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Bog witch biome is tricky
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inner-viper · 2 days
First time with FS (SHORT) 18+ ONLY
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Pile 1
You guys will wait for some time to pass in the relationships because you have your guard up. I’m seeing that one of you, is not very vulnerable with others. I’m also seeing that because you guys will be opening up, you’ll be able to trust them. So you could be a virgin or not experienced at all! You guys will both have an amazing first time. You may cry from the overwhelming sensation! You will reach a high climax!! Very passionate.
Pile 2
You guys are friends with benefits. So your first time could be outdoors too! You guys might have some people near you/around you but they won’t be staring at you like that. Some of y’all may get caught LOL. The dominant partner will bring so much pleasure. They definitely like to give. They love staring at you because they think you are beautiful! Very sensual and hot as well.
Pile 3
You guys are drawn to each other. A lot of sexual energy/attraction. You both will not be able to stand it. You will both give in to each other. It’s going to feel freeing! This person could be trying to not be too aggressive because it’s your first time with them BUT it’s because they have so much intense feelings!! I feel like you will have multiple rounds or it’s going to very long! They get bricked hard at seeing you. They got a nice penis or vagina. Mainly seeing penis here though! You may be obsessed after and vice versa!
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Legend of the Witches (Malcolm Leigh, 1970)
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whimsigothwitch · 8 hours
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My latest thrift gem, butterfly lamp!
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banebite · 2 days
Neuro-Divergent Practitioners
Some tips for your craft
Meditation doesn't always require sitting still and silent. Try dancing meditation, drumming, rocking, or walking meditation.
Keep a book of chaos or little notebook on you to capture those ideas or thoughts you might forget later on.
You don't need to have everything you see in your grimoire, only study what you find useful and fun for your practice.
Keep rituals and spell work short and effective.
Try not to fixate on astrology alignments, moon cycles, or esoteric correspondences for spell work. They may help but they aren't essential.
While visualization and gnosis are great for spell work, the aren't always a viable option, don't feel like you need to do them.
Always write down what was done directly after spell work to prevent forgetting any details.
Taking breaks is okay, you don't need to be practicing all the time to be a practitioner.
Organize your tools and supplies in a way where they are easily visible and labeled if necessary.
Background noise or music during rituals perfectly okay.
If you tend to forget to blow out candles try switching to electric ones or a salt lamp, candles aren't required for workings.
Try making recipes for oils, teas, incense, etc. in bulk.
Keep calming tea or bath salts on hand for those difficult days.
Try using different colored pens or highlighters to organize information in your BOS/grimoire.
Try keeping recipe cards for food, oils, teas, incense, incantations, or even short rituals in a box at your altar for quick referencing.
Try sticking to offerings that won't easily spoil or wilt, like stones, candles, statues, oil, and incense.
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crazycatsiren · 2 days
Do witchcraft for you.
Not for anyone else. Least of all strangers on the internet.
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thejewitches · 2 days
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Make sure to follow the Jewitches Instagram for daily posts.
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blumencia · 2 days
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cu-taibhseil · 2 days
another thing ive noticed recently: there are so many reference posts, so many guides, so many this that and the other thing - encyclopedia type posts in witchblr right now. where are the people actively practicing? where are the written reflections on dreams, tarot spreads, pendulum readings? who here is planting and raising a garden to stock up for winter? where are the people using those glass jars of herbs and writing in those journals, and instead of just reblogging posts about witchcraft - actually contributing to the witchcraft community and giving expertise because they have it to give? because they've done it? i feel like i see SO many witchcraft blogs reblog the same 6 posts, never contributing anything original or coming up with new notes on things they've been taught, things they've read, or things that didn't work when they did them.
anyway, if you're someone actively contributing, please interact with this post. i wanna follow you.
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coven-of-genesis · 2 days
Types of salt magick
Himalayan salt -
love & cleansing. Protects relationships, removes negative blockages & curses.
Table salt -
All-round good cleansing properties
Red salt -
Home protection. Blocks negative energies
Black salt -
Powerful protective properties
Sea salt-
Purification, good for cleansing. Helps balance emotions
Green salt -
money & blessings. Good fortune
Blue salt -
Evil eye protection, cleansing & healing
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Do you find spells and witchy rituals being " suspicious " as well ? I saw the anon asking about the LOA , and while personally I do not practice witchcraft nor do I use LOA , I sometimes find them to both be similar in certain aspects.
You throw some plants, herbs or other objects into a pot , with the intention to bring you more self confidence or protection, or money and then you wait for it to happen. Based on what I know, the LOA people do write down, or say affirmations, or make those moodboards with the intention in mind to get those things they dream about then they wait . There's no plant , herb or ritual involved but you still wait for something to appear out of thin air into your life .
So, witches generally don't expect they can materialize things out of the air. The general thought in witchcraft is that if you cast a spell for a better job, it doesn't make your job materialize; it gives you a better chance of landing a job if you do the work of searching for and applying to a job.
Some witches don't even believe that there's any sort of metaphysical force at work. Some believe that the spell is giving them a purely psychological boost.
The kind of people I'm talking about in the LOA community are the ones who are essentially claiming stuff like if you assume a new job, you'll just wake up in the morning and have it. You never had to apply, you never had to go into an interview; you just straight-up warped reality so you always had the job all along. And that's the level of stuff I find pretty suspicious.
If somebody in the witchcraft community claimed they cast a spell and found a job afterward, I'd believe them - whether or not I personally believed that the two events were connected in the same exact way they believed they were connected. However, if they told me that they cast a spell and just woke up with a new job without ever having to apply or go to an interview, I would immediately assume they were full of shit.
(And yes, I have encountered plenty of witches who were full of shit, and I have in fact written about red flag behavior from witchy folks.)
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So tired of double standards 😤
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witches-bottle · 10 hours
Signs of Energy Change
When you do spiritual work, such as drawing a sigil, invocations, evocations, cleansing, working with particular elements inside anad outside the body, there is energy moving around and working. The energy sometimes may not be working how the magus would perceive it to be but there are signs that take place around the magus and within the magus.
For example, working with the fire element, inside or outside, could cause feelings of warming up, you might feel it in your lower body or your chest, becoming much hotter and almost sweating.
Working with the water element would cause feelings of coolness and coldness or sometimes like you're in a pool.
If you're working with spirits, you might feel a pressure or a change in a particular spot. Maybe one spot becomes colder or warmer, maybe one spot feels like there's electricity.
if you're doing works where you're invoking, you may feel things internally. Pressures in the head, the chest, the arms, feelings of heat or coldness, the weird vibration feeling where your body feels like TV static, you might also feel like you're moving away from your body and someone else is there.
A few other signs that I've experienced are things like - after a cleansing, it feels like the air in a hospital - that clear, clean air.
Workings with sigils, the sigil may feel more electric when you hold it, when you hold your hand over it, you might also feel vibration, warmth, or magnetism.
When you're projecting energy out of your hands or when there is an increased energy flow, some people have dilated blood vessels which show through the skin, or their hands start to have more red blotches as energy and heat cause the capillaries to start to dilate. Alternative things include feelings of immense heat, vibration or electricity in the hands.
During healing rituals, you might experience warmth or buzzing in the area of note. If it is a ritual relating towards emotion, there may be a slight period of stillness ad peace or sometimes it will induce a cathartic release.
You might also feel, depending on the nature of the ritual, a pressure or heat in the third eye area, or in the chest. Your hairs may also stand up on end.
If you worked too much with your own energy, after the ritual - you may experience more hunger, fatigue, sometimes it will come with a period of emotional and spiritual burnout.
If you did an invocation, you might experience a euphoric headframe as well as a feelig of rejuventation and revitalization.
in the removal of hexes or in cleansings, I have noticed that some people do more purging activities such as more peering, more shitting, more sneezing, yawning, drinking more water or sometimes even vomiting.
Spirits of a more sexual nature may induce feelings of lust or cause erections and arousals upon their entering of the space.
Working with death energy may induce things such as fatigue or sometimes health issues but as you work more alongside it, it becomes easier to process and refine it.
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Legend of the Witches (Malcolm Leigh, 1970)
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whimsigothwitch · 1 day
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Happy monday!
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hexpositive · 1 day
Tidying up my new digs... can't wait to get back to work.
The Witchstorian is BACK, baby!
Love to all my witchy darlings! Thank you for your patience and support!
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