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becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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wallacejwriting · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have finalized the class schedule for Wren, Jules, and Sabine's first year at Starmont. There are four schedules total, each with the same classes each semester but at different times, and this is Schedule C, technically.
Students start at Starmont at age fourteen, with very few exceptions, and attend for six years, graduating most often at twenty. The purpose of Starmont is to provide useful and comprehensive knowledge of the world, both magical and mundane, as well as train a witch in a given house's vocations so as to pursue magic occupations after graduation.
Over the course of first year, students take a total of 22 classes. 14 of these classes are full term classes, meaning they are taken 6 days a week for an entire term (or semester). 8 of these classes are half term classes, meaning they are taken three days a week and are paired off with other half term classes in the schedule.
Students take classes 6 of the 8 days a week. They have two days off: Clawday, which separates the half-term classes, and Lunday, which does the same in the other direction. Classes begin at 8am and run to 4pm each day, except in second semester, where classes start at 9:10am and pause at 4pm, then there is an hour long class from 10pm to 11pm. Anyone who takes Astronomy deals with this altered schedule.
First Year at Starmont
First year students at Starmont are not specialty witches or "house witches", as they are more commonly known. Instead, they are known as sprout witches and they spend the year learning about magic, as well as the magic of each house in preparation for when magic chooses their house at the end of first year.
Therefore, the purpose of many of the classes in first year is to provide an overview and an introductory dive into many subjects, while only delving deep into the more general and foundational parts of magic.
Below the cut, you'll find a list of all the first year classes and a brief description of them.
Spring Term - from Linawl 4 to Petel 27 (111 days)
Magic & Wellness (half-term) with Professor Cassandra Belmont (heartwitch)
A class devoted to understanding the connection between magic, spell casting, and the health of the witch - body, mind, and soul. Physical activity, nutrition education, mindfulness, yoga, that sort of thing, as well as how potions, pills, charms, and etc., all affect the body both immediately and over time
Introductory Broom Riding (half-term) with Professor Cassandra Belmont
Learning to ride a broom is an important part of every young witch's education. Brooms are the primary mode of transportation for many witches, as they are fast, low maintenance, and don't require the good will of maintenance workers for a smooth ride. This class teaches the basics of broom riding, broom safety, and broom travel and courtesy laws. A witch is not allowed to ride a broom at Starmont before passing this class.
Principles of Magic I (full term) with Professor Casimir Gagnon (hedgewitch)
An introduction to magic as a whole. The course includes a run-down of the basics of the seven houses, the various forms of magic they use, as well as information about spell types, dust types, the aether and aether dust in general, aethermals and familiars, and more.
Fundamental Mathematics (half-term) with Professor Keeva Halloran (tinkerwitch)
Due to the vast amount of math used in spellcasting and spell learning, it is paramount for witches to understand mathematics. This class also ensures that witches understand the arithmetic and other fundamentals needed to function in everyday society.
Geometry (half-term) with Professor Keeva Halloran
Geometry serves as the other foundational math course, teaching students about geometry in order to create and shape complex spells known also as arrays. The ability to create specific, intentional shapes of specific sizes and angles is the basis of all arrays, which is the basis of all advanced spellwork.
Herbology I (full term) with Professor Marceline Paquet (hedgewitch)
An introduction to the world of herbology. Students learn about plants and their magical properties and uses, as well as the basics of gardening with magical plants. Largely this class is focused on herbs and roots, as those are the easiest of the plants to learn. Much of the class takes place in the greenhouse.
Composition & Literacy I (full term) with Professor Theodora Charbonneau (dustwitch)
To prepare students for life, and assignments, this course teaches students to read closely and critically, write assignments and reports, research for assignments in both their own books and the library, manage time for assignments, and make coherent and comprehensive arguments for their views.
Runology I (full term) with Professor Marion Charbonneau (tinkerwitch)
The most magical class of first semester, to many. Runology teaches students many of the most common runes for magic, as well as the basics of casting spells. It teaches how to draw the runes, what direction they must be pointed, as well as how to conjure them with the mind. Some of the runes include Mend, Light, and Clear.
Harvest Term - from Glosta 16 to Harron 2 (103 days)
History of Magic I (full term) with Professor Alphonse Bonheur (craftwitch)
An introductory and cursory look at the history of magic, witches, and our knowledge of the aether. As well, it includes how humanity figured out magic, and some of the wars caused over the use and distribution of dust. It also touches on modern problems, such as the decline in witches and magic.
Runic Geometry I (full term) with Professor Marion Charbonneau
The first class to combine runes and geometry to create arrays, more complex spells that allow for the combination, connection, and alteration of multiple runes. This class focuses on how the act of encircling a rune creates an array with much more possibility and much more mental concentration and decision in using it. The beginning of connecting runes is also taught.
Potions & Pharmaceuticals I (full term) with Professor Casimir Gagnon
Creating potions, poultices, salves, pills, and other forms of organic concoction is a long-standing tradition for witches. This course teaches the basics of potion making and how to create some of the most common and useful potions. Learning to measure, mix, boil, cook, dice, and weigh ingredients is an involved process and takes a great deal of concentration.
Animal Biology I (half term) with Madame Lilou Fortier (wildwitch)
Learning the basics of animal biology, including mammals, birds, fish, and some reptiles. It largely sticks to things native to Mokeno and particularly the area Starmont and its students are from. It does not delve into magical animals, though everyone wishes it did.
Human Biology I (half term) with Professor Halima Singh (heartwitch)
Learning the basics of human biology, as we understand it, including the reproductive system, sex ed, digestive system, lungs and heart, the brain, as well as how magic travels through each of these and interacts with them.
Fundamentals & Principles of Art (full term) with Professor Edith Mandel (craftwitch)
For an entire term, students learn the basics of many art skills, showing them enough to see if their interest lies with them. Examples include painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, woodworking, metalworking, knitting, sewing, embroidery, and more. When students find something they enjoy, they are free to continue pursuing it instead of trying others.
Astronomy I (full term) with Professor Bashar Shukri (tinkerwitch)
The stars and constellations form the backbone of all magic. Understanding them is key to understanding how to alter arrays. Spells are shaped based on the constellations, and in this class students learn the basics of spotting and identifying constellations, the movement of the stars, how it connects to magic and spellcasting, and how it deepens magic. They also learn the construction and importance of the most common constellations in spellwork.
Winter Term - from Harron 20 to Sihen 6 (111 days)
Runology II (full term) with Professor Marion Charbonneau
Now that students understand basic runes and runic geometry, more advanced and powerful runes can be taught. This course focuses on teaching foundational runes that will be used in upper year classes, as well as runes that are useful in a wider variety of situations. There is also work on how runes combine in arrays to form powerful spells.
History of Mokeno I (full term) with Professor Alphonse Bonheur
An introductory and cursory overview of Mokeno's long and rich history, including its several wars. There is also some focus on modern problems, such as the decline of witches in the country and the lack of Veilwitches. However, most of the class focuses on the founding of Mokeno and the big wars leading up to its present day.
Fundamentals of Magicanics (full term) with Professor Keeva Halloran
Students are taught how mechanics and machines combine with magic. Students are taught about machinery and mechanics, including basic pulley systems, gears, etc., and then are taught to supplement these things with magic. Very physics based.
Application of Magic in Art (full term) with Professor Edith Mandel
A second art course which focuses on how to enhance and alter art with magic. Students are taught how to combine their magic with artworks and to create artwork which uses magic at its foundation, or considers magic at its foundation.
Life of Magical Creatures (half-term) with Professor Gabin Laurent (wildwitch)
A course designed as a supplement to Animal Biology I, this time with focus on magical creatures. Creatures include dragons, griffins, phoenixes, and more, including both more common and rarer magical creatures. The class is designed to give an overview of how these creatures work, how they differ, how their magic works, and then go in-depth with a couple of common ones.
Finding & Feeding Familiars (half-term) with Professor Gabin Laurent
Almost all witches eventually end up with a familiar and not having one is seen as a failure as a witch. This course is designed to help students learn to find their familiar, if they haven't already, as well as how to care for their familiar, raise it, train it, and ensure it doesn't act out their worst desires.
Hex Defense I (full term) with Professor Yvette Travere (thornwitch)
The class people talk about from day one: Hex Defense. This course is designed to begin training young witches to face off against combative magic - the legal kind, including invocations and familiar battles, and the illegal kind, hexes, curses, and jinxes. Primarily, this is a defense focused class, and it works with wards and spatial awareness.
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Beauty Supply Imagine (Bang Chan x Reader)
You know the vibes alreadyyyy, this one is specifically for our melanated girlies. Real wholesome. Wrote this list style imagine eons ago and just go around to posting, please enjoy!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - You run a beauty supply with stray kids -You and Chris are the store managers -One of you is always there, so your shifts barely overlap (although you wish they did all the time) -You usually are scheduled to work open shift from 10am to 4pm, sometimes you have to come in earlier for the weekly deliveries -Seungmin always helps you open on weekdays, and usually Minho is there too -Seungmin is your favorite responsible baby, Minho and you are two crackheads in a peapod -On weekends Jeongin comes in to help, along with Felix -Felix is your special fairy baby, you would do anything for him, well almost anything -Jeongin is too grown for his own good so you ignore him sometimes -Chris is usually closing from 4-10 with Changbin and Hyunjin on weeknights -When they have night classes, Jisung comes in, and picks up extra hours on weekends -Felix does weekend close with Chris sometimes and pulls a double -It's how he affords all those skins in LoL -Anyway your shop is highly profitable -Your expertise is crochet hair. And wigs...you love secretly trying on wigs -One time Chris came in 30 mins early and caught you while your two minions were up front at register -He laughed his butt off and pulled on his own wig -While you adjusted it for him you realized how handsome he was -And almost kissed his dimple -That was scary cause then you had to try to recover from almost imprinting your clear gloss on the man's cheek -Another time the shop got in a limited-edition order of satin lined bonnets -He knew you always needed a spare bonnet -So one night while he was stocking, he had Hyunjin ring him up one -"Dude you don't need this." -"How do you know I don't need this?" -He came in early again the next day and presented it to you while you were tagging the kaneklon -You hugged him so tight -It made him so happy, he felt all sparkly and warm -After that he would ask you if you ever needed anything -Even before all that, he'd volunteer to work a double for you so you could have two days off instead of one -On Wednesdays the shop owner manager-nim would man the store with his co-owner manager-nim 2 -"Y/N, take Thursday off too, I'll open at 10, it's just 12 hours." -"Noooo, you know boss doesn't like us to go overtime." -"Okay well, how about on Friday you can stay til 6, the I'll just come in then to inventory and do deposit." -"Fine Chris..." But thank heavens for that cause sometimes you did need two days off in a row -Then he'd come in at 4 anyway to follow you around and make you laugh until he clocked in officially -One time you tried to cover him like that -"I appreciate the offer, but I'm saving money so need the hours" -"For what, you roommate with two other dudes" "Maybe it's a surprise for someone I really care about." -Then he stared at you for too long and you got scared and ran to hide in the bundled weave section -After y'all had worked together for almost a year, he asked you for his first favor -"Switch shifts with me" -"Sure, no problem" -You got to sleep in and finish your mini twists all before work -You closed with Jisung who became your best buddy in hours and Hyunjin who u quickly brought under submission -You were texting your roommate to ask her to pick you because your car was getting fixed -And you noticed a car pull up out front at 9:50 -You were instantly annoyed The store closed at 9, y'all would just use the last hour to stock, clean up and close registers -"Who is this? I mean really?" You peeked out and saw Chris grinning at the door -In his hands were flowers, a bunch of carnations -"Dude what?" -" These are for you y/n. Would you honor me with a late dinner at the river walk?" -All you could think about was how adorable he looked in his beanie with his sweater sleeves rolled up -"Freaking yes, let me grab my purse and tell the boys we're leaving" -The boys were already in back putting on their jackets (they saw everything from the aisle where y'all kept the haircolor) -The date was superb, he prepared fruits and pastries and pizza and bought your favorite drink -And
asked to hold your hand while y'all walked -And complimented the new gems you got to put in your twists -Needless to say, he quickly became the best boyfriend -Cause how could you say no to being his girl -He buys you satin lined ball caps with the backs big enough to put your puff through -He encourages all your hair changes -He always believes in you and when you tell him you want to open your own store one day, he is your number one supporter
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gvbejvmesmichaels · 2 years
Task 10
Briel’s Honey Do List Master List of Everyone’s Schedules
Bella’s Schedule:
9am -- Ballet -- DJ dropping off before work; Madie’s mom taking them both to gymnastics. 10:30am -- Gymnastics; Madie’s mom feeding them and taking to school. 12:30pm -- Pre-K; Velvet and Grey picking up from school and she’s hanging out with them until 6pm.
DJ’s Schedule:
9:30am-2:30pm -- Camp art; Teaching 3-5 section 2:30pm-5pm -- Camp art; front desk
Jay’s Schedule:
Morning -- staff meetings Afternoon -- court; I think??? **likely to work late**
My Schedule:
7am-1pm: Volunteering at Urban Farm 1pm -- on: Studio time while everyone else is busy
Who’s responsible for dinner? Me Anything else I need to do? Check on pieces in kiln. Pick up drycleaning? I think?
Bella’s Schedule: Morning -- with me at the Collective 12:30pm -- pre-k. DON’T FORGET TO PICK HER UP AT 2:30!
Connie’s Schedule:
She has her check-in with her probation officer today. If she fails her drug test, there’s no visitation on Friday. DJ’s Schedule: Morning -- Camp art; front desk. 1pm-4pm -- Intro to Art History at the CC. PRETEND YOU DON’T KNOW. He still thinks he’s being sneaky. Let him continue to think that. He’ll probably quit taking classes if he knows you know.
Jay’s Schedule:
Court all day. (Again, I’m pretty sure he has court???) He’s likely to come home early. I think???
My Schedule:
Morning at the Collective
Receive and review shipment.
Unload clay order. Make sure extra was included to make up for last week’s dried up portion.
Allocate the new brushes and palette knives.
Figure out why the fuck K ordered 40 gallons of resin.
Take Bella to school.
Meeting with Odette and Xuan at Destiny Management.
Who’s responsible for dinner? Jay Anything else I need to do? Pick up the special dog food Felony likes.
Bella’s Schedule:
Same as Monday - except Jay is dropping Bella off at ballet and you’re picking her up from school. 
DJ’s Schedule:
Off from the Collective. Probably will wind up on my couch hanging out with the dogs.
Jay’s Schedule: 
I don’t think he has court... I think he has meetings at the office? I know he told me earlier… ask him again later.
My Schedule:
Morning at the Collective:
8am staff meeting at the Collective.
11am meeting with potential new vendor for kiln cleaning.
Camp art: Teaching the 9-12 year old section how to use the ceramics wheel. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a fucking disaster.
Who’s responsible for dinner? I feel like it’s going to be a takeout night. Anything else I need to do? Probably get clay out of weird places.
Bella’s Schedule:
10am - music class with Waverly 12:30pm - pre-k — I’m dropping off and Jay is picking up 3:30pm - Daddy and me French class with Jay. I really need to figure out what that class is really called.
DJ’s Schedule
Morning: Teaching at Camp Art Afternoon: That class he doesn’t know that I know he’s taking.
Jay’s Schedule
I have no fucking clue but I know he’s off earlier enough for that French class.
My Schedule
Nothing set in stone other than GB’s class. I’ll probably have breakfast with Nik.
Working from home: payroll - go offline so Kale can’t fuck with the files again.
I also need to do the schedule for next week and verify student attendance.
Who’s responsible for dinner? Me, but Jay will probably take over when I get home. Anything else I need to do? Follow up with the social worker to find out if Connie passed her drug test and if we actually have visitation.
My and Bella’s schedule:
We’re supposed to have visitation with Connie in the morning. If visitation falls through, we’ll go to Urban Farm and take care of the baby ducks again. If we get to visitation, and Connie no shows, we’ll go to Jay’s office and steal him for early lunch. If Connie does show up for visitation, we’ll go somewhere with milkshakes for lunch and then maybe walk around Central Park.
DJ’s Schedule:
He won’t be at work and won’t answer his phone. He gets weird on visitation day. If Connie doesn’t show up, he’ll somehow know and will be on a mission to find her.
Jay’s Schedule:
Court is closed, I know that much. If Connie’s visitation is cancelled in advance, see if he wants to play hooky on Friday and spend the day at the beach.
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ppaltagon · 3 years
Uni Cafe Schedule
I have promised to post this series when Yanan is back, so here it is ^^
coffee shop au
university au
[7-10am] morning shift
Jo Jinho: 
Major: music
Favorite coffee: long black 
Task and working style: the responsible oldest who opens the shop with Wooseok. Since there’s not too many people this early, he can just chill and study for his classes. Very stressed because he’s graduating soon. Nice and polite.
Jung Wooseok: 
Major: veterinary
Favorite coffee: latte
Task and working style: he was forced to be here, he just wants to sleep. Sometimes messes up orders because he’s always tired but he’s cute even if he seems a bit gruff at times. Even though he keeps complaining, he does his job diligently.
[10am-1pm] lunch shift
Yeo Changgu:
Major: drama
Favorite coffee: mocha
Task and working style: handles the busiest time, the perfect man for the job #1. Flirts with his customers and writes his numbers on the cup of the girls he wants to hook up with. Nobody called him back yet.
Yang Hongseok:
Major: athletic trainer
Favorite coffee: caramel macchiato
Task and working style: handles the busiest time, the perfect man for the job #2. Flirts with his customers and is the master of coffee related puns. Occasionally gives lectures about the different types of coffees.
[1-4pm] chill afternoon shift
(Kim) Yan An: 
Major: Korean language
Favorite coffee: vanilla latte
Task and working style: chill time because every normal person takes classes at this time. Bored out of his mind. Eats all the marshmallows and serves himself vanilla lattes every hour. Good at his job because he’s learnt it by making it for himself all the time.
Adachi Yuto: 
Major: Korean language
Favorite coffee: iced americano
Task and working style: chill time because every normal person takes classes at this time. Actually works hard, he has to because Yanan is not much help to be honest. 
[4-7pm] busy afternoon shift
Kang Hyunggu (Kino): 
Major: dance
Favorite coffee: cappukino
Task and working style: okay at the job. Smile sweeter than the sweetest thing they sell. A pro at selling because nobody can say no to him. Dances around to his own background music when he has nothing to do.
Ko Shinwon: 
Major: model
Favorite coffee: affogato
Task and working style: a professional. Has a fanclub and that group is always there to watch him but as long as they spend money, it’s okay. A bit clumsy but his coffee is the best!
[7-10pm] night shift
Lee Hwitaek (Hui): 
Major: composition
Favorite coffee: espresso
Task and working style: he never sleeps so he’s the perfect for this shift. Kind of turned the cafe into a night club with Hyojong. Honestly, a mess but has a mood different from the day and people like it a lot. Both of their coffees taste like shit but the people go for their performances anyways.
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wintcrwinds · 2 years
A series of seventeen canvases are displayed at the Pelican Town Founder’s Day Festival, done in the style of a digital comic, with varying amounts of panels. Matty submitted them to Mayor Lewis anonymously, but may have given himself away by 1) not obviously featuring in any of the pictures himself and 2) lurking around the exhibit to see if people like what he’s drawn. The series is called ‘Hourly’, and is based on things he has seen throughout the time he’s lived Pelican Town - the things that make it special, in his opinion.
6AM - A single panel. Malia’s House.
The sun is just beginning to rise; the sky clear and pale. Malia has just returned from the night shift at the nursing home. She’s still wearing her scrubs, and she looks worn out, but the small smile on her face is undeniably fond as she bends down to pet the black cat winding its way around her ankles.
7AM - Four panels. Johnson-Phan/Pena farm.
The first two panels are of some random things from around the farm - a funny looking scarecrow with a turnip for a head, a clutch of confused looking hens, and three crates of shiny red apples.
The third panel is of Art and Lizzie standing in a barren field at the edge of the property. Art looks crestfallen, but Lizzie has noticed something.
The fourth panel - something is growing! A tiny green sprout is poking out of the dark soil, and Lizzie has thrown one of her arms around Art, pointing at it with stars in her eyes. Art looks shocked and delighted.
8AM - Two panels. Pelican Town Square, Library.
The first panel is of Gabe and Thalia on their way to school. They are holding hands, and appear to be playing some sort of hopping game on the paving stones as they walk. Thalia has a little lunch box clutched in her hand, and Gabe is carrying her backpack on his shoulder.
The second panel is outside the library, just before the school bell rings. Thalia is waving an excited goodbye as Alex holds open the door for her to go inside for class.
9AM - Four panels. Varani farm.
The first two panels are of Kiran’s cows, the second being specifically of Lola and Sadie, who are gently touching noses.
The third panel is of Kiran pouring feed into their trough. His hair is pulled back in a bun, and his shirt sleeves are rolled up to the elbow.
The fourth is of Kiran standing on the bottom rung of the fence around their paddock. He has a hand outstretched to gently pet the velvet of Lola’s nose, the expression on his face pensive.
10AM - Four panels. Doctor’s Office. 
The first panel shows the morning sunlight filtering through the window of the clinic, casting Henry’s face in a warm glow as he sits at the reception desk. He looks engrossed in what he’s doing, but seems content. There’s a mug of tea at his side, and a half-eaten danish.
The second panel is of things of interest around the waiting room - the spread of magazines, a potted plant, and the posters on the walls.
The third panel is of Ben sitting at the desk in his office, enjoying a moment of relative calm before his next patient arrives. There’s an empty plate beside him too, and the light from the window catches the steam from his coffee, giving the scene a dreamy quality. 
The fourth panel has been drawn through the window in the door that leads to the ward. Koa is sitting on one of the beds, looking sheepish as Ben applies a bandaid to some unseen injury on his forehead. 
11AM - A single panel. Pelican Town Square.
A flurry of leaves skitters across the cobbles. Dakota is standing at the community notice board, carefully pinning up their poster inviting people to join their dnd group. They look nervous, but hopeful. Iris is sitting on one of the benches nearby. She’s on the phone, and looks bored and frustrated. She has her own notice clutched in her hand.
12PM - Three panels. Mercers’ General Store
The first two panels are of some of the local produce available in the General Store, carefully reconstructed in bright, appealing colours.
The third panel is of Jillian, who is stacking some shelves, and Finley, who is leaning on the counter and grinning as they talk to her. Jillian is in the process of rolling her eyes, but she has her face turned away from Finley so they won’t see her smile. They’re both in their uniforms.
1PM - A single panel. Graveyard.
The sun is high in the sky. Sofia sits beneath the large oak tree that grows next to the cemetery. She has a little packed lunch set out on the grass beside her, but it looks largely untouched - she’s too busy reading her book! The cover reads ‘Carrie’.
2PM - A single panel. Community Centre.
Having found time in their busy schedules for a little break, Adria and Ben are sitting together in the small park next to the old community centre. They have takeaway coffees from the saloon, and a bag of biscotti open on the bench between them. They are chatting amiably, Adria laughing softly at something Ben has said.
3PM - Two panels. Mayor Lewis’s House.
The Mayor is standing by his front gate, a pile of important-looking papers precariously balanced in one of his arms. He’s the only subject that seems aware that he’s being sketched, and he waves cheerfully at the artist. A piece of paper is caught in the breeze and flutters away.
Sasha is watching her father from the doorway of their house, her expression quietly affectionate.
4PM - A single panel. Abandoned JojaMart.
The sun is low in the sky, but the assembled crew are still hard at work on the construction of the town’s new cinema. Ben and Fry are on the roof, in the process of taking down the old Joja sign once and for all. Elaine is directing from the ground, looking very professional in a hard hat and tool belt, and Art can be seen through the window of the building, sawing enthusiastically through some wooden boards.
In the background, Koa is whistling as he carries a box of geodes. One has fallen off the pile and cracked open on the sidewalk - it’s got a prismatic shard inside, but he hasn’t seen it!
5PM - Two panels. Cindersap Forest.
The first panel is of the exterior of Sloane’s van against the backdrop of the dark woods. There is a handmade sign posted outside, offering palmistry and tarot readings, and the fairy lights hung around the windows are glowing cheerfully.
The second panel is of Sloane faerself, handing over a package of herbal tea to Anya to make use of at the spa. 
6PM - Four panels. The beach.
The four panels depict Jemma practicing some manoeuvres with her sword, kicking up sand and ocean spray on all sides. She looks like she’s having a lot of fun. The seagulls scattered around her don’t seem to share the sentiment.
7PM - Three panels. Elaine’s workshop.
The first two panels are of some of the projects set up around Elaine’s shop. There are a few intricately carved chairs and tables, and some beautiful handmade vases standing next to her pottery wheel.
Elaine is busy sanding in the third panel, her hands covered in scrapes and sawdust. Her dinner, which sits on the bench beside her, has only been picked at and left to go cold. Her cell phone is lit up - the tiny letters on the display look like they might say ‘Sofia’, but it’s hard to tell.
8PM - A single panel. The mountains.
The night sky is purple from the remains of the setting sun, and is already filled with a galaxy of stars. Sasha and Zola are crowded around a telescope, which looks a little battered from being dragged half way up the mountain. Zola points into the distance with enthusiasm, but Sasha looks unconvinced. In the sky behind them is a tiny UFO, but they don’t seem to have noticed it.
9PM - Five panels. Stardrop Saloon.
The first panel is of Archie. She sits alone in the corner of the room, headphones on, the screen of her laptop lighting up her face and reflecting in her glasses. Her bag is on top of the other chair at the table, pointedly letting people know she doesn’t want anyone to sit there. There’s a little ghost sticker on her computer.
The second panel is of Arden and Jemma. The girls are standing behind the bar and amusing themselves with cocktail tricks (or Arden is amusing Jemma, who has been given a plastic cup to practice with). They have matching paper umbrellas tucked behind their ears.
The third panel finds a group in the game room. Koa, Malia, Finley and Jillian are playing a game of pool - Koa and Jillian are losing, and Jillian doesn’t look like she’s taking it very well. 
The fourth panel is of the bar, where Lizzie, Sasha, Art and Kiran are all sitting together. They look like they’re playing some sort of drinking game, the rules of which are unclear. In the background, Elaine and Sofia can be seen sitting together at a cosy table.
The fifth panel is of Sloane, who is dancing to the music playing on the jukebox, a glass of wine in hand. Fae don’t seem to have a care in the world.
10PM - A single panel. Water tower.
The final panel depicts the water tower near the train station. It stands as an inky silhouette against the night sky, which is full of stars and a large silvery moon. In the distance, the Valley’s purple mountains loom large. Two figures are sat on the tower’s platform, their legs dangling over the edge as they rest their arms against the railing, and their features cast in shadow. The Valley sure looks beautiful from up there.
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k-pop-imagines · 3 years
Aurora || Chapter 2
> Aurora Masterlist <
Pairing: Park Seonghwa x OC
Word Count: 2.6k
Warnings: none
A/N: This is probably the longest chapter of anything I have ever written, wow. Seonghwa makes his first appearance in this chapter, that’s all I’m going to say.  I hope you enjoy! - Admin Soomi
Tumblr media
-> excitement, anxiety, commotion
When she woke up the next morning and took a look in the mirror, she could only sigh at her appearance. Her mother was only joking at dinner but after a night of restless sleep, the circles under Yeseul’s eyes seemed a lot more prominent than usual. She put on a light layer of casual makeup to hide the fatigue on her face. 
Her mother had already left for work and even though it was very early in the morning, she had left her a reassuring note, a lunch box, and a small plate of fresh pancakes on the kitchen table. She hadn’t eaten those in ages! Her father used to make them every Sunday but after moving to Seoul, eating pancakes became nothing more than a pleasant memory. Yeseul dug in and despite her stomach demonstrating a little because of her nervousness, she tried to enjoy her special breakfast as much as she could. They were different than the ones they ate in Germany, but she appreciated that her mother had taken the time to prepare them for her. 
After finishing her meal and once more making sure that she looked presentable, she went on her way to the agency. Lucky for her, the building was only a few subway stops away from her home so it took her about 20 minutes to reach her destination. The first thing she noticed, was the 7/11 on the ground floor next to the agency’s entrance. That would surely prove to be convenient.
Yeseul hesitated at the door that would lead her to KQ Entertainment. First, her excitement and anxiety were fairly well balanced, but within a few seconds, the latter doubled and overpowered her. This was her dream but all the doubts and worries she had managed to push away last night, came crashing down on her again. She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. Before she could let her thoughts get the better of her, she pressed the doorbell. No turning back now. 
“Hello?” “Uhh, hello. I’m Hwang Yeseul and I have an appointment for 8 am.” God, why did that sound she was here to see a doctor? Stop overthinking, she quickly reprimanded herself. “Ah, yes! Come up please.” 
The door buzzed and she hesitantly entered the building. The stairway she found herself in was bright, mostly white and grey but a few potted plants made sure it didn’t look too sterile. She walked up to the 3rd floor where she was greeted by a man who introduced himself as Kang Haejun, the same person she had talked to on the phone last night. He was a head taller than her, a bit chubby and addressed her with a warm smile that reached his eyes. “Welcome, I’m glad to see you! Please follow me, the CEO is ready to talk to you.” 
Yeseul followed him through the office. She politely greeted a few people but didn’t have a lot of time to look around. The place wasn’t very big but she assumed they occupied more than this one floor as she hadn’t seen any practice rooms or studios yet. At the far end of a corridor, Mr. Kang knocked on a door and sent her inside after getting a short “Come in.” from the other side. 
She carefully entered what she realized to be the CEO’s office and closed the door behind her. 
A man behind the desk stood up and motioned for her to sit down. As soon as she took her seat opposite him, she suddenly felt very vulnerable. The CEO seemed like a friendly man but he was still the person who would be in charge of her future, whose hands she’d be putting her career in. 
“I’m Kim Gyuwook and as you’ve already heard, we want you to train under our agency. I’ve got the contract prepared but I’d like to discuss the conditions and rules with you beforehand. It’s also very important to me that I get to know my trainees a little before I allow them to start training. So, I have a few questions.” Yeseul nodded shyly and he continued. “Don’t be nervous, though, I won’t interrogate you.” 
He pulled out a piece of paper which she recognized to be the profile she had sent in with her application. 
“Your profile says you speak English, German, and Korean fluently.” “Yes. I grew up bilingual, my mother is Korean and my father German. I also started learning English at a very young age.” "Do you speak any other languages?” “I learned French in school but I don’t speak it too well anymore. I forgot everything except for the basics after graduating, to be honest.” 
The CEO let out a small laugh. “I feel like that’s a common theme for French learners somehow.” 
He took a few notes before going on.
“Are you working right now or studying at university?”
“I currently work part-time at a convenience store. I already talked to the owner and I can schedule my shifts in a way that they wouldn’t coincide with practice hours.” 
“That’s good. Now, why exactly do you want to become a trainee, or rather, an idol?”
She knew that question would be asked eventually and she had thought about how she would answer countless times before. “Back when I lived in Germany, I discovered K-Pop when I was going through kind of a rough patch. The music helped me become a happier person again and inspired me to become a singer. I want to stand on stage and give the same kind of encouragement and motivation to other people.” 
“I’m sure you’re aware that this won’t be easy. You might not actually debut anytime soon. In fact, there’s a chance you might never debut. It all depends on you and your determination.”
“I’m willing to go through it and take the risks if it means I get to do what I love and dream of.”
“Very well.” He gave her a satisfied smile and moved on. 
“It’s not a secret that all entertainment companies have a variety of rules for their trainees to follow and we are of course no exception. They are all mentioned in the contract but I would like to go over them with you so that there won’t be any misunderstandings.” Mr. Kim handed her a list of regulations and explained each of them thoroughly. 
Yeseul was allowed to have a cellphone but usage during classes and schedules was not permitted. She was also not allowed to post on social media from now on. 
Trainees were not allowed to date at all and artists had a dating ban until two years after their debut.
However, they didn’t care too much about keeping their male and female trainees apart, unlike other companies she heard of that wouldn’t even let them be in the same room together. “You know, how it works. If you forbid them, they will try to meet in secret all the more. There’s nothing wrong with making friends but if we do notice anyone getting too distracted though, we will take appropriate measures”, he explained. 
No smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. That one was fairly obvious. 
The part she was wondering about the most was the weight regulations. “There will be weekly weigh-ins. There is a weight range stated in your contract that you should stay in. We expect our trainees to be able to take care of appropriate calorie intake and healthy workout on their own. Unless you exceed that range or fall below it, we won’t be regulating your diet or putting you on a work-out routine.” 
She considered that a fair amount of freedom. 
Yeseul also had the choice to move into a dorm with some of the other female trainees but she decided not to as she didn’t live too far away from the company anyway. 
“Now, let’s talk about your training schedule. I don’t think I need to tell you that your vocals are great. There’s always room for improvement but you already have a good technique and stability.” Yeseul had taken singing lessons for a few years and actually felt fairly confident when it came to that. She dreaded what she knew was coming next, though. 
“However, your dancing is lacking.” She looked away in embarrassment. She had made sure to practice and learn a few basics before auditioning but she was well aware that she was definitely not very talented. 
“There’s potential, don’t worry. It’s nothing our dance teachers can’t fix. Some of our trainees started out way worse and managed to become decent dancers. You’ll just have to practice a lot more than others. Which is why you will also be taking more dance classes than singing classes to get you on one level with the others.” 
That made sense. “In addition to that, you will also be taking Japanese, acting, and modeling classes. Evaluations are once a week, every Saturday, and you will be recording demos in the studio every second week. Lessons in general start at 2pm every day as most of the trainees still go to school in the morning but you can practice on your own at every time of the day. Sundays are off.” 
He slid her a piece of paper with her schedule. Today, she would have vocal lessons at 2pm and dance lessons from 4pm to 8pm but as there were evaluations, she would only be watching and starting the real training on Monday.
“Be aware that if you don’t meet our expectations during evaluations or break any of the rules, the contract will be terminated.”
She voiced her understanding and after a few more questions from the CEO, he handed her the contract and showed her where to sign. She read through everything twice as he watched patiently, then signed, ready to start this new part of her life. 
It was almost 10am when Kim Gyuwook dismissed her from his office with a handshake and wished her good luck. She still had a few hours until vocal lessons were supposed to start so she contemplated going home and taking a nap when Kang Haejun walked up to her offered her a tour around the agency. She gratefully agreed. 
He showed her around the office first, introducing her to a few people she would regularly be working with personally. Everyone was busy but still found the time to give her at least a friendly smile or wave. Just like she expected, KQ Entertainment occupied multiple levels of the building. The 3rd consisted of the office and various meeting rooms. He then led her down to the 2nd floor where the practice rooms and studios were located. She couldn’t take a look inside any of the rooms yet as almost all of the trainees were busy practicing for the evaluations but she made a mental note on where she would find the rooms later. There was also a small kitchen and break rooms with sofas on both of the floors. While showing her around, Mr. Kang also answered any other questions she had. 
He told her that they were currently training a total of 7 trainees including her. They had about 12 male trainees but apparently, eight of them were already training separately as they would be debuting as a group sometime in the second half of the year. He also let her know that she was actually one of the oldest trainees, being born in August of 1998. It made her worry a little. She knew that most trainees started their training at a way younger age. She was 19 years old now, could that be considered too old already? Would it lower her chances of debuting? She decided not to worry too much. If she was too old they wouldn’t have accepted her in the first place.
After the tour, more detailed explanations and an extensive Q&A session it was almost 12pm. She felt a little bad for taking up Mr. Kang’s time but he reassured her that it was actually his job to introduce the new trainees to everything and make sure they felt comfortable. He also gave her his number and told her to contact her if she had any more questions or worries before returning to his office. 
It didn’t make sense for Yeseul to go home before practice anymore. She remembered the lunch box her mother had packed her but decided to save it for later as she didn’t really feel like eating because of her nervousness. Still, she should eat at least something small, so she decided to head down to the convenience store to get a snack, something to reward herself taking this important step and to maybe even calm her nerves a little. 
The young woman headed downstairs into the 7/11, where was greeted by a friendly, elderly man. She bowed with a smile before she started browsing. 
As she walked through the narrow aisle, looking for an appropriate snack to celebrate today’s events, a group of boys entered the store. “We should get some chips for later!” “Aren’t you on a diet?” “Hyung, don’t be like that! I’ll just work out extra hard next week.” 
She scanned the shelves and couldn’t help but quietly snicker at their bickering. She looked over at them for a second, counting three young men. Yeseul didn’t pay them too much attention, even though they were hard to ignore, and instead continued her search. Just as she was about to grab a chocolate bar, her eyes landed on the freezer. It was February, still cold outside, and she had just been told about the weight regulations. Was it really appropriate to buy ice cream now? Yes, it is, Yeseul decided. It was one of her comfort foods so she shrugged, opened the door of the freezer and reached up. Whoever had put her favorite ice cream on the highest shelf surely must hold a personal vendetta against her. She wasn’t tiny, only a few centimeters under average height but this was troublesome. Just as her fingertips brushed against the plastic packaging, a figure next to her reached out and handed the sweet treat to her. Yeseul’s face lit up in excitement and she quickly bowed to the kind stranger. “Thank you so much!” When she looked up, she was met with the shyly smiling face of a man around her age, part of the group who had caused the commotion. He seemed quieter than the other two though, who she could still hear arguing over which snacks to get. 
“It’s not a problem. Is Melona your favorite?” His was voice soothing and hinting curiosity even though he was nervously rubbing his neck. She nodded eagerly in response. “Yes! It’s the best thing to eat when you want to celebrate, even when it’s cold outside…” She mentally scolded herself for rambling. She couldn’t help it, the sudden inquiry surprised her. Not that she minded, he seemed friendly and wasn’t overbearing at all. Yeseul could see he was about to ask what exactly she was celebrating but his two friends interrupted him.
“Seonghwa-hyung, I will buy these chips now and you can’t stop me.” One of them said as he headed to the counter to pay. The other one motioned for your savior to come over as they were getting ready to head out. The stranger, apparently named Seonghwa, gave you an apologetic smile, you bowed and wished each other a good day before he left with his friends. 
Could it be that they were trainees as well? All three of them looked awfully handsome, they talked about dieting and working out, and went shopping right at this store. The fact that they were also dressed in sports clothes led her to make that assumption. At the same time, it could have just been a coincidence. At the latest, she’d find out if she ran into them at the agency. 
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svtmatokis · 3 years
Jihoon Office AUP1
Hello friends~ So as promised, I will be re-posting the Jihoon Office AU! today as well as two other fics which was listed in earlier posts. I hope you guys enjoy it!!! (I’m not going to blab much as I repost this since they are what they are...reposts...)
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst
Plot: You and Seungcheol have been best friends forever and as a favor, you agree to be temporary assistant of the one Lee Jihoon.
Words: 3427
Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 -
Tumblr media
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” your best friend Seungcheol said as you walked into his office building. “I owe you lunch, dinner anything!” 
“Why are you making such a big deaI out of this?” you asked as he took you to your floor. “It’s not like you’re having me work with the devil or anything..” 
Seungcheol only grinned nervously at you, “You’re doing me and my dad a huge favor so I can’t thank you enough.” 
You and Seungcheol were best friends since high school until you decided to go overseas for university while he stayed and went to a local university. Though the two of you kept in contact over the last few years over the phone and email, you realistically haven’t seen each other since the end of summer graduating year. 
During your breaks, you never returned home to Korea and opted to travel the world instead but after graduation you had worked abroad as a business executive for three years till you felt like home was calling you so you decided to move back to Korea and that was where you reconnected with Seungcheol.
A few weeks ago, he had asked you for a favor since he knew your major had something to do with business and without knowing what it was outside of just knowing that it was a temporary assistant job, you agreed. 
Now as he got more and more nervous, you couldn’t help but wonder why? He hadn’t told you much about the job except it was to be an administrator which was fine for now. You had sent in your application to various companies hoping to hear back from at least one, but a temporary assistant job would do in the meantime.
As the two of you exited the elevator, Seungcheol lead you to the door of one of the managers. He knocked on the door but was met with a bark.
“What did I say about not bothering me when I’m in the middle of something?!”  a loud voice boomed from behind the door.
The voice made you jump a little as Seungcheol hesitantly opened the door and peeked his head in. 
“Morning” Seungcheol said with a grin on his face. 
Jihoon looked up from the paperwork he was doing and the cold demeanour in the room diminished,  “Oh, Seungcheol. Sorry, I thought it was one of the interns again, they’ve been coming to my office with questions all morning.” 
Seungcheol shook his head, “It’s good, I wanted to introduce you to the person who’s going to be filling your assistants spot while she’s out sick for the next three weeks.” He said, “More like stress leave because of how hard you are to please” he muttered  himself though you heard him and giggled before he opened the door wider allowing you to walk in.
“Jihoon, this is Y/N, my best friend from high school, Y/N, this is Jihoon, he’s one of the managers and board members.” Seungcheol introduced as you bowed.
“It’s nice to meet you, I’ll do my best.” you said smiling at him. 
A slight flush appeared on Jihoons cheeks as he saw you walk in the door and couldn’t help but stare and think how pretty you were before shaking himself out of his daze. 
Straightening himself up, he nodded his head, “Hello, I have a really busy schedule so you better be able to keep up. I don’t know what Seungcheol has told you, but this job isn’t easy.” 
You inwardly smirked, so he was one of those kinds of people. You nodded your head, “I  wouldn’t expect anything less.” 
Seungcheol smiled at you before turning to Jihoon, “I’ll leave her to you then.” he turned to you, “I’ll see you at lunch?” 
You nodded your head, “I’ll see you at lunch.” 
Seungcheol nodded and walked out of the office leaving you and Jihoon in an awkward silence.
Jihoon cleared his throat as you looked at him. “I’ll introduce you to some of the people on our floor and the managers first then I’ll show you your desk.” he got up and opened the door as you followed him out. 
He introduced you to various people like interns and associates before he turned to walk to another set of offices.
“Oh perfect, they’re all in here.” he said knocking on the door. 
Four sets of eyes turned to look at you and you smiled nervously, only recognizing Seungcheol.
“Guy’s minus Seungcheol, this is Y/N, she’s going to be filling the spot of my assistant till she gets back. If you need anything from me, it goes through her.” Jihoon said introducing you as you bowed before Jihoon continued. 
“Y/N, these are a few of the other managers here, of course you know Seungcheol, the one with the ponytail is Jeonghan, the one who looks like a sloth-”
“Is Wonwoo and the one next to him is Joshua.” Jihoon finished. 
Each of the managers greeted you with a smile as Seungcheol explained that the two of you were high school friends and that you had recently returned from abroad. 
Once introductions were finished, Jihoon said that he was going to show you where your desk was and what kind of work to expect. As the door closed, Joshua couldn’t help but speak up. 
“I think I went to university with her.” 
Three set eyes were on him as Seungcheol nodded his head.
“Ah...that’s right...you went to UCLA right?” he asked as Joshua nodded a look of realization dawning on his face. 
“That’s right, she was actually in a few of my classes and she graduated top of our year. She’s smart, like really smart. She could almost give Jihoon a run for his money.” Joshua said and looked at Seungcheol, “Why did you hire her as Jihoon’s assistant?” 
Seungcheol shrugged, “His last one took stress leave because of how hard he ran her to the  ground. Y/N’s been an executive for a few big companies world wide and is known to be well respected in her field.  She works just as hard as Jihoon but when it comes to personalities they’re completely different. I figured that if she survives three weeks with him, we can look into having her fill that manager position we have open.” 
The three other men looked at each other in contemplation. Seungcheol did have a point. Jihoon was one of the toughest managers of the company, holding everyone under him to a high standard. He himself was a workaholic, almost never leaving the office till late. While everyone else would go out after work, he would stay until he was actually done everything for the day.
“He has a point, she’s been working abroad ever since graduation. She has a lot of experience that we could use.” Joshua said backing Seungcheol up.
Jeonghan and Wonwoo shared a look before nodding their heads. 
“If she can last the next three weeks with Jihoon, we’ll look into having her on board with us permanently.” Wonwoo said as the three nodded in agreement. 
Meanwhile, Jihoon had just shown you to your desk which had been left in a complete mess by his previous assistant. He showed you the whole email system and what software you would be working with, thanking the heavens that you were familiar with all of them. 
“If you have any questions, I’ll be in my office. I have three meetings back to back today, I expect you to have all the paperwork ready by 1pm. That’s an hour before my first meeting.” he said before going back to his office and slamming the door shut. 
You looked at the door and looked back at your new desk before letting out a sigh. Seungcheol owed you. You looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 10am, meaning you had three hours to get all the paperwork Jihoon needed for his meetings. You looked at the calendar and saw the name of the three meetings listed and you got to work. 
It was 12:45 when Jihoon stepped out of his office. He had expected you to come into his office multiple times like his previous assistants had done but was shocked when he saw you working on the computer, desk neatly organized and three stacks of papers labeled 2pm, 4pm and 5pm. 
Before Jihoon could make a comment, Joshua and Seungcheol turned the corner and made his way to your desk. 
“Hey Y/N” Joshua said waving as you looked up from your computer though you continued typing making Seungcheol chuckle.
“What’s up?” you asked the two boys though you noticed Jihoon from the corner of your eye. 
“We were just about to grab lunch, want to come with?” Seungcheol asked.
Before you could respond Jihoon cut in, “Y/N, how are my notes for my meetings coming along?” he asked making you turn to look at him. 
“Lunch sounds great actually.” you said nodding before taking the stacks of papers and handing them to Jihoon, “And here are the notes for your meeting, I’ve reviewed and highlighted a few key points. I hope you don’t mind.” you said grabbing your purse, “I’ll be going for lunch now” you bowed at him before following Seungcheol and Joshua out leaving Jihoon standing there, amazed that you actually got the notes done on time, well slightly early to be exact.
“Did you go to UCLA?” Joshua asked once the three of you were seated. 
You nodded your head, “Why?” 
“You took Professor Birk’s class right? Economics?” Joshua asked and you realized why Joshua had looked slightly familiar. 
“We were in the same study group weren’t we?” you asked as he nodded, a smile making its way to his face. “Wow, small world. How did you end up in Korea?” 
Joshua shrugged his shoulders, “Seungcheol and I have been friends for quite sometime and after graduation, I came to visit and he offered me a position at his fathers company. Three years later, here I am.” he explained, “What about you? I recall you were the only one in our class who had internship offers from Europe.” 
“And I took them” you said smiling, “But after three years abroad, I got home sick and thought it was time to come home.” 
“Plus she missed me” Seungcheol said grinning as you rolled your eyes. 
“In your dreams Cheol.” you said rolling your eyes at your best friend. “So what’s the deal with Jihoon? You guys asked me out for lunch but didn’t extend the invite to him though he was standing right there.” 
Seungcheol and Joshua looked at each other before Seungcheol replied, “We ask him all the time to go out for lunch but he normally has meetings and doesn’t have the time. I guess we just got to a point where we stopped asking because he always kept saying no. We’re not sure if he even eats or not, he’s not really close with anyone on the management team except Joshua.” 
Joshua nodded his head, “I normally remind him to eat and to go home early or what not but he never listens. Always in his office till late at night. He’s going to run himself dry one day, I swear.” 
You nodded your head silently, thinking about all the points that both boys made. In a way, Jihoon reminded you of yourself, always working never ending. You remembered the times where you would skip lunch because you would have to go for meetings or how many of your co workers thought you were cold because you never went out with them to eat though in reality, you were just focused on the goal. 
Then you had met Mingyu who had been your mentor and good friend at your old firm. He had learned right away that you were the type to not eat when you were busy and because you were dedicated to your career, there would often be times where you would go a full day without eating which didn’t go unnoticed by Mingyu.
One day, you had back to back to back meetings and didn’t have time to sit down. You were running completely on fumes and if you didn’t stop soon, you would collapse. Mingyu picked up on this fast and had been observing you throughout that day. He knew that you hadn’t eaten nor were you planning on eating at all until your meetings were done and what kind of friend would he be if he didn’t step in and help you?
In between your second and third meeting, you had about a thirty minute break which you were going to use to review the notes for your third meeting when you saw a box of your favorite sushi and milk tea on your desk with a note on it.
Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t make time to have a quick meal. The work can wait, your health can’t!  - M
(End of Flashback)
You smiled at the memory and thought of your old friend. He had saved you that day and after that, you had remembered to at least snack between meetings, keeping various power bars in your desk just in case. 
As the three of you continued lunch, you couldn’t help but let your mind drift to Jihoon who was probably reviewing the notes for his first meeting, he had a break between his first and second meeting where he would probably review the notes for his second and third meetings at once. This was how you assumed his mind worked. 
An idea came to your mind as you finished your lunch and soon you were making your way back to the office with an extra bag in his hand.
Jihoon was walking back to his office after his first meeting which had been a success. The highlighted notes you had made really helped him get his point across and he had to admit, he was slightly impressed. 
He saw you sitting at your desk, organizing some paperwork he had set aside for you to do when you had time which made him see that you were efficient with your work. He stepped into his office and was greeted with the smell of something delicious. 
He looked at his desk and saw a bowl of jajangmyeon next to his notes. He looked around the office to see who could’ve left it for him though he caught that knowing smile on your face as a small blush made a way to his. He closed his door as he opened the container, getting hit with the smell of the noodles, before proceeding to eat while reviewing his notes for his second meeting. 
After your first week, you and Jihoon had managed to come up with a system that worked for the two of you. After your first day, Jihoon had learned that you were completely different than what he had assumed and after talking with the other managers, it was safe to say that you were meeting all of his expectations. As the week went on, you continued to buy lunch for him and left it on his desk for him to eat in between meetings. Though he knew that the lunches were from you, it was as if you had a silent agreement not to verbally acknowledge it.
It was Friday and Jeonghan had invited you out for dinner and drinks with Joshua, Seungcheol, Wonwoo and to your surprise, Jihoon. 
The group ended up at a lounge where everyone looked much more relaxed and you were finally able to see how everyone was. 
You noted that Wonwoo and Jihoon were more of the quiet ones, whilst Jeonghan and Seungcheol had a tendency to lead the conversation, Joshua would give his two cents here and there but overall would just listen and smile.  
As the night, everyone had a good time and for the first time since you started, you were able to have a conversation with Jihoon without the awkwardness, though it was probably due to the alcohol running through both your systems. 
You learned that he had once been passionate about music producing before real life had taken a toll and he had to focus on the business though if he had the time, he would definitely go back to producing again. It was the first time he had thanked you for the meals you had secretly bought him so he would eat, in which you completely denied though it was obvious it had been you. 
The group had learned that you and Seungcheol had been best friends since freshman year of high school and that the two of you had a big sibling complex with one another since you two were only children which is why there were times Seungcheol came off as protective. 
Jihoon watched you that night, all he could watch was you. When you talked to Wonwoo about the endless library you had and your love for books, or when you spoke with Jeonghan about this cafe you had once gone to in Paris and would like to go to again. There were also times where  Joshua would bring up a college story of something he remembered from class which in the end would end up either embarrassing you or you embarrassing him. 
He watched you and Seungcheol closely to see if there was anything more than friendship was going on but cancelled that out when he saw you help him get the cute hostess’s number. 
At the end of the night, everyone went their separate ways after you ensured them that you were okay walking back to your apartment alone, with each of them, including Jihoon making you promise that you text them when you arrive home. 
As Jihoon watched you walk in the direction of your apartment, he couldn’t help but feel this unsettling feeling in his gut. Quickly shaking it off and telling himself it was because he had quite a bit to drink, he started his walk to his apartment which was seemingly on the same path as yours.
As he was walking to his apartment he heard a scream which sounded almost like your voice which caused his senses to awaken. 
A second scream had him running to the direction where he heard it coming from, him taking his phone out just in case he had to call 911.
Your scream lead him to an alleyway where he saw you pinned against the wall with a man holding your shoulder while you had a few scratches on your legs probably from falling. Jihoon looked around him for something he could use as a weapon, a bat or a stick of some sort. 
You struggled against your captors grip as you let out another scream in which this time he covered your mouth with his hand. 
The man chuckled deeply as he watched you struggle. “I told you that you shouldn’t have come back. Now you’re going to have to pay” he said his face getting close to yours, “Seungcheol isn’t here to protect you anymore.” he slapped you hard causing you to fall on the ground.
Before anything else could happen, the man was quickly knocked away. You struggled to look up but saw someone kicking the man who was now on the floor. You struggled to see how it was but you felt too dizzy to do so. The next thing you knew, there was someone else joining that person and more punches were thrown before your world went black. 
(Five minutes earlier)
The moment Jihoon saw the man’s hand touch you, he was already running towards you with a plank in his hands, hitting the guy behind the legs so he would fall. 
He continued to kick the man who was struggling to get up but found it impossible when another flurry of punches were thrown from a different direction. 
Jihoon looked up to see Wonwoo glaring at the guy on the floor who was now knocked out. Both men clearly out of breath.
“Wonwoo” Jihoon said as man looked at him with a nod.. 
“I was walking by when I heard a scream and then I saw you running from the other side. When I realized it was Y/N-” Wonwoo started to explain before he turned to look at your limp figure.
“Y/N!” Wonwoo and Jihoon both yelled at the same time both running to your side.
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jiminsfault · 3 years
50 questions tag
I got tagged by @yoongs-jeontae ! Thank you💖
What colors is your hairbrush? It’s like a brown-ish shimmery color? Idk o.o
What food would you never eat? I probably would never be able to eat the meat of rabbits or deers, sheep and that kind of stuff
Are you usually hot or cold? I’m always a cozy crispy amount of warmth under my blanket. But when I’m outside I go from both extremes because I’m super sensitive so, spring/summer: always hot, autumn/winter: always cold. There is no inbetween
What did you do 45 minutes ago? I was in an online class and got math tutoring🤠 it was horrible thanks for asking my brain is fried
Favorite chocolate? The really dark kind. It’s the only chocolate I’ll ever really crave. I can bear milk chocolate if I have to
Have you ever been to a professional sports event? I hAve actually omg! It was a handball game and super boring, I didn’t know whats going on ever and only clapped when everyone else did🤡 (I was forced by my ex to tag along I absolutely hate sports)
What was the last thing you said out loud? “Oh my god, that was horrible” right after I ended the call with my teacher skckjs
Favorite ice cream flavor? Brownie fudge? Is that what it’s called? The chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces in it, it’s so fUcking gOOD sorry for cursing it’s necessary
What was the last thing you drank? Some nice crispy wAter
What kind of wallet do you have? A small black one because I didn’t think about practicality when buying it. Currently looking for a bigger one.
What was the last thing you ate? I actually have no clue if that’s the english word for it but kebab? IT’S DÖNER IN GERMAN
Did you buy clothes last weekend? I haven’t bought clothes in months actually omg
What was the last sports event you saw? I watched the soccer game that’s like a really big thing back in 2018 🤠🤠
Who was the last person you texted? My mom cus she’s out buying groceries and asked me what kind of ice cream I want kekdjejd
Do you like camping? I despise camping with my entire being. When I was little my mom always forced me to go on 500 camping trips a year and I feel the biggest rage in me when I think about all the bugs and uncomfortable nights I- will not continue talking about this now.
Do you eat vitamins? No, like not at all. Not one vitamin has entered my body in a few weeks. I used to have these tablets that disappear in water but I stopped drinking that because I only take them bc of my muscles and currently I’m not leaving the house so,,, don’t need them >:)
When was the last time you traveled? The last time I full on traveled like outside of the country was in 2018 when my class went to italy because of our graduation 🤠 trauma
Do you like sunbathing? I can’t really answer that because if I sunbathe I will burn. Like literally I’m getting a sunburn just from walking to the train on a sunny day if I don’t have the strongest suncream on??? My skin is very🤡 so yeah idk if I like it? Never tried
Asian or Italian food? Asian food absolutely. I’m not sure about italian food because I just don’t know anything about italian kitchen but I dO knOw that theres so much variety with asian food? And so far I’ve loved every asian dish I’ve tried so,,
Do you drink soda? Nope. I stopped drinking soda four years ago I think because my skin was sO bad and I gained weight so quickly without eating a lot so I stopped drinking soda and tada! Barely getting pimples now😎 also it’s just tastier like my mouth doesn’t stick anymore and I don’t literally feel the sugar on my teeth?? (Although I do sometimes sip on a bit of coke but only on special occasions)
What color socks are you wearing now? White with a very,, aqua? blue stripe? And the name of the brand in the same color🤠 fashion
When was the last time you were speeding? I don’t drive🤡😔
What are you afraid of? Everything pretty much. Commitment, people leaving me, talking to people, failing, succeeding, should I continue?
What can you see if you turn left? A lot? It’s inside my room (my bed is in the right corner) but first thing would be my switch cus she laying next to me
What kind of housework you like the least? I actually love housework? At least the things that I do. Like I never mow the lawn because that’s not my job yknow? But I like emptying and filling the dish washer, cleaning pans in the sink, doing the laundry, wiping the floor. Maybe I should become a maid?
What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone talking in a language you don’t know? I try to hear what language it is, like I try guessing at least. Of course I don’t know what every language sounds like but it’s a fun little game I have for myself when I’m bored in public transpo
Do you sleep on your back or side? On my right side towards the wall. At least at night, when I take a nap I sleep on my left side towards the room. Idk why pls don’t ask me, I can’t fall asleep otherwise.
You crave fast food, where do you go? So around where I live there aren’t a lot of options? Also in germany in general we don’t have the fast food fest that america has, so I always go for either Mcdonald’s or Subway.
What is your lucky number? 5. I don’t know when it became my favorite/lucky number but somehow at some point in time it’s become the number I always use when someone wants me to guess or answer a question, I use it for picking things and all that🤡🤠 maybe it’s because it sounds rly funny in german
Who was the last person you talked to? In person my mom cus she’s the only one I see nowadays. On the phone would be two of my friends and I also talked to my tutoring teacher through discord so? Pick👁👁
Do you eat meat? I would say no if I wouldn’t sometimes do slip some meat in. It’s very rare and a small amount when I do. Idk how this developed because I used to eat meat multiple times a week but at some point I started only eating chicken and only in smaller amounts and sometimes not even once in two weeks. I eat fish tho? Does that count?
What was the last song you listened to? “Love without tragedy/mother mary” by rihanna because I was feeling the 10’s last night at 5am🤠
Last book? I actually just tried to find the english title of it but I can’t find any sign of it being translated so,, “der Totenzeichner” by Veit Etzold. I read this book twice, once in 9th grade and once just recently and I will not get enough of it. Another one of his books “Final cut” is laying on my bedside table waiting for me to start it. He’s an iconic author.
What is your favourite day of the week? If we were speaking from when it’s a regular routine and I would go to uni, I’d say Monday. I know I sound like a psycho but saying friday or saturday is my favorite day is basic because obviously everyone loves the weekend. Monday is a great day usually because my day starts in third period and does still go 6 classes like regular days but it feels nice to go into uni later in the day so I always appreciate it. (Tho saturday do be hitting different)
Do you know the alphabet song backwards? I don’t even know it forwards 🤡😔
Favorite coffee/tea? I don’t drink coffee but my favorite tea is probably fennel tea, everyone I know hates it, especially without sugar but I love it :(
Favourite shoes? From the ones I personally own I’d say my nike zoom 2ks because they look good and are super comfortable. Shoes that I wish I would have would be Dr. Martens but I’m pOor🤡 I am absolutely a whore for sneakers so I won’t even start listing all the sneakers I love
When do you usually go to sleep? If I’m on schedule around 11-12pm of actually going into the bed physically and falling asleep 30/40 minutes later. While I’m now constantly at home I do still physically get into bed at the same time but I stay up from 2-7am depending on how fun people are, if I play a game, if I read/draw, have a series or movie to watch. I’m insane I am aware🤡
When do you usually wake up? Again, when I’m on schEdule I wake up mondays and tuesdays at 6.30am, from wednesday to friday at 6.10am, on the weekend around 10am. Right now? It’s a surprise everyday. Sometimes I’m up at 4pm, sometimes I’m up at 10am, today I was actually super early with 9.30 so😎
Sunrise or sunset? That’s actually so hard because I do see the sunset a lot more than rise since I have my rOllÄdEn down so I don’t actually remember what a sunrise looks like. Because I have no other choice I say sunset. With doubt.
Do you like your bed soft or hard?  I thINK my bed is hard? I once laid on a friend’s bed that was super soft and I’m pretty sure I didn’t like it
Describe the plate you are eating from? They’re from ikea. They’re white with like blue swirls idk my mom bought them I didn’t make the decisions
Your favorite type of alcohol? Currently I don’t really drink alcohol (mainly because of the lack of opportunities) bUt when I do drink I really like sweet sparkling wine (I googled this I’m not sure if that’s the right word idkd)
Do you like board games? Depending on which people I play with. If a person is getting angry that they’re losing it makes the game absolutely suck and since I’m surrounded by those people I haven’t made good memories with board games kcjdjs,,, if the company is fun I like the games too tho
If you had a car, what kind would it be? Unrealisticly I’d love to own a Lamborghini Aventador or Urus because those cars are just mouth-watering to me. Since I most likely won’t ever be able to afford either of those, I’d love to have a Fiat 500. I fell in love with this car like,,, it’s so cute and the inside is pretty too so everything fits for me the way I want it to. I’ll have to settle for a way less nice car tho once I get a license, at least for a while🤡
Do you know how to change car tires? In theory yes
Dream country? Like to live in? Damn idk. I’d love to live in a country with like,, cULTURE you know? Something exciting and cool to look at, less stuck up people almans be really boring 🤡 so maybe something like spain or italy, maybe america if yall vote for a different president. Japan or Korea would be super cool too I- the whole world ma’am? I couldn’t live in countries like idk hawaii or sumn because of the heat so I’ll just mfing stay in germany😔😔
If you could choose from any jobs in the world, what would you like to do? If I would have the chance I’d love to become an actor because that just seems super cool. But like I’m not nearly attractive enough for people to want to look at me on a scEen so nO
What would you like to try to do? I’m pretty set on trying to learn how to dance like that’s probably not as exciting as other things I could do but :/ yeh idk
And what is stopping you? Literally just me being lazy and talking myself into believing I won’t be good without even trying nsncjsks (also yes I seperated these questions because otherwise it wouldn’t be 50)
thIs was sO mUch omg sjjcjs I’m literally exhausted from all these questions😩😩
I’m tagginggg @gallhali @shadowsremedy if u wanna!
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sky-casino · 4 years
Ink-tainted Hands
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Word Count: 4,200+
a/n: I’ve been into brush pen calligraphy lately and this plot about having Jaehyun as your only classmate in a calligraphy workshop suddenly came into mind lol. Hope you enjoy!
  It was a breezy and sunny summer day when you arrived for the first time at your new dorm near the university campus. You unpacked your luggage for a couple of hours till lunchtime and as famished as you were, you quickly ran down the stairs and headed out to find a place to eat. You spotted an America-style diner on a corner a few blocks away and to your happiness almost ran to the place. After a few minutes, the waitress on roller skates delivered chicken and waffles and a tall glass of milkshake to your table. After a quick prayer, you munched down on the meal.
You took a few minutes after finishing the food to just look around the diner and outside its windows. This would be your surroundings for the next three years and you couldn't say that you weren't pleased. Everything looked so bright, lively, and fun. Your mom wanted you to stay at home longer but you convinced her to let you move to the dorm two weeks before your freshman classes begin as you wanted to get accustomed to the place as early as you can. Also, you were pretty much thrilled to start living on your own and feel the independence.
As you observed your surroundings, you noticed the cork board that served as the diner's bulletin board. It piqued your interest so you stood up and walked to it. Pinned to it were announcements and event invitations of various kinds. There was something about a charity concert, a flea market, and list and schedules of different 2-week workshops offered by the city's public library that are on a discount for students. The last one caught your attention. In the list, there were workshops for calligraphy, sketching, painting, creative writing, and baking. You instantly clasped your hands together as a physical expression of your excitement upon reading the word 'calligraphy'. Calligraphy has been a rising trend in your area recently so you told yourself to learn it as soon as an opportunity arises, and it just popped up in your face like this.
"Schedule is MWF at 10am to 12 noon, 2 o'clock to 4pm, and 6pm to 8pm. Today is a Sunday and it.. already starts tomorrow?! Shit. I need to sign up today!" You exclaimed right before running out of the diner, but then you realized you had no idea where the library was and how to get there, so you went back to the diner to ask one of the waitresses.
You learned that it was just walking distance from the diner and so you ran and ran until you reached the entrance.
"Hello, may I know where I can sign up for a workshop?" You asked the security guard after you caught your breath.
"Good afternoon. Just proceed to the reception area."
"Alright, thanks."
You entered but almost quickly stopped in your tracks because you were surprised to see how beautiful and modern the library was. It wasn't the typical library, it's a learning hub.
"Good afternoon and welcome! How may I help you?" The receptionist greeted you.
"Oh, hi. I'm here to sign up for the calligraphy  work shop?"
"Let me check if there are any slots left first."
You silently prayed in your mind that there is a single slot left.
"Hmm, we only have slots left for the 6PM time slot."
You didn't know whether to be happy or sad. You were glad that there was still a slot for you, of course. But you didn't exactly like to attend the latest time slot. You were hoping for either the 10AM or 2PM class. Nevertheless, you gratefully accepted and paid for your slot before leaving.
The next evening, you found yourself running down the stairs of your dorm and on the brink of being late to the workshop. You decided to take a 1-hour nap before you had to leave to make sure you won't feel sleepy during the late-night workshop.
You ended up being five minutes late and were pretty nervous of the possibility that your classmates will look at you and worse, the teacher will reprimand you. 
"Whatever." You muttered before slowly opening the door. 
First of all, the teacher wasn't there yet. Second, you only had one classmate. Yes, one. And he was looking at you as you entered the room. He was a bit far and you could only see his side profile, but damn you already knew was fine as hell. 
You made your way the chair beside him on the first row.
"Hi." He said with a shy smile as you sat down.
"My name is Jaehyun." He said as he reluctantly offered his hand for a handshake. This time you realized he had dimples that made him ten times more attractive.
"Y/N. Nice to meet you."
"Looks like we're the only ones in this class. Maybe no one else signed up for this schedule?"
"Well, I didn't actually join this time slot. But I was told that this was the only time left that had available slots." You replied.
"Really? Same! When did you sign up?" Jaehyun asked excitedly, finding it amusing that you were in the same situation.
"Yesterday after lunch. You?" You asked with a laugh.
"Yesterday at around 5PM."
"We were probably the last two people who registered.  So here we are." You said with a dramatic sigh, earning you a laughter from Jaehyun. His dimples now more prominent than ever and you were just staring at them, even long after his laughter died down and turned into a smile. You didn't know that he was staring at your face at the same time, resulting to a moment of awkward silence. He was about to laugh out of amusement again but the door opened, revealing a lady in her mid thirties, your teacher.
"Good evening and I'm very sorry for my tardiness." She quickly greeted.
"No worries, it's fine." You quietly replied, uncertain if you even had to respond to her apology.
"Hmm.. there are more students than I expected." Your teacher stated as she prepared the materials. You and Jaehyun looked at each other, confused.
"To be honest with you, I didn't expect someone will be in this time slot. But anyway, let's start. Come and get your materials: a nib, a straight nib holder, a small bottle of black ink, and practice sheets. For this week, you will be learning pointed pen calligraphy and for next week, we will use brush pens. These two tools result to two different styles of modern calligraphy, which what this workshop is about." 
Holding the materials and listening to your teacher's words ignited your enthusiasm once more.
During your first night of workshop, you learned the fundamentals of pointed pen calligraphy: you should fully dip the nib into the ink until it reaches the base, light strokes are usually done upwards, and heavy strokes are normally done downwards. Before you know it, the two hours were already up.
"That's all for tonight. See you the day after tomorrow. Kindly clean up before you leave. The library closes in thirty minutes so move quickly. Good night." The teacher advised.
"Noted, ma'am. Thank you." You replied.
"Damn, I didn't think calligraphy was easy at all but I didn't expect it to be this hard. Look at my strokes! So messy!" Jaehyun sulked. You only knew each other for a couple of hours but you instantly feel comfortable with each other like close friends.
"Well, as what she told earlier. Practice makes-"
"Perfect." Jaehyun interrupted you.
"No. Progress. It's progress, Jaehyun. Because no one is perfect." 
"Oh.. yup. You're correct." His embarrassed expression caused you to burst into laughter, and you had no idea how red his ears were at that moment.
"Alright, miss. We need to clean up our desks and our tainted hands. So I'd gladly appreciate if you could.. you know, stop laughing at me?" He was even more sulky by now and you decided to stop pissing off your new friend whom you discovered to be quite sensitive.
"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, mister." You raised both your hands to show you surrender while taking off the scratch newspapers on your desks that served as a protection from the ink.
"I'm starving. Would you like to go get dinner? Only if it's.. fine, of course. You might have somewhere else to go or someth-"
"Sure. I'd love to. I'm starving as well and I got zero plans after this." You were clueless as to why you felt some butterflies in your stomach to the prospect of having dinner with this guy, but you were sure you're suppressing a smile.   
"It's up to you where we'll eat. You know a place?" Jaehyun asked you as both of you stepped out of the library.
"Hmm, there's a diner around that block. Wanna try?"
"Absolutely. I want some burgers and fries right now. You seem to be familiar with the place. You live here?"
"Oh, not at all. Just moved to my dorm yesterday morning. I had my lunch at the diner yesterday and it's actually the only restaurant I've seen so far."
"You got to be kidding me. I'm the same! Moved here yesterday after lunch." Jaehyun said as the two of you entered the diner. 
"I'll have bacon, eggs, hashbrown, and chocolate milk shake." You told the waitress.
"I'll get the triple decker burger, fries, and iced coffee." Jaehyun ordered.
"Wait, okay. So, are we gonna go to the same university? Seoul National University?" You clarified with a hidden thrill in your voice.
"That's right. But I'm taking up Architecture. You?"
"Multimedia Arts. Wow, this is good, right? We already have each other as a friend even before classes start two weeks from now."
"Yup. At least we already know someone in school. Also, I was thinking, maybe we can practice what we learned from the workshop earlier? Maybe in the afternoon before the Wednesday session?" Jaehyun suggested as the waitress placed your orders on the table.
"That'd be great. I was planning to practice anyway."
Half an hour later, Jaehyun offered to walk you to your dorm.
"Thank you for accompanying me here, even though there was absolutely no need. I appreciate it."
"No problem. It's late already and I had to make sure you get back here safely." Jaehyun flashed you a shy smile.
"Well, see you on Wednesday afternoon at 3PM?"
"Yup. I'll text you where it will be. Which reminds me.. I don't have your number yet?"
"Oh, right." You said before proceeding to dictate your number.
"Thanks, will text you. Good night and it was really nice to meet you. You're cool." 
"Wow, this is the first time someone, let alone a guy, has told me that I'm cool. Thank you very much, Jaehyun." You dramatically placed your hands on your chest.
"It's true, though. See you!" He saluted at you playfully before walking off.
You jogged up the stairs to finally take a shower and a good night's sleep, but most importantly, to get on the phone to call your best friend and tell her about this dashing young man who's also into calligraphy.
After doing your nightly beauty routine, you jumped into your bed as you excitedly waited for your best friend to pick up the call. 
"Hey Seulgi! Sorry, did I wake you up?"
"Hi! Nope! I'm just binge-watching on Netflix. What's up?"
"Oh my god, I need to tell you something urgently." You said, emphasizing the last word.
"I honestly can't believe that today is just my second day in this city but it's already going so great? It's surreal."
"Did you meet a cute guy?" Seulgi squealed.
"Yes, and he's not just cute. He's super cute. Jaehyun is his name." You said dreamily.
"How did you meet?"
"He's my only classmate in the calligraphy workshop I told you about yesterday. We had dinner tonight after the session and he invited me to practice calligraphy on Wednesday afternoon. He asked for my number too. Oh and, it turns out he's a dormer here too and we're both going to SNU. We clicked so well right away. God, this is too good to be true." 
"It sounds perfect! I just hope that he's single. Please, God." 
"I know we're going too fast but I agree. I really hope he is.”
“You need to find out soon if he's single and ready to mingle."
"But how will I ask that? I don't want him to find me weird."
"Just say something like 'Will your girlfriend attend SNU too?'. Assume innocently then watch out for his response. That's how we'll know." 
"Great advice. Alright, I'll talk to you again soon. Good night."
"Night and sweet dreams!"
"Sweet dreams." You hung up and stared at the stars outside your window, thinking about dimple boy.
 Wednesday afternoon arrived and you were on your way to the cafe that Jaehyun texted you the name of the night before. "He's so considerate." You thought to yourself as you read his text again to follow the directions from your dorm to the said cafe. "He could've just sent me the name and leave it to me to find how to get there but he gave clear directions. Sweet."
When you entered the cafe, you easily spotted him as his tall figure was standing and moving around his chosen table. You wondered for a second what kept him busy and you realized that he was covering the entire desk with newspaper as a safety measure. Neither of you wants to stain the cafe's table or you might end up cleaning or paying for the damage.
"Hey, sorry I'm late." You greeted as you put your bag down on one of the chairs.
"No problem. Have you ordered?"
"Not yet."
"You can place your order first, I already placed mine."
When you came back with your chicken-pesto sandwich and iced macchiato, he was already sitting and settled down, ready to start. Then you suddenly remembered what Seulgi said the other day, “You need to find out soon if he’s single and ready to mingle.”
You cleared your throat while you felt your cheeks burn before asking, “So, do you have anyone else attending SNU too? Like friends and.. a girlfriend? You could hear your heartbeats thumping, scared of what his reaction might be.
“I have some high school batch mates, but they’re not taking up Architecture and we’re not really close. I don’t have a girlfriend. But I’m flattered that you think I have. Thank you.”  The last part made him laugh and you laughed with him as a sign of relief.
You spent the next couple of hours bent down as you repeatedly practiced writing the entire English alphabet, both the capital and small versions of each letter.
"My back and neck are in pain." You whined.
"Same here. I didn't know calligraphy could be so physically taxing." Jaehyun said in an almost defeated tone."Let's stretch it out." He continued, the two of you standing up and doing every stretching exercise for the upper body that you know.
When you sat back down, Jaehyun absentmindedly rubbed his right knuckle on his nose, leaving a medium-sized black stain.
"Why are you laughing?" 
You couldn't even answer him as you continued to laugh hysterically. 
"What's wrong?" 
"Your nose-" Your laugh interrupted your own words. 
Jaehyun quickly used the front camera of his phone to check his face and you actually saw the moment he got embarrassed.
"Shit." He muttered, frantically looking for a clean napkin on the table but you used it up already. 
"Here, lucky for you I have wet wipes." You handed the item to him, feeling sorry for laughing so much at your embarrassed friend.
"Thank you."
"Sorry, should've told you sooner instead of laughing my ass off."
Jaehyun looked at you, surprised. "No worries. I'm not mad or anything." He assured you with his dimples. 
You were about to pick up your pen when Jaehyun suddenly told you that it was already 5:30. The two of you cleaned up and packed your bags quickly and walked briskly to the library for your second calligraphy session.
The second week of the sessions just began and you found yourself more excited for this than the last one, all because of the new tool you will be using: colorful brush pens. Oh, and of course your cute classmate is also a reason to look forward to the new week.
"Thank God, this is easier and more fun to use." Jaehyun said after the teacher went to the restroom.
"I know right! I've always had a good feeling about brush pens." You whispered as you tirelessly practiced using your pink brush pen, struggling to contain your vigor which made Jaehyun chuckle and gaze at you longer than usual.
On Wednesday that week, your teacher gave you a final assignment: write a word or a short phrase using your choice of method: pointed pen or brush pen. "Submission on Friday. Got it?"
"Yes, ma'am." 
"It's exciting but I don't know what to write." You said after the teacher made her exit.
"Hmm, yeah. Same. But I don't wanna think about it yet. Dinner?"
"Let's go."
Thursday morning, you texted Jaehyun if he wanted to meet with you at the cafe to work on the assignment.
"Sorry, I can't. I have other errands to attend to and can only work on it late tonight. But see you tomorrow! Really sorry!"
You were dismayed and it made getting up from bed a bit harder.
"It's totally fine. Yup, see you! :)" You sent.
You washed your face and made yourself a cup of coffee before sitting down by your desk. Pens and papers were laid out and you just stared at them for five minutes, contemplating what word or phrase you wanted to write. Which colors to be used will follow later.
The next day arrived and it was also the last day of your calligraphy workshop. You were a bit somber as you walked to the room, clutching your assignment to your chest. You texted Jaehyun earlier if he wanted to meet up before the session so you could go together but he said that he had to fix something in his dorm room and that you should go ahead. And you did, that's why you're now alone in the room, ten minutes early.
You looked at your work and slowly smiled at it as a physical manifestation of your high level of  satisfaction. A few minutes later, the door opened again and you expected to see Jaehyun, but it was the teacher instead. 
"Good evening." She greeted.
"Good evening, ma'am." You replied, but at the back of your head you actually wanted to say a sarcastic remark about the fact that this is the only time she was punctual, and it's the last session.
"Where's he?"
"P-probably on his way already. Just had to fix something in his dorm." 
She replied with a nod. It was awkward for you to be alone with her and you repeated in your mind for Jaehyun to arrive already. After a few seconds, he busted into the door, panting. 
"Sorry I'm late." He huffed as he sat down beside you.
"No worries. We'll end this session early as I just need you to present your works. Explain why you wrote what you wrote and why you used the method you used. Then before you go, I'll give you your certificates. Y/N, you first." Your no-nonsense teacher instructed, taking a seat in the same row as you and Jaehyun.
"Okay." You said as you stood up and went to the front.
"Hi. This is what I wrote: Let New Adventures Begin. I decided to write this phrase because I'm... about to start college next week. I also moved here from another city so it's my first time to be independent. I'm excited but also very nervous and clueless about things so I wrote this to encourage and motivate myself. I used brush pens and blended orange and pink colors because I wanted it to look bright. I decided to use this method because brush pen calligraphy is not that strict when it comes to rules, unlike the pointed-pen method. I can be as creative as I can be and show my personality with this method and tools. Yeah, I think that's all. Thank you." You finished with a nervous but relieved smile.
"Very good, Y/N. Both your work and presentation is excellent. Jaehyun, your turn."
"Thank you so much, ma'am." You said as Jaehyun slowly rose up from his seat.
Once in front, he took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous."
You giggled and offered him an encouraging smile.
"Okay so, this is what I wrote."
You were surprised to see your name. "My name?"
"Yup. Your name, because I want to give this to you as a gift." Jaehyun said with a nervous chuckle before biting his lip.
"Jaehyun, please make your presentation cohesive." Your teacher said as both of you were clueless about what Jaehyun was saying.
"Sorry. But.. yes. I wrote your name because I was planning to give this to you as a gift. You've been a very cool friend and you always patiently help me improve my calligraphy skills and we really get along well and fortunately, we will be studying in the same university and I don't know but... I just like you so much. I enjoy our time together a lot and I hope that even if this workshop ends we will remain close friends because..." Jaehyun interrupted his own ramblings as he looked at you with a serious gaze. You felt yourself sweating a bit and holding your breath.
"....because I want to see if we can be more than that." He finally said. "Oh and before I forget, I used brush pens because you love brush pens. Also, I was late not because I was fixing something in my room but because I had to buy a frame in the bookstore so I could frame this. I just didn't want to give you a paper, I wanted it to be more presentable. This is also why I rejected your invitations to work together for this assignment, because it’s a surprise. And yes, I know this is not the best calligraphy work but I really did my best." He chuckled.
"Alright, I didn't expect such a presentation. But well done, anyway. Just avoid rambling on and on. Here are your certificates proving that you finished and did well on this workshop." Your teacher shared as you and Jaehyun locked eyes with unreadable expressions.
"Guys?" Your teacher called out.
"Sorry, ma'am!" You said as you rushed to her to get your certificate, not knowing that Jaehyun's gaze still lingered on you.
"Thank you for participating." She said as she held out her hand for a handshake.
"We should be the ones to thank you, ma'am. We really enjoyed and learned a lot." You shook her hand.
"Y/N's right, ma'am. Thanks a lot." Jaehyun said during his turn for the handshake.
"You're very welcome. Alright, I'll be leaving now. Seems like... the two of you have a lot to talk about." She smirked.
"Yes we do, ma'am." Jaehyun answered and you were scared of the looming conversation you two will be having.
"Okay, goodbye." Your teacher said.
"Goodbye, ma'am." You and Jaehyun said in unison.
You went and packed your things right after she left, the room now filled with silence.
"H-here. This is for you." Jaehyun stuttered as he handed his framed work to you.
"Thank you so much, Jaehyun. It's beautiful." You graciously took the work from his hands, glancing up at him as many times as you could, which was twice because you still felt shy about everything he said earlier.
"I'm sorry for doing that earlier. I know I should've talked to you in private. I put you in an uncomfortable situation, I'm sorr-"
"It's fine. Don't worry. I was surprised but it's okay, I'm okay." You assured him with a smile, patting his shoulder.
"I hope this doesn't... affect our friendship." Jaehyun said with furrowed brows, obviously still worrying despite your assurance.
"It doesn't. It won't. You know..." You guessed it was your turn to confess.
"I.. I like you too. You're cute and dorky and full of energy all the time, always curious and enthusiastic. And I can't stop looking at your dimples!" Confessing lightens the heart indeed, you thought to yourself.
The two of you were giggling in the atmosphere of first love until Jaehyun put on his serious face.
"I just want you to know that I don't want you to feel any pressure, I can definitely wait." Jaehyun said and you swore to the gods  you felt your heart swelling with love and admiration.
"I know. It's better if we take things slow, right?" 
"Of course! Friends to best friends to girlfriend and boyfriend." He teased, causing you to smack his arm. "By the way, I found a cute coffee shop some blocks away from here. Wanna try?"
"Is that even a question?" You sassed, rolling your eyes.
"Well then, shall we go now, my lady?" He said as he dramatically offered his bent right arm for you to link your left. You accepted his arm and found your way out of the library. 
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eponymous-rose · 4 years
Weird question, but you seem really productive despite seeming to have a constantly fluctuating routine, with both your work and your hobbies. Most people think having a solid routine is the only way to increase your productivity but I've pretty much given up on having a routine since my life seems similar to yours--a lot of travel, weird and always changing work hours. Do you have any advice on how you deal with routine and productivity in spite of that?
Oh gosh, this is definitely something I struggle with a LOT, and I’m not sure I’ve found a coping strategy that works for me yet. But the small things that have been helping have been (1) keeping a routine in my planning even if the stuff I do changes dramatically (even if I’m traveling, I have a notebook where, every Sunday, I list all the stuff that has specific dates/times for the following week, I list the stuff where I still have to come up with a date/time, and I list the stuff I’ve gotta do that week for sure), and (2) finding multiple ways to approach the same goals that I can tailor to my level of energy/spare time on any given week (so this week I’m just not in a super exercisey mindset and can’t rely on having the motivation to run every day, but instead I’m making an extra effort not to eat out this week—lower-effort for my current state of mind, but all toward the same goal of feeling a bit healthier overall).
I’m also very cognizant of how little time at work is actually spent working, so I try not to feel guilty if the total number of hours worked is low as long as the work’s getting done. I’m an incredibly routine-oriented person, but it’s been a bit freeing to slowly and steadily teach myself that stuff just has to get finished one way or another, and the easiest way to do that is to just focus on specific goals and let the rest be flexible.
Anyway, yesterday I was thinking of this ask and was like, “You know, I’ll just write up what I do on Monday as an example, and I bet things will go hilariously awry.” And so they did.
So here’s what my weekly planning list looked like last night:
Dated Events:
Call with paper coauthor at 9AM Monday
Call with leadership academy planning committee at 10AM Monday
Call with peer mentoring group at 9AM Tuesday
Sit in on class at 11:30AM Tuesday and Thursday
Seminars Wednesday at 3PM, Thursday at 4PM, and Friday at 3PM
D&D Saturday at 6PM
Undated Events:
Coordinating abstract submission for an upcoming conference (early week)
Setting up Skype calls with a couple friends I haven’t talked to in a while (late week)
Assorted Priorities:
Book hotel for work travel in July
Accept journal article review request and scope out how long that’ll take
Review some materials sent out for my peer mentoring call
Revise my paper and submit the revisions before the Monday deadline
Get my driver’s license renewed (the joys of yearly visa renewal… your license has to be renewed yearly as well)
Put together a schedule for a biweekly Twitter feature highlighting new publications for the account I run for a subcommittee in my field
Respond to an e-mail about a conference in January about some weird deadline that popped up for next week
Come up with conference abstract ideas before the as-yet-unscheduled meeting
Fill out some action items in advance of my 10AM Monday call
And some more specific checklists for four research projects I’m focusing on this week
I purposely try to group conference calls together, because I currently share my office and feel weird doing video calls when she’s stuck in frame five feet away from me while she tries to work. So Monday seems like a good day to work from home, and I can squeeze in Tuesday’s call before heading to the office that morning. I’ll be in the office Tuesday-Friday, which means I’ll be able to attend those seminars and classes with no problem. I have most of my D&D prep done already because we ended early last game, so I can leave that until Saturday. The only thing I might have to shuffle to next week is the driver’s license thing, because it’ll take three hours and I have to account for finding a Lyft there and back. Okay. Aces.
Wake up this morning to find my internet’s out, and I also somehow left the hard drive with all my research on it at work. Hoo boy. But staring over my to-do list, I think I can set today up as a “big picture” day and not have to do any actual coding, so I’m still okay to work from home. I can also phone in to the conference calls instead of using the video call software. All good.
Luckily, the internet comes back right before my first call of the day. Said call is with someone who also happens to be a dean, so she has a tendency to get held up at meetings, so I take that delay to look at the action items for my second call (I mean… if you send me action items at 8PM on a Sunday I am not gonna touch them until Monday morning).
When she did make it online, we chatted about the new paper, and she strongly encouraged me to send it to our other coauthors in case they have suggestions. We’re submitting on Monday, which is way too short-notice to read a 20-page research paper, but they already read the pre-revision version in great detail, so I shot them an e-mail that included a summary of the substantial changes and a note to the effect that if any of them want more time to look at this stuff, I can beg the editor for an extension on their behalf. Minor crisis averted.
Second meeting is very intense and structured. Everyone has to volunteer to organize and lead two webinars in the next three months, so I go ahead and volunteer for the two April ones so I’ll get it out of the way early. Aaand the first webinar is at 1PM this Friday. Okay. I’ll work from home that morning so I can do last-minute prep, then head into the office in time for the 3PM seminar. No biggie. One organizer puts together a draft schedule, and I send a quick e-mail suggesting a different use of one of the ten-minute time slots. One of the other organizers requests another conference call tomorrow instead of e-mails. I tell them I can only do after 4PM, if I leave work early. Eh. We’ll see how that works out.
After the call, I get through a bunch of small tasks in maybe 20 minutes: hotel booked, Twitter posts prepped, review request accepted (not due until May 20, so plenty of time on that), conference deadline e-mail chain started. I spend the rest of the time before noon getting sucked into an article someone sent me about the myths surrounding undergraduate grade inflation and then reading up on the peer mentoring materials for our call tomorrow. A couple other minor e-mails pop up (scheduling the precise date of a conference mixer in January, that kind of thing) and I manage to deal with them right away.
Lunch! Clearly working from home means I should take the opportunity to indulge in some fine cuisine, some leisurely cooking that highlights—
I heat up a microwave meal (chicken couscous) and watch YouTube videos for an hour.
Back in it! I write up some abstract submission ideas and make a valiant attempt at setting up a time to talk about them, but it looks like that might have to wait until next week. We’re still a ways before the deadline, so that’s okay.
Mmmmmmm someone on Twitter mentions a conference in Germany in September and a workshop in Colorado in July that both look like a good fit for my research. I’m in a situation where I have a big chunk of travel funding that’s going to disappear unless it gets spent in the next year. Oh no. But also oh yes.
Just in case, I put together a couple point-form ideas for stuff to propose that I can bring to the people holding the purse strings.
The rest of the afternoon is spent putting together weekly goals for four of my research projects: each one involves a collaboration with a different person, so I’d like to be able to send each of them an e-mail with at least one new thing to share about that project this week. Just in case that doesn’t happen, though, I rank them from most to least important. Worst-case scenario, I don’t have to send any of them this week, but it’ll make next week tougher if I don’t.
It’s only about 3:30 at this point, but honestly, I’m feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed (some of the e-mail chains have gone through five or six replies at this point and keeping it all straight is giving me a headache), so I opt to get some groceries and call it a day.
I may have added some stuff, but I got a lot crossed off today! Here’s how that last checklist looks at the end of the day:
Assorted Priorities:
Revise my paper and submit the revisions before the Monday deadline
Project #1: come up with a new exploratory figure and send to Person A.
Project #2: summarize the early results I started last week and send to Person B, along with an ask to see whether he’d be up for me presenting this stuff in Europe in November.
Project #3: improve on figures I showed last month and send to Person C.
Project #4: prepare a rough outline of the next paper to send to Person D.
Not having my work hard drive means I was able to just focus on the stuff that wasn’t specific to research today. In all the chaos of today, I’ve set myself up well for a research-heavy rest of the week where I (hopefully) won’t have to worry about non-research stuff or big changes to the schedule and can just burrow into research, emerging for occasional seminar/webinar breaks. A good Monday, all around.
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weedstoner · 4 years
god fuck this school and its shitty parking......I need to rant for a moment I'm sorry
so I am a commuter student, this is in my student file, I get invited to commuter student events on campus. yet for some fucking insane reason the fact that I have no choice but to drive to campus every day apparently isn't enough to guarantee that I can purchase a yearly parking permit for any lot on campus. so all the parking permits for every single available lot ran out before I could get one. and I have no choice but to pay $3 PER HOUR EVERY SINGLE DAY (usually 10am-4pm) FOR PARKING. I'm very blessed and grateful that my parents help me pay for parking otherwise I have no idea what I would do.
so anyway, there are four visitor parking lots on campus available to me. two of those are literally on the other side of campus from my jobs and all of my classes. one of them is tiny and often fills completely by the time I arrive around 10am. the remaining lot is by far the most convenient lot for me with the most reliable parking. except my school is run by people with worms in their brains I guess bc whenever there are open houses or guest lectures or a big sports ball game or any other type of event that brings a lot of visitors to campus they literally CLOSE OFF the lots to everyone except non students. like there is a parking attendant who screens every car I can't just zip in there secretly or anything. which is really fucking annoying because they don't post any signs or warning that the lot is going to be closed on a specific day so I have to hope traffic is decent enough that I get there with time to spare in case I have to park literally across campus.
so I emailed them and they responded with a one line email that was like "we have an online parking calendar for this reason, it will show you all the lot closures weeks in advance :)" except GUESS THE FUCK WHAT. sometimes they close the lot when it isn't even scheduled on the calendar! I CANNOT READ YOUR MIND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO INTUIT THIS SHIT.
honestly I'm being 100% candid when I say that if I had known what an absolute bag of shit the parking situation was at this school, I would not have gone here. I would have just gone to community college where at least I can buy a FUCKING PARKING PERMIT
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quicksilver-writes · 5 years
blue waters/dna; chapter 3
Tumblr media
TITLE: of cars and telephone numbers
PAIRING(S): Jimin x reader, NamJin
GENRE: soulmate AU
SUMMARY: You’ve never believed in soulmates–let alone in the fact that you’d ever meet yours. When you get on a plane to Korea to visit your best friend Namjoon you don’t even think about the possibility of finding your soulmate–but fate works in mysterious ways.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: i think i’ll post chapter 4 right away too since i just finished it but then there won’t be a new chapter for at least two days i think
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (FINAL) | bonus?
◀ 𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚘𝚞𝚜  |  𝚗𝚎𝚡𝚝 ▶
Tumblr media
THE next morning I wake up to a text from Jimin.
Unknown (save contact | report as spam)
Hey, this is Jimin! I was just wondering when you wanted to come along to the studio? I’m going there again Friday and Saturday. :-)
thanks for texting! i’m not free on Saturday so I guess I’ll tag along on Friday!
 Park Jimin
 Park Jimin
I’ll pick you up at the apartment at 9? We could go for coffee after since it’ll still be pretty early?
Sounds good. See u then x
 Park Jimin
Looking forward to it!
 I let my phone plop down on my chest as I sigh. Friday… On a Tuesday morning, Friday feels an eternity away. I slip out of bed and change clothes in my room. It looks cold outside so I opt for a beige knit sweater instead of a shirt this time. This morning (well, it’s more brunch time than breakfast time) nobody sits at the dining table. Namjoon is out working the day shift at a local bar today, because even though he has a degree in literature, book deal don’t just come flying through the window—especially not the first one. Taehyung seems to be working as well and Hoseok must be away at the studio. I don’t have enough confidence yet to simply knock next door and see if Jimin, Jeongguk or Yoongi are home and want to go out. It dawns on me that in between all the sightseeing I was subjected to the day prior, we completely forgot to stop by SNU to get my schedule and paperwork finished. Reluctantly, I decide to take matters into my own hands and just do it on my own. I scarf down a bowl of cereal in record time, before grabbing my dark red oversized corduroy jacket and the folder with my application documents. Quickly, I decide that walking is probably my best option, since the college is only a fifteen-minute walk away from Namjoon’s apartment. I take a deep breath of air once I’m on the street, walking. I’ve only been here for a little over two days but I feel quite comfortable here. Even though the city is somewhat crowded, the urban areas like the one around SNU have a nice laid-back vibe to them with all of their green, the quaint streets and the view of Mt. Gwanak most houses in the area have. Lazily, I put my earphones on and stroll around the neighbourhood slowly. I know in which direction I have to go—I remember the way to the underground station at SNU from the day before when Namjoon took me. A few cars roll past me as I go but I barely pay them any mind since I’m still in one of the smaller side streets. After about a good five minutes of walking, I notice a car stopping just a few metres in front of me. I furrow my eyebrows at it. Why would anyone stop their car in the middle of the road? Only when I approach do I see that the window of the small silver Kia Morning is rolled down and Jimin’s face peeks out at me from it. I remove my earphones and smile at him from the sidewalk. “Hey,” he greets. “Hey, yourself.” “Do you need a ride?” he asks coyly. “Well, when you’re already stopping for me in the middle of the road, I can’t exactly decline, can I?” I laugh and walk over the passenger side of Jimin’s car, getting in in one swift motion. “Where to, milady?” Jimin asks dramatically. I put on my seatbelt and answer, “If the kind sir would drive me to Seoul National University, it would be much appreciated.” “SNU it is, then.” The car starts back up smoothly and we’re down the narrow road and on a main road in a flash. “So whose car is this? Yours? I thought Namjoon said you can’t drive.”  Jimin scoffs and replies, “Yeah, he says that a lot but it’s actually just because I just don’t drive very often. I only ever use the car when I have to go somewhere that I can’t easily reach by train or when there’s no one else to drive.” “Huh. So where exactly do you have to go then?” “It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow, so I’m driving down to Busan. Taking the car’s just a bit cheaper than taking the train, is all,” he explains as he pulls up into the Uni’s car park. “Well, thanks for the ride. Wish your brother a happy birthday from me. See you Friday?” Jimin’s eyes squish together as he smiles with his whole face. Honestly, it is almost unbearably cute. “Will do. See you Friday!” I slam the car door shut behind me, waving to Jimin as he does a U-turn and drives off again. I hug the bright yellow folder with my application papers firmly to my chest as I follow the signposts to the administrative building. Unsurprisingly, I have to wait in line behind a few other people before it’s my turn.
“Good morning! Uhm, I recently changed my university to this one and I was told to come by the week before orientation and get my application papers verified for my permanent visa? Oh, and also to get my schedule, too?” The woman at the counter smiles at me and asks me to hand me the documents. I give them to her and she skims through them, asking for my ID and passport—both of which I give her. She takes a few looks at both, then slides them back over the counter and presses a black stamp with the school’s logo on it onto the last page of my applications. “One second, please,” she says, not that I have any choice in the matter anyway. She turns her chair around and rummages through a file cabinet, pulling something out of one file, then turning back around. She slides a credit card-sized student ID followed by my yellow folder over the counter—the ID has my face (forced camera smile and all) on it and beside it my name, birthdate and the words ‘YEAR 2 BSc Biochemistry’. “As you can see, this is your student ID. Use it to gain access to the computers in any of the libraries, for public transportation and as general identification. Please don’t lose it. You can go use on of the computers over there to scan your ID and it’ll show you your schedule,” she points to a row of computers perched on waist-high tables attached to the wall. “You can also choose to see your schedule online anytime you wish if you simply log into your student e-mail with your ID code.” “Okay, cool. Thanks. Have a good day!” The woman nods. “You too. Next!”
I scram over to the wall of computers and scan my ID. Immediately, my schedule pops up, the different modules highlighted with different colours. Luckily, none of my classes ever start before 9am—always either at 10am or later. The modules ‘cell biology’ and ‘genetics ii’ catch my eye. They’re both on Wednesdays for me. The cell biology lecture being the first one for that day from 11am to 1pm and then genetics ii from 2pm to 4pm—in fact, they’re my only lectures on Wednesdays. I hope Jimin has them at the same time, so there’s at least those two modules in which I know someone. Really, I catch myself looking forward to seeing Jimin again that Friday. I can’t help but fantasise about what it would be like if he were my soulmate. I don’t know him very well yet, but he’s got something that draws me to him like a magnet. I hope it’s the soulmate bond—even though, I know that he’s probably just trying to be a good friend to me. Like I do every so often, I wonder why my soulmate system couldn’t have been something a little more straightforward. Like those people who just have their soulmate’s voice in their head or the ones who have the first sentences they say to each other written on their arms. But no, it had to be some quote of a weird poem.
Sighing, I check out of the computer again, placing a reminder in my phone to print my schedule out at home later. Funny how I already call the apartment home even though it’s barely been three days. I grab my folder from the table and return outside. The sun is shining now, so it’s somewhat warmer than it was before. On a whim, I decide to walk around campus a bit. It’s mostly empty at this time of year—it’s still the holidays after all. There’s a lot of green areas and trees, the mountain peeking out behind the main building. I stroll around for a while until I start walking in the direction of the apartment again. By foot, the way is much longer than it was when Jimin drove me, even though it’s still only a fifteen-minute walk. This time, no one comes to my rescue, asking me if I need a ride. By the time I get back home, it’s a quarter to one. Still, there’s no one home. Namjoon’s shift at the bar doesn’t end until four and I don’t think Taehyung or Hoseok will be back before then either. I go scavenging the cupboards for food and, to my surprise, there are fresh vegetables in the fridge as well as some miso paste and soba noodles in one of the cupboards. Cooking something probably won’t hurt, I decide and put a pot on the stove. A drama quietly plays in the background on the TV after I turn it on so it won’t be so silent. The vegetables are chopped up pretty quickly and I add them to the water with some salt and miso paste. I let everything simmer for a good twenty minutes, watching the drama intently—it’s another one of the sappy soulmate ones—then add the noodles to the pot. Everyone will have to have some of my improvised quick meal, because I realise I’ve made far too much for one person only. The drama keeps playing in the background as I sit at the table and devour a bowl of my food—it’s pretty decent for something so simple. Suddenly, I hear a key jingling in front of the door and then a click. With a start, the door opens and Hoseok stumbles in. He’s packed with two brown bags, scallions peeking out of one of them. He looks up in shock, crying, “Ah! I can’t believe you beat me to it! I was going to cook for everyone!” I laugh out loud and say, “Sorry, but I was hungry. You could still cook tomorrow? I could help you too since I’ve ruined your surprise.” “You better!” he huffs as he sets down the bags on the counter and peeks inside the pot on the stove, sticking a finger inside and tasting the soup. His face lights up. “You know, this is actually pretty good. Certainly better than anything Namjoon and Tae ‘cook’.” His hands imitate quotation marks. Again, I laugh at him and get up to help him with the groceries. Four hands obviously work faster than two do and we’ve got everything stored in a matter of minutes. The TV is still playing and Hoseok comments, “You watch that?” I reply with a shrug, “There was nothing else on.”
“How was the studio?” We both sit down in front of the TV, Hoseok balancing a bowl of my gourmet dish on his legs. “Same old, same old. Had to teach a class earlier,” he mumbles in between bites. “It’s not as fun when Jimin isn’t around to gossip with.” I snort. “He gave me a lift earlier. He said he was going down to Busan for his brother’s birthday?” Hoseok grunts in agreement. “Jihyun-ah turns twenty-one tomorrow. He’s the same age as Jeongguk,” he explains, eyes fixed on the TV. “Huh,” I acknowledge the information, tucking it away for later use. “So you said Jimin gave you a lift? He wasn’t scared he was going to crash the car with you in it?” he jokes full-mouthed. Cackling, I reply, “If he was he hid it well.” “I swear that boy must be growing up all of a sudden or something. First England, now voluntary car rides. I can’t believe it! He didn’t speak a word of English when he went and yesterday he gave directions to foreigners in a perfect accent. It’s like they sent a clone back on that plane,” he jokingly complains and I raise my eyebrows at him. If they sent a clone, they sent a pretty cute one, I think. Hoseok returns to concentrating on the drama. It’s about two people bound together by a red string of fate—like the one on the statues, I looked at with Namjoon yesterday. They don’t know it yet, though, because only one of them wants to find their soulmate and so the string is invisible to both of them until they want to find each other. The episode climaxes when the main character admits her desire to find her soulmate and the red string appears tied to her pinkie finger. It’s over after that and the theme song plays over a preview of the next episode. Hoseok sighs, “You know, these shows are all the same. I wish it were really that easy to find your soulmate.” “You haven’t?” I ask. He shakes his head and places his empty bowl on the coffee table. “No, uhm, I actually don’t see colour, so I know I haven’t even passed them on the street or anything and I might never, actually. The only times I’ve seen colours were when I visited Daegu with Tae a few years back. There was colour all over the place, but I haven’t seen any since.” I open and close my mouth. Hoseok not seeing colour seems so absurd to me. He has bright red hair, and he can’t even see it properly. “So you only see colours in places that your soulmate has been?” He nods. “Then how come you haven’t gone back to Daegu since it’s the only place you’ve seen colours at?” He shrugs, explaining, “I guess I’m scared of finding them. You know, like that’s it. That’s the person I’m destined to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t know if I’m ready for that sort of commitment yet.” I hum, countering, “I totally get that. It’s also one of the reasons why I keep telling myself I’ll never find my soulmate. But then again, I learned Korean for that person and I’m going to study at a university here because of them.” “What’s your system?” Hoseok inquires and I pull the sleeve of my pullover up to reveal the line tattooed onto my wrist. He scoots closer to read it, then looks up at me. “It’s not nearly as bad as your system, but going half of your life not even knowing what the sentence on your wrist reads is kind of shitty, too.” “You learned Korean just because of your mark?” he demands, looking at me with big eyes. “My mum made me.” “Damn.”
Suddenly, another set of keys jingles in the lock and Taehyung walks into the flat, followed by a tired-looking Namjoon. “Hey guys,” Taehyung chimes happily, setting his bag down on the dining table. Namjoon immediately goes for the kitchen, his face lighting up when he sees that there’s food on the stove. “There’s food?” Taehyung asks curiously. Namjoon nods, pulling two bowls from the cupboard. “You’d better appreciate it. I made that,” I command, Taehyung saluting and grabbing one of the bowls Namjoon has filled up. Hoseok and I join them at the dining table. “So what has everyone been up to today?” I ask, even though I of course already know what Hoseok was up to. Taehyung starts telling us about his day. “Mh, well the gallery was pretty quiet today. There were some new deliveries but those aren’t going up until next week, so no news, really.” Namjoon sighs and props his head up on his hands. “Well, the bar was a disaster, as always. I don’t know why I always volunteer to take the day shift. Day drinkers are worse than any drunk college students could ever be,” he complains and the group gives him a bunch of pitiful laughs. “I, for one, had a good day,” I try cheering the others up. “Yeah, me too,” Hoseok agrees, “Boring, but boring doesn’t necessarily mean bad.” “I agree. I went by SNU today and got my application all checked out and went to get my schedule,” I announce proudly, earning ‘Ooh’s from Hoseok and Taehyung. “So do you share those courses with Jimin? The ones you were talking about yesterday?” Namjoon asks and I shrug. “I don’t know yet. I’ll have to ask him on Friday.” “Friday?” Taehyung raises his eyebrows questioningly. “Oh, I’m coming along to the studio on Friday. It was Jimin’s idea,” I explain and Taehyung lets out a low whistle. I shake my head at his antics.
The evening continues in a similar fashion: everyone telling each other about their days and gossiping. The TV remains on in the background and it provides necessary white noise for when there’s a pause in our conversation. Namjoon doesn’t speak a word to me of his plans to come out to his friends on Sunday. Really, I’m not so sure he’s still set in wanting to do it. But I’m meeting Jin on Saturday to plan the whole thing out and there will be no going back from it then. When I go to bed that evening, I receive another text from Jimin.
Park Jimin
I got to Busan safely! (See, my driving can’t be that bad!)
11:08 pm
I’m glad you did! Come back safely, too, though! Still looking forward to Friday :)
11:09 pm
 Park Jimin
Just for you, I’ll drive back safely ;-)
11:10 pm
I don’t know what to respond. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it sounds like maybe Jimin might be flirting with me just a bit. Then again, I’m probably reading too much into it. No, I definitely am. Somehow, I hope I am (because if he’s not my soulmate, I wouldn’t know what to do).
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zeyymyyatzz · 4 years
A girl who named Louise Kaye, 18 years age. A type of girl that is shy, not totally showy and most special one is she is a beautiful and talented girl. She is a Grade-12 students, sometimes her classmate call her Kaye or Louise.
One day, when Kaye is on the way to school there is someone calling to her phone, and when she open it she doesn't knows whose that guy but then she cancel it. After a minute her phone ring again but then again she cancel it. Until the 3rd times when her phone ring the time she answered it. She doesn't know that someone's calling her is his schoolmate, a boy who has a feelings to her, named Gio. Until the day that Gio is always calling Kaye and they become friends. Gio and Louise Kaye had the same class schedule which is 10am - up to 4pm. After the class of Gio he wait Kaye at the hall way. But now on he always do that one to Kaye. Because the two of them became friends, when the day comes that they are both had no class they went everywhere what they want to spent, enjoy and cherish their time or they have their adventure time. When the point comes that Gio feels in love with Kaye and he would really want to say the truth that he had a feelings and he can't manage to keep it so Gio wants to talk with Kaye for hum to express his feelings and he confess that he had a feelings. The time they talk "Kaye I have something to tell is it ok for you?" Gio asked. Hmm, yes whats that? replied Kaye. And now Gio his feeling with Kaye. Kaye for how many years we have been a friend or a bestfriend and now I can't control and I can't handle my feelings to be with you. Kaye can you be my Girlfriend? said by Gio. After Gio tell all the feelings he had, he felt lonely if Kaye should answer "Yes" to his request. Kaye doesn't easily answered Yes, when Gio heard how happy he feel that like he reach the stars above. Thank u very much Kaye , I Love You.
From now on, their 1st monthsarry come. Gio has a surprise to Kaye with all efforts he had with all the balloon, cake, flowers and a banner with a write of Happy 1st monthsarry Babe I Love You. When lunch time Gio said Kaye that they buy some ice-cream at the store near from their school but Kaye doesn't know that Gio had a surprise with their monthsarry. Happy 1st monthsarry Babe with all the shout of classmates of Gio and Kaye. But I cry and hug Gio for the happiness I feel. We are both happy that we became a lover. Even if we are just new means er have been together but we have spent a lots of memories we have cherish. After the day we celebrate, "Babe, no words I can say how lucky I am to be as your boyfriend". Don't worry babe I'll do my best for you as to be happy. Everyday, after my class, I went to the hallway waiting for Kaye. One time when I am waiting by Kaye I feel worry because its too late its been hiw many hours passed by just waiting for her but she came too late. And when she is on the way I run towards to meet her and I asked "Babe why are you crying"? She cry and unexpectedly he gave me a hug and whispers why did she cry.
2 years ago from now I've remember my dad passed away because of lung cancer. For that, when my teacher discuss about Family I'm always feel sad because why God let leave Papa at the early stage or the young age, at age of 29. If Papa still alive now how lucky I am to be with him. That's the reason why I feel cry now.
And suddenly he tap my back and say "don't worry babe God has a plan why your father passed at the young age" so that your father maybe can't prolonged or suffer his agony. But then I am very happy to have you in my life Babe Gio. Maybe it's my time to shine and be strong and let all the pain be my inspiration in life. And be my family, even if we are not complete be my motivation. Time passed by Kaye is now always feel happy I think he let herself to be stand strong. And a day before their 2nd anniversary Gio prepared all the things that needed to his surprise again. He want that the day he surprised Kaye, and let Kaye the day enjoy and be that day as one of best and let all the problems and misses be faded. A day with their 2nd anniversary, Gio spend it or surprise Kaye in their house. Oh my God, it is so beautiful. Kaye surprisingly that day she is very happy of what did Gio did. How thankful I am today, expressed by Kaye.
Until they have been together at 11 years of relationship. Everytime they spend their bondings there's no words both of them can say or exactly express but what they have is to be strong all the time and be them the last to be with long last together and be continue...And only they can say is ALWAYS STAY TOGETHER AND I LOVE YOU..
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