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wyspersss · 3 days
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Hi there please take this silly little comic I have no context for. (IDs are in alt)
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dragonofthedepths · 23 hours
Do Onto Others 6.2.23
DP x DC. Danny Phantom, Clockwork, Wonder Woman. Clockwork is Kronos.
There was, very suddenly, a distinct presence in the Watchtower, filling the air with an overwhelming sense of power and death-
"Hello granddaughter."
-and everyone jumped.
A large glowing humanoid figure in a purple cloak was standing where there hadn't been anyone before, staring directly at Wonder Woman. He lifted up a smaller figure, a brightly glowing teen in a hazmat suit, by the back of the neck like a cat.
"His will is currently bound to mine through an ancient spell, and it would better if we were not around eachother while I work on breaking it." He set the boy down. "Watch him for a while."
the larger figure vanished into thin air. Only half the presence disappeared.
The teen grinned up at them from the ground. "Hi!"
The Observants bound Clockwork to their will long ago, manipulating his Obsession to align with their nature and casting a powerful loyalty spell. They could not bind Danny the same way, but they could force Clockwork to do so. There was a distinct short-sightedness to this daisy-chain line of thinking though, especially given that Danny’s Obsession is protecting people.
His loyalty was to Clockwork, not them, and he thought his mentor would be a lot better off without the Observants hanging over him. It didn't take him very long at all break Clockwork free.
Now Clockwork just needs a bit of time to return the favor (and blow up the Observants).
So he drops Danny off with Diana for babysitting. 
Day (616/100) in my #∞daysofwriting @the-wip-project 6th of Feb
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browsethestacks · 2 days
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The Justice League
Art by Paolo Rivera
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gameraboy2 · 2 days
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Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (1975), "Formula No. 407"
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funnypages · 3 days
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The League finds out each other's identities
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unicornships · 3 days
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ever since they announced the new DC slate and that Booster Gold is one of them, a lot of people have been fancasting Glen Powell as Booster Gold and it seems like Glen is also open to it. NGL, wasnt familliar with BG but the character is really indeed funny haha especially the one in Justice League Action. Could totally see Glen playing him. the smug oblivious golden blonde who loves annoying the other superheroes xD
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mistysswampmud · 2 days
ok i want to try something
pick your favorite fictional MILF out of these options ok
and the two MILFs with the highest percentages will be shipped and i’ll write a whole ass fic for them based on the results
vote, and then reblog and in the tags tell your followers which MILF to vote for ;)
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dubiousdisco · 14 hours
For science
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artverso · 2 days
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Vasco Georgiev - Wonder Woman in “Legion of Bloom” 
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nightskywonderer · 3 days
SuperWonder Adorableness ♥️
Tumblr media
By Genji Shimada (Instagram: genjiowow)
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erikaogrady · 2 days
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DC Heroes (and Villains)
By Michael Janín
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dragonofthedepths · 3 hours
Guardian Spirits 7.2.23
DP x DC. Clockwork, Danny, Pandora, Robin, Superboy, The Big Three, confused teachers. Clockwork is Kronos.
“That,” Diana says, sounding like she just got thrown face-first through a building and is struggling to regain her breath, “is Lord Kronos and Lady Pandora.”
Clark would’ve said they don’t have any heartbeats.
Neither of them felt the need to play captain obvious and point out things like glowing, floating, blue skin, or obviously not human.
Danny got away from his parents and Amity and is attending school under the name Phantom —because why be subtle when you don’t plan on showing anyone your ghost half. The same school Robin and Superboy are attending.
Some sort of parental advisory meeting or parents day or something— is called, and Bruce and Clark attend in their civvies, with Diana tagging along as the designated holder of the brain cell.
Clockwork and Pandora show up as Danny’s guardians, not making the slightest effort to hide anything at all.
Day (617/100) in my #∞daysofwriting @the-wip-project 7th of Feb
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browsethestacks · 9 hours
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Batman 66' Meets Wonder Woman 77' #03 (2017)
Art by Michael Allred
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gameraboy2 · 6 hours
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Aurora Wonder Woman model, 1965 ad
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funnypages · 20 hours
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I mean they were literally sculpted by the gods
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