solarsleep · 5 months
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cervimasc 🦌
a gender that can be described as masculine in the way of a stag with big ol antlers, rather than masculine like a human man. a subset of wildmasculine.
image ID: a 5 striped flag with dark brown, lighter brown, cream, light green, and darker green stripes. the first image also has a dark brown silhouette of a deer's head with antlers.
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minecraftstim · 2 years
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Wildmasculine Steve
 ■ ■ ■ / ■ ■ ■ / ■ ■ ■
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gendervoidborn · 2 months
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Voidbornwildmasc: In which your gender feels masculine in the way animals are referred and born from the void, or is otherwise connected to wildmasculinity and the void.
Gendervoidborn + Wildmasculine, by sparklebunny.
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begendered-mogai · 9 months
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Pavel Chekov from Star Trek TOS is an autigender prirougian gay trans man with autism and anxiety who uses he/they/it pronouns!
He is in a QPR with Hikaru Sulu, a swordgender, apoknightcoric, verdurum, genderfaun, bi gay man who uses he/him!
Jim Kirk is a notorilexic bisexual man with ADHD and PTSD who uses he/him pronouns!
He is married to Spock, a transneutral, nonbinary, wildmasculine, gay demisexual autistic person who uses he/xem!
Jim is also married to Leonard Mccoy, a medigender, polyamorous, bisexual man who uses he/him pronouns!
Montgomery Scott is a transmasc techfaun spacetechic asexual panromantic man with autism! He uses he/him pronouns!
Nyota Uhura is a lovecoric, stargender, bisexual woman who uses she/her!
Christine Chapel is a nursegender, soleafin, bisexual demigirl who uses she/they!
Julian Bashir from Star Trek DS9 is a medigender, neurogender, stargender, bluetintic bisexual trans man with autism and PTSD who uses he/they! He is married to Garak and is dating Miles!
Garak is a genderqueer GNC bisexual man who uses he/they!
Miles O’Brien is a bisexual polyamorous cisn’t guy who uses he/they! He is married to Keiko and is dating Julian!
Keiko O'Brien is a genderqueer pansexual woman who uses all pronouns! They are married to Miles!
For @genders-and-dinos !
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dysphoric-culture-is · 10 months
dysphoric amab demiboy/wildmasculine culture is changing your name from [gross masc deadname] to [very cool epic masc preferred name] and loving it :)))
(Wildmasculine is a term for relating to masculinity in the same way people use masculine terms for wild animals or pets of unknown gender. The coining post is here for anyone curious)
Dysphoric culture is!
Also, that’s so cool anon! It’s nice to see trans people with non-conforming names or who have reclaimed gender qualities (ex: masculinity) associated with their AGAB.
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mogai-place · 1 year
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Alex is a bisexual transman and uses he/him pronouns and is dating Marty
Marty is gay demiboy with adhd and uses he/him pronouns
Melman is a bisexual demisexual demiromantic nonbinary giraffe with anxiety and uses they/he pronouns and is dating Gloria
Gloria is a bisexual trans fem demigirl and uses she/her pronouns
King Julien is a tenderpunk wildmasculine Hycreatia dancegender transmasc mspec gay man whose autistic and has adhd and use he/wild/they pronouns
requested by anon
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mogai-headcanons · 11 months
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Geoffrey McCullum from Vampyr is a gay transmasculine regangender autigender rotcoric olivecomfic beyondix duskcatboy voidnevow automorph wildmasculine catgender coragigglic foggyraingender voidenne sylpinotteic catstimmic librainfort voidcatgender mirrornoxaestic auticringic subnic mosvoidsteor pamoloven snowcrunchic mewygender raimoonightic loveic purcavumika villochaotic nostraycatic teacatgender fanggender bakenfrillboy grimegender dervampvictic trailingghostian chiroduskic ragecrashgender ghostic naturbuios bluemoongender bladecoric fuzponian tatteredplushic rodentlial cadalgender iluviaestrellaic accablei decaywolfgender weresciencegender universpacic wintercomfortwolfic fuckpumpkinspicegender cutfusic necromancian silencesoundic outertapecomfy pageflipsoundic aucloudstimmic brillazione dispesta peluchic diurnalic vamphuntic kenobeasten person who uses it/its, mew/mews, stab/stabs, and gore/gores pronouns!
dni transcript here
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ghosts-gender-blog · 10 months
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wild + pup
a gender that feels like a wild, or feral, puppy, a small wild dog, or a cub of a naturally wild canine (wolf, fox, etc); this gender resembles a puppy without its cuteness, or cuteness isnt the focal point of this identity, this gender can be related to wildmasculine (however the gender itself isnt necessarily masculine)
coined + flag by me
flag colour meanings:
brown - puppies
orange - fox cubs
gray - wolf cubs
green - wilderness
white doesnt really have a meaning
[ID: a flag with 5, equally sized, horizontal stripes. Colours are, from top: desaturated, light brown, desaturated, warm, brown, off-white, grey, desaturated, cool, green. End ID]
wildmasculine definition here:
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dgrpprideflags · 1 year
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wildmasculine flag picked from kiyotaka ishimaru!
requested by: nobody
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themogaidragon · 2 years
Hi! Can you coin a gender that's like pupgender and sleepygender combined? Maybe with "may or may not be attached to wildmasculine" or smth? /g /nao
Sleepupmascgender : A masculine gender that is small, lively, cute. That is associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies and characterized by feeling sleepy, soft, and tired. It can be influenced by sleep or lack there of. It also may or may not be attached to wildmasculine.
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Sleepupgender : A gender that is small, lively, cute. That is associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies and characterized by feeling sleepy, soft, and tired. It can be influenced by sleep or lack there of.
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tubbs-is-my-friend · 2 years
could i have a wildmasculine misty, please? i don’t really mind what you pick!
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xenohcs · 2 years
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Howl Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle is a bisexual agender wildmasculine guy who uses he / him, it / its, and crow / crows pronouns!
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comet-fae · 8 months
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This is a personal term that i’ve coined a label for. Please keep that in mind!
A gender that is neutral, masc-aligned, and related to being a coyboy (coyote-boy). This is intended for coyote therians (Although others can use it)
A coyboy doesn’t necessarily have to identify as a boy, and the feeling is similar to wildmasculine
Update: There is no coygirl/nb right now, as coyboy is something i’ve been calling myself for a long time that i decided to turn into a label. I’d be kinda uncomfortable coining alternative labels to this (that includes others coining them, too) but,, if there’s enough request for it i suppose i could
Do not add this term to any wikis.
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my xenogender hoard !!
frog-related genders:
Tumblr media
masc genders:
Tumblr media
evil autigender
Tumblr media
current xenogender count: 44
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begendered-mogai · 10 months
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Mike Schmidt from FNAF is a transmasc, bibliopunkic, blancagender, feargender, syrvivgender, genderobscuratus, antidarkian, technouryic man with PTSD who uses he/it/fear/bite!
Crying Child is an unlabeled autistic boy with anxiety and PTSD who uses he/him!
Gregory is a transmasc xenogender autistic kid who uses he/him pronouns!
Freddy Fazbear is a gay trans man who uses he/him and is dating Bonnie!
Bonnie is a bi dianqian demiboy who uses he/they and is dating Freddy Fazbear!
Chica is a transhet trans woman who uses she/her and is dating Mangle and Toy Foxy!
Foxy is a uranic agender bitegender person who uses they/them!
Toy Freddy is an mspec aromantic wildmasculine guy who uses he/it!
Toy Bonnie is a transmasc, bigender, autigender, femascgender, pansexual guy with autism who uses he/xem pronouns! Xe is dating Mangle!
Toy Chica is a pizzagender, lovecoric, hypersexual, transfem, trans woman lesbian who uses she/love/💕/❤! Love has autism and is dating Toy Foxy!
Mangle is a genderqueer, genderfuck, pangender, glittercattic, omnisexual homoromantic person who uses all pronouns! She is dating Toy Bonnie and Chica!
Toy Foxy is a transmasc bigender queer person who uses he/she/it! She is dating Chica and Toy Chica!
The Puppet is an agender hauntcartric thing that uses she/they/it pronouns!
Golden Freddy is a yellowgender, bitelexic, grimegender, libramasculine, asexual person who uses he/it/gold pronouns!
Balloon Boy is a superstarlexic kid who uses ⭐️/⭐️s! ⭐️ is autistic and has a balloon special interest!
Glamrock Freddy is an 80scoric techgender gay man who uses he/it pronouns! It is in a relationship with Glamrock Bonnie, Glamrock Foxy, and Montgomery Gator!
Montgomery Gator is a greengender, swampgender, gatorgender, transmasc, demigender, bisexual homoromantic guy who uses he/swamp pronouns! He is in a relationship with Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Foxy! Swamp is also in a QPR with Roxanne Wolf!
Glamrock Chica is a pizzagender, lovecoric, 80scoric, suprafeminine, starpretgender, loicgender, transfem trans woman lesbian who uses she/🧁 pronouns! She is dating Roxanne Wolf!
Roxanne Wolf is a wolfgender canicfearen queer demigirl who uses she/they/claw pronouns! Claw is dating Glamrock Chica and is in a QPR with Montgomery Gator!
Glamrock Bonnie is a bungender, glamrockbotic, heartcadecoric, purplegender asexual gay man with autism who uses bun/buns pronouns! Bun is in a relationship with Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Foxy!
Glamrock Foxy is an arcadecoric, knifegender, wildmasculine, ufcrashic, foxgender turian who uses he/bite pronouns! He is in a relationship with Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Bonnie, and Montgomery Gator!
For @genders-and-dinos !
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pronounpinbadge · 11 months
These are some terms we use that people may not know the definitions of, or we use them specifically with personal definitions. Heres an index!
A 'primary gender' in our terms is the overall label you use to describe your gender most often, usually a binary gender. Examples; "I'm a trans woman." "I'm masculine nonbinary." "I don't really use labels."
A 'secondary gender' are genders that you hold high, but are still not your primary gender, you might mention these to more trusted people Examples; "I'm transfem and demigender." "I'm genderfluid in male and nonbinary labels." "I'm kinda neutrois."
NOTE: The above terms can also be generalised to pronoun hoarders ("Primary sets of pronouns" and "secondary sets of pronouns.")
A 'xenogender' are specific labels that are not common or 'ordinary' preexisting labels. Things such as aesthetigenders, songgenders, naturigenders, concept genders, etc.
A 'microlabel' is a label you use that is not as high as secondary or primary genders, you may not consider using them permanently or even often, and might not include to mention them when describing your gender. Examples; "I use arfgender and puptoyic." "I use wildmasculine." "I have an extensive hoard of microlabels that define my gender."
An adjective that inspired gender-specific joy in a person; the feeling of positive gender-based emotions. Examples; "This new set of pronouns makes me feel genderful!" "I feel genderful now that I'm transitioning."
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