Just a little something I whipped up to represent my fellow autistic wizards. I felt gripped to make these as though a hex was upon me.
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Enjoy, my mages.
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tax-fraud-wizard · 3 months
Wanna check out this new spell I made?
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bullything · 2 months
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his name is ritz crackeruz he is my scrunkliz
and he has a toyhouse page
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ravenwoodalum · 3 months
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mario di mario xenophobic moments
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pastel-mask · 4 months
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apple brudel my scrunkly
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phlo0p · 2 months
I'm so glad I made a tumblr and then immediately found wizard tumblr, I don't know how I got here so fast but im glad I did.
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al-chemystic · 1 month
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pondering my orb
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endermaans · 29 days
externally, I am calm
internally I am screaming because I managed to beat the jade oni (a rank 10 life boss) solo on my life wizard. Holy fucking shit
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slumbersomewizard · 2 months
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i have a devious idea
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slutforgamma · 7 months
Okay so. I joined tumblr so I could join wizblr because my friend told me about sexy tree anon. Since then, sexy trees anon has been Popping Off. Is wizblr always like this or does this happen to be a golden age? Because I am losing my fucking mind here and wondering why I didn’t join tumblr sooner
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torturedtonality · 25 days
are wizard tumblr and vampire tumblr on good terms. like are they chill bc i love and want to be them btoh
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Viagra for wizards call that Elixirs For Your Dick, Sirs.
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tax-fraud-wizard · 2 months
Which one of you assholes threw a mysterious humming orb at my head?! I thought the IRS found me for a second! Not to mention having to sweep up broken glass!
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saschacantrip · 3 months
If I casted spell. I dont cast it bc I did. No I didn't 💜
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ravenwoodalum · 2 months
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King of the unknown, king of our hearts... Dasein wins the Wizblr Spiral Showdown with a slick 69% of the vote (40 to 18). Truly, they are bestie shaped (and zayde shaped, and son shaped... that's the best thing about Dasein <3 their potential <3 <3 <3 <3)
Mellori didn't go down without a fight -- when I went to sleep the first night, she was in the lead. Our bird-footed bestie is going to celebrate her second place win with her brother, Bat, who's going to recover from his first round loss against Dasein... eventually.
Hey guys? Thanks for making this event successful. You never really know how much these sorts of things will latch on, especially considering how niche the Wizblr community is. I love how we love these characters. SO looking forward to comparing the results to the ones on twitter -- we have SUCH a different relationship to the fiction than any other wiz community. Afterparty at my castle!/hj
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sunn-bunn · 2 months
when i was a little kid i thought all americans were wizards
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