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Writer Issues
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Writers Corner for more writing memes.
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I Wish You Would
Tumblr media
(gotta keep that Taylor Swift theme)
Anthony Lockwood x f!reader
Content: Angst? Fluff? Touched starved Lockwood
Warnings: Mention of blood and wounds, also some curse words (I think)
Characters: Anthony Lockwood and (y/n) Kipps. (Lucy Carlyle and Quill Kipps also appear)
Word count: 1.083
A/N: Exactly two people told me to post it, and that was enough (I'm literally about to enter to an online class while typing this). Chronology speaking, this goes BEFORE their first kiss but I'm a dumbass and forgot to post this one first, hope you like it
(I'll attach their first kiss here)
“Where were you?” Quill asked, seeing both Lockwood and (y/n) walk in with dirt on their faces and hair. As soon as he spoke, his sister’s face told him to not speak, unless he wanted to die.
“We’re fine!” (y/n) said, grabbing Lockwood by the arm and walking to the kitchen.
“You guys don’t look-” Lucy started, but the slamming of the door cut her off.
“I’m not your dog”
“And I don’t care” (y/n) said, pointing at the kitchen chair “sit down”
Lockwood did as she said, even though he didn’t want to. (y/n) started taking out items from the first aid kit, slamming them on the table as she cursed.
“I cannot fucking believe you” she said “seriously, why is it so hard for you to take care of yourself while we’re out on a case?” (y/n) asked, soaking a small piece of cotton with disinfectant. She grabbed Lockwood’s arm, forcefully moving the sleeve of his dress shirt up to see his cut better.
“(y/n) I-” Lockwood started, hissing when the cotton made contact with the cut on his arm.
“This might hurt” (y/n) said, after hearing him hissing, a smirk on her face.
“Okay” Lockwood said “I deserved that”
“You deserve more” (y/n) said “actually, you don’t even deserve me doing this for you, should I just tell my brother to do it, so you suffer a bit more?” she questioned, sarcasm all over her voice.
“You know, when Luce told me you were reckless, I thought 'well, he's certainly not stupid' guess I was wrong!” she grabbed one of the big band aids and covered his cut.
“(y/n) I’m sorry, okay?” he said “this wasn’t reckless, I had a plan, it just didn’t work”
“Wow, what a surprise”
“I didn’t know the golden blade was gonna be there!”
“The what?” (y/n) stood up, forgetting about his other cuts.
“Last year we encountered him” Lockwood explained “we think he somehow works for Penelope Fittes-”
“My boss?”
“Yes” Lockwood nodded “he tried to steal the bone glass from Lucy and I” he explained “he’s also the one who shot me” he grabbed her hand “you have to believe me”
(y/n) looked at his eyes, processing what he had said in silence, enough to make Lockwood panic, the hold on her hand tightening.
“I… I believe you” she said, sitting back down. She wasn’t gonna lie, she always felt a weird vibe from the woman, or the entire agency for that matter. And she didn’t think Lockwood would lie to her.
He sighed in relief “Thank you (y/n)-”
“What I also believe” she started, letting go of his hand and grabbing a new cotton piece “is that your other cuts need to be taken care of” she said “specially this one” she tapped slightly the cut on his forehead, making him hiss again “I thought you were good at fencing?”
“I am” Lockwood shot back “I was just… surprised”
“Your blood says otherwise” (y/n) replied “now, lean closer so I can help”
Lockwood only nodded and whispered a small ‘yes’, letting her do the work and leaning closer as she instructed. As she leaned in, she quickly realized how her back was going to kill her if she did that, so she grabbed her chair and dragged it a bit closer to his, eventually ending up with her thigh in the middle of his thighs.
Lockwood chuckled “you might as well sit on my lap if you-”
“Shut up or I’ll do it” she cut him off with a smile.
He smirked “be my guest”
She ignored him, grabbing the back of his head to steady it as she disinfected the cut across his forehead. She was focused, focused on cleaning the blood and figuring out which bandage to use, but Lockwood’s wandering hands on her knee were distracting her.
It started with his fingers, slowly tapping her knee, barely noticeable, and she wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t kept going at it. His fingers slid across her knee and (y/n) made her best to ignore it, but as she stood up to change the cotton piece, he pushed her leg open, causing her to fall on his lap.
“That’s better” he said, smirk on his lips again.
“Please” he said, voice so quiet she barely heard him.
She looked at his eyes, and for one moment she saw his mask crack. His dark circles and clenched jaw showed her how tired and stressed he was. She couldn’t even imagine how much his muscles ached after the fight, let alone the throbbing of the multiple cuts on his skin.
“Fine” she whispered, not trusting her own voice with the feeling of his hands on her waist.
She kept doing her thing in silence and he just watched her, tracing small circles on her sides with his thumbs. (y/n) just wanted to close her eyes and enjoy it, enjoy his touch on her skin and wish she could feel it for longer, to forget about the case, the fight, everything. She wanted to focus on him and him only.
“There” she said, breaking whatever spell was between them. She grabbed his chin, angling his face to admire the, now taken care of, cut “you’ll live”
He chuckled, smiling truthfully for the first time that night, or since (y/n) knew him, she didn’t care. She liked the small glow on his face.
They locked eyes, the blanket of silence settling on them again. (y/n)’s fingers slid across his chin towards his jaw, making him close his eyes and just enjoy her touch. His hands started moving up her waist, slowly, also making her want to close her eyes and enjoy, but she still leaned forward, closer and closer to him.
He felt it, the weight shift on his lap, some of her curly locks tickling his shoulders.
She could feel their lips almost touching.
The door opened, making her open her eyes wide and snap her neck so hard she wondered if this is how she was going to die. That would be better than the image she saw.
Both Lucy and her brother were standing at the doorstep. (y/n) stumbled off Lockwood’s lap, feeling his hands fly away from her and almost fell. Chair and all.
She gripped the thinking cloth “I was tending his cut” she stupidly said.
She could feel how Quill resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose as she looked at him.
“You sure were”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A/N: I feel like this scene and the other one are pretty similar, so if I do write the fanfic I'll change it, but let me know what you think! (Again, be nice)
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“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”
—Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey
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Tumblr media
Jean Cocteau “Multiple Hands”, 1950
Photographer: Philippe Halsman
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Tumblr media
grown daughter - k.p.k
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Tumblr media
Nisi Shawl
Gender: Non binary - Genderfluid (they/them)
Sexuality: Bisexual
DOB: Born 1955 
Ethnicity: African American
Occupation: Writer, editor, journalist, teacher
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If I didn't think, I'd be much happier.
-Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals
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Reason to Live #8797
  When you write something very good very fast– Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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I can cultivate the illusion of keeping everything under control.
While I wait for the unwritten world to become clear to my eyes, there is always within reach a written page that I can dive back into. I hasten to do that, with the greatest satisfaction: there at least, even if I understand only a small part of the whole, I can cultivate the illusion of keeping everything under control.
—  Italo Calvino, from “The Written World and the Unwritten World” in “The Written World and the Unwritten World: Essays. Translated by Ann Goldstein. (Mariner Books Classics, January 17, 2023) 
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The truth is, we know so little about life, we don't really know what the good news is and what the bad news is.
Kurt Vonnegut 
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actor/writer ryan o’connell via
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Stripped of my wings, but still
my back aches.
Keep waiting on the day
bone and feather bloom from between my
shoulder blades.
I'm a sorry excuse for an angel.
I'm a fucking mess
of fresh tattoos and ever-shifting labels.
These days, my halo
is just the mood ring on my middle finger,
but I know all too well inside myself
how Heaven can linger.
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Tumblr media
"Far away a crow caws. The earth slowly keeps on turning. But beyond any of those details of the real, there are dreams. And everyone’s living in them." — Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore Art by Sebastian Luca
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I would rather have one small, weird moment of real connection than hours of polite conversation.
Nanea Hoffman
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