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Random thoughts about Harry Potter:
I remember a few years before Rowling decided to officially show her true colors as a transphobe, I tried re-reading the Harry Potter books. After I was done reading them, my main take away from these books was that they seemed really mean spirited. I don’t think I have any in depth reasoning for why I felt that way, but it kinda spoiled my desire to continue reading the books.
The only thing I really could say about this is even as a kid I thought the whole subplot in book four about SPEW was weirdly handled. Like Rowling created a species that has parallels with slavery and then say that the heavily slave coded race like being slaves and the one who didn’t was just weird? Then the one person who calls it out as being wrong is treated as one of those preachy activists and I’m over here also remembering she said that same character could be considered black and I’m just realizing that any kind of ally ship or good representation she claims to have is really performative at best. (I would say things about her queer representation as well, but I think it should be obvious she’s like the “accepting Christian” type of ally. She’s fine with those people existing, it’s just that she hates it if they’re open about it. Unless she can use them as a reason to hate on trans people. I mean, who are we kidding, she’s probably homophobic too.)
Even now, I wonder why she continues to have relevance. She’s a one trick pony (and even that pony wasn’t anything special) who hasn’t made anything worthwhile since Harry Potter ended. It could be argued that she has more to add to the wizarding world, but she really doesn’t. It’s been over twenty years and the world building of Harry Potter is still really flimsy and has as much depth as a puddle of butterbeer. It’s a cute magic book about wizards and witches I guess, but there are much better magic stories out that weren’t written by a mean spirited bigot.
I honestly think that the fandom puts more effort into the world of Harry Potter than Rowling does, and I think that’s the only reason I still acknowledge it. I mean, the foundation of what they’re working on isn’t great, but it seems more well thought out then the official source material at times. I don’t personally care what a person does with Harry Potter or how they justify buying anything related to it. I admit, even I used to enjoy some aspects of Harry Potter too. I even had a pottermore account when I was in high school. But, if you want to continue doing stuff with this series and giving this attention hungry woman what she wants, that’s on you. I ain’t ya conscience. But, Harry Potter is not a good or even decent hill to die on, even if JK Rowling wasn’t insufferable.
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Tumblr media
You can meet her at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade
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All houses have a dueling chamber attached to their common room
Slytherins use primarily to settle disputes in a gentlemanly/gentlelady way with rules that must be adhered to - maliciously.
Gryffindor uses theirs to settle disputes and they follow the spirit of the rules that are set out. They do tend to be a bit more violent but they always stop before truly hurting anyone.
Ravenclaws use it to study spells, charms, and technique. No one really uses it to dispute with other Ravenclaws, as they generally have disagreements without fallout.
Hufflepuffs use there’s as a therapy area. To let out anger and sadness through magic in conducive ways that let them work through their emotions in a healthy way without harming anyone else.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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“you’re married.”
james subconciously twists the ring on his fourth finger. “yeah, i am,” he smiles softly. “nearly a year ago now, actually. our anniversary comes up next month.”
“oh, that’s nice,” lily smiles, tilting her head to the side, sounding half geniune. “so, who is she? and when did you get over sirius’ stupid little brother?”
“actually, i got under him,” james’ gentle smiles turns into a smirk. “sirius’ stupid little brother is now my stupid little husband.”
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Sweet Puppy
summary: James dragged his friends out to a nightclub cause he heard Lily was going. Loser
tags(?): soft, a bit suggestive, we are drinking a tiny bit
a/n: enjoy, sleep deprived again (actually that’s a warning, i’m sleep deprived again)
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・' ★'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“You’re paying for it?”
With a nod from him you made eye contact with your friend. A signal to keep an eye on you as you stepped to the bar with the stranger. Getting there the kind stranger signalled for you to take your pick. You asked the bartender for your drink and turned to look at the man.
“So what's up” straight to the point. He looked very nervous and while you didn’t come out today with the intention of accepting free drinks from strangers you decided to give him a chance.
“ah- right to it right ok. You see that pretty girl in the back by the table near the plants?”
Quickly glancing at your drink still being made you did a swift look over. It looked as if you were turning to look at your friends but did a quick glance in the direction he’d told and looked for the girl. You turned back over casually leaning against the bar again. You'd seen her, a pretty girl with a nice head of fiery red hair tied up in a ponytail, she was wearing a pair of printed flare pants with a matching tie crop top that complimented her eyes. She looked good and she knew it, and clearly the bloke beside you knew it too.
“She’s cute” you yourself were ready to waltz up to her and ask her to dance with you.
“She’s my ex-girlfriend and well, I was w-“ your drink was placed in front of you. Smiling at the bartender in gratitude you slid a bit closer to the stranger beside you. In a low voice without looking at him and grabbing a hold of your drink you casually told him “put your arm around my waist.”
“Just do it~” your voice, even if obstructed by the cup close to your lips, was velvety.
“Right yeah” clearing his throat he put his arm the way you’d instructed him, he cautiously pulled you a bit closer and couldn’t help himself rubbing his thumb over your clothes. You were wearing velvet after all. “I know it sounds desperate but I want to try to make her jealous and also not look like a complete fool. I know you saw her, she’s got all this attention from everyone, people can’t help but look at her she’s beautiful” to you he did sound like a complete fool just saying that. But he also looked like a kicked puppy thrown aside in the rain with those gorgeous eyes of his and you couldn’t resist pretty boys with sad eyes.
Looking back at your drink, and then a quick glance around you turned to properly face him. You placed your left hand on his arm resting on the bar, feeling muscle under the loose dress shirt he was wearing and swiping your thumb over it, and raised your right to brush some curls that had fallen on his face. “Fine i’ll bite,” you brought your face a bit closer to his, “What’s your name darling?” your coy grin present on your lips and honey dripping from your words.
A surprised smile broke on his face, being this close to him you could appreciate even more how handsome he looked with the pretty apples on his cheeks and his rosy lips, his eyes making it almost impossible to look anywhere else. “You will? That’s- you’re awesome, James my name is James” quickly adding “Potter” right after as if he’d forgotten it.
“James that’s a sweet name Jamie,” again you sounded so sweet in his ears he wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the music blasting from the speakers outside or if the alcohol he hadn’t even consumed yet was somehow making its way to his system. “Are you gonna ask me mine sweetheart?”
He hadn’t even thought of that, with you being so close and the touch of your fingers now playing with his hair his mind was going blank the only thing he could really think about right this second was the way your eyes seemed to draw him in. He managed to put the thoughts together to make the sentence and then force it out of his mouth, your hand had moved to his nape leaving a feathery trail where your fingertips hand skimmed and were now playing with the soft hair there. You introduced yourself to him and he couldn’t help but think how well your name suited you. It crossed his mind how well it felt rolling through his tongue.
“No pet name for me?” you turned back to the bar to finish your drink teasingly pouting, removing your right hand from his nape to his upper arm, feeling muscle there as well and quietly admiring the swell of it.
Coming back down to earth now that your eyes weren’t keeping him in place, James got his game back on. “You want one? I could call you doll? How about honey? Sweet like your voice.” He watched you tilt your head back, finishing your drink, empty cup resting on the counter. His eyes slightly widened in pleasant surprise, still smiling. Looks like he got lucky coming to you tonight, you seemed relaxed and maybe fun to spend the time with. Your eyes focused back on him and immediately “I think sweetheart fits you perfectly.” Tumbled right out his lips. If he was playing the lovesick fool part for his plan to make his ex jealous you’d have to give it to him, he looked ready to fall head over heels.
Turning properly to face him you put your left hand on his chest and grabbed his chin with the other “Whatever you say honey” you tilted your head a bit and could tell the pretty redhead was still looking your way. “Jamie darling, you feel comfortable kissing me right now?” The hands that were resting on your hips, caressing the velvet of your outfit, stuttered a bit and you could feel his grip tighten a smidge. “You don’t have to just a peck or just-“ you decided to play it safe and pulled him to you, laying a sweet kiss on his cheek near the corner of his lip and giving him an even sweeter smile. You were absolutely what cavities were made of. He was sure of it.
That got him dazed, if he had been a cartoon on the telly he would’ve had hearts popping off the top of his head and little spirals in his eyes. James even let out a small dreamy sigh. He wasn’t sure if it was your shiny eyes, the sweetness of your voice, or your glossy lips but he felt completely enamoured by you. You giggled at the look on his face and lack of response and decided to take charge of his little plan. “Let me introduce you to my friend just in case, come on.” He followed exactly like the little puppy his eyes made out to be.
You walked him over to your friends, wrapping yourself around his bulky arm. Pressing there, knowing he could feel the warmth your body gave off through his shirt. You were more than sure this man did some type of contact sport. He was well filled everywhere you could see and you put your hands on. Your friend that had been keeping an eye on you when you stepped away raised an amused eyebrow. You left to get a free drink and you come back with a lovesick puppy. Not very you as you tended to get your drink and make an excuse to leave with it. “James this is my friend Fabian and his boyfriend Leah, that’s Mora, it's a nickname, her boyfriend Danny…” you introduced a few others and then turned to address the group “Everyone this is James, my boyfriend tonight,” you saw a few ready to ask but you quickly added with a slight laugh “don’t ask questions.”
James said his hellos and made small conversation with some while you and Fabian had an inconspicuous visual conversation, smiles, rolls of the eyes and some laughs exchanged between the two, Fabian aware you’d stay safe either ways.
You changed your hold on him now embracing him around his waist and looking at him. “Let's meet your friends. I'm sure you didn’t come here alone, ya know like a complete loser” you told him teasingly. He took your jab with a grin and placed a kiss on your temple.
“No, I'm not a complete loser just yet, especially not with you next to me like this, i’ll introduce you they’re over here” James began to guide you to the other side of the outside area. Throwing a quick look back at Fabian with a nod to keep an eye out for you as you would for him. When you two made it across and stopped there were three guys before you.
“Who'd you get to go along with your sorry plan Prongs?” It was a good looking man with some too-good-to-be-true hair and a piercing set of eyes that quickly admired the outfit you wore and settled back on your pretty face.
“How much is he paying you? Blink twice if it’s against your will.” This one had fluffy brown hair and appeared to be the tallest out of the four, he had some scars littering his face and on the hand that was holding his drink but you thought it added to his allure.The third man didn’t say much but let out a small laugh at what the other two had said, nodding your way.
Exasperated James gave the two a deadpan look “It’s not a sad plan ok, and i’m not paying her, she’s not not being held hostage, I clearly still have more game than you lot” he puffed chest a bit, hand still on your waist from when he was guiding you over.
“That's not the impression I’m getting,” the taller one pointed out sarcastically and laughed while taking a drink. James turned over to see you making eye contact with a laughing Sirius and blinking twice, waiting a second then blinking twice again.
“Sweetheart you’re supposed to be on my side” even if he was slightly whining there was amusement in his voice and he couldn’t hide and grin on his face. It somewhat warmed his heart to see you joking with best mates upon first meeting them.
“Right right” you straighten yourself out not hiding your laugh and making yourself comfortable in James’ comfy chest again, his arms wrapping around you instinctively. You introduced yourself to them with a smile that made them blush lightly and turned your head to look at James. once again dazed at having you so close but at least able to pick up it was his turn for introductions.
“These are my best mates, known them since first year. The quiet one there is Peter we honestly had to drag him here” (“as you had with the rest of us.”) James was telling you calmly right next to your ear, this didn’t need to look like first time interactions “the walking lightpost that believes you a hostage is Remus” who threw a quick raised brow his way.
“Mate she blinked twice, multiple times”
“Besides the point, moving on. and the damp dog with the luscious wig and tacky leather jacket is Sirius.”
“Oi, the ladies love the jacket and the hair grows right out of my own scalp”
“It does? I'm ready to believe Jamie here, that hair’s too good to actually be yours” and it did, it was shiny and had a soft look to it. The effortless look to it looked too good to be real, almost magic. You wouldn’t blame him for trying to fool a couple people with it; he looked like he knew his way around a lace front.
“I'd let you give it a couple tugs if you ever want to find out for yourself” his smile was just the right amount of sultry and jokey to know he was a big flirt in the group. You briefly wondered how many others he had used that line on.
You were ready to give your response when James pulled you a bit closer to his chest, chest that you had made yourself very comfortable on. “Back it up Padfoot she’s mine” the way he had brushed his lips against the back of your neck made the jest in his tone gain some edge to it. While Sirius was hot, you couldn’t deny that, James was really pushing all your right buttons to make you putty on his plush pecs.
“Sorry Paddy, you can give another try if you ever see me out and about again” James nipped at your shoulder but you sent Sirius a wink nonetheless.
“Jamie? Paddy?” Remus had been listening to the banter while he sipped his drink and found your pet names amusing, found you interesting, you really seemed to just fall right in with them.
“Yeah, you want one too?” Turning your head to James, noses nearly bumping together, your eyes also flicked over to Sirius, “What do you guys call him? James is Prongs, not asking, and Sirius is Padfoot, also not asking, what about Remus and Peter?” James again got lost in your closeness and then the way he had you pressed against him and how relaxed you looked in his arms. You almost reminded him of a cat bathing in the sun by a window, languidly lounging there entirely at peace. The thought of Lily was but a far memory at this moment.
Seeing as James wasn’t able to process a single sentence right now, Sirius took the initiative. “Dearest Remus is Moony,” slinging an arm around his shoulder and shaking him a bit. ”Peter here is Wormtail” putting his other arm around the smaller man and patting his head in a friendly manner.
“I’m going to hope Moony isn’t implying you moon unsuspecting people” Remus flushed lightly at that one, and Peter wheezed while Sirius threw his head back holding on to the two. “I’ll stick to Remy-“
“I don-“ his mouth was open to protest but you raised a hand waving it about.
“Not my business Remy, just make sure police don’t catch you unless it’s from your own home, I’m not sure how the public indecency charges would work there but again not my business,” you were quick to move on.
“No butts Moony please, and for Peter… I don't see you sporting a rat tail as a hairstyle so Pete works fine right?” Remus mouth was left opening and closing like a fish out of water, Peter nodded to the name, Sirius continued to laugh at his friend’s anguish.
Finally James snapped out of his haze and all the previous speech computed in his brain, slowly, but it did and he let out a hearty laugh that you could feel vibrating through your back. “Moony… you haven’t actually… naughty naughty.” His eyes jokingly squinting over at his friend.
Remus gave up and just huffed out a laugh, he felt at ease with the new person around. Glad it wasn’t some snobby priss that James ended up picking up tonight. “Har har, your girl is hilarious Prongs”
“Thanks that why i chose her”
“With those eyes you were practically begging for me darling” you were back on your shit. Fully turning in his arms facing him. A look over his shoulder you could see the pretty ex throwing glances James' way obviously wondering who you were. You seemed cosy with James and friendly as well as chatty with his friends. Just where did you come out from?
Why not put on a show? Your friends liked to say you liked your dramatics. Peter, Remus and Sirius were still debating the implications of the name Moony and whether Remus had actually mooned anyone (He denied denied denied). You began to caress James cheek and littered soft kisses on his chin and jaw. Nothing sexual, just softness, but Merlin did it send butterflies to James’ stomach. You let your free hand brush the collar of his shirt when you pulled back and merely readjusted it, not sparing a glance at the maybe fuming (this is speculation of course) redhead in the background. Playing it casual you turned back around and made conversation with the lads. James kept pulling you close, brushing your hair and giving your skin pecks here and there whenever he got the chance. His hands were always playing with your hair or kept petting the soft of your velvet but they were always doing something. You’d kiss his arm whenever he shifted or turned you head and peck his face anywhere you could reach. The lads just grinned and sometimes giggled no doubt catching Lily hastily whispering with a friend, pretending not to be looking, or doing her best to look unbothered.
You all talked about random things for a bit while listening to the music. You’d asked them about their previous school, to which they got a bit flustered and briskly mentioned something about a boarding school on the countryside (very totally boring according to Sirius), you didn’t push it after the jab Remus sent to Sirius’ ribs for his horrible attempt to stir you away from the topic, guess it worked, jobs were mentioned (Remus was studying to be a professor, Sirius was well off but was doing an arts degree for fun, Peter wasn’t sure himself and James said something like a police officer [arrest ME] but didn’t go much into detail), but overall just casual chatter.
And then you heard the start to the good music, the one that really made you want to go inside into the dance floor because you couldn’t stop shaking your hips to the sound and singing the lyrics quietly to yourself. All of which James found even more endearing.
“Darling let's go dance, what do you guys say? music’s good enough for you? I’m sure there’s a few others waiting for you lot to go inside.” You were eager, the music was calling you and you had a dance partner right here with you. Your excitement was contagious since soon enough Sirius was dragging Remus and Peter and you James who once again followed you like a puppy would a butterfly.
Inside, the bass of the music could be felt in your chest, you could feel the cold air the venue attempted to blast to keep people cool but was quickly overpower by the body heat of the people around you. Peter did try to dance, bouncing on the spot and quickly being brought into a bouncy circle by a group beside your own, Remus and Sirius were unbothered, all over each other dancing, hands anywhere, much like you and James.
Your back was to his front grinding, at times lazely swaying but you kept leaning on to his chest and your hands would pull him closer by reaching back and tugging his hair and brushing his sides or skimming his upper thighs and leaving your hand there for support. James didn’t know where not to put his hands. Your hips, up to your waist, guiding you with the tempo to rock against just right or matching your own set tempo at times, he’d stroke his hand over your stomach and let one rest right at the bottom of it, other hand on your hip following your movements. It was obvious you knew how to move to the music, clearly unbothered if it seemed too obscene for the public or stupid and goofy, you were just here to enjoy the music and do your thing. Sometimes you’d even know the lyrics to a song and turn to James, hooking your arms around his neck and serenading him as if you’d been doing it all your life. James couldn’t get enough of you. He’d dance along, sing even to the songs he didn’t know and twirl and swing you around when he felt like it. You had inadvertently made him entirely forget the reason he had dragged his friends out tonight and why he had talked to you in the first place. He only had eyes for you and the carefree feeling you lit in him. He could dance with you the whole night and not get tired, watch and listen to you sing to him and laugh whenever Remus or Sirius threw it back on you or when you’d twirl Peter around after he joined the group again. You had found your group of friends you had come tonight with and they joined. The group becoming bigger, making more space and everyone more than happy to mingle together.
It had been hours of dancing, drinking, giggles and butterfly kisses tickling each other’s skin. A song that sounded lewd enough to make your grandma drop in mortification along with a variety of innuendo sprinkled in it was playing, you and James in your own little world long disconnected from everybody else. The rock of your hips was slow but on beat with the song and James couldn’t help but pull you in a bit harder with the hand on your waist whenever you would rock back onto him. His other hand that was your waist unlatched and started its ascent on your body. You could feel the tingling his fingertips were leaving as they trailed up from the lower part of your stomach he’d been caressing earlier, tickling you right between your rib cage, up your valley and finally reaching and snuggly resting on your neck. You were still dancing but he tilted your chin to look at him, you could see the yearning in his eyes. Earlier he had the eyes of a cuddly puppy, ready to roll over if you just told him to but now he looked at you like a lion ready to pounce on an unsuspecting gazelle. You looked ready to be ravished. His pupils were blown wide and his hair was messy with how much you had been pulling and tossing it throughout the night, his cheeks were rosy from the heat around and you're sure he was ready to devour you when you saw his adam’s apple bob after licking his lips. The two of you maintained heavy eye contact, his pretty eyes drowning you in a pool of want and your lidded ones enticing him impossibly closer.
Looking at you and recalling how good you made this night out to be James wasn’t sure he was ready to leave you tonight without at least kissing you. If this was the last time he would ever see you he wanted to have a taste of you. Your respectful pecks you peppered on his skin throughout the night made him feel on cloud 9, he couldn't recall the last time he’d felt so dotted on like that and you were just pretending. He couldn’t help but wonder what your kisses full of love actually felt like, he also couldn’t help the sudden want need to experience them. His thumb started to caress the side of your neck where he could feel your pulse. It was racing but it felt so at peace to him. Vaguely from his peripheral vision he could make out a shade of blazing red that would be directly in his line of vision if he just looked up. But why would he want to look up when he had you right in front of him looking as if you were made just for him. You placed your hand on top of the one he had on your neck and for a second James thought you were going to remove his but you did quite the opposite, instead imploring him to have a bit more grip there and sent him another wry smile like you had at the beginning of the night. And he couldn’t take it. His lips came crashing down on yours.
He felt like he’d come out tonight with the purpose of meeting you.
Tumblr media
//this dead fictional wizard has me in a chokehold and i don’t think i’ll ever recovered from my own fantasies
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Smol Harry ❤️⚡
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you have a beautiful smile - draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary: Y/N is sunlight in human form, an absolute angel to be around. she’s always available to help out and treats everyone with kindness. draco malfoy should hate her, but he finds himself feeling quite the opposite.
Tumblr media
taglist - add yourself here | warnings: none | wc: 1.5k
a/n: haven't written in a while, and this is my first draco fic, so please bear w me! lemme know what you think :) also my motivation to write draco is all bc of ms melli (@mellifluousart) who writes him wonderfully :)
Tumblr media
Draco was eleven when he first saw Y/N. He had been so stupidly excited for Hogwarts that he had crashed his cart into hers on the platform. He immediately started to apologize, but Y/N beat him to it. And when he glanced up and met her eyes for the first time, he realized he wouldn’t have been able to say anything at that moment anyway.
Five years had passed since that first meeting, and Draco was preparing for his sixth year at school. He’d never forgotten you, but there hadn’t been many opportunities to even approach you. He’d heard of you around the school, of course. How could he not have? You were beloved, by teachers and students alike. Y/N L/N, prefect, outstanding student, and an avid volunteer around the school. Little did he know, you knew him too.
Draco had built quite the reputation for himself. He was the Slytherin prince, calculating, cold, and altogether untouchable. If you asked anyone, they would tell you that the two of you were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.
Of course, none of this mattered to Professor Slughorn. In the first potions class of the year, a mixed group of Hufflepuffs and Slytherins, he managed to seat you right next to Draco. He would be your partner for projects until the end of the year.
“So, do you speak now?” you poke with a laugh, referring to your first meeting as you sit down next to him.
“Yeah,” he responds briefly, before returning to his notes. To be honest, he didn’t trust his own voice well enough to say anything more - you still had the same effect on him more than half a decade later.
Draco did not believe in perfection. He kept trying to catch you being fake, as if your kindness and constant positivity was a facade that he might one day spot slipping. But as you continued to work hard with him on projects, joking to lighten the mood, and displaying the same amount of compassion despite his cold responses, he just couldn’t spot a single flaw. And one day, you caught him off guard.
“Godric, Professor Slughorn’s hair looks like his namesake today…” you mutter, as you copy furiously from the blackboard. You hadn’t meant for anyone to hear it, but then you caught the boy next to you let out a snort. Your eyes widened; there was no way Draco Malfoy had just laughed?
You whip your head around, and Draco averts his eyes.
“You just laughed,” you state, a smile forming on your lips. “You just laughed at my joke.”
“Did not,” the boy denies, “I was just shocked that sunshine in human form could say something like that,” then he turns away so you can’t catch the smile that threatens to appear.
Your cheeks redden, and you scoff. “It wasn’t even mean!” you protest, “I find it rather fits him.”
From that day on, the two of you developed a more natural dynamic. Your conversations were no longer one-sided, and you found yourself growing to enjoy Draco’s sarcastic sense of humour and wit. You even got to know Blaise and Pansy, who were very eager to share some of Draco’s most embarrassing moments with you. Little did you know, these two had an ulterior motive.
“So, Y/N, huh?” Pansy prompts, glancing up at Draco with an act of nonchalance.
Blaise smirks, catching the tinge of pink that appeared on his friend’s cheeks. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Pans, and she doesn’t either. You and Blaise need to shut it and stop poking your ugly heads into this.”
“Alright, alright. But just so you know, she likes you too,” Blaise replies, before striding to the staircase and heading up to his room.
Pansy nods, “She does, but I have no idea why… You’re utterly unlikeable!” she finishes with a cackle, and practically sprints to the girls dormitories, where she knows the blond boy can’t touch her.
And so, Draco was left all alone with his thoughts and a pounding heart, at 10pm in the Slytherin common room.
The upcoming week was Hogsmeade week. Draco and you had made plans to get some extra quills and ingredients you were missing for the latest potions assignment.
“So, how many first years did you scare today?” you greet him with a giggle, “Do I have any 11 year olds I need to comfort?”
Draco scowled, but his eyes crinkled, belying his happiness at seeing you. “Yeah right, it’s their own fault for standing in huge groups in the middle of the corridors. You think it’d kill them to walk on their own.”
You laugh openly, loud enough for a few scattered students to turn and look. And Draco can’t blame them, because he knows just as well how easily you catch the eye. 
After making all the necessary stops, you spot an adorable new pop-up near Madam Puddifoot’s.
“Oh my GOD. A Build-A-Bear Workshop!” you squealed, and Draco makes a show of cringing and plugging in his ears.
You roll your eyes, smiling. “I haven’t made one of these in years. We absolutely HAVE to try it.”
Draco stops plugging his ears and his expression develops into one of horror. “No. No way in hell am I doing that. I have a reputation, Y/N. You are out of your min–”
You yank on his sleeve, pulling him along, not paying attention to a word of his rant.
“OW! How are you this strong, midget?! Fine!” the boy finally complies begrudgingly.
An hour later, the two of you exit the shop, you having made a bear with platinum blond fur and a slytherin uniform. Whenever you pressed its stomach, the bear would squeal out “do you know who I am?!” sending you into bouts of laughter at its resemblance to your friend.
Draco did not find this nearly as amusing as you did, but he was quite proud of his own bear. A brown one modelled after his favourite quidditch player. 
“Admit it! You had lots of fun in there,” you confront, as you spot him fixing the collar of his bear’s robes.
The boy shakes his head, and immediately gives his stuffie to you, “yeah, if I were three years old… now you carry it. I can’t be seen carrying a stuffed bear.”
You roll your eyes, but gladly take the plush. It smells just like Draco.
Before you know it, February sneaks up on the Hogwarts students. You start spotting floating hearts and angels everywhere, courtesy of the professors.
However, you had yet to receive a single Valentine, which you found quite bizarre. Not that you were overly confident, but you had always received at least a few in past years. You decided not to dwell on it, however, not when the NEWTs were approaching.
Little did you know, several Valentines had been trying to make their way to you, but each had been stopped on their journey by a certain Slytherin boy. Whenever he spotted one with your name on it zipping along in the halls, he simply hexed it, and it would disintegrate. He also glared at anyone who looked at you, lower years and upper years alike. Eventually, people gave up; there was no use trying to compete with Draco Malfoy.
Then on the very last day of the week, February 14th itself, you were working on a potions project, when your partner suddenly walked in.
Draco looked nervous, almost. At least as close to nervous as you’d ever seen the Slytherin prince get… but then he pulled out a little velvet box with a satin ribbon on it, motioning for you to open it.
“Now, don’t make this weird, okay? I just saw this in the store and thought you’d like it,” he mumbles, lowering his head. 
Carefully, you undid the ribbon and opened the box. Inside, there was an absolutely adorable necklace with a tiny silver bear. Your face lit up, and you hugged the tall boy. “It’s perfect,” you exclaimed.
Draco was absolutely flabbergasted, but he awkwardly returned the hug, patting your hair. “Want me to put it on?” 
After he clasped the necklace, he held your shoulders and turned you around to face him. Almost unconsciously, Draco began to smile. A genuine smile that made him look like a 17-year-old boy instead of his ice-cold persona.
You marvelled at how happiness transformed your boy’s face, and you stared up at him for a long time, long enough for Draco to tilt his head in curiosity.
“Is there something on my face?” he inquires.
You shake your head. “No. No, I just… you have a beautiful smile. I think you should do that more. Smile, I mean,” you stumble over your words.
Draco chuckles, as a blush spreads over his face, painting his pale complexion. He leans in again, but instead of a hug this time, he quickly pecks your forehead. “Maybe. No promises though,” he whispers.
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lockescoles · 3 months
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@pscentral event 09: comfort — comfort characters + comfort books/movies:   ↳ HARRY POTTER, HERMIONE GRANGER & RON WEASLEY in HARRY POTTER SAGA
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doodleladi · 7 months
Heir to the Handsome Snob Throne
Tumblr media
After 84 years, I drew a thing again!
I was worried there I had forgotten how to but this handsome devil reminded why I do this 😏
HP Portrait Series: Hermione | Ginny
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ceresartsy · 7 months
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My will is as strong as porcelain
Ready to break at any moment-
I'm back 🙂
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hogwartscastle · 2 months
I have been in this fandom for like nine years now and just a few minutes ago I came across one of the most logical theories ever?!
"Snape didn't kill Dumbledore with the curse because he didn't want to kill him (we know that it takes will to make forbidden curses work). The blast of the curse caused Dumbledore to fall down the astronomy tower. That's why Harry didn't get rid of the Full Body-Bind Curse until Dumbledore's impact."
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Say what you want but this is a good one.
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School throws a party ✅
Bookish / awkward girl makes an entrance in a stunning dress ✅
Guy brooding over girl because he’s not her date ✅
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*At James and Lilly's house*
young Harry: Uncle Moony, why don't you have a wife?
Remus: Because I'm gay.
Harry: What does that mean?
Remus: It means I like boys, not girls.
Harry: Then why don't you have a husband?
Remus, looks to Sirius who is in the kitchen minding his own business: I don't know. WHY DON'T I HAVE A HUSBAND, SIRIUS?
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