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—Lips Over Your Nightmares
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wednesday Addams x Fem!Reader/OFC
Summary: You've been having trouble sleeping. Nightmares haunt you every time you close your eyes, and Wednesday offers a solution in the form of comfort only she is capable of.
Warnings: Soft!Wednesday. Possessive!Wednesday. Intimate. Wednesday ran out of patience. Emotionally charged confessions. Kissing. Lots and lots of kissing.
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Note: I said wednesday is soft for her girl and I will take no arguments about it. The act of kissing in this fic is peak wlw. I'm sleeping on the highway tonight and taking you all with me.
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Nighttime could be hellish.
It was probably why Wednesday adored it so much. 
You loved it too. There was something divine about the nighttime. People feared the dark, but you saw it as an opportunity to rest your weary eyes and bones. The night gave way to being invisible, and there were some days when that was all you could bear to be. 
But to Wednesday Addams, who loved the dark, you could never be invisible to her.
It was a blessing and a curse. 
To be seen by Wednesday—it was something more than many people could ever hope for. 
But to be seen when you wanted to be invisible? It was like being dragged without anything to hold onto. 
Nighttime was hellish, and you wanted to disappear into the dark as your nightmares plagued you until you couldn't even tell what was the dream and what was the reality.
But Wednesday Addams saw you. 
You've missed Enid's late-night studying session again. It's the second week in a row that Enid's gotten a text from you two minutes before the session started.
"I guess we can start," Enid told the group with a disappointed smile. "She's not coming today either."
"Fuck," Xavier sighed. "She's the only one who's good at art restoration. I was hoping she'd help me with my assignment."
Wednesday's face scrunched together mildly, and Xavier rolled his eyes. "Except for you, Wednesday. But you hate teaching me and I hate learning from you."
"I can't help it if you're stupid," Wednesday dully replied. 
"Not all of us can do it perfectly after being told what to do—told only once might I add," Xavier raised his brow at her.
Wednesday shrugged, which only seemed to irk Xavier more and to prevent them from bickering further, Yoko turned to Enid and asked, "Why isn't she coming?"
Enid shrugged, her lips quirked to the side as they pressed together. "She texted to say she wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it."
"She does seem tired lately," Bianca commented, her expression in deep thought as she recalled the last two weeks when she saw you. "Also, really quiet. Well, quieter than she normally is."
There were murmurs of agreement around while Wednesday sat silently. Of course, she also noticed, but she was waiting for you to say something to her. You always told her whatever was plaguing you, even when Wednesday told you she didn't ask. Wednesday was used to hearing your mundane thoughts or solving your problems. 
But there was nothing this time, and Wednesday couldn't figure it out. She tried to think back to see if anything had changed—if something had happened, but there was nothing. 
Two weeks of leaving you be was enough, though, Wednesday decided as she packed her things into her bag.
"What! Wednesday, are you leaving too?" Enid groaned. "But I need help with botanical sciences!" 
"Ask Bianca," Wednesday didn't even look up.
Enid looked at the siren, who had a deceitful, happy smile.
"I'd be happy to help you, Sinclair. Let's talk The Poe Cup negotiations first."
"Absolutely not!" Enid scoffed before turning back to Wednesday with pleading eyes. "Wednesday..." she whined.
"Ask Xavier," Wednesday didn't budge.
"But all he does is draw in class. There's no way he's doing well."
"I'll have you know I'm getting a C," Xavier looked affronted.
Enid merely stared at the sullen boy for a long moment before she turned back to Wednesday. "I'll just wait for you tomorrow after school."
Xavier was about to say something else when Wednesday briskly nodded, standing up and leaving the group behind without another word. 
It was completely silent on the other side of your door, and from its looks, it was dark as no lights were shining underneath it.
Wednesday knocked in three successions. 
There was no answer. 
If it were anyone else, they would've believed you weren't there and left, but not Wednesday.
No, she knew you far too well. 
This was a place where you could truly be invisible with no roommate.
Wednesday knocked insistently until she heard shuffling, an agitated huff, and footsteps approaching the door. 
The door only opened marginally. You looked mildly surprised to see her, but Wednesday supposed you had too little energy to manage anything more. 
There were dark circles under your eyes, and they looked puffy and slightly red around the edges from lack of sleep. Your skin was pallor, which suited someone like Wednesday, but she decided it was not on you. Your hair lacked its usual shine, and Wednesday's eyes narrowed as she finished scrutinizing you.
"What are you doing here?" You asked quietly. 
"Are you going to just let me stand out here?"
"I'm not in the mood for company, Wednesday," you blinked slowly. 
It was new.
You were usually happy for Wednesday's company whenever she stopped by, and you often visited her dorm. 
"I have had enough of this," Wednesday glared at you through the gap in the door. "You will let me in."
"And if I don't?" You challenged back, and Wednesday almost wanted to applaud the snippy attitude you've mustered through the tiredness.
"Then I will wait out here and ensure you don't get a. Single. Wink. Of. Sleep." It was a threat that tugged at your nerves. You looked at Wednesday, and for a brief moment, she thought she won before you shut the door in her face. 
Disbelief clouded over Wednesday's eyes. 
Then, Wednesday began to knock incessantly over and over on your door. Her knuckles knock with a vengeance, and she'll be damned if you think she doesn't take absolute joy in torturing you. 
It worked because you open the door wider this time, as you stare at Wednesday with a glare.
"What part of 'I'm not in the mood for company' was unclear, Wednesday?" Your voice was gruff, and Wednesday could tell that you were still trying to not snap at her despite how tired you were. 
And that in itself was everything. It was like that all the time. 
You were always trying to be considerate of whatever feelings you thought Wednesday might have while gently pushing her to admit which ones she was truly feeling. 
Maybe that was why Wednesday could never leave you alone now.
You were a gateway to things Wednesday never wanted, and she genuinely thought you should pay for making her desire things she swore she'd never want. 
"Say you don't want my company then," Wednesday said haughtily. 
Wednesday knew you wouldn't—couldn't, even. You never would. 
Just as you were her exception, she was yours. 
You pursed your lip at her, starting to close the door swiftly, and Wednesday stuck her foot partially into your room, preventing you from shutting the door in her face again.
"Wednesday!" You called her name, concerned you might've hurt her when the door hit her foot, but the macabre girl used the opportunity to press her palm flat against your door and pushed it wide open.
She took a step forward menacingly, forcing you to take a step back. She took another step, and you took another one back. When she was inside your room fully, she used the back of her heel to shut your door.
The resounding click of it made you swallow.
"Wednesday," you clenched your jaw, fighting against something you weren't even really sure why. But you were terrified—of her, you don't think, but rather what she was capable of doing to your heart.
"I have been patient," Wednesday's voice is quiet, but her tone is sharp, expressing every bit of her lost tolerance. "I have waited for you silently."
Wednesday kept walking towards you, backing you up until your back bumped into your desk. She looked positively irritated. "I have even refrained from saying a single unkind thing despite them running through my mind at the sight of you moping at whatever has been keeping you up at night."
"How did you know—"
"Do you take me for an idiot?" Wednesday's eyes flashed dangerously at your insinuation. You shook your head.
"Then you must take me for a fool with endless patience," Wednesday glared at you. "I don't take kindly to the kind of games you're playing."
"I'm not playing anything—"
Wednesday cut you off again. "Then explain concisely what has been keeping you up and why you've been keeping it to yourself."
Silence filled the room as you didn't speak, but Wednesday had already waited this long. She could wait a little more. 
Wednesday watched how you gripped the edge of your desk, your finger tapping underneath in rapid succession before you closed your arms over her chest. 
The stance was defensive, but you looked more reluctant than wary.
"I'm having nightmares about you."
The admittance stunned Wednesday, and she didn't know how to take it. Initially, it felt like a compliment because nightmares were so fascinating and exhilarating to experience, and Wednesday hoped to have nightmares every night she slept based on that logic. 
But you were not her. 
Nightmares, illogically, were typically not desirable.
"Wednesday, I—" You swallowed. "I have feelings for you. You're the best and worst part of my days because I actually feel clinically insane everytime I see you, spend time with you and then have to face the fact that you're not mine and I'm not yours."
Wednesday's jaw clenched, and it was noticeable. She wanted to open her mouth and demand how you could feel the exact same way she did, but she kept her mouth shut, waiting for you to continue on. 
"And I have nightmares about losing you," you confessed. "I have nightmares about losing you to Tyler or another deranged supernatural being. I have nightmares about losing you to Xavier or Enid or somebody like Tyler, minus the whole mass genocide. I have nightmares about losing you in every single imaginable way, only to wake up and realize you're not mine, and you can't lose what you don't have."
"I can't tell if the nightmare is when I'm asleep or when I'm awake." You put your hands to your face, laughing hollowly. Tears well up in the back of your eyes, burning as they were so dry from lack of sleep. "I think I'm going crazy."
Wednesday wanted to tell you that going crazy was supposed to be wonderful. But she, herself, has been experiencing the whirlwind of elation and torment you put her through and believed that going crazy wasn't as wonderful as she thought. 
But Wednesday decided then and there that there was no way up from crazy. And while it's unfortunate that she's not the brand of crazy like Uncle Fester, she's been driven mad nonetheless. It's the only thing that could explain all of this and everything that's about to come. 
Wednesday grabbed your wrist, moving your hand away from her face. No visions plague her, and all she knows is that this meant her decision wouldn't end in misfortune and it wouldn't drive her down a lonely path. 
"Enid's not expecting me back tonight," Wednesday told you as she dragged you over to your bed. Her succinct tone leaves no room for you to ask any questions. 
"Um, okay?" You said anyway, thrown off by her response and feeling exhaustion saw at your bones, dragging the invisible knife back and forth.
Wednesday guided you to get into bed, and you complied. Resignation settled over you as you rested your head on your pillow. It was cold again with you being away from it, but it brought no comfort. 
You lay facing the wall, about to pull the blanket up to your chin, when you heard something drop against the floor. You turned your head and saw that Wednesday had set her backpack down, and now she was zipping off her sweater, hanging it on the pole of your bed frame, leaving her in her black long-sleeve.
Wednesday took her shoes off before using every bit of her vulnerability to steadily and carefully climb into bed with you. It was dark, with only a little light from the moonlight shining just barely into the room, and you could make out the barest hint of her features and knew she was staring intently at you, trying to ascertain if this was a boundary both of you could bear to cross. 
Her touch was slow and hesitant, revealing this was something she's never done before, but the moment you were in her arms, you clicked into place like a puzzle piece. 
Wednesday was cool against your body, but she was warming from your touch and shared heat trapped under the blanket. She smelt like rain and dry leaves, and you felt like you were going insane. You buried your face into her neck. 
Wednesday wrapped her arms around you, holding you close, allowing the things she's been desiring for a while to come to fruition. She couldn't tell if this was making her saner or driving her closer to insanity.
It was deliriously pleasant.
"Who said you're not mine?" Wednesday muttered into the shell of your ear.
It's suddenly not enough, and Wednesday now knew the answer was that it was driving her closer to insanity. 
Wednesday pulled back slightly, looking into your eyes that were so tired just moments ago. The dark circles remained, but you were wide awake, speckles of oblivion in your eyes.
Despite how everything else changed as you became sleep deprived, your lips still remained full and soft. 
Wednesday moved to close the gap, sighing softly as her lips slanted against yours. 
How could she feel like jagged glass, splintered and sharp, while you felt so soft, practically melting around her serrated edges?
Wednesday only pulled back marginally, cupping your jaw and the back of your neck. "Who told you that you don't already have me? I want names."
You couldn't even think straight with how her breath felt on your lips. You pushed forward again, pressing your lips against Wednesday's insistently.
Was it possible for reality to be better than a dream? 
Your lips slotted over Wednesday's over and over and over. Wednesday tugged at your bottom lip, smoothing over it with her tongue before it dipped at the edge of your mouth where your tongue met hers. 
It was dizzying, something that frequently happened to Wednesday when it was too warm. She usually hated the sensation of it, but, of course, as many things were exceptions when it came to you, this was one of them too. 
"Your nightmares are inane."
You couldn't help but laugh against Wednesday's lip. 
"I think I am actually insane," you grinned, and you saw a ghost of something similar on Wednesday's lips. 
"Sleep," Wednesday ordered you, kissing you chastely initially but ending up biting your bottom lip tenderly. Her hands pull you closer, her lips resting on your forehead. "I'm here, so nothing will plague you."
The softness of Wednesday is unimaginable, and you're nearly skeptical.
"No." Wednesday countered bluntly. "I'm telling you that I'm here and yours. You may come to regret it, knowing how...difficult I am. But you're stuck with me. Congratulations," Wednesday tilts her head slightly, brushing against yours, "or condolences."
But you could hear Wednesday's heartbeat, and it was dark, and you were so tired, but you were close enough to hear Wednesday's heartbeat. 
Your lips tingle from Wednesday's kisses. You felt your eyelids grow heavy along with your body, and the way Wednesday shifted told you she was satisfied.
Nighttime could be hellish, but Wednesday Addams saw you—she always would. And all she had to do was put her lips over your nightmares.
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If you're still taking writing requests or suggestions, may I suggest the 5wirl boys comforting reader after the reader has a nightmare about losing them?
The timing of this ask lol I've been having weird (or interesting depending on the view) nightmares recently as well so some comfort after the disturbing experience would be very appreciated indeed. That aside, my personal headcannon is that all of the anemo boys have nightmares quite regularly, too. So, they'd probably understand better than anyone :)
Tumblr media
──⚝ venti
If Venti's not passed out from drinking, it takes little hue and cry for him to notice. At first, he'd freak out a little, checking you over for injuries or anything of that sort. Then, he sighs in relief realizing it was just a nightmare that'd gotten you upset. Immediately, his whole countenance changes and he's guiding you to his hold, rocking you back and forth and vanishing your worries with the bestest melodies. His songs aren't just mere tunes, they're full on declaration of his eternal sentiment — you honestly become a little flustered in your sleepy haze. Venti has no shame admitting what he feels for you though, that cheeky smile you've come to adore never leaving his lips. And even if Venti was passed out from drinking, his tight embrace alone would reassure you that he'd never leave you or let you leave him.
──⚝ aether
One word : panic. He's immediately frantically trying to calm you down, holding you, wiping your tears, making funny faces to bring a smile to your face — the whole shebang. It's almost like you're a child he'd accidentally upsetted instead and when nothing works, starts crying with you, too. You're confused, he's confused and this abnormal reaction calms you down enough to croak out the reason of this predicament. Aether stops dead in the middle of wiping the tears off his face, deadpans and pulls your cheeks. Silly, silly, silly — take a good look at the state he's in, he'd rather drown in his own tears than ever leaving you.
──⚝ kaedehara kazuha
The calmest of the boys, he handles the situation so well that he deserves an award. When he's woken from his sleep with a perturbed you by his side, he's already cradling you in the safest embrace, whispering sweet nothings. He doesn't directly coax you to share your mind, but all his lulling actions offer such a sense of security you cannot help but bare your heart out to him. He's not deterred from his ministrations, either. Ever so intuitive, he guesses something else must've happened for your brain to conjure up something like that. Perhaps it was a person? That could be likely considering his idol disposition. Kazuha frowns, turning you to face him eye-to-eye, his hands hold yours firmly in an oath and he confesses that he belongs, and will forever belong to you and solely you ; this would be changed by no one, not even your subconscious.
──⚝ xiao
I think we all can agree he'd have the most nightmares out of all the anemo boys. Therefore, it's usually you comforting him and making him feel the most blessed man in existence. Xiao is nowhere near ungrateful either, so he harbours great appreciation for your kindness, taking mental notes in case the positions were to be switched. He engraves in his mind how nice it feels when you hold him and run your hand through his hair, humming gentle tunes but never probing him to recount what he'd seen, showing through your actions instead how much you treasure him. He may be extremely inexperienced in all of this but he's quick and determined to learn for you. When the predicted shift did happen though, he was a little panicked as well but not as intense as Aether. If anything, seeing him try so hard to comfort you makes you the happiest anyway. Ends up composing songs to confess the things he couldn't say to you in the moment <3
──⚝ shikanoin heizou
Detective Heizou had sensed something amiss the moment he found the other side of the bed vacant. He at first tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but when a considerable amount of time had passed with no signs of you returning, he decided to follow the clues. A mystery indeed, sounds of sniffing, weary figure— he deducted you were bothered by another nightmare again. Sneakily, he snaked his arms around your form from behind and began spinning you around til you couldn't keep the giggles in and now both of you were laughing like teenagers over silly jokes. Much more relaxed, he asked you what the nightmare was about. With some reluctance, you shared the contents. You felt the earlier horror returning to you but Heizou was having none of it ; scooping you up in a princess carry (you wonder where he gets such strength, honestly), sweet whisperings lost in the moonlight. Sshh, do not worry, just let him show you how much he loves you so that such fickle dreams won't ever bother you again.
Tumblr media
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shkudss · 2 days
Weakened by Eywa Pt. 5
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
Summary: Ao'nung finally realizes that his actions have consequences
Warnings: curse words, bullying, mental breakdown, English isn't my first language
Author's note: guys I’m so sorry that I didn’t tagged those who voted in the poll😭 I had no idea that it’s anonymous and you can’t see those who vote🥲 I’m really really sorry!!! Please, text me or comment if you want to be tagged. I hope you won’t get upset by this
Yawntutsyip - darling, little loved one
Yaymak - foolish, ignorant
Tsmukan - brother
Sa’nu - mommy
Metiyawn - love (plural)
Tumblr media
“Now you can’t call me helpless, water boy.” After finally learning how to ride ilu, you were really playful, swimming with Ao’nung.
“Yeah, that’s because I was your teacher. Otherwise you would be helpless.” Light smile was on his face as he was talking to you. “Hey, who first reaches that stone will be the winner!”
It was really sudden game, but you managed to react fast. Even though your swimming skills improved significantly, you still were far from Ao’nung’s skills. He was way faster and was already standing on that huge stone and looking down at you. His skin was lighter on the sun.
“Come here, I’ll help you” you were about to thank him, but then he added “Loser” and chuckled at your unpleased face.
“Hey! You’re stronger than me and you are water na’vi. I’ll look at you running on the trees and trying to keep your balance with that thick tail!” You pushed his shoulder a little when he helped you to climb up.
“Yeah, I would probably be loser in the forest. I remember you almost killing me that day, I didn’t even recognize you at first. You were in your element and I understood that you’re actually strong. Surprisingly, not really loser.” Ao’nung laughed at last sentence and you pushed him again, but also had fun.
“Yeah, forest is my home. I don’t know how it is possible for people to claim that sea is their home. We’re actually different as you said before.” You sat on the warm stone and looked at the sunset.
“Yes, but we’re still all na’vis, children of Eywa and I didn’t understand it before.” Ao’nung joined you, you were so close that your shoulders were touching each other. “Y/N, you know I’m really sorry what what I did and said. Even though you said you forgave me, I, myself cannot forget it.” His aquatic eyes were looking far at the horizon.
“You don’t need to forget it, you must forgive yourself. I forgive you, but I will never forget about it and that’s not bad. You need to learn from your and others’ mistakes. It is your life and experience. But it is also your choice how to react on all these things happening to you. I could choose not to forgive you and I would be a lifelong burden for both of us. You could choose to be blind and not see anything wrong in your actions and it would break me and my family more and more. But we made our decisions and we’re here now, being friends and having this conversation. It is because we choose peace. Inside us and around us.” You placed your hand on his chest, explaining your thoughts and forgetting about boundaries.
Ao’nung didn’t respond to you, but placed his hand over yours on his chest. You looked up at him and met his gaze. It was so intimate, you could feel the whole atmosphere between you changing vitally. You wanted to remove your hand, but he didn’t let you do this, holding it solidly.
“What are you doing, Ao’nung? Why are you looking at me like this?” All your confidence and playfulness disappeared.
You could feel him examining you. Your eyes, your hair, you lips, your hands. Ao’nung wanted to look at you all day long. Enjoying your beauty and wisdom. You captured his heart, his soul not even knowing about it.
“If you were the Sun, I would burn my eyes but keep looking at you every day. If you were a bird, I would spend all days in the forest listening to you.” He took your other hand, stroking it softly. “I know I hurt you deeply and I know it might be too early to say that as we’ve recently just came to peace. But I don’t know how I can live another day keeping it inside. You told that it is my choice how to react on things happening to me. This thing has been making me crazy for so long and I finally made my choice, Y/N.”
You felt your heart blowing inside of you. You didn’t know what to do or to say. Ao’nung was looking at you for a couple of seconds and then his face got as close to yours that you could feel his warm breath. Your knees felt weak at that type of closeness. One second and he leaves a little kiss in the corner of your lips.
Your eyes widened, breath is our of control. He looks right into your eyes, trying to catch your emotions. Ao’nung is also nervous, but he can’t show it to you since he is a future warrior, Olo'eyktan of the Metkayina. He wants to look strong and mighty in front of you.
“I… I need…” all words left your mind “I need to think it over.”
And you left him, running away from that stone. You didn’t even notice how you ended up riding ilu back to your marui. Your heartbeat was going crazy every time you remembered his lips on yours.
“What’s going on..?” You placed your hand on your heart trying to calm down. “Why my heart is beating so fast?”
“Y/N, are you okay?”
Mother’s voice distracted you. She knew something was wrong, you looked shocked. Even your hands were shaking a little.
“What happened? Someone annoyed you?”
“No, I just… I think I have feelings, but I’m not sure.” Neytiri led you to the Marui, looking at you worried.
“You mean feelings to a boy?”
“Yes, he kissed me.” It was hard for you to tell the truth, especially to your mom. You were embarrassed.
“Who was that?” Neytiri was actually excited to know that you’re getting used to the life here. You build your own story here.
“I’m not ready to tell it yet. But I don’t know what to do. He kissed me in the corner of my lips and I ran away. Is he going to hate me?” Helpless look on your face made your mom feel the wave of love. You’re still a kid who is getting through first romantic feeling.
“It’s okay, don’t worry. If he had true feelings to you he won’t be mad.” Her words easined your heart. “But you have to talk to him and explain everything, if you really value him.”
“Okay, thank you sa’nu.” You hugged Neytiri. You really needed it. “I will go for a walk. I need to think about everything.”
“Okay, but don’t be out for too long. You better be home before the eclipse.”
You’d been sitting in your place in the forest for the past 2 hours and trying to understand what you feel. That kiss put you out of your stride completely. You wouldn’t even think about having feelings to Ao’nung if he didn’t do this.
These days, every time you got physically close to each other you felt a little awkward and shy which is unusual for you. This never happened with Roxto or other guys.
“Do I like him?” As you asked yourself you felt your heartbeat increasing.
“Y/N, what are you doing here? We’ve been looking for you.” You saw Neteyam coming out from the bushes.
“Sorry, I was just thinking, this place is peaceful.” You moved a little to let your brother sit next to you. “I thought it’s my secret place, but I guess it’s not.”
“Yeah, sorry.” He looked at you apologizing. “What are you thinking about? I see you’re worried.”
“I don’t think you would like to hear it.”
“C’mon, I’m your big brother. I won’t get mad, promise.” He patted you on the head, waiting for your speech.
“I think, I have feelings to Ao’nung.” you were really cautious when revealed the truth. “He kissed me today and I don’t know what to do.”
You were afraid to look at him. Silence made you nervous.
“I see.”
Neteyam looked thoughtful. You had no idea what’s going on in his mind. For you his opinion on this was the most important. You really needed his support as an older brother.
“Talk to him.”
A/N: Heyyy! I hope you liked it! I’m so happy for their developing relationships and that everyone is so supportive🥹 I’m really excited about next part! I think it’s going to be the last one, but we’ll see! I have ideas for some one-shots and I can’t wait to finish think work and write them🙈 Also, sorry for the delay, I’m really busy at school these days🥲
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Doting husband Bruce with pregnant wife reader 💗🐈🌷🎀
Here's not that. Mostly because I'm in a mood today.
"Welcome home, Mrs. Wayne," Alfred said, helping you out of your wet coat with a frown. "I see the weather is still dreadful."
"I thought I was going to have to build an Ark sometime around noon today," you answer, teeth chattering. You manage a smile. You manage to keep up polite banter. But it's just- all you want to do is cry.
Shower. Hot Shower. You can shut the door and cry. And that thought makes it easier to hold on to the thin veneer of 'okay' you slapped on top of ache in your chest.
"Dinner will be ready shortly," Alfred said, "if you would like to dress."
And you nod, feeling scolded. Though you slap the back of your hand mentally before you can say anything sharp. You'd had a hard day. And it left you feeling raw. That wasn't anyone else's fault. "A shower first-"
"Of course," the butler nodded slightly. Unbothered by having to wait dinner long enough for you to not catch your death. It wouldn't do for you to die of pneumonia when Bruce seemed to have learned how to be happy- at least as happy as he was capable of being. And he watched you go, frown deepening as he went to go inform your husband that you were home. And upset.
"Sweetheart," Bruce said softly, stepping into the shower where you were crying. Face hidden in your hands and pulled you against his chest. "It's alright."
And when you only cried harder, all he could do was squeeze you tighter, resting his cheek on your hair. "I'm here," he soothed. "Please don't cry."
It hurt. He hated it when you cried. He didn't know what to do- he didn't even know why you were crying. But he knew this was the kind of cry that was a long time coming. Something boiled over and now all you could do was let it run its course.
"Shh," he murmured. It broke his heart, listening to you sob. The hiccups and stutters that made it hard to understand what you were saying. Discordant pieces. But- it didn't matter what the pieces were. Only that they were too much. Today was too much.
And when you finally cried yourself out, letting him wrap you in warm soft towels, Bruce was thankful the crying stopped. "Are you hungry, baby?" he asked softly.
"No," you murmur. "I'm just so tired."
Bruce frowned a little and nodded. Tired covered a multitude of ills. It was how you deflected. Kept him from worrying about you- it didn't but. You didn't need to know that.
"I'll bring dinner to you," he said. "You'll sleep better with some actual food in your stomach-"
"I ate-"
"No you didn't," he said, chucking you under the chin. "Snacks don't count. Not the way you eat them. I'll bring up dinner and we'll watch a movie."
"Don't you need to-"
"Pretty sure any bombs are probably underwater by now," Bruce snorted. "Batman can go out tomorrow."
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ox1-lovesick · 23 hours
hi love I HAVE A RQQQ- TXT OR ENHA WITH A SICK S/O PLEASE!! i have a killer cold and the worst dizzy spells ever nd i would love some comfort 😞😞 thank u sm
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ pairing. txt x gn!reader genre. fluff, comfort warnings. mentions of food wc. 100-300 each
✯ synopsis. txt with a sick s/o!!
☆ a/n. firstly i am so sorry this took 4 months 💀 writers block is the bane of my existence. i do hope this manages to bring you some comfort though :( please do take care of yourself and get well soon! (even though you are most likely not sick anymore 😭) also how ironic is it that i'm currently sick... :')
Tumblr media
by your side 100% of the time you cannot get rid of him.
he's over your bed when you wake up in the morning, waiting outside the bathroom door for you, laying right next to while you're sleeping. everywhere you are, so is yeonjun
will bend over backwards to get you anything you need
water? medicine? soup? more blankets? less blankets? he's on it before you can even ask
cooks for you !!! tries to make your food as interesting as possible so you won't get bored, without adding things that will make you feel worse or aren't good for you
you're bedridden. don't even try to fight him
he won't let you lift a finger, he wants you to get as much rest as possible so you can get better as quickly as possible
infact don't even speak, he'll learn morse code so you can just beep him whenever you need
if his schedule allows he'll stay home with you and be by your side every second of the day, if not he's texting you every free moment he has to make sure you're okay
would definitely call in sick if you were feeling particularly tired and need his care that day
has multiple reminders to make sure you're taking your medicine on time, will scold you if you're even a second late
he'll never tell you but he secretly enjoys you being sick . . .
he love love loves to take care of you, especially when you call on him to do things for you it makes him all giddy knowing you need him (he's not a creep i swear)
he's ontop of you so much he probably catches whatever you have
atleast you're sick together
hates to see you sick
1. because it's gross 2. because he hates seeing you in pain but mainly because it's gross
you're not staying in his bed i'm sorry he's gonna come over to your house to take care of you during the day and go home to his snot free blankets at night
gets your medicine mixes up all the time and complains it's the doctor's fault for prescribing ones that look so similar
low-key takes advantage of this situation so he can skip work and spend some quality time with you LMAOOO
"sorry guys yn's still dying i can't come to work today"
at first it's fun because you just have your average head cold so he doesn't worry too much
but then it starts getting worse and he comes home to you falling over yourself in the kitchen because of your dizzy spells and nearly has a stroke
he starts stressing like a mad man after that
probably gets himself sick just with how stressed out he is it's a problem
definitely calls his mom for help he doesn't know what to do
updates her on every little thing you do
"mom they just took a really deep breath does that mean something"
buys the entire pharmacy
wants to kick himself for not taking it seriously when you first got sick he feels so guilty 😭
although you did enjoy his company and the endless marvel marathons so all is well
will not leave you alone. you have to shit with the door open.
will do everything for you even if you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself
from brushing your hair to fluffing your pillows he's gonna do it all
he'll even clean for you, that's his ultimate declaration of love
in the end he didn't really do much to nurse you back to health but A for effort
i know practically everyone in moaville would say he'd tease the shit out of you but in my head he'd be the most worried for you
googles every single one of your symptoms and then cries himself to sleep because myonlineclinic.com told him you have cholera and 6 days to live
the only reason he'd tease you is to mask his worry
he'd watch you go through 60 boxes of tissues and be like "omg my snotty baby" but on the inside he's freaking out 😭
your pain is his pain, the way you feel affects him and his mood drastically
he's irritable when you are, he's tired when you are, your appetites probably sync too
puts a curse on whoever spread their nasty germs to you with ginger roots and vinegar
i think he'd also be the most sympathetic since he gets sick a lot more often than the others
so gentle and understanding compared to his usual self it's a little scary 😭
surprisingly good at negotiation like you're being stubborn because you don't want to take your medicine and he's like "if you drink the cough syrup i'll let you listen to the demos for our next comeback" and before you know it you've sold your childhood home to him for 3/4 of the initial price
will whip out his guitar and sing for you in a heartbeat if you ask him too
obviously tries to crack jokes and make you smile so you don't feel too miserable, he feels so accomplished even if you just scoff at him 🙁
gets back to his usual annoying self once you're better though
ironically, he doesn't know what to do
he rarely gets sick and when he does it passes in a day or two, so when you've been coughing like you have bronchitis for the past week he feels so lost
his first instinct is to take you to the doctor to figure out what's wrong but gets into a fight with doctor for charging him 19382928 won just to press his hand to your forehead and tell him you have a head cold (terry is against this capitalist society)
also buys the entire pharmacy
changes your entire lifestyle to the maximum efficiency so you get better as quickly as possible and makes sure you stick to it
strict like a prison warden, sometimes you wonder if he actually loves you
which he obviously does, but it's hard to believe so when he avoids any unnecessary contact with you as if you have the plague
takes you outside every once in a while to get some fresh air, he feels stuffy just watching you sit around
it also keeps you active 💪
he's always pestering you to wash your hands
will not let you touch him otherwise
makes sure he keeps your space clean, always has tissues and anything else you might need within your reach
at your aid 24/7
you take up a colossal space in his heart he's so soft for you
flying to your side before you even say anything
you don't even have to tbh he can read your mind
"how'd you know i wanted water?" "you looked thirsty"
if he notices you're feeling extra miserable he'll sing for you to cheer you up
swallows his pride because he's down bad and pulls out his best southern accent when you ask him to sing country music
he will be teased for the next millenia but it was worth it for you
he's like an overbearing mother but you get better the fastest when he's taking care of you
another mama's boy
probably calls his sisters too
hiyyih would tell him to soak your pills in vegetable oil as a joke but he'll actually do it because he's just that hopeless
he's unable to think straight he just wants to do everything in his power to make you feel better 😭
although he gets the hang of it pretty quickly, he's a fast learner and genuinely enjoys taking care of you
always praising you !!
"wow yn!! i can't believe you ate all your soup!!! you're so cool!!!"
tries to distract you by showing you his entire collection of pokemon cards
probably lies and tells you they're all super rare and he's the only one in the world who has them
does his best not to cause you any stress, he just wants you to focus on resting
the things this man does because he loves you istg
he cleans the entire dorm because it's a breeding ground for bacteria and he doesn't want anything making you more sick
the guys come home to the house spotless they're just like 🤯🤯🤯🤯
taehyun asks you to get sick more often if it means he doesn't have to fight his way through the ironing board and bike to get to the sink
he even lets you play on his DS he's down bad
side rant: i feel like kai is secretly a neat freak, he abhors the sight of filth but is just too lazy to do anything about it so he forces himself to deal with it 💀
anyway he's such a sweetheart :( does his best to keep the mood up even if you're feeling miserable because your nose is so filled with so much snot that you can't breathe
his positive energy definitely rubs off on you!!!
he actually does a good job taking care of you, he's a bit stressed at first but you're back to good health in no time !!!
Tumblr media
© OX1-LOVESICK ── all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, alter, or repost my work without my explicit permission.
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ok but is anyone ever going to talk about the fact that, to a Hero of Hyrule, the phrase "half-alive" or "half-dead" means that they're actually doing pretty okay? Like, just in terms of the games, too. At the beginning of most Zelda games, you typically have 3 hearts, right? So "half-dead" then would be 1.5 hearts, which isn't good.
But in an average playthrough, by the time you defeat the final boss and everything, you probably have, like, 13 hearts, if not more.
The AVERAGE HYLIAN would probably have the equivalent of, say, three to six hearts, right? Think about that for a second. That's an average Hylian. Don't come at me about this being wrong or something, it just makes sense to me. Normal zelda game, you start w/ three hearts. Usually you are a CHILD. SkSw you start with 6 and get full hearts of damage taken from a normal enemy. So 4-6 is a good ballpark for the average Hylian in my brain.
And a lot of Links have 13 hearts by the end. Or more. To them, "half-dead" is perfectly fine. They are completely functional. How many times have you looked at your health bar in-game, realized that you're at half-health, and brushed it off because you're not in danger? I don't know about you, but I do that all the time!! When I can't regenerate health, I don't freak out or anything, because I have at least 6 hearts, if not more. That's a lot.
That is the health (approximately) of an average Hylian.
Anyway I think we should all talk about that more. We should talk about the fact that over the course of their adventures, Link really just toughens up a whole ton, learns a lot of endurance, goes through a lot of physical exertion and comes out all the better for it. He fucking grows so much and I love him for it. He becomes at least twice as strong/enduring/etc as the average person in terms of in-game health and I think that's wonderful.
"Vibing" is a Link's version of "half-dead". (And we're not even going to get into the whole thing that every zelda player has gone through where you have a quarter-heart or a half-heart for a while and have to tough it out while you look for hearts, i could write another essay on Link's fucking spite-)
People don't fuck around when they say Link is OP, okay? They mean it.
Also yeah this came to me while writing S&A, what about it-
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dojunie · 2 days
into you; hrj [sneak peek]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[★]; YOU LIKE HUANG RENJUN MORE THAN YOU’VE PROBABLY LIKED ANYTHING IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Sure, you've only been more than friends for like, two weeks— a title-less thing that has you hanging out nearly every day but still hovering in the gray space between people who kiss sometimes and something a little more concrete— but it didn’t take you long to realize that he's pretty much everything you've ever wanted. What you’ve got going on with him right now is perfect in its own way, even if you find yourself almost overwhelmed with how much you like him these days… but considering that Renjun seems perfectly fine with the way things are, you’re not really gunning to tell him that.
(Though, after an incident at a party has you blowing up on your ex for a less than savory dig at your relationship— however unofficial it may be— you might not have to tell Renjun anything at all.)
Tumblr media
huang renjun x fem!reader
college au but no learning is going on
genre/about; friends-who-kiss-sometimes to lovers, semi-established relationship but much pining is to be had, mc is Smitten, the full fic will have nsfw elements
teaser wc; 1k / full fic wc; 8-10k…ish (5k already written, woo, short fic era incoming)
[a/n: here is a very brief peek into a renjun fic that came to me in a fever dream, the one i’ve been working on non stop for like four days straight!!! renchins and others pls leave your thoughts in the replies or send me an ask, i beg]
Tumblr media
YOU'VE SIMMERED DOWN EVEN FURTHER BY THE TIME YOU'VE GOTTEN INSIDE HIS APARTMENT AND TAKEN A LONG, HOT SHOWER; scouring both the party and Jihoon’s touch from your skin, the nearly burning water is a welcome cleanse from the nights earlier events. (Though, if you’re being completely honest, the reason your face is so warm isn’t only because of the heat.)
Upon opening the front door and hustling inside, not a second had passed after toeing off your shoes off before Renjun spun you around kissed you.
And it wasn’t— It wasn’t rare for him to kiss you first. You didn’t want to make it seem like you had to chase him down for a smooch. But Renjun, as you’d guessed from his personality even before you started dancing around each other like this, was much more reserved than you were. He chose his moments for affection purposefully; a hand held here, a kiss on the cheek there, or (on more delicate occasions) a press of his lips against yours, mainly whenever you’d drop you off late at night, a quiet goodbye whispered against your mouth.
So it wasn’t rare but it wasn’t an exact science either, which is precisely why you didn't know what was happening until it was already over. The giant, dopey smile on his face only served to explain that he’d known exactly what he was doing by surprising you like that, and you held back the urge to launch yourself at him.
“That was my thank you,” Renjun started airily, teasing but still looking a little pink around the edges himself, “For trying to fight someone twice your size on my behalf. No one’s ever done that for me before. However, I would be very happy if you never did it again, because if you got hurt I would be very mad. Do you understand?”
You only stared at him. Your lips were tingling. 
“I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmured. “Do you want to shower first?”
“…Yes,” you said lowly, finaly finding your voice. God. “Yeah. You take forever.”
“Well then I’ll get you something to change into,” he said. Then, terrifyingly, he leaned in as if he was going to kiss you again— but right when he was close enough for your eyes to cross, waiting, waiting, unwilling to not be ready this time— “What are you waiting for?" he whispered. "You’re blocking the closet. Go.”
He laughed when you ran, cursing him the whole way. 
Once you were out, sufficiently clean and doused head to toe in Renjun’s clothes (despite the fact that after like, the tenth time you’d been here, you brought a change of clothes to keep in his closet for spontaneous nights exactly like these), you found yourself both alone and introspective for the first time since the Jihoon incident. It was only expected that your mind would wander to how you got yourself to this point in the first place, draped across the couch of a guy you hadn’t even known the name of three months ago—
And it had started as a seating chart.
Seating charts were always a risky game. You could either be stuck next to the too-loud or the too-quiet, the cheaters with wandering eyes or the chatty kids who didn’t understand that class wasn’t only for socializing— or you could be put near an angel, someone would end up changing your life in a way that you never would have expected from that first day of classes. 
Thankfully, in Chinese Literature 201, it was the latter.
Renjun was a Language Study major; the pretty guy with soft brown hair, a pair of big silver glasses perched on his face and a sweet little smile to match— the quiet student who sat across the aisle from you in the lecture hall. Being dismissed by row after collecting your midterm practice grades meant that, out in the lobby, he had a front row seat to catch you pulling your hair out over your less than desirable grade— and seemingly out of nowhere, he tapped you on the shoulder and asked if you wanted a little help. Grateful (and frankly terrified by the idea of failing Chi Lit and having to take it again if you bombed this midterm), you’d taken him up on his offer: three times a week in the Sulim Library from 6 to 8PM.
The rest was pretty much history.
You got to know him outside of just flashcards and extra assigned readings, learned that he liked to sing and did ballet for four years in high school and hated the taste of matcha anything. You learned who his friends were and what he liked to do on campus. Renjun wasn’t like any guy you’d— actually no, scratch that, he wasn’t like any person you’d ever met before. He was quiet, but he wasn’t shy. He was able to shut you up with startling accuracy; an ability your friends even found miraculous when you told them after the first few tutoring sessions, a dumb smile on your face and swinging your feet, that you’d finally found someone who could argue better than you could.
Renjun could bring a smile to your face by saying your name alone. He was nice and he was sweet and he was thoughtful, but he had a temper that matched yours and the most endearing frustrated face you've ever seen on another person.
You often left his side feeling almost ill with awe that one person could be so… perfect. As awfully mushy as that sounds.
Thankfully, after a few weeks of woo-ing him with your roguish charm, when you bit the bullet and told him you liked him, he replied with a smile and a challenge— because Renjun was nothing if not focused on the goal of actually tutoring you— he told you that if you passed the midterm with a grade of B or above, he’d let you take him on a date.
Easy fucking money. There wasn’t a chance you were going to let this opportunity slip away from you. You studied so hard for that test that for nearly six days you only came out of your room to eat and pee. 
(You got a 96%— A big, beautiful red A+ on the midterm and a professors recommendation for your accompanying essay. Renjun only later told you that the alternative to a good grade was him taking you out instead, the prick; and he laughed so hard at the look on your face that you thought he was going to throw up.)
Tumblr media
[a/n; crying screaming i'm so excited to post this lol]
[will put full fic link here when posted] [other works]
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blainesebastian · 13 hours
birthday (ccg universe)
words: 1,683 ship: austin butler x reader summary: (request from @whoreforbrownies): “luci and austin bake and decorate a cake for ccg's birthday” warnings: none notes: gonna re-open my requests but please be patient with me. i hope ya’ll know i give so much to requests and sometimes i feel overwhelmed. i know waiting is sometimes hard, but i try to put so much into asks and make it worth it! please visit my ‘requests i’m working on page’ for updates. and feel free to leave warm messages of encouragement :) xo  tag list: @killerqueenfan, @karamelcoveredolicity, @elizabethrosecresswell, @gigisworldsstuff, @stylespresleyhearted
You've always been a big fan of your birthday—ever since you were little, your parents would make the most effort in celebrating you in a full week. Baking cookies, small trinkets to open up, special breakfasts and dinners, and then of course a big homemade cake with a lot of candles. It's one of your fondest memories of growing up and it's something you couldn't wait to pass on to your own daughter as she got older.
It's not that you wanted to put your own birthday celebrations on the backburner but it's just one of those things that tends to happen when you get caught in the busyness of life. You and Austin are wrapped up passionate projects and raising your daughter. You can't believe how fast time moves anyways, the fact that she's already two and so involved in the world, sponging up anything she can learn. It's pretty incredible to watch.
"She's down for the count." You tell Austin as you wander into your bedroom, your husband stretched out on the mattress. He's flipping through a script as he leans back against some pillows piled against the headboard, setting them down to look over at you. A small smile tugs the corners of your mouth, "Four books tonight."
"Soon we'll be up to ten," He jokes, closing it to set aside on the nightstand.
You hum lightly, moving to crawl into bed next to him. You turn on your side to face him, covering your mouth as a soft yawn leaves your lips, "She's very insistent—or we'll just have to invest in some novels."
He purses his lips, "Sure we could start on Jurassic Park or somethin'."
You let out a soft laugh, "Maybe. She's already naming different dinos out of picture books."
Austin smiles, reaching out to touch your hair. He tucks it behind your ear, fingers trailing down over your shoulder and arm in soft intimacy. There are a few quiet moments shared, just spending time, soaking any time together because sometimes it's far too fleeting. Austin has some time with the script he's just gotten before he has to begin going to table reads, then it's being gone for months at a time. Something you think you're used to until it actually happens.
Austin draws his thumb down your jawline, "Someone's birthday tomorrow."
You raise your eyebrows and let out a soft laugh, leaning back a bit until your back is fully on the bed. You look at the ceiling and run a hand through your hair, "Oh man, I completely forgot." Not on purpose, just...so many other things going on. You love that Austin's remembered but you hope he knows he's not obligated to have a whole day planned out for you or anything.
"Luci's been very serious about bakin' you a cake for the past few days."
You turn your head to look at him, your cheeks warming at the sentiment. Luci is one of the sweetest things, must get that from Austin. Honestly, a day spent at home with cake baking and maybe some sort of blanket fort in the living room sounds like a great birthday well spent—though, knowing Jillian there's probably a 'surprise party' in the works.
Reaching out your hand to touch Austin's chest, your fingers play with the collar of his shirt. "You gonna show her how to bake a cake tomorrow? Because that's pretty cute."
He raises his eyebrows, amused, "Oh really?"
You lean up to press a kiss to his lips, speaking against them, "Really."
Austin steals another kiss as you begin to pull away, nipping at your lower lip, "If that's all it takes to get you wound up, m'gonna have to start bakin' a lot more for you."
You can't help but laugh, Austin resting his body over yours. Your legs open up slightly to accommodate his body and you begin to squirm a little as he places kisses along your jawline and cheeks, any spot he can reach. "Stop," You giggle but you definitely don't want him to.
And he doesn't, cupping your cheek to kiss you deeper.
It’s not like you wake up especially early to spy on your husband and daughter (not exactly). You actually found yourself sleeping in, not waking up to an alarm, your arm stretching across the sheets for Austin but coming up empty. When you manage to lift your head, you can hear the clanking of bowls and silverware and soft music playing from the kitchen. And you already know that Austin is going to tell Luci they can bring you this cake in bed but…you don’t really want to miss out on seeing them bake it either.
You can be totally crafty, just a few moments (minutes) of observation. Your intention is definitely not to get caught because you’re sure Luci wants it to be a surprise.
It’s clear that both Austin and Luci have been up for a decent amount of time because when you peer into the kitchen and lean against the doorframe (luckily it’s behind where both of them are standing at the island counter, so you think you’re safe) you see that Austin’s set a baked chocolate cake in front of Luci. They’re ready to do icing.
Austin turns towards your daughter who’s standing on this platform that’s the height of a high chair, banisters in place so she doesn’t accidently step off the side. “Alright, how should we decorate it?”
“Dino!” Luci exclaims with a soft clap.
He smirks, shaking his head, “You wanna decorate it with a dino theme? What makes you think mama will like that?”
Luci grins this large toothy smile that’s so cheesy that it makes your heart swell—it’s literally one of your most favorite things that she does. “Cause I like dinos.”
Austin laughs, reaching into a nearby cabinet to grab a few things to make an icing, especially green food coloring, “Well, can’t argue with that logic.” He then opens up a drawer, “What kind of sprinkles?” He picks her up into his arms, holding her over the drawer so she can point and reach.
There’s leftover dino sprinkles from cupcakes they made Luci for her second birthday, so she selects those (of course) and, “Heart sprinples!”
“Heart sprinkles are such a good choice,” Austin approves, picking up that bottle to set on the counter, “Cause we love momma a lot, right?”
“Yeah.” Luci agrees and you swear you feel your heart beat right into your throat.
Austin presses a kiss to her temple and sets her down back on the platform, making sure she’s secure and settled before beginning to mix the icing together (with a lot of Luci’s help, obviously). You’re certain that this cake and icing are going to taste extra surgery but, that’s how you know it was made with a lot of love.
You pull away from the kitchen to walk back towards the bedroom once they start decorating the cake, not wanting to get caught. You move into the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face, turning to look over your shoulder as Austin knocks and slips into the space ten minutes later. You look at him through the mirror as he comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.
He smells like a bakery mixed with his own familiar scent. You smile, leaning back into him, closing your eyes and breathing him in as he presses a few kisses to your shoulder.
“How long were you watchin’?”
You purse your lips, fixing your gaze on him, “No idea what you’re talking about, I just woke up.”
Austin lets out a soft laugh which is mostly air leaving his nose, “Mhm, right. I hate to break it to you but you are not stealthy.”
“Is that anything to say to your wife on her birthday?” You tease, tipping your head back to rest on his shoulder.
He smiles, turning your body until your facing him, your arms moving to rest on his shoulders. He hums lightly, nuzzling your noses together before he playfully nips at your lower lip,
“You’re right, happy birthday.” Austin cups both sides of your face, pulling you in a kiss, gently pressing your back into the sink. He smiles against your mouth, running his thumb along your jawline, “And you’re not stealthy.”
You laugh, playfully pushing on his chest to get him to back up so you can walk out of the bathroom together. Austin insists on covering your eyes with his hands as you get towards the kitchen. You grin, leaning back against his chest and holding onto his wrists for balance as you walk,
“Mommmeee!” Luci squeals in excitement and you feel a solid, warm weight hit the bottom of your legs. You chuckle, reaching down to brush your hand through her hair.
“Morning—I smell something sweet.”
“Yep, Luc you wanna tell mom what we made for her?” Austin asks as he removes his hands.
“Cake!” Luci exclaims and you gasp at the messily decorated cake. There’s green icing everywhere (all over the cake but mostly staining Luci’s hands and cheeks), and then a spattering of the sprinkles you saw them both pick out. Honestly, it’s one of the best things you’ve ever seen.
“Oh my gosh!” You grin, picking her up into your arms as you approach the counter, “Is this…is this dino themed?” You ask, tickling her side. “This is great, because you know who my favorite dino is? You.”
Luci giggles and squirms as Austin pops some candles into the cake and lights them before she hugs you tightly around your neck. You press a few kisses into her shoulder, squeezing her gently,
“Alright, blow out the candles.” Austin smiles.
“Make a wish!” Your daughter insists, clapping her hands together.
You smirk, curling her hair around her ear before glancing at your husband. He leans over the corner of the counter and presses a kiss to your temple.
How could you possibly wish for anything? You’ve got everything you need right here.
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Yandere Overlord | A Little Crush 
Tumblr media
“Oh, my–who is this?”
You had been allowed to sit in on the meeting with Ainz, reading his hidden plea that you actually help him understand some of this. Of course under the guise of learning the guardians pay no mind in fact their barely able to contain their excitement to see both you and Ainz.
“That is the insolent emperor of the Vassal country of Baharuth Empire–”
Albedo continued to spew insults but you couldn’t help the heat that spread all over when you looked at his purple-pink irises. You put the picture down before your typical smile could change too much instead using your abilities to inform, Ainz as you promised.
‘Scared him into submission? I don’t remember doing anything but making peace before…’
‘Demiurge is specifically thinking about your appearance at the match…apparently, he was trying to meet with the Slane theocracy but your showing up immediately scared him into submission. Wow! Good job, Ainz!’
‘No good job! I didn’t even know that was happening!”
‘Sure. Sure.’
The meeting continued, which ensured a constant struggle as you tried not to look at the image they had crafted. When it ended you fought with yourself not to take the image instead opting to use your power to photocopy the image onto paper later…or maybe a body pillow.
“Jircniv huh? What a cutie!”
You didn’t have Ainz’s emotional regulator…that much was clear. Yet in the beginning, your true emotions illuded the guardians of Nazarick. But after many months of observation and talking with you they picked up on the subtle signs. Like today the heat emanating from your body, the way you crossed your legs, the bite of your lip to restrict the larger smile–it was all too clear.
“FOR A CRETIN LIKE THAT NO LESS!?” Albedo smashed the table. 
Demiurge rose, fighting the urge to angrily thrash his tail about. 
“Calm yourself Albedo…this could just be mere interest. (Y/n)-sama has expressed a growing interest in politics…we shouldn’t be so quick to judge!”
“B-but they n-never looked at anyone else like that!” Mare spoke sharing worried eye contact with his sister who returned the favor.
“At this rate…they’ll like them more than us!”
A pregnant silence hung over the room; each of the floor guardians imagining horrifying images of you leaving them for a mere human. Some were of you on the emperor’s arm in wedding garments, others had you sharing a milkshake and feeding the emperor, and another had you promising to run away with the dreaded emperor. Fear and horror enveloped all in the room bringing them to their knees as they reeled in pain. Amidst this Cocyutus took a stand, prepared to bring these worries to light. 
“I say…we bring our concerns to Ainz-sama!”
“YES!” “Y-yeah!” “I agree.” 
It doesn’t take long for Ainz to see this behavior himself. Hearing your telepathic giggles when you open the same page in the book you’ve been reading for a month is enough confirmation for him. And like always he is the one left to make the hard-hitting decision.
“AINZ-SAMA I suggest I personally help quell their sexual needs!”
“I’m more equipped to take care of them, ariska. ”
“Are you kidding, Mare and me cuddle with them all the time! Maybe you should make them do more with us!”
“Perhaps they simply wish to explore its healthy for youngins to—”
“Shut up Cocuyutus!” “Grrrr!” “Quiet Cocyutus, ariska!” 
And while he agrees you’re boredom is probably a good indicator it’s also because you’re you. He’s sure if he knew you in his old world or even in his guild this would have been normal. As your technical guardian, he shouldn’t really interfere…but even he can’t help but be annoyed with the telepathic squeals you keep making. So maybe on a whim, he’ll make a judgment call. 
“A trip to the Vassal state?”
“Yes, it's important that you publicly integrate yourself with the Sorcerer Kingdom.”
‘Do you want to?’
“I’m especially grateful!! I’ll take my mission with pride!” 
‘Yes!!! Thanks, Ainz!’
Your telepathic voice warms his nonexistent heart and he sends you away with Aura and Mare. He hopes their presence will deter any acting out on the Emperor’s end and as a deterrent from you possibly…deepening relations. At the guardian's insistence, Ainz sets up a magic glass to watch you from. So with great anticipation, they all watch as you pull away in your carriage pulled by the undead as you make your way to the Baharath Empire. 
“Oh, Aura Mare now that we’re practically here I’ve suddenly become so nervous!” 
You nervously mused playing with your headdress and veil resting on your lap. You could see through the carriage with your power easily; watching the people of the Baharuth Empire look on in astonishment. But your nervousness wasn’t about meeting people at least not entirely, you were going to meet the man who plagued your imagination with his face for the last month. 
“U-uhm (Y-Y/n)-sama why are y-you so nervous! You’re the most amazing Supreme being next to Ainz-sama s-so y-you should be c-confident.” 
Mare peeped out, blushing as he complimented you. You gave him a loving smile patting your gloved hand on the tip of his clenched fists causing him to release. 
“Thank you Mare, for reminding me! It’s just I’m more nervous about meeting one particular person.”
“Oh? Who is this particular person? Have they done something that we should punish them for?”
Aura probed leaning close to you as if on the verge of discovery. While Aura understood good and well that the Emperor was the cause of this she couldn’t place how; or why the guardians were so averse to it. She guessed it was similar to the way Albedo felt about Ainz but you didn’t do anything as she does so she was stumped…how could a weak human have anything against a Supreme Being like you?
You giggled, “Oh Aura, you’re so cute! I’ll tell you when you’re older!”
She blushed at your statement hiding her face against the corner of the carriage as she mulled against her shaken resolve. She just couldn’t help but crumble when your attention was solely focused on her like that. In a way, she related to big sis Albedo a bit. 
With your Sorcerer headdress resembling Ainz and a dark veil covering your face you stepped out of your carriage with Yuri lending you a hand out of the carriage with a bow of respect. 
“Presenting (Y/n)-sama, the flower of the Sorcer Kingdom!” 
The people guffawed as you traveled up the stairs of the Emperor’s palace, many whispering words of awe as you made your way up the steps. Thankfully the people were so focused on you that they failed to notice the twins who so easily killed a great mass of people before their vassal status. 
The guide into the palace was one of his personal guard, fighting the tremble in his voice as he recognized Aura and Mare. Passing by various staff and soldiers you drew their attention easily many dropping weapons or papers as they watched you for as long as they would be let. Past a set of golden double doors you finally laid eyes upon the deeply bowing emperor. 
“Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix, at your service.”
It was a demeaning bow for someone called the “bloody emperor” and you couldn’t help feeling pity. Already knowing what you wished Yuri cleared her throat and demanded that his personal guard and any remaining staff clear the room. She even sent a look towards the twins who pouted until you turn to them with a pleading tilt of your head. Sulking they excused themselves finally leaving you and Jircniv, with the exception of Yuri, all alone.
Worldlessly she bowed towards you once more before raising your veil, you smile when shock overtakes his face. 
“Its a pleasure to meet you Jircniv! I hope you can show me the best Baharuth Empire has to offer.”
“Of course my liege!” 
When Jircniv had been informed of a visit from Nazarick he near crapped himself in fear that it be in reprimand to his attempt to betray...but when he heard that the “Flower of Nazarick”was in attendance he relaxed…a little. This probably was the final nail in the coffin for him, pulling at his hair and cursing his hubris he ordered the best for your arrival. Even as you arrived with those dreaded dark elves as guards he was sure you would be the one to rip out his heart. 
To that, he was right. The lifting of your veil was the fist, tightly grasping his heart as it slowly revealed your face to him. The pulling was the ethereal gleam of your smile and voice. In complete juxtaposition from Ainz Ooal Gown you glowed with a heartwrenching presence that had him practically becoming a puddle on the floor. If he were a lesser man he would have been far to floored to look away to bow even harder than before but he was an emperor for blood’s sake.
Immediately he rearranged the whole plan for the day, changing seating arrangements that would have put space between you two to eliminating them entirely. Offering his hand to you when there was so much of a change in tiles. Even when maid with the gauntlets threatened to kill him for overstepping he remained steadfeast. All his fear had dissipated the moment you revealed your face, he wondered if it was some sort of sorcery that made him so infatuated. If it was, he doubted he’d ever wanted it removed. Even when your veil dropped over your face again and he felt misery take hold of his being once more–he still didn’t want to be relieved of this joy. Watching you feast on the various delicacies as they disappeared behind your veil overtook him with a feeling of pride.
Hearing the relayed words of joy as you experienced the different activities and festivals he had prepared in your honor. Had him swooning all the more, completely nulling the deathly glares from the elves that had so easily lay waste to his army.
“Ahem (Y/n)-sama would like to thank you for the griffin egg, tch, they say they will be thinking of you when they raise it.”
“I’m honored, my highness!”
Hardly able to hold back his tears when you must retire he takes a bold step that leaves all your guardians itching to pulverize him. A kiss against your gloved hand before you dismiss yourself for the night is all it is. 
“Good night, oh luscious flower of Nazarick! I’ll be counting the seconds until I may see you again!”
In the comfort of your room with Aura and Mare sitting on the grand bed you received they watch as you float about as you scream into the various pillows.
“Keeee he actually said that to me! OhmigoshOhmigoshOhmigosh! Can you believe he said that to me!? Hehehe!”
So enveloped in your joy you fail to register the dark shadows that have cast over Aura’s and Mare’s faces. 
“Yeah…it sure is great…”
“Isn’t it? Who’d think he’d be so sweet! Especially on the first day, too! Weeee, its just like those romance fanfics–”
“U-uhm (Y/n)-sama? C-can y-you tell me how g-good I was today!? I followed Ainz-sama’s and your orders and I didn’t hurt any humans!
Mare’s outburst had Aura incredulously looking at her twin. Especially because she knew well and good how many times her twin opened the ground to swallow the humans following after your entourage. But she watched as your floated back down to the bed pulling Mare into your chest as you pet his head, she hurriedly crawled to your other side.
“M-me too! Do me too (Y/n)-sama!” 
“Okay okay you two get over here!” 
Miles away in the safety of Nazarick the other guardians watched as the glass ball they had been watching from received a crack. 
They weren’t the only ones who were regretting letting you leave.
On a completely personal level...
This man just sends me...
I wanna bite so bad I don't know why! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
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ominisss · 1 day
Not the One to Worship, Not the One to Blame
pairing: Sebastian Sallow x gn!Slytherin MC (no y/n used)
themes: angst, hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, trauma, panic attacks, depression, self-isolating
summary: 1.4k word vomit. The battle against Ranrok is over. You are in your sixth year, and now have to deal with the aftermath that is emotion and nightmarish memories. Despite having kept Sebastian Sallow's secret, you have no interest in his friendship. However, he certainly makes a good scapegoat for all of your pain.
note: This is the first piece of writing I have posted publicly in over 10 years. It is going to be rough, as I am very out of practice. I never expected to write anything to post ever again, but I've had such a massive streak of inspiration I figured I'd put myself out there. Be gentle with me because I'm a big baby but be honest - I'm getting better at receiving feedback. I also don’t edit anything ever, so there’s probably plenty of bad grammar/confusing sentence structure/spelling errors. 
You stood alone at the top of the astronomy tower alone, hugging yourself tightly against the chilled air as you watched the sun set. The silence was welcome compared to the chaos of the Great Hall over supper. With hundreds of students meeting together at the same time, the sound of countless conversations overwhelmed you far too easily. You had eaten quickly and excused yourself from the company of Ominis, ignoring the concerned look on his face. You knew he worried, but he also knew enough to respect when you needed your space. It was one of your favourite things about him. 
The world around you was washed in a gentle golden glow that you desperately wanted to enjoy. The colours of the sky were beautiful, but no emotions stirred inside of you. You remained numb and empty. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d smiled. You wished you could feel something other than this awful cycle of misery, anger, fear, and hollowness. You wished that people would leave the past in the past. Every time a classmate brought up Ranrok’s defeat at your hands you felt like you were going to be sick. Your chest would tighten, and a clammy feeling would cling to the back of your neck as the rest of your body felt smothered by flames and smoke. You had been furious with Professor Black for being the one to share your involvement in the battle and causing this endless stream of praise and questions. All you wanted was to forget. 
Even worse than thinking about Ranrok was seeing Sebastian in the halls, in your classes, in your common room. You may have spared him from expulsion and imprisonment, but you still hadn’t found it in yourself to forgive him. Perhaps the blame you placed on him was unfair, perhaps he was an easy scapegoat for your pain. He had, afterall, caused a great amount of that pain. Yet, you weren’t any better than he was. Every night you dreamed of flashes of green and how the light left Victor Rookwood’s blue eyes… Dozens of men and countless goblins lay dead at your hand, and people actually celebrated you for this. In the beginning, you had been intrigued by the power you held. You had been eager to learn it and grow it. You had liked having a unique power that put you above others. Now, you wanted nothing more than to turn back time. You wished you’d never found out about this magic. You wished that none of this had ever happened. 
You were deep enough in your spiraling thoughts that you hadn’t noticed your unwelcome company until a warm cloak was placed over your shoulders. You flinched, immediately in attack mode as you looked at your intruder. Sebastian Sallow didn’t look at you. Instead, he put his hands on the railing and leaned out to see the world below. 
“I’ll go away if you want me to.” He said, breaking the tense silence. You watched him apprehensively, without saying a word. Sebastian took that as permission to remain in your presence. 
“What do you want?” You asked. 
“I may not be your favourite person right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. You’re not alright.” Sebastian looked over at you. You scowled at the way he jumped straight to the point. The empty feeling inside of you was slowly replaced with anger. Not alright? What fucking gave it away? Why the hell was Sebastian the first person to bring it up besides Ominis - who had been there when you started to truly fall apart? 
“I’m fine.” You said. 
“I haven’t seen you smile since the year started - it’s now February. Not at Ominis. Not when you’re brushing Puffskeins with Poppy. You don’t even smile when Weasley makes his stupid jokes.” Sebastian stood and took a step towards you. It felt like his eyes were burning into your face. All you wanted was for him to look at anything but you. How dare he talk to you about this. Talk to you about your happiness - which he fucking stole from you. Why was he even paying attention in the first place? You adjusted his cloak around you, hating how warm it was and how it smelled like Sebastian. 
“If I haven’t smiled, it’s your fault.” A low blow. Sebastian’s nostrils flared and hurt filled his eyes, but he tilted his head as if to encourage you to carry on. You didn’t. 
“The last time I checked, you were the one acting so miserable. It’s you who doesn’t bother to even try anymore.” 
“I don’t have to try anymore. I’m a hero, Sebastian, everyone will love me all the same. Who cares if I’m miserable?” you spat out, “Can’t you see it? I don’t get to have emotions! Only people have feelings. I’m merely a tool to be used - a weapon if you will - whenever someone needs to use me. It makes it so much easier for everyone to forget what happens under the surface of battle. To forget the atrocities I’ve committed. The horrors I’ve seen. You wouldn’t understand it.” Sebastian’s eyes were wide as he stared at you. 
“Is that truly what you think? That I don’t understand? You’re not the only one who went through hell last year. I was right there the entire time. I helped you fight trolls, goblins, spiders, poachers, must I go on? 
I saw the look on your face when you came back from killing Victor Rookwood, and I knew before anyone else did what had happened. Want to know how? Because I know how it feels to fucking take someone’s life.” Sebastian bellowed, making you take a step backwards. You glanced towards the stairwell, hoping nobody was nearby to eavesdrop. 
He had been there. Sebastian had known from the beginning what you were going through, and he had helped - even if it put his life in danger. His true motives may have ultimately lain elsewhere, but you knew he didn’t want to see any more people harmed at Ranrok’s hands. Guilt pushed its way through your unjustified anger. He was certainly making it difficult to blame him for more than what he deserved. 
“Just leave me alone, Sebastian.” You whispered. He shook his head, his lips pressed in a firm line. His brown eyes were unusually glassy, almost as if he was trying to hold back tears.
“Whether you like it or not, I understand.” He was still shaking his head, stray tears indeed spilling from his eyes. Sebastian’s lips fell into a frown and quivered a little. It was an ugly face, he was not a pretty crier. Something in this insignificant flaw of his made you pause. Seeing him feel so strongly about how you felt… To show these emotions to you, this clearly meant a lot to him. You meant a lot to him. You approached him carefully, reaching up tentatively and wiped away an errant tear. 
“I know, Sebastian. I… I don’t blame you for this. None of it.” You looked down at your feet, your hand still on his cheek. 
“And I think you’re far more than a weapon. You don’t have to be the hero with me, you can be just you. I just want to see you smile.” Sebastian very carefully took your hand in his. You looked back up to his face, and you knew he meant it. 
“Can we try again?” You asked. He exhaled deeply, you could see the thoughts racing in his mind. 
“I think something could be arranged.” Ominis Gaunt’s voice made both of you jump. He stood at the top of the stairs, fidgeting with his wand. Sebastian’s hand squeezed yours tightly. Ominis walked towards where you stood, his cheeks flushed and an uncertain look on his face. Ominis held out his hand for Sebastian, who dropped yours instantly and grasped it. They shook hands firmly, and then Sebastian pulled Ominis in for a hug. 
“Boundaries! Sebastian! I will be placing firm boundaries!” Ominis protested, but his arms wrapped around his friend all the same. You let out a weak laugh that was more of a huff full of emotion. You didn’t know fully what this meant, or how anything would play out, but you knew that this would be easier with Sebastian and Ominis on your team. On each other’s team. Life was either going to get better from here, or worse, but you supposed it could be bearable if you lived it with people you cared about. You felt awful for targeting Sebastian like that. He hadn’t deserved all your hatred. Some anger and resentment, sure, but not all of it. As Ominis complained about the cold and coaxed you both back inside, you silently resolved to make it up to Sebastian. You could support him, just as he supported you.
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c-nstellati-ns · 1 day
A E H J T X for my boy gabriel/reaper? i love ur writing btw!
thank u <3
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
gabe’s surprisingly sweet! compared to his normally harsh nature, he’s very soft after the deed is done. he doesn’t like being taken care of, but falls into it much quicker than he’d like to admit. unbeknownst to him, he falls into this habit as time passes by- and it just leads him to being clingy with you. he hates thinking about it because originally this was supposed to be a one night stand, nothing more than that,,, but feelings blossomed. now, even when you’re leaving to go grab stuff to clean him up, he uses his enhanced strength to his advantage to pull you close and keep you there. don’t tease him about it though, or else the next time you’ll wake up to a cold bed.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
i headcanon gabriel as closeted bi, so he has a fair amount of experience with women [duhh he had a wife and son] but men,,, not so much. he repressed that part of himself for years before he met jack- and even then, they only ever got as far as blowjobs and handjobs, nothing more than that. in the men department, he knows the very basics, but not much other than that. give him some time to learn though, and he’ll blow your fucking socks off <3
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
i’d say gabe’s fairly well groomed! when he was younger, he was too busy to try and clean himself up more but as he’s gotten older, he’s gotten better with it. his happy trail is a little on the thicker side and is salt n peppery like his facial hair. he has a bit on his chest as well!
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
before he met you, his libido wasn’t as high as it used to be. the chronic pain he goes through often turns him off from wanting to do anything sexual, but he’s found out recently that you changed that it in him. gabriel’s desperate almost, because your hands on him not only light a fire in him but ease his body and mind in a way that he’s never felt before. it’s made it so that he’s even willing to do quickies even in the most risky places, it’s made him a tad bit careless. if you’re both away on a mission, away from each other, gabe is def jerking himself off frequently in an attempt to satiate himself. be prepared to be shoved into a closet the moment he sets his eyes on you because he isn’t leaving until he’s filled and satisfied.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
ABSOLUTELY. i love the thought of gabe being like those ppl that have a wide collection of bad dragon dildos LMFAOO,,, most definitely has one modeled after your dick in there somewhere. seems like the type of freak to enjoy those tentacle, ribbed ones that just rub at all the right spots in him. if he can’t bring any of them with him during a mission that lasts a while, he’ll bring a vibrator with him and that’s it. gabe found that he enjoys sex better when he’s all pent up from nt seeing you for so long. hell, he’ll even send you a few spicy pics just to get you as wound up as he is thinking about you.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
i say he’s fairly big actually- maybe around 8 inches hard? a little on the girthier side with a nice thick vein running on the underside of it. gabe’s probably uncircumcised, but pull back the skin and you’ll see that pretty leaking tip of his. i am going to be putting my desires on this man so therefore he has four smaller jacob’s ladder piercings <3 i love boys with big useless leaking cocks hanging between their legs while they’re being fucked senseless 🤭
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cirillafionariannon · 12 hours
Tumblr media
Ikemen Villains - Harrison Gray
These translations are not intended as a replacement for the game. Please support CYBIRD by buying their stories. SPOILERS under the cut. Expect mistakes.
Tumblr media
Harrison: “Kate.”
Harrison: “This is the kind of evil world you’ve entered.”
Tumblr media
Harrison: “If you don’t want to get hurt, be in dangerous places, and see scary things, then why don’t you just do nothing?”
My voice sounded terribly hoarse when I finally managed to squeeze it out.
Kate: “Nothing?”
Harrison: “Viktor’s condition for you is to keep the secret you’ve learned for one month.”
Harrison: “Working as a fairy tale master is an added requirement, so to speak, to prove that you’re trustworthy.”
Kate: “I don’t have to do anything.”
Harrison: “Yeah. If you lock yourself in your room and shut off the sun for a month, you can go back to where you belong.”
(That may be true, but...)
Kate: “I suppose that’s one way to do it, but I’m not that much of a coward.”
Harrison: “Dying just because you’re trying to be tough doesn’t make any sense.”
Harrison: “Well, I don’t care if you die or live.”
Harrison: “Though if you can pay me, I might help you.”
Smiling mysteriously, Harrison glanced at the corpse lying in a pool of blood.
Tumblr media
Harrison: “You’ve gone all fancy again, Liam. This is gonna be hard to clean up.”
William: “Liam, show yourself.”
Liam: “Hmm, mission accomplished.”
Liam: “I just got excited when I thought Kate was watching.”
Lightly wiping the blood from his face, Liam winked at me as if nothing had happened.
Harrison: “............”
Harrison suddenly got down on one knee in the pool of blood and gently closed the corpses' open eyes.
Harrison: “Will, me, and Liam will take care of the rest. You report to Victor.”
William: "Yeah, I'll leave you to it. Kate, come with me. Let's go back to the castle."
Kate: "Sure."
Liam: "Katie, see you later. Instead of a mission, let's go on a date next time, okay?"
Liam waved at me and flashed a charming smile, unbefitting of the situation, while Harrison, next to him, remained unreadable.
Tumblr media
William and I rode in the carriage, and the scent of blood faded into the distance. Eventually, I regained my composure, and mixed emotions began to set in.
(They killed those guys because they did something cruel, but I don't know if it was necessary to take their lives.)
We have police and laws here in the UK. Taking a life is a "last resort" that no human being should cross.
Kate: "William, can I ask you one question?"
Tumblr media
William: "You can ask as many as you want since the castle is still far away."
Kate: "Why did you decide to punish those men from the get-go?"
William: "Those men had committed similar crimes before and were in police custody."
William: "They got released on parole and swore they would never sin again, but they committed another crime."
William shifted his blood-colored eyes out the window, staring at nothing.
William: “Whether that oath was false or they had a change of heart, only they know the truth.”
William: “However, Her Majesty judged them as evil and a target to be eliminated. And we, the Crown, agreed.”
William: “The murderer who killed those men tonight is still out there, probably cheerfully cleaning up their corpses right now.”
(He’s talking about Liam, right?)
William: “Is it really not a sin? The answer is no.”
His unwavering eyes slowly turned to me, silently staring at me like the water’s surface without a single ripple.
William: “As the saying goes, ‘Evil conquers evil,’ and we are evil no matter how far we go.”
William: “What we do will never be justified.”
(William and the Crown are prepared to go on a mission and live in this darkness.)
I was the only one who wasn’t prepared for anything.
Tumblr media
William: “You’ll see many things in this darkness that will shake your beliefs.”
William: “You may be shaken, confused, perplexed, and discouraged, but it’s up to you, Kate, to keep your eyes shut or open during those moments.”
『 Because you are your own master 』
Tumblr media
Liam sighed loudly as he cleaned up the bloodstained floor and the bodies.
Liam: “Hey, Harry. Kate’s expression was really tense when she left. Did she think I was being scary?”
Liam: “What should I do? I don’t want her to hate me.”
Harrison: “I told you not to get carried away. Well, it couldn’t get any worse than this.”
Liam: "Are you comforting me, or are you putting me down? Jeez, Harry, it wouldn't hurt to be nice once in a while."
Liam: “Oh, but you know what? It’s pretty unusual.”
Harrison: “What is?”
Liam: “You usually don’t involve yourself with others, yet you talked with Kate.”
Tumblr media
Liam: “Oh, dear. Is she your type?”
Harrison: “You always think things too easily. I just...”
Liam: “Just?”
Harrison: “I suddenly have a craving for something sweet. Do you know a place that’s open at this hour?”
Liam: “I know. But not dressed like this. Hey, I’ll go with you if you call the police.”
Harrison: “I’m going home.”
Liam: “Ok. Wait, did you just change the subject? Hey, are you listening to me? Harry?”
As the night, filled with the scent of blood, faded into the distance, the morning came to greet them.
Tumblr media
I tried to remove the lingering emotions in my chest as I gazed into the newly risen sun.
Harrison: "Did you join us to win our trust?"
Harrison: "Or is it out of a sense of duty because you've been entrusted to be the fairy tale master?"
---------Flashback Ends---------
(I’ll respond duly to what they entrusted me and earn their trust because I meant what I said to Harrison back then.)
I couldn’t say anything when Harrison told me I should just do nothing.
(I can’t blame him for saying that. I wasn’t prepared for any of this, even though I talked like a big shot.)
Desperately keeping your eyes open, even if you're not ready, is the same as keeping them closed.
I shifted my gaze to the typewriter on my desk.
Delivering letters to people means taking care of their thoughts and feelings. This is what attracted me to this job.
Yes, emotions can also hurt people. However, I believe it can also save us and become a driving force.
(I was afraid and didn't want to know the feelings of everyone in the crown.)
William said I'm free to keep my eyes open or shut them, so…
(If that’s the case, I’ll...)
Tumblr media
Viktor: "Now, what do you think will happen if you touch the third glass from the top left here in the lounge?"
Kate: "What will happen?"
Tumblr media
Viktor: "Touch it."
Kate: "Whoa!"
The moment I touched the glass, a shelf appeared, revealing an array of weapons.
Kate: "A hidden armory? Still, the amount is ridiculous."
Viktor: "Spectacular, isn't it? I just couldn't stop collecting them. Man, this is a pickle."
Victor smiled happily as he lightly held a tranquilizer gun that turned into an umbrella.
Viktor: "Only the crown members can use these weapons."
Viktor: "So, Kate. Why do you suddenly want me to teach you self-defense?"
Kate: "I realized I need to get to know everyone in the crown."
Kate: "But to do that, I need to be prepared, so I should at least be able to protect myself."
Tumblr media
Viktor: “.........”
Kate: “Viktor?”
Viktor spread his arms out and then pulled them back to their original position as if to warn himself.
Viktor: “Oh! Kate. You’re such a lovely, fabulous girl!”
Viktor: “Your beautiful heart threw me off, and I almost hugged you to the point that I couldn’t breathe!”
Harrison: “I’ll hand you over to the Queen on charges of sexual assault, perverted Queen’s aide.”
Kate: “Harrison.”
Tumblr media
Viktor: “Just in time! Listen, Harrison. Kate一”
Harrison: “I know. Roger can hear you guys.”
Harrison: “He said he couldn’t concentrate on his experiments because it’s too noisy, so you gotta be quiet. Especially you, Viktor.”
Viktor: “Oops, sorry about that. Roger, can you hear me? S-O-R-R-Y!”
Kate: “I don’t see Roger anywhere.”
Viktor: “Yeah. Roger’s cursed ability is hearing. He can easily pick up distant sounds.”
Viktor: “He can consciously deflect it, so you don’t have to worry about being overheard.”
(I see. So the curses have a wide range of abilities.)
Impressed, I looked at the annoyed Harrison leaning against the wall.
Kate: “Harrison.”
Harrison: “What?”
Kate: “Last night, you asked me why I got involved with the Crown.”
Harrison: "Yeah?"
Kate: "I wasn't ready to face you back then because all I could think of was returning home."
Kate: "I'm really sorry."
Tumblr media
Harrison: ".........."
Kate: "From now on, I'll meet your expectations to earn your trust and look you properly in the eyes."
Kate: "I'll try to protect myself, so can I get to know you guys from now on?"
A little nervous, I held out my hand, and he slowly took it in his.
Just as I was about to pat my chest, he pulled my hand toward him, and…
Kate: "Waah!"
I dove into his arms.
Harrison: "I don't know how you can protect yourself like this."
He whispered seductively and hurriedly moved away from me.
Tumblr media
Kate: "I can. I'll do my best to protect myself."
Harrison: "Hmm? Well, I don't care what happens to you, so do whatever you want."
Viktor: "Hmm."
Viktor: "Hey, Kate. Harrison."
Kate & Harrison: "Yes? || What?"
Viktor grinned, his eyes twinkling like a maniac plotting something bad.
Tumblr media
Viktor: "I just had a really good idea."
Tumblr media
Previous Chapter ¦ Masterlist ¦ Next Chapter
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weirdnesslieshere · 2 days
Such a stupid thing, but here we are
I know Molly's death is pretty sad, but if you think about it, from Lucien's perspective the whole thing was probably like being on two-year bender he doesn't remember.
It's not like Molly irreparably destroyed Lucien's life or anything, he got back on track with his Cognouza plans pretty quick when he came back. Molly was just fucking weird.
Imagine waking up and learning that while you were out, you joined a circus, acquired the oddest taste in fashion, got a bunch of new friends, and gave yourself a face tattoo.
Basically, Lucien died and became a whole other person who turned out to be the weirdest person in the world.
I haven't read The Nine Eyes of Lucien and I know very well that Molly, Lucien, and Kingsley are three different people, I just think this is funny.
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calumthoodshands · 8 hours
Tumblr media
- Tailor made -
On stage, Luke Hemmings is living his bloom, For Givenchy Beauty, the butterfly follows a different trail of scent.
Von Domen & Van De Velde - Into the flowerbed -
Interview by Afra Ugurlu.
It's pouring rain in L.A. when Luke Hemmings joins our zoom call. Just in time, the frontman of 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) finds refuge in his car on the side of a quiet road, not far from the big Hollywood sign. A look in the rear-view mirror: At the age of barely 16, Luke and his bandmates from 5SOS found themselves in the middle of an international fanbase. Their songs enthralled especially because of the band's juvenile euphoria, and the Australians quickly soared to new heights in the middle of the YouTube madness of the 2010s. But what happens when boybands grow up? After a decade of pop punk influences and with a little more chest hair, Luke took upon a solo career path for the first time and in 2021 released his debut album “When facing the things we turn away from”; a whole new insight into the obstacles and the success of the last years, he later reveals.
Almost 10 years have passed since “She looks so perfect” and “Don’t stop”. What has the last decade been like for you?
I'm living my dream, what else can I say? It was all very intense. You just accepted whatever came at you. For eleven years, for as long as I grew up, that’s been my whole life. Quite crazy, all the stuff that just came flying at us. I don't know whether we would have allowed ourselves this, even if rather short, break if not for the pandemic. Usually it all feels so fast-paced, I often have to pause to mentally take it all in—if you asked me to describe the last decade, then it’d consist of so many moments like that.
Did you ever feel like you were missing out on certain things and experiences during all that hustle and bustle?
I think they were very formative years, so there are probably some life skills I missed out on. In retrospect, you wonder: when was I supposed to learn that? And then you try to somehow fill those gaps. I had to emotionally catch up, but also with things like doing laundry, running errands and so on. There are some more significant matters, like not being close to my family, not to mention that I was missing my home in general. But then you start to put all those thoughts into another perspective: we did what we always wanted to do: write music and perform.
I remember 2014 and 2015, black, ripped skinny jeans and vans. How do you see yourself now, regarding your style?
Pop punk has always been a huge inspiration, and it was simply the style of all these bands like Green Day, Blink 182 and Silverchair. Back then, I was an absolute late bloomer and had to first of all grow into my own identity. I think it was similar with the other guys. We had found a thing that worked, and just stuck with it. It also just felt like a risk to me, doing something other than that, especially in front of an audience. Around the time of our third album, I started to open up a bit more. Our music was changing, and with it our style. At that point I understood myself a little bit better. From then on it just kind of evolved, and I think it still does.
By now you are someone who likes to step out and look beyond the binary. Was that always something that you were interested in or did you rather find yourself getting into it step by step over time?
Where I grew up, people weren’t open at all, everyone wore the same thing. For a long time, it simply wasn’t even on my radar. And of course, I’m not doing anything that someone else hasn't already done before me. I think it was in 2017 when I just started experimenting with glitter and nail polish. From that moment on it all evolved a bit, but it's actually always been something that fascinated me. It just took a while for me to find that part of myself. I feel pretty doing it, and who doesn't want to feel that way? If you only go on stage with a tracksuit, that might be cool. But I'm not an extrovert, quite the opposite, and when I perform and feel so much bigger, it's almost like playing a character. The makeup only emphasises that and turns me into someone who is not introverted and lost in thought. That's the origin of it all, so to speak.
How can we overcome these toxic gender perceptions and behavioural patterns, and heal?
I think a lot of the stigma we experience comes from people projecting their own insecurities onto us. I understand it better now because I grew up in a place that was very toxic in that regard. I'm from West Sydney, which was very conservative. If you’re a man, you have to be really ‘masculine’ and I think that's just complete nonsense. And I think that just sticks with you, growing up like that. There was a time when I came home and didn't want to wear makeup on stage. There was no way I would have done that, whereas now I just do what I'm most comfortable with. Personal growth means putting yourself first and accepting that people will think what they want either way. So really, you should just do whatever you want. That’s the way I'm trying to see it now. It sounds very simple and banal, but I wouldn’t know how else to put it.
Congratulations, by the way, on the release of your first solo album, “When facing the things we turn away from”. Which things do you want to turn away from this year and what else is there to come for you?
I’m facing myself and trying to be more open with the way I deal with stuff. My wish is to just enjoy everything a little bit more. I constantly worry about what might happen tomorrow. I’m not really present or enjoying the moment to the fullest. Everyone probably says that, but I believe it's more important than ever to live in the here and now. We're always looking for the next thing. You want to be at home when you're out and about, on the road when you’re at home. Only when it's over do you see what you actually had going for yourself, and are frustrated; so no ‘Live Fast, Die Young’. But I also think that this year will be a creative one for me. I want to try out new things. We’ll see which doors are going to open for me.
What kind of creative directions are you thinking about?
I can't really say yet. But also in general I don't want to limit myself by excluding new paths. Doing something by myself musically like the album was very intimidating at first. In the end, though, it was very encouraging as well because it was the first time in a long time that I tried something new again. Obviously I love being in the band, it’s my home base. But the solo album is something I never thought I’d be capable of, and now that I know that I am it’s definitely something I want to pursue further.
How do you manage working both on your solo career and with the band at the same time, and are there any points of overlap?
I have a feeling that with the first album it was a bit easier. We were in lockdown and everything on the band's schedule had to be cancelled. Suddenly, I had more free time than in the last 10 years together. I don’t think I would have made a solo album if it didn't come about this way. With four people in the band, all great songwriters and each having their own projects in the pipeline, I feel like it's actually for everyone’s benefit to give other things a try as well. I wondered what it could be like to produce a song from start to finish, and learned so much in the process. Afterwards, when I return to the band, it makes me feel like I know so much more about the recording process and can thus also be a better band member.
How did writing and composing for only yourself change your overall sound?
I don't know whether it significantly changed my sound, but I feel more confident than ever. When you're in a band, you have the luxury to lean on other people and ask: What do you think of this? Do you think it's good, or should we change this? Or someone will encourage you when you're on the right track, telling you to keep going. With this, the only input came from myself. I had to trust my instincts and first of all understand what my own sound really did sound like.
You have no features on your album. Was it important to you to create your first solo album by yourself?
After 10 years on tour, it was quite good to be alone for once and deal with my subconscious. The album is so personal and emotional to me, it didn't really lend itself to include any features. Maybe someday, but I think it has to fit perfectly then. And who knows what’s coming soon. But I think the point and purpose of doing something by yourself is to get accustomed to working without your usual tools.
What did you learn about yourself while working on “When facing the things we turn away from”?
Newfound empathy and love towards myself. The stories of these songs and the lyrics are mostly things I’m dealing with for the very first time. It's almost like writing a diary, you don't have any idea how to start. You sit down and something comes out of it, and that’s what you then try to decipher.
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Tumblr media
have fun!
kath i usually adore you but this was so hard <3
not gonna do a blurb, just gonna do bullet points! jatherine fans, here we goooooo
okay when i think of royal, usually it’s fantasy, magic, medieval, fun- that’s not what i’m going for here though.
katherine pulitzer is the princess (of the usa? of new york? i don’t know) and the year is 2023. she’s rich, goes to a preppy university, her family has their own plane and her first car is a rolls royce. she’s never had to lift a finger, and rarely ever does she have to do actual work unless it’s for school, where she’s studying media communications- a rather fitting field of study for someone who controls the country, right? anyway, she’s like, WEALTHY wealthy.
and her father likes people seeing her out with him. he likes keeping up the family appeal, so whenever he goes golfing- because what else do rich white guys do?- he brings her with him. its how they try to “””relate””” to their people; if citizens see the Royals golfing like “regular people” then surely they’ll respect them, right?
theyd probably be better off going to an NFL game or something but that’s a bit of a safety risk so we move
anyway. princess katherine doesn’t like golf, and it’s very apparent from the way she just constantly looks bored on the course. they have their regular caddies who follow them around, chat with them and stuff, but they’re all old and rather boring, and she would love to find someone her own age to chat with to make these long days more bearable.
one day, they show up to the course- a country club for the elites- and there’s a new caddie. his name is Jack. he’s twenty, a year younger than katherine, with brown skin and curls kept neat under a cap. supposedly, he’s only filling in for one of their regular guys, but he keeps coming back and coming back until he’s a permanent fixture on the course, giving pretty good advice to katherine’s father.
and katherine has never really experienced anything like it. usually, the people theyre around respect them so much they act rigid and fake, but this Jack guy is so casual and at ease with them, cracking jokes that make her father belly-laugh, telling her stories and generally being almost… a friend, to her.
and he’s rather attractive, too, so that helps.
the more she learns about him, the more she likes him. he’s only working at the course because he needs something to put himself through college, otherwise he can’t afford it. when she asks if his family has always been involved with the country club, she finds out that jack has never really had a family until recently; he was adopted pretty late in life, around sixteen, by a wealthy woman named Medda Larkin. katherine knows of Medda; she’s a regular fixture at the country club, as a performer rather than a guest, so she must have pulled a few strings to get Jack the job, but he’s incredibly good at it.
they start talking outside of the country club, too. katherine does something a little risky; she gives him the username of her fake instagram, the private one under a different name rather than the public and professional one that she has to have as a member of the Royal Family. they talk and talk and talk until it’s obvious they have feelings for one another, and their relationship starts then; they sneak around, go on dates in places the princess should never be, share hidden hisses in alleyways, hook up in jack’s apartment in a bad neighborhood just so they aren’t caught.
it’s thrilling. it’s exciting. it nearly comes to an end when her father finds out. idk maybe theres something in jack’s past that kind of sticks out like a sore thumb in the world of royal suitors- i’m thinking he was on the run a lot, since his foster homes weren’t great. maybe he sold weed to afford food, maybe he was in and out of homeless shelters, maybe he has a record of shoplifting because he was so desperate.
i also think that jack would be pretty outspoken about his distaste for the royal agenda in general; he sees them do nothing and yet they’re more wealthy than he’ll ever be, and he sees how they treat people like him- the lower class, the marginalized communities, etc. i genuinely think that listening to jack is what makes katherine kind of change her mind and realize her privilege, and makes her want to do more to make up for it.
this can end one of two ways: a prince harry and meghan markle way, with kath denouncing the royal institution and living a happy life with jack away from her titles, or katherine becoming queen and marrying jack, and, thus, they’re both in positions of power where they can try to make positive change, despite the history of what her family may have done.
or they keep everything a secret and suddenly katherine is thirty, married to another royal, caught in an affair with jack kelly, a stoner who went from being a caddie at a country club to owning his own tattoo shop in the heart of manhattan. not a great headline for a queen, but man does she love the thrill.
can you believe i just wrote about golf.
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Ten Books to Know Me:
@chubsthehamster put out a "participate if you want to" call, and I fucking love books, so why not! 1. Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke - Read this first in high school and it rewired my brain. Dense, intricate, a November day of a book, it is about the inequities of class, race, gender, and also about the dry stone wall down the lane and its intimacy with the ivy that's grown over it for the last century. There are magicians and academic confrontations.
2. Food in England, by Dorothy Hartley - Read this a year out of undergrad. This is the book that convinced me that I could actually do something worthwhile with my interest in history. It was also fundamental in kicking a few chunks out of my ivory tower, but that's probably a personal take-away rather than anything essential to the book. Learn a few hundred small practicalities that may or may not be applicable to modern life; you decide.
3. Sabriel, by Garth Nix - The first book that spoke to baby's latent goth tendencies. The worldbuilding still lives in the back of my head. Made me interested in WWI history. Read it in middle school, I think? It was such a breath of fresh air, and I admired the protagonist and her self-discipline and self-reliance so much. Probably the first book that made me really worry whether the characters would survive until the end, and boy howdy was that formative. Zombies, quests to save fathers, learning that the legacy you thought was a burden is actually your calling.
4. Ombria in Shadow, by Patricia A. McKillip - Read in undergrad, I think? I reread it a couple times a year. It's a go-to story for when I need something comforting and decadent. I love the gauzy quality of the worldbuilding, the understated approach to very real-world dangers. A royal bastard, a former royal mistress, and a sorceress' apprentice race to protect a child king and save the and the living soul of a city.
5. The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman, et al. - This story got me through my late teens and early twenties. Exactly the right flavor of tragedy to grab my brain and shake it like a maraca; fundamentally changed how I look at stories and narratives. Person-shaped cosmic mechanism denies personhood, falls face first into the hole he's been digging for himself for a billion years, hitting every consequence on the way down, and finds a morsel of peace at the end.
6. Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (聊齋誌異), by Pu Songling (蒲松齡) - I read this first while doing research for a fanfic and came away hungry for every bit of "classic" Chinese literature in English translation I could find. I've always had a fondness for supernatural anecdotes (The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, by WB Yeats, etc), but this is on the list because it was the initial experience in an ongoing foray into classic and modern East and Southeast Asian literature.
7. Underland, by Robert Macfarlane - Read this a couple years ago. Everything you ever and never wanted to know about caves and being under the earth. The texture of Macfarlane's prose is unlike anything else, and he spends 500 pages leading you in and out of the dark.
8. Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett - This is my compromise instead of just listing every Terry Pratchett book. I read this when I was 12, and I mean it in earnest when I say it shaped how I think to this day. Pratchett's work is a load-bearing beam in my brain. Another grey book, but also lilac.
9. A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn - Okay look, LOOK, I know what you're thinking, but I read this when I was a teenager living in an extremely conservative pocket of a very liberal state. It made me think, which I was good at avoiding because school came easy to me and I usually didn't have to engage my brain at all to have the right answers. I wish with all my heart that I could write to the teacher who assigned it, because it was the very first time anyone had ever made me read history outside a history textbook. I resented that man so much at the time, but I owe him my current career.
10. Stiff, by Mary Roach - Read this as a teen and finally got answers about death I hadn't gotten in a lifetime of religious education. I think I actually snuck it into Mass, because I have a distinct memory of cramming it between the cushion and arm of a pew. Sparked an interest in death and human remains that lead me closer to where I am today.
Please consider yourself tagged if you'd like to participate! And tag me back so I can add more books to my tbr list, please! <3
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