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thegoodmorningman · 2 days
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You don't have to say what's obvious but if you do, you never know what Joy and Luck await!!!
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henchwiz-gremlin · 3 days
I am wondering what bugs are your favorites! i am liking rollie pollies and also cicadas. they are very fun and friend. cicadas are making many many noise. they are not being very smart, but they have such kindness.
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wizard-spells · 19 hours
Spell Idea
"Commit Vehicular Manslaughter"
Summons a magic golf cart that won't disappear until it runs over the target. Does not actually need to kill the target, just needs to run them over
addendum: as of 3/20/2023, the cart does need to kill the target. because i said so
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I don't know who did it, and I am not really sure if this is my problem... but someone straight up stole an entire pond full of dumped failed potions... who does that?
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wizardpotions · 1 month
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teathattast · 2 months
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8ball-wizard · 3 months
reblog to cast Fentanyl's Curse on a cop
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gnome-gang · 3 months
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Important image for all your wizard memeing needs
Edit: Also, follow The Other Happy Place here on tumblr (I didn't know they had a tumblr account)
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Just a little something I whipped up to represent my fellow autistic wizards. I felt gripped to make these as though a hex was upon me.
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Enjoy, my mages.
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theartofmadeline · 2 months
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lil 16 page zine that i made at the coffee shop this weekend! a sort of pick your path style mini game, because i love wizards + interactive fiction. hope you get out of the wizard dungeon!!
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astralsexwizard · 2 months
Look at this sick wizard rug
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crowzenyogurt · 1 year
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painted my denim jacket so i can be a walking airbrushed van from the 70s
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knife-wizard · 6 months
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via dogecore
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wizard-spells · 10 months
Reblog this post to turn the previous user into a Creature
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shittyalchemist · 7 months
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{This is not my art. The artist’s name is Stephen Gibson.}
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wizardpotions · 1 year
We need to start objectifying wizards. We can't slap them on the ass though they only have 4 hit points they may perish
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