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Say Goodbye to Body Odor and Smell Fresh All Day with Cheap Unisex and Womens Fragrances
Even your pocket can fit several scents. This way, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you can always smell great. Get cheap unisex fragrances from us to increase self-appeal. We offer a large assortment of fragrances at attractive low price. Read More at: https://beautybop-uk.blogspot.com/2023/02/say-goodbye-to-body-odor-and-smell.html
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。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。RiRi ୨୧
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Women's fragrance 🧚‍♀️🦄✨💖🌸✨
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Found in Doylestown, PA
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Champagne Toast 🥂✨
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wear a perfume called love...
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How To Choose The Right Perfume for you
"Perfumes are like colours."
In the same way, not all colours suit our skin tone. Not all perfumes will marry our natural body smell.I used to buy perfumes based on what was trending at the moment.
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Advertising and Marketing had a lot to do with that, but now I have a different approach that I am going to share in this blog post.
1.Don’t fall into the trap of Marketing
Sometimes, the packaging, the bottle, and the colours can seduce you and get you to buy a perfume before even you get to smell it.
But you really should not judge a book by its cover. I tried on perfume that had an incredible presentation but was not that great.
2.Shop for perfumes alone
When you go shopping with other people. It is easy to get distracted and even influenced by their opinion. It is best to go perfume shopping alone. It'll be easier for you to make the right choice for yourself. Without any noise or distraction around you to influence you.
3.Try the perfume on your Hand...
Wait a few hours to see how the perfume alchemizes with your natural body smell.If you still like the smell on your skin, you can safely purchase the perfume knowing that you will enjoy putting it on every day.
We Just created a mailling list! Get notified about exclusive content + Free level up PDF checklist!
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baetheinsider · 7 months
random thought: i love smelling like cinnamon, chocolate, cardamom, coffee or ginger, mixed vanilla or lactonic notes. these are spicy gourmands, not the traditional sugary gourmand notes, but they create some of the most memorable memorable impressions.
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it’s creasemas
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Beauty Products Sharing Time ✨
Sunday Riley and OLEHENRIKSEN have become two of my favorite brands to use in my skincare routine and this Burberry HER perfume has been my current favorite so let’s talk about it!
C.E.O Glow🍊- I began using this face oil in April to help with hyper pigmentation and dullness. This is my second bottle of the 0.5 size which retails for $40 and the full ounce for $80. The .05 oz can last between 3-4 months depending how frequently you are using it. This oil goes a long way, one small drop on each of my cheeks, one drop to the forehead and one to the neck does the job. This product has significantly helped to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and blemish scars. It has also helped with the grey cast that I used to have near the sides of my mouth. Leaves the skin glowing! Can be used day and night. ✨✨✨✨4/5 stars
U.F.O Acne Treatment Oil🛸- I have been working out more consistently and going to the sauna frequently which has caused my chest area to sweat more then results in congestion in that area for me and breakouts. To combat that I use this oil on a breakout when it is fresh, paired with Good Genes and by the morning the blemish is practically gone, this will also help with scarring. Pricing of a 0.5 bottle is $40 and full ounce $80.00 Haven’t been using for a full month yet so still too early to rate the product. Intended for day and night. I stick to using it at night to avoid sun exposure in the day when pairing this with Good Genes.
Good Genes🧬- This is a lactid acid serum meaning that this product will help eliminate dead skin cells and revive the skin. It assist’s with texture, fine lines, dark circles under the eye and an overall smoother and even appearance to the skin. You can use this as a leave on treatment or if your skin is on the sensitive side you can wash it off after 15 minutes as recommended. I use this last in my skincare routine at night. Good Genes paired with the other two mentioned is an iconic trio! This product comes at a higher price tag as a full oz is $85 and the 1.7 oz retails for $112.00. I highly recommend this product ✨✨✨✨✨ 5/5 stars
Burberry HER🩰- This Parfum is chefs kisses 👌🏾 the key notes in this product is dark berries, Jasmine and musk-amber. Fun fact the popularly known curator of Baccarat Rouge 540 Francis Kurkdijan curated this parfum as well and this is supposed to be a dupe! I still have yet to smell Baccarat Rouge 540 but the kind lady at Sephora seemed to know her stuff so I chose this. I love the way this smells because it is completely different from what I have in my current collection which includes YSL Libre, Carolina Herrera Good Girl and Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc, to give an idea of the scents that I am into. Burberry HER is floral, it’s sweet and soft. I receive many compliments whenever I wear this paired with the Tom Ford or YSL scents. ✨✨✨✨ 4/5 stars
I would love to hear what are your favorite skincare or beauty items in your routine that yoy would recommend . What’s your signature scent and how would you describe how you feel when wearing it? Leave a comment on this post or reblog to get the conversation going. Have a great rest of your day beautiful 💖
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Let’s go out.
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Perfume shopping in Florence, Italy 🖤
My new scent? Viper Green by Ex Nihilo.
Fragrance notes: green mandarin, Angelica, galbanum, iris, vetiver & patchouli
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Understanding Perfume Families: A Beginner's Guide (eBook)
Pay What You Want Pricing (PWYW)
When you click here, you’ll see a suggested-price input field. If you can afford the suggested price—great! But if you can’t, just type in a price you can afford. The minimum price for the purchase is 0.99 USD. You can pay with other currencies too. It’s all done with digital magic! Thank you for supporting RetroFragrances.com.
*Written in American English. All sales are final.
What are Perfume Families and Why Should I Care?
Perfume families, also known as fragrance families and olfactory families, are perfume categories based on a fragrance’s most prominent scents.
Knowing how to categorize your fragrances will help you to more easily shop for perfumes you’ll love, spend less time looking for a perfume you’ll love, and prevent you from wearing the wrong perfume at the wrong time.
By knowing a perfume’s olfactory family, you’ll know which perfume family smells best on you, which family you like the best, and which family to wear according to season.
If you have a fragrance that smells great on you, learning which perfume family it belongs to will help you find more perfumes that will smell great on you.
Weather Affects My Perfume’s Smell?
Yes, it does. Have you ever bought a new glorious-smelling perfume for a summer holiday and received loads of compliments, but those compliments stopped coming when you wore the same perfume in autumn? It’s because you wore a perfume that belonged to a fragrance family designed for warm-weather use.
Are You Easily Data-Overwhelmed?
Perfume-family classification is a complex topic. Its complexity is enhanced by the fact that professional perfumers often disagree on which family to place a fragrance. Just to make it more confusing, there are not only families, but subfamilies and sub-subfamilies and more.
Keep It Simple!
Breaking such a complex topic into a fast easy read will give you a solid foundation that can be built upon and expanded. For hobbyists who only want to know the basics, “Understanding Perfume Families: A Beginner’s Guide” is all you need. For those of you who want to expand your knowledge, “Understanding Perfume Families: A Beginner’s Guide” will give you a strong base to build on.
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Smell like candy 🍭 ✨
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