alpha, his alpha, too.
She remembered her mother telling her about an alpha’s roar which would make everyone of lower rank, and possibly some other alphas, submit immediately.  It was the only thing she could think of to try.  As Peter’s claws neared her neck, she gathered up every ounce of alpha power inside her and roared.  She could feel her face transforming into her partial shift and she knew her eyes were glowing red.
Peter immediately stopped and released her, baring his neck to her in submission and flashing his blue eyes.  “Alpha,” he murmured, lowering his head.
Laura was silent for a few moments, trying to catch her breath and processing the fact that the alpha roar had actually worked.  Her face transformed back to human.  “Uncle Peter, why?” she asked quietly.
Peter was breathing heavily from the exertion of the fight as well.  “Had to…” he said.
“Had to become alpha,” Peter explained.  “Can heal faster as an alpha.  And then kill everyone who killed our family.  I want revenge!” he roared out.
“Revenge won’t bring them back!”  Laura shot back at him.
“Talia would have said something like that, too,” Peter mused.  “But I had six years of just laying there in that coma, abandoned by my alpha,” he spat derisively.  “I had to take control myself.”
Laura was horrified as she realized what Peter said was true.  She’d abandoned a packmate who needed her to a long-term care hospital because she couldn’t stand being in the town where her family had died, despite it being their territory.  “We…  I…  I didn‘t mean to,” she whispered.
Peter snorted.  “Yeah, that’s why you and Derek visited me so many times in that hospital.”  He shook his head.  “Stupid, foolish boy,” he muttered.  “Got everyone killed.”
Laura knew that Derek still believed the same thing, that it had been all his fault that Kate Argent was able to kill their family because he‘d given her information about them, thinking that she’d been in love with him.  After he’d finally admitted it to her a few months after they had moved to New York, she’d worked hard trying to convince him that it wasn’t his fault, that he had been deceived, too.  “It wasn’t his fault,” she told her uncle.  “Kate would found some other way.”
She reached out to her uncle, but he jerked his arm away.  Laura didn’t let that deter her.  “Uncle Peter, I did abandon you, and for that, I’m so sorry.”
Peter looked surprised that she was admitting to that.  Laura was relieved to see him listening.
“I was an alpha at eighteen, barely out of high school.  I was scared because my family was dead, and my only relative who had survived the fire was in a coma, and we had no idea if you would ever come out of it.  That doesn’t usually happen to werewolves, so we had no idea what was happening to you.  So I just ran away with Derek.  I know now that I never should have done that.  I can feel the land calling to me.  I wasn’t ready back then, but I think I’m ready now.”  She reached out to Peter, but this time, he allowed her to touch his arm.  “I don’t know if I will ever be able to make it up to you, but I want to try.  It’s just the three of us now, and we should stick together like family should.  I‘ll become the alpha I should have been.”
Peter stared at her for a few moments, then started chuckling.  “That was a good speech, niece,” he said, a twinkle in his eyes that Laura remembered from before the fire, when Peter was the cool uncle who let them get away with things.  
But then a faraway look came to his eyes.  “I didn’t want you to die, Laura,” he said.  His heartbeat was steady, so Laura knew that it was the truth.  “All I could think of was killing an alpha, and you were the only one I could think of.  I…  I just wanted to make them pay.  Make them all pay.  That‘s all I could think of for years.”  His head bowed forward and his voice took on a watery tone.  “My sister and her family.  My wife.  My child.  They didn’t deserve this…”  A sob came from the man as his shoulders shook
Laura immediately wrapped her arms around Peter as tears streamed down her cheeks as well.  “None of them did,” she whispered back.  She could feel the pack bond with Peter growing stronger as she gently scented.  He smelled of smoke, sadness, and regret, but underneath it all, he smelled like pack and family.
The two separated, and Laura could see Peter’s burns looked a little better.  “I won’t leave again, I promise,” she vowed.  “I’m going to call Derek, and we’re all going to be together again.  We’re going to stick together like a family should.”
Peter grinned.  “I like the sound of family.”
“Me, too.”  A thought occurred to Laura.  “Were you the one who burned the spiral on the deer?  How long have you been awake?”
“Well,” Peter drawled, looking embarrassed.  “A nurse at the hospital helped me.  She burned the deer for me and she helped me get out.”
“She doesn’t know about us, does she?”  Laura quirked an eyebrow, shooting Peter a stern look.
Peter’s response was to whistle innocently.  Laura didn’t buy it for an instant.  “Well, we’ll worry about that later,” she said, waving her hand.  “For now, I’m going to my hotel and calling Derek to return here as well.  Do you need to get back to the hospital, Uncle Peter?”
“I suppose,” he shrugged in response.  “They’ll be missing me, I’m sure.  I’ll have you know I was quite popular with the nurses, even in a coma.”
Laura laughed.  Now that sounded more like the Uncle Peter that she knew and loved.
Laura sighed in relief as she sat on her hotel bed.  It was all over with no blood being shed and the living Hales were unified once again.  She mentally vowed to become the sort of alpha that her mother had been, now that they were back on their own land.
She grabbed her phone and called Derek, who she knew that, despite the fact that it was about 4am in New York, he was probably anxious with his alpha and sister away.
“Laura?” came her brother’s sleepy yet anxious voice.  “Is everything okay?”
Laura smiled.  “Everything is perfect, Derek.  Our uncle is awake and healing.”
She could hear rustling as she pictured Derek sitting up in bed.  “Uncle Peter‘s awake?” he asked, sounding a little more alert.
“Yes,” Laura said.  “Now pack up whatever is absolutely necessary and come back home.  The Hale pack is returning to Beacon Hills.”
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comic-voice-over2 · 6 years
Back Together (Chp 17)
Damian and Roy have reunited at last...while Dick and Jason has a surprise planned for Mary.
           Team Phoenix has made their way outside the Asylum, leaving behind piles of wounded henchmen and Joker’s soulless body. Oxford and Penny were having quite a conversation, Dick and Jason was watching the moonlight shining while Damian and Roy was busy tending to each other’s wounds.
           “It’s amazing how I managed to get this far” Damian stated “I thought I’d be dead for sure…again…though not stabbed in the chest”
           “Yeah, but Oxford managed to find and save you” Jason added “So the four of us saved two lives in one night”
           Damian and Roy stopped to look at each other and thought of what went down: Roy was beaten and tied up by Joker/Talia, while Damian had gotten overpowered and slashed by them too. Both were hurt by the same person, yet they feared the same for one another’s well-being.
           “He’s right” Roy said softly “I would have lost you if Joker killed you…”
           “…And I would have lost you for the same reason” Damian added “And if that happened…I don’t know what I would do…”
           “Listen, D-Man, it’s alright. We both survived, albeit quite sore” Roy whispered loudly “I know we’ll rest when in each other’s arms tonight…and for the rest of our lives…”
           Penny giggled at hearing what Roy had said, which made both the redhead and teenager blush. But while they were prepared to part ways, Oxford stated that he’ll teleport the pair over to Wayne Manor with him, whereas Penny will warp herself back to Bludhaven at Munki’s office.
           “Guess that just leaves you and me, Jaybird” Dick chuckled “Good thing the cycle carries two people. I know Mary’s waiting on us”
           “Looks like. But Princess may be asleep by the time we get back” Jason pointed out “But yeah, we should head back home”
           And with the pair hopping onto Dick’s cycle to race back home, Penny bids them goodbye as she warps back to Bludhaven also. Oxford then asks if they’re ready to take the warp trip to the Manor as well, which Damian nodding slowly, saying that he’s pretty tired. Oxford nods as he chants a spell which allows the three to transport back home.
           Within seconds, the trio then lands into Damian’s room, saving them the trouble of being seen by Bruce or Alfred. The monkey bids them farewell and good rest as he teleports back to where Munki and Penny are. This leaves the pair enough time to change clothes and get some much-needed sleep.
           “Boy, am I beat” Roy yawned “I’m just glad that this is all over…”
           “I am too. Least we don’t have to worry about Joker anymore” Damian added “Plus…I can finally sleep at peace now”
           Roy chuckled as he hugs Damian, saying that he’s glad to be reunited again. But of course, the two should sleep right away, so they can avoid being caught awake by either Bruce, Alfred or anyone else here. The pair hops into the warm bed as they drifted off to sleep, watching each other in the process as they each fall into peaceful sleep.
           Elsewhere in Dick’s apartment, he and Jason have already made back home, but noticed that Mary was asleep on the couch. They realized that she was watching the news beforehand, hence the TV is on still, least for a night light for her.
           “Heh, guess Princess was up waiting for us” Jason chuckled softly “We’ll wake her up later”
           Dick nods in agreement as the two quietly head into the bedroom, possibly to avoid waking up Mary now before morning. They quietly try to change clothes in hopes of keeping the apartment quiet…for their’s and Mary’s sake…and then got into bed clothes, which is mostly their boxer shorts.
           “Phew, easier than I thought” Jason whispered “And she hasn’t jumped up”
           “I did say she’s more of a sound sleeper” Dick whispered back “And that’s pretty much a good thing. Now then, we should get some rest”
           Jason chuckled as the two climbed in, preparing themselves to fall asleep, so the whole apartment will be in silence due to three sleeping heroes. Back at Munki’s office, the primate himself was busy cleaning up for the next day. Soon after, a flash of light catches his attention, which has him stopping what he’s doing. He opens the door and sees Oxford and Penny on the floor.
           “Something tells me you two had quite a day” Munki stated.
           “Er yeah, something like that” Penny groaned as she got up first “There was some crazy stuff going on at the Asylum”
           When Munki asked what crazy stuff exactly, Penny—and then Oxford—started explaining that they went up to the Asylum and saw Nightwing ‘n Red Hood there already. When asking what for, they said is because of Roy being kidnapped by what they stated is a possessed Joker.
           “Oh yes, I’ve heard about that on the news” Munki pointed out “I thought for sure Mr. Todd killed him. Yet…who was able to possess his corpse?”
           “One Talia al Ghul” Oxford replied “Her spirit managed to take control of Joker’s body, allowing him to kidnap Mr. Harper and to lure Mr. Wayne to his would-be death”
           Intrigued, Munki stood as he heard more of the story. So Oxford pointed out that he was, in fact, with Damian before they met with Penny and the others. And realizing that Roy was indeed in the Asylum, they know Joker was there too. So they set foot inside to search the deranged place to locate them both.
           “So, you all agree to find Roy while fighting Joker?” Munki asked.
           “Yeah, but then Joker somehow found us, yet Damian wanted to fight him alone” Oxford replied “Allowing the rest of us to find Roy without him…”
           This made Munki go wide-eyed. Why face him alone when there’s a team to help take him down?
           “Apparently he wants us to keep looking for Roy, so he won’t be so worried” Penny added “Though when we found him, we noticed that Damian was getting beat up pretty bad…”
           “…So that’s when I stepped in” Oxford continued “And used a spell to snatch Talia’s spirit out of Joker, pretty much killing him myself”
           Surprised to hear that, Munki then asked what did they do with Joker’s body, with the pair saying that they left it in the Asylum for it to rot. While he considers this a smashing idea, Munki stated that they should relocate the body someplace where no one—not even Harley—can suspect.
           “From what we’ve noticed, he did smell like the docks” Penny remembered “So we can’t send him back to the bay”
           “And the Asylum itself looks rundown, since it’s been left alone for years. I guess he feels right at home again” Munki chuckled “But we should check on it in the morning, so we better get some sleep”
           Agreed, the trio parted ways as they headed back home, so they can continue as to where Joker’s body will be sent next. And by the time the sun came up, Mary was busy cleaning up the living area she slept in. The TV was already off, her clothes were located inside a basket for washing and she was nearly dressed for the day.
           As for her fathers, Dick and Jason were still asleep, with their uniforms all over the floor. The night fight at the Asylum pretty much drained them, as neither wanted to wake up. But hearing the noises Mary was making caused Jason to open up his eyes.
           “Heh, guess Princess is an early worm after all…” he mumbles to himself, smiling.
           He then slowly gets up from bed to freshen up—or so he thought—as he looks back to see Dick snoring quietly to himself. Chuckling, he heads over to the bathroom, in which the noises caught not only Dick’s attention to wake him up, but Mary’s as well to check in.
           “Looks like you two are finally awake, yeah?” Mary asked “I was gonna ask if I can prepare breakfast for you two?”
           “Well Princess, that sounds like a good idea” Jason replied, then added “But before we do that, there’s…something we should tell you…”
           Curious, Mary comes in to see what was the big secret. She sits down on the bed, with a fully-awake Dick sitting nearby. Jason lets out a deep sigh as he and Dick begins to tell the story.
           “Mary, your father and I have been planning this for a while” Dick explained “See, remember when you were made from S.T.A.R. Labs when we first saw you?”
           “Um, yes, yes I do” she answered, but then asked “Wait, what did you two do there this time”
           “Well, we’ve thought of this and had agreed on one thing: We’re giving you a sibling” Jason answered, his eyes locked with Mary’s “A little brother, in fact. Isn’t this exciting?”
           In her reaction, Mary gasped in shock, for she had no clue about it…or maybe she had overheard and probably forgot. But of course, having a sibling doesn’t sound so bad for her, for she stated that she’s actually happy with the idea. Relieved, Jason and Dick hugged their daughter happily.
           “Say, when will I be able to see him?” she then asked.
           “Oh, in due time, Princess” Jason replied “Soon after, we’ll go get him. Dickie here wanted to have a Jr., so we pretty much thought of a name…”
           When she asked what was the name, he said that the son’s name will be Richard John Grayson Jr., so he’ll be completely named after Dick. Jason added that it would even out a few things, since Mary has the last name Todd, along with Jason’s middle name “Peter”.
           “We went to the labs whenever you’re out with Bruce or Harley” Jason stated “Possibly to get an early start on cloning Jr. He’s likely to resemble Dickie more”
           “Nice. I can’t wait to meet him” Mary said with a smile.
           Jason chuckled as he said that they will, but for now, the three must get ready for the day that’s happening right now. And as Mary left the bedroom, the duo headed to the bathroom to get themselves prepared, with Dick being surprised that Mary was ready before them.
           “That’s because she slept early” Jason chuckled “Though when she starts patrolling, it might skewer with her sleeping schedule, like ours’”
           “Yeah, I have to…wait a second. What do you mean when she starts patrolling?” Dick asked in suspicion “Have you been planning this too?”
           Jason could feel the chill going down his spine, knowing he shouldn’t mentioned that yet. But he lets out a sigh as he explained to Dick that he was secretly trying to train Mary, should she help out the Bat Family soon enough. This surprises Dick very much.
           “Huh, this explains why she’s been sleeping early” he stated “Well, Jay, I suppose I can allow it to continue. But she’s gonna need a uniform, though”
           “Oh, that she’s been discussing with Damian more” Jason replied “She wanted her outfit to look like yours, albeit…as she puts it…less metallic”
           Dick realizes that Mary’s uniform may resemble one of his previous uniforms, and when he asked if she’s thought of a symbol to go with it, Jason stated that it was supposed to be a reddish bird, with the wings on the breast areas. Even her gloves and heels were gonna be reddish to match.
           “So, a red Nightwing?” Dick asked “That doesn’t sound too bad”
           “Yeah, but she dubbed it Redwing, to go with the colors” Jason replied “Even Damian liked the name, to my surprise”
           Elsewhere, back at the Manor, Damian himself was making his way to the Dining Area, for he was hungry—and a bit tired—and breakfast was being served. Down there waiting for him was Bruce, Lulu, Norman and Norma. Alfred was there pouring some tea to help wake the teenager up.
           “I made it just how you like it, Master Damian” Alfred stated “Brown sugar ‘n a fresh-cut lemon from the garden. Norma helped me out with it”
           “Ah, thanks Alfred” he replied with a smile “Also, I’m sorry for getting up this late. I…haven’t slept too well last night”
           Bruce put down his coffee to wonder why, as he asked his son. Damian stated that he was on a special patrol, with Dick and Jason nearby. Curiously, Bruce asked what kind of patrol was it…and before Damian could say any more, Roy pops up in the Dining Area by surprise. And by surprise, Roy was unaware that Bruce was present.
           “Ah! M-Mister Wayne…what a s-surprise” Roy stammered.
           “Indeed…” Bruce said quietly, as he turns back to Damian “…Son?”
           “D-Dad, I can explain…” Damian responded, a sweat drop running to his cheeks.
           As Bruce allows them to explain, Damian began by saying that Roy was part of the special patrol he went, for he got kidnapped by a possessed Joker. In truth, Dick and Jason was with him, but so was Penny and Oxford, who helped out in their search. After Joker was defeated, Roy was found in one piece, much to Damian’s relief. Bruce then wondered why he kept Roy a secret from him.
           “…Because I love him” Damian replied nervously “I…I was worried as to how you’ll react to it, hence why I’ve been at Roy’s place often…”
           “Oh son, if you really love Roy that much, I don’t mind it at all” Bruce chuckled “I’m just surprised that you’ve kept it hidden from me for weeks”
           Hearing that had put not only Damian in shock, but so with everyone else. Roy as well being no exception as he was surprised that Bruce himself was alright with Damian dating him. For that, he goes over to where Bruce sat and gave him a big hug, relieved that he’s not even angry.
           “Is it okay if I call you dad now?” Roy asked quietly.
           “Unless you plan to marry him, of course” Bruce replied “Now then, pull up a chair. The breakfast is nearly complete. In fact, I’ll announce this at some point”
           As Roy went over to where Damian is sitting, he asks about this announcement. Bruce explained that a party is being held at the Manor in a few weeks, and everyone’s invited. Roy himself is also invited—though if he doesn’t have a tuxedo, he can borrow one for it. Roy smiles as he thanked his future father-in-law, with Damian kissing him on the cheek.
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Survivors of the Wild | Teen Wolf
Chapter One; Discovery
Petopher/Hargent [Peter Hale x Christopher Argent]
Peter had told himself a long time ago that he would never in a million years tell anyone about the abuse from his father. He’d taken careful measures to hide any and all signs of it when he could; because who would believe him? His father was a prominent member of the Beacon Hills community; with shining star children that everyone adored. Except for Peter, in most cases. He was the black sheep of the Hale pack - with his strange balance between his two halves, his steel blue gaze and his strategic and hunting prowess that made the others who were much older look like greenhorn soldiers. He was the one no one thought of unless he wasn’t around for dinner or family gatherings [although if he was honest, he doubted he’d be missed at the latter anymore, the way his father continually talked down to and about him]. He had kept it a secret even from Chris, the beautiful human - and hunter - he had recently taken up a relationship with, though no one knew. He just couldn’t bring himself to let Chris know how bad his family treated him, although he wouldn’t be surprised if Chris had figured it out between the lack of his speaking about them and almost always meeting at Peter’s special home. But he couldn’t let anyone’s image of his father be ruined; it would mean his own death at the hands of his patriarch alpha. He was resigned to the torment alone. So it was no surprise when his father had pulled him from bed, ripping the teen’s arm from socket in the process, to drag him out of the house. Peter could only grit his teeth and bear the pain as he was taken from his pseudo home and dragged into the empty field where his late night “lessons” with his father took place.
It had lasted for what felt like ages; only a mere hour in reality, and once satisfied with his work, Anthony Hale had left his son lying bloody along the floor of the forest, stomping back to the house and muttering under his breath about weaklings and needing to make sure the true power stayed in line with the good ones. Peter knew well enough by this point what “the good ones” meant; his siblings - especially his older sister Talia. In pain and tasting the copper of his own blood on his lips, he slowly eased his way up into a sitting position, leaning back against the trunk of a nearby tree. He could feel several broken bones healing slowly, feel the blood seeping into a few places along his dark shirt and pajama pants in the process of his movements. He tried to gather his thoughts, even while the pain seeped deeper into his body and he panted from the effort, his muscles screaming to stop, but the young beta knew he couldn’t, his mind going over the night thus far. Everything hurt. It wasn’t fair, and Peter knew it. But…it was his life. One of his siblings had stepped out of line and as the norm, his father had taken him for training. It wasn’t training, not really, but it left the same residual effect. No one in his family questioned it anymore. Peter had long ago learned how to hide any markings left in view so no questions could be asked. Tonight was harsh, and his father had left him bloodied and almost broken in the clearing. Peter laid still, willing an end to the pain that he knew wouldn’t come. His father loved to hit him too much. The beta had become unwanted even more after stepping in and killing an omega that had attempted to kill his father. His eyes no longer burned that golden color everyone appreciated…as if Peter needed anymore weight to the guilt he carried from killing someone. It had given notice to his hunting ability; not shocking. His skills only got noticed when he “stepped out of line”. Laying where he’d been left, the wolf closed his eyes and took slow breaths to calm his body, which would help the healing process speed up a little better. The inner wolf was at a loss, oddly quiet even. Peter relaxed as he felt some of the pain ebb and nodded in his mind. ‘I’ll be fine to move in a few minutes.’ he told himself, letting his body roll so he was on his side rather than his stomach.
The grass was nice and cool despite the scent of blood everywhere. After what he had determined to be a few minutes, where the pain had mostly given way to a soreness all over his body, Peter finally began to will his body to move, dragging himself up and stumbling along the path to the house. He needed a shower, and to bandage what he could, but his vision was blurry and he honestly couldn’t fathom making it to the manor. There was the cabin he’d built, his safe haven, he could always go there. The thought of his cabin sent a rush of panic through him.
He fumbled for his pocket, struggling since it was in the pocket on the opposite side of his body from his good arm, but he finally managed to pull out the watch to check the time. the glass cracked again, and could barely focus beyond the glass to note the time. He always met Chris at five o'clock on weekend mornings, at the little cabin he’d set up in the woods. His watch said it was now just after four-thirty; and the beta felt a jolt of adrenaline go through him. He needed to be there; needed his mate. “Fuck,” he breathed roughly as he realized. He had passed out after all, despite telling himself only a few minutes. When it came to most things, he and Chris, his beloved hunter, were out of sync with so many things (which was part of what Peter loved about the human). But when they fell into a pattern of meeting at the cabin at five on Saturday mornings and not bothering to go anywhere if they didn’t want to, Peter had accepted it. But his father’s antics put a lot in danger; and put his son in a serious battle of heart. Peter had never told anyone about the abuse; no one in the pack would have backed him up if he had spoken about it. And if anyone asked questions, Peter would just get another beating, only he wouldn’t be moving ever again afterwards. He had thought about telling Chris why he never wanted to talk to or really see his family often, but Chris just made him feel so normal that he often forgot when he’d planned to explained it. Now, covered in blood and in so much pain he wanted to cry, the beta was left to either let Chris find out like this, or have the hunter worried sick about him and come looking. He couldn’t go looking the way he did. He was beaten, bruised and he was entirely unable to lie to the human if pressed for answers to the wounds, but he also knew he would scare his hunter so much more if he were to not show up at all.
One option ended in Peter’s death, the other ended with his mate in the line of fire should his father discover the secret was out. Peter looked down the darkened path that led to the Hale manor, then down at a bloodied, swollen hand that was healing but taking time from the alpha’s abuse. After a long moment, tears in his eyes, the beta gripped the rough bark of the tree he was leaning against and shoved off, going off the path and pushing himself into a run. He fought against the pain echoing back to life in his body, forcing himself not to stop until he reached the cabin. He was just coming to the little hole he’d groomed for a yard of sorts when he tripped over an overgrown root and face-planted into the ground. Feeling the pain worsen now that he had stopped, Peter didn’t want to move. He wanted to cry and be weak and forget to exist. Soreness biting him, he curled up as best his body would allow, burying his face towards his knees. He wanted to die, to never feel so broken again. He stayed put, not moving or caring about the rest of the world except Chris, the hunter being the only thought that kept Peter wanting to hang on. A noise nearby had Peter tensing, wondering if someone had gone looking and followed the scent of his blood to his safe place, but the gasp told him no, he was still safe. Resigned to the crossroads his father had unknowingly provided him, he laid still and waited for Chris to show up.He opened blue eyes and made eye contact with a pair of blue hues lighter than his own, opening his mouth to speak, but was cut off as the other teen spoke.
“Peter?!” the voice of the human he loved so much had Peter barely moving to uncurl enough to peek out at the blonde.
“Hey,” Peter croaked, hissing as Chris rushed over, picking him up to hold him to his chest. “E-easy…everything hurts.”
“Peter, what happened?” the blonde questioned, rushing over to grab the wolf’s face. When his boyfriend winced, he frowned. “Who did this?” The young hunter demanded.
“I’m fine, Chris.” Peter tried to lie. “It’ll heal.”
“It should have already healed, Peter.” Chris countered, his pale blue gaze stopping when it registered. “Peter…who did this?” Peter didn’t need to answer this time, because a few moments after his boyfriend’s question, he felt Chris’ entire body go stock still. “Your alpha did this, didn’t he?” he asked. When his wolf stayed silent, looking away, the human felt an anger rise in him. “I’ll kill him.”
“Chris, no.”
“Peter he beat the shit out of you! That’s not okay. I can’t just let him get away with this.” Chris countered.
“No, he shouldn’t just go around beating his betas, let alone his own kids!”
“Chris, listen to me, this is serious. If anyone finds out, he’ll kill me.” Peter half-whispered, trying to sit up, but the arm he went to move was the one out of socket and he whined loudly, falling back. This stilled the human, and Peter could smell the change in emotions. “He only beats me, no one would believe you if you said anything, but he would know I told someone and kill me.  It’s because I’m so different.” Chris sat beside him as he spoke, watching Peter and looking over the healing wounds on his boyfriend’s face. “I just need you here. I need to know you’re safe. You kill him and I lose you. Then you lose me, and they get what they want.” Finally, his hunter stood after a long moment, carefully helping him up and supporting much of his weight into the cabin to lay him on the large cat like bed. Before Peter could say anything else, Chris was walking over to the cabinet in the corner of the little kitchen just feet away. He opened it up and pulled out a few items that Peter couldn’t quite see before returning. When he began setting out medical supplies, the wolf gave a confused look. “Chris, why did you-”
“It was in case one of us got hurt out in the woods doing…whatever we decided to do at the time.” Chris replied. “Now lay still, I have to reset your shoulder. It won’t be pretty if it finishes healing like that.”
Peter groaned and closed his eyes, nodding as Chris’ hands fell on his chest and shoulder in the right way before there was a quick, sharp pain and then the feeling in his arm returned. A loud gasp escaping him as his eyes flashed, he bit his lip as he moved his hand, happy to have the function back more accurately. “Thank you.” he breathed.
“Don’t thank me yet. I have to clean the rest of these up so they won’t scar when they heal.” Chris replied, moving to dab alcohol on a cotton ball. “Come on, shirt off.” he said, his tone authoritative as he motioned at the other teen.
“You just want me naked.” Peter countered with a soft chuckle, pushing himself with a low hiss into a sitting position.
“Maybe once I finish cleaning you up, I’ll enjoy how good you look naked. Right now, I want you to be okay. Alpha wounds take time, as you know.” Chris replied, easing the shirt off. He took note of the lack of big tears in the fabric, a silent fury in him as he began to swipe the little ball of cotton along some of the gashes. “This is awful, Peter. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“It’s not that I wasn’t going to. Being with you makes me feel…”
“Safe?” Chris asked, looking up from a closing wound on Peter’s left side.
“I was going to say normal, but yes, safe fits, too.” Peter told him. “I would forget that I was going to until after you left. I’m sorry you found out like this.”
Chris purses his lips. “Peter, you aren’t being forced to marry someone from a pack. Your fucking dad is beating you. Do not tell me that you’re sorry.”
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seven-oomen · 2 years
Me again, courtesy of my being off today, and also perpetually having fannish thoughts!  First, can’t wait to see what you come up with for the whole Dean/Chris thing (…that sounds weird, but you know what I mean.)
Second, if you are taking votes on the subject, I vote DILF Club for the whump prompt (because I will ALWAYS vote them on pretty much anything).  Most logically I could see it being Chris or Noah suffering from a combo of possible concussion and hit of pain drain, leading to accidental confessions of feelings, thoughts of not being good enough, or other angsty trauma issues of your choice.  Or for pure comedy gold, either of them in the hospital suffering from both previously mentioned things plus maybe a hit of local anesthetic, and Melissa getting WAY more detail about their sex life than she EVER needed to know.  If it’s Chris, she gets the benefit of giving him shit for the rest of his natural life in the way that only your bestie can, if it’s Noah, she can also give him shit, and possibly compare what she hears to things she remembers being told by Claudia (actually…depending on what kind of details Chris shared this could work for him, too…)  Although, the thought of a delirious Peter trying to hit on both his husbands because he forgot they’re married (or dating, or whatever) also has some serious appeal.
And third, I love the idea of knitter Cas, but I would like to offer up the suggestion of Dean taking up crochet before he moves to knitting.  It’s basically just tying really small, elaborate knots with a hook, so I feel he’d understand the process a little better at first.  Sort of like a gateway craft.  XD  And they could make each other things from the same yarn so they coordinated without going full on matchy-matchy, which I feel would be one of those WAY in the future things if it happened.  And he could more easily drop it if he needed to have his hands free for defense or something without worrying about stitches falling off the needle or anything.  (Am I thinking too hard about this?  Probably, but who cares?)
And not to be depressing on main or anything, but I suspect the lack of extra siblings in TW is partially linked to the prevalence of single parents.  But it’s definitely weird.  What few siblings there are, are mostly dead or missing.  Maybe the imaginary Martin sister was my brain trying to fill the blanks there, so to speak.  ’>.>  I also feel like the majority of multi-child families feature werewolves/shifters, whether born or turned (the Hales, both generations, Isaac, Boyd, Malia, Hayden, Brett & Lori, Ethan & Aiden.)  I don’t know that it necessarily means anything, but it’s interesting.
Also, as someone who regularly forgets to eat until at least one or two o'clock or later on their days off, I’m certainly not going to judge you for it.  XD  Best vibes for your writing!  Take care!  *Hugs!*
I probably shouldn’t have had that wine because I didn’t eat much today and one single glass is sending me right now. But also I’m 29 and have no job due to disability and 2 days of loneliness. So whatevs. Anyway.
Dean/Chris things has been posted, I feel proud of it. Although I’m not sure what sort of a value it has except headcanon. Idk if I contributed anything or just randomly rattled my thoughts into the internet, but well, I was distracted for a few hours and I had a surge of dopamine I guess.
Second, if you are taking votes on the subject, I vote DILF Club for the whump prompt (because I will ALWAYS vote them on pretty much anything).  Most logically I could see it being Chris or Noah suffering from a combo of possible concussion and hit of pain drain, leading to accidental confessions of feelings, thoughts of not being good enough, or other angsty trauma issues of your choice.  Or for pure comedy gold, either of them in the hospital suffering from both previously mentioned things plus maybe a hit of local anesthetic, and Melissa getting WAY more detail about their sex life than she EVER needed to know.  If it’s Chris, she gets the benefit of giving him shit for the rest of his natural life in the way that only your bestie can, if it’s Noah, she can also give him shit, and possibly compare what she hears to things she remembers being told by Claudia (actually…depending on what kind of details Chris shared this could work for him, too…)  Although, the thought of a delirious Peter trying to hit on both his husbands because he forgot they’re married (or dating, or whatever) also has some serious appeal.
Then DILF Club (Chris/Peter/Noah) it is! And oooh, I like the idea of either Chris or Noah spewing all the secrets to Mel while they’re completely delirious. Poor Mel would have sooooo much material for blackmailing but I feel would also need a case of wine to cope.
And omg can you imagine? 
Peter’s looking at both of them with a dopey smile on his face. “You two are so pretty, why are we not dating?”
Noah and Chris look at each other, unsure if they should be concerned or laughing their balls off. 
“Peter-” Chris starts.
“-We’re married.” Noah adds.
“With children.” They finish simultaneously.
Peter looks at them, tears of joy streaming down his face. “We are?”
Sorry, me on wine is hyperactive little bastard.
But I feel like that would def be a good little fic.
And not to be depressing on main or anything, but I suspect the lack of extra siblings in TW is partially linked to the prevalence of single parents.  But it’s definitely weird.  What few siblings there are, are mostly dead or missing.  Maybe the imaginary Martin sister was my brain trying to fill the blanks there, so to speak.  ’>.>  I also feel like the majority of multi-child families feature werewolves/shifters, whether born or turned (the Hales, both generations, Isaac, Boyd, Malia, Hayden, Brett & Lori, Ethan & Aiden.)  I don’t know that it necessarily means anything, but it’s interesting.
I mean it makes sense in some ways. But I feel like some of the single parents could have had more kids before they became single parents. Maybe not Melissa, but Noah and Claudia? Yeah Stiles could definitely have had a sibling there who was like 4 years younger. .There’s no reason for him not to.  Jackson’s parents could have adopted another child. Also Chris & Victoria could have had another child. 
For that matter, Noah could have had a sibling or even Mel. It definitely didn’t have to be the kids that had siblings. 
I mean I get why they chose not to, but it would have been nice to have better surviving sibling relationships than Chris & Kate. (As in siblings who both survive.)
I’m not sure Derek & Cora really count anymore as they’ve been apart for a long while and don’t seem to be in contact as much any more.
But that’s just my feelings as someone who has a younger sibling and would have loved to see a better relationship than Talia & Peter or Chris & Kate.
Hope your day off is going well though! Since it’s nearing 2 am I’m gonna go to sleep but I’ll be around in the morning. Take care and hugs from me and Mo <3
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