#why the paramedics standing like that 😭
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adore-gregor · 1 year
#guys are just so cute sometimes like??🥴🥴#so when i was at work i met a fellow paramedic at a hospital waiting for a patient#he had such gorgeous light brown eyes and the soft brown messy hair 😍#the way he smiled with his eyes awh <3 like enough to make me fall for him adgfjl 🤭#and i actually talked to him i'm so proud of my shy self#or more like i left the car to try to talk to him and then he did#he was like how i'm doing and how i like what i'm doing and yeah#i told him that i do this a volunteer year and he was like cool and that he really likes it too#and we were like standing in the sun soaking it up and we talked about how where i live it snowed haha#he was so nice :))#and then my colleague came and told me the patient was in another building and we have to pick him up ☹️#so then we left and he waved me good bye with such a cute smile 🥺#(he also had a really nice smile but his eyes where the highlight tho <3)#and ughh#sadly it was such a short conversation because i had to leave and couldn't even ask for his number or name#it was really like 2min or sth#and why is it always like that meeting cute guys from other cities i'll never see again 😭#and i do think he liked me the way he smiled at me 🙊#also it's like i have a thing for city boys like how come i always meet/see so many cute nice guys from cities like graz/vienna??#or even foreign countries...#and how almost never in my area/town?? is it really just more guys more odds of guys i like or idk?#it's also that i feel like i know 90% of the guys in my town and so many of them come off as players kinda ehhh 😬#it's so weird so many guys here like to flex with their boughie clothes and all they care abt are their cars 😅😕#maybe it's a wrong impression but ik so many guys like that and it just comes of as arrogant and insecure 😅#i don't like that and i rather like guys who have their interests/passions and who don't need to flex so much#i literally had a guy in class who only weared shirts with big ass brand logos all over them in class#and posting pictures posing with expensive cars which were not his rented on holiday (with his parents money) 🤦‍♀️#i literally could care less which car a guy has 😅#and then with my training i meet guys with cool hobbies/ interested in languages and traveling / wanting to study great majors...#interest in politics / problems of the world
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sanderchu · 7 months
Hii! Can I request a tommy x fem!reader where she’s wilburs sister and she gets rushed to hospital and Wilbur goes to the hospital with her and be rings tommy and tommy rushes there and stays with her. (You can decide why she’s in hospital) angst and fluff🥺 she/her pronouns
hospital bed
Note: I love this yet it hurts my heart 😭 so at the end we get tommy pictures >:)
Reader: Fem!reader
[writing] or hcs
Brother Wilbur, s/o tommy
Type: Angst, fluff
Tumblr media
Wilbur ran with the paramedics as they rushed you to surgery on the stretcher. You laid there almost lifeless. You had just gotten hit by a reckless driver as you were walking home. In the term reckless I mean a fast drunk driver. They caught the guy quickly but Wilbur still saw you in pain making him feel a sense of anger for many reasons.
“You can’t come pass here” one of the nurses said as she and many others kept rushing you into the surgery room. Wilbur stood there as the doors shut in his face and his face started to fill with tears as he went to the waiting room to sit and wait. Wilbur rubbed his face as he wondered so many things but the main one was, ‘what am I going to tell Tommy?’
Wilbur pulled out his phone and looked at it for a few seconds before dialing tommy. Hearing the ring made his heart sink even more knowing tommy was about to hear the news. “Will?” Tommy asked, “it’s late what happened?” Wilbur stood silent for a second before starting to explain the situation. Over the phone he could hear tommys voice start to shake and him apparently shuffling in his bed getting out of it.
“I’m coming.” He said before hanging up leaving wilbur there in the silent and empty waiting room with his pounding thoughts. A few minutes went by and that’s when Wilbur freaked when someone ran through the doors and quickly to Wilbur. He sat next to Wilbur acting gentle due to the fact of the situation. “I called phil, he can visit them tomorrow” tommy mumbled before handing Wilbur a candy, “just to help a bit, I’ll wait here with you”
Hours went by and Tommy fell asleep on wilbur shoulder. you still weren’t out until, “she made it, just a broken arm and some harsh cuts but nothing to bad. Would you like to see her?” Wilbur lifted his shoulder a bit to wake tommy as he nodded to the nurse. “Let’s go see her” wilbur whispered in a pleased voice. Tommy, still tired and out of it managed to stand up without falling. Wilbur held tommys hand to help guide him to the room you were in.
Tommy and Wilbur quietly walked in as they both saw you awake and well smiling at them. “Y/n!” Tommy said as he went to hug you being careful with your injuries. “I’m so glad your ok I love you so much” his teary voice said as you smiled at him “I love you too tom”. Wilbur walked over and started to talk to you asking about the surgery and the doctors suddenly changing the topic to not make you think about it. Tommy fell asleep in the chair and Wilbur soon did once he sat down a bit after tommys slumber.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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riverstardis · 2 months
thirty years:
charlie inviting duffy round for dinner and wine👀
ethan and lily watching cal and alicia together and lily’s like “just when i was starting to think she wasn’t quite as dumb as she looks” and ethan goes “you’re not jealous are you?” and she’s like “no, just full of pity. some women are beyond help.”💀
iain and jez come over and say how alicia and cal must be official now then and lily’s like “it’s like watching a baby antelope at the watering hole” HELPSJDKFJJ
ohhh this is the scene! iain says a few of the lads are going out for a drink later and invites lily and she says sure and when iain’s gone ethan goes “well, someone’s going home with a hunky paramedic” BI ETHAN BI ETHAN BI ETHAN🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 bc describing your male colleague as “hunky” is a very heterosexual thing for a man to do /s lily goes “ha, please” and he goes “don’t forget the five year plan lily! tick tock!” I MISS THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH😫😫
yknow if ethan’s gonna go travelling with bodhi i’m gonna choose to believe he’s going to go visit lily in hong kong. i should write a fic. i have actually been to hong kong myself but i was like 4 so i don’t remember what the city was like or anything.
lmaoo alicia comes over and ethan’s like “i think lily needs our help” “oh?” “yeah, trying to find a man.” lily goes “no i don’t” and ethan mouths “she does” to alicia behind lily’s back sjskdkfkg
why did ethan just fully take on a gay best friend role in that scene😭😭 this made me wonder if this ep had the same writer as handcuffs (rashan date ep) but no it doesn’t so there are TWO writers (at least) who were absolutely determined to make ethan queer! i thank them for their service!
also why is matchmaking ethan and alicia’s thing sjdkdjfj like them teaming up in s33 to get rash and gem back together, and, like here, they weren’t actually together themselves then either! (though they ended up getting back together at the same time, leading to them overhearing rash and gem having sex sjsjjfkfk)
lmaoo why is elle going “karen please don’t do this! karen!” while her patient runs away while making no actual effort to stop her😭
sjdkfkfk now alicia’s trying to help lily find a man, asking her what her type is and lily isn’t telling her so she looks around and suggests dylan “consultant? very eligible?” and lily goes “i once considered dr keogh but he still has that dog and mental health issues can be genetic, plus he lives on a barge” alicia’s face while she’s listening to that SKDKFKKF can you imagine dylan and lily though they would not work at all😭 too different flavours of autism
alicia’s begging for something to work with and lily’s like “someone like ric griffin” and alicia’s like “isn’t he acting ceo now??” and lily goes “exactly” wkdkfkkfkf
duffy’s son threatening charlie shdjfjjfj
poor tanya😢
ah sebastian’s dad. he’s locuming there so he can check up on him?
aw seb tries to stand up for his patient but his dad just shoots him down, and dylan also tries but mr grayling asks his name and then goes “ah yes, i know the name. curious business with the number 4?”
sjskfkfk alicia and lily were watching and alicia looks horrified and goes “what a—“ and lily goes “him.” saying he’s her type😭😭
lmaoo alicia introduces herself and lily to mr grayling and leaves lily to speak to him and goes to stand the other side of the nurses station and like motions for her to check his hand for a wedding ring and stuff SKDKKFKF
LMAO alicia goes up to mr grayling and fully just asks him if he wants to take lily out on a date😭😭 he’s like “extraordinary. you can tell dr chao to meet me here at 7 o’clock sharp”
lily’s like “i cannot believe you just did that! what am i gonna wear?” sjsjfjfkfk
aww duffy’s granddaughter is born
charlie and duffy talking about how they’ve had 30 years of friendship and duffy’s like “it wasn’t just friendship though was it?”👀👀
aww lily all dressed up for her date! sebastian’s like “seriously, dad? she’s my age!”😭😭
lily talking to ethan and alicia while seb’s standing up to his dad. and she tells iain she can’t make drinks anymore. aw ethan’s like “have fun!”
oh are charlie and duffy about to kiss?
yup now they’re snogging in a store cupboard
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elvensorceress · 9 months
WIP Wednesday!
I was tagged by the lovely and amazing 💕 @eddiediazisascorpio @imsupposedtobewritting @queerbitchdiaz @ekstasisandangst 💕
Here is more Love Spell magic AU. (This actually comes between the Opening Scene with Abuela and the Tarot Scene with the Diaz Parents that I posted last week.) And I guess a little warning that this snippet is basically Eddie/OMC because he’s like 16 and this is his first love whom he loses. 😭
Tagging 💗💚 @mansikkaomenabanaani @kitkatpancakestack @demieddie ​ @hearteyesdiaz @probieeddie @oatflatwhite @rogerzsteven @fiona-fififi @princessfbi 💗💚 if any of you all would like to play 
There’s someone in the living room who wants to see him and Eddie can mostly walk and stand on his own now without fainting or falling. It’s slow going but he manages this time and everyone leaves them alone. It’s fine. He’s fine. Until he sees who is waiting for him. 
He grips the edge of the sofa. His breath stops. His gut twists. His heart doesn’t beat. It’s dead. Extinguished. 
But there’s something in him that remembers feeling.
Nathaniel. Sweet, beautiful, funny, ridiculous, infuriating, terrifying Nathaniel. With golden brown hair and vibrant eyes and soft lips and warm arms. He’s in their living room. He’s here. He’s… 
It’s been weeks since the storm, but the reminders are still there. There’s faded bruising on his face and cuts that might’ve been held together with stitches once he was hospitalized. Doctors must have stopped all the bleeding. Were his ribs broken like the paramedics mentioned? His arm is in a sling and wrapped up to keep it stable. He’s gaunt and pale, damaged. 
But he still looks at Eddie like Eddie is something worth looking at. 
Even with the wounds, the way he was battered and broken, Nathaniel is still handsome. Fragile but brave and kind. Eddie is hollow and choking. 
“I know we said,” Nathaniel starts and then looks away. “Well, you said. Not to come here. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do this over the phone.” 
Eddie swallows. “That wasn’t what I said.” He didn’t. He just. Couldn’t. There was too much aching. No one can know. There’s nothing to know. They don’t know. They can’t know. No one knows. 
“I’m leaving. Now. Today.” Nathaniel breathes heavily, like it’s difficult to do so. “We’re moving. My mom says it isn’t safe here. For obvious reasons. We’re packed up and… I just wanted… I wanted to tell you. I wanted to say goodbye. In person.”
There’s something in Eddie’s chest like a hard, sharp jolt of a beat. “You’re…” Eddie can’t breathe. He can’t anything. He might be able to throw up though. Nathaniel can’t be leaving. He can’t be moving. He can’t be gone. 
Except. It’s already gone. It’s gone. Whatever was in his chest is lost forever. Eddie still can’t breathe. His voice sounds small, fragile, when it comes out, “Where are you going?” 
Nathaniel shrugs. “Don’t really know. Mom talked about Washington state, Oregon, maybe California. Someplace not here. If we leave now, we can get me enrolled in a new high school before junior year starts. That’s her plan.”
So. They’re moving more than a thousand miles away. Not across town or across the state. Not a quick drive away. He’d have to drive for days probably. To see him. But why would Nathaniel ever want to see him again? Eddie is an island. He’s stuck in a cold ocean. He’s too far away. He can’t reach. There’s a cage around his chest and there’s no air. 
“I’m sorry.” Nathaniel looks like he might cry. Like he probably has been crying. “I know we weren’t going to say anything. Not like high school promises last. I won’t pretend we’ll be able to keep in touch. Fuck. We’ll probably never see each other again, right?”
Right? Right. That was what they said. That some people were disillusioned and foolish enough to believe in romance, especially high school romance. What relationship ever lasted beyond graduation? People who were dumb enough to believe that teenage crushes and surges of newly discovered lust could become something lasting were only kidding themselves. 
Nathaniel said he agreed. Eddie just… it’s not love. Love isn’t real. Not now. Maybe not ever. 
It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. It’s gone. It won’t happen to him. Everyone is safe. No one will be hurt because of him ever again. 
They’ll probably never see each other again. They’ll never see each other again? Never? 
“I…” Eddie tries to say. But doesn’t know what to say.
Nathaniel shrugs. “It’s fine. I know. It’s realistic. I just want you to know that I…” He glances around the house, maybe to see if they’re being watched. He lowers his voice to barely more than a whisper. “I do. I want you to know. It’s real for me. It always was. If I could take you with me, I would.”
There’s something like breath in his lungs, something like tears in his eyes, something like an ache within Eddie’s ribs. “You… you said…”
“Trying to play it cool. You know.” He tries to laugh, but it comes out watery. “Figured that’s what you wanted.”
What he wanted. What Eddie wanted is not this. “How? This was my fault. You almost… you could have been… <em>I did this to you.”</em>
“Hey.” Nathaniel shakes his head and steps forward, almost close enough to touch. They could touch. His hands are delicate. He’s gentle. He’s warm. He tastes like longing and sweet orange soda. “It’s not your fault people are bigoted assholes. You didn’t do anything.”
“I…” He did do something. He did something he shouldn’t have. He knew better. He knows better. He just. Wanted. He wanted so much. Too much. He wanted too much. But it’s gone now. It’s gone. He can’t want anymore. He won’t. 
“No, Eddie. It’s not your fault. I wouldn’t trade that kiss for anything.” He reaches but stops short, and never ends up touching. “Anyway. I just wanted you to know. I wanted to say goodbye. I’m never going to forget you. Thanks for making something here not fucking terrible. Don’t let anyone make you believe that you have to be fixed. Your heart is the best thing about you.” He steps back and goes to the front door and walks down the porch, the driveway, and to the car waiting out front packed full of two people’s whole lives. 
It’s over so quickly. He’s gone before Eddie can fully process what just happened. 
The sound of tires on gravel is loud. The dust from the car pulling away, driving off clouds the road for a good ten minutes. No matter how much Eddie thinks of that car turning around and coming back, it won’t. It’s gone. 
But it was gone before then, wasn’t it? Eddie already gave it up. He cursed away everything. He didn’t even hug him goodbye. He should have. Just one more. 
He can’t move his arms though. He’s gripping the back of the sofa too tightly. He can’t really make his legs work either. But they want to run after him. What just happened? How is this happening? 
The tears might be his own this time. The pain is different. It couldn’t come from anyone else. It’s loss and guilt and regret. He didn’t think Nathaniel loved him. How could he really love Eddie? It was stupid. It was foolish. Eddie is weak and fucked up. 
But he won’t be any more. It’s gone. There’s no such thing as a love spell, but there is definitely an anti-love spell. 
And Nathaniel is gone. It’s over. He’s gone. 
He’s gone. 
Eddie locks himself in his bedroom and sobs until there’s nothing left inside him. 
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noxsoulmate · 11 months
Girl, I kinda saved my personal favorite for you 😘 buckle up because this is a fic I've been daydreaming about for sooooo long...
So there's this cliff right outside of Austin (are there any cliffs around Austin?! who knows, there are now!) and it's part of the 126 area. For years, first responders and the public have begged the city to do something about it because it's terribly unsafe there, the police constantly patrolling to make sure no one falls down/tries to jump etc.
Of course, when it's Carlos' turn, something happens (not sure what yet), and he and the guy he was trying to get away from the cliff tumble down and land on a ledge. Lucky for them, a news helicopter was currently in the area to report about something else entirely - which means people actually see it live and the 126 is on their way before Carlos even comes to and contact dispatch.
The kicker is: the guy he went down with is Alex. TK knows because he recognized him on the news.
Once the contact with Carlos stands, they assess that Carlos has a broken leg, and Tommy walks Alex through making a makeshift tourniquet, all while they're still on their way. Carlos asks Owen, "Cap, who are you sending down?" and TK's the one to answer, "Well, let's see, there's a dual-certified paramedic slash firefighter on the team... who do you think he's sending down?!"
Of course, that's when Alex recognizes TK's voice, and after confirming that, yep, it's him, Carlos is like, "wait, babe, you telling me I'm sitting down here with your cheating ex?" and of course, everyone is just like 👀👀👀😬😂
Everything seems fine and when they arrive, Owen doesn't even try to stop TK from going down himself, joined by Marjan and Paul. But as they all get ready, Carlos suddenly stops talking, and then there's Alex's panicky voice, saying he stopped breathing. So of course, Tommy walks him through all the steps up until he needs to perform cardiac massage - only for Alex to panic/freeze up and be like "I can't do that, I don't know how to." And while TK knows he shouldn't, he chimes in with, "yes, you do! I know that because I was the one to teach you!" and when Alex still hesitates, he growls, "Alex, if you've ever regretted what you've done, here's your chance to make it up to me. I swear to God, if you let my husband die right now---" and that's what finally shocks Alex into action.
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that TK and Carlos are already married? 😏
Anyway, of course, TK now rushes down there, followed closely by Paul and Marjan. TK takes over from Alex immediately, who gets secured and then taken up by Paul, while Marjan helps TK with Carlos. Once they get his heart going again, they secure him, etc, and get him up the cliff. Before they put him in the ambulance, Carlos makes TK take his wedding ring, to keep safe until he can wear it again after the hospital. There's another close call on the way to the hospital, and of course the long wait while the docs take care of Carlos. Andrea and Gabriel are there of course and the whole team...
Finally, they can all go into his room, Carlos is awake, and TK can give him back his ring, everyone cries with relief and so on... and then suddenly, there's Alex at the door, thanking them all for saving him, and checking in on Carlos. He quickly leaves but Carlos just looks at TK and nods, and TK goes after Alex so that they won't part a second time without any real closure. He stops him and tells him that he forgives him for what he has done, that it actually turned out to be the kickstart for a better life for him, and then he thanks him for saving Carlos. They part on good terms this time, and TK goes back to his husband.
In an epilogue, experts talk with Billy Tyson on the news, asking him if it was okay of Captain Strand to send down the victim's own husband or if there aren't rules against that - but Billy basically repeats what TK said: Captain Strand had a dual-certified firefighter slash paramedic on the team, why the heck wouldn't he send him down? And was it okay for Paramedic Reyes-Strand to talk like that to the second victim? Billy's answer: Was it okay for him to get the person to respond and thus save an officer of the APD from certain death? Heck yes, it was, what do you want from me? 😂 Yes, Billy is on the 126's side for once and I love him for that 😁
Could you tell that I've been daydreaming about this A LOT? 😅
Send me a 📓 emoji + one more emoji or a word and I'll tell you about a fic idea I've been daydreaming about
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writer-in-theory · 1 year
this is gonna hurt but,
🩹 💀 💘
Tumblr media
i would love you forever (spencer reid x reader)
prompt: 🩹 tending to each other's wounds, 💀 saying goodbye to a dying lover, 💘 love at first sight
summary: you and spencer wanted a normal day at the grocery store. instead, you got a hostage situation.
category: angst no happy ending
pairing: spencer reid x gn!reader
warnings: major character death, language, descriptions of blood/injury, hostage situations
word count: 1.7k
a/n: ALEX out here making me cry just from the prompt, friend 😭 i hope this was what you were looking for!! I think this is too long to be a blurb, but take it anyway bc i like how it turned out.
Send me a request!
Send me a blurb prompt!
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
Blood is the life-sustaining fluid of the body. It carries almost everything you need to each cell, pushes life into each of your limbs.
You used to think the idea of blood was beautiful. If someone was dying, you could watch a bag of donated blood be poured into the body, effectively pumping life right back into them. Blood was a miracle fluid, that was the only way for a paramedic to think about the substance and still find peace in the job.
Seeing red coat your palms and dip into each ridge, you weren’t sure you could think that way ever again. “Spencer, stay awake please,” you begged as your hands worked him over, trying to run through the motions you would with any other patient. Gunshot wound to the abdomen, left side. Not through and through, likely nicked a major venous structure with the amount of blood seeping into your clothes, your hands, all over the floor. If this was any other situation, the patient could survive. They needed medical attention, emergency surgery to find the source of the bleeding.
This wasn’t any other patient though, because this was Spencer Reid.
This was Spencer, who’d held you that morning in bed and surprised you with coffee when you struggled to get out of said bed.
“He needs a hospital!” you shrieked at the man pointing a gun at you. There was only one other time you’d been held at gunpoint, and that had been when you’d worn your paramedic garb. You knew Spencer had had a gun on him plenty of times, but it was never while he was trying to act like a civilian. You’d never forgive yourself for asking him to be a civilian just this once.
‘C’mon, leave the gun at home?’
‘What if I need it?’
‘We’re going to a grocery store, why would you need it? Please, I won’t say anything medical the whole time. Let’s just be two normal people in love grocery shopping together.’
“Please, please, let him go. I’ll come back, I promise, but he needs medical attention. He’s going to di-” your voice cracked over the word, unable to come to the conclusion of what the increasing red stain on the floor meant for your fiance.
“Nah, I’m not letting a fed out of here,” the man standing above you spat, “You say you’re a doctor or some shit? Fix him yourself.”
“I can’t, I can’t, I,” you cried, bringing a hand to your forehead and letting out a horrified cry as you remembered the red you’d be painting your skin with.
“What, you’re gonna let your man bleed out just like that?” the man laughed, shaking his head and moving over to harass another set of hostages.
You had to get Spencer out of here. There was no way he was going to go out like this, laying on a dirty store floor after trying to talk down a hostage situation he was a victim in. You looked around, trying to find anything you could use as a weapon. The man was large and seemed skilled enough with his gun; it would take you catching him off-guard to make this work.
“It’s okay, Y/N, it’s okay,” a quivering voice said from below you. Spencer. You looked down again, looking to your hands that were back to pressing on his stomach to staunch the bleeding. “Don’t,” he whispered as low as he could through the pain, amber eyes telling you everything you needed to know.
Fresh tears welled up then and you tried to choke back a sob, hating the sad smile washing over Spencer’s rapidly paling face. “It can’t be like this,” you told him, “I won’t let it.”
You stood, watching as the criminal turned his attention back to you. “I’m just getting gauze,” you snapped, but still accepting the gun pressed firmly to your back as you grabbed as many medical items as a grocery store could carry. You dropped to your knees beside Spencer, replacing your bloodied jacket with a fresh pack of sterile gauze. It wouldn’t stop the bleeding, but it would slow it. All Spencer had to do was last until law enforcement could work this out.
The criminal was on the phone now. That was a good sign, right?
“Y/N,” Spencer’s weak voice pulled your focus back to his face. You knew the expression on his face now; you’d seen it on patients countless times before.
“No. You’re not saying goodbye,” you insisted, trying to blink away the tears to keep your vision cleared. “We’re making it out of this.”
“I love you so much, Y/N.”
“Stop, please,” you sobbed, hands finally shaking so much they were useless in treating him. Your hands were your entire livelihood, meant to be able to save patients. Why couldn’t they save Spencer? “This isn’t it.”
“I think it is.” You leaned over to take Spencer’s face in both hands, wincing at the red fingerprints you were leaving. His hands reached up to cover your own, squeezing weakly. “It’s okay. I’m not scared.”
“I know, I know, Sweet Pea. You’re so brave,” you cried, trying to force a smile, “you’re the bravest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Do you remember how we met?”
“I can’t forget,” Spencer laughed through the pain. “You were yelling at that guy, I thought he was hurting you. How was I supposed to know that was a friendly fight?”
“At least my savior was cute,” you laughed, tears wetting the sound.
“I knew right then that I would love you forever,” Spencer told you, amber eyes softening and pulling another sad laugh from you. Who knew forever could be so short?
“No you didn’t,” you protested. How could anyone decide they were in love from the first moment of seeing someone? And Spencer? There were times you marveled at how you were the one Spencer loved. He was a genius, a hero, he was so much more than bleeding out in a hostage situation gone wrong. It wasn’t fair.
“I did,” Spencer insisted, a bright smile contrasting heavily with your tears occasionally dripping onto his skin. “I looked at you and knew it would be impossible to love anyone else the way I’d love you. I’m not sure I believe in fate, but I believe in you. And you, Y/N, are wondrous.”
“Spencer, please don’t leave me,” you sobbed, one hand moving off his face to rest on his chest. His heart was beating, but the pace was slowing, growing weaker with every breath. There wasn’t long now. “What am I supposed to do?”
“You’ll be happy again, you’ll find another person to love.”
“I can’t, you were supposed to be it. We were supposed to get married in front of all our friends, live happily ever after forever.”
“We could do it now,” Spencer suggested, both breaking your heart in pieces and filling you with so much love it hurt. “We don’t have forever, or an officiant, but I want to marry you.”
You nodded, wanting the moment you and he had been planning for months. So you pulled your engagement ring off, pressing it into Spencer’s hand. You took his, too, thankful that you two had been unconventional and wanted both of you to have engagement rings.
“Actually,” a voice said from behind you. Another hostage, moving forward slowly on his knees so as to not attract the attention of the criminal. “I’m a government official. I could do it.” It looked like he was crying too. If you would turn around to face the other hostages, you’d see they were all watching you two, crying with you, crying for you. “Do you have your own vows?”
Spencer nodded as best he could, squeezing your hand and pulling your focus back to him. Where you’d been planning a beautiful wedding in Nevada with all of your friends surrounding you, now you’d be wed in a grocery store with complete strangers to witness. This was Spencer though, and it didn’t matter where you were as long as you got to love him.
You weren’t sure you were capable of moving past this.
“I love you, Y/N. There are 171,146 words in the English language but not one of them is able to describe the moment we met. I heard you laugh and knew right then that you would be the person I loved for the rest of my life.” He winced, whether it be from the pain or the wording you didn’t know. “There aren’t many times I’m factually wrong, but I was then. I’ll love you for long after my life is over. We’ll still have forever, Y/N. I’ll always be with you, making sure you remember to turn the coffee pot off before you leave the house and reminding you that wearing a jacket in the winter doesn’t make you weak. I love you so much, Y/N L/N.”
The tears were back, bittersweet as you had to help him guide the ring back onto your finger. You brushed some of his hair out of his face before taking his hand and pulling it up to hold against your chest.
“I will love you forever, Spencer Reid, that is my promise to you. My life has been remarkable since knowing you, and I can’t imagine a single second without you in it. I love the way it takes you half an hour to pick out the right cereal at the store, I love the way your whole face lights up when you look at me. I love you so much, Spencer. Thank you for giving me this, the time we did have,” you cried, feeling his hand grow a little more slack with each passing word but still slipping the ring onto it.
“With the power vested in me by the state of Virginia, I now pronounce you wed.” There were no cheers, no hugs from your wedding party, just somber stares from strangers and distant sniffles from the crowd.
You leaned forward, resting a hand on Spencer’s cheek and pressing a light kiss to his lips. He was in pain, expression twisted up as he tried to remain awake for you. It was time, there was nothing else you could give him but this. It burned your heart and tore every bit of you to shreds, but you would give him this.
“It’s okay, Spencer. I’ll be okay,” you promised, “you can let go now, Sweet Pea. You can let go.” You smiled until his eyes fluttered shut and his hand grew fully limp in your grasp.
It was only then that you curled into his chest, letting the sobs tear painfully from your throat.
You’d once admired blood for its life-sustaining properties. Now, laying on a grocery store floor covered in that of your love’s, you could only wish that it had been enough to give you more time with Spencer.
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z3phyru5 · 3 years
911 on Fox, Madney, miscarriage... 😭
A/N : this is entirely made of dialogue, you’ll have to request for me to write some action into it  :|.   This is also terrible , I’ll rewrite this in the future.
TW: swearing, mentions of death, and implied death
<<the entrance of the dispatch center>>
“Gueeessss I-I-I took that faaaall har-da than I thoughhttt , Doug”
“Nononononono, MadDIE , MADDIE, Wake Up , WAKE UP!”
“Chimney , what the hell happened!”
“Okay jeez”
“Okay Chimney , can you look at me for one moment and just breath.”
“Yes , yes , I called a couple of paramedics over , and i need you to look at me.”
“Wait, what the fuck , NO! DON’T TAKE HER.”
“Ma’am , I need you to calm him down.”
“Chimney , hey , hey , Chimney , look at me.”
“Has he ever done this before , Buckaroo?”
“Don’t look at me , when this happens , Hen’s the one who calms him!”
“Chimney? I know you can hear me, can’t pretend you can’t hear me.”
“What should we do?”
“Ma’am , he can come with us , or you have him follow us.”
“Thank you , Ms-”
“Thank you, Ms.Brett, We’ll follow you.”
“Chimney, can you get up?”
“ You, me, and buck over here are going to take a ride in the cruiser to the hospital, okay?”
“She’s going too.”
“Okay now, let’s get you up, and one, two, three, up.”
“Hey Chimney , who’s blood is that on your shirt?”
“Not mine , Mom”
<<the hospital>>
“Hey , How’s Maddie?”
“CHIMNEY, is that blood?”
“Is this the family of Madeline Buckley?”
“Yes , we all are.”
“I would like to talk to the boyfriend later ,and I presume that’s Mr.Han , but first , Madeline Buckley lost to much blood , she coded in the ambulance , and couldn’t be revived . We tried our very best to revive her , but she had lost over 80% of her blood.”
“Chimney? Are you okay?”
“Yeah-Yeah , I’ll talk to the doctor now.”
“Mr.Han , here I’ll help you.”
<<side room>>
“Mr.Han, Mrs.Buckley, your girlfriend was 4 weeks pregnant.”
“What? Are you sure?”
“Yes , the scans-Mr.Han?”
“I don’t feeeeel so good…….”
“Mr.Han , are you okay?”
“What’s happening?! Why is a gurney going into the room-”
“Oh my god , that’s chimney , ohmygodwhythefuckischimney-”
“Family of Mr.Han?”
“He doesn-”
“Yes , and why was he on a gurney?”
“Well , uh , Mrs-”
“Mrs.Grant , he suffered from a - anixety/heart attack.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean-”
“Buckaroo , don’t swear at the doctor.”
“Mr.Buckley , your sister was 4 weeks pregnant, it just so happened he had an anxiety attack from the news , along with a heart attack that unfortunately coincided with the anxiety attack.”
“So you’re saying a freak accident”
“Looks like it.”
“How’s -”
“Mr.Han didn’t make it, I apologize deeply for your loss.”
“If you really did , you would’ve saved him.”
“I can’t believe it.”
“They just seemed so invincible.”
“Hey, Chim.”
“I-I uh , don’t know how I should start this , normally you start all our conversations.”
“Is this your punishment for me , for leaving you to go to medical school? Giving me a taste of my own medicine? Is it??”
“You’ve been gone from the world for 10 minutes and I can’t stand it already..”
“I hope you and Maddie can have a happy life you guys deserve.”
“I-I--” drip drip
“Athena! What are you doing here?”
“I brought him here.”
“How you doing?”
“I , uh-- fine, just fine.”
“Can’t be any worse than him.”
“Hey Mads…..”
“I really don’t know what to say to a sister I barely know.”
“Y-you leave me for 3 years, come back for 2 , then leave me forever?”
“What kind of a sister does that?”
“I--I want to hate you so badly, but I still love you, I mean-”
“Fuck , I’m cr-crying now .”
“Why did you leave me? WHY?! That’s all I want to know.”
“Buck, hey.”
“Bobby!  uh-I-uh thought you were still at the station.”
“I called in a relief crew , besides -oof- I think you and Hen might need me more.”
“Then why aren’t you with Hen? Im fine.”
“First off , Athena’s with Hen , and second , i was listening.”
“That came off wrong , I’m sor-”
“No , No , it’s fine , it’s just , I-I don’t know what I should say.”
“That perfectly fine , and speaking of fine , how are you holding up?”
“Can’t worse than her.”
“The joint-funeral for Howie “Chimney” Han and Madeline “Maddie” Buckley will be held at Firehouse 118 on Friday , please leave the roads near the firehouse empty between 1 pm-7 pm that day”
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