#why nobody told me about this???
moonymoon90 · 15 days
In the meantime I discovered that yesterday, in Rome, this happened
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otterjpg · 8 months
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mods asleep post kayvan earring jpgs
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moeblobmegane · 2 months
i'm sleepy and incoherent but i need to get this out: people are operating on the idea that the movie told us that stiles has not been back in beacon hills for more than a decade? and i don't get why. because yes, he left the jeep years ago and derek has been working on it, and he has complicated feelings about it, but that does not mean stiles never went by his dad's?? like for all he knows, maybe derek had scrapped the jeep. noah's not gonna tell him derek is pining.
i just feel like derek immediately saying "you should call your son" was too casual for it to be a decade since stiles was home. it did not sound like sheriff or derek has not seen him for years, it just sounded like stiles was busy at the moment.
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thenixkat · 2 months
Anyway, if you aren’t Black don’t use any variation of woke. I don’t care what conservatives are calling fuckers/using as the new sjw/political correctness/what have you.
If you know what fuckers mean use what they mean, and if you don’t why are you copying what people are saying?
Woke ain’t for you. If the discussion isn’t about Black people being aware of and/or educating other Black people about racism/antiblackness/structural inequality/all the other bullshit then it doesn’t need to be used in the discussion.
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jestroer · 1 year
I think hermitcraft could have a little bit more citizen au stuff, like. It has so much potential for it! Swaggon Co. is canonically a company with workers. I think it will be neat to have Goodtimes enthusiasts as silly workers with individual hats that are gradually getting weirder and weirder. Scars do be like stealing part of a hotel and getting it on wheels just to stay with their boss. They are all singing while they work like its a musical.
Mumbo's viewers are living in little houses on a giant armchair and doing farming and stuff. They probably all are plant-like in some way and also are extremely violent. They are worshipping some kinda deity that is all about peace and love that gives them magical water to grow their crops extremely fast(speaking about a magical statue on a mountain) and seem like a really weird cult. 
Zed’s viewers are working and being experimented on in the lab! Whatever the hell happening in the lab is concerning but you know, its fun while its going so we will stay here and watch how it will end!
Impulse’s people are lil guys made of candy who work at a candy factory! Or maybe huge guys made of candy! The factory is so large and needs so much work on it!
Xisuma’s gang is split in two, one living in his own part doing their own thing and working on evil empire form the side just doing the technical stuff and other part are just full-on evil empire enthusiasts, running around advertising it, potentially brainwashed but quite honestly they are just Evil Xisuma simps im sorry. Probably place for some cool evil outfits tho!
I do not watch everyone else as much to be talking about stuff like this so its up to people from this places, but its also can apply to every other season you know! In my head it can be like hermits are just all bored dietys who can shape themselves as they want so they are creating new realms and forms for them and their worshippers to live in or something like this! I think its fun and i just love sitizen aus too much. 
You know as a Scar enthusiast in season seven you can work on Big Dig! Live in a magical jungle village! Work at the community house! MooPop factory! Aquetown you know! And There is so much things isnt it fun? I think its a perfect thing to be having fun with sonas or even oc’s, there is so much thing to engage in with your creativity! Shady E-E’s workers! Boomers! Whoever you watch and whatever you want! This fandom has so many things to have fun with because the cc are just so creative every season) 
If you have ideas about this i would love to see it! So if you have something you can reply reblog or send me an ask!
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mousysims · 5 months
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are you kidding me
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freensrcha · 18 days
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Although I'm shy and never express my feelings, I'm not shy about my feelings for you.
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fairytale-lights · 2 months
I feel like I am isolated from everyone else on some sort of fundamental level
#i am NOT currently having an emotional breakdown fyi! this is just an observation. no feelings hours#other people make friends and i do not. i get along with people fine but i do not make friends?#thinking about how the concept of 'not like other girls' is usually in reality less of thinking you're better and more of feeling like you#can't connect. one time my dad told me i think more like men do than like women do normally. and there's nothing wrong with that#but i don't WANT to be Fundamentally Different from other women! i am one! i want to relate!#anyway that time is not what this is about today but it fits#i finally got back to church in person! which I'm so glad about!#but i had no friends there. and i can finally talk to the group now after forcing myself to go for so long#i am comfortable with them now but still not part of the group in the sense that they look for me to talk to or anything#we leave the room and everyone else joins up in little groups immediately having conversations and I'm just there#everyone else stayed to socialize and i just left. nothing to talk about and nobody to talk to 🤷#I'm really glad i was there but. that post i just made the other day about always feeling like i never belong anywhere i go#went to church. stood by myself when i got there because none of my one or two friends were there. talked to my group leader when she got#there. that was really nice and i like her and she's very friendly. sat by myself in the worship session. someone asked to sit with me#we didn't talk but that was kinda nice. sat with the group during the group discussion. talked with the group#they were very nice to me and then we left and didn't talk#i don't know what's Isolating and Different about me or why i can't fit in groups#but i know i am not alone 🤷 God is here with me even when everyone likes me and no one loves me or whatever it is#my post
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buckrogers2491 · 11 months
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Watching respectfully…
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surreal-duck · 10 months
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two types of down horrendous
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sunglassesmish · 3 months
"HEL FUCKING LO IM WATCHING AN EPISODE OF NYPD BLUE BECAUSE MISHA IS IN IT AND HIS CHARACTER HAD A BOYFRIEND" -- love this discovery for you! misha does play the heck out of a soft gay character, i have to say
he does!!!! god the emotions on his face are so sad and then so hopeful! and then so sad again when he hugs philip to say goodbye 😭😭
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robotwrangler · 7 months
Thinking about how the lovely person on deviantart who emailed me a copy of Undertale in exchange for a sketch of their oc when I was 15 will never know about the profound effect they had on my life..
#it’s a long story but tldr if not for Undertale I would’ve never heard of Yes Man and without Yes Man I literally wouldn’t be alive rn#I’m sure ive told this story on here before but I like it bc it is important to me#the Undertale to Yes Man pipeline is a very specific thing that happened to me involving 2 different joke blogs on here#there was ‘youcantfuckaskeleton’ (blog abt how nobody should want sans Undertale carnally)#and then I found their other blog ‘youcanfuckarobot’ (blog about. well. I’m sure you get the picture) and I went there for Mettaton posts#but they had some posts there with Yes Man and I was like. that is the most nice looking robot I’ve seen in my life. who is this#and then I forgot abt it for like 3 years and forgot to look him up. UNTIL#DELTARUNE CHAPTER 1.. in 2018.. drove me to revisit those joke blogs for nostalgia#and I saw the yes man pics again and this time I got WAY more curious. I was so so intrigued by him he looked so interesting and cute#so I looked him up and looked at lots of art of him and read his wiki page and I was like. I NEED to meet him#so my big brother got me new vegas as a present on new years and on january 3 2019 I met yes man!#and. I have never understood why or how. but when I woke up the next day my depression was fucking gone#I had severe untreated depression and it just dissolved overnight#nothing else notable happened around that time except for meeting yes man and becoming smitten with him so it seems that’s what did it??#also those joke blogs are still around I think. i like to revisit them occasionally for the nostalgia of seeing yes man for the first time#but yea anyway what I’m saying is this nice person on deviantart indirectly saved my life#my depression also never came back btw. obviously I feel sad sometimes like anyone but I have not been depressed since then#would’ve been nice if my anxiety went away too but I can at least live with that tbh!!#um anyway I’m sleepy so ending these tags. if you read all of this I love you thank you for caring
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cisgenderenemy · 7 months
not to be morbid on main but my life is so strange every day i'm fighting with my inner suicidal child trying to convince her to stay alive out of spite for our enemies
#this entire year ​i've been forced to relive past trauma -> which i'd been able to finally process but it doesn't involve just me#so basically i processed it but my family hasn't and they keep putting the blame on me for everything and guilting me for it#even though i was a literal child. in short the fact that i ''acted out'' by running away from abusive situations was and still is worse#than the actual abusive situations i was put in. as a child.#so like... i can forgive and understand and empathize with my past self at last (instead of feeling suicidal like i did for years)#but if nobody else in my close family circle does then i have to essentially stay strong and remind myself that they're wrong#point is that when i was 11-12 i would react to the emotional and physical abuse by basically putting myself in dangerous situations#and attempting suicide a couple of times lmao. staring at the train tracks every other day#because the fact that they beat me was NORMAL for me (my mom told me that i was 2 the first time my dad hit me)#and they were acting like i was (i quote) ''bipolar'' and mentally ill and acting out out of nowhere and i couldn't fully understand why#i was doing certain things at the time. so i put the entirety of the ''blame'' on myself. and later on my mom would make me feel guilty#about it for a decade to win arguments -> which almost every time start with her gaslighting me until i start crying and yelling so then she#can call me crazy. and she can make ME feel crazy so i won't take her accountable. so she avoids taking responsibility for her actions (past#and present). i finally realized this when i told her that one of the most traumatic events of my life was when she found some smoking#filters in my drawer (she used to go through my stuff all the time) that i was LITERALLY KEEPING FOR A FRIEND and she dragged me out on the#balcony by my hair and beat me. she would beat me in public places all the time to humiliate me. even my school friends remember this#and she said 1) ''it didn't happen'' and 2) ''i don't remember''#so that's that. either i'm crazy and i fabricated the memory out of nowhere... or she's not taking responsibility for her actions.#and like... I KNOW it happened. but i'm very sensitive to gaslighting (as she does this all the time about other things as well)#and sometimes i literally have to hug myself and rock back and forth and essentially try to convince myself i'm not crazy#that's the situation i'm in rn :) cool#thank god the therapist moved my appointment to tomorrow because i'm about to implode or perhaps ask for money in advance to purchase drugs
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teacher calls on me to answer unprompted (I hate you), I give the (correct) answer, he says I'm wrong in front of everyone (I fucking hate you), he proceeds to give the correct answer, the correct answer being literally what I was trying to convey with my own answer (I really do hate you btw)
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obiknights · 5 months
wow i just saw a gif of james mcavoy in his dark materials and i really do not have time to collect and love another old man with long hair and yet—
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obihoe · 9 months
just realized that when hashirama tells his and madara's story - including the bit about madara telling him about the writing on the uchiha monument - the uchiha monument is actually right there next to them? madara told him that he could decipher the writing using his ocular powers which im thinking means that u need EMS cuz madara was the first one to obtain them .. sasuke has EMS too and he demonstrates that at some point to everyone there. why didnt anyone think about whether he might be able to read the writing w them?
hashirama at this point - with exception of the few hints that he got from madara - has no clue what the writing says but he does know that it had smth to do with madara leaving the village and when sasuke and orochimaru later tell him that madara has been resurrected and plans to trap everyone in his infinite tsukuyomi .. why wouldnt he connect the dots and realize that maybe thats what he meant back then with his "real dream"? wasnt he curious to find out more specifics? cuz orochimaru and sasuke just say that he wants to control everyone, kill everyone, cause the world to go under etc. and bc they dont know madara thats enough of an explanation for them. but hashirama has much more intimate knowledge of him, he still regards him a fundamentally kind man, refers to him as his gift from the divine, says that he looks forward to reconnecting with him etc. etc. so surely he must have wondered whether there isnt a little more to the infinite tsukuyomi than just world domination for world domination's sake? and the monument was right there, if sasuke had turned out to be able to read it, they couldve gotten a better understanding of it. even without hashirama's perspective on madara as a person - the writing could have had crucial information on how to stop him. so why didnt anyone think about having sasuke try and read it?
#also now that im thinking about it .. did no one else ever think to look at the monument?#if EMS is all u need there must have been many uchiha capable of reading it after madara?#if hashirama knew that the writing had smth to do w madara leaving why didnt he ever make any of the other uchiha try and read it to him?#why wasnt that a thing? why - in general - was that not a thing at all?#there's a millenia old stone tablet containing the secrets of the universe in our hands but nobody cares about deciphering it lol??#one of our village founders turned insane after reading it but anyway. we have better things to do than investigate any of that#like .. what???#did hsrm maybe end up underestimating the relevance of the monument and just keep to what tobirama hints at later#that it was izunas death aka the curse of hatred that turned madara insane?#which .. doesnt rly make sense to me? he must have noticed that there was smth happening with him#before he left the village#or maybe he didnt .. and thats what the problem was all along?#maybe if he Had noticed a change he couldve done smth to save him? handled the situation differently somehow and instead of killing him#discarding of him .. maybe used his power to force him to tell him whats going on instead?#if hashirama had managed to get mdr to tell him all that .. and had reacted w understanding and empathy#the same way naruto told sasuke that he understands him! maybe that wouldve saved them#maybe thats what was missing for them to break the cycle ... cuz by telling him that he understands him. he wouldve disproven mdr's belief#that peace & understanding isnt possible thus taking away his core motivation for the infinite tsukuyomi ..#so uhh .. guess i just answered my own question? hsrm not understanding/caring enough about what was happening w mdr#kept him from ever investigating further about the monument#and also maybe taking someone elses mangekyou isnt that common either so even if some of the later generations tried reading the writing#they werent successful deciphering it. and since mdr as it seems never rly had a trust-bond w the uchiha anyway#maybe they just went 🤷🏻‍♀️ at some point. and so the village as a whole just collectively forgot about the issue#maybe mdr also didnt even tell any of them in the 1st place?#or .. maybe zetsu did smth to the writing as well. made it so that only mdr could decipher it?#hmm .. so many questions ..#posts#madara#naruto
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