Okay so here's my request!
Natasha was on a mission, and the guy she was fighting has mind control powers. Before the villain dies, he searches through Nats mind to see what she loves most, and ofc its R. He mind controls Nat to be unkind and mean to R for one full day. Nat is still herself inside, and is hearing herself say mean things and do mean things to R, and R is so confused and sad, and Nat feels so horrible and guilty. Maybe to make it sadder R is sick with a cold or something 😭 The next morning R is prepared for mean words but Nat apologizes over and over and explains. Insert fluffy happy ending 🤭 thanks for your time!
Sick of your attitude- part one
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x sick! reader
Author’s note:This ask spent sooo many time in my askbox!! As soon as I read this idea, I had the whole story planned in my head but I couldn’t get the words out :’) hope you like it!!
Dealing with Hydra facilities was never a easy task, but this mission had just been absurd. Natasha had to gather some intel from an abandoned laboratory, but she didn’t expect to encounter an enhanced scientist still working there. The man looked inoffensive, but he had mind controlling powers, so the widow had a really hard time fighting against him. She managed to defeat him, but before dying, he casted a mind controlling spell that would make the redhead be mean to the person who she loved the most for one full day. Unfortunately that person was you.
While piloting the quinjet, Natasha could only think about finally getting home, so she could see you.
ugh, she’s gonna be so needy…
Wait, what? no, she missed you and she wanted to cuddle you all day! where did this came from?
“I must be tired.” Nat mumbled to herself, trying to make sense of her thoughts.
Sighing to herself, she put the jet in autopilot, so she could maybe relax a little.
You could hear some persistent knocking on your door, however, your fever riddled body couldn’t move and your hazy state didn’t allow you to call for help.
Yesterday you woke up feeling weird, but you pushed through it, since Nat was the piles of paperwork wouldn’t get done by themselves.
That was a very poor decision, you ended up the day laying down on the couch with a raging fever. At least Wanda tried to help you the best that she could, given the fact that you had always been stubborn about showing weakness in front of people.
“Y/N? can I come in?” Wanda asked. She woke up with the news that Natasha was coming home today, so she went to your room to check on how you’re doing and to cheer you up with the good news.
“Hmm.” You whimpered, as much as you wanted to tell her to come in, your sore throat only allowed to weakly hum.
Hearing your quiet whimpers and loud thoughts, the witch entered the room.
It was dark, your curtains were drawn and the TV was the only source of light and background noise. You were right in the middle of the bed, buried under layers of blankets, but somehow still shivering. Your chest made a wheezing sound whenever you breathed and you just looked miserable.
“Poor thing, I came over to see if you were feeling any better but I already know the answer.” She cooed, sitting crisscrossed besides you on the bed.
“hheh'tsh! Hu’tshhiew!” You sneezed on the crook of your arm, coughing slightly afterwards. The action was enough for Wanda to notice how congested you sounded.
“I really don’t like the sound of that.” Wanda said, bringing her hand to your forehead, frowning at the heat emanating from you.
You just nodded, whimpering when chills came over you.
“Do you know who’s coming home today?” She asked, running her hands through your hair.
“Nat’s coming home?” You asked suddenly, the action sending you in a fit of coughs.
“Shh… breathe, yes she’s on her way back now. What about you take a shower so we can get some medicine on you? I can make you some breakfast.”
“Thank you so much Wands, but I really don’t want to be a bother, I’m fine, really” You said, trying to untangle yourself from the blankets.
“You could never be a bother silly, and you know how much I love to cook, now go ahead and I’ll wait for you in the kitchen.” Wanda said, making her way to the door.
You took your time getting out of bed and stretching your heavy limbs. It felt like you had been hit by Mjölnir
You took a warm shower, washing and untangling your hair. You wanted to look at least presentable for your girlfriend and were hoping that it would help you feel more refreshed.
Shivering as you got dressed, you cringed at yourself in the mirror. Sure, you were clean but the paleness was obvious on your skin and it made contrast with your flushed cheeks, there were bags under your eyes and you just looked sick.
You slipped one of Nat’s hoodies and made your way to the compound kitchen.
“Hey! are you feeling any better?” Wanda asked, fixing herself some coffee.
“Yep, breakfast is looking good! thank you Wands.” In reality you weren’t feeling better at all, but you didn’t wanted to make a big deal out of it, so you were trying to follow your routine normally.
“Don’t mention it!”
You both sat down in a comfortable silence and ate your breakfast. Until Wanda got up to train.
“Just take it easy, ok?”
“I will, thank you for everything.” You answered.
You decided to sit down on the couch and watch some netflix until Nat arrived.
Stepping out of the quinjet, Natasha was relieved to finally be home. However she didn’t failed to notice that you weren’t waiting for her.
As she entered the compound, Wanda greeted her.
“Welcome back Nat, are you ready for another mission?” She asked jokingly.
“Don’t even joke about it, I’m exhausted.” She chuckled.
“That’s fair, you deserve some rest.”
“Have you seen Y/N?”
“She’s in the living room, she’s not feeling well since yesterday.” Wanda said.
“Don’t pay any attention, it’s probably all just dramatics.” Natasha stated bluntly, mentally kicking herself. What was wrong with her?
Wanda looked shocked. He never saw the widow being cold towards you. Even when you two were fighting, she would still be kind to you. However she decided not to push it, she could feel Nat’s mind going loud and dense, however her thoughts were muffled, almost if they were blocked.
“Okay then… go to sleep Nat, you need it.” He said, giving her a side hug.
She was too perplexed to say anything, so she just made her way to the elevator.
“Miss Y/N, Miss Romanoff just entered the compound, you asked me to alert you when she was back.” FRIDAY said, pulling you out of your light slumber.
You rushed to the door to greet her just as she entered the living room, and hugged her tightly.
“Hi love, I missed you” You said, not failing to notice that she wasn’t hugging you back. stepping out of her embrace, she looked coldly at you.
“You look like shit, Y/N.” Nat stated, walking towards the couch.
“Umm… yeah, that’s because I’m a little sick, but don’t worry, Wan-“
“Can you just shut up for a second? I just got home from a rough mission and you’re complaining about being sick.” She snapped, her heart aching with every insult she made towards you.
“Sorry, I know you’re tired Natty, I’m gonna be quiet.” You stammered, holding back tears.
Seeing how miserable you were made Natasha’s heart sink. You were sick and missing her and she was being a little bitch to you. But no matter how hard the widow tried, whenever she opened her mouth she’d say horrible things. So she decided to just sit with you in silence.
She tried to lay her head on your shoulder but you pulled away from her with a heartbroken look. “Don’t touch me.”
Nat went white at your request, realizing how much she was hurting you, she couldn’t understand what was going on. However, the anger that wasn’t her’s wanted to make itself known, and the redhead spoke up again:
“Do you really need to be a dramatic bitch? This is the last thing I want to be doing in my time and you know it.”
The look in your eyes turned from sadness to bitterness, prompting you to stand up for yourself.
“Look Nat, if I’m bothering you that much I guess I’ll just leave!” You managed to say before choking in a round of painful sounding coughs.
“Oh please, look at you! You can’t even take care of yourself! it’s ridiculous.”
You glared at her like you never did before while standing up:
“You know what, Romanoff? I don’t need you to nurse me, Im perfectly fine!! Actually, I was better when you weren’t home.”
You said as you exited the room, leaving Natasha heartbroken by her own attitudes.
You’d spent the rest of the afternoon in one of the compound’s guest bedrooms, mostly crying. You were all emotional and most definitely running a fever, you just wanted to run away from everything but the exhaustion in your body wouldn’t let you.
Suddenly, your thoughts were interrupted by FRIDAYS voice:
“Miss L/N, I must remind that you have a meeting in half an hour, however you seem to be in distress. Do you need any help?”
“No thanks, I’ll be alright.”
As much as you wanted to ditch the meeting, it had been scheduled a week ago, and you didn’t wanted Nat to think that you were being dramatic, so you dragged yourself out of bed to try and look presentable.
Of course crying gave you puffy eyes and aggravated the redness around your nose, and the flush on your fevered cheeks had darkened. Not having time (or energy) to put on makeup, you decided to just wash your face and quickly braiding your hair. You got changed in a T-shirt, a thick hoodie and some joggers, Hoping that it would end soon ao you could go back in your PJs.
You got to the meeting room right in time, but everyone was already there. The team noticed your lack of enthusiasm and decided not to push it, especially when you sat the farthest away from your girlfriend.
Natasha had a worried look on her face, you looked much worse than before and it was her fault. As much as she wanted to hold you and nurse you back to health, she knew that you were still hurt by her previous actions, so she gave you space.
As everybody settled down, Steve started the meeting. Everything was going fairly smoothly, just with some sneezes interrupting you, but your breath got caught in your throat, and it send you in an awful coughing fit. Wanda was sitting besides you and started rubbing your back, while the rest of the avengers glanced worryingly at you.
As much as Natasha tried to hold back her tongue, the words slipped out of her mouth:
“Would you stop it?  I know you’re faking it.”
The conference room went silent and everyone looked shocked, until Steve sternly:
“Natasha, respect is essential if we’re working as a team. Tell Y/N you’re sorry or just leave the meeting.”
You went tense with the glare the redhead sent to you, even though she looked annoyed by the situation (in reality, she was annoyed with herself), there was an apologetic look in her eyes.
She wanted to apologize. But the mental block was too strong, so instead of risking saying anything else, she got up and left.
“M’ sorry guys…” You said, feeling bad for causing all of this.
“You don’t need to apologize for feeling unwell, but perhaps you should go to bed and sleep off this bug.” Steve said.
So you got up and made your way to the guest room, shivering the whole way there.
You grabbed more blankets and buried yourself under them, wanting to sleep your problems away.
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whump-blog · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whump Art 9
Whumpee is safe, but terrified of his rescuers, or maybe he's still with Whumper, who is trying to be a better person, but Whumpee can't forget all the things Whumper did to him so easily.
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terriblywhumpy · 1 day
Tumblr media
Once he was a prince…
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Tumblr media
Did you guys see the cover of my new book?? Comes out June 6th, 2023. Arcane x Bioshock, set on a Titanic-like submarine.
Enemies to lovers.
A soldier protecting a princess.
"I'd die for you."
"I'd kill for you."
Cait/Vi vibes.
A ship of passengers slowly turning violent.
And... there's spice. >.>
Please go preorder my book I'm really nervous no one will like it. All my readers right now are of the cozy variety, but you guys are going to swoon over these lesbians, I promise.
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whumpster-dumpster · 2 days
"Please, just leave me! It's not worth the risk, I'm not worth --"
"You should know by now, I'm always coming back for you."
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goldenempyrean · 16 hours
I Missed You
Tumblr media
〚 Pairing- Natasha Romanoff x Reader 〛
〚 Notes - Currently working on the BeachHouse AU but I wanted to get this out first! Enjoy some sad and weepy Nat :p 〛
〚 Summary - You're off on a mission when Nat starts to feel unwell. And even with her bestfriend at her side, Nat's finding it hard to be alone when she gets sick for the first time in years. 〛
〚 Wordcount - 2100 〛
〘 Check Out My Masterlist! 〙
╚════════ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ════════╝
“Are you sure you’re meant to be working right now?” Clint asked casually as he strolled into the kitchen, raising his eyebrows at the woman slumped over a pile of paperwork at the table. 
Natasha looked up at him, her eyes tired and glassy. She tried to give him a reassuring smile, but it came out more like a grimace. "I'm fine," she said, her voice hoarse and cracking, “We both have some much work to do, shouldn’t you be getting your own work done instead of pestering me.”  
“God you’re crabby today, aren't you? And for your information, I’ve already got mine done. It’s easy to concentrate on it when you don’t have a head packed with snot.” He teased and smirked at the disgusted look which grossed her face. 
“You’re gross.” She sniffled thickly – he wasn’t exactly wrong though. She’d woken up feeling a little off a few days ago, there was that lingering soreness at the back of her throat that didn’t quite go away even after getting some water, but she’d put it down to being a little stressed. 
But much to her annoyance, she’d only felt worst throughout the day until she eventually woke up this morning feeling truly awful. But there wasn’t much she could do about that now. All she could do was try to focus and get her work done. 
Clint only shook his head as he began to search the kitchen cupboards for cereal, “Don’t you think you should atheist take a break?” He suggested as he started pouring multiple different kinds of cereal into one bowl. 
“I don’t need too,” She mumbled before quickly bringing her hands to her face when she sneezed loudly, groaning a little afterwards at the pain it’d caused in her throat, “I’ll live.” 
“Well, I’d be more intitled to listen to you if I weren’t terrified of what your girlfriend would do to me if they find out that I’ve let you work while sick.” Clint fake shuddered whilst simultaneously nudging the tissue box at the end of the table closer towards her, earning himself another eyeroll from her.  
But behind that sarcastic front Nat couldn’t help but feel a pang of misery, she missed you so much. Unfortunately, being an Avenger often meant having to go off on solo missions and while the two of you usually made it work, Nat couldn’t help but miss you more than usual. All she wanted was to be cuddled in your arms as you whispered sweet nothings into her hair. But alas, here she was, sick and feeling so very alone. 
Clint noticed the change in her demeanour and sighed softly, “Hey, I know it’s tough, but you can’t keep pushing yourself like this. You need to take care of yourself, and I’m sure your girlfriend would want that too.” He said while mentally kicking himself – he’d been so caught up in his own work that he hadn't even noticed how much Nat was struggling until it was too late. He made a mental note to check in on her more often in the future, to make sure she wasn't feeling overwhelmed or overworked. 
Natasha nodded slowly, her eyes drifting towards the tissue box. She knew he was right, but she hated feeling weak and vulnerable. “I know,” she said softly, “But I just feel so useless when I’m not doing something productive.” 
Clint walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, mentally noting the heating radiating from her bare skin, “You’re not useless, Nat. Sometimes rest and recovery is the most productive thing you can do. And trust me, Y/N would much rather have you healthy and happy than sick and miserable.” 
She sighed, knowing he was right. “I just miss them so much,” she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper, “I haven’t been sick in years and the first time I do, they’re not even here.” 
It wasn't just the sickness that was making her feel this way. It was the fact that you weren't here with her. You were always her rock, her safe haven, and without you, she felt lost and adrift. You’d been the first person there to comfort her during the blip, the first person to stand by her after taking down the Red Room. You’d always been there. And while this definitely wasn’t the first time she’d been away from you; this was the first time it’d ever made her feel this lonely. 
Clint squeezed her shoulder gently, “I know you do. But you’ll see them soon enough, they’re meant to be home later tonight, aren’t they? I'll get Jarvis to set an alert for their arrival but for now, let’s focus on getting you feeling a bit better, yeah?” 
Natasha nodded and reached for a tissue, blowing her nose loudly. Clint chuckled, “That’s the spirit. Now, how about I make us some tea and we can sit down and go through this paperwork together?” 
However, as Clint went to turn on the kettle, he noticed the increase in her sniffles and turned around. His heart sank as he saw the silent tears running down her cheeks as Nat held her head in her hands, seemingly unable to think of anything other than you.  
Forgetting the tea, he quickly hurried over to her, sitting down and pulling her into a tight hug, his worry only increasing as he felt the small shivers running down her arms as Nat leaned began to sob against him, “I-I'm sorry,” she muttered, “I’m being ridiculous, but all I can do is think about then and that they’re not here and they could be out there hurt somehow on their mission and I wouldn’t know because I-” 
“Shh, Natty.” Clint soothed quietly, rubbing her back gently as her sobs continued, “If Y/N was ever hurt on a mission, we’d know instantly. Jarvis has their vitals always monitored. They’re okay Natasha, now I know you don’t feel well so we need to get this fever down, it’s only going to make you feel worst.” 
“There’s fever patches in the fridge...” Nat mumbled through her sniffles so quietly that Clint almost missed it entirely, “Vision made me put some in there earlier.” 
  Clint nodded, mentally thanking Vision for his wisdom. He continued to hold Nat for a little longer before slowly releasing her, swiping a handful of tissues and pressing them into her hand so she could clean up her face a little, "I'll get them for you and finish off that tea. I want you to pack this stuff away," He said, his fatherly tone seeping into his words, "No arguments this time. Pack it away, you're not working anymore. That's final." 
After receiving a small nod, Clint went to search through the fridge before finding the small packet and setting it on the side as he re-boiled the kettle to make some tea – making sure to add in a generous squirt of honey. He knew how tough it was for Natasha to admit weakness or vulnerability and seeing her break down like that made him realise just how much she was struggling. By the time he’d finished making the tea though, Nat had cleaned up the table a little, her piles of paperwork sitting neatly in one small stack whilst she sank down a little into her chair, muffling a chesty sounding cough into her elbow. 
Mentally grimacing at the sound of her rattling chest, Clint placed the tea down in front of her, "There you go," He offered a comforting smile to his partner, "hopefully that will help your throat a bit. Now I know you’re not going to like this, but do you think you’d like to go lay down for a few hours? I’ll finish up your work for you.” 
Natasha gave a weak nod, her eyes looking a little watery once again as she took a sip of her tea, "Thank you, Clint. I'm sorry for being such a mess," she murmured, her voice hoarse and strained from her coughing. 
Clint shook his head, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, "You don't need to apologize for being sick, Nat. We all get like this sometimes," he reassured her, "Now go lay down, get some rest. I'll take care of everything." 
With that, Natasha slowly stood up from her chair, wobbling slightly as she did so. Clint quickly moved to steady her, keeping a hand on her shoulder to keep her steady. "Easy now," he murmured, "Don't overdo it." 
Natasha gave him a weak smile as he led her towards her bedroom, her steps slow and unsteady. Once they reached her room, Clint helped her to sit down on the bed before tucking her in with a soft blanket. "Get some rest," he said, his voice gentle, "I'll come check on you in a little bit. I’ll make sure no one disturbs you." 
On his way out of her room Clint couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness in his heart as he thought about you, wherever you were, and how much Nat missed you. He knew he couldn't replace you, but he would do his best to take care of Nat in your absence. Instead he’d concentrate on getting her work done so the two of you would have nothing to worry about except each other when you finally got back. 
The sky was dark by the time you’d finally gotten home that night. The compound was quiet, most of the agents had left for the day and most people were already in bed so it was safe to say you were surprised to come into the kitchen to see Clint sitting over the table, eating pasta as he stared down at the files in front of him. 
“Hey.” You called out quietly, seemingly startling him a little. 
“Y/N!” His face lit up instantly as he got up from the table, coming over to hug you, “You’re back finally, thank god.” 
You’d be lying if you said his reaction didn’t puzzle you a little though, “Yeah, sorry the flight back took a little longer than expected, is everything alright? Oh, have you seen Nat too by the way? I texted her to tell her I was home, but I think her phones dead or something.” 
Clint pulled away from the hug, his brow furrowed with concern. "Nat's not feeling so well actually. She's got the flu I think, she’s probably sleeping still." He gestured to the files on the table. "I’ve just been doing her paperwork. She really missed you while you were away Y/N, like really missed you.” 
“I’ll go check on her then,” You sighed, hating that you weren’t here to take care of her, you knew Nat rarely got sick and whenever she did, it usually hit her hard, “Thank you though,” You said genuinely, giving Clint an appreciative smile, “Thanks for looking out for her.” 
“It's no problem. Nat’s important to me, I wasn’t going to just sit there while she suffered. She’s going to be so happy to see you.” Clint nodded, before going over to the table to pick up his bowl of pasta, “I'm gonna head to bed soon now thpugh, I’ll finish that in the morning.” 
“Goodnight Clint.” You gave him a final smile before hurrying off in the direction of your bedroom. 
As you reached your room, you made sure to quietly open the door, not wanting to startle her. But once the light flooded the room, letting you see the outline of your girlfriend, your heart sank. Nat was curled up beneath the blankets in one of your hoodies as she tightly hugged one of your favourite stuffed animals. Even in the dim light, you could see the dark red grasp of a fever clutching to her cheeks.  
Not wanting to disturb her more than necessary, you silently got changed out of your suit into some comfy thin pyjamas before gently climbing in bed next to the sleeping widow. You’d intended to not wake her up but despite your best efforts, the redhead stirred a little as you settled down into the duvet. 
“Shh, baby, It’s okay now. I’m here, okay?” You whispered quietly, as Nat sleepily shuffled up into your hold, welcoming your touch as you pulled her close against your chest. 
“I missed you.” Her raspy voice barely louder than a whisper before sleep pulled her back down into its hands. 
“I missed you too moya lyubov',” You murmured softly, “I’m here now, okay? And I'm going to look after you.” 
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dainluvr · 2 days
I love the whole idea of Whumpee being missing for ages (months or maybe even years) and caretakers obviously moved on, found someone new to spend the rest of their life with. What they weren’t expecting was Whumpee showing up alive at their door in the middle of the night after they’d been presumed dead for the last however many months.
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whump-or-whatever · 3 days
Got any whumps for a workaholic?
I may have some ideas… 🤔
Not getting any sleep either cause they’re busy doing work or they’re too stressed to sleep
Lack of sleep=bags under the eyes, easily confused, headaches, etc.
They either forget to eat or are so anxious about work they don’t feel hungry
Lack of food=chills, lightheadedness, shakiness, potential for fainting, etc.
Shaky hands could mean slip-ups such as spilling coffee, accidentally cutting or burning themself in a lab, and so on
When someone is overworked they don’t operate at peak capacity, so they could end up making a mistake that costs lives (eg. Doctor mixing up patient charts), which results in hella guilt
Workaholic emerging from their workspace after being cooped up for a long time and squinting into the sun, shielding their eyes
Not keeping up with hygiene
Chugging coffee or energy drinks until they’re jittery and yet can still hardly keep their eyes open
Caretaker(s) trying to convince them to take care of themself and get some rest, to no avail
Maybe eventually caretaker(s) has to intervene by force, drag the workaholic away from their task kicking and screaming
Caretaker(s) finding the workaholic collapsed on the floor of their workspace
Maybe they’re using their work to distract themself from other issues
Falling asleep at their work table, resulting in back pain and sore joints/muscles
Increased stress levels could result in anxiety attacks, mental effects from long term exposure to anxiety such as depression, and physical symptoms of anxiety
Deteriorating relationships with the people workaholic cares about as they drift further and further away
Feel free to add!
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whitehairandblood · 3 days
Whumpee stands in the kitchen, barefoot. Their long hair splays over their shoulders and down their back, falling into their face. They don't bother to tie it up.
It's longer than they're used to. They never let it grow out this much before Whumper captured them. It's unruly, hard to take care of and maintain, and way too much trouble than it's worth. Whumper has expressed their dislike for it several times already, but they haven't made an attempt at cutting it yet. It seems they're allowing at least this small piece of Whumpee to remain untouched.
It's not like Whumpee would even let them cut it. There's not a lot they're willing to fight over anymore, but as ridiculous as it makes them feel, Whumpee knows their hair remains one of those things. The last piece of themself that remains theirs alone.
They busy themself with preparing breakfast- or, rather, dinner. Whumper's nocturnal lifestyle forces Whumpee to stay awake during the night and sleep in the day just as Whumper does, every aspect of their new life catered to their captor. Whumpee can't remember the last time they'd seen the sun, other than those few precious times Whumper let them watch the sunrise before bed- or the sunset, if Whumpee managed to get up early enough.
This is one of those rare occasions. Whumper was still sound asleep when Whumpee left the room, heading straight for the kitchen. Whumper allowed them free reign of their stupid big house, apparently entirely confident that Whumpee couldn't even find their way out, let alone escape.
Making food remains another one of those things Whumpee has yet to lose control over. The thought of Whumper, almighty and powerful, being incapable of making even a grilled cheese sandwich to keep Whumpee alive never ceases to amuse them. It makes him feel a little bit more human, even if Whumpee knows otherwise.
The sunlight that previously illuminated the kitchen grows weaker by the minute. Whumpee shudders when the air grows colder, suddenly regretting not putting on socks before they left the bedroom.
Another shiver runs up their spine at the thought of that wretched room. Bedtime always comes with a sort of silent dread, one that eats Whumpee up from the inside as the days go on. Whumper always draws the blackout curtains before the Sun could even begin to rise, and Whumpee has begun to dread each and every morning. How ironic, to hate the very thing they yearn for.
Their thoughts come to a screeching halt, their hands stilling when they feel a presence behind them. Their breathing stutters for a moment before they force it to go back to normal. They keep their head lowered, allowing the long curtain of hair to shield their face from Whumper's view.
Whumper's cold hand settles on their shoulder, slowly moving up the side of their neck. Their fingers trace over the raised web of scar tissue, pausing to push gently on the twin puncture marks at the very center. Whumpee supresses a wince.
"How many times do I have to tell you," Whumper murmurs, leaning close to Whumpee's ear, "to keep your hair out of my way?"
Whumpee's hands grip the counter's edge, shoulders raising.
"I hate it when you do that."
Whumper chuckles. Their hand moves further up, fingers running through the hair at the nape of Whumpee's neck.
"Do what?"
"Sneak up behind me. You know I hate it."
"And I hate it when you ignore my questions."
They're forced to press their hips into the edge of the counter as Whumper crowds close. Whumpee flinches when a hand appears in the corner of their eye, but then it moves fully into view, and Whumpee sucks in a breath.
Whumper's offer of the hairtie feels entirely too casual. Too innocent.
"Tie it up."
Whumpee hesitates.
"I-I'm.. Whumper, I'm making breakfast. Just give me a minute. I haven't eaten anything today."
Whumper's hand on the back of their neck tightens, and this time, Whumpee can't hold back the wince it elicits.
"Neither have I. Tie it up."
Whumpee dips their head. Their grip on the counter's edge turns white-knuckled.
"Please.." they whisper, half hoping Whumper wouldn't hear. "Just give me a damn minute."
Whumper's breath ghosts against their neck as they laugh.
"My, my. Got up on the wrong side of the bed, did you?"
Whumper's hand buries itself into the hair at the nape of Whumpee's neck, tugging hard to wrench their head back. Whumpee hisses, grabbing around blindly until their hand finds Whumper's wrist. They can see Whumper's grin from the corner of their eye.
"You don't get to make requests, Hunter." Whumper hisses into their ear, "Not anymore. Not when you pointed that gun at me, and especially not now. Seems like you need a reminder of where, exactly, you belong."
Whumpee grits their teeth, squeezing their eyes shut against the tears that threaten to fall. Their scalp feels like it's on fire, every nerve screaming at them to relieve the pressure before Whumper could rip their hair clean out. Their hands scrabble at Whumper's own.
"Fuck! Whumper, don't! Not yet, please not yet, I'm sorry, please just wait- ARGH!"
Sharp teeth slice into Whumpee's neck without warning. Their hands claw at Whumper's desperately, tears sliding down their face as the pain blossoms in their neck into something unbearable. Their breathing grows frantic. Whumper's lips are cold against their skin, and Whumpee tries their best to ignore the sickening feeling of their blood leaving their body.
Whumpee's hands start to tremble. One of them falls down to grip the counter again when a wave of dizziness washes over them. Their voice comes out breathier than they would have liked.
"Whumper, please. Th-that's enough.."
Whumper pulls away for only a moment, murmuring into Whumpee's skin to "Stay quiet" before biting down again, rougher this time. Whumpee strangles a whine in their throat.
They lose track of time after that. They come to when Whumper's teeth suddenly dislodge from their neck, Whumpee nearly falling over when Whumper's grasp on their hair disappears. They raise a shaking hand to their neck to try and stop the bloodflow, fighting the creeping nausea that makes their world spin.
Something small and light lands on the counter next to their hand. Whumpee's eyes drift slowly over to the hairtie, a scowl appearing on their face.
Whumper's hand lands on top of their head, fingers running through the strands. Whumpee shivers at the sensation.
"Pull something like this again and I might just cut it all off for you."
Whumpee shuts their eyes, slumping onto the countertop. They don't fight Whumper's touch as their eyes begin to slip closed.
"... I hate you."
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jordanstrophe · 3 days
Whumper isn't torturing whumpee, but they're ordering it to be done while they sit back and watch with clean hands.
Whumpee knows this. Instead of begging their torturer to stop, they're crying out to whumper by name.
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uselsshuman · 11 hours
Cut To The End (Leon Kennedy X Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary ~ You and Leon race against the clock to remove the parasites from your body.
Disclaimer ~ I do not own Resident Evil or any of its characters.
Word Count ~ 4.5k
Warnings ~ RE4R SPOILERS, blood, gore, guns, violence, angst, whump, injuries, needles
Leon Kennedy Masterlist
•I do NOT consent to have my work posted, translated or published to any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here, it has been reposted without my permission•
Every bone in your body ached as you leaned back against the wall and reloaded your gun, the heavy weight of the weapon in your hand feeling like lead as you slid the new clip in and placed it back into its holster on your leg. You pushed forward off of the wall as Ashley walked over to you with her arms wrapped tight around her chest.
“How you holding up Ashley?” You asked while flexing your fingers and furrowing your brows.
The young girl put on a forced smile and dropped her arms to her sides, “Tired, I don’t know how you two do stuff like this all the time.” A dry laugh fell from her lips as she glanced over at Leon who was looking at the contents of a shelf pushed up against the wall.
Your gaze dropped down to Ashley’s neck where the black veins were spidering along under her skin, evidence of the parasite in her body continuing its attack on her, “You get used to it after a while.”
“Take a look at this,” Leon interrupted you and Ashely as he walked over to you both with a large chunk of amber in his hand.
The rock in his hand caught the light as he held it up for you, the light allowed you to see inside the amber and showed the small scorpion-like creature curled up inside it; the Plaga.
You took the amber from Leon and turned it over in your hand to get a better look at the parasite inside, “This is what’s inside you two?” Your eyes went wide as you glanced between Leon and Ashley, the girl to your right looking just as unsettled as you were at seeing the creature.
“We’re gonna be able to get it out… Right?” Ashely looked up from the fossil in your hand and over to Leon.
Leon gave you a look, one that reminded you of the conversation you had with him after being separated from Ashley. Leon had made you promise that if it came down to curing him or Ashley, you would choose her and if needed, kill him. A brief argument ensued that ultimately boiled down to you reluctantly agreeing with his plan, since you were the only one of them to not be infected you knew there was a chance it could end up being up to you to complete the mission; get Ashley Graham home safely.
“We should get moving.” You handed the rock back to Leon and walked forward through the maze of shelves.
The room you were walking through was some kind of excavation site—likely the one Luis had mentioned when telling you about the amber and its discovery. Large shelves and crates were scattered throughout the room containing documents, equipment, and several chunks of amber like the one you had been holding just moments ago. What really caught your attention though, was the massive piece of amber sitting in the corner of the room, the rock was the size of a car and seemed to glow in the dim light.
You stepped between two of the shelves and walked up to the large rock, your neck craning to look up at the top. Inside the clear rock, you counted dozens of frozen parasites, each one would be used to take over some poor person’s mind and make them a slave to Saddler’s will. You reached forward and pressed the palm of your hand to the jagged edge of the rock, the cool temperature of it seeping through the thin fabric of your gloves.
Just as you were about to open your mouth to speak—a poor joke about rocks that you doubted either of your companions would laugh at—the double doors on the wall to your left burst open and in walked Saddler who was flanked by two of his subjects.
“Prostrate yourselves, this is our holy body.” The robed man spoke loudly as he marched into the room and took the golden staff from the person beside him, he slowly turned to face the three of you and scowled.
Both you and Leon raised your guns and aimed them ahead at Saddler, Leon pushing Ashley behind him while you took slow steps back to fall into line right beside him.
The pale man staring forward at you with his glowing blue eyes smirked, “Our divine providence! And soon… such a profound blessing for all, las plagas!”
You squeezed the handle of your gun and stared ahead at Saddler, your face twisting up as one of his subjects reached up and removed his hood to reveal the slimy ridges on the back of his head.
“Welcome, my children.” He grinned at Leon before turning his gaze to you, “I am Osmund Saddler, the speaker for our lord.”
“Tell someone who gives a crap,” Leon hissed before firing a shot off at Saddler—beating you to it by mere seconds—that hit him right in the eye and caused him to double over and groan in annoyance.
“Foolish lambs.” Saddler stood back up straight—the eye that had been shot moving around under the skin as the wound healed itself, “Why do you deny grace?”
Behind you, Ashley and Leon both groaned in pain.
Before you could turn around to face either of them, the knife sheathed at your side was grabbed by Ashley as she stepped around you. Your eyes went wide as you saw the black veins around her eyes pulsing, the large knife in her hand reflecting the lights around you as she lifted it up to her neck and backed toward Saddler.
“Ashley, what are you doing?” You hesitated and lowered your gun as she pressed the blade harder against her neck, a small bead of blood dripping down onto the neck of her shirt.
You realized what was happening a moment too late as you were grabbed from behind by Leon and your gun was ripped from your hold. He wrapped one arm around your neck while the other slid around your waist and grabbed you across your midsection, his arm around your neck squeezing slightly causing you to strain against his hold.
Saddler had taken control of both Leon and Ashley, the man you called your friend and partner now holding you against his will as the girl you had been tasked with rescuing held your knife to her neck to prevent you from fighting back.
The arm around your neck shook slightly as Leon fought against his own body, barely audible sniffles and whimpers coming from behind you that broke your heart as he continued to tighten his hold on you.
“Leon this isn’t you! You have to fight him!” You yelled before coughing as you tried to free one of your arms only for Ashley to whimper in pain as she pressed the knife harder against the skin of her neck, you froze.
Saddler watched on with a sick grin on his face, “Do not fight it, my son, listen to the voice of our lord.” He called out to Leon as he beckoned Ashley toward him.
You watched helplessly as Ashley was handed a syringe and turned back to you, tears streaming down her face as she tried to fight and take back control of her own body.
“Soon we will have a new daughter and she will know peace as you both now do.” Saddler held both of his arms out at his sides as Leon moved his arm around your neck up to expose your skin. Your breathing picked up as you stared up at the ceiling while Ashley stepped in front of you, the dark veins around her eyes making her look sickly and pale in the dim light.
You squeezed your eyes shut and blocked out the sounds of Ashley’s cries and Leon’s struggling, “It’s okay Ashley, I’ll be fine.” You assured her before biting down on your lip.
A moment later a sharp pain in your neck made you clench your teeth as the parasite was injected into your body, the arm around your neck once again tightening as the edges of your vision grew spotty and your lungs began to burn.
You were barely able to make out what Saddler was saying to Ashley as she walked out of the room with him, the lack of oxygen finally taking its toll on you as Leon’s grip went slack and you fell to the ground in a motionless heap.
The feeling of your veins burning under your skin and the stabbing pain in the back of your skull greeted you as you slowly drifted back to consciousness.
A quiet groan fell from your lips as you opened your eyes only to be blinded by the lights in the room and quickly shut your eyes again. It felt like the lights around you had been cranked up to the highest brightness just to cause you more pain as you desperately tried to regain your bearings.
A hand grabbed your arm causing you to snap your eyes back open and sit up straight before pushing yourself backward and away from whoever had touched you. The pain in your head was amplified by your sudden movements as you squinted at the lights, your eyes taking longer than usual to adjust, your vision was still blurry as you stared ahead at the form crouched in front of you.
“Hey, careful, just take it easy.” Leon’s voice cut through your fogged mind and earned your attention.
Blinking a few more times, your vision cleared up and you recognized the form in front of you as Leon, “Get away from me.” You said quietly, your voice hoarse as you held a shaky hand up in front of yourself—a poor attempt to keep him away from you.
The look of hurt that flashed across Leon’s face was hard to miss as he nodded slowly and backed away from you, “It’s me.”
You brought a hand up to your neck and rubbed the sore skin there, “You sure?” You noticed the way your hands shook as you watched him carefully.
“Pretty sure.”
Only then did you notice that it was just the two of you in the room, Ashley was nowhere to be seen.
“Where’s Ashley?” You looked around and moved to stand, your head spinning once again at the change in elevation.
Leon’s shoulders sank, “With Saddler.” He stepped toward you as you swayed on your feet and carefully grabbed onto your arm to steady you.
Your brows came together as you held onto his arm and looked up at him—you made careful note of his eyes, the whites of them were now a pinkish color and the skin around them was darker than normal, a side effect of the parasite now taking over both of your bodies.
“Why didn’t you go after her?” You leaned heavily on Leon as you looked down at his arm, the black veins that still covered his arms made your stomach turn as you now knew they would soon be covering your skin.
“You weren’t exactly doing well in here.” He looked down at your neck, “How’s your neck?”
Taking a step away from him, you looked down at the ground where you saw your knife laying a few feet away, “It’s fine.” You walked over and picked the blade off of the ground before putting it back into its sheath on your side, “You should have gone after her Leon, it’s our job to keep her safe.”
“You’re my partner, it's my job to keep you safe too.” He hesitated before stepping toward you.
You froze when your head began pounding again, your vision going dark at the corners as you pressed your hand to your temple, “You should have left me here. We have to go get her.” You ignored the pain in your head and started toward the doors that lead out of the room.
Footsteps sounded behind you and alerted you to the fact that Leon was following you, what you hadn’t expected was for him to grab your wrist and halt your exit.
“Just hold on for a minute will you?” He tugged on your wrist to turn you around so you were facing him, “Are you alright?” His eyes moved across your face where they lingered on your lips for a moment before settling on your eyes.
You looked down at where his hand held your arm and nodded slowly, “Aside from the fact that there is a mind-controlling parasite inside of me now? Yeah, I’m just peachy.” Your words sounded harsher than you meant for them to causing you to sigh, “I’m fine Leon.”
“I’m sorry.” Len blurted out, his words desperate as rubbed the side of your wrist with his thumb, “I tried to stop but it was like I couldn’t control my own body. I was just trapped in the backseat watching it all unfold. I hurt you, that’s why I couldn’t leave you here alone because I was the cause.”
“That wasn’t you Leon, that was Saddler.” You pulled your wrist out of his hold and grabbed his hand, “I know it wasn’t you.”
He squeezed your hand, “I thought I was gonna kill you.”
“It takes more than that to get rid of me Leon, you know that.” You were surprised when your words actually drew a small smile from the man.
He looked down at your connected hands as he smiled.
“Let’s go find Ashley and get these things out of us yeah?” You gently squeezed his hand before letting go of it.
The feeling of your body being controlled by someone other than yourself was a feeling you never would have been able to comprehend had you not experienced it firsthand. The inability to make your legs move as if they were cemented to the floor beneath you, the parasite inside your veins forcing you to stand still and watch as Leon writhed in pain just feet in front of you.
Ashley was unconscious on the altar in front of you, the black veins covering her skin now darker than you had ever seen; she didn't have much time.
Leon was mere inches from being able to grab Ashley, his hand was stuck in the air after Saddler had prevented him from reaching her. His arms were shaking as he fought to try and break free from the control the parasite had over him, all of his efforts proved to be futile though when he collapsed to the ground and screamed in pain.
Saddler walked around the altar with his staff in hand and walked past Leon who was screaming in pain at his feet, his glowing stare leveled on you and made you struggle even harder.
No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't move your arms to aim your gun at Saddler as he walked up in front of you and grabbed your chin.
He had complete control of your body.
Saddler leaned in close to your face and narrowed his eyes as he tilted your chin up and tightened his grip, “Is this not simpler? To give in to our lord rather than to fight him?”
“Screw you.” You spat the word at him as you tried to pull away even though you knew it was useless.
“Do not fight my daughter-”
Before Saddler could finish his pointless blabbering, gunfire rained down on his subjects that stood behind the altar causing him to freeze. A bullet flew clean through your shoulder and into Saddler’s chest followed by another round of shots as he lost his hold on you and Leon.
You collapsed to the ground as Leon stumbled to his feet. Blood dripped down your arm as you clamped your hand down over the bleeding wound and looked behind you to see who had fired the shots.
“Ada?” You breathed as the woman in red flashed a smile.
“Go!” she screamed before opening fire again, her attack aimed at Saddler to give you and Leon a chance to escape.
Leon wasted no time stumbling over to the altar and grabbing Ashley, the girl groaning softly as he pulled her into his arms and looked back at you.
“Come on!” he yelled.
You grabbed onto the stone pillar beside you and climbed to your feet, Leon was already halfway to the small archway when you started running after him.
The inside of your head felt like it was filled with cotton as you fully regained control over your body again, you could still feel Saddler’s mind inside yours as you followed Leon.
The three of you barely made it through the archway before one of the large statues lining the cave collapsed in front of it—the chains that had held it upright having been snapped by Ada’s gunfire.
Leon dropped down to his knees and bit back a pained groan as he held onto Ashley. You quickly ran over and knelt in front of him while carefully pulling the young girl out of his arms and swinging one of her limp arms over the back of your shoulders.
“Come on Leon, we gotta get you two to that lab.” You guided Ashley’s other arm over Leon’s shoulders and watched him carefully as he stood.
Leon cursed quietly as he stood, his eyes squeezing shut as he struggled to stay upright and help you hold Ashley, “It's that way.” He nodded forward before taking a slow step and beginning to walk.
The pace at which you both walked was agonizingly slow, Leon was struggling to stay standing as he walked and you feared that you wouldn't even make it to the lab before he would collapse again.
On the far wall of the room was a sign with a small map showing the layout of the labs ahead, you knew Leon knew which lab belonged to Luis so when he told you Lab B was the one you needed you didn't hesitate to start walking toward it.
You walked forward through a long hallway as Leon began mumbling to himself, your brows furrowing as you looked over at him to see the dark veins spidering out from his eyes across his face.
“Leon?” You breathed while stepping around a large wooden crate.
He clenched his jaw and squeezed his hand into a tight fist, “Just keep going,” He said through gritted teeth while looking ahead at the set of closed metal doors at the end of the hallway.
When you reached the end of the hall you passed Ashley off to Leon and made sure he was good to keep not only her but himself upright before taking the key from his pocket and rushing to the door. Your hand was shaking as blood continued to drip down and stain your gloves, you inhaled a slow breath as you unlocked the door and turned the handles to push them open.
When the doors didn't budge you cursed and shoved your shoulder against them repeatedly to force them to open. On the fourth push, the doors flew open as the box blocking them from the other side was shoved out of the way by the force of your blows, the sudden opening of the doors causing you to fall forward onto the ground and groan in pain.
Leon called your name as he shifted his hold on Ashley so he was holding her bridal style, you assured him you were okay as you stood back to your feet and held the doors open for him.
“You know how to do this?” You asked as he stumbled past you and the lights inside the lab came on.
He shook his head, “Not a clue.” He continued his march forward with Ashley in his arms as he carried her toward the chair sitting in the middle of the lab.
You stayed close to him and helped him lower her onto the chair before grabbing her hand and squeezing it tight, “You're gonna be alright Ashley, it's almost over.” You wrapped both of your hands around hers and looked over at Leon.
He had sat down on the chair next to the computer and booted it up, “You ready?” He looked back at you both, the green glow from the monitor making his already pale skin look ghostly.
Ashley nodded furiously and squeezed her eyes shut, “Let's do it.”
You admired her bravery as the three robotic arms above the chair moved over top of her and lowered, electricity sparking along the ends of them moments before her body jerked up and she screamed in pain.
Leon appeared at your side and grabbed your shoulder as the machinery worked to purge the parasite from Ashley’s body, “You’re next.”
You ignored him and kept your eyes on Ashley, beeping from the computer behind you sounding as her body stilled and she stopped screaming.
Leon looked back at the computer and sighed, “It worked.” He breathed.
You watched as the black veins along Ashley’s arms and face slowly faded until they disappeared altogether.
A small smile appeared on your face as you turned your head to look back at Leon, the smile instantly dropped when you saw the blank look on his face.
“Leon?” You let go of Ashley's hand and took a step toward him just as his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped forward.
Luckily you were able to catch him before he hit the ground, the impact of his body against yours causing a wave of pain to sprout from the bullet wound in your shoulder. You bit back a scream as you carefully lowered him onto the ground and laid him down on his back. One of your hands went to his neck as you felt around for a pulse, a sigh of relief falling from your lips when you felt the weak but still there beat of his heart.
“What happened?” Ashley asked as she sat up and looked down at you, her eyes going wide as she stared at Leon’s unconscious body, “We gotta get it out of him.”
“Help me get him in the chair.” You pressed your hand to your shoulder and bit down on your lip to try and ignore the pain.
Ashley carefully stood to her feet and walked over to where Leon was, you instructed her to grab his feet while you hooked your arms under the back of his and lifted with all of your remaining strength.
Together, you and Ashley were able to lift Leon up and slide him onto the chair while Leon’s face twisted up in pain. The veins under his skin had darkened significantly in the last few minutes which caused all kinds of internal alarms to go off in your brain.
“He’ll be okay right?” Ashley looked up at you as she sat down on a stool beside the chair and held Leon’s hand.
You bit down on the inside of your jaw and nodded, “He will.” You turned to face the computer before mumbling quietly to yourself, “He has to be.”
You followed the instructions on the screen and watched as an internal image of the large parasite inside of Leon appeared onscreen followed by a popup asking if you wished to proceed.
You held your breath as you pressed ‘yes’
The robotic arms above him began doing their job as a sickening scream ripped from his throat and his body seized.
You refused to look at Leon, refused to look at him in pain as you tried to focus on anything other than his screams.
The image on the screen showed the parasite inside him as it was shocked and zapped to try and remove it from his body, you prayed to whoever would listen that it would work.
Then the screaming stopped.
And the screen flashed with one word in big bold letters; Success
You whirled around and stared at Leon’s unmoving body, his chest rose and fell slowly as the dark veins faded from his skin.
It worked.
Ashley looked back at you and smiled, “You did it!” She stood from her seat and walked over to you.
You squeezed your eyes shut and wiped away the few stray tears that had managed to escape your eyes—you told yourself they were from the bullet wound in your shoulder.
Leon winced quietly as his eyes fluttered open, his head immediately snapping to the side to look over at you and Ashley, “What?” His voice trailed off as he looked around the room before his gaze settled on the computer, “You did it?” he met your eyes.
You nodded and walked over to the edge of the chair he was in, “Scared the crap outta me, you know that?” You grabbed a hold of his hand and squeezed it tight.
“You were supposed to go next.” He winced as he reached over with his other hand and grabbed your arm.
“Oh cry me a river Kennedy, I thought you were gonna die on me.” You laughed dryly, “Besides, you're my partner so it's my job to keep you safe.”
Leon sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the chair before you leaned forward and wrapped your arms around him.
“Don’t ever scare me like that again Leon, I mean it.” You said while closing your eyes and loosing a shaky breath.
He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and held you tight, “Yes ma'am. Now let's get you taken care of okay?” He pulled away from you.
You helped Leon stand while Ashley stood beside you ready to help if need be, a smirk playing on her lips as she watched the two of you.
“How’s your shoulder?” Leon asked as you leaned back on the chair, his hand gently brushing over the source of the bleeding.
You gave him a thumbs up, “Get this stupid bug out of me and then we can deal with my shoulder.”
Leon hesitated for a moment before he leaned forward and pressed his lips to your forehead, “Sit tight, this will be over soon.” He gave your arm one last squeeze before walking over to the computer as you braced for the pain.
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whumpypepsigal · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Night Agent s01e10: “Are you [good]?”
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whump-kia · 3 days
whump enjoyer: ask game!
What was your whump awakening(s)?
Do you have any IRL whump friends?
Preferred medium of whump (TV shows, movies, comics, etc)?
First whump fic you've ever read, if you remember?
Favorite whump fic you've ever read?
Favorite whump genre (sci-fi, fantasy, historical)?
Favorite whump fandom?
Favorite whumpee?
Favorite whumper?
Favorite caretaker?
Favorite whump scene?
Favorite general whump trope?
Favorite physical whump trope?
Favorite emotional whump trope?
Favorite comfort trope?
Underrated trope?
Current whumpee/fandom?
Biggest sin in whump (magic healing, non-lasting injuries)?
A song you listen to while doing your whump enjoyer activities
Favorite whumpee & caretaker relationship (parent & child, lovers, etc)?
(open to all!! reminder: send an ask to the blog you reblogged the ask board from!! that way, everyone feels included <3)
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aceofwhump · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ted Lasso 3x03
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fungusfangs · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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a-crumb-of-whump · 3 days
Defiant whumpee: *Purposely breaks Caretaker's arm after they come too close*
Caretakers in cliche whump stories: It's okay, sweetheart. I know it was an accident. I forgive you.
Defiant whumpee: No, it wasn't, and I have every intention of doing it again.
Caretaker: Shh, we'll get through this. It's okay.
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