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Tumblr media
I really like Senator Chuchi in these past two episodes ;u;
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bitzsit · 9 hours
I don't know which is worse, echo having an unknown fate with rex or the bad batch losing a solid 40 percent of their impulse control.
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azertyrobaz · 4 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don’t look down.
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robotsandramblings · 19 hours
someone else pointed this out on reddit, i completely missed it!!
Wrecker offering Gungi his ration (S2 E06)
Tumblr media
vs him almost eating Omega's ration (S1 E03)
Tumblr media
"sorry i'm not used to having a kid around..."
a nice little bit of development :)
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32rotations · 17 hours
Tumblr media
clone force 99! finally did all of em :]
+individual headshots:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 11 hours
The Bad Batch Being Protective
Pairing: Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, Wrecker, Echo x Reader
Tags: fluff, protectiveness, slight possessiveness, slight jealousy, kissing, injury, threats, getting into fights
A/N: I wanna see them all go off, just snap, do it. But not dew it.
Tumblr media
Hunter is on full alert at all times when it comes to his comes to his entire team, of course he's gonna be really protective of his you. He's not afraid to show it in a lot of different ways but he is a man of few words so he prefers to have his arm around you when he senses something wrong, keeping you close by, his hand at his blaster just in case he needs it. Usually a few grunts and glares are enough to ward off trouble but in case they're not he's more then happy to throw a few punches to prove his point.
Tumblr media
Crosshair is protective, possessive and jealous, a dangerous combination for anyone who has any ill intentions towards you. He's always got his sniper rifle slung around his shoulder but of course he can't just point that at every random person that looks shady. Well he could but most of the time he doesn't have to. When he feels like it's necessary he'll pull you close and into a kiss, pressing his tongue against your lips just enough to make you moan once before pulling away with a smile, his arm protectively on your hip, casting death glares around you.
Tumblr media
Tech might not look like much in terms of physical strength but there is nothing he wouldn't do for you and to make sure you're safe. Always has his comlink on and he likes knowing where you are when you're separated on missions so he can run to you if need be. He is mostly calm, even in dangerous situations but he definitely puts himself out more, one arm in front of you always. And after the missions if over the first thing he does when he takes his helmet off is check if you're alright and give you a small peck on the cheek or the lips if you're in private.
Tumblr media
Wrecker doesn't have to say a single word in order to be imposing and a force to reckon with so his presence alone is often all the protecting and safety you'll need. Not to say he doesn't look cute when he gets jealous. He wraps his arms around you, his big body coiling around you almost like a shield. In some cases he does act like your shield, even though you hate seeing him put himself in harms way and get injuries he wouldn't otherwise get. You always kiss them better though so it's no big deal as far as he's concerned.
Tumblr media
Echo feels like he has a lot to prove to you in terms of his ability to keep you safe. It's not that he thinks you don't think he can but he wants to know it himself. Wants you to be able to feel like you can let go completely with him and always trust him to catch you no mater what. He loves reassuring you, kissing you every chance he gets, loves it when you melt into him after a long day or wrap your arm around his when you're in an unfamiliar territory, showing your trust and love to him.
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contrispos · 23 hours
Alright fellas how are we feeling about the two-episode mid-season finale tomorrow??
Are we feeling excited?
Are we feeling 100% absolutely totally completely fine??
Idk about you guys but I am completely normal about this, seriously.
100% absolutely totally completely seriously wholly showstoppingly fine.
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seriowan · 10 hours
SO i have a feeling that season 2 of the bad batch is going to end SO EMOTIONALLY DAMAGING that i am already in distress just thinking about it
who wants to start a non-toxic support group where we cry and sob and worry over our war wives because i just know that i am not going to be okay
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Giving The Bad Batch Nicknames
The Bad Batch/Reader. Headcanons. | writing-positivelyexisting🫧
Tumblr media
The obscurity of ‘bear’ throws him off and he’s definitely going to ask why you said it.
“It rhymes, it’s fitting, and it’s cute. Better than ‘babe’, yeah?”
Despite not knowing where that nickname came from, Hunter eventually grows to love it. It’s so endearing to him that you came up with a nickname just for him.
The little name had grown on him so much that one time you didn’t say it, you just said his name, his heart sank and his eyes looked at you with so much concern and guilt. He thought he had wronged you in some way and didn’t think twice to make it up to you.
Flowers, a night out on the town, a cute dinner, a full body massage, anything you even LOOKED AT with interest he bought for you.
When you asked why the sudden flash of romance, he said, “You didn’t say ‘bear’ after my name and I thought you were upset with me. You always call me ‘Hunter-bear’.” He had the saddest puppy eyes and little frown you seriously thought he would shed a tear or two.
You got a good laugh in that day, realizing this nickname really stuck with him. You explained that you weren’t mad and it was an accident. “But, I might keep making the same mistake if this is what it gets me,” you joked.
Tumblr media
The funny look you got from the man almost took the breath out of you. He seemed so confused and a little annoyed, asking why ‘bird’ was necessary.
“Your name is Echo and some birds are known to repeat back phrases and words. It’s fitting,” you laughed softly.
Echo rolled his eyes and huffed. He thought he was through with the echo-jokes. “Oh great.”Then again … it reminded him of his old team.
The first few times you said it, Echo would look at you with a stern gaze. Kind of like when a mother looks at her child, silently saying “watch it”. However, the more you called him Echo-bird the more he felt his body relax.
Your nickname had become one of the most precious things to him. You always seemed to know when to use it, too. When the mission was stressful, causing his mind to cloud with doubt you’d say his nickname in such a calm, sweet, and soft whisper. Your hands would always touch him when you said it, getting his full attention.
More often, now, each time you’d call him by his nickname he would hug you so close to him. It always put a smile on your face when he’d bury his in your hair or in the little nook of your neck.
What you couldn’t see when he did that is the biggest smile with tears threatening to fall behind his lashes. While it hurt to remember his old squad, it felt so much better to know they never really went away.
Tumblr media
It’s simple. It’s sweet. And he absolutely loves it.
Wrecker doesn’t question it. He was all smiles and laughs when you first said it.
He picked you up in a hug, telling you to use that all the time. And you did.
“Wrecker, dear, can you help me for a second?”
“My dear, could you grab that for me?”
It fills the guy with so many butterflies and completely melts his heart. Anytime you called him “dear” he would stop what he was doing to help you.
When you can, you kiss his cheek and say “Thank you, dear.” This is the one that gets you lucky.
“Come here, you!” It would be a very short chase full of laughs and squeals.
Sometimes the other guys will joke around, mimicking your voice and calling him by his nickname when you’re not around just to see him lose his cool for a little. (Even Tech would chime in with a logical jest sometimes).
You only caught them poking fun once and it was the last time you heard the jokes.
“You boys better watch yourselves. Just because you don’t have someone to make you feel all warm and good inside doesn’t mean you gotta poke fun at the one who does.”
Wrecker stood behind you, arms crossed, with the biggest “what she said” look on his face.
The men looked everywhere but you two in shame, muttering apologies.
Tumblr media
“Boyfriend” / “Husband”
This man is IN LOVE with the title.
You said it first when you introduced him to a friend. “This is my boyfriend/husband, Tech.”
It sent a tingle through his body and scratched an itch he didn’t even realize he had. It cracked a smile on his lips and it stayed for the whole day.
He requested that you called him by his title regularly and he would call you by your title, too. It made you giggle but of course you agreed with Tech, who wouldn’t?
“Oh, boyfriend/husband!” “Yes, girlfriend/wife?”
“Boyfriend/Husband, what do you think about this for the Marauder?” “Absolutely brilliant, girlfriend/wife.”
Being called boyfriend/husband made this man feel so important and loved. It was definitely an ego boost for him, but you didn’t mind it.
When you two were alone, doing whatever or nothing, you would touch his face so lovingly and say, “My handsome boyfriend/husband.”
Tech would lean into your touch with the softest of smiles, mimicking your actions. “My beautiful girlfriend/wife.”
Tumblr media
A classical nickname. Sleek and dark. It suited him well.
It sent a dangerous shiver down his back when you first said it. Crosshair was quick to whip back around to you, a stern pointer finger in your face.
“Don’t say that.”
You swallowed, feeling maybe he didn’t enjoy being called that but you searched his eyes and found skittish curiosity.
It just wasn’t his normal, but you got him to accept it. Through rigorous perseverance of calling him “darling”.
“Crosshair, darling, could you come here?”
“Stop cleaning your rifle and come to bed, darling.”
The nickname soon became a beaconing and Crosshair would come to your side and assist you with whatever you needed.
At some point, he started using it for you as well. It was always subtle, too. Never using a loud voice, always sounding like a grumble.
“Focus, darling.”
“Here you go, darling.”
And of course, once he was comfortable with it, he started using it as a form of teasing in the bedroom.
I had this thought while on a road trip this past weekend and it’s probably the cutest thing I’ll ever write.
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zoeykallus · 4 hours
Hello there!
Hope you are doing ok and having a nice pre-christmas time. I enjoy very much your writing and honestly, this blog is a nice confort place for me. Thank you very much for your work.
I would like to propose a HC, if you like the idea.
I liked a lot the Jedi reader falls to the dark side HC's and I was thinking... What if Jedi reader is tempted to the dark side (maybe she lost her master in a tragic way or maybe is angry at the jedi council and how they are failing the people who really needs them,.... The reason you like the most, you are the artist) but the batcher she loves remains her who she really is and help her to see thought her anger/grief/whatever and prevent her fall to the dark side.
Thanks for reading!
Aloha! Love to read that! So sorry you are getting this answer so late, I was bombarded with requests in December, more so than usual, had to work through it all and some of the requests were quite extensive. But finally, here we go!
The Bad Batch x Fem!Jedi!Reader HCs - Remember Who You Are
Tumblr media
Warning: Angsty/Tension/Mention Of Violence/Fluffy
In war there are always victims, you see it every day. Yet the thought that it could affect you so personally is somehow distant, at least until your master, mentor, and closest friend becomes a casualty of war. Torn by grief and helpless anger, you begin to turn to the dark side. But there is someone who is a light at the end of the tunnel, someone who believes in you and reaches out a hand to bring you back from this destructive path.
You are in a rage, almost mowing Hunter down with your lightsaber as well when he gets in your way.
"Cyare," he says softly, almost in a whisper, yet his voice is very clear, "stop it."
You're breathing heavily, your hand clutching the hilt of your lightsaber so tightly that your knuckles stick out white.
"Get out of my way!" you snap at him, but you can already feel his gaze boring gently but firmly into yours, stirring something deep inside you, the gentleness, kindness and patience he has fallen in love with.
"This isn't you, look around, you've already won, you've ended this battle victorious. I know you feel pain, I know how unfair it all feels and how much you want to lash out. But that won't bring your master back, and he wouldn't want this to happen."
Kneeling behind Hunter are a couple of separatist officers you wanted to execute.
"You're not a murderer" Hunter says softly, "The woman I fell in love with is not a butcher".
The hand in which you hold the lightsaber begins to tremble unsteadily. He takes a step toward you, reaches out a hand, places it on your cheek.
"Open up to me, Cyare, put out your feelers".
You hesitate, but as you open yourself to the Force and focus on him, an affectionate warmth washes over you. His smile widens a bit, as if seeing in your eyes what you feel
"There she is, the sweet thing I fell in love with," he says, leaning his forehead against yours.
Wrecker and Echo keep an eye on the prisoners.
The lightsaber goes out in your hand, and you almost drop it, but put it back on your belt.
You take a deep breath, grateful for his closeness, his affection and the peace he exerts on you.
"I think I need a break from all the fighting," you say softly, "at least a few days."
Hunter says just as quietly, "I still have a few days of Shore Leave left. Do you want me to come with you?"
Your hands grasp his gratefully.
"That would be great."
His trust in you is unshakable. He stands in front of you, puts his gun away, surrenders himself to you, because he is sure you would never vent your anger on him.
"My love," he says so gently that the words are like a caress stroking your angry surface.
A shiver runs down your spine. You want to lunge, but Echo raises his hands and once again places himself in your path, in front of your targets.
"That's enough," he says a little more sternly, "These are our prisoners."
You reach out into the Force and want to push him aside, but something in his gaze slows you down. His gaze is reproving, but also gentle. It is pleading and also demanding. But most of all, it is loving. Echo knows you are suffering, and he suffers with you, he knows how much your loss hurts you, and he can at least sense how tempting it is to use the Force in anger.
He takes a step towards you, slowly puts his hands down and says, "You can't go any further down this path".
You haven't even thought about the words, but you hear yourself asking, "Why not?"
Echo looks at you sadly and says seriously, "Because I can't follow you down this path."
He takes another step toward you, reaches out his hand to you, places it on your sternum.
"Take a deep breath. You must allow the pain, you must not drown it in anger, even if that seems like the easier way, it's the wrong way."
Your lightsaber is still humming in your hand. Your heart is pounding hard, almost painfully, in your chest.
Through clenched teeth, you say close to tears, "I need relief!"
Echo comes even closer, takes your face in both hands, and looks at you piercingly.
"I know. And it will come, with patience and calm. Anger will only bring you temporary relief, you will be worse off afterward than you were before."
With a soft hiss, your lightsaber goes out and you finally lower your arm.
"Since when did you become so wise?" you ask softly.
Echo leans his forehead against yours and says with a soft laugh, "That's something you trigger in me."
You almost cut him in half. Wrecker gets in your way when you want to execute the captured separatist officers.
"Mesh'la, I know I'm usually the first to want to punish Separatists, but these aren't droids."
"I'm aware of that," you snap impatiently, "Get out of the way."
He shakes his head stubbornly. With a worried frown he says, "That's not you, that's not my 'Cyare' talking out of you. I don't know who she is, but she is something dark."
You know he's right, but anger and grief are tearing at your nerves, and right now you really have no patience at all for a discussion with him.
"Get out of the way, this is an order from your general!" you say smoothly but cuttingly, playing the rank card.
"I'm sorry, but I have to refuse that order".
His retort, doesn't sound defiant, it sounds sad and concerned.
"Put your saber down" he says gently, "Take a deep breath, think. Would your master want you to remember him in this way?"
You know very well that your master would not want that, ever.
Slowly, you lower the sword and let it go out.
"But how should I deal with this?"
Wrecker comes closer, takes off his chest plate, puts his strong arms around you and gently presses your head against his chest.
"Do you hear that?"
You blink and take a deep breath.
"Your heartbeat."
Wrecker hums in agreement and says, "It beats for you, every day. I believe in you and I'm with you. I don't know where we go from here, but you're not alone. We'll find a way to deal with it together"
He gets in your way and flinches a bit from your blade, which nearly scorches his chest plate.
"What are you doing?" you snap, angry and startled, "Get out of the way!"
Tech blinks, he takes a second to collect himself, you almost seriously hurt him.
"Cyare, that's not the Jedi way, but more importantly, it's not your way. You are not an executioner."
He puts his blasters away, adjusts his goggles, and takes a deep breath before saying, "If you take this step, there's no turning back. If you take these lives, separatist or not, you are a murderer. This is not justice."
Exasperated, you murmur, "Tech, you may know a lot of things, but you have no idea about this!"
He sighs, stepping closer to you, so close that your lightsaber almost touches his chest plate.
"I may not understand some of the intricacies of the Jedi, but I understand that they are peaceful, I understand that they protect life and do not take it. I know that you, especially, are full of compassion and kindness. This is not you, Cyare. Stand down."
"I am the general," you say angrily, "I give the orders."
Tech shakes his head.
"Not today, you don't. You are not in a position to make rational decisions"
Through bared teeth, you growl, "You better not piss me off".
Tech frowns sadly.
"I was going to say those words, eventually. But I had imagined the moment differently. I love you, Cyare, more than my own life. I have always admired you, your strength, your kindness, your sense of justice, the calm you exert on others. Where is that woman now?"
You blink, you didn't really expect Tech to ever mouth those words, but he had just done so.
Slowly, your hand with the lightsaber sinks and you let it go out.
"You love me?"
Tech smiles tentatively.
"Yes, indeed. And if you'll let me, I'd like to comfort you and help you cope with your loss. You're better than this, I know that."
He frowns as you line up the captured separatist officers in front of you. Crosshair senses the anger bubbling beneath your surface, he saw something break inside you when your master fell before your eyes. However, he doesn't quite know how to deal with it, how to react to it.
As you ignite your lightsaber and lash out, he holds his breath. But you stop just before the neck of one of the officers and stand motionless.
Crosshair looks at you, and for a while it's completely silent, only the prisoner's anxious, heavy breathing can be heard over the humming sound of your saber.
Suddenly, Crosshair says quietly, "If it feels wrong, then it probably is wrong."
You turn your head slightly and give him a sideways glance.
"Killing isn't really the Jedi way, is it?" he notes.
Silently, you blink, trying to pull your thoughts out of the morass of anger and grief and put them into an order that makes sense.
Quietly, you finally say, "Killing is not the way of the Jedi, no."
Crosshair steps a little closer and says quietly, "It's not my place to tell you what to do, you're the General. But perhaps you will allow me to remind you that your master would not have wanted this."
The hand with the lightsaber trembles slightly.
Your eyes meet and Crosshair says, "Kitten, I know you're stronger than this, better. That's why I admire you."
You swallow hard, the turmoil inside you is immense, but you pull yourself together as best you can. Your hand with the lightsaber drops, finally you let it go out and put it back on your belt.
"Make sure the prisoners are loaded, they are to be interrogated on the cruiser".
Crosshair shows a small smile.
Quietly, he says, "I knew you'd do the right thing."
Tumblr media
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thattripleabattery · 20 hours
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azertyrobaz · 6 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wrecker groans
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adeadcrayonclone · 20 hours
Wrecker: I can jump higher than any tree!
Echo: How is that possible?
Wrecker: Trees can't jump. :D
Crosshair: Can I punch him?
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Rex waltzing onto the scene with all of his plot armour asking the Bad Batch to complete dangerous missions with him 🥴🥴🥴
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luke-skyjokers · 10 hours
"The fate of all Clones is now sealed because of us."
These poor boys, and sweet, innocent Omega. They didn't need the extra guilt.
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gameraboy2 · 55 minutes
Tumblr media
The Marriage Wrecker Saturday Evening Post, March 1, 1958 Illustration by Coby Whitmore
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